Newspaper of Evening Star, June 22, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 22, 1860 Page 3
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? LOCAL NEWS. ' \zr Tai *ta u ffimttd m tk* fmtUtt itmm prut m? wi iMit ?/ Bnlttmor* itJ tdUUm U m torfi ?i ?/> rtfwrt if lo fa pn?? ?l m aril kc*r 4>fv4rm??M*(*, th*r*fo*t, tkcmid bt tut tm A?r<*r? a'eiac*, ?.; ?t*?rwif? liiy my *?? wuii <*? Mil rfajr. THmPrBLic Schools ?The annual examinations were continued yesterday afternoon. The rr p;! male prlmarim in the four school distrt. is wire examined by tbe respective nub-boar da It vii a source of great gratification to tbe trustee* and to tbe tear her* that there waa a better attendance of tbe parents of tbe pupfla. espertally in tbs F'rst and Aecond Districts, than ha* been previously observed. The fact shows that at least a portion of our citizens who have children in the public schools feel an Interest in their welfare ia reapert to their studies it mast also be a source of great pleasure to the children themselves to see btir parents evincing an a< tlve interest In their ur< rm by their occasional presence in the schoolroom Th* flrat department, mal* primary, First Distrt't. Mm Rod ?*r. principal, Miss Robinson, assistant. located in to? Union Cbapel. on Twentieth at west, between H st and Pa. avenue, was e*amin?"d yesterday afternoon. We were glad to see the inter?-st In this school indicated by the yres?>nre of a number of ladiea and gentlemen to witn?-a? the examination The promptness of the ebolars to ob-y tbe directions of the principal w?a remarked as an evidence of controlling power not generally f>o*aeaaed by ladW who have charge of a male school In the division under the immediate supervision of the principal are 5R scbolaia?io present, one absent, sick The assistant baa in hrr division 60 scholars?56 present The *?ea of the children range from <i to 14 yeara. and f 1. #af p nrat ?ti/l rlonnlv r\ that ??vm? wuw v?u?j r iuuiw^u they were cared for at h?me, u well a* at school Trie exai(.H?atlon u as assigned to the sub-board of the d ?trir.t?Gen Randolph, Mr Stoughton and Dr lrons;de The examination of the senior classes Wjs begun by Mr Stoophton, his associates being necessarily delayed Id their arrival, k bit bad not proceed*d far when Dr Ironside ar rived, and taking charge of the junior classes the e**mtnation of both division* were conducted at the Kime time. We were highly gratified with the evidences of progress made in the senior lasses in those branches of education which are so essential to make them useful in society. Tbe examiner < hose to qneatlon tbem In the most dif ficult 1? won*, but they were generally correct, and were highly complimented by him Great care v_ J ?_t_ . ? - ? 'i*a of*rn Mien u> instruct mem the branch** taught in this department During the examination several of the teacher* if the public schools eutered the roem?among them Mr S John Thompson, principal of the Cst d;s trict achool. who continued the examination at the request of the examining trusters, and their praise of the pupil* and admiration of the department throughout were highly complimentary to the accomplished aad amiable principal and assistant It i* due to Mrs Rodier and Miss Robinson to say, that the parents of the pupil* with whom we conversed expressed great satisfaction after the examination in some case* the children did not respond a* promptly as on ordinary occaI'oi* which was wholly attributable to Intimidation by the presence of *o many atrange face* Male Primary. Second District, Mr* R M. Bigelow principal, was examined bv MessT> Cole and Port, in the presence of quite a number of teacher*, parents of the pupils, and others Interested In the cau<e of education The exerciscs embraced the several branches usually taught in' utt p?imiry cuo<??s?yiz. reaaing. writing irom dictation, r mental and written. Including exer? ! ? on the black board,) ortbrograpby, ~eo?ra pby, a ad grammar, in all of which the classt> were thoroughly interrogated by the examiners, and evinced in many instance* more than ordinary intelligent e, particularly in tbeir reading, and in writing from dictation Some of the bo^s write exceedingly wrll and unde sta id moreor less o.' the rules of punctuation. The result ol the examination was rred: a >le to Mrs B , *"ho post. -sees n- holastic abilities ot no ordinary character, nrnt> d to high administrative talentv which were prominently apparent in the correct and prompt answers given to all questions, and in the praiseworthy deportment of the school during the entire afternoon At intervals the pupils >*a% finely niider the direction of Mr. J. H. Daniel, their rouaic tencber. and in one Instance those present w?re delighted by a juvenile solo which was sung In a manner that would been credi'able in a mueu older and more experienced pertormer. At the close of the examination the pupils were complimented on their advancement in their studies during tb- past year, and incited to future uureuiitting efforts to the same end. The exam, nation of male primary, Third District, taught by >1 iss Jane C Moss, was conducted by the sub-ltoard of trustees, assisted by Mr Ober, of tfc- Citv CwndL The roll of the school numbers ? o scholars, 50 of whom were present on this o. caaioa. This school is taught in the capacious ai.d weil-veutiiated hall oftbe Old Hnptint Cliurch on E, near !*ixth street east Though the schoolroom is very comfortable, the building is in a very d.lapidated condition, which might be vaally improved at a trilling expense, If attended to immeointely; but if something in this way is not d<?ne very shortly, it will b?- beyond all hope of repairing A critical examination was had in ail the branches usually pursued in our public ? bools ronimeoi'lni! wttb thK lower rli> TKp examining trustees were exceedingly well pleas?