Newspaper of Evening Star, June 22, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 22, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVEWIHG STAR. I WERE I BIT Hit OWN WIFE Were I bat his own wife, to iaard Md ?o guide km. 'Tis ittle of sorrow should fall on hit dear , I'd uhar.t my low love verges. *teelins Inside him, ?*o fai t and so tender his Leart would but hear, Pd pall The wild Mossoms frcm vaUev and hishlard. Af?d there at his feet I wwjld la? thetn all down: I d "ok ht? the -on<?of our poors'r ckea island. r?li hit bea't was on fire with .ore like tny own. There'* * roee bj hi* dwellinc?I'd t?nd the lone treasure. Thst he miclit have Rover* when the suinm'r would come. Ti?ete'? a harp in his liali? I would wake its sweet me?4u e. For he mu?thave musie to brighten hi* home. Were I but hrs own wife. t-? guide and to gnard ' khs. 'Tis little ot sorrow should foil on hit dear: For er?ry kiad n; whole lifo would aw?rd lain; u In sickness I'd soothe, and in sadness I'd cheer. f Mj heart i? a fount, swoliin^ upward forever? ? v\'Ji^n I think of my fue love, by m?ht and by j Ti?*t heart keeps its gait like a fa?t flowing river, 1 Which gushes fbr?v??r, an' ^injs on it* ?ay. ? I have thoughts full of p?&ce for his soul to reposo in. Were I but his own wife, ?o win and to woo? Oh! swost if the inightof misfortune were closing, , To rise like the morning siar, darling, on yon. t Fbum Utah akd Pisa's Pixi?Tbe pony ex- i Creaa from Camp Floyd baa arrived at at Louis, o lo . on time. . Tbe Indian troubles In Western Utah had not D been adjusted. Tbe Pike's Peak express furnishes the follow- r lng itrms of news, under Denver City date of u Jane 11 :?Gulch mining in Gregory and viriivity ' i m ? < tf vol 17 nrnaAriit^ K??# #? ?? 41?!- ' 1 .. .w.. ' *-m7 ^?w?v<.un?, vu? It n ojr ir?llil 11^ iueir | > anticipation*, or taking out more than tbeir expanses Some of the lead claims containing no n paying dirt, are pretty touch abandoned for the present. miners desiring to realize immediately ; There .1 quartz enough out now to supply not J only all the malls at present in operation, but all tboa* on the road for the next six months. The rainy season has commenced unexpe- tedlv early r in the mountain. fiadlng the miners unprepared j with shelter Timber for the construction of mills f> is scarce. Large numbers of emigrants are both n arriving at an<l d>-p-irtin? from the mining reglous * Five hundred frlei.dly Indians are on tiie South r Park. The Arrapahoes and Cheyennes are about sending out a war party against the I'tes, leaving c their families and hnrma n??r n?nn? cm ??-?I F.xbcutios nr a Polu ixas.?At New Or r leans, on Friday last, the extreme penalty of the law was Inflicted Upon police ?nicer Mathew r Hugb-s, who shot Heurv Hyams in that city on > the evening of the Sth o( Novwnber last, at the door step* of Hyam's boirdlng house Hughes. ' at the time of the murder wss laboring under the j double excitement of the late election and of liquor; and in company with a young man named I Oeorge Wolff, sought a difficulty with Hy- f atns and his friends, because they, or one < f them, had hurrahed for Torn Parker Wolff struck 1 one o. tae party and drew his pistol upon him; . none of the party quarreled back or resented tie t affronts offered: and as Hvams turned to run into a his bouse, he was shot in the back by Hughe?, and a fell dead. Hughes, though an officer, was not ou duty that night. The chief of police had previously met him. and seeing that he was intoxka ? t?d. advised him to go how. This be promised to do; but falling in witn others, and drinking <1 more liquor on the way home, he was led to the o conimitMOM of the at t whieh cost him his life, lie was a native of New Orleans. twenty-seven ? years of age. - it Cj^In New York. the ladies ?eem to make the Japanese officer* their especial peU. Tne win- ' dovrs nf a millinery establismeut over the way a from their hotel were kept open during the fore- J noon of Tuesday, and young ladies who occupied seats there at tifly <- nts a head were apparently much amused t>y what they saw. They used opera glasses to stare at the occupants of the hotel with, and waved their fair haud? by way of salutation; and although the windows of the'Japanese apartments were kept closed, occasionally a face was pressed agaiust one of the pane*, on which a smile of recognition might be observed. Killed at a Game of Bas* Ball.?The Worcester Transcript savs: As the New Braintree i Base Ball Club was playing on the Common on Saturday, the Vth instant, one of the players,when about to bat the ball, threw the bat stick so far back that he bit the catcher, Mr John Carney, jr , a verv sivefc Wo? ?? ,k- "?-? . ?,a iVI V llCOU Ilf W38 | Immediately carried home, and received every attention, but after a week of severe suflering be died on Friday night, leaving an especial request that his death and the cause of it might be i nserted , in the paper* as a caution to other players.'' <f"^"The New York Express pointedly says th*t 1 the very best army to send oat against the savages who are interfering with the pony expres* 1 and killing the whites on the overland root* . would be troops of hard-fisted laboring men carrying rails for the Pacific Railroad 1, C7~ The Star of the Union, the third vessel chartered for the American Colonization Society, * will leave New York in a day or two for Key West, to take on board a portion of the captured ^ slaves carried into that port Her destination is Liberia. IP-A correspondent, writing froin Denver City 1 to the St Joseph tiaxette, gives it as his opinion j that inore than one-half of the emigrants in the mines and on their way out will return before next October. r During the reception of the Japanese] in B New York, on Saturday, fifty nine pickpocket* i were ar rested j AKK1VA1JS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS* HOTEL.?W Winder, Pa; J Mayo; Va; CHk lchtnumi and fam, NC; C W l'nroail at a on, Va;W KurU.Ga. J K Dowell.Va; J Tracy. Pa, J i- Robert*, N V ; K J one*, Pa; J Schneck. J Bo?nan. O; 1) Mitch?l . a; W Lum, Pa; Dr B t >1 alien. lud; J F v^ilkington, Dr l.J Mollm and ilaac hter. T?x; A Burnett and ly, Ind; J Grave* and U. xC;S Thompson, Va; J Gre^nieaf, H Bancrotf. J Field, J Comstock, C P L, W Faillio*, J bleeby, W H Protaman,T Arnold, J Do*d?ll, K St Clair, L J Miller and daughter Chas Butler, J Wright, L Su.avant, P Fisber, Is DonVdPon, O; K Satro, Md, J O Paden, V?i J Dover. O; R Carter, Va, A W Gales, N * ; C ? dmuudb. La*; L Mitouei . t Md, T Capsn, O; J S H*u, Pa; J B C ement*. I'ea ; t S Moore, S Cauif, Pa; T Broken, K Johnson, O; '1 Mis* R CLaytor,. Mr*G Sraffofl, Md; J Hoffer. Pa; I I Saaxer. Miks rt >auzer, Tei.Miss M Hamilton. i J Ham;.tun. W F 5>traatj. U; M Wilsuaanddangh i ter. iad. J R McDaniel, Va; 8 G Maaon W M Hiil.RI. J WILLARDS' HOTKL.