Newspaper of Evening Star, June 19, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 19, 1860 Page 2
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the Evening star. WASHINGTON CITY: TCESDAV Jw 19, 1M?. Spirit ( the starring PreM. The Ctmmtntion diacuases approvingly Mr Virslow'i minority report from the Covodecomraittee, and. under the head of 'Peraonalities of th? Campaign,*1 on the authority of the proper ? fleer of the Houae. relieves Mr. Lincoln from the charge of having bad aetreral pairs of boota charged to his stationery account while a member ?f Congress. The Intelligtnttr has ita usual Congressional summary and new* miscellany. *TAinim.i nens A.IU ws^iri TME DEMOCRATIC COSVEXTIOX AT BALTIMORE [Editorial Corretpm4ence of The Star ] Baltimore. Monday, June 18. I rea< b*d b*re at a fcw minutes before ten today The first svmptom that struck my observation ?n tbe purpoae of tboae in trade here to make money out of the espected outside Conventioncrowd?the Doagiasite paper* having boasted that the Northwest would aend 20.000 " logger*" to Baltimore t? about for their candidate. That svmptom waa Douglas badges, canes, handkerchiefs, segars, fruits. Ac., in the handa and on the lips of the street peddlers and in the windows of the shops Such wares, however, did not s?*em tn suit the market as nicely aa had been anticipated?the "Douglas crowd*' being apparently rather 011 the fou-fou order so far as money in the pocket to spend in such thing* was concerned. The crowd at first about the Front-street Theatre disappointed me, insomuch ns not more than Ave hundred persons In ail were there, including delegates and strangers from a distance. The hall is the Front-street Theatre, fitted up admirably for the purpose, there being evidently ample room for the accomodation of all likely to attend The seats provided for the press would prove ample but for the fact that not a few of them are otcupled by impudent people who have "run their faces,*' and thus got snugly where they do not belong. At 11 a in (the Convention not yet being in aessioi.) the galleries are not Lilf full of spectators I hear that last evening there was a meeting of ?'iuc micgjuum iu mis cny, wnere tne main question of the occasion?that of admitting or rejecting the delegations that seceded at Charleston?was freely talked over. The result ) said to have been an overwhelming demonstration in favor of that policy. Foe* p * ?I leave the Star's readers to my two dispatches of this morning, doubtless published In to-day's iesne, for information in a nnt beil of the action of the Convention up to the adjournment, shortly after two p. m Its result is the prevalent* of an impression that New York's vote will prevent the djsruptiou of the Convention Her vote, as T telegraphed atp m , defeated the demand for the previous question on a proposition that If it eventually passes, will surely drive every Southern State, uith California and Oregon, out Ak. _ V a Hi a a_ a_ ~a . .. oi toe doov i uai is w aemaoa oi the seceding delegates as one of the conditions of their re-ad mission, that they shall give a pledge as to their future action, not exacted from any others a condition the acceptance of which on their part would disgrace tuem personally. Thfy are not the men to pay such a price for admission as members of this body; and their exclusion under any such system of fluesse-ing'' upon thein will induce th; whole South and others to make i amnion cause with them During the recess thestreeUand publie houses were crowded with knots discussing the probabilities of the action of the Convention and its results. The crowd of outsiders from a distance is evidently strongly for Douglas, his paitizans having made it a point to come here to blow for him ; though the Democracy of this r.Jty, b?ing apparently strongly against Douglas, they seem to be a fair match for them in street electioneering. Throughout the whole recess there was no speaking The Douglaaites on the streets were evideuUy under tfa. lmprcaaion tu*\ New York bad slipped through their fingers, so flir as using her to the end of excluding the seceders may be concerned. As the failure to compass the exclusion of the sect*tiers m death to the hopes of nominating Douglas, his leader* here are down in the mouth. 534 r * ?The whole proceedings up to tbi? hour have militated palpably against the success of the Douglasites, who have contested every decision to which the Convention Lave come so far, step by step Just before the recess was taken. Church of Mew York got in bis seceders'-excluding amendment, and Uilmer of Pennsylvania also got iu an amendment to that, which, if adopted, will prove perfectly satisfactory to tbe Sooth I leav^ you U> the regular report for it On coming together again, he succeeded in changing its phraseology, over the opposition of Richardson of 111. and Stuart of Mich , on points of order, who were defeated on all of them. The venerable Randall of Pa. is now making a speech of greet eloquence in favor of Gilmer's proportion I predict that .New York will sustain it, and thus bold the Convention together. The Douglasites in the gallery undertook to hiss Ran dall, but were promptly checked in that game. Richardson of 1U. opposed Gilmer's amendment with great earnestness Russell of Va , In the course of the debate, made an able and telling speech in favor of the right of the seceding dele gallons to resume their s<-ats, announcing in it the determination of Virginia to stand by thtir southern brethren. John Cochrane of New York, also spoke eloquently for the principle involved In Gilmer's amendment, but dissented from its phraseology Governor King of Mo , made a prcDouglas Tree-soil speech, and was answered by a colleague, an old sledge uammer named Hunter, who not only treed him, but shot him down and skinned his remains, to the infinite amusement of the Convention?all sides evidently relishing the awful pumsLment be inflicted udou K. I don't know tfcat I ever beard a more effective speech in its way than that of tbia emphatic old gentleman, who "d:d for ' King at leaat for the balance of tbia Convention. At about 9 p m. a motion to second the demand for the previoua question on the pending series of resolutions waa carried, with but the votes of lllinoiaand Michigan again*! it; when Richardaon of ill moved to adjourn for the night, which waa carried without a diaaentieiit vote. 1 am writing now half an hour after the adjournment, and flud the prevailing belief to be that New York will vote for Gilmer "a propoaition. or something equivalent to It, and that, consequently, the aecedera one and all will return to the Convention by re-admiaaion, without conditions? which all regard a* the end of the proapecta