Newspaper of Evening Star, June 19, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 19, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAB. (Tna TU? 4* A the wild Bovovmr" I WrM tua,to meU h? -^*hI^Mia|ohwrhan(j I The ?iit lor thee iot -tided ; Yet,-wonU1'*t tlioa have me understand For thii thou art offended That tittle wreitfc of mon t?in flowers Of eoiamkin* andriai ie? ; Ail fiat Ml in a few short hoar*, Were hardly worth thy praises. But let l^em pratse whoever may ; I'd call for th"? a betterOf pints sad litiee fresh and <av? Of beauty to the letter. Fan* Mexico ?Accounts by the schooner Star, f om Vera Cms. to the 8th of June, have been received at New Orleans. A telegraphic report ... t .wl- ?i-??1 ?v_ 1 ^' - him ?u?* Nvmno vaisicu in mr j aarrz i/BDinev The Minister of the Treasury had resigned. and the impression prevailed that the rejection of the treaty or the Unitrd 9tate* Senate would l*?d to tb^ breaking np of the Juarez Government The t' sloop-of-war Saratoga left Vera Crm f<?r Philadelphia on they'd of Jnne. and the Brooklyn had gone down the coast, having MIniater Mr Lane on board The New Orleans Picayune, in announeine the ?.,t?l />rti~> v. a ?i p? i - i - ' ....... vi .mnuwuEi ntu rv>, 111 o?e aays rrom Tampico, Jin: She brlnys the important news of the total rout &ud dlspemon of the great Constitutional army, ao lately victorious n?u San Luts Potoei. under the ominand of Gen Uraga, and the probable Iocs of that officer. This important event took place at Guadalajara. and during an attack upon that city, which is said to have been at one moment in the po?nw'.on of I raga Hut just the moment victory was declare ng In bis favor a strav shot from the enemy's work* Ml into the midst of the General"! staff and carried off one of the lrgs of the '.?inmaitder-ln-chief In a moment all wa* alarm and ronfnaion; seeing which, Gen. Well, who. at the bead of aom* one thousand men. Mill held hia ground bravely, coolly watching hi* ? bance. charged with great fury upon the renter of lb- Constitutional troops, now sarcirsslv enterlag the cltv, threw it at ouce into dreadful disor5er, which was followed by the dispersion and flight of the whole army. This news serais to us incomprehensible,' says a Tampico letter of the 1th, 'but it comes to \ia from an authoritative source, and is reliable ' It is added that the army of I'raya numbered 9.000 men. He must have had with him then nearly all the troops be has been collecting since his great victory near San Luis Potosi It Is also added tbat Gen I'rajja succeeded In making good his escape, but that the loss of his leg will probably cost him hia life *' No furturr particulars of this unfortunate affair have yet come to hand, and our correspondent, writing at the last moment, even omits to give the date* There would seem to be no doubt of the reliability of the news The Cattle Disease in Ma*4acht?*etts ? During; the late brief session of tb* legislature of Massachusetts two bills were passed relating to the cattle distemper which is prevalent In that State. One huudred thousand dollars were appropriated and placed at tbe disposal of commissioners to be appointed by theOovernor to Investigate and extirpate tbe distemper, which is called pleuro-pneumonia. The commissioners are to treat and experiment upon such number of cattle, bath sound and Infwt- H '""l " * .. . ? ? HI ruawic mrm 10 study tb? symptoms and law# of the disease, and ascertain, as far as they can, the best mole of treating cattle in vif? of the prevention snd cure cf the diseases and report their proceedings to the Governor and Council. They are fully authorized. when in their judgment the public }>ood require it, to cause to be killed and buried anv rattie which are Infected with or which have'been expoeed to the disease, and make compensation to the owners therefor, one fifth of the appraised value to b? paid by the towns in which said cattle are kept ?nd the remainder by the Commonwealth The law imposes heavy penalties for the transportation of cattle to the west of the Connecticut river On the 'J?Hh of this month Blondin is adver tiled to execute his daring feat of walking the entire length of his rope, blindfolded, and completely enveloped in a sa^k! \rr A boT, named Charles Bvers. while rarrv. lag locusts in his hat, in Wetzef county. Virginia, receutly, was stung on the head, and died from tbe effects of the Injury. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS WILLARD3' HOTEU-G F Poller and lad*, Va, 8 3 Deabnm, N Y; G Rentue and family, K?; Mr ar.<1 M>s Whitney. Mass; Miss AlUtynn, an" Mi<? Sorman, do; W J Peokham and lady. Ma; J T Wiswa.l. do; A Pillichady,d>; G Torry. Mis*; L> Br.M.;J Dunl?>?,ao;J Bier., Pa; A F?ri.amdx?. La; H Mo^amarra and lady. Mo; J KpSxsbiiner, Pa; J B Monta*u?, do; Mrs C Jones an 1 mily. La: J S Rich, NY;F A Wootton, Md; B Hinder. Pa; J R Ward. NY; W K'mer, Md: H Klmer, NY; Mrand Mrs Wade,80; J B Dunn. Va: R >1 Wi. iams. Md; Nim Wi:liams, d<i; C F Bowin n and iviy. Pa; J C Jeffrio?. N Y: J Sodla c, Ps; J B Nicho s Me; J B Hradier, NY; T A Phil ips and tatn.ty. O; H?u J B Baker, Pa; A Mi'ohell.dn; C W Thomas, NY; A M L?ncn, USN: J R Camp beli aud lady. Pa; U A Parker and lady, do; W II Craa?ton. XI; I) L Wilcomt>, Mass. ||t(IWN*'HOTEL-F R >f?*ke J Down??ml ly. Md; J Wise, Va; 8 8 Dearborn, NY; J Lamiolc, ?>u; T K Limeiick. Pa T Rptdo ds, M<>; J Da?>? , O; li B Stephens, 8C; J Cook. M Pr- tmMi, I l;N l pointer, A Benson and fam. Mn? R K? " ? " A Hatch, lc<1; J Har-u and anc, J MoConn?tl. P?; 9habt>?)l,J B Oioknuoo, H i;roa??, M i.Gay.N O'dta-a. Mich; JT Mil *r, NC; W H John>or, Va;J H Moody, Tex; E W*rr<*n, Conn: A Simre n a d fam Mi??; VV Gary. V*; W i. Powell, U8N; K Bo?d. Wi?;C F. Rankin. NY; J Knott I!'; J OarpouUr, Vt; W H Lipaiuoott, L> Root, W Colw, E Baydac, lil. * NATIONAL HOTEL.?M Hi*. M*; H R riar ri? aa<l lviy, Mrs A G t'uwi+r, Md; ? R F anklm, RF Beala Pa; J B<?n, A C Rain*ey W lve?, A B Guty.NY; I. A Wliiteley, W u J>nrd, Aid; H a Knapp, J Ja3ob?, 8 B Brackett U; Mrs Uraok'tt. Mu>; A Hull.?