Newspaper of Evening Star, June 20, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 20, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WCDNEtOiV Jui 30, I960. Spirit el U? MwbIm fr?M. I The thinks that from the scavenger r-pvrstioBs of the Covode Committee, more and worse opposition slanders may be looked for during the coming Presidential campaign than were circulated even during that at lt*3?, but that, like the ten-cent-per-diem slander against Mr Buchanan, they will all explode before the meeting cf the Electoral College next fill. The same paper eompUt ns of the sbuse of power by the Republican House of Representatives, In using their '-temporary majority" in unseating regularly elected members on partisan grounds, and in their conduct of Investigating committees, and their votes on resolutions of censure, kr. The Hnlligenttr has its usual Congressional summary and news miscellany QjT A letter to tbe New Orleans Picayune sajri tint instructions have be?n given to cruisers at that place to take all future captives to Boston or PortHnouth fiT"Tbe Mississippi river is four feet lower tban ever before known In tbe memory of the oldest Inhabitant, and tbe fact is looked upon as IhTorable for a healthy summer. [JTA dispatch from New York says: '-Mayor Wood repudiates having written a letter In favor of tbe nomination of Mr Douglas. He stands he says, aow aa at Charleston, but will support tbe nominee who ever he may be " C^The New York Express says:?"The steam frigate Niagara '.s rapidly fitting up to take tbe Embamy nome Already six wagon loads of luggage belonging to the Japanese have been re celved on board The vessel will be ready to sail about the first of July '' ??????????? jjy In New York on Monday afternoon, in the U. S. District Court, the grand jury presented an indictment against Isaac V. Fowler, the defaulting postmaster The indictment limply charge* the accused with defrauding the United States Government JET The St Louis Democrat learns that Capt Simpson passed through that city on Saturday, en route for Washington with dUjwtches from i'tah containing propositions from Brighaui Young to ell the Mormon property at Salt Lake to the 1 United States, the Saints to remove to some point on the Pacific coast, either in the British posses nnia or t uiwa SWW? Tbk Loa* Bill.?"Ion,'' of the Baltimore 1 Sun, la hi? letter yesterday says 'The Finance Committees of the two Houaes. I met this moralng in the i- Inanoe Committer Room of the Senate. and after some consultation agreed | upon a plan for compromising the question upon | the loan bill The Government will be supplied j till the next session. and the Republicans of tLe House will save their point which they made against th? constitutional power of the Senate to originate any plans for supplies The opinion was expressed by members in this consultation tbst Congress would be ready to adjourn on Tuesday at IS o'clock." The Japanese were on Monday officially re calved at the City Hall, in New York The Post of Monday afternoon, 'speaking of them at the Metropolitan Hotel, says: "Tommy visited various parts of the hotel, but be was more curt than courteous, and seemed decidedly out of humor His dress was elegant, but the colors of a dark sombre bue, and altogether. the Illustrious young fop appeared to leas advantage than usual The lad e#, however, regarded b'.m \* th in< reastd sympathy, for it was whispered about the hotel that Tommy was this evening attacked with a fit of despondency, in r*. vuuilllllicc in I the case"of Rollinger. the defaulter, leaves up- I wtrdi of ?152,i**i unaccounted for, which proba-1 bly went upon "the turf A Part* dispatch *ays that France promptly re- I fused the request from Naples for foreigu Inter- I mention In Sicily. Ad vires from Sicily say there was nothing poo- I ltively known respecting the armistice. Some I authorities say It is prolonged indefinitely. The Malta Observer of Jnos 2d says it was the I Neapolitan General that asked for an armistice, I la order to have time to bury bis dead Garl-1 baldi at once agreed to an armUtice of 44 hours. I but subsequently the ."Neapolitan General asked I lor three days, which rsquest Garibaldi not only | granted, but offered to prolong it for a week An English steamer had arrived at Marseilles, I with volunteers, rides and money for Garibaldi I telegram from Naples says the King has pro- I posed to grant a constitution based on the Freacb I constitution. I Tbe Neapolitan Minister bad been tummoied I to Naples by telegraphic dispatch. j Psrsoaai. Moo. T. Butler King, Ga , Is at WlUards' I Hon E. T Smith. N.Y.; Gen J B Clem- I ants Tenn ; Col Erwin, Ala , are at Browns'. j Judge Kent's health is Improving, and the I physicians now say there Is a fair chance of his I jscovary ! Mr. Schwartz, a member of tbe House I from Pennsylvania, is dangsrously ill. and there I la but little or no prospect of his recovery. I II um TME LADIES OF tfLADENSBFKG I 1I3 rssysstfally annonnre to the citizens of I Xva*hin*ton that tnej wil1 *ive a Ff*tivai at th' I AUIM m, IIM Jti ?' ? ^ ttm M^d,rt Church ;?tfc ft hove-ram*! p /lJI* I If33?" "" "" * ZiSilZtigg m?iy &mvv. JAS. SKIKVIN*. Jos. i. savagA. .. . w.m. h. harrover. w?himtoB, June 19. iaeu. ie )9 (T5"A LECTURE WILL BE DELIVERED VTSDAY ifvKNIMh ?hTO!f'P L, '?"-VV KDL i i 1j * mat., lu Gorauch . J .f>ni?encinrat 8 o'clock. ?.ib27-. Pr2F ". <* M?thodia? in Mary AwntwBwrti ja m st fTT"dJT^RDtTO THE WISE.?A food tit ia ?. n:e# ?rtwsl? vantM. and for juur n?n?ni i will teii ?<>a that tna People'* Clothing Wore, No. ?t>? Seventh *traet, I* the placa *B?r? a (??*) bt and a good article can be bought at var? low price*. V. H.?Ju*t received a ?ec<>n<1 *upplv of Hpnng -I eumifF Clothiug. Hat* anil Cap* at S.M ITH'Ss Jio. 4<M> Serauth *tra?t, opposite the Pott Office. jr ?