Newspaper of Evening Star, June 22, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 22, 1860 Page 1
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.w J 4 <f taing pit ^?iSSS^SSSISSS^^S^SSMSZSiSSSSSSZZZIIZZ?L^? V"-- XV- WASHINGTON. D. C.. IRIUAY. JUNE 22. I860. N<\ 2.292. y-???? i i i THE EVENING STAR * PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Come 0/ Term ty/vauta avenue audWth .*e., T W. D. WALL AC II. Fap*ri ferred in p*ckar?? by carrier* at ?4 a ?p%r, or 37 o?nt? par mouth. To m&ii ob?onb?T? tt.? n? iaa a ^ ? ? W y .w ,m - r? j car fit 'Mi ?|4 IV! VIA months, for three month*; and for lest than three month* At (Iterate of U cents a week. Single o. pies, cm cs?t; in wrappers, iwotmt. fL/~ Anvei rr- s* imtj shond be sect to the ofcce helote Uo'oiock m ; otherwise they ma; not appear until ti c next day. faanterfeit C'ala. The New York Journal of Commerce, in alluding to the flood of bogus coin, both gold and silver, now in circulation, says: ''Up to a recent period, the uost dangerous fraud in circulation was made from a genuine die, fitted to strike quarter eagles, which was stolen from the mint at New Orleans. It bore the date of 1*^4. if we remember rightly, and the pieces were made of composition metal handsomely plated, and coined in this stolen die That was followed by the practice of splitting the gold dollar, taking out about sixty cento of its value, and soldering the shell well together again. Then came tba sawing into the edge of ? piece, generally a half or quarter eagle, cutting two thirds of the way through, and afterward filling up the coin, re-milling and gilding the edge. The latest and most skillful of these frauds is perpetrated, as far as detected, chiefly with the eagle The piece If split into three parts. or at >??.-? the two outside shell* containing the impressions are separated from th?? center. The latter is forfeited to the operator, and It* place supplied by a filling of platina, to which the oat?ides are fastened, the edges being reunited and handsomely plated. This is so well done that Terr few experts, outside of the two accomplished testers of coin employed at the office of the Assistant Treasurer, can deteot the cheat. The ten-dollar piece under this management loses about ?V50 of its gold, and remaius equally good for general circulation The fact that this is done at all, and the operation continued, is proof that it is carried on upon a large *jale; for the exquisitely fine machinery, and the skill and science necessary to success, could not be profitably employed except in the conduct of an extensive business The pieces are full weight, and except through 4i _Jl a ? - - * ui? wruuenui insunci 01 nere and tbere a rare expert, they cannot be detected, as they answer all tests that do not involve the breaking or cutting of the coin Inere must be at this moment a large number of them on deposit in our banks, and in almo?t every full bag of coins one or more of these, or uther similar frauds may be discor- < ered. while the number of bad pieces offered at the Sub Treasury ha^ sometimes amounted co fifty or sixty dollars in a single package of five thousand The counterfeit and fraudulent silver coins are also increasing. The greasy lead or oft composition quarter dollars any one may detect, and a portion of the lead half dollars are of the same stamp But more recently a composition piece has been uttered.which ringswell, doe* not feel smooth to the touch, and can only be detected by careful tosting*. Its exaot ingredients are unknown, but the weight is nude up by a percentage of platiaa. The increased abundance of the Imt nmn>ii m?i?i -** U1HI 1IUC aided very much to tbc facility with which these operations are conducted. Formerly, if a piece offered ad gold was of full weight, with no increase of size, the fair inference was that it must be genuine. Platina first came into .use about the middle of the last century, being found in considerable quantities in South America, and since it has also been discovered in Russia and other parts of the world. Iu color it nearly resembles zinc, but it is heavier than gold, its specific gravity being 21 5. while gold is only IV..'1. To facilitate the understanding of this subject, we may remark that in addition to these two metals the others usually employed in these coinage operations are?mercury, which weighs 13 5, lead 1 It silver 10 5, copper 9. and zinc about 7; tht is the bulk of the metal displaces that number of times of its own weight of water It is easy to see that as platina is worth so much less tnan gold, while its specific gravity is greater, it is certain to be employed in all successful frauds, vhere the weight is essential In counterfeits of silver it is sometimes added in siraII quantities to give boih weight and consistency. Drunkenness in Ltndtn It id a long time since we have read a mure appalling description than that which is found in the London Time? of the 19th ult. It relates , to a certain portion of the northern side of London, and has reference to the vast amount of drunkenness, debauchery and profanity. , and other kindred wickedness which reign iu that part of the "Great Metropolis;" and not more ther?. we apprehend, than in some other ( parts, if we may judge from our own observation. made at freqnent visit* to that great city, and of the scenes which we have beheld in 1 some streets we have a vivid and most painful reminiscence i * - L.ei us imagine gome native of the sober | South taking, about 10 o clock last night, an , observant ami rambling walk through the streets of London, making his way deviously ] fjpm the region north of Holborn. and bent | up.?n witnessing the proceedings of the British, j Leg-iature He w>util pass through the Seven i Dials, he would winder to and fro in a maxe < of court* and alleys, until he emerged into . Coventry street, he would pass down the Hay- j market, and would find himself by way of < Parliament street at his destination >Vhat t w<<ula be the prevailing idea upon that man's 1 mind when he arrived in the lobby of the ] H,use of Common*' At the corner of every | street, and midway between the corner of i every street, in the most wretched of the | thoroughfare* he parted, he had found mag- < ^ attMBt palaces lit up like the scene of an ( W Fa 'tern story. He had pushed open the j bwioging^ doora, and, peering in, had beheld , i auu nmeuness, oad beard a babel of j curses and obscenity, and had seen a huddled i mac of filth and wretchedness Perhaps he 1 had pushed his way through the bloated. livid : creatures, braving the stench, the smoke, and j tbe drunken familiarities of the crowd, with ] the de?ir% to know what wu the great and , absorbing allurement which drew them to- { ge'.her