Newspaper of Evening Star, June 21, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 21, 1860 Page 2
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Mfc?????????I?????? THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: Thursday Ju? N, tseo. Spirit ?f th? Mtrnlnj PrMi, The Constitution publishes in full, and comments approvingly upon. Mr Window's minority report from the Covode Investigating Committee , *nd also criticize* the record of Mr. Douglas on n jn-interventlon The. InteUigemttir ) devoted to Congressional proceeding* ?"'d new*. liJ" The adjourned Richmond Convention, \\ la aa!d,will be held at Baltimore, Inatead of Richmond 117s"Senator Johuaon, of Tenn., haa formally withdrawn bia name from the Halt!more Convention. IO~ Prentice of the I,omaville Journal geta otf the following: "We see that the Democratic pa. per* everywhere aeem to have been, within the last few day*, uncommonly decent. We *uppo*e 4heir editors have all gone to Baltimore.'' j^' n kuvu mniiy ui our uwiiiimranrB a?~ endorsing an article from the London Ernmrn'r ^ terming the objection of modest people to nude tatuary,''prudery against art.'" Nude statuary iray do very well in a scientific labaratory or stndic. tbe same at anatomical subjects. Jcc , but we do not see any more prudery in objecting to its exhi. bltlon in public, than in objecting to tbe exhibition of the originals of tbe statuary, in the same condition What is the difference, oh, unpruvlish ones' 1> fV - ? 1 ? ?J ? * * 1^7 i u7?mn.ii rerepuon 01 me Japanese t-.trIiimv in Nfw York city is said to have been man aged with great decorum, and Mayor Wood * uddrew. !n ih?* main, was in good taste. especially 1 at part of it in which he informed the guests that no public attentions should b?* pressed upon them not altogether consistent with their own wishes, and that the first duty of hospitality Is to render our guests happy. He assured them they would not be required to forego their own preference* in anyway He referred happily to that cityaa the residence of Com. Pcrrv and of .Mr Townaend Harris, both eminent in the work of bringing about friendly intercourse between the Kast and West. Go* Morgan was also present and addressed the Km bass y, and, well as the Mayor, was appropriately responded to through the interpreters. N*w Boom ?We are indebted to tli" publisher*, who ?end n*, through Frank Taylor, bookseller, for an early copy of 'Tlawksview." a family history of our own tini^s. by Holme Lee author of "Against Wind and Tide,'" Ac. N?w York. published bv W. A Townsond A Co , l-iw. We are Indebted to the publishers, wh" send us. through tbe hand* of Joe Shillington, bookseller, '-The Little Beauty,'" by Mrs <irey, author of the Oambler's Wife, Ar , Ac. (Three Lnglfsh volumes complete In o:i? ) Philadelphia, published by T B Peterson A Brothers. Ji?> Chestnut street We are further indebted to Harper A Brothers, publishers. Franklin Square, New York city, for (f>ni PM f?f the 1 lAMf ??r. ??? ? ? *? * g nt ? wyns irum cneir prolific presses, which thev have scut us through the hands of Ta\lor A Maurv. viz: History of Genghis Khan, bv Jacob Abbott, with engravingsA smaller History of Greece, from the Earliest Times to the Roman Conquest, by William bmlth, L L D . illustrated by engravings on wood, Cicero on Oratory and Orators, translated er edited by J . S Watson, and Danesbury House, by Mrs Henry Wood?ail published In the course of tee current season. The three first are of the class of elementary standard works for the publication of which the Harpers are justly more famous than any other American publishers? never putting their imprtss to a book of that character that fails to prove as useful as entertaining The last?Danesbury House?is an American edition of the most popular English (or rather Scotch) temperance tale, of the tains. We also return thanks to the authoress for a copy of the Black Gauntlet; a tale of plantation ljfe in South Carolina, by Mrs. Henry R Schoolcraft, authoress of "Africau Letters,'' Ac , Ac Philadelphia, published by J. B. Lippiucott A 0 Co., 1*60?a spirited and entertaining tale, de?a -? *ugneu w> expose toe errors and wrongs of abolitionism, by setting before the world a true picture f society In this country, where African slavery exists. rimiti. The health of Judge Douglas does not permit bun to resume his seat 111 the Senate. Herbert Ingram, Ksq , m p, proprietor and editor of the illustrated London News, is sa,d to be coming to America, in the bruit I'astern. The Hon A H Stephens, of Georgia, is exceedingly unwell from attar ks of vertigo, with which he has recently been visited, and is unable at present to attend to business of any kind. nr~jy=*THe ladies OF hladevshirg U..3 re?pec?luli) announce to the citizens ?*f \\ a*hin/ton tnat they win $ive a Festival at the Spa Spring, on the 4th of J my next, for the i.eii?fit vi tiie M' tii<Hi.*t Church at the above-name., piaoe Refreshment* will be provui<*?l at cit) prices je 19 4f rvtfwk. i he i'nuer signed, dealer* ll *1 in 8tov?s, Huil'lin* Har<lware ami Genera! Housa Furnishine Goods, do hereby a,:ree to close our respective ?tore? daily at 7 o'clock p m., from t^iis dat?- to the 1st s'epteinlMfr next. r?> as to allow our eniploveeu recreation. L. II. & G.C. SCHNEIDI- R, john r, f.j,vans a. co., ca.upbell a SON, I. K SHIELDS, * H WHEELER, c. SNYDER, SIBLEY A dt'Y, JAS. SKiRVIN'H, JOS. 1, SAVAGE, Vlr VI cx ll t o ni ?? .u. am. IIAUHUV r<IV. \Vasl.intton, J une 19, I860. je 19 ry^--A WORD TO THE W19E.-A sood fit is desired ami a nice article wauted. and for 3">or l>*nflr. I will teil rou that the People's Clothini Store, No. 4?>o jieventh street, is the place wnere a g?od fit am! a &ood article can l>e bought at very low prices. V. B.?Jui?t received a second wupp'? of Spring and Summer Clothing. Hats and Caps at SMITH'S, No. 4f?o Seventh street, opposite the Post Office. ) 12-2w FOR SALE? a very superior sorrel MARK. i? Konnd. kind, cetitle, works well fry an) where, and will stand without hitcliiriz. Prscu 8*,"> I cquire ??t Dr. \ E \VM A.N 7 i?rVA\ K ?t.. west of the Circle. je 21 eoSt* J^OR PHILADELPHIA-The tUmmm Jam*,. ' I?. r>? ?<r>??lc. v/spitim jerotr.e, I* no*- _B 1rrady I or tremht for the above port? r to 3hi. on Friday morn int. 10 o'clock.