Newspaper of Evening Star, June 21, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 21, 1860 Page 1
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# (Ebmmg ?tar. V-- XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. J LINE 21. 1860. N9. 2.291. THE EV EW1NG ST At v ,# rVBU9BBP HFMKT AFTBR.IfOOI1, ("CNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAH HMLDIJIOa, * n 1- . ?* ? ? - * of i wmnrgivmmm axr*nu* ty M9.9 t 1 W. n. WALLACH. - ? - ^ . i P?ra?? served tg KoU<H hy aarrl?ra at 94 ? y?r, o; r ceiu p*r month. To null safari bar a t>? anoe ii #3J" a year, *n mdrmnf, ft for alx montn*. 91 for thrae months; and for .< ? thac thr*e montha at the rata of 13 cents a w?ek. Single o)iea. 05? cum, ia wrap>*rs, two cbnts. IFF Acv**TTnaj??^T? should foaaant to theoftoa efore 13 o-elook. m.; otharwiaa' they may not ay??a; on til the next day. OfE**Tio!i? or thi P*t*??t Owes ?The following ia a lut of patent* issued from U S Patent Oflire for the wetk ending June 12, INK)?each bearing that date: Thos J. Alexander, of Westerville, O.?For improvement in mechanism for starting sewingmfrhinr*. Win |] Aktns and Darius Babcock, of Dryden, N Y.?Kor improvement In machine for cleaning grain when fed to the mill, and cooling the millatones Nehemiah S Bean, of Mancheater, N. H ?For Improvement in pnmpa f 11 i) r* rA> i m ..... i n. Dm, ui umtiiiiiiu, w-? v" mijnuini claw-bar. Nelson W. Brewer, of Wllliamsport, Pa.?For Improvement lit selfloading fire-arms John Butler. of Brooklyn, N. Y ?For improvement in fleitble gaa tube*. Hugh Campbell, of Newton, Conn ?For improved steam stuffing Ho* for revolving rolla John D Chum, of Albany, N. V.?For improvement in shingle machine Frane?s CM, Win. Koaaack. and Wm H. Godfrey, of Louii, Wo.?Km Improved tool for ^ laying and stretching carpet* Jaa Clark, of Newark. N J ?For improvement in manufacture of prusslan blue Joseph Clarke, of Syracuse, N. Y.?For Improvement in vapor lamps Wm A. Clark, of Bethany, Conn ?For improved tenoning auger M C. Cogswell Hid John M McKiernan. of Buffalo. N i ?For improvement in bolting chest Leonard Coleman, of New Orleans, La ?For Improvement in mills Thoa M Coleman, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in horse sh?*s I < f*?1 - man Af l*i ltaKn?<> D? ?? proved steam boiler J C rand all, of New Bedford. Mass? Fo- Improvement In marine dry-dock J AV . Crane, jr , of Freeport, 111 ?For improved washing machine. William W Culpepper, of Augusta. Ga ?For Improvement in rar-couplings Isaac Kdge, of JertevC ity, N J ?For improved torch for night processions Philip Kstes. of Leavenworth. K T.?For improvement in quart? crusher*. Samuel Frazer. of Galena, 111 ?For improvement in distillation of oil* from resin George K Frew, of Brooklyn. N. V ?For pen and pencil case Andrew J Gove, of San Francisco, Cal?For limwoved wrench fellas J. Hale, of Foicroft, Me ?For improvement in lamp* A B Hawkins and John Puntenney, of Candon. Ill ?For improvement in mole for drain plow. Geo E Hayes, of Buffalo, N ^ ? For improvement in apparatus for vulcanizing rubber. John B Henshaw. of Mlddletown. Conn.?For improved elf-mousing hooks Nebemiah Hodge, of North Adorns, Mas*.? For improvement in railroad brakes John C Huntley, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For burglar-alatm. H Wesley Jellefl. of Appleton. O?For improvement in dove-tailing machines. Soennan s* Jewett, of Bufl'dlo. N V.?For improvement in cooking stoves Alfred Johnson, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in hydrants. H L Justice, of Nashville. Tenn?For Improved apparatus for regulating the draft and preventing the explosion of steam boilers. John Lee, of Bolivar, O.?For improved machine for forming cornices of sheet metal James Lord, of Minersvllle. Pa.?For improvement in lire-arm. Paul Marcelin and Ernest Fude, of New Orleans, La?For improvement in manufacture of sulphurous acid W. T McGahey, of McGabeysvllle. Va., and Henry C Foote, of Frederu ktown. O ?For improvement in ura:n separators Marion Mead, of Bedford, Mich ?For Improved In VAM Samuel Moore, of Wlllsburgb. V?.?For improvement in grinding mills Albert Morehouse, of Farmer, N. Y.?For improved water wheel. Cba* Miller, of St. Louis, Mo.?For improvement In lamp* I) C Myers, of Richmondale, O.?For improvement in corn planters Kpbraim Fierce, of Cluclnnati. O ?For iinproveir.ent In feed water apparatus for steam boilers A F Pitkin, of Hartford, Conn?For improvement in steam radiators. H A Pomeroy, of Providenre, R.I..and R F Hudson, of Hirtford. Conn ?For improvement ia ploughs David D Porter, of I' Navy.?For improved marine propeller Jj' ob Post, of Newark, N. J.?For improved door spring Jobn C. Rank !i. of Mount Vernon, N Y.?For improved apparatus for measuring liquids Cherl'-s \V Klchter.of Madison, Oa.?For improvement la vapor lamps. i c ?o?n r? * -? !.>>TU Vi , ilIMB ?TUT IIIiprOTeQ flrv brick D H Shirley, of Boston, Mrss ? For improved table plate* <.eo Smith, of Macon, Ga ?For improved hose ^ Juiver Snow and Herman S Snow, of Weit Meriden, Conn?For improvement in lamp* Ot.s W Stanford, of Cincinnati, O?lor improved churn. Alfrrd Snuch, of Philadelphia, Pa?For improvement In apparatus for inoculating. Win H Stevens, of Syracuse, N V.?For toy gun Isaar C. Tate, of New London, Conn ?For Improvement in faueeU Ja* S Topham, of Washington, D C ?For improved hame tug and buckle Win Trapp. of Elmlra, N V* ?For improved stave machine Joseph Villetcollignou and Louis George, of Par -, France ?For improvement in typography Kuhard Vo?e, of New Vork, N. V ?For improvement In car springs F.dward Wade, of Norwich, Conn ?For improvement In pumps Wm Watson, 01 Lowell, 111 ?For improved neck stock Wm H Wiley, of Lockport, N. V ?For iin proved butter worker Rich* d W ilUanm and Simuel Wilson, of BufIfiio. N Y ? For linprovt-d feathering paddle wheel S> E Wood worth and J S. W ether ed, of San Francisco, Cal ? ForimrrOTtiuent in gas burners Wendell Wri^ht^Sew York. N.V -For im provement }g gSTburners LtanrTale, jr , of Philadelphia, Pa.?For imi -MMWnt in locks M R Clapp, of Seneca Fall*, NY, assignor to Silsby, Mynder*e 4 Co , of tald Seneca Fall* ? For improvement tn steam boiler*. George W Banker, of Medford. Mass., assignor to himself and Geo O Carpenter, of South Readlug, Mass ?For improved method of securing beads in barrels Wm E Durkee, of Fort Edward. N. Y., assignor to himself. A S.Williams, and Joseph H Hopkins, of same place?For improvement in hay elevator* Ldward A Godfrey, of Hartford. Conn., assignor to Rogers. Siutth A Co , of said Hartford. For improves.em in soldering handles of cutlery. Andrew J. Gove, of San Francisco, Cal., assignor to himself and Withered A Tiffany, of said San Francisco ?For improved