Newspaper of Evening Star, June 19, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 19, 1860 Page 3
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L A O A I w o ?/ a r Li U A Li IIJD TT O . CT Tk??*4 Tt?i Stab m prwUMf ow iti fatt*tt rtrt* m iu< iMii ^ S?W?mh, its tditien it to largt (i lo r?f??i U to k? put fo jrttt at an t*'ly how; Ad*?rU$*wimtti tktrt/ort, tktmld bt ttni i? hi for i Tvti-t o'clock^ m.; otktr irti? tXtp ??l to< ?m:ii 14< iwn d*y. IN^t'c* ? Dirtrict / MwRttf Advtrtifemtntf It *!< t?S*Tfd I* tk* BaLTIMMI 9V!I tri TMWtd t ?U forwmriUd frtm Thi Star eJUt. aisituuit Mnnat of thi WA?m*ato!? Citt Bulk Society ? Last evening the Washington City Bible Society held its twenty-fourth anniversary meeting at Wesley Chapel, on which occasion a large number was present. The meeting was called to order by the President of the eoclety, John P. Ingle. Esq. The choir then reformed an appropriate piece of music; after which tb?* Rev Mr Kennard. of K-stroet Hapt at Church, read a portion of llfitb Psalm, which wai followed by > prayer offered by the pastor of Wesley Cbapel. tttr ReT. J. W. McCaulev Mttebei H. Miller. Ksq . then presented a summary atatement of the condition and labors of the aoslctp/oc the year The pecuniary re?<mrres of the society, including balance from last year of JM7 .Vi. had been from subscriptions and donations #130 00. There was a balance in the treasury now of only #*2 75. The Rey Dr Thos H Stockton delivered the disrnrse The text selected was a psrt of the.fth Psalm. Ood h <s magnified the Bible above all the syni d <ts or nis turuief tnrougbout the universe. The Bible I* the onlv sensible. infallible and authority on eerth. This is the only authorI ty coaibiui ag tUw three distinctions I n ancient times there were certain authorities which com?>ui?>d th?se three distinctions of the Bible; but th-s~ ancient authorities had been withdrawn from the world, so the Bible is s ill left in sole a>id visible supremacy Those ancient authorities were elect men?elect aayels?and the Messiah k the Christ?the one ^reatiharcb betwses tiod v- and man. .Now, I design to indulge in various T ?u?;ivi. *???*? ? li'ukmi j iafc.i'iia i'i tuiairuiaiAaiuri urrrni rUHiUIl. The past, indeed, must receive an occasional glance, but the chief view* will relate to the present; and oh ! may the spirit of truth lead ua into all Cut when surveying this whole Held of the Divine administratiop^and observing the personal retirement of the elect amenta from the circle of sensible, infallible and Divine authority, leaving it all still and lonely, apparently without any sufficient guide, such questions as toe following, it seems, would be suggested : hat now ? Is there no sensible, infallible and Divine authority on earth? Shall God permit the two great natural systems to be impaired and obsc jred, creation become almost unintelligible, exhibit any expression of his power and sever eignTv aaa providence to em narraw us by the Innumerable instances of Its reanlta with our instructive anticipations, and yet do nothing to remedy these defect* or to supply the wants they evasion * Shall be allow the two great social svstemi to be so disordered, also, at to become incompetent for the proper discharge of tbeir h:^h functions * Shall man be suffered to adopt fa'se principles, embody thera in degrading aud cppr?-^-H ve measures, and impose them by the co- ?n'rated energies of bis faculties upon all nations and all generations, and nothing be done to arrest the evil * !*hall the church be suffered to adopt similar principles, embody them in similar measures, and embrace tiiem by similar powers and with similar result*, only modiiied into a?rreeinent with snbtlier prejudices and infinitely prouder pretensions, and no check be imposed either for the safety of humanity, ?r the credit of divinity ? And, moreover sn*ii even the occasional r? liefs of the olden t rap, when the earth was not a hundredth part etp'o.ed. and our race wn not a hundredth part expanded, and all the interest of the separate fam'lies and tribes were so divided.?secluded ? nnw be withdrawn frotn us? Every inspired man, ana svery vmuie angel be withdrawn, and even our most constant and unequaled friend, the adorable Mediator Himself be withdrawn, and the masses of mankind iu their mere knowledge; and elevated and thoughtful, solemn, and even intensely anxious modern conditions, be abandoned to the errors, a-id follies, crimes and cruelties sei 3sa wilfully hypocritical tyrants ? In a word, shall the Highest look down upon such a srene as this, and still consent that every source of true authority shall remain as a sealed fountain among Inaccessible rocks* The answer to all such questions would be. No! Mo! Gtd is not thus careless of his intelligent cre&tcrcs He saw the e?d fr?m the beginning H<- knew all the exig?n ies of human progress, and made due j roj visions to meet them There is a sensible, infallible, and Divine authority on earth. There is one but only one There is only one, but that one is enough, and 'lere it is?the Bible. Oh. look at it, and wouder at it. If it did not itself secure m? from sup-rstition, I should superst: uvu?7 rcgani 11 Ainu, laeuiDie to me, in the ban J* of a child, is a greater marvel than the sin in mid Heaven. That, iadeed, U a glorious symbol, but this is more glorious. (j??d Himself has nia<nitied this above all His nature. But it is not enough to say that the Bible is the only sensible, divine authority now remaining on earth Much more than thfs must be said. It has a comprehensiveness and completeness fur j transcending such an announcement. The truth Is sill such authorities are comprehended in this one Indeed ' did 1 s?y there were such authorities in ancient times and distant places; but that thev are now all withdrawn Let me correct this trrnr: or nlh#?r l#?t mnr# - ?V v?wv ** J Ul??lll^(iiBU the tr ith Heboid them here; all here. Here the p?st It present; here the distant is at hand; here the lost are found: here the dead are alive. Lo' the angels are here Take away the Bible and you take away the Lord Jesus Christ. No longer net d auy disputes He h>-id iu regard to the nuture, per* on, or office ot Christ. Aye. take away the Bible, and what is left.' What 1* man left, and the earth, and the neaven, and the universe Are tbey all