Newspaper of Evening Star, June 20, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 20, 1860 Page 1
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% / . W - *'* ** :IVMR ** " V ~ ? ff - *c -s, ** - - ... . * * ,<"? - M mt \- v, V?. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 20. 1860. PP. 2.290. ^ _1____^ . _. s w * ? mm,i wl. - - - - i I . THE EVENING STAR f ? FUBL1BBED EWEKJ AFTERNOON, (SVIfOAY KXi KFTKD.) AT tME ITiR BUIJLDIFtGft. L'ariwr j/ rt'insjlvaius avtriu* ^ llfA it , 1 T w. D WALUCB. r?M ? M ??i ! ywkifH ki M 14 I f Mr, ov r r?tit? mocth. V? nui ntM?rtfc?r* lk? ihoi U tUI mr. *i ? " * nonths, tl for three uunths. and for lees thaa throe months at the rate of 13 oents a week. Binf la jpiee, omb c?*r; is wrappers, two csiitb. irrASTiiri?MixTi shoe Id be sent tjtheoSoe before U o'oloek, a.; otherwise they mm not ap at nctil the next day. An Extraardiaarr Stery ! > Frnsls Bine Beard ? Vascisaiiam ? Bfiatllal Ftrad. An extraordinary tale gravely told by Teachat in his Mr mot re* lire.* Am Arrhivrs tit la Poltrt. bu just been made the subject of a mam' >i una <>( me oomeram tliUUn, under the title of "Gyrene da Pari#." At the time wbcu M d# U Kevnie wu Liontenant-Ocoeral of Police order Loui? XIV, a groat twosation wu eau-od at Paris by the mysterious disappearance <?f not fewer than twenty-?ix young men, aged from seventeen to twenty-five, belonging to noble or wealthy families. Among the i-r.rcinf.n r,?nnl? tk? ?? ???1 *'?" the young men fiad been murdered by a foreign prince?'' in order that she wight take bath* of their blood to cure herself of a liver complsint. The matter at last became so seri>u# that Louis XIV complained of it to M de la Keynie, and the latter consulted one of hi* ablest aaeots. named Ltooo Thi? * ?? ?? once suspected that the young men must have ^ fallen into some ?nare set for them bj female charm?, and he employed a natural son of lu own, a handsome and intelligent young man, to try and discover the mystery. This yonng man, whose name was Exupere, was sent, splendidly dressed, every day, to the Tuilerif?, the Place R >yale. and the Luxernt-, .-kl .1. ? !.? ?l 1 * * n/mg- nnuu "Die vuou iuc pioCC9 U[ INSQIOII* able reflort. At length he s*w in the Tuilerie* a Joung lady of marvelon? beauty, attended by an nged female, and his looks expressed his admiration. She .-eemed far from displeased, and at length her attendant, aeeosting him. said she was a Polish princess of the name of Jabirou.'ka, immensely rich, and that as she was much struck by him, .?ho would perhaps allow him to visit her. Too young roan declared that he had conceivcd a violent passion for tha laiy, and after some conversation the attendant told him that if at nine o'clock at ni^ht he would oresent himaalf in front of the church of St. Germain l'AoierruU. she would meet him and take hiui to her mistress. The young man of coarse told Lecoq of this, and iu the evening the latter caused several of his men to be placed in such n way as not to lose sight of Exupere, and iu the event of his incurring any danger, to be able to render him assistance. At the appointed hour the young man was at the rendezvous, and the woman joined him there She wanted to bandage his eyes, but he refused to let her do so. She then led him by various obscure streets to the Rue des Orfevre?. and there introduced him into a small a ? _ a! -t " li iu-arnr hm .-".in,c 1.1 i. Alter walking along a dark corridor, the young man was introduced into a sumptuously furnished room, in which he found the foreigner She received him so kindly that he entirely forgot to give Lecoq oufside a signal which had been agreed on After a while the lady retired, and the young man. proceeding to examiue the room, found behind a screen, a glass case, in which were twenty-six men's beads, each placed in a silver dish, and each so skillfully embalmed that it retained the appearance of life! lie started b^ck with horror; but at the 3ame moment a whistle outside was heard, being the ignal of L?c<?i. and in a few seconds more the windows were forced open, and that officer ami hi- men. who had ascended by ladders, jumped into the room The *oi-rfi*n?t prince?s, hearing the noi*e. I rushed into the apartment, followed by four ferocious-looking bandits, but tbe police were strong enough to arrest all five. The bandits were 10 due time condemned to death and executed As to the female, she turned out to be not a Pole, but an Koglisb woman, who is stated in Pouchel's account to have enticed the young mta to her house to satisfy her passions, and had them murdered in order to rob them. She also wa? condemned to death, but escaped in a strange wa> The King spoke of the affair to til? brother Monsieur, to the Chevalier ie Lorraine, and some other high personage. The Chevalier suggested to the prince that it would be amusing to ju(? with so singular a criminal. Min'ieur at first objected, but at last consented. By mean* of a b!an* Itttre J* catUrt. the prince caused the woman to be given up to some person: sent by him, on the pretext that ?he was to be conveyed to another prison. Ue had her, hu??vir, carried to a country house, some miles across the country, where be the Chevalier de Lorraii.e. and M. d'Kffiat were waiting to receive her. The whole four tupped together. At length Monsieur, having seen enough of her, suggested that the ought to be sent back to the Basiile, but bis companion* proposed in stead that rhe should be eonYeyed either to London or Brussels and set at liberty The good-nitured prince consented and went away. The two noble* passed the night in an orgie with the woman, telling her that the next day they would convey her out of the country; but instead of trusting to them, ahe thought best to save herself, so, plying them well with drink till they were overcome, she looked them in, and escaping, was seen no more. The Governor of the Hostile ou learning that the woman had baen got>6ut of bis custody by a trick of the KImJc a brother, thought the best thing be could do was to pretend that she was dead, and he accordingly had a procrs vtrhul drawn up to that eff.ut. Toruador* Tbeae freak; <?f nature are generally preceded by a peculiarly iultry and electric eiatc rof the aum-sphcre, when thunder is apt to be expected A black cloud is generally formed some distance above the gr?.4ind and travels with the tornado iU shave in manv eases re embling an inverted cone. The storm is found to beneath this