shir*' windlass. John C. Jenuison aud Augustus Hale, of Foxrrofl. Me assignor to Ellas J Hale and Augustus Hale, of said FoxcraA?For improvement in lamps K 10s M Lewis, of Philadelphia, p* , assignor to himself aud George YVillisms. of said Philadelphia?For improvement in side valves for steam engines Thomas Morrison.of Kingston, N Y.. assignor to C B Safford, of said Kingston?For improved chronometer escapement. Levi Short, of B11SU0, .N Y.. assignor to hlm> a#-11 ana caanes 3. rierce, or wa uuaaio ?hor improvement In apparatus for manufacture of 11lumlmttlBg gu. Isaac N. Whittaker, of Foreston, III , assignor to himself and J H. Frees and M Heilar, of aaid Foreston ?Foe improved apparatus for healing wagon tires Samuel H Whittaker. of Cincinnati, O , assignor to himself and William L. Thomas, of said Cincinnati ?For improvement in gss regulators JteUMMJ -Wm 8 Carr, of New York, N. Y For improvement in water closets. Jas. P Collins, of Troy, N. Y?For improved water wheel fe Nathaniel Drake, of Newton, N J -For lmf prnvenient in rorn-sbellers JV^^&(Urdlorr, of New York, N Y ?For I in springs for railroad cars and V Jot?n Wjbftd of Nfw York, N V ?Tor Ira froved utgtl light re 11m tor \Vm (iodao, of Mau< heater, Maaa , aaeUuor to h u fc-lf and Iaaac Ayert ?For Improved aleeriny ippuwtat T.raer Wllliama aud David Heaion, of Pro*l. dence, R. I , assignees of Mid Turner William* For improved window stop Designs ? A C Barstow. of Providence, R. I For di-sign for cooking range Gardiner Chilson, of Boston. Maaa.?For design for cook'a range Samuel J. Smith, of New York ?For deaign for nut cracker l.eonard W. Volk, of Chicago, 111.?For design for a bust of Abraham Lincoln 8 W. Glbba, of Albany, N Y., assignor to North. Chase and North, of Philadelphia, Pa.? | For design for a stove. John L Jones, of Piatington, Pa, assignor to himself and A McDowell, of Slatington, aforesaid.?For deaicrn for an nrii*m?ntil r\A!?"? tnr roof? EMiner J Ney. of Lowell, Maas , assignor to tie Lowell Manufacturing Comyany?For ae?i *na for carpet patterns. Additional Impr&v.ntnt.?Julius C Dickey, of of Saratoga Springs, N. Y.?For improvement in machinery for crushing quartz Eitennon?R I) Granger, of Albany, N. Y ? For Improvement in cooking atovea Head Shaving Among the Japanese. A Philadelphia correspondent of the Tribune says: From the unu.sual amount of shaving and hair dressing performed to day. I judge that these operations have been interfered with, of late, by the general insecurity from interruption A Japanese officar if especially disinclined to have his head adorned in the presence of strangers. Amono? hia frian/4? hn? ever, it seems"to him a matter of no ooncern The process of hair-dressing is sometimes too serious to be slighted Tue intentness and solemnity of the barber are never relaxed He gives the whole of his mind to it. The shaving, both of head and face, is very dexterously and very delicately performed; but the combing and dressing of tne hair are conducted upon a totally different principle I tbink that the sufferings of the person under treatment must be acute. The hair is kneaded, as it were, with a thick, paste-like oil. and then combed ? " * * ia^iuijr uui, inrougn an iu length. with a violence approaching felocity The barber manifests a spirit of utter recklessness as to the feeling? of hie victim, and. in the fullness of his exertions, twist.? and distorts his features into the strangest complications with each successive tug. Long before the operation is concluded, the subject, who by some stoic power incomprehensible to the American mind, retains his self-command, gives evidence of its severity in the purple glow that suffuses his countenance, and. when it happily comes to an end, he rises from the floor, upon which he has been seated, and with a smile whose brightness shows how nobly a contented mind may triumph over the tribulations of this earth, proceeds to the nearest window, and, with his fan, inviting gentle breezes, settles himself to cool I hear many questions asked concerning the I curious method of wearing the hair whicn the Japanese adopt. It came about thus ?Some three or four centuries ago, before which time the Japanese head bad always been unshorn, a great reformer, with a genius kindred to that which invented the elongated nether garments of delusive humility, discovered that, in the wars that then raged throughout the nat * 1, the comfort of the combatants would be enhanced by the removal of a portion of the hair. The proposition was received with acclamation, and was everywhere practically carried T - oui. in preserve appearances, a narrow border wu left untouched, which, gathered to the crown and there confined, concealed in a measure the new deficiency. But, although peace was in time restored, the ancient fashion w*.? not; and to this day tho suggestive indication of the depredations of war continues. It is an interesting fact, and one, I think, not before revealed, that the immediate attendants of the Mikado, among whom no thoughts of worldly strife are ever supposed to enter, are the only men throughout the empire who wear the hair uncut. They, moreover, like the married women of Japan, have their teeth continually blackened. The Choctaw Nation.?The Mobil? AdverI tiser publishes a letter from near Fort Smith. Ark., which gives the following interesting description of the Choctaw country: "I am located in the Choctaw Nation, a few inile,> from Fort Smitti ;?> r .u?? ~. .u vuv <? me ncnesi re1 ^ions of country I have yet seen in the West; but it is nearly a wild wilderness yet. as tho Indian* are few ?iud do not occupy one in ten thousand acres of the soil. The land is held in common, and each Indian, or those connected with him by affinity or consanguinity, settles down, and no one is allowed to oome nearer than one quarter of a mile of his enclosures this is his claim, and he is protected in its possession by the laws of the nation, as though it were hia in fee simple. Merchant, mechanics, professional men. machinists. Ac., are allowed to live here by permit from the Council, but no one is allowed to produce anything more than is necessary for the use of himself and his family, outside of his trade or profession. They hive good laws, and they are pretty well eniorcea r?ot a qrop of <?piritu?>u.