*-*? H/K ARE NOW MAKING OFF ALL TliE " aeeoaats oa oar ledger, and will render the MM oa the 29th mataut. A* payroeut* f..r the la?t weak <a Juaa and hr?t week m July will bo ?ari heary, we tiurt arary one of our castomcr* will raapoad promptly ?mJ aaabl* a* to meat our obligatt????-ooat JNO. K. ELVAN'g k CO. ^ T nuaiM ?t?B/%M r%i yi^i5Vl?V IIUIV. l~OTlCE.-rk? farm of Fismt** k Co..of th# Vir*t U?nl Livery having di*?olv?d. Ail ptrtifes owin.' or havicc claims **ninst tlie ]??< fern. w;ii o*li, fur >?itl, ai?nt, upon M.?SHMKb >V?*hir4;tJ0 Oitj, June 19, t?\ } *-?' i4|0Q*36# * % vwu wj uis ?> asmngton *weetheart?that he bad bathed her miuiature In tears. and that all the attractions of tbr great Jeddo of America . ould not prevent the sadly fund recoils tions of the girl Le left behind him " The Embassy are to be entertained by Jaines Gordon Bennett, of tbe New York Herald, at bic residence, on Washington Height* to-iuorrow {Thursday ) . Later frein Enrepe Tbe steamer City of Washington has arrived at New York with London advices via t{ueenstuwn of tbe *th lost Tbe Pope is reported to have expressed his b*ltefthat Napoleon and Victor Emanuel bad resolved to execute the arheme proposed In the lnfcmeus pamphlet entitel tbe Pope and the Congress London. Junes'?Although yesterday was settling day, the money market waa totally without | fluctuation Transactions were unimportant Consols rloeed tbe same as on Wednesday. Th# Gftlu'ftl *** j vaui|?Dr wm noid an extraordinary tweeting on the vi.ith Inst Tbe director* ask power to borrow half a million pounds to enable them fully to develop the undertaking. Tbe London Advertiser says tbe effect of the passage of Air Mackinaw's amendment to the reformbill will l>e tbe postponement of tbe bill Indefinitely, in which contingency l.ord Russell and Mr. Gladstone will resign. It is understood. In such a contingency. Lord Clareudou would return to the Foreign Office, and Cromwell I^w>? to that of Chancellor of tbe Kxcheqner The conservatives do not wsnt Pal men ton'? administration overthrown The report of tbe stock " ? ???? WAftHINOTON UWa AID fltMlF. Thk Dxmocbatic National casvitxtto* ? [Editorial Carretpudenrt of Tk? Sfr ) .. ?A C ? BALTIMORE. June ?a p. ut. The hive of politician* her* were unusually qjiot to-day. during the recess; the noise of the last few days having been made for the moot part by the Dooglasito legmen, who, as they have com* to realize thst their champion against the field7' is done for, are, not a few of tD?m, looking out anxiously for a foreshadowing of who is really to be the n.*n, after all. True, those of them who have not beta quite sober since coming her-, are yet shouting vociferously over, they not whom or what, In most cases. But the apprehension of the coming result is certainly in dDoing bundrrdi of them to seek to b? mdy with their lips changed to pipe gracefully the neceMary different tuae they must sing ere the end of the week So, though the crowd haa not diminished In any public place here, the nols? and the confusion attendant upon it certainly has greatly subsided. Public Interest haa been greatest since 11 a in in the rumored proceedings of the Credentials Committee, of which little is publicly known, because little Importance is really attached to any conclusion to which the said committee may come with reference to any contest for the secedtrs' seats ; for the final and full battle (such as it is to be) must certainly be fought In open convention; as either side reported against will of course contest their report to the bitter end With eight ?* ?" - uvutucui aroica iiiucpirtriiicu UU luai COilllllllM'f, the South her? doe* not look for a report made entirely upon the merits of the cases, and only desires that the committee shall report to the Convention the entire facts as they mav appear In the evidence. And. I am Inclined to believe, there is good ground to hope that the committee will take that prudent course, though the Douglas leaders are certainly striving to make assurance sure that their cause shall be advantaged unduly by the absence of full southern representation upon the committee However, a manifestly one-sided report, made to the end of strengthen ins-; the now forlorn chance of Douglas before the full Convention, can only have the effect of confirming its wavering members against him?and .scores, who came here his (D 'a) apparently lirm adherents, are now among the evidently wavering or the gone entirely over. m i i _ ? ? ? ? ' " -* ? ? i u:s aiiernoon s session 01 itie Convention lasted only a few moments. the Chair having announced that the Credential! Committee could not report until the morning. The galleries Wtre densely crowdf d ; ladies filled every seat of the immense dress circle, and the other sex every seat of the two tiers of boxes above them. After the adjwurnment two amusing speeches were mude; one by Miers Fisher, Esq., of Va , who was forced out, whether he would or not; and the other by an odd character, "Citizen Work, of Mississippi,the man with the flaming red vest, who floated around loose, as it were, at Charleston during the sitting of the Convention there, ar.d subsequently did the same la Washington before coming here?a genial, noisy, emphatic, and funny old gentleman, who goes "In strong for the Baptists and water with a privilege,*' believes implicitly in the Bible and Andrew Jacksou, yet is not so rabid a as to have prevented him on one occasion from succoring a slrk and sufliering Black Republican (because his Baptist faith makes charity, even to such an one. bis duty) and who abominates the devil and Stephen A. Douglas about alike, because tbeir works are about alike abominable. Such is his description of himself. His half-hour speech kept the thousand* In the Convention hall constantly In a roar, as it was really full of the wittieal and beat-put points The Douglasites are damning the New York delegation up hill and down dal-, this eveningjust as the other aide did at Charleston. The polat eaaayed to be made by the Douglasites against them is that they have deserted Douglas s interest In declining to impose conditions on the read mission of the seceding delegations, which will surely prove equivalent to voting that they shall under no circumstances be again received in the Convention. The virtual answer of the New Yorkers Is that they have been as grossly misrepresented by the DouglasiUs, In their allegation that they were pledged to Mr. Douglas, as by his opponents. In their allegation (at Charleston) that they (the New Yorker*) were originally I pledged against him. They claim that, on the contrary, their course ba? been an entirely lnden?n<4*nt rwjttrfnt'r an ft *?? 