-d witb tne result. and frequently took occasion to expr sb to Mis* Mess iheir great gratillcation Tae pupils appear to range In age from 5 to 12 tnis. Misa Moss has every reason to congratulate herself oa the success which has attended her eft iru The result of this examination only adds to the reputation already acquired by Miss M"? (who is one of our oldest and most ex|>?rieu< ed teachers) as an Instructress of children. At the close of the examination short addresses were made by Dr Bohrtr, Dr. Walsh, and Mr McKoew. Male Primary School, Fourth District, is held in a capacious room, originally intended for a ball-room in the Island Hall *t tK? ? -? , - ??.u<V>?P< V%1VII ?1 Virginia avenue and Sixth atre?rt, Island It accommodate* I HO boys, aud ) under the Immediate charge of Mr Aucuatus Kdson, a Minted by Misses Kcklotl and R>i3 The srhool la divided Into three divisions. the first of which, taught specially by Mr. Kdson, was tnmiurd by the Kab-botrd of the district, assisted by Mr. J. E Thoinpsou The pti pi Is underwent a yervthorough examination, and with but few exceptions gave geueral satisfaction The first class was pretty Kverrlr handled by Mr. Thompson, but a lari;? malor' i.' of u ? >*? **" ,K*< -? - vvj- tucii irauy aniw^rs provfd themselves very apt. especially in mental arithmetic, geography and ai> tation; moat of the boy* In this class also excelled In their writing At the close, Dr Willet, on behalf of the t*ubiioard. eipressed bis gratification at the progress th? boys had made, and congratulated Mr. Kdsoii on the success thit had attended his labors Dr W . expressed Lis regret that so few of the parents of tfaa children were preseut Officer (Jhiplev was ia sttcudance, and as he is a terror to evildoers and peace distur*)ers. good order prevailed ^ ttyoogfeout Among the laay visitors who graced ~ tbe occasion with their presence we noticed Mim Adams. Mrs Martiu, Miss Emma Reed, and Miss Middl< ton?all accomplished and successful teachers in the public schools?besides several other good looking Lidies that we did not know The junior department of Primary ?*o. 1, Fourth D'strict Mrs Martin, teacher, was examined on the Hth mat by Dr. WlUett. assisted by Alderman Clark Sixty scholars are on the roll of thia cDOPi.ana oaiyoae wu absent from examination. Mr* Marttn hw had c barge of this school about two yean, and the result of the late examination prove* that sbe h.ts been untiring In her efforta to advance her pupils The school-room?the basement of Rylana Chapel?Is ill-ventilated. and In no way suited to the purpose for which tbe trustees are at present forced to use It. Mrs Martin Is destined to prove oue of our most efficient teachers ^ Ckix'.xal Court?Yesterday, after our report closed, in lbs case of Jos Fugttt, the lad charged with burn>nq a stable belonging to Charles H. Brown, owing to some material discrepancy in tbe testimony a r ollt prostqut was entered by Ute District Attorney tVui Caa.iut x( gardener) was tried on a charge f nu'.sance in spreading and exposing night Mil upon his premxrs Ins case occupied some time, but was final.y given to the tarv. who re urea u> m?,r room, but did not make verdict until after the adjournment of tke court, when they returned with a sealed verdict. Henry Turner was placed on trial oa a charge of steeling a one hundred dollar note from A H Crosier at one of our hotela by obtaining It of Crosier under a pretense of giving gold in exchange for it, and then pretending that the note was counterfeit Tbe prneecuting witness was examined, when the further prosecution of the case was postponed owing to the defendant s counsel having to leave tow a on ether business The rase will be continued on Monday next r*-4ey ?Tbe jury in tbe case of Wm. Cam k ,.t_a ??a? * * .u.. . H.n rr>mu?ii ior * nuisance, rnuiuet I eealed verdict of acquittal. Tb? court tbrn took up tbe cue of tbe I'niU-d State* ?gt Jaa >.mmee. John W Baltxer Wm , Tbomw J<mn Tboinaa, Joha L> Speldeu, Slicer .Neleoa. and K .aa Hulcbtna, who were charged with rtoilug at tbe February (election, in Georgetown Tbla case waa peudlng When our report cloeed. I mo* Pa ay ir Mibtims ? T hear meetl ng* are gtiU k'f* up br the mia'.atera and member* of tue Milntu nkr:itiu <Ii>u/mii!mIim? t? < <? ~j at the prr-arat time art growing la laUvat. D<ir1ug thi* we*k they a re held in the pr 4Mti.ll t korrii. .Ninth ?U?*t, brtwrro K and F. it s o'clock p ni daily, and at tfce corner of P'.fth and F ttrrfti (Weatoy Chapel) it o'clo. k in ? We art pleased to learn that Mr Gror*.?? ii ?irant, wh? aerloua Injury by an accident at Corcoran'* building vru noticed in the Sutr eome day* ago, la recovering, and will *oon able to walk about * Yorss Mis'* Cbkistiak Aaaocuiio* ? At thetr laat mating, which waa well attended the President (Mr Morsel!) gratified while he aurprtaed thos* present, by opening an address, apparently out of time, on the grand truth pervading the whole Scripture?man la fallen, ana Chriat fa hia Saviour. Then, addreaaing the Rev. Dr. tMmaon, who waa aeated among the membera, he aaid thia truth had been kept uppermoat in hia t j ..j i-a -* ? i a ? ?k? UIKIa pri / rti ana invfrmins ifciur^ ori"rr uj?- **? ? Uss?a number of whom, bv voluntary individual subscription. bad select?*<i. a* a small eipres ion of their appreciation of hi* generous. useful services, "One Hundred View#, taken from nature in Syria and Palestine." by Val de Velde, which they hoped he would accept, not aa a remuneration?for thev could not remunerate b1m for the benefit tbev bad derived from his free labora?but as a simple token of their aincere esteem. Dr Samson came forward, and. in accepting their valuable present, s*ld he did so diffidently and hesitatingly. He was gralllied that no money of the Association had been used in procuring it, but could not restrain the sentiment that these individuals had better have contributed this donation to the Association, which he loved for all its works of good, but particularly for Its melioration of the divisions of religious denominations. He trusted that, as by looking over these superb views he would live over the scenes of his Oriental travels, he might thus come to his Bible Class refreshed and strengthened, to return the fruit of their libe*allty. \1 r V Uttr/f es rui A an H f osa nn ? ! - ?- XUIIUCI 1.7. ?J?*, ??ai ? ICHU au U?lUi V?? Wll 4* Associations of Christian Young Men.'' which wu made Interesting by diversified reference# to hictorv. and whole*>ai? advice to his a?octates. Mr Rhew reported "rom thefestivalcommittee, that although member* of the ehnrchea were engaged In extensions and Improvements on their building*, or bad in immediate contemplation festivals for their own benefit, which combined to withhold a large piirt of their patronage, and numerous political and other meetings drew away other patronage, still the proceeds had b<-en encouraging. "rte several tables made thefollowing returns: First Presbyterian. 