cloud. Occasionally it appears tu revolve on an aiii. Tbt-re i* a rushing wwirJ it of the air from North and South, both currents gradually bending to the Easr as ?hcj approach the track of the tornado. TLU hat Wen abundantly shown by the m?aD?r in which trees, grain grass. buildings. Ac , have been torn duwn. The breadth of the tra. k usually varus from 60 to 150 rjds, .seldom ci*ccdir.g 10# The speed of the tornado often exoecds 100 uiilec per hour In many especially ia?ae which took piece at Xatehe* in 1840, such a vacuum is crtated in the centre of the tornado, that the strongest walls and building-, have been known to fall uittwirj, aoinetiuMM in the face of a blast traveling over one hundred feet per M*ond. Bricks baTe beau carried in every direction, and portions of tin rooflag hundreds of yar ls. Even men and -?M,oarn b ?ve been lifted from the gr >uud in the sudden rushing upward of the current, and safely dropped at the distan/ta nf rfafaFal -' J - - - ??- ? ?w?. ib? looks of (t?ki have been broken open by the sudden expm* iion of lif within. Iu other cum buildinp h*ve been ?red by having trapdoors od their roofs opening upward. PlsnU growing on the line of the tornado. if not destroyed, are do soared and crisped that they never finally reeortr Some hare been damaged on <>ne side only Little or no wind is telt i.uuide of tb? track; t>> persons assert-who have stood close by. and common observation* confirm* these statements. These visitors arc al*o found to indulge in some strange freaks, u stripe-ng fowls of their feathers; carrying article* of clothing up chimneys; dragging ploughs, carts, and the like (br a considerable distance, emptying ponds of water and fish, and even sonnptag oat the mud: taking frames off looking glasses without farther injury to itfcer, drawing nails oat of roofs, without disturbing the roof; stripping horses of ttfeir h*rne*s. and burying objects thns carried off deeply in the earth. Unfortunately these tricks aie too eoetly to make repetition of them deairable lint they show that, like the 1 elephant with his trunk, the inomttr can pick up a pin from the grownd aa well aa rend an oak. Some roars ago a tornado occurred in central New York ana out a clean path through the woods of abowt one-eighth of a mile in width, leariag the trees and shrabbery stand ingon each side like a rvt wall cf masonry, <nd from a distance presenting the same runs cf regularity and order The parallel lines were perfect almost to the oeuarsMBt of a fool Terrible Dtanlic Tragedy la New Orleans AN IXJ?HRD HI"SlANO TAKE* THI LAW IKTO HIS OW* HAND*. AVI> IS HELD TO HAVE ACTED JCSTLV. [From th? New Orleana Delta, lane 7 ] We mentioned yeuerdaj that Joaaph William.-, charged with the killing of George St Howe, the eight clerk of the fourth distric tatino-boQfle had been discharged by Recor. der Hammer* The following is the statement made in writing to the court: .STATEMENT OK JOSEPH C. WILLIAMS. I hare suspected George Howe for mora than a year of having desians unon m* wifV ?n<l T ? - -y "* ^ T have been convinced for four month past that he was carrying on a criminal intercourse with her. He met her at aeveral nlaoes, visited my house during my absence, ana was seen coming oat of it at 4 o'clock in the morning. I forbad* him my house, and warned him never to go tbero again. He repeatedly returned. and was invariably warned to cease his visit*. On Friday, before my arrest, I had a long talk with him, and he pledged himself never to come to my house again, and spoke in the highest terms of my wife's character. I took a Jrink with him and then parted, be renewing the promise never to visit my wife. I felt quite unhappy, bat did not know what further to do. About 9 o'clock that night I undressed to ?;o to bed, when a knock was heard at the ront door. My wife went to the door, and I asked who was there. I heard Howe say, I want to see Mr. Williams, the d d rascal. 1 I then came out into my parlor, aud Howe nhunpil ni? *"<1 "i?"l *" ? ?..v. vuiovu ibc, PiiwuiV n CttllO <*l me. and said I hid been speaking about biai a ud my wife, and that I was ad?d lying He repe.itod the oath, and placing his hand behind his back, took hold of a pistol. I then went Dsck into my chamber and got the revolver I always carry when traveling. I said to him, when I came hack. '-(Jo out, I will talk to you outside." lie refused to leave; renewed his curse, and presented bis pistol. He wu beside biuiself with rage, and was ou the poiiit of shooting me down in my own house, when I fired at him. My wife immediately suited my arm. and my pistol was twice discharged in the struggle I actttd altogether in self defense, against a man who had first seduced my wife and then come to my domicile to seek a quarrel, and murder mo before my wife and my innocent children. I am very sorry to have been obliged to act in this manner, and to have been driven to the necessity of shedding human blood: and it weighs heavily upon my heart. But before this court and before my country, and in the nri>a?ni>? r>f r ,loAla.? ' J w? v? VV4^ A UWIOI O IU?1 i was obliged to do it for my own preservation Victobia'a Moramtt.?An annonncenxyt appeared lately in the London Court Journal, to the effect that Mr*. Duncan Stewart had been presented to the Queen through inadvertence. The following is the explanation of the notice: The plain English of this is. that discovery ha* subsequently been made of some bygone scandal in which Mrs. Duncan Stewart was implicated, and which the austerely virtuous Victoria regarded as sufficient to banirh the unfortunate lady from her court, Fo the brand is stamped upon Mrs. Duncan Stuart in a most offensive and public manner AH the Duncan Stuarts, of whom 8ootland alone ?an tarn oat a host, in every quarter of tL*- '.'ueen S domain iro writing tn ?(.? t. ? . _ ? ? " ? ? ?<& w %uv M I 1 denials on the part of the indignant spou-es of their being the particular lady doomed and everybody is asking everybody who iMrs Duncan Stuart is. Two year9 since a Mrs. McDowell, wife of the Colonel of the Second Life <iuards. wa* made the subject of a similar notice of "inadvertence.'' For some few years of early love she had forgotten to obtain the u-ual marriage certificate, but had subsequent- | ly been legally wedded, and hoped that many years of irreproachable excellence in private i,r? v.? i A < ?_ .v: 1_ ? - - ua.i mMncu iu[ iu 13 ?*itriv error; out IDe stern morality of Queen Victoria's C>art? sterner even than that of tbe good Queen | Caarlotte?would not permit such n puliation A similar affair happened a few years since, and tne branded lady grieved herself into the grave. The case of Lady Flora Hastings is not forgotten by the public, and probably while many exclaim with reverence, "bee what a strictly virtuous Court is the Court of our sovereign lady. Queen Victoria'" others msy enterixin the suspicion?jast bare suspicion?that true virtue, conscious of it* own purity, and iu its innocence unsuspicious of guilt in others, would scarcely deem such rigorous discipline needed to make its own good qualities apparent. The Presidential Womkx.?The women who have chance." for the White llouse must uot be forgotten. They may have quite as much to do with the de?tiny of the couutry, in their WHV. m* their mor? mi'i?!inn?il Mrc. Liucoln is a charming woman of 3o, intelligent. social, and easy and graceful in manner. .Shu is In religion a xealou* Presbyterian. Mr. Lincoln attends the same church, but is nut a member He, however, is a moral man. and a strict te< *<>tal?r. A toiupcranoe President, with a Presbyterian lady to preside at the White HoiM, mijr effect some change.'! in Washington maimers Mrs. Bell is a lady of decided character and energy, and is not bitterly pro-jlavery in principle. At the murder of the waiter at the hotel in Washington, by Herbert, of California, she took the occasion to express hor strung abhorrence of the manners of southern ruffians who chanced to obtain saats in the National Legislature Mrs Douglas bas L. ? * * * ot-et. ior lew je?r???ver since ner marriage, in fact?one or the queens of Washington society. Whatever people think of the Little Giant, it is settled by a unanimous vote, that Mn Douglas is charming. If she was a candidate for nomination, no convention would ignore her claims If she were running for Pre?ideut, 'he would unite all suffrages, unless -Ijhie fanatics went against her on religious ground?; for Mrs. Douglas is an earnest, urao tical Roman Catholic. t-HOCKINU AcriDE.XT?A <J|RL KiLLKIl WHILE Tiaw to A Cow ?The Albany Argus of Juue say* ?A terrible accident occurred in the town of Delhi. Delaware county, a week ago yesterday, which, resulted in the death of a Mttle girl, saven years old The parties to the fad occurrence were Wn. Scott, a boy sev nteen years old. and hi* half-sister, Elisabeth Dohy, the victim The bor had bean sent to take the cows to pasture, the little girl accompanying him. lie had with him a piece of rope, with which he wan to bring back some hay. On hi* way he playfully tied one end of the rope aronnd the body of hit sister, and the other end to the cow's tail. When the eow had proceeded a short distance in this way, followed by the girl. tJ,e latter stumbled and fell, which to frightened the cow that she ran off at a furious rate, dragging the poor girl after her. After mnning some distance the girl's head "truck a solid rock, crashing in the aknll, and at the same tiifle tha cow'a tail pulled out, so great was the fore* of the resistance. The girl was also badly cot around the face, neck, and head She waa taken up by the boy and car- j ried home, where she breathed but two or threa times before expiring The boy is said to be rather defleient in intellect, and it is not hi ntwiasi rl fr Ka fr k* .. - t?? ? a * . mm*?* uc rv?nsia mo lmHiineni danger ( in whiab his sister wu placed 0> hit milohievounconduct mT1 A terrific hailstorm puvd over Albany, N. V.. on 8?tur<Ur afternoon at five o'clock, lasting h*lf an hoar. an* doing great damage to property. Streets were ntaierBM, house* Inundated, tree* tripped of their limbs, and gardens entirely destroyed All sections of tbe city suffered A bouse f*U in, severely injuring one man, and slightly Injuring three others {XT' Among tbe curtoeltlea brought by the Japaoeee Rmbassv, were fully matured fruit bearing ai pie and pear trees. In little boxes of earth, only tbree or four iLchns la hlgbt. Belt* to 8atbb? axd Hiekak.?The presentation of belts to Savers and Heenan took place at the Alhambra Palaoe, Leicester Square, on the 30th ultimo, and was attended bj interesting ceremonies. Before the addressee were delivered which were to precede the award, the pugilists advanced half way towards each other, and cordially shook hands in token of their final reconciliation. The first belt of the two was presented to Heenan, accompanied by an address written on parchment, which was formally read, amid tne vociferous cheering of the concourse, bv Mr. Dowling. The belt, a massive piece of filrer, about three inches in width, bearing the inscription '.'Champion of England," and ornamented with several designs emblematical of the price ring, was then handed to Heenan, who straight way buckeled it around hi? waist amid load and prolonged applau*?s. Mr Wilkes1 editor of the New York Times, then spoke in behalf of Sayers. Both addresses elicited hearty applause. The "men" were in admirable condition, and their visages bore no perceptible traces of the terrible punishment they mutually underwent on the memorable 17th nf At%rSl ? A MRS. WIMiLVW, N Kiforisnoffi Ncr?e an<l Female Phyiloian, frsiwuta to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SVRUP, For Children Teething, Whltk fraatly ficiUtaaii tha praeaaa of taaUunf, Wt aafiaainf lb* ?? ? , rtiliiciof alt mlamiaati?a?will allay ALL tal!? and apaamadie aetiau, and i* SUHE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. U?p?iiO ?jx>u it, maiSara, it wUl jit# ran t? xitiil'ii, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wt h & * a put cp arid ao!d tlm artiela for n?ar tan yaara, and ei"i ?aT, in i iMiuI.mi iXDTRl'TNol n.wbatx ha*i nartr baau ab!a ta aay of any OTH*li Madicioa?* bvbk JS1KS HiisT rtaiD.iit * llUdLI " niiamvii m"cl T0 BF" KECT a CUBB, WIISLOW'J whau timaly uaad Niaardid *i knaw miDTiii vn ar. inataoea of diaaatiafactlon by any * ona who uaad It. On tha contrary, ail ara SYRl'l", dailgh'.ad with ita 6FBK ATION3, and apa'li in tain.a of htfhaat con.iiiandatioi. of ita mafictl aftcla and roaJical Tirtoaa. Wa apaak in -hia inettar WHAT *1 DO MOW," aftartan yaara' aiparianca, awd muhl oi'u tlfl'TiTl OH FOR THI HLrilNrKT OK WHAT W B H*M1 u I f LiR V It_ a??r? * ? tr<f from paiti and iiUaiiiou, riliif will h? found i>? fift !