of Douglaalsm. \Y. D. W Haltimoki, June IS, 12 p.m. Since the adjournment of the Convention up to tbla boar, the public hail a of the hotela and nrtn. cipel gathering point* of the city, have been warming with busy and nolay politicians and wonder aongera, all talking on the one universal theme?tbs action of the Convention to-day While all otlwra proclaim that it foreshadows the admission of the seceding delegations to-morrow, without conditions, the Doaglasites, through their orators wLo have been spouting for three hours from the portico of their "rsncbe"?Mr. Heverdy Johnson's superb private mansion, next to Barnum's Hotel, which Mr. J. has thrown open te them for their headquarters?proclaim, by the M tier tenor of their several discourses, that they too tul the truth of that ao general conclusion Mr. if ereray Jobnson, toy the toy, used to be a chronic, If not a Constitutional abominntor of motot, having ?uffrre<l enormously on one occasion it the band* of one of their. H is DouglasUm haa don* hi* tome good, If bat In it* mllflcatiou mt the foolish Intensity to which, before be become a Douglas "strlkat," be carried that aenilneat. That he has become aa hearty a "hurrah hoy" as the veriest New York Bowery politician who haa made the pilgrimage to thlacity to "tej;" for Douglas, is evident la the fact that every front window la his bouse Is at thla moment, at bla own volition, filled with the muggs of as motley an assemblage of hullabelloo outsiders as tbe abol Uoa Slates have been able to send here to Biake the desired outside pressure for s seml?bolltton candidate or a semi-abolition platform fi?y, tbe aflfcblllty sad genuine gusto with which P0 Is at this moment s?imulating (on hi* stately r? . ? -*- - --rn - nr. front white marble portico) with the Indescribable crowd around htm, and the hurrahing and hie coughing (by turn*) crowd at hit feet, alas proves that he takes amazingly to his new political predellctlons 1 Having been "dipped" in the waters of Democracy, he thua seems to take delight In playing about in the very muddiest (dirtiest) part of the pool, contrary to the insttneta of hla nature, before being ,lborn again" politically. For, until he 1 ratted to the Democracy, he was as dead, politically, it will be remembered, as any smoktd and dried herring hanging at thia moment on a greasy atick, for sale at a p?nny, In Baltimore's Marsh market. fiv*the<bv. ,\lf Inhntnn thniuh Ki credit be it written, as staunch an anti-KnowNothing, always, as any in the land, has in no other matter Identified himself with the Democratic party, by giving up a lingle one of his former ultra federal Tiews or principles. Upon the slavery question he Is yet aa emphatically against the South as Mr. Seward himself; while upon every other question?tariff, Internal improvements, Ax , Jkc.?he Is yet where he was when he would not touch the paw of a hurrah boy with a forty-foot pole Thus, his Democracy is simply his Douglasism; whfch, in turn, i simply for the gratitication of his thirty years' disinclination towards the institution of the South. i am noi one 01 mose who attribute bis democratic pretensions that net so ungainly on him?as kf persists in wearing them?to seltishness on bis part; but. rather, to a desire to gratify his persistent ill-will to the South, (as he practices his new creed,) the author of all the Democratic party's victories that have one by one demolished the popularity of hi* favorite Federal measures and principles Here, ever) body l,to the manor born'* is laughing in his sleeve at Mr. J.'s democratic pretensions?everybody?not because failing tv credit the integrity of his intentions, but because they set as oddly and unuaturally upon him as the I II * 1- * ? *? * * ' - - - - iivn ikiu on me aonicey, or the old fable. He is a capital lawyer, I am ready to aver; but not a whit better or more trustworthy politician than he was when, not long since, conscientiously arguing In effect in all his political speeches that every strict construction Democrat in the land deserved a rope's end, if not ropa enough to make bim a baiter. W. D. VV h. + The Next Sessatios.?The last wonder?the excitement over the Japanese Embassy?will have fairly died out every where in a week or more; when we shall have almost as much fuss over the arrival of the Great Eastern, which is to reach New York by the 2d of July, if the calculations of the experts concerning her capabilities be not wrong. Her alleged speed, since the alterations effected upon her, has dwindled down to an average of fourteen knots per hour; at which rate she may be expee'ed to make the voyage in eight days and a half The pilots and others capable of judging are essentially pothered stall over the question whether she can possibly enter the harbor of New York, being apparently equally divided upon It. If she does enter safely, after a taapi y voyage, her trip bids fa.r to initiate as distinct an era in ocean navigati'n as was initiated by the success of the first voyage by steam between Kngiand and the United States; as, even without obtaining greater speed by the employment of ves?els of her immense size, the coat of commercial transportation by their use, if they can be conveniently used, will be so materially lessened, doubtless, as to speedily lead to the employment of such sbi ps wherever there may be great commerce between ports The expense of tbe alterations made in the ship (the Great Has tern) since her original trial trip, has been about Slii.UUO Re>tobkd to the Active List ?Lieutenant Augustus S. Baldwin baa been restored to the acti ve list of tbe Navy. From South America. CorrtfI'Pndtnr* of The Star Persambcco, Brazil, May 14, lfeflO. Dtar Star: TJ;iscltv wasnevrr mure unhealthy, and since the death of our late consul and Mr. Richmond, another American citizen, numerous deaths Lave occurred, among thein, unfortiinatelv, | the captain ot tDe AmeM*;?u y??K t and four of the crew of the same vessel are now in 1 the hosplt-jl with little hope of their recovery. Mr. Henry Foster Hitch had been conflrnxd by the American Minister at Rio Janerio, as acting Consul, and the dreadful state of the Pernambuco i Consulate being known to him for the past ten I years, with but one favorable exception in all that time, he said that be should urge tbe Government to retain a merchant Consul in our friend Mr Hitch. This unexpected suggestion accompanied by advice to H would l>e a< ted upon per Barque '-L'nion," next to sail. We have had enough of ; and. besides, 1 do really believe tuat an uuacclimuted man cannot, in the present s'ate of the rlimate. haw? h*if a chance for life in the run of six month* 1 received a long letter from , written on hoard of strainer on bis way borne, who ardently hopes we will have a merchant consul. or one who !? thoroughly familiar with consular duties, aud who can speak the language, which you know is very Important for communication with tbe authorities. Y"5=?THE LA DIRS OF BLADKNSBIRG lL 3 respectfully announce to the citizens of ft v*hlncton that they will give a Festival at th>* Spa Sprm?, on the 4th o( July next, for the benefit of the M- tiKHi.nt Church at the above-named p!ao<Refreshments will l>e provide*! at city price* jo 19-4f __ WESTERN HOSE CO M 1'A.N V, .No. IT. |L 5f June 18,At a meeting of the Western Hose Company the following .esolutun was uuauimoiihl* p<ih.