Newspaper of Evening Star, June 23, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 23, 1860 Page 1
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My heart became eo full of love for Tom that it could not contain k ail, so I disponed of the surplus by falling violently in lore with bis sister?a very fine, nice young lady, about a bead and shoulder* taller than myself. I recollect of sending her a valentine. in which a military-looking man was depicted kneeling in a green lawn, before a lady to whom he was making a passionate declaration of lore in a fat balloon which issued from his mouth?in which balloon I took the precaution to insert my initial?, to prevent the possibility of mistake as to the identity of the jiarty In return Misa Pidger presented me with a large nink heart make of sugar, {which Tom and I ate that same afternoon.but her own heart she reserved for one Raines, a banker, to whom she was married long before & I left school. \\ hen Tom and I grew up we removed to F.dinburg?he to collcge and I to a bank?and we took rooms together in Queen street. Tom b id always been rather a slovenly fellow, but now he became intolerably so. His hat gradually became limp and napless, and though I threw out very broad hints, and at length openly remonstrated with him. the same hat remained in constant use. I tried to shame him out of itbya^uring him that he would be taken for an Irishman; and once I bribed the milkboy with a penny to cry after him - Who's Iour hatter'' but all in vain His old coat,too, e wore till it became quite white along the peani- ana glazed at the elbow?. It was a very significant tact.that though I passed the college wuh him times without number, the seedy old gentleman who used to step out from the oorner of ><>uth College street, and say in a mysterious undertone, "Any ole does, sir?" invariably addressed himself to me And really it would haTe been a very gratuitous assumption to hat e supposed that Tom had any clothes older than those he wore As for his linen, I doubt if he would ever have changed it had not Mrs. Pritchard made point of taking a clean shirt into his bedroom ever/ cunuajr morning oeiore lorn was up, and carrying the dirty one off. s hair, from sheer neglect, became long and frouxy. One day, I remember, when he at down to breakfast, it seemed so dry and matted that I oould not forbear remonstrating. Positively, Tom," I said, " you must pay some attention to your personal appearance. Why, your head is like a mop '' ' Is it?" said Tom. ' Let it be so. It saves time and trouble.1' I would have urged that the ladies would never look at him if he went so shabbily, but as I knew Tom to be a woman hater?or rather a woman scorner, for he did not think them worth hating?I waived that point. So things went on as before. I was not a woman hater, for I had become enamored of Fanny Lowndes?such a dear little thing'?had wooed her, and. laot December. had proposed and was accepted. ' Tom." ?aid I, one night when we were having oar iwual pipe by tie fireside before Ejing to bed, ,4 Tom, yon know Fanny owndcs V* "I've heard enough about her," replied Tom. " Well. she and I are to be married next month." Tom fare a ahort laugh a* if he considered It a good joke. ' On my honor, Tom. we are." Tom'a (ace became grave in an instant, and after looking steadily at me for a few moments, to assure himself that I was serious, he slowlv took his pipe from hid mouth and laid it on the mautlepiece. 4- Well, Dick, I did not expect thij of jou." He looked moarnfallj into the fire a few momenU and thefa resumed : ' Hive you thought on this subject? Don't you know ** well as i do that once married you are done for; there is no backing out again ' At your time of life, too. with all the world before you ?why, it s suicide; moral and intellectual ?u- I icide Oh ! it cannot be !?you are joking." I assure you, my dear fellow, I am quite serious." " Than vnn ?> J -J ?? ?:JH 1 !' v *?? > j vm ?i v uvwcuicu. nam IQIQ, QHCO* irg hiin-t-lt back in his chair. 44 You think it is all j.<?etry I suppose Wait till the curtain lectured commence; you won't find much poetry in them. Children, too; why, my dear fellow, you 11 have your house swarming with them before you know what you are about Tbe rate at which children multiply is prodigious. Uave you read Mr. Malthus' book? hi? Fj-ay on Population'- Read that book.'' "I have read it." r "Head it again, and apply it to your own case. Poetry' you'll fiud precious little poetry about children It's bad enough to have these young Pritchard* caterwauling night and day in the nursery there; but wait till you are in the midst of the Babel and can't escape. Wait till you have to wipe the children's noses, like that poor wretched Pritchard. and be badgered out of bed whenever a child so much as coughs. You'll know what the poetry of lovers is then, my Trojan.'' Tom ooncluded with a prophetic jerk of his 1 J J ? * * * arau. >au proceeaea u> relight his pipe "I have always feared it might come to this.'' continued he. "since that time you fell in lore with my riater Maggy, ller marrying Baines was clearly a Providence in your behalf it wait another Providence that we came h?re and ?w the life that poor wretch leads between his wife and children. For my sake. Turn think again before you take thu insane step. ' Tom suioked quietly for a minute or two, then proceeded to illustrate the miseries of 1 J J i ' * - " weuuea iue ov passages from the life of Milton tn l .-helley. Coleridge and Byron, and I know not how many more. He then began a brief extract of Mr Malthas book, in the middle of whi.h I fell asleep and nearly fell forward into the fire So I got op and told him that it wai no use of talking, m the thing was all settledTow bade me good night with an air of profound compassion. and evidently gave me up for a lost sheep. II ?A PaOBLKM WHICH IS SATISFACTORILY Solved It might be about a fortnight after that Tom had occasion to be in Glasgow for a day or two On the evening of his return I noticed that he l.?>ke<l very abstracted. I did not pay much attention to the circumstance, bat it struck me that be was He smoked by the firtsi'le for an hour. I am sure, before retiriog: Jet all mv enoro u) gei min to taik wtrt fruitless. When I I turned, after saying something, and Mid. Don't you think so'" or "Strange that,wasn't it' Tom would start, and ejaculate, "Eh?" * if he had not the remotest idea of what I had been saying, as I really believe he had not. When Tom came home to dinner next day, I was amaied to aee that he had got his hair cut I would hardly have known him in the street "Halloo, Tom ! Got your hair out?" "Yes,'' replied Tom, with something of irritatioo in his tone, I thought. "Did you never see a fellow with his hair eat, before " I havn't seen you very often, Tom." i - >< uimo uv r?piT, ana u u NModl to annoy him I paid nothing mora about it- Bat reelly it did astonish ma; and my astonishment was by no meeas diminished whon I found that next morning be broshed it oeref jlly?oiled it too, I waa convinced; in feet. I found e bottle of heir-oil in hia drawer one morning when I ?w hunting for e pockethandkerchief Whet next should I find him doing but appearing in a eleen shirt every sconi day or so, ana actually quarreling with Mr* Priteherd once for net sterching the wri?tbendsr Then came e feshionabU hat, then e new peir of boota, ao amall that I oould j hive sworn Tom feet would never get into i them. I discovered too, (through Mrs Priteherd ) that Tom had taken to shaving in secret. and ?u daily on the outlook for whiakers. My amacemant wax unbounded I could not for th? life of me account for it; but as the change wm a good one, and as I remembered the rebuff I cot when I apoke of his hair, I considered it beet to keep qaiet. "Dick.'' said Tom to me at dinner one day, "this ia December, ia it not?" "December? Yea." "Very cold weather for December ?" "Well, rather." "I think." said Tom, "I would be the better of something warmer than thia old great coat of mine " "Of oourae you would I've said so often. You should get one of those Highland oloaks; they took very comfortable; they are fashionable too." And Tom actually came home that evening, in one, presenting, I most say, a very imposing appearance. And now Tom, who could not be coaxed oat of the house except in collage hours, evinced a ?adden propensity for afternoon walks?a positive passion for them. "Dick," he would My at tne very time when I used to enjoy a read by the fire; '-Dick, put on your hat, and let us have a stroll." I went, but it wax not a stroll. It was anything but a stroll. It wm a regular unvaried walk to Royal Circus, twice round the circus, and back again. It was the coldest and bleak est and most dismal round which ooald hare (been selected, Yet this route Tom would take, and no other. Soon, however, he gave over asking me to go?seemed anxious, in fact, that I shouldn't go One day, in particular, he suddenly appeared fully equipped, and said, "Well, I am off on a stroll.^' "Wait one minute,'1 said I, ''and I shall be with you." "Don't mind," said he; ' I shan't be long. It looks as if it were going to rain," and hurj ried out. The afternoon wore away?tea time came, yet Tom had not returned He didn't J return till half past ten. "Halloo. Tom, you have taken a tolerably long stroll to-nieht'" "Ah! I looked up to see my aunt. She's not very well just now." "Your aunt?" "Aunt Paterson?mother's sister. I didn't think you knew her. ' I certainly did not?had never heard of her, to my knowledge. Next day when we had finished dinner, we drew our chairs to the fireside, and I proceeded to make some observations on the condition of Italy. Oh, hang it!" cried Tom, clapping his hand to his coat-pocket, "I have forgotten to post that letter!" He threw on his hat and cloak, and off. Half past ten again before he returned. ' Halloo, Tom." I said, "you have taken a tolerably long time to post that letter." "No; I was up seeing my aunt." "Oh. yes! by the way, is she better tonight?" ' Not decidedly so; rather worse, I should say, if anything." " I am sorry For that; but come let us have a quiet pipe." "Not to-nirht, thank you." "What!" I exclaimed in considerable astonishment, for Tom smoked every night with the regularilv of clock-work. "Not smoke before going to bed!" "No; I find that it is not agreeing with me. I see Dr. Prout shows that it ruins the constitution." So Tom retired, and I sat and smoked alone, wondering whether Tom could be insane, and where this extraordinary change might be expected .to end. Next night I was up making some arrangements with Fanny for our approaching marriage. ' Oh. Dick!" she said, what a merry fellow Tom Pidgrer is!'' "Tom Pidger!" where did you see him',' ' Why, he took tea with us at Mrs. Purdie's last night. . . * * r? - .>irs raterson's. you mean." Mrs. Purdie's, Royal Circus. Julia, you know, was a school companion of mine. We bad such fan breaking the pipes in Tom s pocket; and at last, Julia made him get down on his knee* and promise that he would never smoke again." ' Ah!" said I, as the secret of Tom's metamorphosis and his aunt's illness (?) began to dawn upon my mind; "how does Tom come to know Julia Purdie?" I "He met her on the train coming from Glasriw some weeks ago. and fell in love with her, suppose, and she?(but you must not tell him, remember,)?she fell in love with Tom Poor | thing! she loves him to distraction, I believe. J 0, Tom is there almost every afternoon." This was precious news Keeping it to myself. however, I went home and found Tom fitting ruminating over the fire. "Ah, Tom. I thought I should have caught you smoking." "No, Dick, you won't catch me at that again I see,'' said he gravely, tapping himself all 1 over tbe waistcoat, "that I am better without it already." "Dear me, already! ThcnDr Prout must be quite correct. Oh! by the way, I have sad news for you, to-night. ' What"' enquired Tom. with a very long face. "I hear that your aunt is dead!" "Eh?" cried Tom, wheeling roand in his chair and giving me a look of curious surprise, which is quite indescribable. "Dead and gone, Tom, is your poor aunt? your mother's sister, you know! Mrs. Paterson?not Mrs. Purdie?oh, no!" You should have seen Tom's face all this time. Shame and merriment, curiosity and chagrin, chased each other off and on, so rapidly tbat they sometimes appeared to be all mixed up in the same iinrMiinn At ! ? ludicrous prevailed, and torn broke into shouts of laughter which it would have done your heart good to hear. He looked very red in the face, though being clearly a good deal ashamed of himself He made me tell how the secret had oome out, and finding that it really was out, be became quite gushing He made me it by him at the fireside and gave a minute ani circumstantial account of the whole transaction?how in returning from Qlasgow by express, he found himself in the same carriage with a fine old gentleman and his daughter? ". uch a beautiful girl, Dick "'?how be and the old gentleman conversed, and she listened ?listened with such interest that he thought within himself, "Well, here is a sensible girl, for once." Then how the old gentleman ensconced himself in a corner and fell asleep, and Tom found that he oould not keep his eyes off the young lady?"the most beautiful girl Dick" ?and more than that he caught her every now and then peeping slily at him, and when he eaugbt her bow she blushed ' "And I do believe." said Tom, "that I blushed too. f frit snch a?*uch ft sort of funny all orer, you know," Mid Tom, with ftn explanatory wave of the band. Then how the old gentlemen wok* up when the ticketa were oalled for, and chatted again, and presently diftcovered to the surprise and delight of all parties, that he and Tom's uncle, not Mr Patterson, but a real uncle this time, had served together in India. So he made Ton. shake hand with his daughter, and gave him his card, and told him to call whenever he happened to be in the neighborhood of Royal Circui Tom then proceeded with the subee> quent detail*, which be had got about htli through when I prevailed upon him to stop, fr>- tK. kJT r.. - ? -?~ ???(, m oonataeratton or tne ItUDtM of the hour. It ?u aotaally put two ia the morning 'Now to-morrow, Mid Tom u we parted for the night, "we might call together to ?ee Julia Yoa will be tore and like her, ah* i? aoeh a beautiful girl, Dick." Next day we did oall, ana Julia turned oat to be a mo#t beaatifal girl I don't think I have ever Men a aweeter little |irl?Fanny, of oourae, excepted. The week after Fanny and I were mar nod. and left town on ow marriage jaunt 4 III.?a difficrltv Satisfactorily ov*bCOMK. The morning following our return, I bad a note from Tom, stating that be would call that afternoon on very particular business I mentioned it to Fannj, who laughed, and appeared to know intuitively what this "very particular business" was. Tom came in time for dinner, but he ate next to nothing, and seemed uncommonly nervous. When the thi#gs were cleared away, and Tom and I were sitting aione with a tumbler of negus befora us, 1 broached th? subject. "This 'very particular business' of jours, Tom, what is it^" "Well," said Tom, fingering his glass nervously. "I shall tell you what it is. \ou know Julia?" "Of course I do." Tom gulphed down a quantity of negus, and resumed : "Well, I hare been thinking?am thinking, in fact?that ia?I want to marry Julia?that 's all about it;" and Tom. who had blushed the % " deepest crimson to the very roots of his hair, I made another gulph at the negus, and nearly choked himself. It was with great difficultj that I could keep from laughing at his embarrassment?but I did. "Tom," said I, very solemnly, "I did not expect this of you; at your time of life, too. with the world all before you! Why, it's suicide?moral and intellectual suicide. You think it's all poetry. Ha! my boy, wait till the curtain lectures commence?" "Oh! come, come, Dick, this is too bad." j said Toui, stirring his ne^us violently. "But do tell me this, Tom; have you calculated the prodigious rate at which children multiply7 Hare you read Dr. M*lthu* book ? Ho' Tom, Tom ! I could refrain no longer, and laughed right out, to the infinite relief of Tom, who laughed right out too, and got excessively jolly at his own expense. ' Now. then," you know what I want," said he, at length, "tell me how to go about it." "Why, propose." i 1 -? * - - A IUJ'UWJ ui course; out now to propose,? there's the rub. I attempted it on four different occasions, and always stuck at the ticklish bit. I thought to propose by letter, and began half-a-dozen different sheets, but could not write one to please me. I tried poetry, and failed there too. Now. Dick, what I want is this?i want you to tell we exactly how you managed it, and perhaps I could do so to.' "I popped the question in a very simple way?quite unpremeditated, too. I had been spending an evening with Fanny, and at last got up and said, (pulling out my watch?this one.) 'It is late. I must be off ' -Oh, no,' she said, "It can't be ten yet.' 'Look for yourself She looked and observed the landscape on the face here. Oh, what a sweet little cottage !' she said, pointing to it. 'Dear me, so it is, I never looked at it particularly before : What would you say, Fauny, to our taking a nice little c?ttag? like that for ourselves, eh, and set| tlinjr down there ?' Wall ?1 T - . .... umw wiu.'ntu, nllU A. j kissed her and said. shall I. love?' and she squeezed my hand, which means. 'Oh do.' and eo the thing wa.s settled." "By Jove!'' cried Tom, striking the table with his hand, "that's admirable' I eould manage that. I think. Dick, give me your watch for a night; there's nothing on the face of juiDe." The watches were exchanged in j an instant, and Tom who could not wait a iu >1 ment longer, put off for Royal Circus, in a 1 state of intense excitement. It aeetns that on the way Tom's exoitement became so overpowering that he was obliged to fortify himself with two separate glasses of brandy. He reached Col Purdie's about six o'clock, and in the course of half an hour or ao found himself alone with Julia. Apprehenaive that if he lost this opportunity he might get no other that night, be pulled out the watch and said : "Getting late. Julia, I must be off " "Late, why it is not seven yet." " Isn't it Look for yourself.'' said Tom. turning the face of the watch towards her; "ah' your watch is not right; look here." Julia looked " Why it is not seven on yours either'' "Dear me." said Tom with anas OUIlipilUU t'l grwm astonishment, "neither is it I Pretty landscape thai??this here." "So it is; very sweet cottage." '-Very sweet cottage"' repeated Tom with great energy * I say, Julia, what would you?what would you say?it would ooat to engrave that?" Alas! for p'K>r Tom, he had failed once more. Of this, however, I was ignorant, and called next morniDg to ascertain how he had succeeded Tom was out, and as 1 could not wait. I tat down to scribble a Dote inviting him up that night to tell me the result. I took his desk, aud was rumaging for a scrap of paper, when my eye fell on a sheet scribbled and | blotted all over with what I at once perceived to be Tom's matrimonial proposals in verse On the first page he had collected a host of rbymirg words to be introduced as they migl t happen to suit his turn There were bliss and kiss, sing and ring, life and wife, and many other-sentimental monosyllables. Then there was Julia and peculiar, with a query after it; also Purdy with sturdy, and huray-gurdy, but he had drawn his pen through these He even attempted Pigder, but apparently without sac cess. on me next page were his numerous effort# to put these together after various models " To be or not to be, that is the question." Then a blank line ending with the word ' digestion" scored out. After that came? " Not a word can I speak, not a letter or note Can I write to convey my suggestion " followed by two blank lines ending with the word " question." Then came an adaptation of a popular song? " Beautiful star' for star thou art, Twinkling over my smitten heart; O, that I could call thee mine! Star of my bosom : star divine!" After this were some curious hexameters about? " His heart being cold and black, and his home full of sadness and sorrow;" and at least half-a-dozen copies, with varieties of his greatest and final effort, which was fairly copied out by itself in the centre of the last page? "I am thine; Wilt thou be mine? Tell me, tell me, sweetest Julia. Say the wordie. Darling Purdle, None can love you more or trulier. Mv hMrt la fnnH ' Afl parallel beyond, Although my poetry's peculiar." There war* manj other verses and fragment* of versea, but thin was ovidently the master| piece. I bad scarcely finished my note when Turn came in. His dejected look told bia ?toiy at once. "Come, come, Tom, too mustn't get downhearted. Never say die, you know, while there's a ahot in the locker!'' Tom shook his head despairingly, as if oonsoious that the locker had been completely emptied the night before. I cheered him bj> as beat I could, and left him. ! "Fanny," said I,when Igot home, "we must manage this business for Tom The poor fellow is getting worse and worse. An idea struck me on the way home. This is leap year, you I know Now, don't you think you could persuade Julia te pop the question? Fanny was excessively shocked at the idea at first, but when I exhibited it in ita moat favorable lights, aha admitted the piapriety of the plan, and we oonsulted how it oould be best oarried out. It was finally arranged that I Fanny should go and tell Julia all about It, snow ner lorn't letters on the subject. and tell aboat his consultation with me; that as Tom ! ?u to be there that nicht, Julia should watch her opportunity, and To an off-hand mam.or itk him to let her see that oottage on the wateh faoe again; thai when Tom expressed, himself unable to "aatisfyprod action," Julia nhould mj, "Never mind, Tom,we can gtet one just like it for ourselves, can't we? This is leap year, you know; eo I propose we stould,"' or something to that effect. And I felt sore, from the mischievous expression of Julia's eye*, that she was just the one to do it, though it were for nothing but the fun of the thing Aooordingly. Fanny set out for Royal Circus, ana I expected to hear nothing more about it till her return; but just as I was sitting dowo to ( ?, a cab pulled up at the door, the bell rang furiously, and in the twinkling of an eye. Tom burst into the room in a perfect transport of delight, with his head more like a mop than the day I told him it was, and a hat fur too small for him?Col Purdie's, it must have been ?stuck on the very back of his head. "Shake my hand, old fellow," cried Tom, stnmhling over the cat, and nearly overturning the tea things; shake away, it's all right? it's all settled "Whafa right?" "julia, of eourse. What year is this '?'the year?be quick man! Confound it' don't you know what year it is?'* and Toui in his impatience accompanied each word with a poke of I his knuckles "Why, it is 18A0." "Leap year,'' cried Tom, giving uie a frightful dig in the ribs and sent me staggering against tke wall. Leap year, vou old fool, and .Tulia popped the question. Ila' ha!" "Yo doi't mean it?" "It's a fact,I assure you. She asked for a look at the cottage?on your watch you know?and I thought. 0! what a splendid chance if I had it But 3f course I hadn't. Never mind, said Julia getting very red in the face, and stooping dowi to pick up something, this is leapyear, yoa know; so I propose that we get one She did Dick, upon my word I>id yon ever hear anything so extraordinary? The very thing. y*u know, that I was to have said ' Well. I felt MmAtKinv ? ? ft *i?uv iuiu luy throat, and not a word could I utter, but I ran over and ? Tom could say no more for chuckling, but ho made a violent demonstration of clasping sotne one in bis arms, which waa sufficiently expressive; an! then, in the exhuberanee of his joy began t? beat a devil's tattoo on Cj!. Purdie'a hat anc to execute a dance, a shade or two wilder than the Highland fling, round and round the tablo. To which exhilarating exercise I shall leave him, to advise all young ladies who have beaux like Tom Pidger to glean from my story, and not forget the date. A MRS. Wl.liLOW, N Exjerlenoed Nurse <vnd Female Phyaiolan. proaenta to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Children Teething, Wkiak [Hill; facilitate tfca praclta af titlhinj, a f aaftaaiq( tba fimi, radacinf all ialtmmaU*o?vi.i allay ALL fall* &?d apaamadie it SURE TO REUULATE THE BOWELS. Uapa&d a poo It, mothara, it will f' rait ta yaaraataaa, atd RELIEF Ay D HEALTH TO YOUR 1NFAXTS W a b??a pat ap ai>d aold thia articla for o??r tan y?u?, a?4 can i at, in cosriDinci akd tbvth of it, what vahava oa?ar b?aa ebla '.a/ iaay of any OTHIl Mtdieir.a? !??tik mrs HAS it rilLID.lS A IIKtLI ll?- ITAIVCB TO 1Frtct A era B, WlSSLuW 5 chill timaiy aaad Na*ardid wa know coilTKI^n ,r> in?t?'.ea of ?1 iaaMtafaeioii by any _ ' on a who aaad it. On tha contrary,all ara SYRt P( dalifhtad with ita or (RATION*, and ?r**? in tarma #( highaat eomman<1*iion af iu magical acta and madieal firtou Wa apa*k it. .bia manor " WHAT ai na aianw aftarttn fun' ipifiiae(,tKD flidqI oci RirVTi TtOft POR THI rrLriLMUT OP WHAT W? KIBI Dl CLil) I In tlmott a?ary inatanea whir a :ba infant u toffar In j from p?m and aihaaation, raliaf will ba foand in I'uti K tty nmiataa aftar tha ?yrt>p ia adminlatarad. Till* vuliiabia praparattoo II tha praacriptian of an* af Ik* nui I1PKI R!*o ID ?nd <RILPCL !? L'R SIJ In Naw Enfl land, andhaa baan and with w??iR-PA!Liwe *ucc>ii in THOVSAyDS OF CASES. ' ll oat anly r?ll???a th? child fram piio, bat InrifarUM th? tamtch and bowala, eorracu acidity, and g!? tan? and n?rf j ta th* wbola ayaiatn. It will aimoat ioataatiy ralia? Gripifte in thk Bowils and Wind Colic, and aMrcoma canaaUiaoi, which, if not apatdilv ramadltd and in daath. Wa ; balitT* it tha ?1?T xnil'lllTllM- FOR mr in tha world in all eaaaa af DY?- CHILDKE!* I^TIRT and DiAR RIKXA in chil TKK.THI.1ti. o*"*. whaUar tt aniai from taaihir.j _ . or from an* otbar caaaa Wa wooM ?aj to a?arf mothar who haa a cni!d ?af'antif from aar of tb? foragolrr complainti?DO NOT LIT TOUR PRIJl'DICCt, nOR THI PRBJl'DICtl OP OTHKRs, taod bttwaan <our ictarmf child and tt? rtliaf that will ba urr? pa, tliOLl'tilt aCRl?to follow tha aaa of tb didiciii*, if Mrrtly ut? 1. roll dirtctior '.>r Ming will a e?nj>*nr ??ch hntu* Noil* ration* snltu th* fce-cimil* CCRTIS t PERKINS,N?w York, woo tb* oauid* mrtfft Bo'd by Di>?uli thro*jhoutiha world. Principal Offic*. No. 18 Utter 8lr**l, S T. fnei inlr IS Uinu Mr m ll-rl*wlT GEORGETOWN ADYERT MTS I? OR IIA RI'FR'S YtRRW-CHANdE OF I DA YS.?On ami alter July 2.18W>, . the ?t?amer ANTELOPE, Capt. B- a J. w?j.L?,oarriingtlie United Statc?t^WW*??wmail, will cave Georgetown EY'b RVf MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDA V. at 7 a. m .anrt return ev. r? Tuesdav, Thursday and Saturday ft. B ?The Antelope will run a? before until the above date. je5-2m* I CA Jl'ST RECEIVED," lO'l BBLS WK1SKY, <a??ort?d,> 100 do. HERRING a d ALEW1VES, is do. HKF1NED SUGARS, |fthh<W. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bhU. (Jiaffield) WHITE Fl H. 25 boxes p'lme Eastern CHEESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGUE, je 8 Georgetown. D C. ! AGENCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN A GEORGETOWNThe undersigned have been appointed Agent* f?r the ?ale of the above celebrated and we i known PLATFORM end COUNTER SCALES. A fu ! supply consUu.tly on hand and for sale at lowest rates. HAY and COAL SCALER erected in any part of the District or ad) uniuc counties. All Soal?s are warranted durable, aeon rate, and to give satirfaelioQ BUSF.Y k. BARNARD. n>.I... . 1... I 1 ? vwivi HI n^uuuKuitti implements, je8-2wi Bride* street 3 doors wwt of Huh. RAN DELL. OPTICIAN, ~ So. l'i* lirxdf* ft., Otorgttm, Has oonstantlv on band a large assortment of Frenoh Near-si*nt?d, Penscopio, Colored, and all other SPECTACLES, the best quality. ?? I?'d, silver, steel, and Germac ?Uv*r frames. N. 8. Old Framss Repaired and new glasses sot in them to order. no IS It JOS?. F. BIRCH, UyDKRTAKEH, Cor. Bridge and Jeff erf on eta., Georgetown. Having given my personal attention to this branoh of my bu?in?s?. i am prepared to.? ? Attend to all cai's with promptness Persons from a distance canVesnp-^ plied at a 'ew minutes' notice, as 1 have a large assortment of CuFFINB always on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d-ad from the old to t*e new burial grounds. Hearsex a*d Horses for hire. ap '0-?m !Y? AS8KY, COLLINS 4fc CO.'B PH1LADKL 1?I PH1A DRAUGHT ALB.-We are oonstantiy receiving fresh supplies of the above delightnil beverage, and invite all persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. ARNY A 8HINN, Agents. _jh* 4V Brwn nt.. freorr*ti>?o, yySKLI.lNO OFF!?SELLLNO OPF!^f| China, Glass & QueenswareDff at cost for cash Desiring greatly to reduce my stock preparatory to altering the interior arrancements of my store. 1 will bu?in this day to run off all my stock of* rm.ii able (<kkI* at cost for cash. I have in store a largo and varied assortinfiit of CHINA, GLASS and uI EF.NSVVaRE, Pl.ATF.I) ARr , CI'TLERY, MATS, FANCY ARTICLF.S. and HOUSRFUR NIHH I NO GOODt* gen-rally. The unproved Copper Bottom ICE ! 1 CHKK and many other articles just in season. Also, complete CHINA TEA ShTS, 44 pieces, for S4J0, Call early and secure a t>?<-catn | at GREKN'S. #7 4 Pa. a v., h*t Uth and 12th sts., js !2-?o6t 1 door east of Kirk wood Hous*. p A P K R H A N G I N G 9 , A Oi? *<H) WIN DOW SHADES. lOD In store a good ass.rtinent of PaperhancincK, mbiajmg hand tome stock of GOLD and VKI. F.T,and 001.6 PAPfcRS. STaTITKS. CENTf.K PIECES, U.w Priori GLAZED and BLANK PAPERS, FIRKBQARD PRINTS. Ao. Also, a choioe assortment ol warranted GOI.U I BAND \VIWDOW SHADES, IMITATION GOLD and COM MON SHADETfeUFF OR EF.N and BLUE SH a DE HOLLANDS. PJCTl RE * ORp ami TaSSELS, ?o. Every a-Ucle war ranted as represented.aod satisfaction guarantied or no pay required. Orders punctually executed, I injj ty or con. try. lift ing pnrcha?ed Tor cash, I wiii Mil at tn - lowest roirntieintiv* pncos. Pleaee zive m? a call, O Uou't forget the number. " , J MARKR1TKR, je 9 r<*C 8 ftfcr*. I F"OR SALE A BAY HOR*E: good tin !? UV die or hftrn*?; sold lor want of UN: oan he *n at BIRCH'S stable. je 19 if AUCTION SALES. By C. W. BOTELER * SONS Auctioneer* ^RUSTLE'S SAt EOF 8UPFR1 >R F! R1 XITFRB BBtlO TUB BMTIBB IFFfrrt Of TUB Clakkndo.i UoTfcL - Hi vutiM of a deed ie Wa.t bearu.g date Jaguar; 5th, I &">. *"<1 dull records in Liber J. A. *?., Wo. WO, folio* from No. '19 to No 177, one of the Land Reo?rde of Waehingtoii oonctj, D C , I aha I pooeed to ee'l on the prem !?? on THURSDAY June ath. at 1-o'o??k a m . aland aincwlar the goudaaod oU'ltlicoutuned in the bundh.g a* Ui? Clarendon Hotei. itaated on ?he eontheaat ootiner of Pennay'varua avenue and 6ib etreete. via: "ne Superior Roaevood Piano Forte. Elegant anite of Roaewood Parlor Furniture, Large Oilt frame mantle and Pier Mirr> re. Rich eeite of B'ooatebe and La*e Cmtan.a. Velvet aud Btuaaele Parlor Chamber and Hall Carp-tin*. Rofvuud, ?a nut, Mahogany and Oak eetu of Chamber Furniture. Curled Hair and other Mattrmaea, Pillow* and Bolatera, Blatketa, ?he?:a, Comforts, Couoterpaena, Tow ela, ke., Wain t fcxtwaion and Round Dining Table*. Oak Pining Room Cha<ra.t?aa Chandelier*, A n extrusive variety of China Ulaar and "rocker?, Mlver Plated Caatora, Butter Liafcea, F^rk? and Ppoona, Table Cutlery Ao , B\r Room Furniture and Fixtures, Cooking I'teoatla. Ac. It i? deemed nneceaaa'j to particnlarii* the ar ticl** contained in this very handsomely fumiahed estab!lahm<'iit. To peraoca in queat of good houa< i.old present* utiuaua: attract, u*. a? the oollec'ion la verr large, mbra ung the oontenta ol a?>out forty finely farniahed rooma. a I < f which ia of the niua; tup<?rior and substantial ohar?cter and in excellent oondition. hanac been purchased new in January n-t Termt?and under e.a>h; o?r *4fl and not ex oeeoing J no,1, 2 and 3 n.ontti.-; ov?r .$1 m, 1, 2, 3 4 and 5 months, for approval endorsed notes bearing interest. t I) IIALi , 1 ruiiee. ie g dtd C W. ROTKI KE A SO VP. Auet?_ Br C. MottUlRE A CO., Aactiunefri. TRUSTEES SA1.E OF VERY VALUABLE real tstatr on the corner of * evbnth and tj *teeets.?tif virtue of a deoree of tlic < uouit Cou t of the Diftriot of u!nm ia, pasred in two cau?e* in ? hieh Statham. Smilheon & Co.,and Austin Sherman, respectively, are complainants, ai.d John F- Cailan a"d o'hors are defendants, the undersigned wi 1 cell at public auction, to the higbest bidder, ou THURSDAY, the lvtn da of July, I860, at 6 o'cio' k p. rr., upon th? premises, Lot No. 8. in Square No. 456, in the city of Washington. D. C., fronting W feet II inches on E street Lorth, and 75 fort <>n Seventh street west. This well known property is situated on the northeast corner of Kand Seventh streets opposite the General Fost Office, an<t ia one of the ve y best bu?Ke*? oeations in the city of Washington. The improvements oonsistof t ree th'en story fooiine* on E street, mending the drug store on the corner of Seventh, ar.d a two-?t>?y builing on Sev ntli street. The property wi 1 be s?id in srpa.aie paroels, according t'? the impro emer.ts. Terms of %a:e: One third of the purcha?e idtm to be paid in oa<h,and th? residue in two equal iosta.ments, in six and twelve months from the day of kale; the deferred pa*ments to bear interest, and to be secured by the notes or bonds of the purena ser or purchabers.with a surety or ?uret<o? to l>? approved t?y the T.-uateea. Shouid the terms of safe not *e complied with within six days *ft> r the day of cale, the Tru?tees reserves the right to ro sef the property,at the risk and t-xp of the de fault) n? purchaser, a t-r five >'a? s notice. Ail oonveyaaces at the ooat of the paro.iaser C. IN If I.E. I Tnmtees A. AUSTIN SMITH,* 1 ru|,lw* jell 6tawAd? J. C. McttUIRh k. CO , Aucs. By J. C. MoGI'IRE A CO . Auctioneer* CHANCERY SM.E OF VALUABLE IMV/ proved and Unimproved K eai. Estate?By virtue of a deoree of the C-rouit Court of the Pis trict of Columbia, passed m the c?ute where n Frederick \\ .Selhauaeniscompiai- antand Mades ana others, executors ai.rt heirs at law &ud devieees of Konaventur* fei;datts. the suhsoribr will sell, at public sate, the failKint valuab'e reel cstat" la v\ ashington citj : Lots Nob 9. in, ii %pd 12, in square No 7*5, on tn# corne- c f north B and Third streets * ast, fronting 1ST feet inches on north B street ana :25 feet on Third street east. Lot No. 9, in square No. M, fronti g 113 fe-t on De.a* are avecu- , by 33 feet 10 inches on b^utn G str*?t. Th? whole of square north of square No. #4.', fronting 2m feet 8 inches on Virginia aveu*e,2 7 !?et on south F street, si feet 5 inches on Delaware avenue, and IP feet6inches on Half street wtst l.ota No*. 1.2,3. 4, 5,6,7, B. 9,10.11,12, IS, 14, IS and 16, in square No. 8^, ooiupnsing the whole square and fronting ?48 feet 2 h.ches on nort > I? street, 248 feet 2 inches on north C street. 35 feet oo Eighth street east, and 35" feet on Seventh street east. And Lo'b Nob. i.U, and 10, in squv* No. 5ft4, froa lug 30 feet ea^h on south F sirowt, boiwe n First aud Second streets w<?st. by '.on feet deep with the improvements, whioh c -Mist of four wtll built two-?tor* frame dwelling houses Th?saieofthe lots in square No. 785 will fake place on TUfcSDAY, the Mn day of Ju'y^iHeu: of the lot in square No. 6*2 on THUKSDA Y,*?e 12th day of Ju!y,lH6h; of square north of rquare N" 64. on FRl l>.\Y, the lith day of J i'iy, l*S?; of lots in sq-ia-e No. 8V4. on MON DAY. the 16th day of Ju y, lMV'; "f the lot* in square 5M. with the iinprovoine"ts, on TL'Ki?DA Y, the 17ilt day oi July. The sales will on at6 o'olock p. m .on thr days above cpecifi'Hl, on the respect ve preinf set. and the property will be so d in euon parcels or lot1 as may suit furohasers. Terms of sale: Ou<? third oash ; ar.d the >~aiare* in 6. >2 and <8 months, secured b* the purchasers not >e, hearing interest fronr? the da? of sa^, with security to be approved by the trustee an J if not compile J with in five day* after the ?a of proper ty. tne terms of whioh are not complied w!1 h wil. i? ?.i a ' m rcBuiu, upon on* wwi no'ioe, at ?he ri?k ?n . expense of the defaulting purchaser. L p<'u the fail payment of the purchase money and iT'tereet. auu not before, the tru?t?e will oo-ivey tlie property tu the r*?peoriv? purchasers in fee implo. Ali conveyancing at the espeise of the p'irchvera. CHA8 8. WALLACH, Trnate*. J C. MctiUIKE 4. CO , Aucti Jell stawtJuIt 17 \1 ARSHAl/8 SALE ?In vi'tue of two writ* of i"l fieri lacias, i??a (J from the Clerk's offiae ol the Circuit Court of the District of C<>|nn.tiia I"' th e. ur.ty <f Washington.and to me dir-ct'd.l will exww to pub io ?'?, for cash, in f out of the oourt house door of ?M<i ooui.t', ou MONDAY th" 9tn day of July neit. 1660 at 12 o'c oo? ib., the following property, to wit: All defeodint'a right, title, oiaim and mt?re?t in and to Lot No. 1, in Square No 618, in the oity ol Washington, D C , together wi'h ali and singu ?r the improvements taereon, s< i?ed and levied upon a' the property of Andrew Kotnwoil, and will be bo <1 to fcatis'T Judtcia s Nor 2'4 and 215, to October term 1.158, in favor of Phelps Jt Kingman. \V. SELDEN, U. S. Marshal for the District ol Columbia, j? 18 dU MARSHAL 8SALE.?In virtue- U writ o' fivri facial issued from the Clerk'a ofcoe <if iheCir I.a<1'e?' ami Miaaea* Wkita Cotton Hom, Whi '(iooda in vanety. Cambria and Svisa Kd inga and Inaertinca, Honixin. titrpnre and French Worked Cuilara, Sun Uml>r*r.a?,lPva* Jj ho^'m Shades, o??r 8i!k and French L?w Mantlaa, ' H?opad Hk rte. Btik Miu to., Jto , raaatrad and for utlabv dt i JMT TAYLOR ? HUTCHISON. Selling O> FT" SELLING OF ft We have marked down oar wboia a'oek of? Rieh B* ? and Lawa Robea, Rich Ficnrwt and Plain Sarefea, Ghinti Kieared Anlana. W. Fancy Dreaa Si.ka. many at ooat and eta. in order to redcoa onr heavy atoek thia aaaaon. (T7" We invite t,he aprcial i rupee tion of the laiiea andpurebaiera R-narally, m we r^all r fl*r dealraW? bartatua .^J.W. '"OLLEY k. CO , i ja ? 7w JQ3 Seventh at.- above Pa. w. ' pefcKERIN6 * SONS' SUPERB PIANOS, V/ oalj Cor aa.e at a?* JOHN F. ELLIS'S, SO? Pa. a*. THE WEEKLY STAR. This MMlifDtFtVL.T *?d Jot.roftl?tra UiEin( a creator rariaty of lotoraatiM r?*dinc than m b? Ibsed 10 My otfcar? ia rab'tab?4 m 5\t?rua? aaonuag. Tiim-Oajt, nrartat'ii, to m4^mmte Sintl* oofy. per a?na?.__.... |l K ?, ? O'fln .. . * " Ten copi?? m Twaatj oopie*.. 15 96 By vuhaenbinc ta alaba nuaad mkwi a?urhfcnr? without tr>* iut*rxrD 1 r M a r? aa b* t+r+eirr4 r^ront. of TXt Wmkb *? ? wi'l a%ta?i. It iBvanai> f ?ot?iu n i>i>b(Uc Nf??" that : aa n.ada ?"* Irrami simt* ao generally throatboat um tktatrf I ouit ijourt of 'he District of Coluint-ia, for 'he county of Washington an 1 t<> me directed I will cxponf to pubiio iil?, for aash. in front of ihe court i.ou e door of *aid oi>unty, on V. the !*t? day of Juiy n "it, lfl?i at 1? o'olock m , the following desoribed propert*. to wit: All defendant's right, tr.l *, cl?'n. and interest in au<1 to L*?? No 6. lu bquarn No. ? the Oity of \Va>h:nf'oo, D. C., to*< ther with all an' ) *u'ar the improvement* ther.'oa, se;z"d and ievi d upon a* tne presort? of J C. Nicholas, and will l>? sold to *at:sfy J tudi eia No. 125, to May term ln?, i" favor 01 A. and F. A. Kiobards. W 8KLi>fc-? 17 9. Marsha! for the District cf Columbia je IS dts ___ By J. C. MoGUIRE k. CO . Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF THHEF. SMALL Brick Uwilmm houses in tmk kuk or Temperance HiLu-On WEDNESDAY AKTEK "Nl'OIX . June 7lh, at 6 o'olock. on the premises. by virtue of a deed of trust dat*d March 7.1157, .n/4 ,i?i. I J ..? ? mm u vi i j ?wum m iii yor J . A. ? ? HiO 131 , ]Ol O* ll>, 13 114, and 115, one of the land records for Washinston ooiniy, D. C . I shall ?11 bote H. 1, and K in a tulxlivison o 1 square numMrNl S7>. fronting *aoh about 12 feet 10 inohea oo the an f>*?t alley in tiie rear of re-nperanoe Hall, together with the improvements, oocaistiug oftkrei two-story Briclc Dwelling-(louses, containing five room* Mflh. Turin*: One third oaah; th? residue in 6 and IS m-Tths. with interest, secured by a deed of t u>t on tlie premises. If the terms of sale should ?'H be complied with in five dars th?re?fier, the trustee reserves <ba rirhtto retell, at the risk ar.d eip-n?e of the defaulting purehaser, after one week's pu^lio notice. All conveyancing at the oostofthe purchaser or puroha?ers. TBO0. J. FISHKR. Tiuitee je4 d J. C MrGI)IRK * OO . Auc's. in 4 II 4. and 12 4 super Linen Sheetings, lU"-*, 10-4. U 4, and l? 4 Cotton 8he*tinga, Rio .ard on A. Sons'. Dunbar 4 Dickinson and Barklie'* super Fronting and Shirting Linens, Towelings in variety. Tabia Li ana and Napkins, l'O pieotr* superior makes Bleached Cottons, ion pieoes Lawns at 12X oenU ii tlM<r> IV hit* m.n/1 I' m Q^8ingl??o?iM un ?u b? at ii. oouut?r. iran mat*,* after the mitof tfa? PM?r Pnee?THREE CfcNTS HT Poatmu'tn who Ml u t|Nti will kt atlow>4 a oomimin o< >' o?nt?. FOR SALE AND RENT. VTALI/ABLE BllLDINQ LOTS AT PHI VATC -ALE.-Ti nibMnbtr w.ll ijl.Men. vat? m>, Lot* 18 and It, S|uar? W f , or.ti ? *?c. 23 Wt 4 n?he? on I tlrewt north, between id andtCti ktreou w?eC Lou ina-id 11, Harare SSI. Lott 39 and S>. ^qua^# W. kots 10 ?n<l 11. Square 163. *rt Lot 17. Sauan- A?, 1 uuUr? *T feet or P street =a ^ fe?.clIi jna 14 9taw?w Atier^ev, No. 7 ledtaaa ar._ Ii*1X ^.T H RK>^f?T_ R Y BR I CI QWfc LLI NO Ituisu AI rilVATti BALK.-Th? ?uh 5crib<r will ell, at p'nate sale om or ail of the fi v?' w?ll built and comfortable thr#* >io ? Brink Dwelling Houses on Smtn etreK, opposite Qraae Church, on the Island, whiol, afford an -xo'lleit >pportn'!ii* to p? ' -I ir.f acomfo'talil*dvtll lui ortoinv* Price low and t rm??*?r, CH VS. 8. WALLACH. Attorney, ma '4 3Uw4w No. 7 laiian. ereaue a| >N IGO.WfcKY COUNTY -AM' FOR I SALE.?VV e bar* f^c aae ifra*> or fear ha a _ ? dred ac-oa of La>?1 U ltfoo tb? r to? ae. t an aa fr >m Geo'ectown. P. C. The waakiaftou Aqaa 'not a d ?*ne rA th- fineat roe da i? th?> ooaaty pas? throuah thia lard, and fi#nv> t of it ta '?iv?r?H with ?ood an-! the other po tion ta aoii of the ftrat ?ia itr. App.j ?<? HARMKUA MUtlKV A*M < a f, O"or?tuwii.or WaLL 4 UaKNAR P. Aao tui-?"?'? \Va?hi"? t'?w ma SI-ao L OR ^ALK-A great livcain, four aeroa of wel ? improved LAN D, well ?uitad for a mat ket ?ar den, with new dwelling house with four rooma ai>d kitchen; well of fine water i* the yard; under rood f ncin*, and will he aold low or exchaacad for city property, and on moderate tarma. "t h* land ia M Haifa Cioss Roads. two and a half lallan from Georiftown, and in Alexaadna count*, Va Appl? to V. P. CORlifc.TT,o\-er tank of tfaehiafton. ma 1g tf P[?OK K KiN I'?A small HTOR K, o?.r?.er of 6th at. and Peni avenue, ?<d'?r*lhe ClaraDdoti Hole., auitahle for a harher'e aaloon or oi?ar etor* For information In?i^|re at the Hot?l. ma- ? KTOR RKNT-TheFIRST FLOOR ofthebaiW i idc immediately oppoalt* me *nI win* of ti<* City Ha. . rcoetitiT oooupiM by Cuaa b. Waiiaeh m &ii offioe. Alio *Ua front room m tUe eooond atory and the third floor of the aaiae tn.]din?. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, I*o. 4 Louisiana avecne. ja IS tf SENATORS, MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.O Two splendid suites of ROOMS, eltfudyjkrmshed. wiT? ha rented during the seasion of Cot trees. in the moat deeiraNe looa ity in thia oity. Being within oneor two aqoares ofB'naii'a and National Hotels. Thoee in paraait of suol. Kooma will do well to ma** earty app>:oati<-n ?t No. ITS *th street. between D atree? and Pa a?. da ft-ti F^OR ^AI.E?A nice three atorv Rrick HOt'SE. on 2d street. I*?tween D ai.d E streeta. in jfihbey's i*u ("division. The above property wil. bo or ea*j terrna. Prioe made luiown iiy inaair .CKof H.W HAMILTON A CO.. No. Tth atreet. opposite Centre Market. Title perfeot. teTtf TRUNKS^ BOOTS AND SHOES. J?OOT8 AND 8TO SUIT THK We are dow mannfootaint aJ! ktpda of BOOTS and SHOES, ar.d ooratantW receiving (upp'y of eastern made work o' ever* SIJ aoripU-t". made ~x press) y to (?rde . and wi'.lw II be sold at a much tower arioe than haa been " heretofore charted in thia city lor muoh inferior artiolee. Peraona in want of Roota and Sboee of eaatera or oity made work, will alwavs find a food aeeortwioat in store aa?l at the loweat pnoea Give as aoall. GRIFFIN * BRO., ap t-r >14 Pernay'va'ia a venae. SOUTHERN TRUNE MANUFACTORY, o ??? TT? mtaf? Ovroiitt Odd Fill***1 Hmll. W*'ktntr<m. D. C. Travelers will stndt tf^eir interenu ft fiuunni my TRUNKS, VALIOK* Ao , Horf P"' flrns chaWing enewere A* 1 u|? but theBnfl best materia! the market ano'df and ?fnpk>?^**~u the b??t workmen. I can confidently reoonsmend my work to b-snpenor in Strm*ik and Dtn-abihty to Tranks that are made la other citie* and s?id here. I k -pp constantly on hand, an<1 mnk* to ord?r (on on* week'* notice) every description of SOI K LEATHER. IROX FRAME FhEXf'h DRESS Ml WOO P BOX TRCXKS, ASHLASP mud other VALICES; TbAVELIAO BAGS; HAR XESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, ft., #r. Trunks. Ac.. Repaired and Covered. in a work manlike manner, at short notice Trunks delivered ia any part of the city, George town, or Alexandria. Mao?Agent for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de 15-ly JAMF^y, TOPHAM WOOD-1ND COAL. WOOD AND coal Delivered to all paits of the city, at the ioweat possible rates. T J A W. M. OALT. Ofli^e 2??2 Pa. av., between Utii and 12th ats . ma 17 tf north side. The sibscribfr having on hand an extensive stock of KU EL. ia prepared to ?e" Haven low cash WOOD !awd and Split a^y slae. Call aud see for yoarceif. TV r?fX] ?nU t,C^! ma 1* 8. K. ournw of Fourt?*ath and r 512 SIGN PATNTTNO. 5J2 THK CHEAPEST A.ND BEST PLACE IN THE CITY TO GRTSIGNS PAINTED. CALX ON n. W. H4.MILT0.1, 612 SEVENTH STREET 41t AND HE WILL TELL YOU WHY AND HOW HE CAN PAINT SIGNS CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER ESTABLISHMENT IN THE CITY. N. B ?PARTICULAR ATTENTION f AID to HOU8E PAINTING. j?7 iw y O L K' S STATUETTE STEPHEN i DOUGLAS. In rnr? .nil L...rnr>. Ikl. flfM llHf?l Uld IMIIlll pt?<jnnen o? A laerio&n art la unaarpaaaad by any M?ci"iwi of lik? oharact*r eviw produood It u a foe timileof lh* " Litt.o Giant." . Specimens may be eeer. and Ptati"ttfla proeared MCcltii'i Diro Store. ^Io. r?* avana*. e<>rn#r ?(I2?h street W%khir>?U?ii ?**T. Heieee i? the District ??f Columbia andHtar^i of IHlawara, Mart'and. Virginia North Carol'urn., v*ro: Una, Georgia, F'orida, A alum*, MWu^ K-,*1 d Louiaiana. (Wiri r e..pi*a of the Scanjet.'*^ul 14dri?as their oroar* tu (TTrTCl) LV KE, Wa4"Hiar*?a oity, D. C., aooonipanied by a reaiiuaoo*. Composition Coym ?$lk Boi ar.d t artace 1. IC^fvditoreof newspaper* in the foreaoiQffttata* living the above twelve u>*eriiune ?? their week r iesu-s. with appropriate editona a. wtii be allied with a oobt of tfie Stitnntte. an<1 paper* In other >?tatf-K will befnrniahad h? the fx* acnnta ft ' /* 'T'H*') INDERPIONFD RKPf E^TFU LL Y 1 inform b"ir patron a and the patilie tm a? the* nave reoeived tuair u>aa apply ?<~>H PPRJNG GOODS. oonaiHiOf of the iatMt Wh lyje a d fa*h. >n.and he>tforei?n uiiouraa J[f afu.^ tz sr?is<'fwesS n, > NISH1NG Goods of th- lateat atyle* aad nakee. They alao kee* ooostant'y on hand a la*g* aaap y of Naval and Military Furnishm* u?o??-Mcti a* Epauleta, Chapeaa* Pw<>rde, Beltr, G?i4 liaaaa, Shuu der Straps, a?d Saahea h. r. uiDiiun a. uu . Oittttn, A'a?vs.' mmd Mxlumry Mrrrkamt TWIor m%r U "?' Bwyii'i Hm?l PUS hi OLD RVF. WHISKY.?Ob kacd ? ** hrtiii #f Pur* OW Rr?whl kr, Comr Diatilled, inal* by th* most r#liat> di?till?r? i? r*> t> < Ivtnia. M?'< and fctrf Vrcima. w*rra/?#d Ako, imported Hr*udi?, Umwri), O'Aid. D iftf * ?'*?.. Kohir*. A a Oan. P?ach *-.d Arp Brandy, pur? Bolt And Gin. old Jamaica and st. Cri;ix Pdip, and Winn ofevrry *-* i?<; a" ol standa-d Uranus A,?Soic# !ot nf Clear* and Tobaooo YOUNG k. KKVH ?KT, K?nU , ?p 14-1 v 9**q Pa a*., hotw th and iwtf ?t*. AH. ? ? ** T- DOYB fc CO. RB No* pr^parei to stent* any oHen vitA which th?j imlj b? faTorW^inJta , PLUMBING, nTTlKG ITT" Slor# on *1 atrvct. a ?w door* aortt <* