Newspaper of Evening Star, 21 Haziran 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 21 Haziran 1860 Page 4
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THF. EVENIIHtl STAR. DOI'BLE AID TWIST ED LETTER I To ht rea<1 itrarght tkrcmih first. and tk<n by trery altrrnnt* Ihm.) *'1 cannot be satisfied, mj dearest fri?nd, Blest *? I srr in th* matrimonial state, | r^es* I pour into yo-ir friendly hosom? tVhir.h > a.a war ht at in nm?on with minA? Th* various wnsatums that swell With tit<? liveliest eino'ion of pleasure >1 % almost bursting ht a. t. 1 t*?ll you, my dear Huh* and is the most amiable of men. ] >>av? now 'v?en inarried seven weeks, and Have never (ound tie leaat reason to R?pent the d^y that joined us. My husband is Both in person aid manners far from resembling I'/ly. erov, old, di*a<reeable, and jealous oj 5lon*ters. who think by confining, to secure e\ wife. It is hi* maxim t-> treat as a Jlosoin friend and confide-*!-not *8 * Pia>thing or iiimiai slave? ?ne wonian Clioaeo to he bin ooniMMiion. Neither P?ftj. He ?av*. should a'w**s o ey implicitl), But each yto the other by turn*. An ascient maiden annt. near seventy. A cheerful, venerable and pleasant old lady Line* in the house with us She is the deLu lit of fcoth yoiini and rid; she is ciVil to all the n<*ii(ht>orhood around? Generous anil charitable to the poor. 1 am couvincd iny hu<t.and loves nothing mors Ttiaa he doe* me i h? flatter* me more Than a elass. and his intoxication 1 For *o I mn*t cail the excels < f hi* love) Oft'*n inaiie't me Mush lor the unworthiness Of tl>? obieet. and 1 wish I c nld l>e more deserving Of' tne man wfcose na:ae I bear. To 5n?t in one word, my dear, and Crown the whole, my former gal ant lover Is now inv induUent husband. My fondness Is returned, and I mi<h* have had A prince without the felicity I find in fiim. Adieu! Mar rou he blest, a* I am un A><ie to wish that 1 could be more ftappv. , m m m Mtli i* Franc* ?We want a little touch of French d< spotisrn In tb?se matters Kvery drop of milk brought into Paris is tested at the barriers by tli?* lactometer, tos?e if the "Iron-tailed cow" has been ifuilty of diluting it?if so the whole of It is remorselessly thrown Into the gutter?the Paris milk is very pure in consequence. If a tradesman adulterates anv article of food offered for sale he is first lined, and then made publicly to confcas his fault, by means of a large placard in his window, setting forth the exact nature of the trick he has plavedupon bis customers. Imagine some of our leading tradesmen obliged to sit in sarkcloth and ashes; and suffer this moral pillory! One or two rogues thus exposed would have a marvellous < ItVct in keeping the sand out of the ujjar and th*- burnt beans out of tlie roffw IfTTht srboolship Plymouth. which left An napoils some days ago with 1W> midshipmen on >ird, bound for a cruise, anchored in Hampton Koads on Monday morning. fjy- The principal reason now given for a postponement at the time of tailing of the Great V.;istern is that it is desirable she should arrive oft' Sandy Hook at the period of the spring tides. Wjr The proposed grand ratification meeting of the Bell ana Kverett party ia Richmond has been I off until itfu-r th? - vuiiiiuiivil ai Baltimore. H7"The Chicago Zouave Cadets have postponed their nr.icb talked of excursion, it is alleged, on account of the death of their organiiatioti. 1117"Another hail storm, which proved quite d<nna-in^ to the lab- wheat crop, visited Frederick county, Md., on Saturday last. ^7"Our Republican opponents have hit upon quite a lakinx uaine for their caudidate. Tiiey c?ll him -Old Abe Lick'em^ AT THh HU'l'hLX WILLAKDS' HOTEI..-J K*atmg, Pa: C A Wi ward, lit; : ? Crane, Pa; < t* ftla laon, N T; A F J-.oo. do, M LS'vituand lady, Mo; J W Allen, do; L y\f 11 ? ?-j * * - ? *. iuio hi i?h* , a>&, wim J Sin la. do; Mim i. J\ Womll, tift: VV tamewoi', Va; R T iSwl, N\ ; R Maim, do; J VV Ccan. l?w. ?iam; C H Reid, N * ; C VV Tfcoruaa. L'SA; J A Snelburgh, jNV; WH Wafdou, Hi; A H Clark, NY; F MoLaughlm, Pa; A Uutch-r. NJ; T J Ba>and,do;R M Ma?ra?r, Xi?i; i H O cott, La; E H Levy, A P Grant, N \ ; A Brai??e!l, Miss, Mim Murdoch, N?; Mrs VV M Cainpfwiu ao; J Dvul, do; F l^ate. Pa; C Hi smith, , K S Matnewa, do; W 8 Mare, Pa; E Marur, do, (j Porter and .adv. do; J Dilworth and lady, do; L S (irunl?, K?; L S> Po?t, N\;VV Hoffman, Me; VV H Peck, do; ?;b Maxwell, do: VV do;C B Sp'ayuc, N Y; J R Looo, Pa;W A PaUikiu. do; A JJunu- La: Mi?? Duoc do; Jjr H J 4SC; A 9 Carlfoo, Va; M h Ccrlton.d"; J C X)eiafi"ld ii.^ I'anghtcr, La; E Lentie, N\ , J B John?ou and IsjI).NC; VV Wilfcon Oa, Mrs Gillam and daughter, daughter, do; J T Smith, Pa; C Saiktr, NY; J D HarUhom. NV ;S Ely, #?o; H M ?iri?. do; a M D Bai ct and lady, Pa;tt P Smith. 1.* f? ^ * " ? ', c, \j ^ijniur, ay; H W >iiau, (i A Bu.-gm. Fa; B F Matt.uicly, K?, J Seveck, IV v ; J Bowman. do; O F Gardner, Kt;9 Manly, do B Ko*d. do; R C Hill, CSA; E B hase, Pa; C Shoemaker, do; J \Vood?, ISA; F Hedorth, Conn; E Lloyd, Aid; W B Ore?ne and lady, Mi't; K F Junet, Mi??; W B L'hopl>ard. NC; H W Donojle, Em, J A iioiiugton. ?; \V Murdoch, NC;C Parker, NY; J D Hartshone, do. NATIONAL HOTEL -J F?llon?, Mm*; J W Binaficld. USA; G Whittiagton, Va; J SinDorne, NV; Lojd, Pa; W Kanpy aud fa?a. U Hauser audly.Ga. Mr* Hirri?, M;? H?rri?,Kj; W J?r rett. JT; VV Broadwell. L,a; F Latitn*r,JHijiin. II; O Slrde. N 1"; N C!a:k. f Baboook, O; O * J*a?ht?r, H VVeeo and iy 111, H Mower. K In at oher, D Johnson. S Kuiutle. Mich; W Wortftinn tun M.I !>' "" * .VH, !%* ?'? w7j?vvu, .1 \p ixbiiriii) r\y y *^i tfirri', ''? J L? ?. Mr; hi U.i?. Ml; J H?nrd, A Ma' , S Y; Gen We |, orn and mm. Tex; B Richardson. I t A Gross, Pa; LSh'Mou.Mit*; J Ind; J ISaw !iw, NO; J Kalenbengsr an ' lam. Pa; T Hill, IN J; A Pbiiitpp, f'a, P Hayne, Hi; ? I lnhorn, ba; H > StimsuQ. \ J; l)r Bio..k*, Wis; L P?srr>, Nd; VV Po an.l, J Smart, R Al ?t jn. t Adaiii?, O; J 1 cmpi?, W M . J Stevenson, Pa; W Howe ar.d fain. M l; B Rutfticr. Ind: J Puser, Ill; A Parsons, \Vis. \V Grtijer, ind; U Taliaferro, Miss; A Bnllags, NY. BROWM8' HOTEL-T A Bender, J Hos'.T Snnw l-n, B JaTiioa. T Barry. W Howa.d, fe Howard, W Smith, Md; i>r \V Backbouso, (1 Croti-"-, Pa, U Milaur. J B Aoeby. ; J S Nishul*, J W Nicho.s and onild. Tent; C AdaTs, .Mine;'? rttfal , K?. J lA't.C J Coward, J Chai.'t ee, r?ij, B H >a?'.aj, N >;-? Johnson J 8 Yauaeli. Miss; G II ?rd, M L l)< herlT, G Mil* x. O J Harir. A l??>rbj, Ga; J CuHtmiug. I'a; S Held. T K DohoMf. Kj; J Beusner. Va; J Howes, Md; M Eder. Pa: J Peuoli ton and it. Va; G Harris, Md; C S Bra?Jl<y, KI; L L?a, J Fletri?#r, T<siin; C Packer. Va; A B Jones. La; A TmiaiM J A Po'ter. Va; H i^ewoomer. P 8 v \ - * - ** ? jivwv'IIIVI t ** .1"? 'oiiipr| A v^nl, M180? Dyer, H Guh?r, A Fr?oito, NY; O Holmes. L?: C H Berry, N Y;H De Sanaure and ly, Mm Rayntddr, SC; Mrs N Boydec, NO; E Bradley. Pa: Mr* K > Overly and fam, Miaa ft Harolaon, Ga; F V;aailu , Pa, P Senna and ly, Mrs M Capner sua d&ughtei, NJ; W Talt>ertt, J bird, Md. K1RKWOOD HOL'SE.-J T Aulton, 0 Parute. Fa; VV Gi?r?r. K>: W M Giliaon, UT: i* Rail, Mo; H Bu'ehor. Pa;/ B'jat>,0;J Ah1. Pa; J Diekaon, T A C ark, I'l: W Hoover, Onn: It Poweri I While, IU: J R Wo< d an'1 fam. R J*tmp?on and ly, Mtu; F I, Nio'ioie, N Y; J McLean, Pa- J Burnt T Campbell, M- fcarly, O. WASHINGTON HOI !*K -W Pchwarlx. V M t?otiwart/. J Campbell, G W Minor, A Madden, K B Krown, P ? Fntlia, J K Pa; t* Clark, B G Mar.i.r. J G Mat?or, Oni<>; Wan A Richeraon Vs. OCMAIf a TEA MEM8 SA / L > JfG DA T3 FtOX TH? ISITID KTAT*? S'?4?urj. I.tat-e. For. Days. A:z* > _..N#w York ..Havre ...... ..J >23 From Europe North American I.iverp??>l ... Portland J'e 13 J>r<*rneu . Sfc??Ui pton... New York... J'? 13 Th.-> I'lvsn* mai. ntramers leave >nw York on th? 2d, 17th, and 27th of eacu inonlh, and Oaiieft ti e 4tU &c 19ti?. I lie cn-iforma irail :<iave ?w York on he Hh am! i.?U? of eaof month. Tv **%* ? UKIN l'lfcj l'K Y. (VI TEETH. l'l* LQQMI8, M. D., the inventor and p&teste* of the Mineral plate teeth, k *>3msi tends ^rtoM. T at hi* oflloa in thia eity. Mntf Man; persons cm wear tneee teeth whn^*1*' * '' cannot wear others, and no person oar. wear other* who oannot w?af theee. Persons oalhug at my off c* can be aooomnnxiatec with \rj style %ud pneo ofTnelh they mar desire bet to taoee who are partioai&rar.d tae parent Cleanest, strongest, and no*t perfaot dantnre thai art oac vrodeoe, the MINERAL PLATE Will be more folly warranted. Rooms in this oity-No. 3301'a. avenue, between etn a:-.: 19th sU. Also, 90T Aroh street, Philadei yhm. DC l-lf D DENTISTRY. R. HILL&, after a praotica! test of two yeart, f<e.i that he oan With oonhd*: Ce reoom meed the Cheosiastic Process for insertir.fflkJK3 artihoiai teeth It has the adv*nta<ea .>? etr?n?'.a, beauty, cleanliness .and oheapness. Pali a?eer sets ineei ted for ft9f. Partial m proportion CTffloe 306 Pa. arena e. se 1 Francis harper, HSVIX? OPBXfD A FAMILY OROCKRY AND FKEDSTORE, i'om/r ?f A'mm Ymk***n w* and T~*'k 'trft. Recpertfully eoiietta the patrona*r of th'se wiio mar be in want of any article is the above line. FIis eiuleavors shall be to pleas*, and by a strict attention u> the war.t< of the public, he hopes to merit a I share of their natmnu* His tock consists of wwerv article usnallv to !>e found ia a first claas Family Grocery and F?^?l fttora. MW-tf SELLING OFF! SELLING OFF' w * bare marked down oar whole stock of? Rich Ka-ec* and Lawn Rob#*, Rich Ftcere* and Plain Raref ea, Chfits Kuur*d Anlana. All Fano* Dr?*s Silka. many at ooet aad lee*. is order to rv.luoe our heavy atock this season. frrwe invit* the special inspection of toe iadiea ami surchaeers jeterajlyjae we sbaM ofler deeirab? ^rrutm J W. **OLLEY t CO. je 1 l_fw 333 Seventh *t.. above Pa. av. BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-In D coaroaarrD iw-Joua L Don4.ld*oi?, Prat.; M, Coclt**. Seo *. BUY" D-^ri^ure pamphita k? obtained at the Coaaaay's Areucv for tSo Distnot of Columbia, oAoeof] ewis Johaaoa A Cjk, Raakera. imr, sUeol PIANOS.?GREAT BARGAINS -Oae Rosea krantf Piano, ia boet order, fo* #7v__mj^ ^,mTn I T~ mmmwm Wo"Mi,T?iS!.fr CHEAP r BOOTS, SHOES, AHD TRU 1 SHALL SELL, FROM TO-DAY, AL GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS, SHOE9, AND TI MY STOCK C7" ALL PI'RCH A8ER9 W] FOR THEMSELVES, AT SAMUEL P Iron nail Boot, 8ho jeS-'iw 390 PKNNSYLVAN1 MISCELLANEOUS. MAY 10TH, IS60. OPENING or THK SEASON. MoDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE. Our Grocers and Citizens will please Bear in Mind that The Season for this MOST HEALTHFUL AND PURE BEVERAGE Is Nov Open. The Agent in Baltimore II as Received A Large Stock And will be happy to receive the orders of hia Washington Friends. Quality Quarantfrd Strictly Pur*. jas. McDonnell, General Agent, ma IO-t.t.A* tr Baltimore. pROPOPALS FOR STATIONERY. Dkpartmknt nc St.?. j Washington, May 3lst, 1s60.< In Pursuance of the "Act legalizing find making Appropriation* for such neressary objects as h*ve been usually included in the general appropriation bill without authority ot law, and to fix and provide for oertaia incdental expenses ?>f the departmenti and offices of the government, and for other pur popes," approved 26'h August, 181*. sealed separat" proposals will be received at this department until 3 o'clock, p. n".,nti the 28th of Jura n^xt, for Inrnishinr such articles of ?tationerjr as mj? b?? required by it for one year from the 1st day of July next, as enumerated m the subjoined schedule and estimate of quantity, hut it l* to underat<>od by persons proposing that the department is to be at lil>erty to t'lte either a !e?s or greater quantity of 3ny article than is sp-cified, according to its war.U uring the year Each a-ticle to be of the bert quality, and to be delivered without delar when ordered. SCBEDULB. Ptr*r, knntl-made, of Lintn, Lnii or U*oi ?. 50 reams fooiscap, Whatman's or Jojuaou's, p?r ream Ji reams quarto post,cream-laid, to weigh not less than 9 pounds per r< am, trimmed, rultd on three sides, \\ hatman's or Joynsnn's, per raam f> ream* note paper, cream laid damask, What man's ??r Jojrnson's, per ream. Envel?pt Pnprr, Smooth. in reams super royal, yellow, per ream K1 reams do. wtiit?, thick. p"r ream l? reams roya1, white, thipk. per ream S reams blotting paper, ror*l, red, per ream 1 ream white blotting boards, per re*m. Envtlcpt', of Strom Smooth OpoqU' Fnr<H>>'? Adhesive. 1.0^1 No. 1,1< !8 by 5 niches, per !,(*?) l.nno No. J. '?? bj 4'4 do do l,ftn No, 3. 3 by < do do .1.' <*? No. 4, 8 by &}* do do i non No. 5, R by i.'i do do ion No. 6. f*s by4'a d ? d ? skm No. 7. ? lt> ss do do l.?*0 No. I, ifx by do do 1,000 No. 9, y t by 3 4-10 do do 1JUD Nn in. v. K? n. _F- ... v uJ ? 4 uv U\? 2.000 No.ll, 48-10 bj27-l'? do do 3,(*j0 No. 12, 4 by 2)6 do do Envdopti Lxnrd xrith Lifn. 1.001 No. 1, It by 5 ineKes, per !, ? jr? 1,000 No. 2, 9?t by do do l,i*io No. 3. 9 by 4 do do 1,000 No. 4, R by SJi do do 1,?M No. 6, 8 by 5H do do 1,<01 No. 6, by 4)? do do 4 doz3ii icout p*ns, of approved make, per doz*n 1Q<> do cards metallic pofis, Perry'*, do lofl progs metaliio pens. <f approved mak?, por cross 6doz?n b!aok lead pencils, Brookman h Lancdon's, or Faber s, per gross 2 dozen red and blue pencils, V. L. Leman, per 4 do ivorv foldTs, "-inch, p>?r <lozcn |<lt>zori l(i do red tape, No. 21 do l'l d > do So. 19 do 10 do do No. 17 do lo do (to No. 15 do 12 do si'k tacte, narrow, do 12 do do wide. do 50 > yards siik cord. per yari! 1 dozan cut c.aso liikstaiids. Dr^pei'sor W hitney's, per il'iz?n 2 dnz )n water stand*. ?<? ?>?.. tit <l(.T?n 2 do erasers, Rodgers six! Son's, ivory haud!?, per dozen 3 dozen penknives, Rodters and S Mil's, I blades, per ?oz-*n, 1 dozr n penknives, Rodgpr* and Sor.'g, 2 blade*, per dozen 1 doz<?n ivory-handle wafer ?a.?. per d??z*n 12 do ink, in quart*, black, Maynard and Noyw, per dozen 1 dozen carmine ink, per dozen 3 wnfsre, red. pur Dound I do do w.ue, do bjBM wafer?, f..r I'nitod Stat"* era', extra thick. p?r 1 .om 5,n?<> wafers, for departmental s?>al, extra thick, per l.HW 1?0 pounds calms wax. b?st extra strperfinetcariett. Dovell and hasy, per pound in pounds twine, (ill net, par pouud 2" do seine, do if) do do coarse, for packing, per pour.d K dozen paper shears, Rodger* ami Sons, B inch blade, per dozen 1 dozen paper shea-*, Rodge's and Son's, 0>iinch blade, per dozen 2 doz?n scissors, per dozen. fc>ch proposal must be sun?d by the lnli-Mdrial or firm muint it. and mukt specify a prion?iml but onr r" ? for eacli and t-vjry art c.e coutaiiu-t* in the schedule, and those f >r pap^r mint be ,w nnmnilr.iAfi K? .... .u. 1 .. .v "'".viriH Ro(ii)?oa i i eioi ariiciA t'> ?n\Me the depactmeit to judge ami make se';ec ti?n. Should an* articles be required not enumerated, they are to be furnished at the lowest mai k>?t prices, according to quality. Biar.K f >rn:s for p oposaU will l?e furnished at the department to p?rsons appij iri; for them: and an, without uuiforiiiitjr therein, tho Department would fin?) it difficult to make adeo.sion, none will b? taken into consideration unless suostantia'ly agreeing therewith. The proposals to be addressed to "the tVpnrt inent of State," and enuorswt "Proposals |>r StvUonery."' N< tice will be given to t:ie person to whom the contract is awarded who will be ro qnirt-d, with n fiv<- days thereifter, to give bond, with two sufficient sureties, for it* pe formance Tlie he?U of the Department is iu ait cases to decide wii-tlier the t?riiis of tho contract lia^p be n compiled with, and to rmeot any articles which ma? be, in his opinion, of inferior quality. as well as to annul the contra"* upon any railure to com ply with the terms within a reasonable time. nia3> lawiw IV | No. 601 I i iOTICK KKSM'M: I I\t. i ERTAlN LANDS IN' TH S'PlTL' or io?' * - A m-m * 4K ? U VT C 1 V/ IV A Notic* ie hereby given that the land* along the Dcb Mi'Kci river in Iowa, and within the claimed limit* <'f th" I)*s '<?ir.<-? grant i;? that M*t?, atxive t>ie m'?ut!i of he R a coon Fork of sa'd river, which have b<**n i ??*? .- d fi i-in n\le heretofore onaccouut oftho olaim of the Mate thereto, will oontinue reserved, f >t the time being, from tale, or from location by an* species of Trip or warrant, no'withstanding the recent decision of the ^ujrem# Court, against the claim. Thu action is deemed necessary to afford time for C.>r>grasa to consider npon nemor a' or otherwise, the o*>* of a-ituai homi JLi* settler* hold. n< under titles frotn tiie Statu. and to make such pro 1 vision by confirmation or adjustment of the citims of such settlers ai may appear to be right and proper J OS 8 WILSON. Commissioner of the (Jetieral Office. Genkrai. Laxd OtricE. May >8,ia?>. mallw<w LIGHTNING' LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! In Tims or Pcack. I'kkiahe fob Wab! F. La BAR RE, Soulku>'st rOTMtr nf Wkand C Us., MArfCTACTOKER or P LATIN A-TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS, Ke?p*otfuUy Announces to the pubho of Washing ton and vioinity tii&t he i? prepared to exeoute all orders for erecting Lightning Conductors on th* most reproved scientific principles, constructed of the very best of materials, on rery moderate terms. All Plahna-tipptd Points which are mar. u facto red by me wlil be stamped with my name. Weather Vanes of any deeiga made to order, mar 29 Sm ELKCTRO-PHYSIOLOGY AND ELECTROThe rapeutics, showing the best methods for the medical uses of Klectncitv. b* Alfr?H c. n?r rett, 1*1.1) , I roJ. 8vo: price f 4 In* South Hid* View of slavery, by Nehemiah una. L> I).. 1 vol., erics 75 oenta. Lucille, by Owen Aier.dith, 1 vol., bine end (old ; rice 75 cent*. Part ? of Tom Brown at Oxford; prioe 12 oenti. For aale bjr BLANCHARD A MOHUN, jets Corner of lltk at., and Penri. ave. MRS. SCHOOLCRAFT'S NEW NOVEL.ivl The Hieok Gauntlett, a Tale of Plantation Life in Soath Carolina, b; Mri. Hei rT R 8ohooloraft, wife of the Ind ai Historian Pri jo $\&s. J u?t pablUhad and lor sale at PHI LP fc 30L0M0N.8 Metrop<.:itau Booratore, *39 P?.av? bet. *th and 1Kb at a. Sole Agentefor Laurence'* Celebrated Foreign Sta'K.nerr )?1? WAOHlNtiTON SEW1N6 ROOMS, M Mi II., Hue do rr' North if f*. it*, Now .a the time to cet HPRINtt acd HUMMER sklKfs made aeto order The aubaeriber u prepaid to Mke * ft 1RTS, il)R A W EH 8, *e., at tka mmr ll Sf*^ M. O. HOTER _ ^ OR CASH. MS, CHEAP FOR CASH. jL my assortment of ladies and iunks. CHEAP FOR CASH, to reduce rt i rw \ wpi i th n a i i a v n v i ui vp IIJU VV/ " * V V?1IU " . HOOVERS ie, and Trunk Store, [A AVENUE, Brlwrfo 9th and 10th &U. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Change or Hovxs. ON and after wednesday, June 13th, I 1%!*, trains will run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.4?> a. m. Leave Washington at 3.2" and 5 .SO p. m. On 8undar at 3 a? p. in. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 4^ a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.2" p. m. On bnnday at 4 25 a. m. Presenters for the East will take traina at and 7.4" a. m and 3 2^ p in. For th? Weat at 7 4" a. in. and S.J? p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m and S20 p. in. For Norfolk at 7 4?