1^.?r ?" 'Wkl vnr, iruiu ilq moment of their admission at Charleston up to tte present time And, further, that they have been ready- from the start to throw their entire strength into the scale of harruonyr upon the platform and candidate question*, whenever their vote will mske a harmonious platform and nomination Their course up to this point here, has really b**n so cautious, temperate, arid conservative, as that I am persuaded that they are about to do their best to preserve the integrity and harmony of the party, without thought of the advancement of any particular man The result wiy show whether I am or am not correct In this anticipation; and. If incorrect, I mourn the fact deeply, indeed. I fear, to-night, that the Credentials Committee will not report to-morrow, if current rumors as to their action are to be relied on. 1 leave the Star's reader* to the newspapers of this city for the detail* of the committee'* proceedings to-day, together with the accounts of the rencounUr between Messrs Hindmun and Hooper, of Arkansas, iu the committee room, and that between Messrs Hon. O'Hanuon and Mortlt, of the Virginia delegaton, at the dinner tabic this afternoon, at Barnum's W. D. W h. Cocbts Maktial.?The finding of the court martial, In the case of Commander Totten, which has been in session at Boston for the last twentythree days, and which cloaed on Friday, has l>een sent to this city. Lieut Charles H Cushman bas been arraigned before another court martial.In session at the same place, for insubordination ou board the L'. 8. ! storeahip Release. > The Istumcs Mail Ruitk to be Dhco.ntim* hd?Official notice bas B*en given by the Post Office Department, that after to-day tbe California mails will cease to lie carried via tbe Isthmus of Panama The Department doe* not feel author, tzed to make temporary provision to maintain this mall route in the absence of legislation by CongreM i mi momkstkad IIill?It Will be seen by our Congr<*uional report that tbe Conference Committee on the Homestead bill litre compromised tbe matter, and tbat the bill aa agreed upon will probably become a law before tbe close of tbe Session. New Clih to tii Committ** of Wats aid Miax* ?We understand tbat Mr. George A . Basset!. of tbia city, was thia morning elected clerk of the Committee of Waya and Meana, net Mr. Cochrane, removed. OQQ M I l.I.IN KR V GOODS QQQ ANDSEWING FACTORY, &VO A P. 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Latham and Wil on on the part of tbe Senate Mr. Toombs, movtd to take up House bill making appropriations for sundry civil rxpeftaaa of tbe Government far tbe year ending the 30th June, IMil: which was agreed to, and tbe amendments of tbe House to tbe Senate amendments were concurred In; wb^n? Mr. Toomba moved that tbe Senate iniiat upon its amendments, and ask a committee of conference on tbe disagreeing votes of the two Houses; which was agreed to. And the Vice President appointed Messrs Toombs. Bright and Feasenden en the pirt of the TheCommittee then rose, and, nnder the operation of the previous question, the action of the Committee wag concurred in, with the exception of the amendment in relation to the proposed Chirlqui contract. At the evening session, Air Taylor moved a suspension of the rules, with a view to take up the Senate bill, known as the Honmas act, (affecting certain lands in Louisiana) i The motion was agreed to, yea* 132, nays 20; and the bill was passed Mr. Colfax, from the committee of conference on the disagreeing amendments to the Homestead bill, made a report thereon; which was concurred in?yeas 112. uays 51 [By this compromise all the land subject to private entry is to be open for homesteads at twentylive cents per acre; and also one-half of the sur- J veyed public land which hns not yet been offered at public sale; that is, thu odd-numbered sections Presmptors now on the public lands art- to have two years after the passage of this act to pay fer their lands, and to pay then at half-p^jce?sixtytwo and a half cenU per acre ] The House, M 1.1 minutes past !0 adjourned rr*c??4ings of T*>UaT, In the Sjcsatk, to-day, after the transaction of routine and private business of no general inte:est, A motion to reconsider the vote by which the ttrifl bill had been postponed until next session was taken up, when our report closed. House.?The Speaker laid before the House a communication from the Secretary of War. in r^lii^n^* (a a rpinlutinik af th* Uausa r ? - ? - . ? ? ?.M ?HV *?\' U*?> , ?? UIIOIII 1 %il l'|^ correspondence not heretofore furnished, having reference to lien llarnev'* administration ?,ftb>* Department of Oregon It was laid or. the table ana ordered to be printed. Mr. D?vi?. of Ind , from the Committee of Way* and Means, moved a suipe:i?!on of the rules t:> report a bill authorizing the J'r??1dent, witbln twelve month* from the pawige of tbi> act. to borrow on the credit of the Government a mm not exceeding ?2l .