I#? had found that they came there i to dri?k vitriol They called it gin, but the j g.h they were drinking waa a coarse burning j alcohol, and there they sat or stood about, ( pouring down this pernicious stuff from small | metal measures, until they reeled, and quar- j reled, and fought, and shrieked, and blasphemed. Ever and anon, as they had emptied their pocket* and filled their measure of i drunkenness the proprietor of the pandemo- t nium thrust them forth into the puolic thor- t oughfare. or called in the paid guardians of } the public peaee. and oomplaining of the dis- 1 orderly conduct of the pennileas drunkard, < cent him to prison to be sobered at tk* nnkii* expense It may happ?n that our euriooa foreigner may in other parta of the world have I Men thefrensy of an African when excited by i ram; be may bare teen the contortions o! 1 Arab* under the inlloence of ha?hish; he may ] have aeen a Malay foriouj from bang; a Turk i trembling from the effect* of opium, or a China- ; man emaciated from inordinate indulgence is i the tame vice; but for a Mem of sterling ' iee. and Inst, and 41th, aud f easy, all drswn i into one pit. and fermenting under the patrun- ] age of the Uw Might search the world all | vitt, kb4 never tod a rival to that object of i ambition to reopeetable vintners and that ere*- i L tion of Middleeex magistrates, "a thriving I public house in a low gin-drinking neighborI hood-'' After be had paind wmi score <f b theae, and had noted all their various cImm1, I from the ra*s in th* 8???" tw.i. .~s?w_ 0 O IV |IB? UlUir Iraily frequented hunt* of the Hayinarket. . there oan be do doabt u to whet wonld be weighing apon his mind, it would be the profoaad feeling that "Serely the great and abmrbing rice of 'he lower elaasea of thia nation j is drunkenness ' ^ C^Tbe Poet Office Department baa ordr-red a r contract with Lewis McKrazie. prceident of the Alexandria, l.mrdeun and Hampshire Railroad Company. t<> convey ttie matla from l.<*?t>itrg U. W' i.1 and hark, all tlmee a week. temporarily. irooa 1st July to 3uth September next, with relerlty, rertaluty and aerurity. CT We lirn tbat tt,e rrsideuce of t?r Thomas I l?;.er. of Fauquier. ouoty, near Alarkbam Rtatloj?, Maitaana liap Katlroad, was destroyed by Are on Friday last The bouae. tt Is thought, was fired by a servant girl in the employ of Dt F. / m ???????? Garibaldi's Jinnnl ( OprrttUni Tho following is the journal of Garibaldi') operations up to the 26th of May May 8.?Arrival and departure from Talamono for ammunition and ooal May 9.?Arrival and departure from Sai Stcfano for coal. May 10.?Arrival and landing at Marsala with all and everything, ammunition and foui pieces of artillery. May 12 ?Bivouac at Gran-Fancardo, neai Salemi. May 13 and 14.?Bivouac at Salemi and con eontration of insurrectional forces to the num ber of about 4.000. May I S.?Advance and combat outside Cal utafimi. at Mont? di Pianto-Romana, againai 3.500 Neapolitan!, under the orders of L&ndi, 128 wounded and 18 killed on our side; cap ture of a mounted gun The Royalists driver from five well-defended terrible positions. 5fay It?.?Landi abandons Calatafimi, whicl we occupy Landi, in his retr'.ftt, is terriblj <rut up at PaTteaioo and Borghetto hy the insurgents May 17.?Departure for Aleamo. May 18.?Departure for Partinico On th? Am- ?k~ V : J ' * ~ " >iu< ?uo uiaiuu is cuuunuea towaru i'ai ermo. Mayl9?Incessant rain. Thetroops bivouac May 20.?March on Eoppio, to draw th? royal forces from Monreale and maneuvers tc entice the troops out of Palermo. This par tially succeeds. During the night march or Perrio. The artillery carried by band, amid torrents of rain, through horrible paths. May 21.?In the morning arrived at Parco return to Monreale. dispositions to march oe Palermo. ' May 22 and 23?The onemv cnnr?ntr?)iu ? large force; the General still wiohes to gel more troops away from Palermo. May 14.?Threatening attack by a force ol more that 10,000 men , dispositions of resistance to draw them on ; commencement of attack; retreat on our side to draw them toward Corleone and bring them in range of our artillery, while, taking a flank movement, oui troops could appear before Palermo. May zb ?Arrival at Marnica We succced in bringing the Royalists opposite our artillerj in the direction of Corleone In the evening march on Misilmeri; arrival at midnight; bivouac May 2> and 2*>.?A great day' The wounded are doing well. Mi>ilmeri. 2?>th Harde.i, the Mmiderer ?A letter fron Laston to the Phillipsburg Standard gives at account of the writer's visit to JacobS. Har den. now in the Warren county jail for th? murder of his wife, for which he is to be exe cuted in about two weeks from this time. "H? was perfectly calm, easy and deliberate- I df not sf?e how he could have appeared any diffei cnt if he had been acquitted, and we were sit ting in his own father's house. He ww unwilling to say much with regard to the crimc of which he is convicted, or his trial. He would listen io my questions, and then answer such as he pleased; some he declined to answer, on the ground that it might work to his disadvantage if he should have a npw trial n? think* he ought to have a new trial, bat if he does not ??t it, he firmly believes the Governor will reprieve him a short time beyond the day now fixed for his execution. If no reprieve is granted, he says it will not only be injustice to bim but an outrage upon society. I asked him if he still felt resigned to his fate. He said, Yes, 1 am resigned to my fate, whatever it may If I urn to die, I am resigned to death. If my sentence is commuted to imprisonment for life, I am resigned to that. If I am pardoned, I am resigned to that; still," he immediately added, "even then my liftwould be a burden to me, as I have been the subject of all the newspaper doggerels for the last fourteen month*.". He conversed freely and fluently upon general subjects, and things indirectly connected with his case. lie was very lively and merry, and laughed heartily sometimes at remarks and hugxvstions of his * - -" ? own aoout otners. I was very far froin being even cheerful mjself, though I must confess his apparent strange in'lifforoncc to hi* dreadful condition?, his easy off hand manner, would make me almost forget for a moment that I wa? conversing with a man wb<? wan doomed to lie on the scaffold as a felon, in thrre iceeis. What a Wife Can Do.?The Napier family na? won a most honorable fame in English history, and it is pleasant to know that on the female .'ide it is quite a? illustrious as on the male. Here is a record of some performances at the wife of Sir Win. Napier : When Joseph Bonaparte fled from Vittoria be left behind him a very large collection of letters, which, howover, were without order, in three languages, many almost illegible, and the most important in cipher, to which there wm no key. It wa* the correspondence of loeepb Bonaparte while nominally King of Spain. Sir William Bonaparte was in a state if perplexity, and almost despair of being ible to make any use of these valuable materia)*!, when his wife undertook to arrange the letters according to dates and subjects, to make a table of reference, and to translate .