Newspaper of Evening Star, June 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 20, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL- NEWS. C7" TtMft Tm Stab u jrimfd on u? fusttst )0 MMm ?j? i?aM of BnUtmor*, itt rffeUi if <? it*(i tj riftiifi *1 to bo ?*: fa j?t?? u a* wit if icttr,* tktrofore, ikould &? Inu t? bofott Tutitt o'clock, cUtrtiui t<Uy ?cf ?of *FF**r ?*-' ' ?? ii? Nor!ci?Dtstrict sf Cclttmlxa jimtumiiW l? h nuitM < BilTixau Btrit ate r?Mft?4 mt mn.4 formtdtifrom Thi Si?e c/I-i, Tmc ?> ko"L KmaiMATio^i ? The au?ual exaialnationi of the Public School* by the trustee are still In ;r ogress. and r.uutmoe to stimulate mrn-h Interest Yesterday afternoon eljfht different primary schools were examined. Primary No. 5, 8?*ond District, taogbt by Mia* Eltta Titus Want la one of tbe rooms at the corner of Fifth strert and Massachusetts avenue, la the bui id: n* known as the Washington Market;" and we believe fr?ah be?f is no* h'-pt for sale ander the same roof still the r?om iteelf is more comfortable than many of those ore 11 pied by the primsry schools It is at least free from thit dampness and w^i.t <>f ventilation which art prnv; jo des'rwrtive of t;<* health ?nd even iife * * ?- (ta r.ill I>nmn1?. Ul iLr iraturn i uo w uw? ment of 4--bolus. and more seeking than can obtain admission It It divided into six classes, which were examined Jn orthography, spelling, reading writing, lessens in dlctjtlon. In arithmetic. geography, and briefly in bn^iiiii gnui'inar and hittorv. interspersed with beautiful singing. In which all evidently take jrreat delight. The progress and proficiency manifested i n all these studies evinced that care and assiduity on the part of the instructress and good, order and attention on tbe part of the pupils for which this school is justly noted Tne exautination was conducted principally by Mr Miller, of tbe Second Distr; t, and their accomplished teacher, in the presence of a large number of the parents and young friends of tbe scholars: Mr. \\ ilsou, principal of the Se> ond Distrct School. and several other fc-arLers; Mr Daniel, who so eificienUy instructs tha schools in Tocal music, and a " local," who 1 embrace* the occasion" to express himself highly grstitlrd with all be saw and heard, cot ^ forgetting tbat goblet of refreshing lemonade. Primary No. 6, Second Dis rlct, Miss Laura Reed teacher was examined by Mr Fort, assisted bv Col Randolph, of tbe first district, and * * - I t1 ? ?... _ U # A V J>_. t . .ii. j r. i uiiiii^vii. iriimrr in itmriu ui?;rn:i chool The examination was attended by a considerable number of persons, parents and guar-, dians Several teachers were also present, and others Interested in tb:? raits* of education. This school has on the roll flfty-five pupils, of whom forty-four were present yesterday it may be proper here to *av that this s.hool has only >*en ( stitnted between four and five months It having become necewnry In the crowded condition of the primary schools of the second district to provide more extended accommodation* for the pupils, this school was created, and filled from the lower Classes of several schools In the district, which were full to overflowing; thns the progress ha* not, of course, b.-*en so marked as In other schools where the children have been under the care of one teacuer d'iriny the entire scholastic year The examination, however, indicated gre<?t assiduity n the pnrt of their Interesting and highly accomplished teacher during the short time they have been under her charge They answered very well, and in many instances with considerable intelligence to the numerous I liter n>vat:ons of the examiners in the various branches which they have studied, which embrace reading, spelling, writing from dictation, arithmetic, and geography The examiners expressed themselves highly pleased with the examples given by the pupils in reading and writing from dictation, as also in the ad:u: r i li'.e derxTtnieiit maltita.ned bv them during tie afternoon. The examination of the third junior department of primary No. I, Tblrd District, took place yesterday afternoon. This department of the school baa r>9 pupils on the roll, of wb?m 67 were present Toe st.jdifs in which they were examined are reading, spelling, writing from dictation, arithmetic, (mental and written,) geography, the rules for the use of capital letters, and the value oftbe punct arion marks, and the very creditable manner in which these little folks responded to tbe various questions propounded, is worthy of very great commendation, and evinces that their teacher, Miss Kmily N Tucker, has labored diligently with tbem Many of the pupils are among tbe youngest in our schools, aud at tbe com ttiencement of tu?* present term scarcely knew more taan the alphabet Miss Tucker was placed in charge of tbi- department of the school in September list, Laving beeu for three year* previous the sub-assistant of the lirst district, and well bag he proven worthy of tt.e confidence reposed In her having sUown an aptitude for teaching pxujsvil bybntfewfof her age. The examination wrts attended by ?^uit? a number of the parents of t'u<? pupils, Mr Hyde, of Georgetown, several tochers, and a number of Miss Tucker's former schoolmates, all of whom St"ined w-11 pleased with the exerc'ses At the close of lb* examination, which lasted four ho'irS. the pupils were stddrtf sed by the examining t-us?ee who expressed his g atificatlor at tbis evidence of the success of tbe pupils and their teacher; and In concluding. Introduced Mr Hyde, who made some remarks, in the course of which he expressed tbe pleasure b? had received from the visit. 3i^d encouraged the pupils to continue ms they bad begun iu climbing tbe bill of knowledge The deportment of the pupils during the whole tiiu*> was unexceptionable, an example whicti ou^bt to be followed hv miniv boys inn b old?*r man th?-m*rlvr"i who disturbed tb?- school by the* lor.d and rude noises at tbe wiuduvk-i and doors. We are requested Or tbos<wbo participated in this examination to suggest to the Chi??f of foltce to detail an officer to attend each of the examinations yet to be held who ran remain during the exercises, and not to go i.ff to --atu-nd to other business," aa was the caae yesterdiy. Primary No 5. first department. Third District, M.aa Sitronds. teacher, wa? examined by Mr Whyte. 