left* Aha! be it so But what kind of man Is lift? Man without a Maker, without a Savior, and without a soul Dr Stockton spoke in his usual eloquent style, and held his audieuce in rapt atteotion during the whole of the address On motion of Mr. Sinithson. a committee consisting of MtMrs. William T Smithson, Jacob Gideon. A.M. Zeveley, Thot. U. Walter, and Hon Thoa. H Crawford, was appointed to nominate officers for the ensuing rear, and to report at an adjourned meeting of the Society, at the same church, at 6 o'clock, on Thursday evening neit The meeting adjourned with a benediction pronounced by Rev. Dr Butler For the want of (pace to-day, we are obliged to defer the report of the Treasurer until to-morrow. Axothkk Cask ?Last evening a gentleman informed us of, concerning which he intended to appeal to the grand jury. Walking up the street the day before he stouped to speak to a man. and while conversing a hackman came up to hiiu. and demanded two dollars, which he said I was due h:ui from a former partner of the gentleman He denied any kuowledge of the business of a per?< a with whom he had no connecI Mm Th? v.... V?w? ?- -1 * - .... mv u- ^jaii m? auusc Dim, ana ax length beat him with the butt of bit whip; cutting bis head. He left a? soon as be could vet ?wif, and went to his home and changed nis coat?the one be Lad being saturated with bloud? and returned to have bis assailant arrested Just as be got within sight of the hackman. the backman got on bis box to drive off He followed the back, and the driver watched him. Coming ib sight of a policeman, after driving some distance the hackman hastened his horses, and getting to the policeman, ordered the arrest of his pursuer Be was taken to the guard house with the hackinan A Lieutenant vras on duty. The prisoner stated that be was the party to make the char-rr-. t,1(i stated what it was He then called apon the hackman to make bis charge against hfm The Lieutenant, however, retained the citizen and let the hackman go The case was a?t tried In the morning, and the prisoner was and 1111 mediately made a charge against the hackman, and went to tbe grand jury. McaiDias Hill ?We understand that this deUgutf 11 lo. ar.iy. .ltuated on Boundary street, st the junction of Fourteenth street, has been leased by f-s^niibie part'.ea of this city, and Is to be fitted up as a first c'.tm place of retort for pic nie parties etc Operations with a viesr to putting thepWcein thorough repair. embracing the laying out tbe grounds, arranging of shade trees, foci.on of a hi.e Large pavilion, etc . are alreadv pr<?t'resst rig. md no pafns are to be spar?d by the proprietor* to make tbe place highly attractive and popular as a summer resort. Odd Fallows' Hall ?We can cheerfully recommend Thlodon's Art Museum to the public at large, as one of the most entertaining, Instructive. moral, and noval exhibitions in the world. It is well worth tbe visits of tbe most fashionable of our art critics, and couUins nothing, whatever, to shock the senses or taste of tbe most fastidious sectarian For tbe especial accommodation of ladies and strangers in tbe city, who cannot sttend in tbe evening, there will be a family matinee to morrow, at J o'clock. Xai ftixil Furifii. il tk? P??fc street.) yesterday. was well attended by oor Gerbsu fellow-citixena aad others, who pawed a very pl*awnt day in tbe prosecution of the amusements p culiar te thai society. not the least of which waa tfer terpslchorlan perfor tuancaa in the pariliou, and the gymnastics, at which the association are ao accomplished The entire day pnaaed off agreeably with all present, and wlU be remembered aa one of the good tinea ixtti *t tii Vaiiii BaMack* .?Corporal <4<iinlaa. of Uw Marine Corps, died at tbe garrison, after a brief Illness, on dunday. He waa from tbe town of GilderlaAd, Albany county, N Y , and enlisted on tbe I3tb of May, 1837. Hit age was twenty-one years He waa yeaterday aorn'ng iotr-rred with military honors. Rev. Mr Morsell, roctor of Christ Church, delivered to ?f rtoprlste tod aStectlag discourse, [ ~ m * tfcjS-'* . /VfB*- , Wti " "* * ' * *3 "Exi.jtini.tio*! or th* l*t?ue Schools ? Primary No. 1. first department, Third District, M)i* France* Elvans teacher ?Th" examination of this achool took place on Monday, the 11th of Jine There are GU pupila on the roll, male and fennale, divided Into tliree claasts The stndiss embrace orthography, reading, spelling, writing from dictation, geography, arithmetic, written aad mental, history and grammar. It Is unnecea* <?* t w luikurr iiivu a apwu 01 iq^ pfriormuicw of tble school, than to state that M m EImiu ia o?e of our most competent and asa'duous t?arherm. and that the prograsa of hrr rl laaca and the promptnesa of their repllea gave evidence of a familiarity with tlM aubjecta fully equal to the expectation of the examiner. The personal appearance of the childreu waa ueat, and their coodlict Ofdf?rlv Thp pr?>pri?p? ??viH#nrwi r-? rv? J. - ? v. w? - W . ? ?^ bility tbe teacher, not only to impart Instruction. but her ability to induce id tbe pupil a desire to receive it; rendering the performances of the eveaing pleasurable to teacher, pupil and exaai i net Primary No S. second department. Tb:rd District, Miss Morphy teacher, was examined on Thursday, the 14th June. The school is female; tber? are 00 pupils on the roll; two were absent on acionnt of sickness. The studies comprehend orthography, reading, spelling, geography, writing from dictation, and arithmetic. The examination was conducted by the same member of the Board of Trustees as the principal's de- | partment of Primary No 1, snd though this s'.hool is not so far advanced in some studies ?s the latter, it made an examination highly creditable-to the lady in charge, while the backwardness in the exceptional instances was attributable to causes altogether beyond her control. The personal appearance of tbe children in this school wag unusually attractive, and the order mainI ?.t -a x as ? ? ? ^ ?