*; J 3 Porter, Ala E Haw'ef.Jr, Mich: P B r?W. Ill; G H Saow, Va; C W Kali, Uid; \V 1" C*nipb?l!, Md; Jobn Oa?ain, Pa: R f* Hueboock. M<1: M J Fer<u?on, Va; B !* Bell a^d aiy. Mo; W Jakaon, ?; S Seldeo, B Warthiii, Va; J Ho*f, NV. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.-G M Putnam. Mi*a: P Bfoo^hm, Mo; I Bi-bee, Trx; H H&k-y. Pa; N A B"?ct<"n, NY: H L Gal aher. Va; A Wilbar, NM; J VVaiker. TSM; G Baron. J H Kenned*, J Sre it< , Me; J BaHeon NY; D8anti>aak, W Vinoeni, O; h Hdiila, F Wu,iara?. J Keg tea. Pa* WASHINGTON HOL*K-H Dton*. C Davn and lad?, J St eveneoa. NV; P Coaley, T I> Mmith and ia"'*. Ill; J Gon*an. In. ; J Farley .DC; J F.vara MJ; J rnu'iias. O; H Jonea and lad). John Meoklna. Va.' OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fed* the Umted States Si?Uri- '? " "? ** TWT. urv?. &la?g'.-New Ygrli^.l.?verpooi J'e *9 Ainaa.......... New York ..Liverpool..... J'e an A &#o ~Nt<w York. . .Havre J'e 23 From Eirotk 1 imoit b??u.h'pton .New York-. J'e 6 Bohjraian Liverpool Portland J'e h Great hasten Houihp'.on .. Naw York?. J'e 3 >na ? .Liverpool .. New Y<?rk J'e ? North Ameriwc Liverpool.. . '"rtlaiwJ J'e 13 Bremen .8ou'irptou... New York... J'e 13 ' The Havana mail steamers leave New York on the 2d. !2th, 17th, and *7th of month, an<l Cjwleston on the ?th ami 19th. The California mail rr?->-?rs leave New York on 'he 5th and /'th of ea*>- month ( IGHTAiNG! LIGHTNING!! L LIGHTNING!!! Ii* Timi or Peace, I'kkpark roa \V*r! P. LaBARRE, cWkf */ 1W4 a.*H C fit., platina Tl?'g6Ti!lfr<aiN0 RODS, Reepeatfo'lj announces to t&e puhlio of ?Va*)uu* ton and ncinity that he it prepared to exeoat* all order* for ereetieg Lifhtninc Conductor* on the moat approved sojentifto principle*, obstructed o( the vary beat of materia *, on very moderate terms. All PiftUO?-Upp<d Points wkiohare mauafeotared bi ae will :"i stamped with mj a* ma. weather Vanes of any daai<n mads to order. mu 9B F'R ANCIH HARPKR, fUTJX? oriSID A FAMILY GROCER V AND FEED 9TORE, UfiKf #/ A?r 1'or* at -MU4 mmd l?*tk street, R^-pectfuIljf solicits tbf patronage of thuse who m?y I? lu waut of any artiele in the tbovs line. His endeavors shall b? to pifav, And by a sti ict attention to th* want* of the public, he hopes to merit a hare of their pttroun. Hi* took ro?mi*t? of every article usually to be f?>ui?<l in a first clflaa Family Grocery anil Feed Store. iria 17-tf Electro physiology and electro Th*?^p?*ti?s, sh'?wini the beat metlw ds for bi?*! of electricity, by A- G. Gar rait, M. t?.; p.-iei 9* A SoitUt bin a Y-i+m of &avery, by |Seh?miah AdLa'nle. t?? (ivM Me.-dith, ts cants. Just publuhM %rA \*rr M f at PHI LP k SOLOMON'S no r&'ttefei*!*!''' , ? w ?. WU I'ffcQ III. jaU Soj> KWU fc>rL?m?iv?'? 8UUr>?ry. FI RBUR V HOUSK, ? T?mp?r?no? Novtf. U i j Mr*. H*rj Wood: l vol; $? A nai!*c Hut rv o(Gr?*M, from vu? etr iMt UMt to tb? Rohm CoaqiMl, by Win l*tnith. L^L. P.; fti?46 ?at* .ay*? -1 n&ut?y of ?*mhm */??. far, Jaoob Abbott; I vol.; ^^HARDAHfOHON, l?? aoimm EtcTpctx rtr?ct?Bd P*. >t. L ^ : XX ALE i^ND^XX ALB .*! % I fimiP Pi BOOTS, SHOES, AHD TEXT I SHALL SELL, FROM TO-DAY, AL GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS, SHOES, AND TR MY STOCK. JET ALL PURCHASERS WI fOR THEMSELVES, AT SAMUEL P. Iron nail Boot, 81?o Je 8-2w 380 PENNSYLYANI MISCELLANEOUS. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot- , t*ry, oooriooted bv the Spanish Government, ncder the supervision of the Captain General of Cnb*. will ta*e place at Havana on THURSDAY, Jvx* ?. 180?. SORTEO NUMERO 688 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000. 1 prise < ! #UXM>on 50 prise* oL #1,0W 1 do 50,000 60 do 500 1 do 80,000 158 do ?? 1 do *MIQ0 20 appro*. 1,300 1 do 10,000 IN ALL at?8 PRIZES. Whole Tioheu, #40?Halves, ?t ? Iiaw wMdcm ai OIlib Ofcfc f pwi UDIiU UIWJUUIll. Bill* on all solvent Bank* taken at par. A drawing will fee forwarded aa aoon aa the recall become* known. Ail orders for scheme* or tioketa to be addressed lo DON RODRIGUEZ, jeU -tr Care of City Poat, Charleston. 8. C. JELLING OFF! O SELLING OFF! We have marked down our whole stock of? Rich Barege anJ Lawa Robes, Rich Fieured viJ Plain Sareges, Chintz Figured Anlans. All Fancy Draaa Silks, many at ooat and less, in order to reduce our heavy stock this season. ID" We invite the special inspection of the ladies and purchasers generally, as we ahall offer desirable bargains J. W. 'olley A co., je 12 Zw i-23 Seventh at., above Pa. av. The cheapest spring clothing, THK HF.ST SIMMER CLOTHING, Can onlv be found at WIESENFELD A CO.'S, Otteon Hall Clothing Rooms Splendid Spring Raglans with Capes, Splendid Spring Overcoats for a few dollars, At WIESENFELD A CO.'S Elegant Dress Suits, at lowest rates. At W1ESENFELD A CO.'S c(),g Business Suit* for youiif men. Business Suits fur middleafses Business !*uit? lor alt ages. At W1KSENFELD A CO.'S. Drets Suits for weddings, Dress Suits for rarties, Dress Suits i >r best wnar. At WiESENFKLD A CCVS. Coats hythe thousand, Pants by the thousand, Vet>ta b* the thousand. At WIESENFELD A CO'P. Boy's clothing-fur the vouncest, Boy's clothing for all sizes, Boy's clothing for ia_r*er bojt, At WIESENEELD i CO- S Cheaper than the cheapest, Finer tti&n tl> * finest, Better than the best. Are t e *arment? At WIESENFKLD A CO.'S. ?mir mniifl*- * A very few dollars Will give io? i splendid outfit for summer, if you caH At WIESENFELD & ^O.'S, ap 17-TufrStf Cur. Pa. *v. ami 4K ?t. jyjAY 10m, liMiO. OPENING or TIIE SEASON. MoDON NELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE. Our Grocers and Citizens Wl!l pl??89 Bear in Mind that The Season for this MOST IIKALTHFUL AND PURE BEVERAGE Is Now Open. The Agent in Baltimore Has Received A Large 8 t o o k And will be happy to reosive the orders of his Washinptin Friends. Quality Guaranteed Strictly Pur*. T t <* M - f\/> a?