-j 2* * *nu Bpuomieo me contents of each. Most of the* important documents were entirely in ipher; of some letters about one-half was in ;ipher, and others had a few words so written interspersed All these documents and letters Lady Napier arranged, and with a rare sagacity and patience she deciphered the secret Kritings. The entire correspondence was thus made available for the historian's purpose "he also made out all Sir Wm Napier's roujjh nterlined manuscripts, which were almost ?1igible to hims?lf, and wrote out the whole work fair for the printers?it may be said three times, to frequent were the changes made Sir William Napier mentions these facts in the preface to the edition of 1851, and in paying this tribute to Lady Napier, oblerve* that this amount of labor was accomplished without her having for a moment negleeted the care and education of her family." Extract or Letter from "Job 6asr," to thr Bo?toj< Herald.?"i found the folks at :he Humstead awl well, A apparently in gude iperriU tu see Me back agin. i say apparent' 'y. bekause Woman is so univarsally deceitful ! Kudn't raly tell wether debora wm in aim -r.t. :?t ur .tut wen sne gjarsped me in her arms, h we Met od the stoop, and Gin Tent tu a flow o' tears 4 a hysteric k shriek, wat would iare moved the sUay hart of the Ankorite. Wether or No it was awl Put on for efreot, i Kant say, but as a Ginral thing i make N'o akount of such Displays of womanly affeoki!\ud. in 9 kases Oat o ten, a kalm "how doo doo k a quiet shake o' The thumb A Tour-finger, tells the Truth o' the story better Than awl the high flown Flummery ever got ip on such okasbuns. the f<?ckt is, arter folks Have bin man and Wife as long as i A Deborah romanc^ef tbe Thing (so tuSpeek) is fairly P..WL-J * " >uuueu vn, a. an annual beperashun of 6 muntha or ao bekumea rayther a Belief than a thin* to kry about, at any rata, i awlwaya find U ao wen i go on my booton Exkarahuna." Mrs. Parting to 5 on Good Makers.? -'Don't b? ao boisterous, laaac," aaid Mr*. Partington, ae Ike, in tba freedom of unabridged lunn. went shouting through the en Uy, I declare your eenturian roioe aounda on the tin Dan of my eara like a trumpet. It it not good manners to be ao indulgent of youi noiae, and a boy who expect* to be reprobated for good behavior should aet with aome oireuinflexion.'' "I waa not making a noiae." replied Ike, jumpinc up U> get "his cap froAiti hocuatomed nail, "I waa coughing." He in4ulged in a little impromptu barking, tha' waa as unlike the other as chalk ia likecheesr. t h ? A vi . u. >i?ui< >?in oim *p 10 ni i box of attra cioua lotengca for hia cough, bat they smelt it neur-b like cbeekerberry that none oould hav? told the difference between them, but (be nevci ?u*pected He Wld her they had a wonderf? effect, and bought another box b?for? night. A MRS. W 1.1 SLOW, N Experienced Nures and Fomaie Phyilolan, ?ree?nt* to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Fer Children Teething, 1 Whlak ffaatly facilttataa tha pncni af taathiof, k? aaftaainf til* cam*, radaeinf ail inBammatian?will allay ALL fall* and apaamodic aetian, and ia ; SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELSDtpand ip?n ft, maUiara, it will fi*a raat la yairttlvaa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W hava pat ?p aod aald thia a rue!* for e**r tan jr.n, and can iat, 1W COWrtntWCB aj?D THUTH of It, What ? ha** na**r b**n akla ta ??? aay of any OTHII Madieina? i*?t?r mrs hii it failvd,!!? a ?i??L? !* nimcrnwit m|,cl T0 ,r" FlC* A CURS, WlflsliUW 8 whaa tiroaly Had !t*?*rdid wa know annrillKa an inatanca of dia" aatiafaetion ky any ana who aatd it. On t th* contrary,aJlar* SYRUP, dalifhtad with ua vr?niiivni, ' f * r * ~ in ttrmt cf hi^haat commtndauoti of ita i*afical ificu anil rr.tdieal ?min. Wi aptiik u .bii mttttt " VHiT vi d? inov," I afttrttn yaara' tiptritnet, illD niDul OCI mri'Ti Tinn kor thi ri'uaiUNT or what wi hike d? CLtKI In alrnoat ctry inttanct vhiri iht infaj.t it anffar I tnf from pain and tlhaatUon, raliaf will ba found ir Ifutr \ ar twenty minuttt arttrtht ayror n admlnitttrtd Thit vaiaablt pitpirauon la tht prtacripuofl of ?n? af tht IK**I BtRBRTBftrBD and *RII.ITL wm'U in Ntw Kr\g land! and baa bttn natd with nBiERFalLlfte ivrilii 10 THOUSANDS OF CASES. > It not Mly ralit?aa ih? child from (win, hat ta*if*raiat tfet ataraach and bowala, corrac-a acidity, and ji?ta too* and anarf y to tht woela ayattm. U will ali:>ott itittaDlly rtlit't GRiriN? in thk Bowbls and Wixd Colic, and ovtrcomt convaltttna, which, if not apttdilj rtmtditd > and in death. Wa 1 | ball* ?a it the IDT , tUDIDIllTIIM- FOR EDV in tht WORLD II all eattt of DT3- CHILDREN IXTIRf ?ad DUI mhea in chii. TEKTHINU dr*k, whttbtr it l ariaaa ftom tttthiog 1 or from an* othtt easit W t would a.iy to e*try moth a r who bat a child a?ffarm* from any of th* forajeu.^ complaiutt?DO HOT LBT TOUR PR EJUDfCSI, NOR THI mijmiCli OF OTHBRS, atand bttwttn Tocraufftnnf child and th* r*lt<f that will bt ICR*? ytt, ABIOLUTBLV ?l'RB?to follow tba oat of >h 1 aadtcint, if tinrtlv uwd. 1'nll direeuora far naing will a compan* a&ch bottle Notit rinant unltaa lha fac-aiinila CORTlft 4 PERKINS. New fork, i> on the aauiia vr?|>pe oid by Drargtata throughout tht world. t Principal Omca, No. 11 Catfir Strut, H. T. Pnea erl? U Canta rar Pottle. ac ll-dtvlt r ?^ GEORGETOWN APVERT'MTS F'OR HARPKRS FrRRY.-CHANGE OF DAYS.?On and alter July 2,ld*i", jj, ? ^ . the ttesmer ANTELOPE. Capt. ? J. WELi.?,carryingtHo L"nitnd mail, wall pave Genrirftiiwn KVkRV MONDAY, [ WEDXKSDAY and FRIDAY. at7 a. ni.. aad rer turu every Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday. IS. B ?The Auteiope will run as before until the ; above date. je 5-2m* 1 Kn Jl'sT RECEIVED, I*JU BBL# WHISKY, (assorted.) [ 1#? do. HERRINOa (lALEWIVES, [)C ,4 _ a I ri ? ? *-? *v a ? uu. n rtrinjEOJ Sl'IIAKS, lohhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS. 6 bblMllajneld) WHITE Fl II, 23 p-1me Eastern CHEG8L. I For *ale low by JOHN J. BOGl'E. ( je 8 Georgetown. D C. 4GKNCY FOR FA IK BAN K cH SCALES IN , a\ HtORGKTOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Ag?nte f<>r the sale of the above oelehrated and we I known ' PLATFORM find COUNTER SCALES. A fu : > supply constantly on hand and for sale at lowest rates. HAV and COAL SCALE8 erected in any part of the District or adjoining counties. AM Scale? are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BU8EY A BARNARD, 1 Dealers in Agricultural Implements, l jeX-itin Bridge street ?dn?r? wmtnf Huh. T COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. HE Undersigned having this day entered into oopaitnershtp uudsr the name and stvle of Dorskt A Wood, for the purpose of conducting the G RO 1 CF.HY and COMMISSION BUSINESS, at No 11 High 6tr?et, Georgetown the house a? heretofore oocupied by W Dorsey, whee we are preparing to ?hovr a well selected st.ok of choice Groceries, Wines, Tea*, Liquor*. Ac. '.nd are prepsrrd to i sell any goods in our line of business a* olieap a* any house In the Distriat. Country merchant* and umeri oik in< i*> again will find it to their advantage1 to oali before purohasing elsewhere. We n?m? in part? _ lOhh'U.p in.