> * ? winru unruly me miiK ana Teaiouc perioa 01 examination, highly complimentary to M?w Morphv's discipline. The examination of each class wm preceded by vocal in title by the entire school Primary No. 3, Third District ?This school is situated on F.leventh st east. near the corner of M smth. The building ! a one-story frame concern, without stiMcient room to accommodate the 60 little boys and girl* with the Blithest decree of cpnifort. who are packed within Tt? walls on the rude tx>n< ties of the olden tin?e, with few if any of the conveniences of the modern school-room. The school building, moreover, rests immediately upon the noisy street, which of necessity becomes the children's play-grounds during the moments of intermission f.-om their books; and the interruptions are frequent during the recitations. This school is under the management of Miss Clarke, who has i?een for several years a teacher, and who *..1 ? 1 J - - - ccrutimy ufiTTM mucQ credit Tor her faithful discharge of duty as evidenced during the examination, and in the deportment of the children committed to her charge. The examination was c onducted by Mr Brandt, formerly of the Board of Trustees, assisted by Mr McNerhanv, of the Board of Aldcrmea. who kindly volunteered to llil the place of the regular examiner, (Mr. McKnew,) who was unavoidably absent Irom sickness Mr Lemuel (jaddis was also present, and assisted in the examination The exercises consisted of reading, spelling, writing from dictation. geography, History and arithmetic; in all of which the scholars showed much proficiency, according to their respective ages and the time in ! which they had been under the charge of Mrs. C. Some of the children were quite young, and just beginning to lewu the first elements, but even they In general showed remarkable aptitude The examiners were particularly gratified with the singing of the children, and are of opinion that it would be highly beneficial to introduce votal music, at least, as a permanent part of the school exercises?in fact, a part of the system for tbe songs of our childhood, and the lessons they inculcate, are never forgotten in after years, but in tbe retrospect of life appear as bright spots in the waste of memory Upon the conclusion of the examination, the children were earnestly addressed bv Mr Brandt and Mr wi. J ? ----- - Vi UUI1 <f , UUiU of whom urged upou them the necessitv of their availing tbemselvtsof the beneftts afforded by the public schools?r?*rn?rking that now wu the tune fur tbf m to learn all that could be taught them, in order that they might become ^ood citizens, and qualified in every respect to till the highest spheres of American citizenship. The examination of Primary No. 2, second departmeut, Third District, .Miss Moore teacher, took place on the 11th inst., and was conducted by (ieorge A. Bchrer, Esq , of the Board of Trustees, assisted by Dr A. W. Miller. There are on the roll (10 pupils; 54 of whom were present Primary No 1, second department, Miss dande*son teacher, was also examined by the same gentlemen. on tbe 14th inst. This school numbers Bo pupil*, and tbere were 56 in attendance. The children in both schools were subjected to a thori ough examination and displayed considerable proficiency in tbe various branch** taught therein. The examiners were highly gratified with all that they saw and heard, and took occasion t> compliment warmly both teachers and children. Criminal Coikt.?Vesterdav. after our report closed, Paul Henry alias E. W. Cbandon, convicted of forgery, was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary. Hugh Atwell was tried for stealing six pairs of <>uuta n?n iiiiimu ?>am ana convicted by the jury. He was sentenced to two years' imprisonment in the penitentiary. Edward Johnson wu then tried on a charge of assault aart battery upon Thomas Conner The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. The Court then adjourned. T?-rfoy?The first case taken up was that of the United States agt Matthias Butler, (colored,) in wu:ch the defendant was charged with stealing six chicken* valued at #10 from Bernard Magee The jury returned a verdict of guilty of stealing the chickens, and assessed their value at ftt. Frank M Spencer, Esq , was to-day admitted as an attorney of this court on certificate. Colcmbian College ?The literary exercises cnnnectr-d with the scholastic anniversary of Columbian College, will take place during next week, and are looked forward to with absorbing Interest The anniversary discourse of the Evangelical Society connected with the College will be delivered bv Rev. A J Huntingdon, of Virginia, on Sunday evening, at the Thirteenth street Baptist Church. On Monday evening, the 2.rith instant, the elocutionary contest for the Davis prize mr-dals will be Weld at the Smithsonian I. * ?? ' tuuvii. j m iouowing evening, the anniversary of the Alumni will be held at the Thirteenth' street Baptist Church, when an oration will be delivered by Rot>ert Otild, Kiq , of this city. On Wednesday, 27th iinUnt. the annual commencement exercises will be celebrated at It o'clock, a. in , at the same place. A diliohtfrl T*ip to Olymont, per Captain Ryther's eoi> fortabie steamer I'henix, Is anticipated by everybody connected with Foundry ("hapel Sabbath J*chool, and hundreds of others, pleasure trip seekers. The steamer leaves the Eleventh street wharf to-morrow morn! ng at 8^ o'clock; omnibus arrangements from the corner of G and Fourteenth streets, are admirably perfected; the celebrated .Mozart band is enira^ed. and a eood dinner awaits the excursionist* at Glymont Pavilion. Go and buy tickets at once. arrt then trier to the advertisement in another column for further particulars. Storm ?This morning, our city was visited by a heavy shower of rain and hail, which had the effect to wash those streets and avenues which are uot cut up by the Corporation threnches, and to cool the air for a short while. The broken streets are ornamented with pools of water and banks of inud, arid not very pleasant for pedestrians The sudden stoppage of the work in theee streets since the Mayor's election leaves them in a very bad condition, and they are particularly unpleasant after a shower. Ckmrk Market?Notwithstanding the condition of the Bridge, the Centre market opened this morning with a very large supplv of provisions of all descriptions, and of a quality nnml to an V market in th*? rAii ntm%r Tk. - g WWMHN J I UC II U ill UCI 1 of country dealers wai not so great as usual at the opening of the market on Tuead&y morning* But the licensed dealers were all at their stands with apparently an increased stock of vegetables and