-> liquors id allowed to be sold, ^iven away, or transported through the Nation; and all that is found by the officer is poured out, and if found in any wagon, water oraft, or on horseback, the whole establishment is confiscated to the u*e of the Nation. There io no tax, but the Government is supported by an assessment upon the annuity fr?m the United States to the Indians, and by the interest on certain bonds held upon I ncle Sim The Choctaws have a school fund amply -ufikient to give all who are justly entitled to its privileges a good Knglish education, and there are plenty of schools ainong them There are a large number of missionaries here, and when the congregation will justify it, they have regular preaching The Indians are (juiet. peaceable, and generally industrious enough to have plenty around them They have laid aside the garb that the Choctaws used to wear, and dress mostly like the whites, yet the Indian will show itself in many things." Affection and Intelligence of the Brlje Creation ?Every one has heard the sympathies of animals toward each other Cries of distress will often eall them forth When the dam of a new-born lamb has died. ?nm? ><r*n. tionate sheep, although the may have one of her own, ha; been known to foster and suckle the helpless one. In my own immediate neighborhood, the youngest of a large litter of pigs? a poor little helpless creature?who was not able to set at its mother for nourishment, was warmea ander the wings of a good natured hen It was fed by hand, but when turned down the hen was always ready to take charge of it. and thus it was reared These instances might be multiplied to a considerable extent, showing the active benevolence of some animals; but the following fact will prove the existence of a 0 >mbined intelligence in creatures which I have rca-on to believe hu been hitherto unnoticed by naturalists as existing amongst the feathered creation The accuracy of the anecdote may be vouched for. In tbe island of Ceylon there is to be found a very cunning and sensible crow, somewhat smaller than our own native ' one.having a glossy back, and altogether rather an engaging, pretty bird. Now, in the yard of the governor of Ceylon, a dog was one day amusing himself by gnawing a bone, the scraps of meat upon whieh attracted tbe attention of one of theee crows It alight?d on tbe ground, hopped around the dor and bone, and erident It waited an opportunity for Mising the latter. The dog, however, was on his guard, and by certain growl* and probably angry looks,which the bird understood, protected ni? property. The crow was too cunning and too hungry to be baffled 11* flew *wsy, but soon returned with a companion. They bopped op to the do* when the fresh arrival watched his opportuni . ly. and gave a sudden pull at the dog's tail. Not being used to such an insult, he suddenly turned round in order to *ee who had taken the liberty with him. The bone was for a moment left unprotected, and was immediately seised by the ftrat canning crow, who flew away with it, joined his oompanioa, and they doubtless had a merry feast upon it.?One* a Week Restoration or Life Fiftf.k* Mixctks after Br?athivg rad Ckased.?On Saturday morning a gentlemen from Penn township called on Dr Mohr for the purpose of having a surgical operation performed on his hand Being of a nervous temperament, and almost worn out by the disease, he expressed his conviction that he thought he would be unable to undergo the operation without being placed under the influence of chloroform, Bis wish was granted, and the inhalation commenced. A? he w?f taking the third inspiration he suddenly fainted. He was immediately placed in a reoumbent position, and the operation performed while the patient was in the fit As the Doctor withdrew his knife for the last time, he felt for the Datient's nulRe- hut fnnnri and on looking up, discovered thnt he hud ceased to breathe The Marshall Hall method of inducing artificial respiration was rosorted to, und persevered in for fifteen minutes, and the patient rcsusitated.?Fuir field (lotnu) Jrjfersonian. A MRS. WIN8LOW, Pi Kxpenenoed Nurae and Female Phyalotan, preaente to the attention of mothera. her SOUTHING SYRUP, Far Children Teething, Wklck fmm'j facilitate th? prtcf of ttathmj, ? j ft*?inj tb? pnit, r?d?cinf all i'i6smtnati?n?will allay ALL | rain inu pa?iiio,Jic a^UMl, KIIQ It SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. PapaiKl upon it, mo'.htrt, it will g,?a rut ( yeart?l*ae, ud RELIEF Ay D HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W? hn?? par ap and acid thia article for cirun y eare, and CA!? I AT, I if C'OnFlDBPCI AWDTRUTH of It, (hit we h*?t D???r been able to raay of any OTHIK Medicine?f? IV BR !>IKS H 4 J IT I'AI LBD, IS a 91 n a l ? |i?J?tbhc? to rrr?cr a cc II, v* l.TfSLiO V?'S when timely ceei Ne ??r did ? knew KOIITH 1 \ f4 "ln inetance'of da eatiefac'.ion by any ^ ona vho naert it. On the contrary, all are SYKL'P, delirhted with u ofBRationi, and *r*A in urmi of hifheet cnramondntinn ef ita magical afficta and mediral Tirtaee. Wa epealt in .hia matter " WWit vi no HOW," after ten yaara' eiperience, and muul out kiri'Tit101* FOR thi FULFILM b!*t OF what vi hbrb db CUKI. In tlmoat eaery inetance where the infant infer Ing from pain and eihaae'ion, raliaf will ba foard ic ff'.ieu r tventy minatee after the eyrop ia adrniniitared Tbia ritloabla preparation ia tr.e prescription of ana of Use : isor. lirlHIIKClDanll illLPUL KCOll in New Eng. I land) andbaa been aied with nB*BR-failiN6 ll'cclil ia THOUSANDS OF CASKS It a?t it; rilil'H thl ohild from fain, but in ?!? ???l?i till atoraacb had bowala, corricta acidity, and firti torn anil nargy 10 tha wbola ayatara. It will aire oat matantly raliara GBiriKS IN THE BOWKLS AND WlND CotIC, and e?arcoma con?alaian?, which, if not apeedtly rairadiad rd in daath. War belia?a it tt a ArtutcnisT h?m FOR idt in tha WOULD la ail caaaa of DTI- CHILDHKK PTIRT ?nd blAft >HH1 IK CHIL- TKKTHIING DltBP, whathar It aruaa fr-m taatbing 1 or from an? "Khar rasa a Wa wntliitiyto a'ar; motkar who hia > child aif Urinf from any of 'baforagnirr hmUMI-M hot i Bi TOUR rfttJl'DICBl, BOB TKZ FBIJl'DICH OK 0TM1R9, ataud hnwaan lonr-aoflcnrif child and tha raliaf that will ha ICKB?yaa, AMOLUTBt T !l'H-to follow tha u?? of th raadicina.if tirraly uaad. Full diracnoi a fir uaing will a eomr&ny aarh bottia N"ia ranuara anlaaa thi (ic-aimila CGRTIt 6 PERKINS,Naw York, iaon 'ha oita'la wrapp* oid by Drwpjiata throughout tha world Principal rtjea. No. It Catlar Siraat, J*. T. frica inlv tS C?nts Df r Gstiit. *? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Fi^oK HARPKR S KH RRY.?CHANGE OF DllS.-Oii and alter July 2.18?>?. the steamer ANTKIiOPK. Capt. J. W Ki.L?,oarr) mc the L'nited St?to*^^?&a???* ifimI, wfll k-ave Georzetown KVKRY MONDAY', \VKD.N" ESDA Y and V R ID A Y. at 7 a. m.. and re turn everv Tue*da> , Thursday and Saturday. N. B ?The Ante[ope?will run as before until the above date. je 5-2ni* | Zfi Jl'ST RECEIYED, I?i" BBLS WHISKY, (assorted.) 1#? do. HERRING a-d ALEWIVES, ZS do. KEFINED SM'GARS, Whhds. PORTO RICO SI'GARS, 6bbl?.