> a. m. On Saturday evening the 3.20 p. in. train goeg to Philadelphia only. ia 13 d T H. PARSONg.A^nt. NEW ORLEANS IN TBR.XZZJ DikYS WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL KOUTK, VIA Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LVNCHBUR6: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi, Central, New Orleans and Jackson, Tf? NEW ORI.EtVS' MEMPHIS? ROUTE: Memphis by Ra 1, thence by First olaas Packets to iSew Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobile by Firstoiass Packets. Mo'iie to New Orleans by Lake steamers TWO 1)AILV TRAINS?Sundays Included, Leave \Vaihin;Un at 6 a m and p m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave- her whar! foot of Seventh street at a. m. and GJf p. m. and connect* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains fw the Sonthwe?t. Office?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAQ8AGK CHECKED THROt'GH TO NEW ORLEANS Lynchbnrg S8.V> Memphis $31 no BnatuI - 159' Atlanta?? 2K on Knox villa ao Macon ...? ..38 no Chattanooga iMOO Columbus ? 31 50 Duton ^4 00 Montgomery 31 rm Hiintsvilla i v:a M?mphis.42 50 Grand Junction.? y> nn N.O.J viat?. Juno 42 50 Na*hville . . .ass*1! N via Mobile. 40 on THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is '200 MILES SHORTER, and i4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any oth"r I ine? the Lynehburg Extension being now oompleted, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First oiass Sleeping Cars! i To New Orleans 7'J Hours. piml- ) Memphis.. ?? 34 do. Montgomery ?"?3 do. ( Nashville .46 do. UTThe U.S. MAll/an~d ADAMS' EXPRESS ar? taken over this New Line. Tickets oan be obtained at the South Western Off'oe, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avei. lie, to the folio wins points: Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atanta, Chattanooga. Huntsville, brand J n notion, Maonn, Nashville. Dalton. Co.umbus, Montgomery. Mobile, Memphis, and iktW uR LEANS. H7" THROUGH TIFKF.TS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Omnibuses and fiangage YVagons leave the oflic j at 6 a. m. and 6 p. ni. JAMES A EVANS. Ticket A ?ent. _ma23-tr_ Corner Sixth nt.arid Pa. 07 PIIK STEAMER JAS. GUY Will reaume her I trip* on TUESDAY, Tint of j? k February, 18(io. Will leave WASH ingt? ?S over* Tuesday FRIDAY, at6o'olock a. m.,and AI.EX ANDRIA at haif-pa*'. b o'olt?ok, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate l.andin?8. On h?>r return trips, nhe will !*ave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDA Y, at 5 o'clock a. ni. I.I CIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'I, BOUSH. A?'t. Alexandria. lean PFOR NEW YORK. ASSAGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. ?7.60. The New York and Virginia ?cr?w Steamship Company's new and e'erant steamehip MOUNT VERNON,Caj>t.T.C.Sroith.42?? will leave the Con-pauy ? Depot, We? trrn Wharves, at lt'o'oiook a. m.every WFDNE8DAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at So'o'mcV p. m. same d-.?. . Fasnenfcre frt-:n Wa?iun<ton and Georgetowt an. take tiie oosfliea .oonnectin* with Alexandria stoambottta orj?iiroa4, which the corner of 7th etre??t and Pv &vonne hourly, or they can lear* on the 6tftjMn?r from the Western Wharves at 11 'olook a. in. State rooms oan be ncr.icd on application t< Messrs. Morgan \ Rbmehart, Western Wharves Freight win be received ay to the hours of dopar ture. reinsurance wit! be efVoted on all goods bj thisniie at the o#ce of the Comptny at X per oent premium. TLa accommodate-** for jftssergers by this lint \re in every respect f:rnt-o aes, and every effort wtl be made to render this ounnunioation with New Vr^?U ?n V. ? m . A L I { v/i ? tit p?f; i *7 vo? :?in (um linti biUUI *' IlO? For fr?*i*ht or caaftage apply to FOWLE * CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL A CO., e J-ly PB West ?i.,eors?r Albany. New York. \{ilM 11S|PS0|fJ fHAGHOUfKMACNOLI? _^VHiSKKV^WIHSKK)/; We offer for sale the above standard brand ol fine Cooper Distilled Malted Rje Whisky, in barrols ana half-barrels. As it is of our own distilla tion, and highly improved by axe. we oonfrlei.tlj recommend it as the ?uas?T and best Whisky that can possibly te distilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest st^ck of Fine Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN * SIMPSON. Ph<pnix Distillery, on the Schuylkill river, Phua Otfloee? 96 Wall street, New York; and 109 So.itli Front street. Philadelphia. mar 29-It IJARAFF1NF. Oil., i THE CHEAPEST L IUHT KNOWS! Wear?now receiving Paratfine Oil direot from the work* in western Virginia. The?u*lif? of it i? ?TAc1l.nt ? J.,w?aw?.l(k ? BW<hnl iant &ud l.-eaulifni light, and more pleaaant to th? ?*y#? thangaa light. This Oil ia fre? from adu'teratlon, and verr much moie economical than many of the Coal Oils used at this time. inr It it in no way explosive. we kM>p alao a supply of the most approved styles of Lamp*. Ac., for burning this Oil. KING * BURCHKLL, Agents for itn sale for the Dutiiot of Columbia. Corner ( ifte?ntn at. ami Vermoiitav. Great Kanawha Coal andj)il Company, ma II WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Street, JhlWNS 9tk and 10rt Stretts. We have Just finished a number ?( first olaaa CARRIAGES, such as Light Fanry. jfmo IVagcnt, Park Fhtaton5, Family Pif-BaCTg^ riatfs, and Burnetts, which we will sell at iBr ? Bf a ver* amait profit. Being praot cai innchanios in different branches of the butinesa, ?e flatter ourselves that we know the atylea ami quAlitjr of work that viU give satisfaction. OOmbilllnc lllhtnMa. immfnrt ??-l > v.?: ?, -w? ? ???u UUJftUl I Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to at the shortest notice and most reasonable charges. WALTER, KARMANN k BOPP, Coach makers, successors to Wm.T, Hook. ap 27-dly __ 12,000 slbiwd'mussf. itss tlie attention of the publio to oar large and well se rto??d stoek of Champagne and Crab Apple Cider, which we yiarantee to be pure juice, and will be sold on reasonable tarns In order to make room for oar spring stoek. Give as a call at the Union Bottling Depot, fa ? No. >T Wremi st?. Georgetown plumber ans saswt+er, PHii.HiaMONir HALT., South ltd* V P?> '?>?