fruits in season. The demand was lively and sales proportionately brisk. Thiowisg Things is the Makeit ? This morn ins a colored boy. named Herbert,'was arrested by Officer Cblpley for throwing an egg in the gangway of the market, with which he be spattered the dress of a ladv walking there It appeared that another boy threw a pea pod at Herbert, and he, to retaliate, seized an egg and thrtw It. Justire Cooper saw the act, and had him arrested and taken before Squire Donn, who floed him S3 and caste. . - k. Lakcknt and Rkcovxby of Goods?This morning, OlScer Chipley. of the Sereoth Ward, arrrttea a woman named Elizabeth Davis, who tUnds charged with the larrenv of numerous article* of clothing from the residence of Mr 8. I UwCmmp. After her irrest a search wunude for the stolen goods, and about thirty dollar* worth of uoodi were recovered. The prisoner waa taken before Justice Cooper, who committed her to jail to await a further hearing. Tum Old Soldi***.?The aurvivora of the war of 1&W, of the District of Columbia, held their annual meeting yesterday afternoon In the Alderman's chamber, City Hall and reflected the old officers for the ensuing year Tbejr also passed a resolution to assemble on the morning of the 4th of J uly at tbe Araiory and fire a salute la houor of "independence Day." Foc.kd?Mr A. B. Zimmerman received a trlegraph diapatch tbis morning from a relation la Alexandria, Va , that bia child, whose dlaapDMnsr.r eiuiMi u mi?ti * * '* ? in dm lamuy, and wns mentioned la the "!<ur" of yesterday, lain that city and safe. The little fellow bad stiayrd away, and got to Alexandria among hi* reatoh Una ir M1H0 the annual pic ?lc of the Young Catholics' Friend Society of Georgetown, at Analoetan Island, to-morrow. Hit Tttt Fill CORCMT ADVXKTIIKVS5T Of Lvttfer lu tooUw eoliww. 1 Hoes* or Rirtr?*.?Eiiiot Star: Art there no philanthropic ci ueoa in Washington city who j nave a thought Tor the well being and future respectability and happiness of the rising genera! tioo ? If there are, why do they not tahr meaaures for the erection of a House of R'fuge. for the Incarceration for a certain period at the many idle , and Tittou* Juvenile*, of both aezea. that prowl ..bout our city /especially the market-bouses and other prominent localities) committing depredat'on? upon the citizens. and wben arrest* d, tried, and found guilty, are aent to the Jail or pent: tmtiary, to keep company with the moat ?l?ndoned and depraved villains, and during their confinement are Inoculated with nil the vices and schemes of their tutors, and when released from their servitude are prnllcient adepts in the rascalities of their Instructors and aeniors. Who will be the first to move in this praiseworthy and benevolent cause? A Mother. Licthii.?The Rev. Wn>. Hamilton, 1). D , will deliver a lecture In Goranrh Chapel. Island, to-morrow evening, on the "Rise and Progress of Methodism in Maryland.*' Tint MoxrKKifTAL Club announce th?lr eighth annual ptc-nic, at Arlington Springs, to-morrow. See advertisement in another column. Houtkttrh's Stomach Bittkks.?Vigorous digestion and sure bile produce nutritious Mood, and nutritious blood a hea thy frame. Doe* the victim of a dyxp^ptio do mac h aiid a disordered liver demre to know how the duration m*? nnnr,..^ the bile n d other tluids of the body purifiet/? The great restorative nam"! a' the head of thin paragraph, will accomplish within a week thin desirable revolution in the system, regulating the secretions ami tha exc stions, giving tone to tne animal juices i which dissolve the food, strengthen every relaxed i nerve, muscle and filx?r. and brings the whole umcliiner} of vitality into vigorous atnt healthful play. Hostf-tter'* stomach Hitters ia sold by at' l>rtiggiats. ie 19-eoSt OXVOKXATKD RlTTKRS. From the Hoston Dailv Evening Traveler. To Dyspkptics ?We would call the attention of those who are atHicf?d with this terrible complaint t>i a remedy, winch, from tho modest way its merits are *et forward, might be overlooked by many. It affords great reliet, and is,in almoxt ever* instance, a certain euro. We allude to the Orvg'kated Bit tfn, sold by Messrs. Seth W. Fowle h Co.. 13* Washington street. This is not heralded by a ma'n > of unmeaning certificates from persons unknown to | th?> pub ic, but a lew well chosen t?stimonaIs from I memners 01 Congress, and some of our first merchants and city officer* who have been cured bv its I use, and whose names are familiar 'o every Bos- I tonian, are a *ure evidence of itsefticacy. FordvsJiepsia debility, and weakness, it is a most excel e-it medicine. It may be had at any of the apothecary stores. I Prepared by 8. W. Fowle & Co.. Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giiman.S. C. Ford, jr.,S. B Waite, I ?t. Stott, John Schwarze. Nairn A Palmer. Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. je 19-lw.r 1 Meter's Miraculous Vermis Destroyer. | the oldest and best remedy known for "xterminating R?ts and M?o". Cockroach"*. Bug*. Ants. Mnsquitoes, Fleas, Moths,Giaui-Worms and Garden' nsects. jO" Principal Depot. 612 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. ma 18-3m Lyon'h Magnetic Insect Powder Exterminates Bed Buzs. Roaches. Ticks, Ant?, Garden Insects. &o. It contains no Poison Lyon's Magnetic Pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mioe. Sold everywhere. ap 9-3m Homeopathic Remedies All of Dr. Humphrey a A Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and cents each. Also, in cases, containing vials, from -34 to each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Gilmaiw. 