<ed : Ktsolvtd. That the sincere thanks "( tins Com panv be tendered to the Cvlumb a and l'e? severanc V'i re Com Dailies and the .Mt tron ir*.i I,(Miiter Compaiij lor their prompting to ilut> nt the fire ol the W est?rn Hose House, on Saturday, the lbtn met. in- The Compaut will be In active Mervie? in % fe^^ays. F. N. HOLTZMAN. Fres \V. r"rLLIE, fctec'y. .V B.?The Hobo Home was not to be sold this da*, a" s'ated iu the papera. U* y-- WE, 1HK t'NUKKHGNKU, DEALER* Lg in Stov s, Bu-klinc Hardware and General Hoii-e F,irn>liin?c Goods, do Hereby acre* to close our respective tores daily at 7 o'clock p m.,f ? u this date to the 1st September next, to as to allow onr cinphees recreation. 1. H.JtG.C. HCHNKIDt'lt, JuHN R. hLVA \'S A CO., CAMFBELL A 80.N, E WHKKI.KK, C. l*N YDER. BIBLE Y A GUY, JAS. SK1RV1N?., JO*. L SAVAGE. \VM H. I1ARROVER. a?niruvon. June I'), ltw). je 19 (Y^A LECTURE WILL BE DELIVERED |L < b* theR"v. VV.m. HAMirm D. D.,oii WEDNESDAY EV'KNIiNGi 5>'th nut., in (ioraueh I hap-1. Island. commencing nt 8 o'clock >ubjec ? 'Hi e and Pro*re?if of Methodism I it .Maryland" Adii'in ion ^5 cent* je la 3t I Y~^=?A FAIR WILL BE HELD AT LANG- ' t < I EY. Fan fax county, lr^Hiia, fur the benefit of th- Methodist Epii>coial Cliurcn. South, on the l'Jth, 2>th and 21*t instant ('h?*r? will be Fancy Article* in profusion, ami Refreshment* of every variety iii abundance Tilt' Fair will be opened for visitor* at two o'clock I he hr*t two day*, and i will l>e continued ail tiay on Thurndaj?on which day wii: be a sumptuous Dinner prepared, Supper ra<'h evening. The public are respectfully aolicitad . to attend. ja 13 iw* ? x uiiid n tn too wijd ? ?* < T -j|? 4%- ? v/iii/ A V I n rj *T 4?3D.""A RWU III 18 ' 1^7 dfsired ar.d a n.ce article warfa, anil fur ' >our benefit I will tali jou that the People's Clothing Store, No. *#? Seveath street, i* the place wh"re a good fit and a koo<1 article can be bought at very low prices. N. B.?Just received a second supply of Spring I ai.d fmnmer Clothing, Hat* ami Cap* at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite the P<Wt Offioe. je 12-2w TMOP BUGGY AND HARNESS* FOR SALE. The Bukc> h made in the most substantial inano r by Duulop, of Philadelphia, and ia in excellent order. Alan, a food set o| Haiuesa The> are offered f?: the low price of 4125, and can h>< *- <-n this wetkatK- LMlER A r V WELL'S Stables Eighth at, sbctween P and E. i lft-tt Fr*OR PALE?The largeat and boost PAIR OP MULES in the District. They arw^? o^rfecth sound anlrentle: work aiiv-^^ where ; S*e and aix year* old tbu sprit)*. Ho pv titular* inquire of JACKSON. _? 7T BROTHER k CO., opposite Brown'??>"i^ Hotel. JeM 3t* 275 A L L h N 4275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, Pivxi. Avisn, Betwoen loth and H*h ?troe1?. je 19 The JEDDO HAT, . RaMBLER BAT,(fin*fait,) OPERA HAT. , , v Together with other style*. J u?t opened at ^ ^ je !?_* *"*6 Pn. avl.hetwT MUTantf 13t"hVt?. CV 1. M. SINGER k CO. *HE\T REDUCTION IN PRICES OF SEWING M tCHlNES.?The Machine* ?re ack now I diced the beet m um. for Tamil; wmj: aud manu facturi>i( purpose*. Family Machine ?40; Letter a , for fam<i)r or light manufacturing purpo*o?. ?; TJZjMi.'h?)!?' "? " i Mini No. S8feP?. *v.^wl?ffN?t'on*JHc'?l. IJ ?.? * . - - <""">* ? ?- ?l I niritk COWBEMI-HJMT IIMIOM. I PrMMdMi ? Twttrdtr iiurim. ' la TBI Sirrarx. vf?terdav. after we went to Pr-*Mr. Lane offered an amendment to the Tariff bill, restoring the act of 1P46 and repealing the act of lf >7, and all other acta or parts of acts Inconsistent with aaid act of 1&46 Mr. Kenned? made an Ineffectual attempt to rst up the bill to extend the Waahlngton Branch allrood acroas the Long Bridge The Navy appropriation bill being takes tip, Mr. TVUaon'a proposed amendment, appropriating ft3???,UU0 for the conatructlon of three st?am veaae's for the aupprrssion of the African alave trade, was rejected Varloua other amendmenta were offered; among otbera an Item of 85,(Mi to enable the Secretary 01 the Treaaury to complete the lnvMttgation of Dr. Barclay's plan for preventing tbe counterfeiting of the United States coin. And also an item of #1.500 f*>r tbe removal of the monument at the west front of tbe Capitol to the Naval Academy at Annapolis. After which the bill was imported to tbe Senate, the amendments concurred in. and the bill passed. After an executive session the Senate adjourned, having experienced considerable delay at the evening session In getting a quorum. I* the House, the Kentucky election case being up, tbe resolution to retain Mr. Anderson in his seat was passed?yeas 112, nays 61. [The affirmative vote was composed of all the republicans and Southern oppositionists present; ana the negative of democrats exclusively ] Mr Stratton ottered a resolution, which was aure^d to. ravinL' Mr. Chrisman th? - ? . . J o ?1 U1 ?" member of Congr?M up to this time, when the contest was decided. The H ouse proceeded to acton the amendment!", as returned from the Senate, to the leg .W Ve, executive, and judicial appropriation bill, and concurred in the report of the Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union made on Saturday night. Mr. Florence offered a resolution to expunge the recent resolutions of censure, but objection being made to its consideration, it was withdrawn. The IIous* proceeded to act on several of the Senate amendments, as amended by the House, to the civil appropriation bill, with the following results: $.V50,C00 are appropriated for the Treasury extension, by a vot?