9100; Western Presbyterian, fc.'vl; K Street Baptist, *>1 50; Trinity, S15 54, hirst Baptist, f42 'J4; Assembly's, S41 44; Methodist South. *15 U6, Sixth Presbyterian. $34 50; Wrsley Chapel, S32 34; Foundry Chapel. **20; 'S oung Men s Christian Association Mission Schoal No._3. $17 37; Supper table, (two nights only ) ??; l>o?r, *146.M. Total receipt*. W34 93. Expenses, ?->"4 18 Net profit. $420 75 Mr. Jerome P. Chaw, from the committee to apply for a charter, reported that at this stage of th?* session It was not probable Congress would grant one. Mmri Moore, Wight. and Ferguson reported the establishment of prayer-meetings in their divisions. Mr lease Small wood was elected an associate member, and the Rev Mr Melish received on certificate. On motion of Mr. Norton, a vote of thank* was tendered to Mr Stewart for bis address. On motion of Mr. Rhees. a resolution was adopted, calling on our citizens for aid, to be banded Mr Beard, the treasurer, and forwarded tor the relirf of the sufferers by the tornadoes in Iowa and Illinois. It was unanimously resolved, on the motion of .>ir. nneei. mat tbe bearty thanks of the Young Men*! Chri-tain Association be tendertd tbe different < hurcbea at the late festival, and that tbe free use of tbe library be granted tbem one vear. The ladle* of the table Minion ? b ol N o 3 of tbe amc' iatton and those uf the Union table was particularly thanked For gratuities Mes?rs John Howlett, Baldwin Bros , J. Fuglt, Job Angus, and Middletou were thanked h'ble Society.?At Unadjourned annual meeting of the Washington City Bible Society, held last evening la Wesley Chapel, the Rev Dr Mason Noble was, on motion of Mr. Ingle,called to the chair, and Mr. M. H. Miller to act as eecietary. * a - ?> ? .fiurr aeTOTionai ricniiei, the ewmmlttee previously appointed to nominate officers for the cnBi inK rear printed a ticket, which, after slight alteration, was. by a separate vote on each class of officer*, elected, as follows, viz : President?John P. Ingle. V'ce Presidents- Rev C. M Butler, D. D , Rev J. C Smith, D D ; Rev P. D. Gurley, D D ; Rev.Win. Hamilton, D D , Rev. S. p Hill, 1). D ; Rev. j. G. Butler. Secretary?Mitchel H. Miller Treasurer?Michael Nourse. Directors?Geo J.Abbot, Col J L Edwards, Dr R Johnson, T J. Magruder, Presley Simpson. L'iysawa Ward, l,?on da? Coyle, Samuel II. Latimer, C?1 B F Larned, Z. Richards, Wm. B Tuda, Kphmlm WheeW. The committee appointed to examine the treasurer's account reported that the same was in all resuert* corrwt After rem?rk? by several member*, on motion of Kev. Mr Ward, the following resolution was unanimously adopted; hefolred, That the thanks of this society are due ar.d hereby tendered to the Rev l>r Storkton for his very appropriate and lmprewive discourse at the anniversary last Monday evening; and that a copy of the same be requested for publication. And the Society adjuurned with prayer. Camt Mkktisos.?The superintending ministers of circuit* attached to the Mary land t!onferewre of the Method1?t Protest*(it Church are l>eginning to report the time* and pla< rs of camp meetings to be held In the Maryland ? ! their President, Rev L. VV Bate?, In order that he mav np|K?1nt minister* to assist at each Six have liecn reported so far, all which ire to take place during the month of August?lit Three nvl'-s from Newtown, Md . Uev?. J. K Nichols and C T. Cochel superintendent*, Angust J; 2d Four miles from Seaford. Md , the first Friday In August; :jd At 1'nion Comer, Caroline roiiuty, Md., August 10, Rev Daniel \V Bates superin- | t?udeni; 5th. Near Warwick, Cwil county, Md , Friday, Ifith An-.'ust, Rev I) Ew?ll and M L?. i Mysore su|>erlnU'ndrnts; ilk Near Mapleton. Friday. l?tn August. Rev John E T. Ewe 11 supemitendcnt, flrh On West Baltliunre Circuit, at JMndy Mount, Friday, the 17th. Revs. John Elder dire and!.. II Littleton superintendents Neither ci ihmic :? In tbe Immediate vicinity of this city, but tbey will no doubt be largely attended by uumbert of that denomination from this District The M abriaok or Mrs Bodisco ?Tbe Washington correapondeut of tbe Philadelphia Inquirer, tn announcing that Mr?. Bodtaco. the widow of Barou Bodl?.o, was married oil Tburaday, to Capt. S*cott of tbe Hritiab aruiv says:?The Baron left five or six children, the iwoeldest having be?ni taken Into tbe Kuaaian corf* of Cadets. His widow bu since divided her time between St Petersburg and berc. vWtlnir. m ?? _ , -J r ? * -?) ? "= principal court* of hurope Many are the offers which the it said to have refuted, amon* tbem Sir John Crampton, (who was to unceremoniously hns*i?d away from her by Mr Marcy,) recently married to a daughter of Balfe. the ^ompoa<r. Capt. Scott, who is a very gentlemanlike, quiet perton, returning on furlough from service in India, met Madame Dv Bodiaco ije followed her here, and hat led her to the altar It waa an nffairt-d'caur. and It it wbitpered that the bride, ! in ^alnin^ a hutband,forfeits her Rust an penalon as the widow of a diplomat tt. and alto a portion of the income which hat enjoyed by the Baron's lost will and teatament. A Novjlty ? During the past week the attention of many Intelligent persona Uat boen directed to the appearance of the branches of the young mtrlc trtwi -r-~ " ^ ui^u viiicmiioiu mc oTtnu6 ana streets around the public reservations The under sides appear to be coated with little white balls, apparently growing to tbe bark or out of it L pon close examination, one will discover that tbese little balls we tbe nests of an insect, and opening them, they are found to contat n thousands of eggs. Tbe little depositories are composed of a silk-like substance, so strong and flexible that some have suggested that it might be used for manufacturing purposes The insect Is found upon the outside or the nest, and bss tbe appearance of a piece of dried leaf attached to the nail Tbe insect may have been noticed in former seasons. but the immense numoer attracts much attention at preaent. Company C, Washington Lisht Iruntit, Is rapidly regaining tbe military ardor wblch urac an *V"J 1 " ? ...j uuu.jjtu or iae uaeiptcM rnlunation of their late captain. Quite a number of them are already uniformed and their rank* are faat filling up with good and true men. Tbey have taken a large and well-ventilated room In Tnorns building, Seventh street, for the purposes of an armory, and to-night, aa will be aeen by their notice in another column, they