< Bayfield) WHITE Fl* II. 25 boxe* primo Eautirn C HE USE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGl'E, Georgetown. I) C. VGKNCY FOR FA IR BA NK'rfSCALES IN GEORGETOWN. Tli> .mJ...; ?- - - ? ..v ut?pn ftppoinwi Ad^nw i??r the ?ale of the above celebrated and w?. i known Pl.ATFORM and COUNTER 8CA I.ES. A fa 1 suppiy constantly on hand and for sale at lowest jatea. HAY and COAI. SCALES erected in any part of the District or adj'intnK eoiintias. All Scale* are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BL'i?EY A BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural 1 mpiewrrta, jeB2m Hridse street 2 doors woat of Huh. rVaE STEAM PACKET FLYING CLUUD I I* now r^ady for excursions to -.11 ^ the Or at Falls or intermediate i* point*. Arlinclon Sprii(itM Ala aixiria. on mo<1cr*t>? terin?; wi'S malt? trips to Al^x andna on SUNDA^ time lor divine service, and will lie over until after one o'eloek. Apply to Ca?t. JOHN MOO ft ap ^ Jia No. 3ti Jefferson st... l??-oT<?town. /^R ANDELL, OPTICIAN, V> No. 12S BriAt* St., Q*orntt?wn, Has oonstantir on hand * large assortment oi French Near-6i*nt<Mi. Penseopio. Col t orod, and ail olharSI KOTAf;Lfc8, of**?-? v.l> t ie best quality, in gold, silver, steel, and German ilver frames. N. B. Ol? nan Repaired nnd new glasses set in them to order. no IB-ly JOS?. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. bridge and J'ff'rton si*., (ieorf toien, Having given hit persona! attention to this liianoh of mj bu~*:ne??, I am prepared to. ?*-??^ _ Attend to ail cails with pri.wptnesi brmd^jfigreA.' Person* from adistanne cai besupplied at a 'pw minutes' notice, ax 1 have a large assortment of C' ?FFINS ai wats on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d'ad from th?old to t;ie n?w burial grounds. Hearses and Hoists f>>r hire. ap W-6m_ M ABBEY, COLLINS ft. CO.'JS PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?'VVeareoonstantly receiving fresh supplies of the abovedelightful beverage, and invite all persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. ARNY ft 9IIINN, Agents, fe 57 <?reen St.. Roorcelown. qQgELUWO OFF: SELLING ?FF!yD V#China, Glass & Gueensware A T COST FOR CASH Desiring greatly to reduce mt *took preparatory to altering the interior arrangements of my store. 1 will bogin this dav to rnn ofl all my stock of a<.a>-oiiable Roods at oost lor cash. I have in store a large and varied assortment ?f CHINA, GLASS and QUEENSWARK, FLA TED WARK, CUTLER V, MATS FANCY ARTICLES, and H OlSEFIR NISHINU GOUDSgeB??ralljr. The unproved Copper Bottom ICE PITCHER and many other aiticle.1- just in season. Also, complete CHINA TEX SE PS, 44 pieces, for $4.50, Call early and secure a bargain at GRKKN'ft, 27 4 Fa. av.. bet 11th and I2tli i?ts., je 12-doflt 1 door east of Kirk wood Hous*. j oa nt'nu > - 4Kb "WINDOW* shades' p * 486 In store a good assortment of Paperhangiiiz*, embracing handsome stock of GOLD and VELI VET. and GOLD PAPERS. STATUES. CENTER PIECEH, Low Prioed GLAZFD and BLANK PAPKRS, FIREBOARD PRINTS. *o. Also, a choice assortment of warranted G< ?LD BAND WINDOW SHADES. IMITATION GOLD and COMMON SHADE, bUFF GREEN and BLUE SHaDE HOLLANDS, PICTURE CORD and TASSELS, Ac. Every article war ranted as represented, and satisfaction guarantied or no pay required. Orders punctually executed, in city or oouctry. Having purchased for cash. I will sell at th? lowest remunerative price*. Please give ine a call. fT/" Don't forget the number. J MARKRITER. No. 4S6 Seventh stre<*t, je9 eoflt* 8 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. IA I 11-4, aud 12 4 *nper Linen Bheetiug*, I U~"*, 10 4. 11 4, and 12 4 Cotton She?*ti>ig?, Riohard'on A Sons', Dunbar & Diokinson and Uarklie's super Fronting and Shirting Lin?ns, Toweling* in variety. Table Lit en* and Napkiu*, 1m) piece* anperior make* Bleached Cottons, 100 pieoe* Lawn* at 12K oente. is pieoe* White and Colored K"l?.nn?.? Ladiea* and Mmei' White Cotton Hum, While Goods in variety, Camnrio and 8visa Fd'iags and Insartirgs, Honiton, Guipure and French Worked Cellars, Sun Umbrellas, Paras* la and "un Shades, Sup?r Silk and Frenoh Lsoe Mantles, Hooped Skirts. Silk Mils. Ac., Ao , reoeived and for tale low by je 18 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. NO WILLIAM BRADLEY BEUS TO U inform the public and his friends that he has on har^i a large stock of Marble Mantels, quite a new style. Also Monument Head i*tone?. Table Top*, in., which he has to dispose of at prices to I suit the times. Also, Brown Stone oonstantW kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to. ina 22-Smeo Pa. av., bet. 18th and 19th st*. i P~ NOTICE. KRSONS Declminc housekeeping A' having a surplus of household effects can find read) sa ? (.? oalfing at mj Furnishing Store, 44$ 7th street, t?o "starrtAn ,v_ SW??ER CLOTH""" The beat plaoe to bay Gentlemen's CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOOD8 is at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at, between E and F. ap 6 sm AUCTION SALES. By C. \V. BOTELER & SONS. Auotioneers. MPRUSThE'S SALE OF SUPERIOR FI R 1. sucre bkiso the entire *tfkcts of the Clarendon Hotel - By virture of a aeed in trait bearing date January 5th, Ufio, a*d duly recorded in Liber J.A.^, No. 191'. folios from No. 119 to No. 177. one of the I,and Reo<>rds of Washington oounty. DC, I shall prooeed to aeJl on the prein i*es on THURSDAY. June ifith, at In o'c!i>ok a. m.. aland singular the coods and oiaitels contained in the building known as the Clarendon Hotel, situated on the southeast Conner of Pennsylvania awnie and 6th streets, viz: <?ae Superior Rosewood Piano Fort?, Elegant suite of Rosewood Parlor Furniture, Large <iilt frame mantle and Pier M?rr? rs, Rich setta of Brocatel'e and Lace Curtains, Velvet and Biussels Parlor Chamber and Hall Carpeting. Rosewood, Wa nut, Mahogany and Oak setts of Chamber Furniture, Curled Hair and other Mattresses, Pillows and Bolsters, BI*oket?. j?uoets. Comforts, Counterparts, Tow els, Ac., Wain?t Extension and R"ijnd Dining Tables, Oak Dining Room Chit ire, Uas Chandeliers, An extensive variety of China Glass and ?'r<?"k??rv, Silver Plated Castors, Butter bifthes, Forke and Spoons, Table Cutlery. Ao . Bar Kooui Furniture and Futures, Cooking Uten Flip, CT c. It la deemed unnecessary to partioui&nze the ar tinles contained iu this very handsomely furn'shed establishment. To perilous m quest of good housrliold furniture, it preeents uiin.-uM attractions, ait tbe oolleo.ion is vert lar*", cuibra.'inj; the contents of about forty finely furnished rooms, al of whioh is of tha most superior and subftantiAl oharseter and in excellent condition, haviag been purchased new in January last Terms?9*0 aud under oasb; over S4uand not ex needing 9 00, l,2and3n>onttts; over q1<?>, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 months, fur approved endorsed notes boarins interest. KD HALI-, rustee. ie 8-dtd C W. botk1.ER a SONS. Auot< By C. McUUlRE A CO., Auctioneers. Trustee s sale of very valuable Real Estate on the corner of seventh and E streets.?By virtue of a decree of the ' 'irr?n l f Pnu t <?f fKa '''-1 J ...m n;i > ! i.iiiuiii in, pifck?u in two cau*o* in ? hioh Stathain, Smith sou A Co.,and Austin SMierman. respectively, are ooinpiamsnts, and John F. Cailau %?>d o'hers ar>' delendauts, tr.e undersigned wnl soil at pubiic auotion. to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the 12th da of July, 186", at 6 o'clc"k p. m., upon th* preini*? s. Lot No. 8. in Square No. 4o6, in the city of Washington. D. C . fnintinc jO feet 11 inches on E street north, and 75 feet "n Seventh street west. This well kcown FroPertJ 18 situated on the northoast corner of K and Seventh streets, opposite tire General Host Office, nn^ is on? of the ve y best l>u?i' ess iooations in the oity of Washington. The improvements consist of t-ree three story houses on K slroet. inc uding th'i dru? store on the coiner t'l Seventh, and a two-s^-jiy building on Sov nih street. The property wi 1 bo sold in separate par oeis, according to the impro ements. Terms of sae: One tlurd of the purchase money to be paid in cash, and th? residue m two equal in?-taiii|en>8, in nix and twelve months f>om thed*? of sale; the deferred payments to bear interest, and to be seoured by the notes or bonds of the purcha H*r or numhRftpra with a ?*??-? %, ? l r w , .-> u o>n.:vj **1 emrvin? vv U"7 approved Uj the Tiusteea. Should the terms of safe not he complied with within six dans after th-? daj of sa)9, the Trustees raaWTM the right to re se|i the property,at the risk and exp?nso of the de f*ultniK purchaser, a'ter five da) 8 notice. All oonvevances at the cost >{ the purchaser. C.1NGI.E. ( r A.AUSTIN SMITH.\ 1 jo 11 BtawAds J. C. Mottl'IRB A CO , Auos. By J. C, N06UIR8 A. CO . Auctioneers. fHANCKRY SU,K OF VALlMBl.K IMraovKD asd I'siMPRovEr Real Kstatk.?Hy virtue of a decree of U10 C rcuit Court of the Di* trict of Columbia, passed in the c*use where n Frederick W .Selhausen iscoinpianant and Charles M&des and others, executors and heirs at law and devisees of Uoi.aviiti'ra Snhad, deceased, are defendants, the suhsoriber wiil sail, a: puldio ?a,e. the following valuable renl estate in \\ ftsinnst-'i) city : Lots Nos !). H>. II and 12,in square No. 7W, on t;? corner <?f north B and Third btrt>ot? > ast, fronting 157 ft-et 2)t inches on north B street &:.<1 123 leet -S . ? Tt .. I .? - - - V11 A UIIU BilCt'l mil. Lot No. 9, in square V'o. 642, fronti g 119 feet on Delaware avenur, by 83 feet 10 inches on a^uth O Btr??t. The whole of square north of square No. 64?, frontiii* 2(8 fe??t 8 mohei on Virginia avenue, 2.7 iMoiiioiiUi F street, si feet 5 inches on Delaware avenue, and 19 feet t> inches on Half street w:st. I.ota Nop. 1.2,3, 4,5,6, 7,8,9, 10, II. 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16, in square No. 8<*4, comprising the whole rqrare and fronting; i'4# fe?t 2iuches <>n nort*> 1? street, J4f! feet 2 ineneson north C street, 35> feet on Kighth street east, and 3>> feet on Seventh atrett east. And Lo'a Nob. 8,9, and 10, m square N'o. 5R4, fronting .so feet eat-h on aoutli F a-reet, l>?tw? -n First and Second atreeta weat, by lOOfeetdeep wi'li ino linp-ovementa, which c 'Mist of four well bui't two-itorr traine dwelling houses The aale of the iot* in square No. 78.!> will take place on TUtiSDAY. the 1- th tiay of July, 186": of the lot lu square No. 6?2 ?>u TH1' RSI)A V, Cue 12tii day of July, lfJiO; o! square norl.i of square Nr'. bt2 on FRIDAY, the ISth day ol July,l?3"; of lots in tqnare No. 8f>4. on MON DAY. ?h? Iff.h day of Jii y, lMiO; of the lota in square .W4. with the improvements, on TU KSDAY, the 17th day oi July, lay. The saies wiil oo.i mci.oo at 6 o'clock t. ii .nn the 'lays above rpecifi*d, on the respect-ve pretni ees, nnd the property win he lu d lu tucl; parcels or lot' an may i'lit pirohase's. Terms of saie: One-third cash ; aud the h&l?r.c? in 6, 12 anil t8 month*. secured bv the purchaser's ni t 'i, hearing interest fro'rn the day of sale, with wejurity to be epproved by the trustee au ! if not complied with in five days alter the u ool proper ty. the terms ot which are iiot oumplud with. will be resold, upon one week's no'ioe, at t^ie ri?k and expense of tha defaulting purchaser. Up"u the fuil nay inent of the purchase montty and interest, and uo't before, the trustee will oo>vey the property to the respective purchasers in fee simple. All conveyancing at ?he expense nf th* purchasers. CIIA8 8. WALLACH, Trrctee. J C. McGUIRK A CO-, Aucts. n ft. ? * - ' - ? j r? 11 jiawuuiy 1/ ]\1 ARSHAI.'S SA l.R ?In virtue of two wuts of 1*1 fieri facias, issu "d from the Clerk's oflioe of the Circuit Court of the L'lftrict of Columbia. l?r th*county of Wakhington. and to me directed.I will expose to ??;?, for cash, in f ont of the oourt house door of said oount*. oi MONDAY, th? 9th day of Julj ne*t. JS?i, ai 12 o'clock it*., the following property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to Lot No. I, in J*?juare No 618, in the oity of Washington, I) C , together wi'h all and smgu ar the iinprovctner.(K tuereon, sstz*d anil levied upon as the property of Andrew Rotiiweil, and will be sold to satim* J?<ucia b Nos. 2 4 and 216, to Ootober term ia*?, in favor of Plieipa k, Kin.;man. \V. 8ELDEN. U.S. Marsha!.for the Dixtnot of Columbia, je 13 dt? \| ARSHAl- t<SAI.K.?In virtue < f a writ o.' fieri 1*1 fac;os issued from the Clerk's oiheeof the Circuit ?J<>urt of 'he Oiat.ict of Columbia, for the county of Washingtot>, and to me directed I will expose to public ?*V, for oash. in fiout of ihe court house door of fcaid county, on MONUAV. the '*tii day of July n-?*t, I860 at iao'olock m , the following described property, to wit: All defendant's right. ii'iu, ci?"i> ?iiu uner em in ?u<i 10 L#?'l f*o A, ID Square No.5<*5,in the oitjr of \Va?-hin<'o?>. 1). I'., together with all au<i m tu ar the improvement* thereon, seized ami levied upou as the pronmtj of J-o. C. Nicholas, and will be aold to satisfy Judi oia ? No. 125, to May term 1*3(1. m favor ui A. and P. A. Riohards. W. SKLOEV U. 8. Marshal for the District of Columbia je 13-dts By J C, McGUIRE A CCK, Auctioneers. 'TRUSTEE'S SALE OF THdEE SMAL.L I Brick Dwelling Horsxs in the kkak op Tkmpe&ance Hall.?On WKDNEsDAY AtThKNOON, Juue 7lh, at 6 o'clock, on the premises. by virtue of a deed of trust dated March 7. 