/' of Eltriuk St., Will introduce Water and Gas upon the moat favorable terms. B.?I have on hand a lot of COOKING STOVES, and a* 1 desire to olose them ont, will sell them at oost for cash. ?>7 a very nice chickering piano, &rtr,.jcw '"^whimssmr 0 # MEDICINES, 1\I PURIFY THE BLOOD. i A few of ib# wor*t dinordera that affliot mankind arlae from the corruption that aooamalatoc in the blood. Of all the diaoovenea that have been made to purge it oat, none have ever been loua"* whioh cwnla equal in effeot AYEI'itCOM POUND EXTRACT OF HARSAPaIULLA. It clea '??* and renovate* the blood, inatila th? vigor olheaUh into the aiatem and purge*ontthe humor* which make disease. It atimulate* the health* fuuotiona of the l>ody and expela the disorders that grow and rankle in the blood. Ha extraordinary virtue* are not yet widely kuown, but when they are it will no longer be a question what remedy to employ in the great variety of afflicting diseases that requirean alterative remedy. Suoh a remedy, that oould l>e relied on, haa long been sought for, and aow, for the firat time, tbe public have one on whioh they oan defend. Oar apaoe here doe* not admit oertificatea to show ita cffVots. But the triai of a sinile bottle will show to the *iok that it haa virtnes surpassing anvthing they have ever takai s*ntf ?ro ? from Soroftila. Sorofulou* Swelling* and Aore*,try it and see the rapidity with which it cure*. Seta Diseases, Pimples, PustuUs, Blotch**, Eruptions, tc., are soon cleaned out ofthe system hy it. St, Anthony'* Fir*. Host Erysipelas, T'tter or Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Rinrirorm, fc., should not be borne white they oan be *o speedily cured by AVER'S SARSAPAR1LLA. Swhtlts or Venerial Disease i* ex?elied from the avstem by the prolonged use of this SAR:*APAR1LLA, and tne patient le;t aa healthy as if he bad never had the diseaae. Female Diseases are cauaed by Scrofula in the blood, and are generally soon cured by thi* EXTRACT OF SARHAPARILLA. Price SI per bottle or S hottles for $5. For all purposes ofaTamil* physic, take AVER'S CATHARTIC PIL.LS, which are every where known to he the best purgative that is offered to the American people. Price S5 cent* per box, or 5 boxes for 8i. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER A CO . Lowell Maaa , and sold by all Druggist* everywhere. ma I.S-eolm XXm C-/? Jt~C. c?3 M"? ihjmhewell's UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, Fat all Throat and hung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNENV'ELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neoml*is through all caa?s where Opium was ever used to that of iMirium Tremea?, and the oommon chief cause of Due&ae LOSS OF SLEEP. The To!n Anodyne, though containing not a partiolo of Opium, produce* a!l the requirement* of, and may l>e uxed in all caaea wherever Opium waa used without producing anything but Curoa, and leaving the patient in a perfect!} natural e-ate. The Universal Cough K?m?Mly, (freed from alt the oommon oliection of <'ou*h Rem-die*, which L arniiunfi nn.iirm nr nrnstnLtinn. i mur h* the common snfiriv 1'iAll Throat and Lnnc C"mp'amts. and used with perfect impunity Asking ill to oourt from proprietors or friends the mo?t evere investigation of both Remedi??, ai"l readin* of our punphleta to be found with all dealers, and mure particularly to purchase only of those who oan bo depended upon, wo wait m confidence the decisions of Patients and Plivsiciaua. "Pnoes within reach of a 1 " general agents. J. W. Hcsnkwkll & Co., T and 8. Commercial Wharf, Boston, Geo. Hcnnkwbll, US Water St., New York, Under the special supervision of JOHN L. HUNNEWELli,Chemist and Pharmaceutist, Boston, Mass., whose signature covers the oo ks of the genuine only, and to whom addreaa all communications. fc?old by al! respectable dealers every where, and all the Druggists in Washington and Georgetown. mar 26 eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Prtparation. it tt to ri ? r yv n * ? ? ? ~ nilini,! UlJ^ttni RAi r-U" compound fi.uid extraqt buchu, A Positive ?nd Specific Rem^dr For Dmt&Ht<a of th? BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GKAVKL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS*. This Medicine inciea?e* the power of Digestion, and excites the ABsORBhNTS into health* action, hy which the WATERY OR CALCEKOUS depositions, and all UNNATURAl ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, a* well as PAIN and INFLAMMATION. ar<l?i8 good f..r men, women, ok children. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT RUCHU, For WnknMiM Arming from Excesses, H&luta ot Dissipation, Early indiscretion or Abuse, Attcndrd with ike following Symptom* Indispotition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision. Pc,in in the Baok, Universal Lassitude of the Mnson'.ar S?stem. Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body. . Drjuees of the Skin, Eruptions on the Face, PALLID COUNTENANCE. Thc<<e symptoms, if allowed to go on. wluoh this i invurmhl* rurnmrA* IM POTENCY, F4TCITY. EPILEPTIC FJT9. > (' >" of U HICH THE PATIENT MAV EXPIBK Vy no oa-i ?nv that they aro n>?t frequently followed hy thos "WKEh UL DISEASE#." INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." M?uy Aitti aware of the oaime ot their Riilferin*. BVTNOyRWILl.COHrt.ZS. THK RECORDSOF THK INSANE ASYLUMS And Ike M'lnnrkoly Pe.nths by Consumption Bear ample witi.*?R to the irulh of the angertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH nRUAMir' ua iifM'jw - - m mm - - ? - ? ?* ? V/ ? T llil It . ^ I iljk7 KoqiureK th? fu4 of meOiciue In atrrn^tiien A iid lnvicorat?* Syntom, trti'c* Hp::.vibi>:.d's ^XTK AIJT HUCIIU tavartablvdin. A. trial will COXVKil 8 thk mo*t ?kkptical. FEM A LES-FEMA LES-FEMA J.ES. Oil) OH YOUNG. SINGLE, to A li III ED, ON i-<)STEMri. A Tl VW MAR HUGH IN MANY AFFECTIONS I'KCUI.IAR TO FKM ALfc!*.'h? extract Buchu i? un^qualktl hj any oth?r reine<1y, as in Chi tosis or K?>t?ntion !?-ro)tu a"ty, I'ainfuln^a. or S:jpproB?ion ofCu* ton:ary Evacuations, Ulcerated or foirrltou* state of tl?? litem*, I,enourrho?a or Whiten. f*t<"riiluy, and for a I complaint* laci'lert to then x w h"ti.