** * " T1 Apply to HYDE * DAVIDSON. It Georgetown, D. C. OFOlt HARPERS FERRY.. N And after Jul; 3d, IMW, the steamer 1.. J 6rengie. Captain \V. H. Ritt-r, will -|l" ' . ve Georgetown EVERY TIES SAY, THURSDAY.and !?ATI R ' AY. at 7 o'clock a m., and return ever* afternate ?iay,at 6 o'clock a. in. On the Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run throuxh to Shephardatovn. je '^l 3iii KMBERB OF CONGRESS AM) OTH EH9 about leaving the city ?houid call exam r.e our great atook ?>f Ptanoa iron Chiokering A ts>n?' great factory, a? aluiMllT' tDumber of good Moond-haud, nearly new Piano*, pi-.? ' ,* luiioi, narjoa, | am bvr.ues, Aooordauiik, Musio, Music U?oks,Ac .Ac. JOHN F el. lis. j? XI 306 Pa. atr., t*?t. 9th and l?th sts. /<ARD SPECIA L.?Those of our ouatomora and V/ fnenda who have billa with us are 'espectfuliy notified that they are ali made off. and if anj prel r nut to have then sent in they will piea?e call at our dealt during the present week and get th-in. a* after that tune we sbail render every account oa our bo*ks,ard we earnest y request au early settle meat of tae same as soon as possible. Prompt pay meats aio?e will enabie us to serve oar patrons upon the best terms. J. W. COLLEY A CO. .<23 Seventh ?t . above Pa av. Right at last and other talks, b* Mrs Gaakell. aat&or of Mary Barton, Nirtn and South, Ac . Ao ; 1 vol ; price 75 crnts. The Thrae Clerks, a novel, by Uie author of Dr. Tborne. Ac. Ac.. 1 vol.; prioe ?1. ai.? ? ? - - * nmuf, lor tae in of ttohool* and Famlliee, by Worttungton Hooker, M D.. illustra'nd -wiU> nearly SW'en*rtvmii: 1 vol., price f 1. F?t??> by BLANCHARD* MOHL'N. >? y <x>r. E'eventh el. Md Pa. av mm DR. SCHENCK IJEO* Leave to lalorin ii? petienU?and others la Washington who may wi?h to consult hnn in rM?rd to Con?umption and any other Lane, Liver or moroaoh Lh eases that ln? usual weakly vi?i?, a account of argent engagement* el.??wlier*. will jjrvl rake plaee until WwlnriMln*. July 11th. o which day ha will. an formerly, be at hi* room*, t a few door* from S. K. Waite's drug store, corner <>( Louisiana av. and 7th at) l>r ?*? HKNCK desires to ?tate that hit advice, a hereto* re, is mvaiiably free of charge, bvt for jamming the Lunge with hie Rbsfibombtv*. hi* eha ?e i? ?3. except n cases of person* uoabl- to mi, AJi of L>r. Sobenck'i Xediciue. are for ?aie atSAit'L B. WAJTi'e Drug aad Prescription Utore, as atove statad. Jeifl-?o^w WASHINGTON HKWS AND OOSSIP. The Democratic National Convi.itio* f kriitnrial Corrf?pon4'nre of TK? Star ] I M ? _ Baltimore, June 20. I have juat left the Convention hall, where, at the afternoon (5 p m ^ session, nothing more wai done than at the (in a m ) morning session That is. thev met. were informed that the Credentials Committee were not yet ready to report and adjourned So we are to have no report from that really most unimportant committee, as matter* now stand. until 10 a m. to-morrow, certainly; if not until to-morrow afternoon. This is vexations to all here, to an extent the committee themselves can hardly he aware of; for they do not comprehend. It is evident, that not a member of the Convention except themselves dream thai their report, be that as it may, will weigh a feather In determining the final action of the Convention upon the questions they (the committee) are so elaborately discussing with closed doors, just now Enough has already leakrd out (of their doings) to create a very general Impression that they (the majority) will recommend the readmlssion of the seceders from Mississippi and Texas, from whence there are no bogus delegations contesting for their seats, that the Democracy of Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama be disfranchised by the admission of the bogus contestants from those States; and tVat f). #? rpirnlftp f Inrr^ find lintrnt ^olunatlona --V """ ' ?' i\ftH?iviia from Georgia shall both be admitted. The minority will of course report recommending the readmission of the entire body of seceders Everything, to rut the matter short, depends on the vote of New York, whose delegation It forced to elect whether to dissolve the connection between the I>emooratlc party and the squatter sovereignty party of the Northwest, on the one hand, or to drive out of the Convention the whole Eolith, except perhaps the representati ves of eleven electoral votes in nil; 15 to20 New York delegates; 16)< electoral votes fron Pennsylvania; a majority of New Jersey; ?! electoral votes from Ohio; 2,^ or 3 electoral votes from Indiana; I ^ electoral vote* from Minnesota; and probably a majority of New England; constituting, with the seceders who have not taken their sent?, from 170 to 1TI electoral votes as represented in the original Charleston Convention. Th? fact tliat with the rertiinty that the votes i indicate above will retire in case the speeders one or all be refused admission, the Douglasite majority of the Committee on Credentials are still striving to exclude the seceders, only proves the corrertnei'-of my anticipation so often expressed in the Star, that the purpose of Douglas has iill along been to run a stump against the nominee of the Democratic party, whoever he may be; for the nominee of ITU to 174 electoral votes of the original Charleston Convention will b?- the nominee of a dear and conclusive ma; or it y of that bod y. The South and the Constitutional Democrats from the North, have fully made up th?*ir minds to act, here. a-> 1 explain above, if a majority of the New Yt;rk delegation play into the hands of the squatter sovereignty-ites upon the question of the adoption of the expected report of the majority of the Credentials Committee And the fact that such a determination has been r solved upon, renders the delay of the committee I trt r^nnrt simnli' ? r?