1><57, and duly reoord<?d in I.ilrer J. A. S., No* 112,1 8 114, and 115,000 of the land reoords for Washington oouuiy, D. C . I shall sell Lots H. I, snd K in a sul*divisou of sqaare numbered 373. fronting *aoh al>out 12 faet 10 inohes oy the 90 Ihhi alley in the rear of I'einperaooe Hall, together with the improvements, consisting of tlirea two-sin ry Brick Dwelling-Houaes, containing five rooms sach. Terms: One third cash; th* residue in 6 and 12 morths. with inter est. a soured by a deed of trust on the premises. If the terms of sale ahould not be oompiud with in five da?s thereafter, the trustee reserves "he ruhtto resell, at the risk ai d expense of the defaulting purchaser, after one week'a puolio notice. All oonveyaaoing at the cost of the purchaser or purchasers. Til OS. J. FISHER, Trustee je?-d J. C MoQllIRE * CU , Auc'a. T ROYAL. HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Nut Drawing of th? Royal Havana Lot t*rj, oouducted t>j the Spanish Government, under the supervision of tiie Captain General of Cuba, will take place at Havana on THURSDAY, Jen* 2rf. 1W0. SORTEO NUMERO 638 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 100.000. 1 prise of ?10n,000 SO prises ot fl.f** I do 50,000 80 do 500 I do so.vv do . ?? I do ... 80,000 80 appro*. .. 1 do 10,000 IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tlokets,9UO- Halves, $ 10?Quarters, 9*. i prixes oashed at sight at * per oent dircount. I Bills on all soi /ent Bauks taken at par. A drawing wul bo forwarded as soon as the resilt i beoomes known. I All orders for schemes or tiekets to bs addressed | to DON RODRIGUEZ. jsll tr Oareof f!itT Post. Charl?ton. W C. H SILVER WARE AND WATCH fc.8.| 0 O Ma-isf-oiure* his own Bilrer ?Vars iathi* n?B shop and sells no Nothorn ?aie work (that is got up for the Southern irate.> f^j war-ants every artio.e to b? of C. iu Si' AMB ver, and hs will sell hi? be?t etarnlsrd war- at l?Mt v lu*, if not 'ower.than the .Miwmern goods are sold f >r. Hf has a'so on hand a very fine stook of Mup^ ri >r Gotd aid r*ii 7fr vVATv. H r S, *nd a iarte lot of RICH JEWELRY all of whioh he >s sefting very cheap. No. 330 Psnn. av. matt ti SUMMER RESORTS TAKLI&LK The favorite resort for WHITE SULPHUR SPRIN6I, Mountain Air. Ii.nicorR..?? tjiig Hatha, Lar?e and CI Mnt.RLANO CO, WnH-VeitiaM fto<?m?. renntylrania. Good Soeiety and a Goi d I Table. Accommodations r<?R ! For particulars send 300 for Circular. OWKNS. OIKNDENTERMS LOW. IN * V19SCHER, je ? low I Carlisle S7*intf, Pa. WASHINGTON CITY GARDKN. ERNST LOKKKi.KK. Propn?tor. JNVic York armut, betw-tn l.?f and 2d iti. Inra!:in?theatt?> t onoftl e?uWict'>ir? (rounds I would state tiiAt er?ry arranieni -nt ha? A . . A be?n made to mnko thia ' Rptr??t" roorey.rW^ W att-active every day. Mondays th" H"B? dnu are open to thepublic Irw of char**? a oooom fiven by a ?eiecthaod. Thoaed^Mrtng to enjoy the dance and wa tx wi I find the saicon lu complete order to render pieasu-e to all. O" oth? r day a the proprietor will cheerfully R'ant th? ui>e of the t round a for school or other rio Ntc I'a: tie? without charge. For the amusement of children he ha? introduced a nnmt><*r of litMe caiiior. never before ?e?u in th'? c:t?, and ca!cu atod at the ?ame time to an.uae the "ola folks." N. H.?Attached i? my Bottlinq K?t*Wi?h?n nt, and fainiltra can be supplied with any quantity at their rcaiueoce. of t*at he&itLful drink. LAG> R BEER, upon ahort notice. 1? IS Sm WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, *? Urbemrrikr Corsrt. V*. This I'>Dg established wat- ring pive ?*- opened for the reception of visitors on the 15!h UA . . 4 M*y. VMf >1 *nt new Mid unpoitant arrangement* have be?n mat.'e ssroe lai-t season in thi* l?<ge ? tabli?hm*nl. and no efforts will bs tpared to make the guetts oomfor'able. Persons can reach these t>prinra by t he Orarge ar.d Alexandria Rai road from \Yastiingt<>n; by the Virginia Cent al Km road from Kiciimond; or l.y the Virginia a"d 'lennet>nee Railroad lr-'in the South and Southwest via Lynchburg ard Char lottes /llle, with only .V nines s'a?" tiave! J EK EMI AH MORTON. Piesident. J. HUMPHREYS. General Superintendent. je 12 dt-lnlr 15 MOUNTAIN TOP HOUSE. l"i Awrii* CuBMT. Vi. This well known and fa\ortlc pace <f ouuwner refort is a>an open for th*? rao"i>tion of A ? ? A visitors un er the management of its for TivWky liirr propne'or. It 1* situated on the top of the H u Rid*e initi tan.# at Kooshsh Gap. l?.t) nul>*s w-ttof Richmond. Vs.. the < ei;t'al Ktiilrond tanking undT the hnui? throueh the B uo K plgc Tai''i"l. The e evsied situst.o[].t>eautifu viewk.moui tatn saei.sry, a d tti* constant % d refreshing 're.aes, make it on* of th?- m* st delightful p ace? of sumin?r renort 11 \\ e*t rn Vtigiiiia. There is aiso convenient a spr:ng of pure onaiy r-eai* wat^r. Vi*it->rt. to th<* M'-urtain Top House will come v.a Virginia Central Kail road A ft on Depot, near th" e' stem po :a of the B'ue K idge Tunnel, where i < ?, wi i i?:mayn an in ?i wn'mni" uioogrt; ( une ;nile> t?> tao mountain U>p It in a wi>k be?t for person* to write seveia! <!hjb t?cf?<reha"d. 'I emu: .*2S p-r; per week; Jl.Vpfr lay. !*erv?nt? (bivk I a*d children ill <ler >2 year? i.f ??, liilf price, for white *erMtnt? * little more than half price will be*ed je7eolm F- F. LIPSCOMB. \| SAi.T VVATKR Bt I'll I NO. 1t| ARSIlAl.l.'S PAVIMON. (Mtiore's I^nd irg > wi I be open for tlio reo-ption of viai I t , A torn on the I3tl< of June. This 'telinh'fu'WTft T re'o t f->r U.obo ?*?kinj bra th ar,d p.oak l)'?na I ure, ik unexoel!e?l li? any plao? of the kind on th* Hotomae nv?r It is equated ab ut ore hundred miies frnn W?thiu|ton immediately ou the u..? ? - ... r .l . i.l _ ? -* i vi . in .g,avi 111 iu i vh'w ?i r.*? ' n* -?p Hlf nnil fsincu* f - fin?> Oy*t >re. Soft Crabs. Sheephcad. and t ih<?r Firh. and ea>i:y a?ce??'h!e b - the team b? ats pljius t>etwt?ea Wvhicgton, Haltm re an-i Norfolk. The undersuned has ma e additional improvements in I is Hat" Houses and many ?ther improvements to the ootuf Tt a'.d eLjoym?-nt of hn ru*stn. The Hathin^ cannot be surpassed. fp e nrtid A hk liie ami ? er.t? < ( Pi>hinr and S*i ini Boars free ol ohar^e. Ms Las spared uo expens- in pro v 1 rtir k a d<'"d Cotii'o" l.'aad or-iu laji c id h;? stock of choioe Wines. Liquors,Sej.ars,Jfcc.,and for th?se who wish to avoid extreme fasnion and to seek a retired p ace wli->re the* can in*k" th"m?-ives at home, there i? not a more picv?i;t pise* in the Unit-il BtatM. The proprietor pie'K-s hims?lf t? at nothing shall be ;c<i unJo.ieon t is part t rend: r them so. Tenns lor hoard by the day. week, > r month reasonable. Persons wishinr to addr sh tie proprietor will dir^ot to LtonarStowa, St county, Md. je3 > R. J. MAKSII M.I.. Proprietor HSGEIA HOTEL, '?!.p Point i'n*rni(T, Vi. Till* celebrated S?