*?r*? ' J a. J. iUDVU.meiLiLi General Agent, ma 10-t T.A?-tr Baltimore. A PH?,AN'S BILLIARD TABLE FOR 8ALK.-W? h*ve for tale ?t a /. > cieat t arerun a rhelan's ('unt'inMioniBfttf ,"<i Cushion Marble Bed Billiard Table. Fx. J *- f n?arly new, :n complete order, and 1 1 *warranted true and complete WALL & BARNARD. j? 5 AucCr* and Communion Merchant*. 1 A i 'L4 and 12 4 super Linen SfceetingB, I"--*! 10-4. 11 4, and 12 4 Cot'on Sheeting*, Richard on A Son*', Dunbar fc Dickinson and Bsrklie's super Tronting and Shirting Linens, Toweling* in variety. Table Li ens anil Napkins, K0 pieces superior makes Bleached Cottons, 1**1 pieces Lawns at 12>? oent* 2S pieces White and C?> ored Flannels, Ladies' and Mi*ee*' White Cotton floie, Whif? Goods in variety, Cftmhrifl a.nii Svi*I KH incre n;l lr.uflrtir?s floni'on, Guipur* and French Worked Collars, Sun Umhreiia*, Pa/as^ 1? and "un shades, Stipir Silk and French Lace Mantes, Hooped Skirts. Si'k Mits Ac., &o , received and lor sale low by j? >2 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. The undersigned respectfully infonn thHr patrons ai:d the public that th?r n*ve received tneir n*uai ?upply of^*j| SPRING GOODS. consisting of the latest s'yle and fashion. and bestforeign manafao if ture. Th-* also respectfully invito aH^n-*1-"^ Hon to rh-ir i.-w -,cV of GENTLEMEN1? FIR NISHlN'i GOODS of the latest styles ?nd mnkes. They also keep constant'y on hand a lar*e suppfy of Nava. a"d Military Furaishin* Goo<is? such as Epaulets, Chapeaus. Swords, Belti, Gold Laoe?, Shoulder Straps, a?d Sasheji. n. r. huuuun ft CO.. Cttit'H, Saval and Military Merchant Tnilorst IWH-1S-' njm Hrowtj'e Hotel. H SILVER WARE AM) WATCHES| O HOOD Manufactures his own Silver Ware iiiiht* own shop dn<l sells no Nothern *a'e work ?th%t i< jot up for the Southern trade.) tfyM H? warrants ever* artice to ln? of C in Si! AUK ver. and he wiil s*ii hi? be?t standard war* at least as low. if not ii wer.than the Northern goods are old for. He has a ?> on hand a vert fine stock of Superior Gold and Silver W ATCHhJ*. ?nd a larto lot of R f ("II JEWELRY all of which he is selling very oheap. No. 33b Penn. av. ma it> U AI H WM. T. DOVE A CO. RE Now prepared to execute any orders with wl'ieb Uiey mat be favored in the PLUMPING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. avnnue. where may be found a oomplete a?*ortmeni of CH^NDELI ERS ana other GAS, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. iair7 It P PLASTERING, LAIN AND ORNAMKN f*AL, or irnr *dtCKiPTio*. done on short notice and very r^asoua able rates by ALLEN * JACKSON, 274 Penn. avsnue, sooth side, between 10th and llthstren*. Their Orn?jment*l ? ?' other Home in the Ijolted t*tatefc, inatyle, finish and durability. The put>lioia invited to oall and inspect mar fl It V LKCTRO-PHYflOLOGV AND KLKCTROA *?? r*Peut'0?- til* beat methods lor Eleftnoitj, by Alfred C Gar r?t}, M. D ?I vol. 8vo ; price $\ r ?f> Hun' h Si-Ia Vuw /.f M > k M.l . i 4 n rt , i ""7 ? ???y, DJ menemian A<tami>, l> D., 1 vol , erica?5oent?. Lnoill*, b? Owen Meredith, 1 vol., blue and cold : frioe 71 wbU. * ?art 6 of Tom Brown ?t Oxford; once 12 oenta. For M..6 by BLANCH ARU i MOHL'N, J* ^ Corner of llth at., And Penn. ?ve. WASHINGTON f* (fire) INSURANCE COM PAN V. Avenut and Tenth Strtet J.IT MbGUIRE, President. G D HANSON. Xx\r*UrT. ir>? 7-e"tr Baltimore life insurance co.-iw cubrohatid 1890 ?Jon!f 1. Donaxdson, Pre*., m, Coultkr, dec'/. this eouiwuiy insures lives and buys and grants annuities, *o. Descriptive pamphlet* mar be obtained at th? Company's Agency for the District of Colombia, off oa of Lewie Johnson ft Co., Rankers. NHh street and Pena. avenae. J. w. MAOILL. Agent, n . Mi<1 * * w. n. Mw) )t?? ??<> ?ntf Mr* scuiolcraft's nkw nove1^The Biaok Ganntiett, a Tale of Plantation Life in Soath Carolina, by Mrs. Herry r ?ohooloraft, vife of the Indian Historian Pri-se ?1.25 Ju.t published aod_ft?r sale?t PH1LP ft SOLOMON.8 M??rop<iiit?a Bookstore, 339 Pa. av., b*t.?th and l<Hb ate. Sol* * facta for Laurence'a CelabraUd Forairn Stationary jo lj VVASH1N6TON SEWING ROOMS, w.y 1 m. n ?nvm 50 CHFhTO 3?a8DARD M.ACi^tEA Hat* bMn rmM?lvod. Thia ta? is jtMll?n?; prio? SO oonta rV *T* aoaT ?hM< ?T otk#nr>M* f**r oar owl * BURCHELL, Kf K oor, Fi/V?*Bth at and Varnwat OB CASH. KB, CHIAP FOR CASH. I. MV ??8(|RTMFAT OP MHIP* 1VH UNKS, CHSJ.P FOR CASH, TO REDUCE LL DO WELL TO CALL AND EXAMINE HOOVER'S e, and frank Store, A AtAiltftf BfiwtfB ana iuia ni. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. RALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. 13 washisnroy branch. In! Change or Hours. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, i860, train* will run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 2?? and 7.40 *, m. Leave Washington at 3.2.^ and 5J0 p. m. On Sunday at 3 2f> p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. in. Leave Baltimore at 3 15 and 4.20 p. m. < ?n bandar at 4 25 a. m. Passenger* for the East will take trains at &30 and 7.4?