meet for the election of olficers. in order to complete their organization The com Dany la quite an accession ! to the Light Infantry battalion, and they may well feel proud to welcome them Into the line, composed, aa it now is, of men who are aoldiers in heart as well as in name. Odd Fellows' Hall?Thlodon's Theater of Mecbmnlcil Arts, the longer it remains on exhibition. increases in popularity. Tbose who attend It circulate the most favorable reports in regard to it. thus inducing others to patronise what is really a meritorious combination ?1 ? ? ?? ? m , boicuuc, and splendor To-morrow afternoon, at 3o'clock, a ipfctil demonstration will be j1?b for the accommodation of ladle* sad children The view of Modf rn Rome, with the flowing Tiber, Cast:* of the lnnalsltion, Cathedral of 8t Peters, the I Vatican, Bridge of tit Aneelo, is alone wurth i the price of admission. The moving figures please, the painting* Instruct, and the music euwrtaini i ??? | Tub Ladies of Dr. Uurley's church desire to exprr* their gratitude to the Misses Daniel, Mr. and Mrs Tabler, MissUurley, Mlis Harkness, Mr. and Mrs Parkhurat, Mr. Daniel, Mr. Dawson, Mr Ad.ims. Mr Ball, Mr Hodgson, Mr. Parentis Mr S. hutter, Mr Touner.Mr Met*-???? ?aim mi Hr idit*v, for their generous sld In the very sue concert at WUiard's ball Oins Ur ?Theodora Herbert, colored, vrtio w ii Ueld to bail for court on a charge of kr?u|iw a disorderly and bawdy house, wu surrendered by her security UiU moraine, when Justice Johnson required her to give other security. Co*OR**?IOHAL AfPlOPf UTIOHS FOE TBI Dl? t?ict.?The following ?* U>e principal bead* of appropriation relative to the District of Columbia made at the present aeaalon of Congreaa For the extenaion of the Treaaury building, (rim ?'AW,VW For pavment for labor and material* furnished to the Capitol extension, fS'M.WB For the prosecution of tbe work on the Capitol extension till the 3oth of June, l?6l, the suiu of For tbe rompletlon of the Washington Aquedurt according to the plan and estimates of Capt. Meigs, and to oe expanded under his direction, tbe sum of $50??.UU0 For repair*, fuel, lighting, ft r , of the Capitol and President's House, and for keeping the public grounds in order, together with lighting around the Executive offices. Bridge, and fIi|?h urtfiw. in weorsreiown. r our-and-a-balf, Seventh, and Twelfth *tre?*tji. across the Mall, In Washington; in all. *59.645 The act of Incorporation of the "Washington lifts Light Company" is so amended as to prohibit that company rroiu charging. after the 31st of December next, more than thirty-live cents per hundred feet of gas For ordinary repairs of all the bridges, and for rebuilding the broken span of the Long Bridge. S9.249 were appropriated For repairs to Pennsylvania avenue, S3,(XX>; and for putting B street south (In the rear of the Smithsonian lot) In order, from Seventh to Fourteenth street, setting curb, &c . *7,880. For enclosing the circle around the equestrian ' abltllf Of \V?*M llfrtrtn In !-- ? <? - _ ?. - ? * * *vm f i? ?uc r iivv ?? aiu, wnu a wrought iron nilline. For public reservation No 2; Lafayette sauare; tilting care of the grounds south of the President's House; cleaning sewer traps on Pennsylvania avenue; repairing fence around Smithsonian lot; for laying cnrb, paving footwalk and gutter on | the south side of Missouri avenue, from Third to ! Sixth street west, fcc., the total sum of >5.700. For the support, clothing, and medical treatment of the insaneof the District of Columbia, and of the army and navy at the Insane Asvlnin, S30,000. For completing the building, furnishing j a portion of it, cost of books and incidental expenses. extending beating apparatus and erecting i fiji as . - - * * * ml aamuonai loage. tnea iai or #57,954 For salaries and Incidental expense* of the Institution for the Deaf. Dumb and Blind, in the District of Columbia, S3.CO0. For the extension of the General Post Office, 970,000 For the keeping up the Botanic Garden, and payment of wages, f?,4'21. For converting the old Senate chamber into a court-room, the old court room into a law library, and for fltting up the adjacent rooms for the use of the Supreme Court, *25,000. to be expended under the direction of the Commissioner of Public Buildings Also, for Mttng room in the centre Capitol building for the use of the Court of Planus, The District Attorney has been directed to report to Congress at its next session the value and nature of the title to the property proposed to be purchased for extending the grounds around the Capitol. [communicated. Ereoneops statements having appeared In the New York Herald in regard to the accommodation of the Japanese Embassy while In Washington. we respectfully ask the favor of the pub lication of th# Inclosed copv of a letter received from Captain Du Pont, Lnlted Stat?u Comtnis sioner In charge, the morning of the departure of the Embassy from the city Very respectfully, J.C.&H A W ill a 8 d. Willards'Hotel, Washington, June 21, IBfifl. Washington, June 8. 1860. Mettrt. J C & H A Wiilar* ?D'ar Sirs: I am requested by the Japans Envoys to repeat the thanks delivered by them to one of your firm last evening, for the great comfort they experienced under your roof, and for the personal kindness you invariably evinced to gratify their want* To the above let'me add my own testimony to the admirable arrangements you made throughout. and my entire satisfaction In all our intercourse referring to the entertainment of the Embassy; there not having Iteen a single complaint UUII ?UC1I Cliuft swiy. I am, gentlemen, yours moct truly, S. F. Du Post, U. S. Commissioner. Assault os thk Foi'sdry Chcrch Pic-Nic Partt.?We learn that as tbis party were returning from their nic-nic, on Wednesday evening, one of their omnibuses was assailed by*a gang 0f rowdy boys and young men, at the steamboat Undlng. with a volley of stones, one of which struck an estimable lady on the head, inflicting a painful wound, which would no doubt have resulted fatally if the stone had been a little larger Some of the men in the omnibus gave chase to the miscreants, bnt did not succeed In arresting any of them NY ould it not l>e a good plan for a few policemen to be present at the embarkation and debarkation of th?