* of 73 against 70. S204 J*21 to pay for labor and matrrialsfuraished, and ?300,000 for the prosecution of the vork on the Capitol extension. Also. #47.600 for purchasing from Rice and Heebner thirty-four monolithic columm for the Capitol, at the price supplied in thei: simple mental contract in 1*51; "the column# to fee of American marble. All the other amendments were a?tel on; and the House, at 10 o'clock, adjourned. PrNMdlBii ?f Tt-Oty. In the Sknatk, to-day, after the transaction of routine bn?iness cf no genT?l interest, the I'o*t Office d^ftciency biil was taken up, when our re j? ji ti i-iuoru . In thk Hou?e, Mr. Kellog*, of HIch.. moved n suspension of the rules in order to consider the Sen. t bill for the relief of Shelton McKniyht, appropriating about $1,300 to compensate him for carrying the mails on the northern Lakes from ie?;> to 1*57 The motion was agreed to So the bill passed The House passed a bill for the relief of the reprcsentatives of Thos. P. Jones aad Walter R. Jones. h^OR SAL.E-A BAY HORSK; *nod under wldio or harness ; sold for want of use : can he seen at BIRCH'S Stable. i? is tf PKKPARK FOR WIN TbR. ?67 I sin prepared with an experienced corps of workman to pet incomplete ortler FURNACES. FKIN (II KS. or I.ATROHKS, RANGKS, GR aTKS, and COOKING 8TOV KS promptly ant! at moderate price*. Send jour orders at once to J AS. SKIRVING'S Washington Stove Depot, je 1D-eo?>t (Int.) 267 mtk Mde Pa. av. JOCKKY HATS, PARISIAN STYLES! Black, Biown. Drab, and White J?>ckey Hat?, Parisian styles, trimmed and Untrioimed, ^ suitable for Ladies, Mus'k. aid Chil Also, a few superior LADIES' RID'NG* ? HATS Just received, at je 19-roSt MAX WELL'S, Pa. av. Analostan retrkat Or? Akalosta* I*lasd, Orrositt Grorrttoien and Washington The subscribers having leased for a term of years this beautiful and romantic spot, opened 1. , j it f?>r> accommodation of the ouhlio Y.vl^T tho 31 at Hay t?f M*>? ! "?? h??ut' Kcetiery, delightful promenades, fishing, ,vc , l eHdes lis siiDerior wil?r. ll i? ? * - r ^ | .. ? uuom jn?o?CU 1U IUO Union. The Hons? m 'areeand conrniodious, having been entir?lj renovated It has a larre Dancing r*a!ooi attached to the house, be* drs Dinin* an1 Dressing Kooms lor Ix'th ladie* an<i gentlemen. In addition splendid A 'hori detacoed from the buildings. Parties, Families and Individuals will find it a moet desnable p ace to pas? the sultry days of nininer, ax every attention will be guarantied ujr the proprietor*. The ktnotest police a ranjtnn* uts ?i'l be enforced, and politi a! discussions will be prohibited The harder will be found to oontain all the delicacies ol the scaron at all tunea. The Par "?ill be furnished with the choioest Liquor* and vv in?? and the fin?*t Segars. iyicieti"*, SnnddT Schools, Clubs and Military Ot m unirji will fiml ihi? -* _ ?? anv wot' ucrraiuo ifll rI neat tie metiopoli* for spending a p.easant and or derl* da* J?y"Chi'dren unaccompanied by their parents or gu%:d>an-, will he excluded from the groun Is. <?nnning and dogs proh:bite d. fXf Boat* will leave Die >oot of High street, O^ rgetown. and (i st'eet, Washington, hourly, from 8 o clock &. m. ti l 12 p. m , daily. Persons p'efer'in: a pleisant wa k oan re*oh the Island via the Aqueduct. W e so'icit the puMio to judge for themselves, ai.d feel assured of giving sarigfa^tio" je 9-eotf JACOB W.POWER* * CO. 0 GOVERNMENT SALE N WEDNESDAY. June 27th, at 12}; the Wash-ngton Navy Vard.a' Publio Auction, of the following named articles, viz : 8 Iron Cylinder Boilers, 21 feet 6 inches long, 30 1' ehes diameter; I ?'jrlinder Boler, 18 fe. t long, 34 inches diameter, with two 15 inches return flueu; I Wagon Boiler, 12 feet long, 5(?et 5 inches high, ard 4 fe<?t wide; Steam Dome, ? fe?t by 2 feet, an i 25 t' ?? - ** - * * . * uione* leinru nues; 1 Hiich Pressure Steam Eu11iii" (horizontal) Oj tinder*, ? .'* inche* ard 3 feet *trokr?the engine i* all oomplete exoept fly wlieel: 3 Cant I -on Pumps, oylinder* 2 feet diainctqr an<i 2 feet stroke:l Punching Machine, for Dunobiug boil er plate; 1 Pair Shear*, for rhearing boiler p'ati; 1 J.ot of Sash and Doors; 1 Lot of Window and Door Frame*; 1 Old Hmith'* Bflilowa; M Pounds B>>ot Topping ; 10 Gouge* ; 4 Chise.ej II Planes; 1 Iron Square; 1 Tennon Saw; 1 Old t?eive;a lot of old Tin frcaie* and Ream*; & lot of old Hoit R< pe, < o ; a 1 ^1^1 J n -i. " - ? r r.v ui uiu ihiivsi; & ioi tn old Cooking U ten sils, ooRei?;>ng of Boiler*. Fnh Kettles, Tin Ki?oh ens, Griddles, Ac.; 2 old Stoves; 1 old Cooking R%nge; 1 Iron Stairway; 1 o ai?t Cap' tin 12 old Blind#; 2 Blue Cloth Round Jackets; 1 Blue Cioth Pra Jaoket; 1 pair B ue C'o h Trowsers; 1 fair F aimel Jnmpars, 2 pair Flannel Orershirts; 1 pair Klannel Undershirt*; a pair B'ae Flannel Draper*: IX yards Sample B ue Flannel; 2 Lin"i. Shirts; 1 pair B ankets: 1 Blue Cloth Cap; 1 sample Canvas l)uck: 1 sample Blue Nankin; ' sample Blue Cloth, for Trowsem; 1 sample Blue Cloth for pea iacket; 1 ! ample Leather, for sh< es. 1 Stocking; It medium Kagl* Buttons; 9 small Eagle Buttons; 99 pounds D'led Apples. Terms cash, in specie WILLIAM FLINN, Navr Ager>t Je 19A2fi,2t A. GREEN. Auot. ON FREE F.Xu IB1TION FOR THREE days only?Mr. Washington's great pioiu.<<, repreotfiitins - Marion in th? Camp, Sergeant McDonald bringing in a Ti ry Spy." Painted for Will lam McDonald, K*q.. ol tin tiirore, at FH1 L.P A SOLOMON'S Fine Art GaMery, je 19 3sa Pa. av. I>et. <>th and 10 th tt*. THK "TRANTER" PlSTOL.-M. W. O ALT A' KH(I h?.M mat - - ? . ~ j -w? ivws.?vu ou IHTOIO" OI 'Tranter's Celebrated English Revolver." Said to lie ihe finest Pistuls in the world Always on hand a complete a?c?rtment of Colt's in 1 Adams' Revolvers, the Deriiuger Pi*tol and Sharp'* Repeating Pisols M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewellers. 354 Pa. avenue, je 18-3t 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. C ANAL BAR ROWS! CANAL BARROWS!! CANAL BARROWS, at $2.25. WHEELBARROWS, STORK TRI CKS, PLATFORM TRt'CKS, HAND tfvRTS, COUNTER and PLATFORM SCALES. AXES and HATCHETS, \VuOO HORSES and SAWS, KNIFE CLEANERS. CURRY COMBS and CARDS, HAMES, TRACES, Ac ,Ac. At 25 pet cent, less tk?n tke u <u*l price* J. P. BAKTHOLOW. SUGAR MILLS! SUGAR MILLS!! *3? ? 1' 4 * r or unnumg sugar, S. V. f?Ail^HOLO W, j? lb-eo2w Seventh ?t.. near Canal Bridge. The Standard Scale* of the U/utedStates cAfSf SCALES, LEI^Ib;0Bxijkil^fai. *? - *?? prioM. J^ffAkfHbroWr' j? 16-1m sole M?nt. ?l. MM Canal. r 1.500 fi^SHOLVctrit BACON. '"ffcttiw * 8EMMES. wmmimzzz p # WH - ? ><!?? ? "AM EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. EIGHTH ANN U A L PIC NICofth?MONU?j MENTAL CI.CB. at AR mK7mm ^ LI KG TON SPRING, on WED Mt'um v r - TV- 1 I t JIU1U I Jl'7 IIIr" IHI?*? I ^ pledge themselves to spare no paint or expose to "wake this one ofthamost atreeaMe Pic N loa, of fte i>"Uon. WitheiV celebrated Brut and fctrtng and bM boma eneMed. The KMrhM vill l?av? the aorner of S?venth awl L *U..and Pa, arena* and Seveath at., a' o'ol< rk, and erarjr hour during <h? day. to conn-vt with tne itoam packet Finn* cloud and G. W. Riggt. at the corner of 14th ?t. and Casal. Tickets Kiftr CenU. admitting a gentleman and ladiae. je 1? 3V THE COMMITTEE. rjpHK ANNUAL PIO NIC ? Uf I IIE Younp Catholics' Friend Society (Gxoruitowx . D. C ,) Will bo held at ANALOSTAN.ISLAND, On WEDNESDAY, June*>. The Committer would mention that the proceeds of this pic mc will lw? devoted in the jp* us'ial manner in olothinc and eduoat-^c=? in* indigent o phan children, as they^^^?