-A B Brooh.NV;A L Noyes, Pa; J Ih:ffery,do; J A Masiil, Va; J Nisbrt, Ga; T F Brnse. NY; B Catting, do; J H Monroe, d<?; J R Btirtireli. d?<; W H liibtt*, do; J B Jonson, ^ie; \V Hagin, U?Aj W Webb. N > ; MeMurtne. s a imvj r*j; Miokle, do; A Robina, do; J Mauaint. uo; V Vmp e?t, do: Capt ?itzrwre?. IJSA.'V ForU^a. Mies F HornAn,Pa;J h D*ll. do; S M Ramsey, do; B F Wing, Me; J A H?|!,ln?l; W Shield*, Fa; J iJandlen, ao; J Lippin cottapd Xih L-ppimot:, Jt; E A l)aua; t Ma?a; J Cunningbai:;. N ^ ; l> Sutton and daughter. t M l; W S iJoCh???FHjT. Ky; J ? Robinaou, La; 0 T \ Alias; A 0 Gardner and lamil*. Mm*; M ?, Mo; C J Oapp??,do; J H Ha i, W DeBon- t neville and dacghter. Pa; C B *er, La, W Berber, i and lady. Pa; Mim E Johns, do; J r Hanaaton, NV;FHW oott?-n, M e. 1 NATIONAL HOTEL-A Loyd. Pa; J T' orpe Va, J B Kent, FT?iin?), Md; A B Howard and la?iT. ?; Mm B Paul. Mim h Da via. E t; Goorge, H CMu?t?(, Mtf; F ? J Koiiu't Ky, O Fuller Ind; W Graudin. N Y; 9 S Haje*. Ill, 8 Stevna. Pa; J >1 Roberta. Colonel J Finuegan, Ga; Judge M<fctm?7.8M MoKinney, Tenn; Mr- \ Miller, Md; k E Basiwin and lady, ?; Miaa \ Hendrick, Vaj , V N t- u ier, NJ; T A Jencka,R ; A l-astinan.N H. A Evana aad fain. M l; A R Moan. N it fa - 1 itferro, Miaa. KIRKWOOD HOUSE-P Mooney. NY; 9 * Bi?hup. Pa; W Mulford, D Wit am. I*J; M Ha a eliff, I anfw Jack, Pa; J E Rialey, ind; B Uacona<. A'k; F Mo aughlm. Pa; F Bui.ce. J M I'isJM Kobert?. A 9 Hall, Ha??j E Li lj, NJ; LSCoriat Pa: WJ ?- - - * ? | u | A o rifcfi? IBHI.NY; F W Tn; a Grig r, O; NK Johnston. Del; B White. R O'Neal, V?. OCEANSTEAMERS' From tab Uritrd States, Ltavt. For. Day*. Ari<u New York. ..Havre ,.J'e23 1 From Ecrui-r North Araerrau Liverpool Portland J'# 13 * Bremen ....k...-!*outhpton .. New York... .J'e 13 t The Havana mat. st#am?>ra leave New York on ( the 2d, !2th, 17th, and 27th of eaoh month, anil CharlMtmi on )jM4th aud 19th. Th# California mail ieave New York on he Ath and % th of ea*>1 month. 5J2 SIGN PAINTING. 5 THK r-HEAPF^T AND BK8T PLAOE IN THE CITY TO GET SIGNS PAINTED. CALL ON 11. w. Hamilton , il-2 SEVENTH ITREKT 519 1 AND HE WILL TELL YOU 1 WHY AND HOW HE CAN PAINT SIGNS , meiDPP - -- ?-?** * rj|% THAN ANY OTHKR ESTABLISHMENT | IN THE CITY. N B -PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID TO ] HOUSE PAINTING. \ J*T tW i rRANCI S^HU^K R, 3 FAMILY OR &VIYWba*E KD STORK, J JVete Yvtk ar-mut and Ttnlk ttrrrl, foliciu th? M(ion?f?or tlioee who ma? b? in want ofaaj artiel* in ttoaoore ItM. Ilu emlem-orii to ptr??e,?nd hr ? ?tiict atim I fion to ti>? vanti of th? publio, b? hope* tu merit m J of their patronage. < Hi* toek roniiiUof WT a/Uole usually U? I* 1 tuun>! m ? f?r?t oJmc Family Grooary and Peed i gto.e. m?17-tf c . _ CHEAP F BOOTS, SHOES, AMD TEU I SHALL SELL, FRQM TO-DAY, AL GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS, SHOES, AND TR MY STOCK K7" ALL PURCHASERS WI FOR THEMSELVES, AT SAMUEL P. Iron Hall Boot, Stao jfl8 *w 3<20 PENNSYLVANI uiupih i A wunnu ?JUUC. CfRLSH BEEF AND VEGETABLES FOR F THE NAVY. Navt Akint'i Orrtcx, I Washington, Maj 25th, IMfO.S Sealed raorosAL* will be r'eeired at this office iiitil r?aturi.aj, the *3rd day of Juno, ifW, at Boon. I r the supply of such quantities of Fre?h lie?f and fegetableaa* in*? ha required on the Washington 1 Station, ilonni toe fisoal jear commeoing on the *t day of July next, and ending on the 30ta Jane, 861. The Beef and Vegetables must be of good quality, nd the beat the market affords, and each artioie nust be offered for by the pound. Bond with approved security will be required in ne half the estimated amount of the oontract, and wenty per oentura in addition will be withheld from?, he amount of each paymeutto be made, aaoollater,1 a-cunty for the dup performance of the eontraot, rhich will on no acoount be p.vid until it is faliy omplied with. E.ery offer must be accompanied (as direoted in he act of Congress making appropriation for the aval eervioe Tor 184ft-'7, approved i??th Aurust, MS,) by a written guaranty, signed by one or more rspon?ible persons, to the effect that he or they overtake that tne bidder or bidders will, if hia or hair bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, witha five days, with good and sufficient sureties, to araish the articles proposed. No proposal will be oonsidered unless aocompai?d by *nch guaranty. WILLIAM FLINN, oiaa) mwiw mavj AgPDi. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Trkaiurv Departmrst, June 9,186". Sralrd Proposals for furnishing the St&tione y requ.rod h? this Department daring the fiscal ear endint Juno 30, 1WI, will b? received until 12 'clock, in., or. the 3<>th day of Jane lnst. Those mancoinpanted by satisfactory testimonials of bility to fulhl the contract wi 1 not l>9 considered. ,ml contracts wtll only i-e awarded to established nanufacturers of or dealers in the articles. All the articles must he of the verv l>est quality >f th-Mr kind, and samples, as hereinafter specified, rnut accompany earn hid. The samples of th* arty to who'n the contract may be awarded will >e paid for hr the Depanmsnt; the others will be tturned to the respective bidders. No hi.1 trill be. eonsiritrtil tfnlf.'f the articles ne ompanymt it are of ike very beat nualtly, nnti uited to the iranis t'f the Department. Kaoh proposal mu?t be suned by the individual t firm making it, and must specify a price, and ut one price, fur each and every article contained n the schedule. All'he articles furnished will be required to be ike the samples submitted, which will be retained or comparison; and must be d*liv?red without dear when ordered, to the satitfaotiou of tho head >f th9 office for which tney are required. i n * vepariment. in tne examination ortfis pro io*als that mar bo made for stationery wtll n"l be ;overned by t ie aggregate of the lowest off?rin .warding th? contract, out *1 ! have regard t<? the amount c( article ufed by it for which the oveit pric i ii.ay t>e pn posed. The Department re?Tvm the right of ordering a ;reat>*' er leu* quartity of each and every article lont'-aeted for,as the public service may require Supplying an inferior article at any tune will be learned sufficient cause forthwith to annul the outract. Him d* with approved security to l>?given by the arsons contracting; and in case of a failure to ?up i'y ths articles require*!, the contractor and sureirs shall he liable lor the forfeiture specified in uch bond as iieuidafnl damages. The ?ur>jom<Mi list specifies as nearly as can now >e done the amount, quality, and description of ach of th-j kind* of articit* required. t,m. Class No. I.?Paper. 1. loo reams folio pout, satin finish, faint lined and trimmed, of the very beet quality 2. ly reams white cap paper, saun finish, faint lin.