>se pic-nic Darties* Thfv will always find the time of their taking | la :'e advertised In the Star. Fob thi Farm.?The guard-house wassunpli d with imitates last night, and the result will be a squad of hands for the city farm Seven vagrants were sent down for sixty days eaah. One man for using profane language contrary to law, paid sixty-five cents A woman for ?>eing drunk iu the street, was assrwed at sixty davs One young man for mak'ng his bed in the market was dismissed. and three colored individuals for being drunk and disorderly were awaiting a trial this morning A Westkr* MPxinpal CorsciL?Yesterday th^- Mayor and City Council of Columbus. Ohio, arrived in this city and en^a^ed quarters at Brown's Hotel. They visited the various places of public interest in and about the city and after further observations to-day will depart on their tour to the north. They are a tine looking lot of men. OxTliESATfcb 1,17 I BPS. From the Boston Dailv Kvenitu Traveler, To DvspiPTirs ?Wo would call the attention ol those who are afflicts! with this ter'ihla complaint t<> a r>?iiie?ly, which, from the inodext way its men'" &r>* M-t forward, might he overlooked hv many. It arf'ords great relief, ai,<l n. in almost every instance, a eeriain cure. We allude to the OxyK>nntftl /??' tf.Tt, Moid by .Messrs. jfeth W. Fowl* At Co., 1 :t"? Washinetnn street. This is not heralded hy a ma s of umifaninc csitificate* from persons unknown to the DIIh W !,iit A Iaw woll ??*. ? ?l- r m - _ a. <T X VH'/W^M lll'fH llf IT** III member* of Coagrea*, and aotne of our first merclianta and city officer* who nave been cured b? 11h u?e, and whose names are familiar o every Bostonian, art* a ?iiro evidence of it* eiBcacy. For dy *pi-psia debility, and w-akne*?, it m a moat excel 19: t medicine." It may bj had at any of the apothecary stores. Prepare! by 9. \V. Fowle A Co., Boston. and for sale b) /.. D. Giuna:i,S. C. Ford, jr.,8. B. Waite, G. Stotf, John Sellwarze. Nairn A. I'almer. \Ya*h ington, and by dealers everywhere. je 19 lw,r Homropathic R?MRniE.? All of Dr. Humphreys \ Co.'n specific Ho pieopathic Remedies put up expressly for family us*'. in boxen, at and SO certs each. Also, in rase,, containing vials. from 3* to !$n each, with book of "full directions. For sale h* a. v. uuinan. .130 Pa. Trnnnn wluileaal* and ftail agent: \V. A Fitzcwald. 333 north F utreet: also by F. H. Winter, north corner <>i K street and Vermont avpnue. AIko, Pond'i Erlract of Witrh Hi z'l, for 'Bt?rnal and external inflammations of all kinds. !*old as above. ma 9 ly Mkver'i Mi**ccLnm Vkrmin Drstroyer. the oldest ami best r?in<*Jy known tot ?-xtcrniinat ins R?t? and Mio?. Cockroach"*. Biiks. Ants, Muttquttoes, Fleas, Moths,'irain Worms and Oar dunin sects. fT^ Principal Depot. 61J Broadway, N. Y. gold by ail Druggist* everywhere. ma 18 3m * ? ? UYWH* MAGNETIC IXSECT I'OWDFB. Exterminates Bed Buss. Roaches, Ticks, Ante, Garden Insects, Ace. J t to ?taim no Poiton Ltos's Magxetic Fills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap 9 3iu The besom or de?teuctio* is fie fatality among our young and middle-aged to indulge, in excess and debasing habits. 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Annexation to Wuhington. inwt Important injure, deeply affect! n? the present intert-suand future prospect* of Georgetown, 1? now being eair*"rIV discussed by hw citizen*, and without recapitulating the arguments pre and to* . or debating the merits of the question, we yet fee] bound as a faitfacful chronicler of evftits to state for the benefit of your traders how the matter stands at present In the first place, there Is a large body of our most respectable citizens and iTopertr holders (thev claim a majority) who believe that the best interests of our city will l?e su>*errrd by a union with Washington. On the otber h nd, as is well known, there is a party not wanting in influence, nor Inconsiderable In numbers, (th?y claim a majority also,) who ran see in annexation nothing but disaster and ruin, and represent that retrocession to Maryland is our only road to political power "and commercial prosperity. Beside these, there is a small but select band of conservatives, who adopt as their motto the Latin sentence, ' (Juitta non movtr*," which Bulwer translates. "When things are quiet let them be quiet."' These ' old fogies" as tbev are ditrespectfully called, aav that we ought to " leave well enough alone," ana think it Is better to have Georgetown free ("a little republic like Saa Marino, ' as ooe of our city fathers terms it,) than to sink her independence, and become a suburban ward of a growing city or an insignificant county tAtirn A/ > vwu ui a }Kjpiiious This beiag the state of parties, a resolution was originated in the Board of Aldermen providing for the appointment of Hon James Dunlop. and other gentlemen of standing, as a committer to confer with the authorities of Washington as to t?rms and conditions, and report thereon to this Corporation, after which they; are to apply to Congress for the necessary legislation to enable them to take the sense of the p? ople. See ; a union of the two cities to be dually consummated when a majority of the citizens of each have agreed thereto This resolution passtd both board*, but now comes the tug of war It is confidently expected that the Mayor will send a message to the ?Ui. ??? ? ? * - * * * waiin iuii rvnniiK. wnn mi vcio oi me resoiu tlon. and his reason therefor. Besides, that miwl-ig memorial from the Fourth Ward has been j received and will be read. It is said to contain tbe names of everv voter in -that precinct, with fi?nr or Are exceptions only Very jjreat iut^rest 1* manifested In the result by the friends of the memorial, and we consequently expert to see a crowded "lobby" to-nigh'. That all engrossing subject, the Baltimore Convention, sinks into inb ^n'.ti' ance for the time. We will probably an Bounce the result to-morrow There will be a fine pic-ntc at Analostan Island next Thursd?v. bv the Dumbarton-street M K Sit>bath School. See advertisement in another column Mr. Lewis Carberry, a highly esteemed and ai^d resident and surveyor here for a number of yean, died yesterday, after a long and painful illness Ju?t ai we close our letter, we learn that the residence of Mr. Charles E. Rittenhouse, on the Heights. U on fire. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other Georfftownadrertiuments ft*, first paqi THE MEMBERS OF THE YOUXG Il_9 Catholic*' Friend Society of Georgetown are roqiiestel to meet at the School Room* on SATURDAY MORNING, the 2Jd instant. at 9* o'clock, to attend the funeral of their lat-> lellow meml>?r, Levis Carbkkt, Esq. By order of the I'resident H* I | FCR HARPER'S FERRY. " 'N And afl-?r July 3d. I'B", the t>tf?mer l<. J. Hrengle, Captain \V. 11 Ritter. will _.ll k leave Georgetown EVERY Tl'ES DAY. THURSDAY.and SATl'R II i li DA Y, at 7 o'clock a m.. and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a. m. On the Saturdav trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdstown. je 21 3in P. 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Bat.timokk, June 31.?Tbe Convention re??Minbtad about 12oVlorfc. the workmen having repaired the damaye done t?v the hreakinc down I of'* portion of the raised flooring in the center of the hall Mr. Craig, of Mo., proposed to submit reaolu lions to the Convention iMr MfCook, of (>hlo. objected to their reading, urging that the first business in order wu tLe report of the Committee on Credentials Air. Craig, as be deemed his resolutions an olive branch, hoped the courteay would be allowed him of having them read The President ruled that the first business in order was reporta of committees. Til Majoiitt Ripoit of thi Committik Mr.Cmm, of Mo . the chairman of the Committ#* on Credentials. announced that thcv were ready to report, and presented a report front tb? majority of that committee This report, which ia a long document, waa then read It opens by a reference to the adjournment at Charleston and the meeting at BalUmore. and review* the labor* Imposed on the committee by the disputes of claimants, detailing particulars on the part of several of the State* It cloaca with a resolution providing fur tbo admission of delepates as follows: Mr Chaffee, of Mass . in place of Mr Hallet, on IDF ground tbat the former, having gone m a substitute to Charleston, bad an absolute right to the seat. Georgia?Half of f?H h delegation; Mississippi?Old delegation; I.o::isiana?New delegation; Arkansas?Half of each delegation; Te?as?Old delegation; Delaware?Old delegation; AlaMma?New delegation. [No application was made for admittance on the part of South Carolina or Florida. It is understood that this majority report was adopted la committee by a vote of 16 to 9 ] Mr. Crum. the chiirman of the committee, after the reading of the report, took the floor in favor of Its adoption, urging that It only provided for settling the intricate question before the Convea non in a spirit or rairaess and justice to all. and la accordance with party usage Mi.iobitt Retort* Mr Stevens, of Oregon, on the part of the minority of the committee on credentials, submitted a report, with resolutions annexed, tn favor of the admission of all the oid delegations from th? seeding States. Mr. Stevens then took the floor and read a long nddrtss, on the part of a minority, setting for it that the success of the Democratic party now depend d upon the action of the Convention upon the reports submitted. It was for the Convention to decide whether they should continue the Democratic party as a national party, or whether they would endorse the acts of irregular and illegitimate bodits, on personal grounds, in raising the flag of rebellion against tbe regular Stae organizations of tbe Democratic party The address proceeded to show that the only delegates claiming scats from the seceding states, under tbe legitimate action of the party organizations In those states, were those who had held seats at Charleston, tu the cases of the seceding States, the Charleston delegates bid appealed to their cconstituencies, through the regular organized and usual party means, and in every case, save South Carolina, they wi-rt: triumphantlv vlud:r*twt ?n?i endorsed In leaving tue Convention at Charleston and were recotnmusioned to the Convention here The report maintains that tb?s Convention has not the [?ower to receive the resignation of the sercdlng delegate*, even if they had been submitted at Charleston, and that tbe members who Led retired from their scats in tbe Convention bad tbe power to resume them at their will. It set* forth that the old delegations represented tbe entiredeinocrarvof their several !*iat?s, while those claiming their se*ts nre here representing only, in many rases, irresponsible mass meetings, attended by a f \v ambitious disorganizes, and in others sprtrsely-attended conventions, brought together by tbe exertions of little factions of hungry officeseekers. [ i he minority report is signed bv the members of the committee from Oregon, .New Jersey. Pennsylvania. I>elaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Tenn?*s?, Kentjcky, and California; and Mr Stevens stated that th* member of the committee from New Ilatri(?Mre also approved of the main features of the report.] Mr bluings, of Md., nude a report in behalf < f himself, as a member of the committee on credentials, w ith a resolution to adopt portions of each of the majority and minority report* The reports having been all read to the Convention, several gentlemen attempted to obtain recognition by the President, but the Chair ruled that Mr Cram, the chairman of the committee. wu eouuea to ine Door. Mr. Cram then stated that an extended discus !on could result In no good. and that, In a reasonable time, be should move the previous question. Delegate from all parts of tbe hall called on him to n.ove it at once, ?nd 1ft it come to a direct vote, without debate. He, however, declined lo do *o at present. Mr. Phillip*, of Pa, moved that, as the committee agreed in relation to a portion of tbe States the vote i>e n st Liken on that part of the majority report Several d( legate rose and ral!ed b'.m to order. ttfimaK nwii cmsiiwiou, wni 'L Was lorrttdtd by several other questions of order?a portion of the iiiemberselaiiuinK that .Mr Crum wax entitled to the tloor, and others that it rightly belonged to Mr Phillip* The President stated that Mr Crum had Ukeu his seat iii a manner that indicated h?