5S acbolara are on the roll, of whom 4?" were on-sent; 7 being absent from sickness Tbe schoo. ia beid in the basement of New Jerusalem Church, Delaware avenue, and lacks that great requisite?a suitable playground The children were thoroughly examined iaa the u?ual I ranches taught in the primary schools, and acquitted theirselves very satisfactorily. At tbe elose Mr Whyte remarked that be ex trained this school in l^Srvwbeii it ? under th? charge of Mia* Hilton; It was at that time allowed to tie one of the heai school* in the city. an<l he could pay to scholars and teacher no higher compliment than by laying that be considered the school fully equal to what It was at that time Alderman Price,lu a short addres*. regretted U- set- so few of the parents of the children present The children sang with much spirit, ana their behavior throughout was very good. Officer Ashe was in attendance, consequently good order prevailed outside aa well as lsside tbe school. The Dixtkkt ij? Cukiui ?In tbe Sena'e mirrility. Mr Brown, from the Committee on the E)t*tr> t ol Columbia, to which wit referred House bill to autnoiize notaries public in tLt Diitrki ot Columbia to take acknowledgements I of deed* for tbe conveyance of real and personal estate therein, repoited it back without amendment. and reco nmeuded its fqistge. Alio, from tbe aame committee, reported luck Houae bill t-> authorize di vor?-es in tbe Dlatrii t of Columbia aud for other purpcaea, without am^nda'ni and aaked ita immediate consideration, Wblch waa a^rt-ed to. Mr Hemphill moved U> amend tbe bill by Inaerttng in tbe aecond line, after the word "luna fiTtf ny other caiiae.'' so that tbe section would read "that upon the dissolution of a marriage on account of the lunacy or for any other cauae of eitner party at the time of auch marriage, tbetaaoeofthe marriageaball be deemed to be legitimate "4c. Mr Brown thought tbe bill su91cleutly guarded and the amendment unnecessary Mr Uauilin r?id tbe bill bad been very carefully considered in tbe committee, and to amend It at tula late *t*?e of tbe aeaalon would jeopard lis passage, ana appealed to tbe Senator from Teiti not to pre** bis amendment Mr Hemphill uudtr tboae circumstances would withdraw uu amendment, having no disposition to prejudice tbe biU, but be still thought It would be Improved by the amendment The bill was'then p-*s?-d Piil? I ' Aoiis ?Tbe muddy drpoiitfi on tbe corner* of streets intersecting with tbe Avenue have been piled up ready for removal as soon a* visitor* in \\ asumgton have become tired of admiring tbe eiirrgy with wbicb tbe preservation of tbe clean I nets of this thoroughfare U looked to now-a-dsys if anotber rain comet sod spreads tbeiu out over the pavemenU ?nd Hoggings agaiu. it will make out little difference. as tney ? an soon be piled up a^ai? Tub Lom ?*iwi ?Mr. Win. P Mohun, ??. sis tan ( of Dr Hi ike. Commissioner of P.ibllc Bmiidings this morning commenced srrangemenu for removing tbe wreck of tbe southern pier of tbe Bridge for the purpose of reconstructing thai Impo-tant thoroughfare No time. It is aa:d w. 1 be lost in erecting srough but safe ftier over w leh vehicles may puss and repass. probably two weeks 8cu ?>l Ki^kisxtioxs To-nuiiow ?The following. i" bonis will be mmloMi tn.mnrr?u' l>? I the tab board* of the respective districts?the ex mbisuUoih commencing at 2 o'clock d m First department of male primary, first dis'rict, Mrs H od:f-r 'ud Mits Robinson Second district, msie prirn-trv, Mn B./elow Thl'd dlstrtct. male priu. .ry. M u Moss Fourth district, first deperuorMt 9t m?.? primary. Mr Edson Tib Couru <r:?TA*T Kxcvbmos to the White House PivtilM OM Monday evening next by the trim r I'ben.x present* a fine opportunity for ?u,ey>ii*at. lad nrlll nod iutrt hewelt patron17-d 9?e wlvrru ietuent in another column tor pjrticuU's. and b?-*r in mind that tickets caa only bt obtained of the committer - 5- i ' V '* Z* t&f A.1KFAL RlPOKT or TBI MaNASIBS Of TH 1 Wa??ik<jtoji Citt ?At tbeMBiTfi*>ry n.eettng of tbe Society, ou Monday evening. a report of wbicb we gave v**t**rday, tbt account of Col Michael Nourse, the treasures, was presented and referred to an auoi 11.j? loinmittee, consisting of Messrs Jo*. A. Uecble. Samuel Fowler, and Dr R Johnson A brief summary of the annual report of th? Board of Managers wis read by Mr M H Miller the Secretary, from which the following fa:h appear . 1 Rtla iv to the Tremtwy ?The resources, including a balance from previous rtport of $37 JO have been? From subscri ptlons and donations ... ?4?> 3 t'- - - m ?* ?_ I rm^ . a v** nuai Mirs oi uioics ana itiiaineiiis wi .* C70 H| Of this amount 7 > have lieen transmitted tc the American Bible Society; #75 have been paid a* ronipei:sation t?> the Depo*itorv; #37 50 to i collecting spent; and H4 eS> for freight and advertising; leaving in the treaaury a balance of *2 75 "2 Relative to th' D*f otitory ?The number ol vol<ime* In th# Depository at the commencement of the year was 171) Biblea and 657 Testament*, ol the value ofW^ 74 There have alnce been purchased 40-2 Bibles and 584 Testaments, rotting #4"1 71 Tne iMj.'t from the Depository dtring the earne period have been, by *ale, 3-.?5 Bible* and 4?t Testament*, amounting to 8424 14, and by pratnitou* distribution, 6o Bible* and 113 Testament*. of the value of $34 51; leaving In the Depository 471 Bible* and 724 Testaments, of the viue, at the regular fixed telling price, of 1154 HO. 3. Donation* ?-Donations of Bibles and Testament* have Wen made, ou specific applications, to various Sabbath schools to tbe citv rtrlson. to the Waihinyton Asylum, (poor bouse,) and to boats and boatmeu, an aggregate of 49 toibies and 72 Testainenfa. On motion of the Rev. B. F. Bittinger. of tbe Seventh street Presbyterian Church, it was resolved that tbe report, an abstract of which has just been presentea. be printed, under the supervision of the Board of Managers. Ciimisu CotrST ?Ywt^idiy, after our report closed. William Richards was tried and convicted of stealing a pig from Jobn Keefe. He was sentenced to nine months in jail and a fine of SI. John Fahy. also charged with stealing a pig fr.?m Mr Keefe. wa? tried and found guilty as indicted Sentence ume as in the above case To-day ?Marrian Ward was placed on trial for stealing a boat worth 830, from Mr. John Benjamin of (ieor?etown This is one of th? cases developed last fall, bv officers Harrover, Reynolds and Arnold, in which the two Marrvmsna a m?n named ('lark, and another named Lock, together with Ward aDd ctbers, were discovered to have br-en engaged in e serif* of larccniea, burglaries, etr , during a long time, which were brought to li^ht bv the confession* of Locke, as a States' wi'11 ess. The case was pending wheu our report Closed A Oa motion of Mr Swann, Wm McNalfc'Krq., late of California, was admitted as an Attorney to this Court Ed;toh Star : An article signed "Justice." in an evening paper, yesterday, is rather premature and in fact appears to bean attempt to forestall public opinion, lest ' ladies'" should complain of what they siw enacted by the watch on laat Sun day nitiht. JuaUce reveals the fact that a "drunken Dutchman" stood in front of a boarding-bouse on Missouri avenue, "where ladies were engaged in s'liging sacred songs, and trying bis best to joiu in, but, in fact, too drunk to keep time '" The watchmen cautiomd and started him home, when he made such a nois* that it became their duty to take him, which they found a hard job; for be got on bis back, and kicked tbem on the head, breast and lets: and fnr ?K?l? ? ? tb*y had to rele*M their hold They, however, succeeded in dragging him along " This is the glowing description "Justice"' gives of the affair; and he also makes it known that "the ladies'' abused the watchmen f >r tb<-1 r pains, exclaiming ' Horrid wretches! let him go this minute.'' &< Justice*'say* he never kn?