^^^* have been doing for year* pa t, which shou'd enlist the patronage qf the charitably disposed public. Kvery exertion will be made to render the occa-' sion a pleasant one ; and good order uiay be expected, Good music is engaged. Tickets for gent'emen SO cents : ladi?s' tickets 2S ccnts; and for children under 12 yrars of age 10 o?nt? : to be procured of the Committee sn 1 at the wharf. Moats will run from the foot ol High at. every 5 minutes during the Hay, je 18 2t COM OF ARRANGF.MFA'TS. OPIC NIC F ST. PAI'L's ENGLISH LI THERAN U 4 II I) i Til unt?/ " pniiim i II r>* nvv/ls &T AR- ^ LINGTON SPRING, on FR ID \ V Jnn-,22. The itenmor Geo. W.Ritjn*" 11,11 1 11,11 will leave the cana.i wharf, corner of 15th ?t.. at ar.'l lo a. m and 3}? anl 6 o clock p. ni. for the uprine I ickets 25 eta., including l.?>at fare; children and s?r\ai.ts li&lf price. Dinner aii'l supper 25 eta. enrh. Confectionerv at city prices. Ticket* mav be had at Mr. Noerr's, corner of Uth and K sta., at Ridenour's Confectionery, and at the boa1:. jo M-4t Thr grratrst pTc nic of the *ca?on~is to take place on the l?th of Ju'jr. at w anaix)j*tan i3lan d, under thej^^i^^C auspices of the S*OCIKTY OF VINCENT OF paul. The most extensive arrangements are in progress to render the occasion one of unusual interest and attraction. The object is a most worthy one of obtaining funds for the relief of the poor of the city. Full paiticulars will appear in a subsequent adverti*?ment. (mates) je IS 3t T EXCURSION TO GI.YMOXT. IIE FOUNDRY SABBATH SOHOOLhw chartered the fate and newly repaired la steamer Phknix, and will give an Kxoursi-'n to this deligh1 fill place on*""" WEDNESDAY,.the aith 111st. Omnibuses will leave the Church .corner of 14th and O st*., at quarter to 8 o'clock. Tne boat will leave 11th *t. w?arf at 8>i a. m The Mosart Brans Band i* engaged for the occasion. Dinner and refreshments can be obtained at the Pavilion. Tick?t? ifor the boat) fifty cents; children under 15 vears of age 25 cents. je 16 3t* | HE PIC NIC OF THE SEASON. The Young Catholics' Friend Society Will give their ANNUAL PIC NIC At ARLINGTON SPRING. On MONDAY, June 25th. Tickets 25 Casts; Children 10 Cists. The proceeds will be devoted to the education and clothing of poor boys The well JT"" known character of this AMociation^^4^?? gives an ai.suranee that all who tend this Pic Nic will enjoy a day of uninterrupted pleasure. Good order will be maintained. The ferry boat Uao. \V. Riggs will leave Fourteenth it wharf every hour. The Georgetown omnibuses will connect with the steam packet Ciocp? leaving every hour for rtie Sorini bv w*? nf r.*i.?i je 13,lt>Ad6t' " ' ' FOR SALE AND RENT. [For other "For Sale and Hint" advertisement!, tee Jirst paqe ] ft^OR SA LE?Bet ween 7 and ft acres of LAND, I (par* **"od,) 01 the I'lank Road. 17 h st. i about 4 iilife* from \V'a*liiiiKton?h iK-antiful l>uil !r * site, or well located lor a market icardt-it Appl\ hi .No. 3 Aceney Block.corner S?venth and F et*., Washington. je 19-lm* 1/OR RENT-A FRAME HOUSE. ? n Filter, r, a street VNt, 3HT, iifiir I. street noith. The hou^e has ten rooms, in *ood order, and a pump of Kood * ater in tho yard. Fo<*??*ion givn on th-' l?t of July, or hoo'nir if required, by applying at No. 3&2ton Im ?t. je 19 3?* I/OR R E N T?The three-'tory-and-baMiuent 1 BRICK HOUSE corner of ?*ix h n'reet we>t and K atroftt north <?*>? r *1 _ . . vi*v IH|H(?I v iivhi mo riiveai City Po?t Offices? being one of the finest and healthiest locations in tho city Hi* arraneed for a -tore and dwelling; has & l?ak?' oven attached Will suit a baker or confectioner. Possession ei ven on tic tlth in>-t. For t'Tins, Ac., apply to (iKO. J. 1.1 I'l-'HU 1.1*1, at J?vcUw<i!i H???tiiOr Jk f ^ Pi IWM. je 19-tf AT PRIVATE SAIjK-iV..<T(i4/? Lnmts in MoniKvmert/ Couniy, J'Jil ? I am authorized to dispose of at pnva'e ?ai<*. in lots to suit, a tiact containing IfWiwr"* f <ood land, situated on the C. * o. Cana!, I mile* from Georgetown, I> ?its entire length-and divided by the Washington aqueduct. It ha? two landings; a warehouse, .storehouse, and other buili in?s ; w?'ll wooded and watered ; with a conntj road ! adini; to Rockvilb*. Ai*o. a tract containMc I1H acres. w?-ll wooded and watered. Title perfect. Terms liberal Apply toTHO^. DOWI.1NG, Auction and Commission Merchant, Georgetown. je 19-eo2w I?OR RENT-A two-story FRAME DWELLr ING, with kitchcn and wood-shed, OB Third ntre,?t, between G and H *ts north. No. 295. Rent A12 per month. For further particulars inquire of W.S.J ON ES, corner of 3d and H its. je l9-7t* /OR RKNT?Tli" IIOUSK No. -2*6 n >rth F I street, with or without furniture. Anpnonthe wgnijg^ je R-lw* t:OR RKNT-A verv <l? ^irablo new FRAME OWELLINfi HOUSE on O strc t, between Hth and 9th, containing it rooms, with front and yarn; kWbiiHg and good water convenient. A. DI'VAI,!,, Agnnt. jo 18-lw* Temperance Hall. F. ?treet. Handsome mt ru. corvrry skat NKAK WASHINGTON FOR 8AI<F..-The under i<n*d nil'"?r at private sa> a beautiful little Country R-fidence ?>f about nix acre*, tin the J*eventn str< et roa 1, a ?h-?rt diHtanoe thie a de t*?e toll Kate, and adjoining tlie residences of >iet>?rs White |? III I l.tfWIf. The house is & comfortable two-*tory eqnare bui'dilig, with wule hail, panur. dining and break fa t rooms. hve chambers. and kitchen, t-it ated <>n an ?*|evated point back from t( *? road and Kurioui.def i<> a grove of handsome shade trees. The g.ouiid* ar*> t? tufuiU laid out with walk* and drives, and contain a young orchard of fruit tr- es. grapery aiid vegetable garden, choice flow?rs and ornamentai shnibi??ry, Ac. There in alio a gardener m lious?, utahlins, spring house, a tine pump of w'afer at the kitclieu do.>r; in nhort every thing requisite to render thi? I I elegant and comfortable residence. The terms of >ale will be tna*e liberal. An o(T-*r to exchange improved cit> property in part will be HKrwrNOf jo i8 iff j. c. Mcf.rtRF, ? r?>.. a?p?? FOR RFNT-A FRA.MK CO ' TAOK I Ul Sf. on M&i^nrhnseit* av^nii". t*tweeti U'h anil lith treet*, containiurf ? room*. Ren- ijiU per tnont.'i. For pa'tiuulartf apply on the premise*. j* !6-3t* C OMFORTABLE ROOMS, with or without ' Hoard, can be-ol>taiu<Hi, oil moderate t*rin?. at 4*6 K ?