3?0 Pa. avenue wh-olesale and retail agent; W. A Fitzgerald, 353 north F street: al?o by F. B. Winter, north corner of K street and Vermont avenue. Also. Pond's Ertract of lVitc* Hiz?t, for uternal and external inflammations of all kindb. Sold a= above. ina 9- ly Mrs. Winslow, an experienced nnrteand female physician, tias a Soothing Syrup for Ckilden Ttttkmg, which greatly facilitate* the process of teething K> 1 " .vix/uw i.irnunK, rmnciDit ail innammation? will allay all. pain, and ia sure to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give reat to voureelves, and relief and health to your infanta. Perfectly safe mall cases. See advertisement in another ooluran. ooll-ly Barry's Tricophkrou* it the beat and eheapest artiole for Dressing, Beautifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. mar 12-6m Thk be?om or destruction is the fatality amone our young aa<t middle-aged to imlulge. in excess anu debaHing habits. Those who are yearning fur some influence to dispel the growing evil, should read "Human Frailty,or Physiological Researthts." It delin^at'-s in vividtolor* (for it is beautifully illiintrated t the causes and effects of local and vital disease and decay, pointing out the only sure saJrty ra/r*?read the advertisement of " Trtiseinar, in another column. Sold by Dr. Barrow, 194 Bleeclier street, N. Y. Prioe 35 cents. Sent free everywhere. Sold also by S. Calvert Ford, jr., Washington, D. C. ma7-lta To CoSSCMPTIVRS. Qiutu's Cod Livtr Oil Jelly. This great specific for Consumption is last superceding all others in its curative effects upon those afflicted with tubercular diseases. Prepared upon highly scientific principles of the pure oi), and robbed of the nauseous taste of the plain article, it > rnoeiveu mioiae stoinacn in its jellified form, without mastication, and ib gradually dissolved and digested, passing into th? small intestines drop by drop, supplying tne wastes of the body by its nutricioas properties, and thus assisting and sustaining nature in overcoming the disease Approved by the New York Academy ol Medicine, and recommended by the faculty everywhere, this preparation is Confidently offered as a remedy for Consumption and a:l Scrofulous affwrtions Sold by Charles Stott. Washington, and by all respectable druggists. Prioe 9< per bottle Prkpold, PAKXKR k. Mowkr, No. 15 Beekinan street, New York, mar 16-3m Wholesale Agents, Paum**.?Persons desiring Pennies will always flr.d th?m for ?Tnhanr? ** *he mvtityr MARRIED. At the C'onfrem street Church, Cleorgetown, by t-ie H"V David W l.*on, of Baltimore. nu Tuesday . the) 19th instant, THO*. s. 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The patient seems to have suf; fered for a long time from a soften iug of tbe beart, which muat have resulted In death?conseqnent upon muscular exertion or mental excitement. Her pregnant condition, too, haatened the evil. The jury of inqnest reassembled yesterday afternoon, and. after hearing tbe testimony of Drs Snyder and Tyler, brought In a verdict of death from "rupture of the heart." This we hop* will pat a atop to the absurd rumors iu relation to this matter which have been aoextenalvelvcirculated The body of a new born male infant waa found in the Potomac opposite our city yesterday. It bad been placed in a box weighted by ueavy atones, which waa left on the shore by the receding tide. From appearances it waa evidently still bora, and no inquest was held. Robinson's and l.ak's Circua and Menagerie, which exhibited here yesterday afternoon and lost night, gave great satisfaction to al! who visited I It. It is far superior to most exhibitions of the kind, and deserves to be liberally patronized GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS 1 A M A nm * ? ? ? a?_ _ - w.^auvi n>r tue protection ana t>etter <-ontrol of the Water distribution of the city of Georgetown. Be it ordained by the Board of Aldermen find Board of Common Conneil of the Corporation of j Georgetown, That from and after the ilate of publication of t.hi? Ordinance, ?nv person or persons who shall willfully injure, deface, or destroy any ol the drinking hydrants, fire-plugs, stop valves, or other appurtenances of the CityWater Works, shall b? subject to a tine of not less than five nor more than twenty dollais, to be collected or recovered is tines usually are. | And be it further ordained, That any person who j shall meddle with or close any stop-cock, except j by expresi permission cf the Eagineer-in-cbief, ! shall be subject to a fine of not less than one nor more than five dollars, to be recovered as such fines usually are And hi it further ordained, That any person who without sai?i Engineer's permission, shall meddle with or open, except in time of conflagration, ary ! fire-plug or Ire hydrant, shall be fined not less than one nor more than tive dollars, to be recov- | ered as above. And be it further ordained, That the WTater Board shall at all times have the power, and it shall be their duty to regulate the use of street washers, fountains, hydrants, or other private atI tacbments to tbs Water works, according as tbHr I '.ud?inent nhall 1 ? duu iqcv scan nave the power to shut oil' the water from any person or persons who shall willfully disregard their published notice* relating to such attachments, or the use of the water. And be it furtktr ordnineti, That It shall be the duty of the Police of the Town to preserve from Injury all and any of the water fixtures of this Town, and to promptly arrest any offender against the provisions of this Ordinance, so far as thev relate to the protection of such works And It shall be the duty of said officers to pr* Tent the use of the drinking hydrants as playthings for throwing water on the streets or sidewalk*, or for other than their legitimate uses, and any person or persons guilty of such offences shall be subject to a fine of not less ttun one nor more than five dollars. [Approved June *2, 1860. An Ordinance authorizing an additional front foot tax to be levied and collected on both sides of High street, from Eighth street to the northern boundary of the Town. Bf. it nrtln?'l* r * /y i r?r rrvurri OJ AlUfffHt H find j Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetoicn, That in order to aid the Commissioners heretofore appointed to improve Hi^h street from Eighth street to the northern limits of the Town, in defraying the expenses thereof, an additional tax of seventy-five cents per front foot b?, and the same is hereby levied, and authorized to be collected, on both sides of said street within the above-mentioned limits. See. *2. And be if further ordained. That the Collector be. and he is hereby authorized and directed, within twenty days to present to the owners of all the lots or parts of lots on said part of said street, a bill of the tax hereby authorized to be collected, and demand payment thereof, and if not paid within sixty days after delivery thereof, he shall proceed to collect the same in the manner prescribed by the charter of the Town, retaining three per cnt. for his commission, and paying the remainder over to the Clerk, who is hereby authorized to apply the ?