-w hefore what the watchmen Lad to contend with; but he seems to belie this assertion,when he declares these watchmen to be the same in?n who captured the "certain thief " He seems to be pretty well posted in the acts of the**- men The whole style aud tenor of the article indicates the writing or dictation of some one connected with the police, and its object s?en:S to be purely to prevent the effect which a complaint from lady witnesses might have on the piioiic mind It is a comment unfavorable to the efficiency of the police, that one drunken Dutchman ' could lav down on his back and make all the men who captured the "certain thie-f" leav-' i?H ?1?" * ? ,>un >unr irpaimeni ol a prisoner was such a* to call for the demand. "Let n'.m go this minute!" from a timid female 1* "Justice" connected with the Guard' June 19, ifetfu. QmRo Em to a Stab?Sir: Well-founded complaints were made previous to the late city election of th?- bftd condition of the streets, but If they were bad then, the/ are much worse now A few days previous to the election large numbers of men were ?et to wtrk opening the trenches for water pipes in a number of streets. It is said by direction of the Mayor, for tbe purpose of securing their votes; he is said to be re-elected, and not a man has be?n seen on these works sluce. The streets are obstructed by these open trenches, with a pile of dirt on one side and the Iron pipes on the other, making them almost impassable for vehicles of all kinds, and endanger ing life and limb by day and night. I, as a citizen and tax-paye', should like to know how long this state of things is to exist. At this t ine there are people from all part* of the I'aion and "all the rest of mankind," visiting the Seat of Government, and what a scandalous condition do they fln4 it in? if any of these visltgrs, having ample fortunes, should have an idea cf making this their place of residence, would they not deterred tt?erefrom by the evident Incapacity of our authorities to manage the affairs of tbe city. I know the blame is attempted to be cajt on the contractor, but who Is to blame for having such a contractor? I second the motion of "PropertyHolder," that the city iharter be rescinded a VilTUlU *' - ...... . ?T4?U tlOLDIK Moctal?The citizen# and strangers In Washington have Wen favored this season with ui m -rous concerto, sacred and secnlar, vocal ai.d instrumental. Many of theui were produced by Washington professors and am.iteurs exclusively, and clearly indicated what uujfbt be dune t>y the prof 'ssura and :auateur* of \\ ashington, if thev would combine and cooperate But all the efforts to effect a substantial general organization have failed to succeed hitherto, and this season we tli<d the (insert dividing into chorus parties. ^le< elula, and social (tiartette partes This may provoke a livalry and tend to develop mucu mi?i a! talent in individuals; but if, without deairoymg thoiie assoc lations, a general organization cju:d oe ' fl-cled, they might be productive uf general good lint if the musical talent of Wathirtyton cannot combine, we may expect to Lear, from several talented companies, excellent perf .rujnii' ts during the autumn and winter of I'JdO t loaks, Maxiilla*, Ac ?TLe ladles will percei"e bv ManriU'i Mil?* ?- " s ? ? ? wi ( cukui in aiioiuer column of to-day's Stnr that they are now filing oft their exit:re assortment of ladies' mantillas, lace points and shawls, (ilk cloaks, dusters, radians, prruv burnous and suits, &c . Ar, , st prime cost for cash. They say they are determined not to be undersold, and not to carry any of these goods over the season, consequently great bargains may be expected Thev have devoted miirfa time and attention to the ladies' cloak and mantilla trade. Their second storv is occupied exclusively by that department of their business, and tbey deserve what they enjoy?viz : the liberal patronage of the ladies Folly Committkd?The colored girl. Elizabeth Davis, arf.ated yesterday morning for the larceny of certain goods belonging to S De Camp, , had a furtner hearing before Justice Cooper and wjs dually committed for trial at the Criminal Court. The goods recovered were Identified, and at the lowest assessment that could be made, the value exceeds the amount necessary to m:tke it a grand larceny The loss of Mr De Camp has been over a hundred dollars. Officer Chlpley also arrested another colored girl for similar larcenies frdm Mr DeCamp She was held to ball for her appearance at Court. Both the prisoners h d been employed as servants In the r?milv of Mr iJe camp.and It would *?-em from the amount of good* recovered and the list of articles missing, that a system of robbery has been carried on for months, by which Mr. lie C was victimized craokor 9tiaiih? i Hoe?Tbla morning, a colored man who drives bogs for dealers in thl? District, wai arrested by two meu in the vicinity of Swampoodlr, for stealing a bog They took him as far as the City Hall and turned bim over 11 Policeman Ginnity, who took bim before Squire Doun, wbo, after bearing the testimony of tue men wbo arrested him,committed him 10 jail. Tue man gave bis name as John Baptist. Mr V. Willett said that the prisoner bad been employed as a driver for several years, and had never Known him to be charged with taking ?p other than the bogs In his charge. He says that the hot; gotintd his drove as be r>asaed along, and without scattering Uis drove he could not get th? bog oat. Tax follow mo pioouhmi forms part of the f??ival at st A toys! us. on Thursday evening next, at 7 o'clock Gaudramus, quartette? Diabel 11; Jubilate Deo, solo and chorus?Dlatoelll; 'Tan turn Ergo'' quartette?Thunder; " Grstias aglmua tibi," soprano ?olo, with dute obligate, "To Deum," grand chorus?Fmerlg; "The Heavens are telling," from Orotario of the Crertion Panegyrie of ?t Aloyslus wtu be delivered by Kev. 8. A. Police Matters Junta Clark ?J?. A. v* Ik was accused of disorderly behavior in lb* Or,trr market bouse Fine ?nd costs, fU '-J9 Jtmn Davis, accused of throwing atones in tb? public streets, was lacd f 1 ic James Butler (frss nsyro.) oat tltsr hours Pined f I 38 | * * ' . j m : '* i [commc jicated '-Thkkk m Dun m m Pot," mi so Prophkt F.liuha to stat it ?A communication ; appears in the Intelligenet* of the 19th inst . with i tue above heading, and the signature of "Nidi." In that effusion your cofrespondeat betrays a , most abject ignorance of the subject on which he treat*. which would have been