(JOU.IHJO, or*? nuirhthereof a* the exigency of the public service mav require.for the redemption ofthe outstanding Tre-isury note*; stock to be Issued for tbe loan at an interest of *ix per centum, and to be redeemed within a period of not Its* than ten, and not be yotid twenty year*. The House refuted to suspend the rule* by a vote of 100 to 03. Senate At the eveulng session, Mr Johnson, of Tenn., trout the committee of conference on the disagreeing votes of the two llousei on the bill to secure homesteads to actual settlers on tbe public domain, made a repott. the effect of which is to enact the Senate bill with amendments Tbe question having been taken on agreeing to tbe report, it was decided in the affirmative? yeas 36. nays 8. Tbe two negative votes were Messrs Bragg and Pearce. Adjourned. In thi Hocsk, Mr Davis, of Mdfrom the joint committee of conference on tlie disagreeing amendments to the army appropriation bill; made a report thereon; and, after an explanation In relation to the subject, on his motion It was concurred In. [Among the clauses compromised is that miking appropriations for fortifications?$?35,UU) for this purpose } Tbe House resolved itself into the Committee of tba Wboie on the state of the I'nion, (Mr. Kellogg, of Illinois, in the cbair.) and proceeded to the consideration of tbe Senate's amendments to tbe navy appropriation bill, several of which were disposed of. Same debate took place upon the amendment appropriating &JUHIOU to enable tlie President to carry into effect a conditional contract made by the Secretary of the Navy with Ambrose W. Thompson and tbe Cbiriaul IrrDrnvenipnt rAm. pany for naval stations and coal depots on tbe isthmus of Chiriqui. Mr. st-vens ottered and advocated an amendment. proposing an appropriation ofS5,UU0 to defray tbe expenses of a commission to examine the route, make a full report on the title of the Cbirlqui Company, and also as to the means of the company to construct a railroad between tbe termini of tbe route. 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MORGAn" ' i.u SUTT^.POptES^ *tr ** wk,ot' SDju '*** 1 0" # GEORGETOWN. r?rrffVM/M/i / Tk* Stm.r tisoaeiTowx, June 'JO, l^OO Tb?f is an laatitutlou In our midst which accomplishes a great deal of good, but in so quiet and unosteutatlous a Banner that many of our citizens know nothing of it, and a majority perhaps of these who know of Ik existence" hive little idea of its extent, or the way in which it is sustained We allude to the free school for males attached to Trinity (Catholic) Church, which has been In exlaMice for nearly a half ceatury, and at wbich some of our best citizens and moet intelligent busiut-M men wen educated It is not a sectarian institution, but admits all who apply, without regard to the religious opinions of themselves, their parents or guardians. It Is now in a most prosperous condition, having three spacious school-rooms, with a teaclier in each, and a daily (average) attendance of 190 scholars Indigent pupils arc furnished with books, and other means and appliances of study, gratuitously Oar public-spirited citizens, of all denominations, have for Tears put, with commendable liberality, aided the pnstnrs of the ehnrch In this noble charitv. but the presentjsatisfactory condition cf the school is nuitnly owin^, we think, to the exertion* of the member* of the Voting Catholic1! Friend Society To aid them in the good work, they to-day give a ptc-nlc at Analostan, and we hope our citizen*. even those who are not pleasure-seekers, will stand not upon the order of their going, but show by their pretence there on thiaoccasion that charity is still alive in Georgetown. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A Rksolittioji in favor of Cook A O'Dae. Resolttd by tkt Board of Aldrrmrn and Board of Common Council of the Corf/oration of liforgetotrn. That the Clerk be.^nd be is hereby authorized to piy to the order of Cook k O'Dae, the sum of four hundred dollars out of any money not otherwise appropriated, on account of their contract for work done on High street from north of Eighth street, and charge the same to High street improvement r A nnrnvul'i lviui i ? rr*""w"~ ?? * *? ' ,#v A Ri?olitiox in relation to the repair of Paved St eets. R'tolvtd by the Board of Ald.rmen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of (it or gel onn?, That tbe Surveyor to, and be is hereby requested to employ some suitable person to repair the break in stone paring on Green, between Bridge and uay streets, and Market street at Canal Bridge. And be it further resolved. That fifteen dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriate, to be paid by the Clerk to the order of K T D Mvers to pay for said repairs. Approved Jane 2f l^iO. A Resolution in favor of \Y. <!. Pettit. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board ?f Cort.mon Council of the Corporation of Georgetown. That the Cftrk be. and he is hereby authorized to pay to the order of W.G Pettit four doilars and seventy-five cents for adjlisting window* of the Comicil chamber. [Approved June2, A Rksolution authorizing the location of a Fence. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of 'teorg'torcn. That the consent of this Corporation is hereby irl U?n thai thu . ?... ?1 ^? v ?? ?u?* ?uv icun ui luc a^uarr uuiiiiiirn oil the north by Road street, on tbe south hy ?>'.o<id:ir<l street, on tbe west by Washington s'reet. and on the east by Green street, may remove the fence on his premises on the western line of Green st.eet to the curb line of said street until otherwise ordered [Approved Jane 2, 18G0 A Resolution to pay & deficiency on the purchase of Hose and Hose Carriage. Revolt-el by th' Board of Aldtrmen ami Board of Cottiiron Council of thr Corporation of (ieorgetoirn, That the Clerk pay to the order of the Mayor, Henry King, and Jenkin Thomas, or a majority of them, twenty-live dollars and twenty cents, the same being t balance due upon the ho*? and hoae carriage purchased by order of the Corporation, out of any money in tbe treasury not otherwise appropriated. [Approved June !?, INiO. EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, &c. , One NTC F hT. PA I I.'S KNGI.ISH 1.1 THKRAN SAHHAIIl SOHOOi . at AR ? ^ UXGTi ?N gPKI,\G. on FHllH ? > J :in* 'A'. Tliti : o \\ Ri> 1 m~i* rfw wilt io?v? the canai wharf, corner of 15th i,t.. at SJ4 aii't l*> a. in and 3>a an ! 