# P. R.and N.O. SUGARS, 3-tbbla. GIBSON WHI?K\, a-bhU. REFINED SUGAR, 50bbl?. Reo. WHl^KV. 2>b??x?i? prime CHEESE, 5 hhiiR SHOULDER BACON, 100bbia. prime N . ? POTOMAC HER KING, 5> bhis. No. 1 St JOHN'S ALKWiVES, 20 bbl*. No. 1 HKRKING, lfio nacks G. A. *nd FINK SALT. In btore a d fur ta e hr i DORSKY Jt WOOD, ma 23-2awtf No. 1 in High ?t. Georgetown. THE CELEBRATED CON 1RA0T AND GOUQUA MATTINGS, Both plain and chock. For ?ale low f.v SPI L.MAN A HUNT, ap 2' eo?m ft* Bridge ?t., Ge.>rr" town. 'PHI; STEAM PACKET FLYING (LOOP 1 ii bow {*ady nciswriioMto n ^ v.i? un?i rails ?>r intermediate O point*, Arlington Springs and Al?x 11 1 " andna. on nrw?der*te terms; wi'l m*k? trips tn Al??x andna on SUNDAYS, in tim* tor divine hervioe, and will li? over until after one o'olook. A pply to Cast. JOHN MOORr, ap '9 2m No. HH Jpffornon lit.. OKn'tft"wn. CRANDELL. optician, iV?. 1U* Rtx4*4 it., &*or**trwn. Has constantly on band a large assortment of French Near-sighted. Pen?c??iq, Col- v ore,), and all other SPECTACLES, oP*f3^^2^ the best quality, in eold. silver, steel .and German silver frames. N. H. Old F'ames Repaired and new glasses set in tlt?ni to ordw. no 1S-If JOS. V. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cot. Britlne and J'ffmnn <-?.? , Gfnrtetfiwn. Having given mi personal attention lo this bianoh of my buRinesr, 1 am prepared to. ? _ attend to a!! oai!s with in.imnin??. I?? t ? ? _ ?. r. ...i-'??? !? Panoin from a distance oan besupplied at a *ew minute*' notioe. as I have a la.rg?assortment of COFFINS* ai wan on hand. {'articular attention paid to the removal of the d ad from the old to the new buna! grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap iM>m \f ASflEY, COLLIN8 A CO.'S PH1LADKLiTl PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-WearecoD?t?ntly reoeiving fieah supplies oftne above delightful beverage, and invite all persons who want a pur? unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. ARNY A 8IIINN. A rents. fe ST CrMin at., lif.iir.ntucn, poison BANISHED. Corrosive Sublimate no more Is used, the Bed Bugs to destroy ; The whole world goes toSohwrrin's store, This Powder now we ail employ. 'Tis poisonteas to mortal man. But kills all Insrcts as sure as fate, And no impostor over o?nThis powder truly imitate. r? ??* l/vnn l?l i?V;ll ANNIHILATING POWDKR, for destruction of Cookroahea, Med Bugs. Musquitoee, Flean, Ants, Flies, Moths.Gar den Insects, tto ; tl?o, Pills (or destruction of KM? and Mioe?No. 124 north Second street, Philadelphia. For sale in Washington, D C., by DANIEL B. CLARKE, oorner of Pennsylvania avenue and Fcur and * half street. Many worthless iirnta tions are advertised; be cautious. Remember to aak for Schwenn'a Annihilating Powder. ma 26-2aw4w YY BAT IS 8QDA W A.TLR' Simply Pure Water impregnated with Carbonic Acid Gas. The Soda Water i? known h* ita ??j? J WI'IV). fUIl(fit taste, by Its slightly exhilarating qualities, and by its bnbDling ana scintillation. These properties arc strikingly exhibited at a low temperature. It should leave no unpleasaut taste, and should be entirely innocuwfs. The pablio are requested to call and judge for themselves J. WILEY A CO., DRUGGISTS AND CHEMISTS. No. 300 Pennsylvana *venu?, je 1 eolin* St. Charles Hotel. Ifk 4 U-4, and 12 4 super Linen Sueetings, 10 4.11 4, and 12 4 Cotton SheotinM, Rioiiard'on A Sons', Dunbar A Dickinson and Barklia'a super Fronting and Shirtine Linens, Towelings in variety. Table Liiens ard Napku.s, liopieoes superior make* Bleached Cottons, 100 pieoes Lawns at 12X oenta. , 2S pl*oos White and Colored 1* ianne.s, l adies' and Misses' White Cotton Hom, Wnit* Goods in variety. Cambria and Swiss Ed - ings and Inserting, Hontton, Guipure and Prenoh Worked C> liars, Sun Umbrella*^Paraa< Is and *un Shades, I Super Suk aad Frenoh Laoe Mantlaa.^-b8yiIk Miu aud JLLil TAYLOR fc HUTCHISON. CELLIN 9 O VP'. ; . w. hj?. ?.,w " [ CluaU Kuur.'.j A?u?l All Ron Dresa 8uk?, many at ooat ami <?.. ,? P NOTICE. " ; s&v'.a rE^2&,?* ?n 1 if.. Rl I1AI n U m.?.. . .. ? I - q niii ni v. I 1 c?easv *ONS? SUPERB P1AM>?, J M a JOHN P. ELLIS'S, 306 Pa. ??. ' AUCTION SALES. By C. W. BOTELER ft SON8. Auctioneer*. HTRUSTEE'S SALE OF SUPERIOR FUR1 H1TCRR BXIKO THE BXTiRK ?FFBCT? OP THK Clarknooti HoTRL-By virtare of a deed in trust hearing date January 5th, l'6n. a"d dulv recorded in Liber J. A.S1., No. 190, folios from No. 119 to No. 127, one of the Laud Rt-oords of Washington oounty,D. C , I shall proceed to se'1 on the prem ises on THURSDAY. June 28th, at lfln'oiock a. m.. Hand singular the goods and chattels ooi:tvned in the building known as the Clarendon Hotel, situated on the southeast corner of Pennsylvania ?v?nue and 6th streets, vix: One Superior Rosewood Piano Forte, Elegant suite of Rosewood Parlor Furniture, Large Gilt frame mantle and Pier Mirrors, Rioh setts of Brooataiie and Lane Curtains, Velvet and Brusaeli Parlor Chamber and Hall nut, M&bogany and Oak setts of I Chamber Furniture, Curied Hair and other ?J Bolster*. Blaikrt*. ?hoei?, Comforts, Counterpacna, Tow?*.B, Ac., Wa(n-t Extension and Round Dining Table*, Oak Pining RonnCham. Um Chandeliers, An exteasive variety of China Glass aad < rockery, Silver Piafd Castors, Butter Dishes, Foik? and Spoous, Table Cutlery, ha , Bar Room Furniture and Fixture*, Cooking I* ten* sils, Ac. It i? deeinei unnecessary to particularize the article* contained in thi* very handsome* furnished estab'iBhra^nt. To person* in quest o( good hou*rt.old furniture, it present* uiiunuat attractions, a* the oolleo*ion i* venr large, embra-juig the oontents of about forty finely furnished rooms, a 1 of whioh i? of the most euperior and substantial character and in excellent condition, havug been purchased n?w in January last Term*?S'O and under cash: over St11 and not ex oeeoing $ 0>, 1,2 and 3 monttu; over ^ 1<)0,1. 2, 3. 