-ab<>aid Watering P a<-?, loca t?d in full vi*-w of Hampton K<>a>'* aini A . k Chess.peske Ha*, and at the first military YKjAt post of the United States.(Port Monro will be readj for the reception of visitors uii the 6rtt M Ju.'.e. Be, id's tae attractions of the military establishment and th* fine Bill of va/e" pre*, nU*d in the many ! xur es i-f the salt water remon. tie Bath st (lid Point Comfott is peculiarly eura'ive. For b' lewmatiam. it is aimokt a idtiSo: idiI for its pr p*M m-h in thi? regard the prop'rieUv* nr?- a! ow>d to make referenoo to Mrs IV. Lion.Cr- iiot of the lit* 8'V ator Linii,) ai.J t<j the r-ecrvtary of Wer and bi? ladr. A spacious new building and sundry improve tmnt? H<irj iarjeiy to the aoo'rtninoJatiuus andooin lor's of the approaohios s^ar.u. The manage.>ient of the Hotel ami all bu mens matters oonne' ted with it are iiiu't the exoiueive oharce i>f the juaior partner, Mr. Wi.'larJ. JOS HKIjaR. C. C. WILLARD. ma29 lm Proprietors. 1' POINT LOOKOUT 1 UK Und-rsiftucd, locjc ai.d well known to the traveling publioas a p-oprietor of the City A . . A Hotel, Alexandria Va.,and the I ii ?e<;WT^W Stat *s Hotel in Washi ict-in eity, hMj?|Bx leased for a term of y>ar? the matt ifioent l>*. r Pavi<ion a d the nutnerousoott^resoouc-MSt d with It, renently erect*! at Point l<ook?ttt, the point of junction of the wi'h Chreapeake Ba?. a M haviiu furnished them in a *t?'e equal to thatol any other watering p;ac? in the Tinted 8'ate?. wii op- ii the establishment on the Uiii uav of J an" next tor tli<? reception 01 vi?itor?, hi* ariauKeinet la be ilk ?uffioi?nt for the oomlortable accommodation of at leaat75ft gu"?at*. Point Lookout. te?rid'* b*ine de?-rv??dly th? moat famou* in all America lor 6:,e Ojster*. Hoc F i-h. Soft Cia'?. H eeph ad, Msok->r?l, an<i *1) other ?ait water luxuri??. popa-'a-ea finer faci itiea for Surf Hathinc than ?ven Cape May, while the haok country nnra?Oiat<-ly a'ljoinine it?including the Drivea, Partridge and Woodoock Shootiuc. Ac., Ac.,?-oner advant*ce* togethe , superior ? f tnoaeof anv other watering plane < n tlua continent. The Water View* from the pai'lion and from ai the 0'ittaeea are extrusive, varied, and cl a~min? I'he health of tiie point it un-xoe'led t<y that of mountain region*, and thy aces* to it br p.ten.if.ra from Baltimore, Wa<>hincton, Norfolk, and Kichinond, will probably |>o daily to and fr< in each of tboa? citiee. He has spared no expanse in provid in* a line Hand, I ai Hor*e*, Ploa-ure Hoa'a. A o . for hire, or n atocKing hia ocllar. with the baet Wine*, i.iqiiora, Ac In ah--rt hia pa'rora will find fct th >ir oommanrt every luxury and ownfort obtainable at any other American watering place Hi* terms for boa-d, by thedat, week, or month, for individual! or faiuillM. will he reas liable. ma J3 dtJuly I LOGAN <) SMITH. EDUCATIONAL. CO MM8RVIAL COLL E 0 E. *0. 47? SKVKNTH ST., Oppo.-ite ik' Qtn>ral Post OJfoe. Wtifhtmtson i\t*. Armurian Sy?tem of Penmanship, Boockeeping, Moroni.tile Forms and Cal ulntioi.*. Buain??s C<"refpoiideuo", BiUa of Exchan.e, Current Hilla, Co'coiiMicn Sales, Gran mar and Arithmetic. ITy* A l*rcparatory Claae for Hoys. i j" Ladiea will be instructed in fine penmanship. Houm> open from 3 a m. to 10 p m. For terir.a applT at the Kooma. ma??-3m W M \V YOUNG * <H> THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. I N?W AllllOIMINT. This well known and popular Seminary, which ha* l>een so auaoes ful under the entire care of Mra Z. Richards (or more than ten v<*ara, will b? opened rtn tlm firut \t midnv 111 i???l n?"*? ?! ? united supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mri. Z R1CH A R D8, in the well arranged and delightfully I rated Union Academy Building. For rartipularn. ?eo circular* at all the Bookstore*. mtcB tf MMR8. McCOR ?iICR'S SCHOOL. R8. McCORMICK dMirM to inform her friend* and the public genera! ly that she will remin* the duties of her School on the 1st Monday in September next. Theoourseof study pursued will oompriee all the branchee requisite to a thorough English eduoation. In addition to her day aoholart. she ia desirous ol reoeiviiig into ner tanuiy a rew pupi.? a? r*>ara*r? tcfd from in to M r?tri. who will M under her in mediate oareand o*er*irht. Her arrangements for the aooomnKwatiot ar.d due oare of pnpiU have been inoreaaed and otherwise luiprored. Thoee in Was'.mir'on desiring particular iL/ormation with ref?r*??e to lier echoo] may apply to W. U. Wallack, Editor o the Star. - Por tirmu and furtner partiealare apply at her reaide- o*? No. 3* Cameron street, Alexandria, Va I' t'-tf G AS Fl XT U R E 8^ E Hkvi in (tore, and arc dad* rtwivint, OAS PIXTC R It S of entirely !Xew Pattern* and Designs and Finish, auperiur id "trie to anything heretofore offered in this inaiket. We inVite oitizeua general ly to oail and examine our atook of Gaa and Water Fixtures, feeling oonfidunt that we have the baat elects stock in Washington. All Work in the abore line mtmated to oar oare will be promptly attends! ??, THE WEEKLY STAR. Till wMilaat Fubiit u4 N*va Jwm ??? Ivmrj ft tviMt of inturmting rmri'nt thft* -ftn f* found m ur otk*r?u paNiftM nitai. oop?, per iBLta #1 M Fire oopiec 5 m W?r wmm | Twenty cone# - u ?? hfjnbin* meat* mapd unonc mchbci* without th? intervention of * m*i k( e: t. m wil\ 1* Kr**?r?l. an per otint. of 7%. WStmt will h# *vrd. It lnwiftl.t ooDtttiii um a WMkiuUx Neva" toat hu iitM? Tk? K^mmi St? oirc?.*M o tfcvr%..j thrum*host ti>? o?ttUr. lZ7""Siin*l? oopie* ( ib wrapper*) o*c bm pro?n4 sir Vrir.ttKS'c ww. * ?* irr PoitmM>r? who ftct m Will b? * lowed a oommiNios of ID mdU. FOR SALE AND KENT. I'ALI'ABI.E RCILDIVO I.OT* AT P?1 VATE *ALE.?T:aaubaenl>or will a*fl. at pnvtt* m<?, Lots II and 19, S*f' ?. fronting Mdi 23 fvt 4 ineh?s on I street north, batwaea M tod 4th street* VfL Lots in ami 11, ?*quara SSI. Lots 29 and 30. Square UK. Lots 10 and U, Hquaro us. _ . Part Lot 17. Square 3?, frontini Tt fort on F atraat south, between ii and *}\ *ts. Termaeaay. CH AS. 8 WAl.LACB, ma 14 3taw4w Attornav, No. 7 Indiana a*._ 17IV* THREK-9T"RY BRICK DWELLING r HOISES AT PRIVATE SAI.E-Tha aa^ scriber wiil private sala on# or all of tha five well built and eomfortabla thr*e-etory Jprloa l>we!!tn* Houses on Ninth atr?xt. o?p<>?ita Oraaa Church, <>n the Island, whioh afford an e*o?llant opportunity to p? a narfa-lritit a oomfortabla dwelling or to iuvm^ Priae low and t-rms *aay. CUA8. !