-??f ~ ?11 .iuifii u iiiuiki vi ?caamm iu mi Ul ail partita in the Convention There will be elaborate spouting to night from the porticoes of the squatter sovereignty rai: he and theGilmor House, unless rain may prevent the assembling, as usual o' nights this week, of four or live thousand gaping wondering, listenI ing souls in Monument Square A* for who will be the nominees of the majority of the original Charleston Convention, if the contingency hap[?e:it which 1 txplain above, I am sure no one can tell. Those who compose that majority have ceased to care the snap of a finger for men They contend but for the Integrity of the principbs of the Democratic party, and will select a sound representative man (of those principles1 who on consultation may be regarded as being best calculated to concentrate most votes in every State in the I nion ; for they will run an electoral ticket in every State of the Confederacy, so as to make assurance doubly sure that Douglas shall not poll a single electoral vote in November next. \V. D. W h. scinton ueneral of New Mexico ?We learn that Alexander P Wilbar. formerly of Alexandria, Va . has heen nominated by tb* President, and confirmed by the Senate, to the above mentioned important ctfii-e. A few year* ago Mr. Wilbar went out as rodinan In the Commission to run the t>ouiidary between the United States and Mexico, under the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; he afterwards became clerk and examiner in the office of Surveyor General at Santa Fe; subsequently he went into the Held aa deputy surveyor in the Territory of .New Mexico, and has at length reached the topmost round of the ladder He is a native of Virginia, a young man, a practical surveyor; and the manner ir. which he has worked his way to bis present distinguished position gives assurance that he will prove an efficient and faithful public officer IJeatu or a Mkvrkr of Co.xgkx**.?Last night, at a quarter to 11 o'clock, the Hon John Schwartz, a Represmtntive from Pennsylvania, died at his room at the Washington House, after a painful illness of three days. The deceased was about fi- years of age. and much esteemed He leaves a wife, with a family of two sons and two daughters, who are all at present in this tl.. ..i ?- - *,..j . iic i.iuiai;ir[ <?i in#- oisea->e is n<it precisely known, though it at first assumed the form of the jaundice. District Arj-RorRiATio**.?Our citizens will l?e glad to find in our local department a report of the favorable action of Congress, yesterday, in regard to appropriations for District purposes, rich as the Capitol extension, completion of the Potomac Water works, Ac. Arrangement* were making at tbe Capitol this morning for a speedy commencement of the work on the extension by the contrxtors. The renewal of operations u|h>? the public works will give employment to a great number of mechanics. Assistant Si'rokons in the Army ?The follow ing candidates have been found qualified for I admission Into the Army as Assistant Surgeons bv thi* Hoard of Mwliri*! ??uiuu cuuvenea In New York on th?- 1st of May: Dr C. C. Byrne, Florida; Dr. John Yanoant, U. S. Navy; Dr. Webster, Mass ; Dr A. M. Fauntleroy, Va. " OLD DOMINION" . A JKitsrf&Lztirh COFFEE POTS. \y# VVt JuKt received from the^f niaiinfarturert in Phil* delplita. another lot of flic above celebrated COFFEE POT P. French COFFEE POTS, COFFEE I'RN4, TEA I RNS, TEA POTS, COFFEE Ml M.S. TEA ami COFFEE CANISTERS, Together with a Keneiai assortment of HOI SE FURNISHING HARDWARE, for *a> low by J. E. SHIELDS. Hardware Importer, opp. Biowu's Hotel. IP/"' A spl ndid stock of Cl'TEERY?from the W'-ll ktown house of Joseph Rodger* *r Sons. Sheffield, England,?soon to arrive. je21 3t W IM RIFY THE lll.O<7b7 ITH Corrupt, diaord'-red or vitiated blood, you must be sick an over. It may bunt nut in pimples or sorea. or in *"me active disease, or ir ?nar inereI* Ke-p yon listless,depressed and good for nothuiKBut you cann"t have Rood health while your blood W impure. 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[The effect of this resolution Is simply to nake It the duty of the Secretary of the Interior, Instead of the Superintendent of Public Printing, to contract for the erection or purchase of the necessary buildings, machinery. and materials for carrying the law into operation ] Mr Hunter moved that tie Senate take up House bill making appropriation* for the naval fillrvirp fir tha niilnrr tho HiiK tafll I . .vw a ' JV?? ?* M Hr, ICWK? which wai agreed to; that the Senate insist upon Its amendments, and ask a committee nf conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses, which was agreed to; and the Vice President appointed Mr Mallorv. Mr Bigler. and Mr Hamlin on the part of th?? Senate. Mr Tooml*. from Use committee of conference on the part of the Senate on the disagreeing vote* of the two Houses on the bill making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of 'he Government for the year ending June 3*?, 1~?!I. reported that the committee had agreed upon all the questions of difference between the two Houses, with tfce #?YC#*ntion l?f thnt p#?l.*ltintr tn thu rnttnrn.KA??o it f- . ?. -" - ?? uwutt' ??? New Orleans; and, on motion of Mr. Fessenden, redded from that amendment. Mr. Hitler moved to take up the motion to reconsider the vote postponing the taritl' bill to the second Monday In December next; which motion led to a protracted discussion, which was participated in by Messrs Blgler, Cameron, Ten fiyck. Collamer. Bayard. Hunter. Simmons, Wilson, and others, when the motion prevailed by a vote of to 17. The Senate then took upthe bill making further appropriations for the service of the Post Otllce Department for the year ending the 3uth of June, 1*00; which wa? discussed at great length, when Mr Ynlee moved that the Senate insist upon its amendments and ask a committer! of conference; which was agreed to, and the Vice President appointed Messrs Davis. Bragg and Harlju on the part of the Senate. Adjourned. In thr House, the bill for the tlnai adjustment of private land claims in the Sta'e* of Florida. Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri, and for other jiiirjMwps. was larn-n up aria passed. Mr Thenker moved that the Committee of the Whole l>e discharged from the further consideration of the bill to reduce the compensation of n embers of Congress. The question was decided in the negative Mr (>urley. In response to inquiries, said that the one hundred thousand copies of the Covode report, ordered to be printed the day before, will cost 60 cents a copy. Mr Morrill made a report in part on the disagreeing amendments to the legislative, executive, and judicial appropriation bill; which was concurred in. Mr. M. said the committee of conference Lad come to no conclusion on the Senate's twenty-one-million-loan proposition lie moved to insist, and to ask a further conference on that subject; which was accorded. Af'er the consideration of District appropriations. [<ce local department ] the House adjourned ? Proceedings ef T?