> a. m and 3 2ti p m. For the West at 7 4 > a. m. and 3.20 p. m. r or AnEap"iis ?i7.41 a m ana p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4? a. m. On Saturday evening theSJO p. m. train go?? to Philadelphia only. i* IS-il T H. PARDONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN THREE DAT0 with the CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange ami Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURGj Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and. Georgia, IVashvtlle and Chuttanotga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and JarLson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS* ROUTE: Memphis by Ra I, thence b* First class Pickets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: j Montgomery by Ktil. thence to Mobile by First oiivss Packets. Moile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TR Al NS ?Sunday* IwrLCDKD. I.rn vr Washington at 6 a m aid 6pm The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot of S?v?nth street at a. ni and 6,^ P m. and oonn?ct<< at Alexandria with the Oraige and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthweat. Offioe -Pennsylvania avenue, cora?r of Sixth st. BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH TO NEW ORLEANS Lynchburg #<< 50 Memphis 931 00 Bristol ??15 0 Atlanta iJR no ftnoxville ?^-.ion? Maoon 28 00 Chattanooga.... 24oo Columbus 31 50 Dnlton _.?4 00 Mont*"merv 3"! on HunUviHe M 00 ) v.* Memphis.<2 50 Grand Junction . ? 30 no N.O.J viaH. Juno 42 50 Nashville . 25 6< I \ via Mobile 4?> 00 I'll IU 11 #. iff " t . ?. . t m i n .' I .. .... " . ? i [iij nuuiii i? c/.i 1 livcilii ox r ail sod is J00 MILES SHORTER, and '.'4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than sny other lne? the Lyn^hburt Extension being now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, inakini it the Q VICK EST A \D MOST PI FA SA ST R O UTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It la provided with First clans Steeping Cars! ( To New Orleans.? Til Hours. piitt," < Memphis., ....... .^ 4 do, ) Montgomery S3 do. I Nashville, .46 do, fETThe U.S M A11 ."arid ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Iickets oan be obtained at the South Western oe. corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following point*: Ljnobburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsville, Grand Junotion, Mao<>n. Nashville, Dalton, Coiumbus, Montgomery. Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. lET THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VI HO IMA SPRINGS. Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the office at 6 a. in. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Agent, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth st. ami Pa. ?v. THE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of Februn-r, 1"W W ili leave WASH 1N0TON every TUESDAY and*""^"? FRIDAY, at6 o'olock a. m..and ALEXANDRIA athaif-pas'6 o'clock, for GL'RRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return trips, she will leave CUKRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'ciook a. m. JLUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUflH. Ag't. Alexandria. PF')R .NEW YORK. A3SAGE, INCLUDING MKAL8 AN]) STATEROOM, $7.60. ThA \a? Vorlr enH V<mI?U _ v>. wu? V*J*iuic* w?*w evc?iusui| ConnjMiy'a m>* And eleaaut ateamahip ffT#l MOUNT VERNON, C&t.T.C. Smith,^^Hii will ica-ve the Coirpanyl D^pot, Urn Wharves, at ll'o'olock a. m every WEDNESIMY, ard the Conipany'g Oepot. at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. eiirna day. 1'uMn^m from Waahington and fieorfetoin can take the oo?\phe? connecnn< with Alexandria ateamboata or railroad, which leave the corner ol 7th street and Pa. avonoe hourly, or tney can letn on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 1} 'clock a. to. state ro?,m? can be ecgaeedon applanation U Meaara. Morran &. RhJnehart. Weatern Wharrea Freijht wi.< he received up to the lioara of depar tare. (17* Inanranoe will be effected on all gooda bj tiiTTIine at the oHoe of the Company at X per oenl premium. Tlte accommodations frr paanenjera by tliia line are ;r. every reipect firat-c aa*. andevory effort wil oe made to render thia coi'.munioation with Nen York an agreeable and healtlilel one. For froieht or paesaje apply to FOWLK * CIO., Acenta, Alexandria. H. II. CROMWELL ft CO., aet-ly *3 Weatat..oorner A'bany.New York. pjtEMAN SIMPSflHJ iHAGHOLllMACKOU# ^^v"Htsi;Kv/'\winshT^L We otler for sale the above standard brand of line Copper Distilled Malted Rye Whisky, in barrels ann half-tiarrei a As it is of our own distilla tion,and highly impro-ed b? age, we oonfrle^tly recomineiid it as th* pmM aud best Whisk y that oan possibly he distilled. We also offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest stnok of Fine Whiskies in the United States FREKMAN ft SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Sohuy.kili river, Phiia Offices? 96 Wail street, New York ; and 109 So.ith Front street. Philadelphia. mar 29-1 y PARAFF1NE Oil., THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWS! We a'f> now reoeivinc Pa-afline Oil .lira/.* f>n? _ ?- ? ? uu* 11 V1U the vrorlin in we?t?m \firginia. Tlii *ua!itT of it is ?*f<Mleiit, producing a stra-lj, bril lantar.d beautiful light, and more pleasant to ti?<? than jcm light. ... This Oil is fnw from vlu'terat'on,and ver? muoh more ecnnomioal than many of the Coal Oila used at thia time. . jpr Jt is in no way ej^loair^ __ . I i o si^v k iu ? supply pi m* most approved tries of Lamps, to., far burning this Oil. KINO k RURtiHKLL, Agents for its sale for the Diet iot of Columbia, Corner tifteenth at and Vermont ar. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ina 11 W^HASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D i>(rtet, tit He ten. 9 th and 10M Streets. VVe haveiuat' finished a number of first olass CARRIAGES, such as Light m*e*. .P Wagons, Park Pheatonsl Family Car-VBl^mSx i twfM, ? ? ? DUfwi*t, wnion we will aellat W a ver? Kmall profit. Being practical mNh?iuoi in different branehen of the buoinPM, we flatter onnclwi that we know the atyles and quality of work that will five aatnfaetion, oomhinmg lightness, oomfort and durabilit?Repajrlng promptly and carefully attended to at " * ra SaS? 1* sswrCoachinakera, auoceaaora to Win. T. Hooa. apTT-dly lO AAA ?ALJ,ONB CiHAMFifivv amh jn *PLUMBER AND SAJ^T&ER, *r<}.v<. VP*, nr.. JStf tf, * "J"" 3SU?SSST raad upon the n.6?