*., Iwtween 5th and 6th. Table Boarderf accommodated with good Hoard. je 16 im' p"OR RKNT-Two beautiful new BRICK m. nuuo'' 9,os imkiiwi west, betvtM M and N streets no'th, w?st ?ide. Arp'y to MaK V C H A ISM P. Xo. 3?"1 Xiiitu street writ, or l)r. KE***BKY, No. 33'2 Pa. avenue. betwrer *th end 10th streets. je 12-Jw* | HKKK FRAME HOUSES FOR SALE, with I their Lots. They will l?e sold n? easy t?rins. Tli" houses are near the itew (ias- Work*, and are neat homes lor the working man. First payment small, aiurtfi'* balance in uncaad two years, with interest. Apply to GILBERT CAMERON, build er. je 15-2w L>OR R E\T?The largo ROOM in the third stor r> of the ixiilding on Seve- th st , aecond door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. To a punctual tenant the rertt will be reasonable je l4-6t JAS. C. H>?RHII> * Fm OR RENT?A BRICK HOUSE,on Mas-achu ?et ? a v., near l*>th *t., containing 10 room* and paanare, with good cellar. The rant will !> moderate. Inquire or GEO. T. LANGLEY, oiLit., gear Fourteenth ??. je 13 Fm OR RENT-A two-?tory BRICK HOUSE,on Mi*?onn avenu ?No. 40. PossMjionri^n on the lstol July next. Apply to 1). A. XVATTERSTON, No. 4d4 Second street east. or MO (U? emn rwt we*t. je 7-oolm*' CONVKMBNT AND HK81RABLK ROO.?f> IN THE FIRST WARD TO UST.-An OA i fioe, with Parlor and Chain b?r, if required or either of taid room*, fnrniihed or unfurnithed. ontheatt ! oarner of I and Twentieth atraeu. Inqaire at yromiaet. ma I4 3tawtf | FOR RENT?In the Pirrt Ward, the three-alory BKICK H?'U8E vacate.! by Mr.Defour, liar- 1 in? a very larce ?ard. ami w*JI ?nnnii?>* ? _T f.iwu w It'll ? ?VD r 1 and Km.' Al?o, for ?ale, two *m%n Brick*. Twentieth*^ M. Apply JdHNSON fc UUTTOx, or , ROB'T KARl.L. Je ia-ecst* LT> O R SAI< E?Th* large and well arranged ( r DWELLING-HOUSE, No.? G itreet ?ooth, between 8th mM 9th street*, Island, containing t , rooniH aail baok-biuidinc. Lot SS feet byllOfbrt ( deep, runniiig back to a 20-foot alley. and having on the rrar a good ataMe. A* the object i* to effect a doting up of the pa. tner*hip of the late firm of Elvan* * Thomson, tbie property i* offered at a price much below ita actual value, and on eae* term*. Inquire of JOHN 9 ELVAN8 * CO., JW Pa. *V1 ?r.G' iR' TH0MP80N * BRO- * je 13 Iw I?OK SALtt-Fire urn of WOOD LAND. 1 r aiiUttU for * country . The subscriber, u attorney for Mr. Chris. C. 1 Callan. offer for MltSaani of that beanUrallylocated woods, immediately beyond the Colombia Colls** (rounds, on tk? Piney Branch mad, two miIm from Washington, ont the Fourteenth street road. Persona desirous of fnrohaainc will call at By Anotioneer, at 6 o'clock ^m. on ie 12 d * 994 Psnn arena*. JET" 91400 to kxM on olty M9?rRy? aptly m i wore. 4 bjwras**** ijft n~ AMUSEMENTS. r\DD FELLOWS' HALL -Third and L??t " " W h? of ill* Trtnmphftnt !*uoe-?# of Tbl^i^ lum?f mechanical Art*. L\?T WIGHT BUTON^OF THE PRfcSKWT THIH EVEMN6 the Mlowinc R'auti^ will be S?.n*i:-A beautiful ' , ? of (iihr* '?r. A ?^< n I Ujfori of tk? frett Washington. M-?d?i n< w th? Rook ?nJ To?? of Gifcriltir. City of J'alib?r?. Wl'h % beautiful Vi?v of th* Kirinc t*nn Nap??I?nu Croseiug tne A ipt. in which sn.m* isot iOf or?r?* ar? r*pr?a?>nt*d. Th* wonderful and uanvsled Ant ma?on t?l*ok ?op? Virtir To oon clod# with a grand arxl awful < *>?? ?>f a Storm at Sea Doora open at 7H o'clock ; perf>rniano# will cornm'noe at ft. On V\dn.?<]aj an<1 Saturday Af Wnoont t*p?"ial Performance* ; door? open at 1 o'ciook?con>n)?no? at S Children to day perfWm incx Hctii. CarHt of adml?noa 85 ot?. j* H I? FRKKCO.NrF.RT*! iRNST LOKFPLKB, Artr Tori ?? ???*. btnretn 1 if and 24 street*, would respectfully .Wtg_ state to the p?t?lio that A CONCERT of4JM IKLECT MU*lC will to fi ven everv MON riAV ?nrt TUI!RHA*V ?VffMlMni >k. ouon. at hit Pavijioo. oomm*nomi at * a'aio?k aod ending at 1?> p. tn Previous to tha CoooefU the Saloon it open to those d?nrin( to w*ule i*if a few hour* in the maty danoe. ICE CRK\M WATKR ICF.8. an* every description of CON FBCTIONER Y always ready at eity prioaa. Parties deairinc the Garden* for Pto Nic par po?; (. ?re requested to give a day or two uotio*. j? II Sin wants] \\r ANTKD?A SITUATION a* nurar an.< rham ?? bermaid, or to ilo plain M?winr. No objection to travel. Addresa ?>ox 11. Star Office. J?* l*>-y? A GOO I) COOK IS WANTED IMMEDIATE IA . at Duhant's Re*tauian:, corner of Sixth 5t and Pa. avenue. je 2? 31 p M. PITBAWT. WANTED?A OIRL, from 12 to IS tram of ?tr, ' ^ in nnric * rhil/i a mi a aai^t ? l?.m . whit* preferred Good mommt'DiU lone required. Appiv At No. IM K *t., between 5tli and 6th. H? lV2t* WANTEO? A SITUATION a nan who under?tan<W hi" buxine**. Reference* riven. Apply No. 435 Pa. avenue. h?twe*n 31 and 4,S >t<. je 18-R* / JOVHRNKS8.-A who ha* had experience ^.1 in teachin; Knglixh branch"* and Mu?ic. desire* a Situation in a School or Family by Aiitumn. Reference* exi'lianicwi. for particular*'ad<1p???? ftatiii? ealary?li? Home Head, Prince Geonre'* county, Md^ _________ )? 12 7t* WANTED?To have every body know that they ? can find a Fine and Well selected Stoek of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING 8 I OR E, No. 460 Seventhjkt.opposite Post Office Department- apfi-Sin WANTED.?Everyone to know that SMITH, Seventh iL, ohar?e? fair price* for hi* G'-?i*. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh at., to jet your HATS and CAPS. ap* 3m L08TAND FOUND. C'OUND?Oii Thursday afternoon, Uth Jone.oor1 ner ol I'a. av>'lie and S<?\*ei t.i street, * H AI ?< HRACKi.KT. 1 h?own?r can have it appljinr At Mr Gait's Jewelry .-tore and paying for th> ?d ve rtueinorf. It* LOST?Last night. a few minute* after l^o'clo-k. eithei in the ladi?V gallery of th-" Hou?e of Repe?enta?.iva?, or goinr therefrom throurh the Camtol and g'<und*. a Lady's GODD HI'NTING CASE watch, with heavy gold cha n attached; e*?e elight'v enamelled The f n 1er wiil reoeive the tliHnk< oftli*owner and a literal reward b? l*av ng it at the I'mtfd states Hotel and inquinne for Mra. W. It Cf*-l R E W AR D.?Strayed or stolen, a reJ COW. O'' with u.ertmm sized horns, with a rope pa^in-; twioe around her neck. Th above rew t'd wll be paid for her e urn tofltaJM* Mra.ELIZABETH BROWN. No.?2Z I street, between 14 h and 15th. It* CJTRAYFD uR STOLEN, from the eommma in the First Ward, a bay MARK/%_ COLT.3 vear? old ; alnxit US hand* hufh inarke*! alittU whiteon th* two hind A libera! reward will raid for her de :ver* t-? the owner, at the corner of Pa. avenue and 2.d st. west, First Ward* Bje 19-31* WILLI AM HAGERTY. LOf*T?On Sa'urda* morning, the Mfh tn?t.. between 7th ard 8th s?reet?. r.ear the store ?-f William R Riley, a LEGHORN BON WET, newly bleached and altered. The finder will re oeiVH the thanks of the owner by ! avint it at t?t"vens' Fancy Store. Penn. avenue, u#*ar Ninth st. je 18 2t* LOST? On Saturday uightlatt, a brown morooeo l'()CKKT HOOK. containing several letter* * ><1 cards with th" address of the owner on them. The finder will confer a fay -r bv |i?riB? it at Mets rott's Mnsic Store, or at Schnell'a H<?te!. on E street. between 13"h and Uth. A suitable reward will b^ given for its recovery. jeia 2t? ' B- TL'LLY. personal! !