- had < losed his remarks, and he therefore recognised Mr. Phillip* Mr. Crum siid he did not jrkld. but only paused to allow a gentleman to whi>|>er 1 u his ear [I.any liter ) M'. l'hiUl|ui, of Pa , after further colloquy, was do-lared entitled to the floor He proceeded to spetk upon the reports, but was toon called to order by Mr. I'ugh, of Ohio, who ur^ed th; t he wa? iinpu^niug the motives of geiiuemeu on the committee Mr. Phillip* disclaimed r.nv suc^ intention, and then staled thai he only desired to say that, as the committee h id sgr? ed to admit tne old delegations from a portion of the sect ding Slabs, ho m^Mtnl that it wa? the fight of thf?e delegations to be admitted at once to participate in the succeeding business of ths Cotneitiou. Mr. Butler, of Mass . rose to a privileged ques tion, and stated that the delegates' tlr kets had been forged. and parties were in tbe ball upon them A delegate moved that they be referred to the Committee on Credentials [Laughter.] Mr Huller sa d no He did not wish anymore hnuni ? ' " " ^ .wixku >uciii nr imiTfa lual the Sx*rjjfant-it-A rm? be directed to clear the floor of all persons, eicept the mrmberi and tbe author lied reporters, in order that the Convention miijbt proc-ed wl'b Hs business without tbe interfrtence of outsiders and tbe dauber thereof. Several motion were made, including oue to adiourn Mr Uoggin, of Ga , said be was tired of this mode of proceeding, and was opposed to this "daily walking up tbe hill to walk down *?*in " He was opposed to any adjournment until thev bad finished tbelr business Let them at once no to busiu?-e&, and. instead of fighting among themselves. fluish their work and go out to battle again si ttielr enemies Other motion* and pointa of order followed, aft. r which a recess was taken until p. m Lrtmmg Se*tion ?The galleries were thronged to their utmost raiucity at half post 4 o'clock, the hour for reassembling, and the concourse ofladin was to the full capacity of the dreM circle. The upper t-ers were one compact mass of masculine humanity. It was observed that the benches of the New York delegation wtre unoccupied, and no movement was made towards calling the Convention to order until live o'clock Mr Ludlow, of N. V ?Mr President, on hehalf of the delegation from New York, 1 tender their apology for Having kept thia Convention waiting be>ond the tim*- of the receas And 1 am authorized by them in view of the fact that they are yet unable to? [Here the gentleman waa interrupted by crl? of "ait down/' can't hear."] The Chair?Gentlemen will take their seats and maintain ailence. Mr Ludlow (continuing)?In view of the fact that the New York delegation are now In conaultaiion. and will be unable fur some leugth of tim* to rword their vob^ nniui th? lore the Convention, 1 am deputised by them to appear before you and aak a further recess and time toMany Voice*?"No," "no," "yea," * yea'' Mr. Johnson, of Md.?1 would suggest, in ordtr to save the time of thia Convention, that the vote be now taken, and that the vote of New York be recorded when she Is ready to give it Responaeaof good.""good,"and "no,""no " Mr Bradford, Pa.?I move a recta* till0o'clock this evening. Voices "no," "no " o ? - 4-_ ? A ?. ssvtrii aeiogwi inovea io aajourn. Mr. Bradford?I move we do now adjourn. Mr. Saulsbury, of Del ?I call for the vote by States litre Mr. Montgomery, of Pa., arose and comfilalned o( the tlcaeta of the Pennsylvania deiegaion not having been properly distributed among tbe members of the delegation by its chairman M<ssr?. Raidall and Dawson replied In an excited manner, and a general row ?mned lmu.iiNcBt. Order was, however, finally restored, and the ftecrrtsry proceeded with Uie &*ii of the Males ou the motion to Adjourn. The cull of the states having been rempletrd, all responded with the eireptlon of tt?e New York ?lH?*g?tlon, who were absent In conaultation The vote was then announced on the motion to adjourn?ay?* 18I.K. nays 4o, whereupon the Convention adjourned. * Dbmoxstbation i* Mokvxxrt 9qva*s. The Run says: The confusion meetings were continued in Monument Square last night, and IT nay word* could d?*-r1be the attendant 1acld?ate tt wi?uld be 'caatfoaia* worae coafour.ded, ii4 mcwrf It Tb? nittilc ?f ikf btudi drf?. h? Immense icih of mci worn**, and children to the aqiare AfVr Dr I'aih. of Pblladatphia. bad apokM from tbe antl-Dou?la? ait?4. and Go* Robe taon from the Deuclaa stand. tbo vta'ttng band* attached to tbe Douglas delegations p??jr^a ivtr boisterously while tbe ?peak1nj w?a Kolnj* on ( om tLe Ola??f Ho.ia* The v?;c<i? of tL* *j*<ak'ra aout>d?-d like boarae aecoirpontment t<> t&raiwtc. aud tbe aoiMud ooafuaion dr~wa?"4 tbe loofi of tbe or?tor* and tb? nude lute* When thU bad continued iwbile. to lb* an no vatic a ad lndt;natlon of the groat majority of the crowd, tkr Usd mr. oiiipnnt tag Um> Kejrdab. of Philadelphia. raw* marchlnc do * n tie ffiitrr of the aquare thm?|[k tlif mnaa of proplf, throwing rocketa and bomb* to open their way. and diarouraina ?. at dtarx.rdant aoa'id* \V ben nearly In front ?f tk*Ulimor Hottt*. the cr* of - Put t?ie?n back." " Take tboir Instrument*" waa raiaed and In a momeat a mm. rill! of hnmantty ?w?pt upon the bud kn<vk:ng thrlr instruments right and l?ft, *u4 blows were struck promiscuously. The police were in the m dit of tb? melee and Mruralrd manfully to restore o d?r and arrest the ringleader* of the disturbance, but Ute density of Ihirowd rendered their removal absolutely impossible. The iheerinn, groaning and eonfi?siss during the disturbance was tremendoua The band r?*t.r<-d in a short time. and order being rsa tored. in a manner, tRe speaking from tb? ?aU Douglas stand was rontinned to a late hour. ?r* y a J ? - ^ ? ? a urir ww (1 jjnun Ufa I OI I ITiprOIl) [HH TOlUlll^f ipttklajt goln^ on during the day, and aeeerai orator*, uiountt-d about in varioua pia< ? . w?re Ukrn d<>wn by tb? police, and notified to remain quirt The excitement aronnd Ibf hotel* and headquarter* 1* ?a ^ reM a* ever, and tbe diacouraea are carried on with a bltternaa* that lacrcMM hourly Thf Baltimore correspondence of Forney'* Prea*, of June 21. may* "A \Va*h:ngt?n delegation, of moat erthual aatic apiriia. have been, and tome are yet, hare, Including Mayor Berret, Alderman Wni ward, John F Coyle, ex-Marabal Hoover, John K Lb nia W K Snauldlnir I ?? V?. T>iom*?. and thrra, most of whom are ardent Douglas advocate* " FIKTH~DAY BaLtimoke. Juur- ti.?Vu ic-aaae in tiling ttaia morning, tbe Presldmt at*U-d that tbe nrat buainrsa in frder was taking tbe main q oration on the reports <>f tbe Cotnmltt** on Crt-dentl&la, and first of these, the mtuoity report of Mr Gittings The resolutions w'rre then read in order, first th?