-nl ar.d trimmed,of the very best quality 3. jn ream* white cap paper, machine made, faint lined. and trimmed, of the best qua'ity 4. 2' reams cap paper. l?:na laid, hand made, faint lined, garden partem, commonly Known as despatch or consular paper, of the very best quality 5. 2n reams white law can paper, satin finish, hea vy, hand made, faint lined, and trimmed. r?F rKu uor? I. ? ?? !;*? ?-?1 ?II V TD1 J ? ?'.Bl ^ Ijn'llJ 6. 50' ream j quarto post, white, hijthlr glazed and ha^d calendered, faint lined on three sides, ar.d of the very best quality 7. It*) reams quarto-post, machine made, white, i>la n. faint lined on three sides, of ths best quality 8. 2" reams quarto-post, white, hichly clazed and haro calendered, faint li'ied four sides, and of tne very best quality 9. 29 ream* quarto-post, French. faint lined, three aides, of the very best qua i ty 0. 50 ream# white note paper, highly glazed, hard calendered, faint lined, gilt <~dged oa three sides, of the very bost> 1. 3ii reai*' heavy white medium paper, for book*, of the very best q uali'y I. 20 reams heavy white royal'paper, for books, of the very best quality 3. 20 reams heavy white super royal paper, for b oks, of the very best quality I. 100 reai'is copying paper, of the very best quality, color, and style 5. 50 reams heavy, highly glazed, and har<t calendered envelope paper, royal, yellow, or baff, of the very neat quality 6. 50 reams heavy envelope paper, super royal, hard calendered, and higi ly glazed,yellow or but), of the very bjst quality 7. f) r*a'Ti? >arge brown envelope paper, of the best qaaiity. strong and wejl m*de 8. 3> reams royal blottinr pacer, of the very t>est qi'alijv. style, and color. Each llfein i f the ar>ove class must be acuompa lied with a sample of ha f a ream, or one package rhen not packed in ha'f rt-ams. and the bids must tate the puce per ream delivered at the Department. rtt?j Claad 2?Enveloft*. 1. WO M adhesive envelopes, white, vallnw nr Luff colored. heavy, smooth. and tuiok, with full pocket*. <>Aci*i siz?". of the th*ee folic wine siz-jc by a'i. 9 by 4. and 10 by 4 inches; pnoe 10 be named tor each x:z? and color, of the best quality that is made 2. UW M full pocket adhesive envelopes, of the proper size for quarto post, white- yellow or buff, heavy, smooth, and thick, of the vev bettquaity 3 1<?) M ful pocket adhesive envelopes, of the proper siz? for the note paper, w'nite, yel low,or buff heavy, smooth, and thick, of the very best quality bach oolor ol each item of the aboy* class mn t >3 ac?v>mpvni?d byasa-nple of one package, and h? price must be slated lor each sizaaud color rh?y must ail be mad" adhesive an-1 gummed a ir..p,?r distance eaoh sid? of the centre lsp|??lr, sith full pockets, and tne lower lappels weii and ijcarelji gummed to the pocket. Itau. Cla?P li?Pens. 1. M? dozen "Foley's" go d pons, of the best kind and quality 2. 10 dozen "Foley's" cold pen* in silver casos. with ever pointed pencils, of the best kino aud quality 3. 3W dozen car's Perry's best inetaiio pens, prioe to be per *r>z >n cards 4. W*l doz?n steel pens of the best makers and nnft-'itv 5. '.<? M q'r.iUof the voiy best quality. For all the itoms of CIum 3, exo*pt it*m '1, in the ibov? c1a??. t'ie bidler is not restricted to a paricular ma' ula^ture, hut samples of different inaier?. with the price ol naoh. may be submitted, md ihe l>epartmeut will seleot which it* deems Jin best, the price. quality. and fitness for the ?ernee beiug ail considered. fttm. Class 4?Peurtla. 1. 3W)dozen Faber's b**t black lead per,oils, Nos. 1,2, and 3 2 3n dozen red ai.ii biue lead pencils of the best quality 3. 2f> dozan ivory propelling pencil*, of Mears, or others of like quality, with box of iead for each. On? dozen of eaoh kind of Class 4 must be sub nitted as samples Item. Class o?Ink. Iuitta/uls, and Wafern. 1. 12dozen Fry's unproved patent American inkstand 2. 12 doz?n ca*t iron inkstands 3. in dozen red inkstands with ground glata stop pers 4. S"" quart bottles of th? hMt nn>>in> inlr ? ~ pie bottles to be submitted, of the bent qua'it) uiAde 5 ??> nu* t !.?>ti!os of the I.est !>!aok ink 6. Ho r?ott>? t?>Kt h:ua ink, sample to l>e submitted 7. 3no bitt e* carmine ink. Krenoh. small size, in glass bottles. with ground glass stoppers S. l.iwt large r*d wnfers, for (.tepar.ment seal 9. 1 impounds *al. r*, common size, best quality, rei A. loo pounds best extra superfine scarlet sealing wax For all 1i? artic es in Class 5 suitable and con -anient sample* mast be submitted, with prioe ataohed to eaoh. 31 as* 6?Cutlery nnd Mticellnntou* Article*. r?. m 1. in doz<n Rodger* and Son's genuine, or equal, sprint erasers, wit* ivory handles 2. 5" dozen Kixlgcra and Nid's murine, or equal. f ur haded knives, ?ith stag and p-ail handles u ..oien ivor? hanalal wafer stamps 4. 6 I'ozen larte office shears, of the very best quality S 6 dozen otfiue scissors, of the very best quality 6. 1<si spools of the very best quality of red linen % -tape 7. l<?> dozen of the liest quality of red linen tape It. yidozsii silk tape ol assorted colors, in hanks 9. ? dozen ivory pounce boxes n 6dozen hgnumvite pounce boxes I. b dozen ooooa or box and sand hnrss. n' ik? best sha?e and quality 2 6 doz<*n oocoa or box and wafer boxes, of the beet shape and qu&'ity 3 so pounds prepared India rubber, of snitable sizes 4 200quarts black sand i 50 ouncei pounce 6. 1<? pounds strong linen twine 7. i2tioxea round rulers, assorted 8. 12 dozen (1st rulers, assorted 9. 20 dozen 9 inch itoi y folders 10. 5"doSen pen holders, assorted It. SO boxes srtial! eylets. *-rench U. 25 hoxes large eyelet*. French % kid zjn steel tipp d pen-handles. For g^1 the aiticln* in oia*s t> suitable and aonveileiit ingles must be submitted, vi h i?rio? ftt.1 to a h; and the p. ioe in all oa??s must t* ik* d'httrn uf tk* artult? at tht d-parlm. ml. le It 2?wt nub inne PIANOS. -GRKAT HARUAINB-One Rosen krantm Piano, in best order, for Joe six ooUm Gaele Piano for AltoHRpi j very g<*4 Priooe Men-deon for MB. For'H *' ' | %le oa aooommodating terms at the Musio 8tor# T (j? 1?) W. G. METZEHOTT. OR CASH. If KB, CHEAP FOR GASH. L MY ASSORTMENT OF LADIES AND UNKS, CHEAP FOR CASH, TO REDUCE LL DO WELL TO CALL AND f* AMINE HOOVERS d anH Trunk Slnrc vj wmb?b ML m Mm mm mm w waa A AVE*I E. Bftnfta 9th and 10th lU TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. OALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD, l) WASHINGTON BKAXCH. CHAK6K OF HOVRS. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Juu?13th, I860, train* will run as follow*: Leave Waabington at 6 an and 7.4" a. m. Leave Washington at 3.2m and 5.9ft p. m. On Sunday at 3 2n p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave llaitimore at 3.15 and 4.3) p. m. On trooday at 4 25 a. m. Passenger* for the East will take train* at 6.30 and 7.4ft a. m and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7.40 a. in. and 3.20 p. m. For Ann&polia at 7.4" a ra and 3.?" p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4<> a. in. On Satnrday evenin* the 3.20 p. m. train goM to Philadelphia only. ie 13-d T H. PARSONS, At?n*. NEW ORLEANS IKJ TBHBB DAYS WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. rnmwmmmsmm ALL RAIL ROUTE, VIA. Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia. East Tennessee, and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and JatJcson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS'ROUTE: Memphis by Ra 1, thence by First olais Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile Mr Firstclass Packets. Mo- i e to New Orlearis by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Swmuys Incltdkd, Lrnvr Washington at A a m aid 6pm TheSteamar GEORGE PAGE leav? her wharl foot of Seventh street at 63*' ft. m. and 6Jf p. m. and connect!* at Alexandria witn the Orange &ad Alexandria Trems for the Sonthwest. Office?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAGG AC R CHECKED THROUGH TO MEV OBLEAHS. Lynohburj: 9^ 5n> Memphis 931 00 Bristol ?^.I50 Atlanta 2fi 'to Knoxville _.8000 Macon . 31 00 1i Oil I P. .I .. n l.n 9 ?>l LO - ? "lu'iii'iin oi j' l)nit?>n .. 24 on MontieomerT 31 w Huntsville .*7 <)<> ) v:KMcniphi(.<2 50 Grand Junction 3f"0o|N.O.> viaK. Juno. 42 50 Nuhville .25 KM \ via Mobil?.. .46 oo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and in iOO .MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.ine? the I.ynchburt Extension being now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It is provided'vrith First class Sleeping Cars! ( To New Orleans. T'i Hours. fi ii l' I Memphis .6 4 do, < Montgomery??.. 53 do. \ Nashville.46 do, ICTThe U, S MAILaiid ADAMS'EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets can be obtained at the South Western Office, oorner of Sixth street aud Pennsylvania av onue, to the following points jjvncnourg, tiniroi, nnoxviue, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsville, Graud Junction, Maoon, Naehvilie, Dai ton. Coiumbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and Nfcw ORLEANS. Vrr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPR1SGS. !_/"Omnibuses and Baggage WajuM leave the offioe at 6 a. m. ami 6 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, TiokeiArent, ina2S-tr Corner Sixth tt.atd Pa. ? TiHE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of h, February, lWifl. Wjll ioave WASH INGION every TUESDAY and^*"^"* FRI DAY, at 6 o olixsk a. in..and AI.EXANDRIA at haif p\st 6 o'clook, for CURRlOMAN and the intermediate Landing*. On her return trip*, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY InHtiATI'UlltV ? . C. . ? KUU m. *_/ i?i/n W"U? t*? 111 LI UlAN S. PAGE. Proprietor. NATH'L tSOUSH. Ac't. Alexandria. Ic JO P~FOR NEW YORK. ASSAQE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. #7.00. The New York and Virginia Scr*w Staamshif Company's new and eleiant steamship f-~n>r MOUNT v F.R N<>N. T O Smith*.OT* will leave the Corrpany e Depot, tern W harves, at 1 t*o'olook a. m ever* WKDN ESDAY, ard the Conipapj's Depot, nit Alexandria, at 3 <?olook p. m. *am* dar. Passengers from Washington and Georgetowt ?*n take the ooaohea oonnecting with Aleiandna Btoamboata or rai.road. which leave tne corner of Tth street and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can leav# on the steamer from the Western Wharvoa at 11 'olook a. m. State rooms can be eniaced on application U Messrs. Morgan A Rhinehart, Wertern Wharvoa r mini win do rooeiTou up 10 ma noura 01 aepar tara. irr Inauranee will be effected on all foods bj thTaline at the ofice of the Compaq; at h per cent premium. The aoeninrodationa for paaaengera by thia llij* ?re m every reapect firit-c mi, and every effort wii be roads to render this communication with Ne? York an acreeab'e and healthful one. For fre;*ht or paeeate apply to POWLE A CO., AcenU, Alexandria. H. IJ. CROMWELL fc CO., eel ly 90 Weat at..corner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOMI9, M. D., the inventor and patentee ?k. M ! M L' D * I ??? I rnt? r?t> ??"* * ui wio uiii^rii\AU i'l<A I Tj I l'it> 1 tl| ftl tends personally at his oftox in this city. M|H Many persons can wear these teeth who^*1***' oannot wear others, and no person can wear others who oannot wear these. Persone oallint at my o<Rn?oan bo aoocmmodatrv with any style and price of Teetlt they mar desire ; but to those who are particular and wi?U tne purest, oleanes!, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can produoe, the MINERAL PLATE Will be more fully warranted. f corns in this city?No. 336 Pa. a venae, between atd 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel phia. oo 1-lv D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a practical test of two years, feels that he can witn oonfider.oe reooni-^ mend the Cheoplastic Process for insertingWpHOBrf artificial teeth It has the advantages or***1 * strength, beauty,<jleanliness,and cheapness. Fui upper sets inserted for $05. Partial in proportion Offeoe 306 Pa. avenue. se l FREEMAN | SlgTCOflJ imac'NOLI^UNU ^H[SK!?^USK^ r ~ ?? i^Si^i/SSE^' -i y-*? 7sa^ We offer fur a&le the above atandard brand ol fin* Copper DiaUlled -Mai tea Rye Whisky, iu bar rein anu half-barrels a* it la of our own distills tion. and highly improved bf ago, we confidently recommend itaa the pukkkt anJ beat Whiak jr that oan poaaibly Redistilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY K YE WHISKEY, and other brand*, from the largest *took of Fine Whiskie* in the United State* FRF. KM AN k. SIMPttON, Phoenix Diatiller*. on th? Schuvikiii riw?r nkiU Offioea?96 Wail street, New York ; and 109 So J tb Front street. Philadelphia inar 29 If VV ASH I NO TON CAR RI AGE FACTOR Y, T f D Street, Betxet** 9th and Streets. We Have iuat finished a number of first olasa CARRIAGES, auflh aa Light ratify. m**m.a Watons. Pmrk PKeatons. Family Car-y&SjK&z nam, and Butties, which we will aellatSc=^fB? % ver small profit. Being practical meohanioa in different branches of the nnnn?aa, we flatter ouraelvea that we know ae atylea and qnalitj of work that will five aatiar*tion, oombining Iightneaa, comfort and durabiliRepairing promptly and oarefully attended to at the ahorteat n< tioe and moat reaaonable chargea. WALTER, KARMANI4 4 BOPP. Coaohnakera, anooeaaora to Wm. T. Hook. apH-dly WABBIN9TON BEWIN8 ROOMS, M ilk tl? iwt wifi North if f?. in -?.0JMiUa V?