- * - ' , K,?,cru> mrrrtii 10 me payment of tlie orders j drawn by the said Commissioners in favor of the contractors for said improvement. Approved June 2. 1*60. (?/q the on ..v .-lack 3flt the times. HARVKY^ Fish and Orster Express, arriving daily from the North and South with the following delicacies: FRESH fAi.MON. CODFISH. MACKKRKL, SHKEPHEAD, hall but, trout, SKA BASS, HOG FISH. SPOTS, BLACK FI-H, TAILORS. Bl.UK FISH. LOBSTERS. HARD and SOFT CRABS CLAMS, Ac. 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In purauance of the resolution of djonriHTMWit at C harleato i Tkc Convention wai called to ordi* at * f*? minutes pa?t li o'clock by the President, the Hon. Caleb Cashing, who stated that he had omitted to call It to order at the hour of 10, owing to a misapprehension on the part of some members as to the hour of meeting The S*cret*ry then proceeded to call the roll of the State*, and when Connecticut was reached. It was reported that only a portion of her delegation was present. A member of the delegation stated that the members were all in the city, but be pr**umed tbat thov absent were under the impression that the body would not organize until noon Mr. Clark, of Mo , mnved tbat the call be proceeded with, and if the delegations thonld not be found full, then the Convention be not officially called to order until 12 o'clock. The roll-call was continued and when it had been concluded, it was found that several of the Southern States were unrepresented Mr Saulsbury, of Dei . announced tbat there WffP St thP HilAr unlKAiit **'U" ^ ? wv? ' i*uuu? nv.?r??. ?? UU bad no ticket* And could not get In [Tbev were, a* it appeared, the secedig delegates at Charleston ] The 1'resideut replied that ticket* were tiven to them at Charleston, and had not l>een r?t .rned Mr Satilsbury ?aid that when the gemlemen left that body they irave tlielr tickets to the doorkeeper and came here without any. He moved that the President distribute tickets to those gentlemen. The President replied that bo motion was yet in order, the Convention not beini; ready f< r business, the call not being completed After some ltttle delay tue President announced that the Sergeatit-at-Arins bad the tickets ready to give them Some further discussion ensued in reference to the admission of members, after which? The Secretary again cailcd the absent States, and they all responded The Itev l>i jowi McCrou addressed the Throne of (trar* m a 4* *" ?- v- ? iv? auu i m |'l '"I i ' C prayer, that the prnjeedings of the body shoud be Ltd In the fear of God, devoid of bittcrnees. and, in view of the interests of the whole country, shutting out ev*ry f?eling of snrtioual discord, and that the cai'imet of eternal |?ace pas* frotn hand to baud throughout the entire ?>tute* of the nMion. and the result of their labors redound to the honor of God and the ^ood of the whole country. President Cut-hing, at the close of the prayer, arose and congratulated the Democratic partv oj the United States en the re assembling of it* National Convention. He would also take the oc caston 10 male tbe exact state of affairs at tLt ttw the Convention adjourned at Charleston. Frlnr to that adjournment the Convmlion win engaged in the discussion of but two subjects?one, the adoption of a platform of principle*, and the other toe balloting for a candidate for The l'resldency The Convention adopted a resolution to recrivttbe report ot the minority, or, at least a portion of it, instead of that of tne majority When tbis subject came up, tb* first, third, fourth and fifth resolutions of the minority were adopted, and the second rejected. After this there was a motion made to reconsider the vote on each resolution, and lay on the table, bet the vote w^s never taken Therefore the business properly before the Convention were those motions to reconsider the vot -s on the adoption of tbe several sections of the minority platform, and the motion to la\ Uitse motions for reconsideration on the ta'jie Balloting intervened at Charleston, and thtsmotions were nev?* acted on Then there w?i a motion made by Mr. McCook ofObio.and adopt* d that the chair should dei lare no one the nominee who did not receive a two-thirds vote Thus the Chair was instructed by the Convention, and did n?t act of his own accord, as has been stat d in various quart* r* since the adjou'nmentat Charleston Mr Cashing then went on to detail the proceedings at Charleston up to the time the Conveot.on adjourned to Baltimore, and said in reference V? so much of th*t resolution of adj.ur meat as invited toe States then wholly or partially unrepresented to All up their r^sjwetive delegations, that b?* would not pretend to oil* r to tbe various delejzat ons having vacancy* to till auy construction of the resolution, but leave it entirely to th*gentlemen composing the delegations. who werinterested in the matter. He then referred to the s-ceding states, and explained to the gentlemen ui li.c v.on vrimon reasons ror tLe acti?u taken by him at Charleston in relation to the secessionits; but he would a^ain take occasion to say tbst the Chtir, aft-r s in in ate and deliberate exaiui nation of the powers with whirh he was vested, had found that it was not in his power to oSVr any order, as Chairman of the Convention, in relation to tue question of right on their p*rt, but would leave it entirely to the decision of the t'onveiition, and would at the proper time hrinit the whole subject before it. Mr. C. conclud-d by referring, in a fervid and eloquent manner, to the interest felt in the proceedings of the Conventiou throughout the whole country, and the responsibility resting upon each member of tb"? body to throw aside all feelings of personal ambition. Interest, and acrimony, and he apj>e?led to them to act in behalf of the whole demccra'ic party The President then declared the Convention to be prepared to proceed to busintss Mr Hnwardl nfTonn *1-- ' n - ) UUVICU iur IOHBW ing resolution Kffolveil, That the President of thia Convention authorize the Serpmnt-rt-Arius to issue a', present tickets <-f admission t?i all the delegates to the National Convention aa they were originally organized at Charleston. Mr Cavanaugh, of Minn , niovtd that the resolution >>e laid on the table, and cailed for the previous question and a vote by States. Mr Kuaaell, of Va., asked the President by what riyht he assumed to decide that the delegates from Li* State and tt?