\1 ADAMB MdRKlce, The Orkat Asib.oi.o1"1 gut A5D Di rrim, just from Eurnpt.?Tms highly cift-d and intelligent ady c*n h?- co"?nlt'd on the Mast, Presentand Future Erects. Call at No. Twenty-second street, between H and I, Washington. je 19 ira* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other Georgrtoirn adverttftments $t? first rag* PRFFR ITER ATORS. LEASE ('.all and examine I.ARRABEE'S N E W STVL E REFRIQKRATORS aud WATER-COOLERS For *ale b* _je 19-7t T. A. l.A/ENBY. STAYED ' WAY FROM TIIF, SI HSCRIBER ^ on the Uth iuct..a RKD BRI N l>i .E m^-rM COW, with fc--rni< and a ctrap round hermv^ neok. leltArs A C. cut in it; white in forebead and bag whit*. A lilcra! reward will be given for l?**r i? f.!'?t to M r j x V V I L." * 1* I-*? ? ? . , ... .. >. r? .?i* */ 1<1' O. ? lilt IX kJ, No. 1?** BruUe ?t.. Poor** town. ) F,OR NEW YORK.?Th* packet schooner Sur prise, Captain Cole, ha* arrived, and -Th *ri!i commence loading ** above on DAY ucxt, 19tli in?t. For freight aup!? to McCoBR * DODOK, 16 ?>3 Water ?tre?t. FOR BOSTON'.?The regular superior clipper Kchooner J. W Syaver, i'apt. Ira Nick-<% r ? .V *i ' V "" " """waiicnargnu liwAk freight fh.> wilH.9 r#oeivint cargo r?r th? V *ik.vppo-tto-m0rr0\v morning,and win Nail arly n-xt wwk Aaph to hartley ft brother, je 16-1 w 99 and 101 WitM ?t Fancy goods, at cf>t*t! .J'*?""' >!a?,h* Work Writ'ng Dork* and Portioiox ; traveling Writing Cmm, Traveling Hn^'rt. ( I'firttMiioni.kinv T?l.l^f. r. a. . - T -?, - ?vr, a r ail?, ?* c. A1 ar*e \ariety of Fancy Good* are now offered at coNt. ti> reduce stock, at MISS THOMAS'* ma^Z Si Hiijh st. near Fir >t FOR RENT?In G?oreetown, the desirable BRICK DWELLING, two-?tory and l.ackbui'din*. situated on First itri-et. Mviwu H'*h an<l Potomac, now in the occupancy of N. P. < Sonne, K-q. Pix?)itioi jiren i mined lately. Apply to THOMAS KNOWI.ES corner Bridge *t. aoii Market 8 pace, Georgetown je 12-eo2w HKNNING IS STILL SELLING BOOT:* and SHOKt* as rhtan a> the ch'-ape?t? Gents'n> at I.astint ?>iio*s. at 3K5J Ei. Pat. Leather heoi Puni at I JO. w W 1 o. do. Gaiters, nt qfl^ to C4, Bo% s' do. do. at 11 25. Geiits* Calf Oxford Ties, at ?12SMi> ?3. . Sie^l Frame Scotch Utncliain I .MliRKl.l.iS at J AT*. U. AlcUL IRb ft. CO., )e 14 6t An??t'r?an<i Commmion Merohants. CELLING OFF -*0 CLOSE BISINESS.P JOHN R MORGAN would r?>p?ct-^^g full* 11 form hi? customers. and the eommu-BHI nit; tenerally. that he has concluded tofll cio e tiiii business, and in order to do eo aa on as possible will offer hi* entire atock of hia own make BOOTS and SHOES at oost for caah, and hi* other rood* at alm?at any price. To those in want w' reliable good* for wear, I would say,give me a call and you will not he disappointed. Aa 1 am al-oot to cloee my business. al! aaconnta oa my books will be rendered on or before the let of July, when I hope they will he re*ponded to promptly, that I mar meet with promptness the oblica tiona due by-me. J.R.MORGAN, No. 303 aouth aid* of Pa. av., je 14 bet. 9th and 10th ?ta. BARGAINS! BARGAINS !! GREAT BARGAINS!!! Seventh street, acknowledged to be the eh apeet ind heat place to buy Clothing, Furmahinc Good?. Hats aud raps. Owmr to the searcity of monei, SMITH, No. 440 Seventh at., opposite the Poet Office, has determined to sell hia gooda 14 per oeol le*a thauanv other house in town. Drop in and aee our nnw aupelr of Spring aud Summer Gooda, at *?. of,. ~.t NBCK TIE*. nr If joa *i?h to k*ep cool, drop in and b?y me of ?or thin Summer C?et*.or the Patent Reversible Summer Ceat,at SMITH S? No. 464 Seventh at., opposite Post Office. rrr A large lot of fine Gents' Shirta and Collars V?rv lnv artAAa at SiQ. 4fell AivAntti Pwt dffo*. ' IL/- Th? Ribbon Ti?, Ylh Tie. Anror* Ti? and tlHirU of Nock Tim, at <>n*-h&ifth? uraJnloN U HM TH'K, No. 4?n seventh ?t. jtlvKi mBgW'.y.'8-gs-y rath the Loudoun and HkaribinflBSC Rfti rruL^ M&v'A ? wuiwwu ?* Q7I O UOCK t. ffii f^are so cents. *ta<e office at Ma-tii'i Frank Urn Bnt?l. oorn?r of Eirhtk and0 ?t?. j?5-\?n* JOHN H. KRLCHNKR, Prof'r. w??? aX?.coal 999 Pa. Ay., ^n?r. lita a? Urm St*., Mill and Wharf foo?of BmrmajUtmth rt. malT-tf B?lny War N|>r<Ht SiW^TJ/VS,^' " "p'u" IdO 8?t?bu it.. betTMo E ftsd F, mNR APCTION SAl.KS. QfPttr otkr* Aftfn Sair~t. *** firrt j*a?t ? A.6RRF.1. A-iobowf. HOUSEHOLD AND hlTCH'N Feature** AT Arc no* ?On I N I OA V. r*.i imUiii. I kail Mil, M ! o'e ot k t. , tl U* r* m a (entUiMa <W i?iu? hot^k ??ii.c. li Nit ovri b?tw?n *S a?d Mn ? rw (.an it u>oitni*iit of nn uu.?. r t : lliOllBJT {*"( . R"Ofcirf ftnd P*->r OWir?. Do LHrunc, Hi iiim.U'u ana otbrr Ta blm. ttah?taay Marh'e top Drawing Urttrnd rtand. Miku<?'ja?'( W a nut [VrHiii a?4 <K*?r Bur* >? ant! Wardiobo*. J*nnj Lind. Co two ind o?h*r aid (ir Feather B*da. Hair. Cotton and t>h?e? ?'attree?ea. A large aaaortment ol b.<Utii| and I illowa l?4 Holitm, China, Hiaaa. Crockarr a^d Stone War*. Fin* Mantel Vn??. *-ith M.MN and Fl??w?, OU I'aiuUuca, UpNii), Tare* pi) aw> umi Car* :?. Coukii.(. Air tickt am' other 8tor??. \\ Itk a ?ood lot of tti?rh?n R'liitiln. With aano other Ken vhich wr deem uuti*c*a aait to enumerate. Term*: All ?um? ?rder #2* ca h ; ? ?? a orMit of 3 m<< 4 r. ontha for mtrn ainhrtor 1* er doraed, beailu( Mt*(r(t j.? t? 3 A. b R K K N. Hj A. tjRKKN. AnMMM. VALUABLE LOT* FOB SALE-On Vl'FP NK"l>AV.the.?th in<ta*,t, I ?ka f i?,i( in fr rt of the pramiaet. at fi o'clock p m , two "f (li in??t detiittN* L?<ta id ?he HiW j of the \ ?'atu?. Th't are pari* of om inai l.i'UNoi iCaifl 17. in ^?iuarc No 75, f iiibiu each l?riit| lit I "el on* inch <36 |e?-t I inch) the a uth aid* ofpeii* Tivacia avenue, of pontte th> ?ix huikUnca ai'h an ar? a*e deptn ol >?)T loet J (nchee ai.d <M f et S irchaa, reaper'i vc!t. aiul runeinr )>a<-k to a tt.trty f*<t p*T?d ali?>. ?ith itaaall< trfirectlr n the ? *'. Terra*: One r?ur;h ra?h; int. IS an < It month* - J?J ' * - * . ?- ? u ?>< > 05 ** * ^ll, <t*ch at th? c?mt of th<* pu chakt-r. Tit> in< t?paItb?. ,? 14 am A. ? '? Br J. C. McQUIRK * CO . Awe i ?rfii. I \K4IK AHLK DWKLI.INH K?! >F ?nm<'T if os K*?t C*rtT?L ?r . mrwui -rr??*i> ?m? 1H 1H ITKKKT* K?*T, AT t V?.JC AClTltft ? THI'UPDaY AKTKKMW'N Ja.f Zi.t, at ?i* o'olook. on th* w? h?l) ??> ] to 'h? Ms h'?t bidder, w;th"Ut i-wf*", i>vt of l?o? No. ?. in !*qu?r? Nu. 7?. lr>nUnc 2S f.?t or t n?t <"?p t.>l ?; o?t S*n- ca and Tknrl ?t ??>?.? run iiinn wci -*i I<*et < inch- rr -*ith ?!. nn nou-i*tinit of a FUU? tro it >iy and ba??mmt Dwi flio? Hnfi'. Terma: One fourth mkb; the 'r *>. 1? nn-1 IX m >atha. with interest. by n deed in tri t on the p etnirea. je 1> d J C. Vffirrw F A rn., Anct? Br i- C. Motil'IKK A. OO . Auc*?o: e?r? TRUSTEE'S 8*LK??F KXf'ELI.F.NT Fl' * hitckk awd Hof*bholi> Krrrr* ?On r URDAY MORNINO. J?in- A) m H* tVoefc.on the first floor of the Auoliufi R #irr. n? *i'U? of a deed of tru*t davd Ma* I8'h, and dot re oorded in lih?r J. A. 8 . No. 175, folios SSR ?