6 o clock p. in.for the ?pniit 'I ickots Z~> ct*., inclttdjng l?oat f-tre; children and haif price. Dinner and ?upper 25 etc. caoh. Confectioner* a* :ity price*. Ticket* mat t> > had at Mr. NiM?rr'?. c.iruer of llth and K sts.,at Ridenoitr's Contactioi.?ry, an<! at the !<oa\ j? 18-4t 'piIF, (JREATFST IMC NIC of the xcaw>i> is to 1 tak? piaoe on the lHth of Ju'jr, at jr??. ANAI.O*l'A N ISLA N L>, tinder the tp au?j?ice? of the soCIKTS" OF ?T VINCENT OF PAUIi. Tkamnrt extensive arrangement. are in progreit* to rend<-r the occasion on - of mi iiruai iut^rxnt and att > actio.!. The object i.? a m<)*t worth} one of obtaining lurid?* lor the relief of the poor of the city. Full pa,ticu!ar? will appear in a subsequent adVetm nn-nt. (states> je IS .it 'I HK PIC NIC OF THE SEASON. mi _ w _ ? " - ? - ? lue loung uatnoiics J? risnd Society Will jive tticir t ANNUAL IMCNIC At ARLINGTON SPRING, On MONDAY. Jnn*?5tli. Tickkts Ui Cb.nts ; Childkks 10 Ckxtv Tu? proceeds will to devoted to the education mid clothiiix of po<?r l>.iy? The well known cliftracter of ttiis A rives ail miumniv that *'! wh.i ?t tend thin Pic ,\ ic will enjoy a day of uninterrupted pleasure. Good ordor will !* maintained. The ferry boat Gso. W. Kiotie will leave Fourteenth *t wharf every hour. The Georgetown oinnihunea will connect with the steam packet Flyirg Cloi*d? leaving every hour for rti?- Spring by vat of Canal. je __ 'P NOTICK. 1 HK STKAMF.K. PHK.MX Will leave her wharf, foot o( K'evwath ntre?-t, at 7 p. Ipai m.. Navy Yar<t at 8 j>. in., and Alex andria at'> p. m..on MONDAY. -S on an KXCLRSION to the \\ H1TK HOISK PA VI LION, to he in ooRipiiment to Air. John \V. Thompson. Ticket* can lie had of either of the followingnamed gentlemen : K. 1). Stuart, Lemuel Gad.lix, Will. W. Urowinn/, Geo \V. Rol>m?'Mi, Adam Ga tdis jr., liouedict Swain, Win. H. \ally, Cha.->. J \Vri?ht. John F. Kill*, John T. Chancey, Chan. Cunningham. \>r. H. Fmley Hunt. ?ohn Cruitt, Wm. Stewart. J -hn IV Urandt, K. A. Hvtlier. irr" Positive!) UuHicfceti) will he sold at the font, jel?-S,W4? W A NTS VI7ASTKD-A SITUATION a* nur?e or chain ?? li?*i maid, l?y a resectable youn; woman. address "Nm ? *." Star Office. It* WANTED IM M KDIATKLY-A WOMAN, to do housework. Apply, with r?co;iimeuilatu>u. at-t'il Fifteenth it., next to corner o|' H lit. lt*_ WANTKI)?A WOMAN to uk? char*c of a small dairy: one who Hi. roughly iiiidemiauda the tmaine**, arid will ti willing to undertake othu? duti-s iu a houaehold, and do a not object to living in the country, may find immediate em&loTiiK-nt. with r*?rii!ar wago*.on application to MADAMR JOST, 1*1 Ptji.n. av?nue. je St E~MPI.OYKR* IN TOWN OR COUNTRY IN want of Servants, white or color d, male or fa n.aie, can procure them imiumlmtely by appljmc at the I nion Intelligence and Home Atrncy Oft.'f n >w noen at No. 14 Louisiana avenue, hit ween 4H and fith streets, near City Hal'. je 3?-St* PI NCAN k CA VP. Proprietors. XjlT ANTED?A SITl'ATTON as nam*- and cham TV hermaid, or to do plain *ewin<. No objection to travel. Address box 11, Star Office, je 19-2t* GO' 'D CO' >K IS WANTED IMMEDIATE l,V. at Duliant'a Restauiant, corner of Sixth st. and Pa avenue. je 19 3t P M. DI'BANT. WANTED?A GIRL, from 12 to 15 years of a*e, to nurse a child and ax?ist a? housework ; white preferred Good recommend* ions required. Apply at No. 494 K at., between 5th and 6th. je lt-2t? WANTED?To have everj tody know that th?T can find a Fire and well a?leot?d Stock cT CLOTHING and FURNiSHING GOODS at tha PEOPLE'S CLOTHING 8 OIK, No. 460 8w?th at . opp 'siIB Poet <>fttee Department. apC 3m WANTED.?Every one to know that SMITfT, Hsventh St.. oharges fair prices fo' hia Good*. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh st? to get your HATS and CAPS. ? *> lost and found. r RKWARO.-?tr?T?d or stolen from the sub?enb*r on the 18tli iunt , a slim lirht rv H * Y HOR!*K.5or 6 y- arsold; three whit* H feet; th<? l<?ft front loot black with white^EZX spot near the hoof. The above reward will be given to any one returning htm to me. J G. N All,OR , No. 990 New York av . je *G-jit * between 4th and 5th strett*. CTRAYF.D OR S*TOLKN, from the 'ronimoni in the First Ward, a bar MARF. gy COLT. 3 year* old ; al?>ut Uhi hand, hich ;*1-T^ marked a little white on the two hind feet, A lilieraJ reward will he paid for her d? ivery te the owner, at the comer of Pa. avenue and 3 d at. west. First Ward* Je l?-3t* WILLIAM IIAGERTV. personal? Madame morrice, t?* gh*t a?t*ol??ol?t ajid d? ctbim, jUMlftHi highly ?ift?d and intelligent latiy o*? b? co???lt<a on IM Put, Pre?em and Patare Event*. Call at No. >103 TvtBti-Moood ttreet, bMvtN H im 1. W&ahiuftnn. ) ?? im" wss^m " - i J* v 'V-'"/-., I AMUSEMENTS. i *DL) FELLOWS II ALL.?Tkird l??t 1 I i\f a.. ... .. ^ -?f vi mr iiuw|>ii?iii vi Tblftdoa'a laieu ?f letkiiltil Arti. CIAN6EOI' PROGRAMME. Th* folio wiu< N*.w will Ua presented THIS EVENING: let Vi#w of Um Town of Taiuitrs. 3d ^ MhniiUw at V?Ui** Fv>r?e. ?*. Natioaai Pra*or.tati<n tti T)t? Et<*raal City of Rorr.o. 5tii. AutoiaatOB Ropo Vaulter. City of with a beautiful rtf^t of th* Ri?c< Son. To oonc ude with a grai d and awful ?Aer-? cf a Storm at !* *. Doori up*.i at I}* u'el-KJk ; perfurmai o* wtl' o<>miii*nje at 4. On ?V?>iuo*day and ?at*rday Af Wt.uoua 9p*#ial Performance* ; doora up*n at % o'tl.Ksk?coniiaonoe at 3 Children to day p*rf<>rm anc<?? 14 ot>. OartUof tdmnmm y of? j? 2> FPREK CONCERT*' U V Q T f <\ a* a a- ? i > at ? a a. ubi>di iiverriiBRi irrw- iwrm Mrrta 1?f an<i 2d ttrfflt, would rMf^OtfaUi Mb tAt? to tbe public tbat A COXCKRT ? uW ELJSCT MUSiC wil' beciraaerert Mo* DAY MdTHlRSliAY EVENINGS dunaa me M*ot, at kia HtfiiioB, MUtaam at S o tiotk acd <wdinc at l">p. m Previous to ?be Oonoert. tbe Swoon is op*o to thoae d?*?mnj U> tT?T a few hoera i?> the m?rf d&no?. ??'K CREVM WAT KH ICRs, an "I every iHte lptioa of CONFECTIONERY alwaye ready at c;ty price*. Parties deeirinc the Gatde?a for Pio Nie par yoe. a. are re^aeatad to fire a day or two notice. ja U 3m FOR SALE AMTREXTT" [For otktr "For S*U and Kit" mdr*rtt**m*ntt, set Jirst pagt 1 A ^.MALI. FARM FOR SALF. ' -trwu: aud 8 mile? f. "in the citj , ronlaminc iu acre*. re or with at*>ut 8 ac-ft. of U autifu oak t,ml> r, in a healthy neighborhood. Title undnputed. F>r further information inqhire at No. ** 1 l,..mnara avenu?. h*t?Mi Stli and 10th *'?. jean-ar WM. K. a.nprk. A.NU FOR SALK ? ! will a >11 my Farm, con ? j tainin* atiout 30 acre* of land. situated on w at 14 usually known as"Mi>ore*8 l.ane."' )>etwe?n the boundary line of the city and lilenwo-d Cemetery. Tins iand is well situated for the rem ^ace of per oni di inc husineas in the city. I'pon it are eeveral handsome building sites. I will soil it in ? hole or divide it to suit purchasers, on ac?omi<v?dating terms. Uf'Xi the farm is a ?ma 1 Imt coniforta!>P hou?e, with atal'le and other out-ho?s?-?. Thoite wi?hinc to buy can. In calling on me ton the pi use,> learn the price and term*. je 2.1 5t* I). MOORF. I^OR SAI.F.?Between 7 and 8 acre* oi I.AND, i par* wood, i on the Plank Roa l.?7 h *?. > aSout 4 mile* from Washing ton?a tvautiful buihlli ( site, or well located for a market irarden App y at No. 3 Airensy Block corner Seventh and F sts,. \Va?hKUton. je I^OR RKNT-A FRAMK HOl SR.f n Finre7%i a stroet we>t. ,16T. n>ir I. **** - - , ?- ?. M m -? ? V* ? *?! 11 1 W"_ iioii^e iiai ten room*. in rink) onUt, a <1 ft pump of food ?al<*r in thetard. PomMajoa fiv.'li on th* 1?t of Jul*, or iooner if required, h) appirint at No. li'i.on Lit, je 1? 3t* POR R E \" T?The three-?tary-a:id I aeemont I MUCK HOUSi: corner of Six li * rrrt w.-*t and F ?tr?-et north, one square from the Pat-nt and City Pout <?itice??l?ein? one of the Sn?t and healthiest location* in the city It i* arranied for a store and dwelhny: ha* a hake oven attached Will *uit h l>aker <>> confi-otic ner. Pos???aion nven ?L- tl*L ^ wh ta>> in a in?r. r or l-ram, kr , apph t<> <i EO. J. **Kl*FFKRLK, at Jacit?oii, ft i other A Co. .Tit Pi arfnui1. je 1!>-tf KT)R RKNT-Alw.. ..or, l-RAMK DWKI.l. I XCi, witii kitchen anil wood-* had, on Third stro'-t, l>rt* wn G anil II at* north No. 295. R M &I2per month. for further particu ar:-inquire of \V. S. JON KS, v >rner of 41 ami II kt?. je l?*-7t rOR RKNT-The HOLSF. No. ?*?? north F r Htrect. m'ltia or without furniture. AppWonthe p >iriis'>?. je lo-l w* 1/OR RF.NT?A verx dtmraMe new FRAMK 1 DWKI.I.IN'lj HOI SK on <> ? re.'t. lx>twren Rth and <*h, containinc < room*, with front an.! !>acW >ar?l; ?tatiiiriK ami itood w*ler convenient. A. Ul, Agent, je 18-1w* Temperance Hail, F. ?tr?.*t. HA.NUSO.MK IJT ri.l. COl \TR\ SKAT NEAR WASHINGTON FOK SAI.E.-Tke nndeoi.ned offer at private --a ? a ( : autiful Ittle Country R?-mdenee cl about six *<;r?*s, ??n the S*rentti fctr<-et roa^l, a short duta^ce this aid* t e toll ^ate, acd adjoining the rert<l?iLvca of NlMsn Whita and i.ewis. The house is a eomfortaMe two-*tory nqnare liui 'ling, with will* hall, parlor.'limn* and break*1a-t room*. hv? chimin rs. rh'I kit lieu, nt ?te<t on an flevat?"?t point l a^k froin th-? rt.a.l and I by a * rot e of lian<Uome shade trees. The (sit'iiiuW are ta-t?>fuilf aid out with walk* and driv.'s, and contain a young orchard of fruit tr- e?. graperv and r?*?-tahle jttrden. choice foi^ri and ornamental ?hruhl.?ry, Ac. Tnere is aUo a gardener ? home. staining, tpung house, a tine ? f .4 ?- ' pump <n ?M>ir Ht me kiicucn **jr; in abort ever* thin requ:?ite to render tuu a} elegant and residence. Th* term* o|" tale will lie male liberal. An off-r to exchange improved cit) property in part wiii t.e enter'ained. je 18 iw J. C. MeOl'IRE & CO., Auct*. pOMFOR TABI.E ROOMS, with or Without " / Hoard, can b? obtained, on moderate tarm*. at 4??6 K a*., 1f twe*a Sthandftth. Table Boarder* accommodated with <?od Hoard. " je 16 iw* IT'OK RENTVTwo l-eautifiil new BR ICU I HOLS' S.on Kutitli i>t ?et w*yt, h*tv<en M and X >-tre?t> co'tli, west *ide. App'jr to MARY (' HAISL1P. N'o. 3*?t Vinti *tr??? ?r..?t i*? i K K &MIKY, No. 332 Pa. WWW, ?h I J-tt'i rtfwets. j* 12-2w* '|>HUKK FRAMK HOI'SEJ* FOR SALE. %rtli I tlieir Lot*. The* will I* t^old on ?*?? t?rin*. Tli<? iiousos ar? near tue n??w <>a4-\\ ork*. and ar* n?-a? homos for the workinc man. Fir^t payin.-nt email. ami the I alauoo 1.1 oneand two rr-ar*. ? ith intercs-t. Apply toGILBERT C aMERON. Iti'tld >r. f I S-.'w l/t>K KENT?The large KlHi.M in the third ?tor ry n| tin* huildinc on ?t , second d<?or south of Otl.l Fellow?' Hail. To a punctual tei.act th? rent will l?e reaso!<abl* jeU-fit J AS. C. M.-GFIRF. A CO. 17*OR RENT-A BRICK IlOl'SE. on Masoachu 17 (set ? tv., near lot 11 *t.. containing l?? room* and p;i*mh<ts. wilh good cellar. Th<* r?? t will l? iiiimcrati. Mature of GEO. T. LANGLEY, ou L ?t., near Fonrteenth w*. je 13 FOR SALE OR |{ i: \T-Thr four story HHICK HOOK. No. <i'',ii.irthsiil(?oI !> n:r?'e;. !?<?S?H5oi.^ an<l T .ir<(. ii- '.fT??re<t |.>r ?*l? < i a loii< time, or r<? rent to :% *00,1 truant; or will l>e exrhanee-l I'or property ?i un'fsl lietwe-n S?v?*nth aii-1 K!'-v?Mith ?,r- t I) an.I II *tr? et?. luuuire of C XV. BOTEl.ER. 31- Ira* Hall )*> 13-eoi* FOR RENT?That new an 1 well &rrmn<"<t thre?" ?toi y liRICK IIOL'SE, No. l(*4,on 6 street, a*. ' .Mil t.1 . viutii -? ie. now occupied l>y Mr. !loili.<<'ii, I.e. Piiv i. t'i?- l?t of Jvii ' I .quire ol Mi. MM I'llKY S. PARK ER, ne*t dooi ?-a t. tr.alC-oo'f ~v I i> A Ol l" I ?? ?! * ?*" " - " ? Urj^ia % m.Ti l?*> HUI"%h FUK H K.ST-Th? lA'p* and con veuient bnei >l?e Imjc. witti bark-buil lines stabling, vc? on HinU? trout. inii|( Dr. Cm-el ? >lru. >tore. Hint oppoMte t!i<* Farmer*' !*'id Mechanics' Bank. i? for rent, to a r- >p<>nrii>!- tenant. The rent will be mo.lermte. I nature of CHAS. TRL'N .N F.I., At?tit. No. "1 Fre-bviok >tre?-t nia liHHCW LHtR RE^T?Three hr*t cla * and recently r built HOUSES*, four *torie?t hiirh each, hand M>mely finished. *nd havnu all the modern improvements. him li ax wst'r, ta?, k.c.. in one of the v? \ fin-?t locations .n the >-itjr ?on the corner of Third utruet and Mi?'