unsuspected > bad he refrai aed from betraying it in so foolish , a manner The statements tberein cent-l ied are i ca eiiatei to misguide the unwary, and to do u?, <? uur 01 a ciasa mereiM reierreu u>, a se rlous Injustice which I hope you will allow , me to correct, lie says that the gardener* are uaiag ordure from the city. In its crudest coodl) tton. for the cultivation of vegetables aud even ' strawberries. Allow me to state that the whole - of the above statement of Vidi's is uutrue The I success of the use and application of town sewer> age as a manure is a great fai t, but this manure I must undergo a material change before it comes i in contact with the vegetable productions whose growth it Is to promote It must be deodorized If this change a d uot take place, the tff would be the total frustration of the desired end Befoie It is applied to the soil, it is collected in large earthy tanks, and carefully covered from the a r, so that as small an amount of exhalation shall take place as posaible. Here it continues until a complete change has taken place in the mas', and what ortore was moat injurious has lifcome uiost necessary to the vitality of vegetable produce We may be more nice than wise in this matter. The time is gone by for false delicacy; we mist en tertain the great Right-soli question. TheChinese would be starved did they follow our example; but that wise people econouiiae with care that upon which they alone depend for the reproduction of their food It ia a fact, also, that the smelling gases are seldom the most poisonous "Vldi"' says that vegetables and fruit produced from land whet* thia manure ia used are "evidenced by their large dimensions " Thia is true; but why, therefore, they should not be 4ifit to be eaten by man or beast, ' it would puzzle wiser men than Vidi to demonstrate. When a man makes au>er uons 11 Ke tties*' referred to he ?hould accompany them with proof. A critic should be just if be means to be respected, but here we have the most Injur ous Imputations without an iota of proof If, wheu referring to fruit, instead of saying of ' strong taste," Vidi had said of full flavor, he would have conveyed a more correct Impression to the mind* of his readers. But it is scarcely to be presumed that Vidi is aware that the variety of a fruit may be and la the cause of a great dissimilarity of flavor. Here he shows his complete ignorance. The variety of fruit referred to bv him is naturallv of full and delicious flivor, and quite dittWent from the kind it may hitherto have been the habit of Vidi either grow or taste But why, from the fict of fruit being large and of full flavor, it should l>e. Vidi in his conceit undertakes to say, " unhealthy In the highest degree," &c . is too absurd to require contradiction; yet an assorts oil like this is advanced without the ri'ghu-st corroborative testimony, and totally unsupported sive by the word of Vidi. At the close Le pre dicta an awful calamity if the ' evil" be ?<< remedied Now, I think, if, instead of endeavoring to Check the use of this manure, he had adopted the contrary course, he would have done more to prevent a catastrophe like the one be fears will take place; he would have promoted drainage audita more speedy removal from the localities and repositories where the manure is allowed to collect, and in which condition and locality It is alone injurious to the human race. 1 must now apologize for occupying ao much of your valuable space. My desire is solely tc prevent the public from putting faith in the unfounded and unwarr iut>-(l assertions referred to. A Market Gardknhb of for r y-thr hf. yea us* standing ik thk district Washixotox, June 19. ISM. Thk City Impkovemkxts.?Private improvements are still Drowressiii.' in <>" ?' ? i. m 0 ^ ... WOI ^l>] , UUk HI su~b aumben ai to gi ve employment to tbe host of laboring men who have recently come to tlie city with expectations that cannot be realized Tbe churches now in course of improvement will not be completed till late in tbe summer The Colonization Society building and similar improvements already begun will progress steadily but not too rapidly, as it is desirable that those structures shall be substantially constructed, and not slighted, as work which is hurried generally proves to be. Thiodoh's Museum or Arts ?A* Odd Fellows' Hall, this evening, for the first time in th's city, will be shown the town of Tangier, with it* old Moorish walls and batteries The City of Rome, Cathedral of St Peter, the Vatican, Castle of the Inquisition, Bridge i.f St. Angelo, River Tiber, Must of Cocaigne, Washington and his Generals, the Rope Vaulter, Storm at Sea. and the Leviathan ship Great (Eastern will be otl'e ed ev> ry evening during the week, and on Saturday afternoon Thk National Rtfi es of this citv. it is said mve accepted the invitation of a wealthy farmer, an honorary member of tUe company, li\rtn? near Upper Marlboro, Prince George's county. Md . to spend the approaching national anniversary at his farm. It is -said the Rides will leave here on the evening of July 3d Fuoitivbi.?During a week past several slaves, belonging to various persons in the adjoining counties of Maryland and Virginia, have run off; and the expt rtt in the business of recovering fugitives have been busily employed seeking for them, but as yet without success that we heard of. Fox CncuT ?A colored girl wis arrested last nlgbt for larceny of a clock front a bouse on Ninth street, and was taken to the guard-house This morning sh? was tent to jail. Sp* Mr Chandt.kk'k advketi*kxk<?t of Japa- J new goods in another column. OXYRFIAVBD HITTK*.-. From th? Itioton Daiiv Kvenuu Traveler. T?> L>y*pkptics ?We would call the attention of th>>?e who are afflicted with tliii t mble complaint to a remedy, which, from trie modest way it# merits i are ?et forward, might be overlooked by many. It afford-! great relief, antl is, in almost every inxtan?e, a certain cur". W e allude to the Ot-jk-natfti F.ii [? *,soi>i i.j Messrs. 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Sold by all Druggists everywhere, ma lH-3ia Ltor'* Magnetic I>??ct Powder Exterminates Bed Biik*, Koache*. Ticks, Aiit?, Garden injects, &e. It t? n t a i n s ho P a ? ? ? I.YON's Mauaktic PILL* Are CeiUtia Death to Flat* and Mice. bold everywhere. ap 9 3m UoMKoFATHIC K KM fclH KS All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s xpecific Homeopathic Remedies put up exprepaly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and ji cuut* each. AUo, in canes, containing 20 vial?, from $4 to %' < each, with book of full directions. For mle F>y /. 1). Oilman. sAO Pa. avenue, wholesale ana r< tall ajfnt: W. A FitzireraM, 3.53 north F street: alao by F. B. Winter, north corner oi K street and V?*rinoi t avenue. AUo, Pim/i* Ertrtirt nf Wiuk I"f internal and external inflammations at Ail kind*. Sold as_a!