>se from Virginia were entitled to teaU. and if all those who were admitted into the Charleston Couventiou were not also legally entitled to the Rime?by what authority be ditcrimiiiattd between those who s-ceded and those who remained ? Tbe President responded tbat he did not attempt to decide anything, but if gentlemen appeared h^re who Imd surrendered up their ticket* the Convention must decide upon their right to return; he did not conceive himaelf as clothed with power to decide any point in dispute aa between the claimanta to scats He would be gratified if the first question presented should be. that the Convention should instruct the Chair what course to pursue in reference to the adanssiou of delegates other than those who stood by the ConVMhlinn ? r 1 . v uo W>| %> v VUUI n*WH> I Mr. Church, of N Y., asked the gentleman from Minnesota to withdraw h!s motion, that he might offer a motion which he thought would prove acceptable. Mr. Cavanaujjh thought Mr. Church could offer his motion without a withdrawal. The Chair ruled that he could not. I'nauimoua leave was then granted for the reading of the resolution of Mr. Church, which was read. as follows : He.-olvrd. That the credential* of all the delegations made vacant by the withdrawal from the Convention at Charleston b? referred to the committee on credentials, and that the committee make examination and report on the same as speedily as possible, with tiie understanding that the delegates adiiiitted Hbide by the action of the Convention and support its nominees. At the conclusion of the reading of the substitute loud applause followed. principally from the galleries, wuich was promptly checked by the President. He remarked that such proceedings could iit>t be tolerattd. and he would like the Convention to sav once for all whether it was desirable that the President should sit iu his cha.r and hear such indecent ebulitionsof feeling. He could not permit such conduct unless ordered to do so. Almost the nrst proceedings this morning was a loud cheer from the galleries, and those tumultuous outbursts mast be stopped Mr Atkins, of Tenn , remarked that those In the galieries were here upon complimentary tickets and nentlemeu upon the floor were also here with tickets, but if gentlemen upon the floor started the tumultous applause the galleries had thu Hirht tn fnl 1au? cnit * J ^ ?-? * ' a w out*, tit uupcu kUWVTVT) lull tfce Cnair would u*<* the power which belonged to him, and thai prevent the gentlemen upon the door 1/ctn applauding and ruTaing a duat, which would rhok** theiu all to aeath in a ahort time Mr. Kichardaon, of 111 . followed In the aame train. urulug the propriety of the applauae being preveiita-d by the Chatr^ .Mr. rvtuuoury, oi Del., rose to a privileged question, and proceeded to appeal to the Convention to act with harmony. Mr. Cavanaugh rose to a point of order, claiming that be could not make a political speech as a question of privilege. The Chair ruled that ir Mr Saulsbury designed to make a general speech, he was not in order. Mr. tiaulsbury claimed it was a privileged question to respond to ? resolution which aimed to change all precedent?the admitting of members to seats. SHe ?'u called to order by several members, and e Chair ruled tuat ne privileged question could property be recognized under the proceedings Air Cavanaugn withdrew bis motion to lay Mi. Bowwa"? resolution ou Uw awe, accepud the proY>t>??-d amendment of Mr Churcii; a ad called the prvrlooa question oa the n solution of Mr. Churcly i Mr. PblUipe, af Pmi., denied the right of Mr. CavanaugU to aeceit the antendmeift of Mr. Charch after he hit ruade a motion to tay H on table. It would only be proper for Mr Howard to eerrptthe amendment. The Chair sustained Mr. Phillips la hla views. Mr. Howard, of Teaa., reee to a question of i r^uTti WheUef U'ere CouunltlK on The Chair ruled thai there was ?oomntittoe, or, If not, it was competent to create ??, to whom the subject fouid he.refer red ' Mr RMletl;'of Vfc . raw to* point of Order, wfeea he m called U wd? by Mvtrtl n.ember* and tin by the Chitr Mr R immII mkfd U? v* to my.that If the iIImw of VIrglnla wm to be coaatr>imd. be mmM mmn U* Convention their eiience would be oral no cm v uu>1 t torn B fTWIUWIHl ? ?" rorndment to lb* nwlitlot ef U? from Teanwe. and called the pre*l>u? qoaatiwu on the reaolutloo. Mr Jostah Randall d pal red to Mjr a lew word* upon the motion. The Chair rutad that It wu not la order to peak while the call for tha previous qoeetloa vm 'TSr Avery, of N. C., oallod for dictates of the resolution. Mr Montgomery. of Pa , stated that the revelation could not be divided while the cell fer the previous qu^etion wm prnd'.ng. in which point the Chair suataiaed him. M r. John Cochrane, of N V , reee te a petat ?f order and proc?*ded to comment upoe the proceeding*: when tte Chair called bia te erder, v- - w _ -a ? * ?m ur uma m point or oraer M ratne, and 4M not proceed to diru?i the irmt motion* while Mr Church had the floor A division wna called for. to be taken by State*. but before the role waa again taken. Mr Cbureb proponed to withdraw hia call for tbe prertoua queaUan to bear Mr. Russsli. of Va Svreral gtntiemen denied h:? power to do aa, and tba Chair ruled that be bad not that powar Mr &aulabury mored tnat tba Convention adjourn until 4 o'clock. The rote upon tbla motion waa takea by S'atea, WHh the foliowin* result: Yean 75^, nava 1??.4 Tbe motion to adjourn being negatived. U?e President announced that the queatioa recurred upon tbe call for tbe previous quest)oa on tbe resolution of Mr Church. Mr Howurd. of Trnn . roae to a questioa of prirlle?;e. and deaired to aubmit a respectful coonnvinfoatjon froui th?. seceding delegates from Mlaiaaippi. The President staled that It could only be read br unanimous consent, and, objection being made. It waa not receired. 