-ray. senate ?to day, immediately after the reading of the journal, (he Senate went into Executive session. The IIutTHK passed a large number of public and private hills and resolutions, among them the following: A bill to punish for malicious injury and tres pass upon nubile and private probity in the District of Columbia. A joint resolution requesting the resident of the I nited states to nominate to the senate Lieut. Baldwin for restoration to the active list of the. Navy A bill amendatory of the act giving effect to certain treaty stipulations between this and fcrt-l^n governments for the apprehension and delivery] of foreign offenders (under extradition treaties ) A bill to carry into effect the provisions of the treaties between the L'nited states and Japan, Si am. Persia, and other countries. [It gives certain judicial powers to Commissioners and Consuls of the United States. >(W MII.MNKRV (i(Kil)S .><lO ANDSKWIMi FACTORY. -.'O A P. DOUGLAS, ^ >3 Pa. Avk.hc?, bbt. 9th and l"rn St?. Closing out of ready trimmed fine Cr.\p?. Silk and Straw Bonnets at lowest caoh pries. Ladies' and Children** Dresner* and Under Clothing, and G?*ntl iiien s Shirts, t u lars and Under Garment* mad# to order in l>est maimer. Fa-diion Plate-, received eaoh month from Pans. A. 1*. DOUGLAS. je 2" it* 'J 9 3 Pa. avenue, south side. 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COIN DETECTOR SCALES, tobacco SCALES, 1 t? u ? ? ?> - " i i m daua??:ks.4c.. ftc.,at factory piica* J. P. BARTHOLOVV, ie 16-eo lm aoleaitent, t^viftii ?t. near Can*'. 267 PRKPARK FOR WIN I'LR. ^67 1 am prepared with an experienced corps of workmfn to put incomplete order Fl'RN ACES.FEINOl KS. or I.ATROBES. RANGES, GR\TKS, and COOKING STON ES promptl) and at moderate prices. Send jour orders at once to JAS. SKIRVING'B Washin*ton Stove Depot, je 19-eofit (Int,) 2S7 south side Pa av. JOCKEY HATS, PARISIAN STYLES: Black, Brown, Drab, and White Jockey Hats, Pari-ian styles, triintneil and Untrimmed, suit?l>le for Ladies, Misses, a d Chitdren. f AI*o,a few superior LADIES' Rll)'X(i*ifl HATS J rut received, at je 19-eoSt MAXWELL'S, 3'iS Pa av. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKKE & CO.'8 SELECT 0PIO3O0. ABSOLIJTKL^ND^P^FR^TLV PURE, but ground from freah Spioea, Mi?otcxi and oleaned by ua exprecaly for the purpoae without refereno* to ooet. They arc beautifully paoked in tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent injur/ by keeping, and are tail weight, while the ordinary ground Bpioea are almost invariably ahort We warrant them, in point of etrength and riohneea of flavor. tfEYOND ALL COMPARISON, ai a tuuU trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only bv _ fa l? if,l> ifl FmtI N^rSrork. | # 0 EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. OPIC .NIC F ST. PAI L'S ENGLISH Ll'THKRAN SABBATH SCHOOL. ?t AR ^IT? 1 IV'r:Ti?V Ct?Di vn ?rom. V mm. ?A v i .1 u - yu r <v 11? i 1 j un* li. The tteainer Geo. \V. wili leave the canal wharf, corner of lMh ?t.. at 8*? an 1 ina.m and 3H and 60 clock p.'the spun* Tickets 25 cU., luchidin* b^at rare; children and servants half price. Dinner and sipper & eta. each. Confectionery at city prices. Tickets niav be had at .Mr. Noerr s, corner of 11th and K sts.. at Ride nour's Confectionery, and at the boat. j" ll-4t '| HE PIC NIC OF TirE SKASON._ The Young Catholics' Friend Society Will give their ANNUAL PIC NIC At AHLIXOTOX SPR1XO, On MONDAY. June25th. Ttr<rn*> ?l A P-v--. n.,.. 1 A ^ ? m .V ? n ? mm V niLI'ARA IV VUT9. The proceed* will b? devoted to the education and clothing of poor boy*. The well ^ known character of thi* A**ociation^^^Jta^^ gives an as?urance that all who tend thi* Pic Nic will enjoy a day of uninterrupted pleasure. Hood order will be maintained. Omnibu*M's will leave ?th street and Pa avenue, connecting with the f?rry boat Win. W. K taas, at trie end of the stone part of the Long Bridge. The Georgetown omnibuses will connect with the steam packet Flyixo Clocd? leaving every hour for rtie Spring by way of Canal. je 13.1fi*d6t T NOTICE. HR UNION FIRE COMPANY intend giving an EXCURSION To GLYMONT on MONl)\Y. July lfi. Particular* in future adverti*einci.t. By order of jel8.2l*eo2w TIIE COMMITTEE. WANTS. Wanted?a woman to take charge of a small dairy: one who thoroughly understands the .business, and will t>e willing to undertake other duties in a household, and do -s not object to living in the country, may find immediate employment, with r-gulai wa<e?, on application to MADAME JOST. 1*1 Penn. avenue. je aw 3t Employers in town or country in want of Servants, white or colored, male or female, can procure them immediately by appljinr at the Union Intelligence and House Agency Office now open at No. 13 Louisiana avenue, between and fitli street*. n'flr City Hall. je 20-3t* 1)1'NCAN A CAMP. Proprietors. AgoodcookTs wantkdimmkdiatk LY. at Diibant'a Restaurant, corner of Sixth ?t. ami Pa. avenue. jel9 3t p. m. DUB ANT. U7ANTED?A <?l RL,froai U to 15jmn<>f ac<v ?? !o nnrse a child and assist at housework ; vhite preferred. OoikI recommendation* required. Appiv at No. 4*4 K *t.. lx>tw<?en 5th and 6th. jti H-2f WANTED-?'To ha ve every tody knowthat they can fir.d a Fine and \Ve!i selected Stock of CLOTHING and FURNISHING G'?OI>Sat the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING S I ORE, No. 460 8ev -* M . opposite I'ont Office Department, ftp6-3m WANTED.?Every one to know that SMITH. Seventh Kt., charges fair prices for hi* Goods. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh St., to jet your HATS and CAPS. ap ?3m LOST AND~FOUND. LOST?A DRAFT for np<>n the Sub Treas iiry < f New York, m favor of Robert Mallory or order. The finder will receive the tliankn of the owner b\ raturnin< it to tlie Serjeant at-Arms, House of Representative^ jeil M. U^OFNIV? An F.YK GLASS, (gold frame.) which 1. the owner ran have by proving proportj and ravine for this advertiseinent Apply at the Hardware Store, 33'J Fa. avenne, opposite Brown'* Ho tel. j* 21-3t* C'.) - RKWARl) OFFERED FOR TIIF. RK??) turn ot a Lady'(G'*LD HI NTINGCASE WATCH, with heavy Gold Cl'ain. which war lo^t on Monday evening la?t eitlier in the gallery of the House or going therefrom through the Capitol and grounds. The finder will apply to Mr?. \N ALLIS, I'm ted States Hotel. It 'I^AKEN I P?On 21 >t in^t..oH Greenleaf Point, I a red and white BUFFALO and young CALF, w>tli una 1 star in lorehead; 3 scollops in her 1"A ear. Thodfe??kB? owner is requested to come forward, prove property. pay charges, and tak" h"r awav. Mrs. FRANCES M'CKETT. je21-3t* corner of Third and M st*., south. Cj T R KWAR I'.?Strayed or stolea from the mbV*' scrih?*r on the I8tli I! st .a shin light fry B\V HORSK.iorti y> arsol 1; th "0 wmte 1 __'N fee'; the left front foot Mack with w ti CV/A spot near the hoof. Theabove reward will l?e siven to an> one returning him to me. J G. NAILOR. No. New Y'>rk av , je 20-3t* between *th and 5th street'. (QTRAYED OR. STOLEN. front Um'mmmh ^ in the First Ward, a bav MARKrv ' COLT, 3 vears old : alxcit USt hands high ; ;JL2^3}| narke<! a littlu white ,.|i the two hind f"et A litiefal reward will be i>aid for her d- : very t?the ow nor. at tlie corner of Fa. avenue and 2 d >t. west. First Ward* ic n-.y WILLIAM HAGERTY. PERSONAL^ r* IJI^WI.I rio>i. llOTICK.-Tfi? firm of FinkmaJf.N ^ the Fir-t Ward l.iverj f'tAlilPh, having dissolved. ail paru?? owing or liavir g claims against the iate firm will call, for settlement, upon C. FINK MANN, l*a. avenue, b^twe^n litii arid 13th ft*. Washington city. J m>??>. je Jv?t* \1ADAMK MORKICEt THK (?RKAT Astkoloi." GIST ARB D<>CTKRI>a( iv-'frorn F.urop'.? Tun highly gift d and intelligent lady can ho consu!to?l nn ih* Put, Pr?Miitai)d Future Kventa. Call at No. '20.? Twenty-second street, t>?*tw?en H and I, Washington. je >9 lin* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'IITS For otktr <ieorgr.toii'n ndrerttstments set first pagi PIKPIIOERATOK& I.F. AS*F. fall and examine I.AKR ABEK'S INF. W ST VI, K KF.FKHJ FRA TOJtS and WATKR-COOLKRS. For sale hv je li>-7t TrA. LAZENBY. "*111? V'l'U' VllOl- 'TM - - j, ?? i vim.? J lir pnrM-l srnOOII?r >lir * pru", Captain Cole, has arrived. aii<1 -4 will I'oinMi'iir * loa line a? al>ove on 1)A V iiext, 19th mat. For freight apph to M-COBII * DODGK. je 16 A3 Water street. (TOR BOSTON.-TIrt regular superior ?lipp?r schooner .1. W Seaver. Capt. Ira \i"k- -Wk erson. has*r.ive?t and if now discharging h?*rX^*.? frrielit She will be receiving cargo tlie*?^^? atK)v?pot TO MORROW MORNING, and will ail early n<*xt week Applv to harti.Kv a brothf.r. jelS-lw 99 and IOI Water t>t. Fvwcv goods, 1 at cost! Papier Mafhe Work Boxes; Writing lWks and Portfo 10* ; Traveling Writing Cases, Traveling lla.'s, Cabas, Portemonnaie*, Tablets. Fans, *c. Al arge variety of Fancy Good* are nowotfWeil nt cost, to reduce stock, at MISS THOMAS'* ma 17 2awiin* High et. mr fir ft 17h)r RKNT-ln Georgetown, the desirable BRICK DWKl.LING, two-*tor> and ba<*kbuilding, situated on First ftreet, between High a/id Potomac, now 111 tiie occupancy of N. P. Cannine, Possession given immsdiateljr. Apply t?i TIKl'i AS KNOW1.K*, corner Brclge ft. ana Market Space, Georgetown. je 12-eo?w DHSJRABLB DWELLING HOUHK FOR R KNT?The large and convenient brick dwe I linr. with l? hnilil?*? ? - ? " 1 nmi'iuifc, ? *?ii nrmge street, adjoining Dr. Ci??*l >dru? iitore. and <?ppo| site the rarmor*' and Mechanic*' Hank, is for rent, to a responsible tenant. The rent will be modorat". Inquire of CHAS. TRL'NNEL, Agent, No. SI Frederick street niaJn-e?>3w Canai. barrows; CANAI. HARROWS'! CANAL HARROWS, at \V IIKKLBARROWS, S I ORK TRUCKS. PLATFORM TRUCKS. HAND CARTS, COUNTER and PLATFORM SCALES. A XES and HATCHETS. woon HORSES and SAWS, KNIFE CLEANERS. CURRY COM HS and CARDS. 11 ames, TRACES, Ac , Ac. At 25 per cmt. less th ?? the usual prirts. J. F BARTHOLOW. SUGAR MILLS! SUGAR MILLS!! For Grindine Suzar. At Factory Prices. J. P. BARTHOLOW, je lb-eo?w Seventh st.. near Canal Bridge. If heeler &. Wilson's UNRIVALED FAMILY SEWING MACHINES! | Decidedly the most Popular And must Perfect Machines in the market! Making the "Lock 8titch"' Alike on both aides. AT ALL PRICES? FROM f40 TO $100. With Fcll Iasr kcctiorh. Both Printed and Verbal, Given Free Charge, kt ll,. D ~r .1.- n ... ?! u?w* ui mo rurcha?er. P. J. STEER,. AGENT, je *7-eo2w No. 498 BaviSTH Spm. AFHKUN'f* MILLIARD TABLE FOR HAI.E -W* h*v* Tor ?a!e at a ^- lPTTT>t teat larcaiti a Phelan'a Pombinationfl^BfliB Cuahion Marble Bed Billiard Tabla.^nCj^?-X m arly new, in oompleta order, and * a. warra ntrd true and oomplete WALL k, BARNARD, je 5 Auot'ra and Commuaioa Merohanla. blLVER PLATED BUTTKR COOLER8?3 The oheapeat in thia eity. I have just reoeived ' Ujr w. ?ki?n > AMUSEMENTS. ODD FELLOW?' HALL.?Third ?nd la.t wwk Of the Triumphant Succc*? of Tlilo4?n,i Iwcan ?f fletbaBlol Arts. CHANGE OF PROGR AMME. The following New Scenes will he presented THIS EVENING: 1st. View of the Town orTangi ?r?. 2?1 Washington at Valley For^e. Si. Nat lon&i Presentation 4th. Thf Ft-rna! City of Rome. Mh. Automaton Rop? Vanlter. Citr of Salihurg. with a beautiful effect of the Ruing Sun. To oonolo*1e with a grand and awfbl eeene of a Storm at Sea. Door* ope.i at 7S o*cl<JOk; performance will oominen-ie at ?. On ?Vedreedaj and Saturday Af t?rnoon? Special Performanou*; door* open at S o clook?commence at 3 Children to day perform ano??Hnt?. CarfUof aiir.linon 25 ota. je 3' I nttr<i? /^<>aijii.*n "ra 14 rnr,r, r.R ?? : Ci R N ST LOEKFLER, AVtr Y*k artnut ,b?tvrtn l*r and 2d ftr'ft*. wou.d rN(*ctftlllL|< tat* U> the public that A CONCERT yfAHK SKI,EOT VU*iC will i^civenererr MOl-HF DAY *nd ThL"Rs>pAY EVENINGS duriMtnc ftfVRon. at hi* t'ariiion. oommcncinf at 5 o'clock and ending at 10 p. in Prrvioui to th* Conocrt. Saloon ia op??n to those desiring to while awa* a few hours in the mazy dauo*. ICE CREAM. WATER ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY always readj at city prioe*. Partita dsiinrf the Gardens for Pto Nio par pos t, are requested to kit* adajr or two notio*. je 18 3m Analostan retreat. Ok Asalohtas Islaxd, Oppcsit' (itortftpim nn4 iraskmHon Tha ubserilwrt having leased for a term of year* thll KABlltlfll' ' A * * ..... iiwt miu triuaiiiiu m p'?.