>ari avenue,a< <1 oppoMtr the Capilol kioiiinls All) ' lie wi?huie ?< rent a hue dwelling will find tiu> a favorable opportunity, a? I dekire to rent them imiiiediatelt . *iid will tent them low. Inquire of P. W. HROWNINU. j? l-tf FVOK RENT?Three BRICK IIOl SHK-one on Twelfth ?tre.-t, hetweeu C and D ; one on the corner of Twelfth and 11 *U.; and one 00 H, be tu-PMii i?th l*lrK ctd InottiM 11 wrc HARKKR. on H street. ((OtWfwii 11 th andlVth, No! 434. n>a?i-tf FOK KKNT-A thre? ktorj FMAMt HO'JPE, on Klevenrh beiwe? n 1 and K li quire of M. >?N V DtK. at the t'lumS n< a-d Gu FiU nj I t\b:ijhmeiit of C. ?..yder, next door to th? Star Office. itik H tf GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MT8 For other Georgetown advtrtunnrntf tee fir it pagt PRKKRIGERATORS. LEASE Call and examine I.AKR A BEE'S NEW STVL K REFRIGERATORS and WATKR-COOLERS For -ale ?.j jel?-7t T A. 1.A7.KVUV CJTAYED A WAV FROM THE SUBSCRIBER Don the Jlth mat., a K Kl) HKIND' COW, with horns and a ?trap rouiid li?r neck, letters A. C. cut in it; white in fore JKaJL* heal ami l>ag white. A liberal reward will be given for h?r i*t*rn tn Mm. ANN CLEAVKI AND, No. Bruit* ?t.. Georgetown. ieie-*? FOR NKW YORK.?The packet schooner Sur prise, Captain Cole, ha* arrived, and will continence loading as above on Tl'Kvi^, DAY kext, 19th inat. For freight appl* to MeCuBH * DODGK. j?16 to3 Water street. FOR BOSTON.?The regular superior clipper schooner J. W Seaver, Capt. Ira Nirk-<jk arson, ha? ar.ived and is now disuharsinc her^^^ freight She will b* reoeirtna cargo ft.fth#^^* above port TO-MORROW MORNING, and will sail sari j n?xt week Apply to HARTLEY * BROTHER. ja Ifi-lw 9ft and 101 atar at. f SEWING MACHINES. J5?r; I *AA Web?t?r * C" '? HBJ'OT?a TUM-Stltck ? chin*', u!i ?rrii'> Boudon ft#win* Mtohme. ??-of FLY AND MOSQUITO TIMB^-TboM ?ho I v> ? il preT r o >l*ep without dutn t ftnc > ? ? formal t ftt w? t>?v. in ?to?k fur (Mm a ml, aid t<MUitlfu *rticl?of II.T ARC tor > nH RIN<J8 to *? hung or* th?tr r .< <* fr->m wtiick to itti=P'nd n?ti in fly tiro# ft?d eurteiM in wint-r. They will b# found verj i>rnaiuM.Ul ft 4 oonToaieh*' drli*r?.?ft?ftxtatw, pietura fmuN. fc?. Al -o, a rich varirfy of n.ftt?*'ifti? for iuumt pot"r" "" fiTii kt/T 'iSTfewN, lMh iiTUL-a titDWii I??w t\?r I war^ V1 *"* 4 * 'i i 3r*e * V-* w it mH I *f AUCTION SALES. mtkrr Aurt%?m ???/ *, ?<r jir? f4^' 1? J. C Mufti IKK 4 CO.. Aantioa-*^ PEREMPTORY *AMs Of HKAl IIHL K COTtitHlMrt Ritk tbe i'OLC*?i* ? ci ' jit. OnTHIS i aKfr R ?OwN at 6 o'oloafc, OB UufTM. !^. ?b*'l Ml , ?rit*loct raaarv*. U> tka bi,V<t buidtw fc*a ??.?> ?f that ttraatifaV? located w o4 land >n??' a alj l*?oi.d C<.?IIM><'o!>mi jou'd*. ??n U?? f.u<*T br*?<,?, road.akonta aria aod a ?a'f from Waafc.i.ffton. out FoliCWDtb tlTMt Tua " &Ut>* ?l Ikn prop* rtj II hi(h M?tl ooinn^ Jib*, w th a auum aroreof uvai for??t afca4? tIV l>Mk part of ti.a traot ia welaml b? th Pin. > B a .eh. an<J a*t< ?? ?? W ) on? of U* wot Mti:ti.( ?pot? al> ut the eiiy for a c< astrf m?i A plat ??ay t?a aaa?. at tha . ?? . ..r ih<m of tr Amu *#?ra ?a ia* th? ca? a 4 : i.# ? ' <. i .n ? the aala. W*M 5- ?<? Mi* \ . Alt- rna? It I C MoSt lKK* &> Aiot. By J. C. MvVL'lBK A C J . AaCioac-ra. ^ DMIN^TKAT?'*,5 SaI.K CP JvMGR * i. m. tu b rooM. rit'H*. ? -uicati KM ) MORNING iuMad.kt it. front M n.? Aiobnn Rcoia*. w? ah* Mil, t?j ortlor ?>( IM O |t>tM Court ? P??ta. anc: F.mkow r: Pr.??. Ga vaaic Bartary, Ka*ravin? Toi- a BitN U4 Writ p tt?a M-?i Mi xU, Sfc?>w Caa#. C< iint?- Kiamaa. *(. *< Tarmc Tvanty dot *r* ami uM*r ca?k.ovar Ual ?um a cradit o| 6 and ?' dan. i >r aat lafaotortai. doraad notaa. Itarmi By ordar of Admit i-i-aU >a y d J. C. McGl'lRF A CO . A acta By J. C. Mo?llRE A CO . a uoti.>Mora. EXCELLENT AND NKAR ' Y NEW Ft'K KITCBE A?P Hor?tH?>LO ? I ? ICT> AT PCBUl SaLB.?On TU K*DA V M i R \ IN G, J a aa SMA. at t? o'otnek. at tha raoaat raaid*na# ?f tha Haiciaa Miaislar. ooroar <?' Thirtaaath aad D *tra*u. va ha'l a**!'a. tha Furiitur* and Household aompriainc? Buit* of Crimeon B t?M>( Corerrd Parlor Fai mis'*. consisting of two Frveeh Dimi, t* Arm and ft 'Ch%ir*, _ , ? Gr#?? and God >r est* lie and Maro Piaeh Co* ed Arm ? k ir?. Suit* of hxr Dsnisak Canai aa. Com*, Walnut C??fr an-t Car? Table*. VN ha aot, Several rxoe lect Walnut Secretaries anti Bojk Writing Desk*. Tables a> d Chain, Three-ply and lntram Carpets. OioUh and Ka??, C%nde al>r%?, Va?ee. China Spittoons, Walnut Sid? board. Walnut Fxu>Dri?n Tab:*, IS French Dining Chairs, Mab.> ? <* %r>t* l Frail on Chlua Diauer 8?', M rw-yitlM CteUHs, Oootowri GobiKi.CktiumnMand Wine*. Silver plated Spoons aid Forkt.Table CutUtp, ed and Table*n, *1 ovals. Napkins, * o. | Handsome Greea Ktamaiied Cottage tfet, vita M t> ble top*. Mah?f*nv Marble tr-p Dressing Burtass, I H?l*teeds. Piam Burean*. Wuk-Uudt, Wiadow Shad. s. Curtains. Toii?t 8*t*. Hair ai-d Husk Mattrrs^s. Bolstersaad Pillows ttieeller t Mlarke's. Co?torta. Count* panes Waaiator, Airtight and ail other Stoves. V"PPer U?>kl t I t>MI I. VN ire Ml#, ?( Tojeth r with a general a'eor.ment of Hovutio j *1 d E tch?t. K e<jU >ltM Term.: 9*i ud under oath; ot#t that nn a cr.Nl t >160, and *> data. for aatiafaotoriiy eadoraeo n 'let. I. -aring interest. jean d J. C. MoGUIEK k CO.. Aaeta THIS APTBRNOON ? TO MOKKOW Br A. bRKKN. Aaotioneer. VALUABLE LOTS FOE SALE-On WED NK"UA Y.thei?Ui inataat, 1 thai: keil, la frt.yi of the preniaee. at S o'clock p. m., two of tk* rao?! deairable Lota in the vicioi ? of the Waahiaatot n'atue. Th'j are parte of oruinal !x-ta Not K and IT. in Sauare No M, f ottin* each twenty mi (m-i one inch (SB ia?t I inch > on the a uth aide of Pei.i. ayivama avenue, opposite the ?tx t>undin*e with ar are ace depth of jnr? feet t inchea and ?l feet i, reaped ive!?, and tannine l>aek to a thirt> fwt pared alley. ilh ita outUt directly 'n the rear. Term*: One fourth caal : 1-a.ance, 13. and :? montha. need* given and derda of treat taker, each at the ooatofthe purchaaer. Title inciapu lab'e. _ jeMfitd A. GELEN. Auot. FUTURE DATS Br J. C. McGl'iKE * CO . Auetioneere DEMEABLR DWELLING HOI'UK t? Lor ok East Capitoi. ?t , nnrm* own 11 RD aTRCZT* EUT, AT fl'BLl< All <i\ i?ll THURSDAY AKTKHNOON, Ju e 2ut. at in o'o.ock, on the premise*. we hall ?e to the hi(h*?t bidder, without reeeive. aa't of I-o* .No. t. in Square No. iW, frontinc SO feet on Kui Cspitot t Mt between Secnnd and TUH it'o^tn Mai. ro' ning hock <J7 fe*t fc.'