1'Ue call of the Mat-a, urou thr d?n?n* nf Mr Cbun-U for Uie previous question, waa then prowith. Hid wm rrj?Vtfd-y?l l*>x Mr GUiner. of Pa.. then offered the following resolution: HtioJred. That the President of this Convention W directed to isKiie iiiL'tn of adiuiaaton to seaU in the Convention to the delegate* from the Hut? of Tenia, Florida. Mississippi. and Arkansas, la which State* there are nocontettlng delegation* Mr. Randall, of Pa., moved that the Convention take a recess until 1 o'clock Mr 9plnols. of N V., moved to adjourn until to-morrow at to o'clock Mr. Randall accepted the amendment of Mr SpiuoU. a vote being takeu the CLair ar. neunced the motion as lost, when a division was railed for and the vote w?s taken by States, with the following result?veas 35, nava 316 Mr Phillips then inovrd that the Convention take a recess until 5 o'clock; which motion prevailed Evening Sesti-m.?The Convention assembled at 5 p in The question pending was an amendment from Mr Gilmer, of Pa , to an amendment tiy Mr. Church, of N Y to the reaolutioa in relation to tlie contesting delegations The President announced that credentials had been placed la his ha:ids by delegate* from Delaware, Oeor^ta Alabama, Florida, Mississippi Louisiana Texas, and Arkansas, together u ith a U tter from a MiM.Mippl delegate, presented by VTr. H< wird, of leun ; and a communication from Mr. Chaflee. of Mass , claiming a seat aa a delegate from his State Mr GiluM? alt red his amendment, so as to ? ? J - - - ?ur Mic i tniurni 10 latue titketttodrlc^M from Tctu, M:?:ae!pps. Arkanaa*. and Florid*, where thee are do cotiU-stlns drlagationa. ana not to Delaware, Ueorgla. Alabama, and lx>ul>lana, inwuicb >Utr? th? re are contesting del^fr"tiona, and that a committee on credenUala aball be appointed to report thereon Mr. Clark, of Mo . after a long debate, waa allowed to Lave read the following aubatltut* for Mr. Gilmer's amendment: Rttolrtd. Tbat tbe citizens of the Kveral State* of tbe Union have an eoiul rl?rh? tn ?mi- -- * ? main lu tiie Territories of the I'm ted States and to hold tber?t?, unruolested ?>y any legislation * bate ver t tie lr slave and other property ; and ttat this Convention recognizes tbe opinion of the Supreme Court of tbe I ulted SStates Id tbe Dred skott caw as a true exposition of tbe Constitution in regard to the rights of tbe citizens of tbe several fctiV-s and Territories of tbe United States upon alt subjects concerning which It treats; and that tbe members of this Convention pledge them selves, and require ail otners who may be authorize ??deie^at s. to make tbe same pledge to sup port tbe Democratic candidates, fairly and in good taitb, nominated by this Convention according to tbe usages of the National Democratic party Mr. Cochrane, of N . V ?What Is the position of this proposition inat read1 The President ?It was read merely for inter matioo. Tlie question wai stated to be upon the amendnit-at to the amendment. Tb* question was discussed at length by Messrs Randall, of Pa , Richardso:i, of ill., and Cochraut. of N V . wh in about 9 o'clock, the previous jursUcn on the M-iidiug resolution and amend men is was uiovea aud seconded, when a motion to adjourn until ten o'clock Tuesday morning prevailed. SECOND DAY. Baltimo*i, June 1Mb?The Convention met at 10 3D this morning Mr Church of North Carolina asked the umn tnous consent of the Convention to state a ? .i*t #? * ' proioiiuea tor narmomz the question before tne house, thst Mr (J'.lmer would withdraw bis X'ceodment, and tUst be (Cburcb) would tben witbdrow the iatter part of bis resolution. leaving imply a resolution referring the credentials to a Committee on Credent;als Leave being granted. Mr. Gilmer withdrew his amendment, and Mr Cburcb tLen withdrew the litter part of his resolution, leaving simply the re&<>l>:tiort that the credentials of all persons cUtiuiing seats in this Conv-ntion made vacant tty the Rerr-jgioa of delegates at Charleston be referred to the committee on credentials. TKA M ? * * u\ |fi' Tium ijucBMcii wfii in oraer on itif rfl* oluiioa of Mr. Ctiurcfc, and it was adopted. The Convention then adjourned till 5 p. m., to await the report of the committee. It is thought that the report will favor the admission of the aeceders. [Special Dispatch to the Star ] Baltixobe. June ID?To day, by unanimous cons- nt, .Mr. Church substituted for his pending mnendmeut one simply referring the credentials of all claimants to se?ts of seceders to credentials committee It was a square hack down of the l)ou?las:tes upon vvmttrday'* debated question, and wis un inimouslv adopted The Convention then adjourned until 5 o'clock?Illinois, with o'her Doifjlas States voting against that notion The credent:als committee are now considering chims for s-i-eders stats The impression is now general that all the seceders will be re-admitted. iiH u k.:i ! " ?fu/ !neu I ,laff/\n.. ~4~ wl- ? - * ? ? j | I??V1(1I a uu IIMU I uatiou* made. \V. D W . Edmund Uiokf *n the Baltimore ties. Cobcoed. N H., June 17.?The Hod Fxlmund Broke writes from Washington to a friend her* ai follows. "Everybody expects a smash-tip at Baltimore. There w ll be two candidates?Douglas and a Suu'tiern man. 1 shall not wait to see the row. but leave Immediately for Wentern New York " Wreck of the British Bark YV*?dc*ck OLorcafTEB. June 1*.? Arrived, bnrk Atlantic, Skantz. from I 'dd / May 3 lu latitude44*, loa#lj. > 4Uit i ;?i- a _* ? uiuc ten HI ~ mi lue Driuaa uara ? OOOOOTK, Captain J?m<*on. from Carenaroon. Waiea, for linking c ondition Took off the cap taiuand crew and brought them here Monument of Tltui H Beaton Sr. Loci*, June 17 ?The commlti* appointed to rs'fce fnuda for a marble statue of Hon Thomas H Benton have obtained the ds*ired asoont? ia1.0,000?aud awarded the work to Mia Harriet Hoamer. Aulvrur; af the Baltlr ti I taker Hill Boaro*, June 18 ?Thebanks, lnauraar? ofltoca. and many wholesale itorea are clowd to day la obaervauce of the aonivcraaj-y of Um IiKIi at Bunker Hill K#? Ttm MtrkcM. Niw Yoke. June 19 ?Flour baa advanced >. Htate 5 15*5 *); Ohio S5.6Sa5 ?5; Southera M 90 aS On. Wheat haa advanced Ic Cora If buoyant; aound mixed 64c. Provlalooa cloaed quiet W hltky la heavy at 81a31 frc. FlaaaclalNiw Yoaa, June 18?Stocks are higher, Chi ca?o and Rock I aland Sofc; 111 Ceawal abarea *; do boada 91; Michigan Southera !\e?r York Central si Heading tow Mil 4 Mix *.Jtf. Va. e'?83\ |MKOKfAM Til ttOl/ttttJtUPSA*. fiji a im r ytl 11 'rarut* t irS?* s-, f,-ra? Weoi>! tig Mi- WOO?!! STOVE ?d KINDLJNO WOOD,?t&&L 0

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