< r ariftiug from Imiisoretlon, Habits of Di??ipatii.n, or iu iti" DECLINE OH CUANU F. OF LIFE. ?KE STMPTOMC ABOVg. NO FAMILY SHOULD Kh WITHOUT IT TaJt> no mort Iiahnm. M*rrury. or unpUatant Mrdicmt (or unP'tnsunt 'in>1 iMt'tervu* fixtitl. HKLMBOLD'S KXTRACT HUOHU CURE" BECRK'l LilSEASKS In a!i their 3Uv?;e". At little exports; Little or no ohan*e in Diet; No lnoonvenence; AnJ no Exposure. |t cMiso* n frequent desire an' <ive? strength to Urinate, there- y Removing instructions, Prevei tin*, am' euiing S?nouir??a of tho Urethra. | Al!a>iUK I'ainand Infl".inn ation, en frequent 'n tii? of and exp^ ill i oisonous Dl\en.?>//. ntui irorn out 1Ma't-r. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS w nu ha v r. BE.r.7* Til R l^UACKSy air) who hav pui't h'trry/tc* to tie cored in a short 1 time. have found th*y were deceived, and that the j "POISON" has, by the use ofpowKKFCL *TRiNttKNTa," been dried up in the system, to break out in ar ? ??-*v*t?<l f->rrr.ard PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Hki.mbold'* Extract Bcchu for allaffeotion? ami di?eese? nf the URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MA UK OR FEMALE. From whatever cau-e origina ikk an<l no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diseases of thAseorjeani1 r?q ui re the aid ol a Diuritt HKLMU??LD'S E\ I RACT Hi CHI IS THE tiREAT DIURETIC. And is eertain to have the desired effect it. all Unease* FOR WHICH IT IS R ECOMMh N l)KI>. Evidence of the most re iable and re?pon*ib/e charter will accuii'panv the m??1ici"es CKR riFICAl ES <iF CURES. trom 8 to 20 years' standing. With Name* known to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price 91 00 per bottle, or aix (or 95.00. Delivered to any Address, securely packed from observation. .? Corrt Guaranteed! Advice Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. Perronally appeared before ma, an Alderman of the city of Khi aHelphia.H. T Hklm bold,who being duly ?worn, doth say. hia preparation* oo.tain no narootic. r.o mrroury, or o'her injurious cruga, but air purely vegetable. H. T. HF.LM BOLD. Sworn and subscribed before mt, thia 23d day of November, 1854. WM P. HIBHFRD, AhUrman. Ninth street,above Race, Phila. Address letters for information in oonfidenoe to H. T. HKLM BOLD, Chemist, Depot. 104 South Tenth st. bet Cheanut, Phila. BE W ARK OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endeavor to dispose "or thkir own" and ' othkr" ar1iclxs o.i tux reputation attained BT Helmhold'a Genuine Preparationa, " " Extract Buohu, " " Sarsaparilla, " " Improved Robs wuh. Suid hy H. B. Waite,JW8 Seventh street, and 8. C Ford.Jr, corner Penn. avenue and Eleventh street. A\D ALL DRVUGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELWBOLD'8. TAKE NO OTHER. Cut out the advertisement a^d send lor it. AN I) A VOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE, ap 4 eolr _ WASHINGTON INSURANCE COMPANY. Arrnur and Tmtk Strut. J.~cT MbGUIRE. President. O. D HANSON. Seor'tarr. ma ?-??>> r a f. v A " ""'XX. ALE AND XXX ALBS! KRY. This Al* uniade from malt ud how only, and cannot to fiv* entire eatieiaoUon to oob itawrt. C. COLIN EAU, Proprietor of tfco <? l l? Wm?fc?r. Rwwwrv ?!? V lurffM ata. M?iS.eWSe7T lM%jra^lglS PiKtirad wmI PWii BeracMipTfftnJy Maaline and Prmoh Lawn*. handiioe Figured and Plain Borace AnciM, P??a Berage* and Hllk IfiVo., worth STJ*. With many lots of anodon fooda wktoh wear* aolliac off very cheap. J. W. CrtLLKY k CO., m* 31-eom 32* Seventh et, above Pa.av. izk\s??x?s;: j V WM*rC W. 6. METZEtOT T. * MISCELLANEOUS. /^/"??"0"T VA f <* DISPATCH! \ "> A k / ?___ ? .. ?? . ? ' J* v sa*e inc riecei: At *r*itUmi* will knrrm, rrtn tn wll r*t*lat*4 families, it i? very desirable to have lomt ohw.p and convenient way for repairing Furmture, Toys, Crookary, A o. ftPALDINK'S PKKrARED OLFB nwu all ?aoh emergencies. ami bo household ou afford to be without it. It is always ready a?d ap to ths Hi.okioK point. There is no longer a necessity for limpinc chairs, splir, wed veneers, head lees doll*. Md[broken cradles. it is iu?t the article for OAne. hen. and other ornamental work, so popular with ladi*s of refinement apd taste. This admirable preparation is u?ed oold, being ohemioa.lj heiri in solation. and posseaaing al! the valuable qualities of the beet cabinet maker*' line. It may be used in the plaoe of ordinary rnnoilage, being vastly more adhesive. " USEFUL IN ETERY HOUSE." Pritt, 35 cer.ta. N. B.?A Brush accompanies each bottle Wkolttalt Dtpot, No. 4? Cedar itreet. New York. Address HENRY cTsPALDING A CO.. Box No. 3,600, New York. Pnt op for Dealers in Cases containing Foar, Kirht, and Twelve Dojen?a beaatiful Lithograph <o Show Card aooompanying each package. H-A single bottle of SPALD1WS PRE ED GLUE will save ten times its oost annually to every household.-/"TI S?ld by all prominent t*tation"trs, Druggists, Hardware and Furniture Dealers, Grooers, and Fancy Stores. Country merohants should make a note of SPAL DISH'S PREPARED OI I E. when making np their list. It will stand ?ny climate. fe 10 Iy mmL FOR FAMILY USE. WILL MENU ARTICLE" Il? Wild, Leather, Crock cry, Aim, l**ry, B?nr, Alabmtrr, >1arble, Habhfr, Gitla Percha, CUth, Paper, Papier Mache, Shell, Hern, Hene, Platter, kc. A ad indeed therein scarcely an article in the wbo'.c 'an*e of domestic economy, whether it he for use or ornament, which when broken, cannot with thia prfparation be restored to its original value. It onaiienges iit?* wor.a lor iu superior. II I* indispensable in every HOUSE, WORK SHOP. COVSTinV-ROOM, and no person after a tria! of Starr's Chemically Prepared Glue, would willingly dispense with it for four time* its oost. It is at way ? read*. and always reliable. It la not offensive to the imcH, and is not affected by climate, and where known it has become a r:xiD FACT. The attention ??f dealers and consumers is invited to the following testimonials regarding its superior qualities : Nkwakk, Nov. 2fi, law. " Afler a faithful trial of ST A RR'S PR EPA RED GL CE on Wood, Leathecand Cloth, at the Phenix Works, I most cheerfull* recommend its use for all purposes generally required, and especially for family use. C. A. Cabt**."' " We, the undersigned having tested SIARH'S PREPARED OL UK, agree with the above recommendation. " Wst. B. Dor?LA?s. "Cabinet Ware Manufacturer, .Newark, N. J. "Ltsamder Whisht. "Machine Depot. 