4 and 5 mouths, for approved endorsed notes bearing interest t,D HALl, > rustee. IS a ritri f! W RftTKi l'P * ? _ _ - - - ? >>!< iv ?*- o*. ' I ^ O? AUOIB By I.C. MoQUlRE A co.. Anotionaera. Trustees sale of very valuable RKAX CSUII OX THK CORSBE OF " IVM.VTH and E sTRtKTs ? By virtue o| a decree of lh? > ireuit Cou t cf the district of Uolum ta, pasfctd in two causes (? ?hioh Statham. Smithsou A Co.,and A11-tin Sherman. respectively, are complainants, and John F. Cal!ai> a<*d other* are delondants. the uutloisigned wi i sell at public auction, to the iiifc2. est bidd?r, cn THURSDAY, the 12th da of July, Ibtjo, a'. 6 o'o o k p. m..upon th" promises, Lot No. 3. in Squar* No. 456, in the oitj of Washington, D. f . fronting 53 feet 11 inchea on E street north, and 75 feet ?n Seventh street wrgt This well known property is situated on the northeast of K aud Seventh euet-ta opposite th? tfent>i*l Post Office, and ia one of the ve y l*st bu?i esa lotations in th? oity ol Washington. Tne iinproveireita consist of t ree three story houses ou E street, me udmg the drug s'ore on theoorri^r ot Seventh, and a two-ftory bull lng on Sev nth street. Th* oronert? wi 1 ha ??>M i? I , r J .. . . V .? ?* B' ? C?WV> KOI osls, aceord'.ui; ti the impro ements. Terms nf iaie: One third of the purchase imney to be paid inoash.and th* residue in two equ?l hi sta.ments, n mx and twelve iroriths f'om the?l?) of sale; the deferred pa* meet? to bear infer?st, and to be scoured by the notes or bond* of the puroba ??r <>r ptirclaKern. with a surety or sureties t'j be approved t>? the Trustees. Sn?>uM the t*Tms o( sale not he complied with within six days aft' < the day <>f sale, the Trustees reserves the ruht to re ??d the pro|erty,at the risk and exn-nse of th? de lau'.tinc purehattor, a ter five day notice. All ooaveyanoes at the eoet >f the purohaser. C. IN GI K, ( A. AUSTIN PMITH.f je II 6tav?A ds J. C. MoGl! IRK A CO , Ai"3?. Br A. GRF.EN. Auctioneer. rjUVO-STORY AND ATTIC FRAMK * AND I -ITT AT THSCOBNKR Of For*-AND A HALF AM) HOUTH G f?T3 , i - LAND, AT AUCTION ?On THURSDAY, the 5th day "I July, 1R6?. I shall sell. In frnnf nl ^^ ? - ? - * I >u ilkUl Hin piniuiMil, (111 U CIOCK p. IK?, ID6 Ji>4 | lowing nannd valuable property, viz : I Part Lot No. 10, in fquare ."Mo. 538, *ith the lmprov?mer'ts, which cun<i>t of a good two etury and a.Uc Frame House, containing about 8 roouii*. Ths property is ai'nat* d at the ojiuer of Four and a-ha f ami south 4i street*. T-rms: 0 .e f.iurth oat>h; balance in 6 12 and 18 months, foi note* b anng interest (rum day of &alr. A dead givsn and a deed of trust taken. All "<m veyanoing at tneoost of the Durohaaer $ bo of the pnroiiase .fioney to be pai(l when the prupertf is knock"! .'IT Shou <1 that amount uot b? paid down the property will be then and there put up again and sol?t to the n?xt highest bidder, who shall pay tM monfr. If the Thole terms are not complied with in five days, tin property will be esold at the risk and oost ol the defaulting pit;r>liai>nr, by advertuing such resaie inree luiios in trio National Intelligetioer. SARAH M. ANDKR^ON,>M - ? iavu uuun VHP Will tJl .* ur*. I ft V i\ i\ j* 13 2swftd? A. URKEN. Auct. \1ARSHAl>'i* 9ALK.?In virtue of two writs of iTI fieri facias, is*n?il from the Clerk'* office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the couity of Washington. a.n'1 to rue directed. I will expose to public sa'e, for cash, in f ont of the court house door of said oour.t*, on MONDAY, the 9th t^ay of July next. lwi, at. 12 o'o ock re., the f'?ll jwirf property, to wit: All def?cd\rit's ruth*, title, claim and interest in and to Lot No. I, in fqirtrr >n fcl#, in the oity o! Washington, D C, together with ail and singu *r the improvements 1 tiiereon.s. iz"d anil levied upon as the property of AndrewRotnwell, and will f?e sold to satisfy Jaoiota s Mob 2 4 and 215, to October term in favor of Phe ps A Kingman. W. SKLDKN, U.S. Marsha! for the D:striotof Colli ml la. ! ie 13 du _____ \| AR3H A I. Si* A LB.? In v irtue i f a writ ol fieri < i*I lacisa issued from the Clerk'a office of the Cir- i cm it Court of the District of Columbia, for th? county of Washington, ami to me directed i will i expose to public sale, for oash. in front < ?f the court house door of said oounty, on MONDAY", the 9t:i day of J sly n *xt. ISrtn at li o'clock m , the following desot'bed property, to wit: All d fendant's right, i title, claim ana interest in and to Lot No 6, m square To. W,in the city of Wavlnng'on, D. C., together With all tin t SI gu'.&r the imnrnvaaiAnta tht?reon, seized an?i l??vi d upon a* the property of , J ?o, C, Nicnnlas, and will be gold to satisfy Judi i eia"# No. 12*, to May term 1?60, in favor 01 A.i'd ' K. A. Hifharrfs. W SKL"E!M- I IJ. S. Marshal lor the District of Columbia. j?* l? dts i By J. C. MoGUIRK A. CO., Auctioneers. 'PRUSTKK'S SALE OP THREE SMALL i Burnt Dwelling houses i.n the bear of i Tfupkbash Hall.?On WEDNESDAY AF- < ThKNOON , June -7th, at 6 o'clock, on the premise#, by virtue of a deed of trust dated Mar^h 7,1W, | aiid duly recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. lSl,lol>o* i 112,1 3.114, and 115, one of the land records for Washington onnnty, D. C . I shall sell Lota H.I, | snd K in a eubdtvison of square numbered 378, frontmjeaoh about 12 feet 10 inohoa on the 30 leet , alley m the rear of 1'eiripeianoe Hall, together with the improvements, oocsistinc ofthrei two-storj Briek I.'well in;-House*, ooataiutng five rooms e?ch. Terms: One third cash; the residue in 6 and 12 I months, with interest, seoured by a deed of trust ( on the premises. It the terms of sale shouM not be complied with in five days thereafter, the trustee reserves the . u. ii?i? aim CApauflf VI Ul? <! ) faulting purcha???r, after one week's public notiie. ( All oon"eyanoing at the cost of the purchaser or parr: takers. THOH. J. FISHER. Trusts j*4d .1. C M?*Q>JIRK * CO , Auotw. 1 T ROYAL, HAVANA LOTTERY. HK Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot t?vry, oonduetod by the Spanish Government, un'ler the supervision of the Captain General of Cat*, ill take place at Havana on THURSDAY, Jun? Id. 1880. SOKTEO NVMERO 63* ORDiNARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE .fiOO.OOO. I prise of ?..g 100,out I 60 pnsea of. 1 do ... fiO^Of' 60 do ** 1 do ?,000 158 do 400 1 4? ? S0.0M) I 20 aporox. 8-a*1 1 ?o 10,000 I IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Ticket*, <20?Hal Tea, ?10?Quarter*, ?. I (rise* oaahed at aicht at s per oent aiaoount. ilia on all aolvent Bankataken at par. A drawing vill be forwarded aa ew?