( t'j'rnru A it for the accommodation of the put.lio on the .11 at day of May. lUfio. For f.oauty of^JUL scenery, delightful promenaloa. fishing, to., Mndea us superior is unsurpassed in the I'nion. The House in largeand commodious, having heen entirely renovated It has a large Dancing Saloon attached to the house. bes.dea Diuing an1 Pressing Kokitik lor both la>:ies arm gentlemen. In addition splendid Arbors detacied from the buildings. Parties, Families and Individuals will find it ft most den able p no* to pas* the sultry day* of turn m?-. as every attention will l?e guarantied by Ihe proprietor*. The strictest polio* arrangements will l>e enforced, and politi ai discussions will be prohibited The l^arder will lie found to contain all the delicacies of the season at ail times. The Par wilt be furnished with the choicest Liquors and v\ iu"s and the finest Segars. S*'H5ietiea, Sunday Schools, Clubs and Military C' mrrvnies will find this the most desj<abie res rt near the metropolis for spending a pleasant and or j <1erl> da.*. fT/~Children unaccompanied by their parents or guardians, will l>e excluded from the grounds. ' inning and d?>g? prohibited. [IT"- Boata will leave the *oot of High street, 1 ?tr<.rn?>ic>wn. anu u sr-e^i, \> ashincton, hourly, from H o clock a. m. ti 112 p. m , daily. Person* prefemnr a pleasant wa k can reach the I* and via the Aqueduct. We solicit the public to jiHice for themselves. ar.d fe?l assured ol civin* satisfaction. je 3 eotf JACOB W. POWER" fc CO. FQ[l~SrALK~^NDREXT. [For other "Ft Sale and Kent11 ^MrliiMwali, fee Jim page ] I7T R \ISM F.P HOISifV*>R RF.NT IN THE FlRi*T WARD.?Will l>e rent"'! for 3m"nth* a Furnished House. Th* situation is conv nu-nt to the market, and tiie location one of the mot healthy and desirable in Washington. Water up stair* and down. A first ra??? Cook will remain if dctiied. Term* very moderat*. Apply at this office. _ _ " _ je 21 4t* ASM AM. FARM FOR SA LF.. bet wee i ? and 8 inile* from the city . containing jn acres, more or less, with al-out B acrf^ of l^autifu oak timber, in a healthy neighliorhood. Title undisputed. For further information inquire at No. f?t Louisiana avenue, t>etwAcu !>thand 10th *'*. j*?J' ",t* WM. E. ANDRE. (AND FOR SALE ? I wills'Unit Farm, con taimn* about 3T? a<-res of iand. situated on what m usually known as "Moore's Lane," lietween the hotiii iar> line ol the city and tilenwood Cemetery. This iaii I is well sit'iat"d f>r tne 'km of persons <l"inc bu.sin"ss in tiie cit\. I'pon it are several handsome building sites. I will ?-ll it in whole fir Uvide it to t:'11 purchaser*. on acc'>mn>"<Utin< term*. I"poll the (arm is a ?tna'l hut c?mfortaM* house. with MaMe and other out-hou#**. Tho?e wi - !:int to tmv .-an. t>x <a!iinn "" iae t on the plv?, learn the pri<>e and term*. j?ai-sr 1). MOORE. I^OR SA l-K?Beta-e<-n 7 and H acren of LAN P. par' 1.> on the Plank RoaJ. i7 h *t. I alwnt 4 Tin 1??- from Wasnington?a !*>at.tif<i. I>uij'*tr E "ite, 1'r .<> ated lor a market *a:-!?: Appi) at No. 3 Aienfj Block .-corner Seventh and F *U.. W'anhin*ton. je IS-lni" l^OR RK.NT A PRAMK HOI SK.- n KiTw ? I ?tre>-t Wfst. 3ei7 . ii'ar I. street t oith. Th" hoime it ten io nix, iu 1.00 I oriler, a. d a p imp of good ?at?T in the >ard. Poii<e??ion given on the l.-t of .1 i.t, or wHiner if requited, li> app Tit,L at No..1A'2.on I. at. je 1*> 3t* I^OR R K \ T?The three.story and-bMement MRItJK 11(11 !?K ? < rner of Sixth 're?t weiit ami F ?tr?ot north, one square from the Patent an<1 ?";t\ I'o t (?!fieer.?I>ei in: one <1 tiie hn<"<t ami lu-vthiext ,o ationa in t'.x cit? 11 i arrancod for h <>tore and dwelling; |ia? a t'ak>' o- en at'a^he<! \Vi:: suit a baker or >uifr< tuner. Po*?e??ioi given on the llth in fit. For t-'rm*. Ac . applj to (iKO. J. SKUFFKRLK. at Jackson. Hiother A Co. 333 Pa avenue. j* l?-tf * i v ii n i' v - ? I^''n nr,\i-A iwo-nUir) I-KA.MK DWKI.I. IXG, VKh kittkM and wood slMd, ?>n Tliird streit. btweeii ti and H *ti> north. No. 20.?. R?nt ?' 12 p?-r month. Forfuitiier particular^ inquire of W. S. JCNKS.friwrdl Jl Ural II eta. jel9-7t* r(>R RKNT-Th- IIOL'SK No. north F I (-tie?'l. Willi or witliout lurnlturo. ArpU on the preoH*"*. j?IC-lw* I.MJR RhNT-A ver* il??>ira!'!? new FRAMK DWKI.I.IMi HOl'SK on O ?ire?-t, between 3th and '.'tn, containing '? room-, witli front and hn< k yard; ft ablins and good water convenient. A. DC VA I.I., Agent, jp 18-1 w * Temperance Hail, F. #trei*t._ tf private mle-imram um(i t Monit .mrry Count*. .V'/ ?1 am authorized to di*ponf <i| a* priva o ?aie. in lorn to suit, a t act containing IKlaeren . f ?ood land, Htnat?d on tli? C. * O. Caual, B mile* from Georgetown. D C.?it* entire length-and divided b? the WitahinnUm aqueduct. It ha* two landing* ; a warehouae. storeIhhix, and other !*? 11 ins* ; woll wooded and watered ; with a count* road I a>1in.r to Rockvill-. Al?o a tract eont.inine iIB asrea. well wooded an-l watered. Title perftct, T'-rin* lilieral. Apply to TIIO*. l;OWl,IN(l, Auction aod Comnnt?ion Merchant, Georgetown. _ie l*-eo2w j?qi ee nt?a two itori brick housr.oa I Vli?Kouri avenn ?No. lo. Pof,<e?ftion riven on the l?t ol Jnlv next. A pply to I). A. ff*TTERston, No. 4til Second ?treel east, or 520 Seventli utreet we*t. ie7-eolin* PONVKMKNT AMI OKMI K A lil.K KO??V}? V , I V rr * ?' ? 1 ???? ?? - ? i ' i nr. rmn WARD TO l.KT -An Of fine, with I'arlor snd amber, if required or either of "M<1 rooms, furnished -?r unfurnished. southeast corner of 1 and Twentieth Ktreet* Inquire at premises. rra 14 Stawtf F^(iR RKNT?In tiie Fir?t Ward.Um three-story hhick ii' LSK vacated by Mr. De-four, hav-( in* a very larce jard. and wrll -npplied witii water iind e??. Al>o; for sale, two siiisfl Knck-'. Twentieth Hilt M. Apply JOHNSON & Sl'TTOv, ?r robt eailk j- u'e.a* | HANUSOMK i,it r 1,1. countbv fWAT near washington for half.?th* undernuned otTer at private sa'e a h?