-t . one of the land record* for Washington oountt. we ball eel ? One excellent 6K oetare mahoitwoT e*?? Tie no Forte, atrvd Parlor 8ui?a. inched i? hair e oth. Marble top Centre aitri 8o<e 1 abl< e, \Vbatu-?t. Wairut Fauc? Tahie . Reception ' hairt. Gilt frame Mantel ar.d P>er ft n?ie? Oama*k and L-*o? Cur?*> i? *nd Corvre, Bruanela and three p'> t arf?i?, Oiic.oth anC Ma'tinf. Set h?"d?ome blue and $oJd ennne'e1 Charon Farniture, with M*rW? top#. S?t handvom Mark *nd c?-(d en*ui?i>1 Clisn:b?r i Farniture. w th Marb.e tops. Ret o^ VVa:n?t Chamber F?i-ni*U'e, f 8et of Mahof an* Chaml*r Furuttqre, Ro?ewo. d and Mahorant Dreeenur P?r?ai??, Pintle Walnut Wardrobea. Psmte-i W?n'.rr<bP*. ?ix curled hair Mittr ??? ??, Bolet-rrand Piliuw*. pi*: k~ta. Com(i'TU, C'Tnt^ipin'1* Waaha'anda. G'anit- T? il?t * WtlnituMnii n t in rj Ta le. ?<??f it*rW. Manotani biCeLH*'*!. t'aue K?t <'hai'?, Hahoc'.nr 8- la Bed, ^ ee?.y Ikihow t hair. rhita Grarcit* Pmn"- SS*?t. Gia?"-waie. CeokinR a?"d other Storea. Wire J"af<*. 4e.. Tofether with the usual quantity of Kttcfcen l't?naiia. Term*: ?*> ??<( ?mlw, ea?h. over that toir I credit <?f3 .ft". ?nil 9^ daya. for rati facUuly en doraed notea. ^x??rin* interest. H? order o| the truate jets d J. C. McGCIRE A CO.. A acta Br WALL* BARN aR P. Aoetmneeae Excellent and nearly new carpnrii'atfHor oh lRiirri5TH Sr., at Av Ttos?Ou MOND*Y AFT* RNO?'N, iOU iMt , at I o'ol'-ok. w* wi'l ee!l, in front of the pr#niiae? on Thirteenth ?tre t l>etw ?u I and K, a n ar j new and etc* e it C?ipenter'a SM?>p. auijec*. to a?i<>und rent. Te-mn One third caah: bala- c* in 6 'and *> da?a. for Mttiafaclori i endoraed BPt*?, hsannt in'^reet end WALL A BARN"A B D. Aefta Br A. GREEN. Auotionaer. a, w it* ?f ? ** ?-? ?~ ? ? ? rv ^ " i ukl hk1ck houpe ami 1^1 tor at ArcTio*.?Oul HL'Kt-LA Y. the Jlat instant, | aha! I ??-U in front of the premuea, at ??* o'clock p m^tk* north twiiti fwt front ol L< t No. 9. is Crittenden'* uMiviauon of S?in?i? 3M fri ntint on'.>th urect VMt rinr.ini r<ack O tnd P at'etU north, to a public a.?ey, Willi tint imp ?v?menta, which oouaiet "fa new Three atory Br ok Houm. cottatair % in n??od an-1* unvti?i tij arranged room*, wtin wide ?aa*a?*e. and built in the beat manner, by nn? of'h* be*t workman in thia oily. Th* aa* will be worthy ofan? "? wirhint to purch*'?afin? auia! bona* in a hea thy location. Itrmt: O' * third oa?h; the balaiioe in 6 12ard 24 month*, for note* hearmr mu?reet from day of aa!e. A deed given and a deed of troat taken. Je 15-d A. GRREN. A?et. PUBLIC SALE OF A VALLA Bl*K FARM I IT ALFX AJtt'RIA COVSTV, VA... 4 XLTt FROM Wa?hi*6Tos.?oft s ATl/K PA V. th? 1*1 of June. 1S60, at 12 ?t clock, in front of the Mayoi'a < ffu-f, in the city of Alexandria, I will ** public auction, M- a rea of Land a.tuated aa at*>e??xof which I. H Hardin died aeizel. I'tua aid ia hitbly improved; ttie location la perfect'.) hna.tht and acoeafiUe u> the th'ee market* of Georgetown. Waahiagion a..d Alexandria, t>? nt 7 in :ea froai the ia ter city, by railroad, winch pa-ae* th'outh th? foperiy Th? haii'iinca are m??etantial ai.<i in *oo?d ?r<1wr. it wi'l he an d in one tract or divided into parc-ia to ant nrohaaera. Tetnia: On' ten'h o*sh; ! t aner at S 12, '.a ami 24 mouth*, with internet J. LOUIS KINZKR. j?l3-dt23) Commitrion". MARSHAL'S SA LE ?In vtrtae of two wnU of $en laoiaa. laau ixl from the Ork'i oft oe of the Circuit Conrt of th? Diatriot of Co)n?it>ia. for the county of Wanliitiiton.ud to me directed, I Will expoae to pubio ?ai?. for oaab. in f ont of tl^e Court hoaM door of Maid oour.t'. on MONDAY. the 9th day of July ne?t. lw. at 12 o'o.ook ia . the following property, U> wit: All delebdat.t'a rijht. title, claim aud mU>r??t in and to Lot No. F, in Square >o 6!8, in the city ol \Vaahin*t >n. I) C . trt-Afh*r *' ? ??.i niiu i'iikp ?r in* >mpr??vwnfTi'fc tiiereon. ?u-ized and levied upon a* th? pr<>pert? ?( Andrew Rothweil, sod Will tw ?? d to Mbi') Ju dicia Not 2 4 m4 US, to October term MM. is favor of Pbe'ra k Kin*mai.. W. SELDEN. U. 9. Marshal for the District of Columbia. je TS dts At A 1(911 A L 8i*ALE.-ln virtue < I a writ of ften . * I facia* istsed from tiie Clerk's ofcee of the < Ottit Ooort of the District of Contracts, for <be county <>f Washinjtor. and to m? direeted. I will expose to pu l iio stirt for ?a*h. is front of tbe court house door of naid county, o? MONDAY, the Sir day of J nly n **t, liNft' at II o'clock in . the foilown.s described property, to wit: Ail drfeodant'f richt, ti'le, ol*??t, and tntr?'t ic an<1 to L?>t No 5, in t^aars the >-iry i>f Wa<hi!n?or. I). ? , M together with a!i an^ ?i't?'?r the improvement* mer?on, Mixed and levi-d iipoa a? tb? property of J ?c. C. Niobolaa, ai.d will be sold to eatiafy Jadi oik t N<~. 125, to t> at term 1**'. m favor 01 A. and F. A. Rioh?Al?. W s?ELI>fc.V U 8. Marsh*! for the District of Colombia. jeU du By J. C. McGUIRE A CO? Aaetmiweri TRUSTEL'8 SALE OF FOUR VALUABLE Bciumng Lore, at thk coisu or Fmat tj, win apsd nosTH G itntTi?do FRIDAY Ar TERNoON, Jane ?th, at So'elock. on the prom im, l>y virtue of a de*d of trust uatad top ten?l?t 1st, 1MB. and duly recorded in libar J. A. 0 , No, 156, folio* 436. eta, one of the la*d record* for WAjhlDftAii o.kil r?t * in - ? - ^ ? ?-?-/ ? > ?nr vivnivi wi * -i>iiwntft, I thai! cell iota nnmbwerf 37. at. O, a?d 3\ la Jw C. MoOairw'i undivi?if?D of eauare e?? Lot tt 'r?nU SS foef Mi Piret ?treet wea?, at the oornernfG ?t'eet rnrtft.and rai.nicg ' ok Ijrt fort 4 inches t?> ? twent* feet alley. l?ots 0. ? and T, front each 23 f*e(4fc irena? on Jrit street ntt r>atwern G aod H streets north. and run back IV fee: 4 inchM to a twenty-feet alley; together with the imtrxrem-nU, r<>n*i>tin( of mall two story brick house# erected oa the rear o' sat4 lots aaa Irontioc on the ai ay. TwbkU)m fbarth oaah; the residue ia t, IS aad It month*, with inUreet, secured by a data of trait ?lfthtlmM nf tlwild cot be oowplied with in ftva day* 'hereafter, the tro.tee r? serves the right to reeejl at the risk and expense of the de (uillnt HMkutr. il'ooaveyftaciactt tha umn of the taretemt mm,?lawfcda J. ffiilotiulfft 4 fc&*A?*fc Wheeler a BII?ob>i UNRIVALED FAMILY SEWING MACHINES! D*ett'*dly the mo at fopu'tr An I 11 *? lerfect Machine* in the market! Making the "Lock Stiteh" Uk? ob both etdea AT ALL FRICES? FROM ?30 TO ?100 Witb Fcli. luermucrioB*. oom rnww uc viri* , (horn FV** Charge, At t; Hon* of th? PurehM*r. P. J. 8TEEB, AOKNT, ^ sssiisgeat PIANOS r^L K?> Mtt m* ^ JOMil f. BLUS

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