*te **ASPRiF? %p?l8UM*K* PHIKT? hi^?jib to nrrter, TheaubMrftar ? ft*Mued to mi**BHIRTB, DRAWEEfl, A,u.p u Uii ?W-H m. o Mrivva m " 4 # . MISCELLANEOUS. .. By the prepIdkntVp the united states. In mrm%nc? of 1st, 1, Jamb* Bcchasas, dent of the Unit** Stata* of Antnot. do fe?r bt deoiare ami u aka known that pablio aalea will be held at the undermentioned land office*, in the Mate of Michigan, at the periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the Land Offioe at Maxqvvttb. commencing on Monday, the '.6th day of July next, for the disposal of the Taoant lands in the ertn-nnmbrrrd uetion* and ptris of trctions, within the uodermen Honed townships, which remain to the United States within six miles on each side of the railroads, "from Little Bay de Noquet to Marta?tte, and thenoe to Ontonacoo, and trom the two la*t named places to the Wisconsin State line." sehjeot ae required by law, to a minimum of rws d#l*rt andjifty crnt* p?r atre, vi?: North of tkt baft > t?? and vat nf tk? fruuir+l insridiQH. Township42, of ranges Townships 42 and 43 ol range 33 Townships 42, 41. 44. 45, and 46, of range $4 Townships <2, 45,44,45. 46,47.4B and 49, of range 15 Townsh<ps 43.44.45. 46.47. 4t. and 49. of range 26 Townships 45, 46,47, 4S, and 49, of range 27 Townships 46, 47, aud 48, of range 28 Townships 44. 45. 46. 47, and 48. uf range 29 Townships 43, 44, 45, 46.4T. and 48, of ranee 3P Townships 42,43.44. 45,46.47,48, and 49,of range 31 Townships 42, 43. 44,45. 47, 48, and 4", of range 32 Townships 42. 43. 44, ?7, 48, 40, and 50, of range 3J Townships 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 48, 49, 551, and 51, of range 34 Townships 42, 43, 44,45, 46, 47, 49, 50, and 51, of range 35 Townships 42, 43. 44, 45, 46,47. 48, 50. and 51. of range as Townships 4S. 46,47.48,4">. M. 51. and 52, of ran re 37 Townships 46. ?7, 48, 44, 54*, 51 and 52 of range 98 Township* 48, 49,5">, 51, and hi, of range 39 Townships 49, 50,51, and 52. of range 40,' At the Land Offineat Mahqckttk, commencing on Monday, the3-?th day of Jul? next, for the disposal of the pnblio lands heretofore vnofertd. with in tho following townships and parts of townships, m: , ... North of the bate line and west of the frtnripal me rid tan. Township 49. of range tO Townships 47.49, and 5n,of range 11. Sections 1,2, *,&,?. 10,12. 14, I*, 3>. 22, >4, 26, 31, 30, 32,31, and 3i. or to* nship 43; townships 4?, 47, and 4?, of 21 ? . Sections 2, 4, 6. 8, 10,12 and 14: the E * of ?hf NE \ of section 18: the N E the NE ^ ol the NW Vij *u>/ a* ?i tuv un miu mo OTj ^ Ml HI? 7>Fj % OI s*ct!Ou 2"; section 2<t, 24. and 26; the N V* the 'i, and the N X of the !*W >4 of iieotioii 28; seotion 34, exeupt the S W J* of the ? VV >4; section 36, of town Ship 41; section 1. 2, 3, 4, 6, ?, lO, 11,12, IS, 14, 18,20, ana 22. the K >% of section ?3; section 24, 25, i6, SH, ?i, 32, 34. and 36. of township 46; section 1, 2. 3, 4, anil 7. to 18 inO'Usive: sect.on 20 to 28inclu*ive; section* 3', 32 34 a>, and 35, ol township47, of ranee i3. Tlie S SV '? o! tite N K H. the 8K \ and the W X of s'ctio'i 4; sections 6 aiid 8; the \V Hand the Sh of section 10; the W % of eeoti -n 14; sections 18, SO, 22. 26. 23 . 3', 32, and 34; the W X of trie NW Jf. anl the W >4 ol the S\V *4 of section 33 of township 44: the S >* of section 32, of township 45, of ran?e26. Sections 2, 4. 6, 8,10,12.14,18,10, 2?, 24,26,28,30, 32, and 34; the N X ol the NK and the N X of the N W '4 of seo i"n 36, of township 49, of range ;7. The VV ol the 8VV l4 <>l section 6; sections 18 and 20; the SW '4, the \\ >? of the S*K ^4. and the t>E '4 of the SE 3? of seotion ?2; sections 26, 28. 50, 32, 3i, and 36. of township 4?,of range 31 Sections 2,4,6, 8, H?, 12. 14, 18, 2?'. S2, 24, ?6, ?.??, 32, S4, and 36 of township 48; the W X of the i> K )?'? the \K ^ 111 <> ? ?? ^ ' "* 4k-- isi -r >uv uu /4? 'niu TT y% "I PVCHtin i) sechon* 4, 6. 8, and 10; the W S of me Nt J*, the W ii of the SE )4, and the VV \% cf seetio* U; *rotton* 18. 20, 22, *i, 28, ?i. 32, and 34; the W ^ of section 3?. of township 49, of ranre 35. The W H of the !<K }4 and the \V of section 18; section 3). of township 45. of range 36. At the Land Office at Travbrsr ClTJ, commencing on Monday, the 23d day oi Juiy n*X(, lor the disposal of the vacant lands in the even numtrrid sections and parts o.f sections, within the undermentioned townships, which renain to the United States within six miles on each side of the rail roads, "from Little Hay deNoquotto Marquette;" "from Ambny by Hillsdale and Lansing, and from Grand Rapid* to some point on or .near Traverse Bav " subject, as required by law, to a minimum of two dollars and fifty cent* per acre, via : AortA 0/ th>. bast line nnd wett of the principal meridian. Townships 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, S6, 27,28 , 23, 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34, of ranee 3 1 ownship* 23, 24, 25, 26, 2T, 28, 29,3", 31, 32,33, 34, 35jjiiud 3fi, of ranee 4 Townships 31, 32. and 33, of range 5 Townships 27. 28,29, 30, jl, 32. and 33, of rang? 6 Townships 25,26 , 27 , 28 , 29.30, 31,32. and 33, of range 7 Townships 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27,28, 29, #1, 31, and m Townships 21,22, 23, 24, 25, 26, ard J7. of range 9 Townships 21, 22 23.2?, and 2h,of range 10 Townships 21, 22. and 4.3 of lange 11 Townships 40, and 41. of range 21 Townships 39, 40, and 11, of ranges 22 and 23 Tcwn?hip< 4" and 41, of rang* 24 Townships4I, of range 25. At the Land Offie at Traveksb Citt, oommenoing on Mouday. the 13th day of August next, for the disposal of the public lands heretofore nnofertd, ? it In n the following townships, viz : North of tht base line itud rest of tht principal mtrtdtm Townships 23.23, and 30, of range 10 At the Laid office at Ioxia, ?oi;.m?ncir)g on Monday, the 3'th day of July next, for disposal of the \ao*nt lands in the even numbered ttcliont and part.* tx) sections, within th - undermentioned townsnips, which remain to tht* United Statas within six nines on t ach side of the rairoadt, '-from Ambnr, by H ilisdale and lans'i.g, and from <>raud Kapids to tome point on or near Traverse Baj: also from l>rand Ha.en and Pere Marquette to Flint, and thenoeto Port Huron," subi?ct. as required, by law. to a minimum of tteo dollajs and fifty cent> ptr aere. viz : Aorfl oj IM base fine am! of the principal m<Ttdtam. Townships 3, 4, *. 6. 7, ana ?, of ranee 1 Townships 1. *, 3, 4, >, 6,7, and 8. of ranee 2 Townships 1, 2, it, 4, 5,6, 7, 3, and 17, ol tange 3 Townships ', 2. 3,6. 7, 8,17, and 18, of range 4 Tow:i-hips 6. 7.8,17. and 18, of rariK"* 5 and 6 Townships 5, 6, 7, 8, 15, 16. and 17. of rarge 7 Townships 5, 6 7. i5, lb, and 17, of range 8 Townships 5, 6. 7,10, 11,12,13. 14,15,16, 17,18,19, and 2 ', of range 0 Townships 5. 6. 7, 8, 9,10.11,12,13,14,15,16, 17,18, P. and 2", ?'f rang" 10 T wnships 6,7. 