>n a* Uie recall beoomea known. All order* for aohemea or ticket* to be addreaaed to DON RODRI6UKZ. )eU-tr Care of City Poat. Cbarleaton. W C. j^OOK OUT FOR PAINT I No. 319 9KVENTH HTREET, Four Doors Smith af rttlA ??" S, W. HAMILTON has opened a PAINT OPand PAINT STORK on the New Yorkplan, where can alwav? be fonnd PAINTS, OILS. 01.ASS, BRUSHES, Ac., Ao.,at wholesale and retail. MIXED PAINTS POR SALE, AHD BrCIIT? WITH HKvsHkA TO Loam ! N. B.?Particular attention pud to House, Sign Ornamental Painting ard Graining. retained and Enamelled Glass of all kind* a 1 wavk on furnished at short notice. He warrants satisfaction in all work entrusted to hi* care, and is ooufcdont that he can do work as ch< ap, if not cheaper, than an; ether establishment in this city. Give him a oafl. Don't forget the number?it ia 31J Seventh street. ma 10-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. H SILVER WARE AND WATgHh&l ? O IIOOi)Manui-ctureshl? own Silver War? m hi" own abop and sella bo nott^em rale jts work (that is get up for the Southern trale.)#7aJ Re war-anta every artio to b? of C< in Si'AWI ver. and he will sell bis beat sUndard ??r? t 1 mi 1 ft* low, if not 'ower, than the tNoriaarn Koodtare old for. He haa a'.ao on h*n?l a verr fine 'took of ^up-.riorfluid uul Silver W ATOHhS ?nd a large l*?t of R ll'll JEW K LEY all of he * 11 lac varj aheap. %*._ _ma*5-'^_ 50 rH f tTS |jpA N D A R ? H LACK Yka H?V retetvta. Tl>u tea i? exoellati*: price w?<n*tila per *ouod by afcMt pr Otkdrwu*. We fear our nMt let wijl ooit ? n.ore mon?y. . KING * BUROHELL. ma U oor. Fifteenth at. and Vermont aT. SUMMER RESORTS. (AMLIALK I The favorite retort for WHIT* ftLLPHI-R SPRINGS. Mountain Air. fnvigoraCI M RERLAND CO . wSlI Penmylnrnia. (iood Society and a (rood faMe. Accommodations for por p%rtioa!ara tend 300 for Circular. OWtNf, CJ ENDEN TERMS LOW. IN A VISSCHER. ja 7 l'?w Carlt?le Swrmti, Pa. WASHINGTON " CITY G A R D K N . ERNST LOEKFi.ER. Proprietor. AV?c York atenut, bttvrer* 1st and 24 it*. In ealliug the atto-tion of the public to myxroj-.da I wouTd *tate that cvry arran(CPiri?nt ha? A . . A hAAn inftHa to mafeo tl>>. 4 ? D -? - ?? ?>r ?i<"?i wvn yj. '|HT attractive every riaj. Monday* the li%f-^UUL dent are open to the public tree of charge? a cone-rt (i van by a select hand. Those dasinat toenjojrtae daooe and waitx ?i I find the aaloon in coinpieUa oro?r to render p>asue to all- On oth?r days th? proprietor wiH cheerfully grant th* use of tha ground* for school or other Pic Nio Fa. tie? with out charge. For the amusement of children h? ha? introduced a number of little gainea, never before aeen in thta o:ty. and ca'.cu a'ed at the *anie time to amuae the "old folks." y. B.?Attached ia my Bottling KataUiahm'at, and families can be supplied with any quantity at their reainenoe. of t*at healthful drink. LA?-?t-K BhER, upon short notioe. I" 15-Sn> Wm HITE SULPHUR SPRING!*, Ghekmbrier, Va. This long established wat-img plaoe ??? opened for the resepnon of vuitora on the 15th of A . ^ Many new and important arrangements have been made since last seaeon in tlu? laig? ? * Ubh* hin-nt. and no efforts will be (pared to make thrt guecta oomforable. Person* can reach these >?pnn?s by t he Oracre aud Alexandria Kaiiruad from Washington; by tae Virginia Cent'al Kit road from Richmond; or t-y the Virginia a~d 'I ennesseo Railroad fr> m the South and Soathwest via Lynehburg aid Char lotteaviile, with on'y ?' miles fctat" tiavel JKK KM1AH MORTON, President. J. HU.MPHHKVS*. General Superintendent. i? 12 dtJ olv I.S PInky point pavilliun will open f' r the reception of visitors on tiirA A 25th of June In 001 s* queLoe of Try ab sonoe (or ?ev?rai months. Mrs. Dix wil take charge of the n>a;.a<.einei;t of the Pavi.10.1. assisted by my son, Thos. II. Dix. Uoa^d per v eek S t; board per month 02S. je <3-eolm* vV. W DIX, Proprietor* M~ SAuT WATKR BA I HI NO. A R *11 ALL'S PAVILION. (Moort'i L?nd idr ?wi'1 be open for the reo- ption of viai i . . -a lor? on the 13th of June. Tbit ?ieii?n fu;ypTjB^ ret.o t lor thou* ekm* health and pea* JJLjELL ure, is unexcelled br any plaoe of the kind on th* Potomac river It ia equated ab ut me hundred miioB from Wa^hin^ton immediately on the Potrtrn?o, aad in iu'1 ?r>w { 'he rh'anp ak* Hay. and fnmiiiii fo fin"0??t -re. tk?ft I rab*, Sheephead. and oihtr Piab. and ea i!t aioess b!*? b* the eieam ?xiatn pljuir Ww^n \V **-hir>??on. HaHi>n re *n.: Norfolk. The iindTaigne't ) niae adui i-r*l impiov eiiieiit* in I is Haiti House - ai.d many > ther linpro/?ment? to the oomf rt ai.d e?:joTm?*nt r.f h:? j Su**ta. The Bat hint cannot be aurpasaed. t*p!eniil A int inc and f f,.i% > f Pi'hinK ar.d Sai nig Hoata free of eharee. ?le ha* ?par?Hl no extwui* in pro _ *4 ? ? ?> nuiR n i "Oil I UHIW r mill IT 111 IftTln II) HIM Stock I of olmiof Wines, l.iquoia.sei ar?. Ac.,ana lor ino?-? who wish to avoid extreme fashion lad to iMk ft retired p ao? where t^e* 0*11 in&ke themselves at | home, there in not a more p.ea?v.t p:ao*inthe United Tha proprietor ple^eea hima-lf tha: nothing sha'l lv? left 111,done on his part to render , tliein so. Terma lor ix>a.rd 1>T the day. wnefc, or month reasonable. Persons wishing to addr as the proprietor wi.i dir'ct to Lconardto wc, Ht. Mary's o iuntj, Md. | je8 2?n R. J. MARSH AH , Proprietor ( Hyukia hotf.l, ! Old Poist Comfort, Vi. Tliia celebrated S"ab<>a d Watering P are, loca- , ted m full view i f Hampton Koada and A . . A Chesapeake Bay, ami *t th<> first mi ifarvy'fl^W 1 post of the United Statea. < Fort Monro->4?j?bjL will be ready for the reoeption of viaitora on the firi>t of June. Besides the attractions of the military establishment and tlie fuio "Mii! of Fare"' pree. nted in the n^ariy lexiir e? of the aiit water region, tiie Bath at Old Point Comf-rt la peculiarly eurative. For ' Klieinnatism, it m airnont a sptxjifio; and for 1 ta ' pr'jperti<?s m this regard the proprietors are ai owed to make referenoo to Mm IV. L'nn.(r?lict of the < late t*ei n'or Luinj ai.d t.? the Secretary of War ai.d his lady. r\ npucMoii* n?*w running *n<l *i:r?1ry improve menU iwM largely to the acoororuiKiatioua andooin iorts of the approaching season. The management of the Hotel ftn<t a!! bu<men ( matter* commoted with it are under th? exei J?ive , Quarto of the jumor partner, Mr. Wiliard. JOS. SKWAR. C. C. WILLARD. maZMm Proprietory , nr* POINT LOOKOUT. I h K I'nd rM^nt-d, Ion* and well known to the J fravi V. < p'i'> !c -\i< ap-oprietor of th? City A . . A 1 Hotel, Alexandria. V*., tml the tinted Sta'.'f Hotel m \Va*hi gtui city.. lee -d fo a tern of year* trie nivirih ? nt l>a? ei < i'avi:i?>n a- d the Lumoroo* C"'?\zeii connected with t il., rec.i.tly orectt*! at Hoi;ii lookout, the roiutoi iucotton of the Potomac with Cii-napeake Ha?. *:.? ha.-nu furmalieo them in a stjle equal to thr.t "1 %r.y other watering p;io? in the I'niteU }<iat'?t. wi 1 up-n th 'etf<ai>li..!iin< rt ?u tiie Uth day of Jun ii?xt ? lorthe reoepticn of vuitors. his arranrem?rt? K*. I ilk tuflioitM.' for the comfortable aooomtnodalioii ' 'f ' t . 