*antilnl little Country R'>idencc of alxi-it six acre*. on the Seventh street road, a short dutanoe this side t"e toll gate, and adjoining the residences of Messrs White and l.eWM. The house id a comfortable two-story square building, w ith wide ha:l, par:or. dining and breakfast rooms, five chaiiliers. and kitchen, kit ated on an elevatmi point back from the r<>ad and suriounde l l>v a grove of handsome shade trees. The gioundn are ta'tefull? laid out with walks and drives, and contain a young orchard of fruit tr*e*. grapery and vegetable garden, choice fin and ornamental shrubbery, Ac. There is also a gardener r house, stabling, spring house, a fine pump of water at the kitchen door ; in short every thing requisite to render this aa elegant and comfortable residence. The terms of i-ale will he male liberal. An off t to exchange improved city property in p*rt will b? entertained. je 18 Iw J. C. McOUlRE A CO.,Auct?. C'OM FORT A B I.K ROOMS, with or without / Hoard, can l?e obtained, on moderate terms, at 4*6 E st.. between 5th and 6th. Table Boarders accommodated with good Board. ^w* FOR RENT-Two beautiful new BRICK HOLS* 8, on Eighth ?t eet west, between M and N'treeU uo'th, west side. App.y to MARY C- HAISLIP, No. 3M Ninth street west, or Dr. KEA8BKY, No. 332 Pa. avenue, between nth ."< mn htwm. jf?12-2w* '~|M1REE FRAME HOUSES FOR SALE, with f their Lota. The> will lx> void on easy t*rmt. Th? houses are near the new Gas-Works. ar*1 are n'-at h<>iue? for the working man. First payment small, and the balance in one and two Tears, with interest. Apply toGlLBERT CaMEKON, n*ild er. jo t5-?w FOR RENT?The large ROOM in the third story of the building on Seventh st., second door south of Odd Fellows' Hail. To a punctual tenant the rent will be reasonable je 14-gt JA3. C. MoOUIRE ft CO. I?OR RENT-A BRICK HOUSE.on Masmchu r setta it., near loth st., oontaining 1" room* and passage, with good cellar. The rent will lie moderate. Inquire of QEO. T. LANGLEY, on L st,, near Fourteenth at. je 13 OR RENT?Three first cla?s and recently built HOUSES, four stories high each, hand somely finished, and having all the modern improvements, such as water, gas, *e., in one of the vei; 1 finest locations in (he city?on the corner of Third street and Jkfissouri avenue, and opposite the Capitol grounds Any one wishing to rent a fine dwell- i ing will find this a favorable ooeortnnit* ? J~ aire uj rent tbem immediate!*; and will'rent them low. Ingnireof P. W. BROWNING. je 1-tf C^OR RENT?Three BRICK HOU9ES-one on r Twelfth street, between C and D; one on the corner of Twelfth and H at*.: and one on H, be tween I2th and 13th eta. of JAMFft W.I UARKKK.on H atreet, betwerallto and 18th, Mo. I 444. ma ? tf 17OR RRMT-A thro* etory FKAML H]lU?E, r on Eleventh street, between I and K. laeatre of M. SNYDER .at the Plaabing and OaaPittmc K?uti.i?hmt?!it of C. Snyder, next door to tbe star AUCTION SALES. lyftr ?tk*~ So ' ?<* *'*r Bi J. C. Me6V1>R * CO- Airtmim F'AMH.N < AKElAl't H< h- A !?H., >? * tt Pcii:< Ar iio> Oj t*AT? H 1?a MO* M-V?. Ju?? j-l k ? A notion K?iw?. we itit 1 wll < ? '!*?? * Hortri fth? l?t?ri? J*mp.y t > ?nil!j l ?rri*??*.n ! ?? I "I'm nn<?n?< 1 D a 1* Ht'atfs Plirot I>?'k H*? Cfcrnat* ?t K hnrS Inch, kind and and (? tilv? HI. Term*. A ofd'' "f nst? ?1 n nrty ?' ? . f-?r *tnf?ctonlj *n?lor?*d nvt-? nt* f>t ftl H i. I". Metif'IRF. A in.. A?ct? Hi WALL A BARNARD. A?o?i>nw? HOtAND KlTCII KM lrmi'r?? A * ! 1 I-. : i. r" 1 ? * ? A i . r ,\m . 1 ?? ?> ' ' M 1 i A V MORSlNO. mat . at i? o'oJ<?ok. w? wi>l mM, in frout'-f the Auction Ku 'ii.i. * t?>i.eia: irtmc t of r*rj tood H>>n? 6 >id Fu.-aitita. tn# >( ft fftlRIU drotlUini ? Mfth<>cftr>y r*ola %n?l t haira, Mtru.aii} Md? ftnd Round fftb Sid*l>oar<, l.ourifra. Huh and Low Poat B?::a:?Mn. Hftl' and Huik M iltc-H'ii \\ da, Cftwa and V\ <??d ?>at Chaira, Slovra, A o , if, Te m? oa?h. j .Id WALLA BARNARD, An'it. By A. ORKEN. AB*ti?nw. ADMlNlt*TRATOK'?9ALE BY ORPKR OK THiOirmxi'Coi it. <<f itcuLiit H<?r?r HoLIj * \ I? K ll< H > >- t K N Tim < ' ll H* "A \ . the Aith m?t.. I ati% I . at 10 o'clock ft m.attha lata randan.* of 5*rfth M? ith, hi ? i? br ck bona* No*. 1 ?(l ana IJ'i |V> n ftv?rni? i ? twa-n '*th a*>d t th atiewta. a i li* Ttrmnai Kf <*' of th# deoaaa?d. rii: Hfti.daorn* Mahogany and Wftiniit Bro<-?t*> a (V* rr?m Par'or S?U. Dra?s. r.f ftnd other H'irraua ftnd Pidchoftrfl Mart 1? top Center, S. la and Pi?r Tat>iea and Slft:i'l?. Ulk > ?. .r<4 U'aVnl I"?> I , .... ,, BIHHt ?* Wtuvw, VdMMil WM1W and i'*-d Tahle*. Fin*1 ?ilit-Irame French Plate Mirror* and othe SiUiN. Si!r?r p at?*d Waiter*. Cantor*. Fork*. ai.<! Ivor* Handle K Divr*, Chi a. ?i.a*?, and Crockery War*, Mante. Orr.* menu. Maho^aiij. French, C<*t:a*e. aad other Be. >t?e ? and Wardroltr*. Feather Bed*. Hair and otfier Ma'treme* a- B~'' V'e! vrt Taj?e?try. Three ply, and o h?r Ca p??? n - d Our utn. Cooking. Ha'l, ot*"-i Sr.or> . m 1 a |o<><i >t Kitonei. R^ui*ite?, With many <>th? r artio,** which we deem ur> ?ne? ary to ei.ume-a'p. T rm? A *ut(ii> unl" r < .\S oa*h over i?r'd i'of 3 and 6 month*, for note* **ti* ar o-iiyeii dor?ed, bearing inter?*?t TH(W P. MORGAN, Administrator, je ntTli^M A hKhhN. A ti?f THIS AFTEKNOON \ TO MOHROW By J. C. Mr**L'IKh A CO., Auctioneer*. DHKSIRAKMv DWKI I.IV. Mill ?*K I oh Ka-t Cartt't. *t . oriwtiix ft.' ?mi *m. II at) "TP. HT? 1*?r, *T ?' ! Al T "> THCKMM Y Ah I KH noon I>i e ? ,1. at - . o'o.ock. oil the pren .? we'l,*: -e to lh? I .( i."> udder, witli-'iu rN?ry?. p*-t ?>f I.ot \. s\ ir *quare Si,. 7m |r -rif?* ( * ! ?>n Ka** ( If !< *t eet l>et w*er> !*eo?>lt<l *,..1 T*!"1 ?t'??e?? ea?' ran ning back 97 f>*et inchcp; together with the 11*1 IWhiMIj, cm nri?tin? of a *iiiu.two *t<>ry *n I !>a*em? nt l)w?lnr.? Hon**. Tern.a: One fourth cash; the rendne in fc. 12. and IK rn nth*, with lnterect, aecur?d by a deed in trui*t ' p. the P eriiire* f i? << j. r. M?r.i iRK ? nv, H? A. GKKKN. Auctioneer. jVJBW THFEE-RTORV BRJ? K HOlf*K. *?D Lor at Ah tiok.-<?n I HI rm>AY.the >|*? mutant, I aha! I eell in front of the preiiuaea, at ma o'clock p m.. the north t went* feet front of L^ot N'?. 9, in Crutteuden'a autwti viaion ot S?j urn* rt? front in* on9th atreet weat. ruunmi naok O an,t P Kt'ert* north, to a puhtie a ley. wiUi the imp itw nniti, which oonviftt of a new Three ?t??r? Br House. coi.tainir.g *ix *ood and conveniently a' ranged rm>mr. witn wide pa?R&?ea, *i,d bmit in t??e bent manner, by on# of the f*?et workmrn id tlii* city. Thena;e will he worthy of any one withmt to purr, %?e a fine am* house in a hea thy lora'i "lerm?. On* third caeh; the in ?