*. >V Al.lACH, Attorney. m? 4 3taw4w No. 7 Indians L"OR SALK-A (r?tt h\r(Sin. four aorea of wel improved LAND. well auited for a market [f d?n. with new dwellmc honic with foai room* and kitchen; well of fine water in the Tkffl ; Mar jood f npin.;, *n<l will he sold low or exehaured lor city prooertr. and on mod-rat* terms. The land la i Ball'* Cross K>>a i*. two and a half imiea from Georgetown. and in Alexandria oouety. V?. Apply to V. P. COKBKTT.tiiM Bank of V\ aaMnf ton. ma I? tf LMH KKNT-A smsl^TORE.oorner of ?th st. r and Penr. avenue, ut;der the Claremi'?n Hotel, suitable for a barber's saU?on or oigar store For information insure at the Hotel me- 30 170R RENT-The FIRSTVlOOR of^ie baiidr me immediately > pposiie the west wine of the City Hai..rrtoently oocupied by Chas. t*. Wa. act. as an ?ffioe. Also the front room in the saoood story and the third floor <?f the same For terras apply to RICHARD WALLACHT^'o. liOiiiikiit avenue it 11 tf SENATORS. MEMBER* OF CONGRESSES Two splenaia tuitei of ROOMS, elegantly Jwaiahed, win L? rented daring the nhiod of Congress, in the moil desirable .oot.tty id Una city, neirg within uc? or two HUftrNorBravi'a and \*r < n?; llntei*. Those in porsuit of noblooma nil do well to make ear'y application U No. 379 *th street be'ween 0 street and Pa. a*. de *-tf F^OR SALE?A nice three story Bnok HOUSE, on 2d street, between D and E atre?U, ;n lfiDb?*T*e Subdiriaion. The above property will b* sold on ea?v terma. Pnoe made known bp in??lrir.sof H. W. HAMILTON A CO.. No. ?? Ttfc stre??. opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. l?ltl TRUNKS' BOOTS AND SHOES OOTS AND SHOE#* TO BL'IT THE THRB. We are now muiufactunn* all of BOOTS and SIIOEH. and oonstantTV reoemng | supply o| eanU-rn made work of every de soriptio'-. made express'? to order, and willy^Hw be acid at a m?eh 'ow?r pneethan has been" heretofore onarged in this city for mack inferior , rt l n us Perrons in v&nt of Root* and 8 hoes of ?Mtern or oitf made w<>rk. will al wave find a *(>od assortment in store and at lb" iovMt pnr??>? Oive us a oa.i. SKIKFIN ft BRO? ap K-r 314 Po^nsrl varia turn*. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 4?? 7TB niuf, Omtiu Od/i Fellov$' Hall, Watkimgiim. D.r. Traveiers will study their interest* ft' examimnf my TRUNKS, VAl.ICK^ Ao .before par ohat>inE eisewere Ail use none hat th'HxvVI l><9?t material the market affords am! mplo?^?***J the Seat vurkmen, 1 Mil Aoufidentiy r?o.?i? mend my work to he superior in Srr?aciAand i'vabutty to Trunks that are made in other etUe# an< aold her*. 1 keep ouiif!ai.' y on hand, and make to order lot one week's notion every <l??enptien of SQt.M LEATHER, IRON FRAME FKKSCH DRESS ??<* WOOD BOX TRUNKS: AStfl AHDanJ other VAl.lCFS; TRA TEL I SO BAVS; HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, ftr. Trunks. *o? Repaired ai-d. Covered. ic a workmarlike manner, at short Dotioe Trunks delivered in any part of the oity, Q?or|* mjwii, ur A.px?ruri?, a 8<>?Agent for Howe'i oelebratod FAMILY SEWING MACHINE*. JAMF!< l?. TOFHAM. WOOD ANlTcOAL WO O D AND coal Delivered to all parts of the oit) . at the IqvmI possible rates. T J A W. M. OALT. Office '2*2 Pa. av.t l-etwe?n 11th and lltli ?t? . ma 17 tf north IW*. PHK SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND 1. ai< exte:.??vo vtock of HKL, > prepared to ell at a very low ficure for oath WO?*D 5a?r<l and Split any use. Call and ?eo for joarcalf. R. W. BATES. Wood and Coal Dealer. inal* ?* K. comer of Fourteenth and C >U. R NOTICE' EGl'LAP STEAM PACKET LINE BETWEKN KAT.T MOR?, AND \V A S H I N G TO N -l.eave Com trrW^ -- - ? : r n. r . ii'- -r ii. nvunmrn, M n> ^ DiahokpState.^WEDNWDAY,at p. m. Oolcmma. every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m. irftvoRi'y* tkc foot of lltii atraet, Wiuhinrt n, as (iifiowf: Colombia ovary WEDNESDAY MnRMNG, at 6. Diamond Statu, every FRIDAY, about Urn. For freight, a c.. appv to THOS. W. RII.KY, Agent, Riiey't WharfTat the foot of m Ift-Ta-Tfim ilth ?t . Waiihinrton I OOK OUT FUR PAINT No. SI4 SEVENTH STREET, Four Doort bonk of Odd F*llowP H*il. H. W. HAMILTON ha? opened a PAINT SlTOPand PAIN I STOREonthetf ewYori alar, wiiere can aiwava be found PAINTS, OILS. GLASS, BRUMIES, Ac., Ac.,at wholesale and retail. MIXED PAlNTg FOR SALE, Axn BrciKT* with fKr?Hi? to lx>aa! N- B.?Fa ticnlar attention paid to House, Sign. OriiatiiiMitai Painting a* ?l Graining. stained aad Enamelled Gla*? of all kinda alwav* on hand, or furnishwl at ahort notice. He warrant# eatiafaction m all wo< k entrusted to hia care, and is confidant that he can do work as ch-ap, if not eheapar. than anv other establishment in this city. Give him a call. Don't forget th* number?it ia 51 i Seventh street. ma in tf PI"TTY Ig DOWN. V O L K' 8 8 T A T IT K T T K T or STKPHEN A DOCOUS In forin ai.d feautures Hi t tteaauful ud aooarata p*ciimnof American ait i? (tiiuriMMd by any pecimen of lik** character ever produoed. It i> a fat iimiie nrth? "Lltlie OlknL" Sf ?oiiiiT? m?) MM and Htatoettee procured st CtM,vn?'? D?ra Stoke, No. Penn avennp. oorner of 12*h street. Wuiiutoi city. Person* ic the Distnctof Colombia sod Stat** of Delaware, Marjland, Vircima North Oarohua, SoaC Carolina, G?orifi*. Florida. Alabama. Mmiui d Louisiana. H-mri g ooptee of the Statuette trill aodrees tiiair or?'er? to C. P. CULV KR. Waahln?u>E oity, D. C., accompanied by a remittance. Composition Qopiee........ $ 15, Rn? ?nrf l?rt?r?? |. HT Editor* of newspapers in the loresoin* States giving the above twelve insertions la their wesil* issues, with appropriate editorial*, will be sappn?>d with a cu*t of the Statcette. and paper* La other State? will Np furnished b? the looa! ai?r.ts. fe Si HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGH IN 6 SO ALES Theee Scales are offered to the eablie a* tM most simple, darabie, ai.d reliable soaJes erer eat IB use. First class premiums have been awarded then by tie ULit^d States Fair and Virginia Afjp tuisl AitAinTv: VirriniR Htetji Atnci'tarti Per: raarln Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York fWisFair, Vermont State Fair, Ac.. Ao. Id tTwi swo vbttl *hit>ited they nave r*owv<d first oiaos prtsuuM Kut wv e at 44 Louisiana svenne, pot of BuWb Chiliad Irou Safes. it* li lt K* f! FATTTBOM, 4twit UKfc. Ol.I) R\ K WHISKY.?Oa feaad Hnii brand' of IPur* Old R*e Whl-kr? Copper Di? Uilod. marie br the most rehab distil lor* f? Pm?s*lvan:a. Maryland and Vrnnia. warranted pare. Also. Imp"rt?d KnuidiM, Hennesay, Qtard. Dnpny * Co., Jeles Robins, Ao. Also. Poach a?d A>?l* Brandy, pur* Holland Gin, old Jamatoa ar^j St Croix Haio, aud \\ ines at every variety ail of standard hranis A choice lot of Cicara and Ta*r,,. ARE NO. ^'bSn! 2So*?. m PUTIN# ILT fttoraonMk street, afew doors Berth ?f PL W&M 50 CR S ? AN ft A R f) R^ClfYKA H?v? b*?e rwtivM. Tk?? im u tuMwi; p/io# ?< <v nU ?*r io>m br ?k??t or ottorvi**. wibmniniI , BI RCHRI.L. n-.n f* ???. Fift??ntli ?t. V??^i mtmw ?^hTck?Rin? *. sons' sipkTB PIANOS M*" r "*"JoHN F. SLUTS. MffkIT,

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