'i ,t 7.S guest". J Point 1-cK'k' Ht bftaidea h?inc dea*rve4!} tba moflt ' famous plftoe in ali Amtric. for fine Otelcra, Ho* F >h. Ft>ft C.? h. S eepli a.!, Mackerel, and all "ther ?alt water hixnne* po>*-wes finer farI'lfae* 1 for i^url IVhUuiic than even t'a?e May, while the 1 liaok com try immediately aihottnng it?includiaf ? tlie Driven, I'a.trtdtfe and Woodoock hh'iotin*. ' fce., A.o??of?-r <wlvant??ea tcgetke-, *upeiv>r ?>f tuoeeof any other write-tiiR place on thiaroutin->i;t. 1 The Watet View* from the pa jMinn at;d from . tli? O'lUtgee are extenmve, vaned, aad char mint , 1 The health of the point is uiuxo?Med by itiat of ( mountain repionf, and th>? aoce*? to it bj ?t?aui"ra Troni bai'imore. Wa*ln i.cton. Norfo k. and Rioh-. t mond, will prohahU be daily to and from eaoh of tlios? oittee. He ha< apared no expenae in provid me a fine Band, Oarriazea, Hom?, Plea?nre Boat*. V c . for lure, or n stooking hie nellara wnh the beet W imi> I l? nnre t, ? I? -? * 1 <<iv*o, an inn pft'ro 8 wir } lincl at th??ir ?onig?iH everj injury and eomfort >t>t%inahitt itt any other American watering plaoe Hi* term* mr bwti. I>y tho <l??. week, or month, for ii <1ivi,ilia's <>r tuml-ee. will r-e reasonable. > maadtJwlTi MHiAN (I SMITH. ~ EDUCATIONAL. , f 1 O M M E R C I A L_ C O L L tfo E. K-' No. 17fi SeVKXTM PT-, Opro<ite the iitn'rnl Po*t Ofirt, Wn.ikintton Cif|r. Armoriaa Sy?tem of Peninauship, B?o?keeping, Mereantile Fornix at d Calculations. Businw* C'? erpoi <lero*>, Bins of KxoUan.e, Current Bills, Ci'immwion Sales, (ita,.inar and Arithmetic. \ Prepa-atorj Cla?s-f<ir F^m. ' ILjr l.adies wiil be 1'iatrueted ia &ne penman hip. Room* open from 9 a m. to 10 p.m. For terms %ppit at the Kooi&s. i m?-Mi WM. W VOCNG A CO , rpHE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. J J Nbw AREA>&imsm , This well knownand popular Seimnarj, which ha? Ween ?o Mieces?nil under the ent; re -are of M r* Richards lor more than ten years, will be- <%?ti?d on the first Momlav in September n<-xt- umicr tl.? J united nuperrision ami instruction of Mr. and Mra. i Z RICH aRL*?. in the wall arranged and delight- . fullv l-cated L'nion Academy Building. For partio- . ulars. wee circulars at all the Bookstore*. ma23 tf <V1 MRS. McCOR ICK'S SCHOOL. IT IRS. McCORMICK deeirea to inform ha friend* and the publio generally that ahe will reanin* | the du'ie* of bar School on tb? lat Monday in Sep- 1 tern bar next 1 The eonrae of atady punned will oompnaeall the < brauchea reqmaite to a thorough Kugiiah educe Hon. i 1b addition to her daj aoholar* abe ia deeirona of reoeiving into bar family a few pupil* a* boarder* \ aged from 10 to 14 yaara, who will be under her im < mediate oare and oreraight. , Iler arrangement* for the accommodation and { due oare of papila have been considerably icorea??-d | and utherwiae improved. Thoae m Waahington uBsmn* parucuiar injormaron witn rel#renoe W> bar school may a??Iy to W. D. Wailaoh, Editor o , the Star. For term* and furtner particulars apply at km readeuM?No. 8* Caisoron street. Alexandria, va I* t-'-tf W~~ G"A 8" F llC T U H E 8~! E Have in store, and are daily receiving, 6AS FIXTUR SS of entirely >ew Pattern* and D?-?iens and Finish, superior 1a style to anything heretofore 1 offered in this market. We invite citisen* r*n*ral I ly to ea'.l and examine oar stock of Gas and Water i Fixtures, feeling confident that we Kave Uis beet ' selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to our oar* 1 will be promptly attended to. i MYERS ft McGHAN. I mar 5-tf m?T> street P| OWE'ft IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES m.M i oeee 10 ow tudilo m ti.# most simple, d arable, and reliable scale* erer ?it a i ^wifia^rJSVtJSKsrftaKa t*ooietj; Virginia St*te Agriau'tura: Fair, Frankly Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; Naw York Ftate Fair; t Vernu?atSUtfe, ftc. Id eyerr o&s- vh?,i < xiubited tliniin received firet olaaa prating ma K? ,"V.M ftZ Louisiana araw, ijepot of ttittm a Cklitad Iron Kale* 3i?M? *CC PATTlfMlN. Ar?M_ , SSKRTA%lS?,0";8p,UNe ] 4?0 Seventh at, b?tvtw Eaod F. a> f ski THE WEEKLY STAR. Thu mnUwlfMitlf Md N?W? JiiCIM ?OOtl Ituui| ?r?*ler of interacting r?ftdinc than ?u be found in U| oU*r y?b:iab?4 o? S?t?r<l*j morning. TIIM-C???. r*? o*rr. ?* annum 1 ? ? ? Twenty copt**.. . 1 HI pi * By ?uhaorihinc in olut* rtiMd neigh*"'* without tli# inter in |nn <>( * i?*> u^nl.M will b? pt?ro?ire?i V jer oeut. of T~k? IWmI!? Si*' will M %re<t. It inv?ri?t>l? contain* the - ?*ft*tir<(tnn ^#W?" that I'M mMO T*' K-rmiHg St*r eiree ?? o in*rill? IhrooRfcnot ikftcintrT. CL7"Sm|le enpie* i in wrapper*' mm be froomrrd *t the omiuter. iiuei-difcteij *ft?i the ! of u.? foper. Price?THRKE OtCfcTS Po*ttiuu(or? who Act &? *4C*uU wi I bo *!< lowtd *eoniiwn>?n?n off'cent*. FOR SALE AND RENT. 1'Ai rARI K IF&l PHPiTV AT MVViTL ^ Sale.?Tt>* lit-senber is ?nth?r|i*d by lb* v*n*r to se i *t p i?at* sale, two raloabls I'Mta of (.and. The first it sitnatad near "Gadec." tk? rtotdeace of the lato R^hnr.ah Berry. ar>?J adjoins the lands of Dr Bentanmn |j?? ?i d ut??n, an*' contains two huudred and twenty tight and thre* tenths of as acre is w* I wooded and watered, ud in a h'ch state of caltitatian. The improvements oonstst of a comfortable dwelling house, two tobao oo Hi-uses. and otner ont houses This land offers ?r?at i ndaeewsiiU to Ukhm wiah inc to purchase rea. estate, hem* lLoueof tbs most de|tghilul neighborhoods in southern Maryland, benif but eifh mil's from Washington aitr u.d five iui.os from Utadenebarft, and of aaay aooens m onuren. poat < >moe and mil AIko. a ??j valuable tract of timber and wood land. I"hia land nn'utfd about four n?l \V??t irift an ?l*jr. on the *ia?e road leading from thai ei j to VP**** *vlborogah. and eeotaina t?? handrrxi and '*?ntjr fog* ai d two tentha of an a#re All of aaid land la onw?< in wood and moat of it h.<avily tmnered; an t from ita proximity to Waan lucton. rend^ra it very ra!?aN?. and offer* a rare opportunity to ahtp hattders and <>thera dealing in vroo<l and rnntw Th?> terma, which wi'l be liberal, made knows on application to the anb*criber I f the above property la not imposed of at private aai<soti or bef?re f>ATlKOA\ . 'he y*h day \>i Jnne next, it will on tha* day be off red at publio aalf a' ^t'onoord," the reeidenoe of Thomaa Berry. K>i) , at the h"ur of 12 o'oloek m . who will take pl-n*iirr> in ahowint the an<< t<> a ' who ma* desire to purchase 8AMI KL H. bffty, ap Jfi rtwt'li l 'PP?r M?ri"oro?