* 12. I*. HmJ H*. lor r;- te? |.eannr ir,t<>re?t d?i of sale. A dee-! jiveii ai.' a 't?ed of triift tafcei, jelvd A. GREEN. A net Bv A.GREEN. Auctioneer. HOI BEHOLD and HITCH*N Frurmrrtit at At e rioM.?On FR!DA\ , the Hil in?Vant. I ana Mi., at 1?? " 'clock a m , at the residence of a gent ?tuiin deeming h"u**k-epir.c. N ? M > aou'i a enuo, M*o?n atx! 6tti treats, an excel lent as?oi tment of Furniture, vn : Mahogan) Sofa*. Rnetnig and I'arior Chairs, Do Dining, Br akfast, Card and other T? blea. Mahogany Marble-top Dreuing Bureau and H aiti tafid, Mah"<arv and Wa nut Dreaaing and other Bureau* and Wardrobea, Jenny Lmd, Cottage and other Bedstead*, Whatnot and fine Feather B?ds. flair. Cotton and Mtucc Mattresses, A large assortment erf Heading and Pillows and Bolster a, China, O *.rs. Cror-k<-ry a*-d r'toneWare, Fine Mantel Vases. with ?*hadee and F.owera, Oil Paintings, Tapest'>, Ti.ree p.y and other ?'? pefs. Cooking. Air tight and other Stores. With a good lot of K itchen Reqmsites. With many other a t whirfi we deem uune aary to enumerate. Tern.f A mm* urrter ?^r> rash. ver * oreoit of 2 an<1 < month*, for i tea satisfactor ? er<lorae<t. ties ,r.g interest. je_J> St A. GREEN, A net. LTTTTTD f n J Vo r u i kj i\ n j'/i/o By J. C. MoGUIRK & CO., Avotioiwri. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE CF KNGRA vfr'* Tool*, Pke?*e?. Ac ?On >ATI"R OA ^ M >R % I \? i. J u'.? i->t. a? i * . 11. ' rt .if Auction Room*, we aha ee.l, ' ? order of the Or pban*' Court? t'o p p t P,a: . Sra ai.'l Kmbut ',c Pff. Ga vanio Battery, Kncraving Bra*? ard Si vrr plat^l P ate*. S'al B. >cka. Sh w Cas*. Ceun;?r, frani''*, A c.. Ao. Term*; Twenty doi.ara and under oaeh;over thit ??ni a credit of6 and *> dare. f >r *ati*factorilT en dor?ed note*, bearina lntereau By order of Adn?ir?i?tr?tor. ia an d J. C. .MoGI'lRF. A CO . Awrtt By J. C. MoHUIRK A C? ?., A uctioneer* f^XCKLLENT AND N KAR ! V NKW KL'R i MTrKF ?>D H'll'KIIOLU k FIKT? 4T P l ' Sal* ? O? rCf.SDA^ MoRNi.Mi, Jun* SMr.,a: 10 o V<>ok. at the recent re*idene? of the Hri?iar M inlater. corner or T .irtecrth and D ?tree'*. we shall 'II al the 1'urr.iture and Household fcfeet* oompn*inr? Suit* of Crimson B cattle Co vert d Parlor Fur nitu e. r??n"i?tiiic of twoFreuch Divai.a, two Arm an<( fi ?r >l?1e Chair*. Gre-u and liu d Hr ^atai e anJ Maroon r.u?h Cov e eil Arm ? h ir?. Suite of four Cum ou Dam* ?k Cur?a> oa, C orni ??. Walnut Center and Caru Table*. WnaiiKt. Several ?xoe lent Wa'nut Spontanea and Bo kcta?ea. Writiuc De*k*. Table* ard Chair*, Three-p;y and lucrain Carpet*, i >i c.oth and Ru*?. Cande at>ra?, Va?ea. China Spitfoona. Walnut Sid hoard, Walnnt Fxten*i< n Table, 12 French Dunne Chair*. Mahocaov t*?if?, French China Dinner Set, M ver-piated Caster*. Decanter* . Gotnet*, Chainpame* and Winea. Silver p ated Spoon* ai.d Fork*. Table Cutlery, t ea <11x1 i ai> > * Miien, i u?cn, >?plun*, Ac. Hamlaome firwn liname!!?d C"tta*e Set, with Mai hi* t'Oi. Mah"?*n? Marble top Dreaaing Bureaaa, H~i*teada. P am Bu'eaua. Wa*h?tan<le, Window y*had<?a. Curtaina. Tonet SfU. Hir aad Husk Bolateratnd Piliowa, fc, i collet, t lank*'!. Cumrorta, t ounte< pauea. j tftetor, A i-'ijht and all other Stove*. A Copp?r Cooki k I t> iiai a. tr?? t^afe. *e TnjethT with a general a*aer"iuent of Honaehod w ai d K teh-Mi ( f?iu aiu>a Ternn-: ?*> ami under oa?h; over that aom a credit "fH", and * la* *, f >r ?*::-iaetori.y ?ndor?ed n 't<"*, ! arin( u terect jeytd J.C. McGI I R R ft CO , Awct* By J- C MoOl'IRK h CO . AuoUuoeera. TRUSTEE"? CM.KOf EXCELLENT FI'R Sirt ee a.1P H<M-MHOLb Effects.?On !?a r l'RI>AV MOK M\(J . J Vii" ^ 1" <'o.<io?. the firat floor of the AuotiM JJ- anj. by virta* of a deed of truat dated May l*th, 1W ?j,d duif re corded in liber J. A S . No. f.\ioa 3* et ?ra one of the land reoorda for \Vaikin?tnn?o?i?** hall a?ll? J On* excellent 6K octave mahogany eaee f ia?<> Forte, Walnut carved Parlor Suite, fiuiahed in hair c'o'^. Marble top Centre and Sofa Table*, Whatnot. Waluut Kanoy Tab;e?, Keceeticn C hairs. Gilt frame Mantel and Pier Gasan*. Oa^iaak and l.ace Curtain* and Cornice, 8ruaaela and three-ply Carpet*. ile:oth and MaHing, Set ha^d^ome blue and (old enamel.ed Cha-r1* Parniture, with Marble tope, Set handaom' blaok and gold enamelled Chancer Furniture, with Marble top*. Set of Wainut Chamber Furniture, Set of Mah?(anv Chamber Furniture. R <1 and Mahogany Dreaainx Bureau*. Wm*le Walsit Wardrobes. Painted Wardrone* tx curled hair Mattreaaea, ?l*t?r? and Pillow*. Rlai keu, Comfort*. Counterpane*. Waenetaude, Granite Toilet &eu, Shade*, Wnnut exteneion 1 mini TaM*. Kef iterator, Mahojany Sideboard. Ctit* 'at Chair*, Mahogany S?>ia Bed, 1* eeey hollow Chair, W hit* <>ranite Dinner S*t, ?,.am?ware, C?oking ard ether Stove*, Wire Hafe. Ac., Together villi the uauai quantity ??f Kitchen I t? Termc t? and under, oaah, over that mw oredit of 3 , 6n. and ?? d?ya, fir eaU?fkotorily ? domed note*, bearing intereet. By order of the truetee )e H d J. C. MeGUIRK k CO.. AeeU_ By wall A BArn \JT d. Aactooaeera Excellent and nearly new ca* r Pg5Tgl'??*HOr oi? Tje*t**pt? ** >*? . TiO!? ?On SlON BA Y AFTKRNOON, 1*k I#*' 1 at 6 o'clock, we will ee, Iront of the I on Thirteenth ?tre-1 between I and K.aaear'T ?*? 1 m ^ AaAA Ant Paraanlae'e BKab an tiinl t/1 RIFOP"1* ML Te nu: On? third ouh, b*la::oe la en?od or Mtlafkctorily ftndoraod noto?, b*?rin? ip1***1j* it <1 WALL * BAKN'AltP. A??t* PUBLIC BALK OF A VALLABuK FA** Id Al.?XANP*lA l'oy!?It. Va.,? *1L*? r??* IWn. at 12 n'ctnok. in front of tft? MlfWj th* our ?*( Me*andria, I Will Mil, M iKiT ^ '?? ol IjLlid aituat") a- <>( wh'*A'_^ MM xrJiu dt?d mib?I and ? hi?WJ tho i.ii? j.?>rUot ? h?a.ttat *i?? - . T th? th u.ark. U < ( (.? ?.r?rt-? n. W f 3 Aloxa&dri*, f?.u* 7 mil* from the Iwti*. ? ' I, wt.icb fa-*** th'owb Uie U ?" I tuildinia ara ?ul>*taotial Mifl ! |Ml?Nn. It w A| ba d in .me t'aot or divided luto parotla to m M purchM*r?. H tain*: On?> t*n'Ji suit; baianoaat 6 12, II # H M motiUit, with inUtMt g| J. LOUIS KINZKR. W )9 tt-dtt* CoauniMioD* H

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