* majority report, anond the minority report p-aaenied by Mr Stevsns of Oregon, and third vlr Glttings'a resolution The Chair decidt-d that Mr Krum. as cha rman of ?b- committee. bad a right to make a c osing altb^neh t*i? nn'n anast'on hud iw"*n c Lied (or, and Mr Krum ande a powerful closing speech. The balloting then commenced Mr Gittlngs's resolution was rejected. [No vote gmn.] Th?- iiiii.oritv report tt Mr SlfTrni wu rejected by a rote of? yea# lUUJf, nays 150 The majority report was vui??d for by resolutions separately. The first resolution, admitting the Misslastppl drIdeation. (Btceders.) was adopted? veays*.*' nay? The second reaclutlon, admitting the I ouisiana delegati >n. was adopt d?iw 153. na\t 97 The third resolution admitting Arkausas. was adopted?yeas 1*0. nays 59 PPKCIAL DISPATCHES [Sp?* l&l dispatch (or The Star ] DALTiMO?r, J utre 02 ?The vote on the adoption of Sleveua'a aubatitute for majority report wu-ym 1UU. naya ISu. Eleven and a half 8)?iwn elect-ral vote, with all New York, vo Ing no fhe .Mira ?a ppi need n were adnuited. with but -2% negative votea Tte bo/us deleft a from Loulaiana w^re ad rnittcd by yea* 153, nays frs The Con m ttec'a Arkanaia reaoln'ion wm _ -M ? - J - - " - .luopu a?yt&k IB a nays ok On the aecwud branch veaa ISO, naya 100. On the admission of the Texaa seredera the to o was v?aa J50, naya 2 Tbe rtdra * io i of Bayard and Whltaiey from Del .ware ?u carried without a div.aion On turning out Mailttt of Maaa and aub*tttutinj( l* I. a flee in tua |>lat e, tbe vote was yeas 1%, aaya IM. On turning out Carde* of Mtannori, and aulwtttating O. t-'aiion tbe vote was 13a yeas, 111 nay* On the admiasion of the bos us d? la^ata ir->m AMbanwi?y?-a* 14-, nava 101 On tut aauaitaiou ?f b?lf regular and balf hocua 'elevates from Georgia, the rote la now h?in( t ken The majority in New Yo-k delegation of seventy against st-ceders last nijjut ou tUe test question was but four; ?o there are seventeen votes from New York s.x from Oiiio, and tbr?* from Ind ana?in sli. tweuty-sU voting wltb DouslasiW u d> r constraint of tbe rule, making Dong M * J_ i-? - ??.? in w4?iivt nuon aa a? pr?-ent constituted i'J4 vt 1 lutarv and 'ZC> onmtr, ined. 1 tiuae wb<> will ae<Will probablv in*>et at thf Maryland Inil tutf Hall tbli ermin^ St-untor Douglas iaciidta have tel -grapb?d t? his friends here to withdraw his name W. D. W The caif / Kcv. J. | llardfB. Thimiix. Juue *J1 ?The Court of Pardon of > tie Slate of New J free v convened last event a*:, ttie following gentlemen being preaont; the Govern'* and Chancellor, Judaea R'.sley. Swain, \v itrwi # 'nm*.? ia?\m vi j ^ ,nu<?iuu> inu nrunray. The ttrat riw which came up for coualderation wsi? that of JkoIj S Harden, who was aentenced by Judkje Whelpiy to he executed on the '>tb o( the present month, for the murder of bis wife or thr Ttb of March, l*sy, in Anderson, Warren Co New Jcraey. The ftiuer of the condemned with era! friend* were present, and an iuter*t?w of an hour took piare Several paper* were pr**on?-d in be U:iir or the condemned. \c The Court, after consulting until half-past nine o'clock,adjourned o vt-r until tliii afternoon at 3 o'clock It is generally conced-d that tbe Court will not grant a commut ition of sentence Should tb# Court refua*, an application will be made to Gov. Olden to reprieve Harden, iu order that be mijf have further time to prepare to die. Later from < aliiarma ? Indmn war La C arson \ aliey?Battle ketweri Jack Hay* and ir Indian army.? Disceatiaaaace of the P?ney fciprfu Mfeinuhhd. Mo , June, Ti ?The Cal fornia overland mail of tbe 1st 1 net basarrlved The In dnlns were making attar k* on ail tbe station* and **>ttleinrnts fiom Walker t river to Honey Lake. Toey i-onooutrated J?M>?trong at Tyraumn Lake Col Jack Hav*. withWiO volnnteeis and 16 Gov >runi?fli winicri, u.iu in? ana atlnka jUU in diaus at Williama'a Station. A atron^er party had started to force a general battle. Tba Poney Kxpre* baa been alvrontinued In consequence of tbme diaturbanc?a, which conati tute the only topic of Interest At San Kranctaco the newt of the rejection of the Santillan claim caused great rejoicing. Sriieaie ! an tiprt l?ia> ler. Mohtooxfrt, Ala., June VI ?Ma-oney, the former Aget-t of Adama tt Co 't Kxu?a. here. plead guilty of r*; <h? offire of |!itl,U00, and hiift aft11111/>k>- I ? ? vt WU voi> ?v (ivvw WJ 4 UU^C 0UVTWI W IV yt*I? iu the Penit?ntlary. 1 Le in<>aey wai re-.overed lad August by Allen Pinkerton'a (JtU-cti v?- agency of Chicago It waa burled in an obarure place near Philadelphia Maroney'a wife and otbera par tie* 1 a.plicated, will doubtleea be brought to joatice Sinking el the t k it>?Hrr Walker?lif* peaed Lata el Lif* Philadelphia, J line 21 ?A d .spate h from Cape Island, S.J. atates that the U. 0 revenue iWum Walker w?a run Into tnia morning nt 3 o'clock, by an unknown s. hooner, off Abtecom Tk? atVmner auuk In thirty tin nut-a The captain, officer*, and about forty men took to the boat* About twenty are miaeiug .Warder of eue W taiaa b? wether. BoaTo*. June *i> ?Houora Barry, aeventy rear* old, waa killed laat night la her shop la Ctlca street, by Mrt Mary McGlre The latter called *" ui?ir iuui, iuu urirciusru, u?? uiv uiu lady to death. Later irm V?r? Cm Niw Oilum, Juoeil.?TUr umalMpsf war F>>caLitiiitas, (5 guiia,) from Vera Crui oa Um 16th. baa arrived bare, bringing 1 mporUnt di? pate be* lor the <>oeernmeat at Waahin{toa Her advice* are unimportant The Kuhmoad (rareatlea. RimiR'?, June 21 ?The Con Tent ioa of aaoed inj; delegate* from tho Cbarlealon DeaiarraUr Convention met here today purauant to adj >ura inent, hut there not being a quorum prcaeut the Convention adjourned over tlli to-morrow Xaral latilU|?ac? Cat* ]*i ar?, June ?A Large ahlp. euppovd tn Im fHa* HxntiMfi /4ll \ .. V ft-, 1-v > ??. < vn?, pnkfcfd into Delaware Bay last night Draifc ml u Miur. CrLPitPPtB C. H . Va , Jnn? <1 ?Hugh M Garland, Jr , fcaq . editor of the Blur Ridge !? public**, published at tuU place, <1*4 fmmtrdajr haluaar* narktu UiLTiaoti, June 3d ?t-loui ciea?d atU*e aed uicbatM. Wbeat ehH doll, rrd #( v? a?l?; wfci* *uaJ ?0. Cmm dvmd actlr?. \>llow ASafac : arhile 7Ua73. Pr?*tela??e etaard qi.lot and my ?rm; Bwoa mi? Mm Pork I7 74al6i*4. Whiter clo**d ?Muy. ? ? Vorfr n*rk>to NlW Yott. Jane 2* ftwur HM <adv .m ?i felte; State ?5 SteA^A, Out* OJte M; s?.,u^f , <6 <*>?? UO Mteik i advaucte ltec, Weatm. red SI 4U; wbitc ( 5*) Com la fuoyaiit, mt-d ftaiggc. Fork to quiet Lard ia trm at llkal*Wklafcy iadallaHu?il*c

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