* r tviiitj minuttt after th# lyrur it admit.utcrtd. Tkit ?UttMt prtptrAltcti it jht prrij f or. of out ef tbt I30tt BiriR icncBD and *BiLrUL r*V***3 in Nt? Uu?i, fciid hut btti. nt?il wuh NBvrx ?AIMHy lUCCltl IB THOUSANDS OF CASES. It nat cnlj rilit'M tht child from pain, 1st I n ti jural aa tha atari.nch and bowaia, corracta acidity, and fiaaa t?.a and atiarfy is lb* wriola avium. It will alnioat ir.ataotly ralia*a GfctPINC. 15 THK BOWTKLJ AXfl W'lND COLIC, r: J ovarcorea em'tinnii*Mcb, jf not af nrfUr raimdud oil in daath. W*( baliaftittha m?T ANDll'MIIT RIM- FOK lUtllllht WORLD in all cuu of DTs- CHILUKEK i.-nim ?im1 Dim S KIT:i I* CHI L- XEETIimt OBKI*, wha:(.ar it n*<> frora ttitbin; 4 or from an? oiha ciuti. H i vodmii; to ifiif u.othar who hi* a child ?ffnuif frciu ?..? of iii? lor?g?u<g con.plmuta?uo hot iiii'd m avoir**, son thi fBiJrotrt' ok oTMrg-, stand batwaau jour tuffarinf child and thr rshaf that will It IVRI-;ii,illOLVTfl.f M'HI?10 fell"* ttia saa of til madielua, if t?ir?l? c?a*1 Full dtrtciior a fjr uamg will a tanj^iiT ??eh fccttia. Noti# (annua uniaaa l'. a fac aiialia ClilTli ft PKK.KI.Na,Ntw Vork, la an tlia aataida wiappa Ind Drufjiata Throcrhout tha wor!d. Principal t)Fca. Nu. ljl Oailur Hit a at, N. T. Friea aula tli Cant* par Baitn. at ll-jltlf l*HJ< JKlihiTU W N A D V KRT'MTS L4M)R HARI^R'S Fi RRV.-r/MJVGF OF D/l VS.?On and alt ?r July 2,186>>. "M w the st> aiii?T A \ TKLOPK, I'a^t. J. WKi.l.'.narr)mg the I. lilted mail, wdl f*vf (ieor/- town KV ? KY v O.N DA V, WEDN F.SDA Y ami FRIDAY, at 7 a. ro , ami return evort Tu;'*dav. Thursday and Saturday. .V B ?The Ante.i?po-? ill rui: an l?*f'.?re until the alxtvt' date. je.V^in* 1 *n J 1 "ST R EC EI VED, I'''' niil<>. \\ nlSKY. <a**o:t?d.* 1?> do. IlKKRIN'i a d AI.EWIVES. 25 rto. WEK1NED srOARS. I?iihds.PORTO BIPD si ..absi C ( I II. 1B?>field> W HI I K pr-ST 25 l>r>x'-n p line Kastjru CHHKSE. F<>r kale low l>y JOHN J. ROGI K, jkU Georgetown, I) C. 'PrtK hTl AM PA' KKT H.VlNQt CLOUD I i? now rf?.'ljr lor t-xoarsion* to I* the Or at Fa l? or intermediate ?* |)oint?, Arlington Sprit'** ar.d Al.x 1?BJ-U? la. on moil?r?U< Urin?; wi'i inak?* tripn t? Alex artlria on SMJNDA\i*. in time for divm? and will lie over until after one o'niock, Apply to Capt. JOHN MOOR f., a 3 '9 am N". 3ft Jrtf-",aor ?.. <T?-o*;<>to'wn. THK CELKHKATEfr CON I R ACT AND GOUQUA MATTINGS. Both slain and check. For ?-al?!ow liy SP1LMAN 4: III NT. ap 2'-eo?m 9* Bridge ?t., Georgetown. CRANDF.LL, OPTICIAN, iVo. 18^ Uridm St., Oiorttiw* Has oquatautlr oa hand a large assortment of Frouoh N*ar airtited. Foriacobic, r"'- T~^ ~ or^ti, andali other SrECTAnLtS, tne be<t ^ mjeold, iiivpr, stdel.and German g'lver fram*?. N B. O'd F ames Repaired and new claaaea set In them to order. no 10-It JO!#. F. BIRCH. UyitKRTAKER, Cot. Tin/lit nttd Jtfimon rts , Gnrrffttmm. Hgiven hit p?rk<'iiai attmition to thia tnanou of nit bu*:rs< 1 am prepared to. _ vttfi.d to all caiie wiLh i<r niptneH* Pt*r?on? froin a diatanoe oaa plied at a '?w iinr>it??' notioe. as 1 have a large nf w> "ri idiutik vi *_/'/i r i r* ft: Wftf B *'II Jlfiiltl. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d- vi from th? old to t??e new liurial grounds. Ho&rnflk and Horses ft>r hire. ap l0-6m MA8J*EY, COLLINB * CO'S PHILADKTTPHIA DRAUGHT ALK.-W'e are oon-itanfiy reviving fresh supplies of the at>ov? delightful bererM', and invito ail personb who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to give it a tn%l. AKNY A SHINN, Agent*. fel 4T (irwin at.. f??ort?to?n. ~~ DENTISTRY. mm TEETH i'l LQQMI3, M. D., the inventor and patentee of uie MINERAL PLATE ^?fc tends personally at his offioe in this oity. HM Man/ persous can W6u thero teeth who^ "** oancoi vttr i-ttiers, and qo person can vetr other* who oannot "wear tn?se. persons oalliux at mj off.oo can be accommodated wan any style a'-d ^nee of T?eth mejr mar desire ; 'iut to those who are partiomarand wi?ti tne purest. oleaneEt, strongest, ar.fl most porfeot denture thai art cai proiuofl, tho MINERAL PIRATE will be moro fully warranted. Room* in this ait*?No. 336 Pa. a venae, between 9tu andlotn sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. oo 1-1t Ddentibtr /. R. HILL9, after a practical test of two years, feel* that tie can witfi ooi.fidenco rdbom inetui the Cheopla^tio Proofs for lattertinirJJblBfiJ artificial te ^t!, It Km the advantages oP*' " ** *tr*njth, bwiuty.oleaii'.iriessjind oneapness. Fall upper seta inserted for 936. Partial in proportion. Onoe 306 Pa. avenue. mi CIRCUIT COUHT op THE DISTRICT OF *-/ COLUMBIA. BtnedicMost et al., J Np ^ Michael Miller'* heirs and arimin'rA The trustee in tbe above eau*e havin/ reported that at a sale made bj him<>n tliw 3d March last, under t>>e dsoro* in aaul oau**>. John M. Belt waa ine hicneet bidder and became the purohas?' of the w??it half of Lot No. IM, in B?al.'s addition to Georfeiovn. D C., a&d a n.aU part of Lot No 113, in the rear thereof, at ard for tne pnoe or turn of ?4?>: and William H. ?iode*. for Waiter Godey, of part of Lot 114, in said B*al!*? ad lit. on to R?.>r?re Urwv, ?aid part hem* 8" by S > fe*t, at and for the p ice or an.. f f io;. and said purchasers have oomplied with the term* of sale. It is, therefore, br the Court, this 56Ui day of Way. 1?"60. or rea, mat said itiN r>e ratified, sn'Mi oauie be ihova to th* Court, on or tafure the let <i*y of Jul* n?*xt, provided a o?py of this order be published in lh* F.veuinit 9t?r throe time* a week for thrM we* ks prior to said day. By order of Court 'lest: JNO. A. SMITH,Clerk. Tr?? oopy?TVet: JNO. A SMITH, Clerk. tr.a3? 3tawSw HAT IS SODA WATER.' Simply Pure Water impregnated with Carbonio Aoid Gas. The Soda Water is known by its azreealde. pungent taste, by Its ?h?htly exhilarating qualities, and by its hobhliujt ana sci'tiUaUou. Those properties are strikingly exhibited at a low temperature. It should leave no unpleasant taste, and should be entirely innocuous. The public are requested to call and judge for 11,1 i: wiktvV?a DRUGGISTS AND CHKMISTS. No. SOO PenaiTlvaira Avenue, je l-#olm* St. Charlee Hotel. LOW PRICKD OILCLOTHS. luat r?x>ived, j>er cicamer Montioello? 10 sheets new strle FLOOR OILCLOTH*. * iiu ia IB fret w?rths.v?ry httry and cheap, which we are eottiaf up m* ?er diagram. Af*>. one cut KNA M KLLEO VTfl,CLOTHE, imitation of morocco, for upholbUring seat* ICLAGETT fc DODSON. % AUCTION SALES. ~1 by C. VV. BOTELER A SONS, Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE*# 8Af.EOF 9UPER10R FUR1 MfTtT** BKI5Q THI IXTI*r ?TFKl T* <>? THX Clabkwmti Hot*l - uj virtnreofadeed m tru.t bearing date January fttft. U?), a"<1 dnly reoordnd in Liber J. A. 8., No. It*, feiioa from No. U? to Mo 137, one of the Uu 1 Records of Waahiagtoii oounty, D C , I hft.I e'xoeed to ee l on tho prern ieef on THURSDAY. Jane28th,atK<o,e!"oka in.. a>l and smru'.ar the gooda and chattels contained in the buildln* known aa the Clarendon Rote), .i*net*j) *1 ?