& j?. h,?I haro on hiwd a lot of COOKING 1 STOVES, ud m I dMire to oloso thorn oat. viU oil them at ooit for o?ah. ma? &&&?F-Kmuae * ' # MISCELLANEOUS. PROPOSALS Ft)* STATIONERY. _ DiriiTMUT or m Iwrmom. Jan# t. IMA. Sbalks r*oro?aj.? for ftrnUbiDr raoh StoUon-r? M may U? repaired by tku D'p%rtin?nt dnrin? tfc* fyo*l ye?r ending June 1861. w ill b? r?oeiv?d un til 12 o al*ak m.. on Mnndm.* ?U u# f ? ?" I _ . . 7 ' ' uoii lh^hTt?hl.,<1 t?yM.U?fcot?rr testimonial of MHlitT to fn fil the ooiitr*ot will not he oonsid? u only be awarded to e?tablnhed manufacturers of or detlere in the artioiee. A'l rtio??* rM'>ir?0 muit be of the beet ana itr of their kind.and not inferior to the .ki.k ? .? W mvii will be exhibited at the Department Each p rofo*a! mutt be signed by the individual or firm making it, and most specfy but one price for each and every artiole of the schedale or of the olaee bid for. The artieiee when furnished moat correspond with the ramp let, or any of them, if desired, and la no oase be inferior in quality to the sample, and they mu<t be delivered without delay wh?n ordered, and muxt he satisfactory to the head of theofline f.?r which they are required,and a failure so to comply with this stipulation wil> he deemed cause for the abrogation of the oontract. Article* not nanted in the schedule ar? to he furnished at the option of the Department at the lowest market prices, and the richt is reserved ?>f ordering a greater or lees quantity of each artiole contracted for, as the pub'ic service may require. Bonds, with approved security, must be civen ny uie person or tl?? irm obtaining the contract, and, in the event of the refusal or nee iftct of th? contractor to fnrmch any artioie or artioles ramed in the ooi tract on the order of the Department or any of its bureaus, the same may be purchased in open market, and the difference in price raid therefor, and tne contract prioe shall be charged to the oo .tractor, and deduced in the settlement of > Is account for the quarter daring whioh such refusal or neglect may ocour. The subjoined schedule specific. as nearly as can now be done, the amount, quality, and description of each of the articles likely to he required. The bids will be oanvasted for each of'he three oia*ses separately, and contracts for one or more of the classes awarded as n.ay be deemed most advantageous to the Department. htm. Class No. 1 .?Pajter. 1. 5 reams blue demy.cnt ta size, and rnled to Garden pattern, red and . per ream 2. 5 do white laid cap, heavy, ruled to stop pattern, do 3. 8 do blue laid cap, tuled to stop pattrrn, do 4. 5 du? English blue laid cap, ruled to stop pattern. do 5. 30 do folio-post, heavy, satin, or plain finished, ruled and trimmed, do 6. 1*1 do folio post, light, p'ain, unruled, for ull .ial seal. do 7. 3fl do cap. white or blue, ruled wide, medium, or close, and trimmed, do 8. 60 do oap. white or blue, ruled, ftltrn. ailROrfina ^ ~ - II ? -w ? > fW ?UVJ 9. 40 do consular cap.wbite or blue, trimmed and ruled, do 10. 10 do eoumi ar tap, white, dou ble thick, superfine. do 11. 10 do letal cap, whit* or Nue, trimmed and ruled. do 12. "in do quarto post, white or blue, ruled various widths. do 13. 8? do quarto post, extra upern?*. thick, cream laid, ruled, do 14. 25 do white veilum note paper, highly t a/.ed, hard oa.en dered, lined and gilt, do 15. 15 do commercial note paper, lin?*d, do 16. 10 do bufl'note paper, lined do 17. 15 ?io fl\t cap, white or blue, un ruled, do 13. 75 do envelope, yellow or bufl, royal. do 19. 17" do lame browi. envelope. do 2P. 33 do pinlc blotting. do 21. *0 dozen sheets p\tf nt blotting, p?r dczsn eheets 22. 12 eheets drawing paper, anti tiuariau. per sheet 23. 12 do drawing r^per, doubie elephant, do 24. 2h do drawing paper, elephant, do 2b. 75 do drawing paper, royal, do 26. 3M) do tracing paper, French, large sue, do 27. 300 yard* tracing oamhrio, per yard 2*. 5.'00 binders'boards,?'4 mohe|, per C. ?y. 2b reams o'oth linen paper, roya . per ream 3D. 12 d<xeri press oopy books, not ex oeodinc Vio pages, per tfozeu 31. 4 do press copy books, over son and not exceeding 750 pages do Class No. 1?Continued?Envelopes. 1. 5,ow muslin lined, printed to order. 6 br 3>a inches, per M 2. 1.000 mtislin fined, printed to order, to 9 b? Si. to 4 inoiiee, do 3. 500 muslin lined, printed to order,9>? to 11 by 5 to 6>4 inches, do 4. 490,000 adhesive envelopes, white, vel low, or huff, heavy, to by S>i to 4 inches, printed to order, do 5. 6,W> do envelope, white, heavy. 9S to 11 by 5 to 6 inches, printed to order, do 6. 3S,<K0 do envelopes.whit* or yellow. haavy, letter. 6 by 3H inches printed to order, do 7. 5/?9 do envelopes, card, do 8. 8 Ot do envelopes, note, do Intermedial- sizes ordered not to be charted kicker t Ka n K l /I fnr '* wi.,ivi kiitati I'lu IVI ?*?W I?VA? Claw No. 2?Pens. 1. ino dozen carda Pei rj's pena.and of other manufacture, asaort ed, per dozen cards 2. 1,000 gtosa 1'nrrj'a, Gillott'a, or other good metallic pen*, per iroti 8. 6,0^ quill*, No. *>, per M 4. 12 dozen gold p??ns, silver cases, and penoila, heat quaJitr, per dozen 5. 10 do gold pen*, barrel or other, without ca*ea, beat quality, do G, lfO do Pratt's or Arnold'a anticorroaive pena, do Class No. 2?Continued?Ptncils. 1. 14 dozen ivor* or gutta perchaever pointed penoiia, large or small, with irads, per dozen 2. 425 do Faber's, or other good, Nn 1 /? i -* * J * t?v. 1 ?uf Ui JIMJUIl-'Ui GO 3. 26 cases Kaber'*, Ae., polygrades, graduated. per cm? 4. (a dozen Faber'a, Ac., red and bine pencils, per dozen 5. 41 gross io?ds, best quality, assorted, per gross C1b?s No. 2?Continued?/?/-, Inistaufts, Wafers, and Wax. 1. 4 dozen Draper's.or an* other pateut, large or small, inkstands, per dozen 2. 5 do oval glass inkstands, with glass stopp*r. do 3. 8 do ca?t iron double or single inkstands, do 4. fi do French pump lnks'ar.ds. do 5. IS' do Maynard A Noye?'s ink, or Bryan A Wiioox's ink, Suarts. do __ aynard A Noyea'aink or Bryan A Wtloox'a ink, pints, do 7. 