8,9,1<?, 11, 12, 13,14,15,16,17,13,19, aud 2o, of innte II Towuships >,7, 8.9, lo, 15, <6, and 17. of rai ge 12 Townships 6,7, 8,9, <6, l?i, 17, and 18, of range 13 Townships 7,8,9,16, 17,18, and 19, of ranges 14 and IS Township* 7, 8,9, and 19, ol range 18 Townships 17,18, and 19, of ranges 17 and 18. Soutk of the base line nn<i itesl <tf the principal tut red tan. Townships 1,2, 3, and 4, oi range 4 rti " - - - * - i (i wnsni ph i.? j 4 a, ana 6, olrange 5 At the Office at Dktroit, oommenoing oil Monday. the 1'ith <i?y of August npxt. for the disposal of tne vacant lards in the trrn numb> red ftc lions and pari* of sections, within ttie undcrmeji tinned townships, which remain to the United Stages witluu six miles on oaoh side of the rail roads, "from Ainboy, t>y Kiilsdil ? n.n-1 Lansinr, to some point on or near Traverse Bay ; aUo from Grand Hav>*ii and Here Ma'qu?tte to Pilot, and thence to Port Huron." subject, *s required by law, to a minimum of two dollars ana fifty ctn's pn a re. T1X : South of the base lint and west of the principal meridian. Townshipa 6,7, 8, and 9,of rfcnje 1 Townships 1,5,6. 7,8, and 9,ol range 2 Township* 1,2.3,4.5, 6 7,8. and 9, ot range 3 Townships 5,6, and 7, of range 4 North of the base line and east of tht principal rnt ridian. Townships 4 and 5. ot range 1 Townships 6,7, and of 12,13, an*"14 Townships 5, 6,7, and R, ol range 15 Townithips 6,6, and 7, of ranges 16 and 17. North of the base line and west of the principal tnt ridian. Townships 29 30,31, *2 35,34, and 3%. of range 2. At the Land Office at East Saginaw, eorrmeno mg on Monday, the ?th day of August neat, for the disposal of the vacant lands in the teen ntmberrd section*, within ihe undermentioned townships, which remain to the United St?tp? within ?i* mi'?? on each iHe of the railroads, "from Amboy, by Hit sdaesnd Lansing, to some point on or near Tr?ver?? Bay; also from Grand liivn a-d Pere Mnrquett* to Flint, and thence t-> Port Huron," subject, a* required by law, to a minimum of two dollars and cents per acre, vit: North of the bast line and mil of the principal m<-? dian. Townships 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11,13.14,15, 16,17, IS, 19,20, and 21, oi range l Township* 6, 7, ft, 9,10,11. IS,IS, 14,15,16,17,18,19, and 2>?, of mnge 8 Townaii p? 6, 7, 8,9,10, li, 12,13, 14,16, and 16. of ran*e3 Townships 6, 7, 8, K), II, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, of range 4 Townships 6, 7, 8,9, 10,11, 12, 13,14, and 15, of range 5 Townships 6,7, 8,9,10,11, and 12. of range 6 Townships 6 7, 8. it, and in of range 7 Townships 6,7, and 8, of range*, 8,9,10, and 11. Noith of the bast line and in it of the principal me naian. Township* M, 15, 16, 1?, l?, 90, 21, 22, And 23, of range I lownships 14, 15,16,17,19, 20, 21, 22, 23 24, 25, 16, 27, and <s, of rant* 2. Lands appropriated by law for the nae of schools, military aud other purpose, together with the '-swamp and overflowed" laade, will be exoiuded from the salee. The tracts along the lines of the railroads will be old, subj-ct to the right of way, granted by aot of 4th August 1852, for said railroads, and the particular tiacks out by the routes will be eold as containing the quantities respectively shown on the official p %ts. withoat deducione. The < fluting of the above lands will be comm?ne?d on th? days appointed, and will proceed in the order lu which th?y are advertised until the whol? shall have been offarod, and the sales thus closed; but no sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry ofanv of the lands will be admitted sntil after theexpi aiion of the t two weeks. , Given under m? hand,at the City of Washington, this sixth day of April, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty ? . JAMES BUCHANAN, i By the President: f a ut - 1 4U>. Tf Commissioner of the General Land OAoe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTSEvery person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the land* within the townships above enumerated is required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the proper land offioe, and make papwuiW ikertfor at soon ax practirable after wftsi this notirt, and be- : fere the day appointed for the commencement of tho public sale of the laada emhraetM the tract olaimed: otherwise suoh claim will be lorwltM. J?>8 8. WILfeON. Commissioner of the General Land Olfioe jVots.?I'nder the regulations of the Department, as heretofore and now existing, bo paymont can be made for advertising proelamat one exoept to each , publishers as are tpiexallv auiKorixed to jfeNUh by i the Commissioner of the General Land OMc*. ap 13-F,l3w I 1 " - - ^ ???? mmmhmmhmmmmmmmmm MI8CELLAWE008. A. DISPATCH! \ f | \I/TSa?e the Pieces! v^" 4* mrtuUntt w*U karr**- ?wfi ?* w*U-tmtU*t9i fnmtlut, it is Wt deairahl* to ha*a ? ? cheat *ixl oonvenmt vtr for r*Hirm Faraitmra, Tor*, Croekery.Ae. PALDINH'I PKKPARED HLFI mMta all noli nnrrfCDMM. Mxt no koaMliold Hi afford to to witltoat it. It ia tmii re*4y and ? to th* *iJOkin* point. There ? no loncar a eitr lor limping chain.intA-od r#D?erm, keadleaa doila, aud broken oradlM. It ia in at the article for oon?, ahelt. and other ornamental work, ao with ladi?a of refinement *d<1 tnnte. This admirable preparation ia need *nM, btini ohemicaily hew in eolation. and poaaeaainx ail the raJaable ?aalitiea of the heat cabinet makera' glae. It mar be u?ed in tha piaoe of ordinary mucwa?e, being TMtJy more adheeive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Frit*, 25 oenta N. B.?A Bruih aeoompamee each bottle WktUtmU Dtpct, No. 4? Cedar atreer, Xaw Yorfc. Addraaa HLNRY cTsPALDING A CO.. Box No. 3,800, New York. Put op for Dealera in Caa*? eontatnini Four, Eight, and Tweive Uoten?abeaatifai Lithograph o ShowCard aooorn panning eaohpaohage. 117" A aincle hottla of SPALDJNU'S PRE PARED GLVE will nave trn tiniM ita oo?t an naally to every honeebold.^H Sold by ail prominent S^taUonert. Drituciau. Hardware and Furxutare, Groeert, anr Kanoy St*r??. Country merchant* ihnuld make a note of SPAL 1)1NWS PREPARED OLVK, when matin* n? their li?t. It will ?tarx1 an? alimat*. fe l? It // Sa&sffi1 f MAT I C^j t ' ' *" " ittrf w ??* >'?Mvrv4 ue/n. jW t* " < ? , J-f'Ww ( 1> (li< W'M /^.?if n tf Iw^r/r1 t ?*? fr~m Jf \>ZOc . , ?/*?',r^f^d kfX 5 <5 ^ ^ IK* /rftinf m r.^#% b ,? */? tknbmttki Vmllry Ml. J #fi? ntdlftkr IhrnU rmh. Ilnrr^y v . 1^1 .* > tomm**At4 bf tk* fr* /lMtrtMi iaHr r pj \ ' *A? Tmo* * l? ?u JfriiciM/ X* J8 Ik.. kV t| Sole! 5- op^ tor. a! 5 .flggg$>s ' ^ ^ ' *g^> ^ * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULO BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS D AIiY'S MCH WHISKEY WttJTHE S^Gr^TUREOF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHE^ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY, sole: proprietor in oaiini uiii iiiu at 11 mi vnni/ is duuin Willi a in a. run luniv. tOR SALE IS WAS HI SOTO S BY ma 23 Sw UAKHOliK & 9RM M F.J*. i ightning! lightningf" lj lightning!!! in Tixk or peace* Prrparefor War! f. laBARRE, Scwtkwrt rnrntr of 1WA nnd C ft*., MA.ICPACICRRR OF plattna til'i'ko u<?h ining rods. R??peat(y'ly ann>ninpf?? to th* puMio <>f ?