* * ????**** ud tuv tocmeui ooaner cf Pennsylvania avenue and 6ib streets. viz: i?ue Superie* Romtooo Piano Porte, Elegant suite of Roaewood Parlor Furniture, Uarse Gilt fram* mantle ??i<! Pier Mirr< r?. Rich ietu of B'ocateUe and l.aoe Curtain*, Velvet and Biussals Parlor Chamber and Hall Carpeting, Rosewood, wa mil. Mahogany and Oak setts of Chamber Furniture, Curled Hair and other Mattresses, Pillows and Bolsters. BiaoKPts, fleets, Comforts, Counterpaeus, Tow els, ico?, ^ Wain i Exte-sion and Round Dining Tables, Oak fining Room Cha r?, Uas Chandeliers, An extensive variety ofChinaGlassand Crockery, t-'ilver Plated Castors, Hutter Dishes, Forks ai.<l Spoons, Table Cutl?rr *o. Bar Room furniture and Fixtures, Cooking I tennils. 4c. it in deeumd unneceaaary to particularise the articles contained in thia very haadaomeiy furn't. (*d es'atn'snm-nt. To paraonc in queatof jocxl hou? I:old furniture, it preaenta unusual aVractoms, an the collection ia very laree, embrajing ths contents of about forty finely furniahed roomi, a 1 of trhieh ia of the moat ?up?>rior a::d aubatantial , c,har?ct?r and in exoellont condition, having been purchased new in Januirv last. Tenni ? and under oath; over $<ci and not ex eeeoinn 9 1. 2 and 3 montii8; over 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 montha, for approved endorsed note* t?.'arms interest. ED HAl/i/, ' ruatee. _ieR dtd C \V. HOTKI.KK * SONS, Aucta By C. McGUIRK * CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE S SALK OF VERY VALUABLE 1 rkal ks tatk om tlik fobnkr oy -evkntm I a<m E ktrekts.?B? virtue ot & decree of t.i? ?'ir cuii <jou lot fiie Uiatrict of <>>!uin; ia, pasted in two <ausea in ? inch Statham. SJnuih?ioo &. Co.,aad Aim tin Sherman, respectively, are ooirp'aiuantx, aid John F. Callan and others are defendant*, the undersigned wi i s?ii at pubiio auction, to the highe-)t bidder, on THl!Ri*f)A.Y. the 12th da of Jul), 18X\ at 6 o'c'.o k p. to., upon th? premises, Lot No. S.i:i Sviuare No. 4d6, ia the city ?--i Washington, D. t?.. lri>uOr>g W feet 11 inches on E ?t:eet north, and 71 foet on Seventh street wett. This w?il kr.own property i? situated on the northeast corner of K and Seventh aireeta. opposite the ??onerai Post Oflioe, aw* ia one of the ve y boat l>u?it>e?a location* in tiie city of Washington. The improvement* consul < f t'-ree* story hou?*a ! ou E street, deluding the drug s'ore on tho of Seventh, and a t?o-Moiy tiuiHm* ?>n Sev utii street. The properly * 1 ! be s??ld in a^paia'e pat cult, according t-? the unenU. Teriua of sale: One third of the purchase more* to t.-e pa:d ia ca?h,anJ the residue 111 two t*ju*I 11.- 1 ta.'it)^r:'?, in six and twelve month* from the day of ea e; tiie defarred payments to hear lotereat.and m in* wourKi the ni'tp? or ttondit of Ih? pii'ctw ?er or purchasers. Willi a mrety or mrete* t i bi approved b>r the r<uit-*es. should ttas term* <>f hHle ii*'t I"? complied wita withiQ ?ix 'lay* aft^r tho da* of **!< , tho TrufcteM reserves the ruht to i? he! the property,at the ntk exp -tike "f the de (tuitine purchaser, a ter fcve day a notise. A.l conveyance* at tlie coat of the purchaser. 0.1NGI.K, ( rni?t?wii A. AUSTIN SMITH,{ ,ru,tac" je ll-6t&w&da J. C. MotillRh A CO , Auca. i BT A. UKKfcN. Auctioneer. T?WO-9TORY AND ATTIC FRAME Horin 1 A M> l-OT AT THXCORXKR OF FoPR'AXD A-HAt f and *.>uth G St? > I-hmVj at Arcnos -On THURSDAY, the.*>tn day <-f July, I Wo I shaU tel., in front o; the pr<imi??i, at 6 o'clock p in., the iol 1 .win* named valuable property, viz : i'brt l.ot No. in, lu ^?juare No. VP, with tha improvements, which ccn?ist of a good twn toriVnd attio Fiame H< u?o, containing about R rooms This property is eruatr .1 at the corner ot i Four and atiaf an* south U streets. Terms: O-.e fourth oath ; balance in f>12 and 18 months, for notes b arim; ln'ereet froin <t?y of sale. A desd giv*n aid a deed of trust taken. Ail ivn veyancing at tt.e cost of the purchaser fl Oof the pnreiiae* Money to he pan! when the property is knocked "IT S<hnu'd that amount not bo pvd dowu tiiJ property will be then and tnere putr.parvn aul sold to the usxt highest bidder, who shall pay tli' motet . I If the whole terms are not complied w4th in five day*, tht will be eaold aL the nsk and coet oi th? defaulting puiona??rr by advertising such reBAiM Ihru lima* ? .? I '-'-I" _ ..wv ii iuc . i a* mniai l xi?plliecpf# SAKAH M. ANDKR'ONi Devisee under tUo wul of JOs. T KV 4I>S. K i 2v?Adt A. ti H KK> . Amt. Bt J C. MoUUIRE A CO., AuctlonMr?, TKrSTKK'!* S4LK OF TH?KK 8MALI. > Brick Dwelling hocsk* is tkk rkar of Teypfranck H aLu.?Oh VVKI)NK>UAY AtTKk MOON , Jnue 7th, at fi o'clock. ou th?* pr?-i" ue?. 1>|> virtue <>f a deed oftmst dated M*r a 7,1 d'i y rcoordcd iu I iU?r J. A. s., No. 131. lol.o* I"2,1 3 IU, and 115, ona of the land reo".d? f"?r Wfist'imtoii count jr. U. C .1 chall b?1! Lots H. I, fclld s\ iii a. *llhh?vlanii a! ^ . . - - ? ?- ww* \>| Ol^ >|f?! " II U III l?r I **" J<0| fronting *?aoh about 12 faet 10 iooh?s on th?3(M*?*t alley in tR?? rear ofTempei&rtoe Hal', toft-tix-r with tne iiii|>roveinflnt <. ooreistint of Hire > two-it >rj H;ick Dwelling Housos, containing five ro.>n.eacn. T??rtn*: One third oaah; th? restrfus mCar.d 12 mr<rth?. with iat?ra*t. secured by a do<sl of trust on th* pr>-ini*es. If the terms of sale should not v.? complied with I 111 fiVA ~" _ .... .. . . wi IV ; VUV iiixtHS firrvcs me richtto renell, at the risk and expomo of the defau tir.g purchaaer,after on* week'a putiiio notice. All oonrxyanoiiiff at tha ooat of the puror.aaur or puicnaseri. THUS. J. FISHER, Trustee je 4 d_ J C MrQlMRK ? CO . Auo??. T HOVAli HAVANA LOTTKttY. 1- UK Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot Wy, ooaduot.^J by the Spamah Government, under the supervision of tn? Captain General of Cuba, will take placd at Havana on THURSDAY, Jus* 1A. I860. SORTEO NUMHHO ?3n ORDWARIO. CAPITAL PR 17. K 9100,000. 