>ove. ma!) ly Uarky's TmiCf.PHSRoug ia the b??t and cheapest article for Dreaainf. Beau tifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preaerving and Re storing tlie Hitir. 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FRANCIS LEVI, tied two montha, non of tatha ine and Wm. Chambers. * On the 20tn instant, Mra SARAH AL8TKN, in tiiB 5?tti vtir o I her ftki. Her fua#ral will take placo on Thu radar, Slat ia*tant. at 12 o'clock, Ironittia Waahingtoa Infirmary . Har inanda and thoa? of h?r brother (Geo. W. I Brsy)Bre reefeettwly reiewtedtaeHeed. * * ' .. ; f * *' ?1 * * w ' 0 | THE LATEST NEWS telegraphic. DEMOCRATIC HATI6UL C01TEJT10*. SECOND DAY Bat.t hoe*. June 19 ?The Convention wii calltvi to order soon after ten o'clock Th* reading of the journal vraa disper.sed with The jiHstion pending being ou ordering the 1 previous question on the several motions reapeitlug the admission of delegates? Mr. Church of N Y.. asked consent to make a propos.t on to the convention ealculate^to har- I tst.ui i*u # W .. ti_? * ? * .uc pcuuiug tuuiiuns ana arrange lit a 1 friendly manner the question of the admission of delegates Cries of ''Hear him. bear him," and unanimous coi.s?nt ws? given Mr Church continued?On consultation with the gentleman froin Pennsylvania (Mr Gilmer) ; an arrangement has been agreed on, honorable to both parties, which he hoped would meet the concurrence of ILe Convention It was proposed that Mr Gllner should withdraw his amend mem. U1 that Mr Church should withdraw the latter portion of his amendment. leaving only before theConvention that portion referring tothe Committee on Credentials the claims of all delfgatt* applying for seats in the Convention. [Applause and cries of Agreed, agreed "1 The President?The Chair would Inform the geutleman from New \ >>rk that, as the call for the previous question has been seconded, the action lie desires can only be reached by the Convention refusing to order the previous question or by unanimous cousent to suspend the rules under which the Convent.on is acting Mr. Church?Then 1 ask the unanimous con sent or the Convention. Cries of "Granted,'' "Granted V The President ?The Chair will understand consent ?o be given to modify the resolution* as proposed. Mr. Gilmer.?In pursuance of this agreement, then, I now withdraw iny amendment. Mr. Church.?And 1 withdraw the Utter portion of my proposition, and oflVr as an amendment iu Its place the following : Resolrtd, That the credentials of all persons claiming seats in this Convention made v.v ant by the secession of delegates at Charleston be referred to the Committee, which is hereby lnstrncted, as saon as practicable, to examine the same and report the names of the persons entitled to such seats Mr Sibley, of Minn . said a controversy ex Utod in the Minnesota delegation, aud he desired to know tf that also would be referred to the committee. .Mr. Church understood that the resolution he hnd otlVred was already adopted by the Convention. If not, he hoped It would be allowed to be put without any embarrassment. A discussion Lad already been had, and to introduce other issues would only re-open It. He moved the previons (juration Mr. Cochrane rose to a point of order. The Convention had agreed to allow Mr Gilmer to withdraw his amendment, and Mr. Church to modify his proposition. This having been done the question must recur on ordering the previous question, which has already been called and seconded. The President decided that such was the position of the aneatimi. surf " " _ j ?" *?ai lUt .111HuesoU case would be decided by the Convention at the proper time He explained the error he had innd'i in stating yesterday that the proceedings of the Florida Convention hud been placed officially In Uis hands The proceeding were only intended fur hi* private information Mr. Fenny, of Del , had consent to explain that the application of Ins colleague, Mr. Saulsbury, yesterday for ttie a.1mi*sion of dtlejjates to tut hoor had only been intended to apply to those delegates who remained with the convention at Charleston, and not to the socedtrs Mr McCook, of Ohio, moved to adjourn Mr. Fhillips. of Fa , moved that wtien the Convention adjourns it be till 5 p ui. Mr Montgomery, of Fa , said that some contest existed overs in the Massacbustltsdelegation, which had better be setued at once. The motion to adjour.i was withdrawn, and. after some debate. U. I* Hallett, of Ma?4 , explained that he bad been absent from the Charleston Convention, and had appointed a substitute He uow reclaimed his seat, but his substitute believed he had a right to retain it After discussion, this case, together with those In the Arkansas and Minnesota delegations, were ruerreu wi me i-ORimitle The commute*- on credentials la now constitntedas follows,somechanges having been made C D. Jameson. Maine; A F. Hughes, N H.; Stephen Thomas. Vt ; Oliver Stevens, Mass ; Geo H Browa, R I ; J as. Gallagher, Conn ; Delos L)e Wolfe. S. V.; A R Spear. N.J; H M Forth, Pa.: W S Oittings. Ma ; E. W Hubbard, V'a ; R. R Bridges, N. 0 ; B. F Perry. S C ; Jas P Steadman, O ; W. H Carrol, Tenn ; S. A. Hail, Ind ; W J Allen, 111 ; John M Krum, Mo.; Benj Follet, Mich; D. O. Finch, Iowa; P H Small, Wis ; H H.Sibley, Minn ; J. H Beverly. Del ; Isaac J . Stevens, Oregon; G H Morrow. Ky ; I) S. Gregory, Cal. Mr Phillips then renewed his motion for a recess till live o'clock Mr Mcfookr cf Ohio, demanded a vote by States, and the Convention, by a vate of lso to 06, s -J; ?4:1 - - a^ircu iu aujuuru 11II III .) p 1X1. Evening S'snon ?The Convention re-assembled at a o'clock The attendance of spectators w.ts larger than at any previous sitting The dr.-ts rcle was well tilled with ladies, and the house presented altogether a line appearance Alter considerable discussion about the iiinde of admittiug members upon the floor. Ac . and a statement by the Pre?'dtut on the subject, the Committee on Credentials not bein^ ready t. report, Mr Stewart, of Mich , moved to adjourn until lu o'clock to-day, which motion vras agreed to After the adjournment of the Convention loud rries were maue lor Mr., of Va . who was one of the Charleston sereders. and also one of the Viae Presidents of tbe Richmond Convention, but bas been allowed to resume bi* seat in tbe Convention without bis right being questioned He responded briefly to tbe rail, and said that he regarded the fart of his having seceded at Charleston as one of the proudest acts of his life He could not have died with a clear conscience Lad be have remained [Laughter.] He, however, was devoted to the Constitution and tbe Union He thanked the Convention for tbe honor done him. and sat down amid shouts of laughter. Marshal Kynders, of N V , was alg? loudly railed for. and said he would announce to them to-morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock, the name of the next President of the United States [Cries of "name him now, don't keep the secret to you: elf.'"] Col. , of Ala-, au eccentric old geutleman, with a flaming red v??t, then amused tbe audience for a few minutes, proclaiming himself as an admirer of Tht>s. Jefferson and Gen Jackaon. Ae kept tbe house in a roar of laughter for sometime, me crowaea uress circle of lad;es enjoying the scene very much A heavy shower of rain kept the vast crowd of upectato.-s and delegates from dispersing, .-iid the amusement was sept up until the lights wi re extinguished by the economical ?u;trinteiid?-,it of the bouse. THK CP KDK.NTI A L8 CoMMiTrKK. Immediately after the uUjouruiuent of the Convention in the morning, the Committee on Cre<l?n|1slk were called together by the Chairman, I Mr Krum, of Mo., and retired to their room. The Committee resolved that the rules of the Convention, so far as applicable, shall be the rules for government of the Committee, and further resolved that the contestants shall first have fifteen minutes allowed to state their claims, and tueir (knnAtiontc Iho *amfl in u 1 ~ '* _ ?..v. ... .wrfwtf. iiiriiiiK-ra OI tue Committee were to be couttned to tlve minutes earh. They also resolved that no case should be dcided upon until thecred. ntlals of all the States were examined They agreed to take up the cases in the following order:?1, Mississippi; S, Florida; 3. Tex**; 4. Arkansas; 5, Louisiana; 0. Alabama, 7, Georgia; 8, Delaware. After w rds States where individuil delegates are contested will be presented In tbe case of Mississippi a letter was received f om tbe Cb r eston sect ding delegates asking admittance. No contestants appeared Messrs Barry and Barksdale appeared and claimed seats, bring delegated to Baltimore, and I hiving come here In good faith, and desirous to 1 , make a nomination and a platform acceptable to the democratic party. Inquiry having been made under what authority tae Convention met which re-elected the delegates from Mississippi, Mr. Barry replied that the Chairman of the State Executive Committee, the only power possessing tne right to call Convention*. issued the call. A question wai asked, what course the delegates were instructed to pursue In case the ma | jority report should now be adopted. j Mr. Barry replied they had no instructions upon that point. The delegates came here with tlie hope tUat no contingency would arise to rauae them to go to Richmond. They wil} expect to make a nomination here. Mr Houston said they were accredited here by the only Convention which has been held in their Stite; that not even a mass meeting bad been beld in opposition to tiieir views, they represent the only true democracy of Misalsaippi. KM I X. a--* ' * * I miHiuippi, ciosea unaer the rule, will'not be : decided upon nntll all the OH) are beard The delegates from this State are W S. Barry, Chaa. Clark, E Barkadale, W 8 Wilton, A M Clavton, H Matthews, Bewljr Matthews, O F. I.ld1 dell, C G Armlstead. W. 8 Featherston, G . R. Davit, G. |i.Gordon, H.Chambers, Wirt Adams The other State* were then taken up In the or! der named, aad all examined late, and It was understood that the Alabama a ceding delegates refused to appear in person, tu? rely sending tbeir ; duly aathentirated credentials for tbe inspection of the committee. The Doaylas rontestiuts, hov a er. were preeaat, and urged tbeir claims i u? anernooa and evening iraaiou of the com* mittee waa held wttt cloaed doors, and we are \innble to aarriialn only 1 am outside ?t*U ment , wb*t conclusion tiiev bad coma to V was reported that tbey bad reaolved ia favor of adm'tt ting Miwipippi, wbo#e com regularly i* ? * ' ' " delegated to Baltimore wltbout ronteatanta. and to reject the deJegmtee from Florida and Texaa The delegates from Florid* were tent to Richmond, bat wert not authorized to come to Baltimore, and were without credential* In the im of Texas there had been bo Convention held since the adjournment of the Charleston Convention. bcnce/the delegatw were regarded & having no juthoritv to a* FtfUI 1> IHK CoKMlTTES ROO* The Arktcui >-? ? wai taken up and presented br Colonel Hiudtnan. of Helena. Ark., from he Charleston wording delegates, and by Mr Hooper of Madison, from tae contestants During Col Hladman's remarks be designated tU? convention held nt Madison. where the contestant* were appoints! at a umoa meeting, ai>d aid that not more than oue hundred and Iftr person* were present, and that they were not all ;tltens of the State In the course of Mr. Hooper's reply he pointed twice or thrice at Col Hindman with bis fluger. and alluded to him as' that man ' in what Col Hlndman considered an insulting manner Col Hindtnan struck or threw bis band ka*tIt 1 ? - | .?.J, WW uroiiT HMI? uru li 1B QNd flOOp^r then proceeded to uy that the statement made by | "that man respecting the Mad ton meeting ?n ' false ? unqualifiedly false " Col H Immediate ly stepped in front of Mr Hooper and struck him lii the face quite a Lard Mow. and thru instantly stepping back drew a pistol from the pocket of bis pantaloons Mr Hooper also made* movement as if preparing to draw some weapon; bnt the friends of Col Hindman immediately surrounded him and told him that he bad gone far enough, preventing him from using bis pistol Col. Hindman ano'.cgJred to the committee for the violence, and Mr. Hooper gave no further indication of retaliation, apparentlv satisfied that tUe afl'air had been driven to a point where a bos tile meeting must ensue. A duel between th? parlies may be ex|<e- t?-?l. but will probably be delayed until the Convention adjourns. Axothrr Personal DirrirrLtT. A personal difficulty has occurred between two members of the Virginia delegation, which has l?d to a hostile message. Mr Pryor, as the friend of on* of the parties. was In Baltimore VMterday.but we understand that efforts are being mide to bring about an adjustment, and 11 is believed tbey will be successful. .The affair It i* said, grows out of the Douglas controversy. dehosst*atiox is moxvmkmt a?e After the Convention adjourmd the Douglas wing of the Democracy assembled In front ?f lion Reverdy Johnson's bouse, and led oft 1-y introducing Air. Vallandlgham, of Ohio, wbo proceeded at length to advocate tbe claim* of Judge Douglas upon tbe Democracy and particularly upon the Southern portion of it Tbe Judge, he thought, here the cloak of tbe immortal Jackson Mr. .Mitchell, of Pa , also advocated the claims of the Little Giant During his speech, Mr Hogan. of Ky., an anti-Douglas man, commenced ati o- t oil 011 the balcony cf tbe ( ilous< This. for a moment created some commotion, and the crowd became separated into two distinct Tactions TUe gentleman from Pennsylvania continued, as alfo the one from Kentucky, and, as may Ik readiiv imagined, there was a considerable difference of opinion between them Ti.ev we-e alternately luteirupted by applause and groans, but botii held to their positUus. At this point tnere were loud cries for Mr Yanoy. of Ala., which were only quelled by informal on from the balcony of the Gilmer House that that gentleman would be uuab.e to speak I he Louglas nitn se:??d the opportunity to create a diversion in their favor,and intr.duced Mr Logan, of !U. That gentleman was convinced that J>:dge l>0'.iglaa Whs ttje only nun who could I pjsribly save tue country in the present crises, a:id c ontinued at length to eulogise the character or bit favorite lie also reviewed tha courae of Air. Yancy, and evidently vrus nut an admirer of the political antecedents cf that gentleman. Durin* the nl>ore gentleman a address, Mr. Scutt. of A!a , from the balcony of the <?iltnnr House. win ex|<Utai 11/ to hia wing of the party what constituted the proper course of the Democritic party of the country. Mr vValk^r. of Ala . also addressed the audience from the balcony of the liilaior House, and occupied considerable tiHie Id explaniug the true iuteresis of the South. and tuat of the Democratic |?? 