\ hinr ton and vicinity that he if p'ep%r?<i to r x *e u te all ordT* for ereoline l.irht;nnr Conductor* on th? must Approved *ofectilio pnncipia*, cnttmot^d o! tno very ix>nt of riateria ?ton v?ry m?v'?r*i4i term*. All I' A.f i cA-l.i?n d Pi>iiiLm irhi!>h rph inniuf*j'!upr?l by me will h" etamp?vi with my name, W?a*h?r Vane* of any design mvle to order. mar ?> "ro PARAFKINF. Oil,, THE CHEAPEST LldHT KNOWN! We ? ? r.uw nwf jvin? Pa affine Oil direct from k?*orka in we?t?rn Virginia. * of it la einclknt, producing ? itea-lv, hnl i&utaud hoantifu light,and more pl^aaant to ili? 7?f? Kan tight. Thia Oil is fte* i'n-nta tii'teiat'on,and very much more economical than many o| the Coal Oila used at thia time. irr It ia in no way exploaive. We k*~p a.M? a supply of the moat approved atylea of Lamps, Ao.. f>r htimiDg this Oil. KING A HYRCHKLb, Agents for ita aale for the Dist' tot of Columbia, Corner t- ifVcr th at. and Vermo.t av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oi' Company, ma 11 TCARRIAGK8. HK Subscriber haying pivte addition* to hi faclf>rt, rnft^inj; It pi* on?o(?!ie t'C^isAft in the Piatrtet. wher' tna facilities farBMW: rHr.uiioturia>GAKIUAGi- A L16HT^?^?^ A60N8 of ftU o?: :i'?t t>* mrpMMf},!^ fro"i iii? our experience ir the kiuii<M, he kcpee to five t?nem! satiafaotioii. 41! kmda nf Carriajei *a4 Lljht VYcxona kept > hand. 11 RKPAlRBnaallpdene,and all erics prropt lr attenaed to. ?eeend ^Ar.< r?m*??? i?t? ll exohuir for Mf w ANi)RKW J. JOYCK, J 11 V rnar of 14th kM R aW L"IVE Hl'NJ)R KD"TK AVhLlNG TIUNK8 r arrived thia da*. em^-aoin; a; quM ?{? Uea and aize* of Sol* Leather, Lsdies'iwm* Dr^a end Parkin* T unka. Our trunk^"*" -alea room rxhtbi"* at tin* time the gr-e.t'at varietj of traveling req<n?itea a? imxterele rneea. t?> be t?<ond thia aide of New York. Alao. ever* deecrip tion of lADIKS' HAT BOXKS. VALICK&, CARPKT BAIJH. 8ATCHK1.8, io. LH/^Old Trunk* repaired or tAken in exchange for new ?nea. WALL, STKPOF.NS A CO., Trunk Salea Room, mar Sl-tf V22 Pa. avenue. PLUMBER AND GAS VlT+BII, Philharmonic Hall, South fid* if Pa. #r? w*t Elertnth ft . Will introduce Water ud 6u upon the u.out favorable terms. _ _ P. H.-I have on hand a lot of COOKING STOVES, and as 1 desire to oioee them out. will ell them at oost for oa?h. ma 7 ELKCTRO PHYSIOLOGY AND ELECTROThe rapeutios, showing the beet methods for the medioal us*s of Eleotricity, by Alfred C Gar ratt, M. D .1 vol.ivn ; price f 4 . The South Side View of S:avery, by Nehemiah Adams. D. D , 1 vol., arice 75 oents. Lucille, by Oven Merrdith, 1 vol., bine and gold; price 71 oents. Part 6 of Tom Brown at Oxford; prioe 13 oents. For sale by BLANCHARDfc MOHUN, je IS Corner of 11th at., acd Penn. aw. MRS. SCHOOLCRAFT S NKW NOVEL-? i"l The H aok Gauntiett. a Tale of Plantation Life tn South Carolina, by Mrs. Heiry R Schoolcraft, wife of the Indian Historian Prioa 91.JS. J Utt auhlished ami Tor ula ?f " "PBI'CP * SOLOMON.8 Metrop > itan Bookstore, S3il Pa.av., b?t.9tii and ltth its. Bole Ag?nta for Lsarence'e Celebrated Forenn Stationery. jeH ?. H. mott. i.ktmi. LAlU>.MOTT* A^JJU. ?iT luw Hollt Sjnim, Mies.. Will praotioe in tke Hick Coart of Krrora and Ar MftJsat Jaokeon, the Federal Coart at Pontotoc, the Coarta of the Seveath Jmdidai Distnot; of Mi? si&xzxn "Lsigsr IAOOB RMC1), _ Mmiicm??o? __ niLITAHT t L O r B I N B, BOITIIUT CoiRII S*C01*D AMD PFfcVCI BTI., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTH? FOR SALE. 12,000 tettffliftftKiSfc ?S8 the mention of the ?*blio to oar Urce md wed ee | looted (took of Champatne and Crab Apple Ctdw, which we ??&r*Dt*? to be fare inioe, and will be old on reaeonable termi in order to mate rooa fraaflinU. pp 9 ?T vrMW B(? no N'T FQVGET TO CALL ON SMITH, li No. 460 Seventh eU, to buy yoert,LOTH 1N6. SMITH'!* je the l>??t pi?oe to t?wu t?' he* *o?r c'fcH.rJSWN0 a*d FURNI^tllNU G-XllH.* * SMITH mIii kit tfoo<W I'U^r that. any ot>i?r hoi?M in town M CJMi DAKF.RS* BUTTF-E IN BAi.TIUORh.-W* *J aan at all Mtat' tut <>f th? >rar t ppi) "lmr.U vary grad* of Hotter ver? cho-oe. \V? i ave !*? wvulnvutMiotBU, and fnxa Utat ?|? to U? b??t, for ^?ulld0^,*tLL,coTX 4 HKWE8, ma7 iS Kiehacge Plao?, Balbnor*. I - - MBP1GJNH*. iMi untrivii ft? tkt Mill Crrtmtm 8>r#*4y mm.4 ni| Jtr?Mrfy MI '*? ?WM, FOB ALL D1*F.A9K8 OF IMPftUDKNCK. let so falkk pel9cact mwtkjtt APPLY IMMKD ATfcLY. accre warraktkv. or no charve, in from oak no rwo days VMhM ?f ifc? ktl, * 4 KtMif. ntitnun Ih*ta*rfM. ? IHMitf. NirtMiMM, r>i.(?fij,L?' |wf IJnm, >< ? * 1 W I4?u. ^<ruM-*k tUtr .Ts>m4>'? TrMBfc.u.(*. Dtn??M WktfL: ?r ?f >? 4,T%r??, Km *r Ihi., KxuoMtf'Ji Lr n ? ?>? c? ? U>m? Ttmkl* uworMn (nantf fr?i Mmr? liMn TmA-iMm u4 Uwritu'i PractMW ?? 4u Mtrritfi wfOMM*. i*4 r?? k*i* Mf u4 Tocao ww apaaaaii* vmm*? tt.?M isia ncumw ?n'?? tfcal tmif? u< <MUKti?t Mfeti vkitk unnll* ? an jr??a 'hoHinii t41mmt'? **a? afefca Mat alt*4 talanta aa>4 bntlaat intailaci, mb? n .fh- M?a Htruod liatananf Saoaiaa anil iki lM?4?n ( mmmi m *Uid la aaaiaav Ua haiuf Iff, m?f Mil wit* mb Mai 4m> AUUII . MiUlU PIUOU > Ih?| Mh mira^aii Hw rktfa. avaraaf afcfMMi aryaata 4akilMy, MMiUH. 4t . apaa4il? c ara4 a vM placaa kuMkf mUar > M" Di J. Bay ntft avalt imIii IB In ha^ar u a faavlaaiaa aad aaai4aa4fy tt)? pN hu (kill aa a pkyaiuaa. urrioE m* r towrm ra?nE*.u-*rra??r. I aft Mad at 4an?vf fraM Bald mart atraM. a te? itawi Tr*m Ua amn. rill mi la ateaiti mm m4 aMkai. kanan an M pu< a?4 nami >w> oa. iuanroa, Mmkin u4 Ikl lafti C?lla|i al?ai?aa?a. Vaacaa, ?ra4M?* fraai an* af ik? Mat imni OUafaa w Ifea W> ;aJ tuiaa. an4 it* fraatar fan af vkaaa iifa Kaa kaaa apaai tr CM Ma p<tala of Laa4ati, Pari*, PkiU4alfta an 4 aaavhar*. kaa 1 rattaa mi ar u.a ?? ( iiiwiUi*| nr? u>at rttt kM?i. Ma; traaf tad with ru f\nf is U? b<>4 h4 H'l vkiiuliip; irwi nh'wi,hi, at iiOm aaanda baahfalnaai witfc fraqaan MwaWiof, ahai>dad wn* Uii wok darmacamam af m<, waaa eared tiMMdbtiii, TAKE PAETICBUAR HOTtCX. TMif Han ud Man ?! ka?a toarad HiaaNia kf a liruia prttiKi lodaifad m wkai. ?l??a a kaWi fraqaanrv laamad from nil canpaaiaaa, at at ackoai, 'ha il?"i af which ata mftttlj fat; arai. wkaa |aa!aa|>, ard if mi rarad. raadara marriafa tn.paaaitia, tad daauax kath iai?d u< akaaid afifi^ ia?ia4i>uii I Tfcaaa ara Mai af tka aad ana atlaacMf a(acH Madtaal kf aa*Ja kaktta of itaili ??: Wailnan ad tka Back ?d It aba, Paina in tbt Haad, r>im-.aa? of ligi i. Una n4 Marilti Pawar. Pal?rt?u??i M ttia tfatrt. Paapaoat hiaraoa* Irrtfa MM. If. Daranfa'aantaf tka MflacUMV Pakuitf, ifmnn m of CmMmfUM. Ac MKNTALLY.?TV# furfii Jkiim .ka ?l?< ara ? ak M ? draJi4-L?? ?f miimit.Ctn'mht pf Ui>i, Pafraaa af B?it Kartiadmfa, A 'IWiwpf *oc n?t. Aalf La?a af Eahtaua. Timidny. lie ,<n aana af tka a?ila >l* licid. NitTPti nnuLiTT1rtMMtii w *? ? ia Ik* t>Ht af <ha.r daetmiaf haalth, l?