1 ?n?e of 91'iO.iKW 5? prises of 9l."f 1 do 6w,0W? do 5?C 1 do 30,uM 1.5S do 4<*> 1 do au.orm auspprcz. i .?.? " a uv m *mm I IN ALL PHIZES. Whole Ticket*, %W0?Ha. ves, $10?Quarters, %i. PtiiMouhMat sight at s per oent. disoouut. Bills on all solvent Danks taken at par. A drawing will We furwardad aa soon ai the reeuil becomes known. All orders lor sohemea or tickets to be addreaaed to DON RODRIGUEZ, jell-tr CareofCitr Poet.ChArl#?toa. S. C. SELLING OFF! SELLING OFF! We have marked down oar wnole stock of? Rich Barere and Lawn Robea, Rioh Fuureri s/vd Plain Bareges, Chintz Figured Anlans. Ml Fancy Dress Silks, many lit oost and less, in order to reduoe our heavy stoak this um<>u. ITT W? invite the special inspection of tiie ladies and purchasers generally, as we shall offer desirable b&'taina J. W. rOLLEY 4. OO , ja 12 2w 823 Seventh st., above Pa. av. FRKSH CANTON MATTINGS. Just receive J and for caleA 10 rolls new ntyle Fancy Canton MATTINGS, 10 lilt ill) <1<I f*hsr.? ?- mm* UU 2"> do do do Red cheeked do 4<> do do do Extra Imperial WHITE MATTING. Which we are ?elhng now at greatly reduced price*. i e4-eo2w CLAGETT ADOI SON A HHELAN'S BILLIARD TABLE FOR t*. SALE.?Wr have for aale at a s. **' ."V treat 1 areaiu a Phelan'e Combination CJJgtenpr^ Cuahion Marble Bed Billiard Table. rtTTl nearly new, in oomplete order, and warranttd true and oomalete WALL k BARNARD, _jeji Anot'raaml Commmaion Merchant* 1 n_/f 11-4, and 12 4 auper Linen Sheetooge, lvl io-4.11 4, and 12 4 Cotton Sheeting*, Rio hard on A ^mi', Dunbar k. Diokinaon and Hark lie'* auper Fronting and Shirting Linea*. iiwmn[i id variety. ranie lli'Mi an<1 1(4) pietua superior mdkM Bleached Cottons, 100 pieces Lawns at 12H oenU 2) pieces White and Co.ored Flanne.s. I .adies" and Misses' White Cotton Hose, Whit* Goods in variety, Cambrio and Swiss Ha incs and InaertingSi Honiton, Guipure and French Worked Collars, Sun Umbrellat^Parasc1*and aun Shades, Super Silk and French Laoe Mantles, Hooped Skirts. Silk MiU. Ac., Ao , received and j'/fa * [?W >IT TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. H SILVER WARR AND WAT?HESJ B O HOOD Manuftctnres his own Silver War* in .his nwa shop and sella no Notherc sale JCV work (that ia got up for the Southern trade.) vy^l He warrants every artioia to be of Cold SiI-jbUK lie will sell hia beat standard war- at least Si law. if lint ln??r- tfc" tk? " old for. He haa a! en on kind a r?rr 4ne ?took of Superior Gold ami Silver W ATCHKS. *nd a larce lot of RICH JEWELRY fl! wWoh hi is aellini very oheay. No. 3w Pmj. w. magS-ti Am WM. T. DOVE * oo. ~~ RE Nov prepared to exeoala any orders vitt w PLVMSINS, GA^OR JT?AM FITTING 07" Store on 9th street, a frw door* north of Pf. P? NOTICE, TH twwn'c inlf Hrnl 8tor?> ?#8 Wi ttroet, b?| "tr**U*YUD!OLPH BUCKLY. SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE | Th? fcvorit* retort for WHITE IlLPHlK j]^ 'tSmmiV9*r* SFRISflg, .Uuiattia Air. IaVifortCt'MBLRI ANIi CO . VKi. Pmn$*lv*m??. Good S^ojfty and a Good AVcomxobatioxs for ^For pwtimfera mod inn for ? 6\vfSV7vm knden TERMS LOW. IN * V!?hCBM7 i? ? low CmrlttU famu. Pa. A*HI.NGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOBFFLER. Pyorrtrtor. AVtr Tor* arrmvt, bftvim 1st ??W 34 <l?. laoaUinc the attertoc oftbe public to ir>y ?round* 1 would it?te that erory arnmem-nt ha-A . ? he?n made to irake thu "Retreat" attractive nvery day. Mouiaya the bar ^LllJBaL dan i are open to the duMio tree of charje? aeoor-ji by a aa'.eot Jtinaa(MM*| t*M#y tie u&ncr uo wa u?i i line IM u/on in r order to render ple&iu e to ft!!. Or oth?r <1ay? the proprietor will cheerfully *rant the UN of ?he grounds fortohool or other Pic Nio Pa tie* without charge. For the amusement of children he ha? iLtro<lnpe<' ft iiumtor oi little fames, uerer before se?u tn this e tr, and ca'co ated at the tain* time to tmnie the "olu folk*." ix. B.?Attached i? my Bottling KstftU.uhni nt, and tarmiies can be supplied with anj mjsnu'j at tieir resinenoe. of tkat h?&:thful drink. K BEER, upon short notice. je is im WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WW GitKK.tBBIEE Ct-l NTT \ A. Tti.t lone established wat-nc^ piacfl ??< opened for the reoepuon oi visitors on the 15'hofA? A M"r.y new and important arrant?in*nt* b*\e been nade air.c 'a?t ?.??aon V - larjce inlilKlini'-nt. and no efiorta wil, be spared to make ihi' fcU??ts oomfurali*. Peiama car. rear1! tk^m Sprne* by t he Oraiae a .d \ iexandria R?: n ad front Wasbln/t >n; by tiie Viruiii;a C?i.t;ai Kai r>ad from K.chii.'-r:d; or f> the Vtrxti?i%. ard 'I rnnewee Km'roaJ frri the S.)?jlh ar.d S uthwest via Lyi.oht.ure ai.d Chalotte8vi;.e, with onj :?" m:le* eta<? tiavel. J i k FMIAH MOKTON. President. J. UtTMPIIKKY*, G?n?i*i Mipeiinteiident. j? 12 ritJuiy 15 1)1 N KV POINT P AVI I, LI OX WILL OPEN I f r the recrption of v(a.r>r? oil th- A ?. A ii-jfh -f In t... gp<|u?' of my ah yvvky ?? I?ri9t'?f?i inon?ii?, .' Dix ?i. J^JSLX t*W?<e . toe niava. :i,?".t of t!.?* Pi\ a?intftl by my nn, Tho? M. Dix. Board per week $?; l?..ard per month $22 je li eoiHi \V. W f>l X, Prop letor ,\1 SAi.T WATKK BAHI NG. I'lARSIlALL'S PAVILION, (taoorc'a Land it** will be "pen for the reo* pti^u of visi 1 . . j lor* ontJic 1-iUi of Jane. Thi iie.i?h'ful yclAV ie??'t for tl- king hen ill ai.'l ptea* AiidBLX ore. i? unexcelled t>? any p!aoe of the kind on tit*Potomac river It ib aituated ab ut one hundred ra'.ea lr.'in Wa. :i:urton immediate'^ on tha Poto:;iac, n I in !u:l view ?f 'ha Ch?kar ak* Ha\. and famous f >r fin i Oyit ?r?,Soft Crabi, S.ieephead. a* L'.-t - auu UII.M r 1411. ?L?U (*? !!? KCoeMIbi* b the ItMB (<>at. plying brftweon W?t hint ton, Haltin re aoi Norfolk. Th? un<ler?tin??J ma-e additi >ria.l improvements lfl 'is liati. ilvua"i&i.d mauv < ther improvements to the o??mf.?rt ? <1 enjoyment of a.s ir.i~?U. The UatiiiG* cannot be surpassed. So *r.did An< ins and p entt < f t Mung auii S*i ir.g Boats fre? of onarj'V Hi has sp\red n> expens* in pro vidinc a good Cotii on Band or-in lajir* in liis stock of otioioe W int-?. L.iquo.?,rWari*, .tr.,and for ih"8? who w.*n to avoid cx'rtno facluon and to seek a retired p acs where the* ear make theme*lven at home, t(i**ie i* nut a ni<>r? p.easant p'.ae-inthe L altwi t*tatr>*. 'the proprietor places nuns-lf T at nothing i>iia'! Se e<i undone on his part t > render them so. Terms lor board br tue uay.wtek, or month re?sor,?Me. Persons wishing to addr -as the pr. pneter will direct to Leonardtown, l*t. Mar)', oountv, Md. je8 2m R. J. MARSHALL. Proprietor **tm r?i ? ? - ? ~ - HI UMA ilU 1 bL| Old Pot*t Comfoit, Vk. Thia celebrated 8*?boa; J Watering I' aoe, looa tsd in fu.l v 1 - v cf lla.ii.pton KoaJ* and A . ? A cri?K*p' ake Bav, &i. < %t ia? first military ViTMy po?t ! th * C Hratea. i Port Mnrjo-1 will be r? ad? for the reoeption of visitoreonthe fi-?t of June. R >. ides tr.e att-actio".a of thn mi'itirv watabMahinent and the fine "Hi I of Tare" presented in the manj- lmur ea of tn* salt ? ater region, t.i- Bath at O ?i Point Comfort m peculiarly curative. For Rheumatism. it la almost a sp-*ific;and for ita prope" la* in thm retard tte pmprieto * ar?ai>ow< d to make r? ferenoe to Mm I)'. liot of the late Sena'or Linn.) and to the yeor?