'V Tue Douglas party in tbe meantime introduced Mr Muomo, of Ohio. who, surrounded by Lis friends on tu? ?tf(> of the house of the Hon. Reverdv Jo\nson, esrntstly ?dvocat*d the claims of Judx? I k>111?!"ta He spoke In a clear and forcible manner and was listened to with marked intention Mr Fisher, of Va . who caused a debate In tbe Convention during the afternoon, spoke from tbe Uilmor House His rtm*rks. however, could scarcely be beard, owin# to tbe noise prevailing from rival speakers on tbe steps of the djoiniiig uo. se Both ptrtieakept up their spe->klu|(, ai d weie al'er.tatelv* cheertil by their d.fliTeut con stituenta The SDeakinw was ker?t nr. tm ?>? -Q r - ? f MCttllJ o'clock, both sections being ably represented In fact it appeared to th?? casual observer a* if ttie iprakm wne undergoing a test of the power of their lungs. but little of tb>*ir arguments o.ild :> > beard ovrin^ to tut noise md confusion prevailing At one time a Douglas man boldly Invad d the balcony of the tiilmor House and propts-'d three cheers for Douglas His opponents, bowever. promptly suppresst>d this Invasion and introduced a new speaker, Loud calls were continually made for ' Yancey,'' but that gentleman not appearing, finally, the crowd, wearied with the fatigue of the evening departed for their respective homes THIRD DAY'9 PROCEEDINGS Haltimokf, June JU ?The Convention Rift, but the committer not ready to report, an adjournment was eflec ed till 5pm It'.a now certain that there will be a break in the Convention on the admiaiion of the Dougiaa delegates from Louisiana The following deleghte* are aaid to be p'edged to go out: 'ti from Virginia, - from North Carolina, 3 from Tennessee, 10 from Pennsylvania, under the lead <>f Senator Hitler. 8 from Maaaichuart'a. including Caleb Cusbin^. and Hi from N. Y.. probably. These will be no secession from Kentucky and Maryland SPECIAL DISPATCHES rO-. i.l *vi -? * - ? |c?pe*iai Q to tDe Star. J Bai.timokk, June $.? ?The t redentlau Coinni 1 lief it now exported to report at 5 p m , excluding seeders from Louisiana, Alabama, and rieorgi*. and admitting the bogus delegate* from those States also admitting the se.".ed'-rs from the r.-st ..f the South A minority report will recommend the admission of all the se< etl--rr. The NortiiWeat threatens New S orlr to secede if she does not sustain tee expected majority report. If she votes to ex lude an> seeeders, a majority of the original Ciiarleston Convention, including the speeders, will immediately meet here r nil iu<ke a platform and candidates the Ku umond Convention will item wfcn ma< Tit>. 1'hls majority will probably 1?<* composed of the South, all out eigi-t or ten el-x;toral vole*, sixteeftand-a-haif votes from Pennsylvania, a majority from New Jersey, six v.>tesfrom Ohio, three from Indiana, one and-a-ualf froin Minnesota, ait California and Oregon and half New Kuglaud at least Ureitliless excitement here just now. \V. D. W. [Special Dispatch to the N Y. Tribune ] liAXTiMOKK, J une IS), 9 a. in?The DoLas men are losing hope It grows hourly more evident that the} * ill be throttled New York will pat them on tne bark with one hand, and cut their throats with the other When this slmgLter ;s romplettd the tables will be turned aiid the revenues will begin. Kach side can wuip the other, and they mean to do it. r<ltuu>t>l ninut?l>ol. >.. w ? ? - i ^vv?** ut? w iur . i . r-vcning rost.j BtLTiMOki, June 19?It ia understood that New York stand* a? a unit in favor of admitting all the delegaV-a who aeceded at Charleston. It is believed that the committee will report favorably, and the report be adop'ed by a clow vote. Th?? ie*loua frienda of Douglas are desp< aduig Think hlacbanret are very slender, ?s It la evident tbat New York will desert him. 9eymour and Dlcklnaon are strongly urged in certain quarters a* acceptable to the South. The probability ia that aome pntlralv ??w n<? w? ?? _ , ? ... * .?? ?/T t/| VU^UI uui. Suehla the general a*-ntliii?-nt thi?morning From present appenreneea tbe Convention will get through withita work to morrow if the Committee 011 Credential* t'uould find time to report tbia afternoon. The elementa of the Committee on Credentiala are strongly Douglas hut it la believed tula will not prevent a favorable report Baltimosk, June 19, 1 t. m ?Mr. DcugUa ia undoubtedly beaten, and tbe rbitni ea now appear to favor a union upon Horatio Seymour, of New York. E(pl?iita-fiaakrr Hill Regatta, Bo?tox, June if;?A ?team-boiler of a?*tvborae power, connected with the Globe Mllla. in Newburyport. exploded tbla morning, nearly demolishing tbe boiler-house, but killing nobody At tbe Bnnker Hill Regmtte thla afternoon tb? flrat prize for alx and four-onred boaU waa won hv th? m f ' 1 ? ? j ? ..?.wv< iu tw?i *v?i iii>iiu?r? ?nu iflinpumv seconds?two mi lea The Ha'.de- wu rowed by tee Sophomor** crew, and the Thetis, which came la second, by the Harvard crew. The first price f>r shell wherries waa won by M 9. Smith; time, fifteen minutes and forty-two aeconda The Cm* ?f MaHta Tuitoi, N . J , June I? ?The Court of Pardons wt.l meet to-morrow, and hear the application of Jacob Harden, for a coonuttta of his sentence to death to imprison meat for life. Harden'a father and friends are hem. ___ fUTWOti, June ? ?floor closed steadr. no war a weei ana uiw Mills 93 50. Ohio is held it the ?u?. prl.e Wbmt clow* *1 S&.I 35; while ?140?l 36. Corn daJd m. t rt _ yellow 85*6? c , white 7U7fe. Pmndo.. gkeeA active %e*beayeat. Whiaky -'-ti! rtmli. ; . ? ' .. *-..-? ? i _ 4*J'v4 mv*4| fufM ti?*i TWO DAY! LATER FEOM ECRflPE trrtnl ( ikr I'alM New York. J uim- S) ?TLr steamship I a.trd Klagdom (*) from Southampton ea tb? Mh. ku arrived Lohpos. FrUUr.