23" Marketst., Newark. N. J. "Hmjixicu A Littall, "Carriage Manufacturers, Newark. N. J. "Wm H. K ri&Coh "Carpentersand Builders, Newark, N. J. "Lbvrbich ic Eddies, "Carriage Makers, Newark, N. J." Marr's hemically Prepared fllar is sold all Druggists. Furniture Dealers, Grocers, I-ancy Goods Dealers, Hardware Dealers, Stationers, and by country merchants generally. PRICE, a* CENTS PER BOTTLE. A brush go?s with each bottle. Put up for dealers in cases from 1 to 12 dosen. A splendid Lithographic Show Card, printed in oolors, given with each package. All orders or letters or inquiry by mail addressed to the 8TARR Gl/l'E COMPANY, 21 I?ibertv st.. N. V. wVIreo#<ive prompt attention. lLj~ A liberal discount to th? tr?d?. mar 17-ly ,/ fMr'-|lf ( ARO MATl C ?^<2 & 'A V i YV 7S " * ***? * ?"???/<"* " ' If c* #0 1^1 - ^ .ttht firm* I-, (C** tJdefi /N*tti rr iw j ^ (, ^ f r I ?y /*? r?/./? <y f*? /? jfc ! 5 7 c I j&** f",*c '/ *r Jt 5 ^ #1? 5r "? depend */*" o*it*nc m ** ? rti*l*yL ? ? ^ Mr **** &** W*A?"K J^ri# #*!' wjt. "Tu ^T| w'fOBMWil^'/ fc?fA' /r?( /'). - ,>rutn$ f* Ar ^ W Uu Vnummt to it* Mtdidmml m VM I '} C5? <y Soloft-oprietor.l ^55 2 y / i( yju^r)) / A ^ ' CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS dunMEfwu WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH WILUAM S! NEW YORK. FOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY ma 23 6w BARBOUR k. 8EMME9. T CARRIAGES. HE Babaoriber having made addition* to hi factory, making it nov one 01 the largeetjt^H^M, in the District, where hit facilities forU^^HK manataotunnrCARRIAGE & LIGHT*-!!^"^ WAGONS or all kinds oannot be surpassed, an< from hie lone experience in tUs basinets, he ho pee to cive general saUslact.un. All kinds of Garriacea nad lifht W aeons kept m tene.andallardart prompt 'issna ~ 4 lt-tf itrMr > 1Mb mai Vaita. Fhive hundred traveling trunks arrived this dav, embracing all ties and siaes of sole Leather, Ladies'HjEvM Dress and Paoking T'onks. Our trsnk * 1 sales room exhibits at this time the greatest variety of traveling requisites at moderate prices, to be found this side of New York. Also, eve description of LADIES' HAT BOXES, V ALICES, CARPET BAOH. SATCHELS, Ac. CE7*Oid Trunks repaired or taken in exohange for new ones. wall, STEPHEN8 A CO? Trsnk Sales Room, mar M-tf *'29 Pa. avenue, i.?.?. uiui. ?. *. ion. i. L aVTKT. Lam"?? * *HK|?si?4M? Will practice in ths kifkCourt ofTKrrori and Apsx&.&. sSsKEsr? vacob reed. _ m Miimtcmn ov MILITARY CLOTHING, SoCTHBaST CoBKE* Sbcord SMS Spbvcb Sts.. PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHS FOR BALK. ta?-? rWAMT POflCUT ? ? ? Lf "so. 460 Seventh at., to buy yo?r CLO^hISI'. obrasmtesz Knw? t p town M * OAKERY BUTTER IN 8Al.TIMOftR.-W* D m fttftll mimu of tn? ym.t ?upoIj yon with ry nit of Bltttr vert ohotM. w?l ?? khm mow m low M taa nbU, ?nd (yon that a p to tit* MKDIOINKH. D?"rSSa?~. i m t B??t?IVAL, ff?l Dw??tr?< lU dKM rn?" ? M:| Eftttwml u? Ikt WmU. FOR ALL DI?EA?B>* <?F INPMVPr.'4CR. LET NO FALSE OELlCAfJ PKETEHT. AFPLV IMMKD ATLLY. A CVEE WAhRA.VTEir Of. *'> rHA*tiM. lit FROM ONE TO TWO PAYS. VMk>iN dili liil. timuiw.ilciMM ?? K"f 4 la'xuun |)xvkttf<i. it. [ * >, " M.Dmipit U g-mi ? Irif ..' > IH? ? Mt'i, ISlfiviw -?t?K -*r~ inmmwnp' ?r unigiiiiM, >xm?m r tM Rt>o,r>r% v Imn ?i?, ACretin? ?f U>t Laaf*. m ( ?<! ? IkMa Ttrrtbi* ari*iii( Itm MHiri H?Nta * Y*wO>?Umm I>r??<ir*; !.< DtKrtcu'i Pr*? ;.r?? wfca<k nt l?t u4 <mni Uu M? * < Mbl. TOVNti MIR Etpauali* *k? k?*? k?cm? ik? 'iiilai ?l liMnr; >aa. ibtt 4r?aiJf?i u4 4*mt?cu*? k?ku wkick iiwhh! ?* t u laun-iif |r?t Mtii rf |M nmi n ih(4 uiinu ??<i MhM ib'.ilUci, ?fc? w>inm feavi Ulruci4 laiiMti| Fiihih ?nl ika tklt/m W **qa?r?? ?t nkk ia a<tun ik? li?i .f l?r?. M) M.II *nt Mi MlMAU!A( I MAU!U PUI ma ? V?I| Mm ? *rtui. kaiu ittti if H>ri>! vnlam irr- .'i dvaitaa. | 4a&noioaa, ?.. 7 ? ? < ikf pUcM kiiraatf ardat lb* <?' ( IH i M? ??IW Mi; conida aa DM bWM pw mil u4 Mc?(l#n?lf ?'? i^h km akiii u a pkyaiciar UPPICK Ha. 7 SO PTB rilPUICI ?T?1 ET I aft ku< aida fa.i.f Ima BaJumara h? <?"' '?? tk< uniir Paii dm aaakaaraa t?< Mti ka yal< aid fNttk a?'?f Mi joenotob, Mtaktn ar ika kn> Caliafa Wa??taa. r?. <<aa?a tnu. aaa af tha hhi aaam ? (ka Ba-iad Viaiaa, u4 Ika fraaiar part af vkaaa lifa 'aa kaao af am m IM karCiU ?f Laa.dati, Parta, PhUadrtff ia ai.d aiaawkara, kaa * 4 aati * af tka moat >ianu,{ caraa tkat vara kiaan; many iraatiad wuh rtuf-.i.f Mi tka kaad a?4 Mil whaa ta.iaj . rrtat tar?*aa<.aaa, ha.r* aiai?a4 at tiMaa aM:.<a. kulfalMM ?? fiaqMnl h aal.irf attandal aaiM Mai wilk darir.f amant af nurd vara r.ararf taaiaattataia. TAKE PEET1CBUAR SOTICE. Yaanf Man uiil attara vk? baaa m'aralikinaal'ai kf a arunn prattle* indalfad in aHan alaaa ? kalai fra.,aa?ta fraaa *?tl can>paa>aa>a, ar at a?ka?l, ika afa'ia af vtiick ara tiflitl; fait a*M ?ka?. f*a rap, ?a>d if ? ? ?ara*, randara mtrriafa ir..f?aik!a, and daa:ra?? ?atk awf aad kadr, ahoald ?ppiy inaicadia i f Tnaaa ara aama of tka a?d and almrtaif afarta Ma?aaa( kp aarl* katita ?f vaa'Ji >hi Waiknaai aftHa Back *i?4 liiaka, rama la (ka ifaad, I'iki ta? af * fit', I .aaa Mra'ataa Pawar, Pa,pat*uai af ika Ifaart.Paapapar. Nar?aaa lrr?*a<M If, Daraijamam of ika Dif aa:>?a f at -_'jai a, Uanara) P?k*it?. *pmptfM?a ?f Caoaamptian, ? M*:TTALLV ?Tha faarfal ifa' aar tka ala< ara aaak i* ka dra^ad ?Lnaa "f Maitarr, C of|ia>?n aflataaa, Oairaaataa afRpirWa. E?il Ffr'al fa A varaaafi af Rai tata. ha if Dia'raai. Lata af Baluada. Timidity, ate.,ata aan.a af tka a?tla pra daead BERTOH nniLITT ? TNaaaaada aaa aaa Ia4fa *ka< M :ka caaaa af tkatr dKlmia( daa!'>. laainf tkair far. ka MntD| ?aak. pala, naraaaa and am?eiat*<. naaii f t aw piai ippaaraota a Vast tka ay aa, caaf h or ay mf.-.a^-a a' ia*aar-p"?a DISEASE* or IMPRl'DENCE. Whan ika mnjaidad and arrpradant awsrr of p*aaaar? l? a? ha baa imtxbad tba aaa?la of tb.t painfal dm<n, it IM 0*0tMppana that ?n tll-'im* j dim ?f ah? ma or diaad of dii'fii" datara ?ioi froir applTinf 10 ' ?? ? a ha, fr?o> adacauan an* tMflcubilii;, can afooa 1?!pw< bin. fit fclka mta ? banda of ignorant and daatftmig pra'andara, vbo. irc>.pab'o af ctrrf. tick bit pacamary haunt*, ??if bia 'rilit.f aaaith altar month, or aa l?w.f aa tba amallaat (aa ear ba ok tauiad, and in daapoir laa?a nim <(h ran ad baalih la aiab a?ar bia r".li?* diaappota'iaant; ar by tba naa af tSat daa<ny poiaon, Marcary. haatan iba eaa^t national a?n<r-o??