-tary of War and hia ladr. A spa-.-ioua : exr buiidinr and aur.Jry improve menl* ntd lartfly to ti.r aoooinnioattiona and com ioria of the approaohini reason. The mana<?* neut of the Hotel and all ba-inaoa I 1T1* t tATK rtnnr.ft * - ^ ?,,k ' .V. .till i> ?rr urcer me excl jfclv* charge of the junior partner. Mr. Willard. JOS CMiAE. c. 6. willard. ma 29 lm Proprietora. HP POINT LOOKOUT. _ 1 HE Und^r^un^d, long ai.d veli known to the travtlin? vuhlica* a proprietor of the City | . . A Motel, Alexandria. Va., and the l'nite<j Sut ? Hotel in Waahi iton citt. hu^iU le&i'-d for a tetm of y*ar? the magnificent 1>?i ! e Pavmon a d the numerous cottage* connected with it, reoeolljf e.ected at Point l,i.okcut. the point of lurotior of the Potomac with Chec%pt>ake Bar. and haunt furnichad theni in a stvle equal to that of any other wat-ring pia"o ir. the United State*, Wil; &p -n the eatab'.idnnent on the 12th day of June next 'or the reception ol vititor*, hi* arrangement* bi?iu nutiicif r f for the o.<mfortatiie accommodation of at least 750 guest*. Point Lo< tout, bocido* being deservedly thenioat famou* p'ace in a!: America for tne Orntern. H"* F t-h. Soil Cia> a. S eeph ad, Maol.-r.-l, and all other *ait water Uxurien p ?*?? f.ier faciii&e* for Surf Ha thin * than even Cape May, while the Lack cnui try iniin-MilaUriy adjoining it? iw.udir.g the Drive*, t'artudge and Woodoook Shooting. A.O., *o. ?off. r aJvant*<es together superior < f t,.'.9?<i( any oiti^r watering e.ace on thi* continent. The Water View* from th? pa>il!iou and from a', the 0' Ita"** are extenaive, varied, and oLa'iiung 1 ne health of the pom* la unexcelled by that of inonnUiin region*, and the aooeaa to it hy *t?amer* from Baltimore, Washington, N'orfo.k. and Rich- I IIUIiUf will proonniy rx> daily to and from each of I ln<>?? cities. 11<* hM apared no expense in providinr a fine Carr\a*?-?, Pleasure B<?'i. Ato , for hire, or n < U.oiins hia collar* with the beat W ine?, Liquors, A.0 in air rt hia patrona will findatth-ir command every uxury ai d oomfort obtainable at any other American watering place Hia terms (or t>o?<d, by the <iar, week, or month, for individual or i&imliet. will He real jnaHe. ma 23 dtJuii 1 LOGAN' O 9MITH. EDUCATIONAL. CH OMMERC IAL COLLEGE, No. 47* Skvbxth *t., I Oifo'ii'lk' Otttral Po>f OJUt, Washington City. I ?? Arnv>r'ia System of Foiireanahip, Booskeepinf, Mercantile Forma an.' Cal -illations, UutniMt Correspondence, BiMa of Fxehan4e, Current Kill*, C""'nil mi ion crates, Grammar and Arithmetic. IE7*A Proparatorp Class for Roya. \yj~ Ladie* will tie inatrueted m be? penmanship. frnm9? m. to 1? p.m. For term* apply it (lie Kuouu. ma 2?-3m WM W VP UNO ft PQ. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. J N bw Ah K a n . hvj.m. Tin* well-known and popular feminary, whtoh ha? been ao auoeetirM under the entire care of Mra 7. Richarda for more than ten years, will be opened on the first Monday in Sept.i^ber n-xt. und^r the united s?pervi?ion an(t instruction of Mr. and Mra. Z. RICH aRDSj in the well arranced and delightfully treated Union Academy BuiiJiu*. For |artic ulary. aee circulars at all the Bookstores. maifl-tf ^VM^m'snak.... ana the pu imo genera !ly a be win rmui duties of her School on the let Monday lb SapUmber next. The ooirte of study pursued will oompnaeall tbfl branches requisite to a thorough English edtoa Qon. in addition to bar day aoholars. aha is desirosa of reoeivinc into ksr fs.ni11? * t?w ? L~?1? teed from in to 14 years, who wiu lie under ber im atdiate oareand oversight. Her ar ranee menu for the accommodation die oar* of MP"* have been considerably ii>orea*?-d and otherwise improved. Thoee in WaatucfioE iMinnf ii.i"ormatoon witfc refWenoe to her sohooVmay apply to W. 1). Wallaoh, Editor * the Star. Par term* and fnrtner particulars apply at hei reaidaoc*? No. 3* Cueerenstreet. Alexandria. Va Jf tt-tf , WmSm 8A8FIXTBE K8i ~ F. Have in store, and are daily reoeirinx, ? jtS FIXTURBS ot?alire\r New P?tt?nn ?nH *2-d ?i?"!k ?ur?r?Pr ? *tyW> tOMyttyn* heretofcc* offarNyn ma imiM. We mrttf dlfuena ien*r*i 1* to call and examine our ?tock of Ga* and Water "it we hare the b?at elected stock in w&?bnaaton. All Work in the above line intrueted to oar ear* ">?r 5-tf ntpitrML 1 i pi A.N OS FUR SALK UPON i ONG CREDIT - UT laguian ? f? i ?M Mf!0; ou *t #a ; ou? at tS1. For rent at Hmti p?r month and apward*. Mmt b? aaat oat of ih? store. Kt.f.lH, *Of, P.. %w ; A CHEAP MUIIC. ?f w ? MFTZF.BOTT. /WHICKERING * SONS' SLPtRB PIANOS, 1'* -J<9u? ?. 1M n..* THE WEEKLY STAR. FOR SALE AND RENT P>R SALE?A mil FARM of?Mwi.ilW il u uttti* h?> ...| iouwi i?MKi?ku iua-a?MiM. ooni nouM. *tab.<*. Ac ; wati-Jtaoatf ull watered ; withic ft>?r mi >? <>f \Va?htaftna ; LS aor*? 'aen.ti ration, ta*t*.ano?m ii*n4ion land. It w jo??:i?rly d*??r?bi? a* a ooaatry rw der.o*. b?M porf-otiT froithy and ?o*t roBMli?' Uim> r>;i? (VI uNTOOMKAIF COUNTY UMl? FOl '*1 S\LK.-U t krt (tir h.? uirtcor (oar hat. dr?u acr*? of Land irtac on th* iViomaa, mum frmn Gai'itffcwii D r. The Waahia*too A?,o* to :t a-?i aim of the ti **t road* ia Ui? aoant? hl( through (hi* land, and U*mo.t of it i? oor?rad wiu. wood anl tl?# <>th*r *o>tioo >? *< l! of the f rat qta ity. Appif to HARrlASDA ll'CKFY. AiMtor arr?, O.Nirtstuwn. or WALL A DaRN AR1?. auction?er?. \Va?hin?t??n ma 31-an I a uK SALK-A freat t<*r?aia, foar aero* of we. ! ~ im|>ro\e?l LAN O, well ?uitW. for a iiuuket tar | . with ?rrw (1vHlin> koatf with frrar mtmt *r..; I lti??>an v?ti m lint; ?Mtr ia U.* tart; rnW 1 I-na<nc, and wTll Wewld l?w or aaMMfad for citr p-r??*rtT. and ??n nxxWat* term*. iVUni ia at Hail'i Cros< Kna U. tvo and ? half filM IWiai O#or?*totm and in Alctaiwitt* counii, va. A??.| to V. P. roll BKTT, over Uank of VvaKh'.nct?Ni. it,a i; rf ^( H RKMT-A email fTORK, ooruor of ?th at. 1 and Pena. av*nu*. aod?r th# Clarandoa H?U?i, ni taitl* for a barter's aalooa or ci<ar atore For information in*mre at th* Hotel. mar an l.MiK IKM-rk* piii?;t ikhib i-.m F in? iintnadtatoly o^^uti the waat wtngof ti.a City utt,.raoMt!f oteipM hy Cui. 8. Wa laofc *s an olbe?. Also the front room in the aaoond story and t-.e third ttoor of the??. & Utudoic. For Urirs apply to RICHARD WaLI^CHTNo. M Louisiana averce. _ Jkt^tf SENATORS.