-There 111 Mr bus:Mas la wtast, at fall rate * LivnrooL. Friday ? CuMisJbM tan vaj lingsla OtsoA, June 3.?News from Sicily states that the uoilnUH^. * ' ' * pitted but that tbe term* art unkn?wa Tin King of NapUa baa invok* d tbe intorran tion of tbf great Power* to vuarantee tbe mtogrtj ty of bia dotn'ilnni H? more paittralaiiT claimed tbe mediation of tbe Freack Emiierar fcr be prrtfratioit of Welly. *o4 pron laed to BTO itm immediately tbe conit-.tution of IM lie alao reoueata tbe grant ^owm ta mpicj authority and influence to prevent Pled wart from favoring tbe Insurrection on tb? main iand of Naples Regarding tbe action of tbe groat Power*, trig iind waa tbe flrat to imwm Si* did not iatend to interfere in tae conflict, except, if ponaiUe. to atop tbe effusion of bljod bat tben not to aid# vr'th tber Tbeotbnr Powers gave a tiniiiar rrpif Naps I icon repuea muued ?Uly that uxilitloB *? only poaaible brtw^>n tfro Powfii. u4 uoleaa the Si [ oil an iniu ration waa oBctallr by Ni<pl?ui Pown, to rouli not undertake tto proposed mutation, l^fi Roa?U, how*Tac, protniaed to rfcooimwd to Piedmont not *o foment diaturbaarea in the Peniaaula?the poaar* a on of the kin? of Naplaa Kx ept A> a rla, who baa no diplomatic rata tlou. with Pit duu>nt the other great Power* wl t a t aliiillarly New Vorti Marktu !>'*w Yomi. June 90 - Flour la Ira. Stake SS.15aj 'iU, Ohio S.V.V?a5 ?U; Southern *5 Na.1 90 Wbent a tiuo\ant, western white SI 41 Car* is flrnr m i-d fiTlsfilr. Pork ia Urn nwa* SI7 <S* 1- ?? Lard !a firm at llfcall \c Whlakyelaaad Arm but active al tla?l \c. IT THK TIMES. HARVEY'S Fi.h and Ojatar Ex rre<?, arriving dail) from the North and South Witt he M lowing doiirnriea : FRESH SAi MON . CODFfRfL MACKEREL, SHKKPIIFAD. HALIBUT, TROI'T. SKA BASS, HOG FlfcH. SPOTS, BLACK Fl-H, rMl.okt Bl.l'E FISH. LOBSTFRS. HARD and SOFT CRAB*. CLAMS.dc. And a constant wuppiy ol Florida Reel OhEL.N 1I RTLE. and those fcn<? I?r*e Ltnnharer. Ha. SP1CEU OYSTERS a li p< raoaa will ftnd it tu t n?ir a I vantage to ?i ve ine ac? : h?lor? .... -- - ? - kM. l< I h*vS every bhowjty to Mil lower th*o"o*L Im> i.JVil in th* city. All or.lor* thankfully r<v??tv?d tnd Promptly d? livered to snv part of tti* city fr? of chant*. [>. p/vt?awl C ktreet. h*tVM* Ift'h and 11th. jc IS lm TV ?. HARVET, kjmt 512 SIGN PAINTING. 5)2 THE CHEAPEST AND BUST PLACE IN THE CITY TO GET PIGN8 PAINTED CALL ON H. W. HAMILTON, 41* SEVENTH STREET. SIS AND HE WILL TELL YOU WHY AND HOW HE CAN PAINT BittNS CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER ESTABLISHMENT I moo ?.-? i nr. UI V. N. B ?PART1CL LAK ATTENTION PAID TO HOUSE PAINTING. je7 2w BARGAINS! BARGAINS !! GREAT BARGAINS!!! Seventh street. a/-k<u?w!"dfed to b- the ch iml au.1 l???t place tn bur Clothi:f Furniahinf ??oods. ? *1 < *11*1 Cap*. Owin< to the scarcity rtf moa?i, SMITH, No. 46V 8eT*?tk ?L. oppowte the Post Office, lia? determined to sell hit goods 15 per emit. If ?* thin aiit otlier houM in town. Drop ib and sec our new supply of Sp-.n? and Sumimr Goods, at aKtoni?lur K l^'w prices H. Just received W doren of 10 cent NECK TlhS. inr If 5ou *ish to keep rorl. drop .r. sad boy o.n ?>f our ttun Summer *>r the Patent RrversiMe Summer Coat, at SMITH'S, No. 4t>0 Seventh st.. opposite post Office. |jy A iarite lot of tne Gents' Shirts and Collars a* eery low prices, at No. 4b?# bevtath st, opposite Post OffiM The Ril>bon Tie, Yaio T.e, Aurora Tie,and ah Horti of N?k Ties, ?t one-hall the ueua. prices, at S.M Til"!*. No. 4?<i st. e 14-lBi MaYNAHD'S BREECH-LOADING RIFLES A?D 9 HOT GlJIfS. Per Miistf. 15 Keaads Sure at l.OOO Yards Weight ealy 6 Psiada. For aaio by H SEMKI1, Aft*: for thi Maynard A*ms Compmmt, JT?thine.on City. RE< 0XHEDA.I10XS. l. em <?m - 'TT sa.d "1 thi? it.? :h? iro*. bwtutifu. pira? of rn*chan.err, | ever saw." A. M Hall, K?<j , Mwtr Armrrtr itt tee L'. S Aimori at Ha'per'a Farry, aaya' **I baiere it U> be (he bkst- the vibi u<i t>rae?h-lo*din< arrr. in ths world." H. H. LockWQOft Era., Profaaaor of Fiatd Art., leiy and icfautrj Tactica, at the U.S. >ava: Aca?*my ia ArapoUe, u)> "I have gov no heaitation i ' pronouncing the Maynard the m ??T re mark able riM? ] have ya? eeaa, and, aa asch, w?n worthy t.'.e patrouaceof IM GuvwrnaMnt Md ti.e public." Hon flowiLi Cob?. Secretary of tha Traaaurr, ay*' "Siuce tl?f'utroduciion nf -? - - Cutter Servieee. it has met with onqnalited appro tatiou. and the Department now l\.kei m?cr. p ??'ur? in bearing testimony to its *T"*t ae?f riority over ail other email arir>s heretofore tarnished it." Ed. Siabilr, Em, , Harcwoort, Md., ur? "If ir.j hnntm* data were to be (rone over agate, Uir?n? times the oo*t o"e'd not irduoe me to di'Mnse with a Matnard Kills " Cyrts Bbadi.t, Cooperei wn, N. Y.. says, "For a i hunting purposes, I unr.ehitatir.giy five sours the pr<-fer?nes ov*r all (?ni I have ever known " F. W. C*oii, Esq , l.otkport. N. *eare: **ln taot. I think tn<?j wiil shoot through anything t/?r a frozen hem ock." For information regardin^to^artn^sp?.y to Agent for the May nerd Arm* Company, ie 16 1 w Washington, P C. ON THE WATCH! ATTESTION ALL ' M'tii^rrt of Cimtr*** i* p*rticuimrs and CUtKtn* and St'Oittr." is tmrrml. Just received, direct from <?enet-a over one hundred \VATi"HF>. ; Itoiiirwl skillful artisans, and which will he ?old ttiM fr*at l*rgttu?. Wariantod to kUi >> ?iCum line. AI*o, a fine assoi lim-i.t of JEW ELk V^aTi to sold cheap.aud cure of givm* geueral aau? taction JNO. KULINSKI * CO.. je 15 Wt* SO< Pa av., t-etw. 9th aud 10th ?i? I^HE OPERA HAT. juet arrived, by axproat. at SMITH'S. SIMMER HATS and CAPS in abundance, a. SMITH'S Seventh *t. TRUNKS, fRUNk*, at SMITH'S. No 4?0 Seventh rt . opposite Port < >fli'-e S6 QtA. nrvn corporation Washington OUARTEIILT six per cent. STOCK for sale in iumi to ?uit pureha??rs. JAS. c. McGl IRE A CO.. i?U6t Aiict'rsand Comroian'P Merchant*. Daily stage link between washINGTON ilTV ?Vn ? ? i.lN'GTON * Mlf.i.S. ~orton?*ti"i with the Londoun and Hampmhire HAilrotd. Ittvc \Va?hin? ton at Ck o'eiook t. m Ptre 50 oenti. fUj* "4o? tt Mt.tii'i Fruklib Hotel, corner ?f Eighth and I) ?t? >eS-lm* JOHN H KELCHNER, Proyt. WGALT^ OOD AND COAL Or FICR ?? s Pa.. Av., Bitw Uth a. nr. 1*t* St?., North eule. Mill an 1 Wharf foot ol Seventeenth aC., man-tf Beioe-\*'ar PeyaHMet,: PNOT'CL ERSONg Deeiroai of hannc tfcau oUidraa *4 uoatari thoroarhlj t? tko Kngliik and ti?rmn l: :r aay^M? > fr^iiwwei. onO traft.abora Mr Rto?'? g r c>#ry. TWw|l Mr month. The term* and the manner la trfcjct they taa^h the ehiidren, make it one of the moat <leairabie echooi*in the erty- teHe' S Il.VER-PL.ATED ICE PITCHERS I hare jn?t raoeived a large lot of rery haaJsoroe (new etytee) ICE PITCH* KS. that I vtAaMTV ell at inuch lower ?r.p?-? thai. thej eaa m|K/ s;,wcK asraswSsF ,n"W ma 31 ? I MfoKTANT TO HOUSEEEEPERS. E. E. PUEEEER CO.t AB^H TEL^NJT} V R ^^TLV/VEk. butr round rrom^froyh^api o??,^ E. E. DVtUK* CO, a? l?> W.tT 1 ffl P^yT 1. N?wTy*. WOOD! ^ WOOD?w ^tt STOVE ud KINDLING WOOD.kttMlovNt poMftbte Prioe- w M GALT, ^ 7 a?8 Ps. sr^ betwwm lltt wd m^eu^ "* J

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