-? inch**; together with the itn contistuc of a mui ,r wo at >rj and liM*w?i-nt L> wtlun* Motif. Ternr.a Oue lo&rth ouh; the residae in fc, 12. aril t* m cth*. w:tb interest, secured t>> a deed in trn?t on the t aanuoa. Je It 4 J. C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Ancte Br A. GKEtN. Auctionesr. NHEW THRFK STORY BRICK HOt a\u I-ot at AccTt<<s.?On 'I HI |!"DAV. tl>? Vlsi ii..:ani, I aha!l Mil in front ol the at ? x o'clock r m.. the north t went* fart from of Lot No in CruttaiKB.i'a iulx*ivision of Square *? frcat ti.c on 9th ?troot VNt rum: nit nack Iwtvxn O anj P t'aeta north, to a pub ic a icy. with the imp <?ve iserti, winch constat o( a rew Three atorjr B. ck House, containing six good nu<i ?v.i.r? mrnt y ar ranged room*, villi wide paeme**, and built in tft* oteofth# l#evt workinxi citr. Tl.e i* e will t>e wort*.; of an? one wun i.> Ll BllPAkAAA ? fi ? * ??? ? - 1 - 1 ? r-.?... - v- ?. it! B Iir% in J iik'?! : T '/ rmi: On* third o**h; thf kiinAc id C. IS. 18, ai d s4 month*, for notes l?arm< intereer fr hi da> of ?m?. A deed tiveu and a dre.1 i.f tru?t l*k-u jelS-4 A. GKKBN. Aaet Br A.GRKKN. Auctioneer. HOll*KHOLD AND KITCHVN Fcm*iTrm? at Acrnos.? On t-RlUA\ the .2d m*tai.'. I hall snil, at 1<> o'clock a. m , at the re o! s gentleman dec ining h<>on,k-e,'>u.*. No 4 a M it our 1 a?cnue, b.-twe. n i S a-.d 6th ureeu, an oice lent a?*o. tint .t of Kuri.ituie, v>? : vi -1 ?- c .r.. l* . . -- - ?- - j n"ci II) ?>!U r?r jri N Do Dicing, Br. akfast. Card and otkrr 'It fill. Mali"*any Marblatop DrM4:u| bureau ami W att. stand, Maho rarv and Walnut Dressing and other Burta > and Wardrobaa, J emu Laud. Cottage and other K?data?da. Whatnot aiid ?t? Frather Beds, Hair, Cotton and J?huc? Mattroaaea. A large assortment of Badding and Pillow* ai.J UoliUra, Chiua, Glass. Crockery a- d Stone \V??*. Fin* RUM Va?e?. witt and Fiowera, Oil Pamtibfa. , Tkr* ply and other C'?r CouKiniE. A?r-tifht and other Stoves. With a food lot of Kitchen R* auutre*. With many other a t oie? which we deem unoecci | aary to euamerate. Terra* : Ail turn* under $2S ca*h ; over ?,-. % ' oracitof? an'M korUi. for i.<>t*? natikfactun:, endorsed, beat I us inter??t. j- i? 3< A. GRKKN.Ax'. Br J. C. MoGl'lRE 4 CO , Auoti<?iie~'a T^RUSTF-E'S S*LK"F RXCKLI.KNT F1 ? 1 V!rr> W A V Ti ?> ^ ' * I RDAV MOKMMi iamm tiit? hr?t floor of the K-OTi.oy \i t?e<fa daed of trust da'ed Ma* istti. If.W and rtu't te corded in Jihar J. A. 8 . No. 175. folio* S? , one of tfa? land raoord* for Wa-liinrtoi, ooanty. wa ball el:? One excellent fc\ uoUv* mmljofai.* uw Piano Forte. WaUilit oarved Parlor Suite. finished in h*>r ?' .t, Marble top Centre and Sola I \Vhatcot, Walnut Fancy Table.. Reception Chairs, Gilt frame Mantei and Pier ?? ?** > , Da nark and Lao* Cartaina and Cornice, Iiru??'-( and ture* -ply carpet*, OilC'Otii and MaUin*. Set hand-owe blur and rold enamelled Cha-uber Fariiitura, with Marble top*. Set haudaoia- i>tack and cold enamelled Cha t-'r Furniture, with Marb.e top*. S Set of Wamat ChawU-r Furniture, Set of Mabof an? Chamfier Furniture. nuirw*" u fi?n?'|?uy uicmiii* D?rrni. Mnili Waluat \V?rdr<>bi?. P?mt*d Wirtrokri, Six curled i.ur M?ttrr????. Rulifrt ud Pillow*. <}Wu>k?u. Comfort*, Coanterpme* .1fckih?t*t.d?, i>rMiU Toilet j**u, WAiintHlMU * L'laing T?M?, fcafnfW?t?c. M*.i>oc?ny gideootru Caae Mtl, Caokini V<1 other Store#, Wire f*fe. *?., T-nether villi the u*u*. <|U?otlty of KlloiiM) I ten till Tapmb- ?! mmA ~*Amr ? ->> ??- -- ? ? 1*1 out Co?rt of ?h? l*L?V lot mf CotuntM*.fot 'k? county of WMriiiattor. ?n4 U? ." * JunSjjj uyuMto for J. hou?o<u* af?*>4 oo?nti. op J10#)M4J /Jf _ '' bf Jmif u *t, U* ft* ^ * imr.isr^KiiisSSr^ F' <? ** DiKrwt oM^wuik* * Tv * " ef?di tof 3, Md ? day's, for siti. fctoU) n sin" dors*d bum. Marine i Merest. By order of the trust** )* '?-* J- C- MotfL'lEK A CO.. Amu. PUBLIC BALK OF a VaLIABlK FA K V JT in ALMA.XDtIA COCRTT. VA.,4 MILK* flOM Wwrnero*.-Up *ATl K DAY. ibefad of Jane [ 1MB, ftt It o'clock, ID frost of t?- Moor's ofto? in tbeattr *4AUaa?dri?.lwill paW,u> Mctj'oB, ;Hi?a->re? I And S tusiw. *4 atv.v* ,,( wfcisk | M Hardin died seise! I'his and is hitkly improved the Inifttioi. perrejmj lioO'LhT and *co???b.e to the three ioar*?te ofhtoowAowa. WMiiftN and Alexandria, fc*uw1 <">oe ??>? the iwtw ^ilroad. wfcieh iMee thrwuh the y-.p-ri, the huildirre are eoralMlial tu in good ?rdrr. It wi'i be en d in oae tract or divided ioto pa:e-i. to purohaeer*. feroie: Onetaoth caah; bolaooe at C It, 18 and 24 inonthe, with intereet . . J. I.Ol'IP KIN7.KR, Jel?-dtt*| Cmwimh'. \f ARBHAL1 BALE ?In Tirtai ol two write of 1*1 fieri taeiae. teau?c lroin the Clork'e oftoe of Um Cireait Court of the bietnct of t'uliaMa. tor tfceeooatyof Waehingtoa. and to roe directed! will exeoae to pabic ea-e. fur oaeli, m front of ti.e oourt hoaeedoor of eaid oouct?, oa MONDAY. th? 9th day of Jaly next. l?n, at IS o'aioofc le the following projectto Wit: All dpi-cdmt'e ri*bi. utia. au?J iaUroat ta and to Lot No. ?, ii> tn, J are No 6U, m tr.e city ot WaektocVu, 1> C. tofether ?i?h oil ood nan ar the tofeowNH tftoreon, . ised and lrTied naaa a* the oroaortj ol A: j'ri K in troll, tht will be eoid to aatfip Ja a Jl?* *'? JMVto October tena Kv, la k??rfPkn?>>v>.. w.oaw. U. 8. Marshal Cur the Dutribi of CoHUobia. XH die aaiianii. on* IK?! virttei I a writ of fieri

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