~MKMBKR9 OF CONGRESR^ Two ?planuid auita* i f RoOMS, lafactlf fur ai*h?v, will ba rented during tn? mmiol of CoafrMi, in th? moat de?i>at#'? locality in this oity. :<ei&K within eua or 'wo a^naiv* orBrawn'* and Va':on?. ilute.i. Thoi>e 111 pi.'tint of auo& R join a will do wail to make ear'y application at No. $T9 th aireet. l>?tweec I) atraet and I'a. av. da t-ti LH)R *ALE-A nioe throe atorr Brick HOUSE, I on id atreot, t-etwe?u D at.d E striata, in lfilvbet'i 8(b4iviUM. TU? aBo^a property ^Ul t? old or oa^T trrTi*. Frio* made Known oy inantrinrof H. \C. HAMILTON * CO., No. *6S 7th oppoaita Centre Market. Title perfect. f> 7tf TRUNK.S, BOOTS AND SHOES. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW 81 P ply of 0?n??' fine Kr?' cn Calf Skin Dreaa^tfc ? Boot* nnd Uau*r?, Pat*>n* 1,eather HB'Sfll i.loth ^altera. Calf Skin. Patent (*ath?r and l.a<tinf A ao, an eit?naire* ?tf ok of Bo - a' and Chi dratI -adiaa' and Mum' Bo ita and Shoea, all of which 1 an el n# at ax t oaediuj y low puoea. j. ROSENTHAL., SSO Sevan h traat. ina^5 e.i a r'oora aWjva D atroat Boots anu hh?>ks to suit the times. We ara now manufrotarm,, all ki? of BOOTS and SHOKH, and oorettntfy raefflVmt a^a uppiy of eastern rnada work of evert ^-MI cnpti.c, ntade egpreasly to orda.-, ai?i w( JW ll :?#? ftt ft tnunh .1 vdi oriAt> t r,mn Kaa Kma' heretofore charged in !Lit oitj for ma ok inferior HMMi Per?on? in want of Hooip and Shoe? of eastern or city made work, will i1w?t? find ar< *eeor*n;eLt in store and at tne loweet enoee Civ* ? * oal'.. CRIKFIN * BRO., ap ?-r 314 Pe?-,ntylrai4a trww. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, o 4?v tth finnt, Owpcvt Odd Fklltwi' Hill. IT?, ?tntttm, D.C. Travelers will tad* their intweeU b? ?zMUii&( ray TRUNKS, VALICES Ac , before pufMM ehuV ; elsewere At I none bit tlitfltMl beet nateual the market afforo* aad the b*s? workwei. 1 ou oonfidenuf reooiriMeiMl ir-T work to be superior in St'tnt.k and Iht-abuiit to vihh itivuc in uuier um"i liw BOtQ 1 k?op constantly tafcttU, mk) m?kf tn oritur toe ane wo?k's notice every d-soriptien of sols leather. iroy hflamf french drtms mnd vrooi* box trcnes; ashland ak? v alicesithajellno baos ; hah hess-saddVfs whips, it;*c. Trunks, *o., R^^ir?d and Covered, is% work nuu.ino manner, at nhort no ties Trunks d^livontl iu any part of the city, 6?or[? town, or Alexandria. AiK?-Ageni for Howe's o?lebrtt?d FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de 15-ly JAMEW P. TOP HAM. "woodland coalT U7OOD VV AND COAL Driir<*red to all part# oi the cit?. at the iovn; possitnc rates. T J. A W. M GALT, Office 293 Pa. %v? between lilt and 12Ui ?t? , "* 17 tf oort* lit THE 8LBSCRI Kfr'K HAVING ON BAND au extensive stnck of FlIKL, i? preparac to cell it t rer? low figure for auk WOoD sawed and ?p'at au> tize. Oail and see for j cureaif. XS-wfmrlti b.?* 5SAr. ma 15 8. F. oorner of Fourteenth twICiU. J^OOK OUT FOR PAIXT No. SIS SEVENTH STREET, Fjut Doors Soutk if Odd Fellows' Hail. H. W. HAMILTON na* opened a PAIN i SHOPand PA [NT STrt R K. on the New Yorka^r., where can alwavs bo found PAINT*, rnl.S. GLAS8, BR 1>HF.S. to., *c.,at wl.olMfcte a]tj retail. JUIAt.i) rAI.MS KOK MALK, Axii lircKXTt WITH Katagsa TO t-OAjl! N. B.?P&iticii!&r attention paid to Houw. Higr Ornamental I'aintinr ai <1 Grajnin*. stained ud Enamelled ftla*a of all kind* ilvit * on haad.or fir rush?<l at ahort notice. He varraata aatinfaotioi. in ail wx>'k Hiitruat-ri to his care. and ia cotifdont that he can tlo work a* cn-ap, tf not cheaper, than anv other e*tabiuhu>ent in thia city. Ci ve kuir. a call. Don't forget the number?it ia AlS Sevent' street. maift-tf PUTTY 18 DOWN. yOLK' 8 STATUETTE STEPHEN A* DO L OLAS In form and feaururea thia beanUftei and aoonrat# apeciincn of Atnenoan art ia wuaarja?ad br any Meimn of !lke character erer aroduoed. It U a /ur-*tmi/?ofthe "Little Gia"t'^ BDMuimni u.-ij ue aeon aoa iwwiw prooirao *t crLVEK'a Dim Stokb, No. 86$ Pau. ?m??, oorot-r of !8?h ifuft W*?hir(toe oity. P?r?uni < tha Lhatnct of Ootambia and Hium of iWtow*, Mar j :and, Virginia North Oaro l.aa,&out> Caroling Gnorrim. F.orida, A Miuixi ft, au6 LoumM, dn?iri- r oopiea <.f the Statuatta <rU! addraaa thmr oreerr to C. P. CULVPR, WaafciBctos oity, D. C.. acc?inip*,uji-j by a rercittaaoa Composition Copie* ?? $\l, Box and Cartaca 1. rr Editors of newapapen lb tha loraaoim Staiaa jivlu* tha atK.vt. twalva laaatttopa n Utalr vaak i max, with appropriate editoriA'a. will kaaappjed with a ootf 14 tfea Htataette. wiU paper* (a other Stale* wiii be furniahad by tWVniai aaaata. ft M HOWE'S IMPR OVEDVVKIG H1N6BCAL ES CT Tue?^ are i.flared lo taa pabha aa tie moit einple. durable, and re'.iaMe aoalaa trtr eat ia maa fir ait aim aa arami *a m a kavaKaa* aaa*?ia/?l i by tne UmtMiSt?t?e Furand Virgin i* a* jot iHMr; Vir*i?i? Ht?te A?ne*ltar?! FKfr, Fiiak l InatitateRur, Pennsylvania; New York tattFair, Vermont State Fur. Ac., Ao. In vary mm vb*r? exhibited they oave rmivdl irt dmm pre?ie?e Koi u?u;.i Louisiana iiwh, Depot of lultr'i Ckiliad Iron Safee. <ie >?1t ^ C PATTmnw.Awt PURE OLD RYK WHISKY .-Ob kaod X brand' ofPure Old Rye YV hi-ky. Comot Dietilled. made by the muet relial. e diau'lere (V P?m tIvidii, Nervlend ltd Virginia, warrentedmre. Aleo, Imported Krandiee, Het.neeey. OmLDuu * Co., Jnlee Robin*. *? Aleo, Peech and Apple Brand), pure H?> end tiin, oid Jmum andV Croix Rum, end tVinee of every variety. ail of rtiwliri mad* A ohoioe lot <if Ctcere ud Tt beoc. YOI'NC A KF.FH ART. Areeto. ep ?? \f < ? Pa av.. Ww Otfc and I<5 eta. ELECTRO PHV?10VOGY AND ELKCTRO u Tksra?Miu?a, movi** cm mm MMi for the ? Of Ifctrleitjr, by A. ?. QvnXX, M. P.; prM* t< A Soutu 8id? View of Starory. by N*k?u*k ?y*"^?cUOy 0*? Mortditfc; 76 mdU. nit vabfiBlMd and for *t PHI LP It SOLOMON * Mtt'opolifar Bovfcrtore. ? *34 Pa. ?T . ta ?ili tod loth ?U > 14 Ho>? MWl' tor I.??,??*' ry. ATKLLOW PINE LLMBBft. . ^ LL DoacripUOM or Lb* >tiovt Lawfeg.^tot 50 b?*o rtscivii, TKi? ta* la ftxwiiwit; iriNiMdi ??r pound by ?bo?t or oCborvtae. W fatrov Nit I' * 2- w. FifVtNMitki ?t. xwl vTmnM m.w PtSSSTSS*? I rmrj foodPno## for tsi F?ni II; tl* ua mooowmM in tf?i tt 'Im *> r% of OI2J W. G. JtfcTZKAOTT. ^ r

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