|k P>R SALE?A imtll FARM ofsnaorea, ataMd %T the L-iUin Kaaa, havint a eomfortoUe dwell mc-house, oornhonee, atatTe*, Ac; well CkMcd ana waterod; within fo?r miles of Washington ; IS aores itkoulti vatioo, the tawanoe in hkndtome woodlaud. It is pwaiiarly desirable as a oountry ree< denoe, being perfectly healths and moet romantically situated : exoe ien? fiihUig and hontmc Insure of mTTMaR RlOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bnd*e, Litti** F*'i? ><-7 9awtT Montgomery coi ntv am - for ?ALK.? w e have far aa e t^resor four han d red acres of Land Uiui on th? P <?> ae, ee from Geo'*?-t->wn. P C. The WanJsiBf i<? i Aqueuot a-^d one of 'h- h ?>pt road* iri th-- ?*< ?nty pan tliniudi this land tnd tn? ina t of it . ?wr?l ?k ootlliU'l the oti.e-' p<> Vol i> of Ute first q I a itf. A pp.? *o BAKNAHD A Bl't XH Y. Anotionitr?, G?ur?tfi?n. or WALL A UAKNARi . / noUon-M?rn W?>hinft?ti maSI-eo L OH SALE?A <reat bargain. four acres of we! * in proved LAND, veil suit<*1 a market gar il?n, with new dwelling home with foor rooms and kitchen; well of fine water in the yard; under good ( nrint. nod will be sold low or exchanged for city property. and on moderate terms. Th<* land is ?t Kail's Cro?s Roads, two and a half miles from Gforjcfown snd in Alexandria oountjr, Va Apply u? V. P. CURBbTf, over Bank of WashingUm. ma H tf l^OK REN r-A small STOR E, ?orner of ?th st. a and Peun.avenue, n'<der the Clarendon Rote:, suitable for a liarber's saloon or cigar store For information insure at the Hotel. mar ? rOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the bolM r inc immediate^ opposite the west wihg of th? City Ha!., reoectly ooeupied by Chan, t* Wadach u ai< ofhoe. Also the front room in the seoood story and the third floor of the same btiilding. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo. 1 M^'UBinno Tcnnr. JS 19 U Senators, members of congress.Two splendid auites of ROOMS, Mefanoy rerniahed. win b? rented during the nesaion of Co?rrees, in the most deairable luoa itrJ" thi? oitr. t^ir.n wiUnn one or two muum of Brown*# ih National Hotels. Thoee id pursuit of inol Roomi will ?lo wo.i to make early appiioation at No. Jtf itia eUe?t. i>etween D street and Pa. av. de fr-tf F^OR SALE?A nice thrae xtnrT Bnek HOUSE, on 3d street, r.etwoea D abd E streets, . t. Kibhev'a Subdiviaion. The above property will b? lofd on easy terms. Prioe made known by inaatru*of H. W. HAMILTON A CO. No. ?6tf Jih itreet. opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. feTtf rrunksTboots and shoes. Ihavk just received a new sup ply of Gen**' fine French Calf Skin D~ e*r Boot* anil Gaiters, Patent i. eat her u<tlH| rioth flafters. Calf Skin. Patent [.rather.f Wj ml La?tin? Shoes A e?>, an extensive* t ck of B<> a' and Children's, Iadiee' and Misses' Bu"ts and 8'ioea, all of whioh I am ael in* at ex :p*<i!iiKi) low pnoea. J, l< AI., 420 8*- n k ?treet. ma 15 eo 3 <*o<?r? afc??ve P ?treX IJOOT8 AND 8HOE3 TO SUIT THE l> TIMKS. ' We are now manufacturing all kipd* of BOOTS tnd tMIOKS. and ooretantW reoeivinr <opf?!y ot eastern made work o' every ae Hfl (cnpti'jf, made expreetly tuorder, ana willvHv ?e ao!d at a inach tower iriaetkaD haa t>eee* leretofore charged io th.a oitj lor utuoh inferior krtiolea Perrons in tract or Roota and Shoos of eaatorn or sity iiiAdf work, will a! way a find a good aar<"-* inert n store ai:d at the loweat prior# Give ua a oafl. 6RIFFIN * BRO., ap ?-r 314 Pennsylvania arwiw. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 3 499 7 th 9nnr? Oproifte Odd Ffllown' Hall. If(.'kwiw, D. C. Traveler* will rtndy their interests D? exaaumag ny TRUNKS, V ALlCKs* Ac . before pur nt* ihaaiuc eiaew*re Aa I uae none bat tb?MM teat material the market afforda and emplo*^^ ** he b*et workmen. I can confidently reconuaond my irork to b?? rnperi^r in S'rit-gtk and Durability to rrur.ka that are made id ut*?t cities and aold here. 1 keep constantly on haod. and make to order ton in* w.ialr 'a ru?t i na I ?trar? daaArialian O/"!# Bi eathkk, ikon fr a me fkexch dress iml WOOD BOX tkckks, ashland and -f*?r valices; thaveliso bags; har \ess; saddles; whips, *r., #r. Trunk*. &o.. Kfpam ("uTered, in a work nanlike manner, at short n^tio* Trunk* Slivered in anj fart of tiie city, George "*n, or Alexandria. Aient for Howe's oelehr&ted FAMILY DEWING MACHINES. dM.S U JAMES P. TOPHAM. WOOD AND COAL. - - OD ? AND SO A L the 01 tv. at the lowett toMihle rates. X I A W M RAI T 2f*a Pa. ar., between 11th aud 12th ?u . ma 17-If north aide. rHK PIBHi KIKKR HATING ON BAND an extenaur# atnek of PURL, ia prepared tn tell at a very low figure for aaefa WOOD hw?) ati-i Split any aise. Call and see for j ouwelf. R. W. BATKf*. Wood and Coal Dealer, ma 1* P *r. comer of Fourteenth and C eta. yOLK'8 8 T A T U ? T T E STEPHEN A DO I G LAS In form apd feauturea thta beautiful and aoearate poo i men of American art is unaurp*???c hj any ipecimen of like character erer prixltiot'd. It ia a 'at simUr of the "tattle Giant." Specimen* ma* wen and Htataettea pro?red it Culv*i'? D*r? tHoma. fie. Peon, awae, ?>rner of :2th atrert. ? a?hin?U?o oitj. Par eon* in :he Di'triot of Ooluml ia &nd >tatea of Oalaware. Slar?lend, Virginia North Carolina, HoatJ Cardinal Georgia. Florida, Alabama, Miaaiasi pi. ar.d Loauiaita, d??irr t oopiee of the Htaruftte *in a<?ireas their orcer* to (T; P. CIJ I V 4 R VaaklngtCB jitjr. D. C., aooompan>o4 by a rtalUMM. Composition fVpi<? f i*. Bo* and Cartage . l ITT Editor* of newapapera ia the foreaoing 8t?M r:v:ng th* above twelve tc their way t aau>?. with appropriate editoria'a. wil. be nmn The undersigned respectfully inform th?-ir aatrona ai d t^e ru'Hie that tlH?j Mil r?o?i??4 t?*ir n??al W'T of^Bl ?PR1NG GOODS, oonaiatin* of U? law* Km vie ft"d fashion. and bMtfor?tfa mtnunc tar?. Th * ai?o ir p?<otfn11* invit* attaa-^^ * ti.Mi to thwr t w atoOK 1 f 0*- NTLEMEN*8 PTE >ISU1NG GOODS of th? latest aad Mm. rhi>7 al*o k?ea wnitAii: j 011 kibd a larf* mmW if Naval a?d Military Pu-Bieni'u G"o<ia-si>r* a* Kpnu>U, Chapeaua. Hworda, Belt*. GoM Laon. ^hou;der Strap#, a*?d Saahoa H.r LOl'DONAOO . Citizen, f/ara! mmd M+litmry Merrkmnt Tmilc+t, w?r H Brnwi'i HuU?L pimt. OLD R VK WHI?K V.-On hand arrara I brand or Pur? Old |t?? WW ky, Copper Di?aPH. ina** by the unit reiiah distiller* u P?i iMvaaia, Maryland and Virginia, warranted a?r*? Mao, 'mportud Mrn .diea, HeonaMy, Otard. Dnpay * Co.. Ja2e? Rntuna, A?. A .? . P?aoh % d AffJ* Branny. pure Holland Bin, old Jamaioa and W? Rroix R nin, and VV tries ??f ewy rariat* all v4 tan<tard bran'ta A awtio* 'ot of Cigars and iVaacoo. YOl'No * KRPH ART. ? ?*?. ?pU-?T a?9 Pa ??.. Mw aK >a^ w ?U. A W*. T. IK?VB * OO. r r\ m V Nit. ..... |? mvuu ut rtrdan cr 8tor? OS Kh a lav dfxtrs aortk mt ft. 4 YELLOW f(NK I t AlSfcR , HOA.RVLOOJllNO or in)r?MM) ?i?&^Hr4iiWfTrc>iT> Tn* onthom rm.i* bi TOT * METCAl.F. YOSaith'f Wfcw* ?* *? corner PtMiLBtltmor*. M<.

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