* ?' th(a tambla diaaaaa, MM* aa ila'dMtba Haan Thraav Noa? kin. Ac., pr-fraaa".? frirb'fal rapi4l'f. (lit daatb pa*a a pa nod (a bra draadftt (an-ja by aaotfti g biia ta tb- aa iiacaaarad canur (roo abmWM na traaalar ratarot DB. JOBNtOM-BlKMKDY rOROEUAlllC VtAIIKN AND IMPOTItWCT. By lb la groat ar d important raniady vaaknaaa af Iba tiaar? ua ipaad'y e?rad and fall rigor raatarad Tfcaaa^nda a'tba aaat narao'aaand dabtlilaiad, vba bad loot all bay a. ka?a baan ireniadialaly raiiaoad All impadimanta to Marnaga. Pbyaical ar Mantal Diana*" aationa, Loaa of Pracraatlaa Pnwar. Na???aa tarttaMltir Cmblmg and Warknaaa ar libaaatiou af tba ?aai faarftr d apaaadtly carad. CNDOUEMUIT Of Til mCM Til MANY THOC9AN1** carad atlbw inautailaa vitba tba laat aa?ai.taai. yaara, aad tba nimarau Sara* baloparauaca parformad by Dr. Jo'i.oan, vilr>aaaad by tf* rapcnara of tba papa ra and many achar jwraoaa. nattaaa of wurcn n?Y? rr**'*" i|tu too IB* riMic, li ?<! ? fcw*teiid?f t> ? f?fHi*i?tD ?f (Str?<i*r ?iid nim'il Uliij, i? t cUoi funnui t? ;? |<a H it Dr. j. bovee IMPERIAL WISE BITTERS, Are now b?mj u??d from Mur.r to the (>r<*i S?,t Lake, fini the ommul verdict of all who u?? t em either aa a mtdtrtn' or t> a brvrrntr m tliat th?y are uneurpaae?j in trie world t'r. Doda n*"*! them au^ceaafuHr in hi? practice for 2S > ear? foefur* we purchased of him the #ole icht to manufacture and preeent there for sale to the publie. For th* cu-e of Ii c.pient Conmir.ctioti, Indiceatioh. 1>> f> pepsia, Pilea, Nervouk Inaea ea. Female Com piau.t*. and all ease* requiring a tocic, lh?y are he Vond doubt a moat invaluable ren edj. A tide from their medicinal prnpertie? they are a pura, whoU aome and deuciitfiii Beverage, producing al- the pleasant *xhi>~atmc eflecta of Brandy or Wine without th?Mr injurious retiltt. I ?t all frietd* of humanity and aii alvooates of temperance a??iat u? in aur>atituinc thaee vaiuanle Writable Bitter* for the minrrnl poisons and ailttitrratr/t l.iqvri with which th*> C' Bntr> ic flooded, and thereby e< fac'na.Iy aid in l?:i ih.i.i Disease and>e?s from the land. CHAKLK* WIDDIFIKLD A. CO . Proprietora, 7% Wil iare et.-eei. New York. J. BCHWARZE A*e&t, Waahmgton, D. c. DR. J BOVK8 n<?nf?' IMPERIAL Gift HITTERS, Kor Uieea*et c-rthe K;Cn<M?. B arlder at d Urinar* orrarie. and eopeci&ily lor Pomil* OMfMtwti, never faii to cure, and are warranted to crt ea'.t fiction. charlk* widdifield a. co.. froinctora, T1" Wt.I.ain ?t.. N?w Vork. j. MCHWARZK. j?7 ly.r A cent. Weahington. D. C. Highly important to all; mks. cors iyviay vegetable vecoctjos. It ia w*ll known that in the Sprinj peop.e are tn< re apt to contract diae&ee loan at an? other ^..,,-4 ,?.. ?... - ?.n I ^ - ?> ?V . rwj'. > |?I j w r, , m I ' w li I OJU UI0 WiJ to ?arri off diir*ie is to k*?p the bio?d fare, for "all the ills that fleeh i* heir to," anee from imparl tyofthe blood, the min eprir.r of ?mr esUtenoe. lti?, thfr-fere. important to all tiiat the ey uteri houi'l be thorough]* cie?r.n-?i *rd pun fieri. ana thi? can bed"i? in tie jnoet ffecti?al wnj by urine mrs m. rot\s />dtly vt uetaAli: Tif CpCTlOTf, the ?>eet r?-ni<ylr dieonvered for tn? care of dineaeee of ^kin, K'lt-ipe M, Sor?>fei?. Rhenni*t)nn, Nervon* D?f>iiify. Fever* of different klixie, l?yf^?p?y, I lver Coinp <vn ?, ar?l ail other dieeMtre ari?inc from imparity of the blood. It bae effected the moat rema kaUe oi.ree, as oao >>e *h<*rn by c:*rfiheater from prrrrnr of the hlgheet respectability, and i? r?o<-inmf:tned by ail who have n*?d it mi the ni?ct lr valuable remedial a?ent of the day. ITT^ It leeold by all I he I>rijei-i?u of Baltimore, and at the reeidenoo of the proprietor. Mfcs. M CRJX, lft* Eaet Baltimore rtreet. b etween Eden rtreet and Central avenae. None r*nmoe anleee her name ie blown on tha bottle and her seal on the oork. HT*Pr?oefl per bottle, six bottiee for ?S. PThpU^alf A*?nt. R- S T CieetL. Drupciet, Georcetown, I>. C., W ho-r?aie Airent for the I>ietnet. nnd will auppj tn+ trade at my prtoaa. mar 27 tr JHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE TRIESKMAR, 1, S, ? 9. Prgtttinl > * Rcy?U Lutf fumi a' En$l*n4, ty tit Ml cf tkt Rrdr it Pkmrmmtu 4* rmrir, ami Ik* Colin Mtdirmt. inu. No. 1 is invatnable for xbanetioG, Ppermat^r rh-TV and all phyion! dieabilities. 4 No. a oott>,1 ete!y el! traoes r>f thoee disease* that have been hitherf treated br tke ua eons and pernicious n?e of or, pa via and eabebe. No. 3 !iU entirely supplanted lb* intiy xns aee of meronr*. thereby ;n?Bnnr to the sufferer speedy relief. d,?p?rr nt al: impurities, and rooting cvttkff venom of durut. TKIh>KM A K .Noe, 1.2 and S.are prepared in the form of a logoff, devoid of taate and sin?* , aari oan he earned is the waistcoat pocket. Hold is tie ca?e*. and diviJed into eeptrate doMi^u aonutus lerf*l kj Vaifeaa, Lailetnand, R;?ux, RioorJT *e. Ptio* fS each, or fo?r cam* for #9 whicii tara f S, and id fZJ cmm, w&ereitT there is a eavinc of la. To be ha<1, wholeeaJe and retail, of Or. BAJtROW. 194 Bleecker street, ftmr door* below UcDoual street. New York. Imried.ately on receiving a re mlttanoc. Dr. Barrow wil, forward the Tneeemar to any i>? t ot the worid. securely packed, and ai% dre?sM aooordinc to the instraotipns or the writer. Sold also by S. CALVERT FORD, Jr? W?*klagton. D. C. de ?n CP W IN DUN? QUACKS " AITTION !?Qnaokstfceir Boots. Cordis. Bsohs. Hospitals, Instruments or Ringe?iku Ami ill, and, if disposed to profit b? my sapsri?a, write for my private Circular oa [tPKKMATORRHtiA ITS CURE. With stamp enotoeed, address. ia perfect ?on* dence. yoer friend, a forn," sue*r?r, merely steer scnbir.f Br* I Tt, Charles town, Maes. IsllMWi* Ft)K STAMPING - A PACKET OF PAPBft MA I AND KNVELOPE8 N V I TO MATCH. rUARfT "u# MlMnWW METROPOLITAN ' - JIOOE8TOBE, PHI LP A SOLOMONS. N ^ Af?oU for LMreu^'a ?elehriunl Linm Pif?rs, ' M?CropoiK?e Mult," A?- Ac.. J* M 9m* 3*i? Fd. *v hM wh m,c MkjrU. 279 T .KlSi1??1 206 PA. Ati, FOREIGN FRl'lTS, PA. Arm* t. M # 1114 ,^^wr' H?f? iear? to e?u: U>e&u*cu?h friewli ?< un New Stf?r?. iml'r Wll; ^ i?ro noiai, jmi owwc, in eoan*xi"L wwa i c.u atAtttianaact, wh?r?? t* ti,i ba btpff *? r* | mv* m? ordara for a*p?nnrCoafaett<?aa ofkiaow* \ Aiao.ail Oftiara iet X>iitu?.?, Saffaca, Ba.if.wn md Pi 1 vale P?.r(if*. vaiah ill t* aecreTap la Ut la- ^ imit&M* air in, wfib the tarn* ?r??m><n?-a? m tfia 1 ?Mn? oh l>< It** 'Ml BotoSWlTil^ W??mU a?.. w> ,at vovr BOYH* OUltMIVC M ?-?r S*b*;t Cafiloi aVaot, DgNyaaa Maiatfca aaai r i

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