>u ifcair to (MBiaf waaV pala, narraaa tod aaaciaiad. T.anng r |?li? appaaraoaa Vca' t*ia i*n c?*(h "fi?iif aoiaaf (nnnfiiw PlSt ABKH OP !MPRir>fcN< 1 Vkn tka raiagatd ad and iwpradam ?p-.?r? of r'aarara nlh ka ha* tiaktkad ika aaada af tkaa |?irfa <h?mi him oftaa stfflm liaat aa ill lintd pf him* pc draad *f 4<*ta?ar? llMnbn from apf>l riug ta t'i?oa aha. h-par adacaoaa ul raapaciabtHt?, can ifwit kaf'iard klB Ha fall* iota (ka Mafi of i|i>wuii and daatfoaif Htiaidara, wka. latwfaM* af rmnf. lick hia pacaniary itWnca, kaar him inimt aantk afar aanib, or at lima ?a tka amailaa laa ua ka ak lata ad, *od in daapair !aa?a niia ?itk raiuai kaaltk fa aurt arar kia r? lu g diaapppu.'tna'it, or fc* tka *??' ^a?f? paiaon, Marcary. haataa t*a rtmv latwtaial atmMiHM ?f |M* amkla dtaaaaa. aa -k aa A faeaana of t-*ia Maar: Throat. Kaaa. Ckia.Ac.. pmrraaairf with frifStfui rapidity, till Aaatf pa<a a pariad la hia araadfat aaCarinaa ty aa?li;i| kiia la ifal aa dlacaaarad coamrr froia aboaa r oarra aa iraatlat raiini db. jo*.no?mr?irnv rn* kimiiut AMD IMFOTkWCT. By iMa rraat and tapartaa-. raaat; * aakoaaa of tka argaaa ara apaadilj carad aon fall nfar raatorad Thaaaanda aaC Ua laaat aaraaaa and dabiliiatad. vto bad laat ail kaya, ka* kaaa iiarraAlalal; ratia**d All impadi maoia ta Mamtfa Pferaiaa a* Maatal PliakiH aauor.a. Loaa af Pracraati** Pavar. Mar*aaa Irntaatlnr Tnablln| ill VMtdtMM liktHUH af lk? ?a?i fHrfll Mat apaaadily cartd ENDOUEMERT Of TIE rtlM THE MAN V TM )IB* Mil ?r? J &t Uiu i . uiaitaa alik tfea lutii'iniiia MK >nd tti* uamaraaa Haftnui lira< aal apcriuan* p?rfarir.*4 ay Pr. Jatnaan. ?.tfi?ai?< k? i>? rtparttn af Ua paptr* ud i*.?r,? *th?r paraaaa, eaii'a# af h??? ?rp??r?4 >|tin ud t|ur, Mm* Uia vablic, fc?aid** bu *uii4mf * a (iM.i?i>iiaf (IwrittNUO r ?iMltty, I* a Seiiat (ttnntx ta t> ifmid ) U it Dr. j. bovf.k dod? IMPERIAL WINE MITTS! Are now bring o?e?l from M?:n? to the t> real t Luke, aoI too nnirer**! verdiot of All who nee t ?m rilhvr as i W'i(uia> nr ?? b'rnaf . la tltkt th*; ?-? inivpucd in thr world. I?r. D<kIi iMd th?in aM'Coaafu.lY ;n his prActloe for IS imti befor# *f purchnaed of hi;n the a<>> . iiht to iiiAr.nfartu> a And preaect them for sale to tne public. For th? cn-e of Iiicipicrt ConsumpUoc, iL^ipeetion, Dt*' pe^aiA, Film, Mima* f?ts?a Femaie Com plair.t*. and alt c*a?s re^amtt* a tonio, th?? Ar? t?e yond dmi ht a im>?t inrAuAhle re?r edy. A no a from their niAiliciiiAl pr-??nt the) are a pure, whole \miic miu ur i(iti|?I P' VHUSO. ^MtQUCI.-r B> inP ploasan? txhilo'Ktinc effecU <T Brn dy i?f W id* without their iiijuria-u* r**Uita- ?t a.1 fnetda if humaiiity and Mi ?^TnottM of lMnp?r?np* anaiet u? it. aiiijaiituiax *He*e \?.in&ne VtftUkU Bitter* for th^ ntm>.rnl poi>rms eu?1 c.dv t-mifd with which tilt 0?'U|;i-% l? fl'XXW, and therebj eff?c'n* !? ai* in ?*r. chine Li?e**e ml Drunkeaeea from the land. CUAKl.KH WIDDIFIKLD A. CO., Proarietnra. 7* street. New York. J. SCHWARZE. Agent, Wuhinctuo, D. C. DR. J BOVFK POW IMPERIAL G IS BITTERS. For Diaeaaei of the Kidn??a. K adder ar.d I'rinar* Organ*. and erpoeiaily for Fema* Obatraetiou*. never fail to cure, and are warranted to give aatia fietioa. CIIaRLKS WIDDIFIELD 4 CO.. Proprietors, 7* Will.air. at.. New York. J. schwarze. je7 ly,r Acent, Waahingtoc. D. ?* U^m iutiL.1 inruR i Anr r?? al>l: MRS. cors INDIAX VEGETABLE ItECOCTION. It it well known that in the Sprmc people are m?>ro apt to ooutraot di?<?.??> than at any other enod. ado it 18 nuv!y w?i',-known 'hat the way toward .iff dii<*'<? is to k??p tlie blci>d pure, for "aii the ills that flesh is heir t.?,**nrii!e from impurity of thr blood, tins sprirrc ofowr ?*a It is. therrfore, important t'> all that the syrtewi should tx> thorourhli r>ar.*?d arid purified, an*1 this oau be in the mnrt rff? oti al way bv ?*'n* UkS M. CO\'S lyUiAX V Hj KTAF.IT D* rpCTJOy, the N*t rem*?lTdi?ri..ver(?d tor t^ont ofdlseate* of eSki?i, Kry?ir>?? a?, Scrofula. Ktionma ti?ni. Nervous Rebiiitj;, t'evere of diff-retil kinds, D??pep?), Liver Complaint. and all otner diseases arising from impurity of the h.ood. It has efloets d the most recivka^ie cures, a* oar t>4 shown by numerous rertifi(MLt?*e fsoni persons of the highest respectability. and is recommended by all who have n?? d it ae the most invaluable rerred.a agent of the day. Ip*It is sold by ail the Druggists of Baltimore, audiat the resiiienoe of the eropn^tor. MRP. M ODX, ^ ^14* Kast B?-Wnore street^ i-nwom Eruru ivrwi kc'j lyvninu a . rntir No?e genuine nnleea her nunc ia blown ?n the bottle snd her seal on the cork. 117 Price $1 per bottle, aix bottle# for &. A tern. R. 8. T. CiasiL. Dmgciet. Georgetown. D. C . V\ bo eeale Ageut for Ue Die trict. and will aupp; tbe trade at mi prioee. mar ?7 tr JHE ALL SUFFICIENT 7 I REE T&1UKHAR, 1, t, * S, tr*iti*4 bf hnyai Ltttwrt r?i*?i / Murlmmd. mm4 'trfrtti ht ttu Stall / (4? EraU i* Fkmrmac** 4* fj'tA and tk* lmftrmi CoiUt* M******, Fic*?a. No. l i? invaluable for ex,hftuation, Ppermatci H rlve?. and all BhjeieaJ tii?*buitiee. ^ ^ No. a eompietel* eradoalee all tranee of those dleeoae* that have been hitherto treated hr the nan aeou* and pernic-.ooa me ol oopavia and ocbeba No. 3 hati entirely <"urp:ant"d the inJy>OM ? * of meiourr, thereby inaeunK to the atifferer ejetd* relief, diaperaifc all itaparitiee, and rooting ont the venom ofdi??a?e. TBH.Uk.-Hll Ma> f 1 ....... k ? i ?_? .'umn nw? ?u? f??i r ? yt r?j l p %"T form of a loi*nir, d?r?i4 of Uf te &o? mmII, h4 ou be otrrifei id the wnilcoM pockeC ftotti ip tin o?#e*,and divided into eparat? dom^idouuf tered V Valpeati, Ka!!f>maiid. F'^ax, KiocrtT ?.cPnoe f Seech, or four oe?e? (or winch rsrtw ?v ??d in #? oiMt, wherebv there it iv atvinr of ac. o be had, wboieaeJeeud rew.i:, of Dr. BAR ROW, 194 Uleeokar (treat, fonr doors below McDoera! atreet. New York. 1m mediately op reneiviac a re ittanoe, Dr. Barrow will forwa-u the Tnewmi to any part of tbe world, aecoreiy pecked and ad droned sooordlB* to the inatrnrtlona of the writer. 8o,d also br a. CALVEET FORD. Jr.. Waeftin*ton. 1). C. de l-ta CmmIJSBOHIHm, rt"Ssh?;?r:r-l csu. Witt etanis eceoeM, eaareee. la >wfci< eeal ?"Si5KP 1a 1j rVA \C 1 w vjl foe 0tamplns _?rain j. a packet of papee ma i and envelopes Nv to match. CHARGE) metropolitan booe0toee. . philf a solomons. _ J I lwu&WWSSJ1 jm p>. ??.. hot ik! mk a 279^SSSEST' 206 J u?t? IM?f U> v%.. IB M.ri.U0.. ... ?t? ftlMtaMW I th?> rubiic KftenU.y to hw Nrw store, euJer tCi- 1 iffSjafe, ? argent : eeire^ri^or4er? fbi-eeywiorCeaibedoM efhleewi lV- ,*ii ordere tor Dinner*, (topper*, BaUe, Ud fn v?tr FartiM, win on will be ? red if inkia ikia.iU.Me ktyle. with tfc? proinytneaa ud dltxtr.I wfetAh ? ? tik' h^rhert.- ?f...W., no0 bo tflrflTII'* M . to rM roar HON <' pf %?Mr L

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