25 do Bryan A Wilcox's writing fluid, quarts, do 8. 25 do copying ink, quarts, Arnold's, or any other man uiacture. do 9. 25 do Walkdeo'a extra English ink. quarts, do 10. 5 do best bue ink. quarts, do 11. 30 do best French carmine ink, ounce, do 12. 10 do Daviee'a carmine ink, No. 1, ounce, do 13. 105 M seal wa era. be*t quality, red, No. 3, for office seal, per M 14. 10 pounda ^eat r d wafer*.common aiie, per pou^d 15. 2W pound* treat extra sup?jr *earlet staling wax, do CIbhb No. 2.?Continued.?Cutlery and Mi*cr,llaneous Articles. 1. 25dozen Roger*' or pher knives. four b;a lea, buck or pearl hanale, per dosen j. u do Ro??n' ivor* . / . ?V ? ?sern. do 3. 10 do Rogers' spring erasers, iyory or ebony handle, do 4. 1 ivory waftr stamps, do 5. 4 office ahoare, extra. do 6. 4 no office scissors, d% 7. ion A'i ailk ra?tc, in haoka, do K. ? ' do r?Hi tape, aaaurted, do 9. S do paper wight*. aaaortad, do 10. 3D pounds unprepared India rubber. per pound 11. 10 dozen Green ? ink eraser ana pap*r ol^aoar, per doxen 12. 6 poinds prepared ludia rubber, per pound to I. ? . U *? * w * i'v^uain? HCBiujacninq, per quart 14. $1 pounds poutoo per pound 16. 1 dozen b*?t Chinese India ink, per dozen 16. 3 do camel'* hatr penoila, assorted, do 17. 3 do s%l>le pencil*, do 13. 4 do Windsor & Newton'* beat Entluli water onion. rfn 19. ?w pound? ?aen twine, par pound 20. 1"0 do best cotton twine, . ?0 11. 12 dos?s mahoeanr rulers, round or flat 30 inoheelonr Mr dozen 33. 6 do India rubber rulera, round or flat, Goodyear'* pato. c .i? ff*: , . <Jo ? flii" jVuiohi*lo^' Mr found \j?Mt ?? *** ,?onf#' do * ?i*?oo ?"?*r?b)^e * 10 d0*#niar?? with' b"?ih "* *%? do*?n Un**op? e?rthen or I /?. ? do 'JfiSSSi. PlttU' Wl do *?. i*w au pcnnoiaerB. Mtorted, do ?. 6 do TUW itUMI Of box**, COeoft, <lo 31. S do ?Mid boxe?. ? .. do ti l? itn ? '? mi us i iuon ivory ioiaex, do S3. 6 do Mu-then or glMa ?ponie oupa, do Cltsa No. 3.?Parchment. 1. ljBOO abNti of parohm*nt, baat qaaiity, 15 b? iOinohe-, Mr abeet S. S.ffU) do of parohmrnt, baat ?m*l it*. 16 br SS inohaa, do S. 1#0 do of parcbmeut, beat qa&l ity.a by SSinebca, do 4 9 0/100 do pa'chment paper, beat quality, mby 16 monae, do ft, 10.000 do BfcrwhwuM.* quality, 15 by ?n i&cHm, do Form of tivatRTir 0ihU<M.M?d ?a oo Jtrag |/r ft&?> ggBpSfifiare^ji 9 MISCELLANEOUS. f/^7* d,#patcmi \) \^/*v8a?e the fiem! At mteidents will kmrr*u. ?rm 4m w*U-*f *Ut*d famxlu.i, it ia very daairfebie to bar* soma ot>**p and convenient w?j for repairing Farmtara, Tort, Crocker y. A?. ? SPALDIIfl'S PRKfARID OLI'I "Wti a!! anoh *m?rt*nca# . and no b?>B??*hol4 eao afford to h* with iot it. It in alwara ready aa4 up to the atiokinc point. Th?re it no luo|?r t dnmaitj for limping oltaira, apuntoted renaera. teaadlfaa auiii, wmi uroira ortdiM. Itu u*mMHior onne, shell, and other ornament*! work, ao fopuiar with l*di?s of refinement auH t**te. This tdmirtlii? preparation is uMd old. heme ehemioaliy hekd in eolation, and ?os?eee:nc all the valuable qualities of tli* t>e?t cabinetmakers* Im. It may be used in the p. are or ordinary mucu?fe, being rant, j more adhesive. DSEFDL IN EVERY HOUSE." Frit*, 35 cents N. B.?A Brush aocompaniee each bottle WKoitfalt D*?ot, No. 49 Cedar street. New York. Address HENRY ^SPALDING * CO.. Box No. 3,600, New York. Put up for Dealers in Cases oontaiam* Four, Eicht.and Twelve D<'*en?a beautiful Lithograph '0 dhow-Card acoompanyini each paokage. fTjr A sinele bottle of SPALD1NWS PREPARED GLVE will save ten times its oost an j cually to every household.^11 9e>d by all promiueut Stationers, Drurmsts. Hardware auJ Furuiture Dealers, Grocers, and t-anoy Stores. Cpuntry merchants xhou'd make a note of SPAL DlffU'S PKEPARED GLUE, whin making up their I mt. It will stand anr olimate. {? 10-1 y FOR FAMILY USE. WILL MEND ARTICLES IH WMd, L'nthrr, <r#ckery, filass. Ivery, Bin'1. Alnbmtfr, Mtrhlr, Kabbrr, Oitta Pfrebn, < loth. Paper, Papier Mickr, Shell, Horn, Hone, Planter, lec. Andir.dwxl therein soaroel) an article in the whoi# eance ofrtoirct-tic economy, whether it be for u?enr ornament, ahich when broken, cannot with this I preparation be restored to its original value. It ohailra^cs the world for its superior. It is lndis i liOu'sis" WORK-SHOP, COUNTING ROOM. ?n<l no person after a trial of Starr'i Chemically Prepared Glue, would willingly dispense with it for four tim*s iU 1 oost. It lis always ready, and alwa>s reliable. It is not offensive to the nmeH, and u not affectod by olim&te.and where known it has become a rixBD fAlt. The attention of dealer* and consumers is invited t?> the following testimonials regarding it* superior qualities . Niwm. Nov. 28,18?. "AJler afaithful trial of STARK'S PREPARED HL IE on Wo<m1, Leather and Cloth, at the Phenix Works, I most cheerfully recminena it* use for all puiponee generally required, and especially for family an. C. A. C*ar*a." ' We, the un'leraiened having teated STARR'S PREPARED GLUE, agree with the above reoom aeod&tion. " W*. B. DoreLA??. "Cabinet Ware Manufacturer, Newark, N. J. "Ltkajimk W*i?ht. 'Machine Depot, 23n Market at., Newark, N.J. "Hidrxbukg A Littkll. "Carriage Manufacturers, Newark. N. J. "Wm H. Kmc k. Coj, "Carpentersand Builders, Newark, N. J. "LKVEBI?I_& EXDIU, "Carriage Maker*. Newark. N. J." Starr'* Chemically Prepared Glae i* *old by all DrufjriaU, Furniture Dealer;, GroMr?, Faucy Good* Dealer*, Hardware Dealer*, Stationer*, aud by country merchant* generally. PRIcfc,23 CENTS PER BOTTLE. A brunh kop* with *ach hottle. Put up for dea'er* in ca*?* from 1 to It dosen. A aplendid Lithographic Show Card, printed in ooior?, (i ven with efvch paoknge. All orders or letter* of inuuirjr by mail a-idrp??a<l to the 8TARR GLUE COMPANY. 31 Liberty at., N. Y. will reoeive prompt attention. [17* A liberal iliBoount to the trade. mar 17-ly t M t/t- %. I I 4* C fi-r *< bf (tkt o dtti J ,_i.//rr i*l| '\fy hr Jf nwjulA,)/w ji > 7 (0 0 . V?a.'tf f rf Myt yj*?W Ajr Jr 1 ;?s:^ ^yl^i I fJ vf e** firf^nd vp- -n p+tttna * p*r* ??t?r''* y^4*V' )??krt !k.*h??tk* Vmliry /Jrtf ^ fttlt* ao/d ^ f A# ftottU ?Wv. /# ? r?? Jv jW^ jiwihh^ iIbfthtfr* rXfmirimmt i>w ^ n? w. tk* Tnif* it !> it* %kuV ^yl i w I 1 A S olorro prietor. I ft S /V ^2?/?ms > ^ '/ {(jMM)) / * r.Aii-rinKi PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IJ IS mm ? WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHE^ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM WTIAT-V SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH WILLIAM SI NElf YORK. tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY ma J3 Sw BARBOUR a eemme8. The Mlditiom to kl I laotorj. making it now one oftho , K Iras ftSHl WAW!tN8of all kind* cannot be inrpui?l,u4 from hi? long experience in U>e ben neat, be bo pea to tire general aatiefocuon. All kind* of Uarriagea and. Ligkt Wifou kept w I ^JLU REP AIRS neatly dene, and ali ardorsprenpt ?*rtMr,iSi?s"S?r* EMVE HUNDRED TRAVEL1N6 TRUNKS r a-rired tkia dar. wat?i>M3ini ail eaali-?^ ties and usei of Sole Leather, Ladie?'Hnm I Dreea and Piwkiag T*unk?. Our truuk^*4*** alee room exhibita at chi? time the gr?ateet variety ' of traveling requiaitea at moderate price#, to be found thie aide of New York. ALeo, every deeorip Uon? ofj^DIj^' B AT _BO>.ES, VAL1CE&, | VAIW-JT,! BAU\ SATCHEL#, *0. ? ILS"Ola Trunks repaired or Uken in ?xohM<? for u?v ohm. , WALL, 8TEPHKN8 * CO., Trunk 8?<m Boom, I nmr *9* P*. I.?. e. lakak. ?. M. morr. f. k Afnt. JACOB EBBP, ^ ^ MILITARY CLOTHING, Bovtbsaat Co*jim Skconb a.hd Bnvci s?r?., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY ULiUTHR FOR SALE. tfttMa ON'T FO*GET TO CALL ON SMITH. ?4o. 460 8?TMth Bt., to b*j your CLOTHING SMITH aeiit hi? Goods Cke???r th*n any eth#? limiiMi* tnvn ?? CJw DAKBRS' BUTTER IN BALT1MORE.-W* D mimi of the TMtr up?lj yo? vttt very of Butter ?? oho-o?. bow m Wnr m ten oenU, fcod f'om ths.1 tip to the tte^HaTI MEDICINES. D* ' "cra.nK. ^ M>(B HlWflTAt. H? Di?t0*0r*4 Uu ?M* C*nm%m sP~*f **4 ~*9 Kftrtmii JUmWf ?? tki rrli, FOR ALL DISEASES or IMPKl'DKNCK. LET ffO FALSE DKLtCjrr r+EfEI*T. APPLY IMMED ATBLY. A CURE WA**AXTYL, 0*_ >0 CHAHGE, IX rilUM VNK TO TWU VA I?. fHhW W Ul |?t ? '?? *'<"? Bi?44*t, M**t?niAT7 Diacterf**. l.?r%'**c * a WIUIJ, U? -r- lVw tmm?. ml Max, PiiftouM iltttlttn.Tmitia.K.'**'" ? ftr jih "f l<| ? Qtdiinlu, t(|ba Kn4. *? t Mil . At?euw>* ?f :h? L? p. ? <* < ? Ik*** TimUt (mor-lin im?( n*n B*>,Mmry ??>? Ttwth?.h? DmmMW u4 DMirMun Pr?cu<m ti m it?. lu M*ir?f ? MpmU*. ?J|4 ?<*r*t k*ic B?4y n4 Mla4 rUVNU HEM ?? ?*? k?t? u.# *tcunt ' l?iuri *??, Ik* 4 r *if* ui 4*rricn?i k?ktt wktck k?r.Mlly kii^i m Ui anlimtly ?fr?l| Mti. rflMMi lit* 4 talanit *n4 knlltnt latallaai, *i m.ff.i a<h?r?(?? ItltuiU lM(*n:n( Saa> laa VMk tk*lba> ??rt W . ?> > t< at vtktd w iuuii i?? liviuf Syra, bii ??JI t il Mi Mat 4mm. MABJl .BD rtttOM ? Ih*| Mm ?urlui. k?i| i?im rt ptrmi*+l ihImm, WfUH MMUtp, iaVnuUM Ac . ai di.v ? ! !{. vb? pU'ii t.miijaitii tka aar* a# D? J. m; fliriaaa.r mUi in ku haaiar a fuuiau aad aaaldaaii? ratr apaai hu (kill aa * phyaifaa. orrice m*. i aotrw rtinuniriiir lafl band *iha * f f?vaa Baluatiara airaai. a fa? 4Mn fr~m Iba tart:at. rill Ml w akaaraa um u4 tMtll klimi MM k? ytM Ui IKUI tlUBf. db. Miamroa, Hiakin af ik* Ear a. Oliifi ?fllii(Mu, hMta, tn4?U? frvaa NI .f Ik* n?\ *miai*at Galiaf aa ? tka Vaatai ium, and lh? fratiar part af vtoti lafa *.? M? apan. M IM k?? ?il??a af Loodrn.. Parts, Pbiia?aipkaa u4 ataavkara, baa af' faciad aan.a tf ik* bmi uiM?kw| ttiu Dial vara a?ar kaiavn; uaoy iraaUad aiU auguf |? tf>* kaU aa4 aarta vkaa aalaap: frait r?r*na aai butf alaraad n aadlaa mnda. kaaVftalaaaa with fta^aaal l>iaAi>.(. ttiai. Jad aaaaakaaa vilk daraafarnam afawi, vara carad in aadtau r TAEK PABTICCLAE HOTICE. Th>( Mai atidatbara vkatara ia}ara*l aa<t-aala*a kf a anuu pracuca loua.f ad m vhMi alaua?a hattr fraqaatitlf laarnad frax arti ca>. paiuana, w al acl.aai, :ha ataxia af which ara p'fkllj f? a?aa vban {aa aap, tad if nai <arad, randara a.rt?(i Injxaaibla, aad daatrara kvtk mi ad aa? Mr, ahovid iiuiaaduWM. 4 TVoaa ara araa of ?ha aid tad aalucka.f afacia IradMad ky aarlr hat.iia af aaa'h at* : Waaktaat af .ha Back aad liaba, r*ia?a la tba tfa*,d, Dunaaaa of iijh*, l.oaa a/ ftlmtalai Pavar, PalpitaOau af Ita Kaart,n?aft|??, Naraaaa Ir'iiaktM tf,IHrao(a>aantaf tha rhfaati'a Pvacuai a, ?aaar*: Itafcftatp, a^ranaaa af Canaampuan. 4c. MINT ALLY.?T' a fatrfai afataan *.ha and ara nHk la ka Irayitd?Lota of Mainary,Ca-tfaa'an ofIdaaa. Darraaaiav af Ifilfa K?il Karoo-lir ja A tra.m af P<i-ia ? Half Pia'.raav La*a af laliiada.Tiaiditt, att.,tra aaraa af iba a ma ara tfaead. NXRTOVt PFIilTT ? Tbaaatada aaa aav 'adf a vkat la tba caaaa of tkair diclmiaf haaltk, laaii.g tfcair ?Ifvr. ka* aatniof vait, pa.a, 1. ara ova nad atntcaaiad, kaainf aata(alal appaaraac* aka?< tka araa. taajn or **trp:a<o* af aa.aaropuaa PULASKI* Or IMPRIPKNCE Wkan tka raaaf *><1ad and in.pradant ?pt?r; of pi* t aar* lada ka haa imkabad iha t?? ia af tma puiafai diaaaM, i< >aa af.aa kapp*n* 'Jaat aa ill -ut?*d aai a? af ahaiaa ar drind of < *-a?a? r datara him from applriof to ikoa* vha, froaa adar? ar aod raapactikahty, can ?i?a hafriaad fcaati Ha falla am* l)>a kai.da of ifnnran. and d*?if'.i.f praiandaa*. vha. laic&f ak'a af f am f. tich hia pacauiary aa'aiaaa??, kaay h.rn tntitg oaaoih ira r an??ih, ft a* lai.< aa tka ar..* iiaat ft a r aa k* *? _. a .. a ?? ... a??r hi*i (tiling diaappotn'mani; of t>y ?t:a h? ?f Iktt 4m/i pxinr. Mir iri. birtn tha ewiatitatMBal rmflvnx * lfc>* nmWt dnwM.iact aa 4fciNMi>V.i Ntm Thraai, N?i. p*nrriMti ? wit* friffctfa! raptduy.U'l datifc pan a panad U kit rffiru.p t? aaadirg ha ta (bat aa MKt'irtl tNuur friMti *fc?N>?rM na traaalar ritirt i DR. JOUftONVIMimV FO? ORGA*?<: ? C/ KkM A WD IMF*>TKWCT My Ibto imt u4 wiwuti; f amadf viitrmd It) tiim ui apodii? car ad ?n? fall *>f*r raaiarai. TbtHult ' ika Met aar*<>aa and dabtiii*iaa. ka bad laat aJi kapa, ka<a ktan iremadtataly ralia??d All tmpadimania ta Mirrti(l ? Mtnul htliwi. Uaaa nf Pracraai'?? Pavtr. limafalti* W..W ... .. r.k. , g ...? . , www ww othw1 ? imw mi mrtl kind carat. kh!>o a* l.v emt ormriui TIE MANY thousand* carad atthu inttrrlw ?>tk<a Ikt laal aa'ai.-.aac raara. and 'ha ninirm important Saraa aal aparauana p?rf?m,ad kjr Or. vituatd ki u>a rapartara ( tha p?(<a r? nd May wiitr mimm, iwkm ?4 wbfch ht?a appaarad >|ua w4 ifuii cawi ika rakltc, ka Mdu kiiauii2m(ui (tL'jint- >f rtirMMiui raapanal. ktlhy, i? a iittlii.: faarai.ita ta tka il tud (?r u It Dr. j. bovek don* IMPERIAL WISE BITTERS. Are now b?ing u*?l from Maine to the Umat ?*%Jt Lake, an 1 the unireram! ?erdiot ?f all who ua? ti?m flthw ?a a or ? a brvrrag* la that the? are ui.mrp*r-*?". in the worlo l?r. l><>da need them su"o*B*foilT in hia practice for M aeara Ix-for* we purchaaed of him the aola ;icht to maaii facta re and present them for ??1e to the public. Forth* eo'e of Incipient Consumption, Indirection, D?apepaia. Piles, Nottuus Oiaeaea. Female Com piaim*. una a \ pm?? tlorno, th?y a'? t.e jond douht a moat icvaiuat>> re? edy. AMde from their ncdieibtl propert e? thry ?re a pure, whole mm? and <1? nitfu^ Beve;**e. producing *1' tfl* pleasant exhile'atio* effect? of Riat dy or Wine without their injurious remit*. l-et a!! frtMntfa of humanity and ai! a?*vf?jat<M of temperance ??i?t in tur>atitainc ?.ha?e va,?atHe Vegetable Bitter* for the mtm rat pftimt and niliiltrrmltd Luimvr with which the o.untu is flooded, ai.d thereliy ?ffeo'ua.iy aid in Ian t-h.uj 1>iw>?m and Drunkeiieea from the land. CHAR1.KS WIDMPIRLD* CO, Proprietor#, 7" Wil !*? utreet. New York. J. 8CHWARZK Arant, Wa?iiii.(tui, d C. dr. j rovkk pons* imperial gix bitteks. For Dii*%tei of the Kidney ? H addrr aid Urinary <?ri;?r.?, and especially for Feir.ale Onatractiona. "ever fail to cure. an1 are warranted to give aaua t wetion. CtlARI.K* WinniFIBLD A CO.. Propnetora, 7s Wi at.. New York. J. kciwarze. je 7 ly.r Arer.t. \V**hiii(ton. D. C. Highly important to al.lj mhs. enrs / v n / a %r w l t? m t p. .. r.^* ? ? > r.uoi X/BlVll 1%JH. It 10 w?ll known that in the Ppricj people ar? more apt to contract diMM than At an? other period; and it ic finally weil-knovo that the wn? towdofl diseaie i? to keep the bi<>od pure, for "a'l the iUc that fleih is heir to,** ari?<> fron. impurity of the Wood, the mam eprtnc of our eaintenoe. It 11. therefore, important t?a;l that the ijitenj hould be thoronffci* c earned and purified, and Uui can he dor* in the nn?it effw^toV waj t>? (tint HK$ Af CO\b I\DJA> VfOSTA/ti-k fit COCTlOfi, the beat y fur the cure of diaeaaei of *kin. Kryr ir !?*. Scr<>fu'a. R heuma bam, Nmvchi DfNiitj, Fev#ra of different kind*, i)y*p?p?r, Liver Complaint, and all other diaoaaea aruing from impu-ity of the Mood. It baa rfloofd the moat rema'kable ecrea, a- oac ( ? ahown by MMTNI o?rti6oau?a frm aereona of the hiffheet respectability, and ia reoommen<led by all who have ua<d it aa the moatiBvauaUe remediai a?ent of the day. ITT* It la eold by ail the Drut^ieta of Baltimore, and at the reaideuoc of the proprietor. Mfc:*. M. cox; 198 Eul Ba'Mmore street, between fc,>n atreetand Central avenne. None cnuibe anleaa her name ia blown on the bottle and her eea! on the cork. fT7* I'rioe 91 per bottle, a:x bettlea for }5. WkoUtalr A'ent. R. ? T. ClMU.. IJrucciat. (ietiricefowa. D. C , W ho eaale A?ent for the I>ia tf ict, and will auppj the trad? at my price*. >n\r H tr I'HIt ALL VFK1C1 ?N* VHIEK TRIESFMia, 1, 8, * 5, tro'flvi b* Fr*vmi Letterr Pof+t of Fntlatut. frmrtH tk'* Ft*It ef r*? Eeol' It T'/kaMr ac w it* ?? ?*, and tk* IwiytrnU Coimt M*d\r?n*. ri?*?, No. 1 u icv*!n?h:# for ex^VJf'Moo, ?p?rina*or ^ riur v aii'! All pnyaiMU <1i?ahi;iU??. , , No74 c?n*Mt?if frut cHM sit tra<M? cf tho?e dlieuM that b$v# \,r*u hitherto treated h? the dm eon*and pemioioci use ofoopavia and cobebe. No. 3 ha* Dtir*!r ?u?plantod the lnjoriop* n?e of K>r?r?r/. thereby inacrir.f to tiie ?uffer?t >pw<lj rolief, airperkinc a 1 imparities, a?d routing vmttto rauom nfdianaae. TKIKSKMAK.Noa. l.'iaao 3,arep eparao HUM form of a loxenj*. devoid of ta*t? and mmIi. aai oan be oarnnd in the waistooat pocket. Sold ib til oa*e?. and divided into eeparate doeea, asadmint* t((?l W ValNtl. UilamUM). Rom. Rinorrf A? Price as ?mV or four oum for wl.ioh htm it, ?"*?!!! thare la a ?aviM of Jv ToUM, who. ?aa.efLudrMiii, of fir. BAR RO* . 194 B.enckeratreet. fovr (foora below MoDouaI treat. New York. Immediately 00 reoeivinr a r? mitt&iiOc. Dr. Barrow will forward the Tnrarmar ito any part of the world, atoar?lv packed, aad aoraamMfliirdini to the ii??tmcUoB? of the rnlm. old alao br S. CALVERT FORD. Jr.. Wa?k tnrton. D. C. dfe t4a C| " 8WH1DLIN9 QUACK*, ABTION Wie Book*. Carditis, V HVSVIMIB, I. BM MMIVN** >? ?B them all, and, if di?po?r< to profit b? my ?inhmi, write for my private Circu ar ot #fcRMJlToilM<EA;-IT? CURB. With (tamp ecoioeed, ad4rei*, in p*rf*et oodI deeoe. yonr mead. ifcrtMr ? offerer, merely iimt cribmc Hoi H?, Cbartectovn. Kim ia U^w wl? KO*9TAMWN# A PACKET OF PAPBK Ij a AND ENVELOPES N" TO MATCH. (charge) BOOKSTORE. PHILP * W)LOMON?, Af?nU for Lfttr. uM'i ?Mi^kr?i"d I.imi Pifiri, " ItMror >** ) *c . *?.. ia ? hij Pw*v.. >**. ?279 *-j2ge^u 206 kW#^O^PIctIf?SioB?|l iMf* lo O&ii Ut?k(t?LiHri. m lui fr.wiijH^ th? pcnlir ( osrkiiy to hit Nf* fU<r?, iadw Wlz71&3&ss "sks'^'asts 0- v? It.i ..ror':, ior , IOC < zmsJZL- otU ?W? jfCo^SfordK* lor i>oq*r?. Bill*, Mi Pnvat* Partis. lrhirX inil b??*rv*d hit mlmit?bi? bu >, wjO> the '

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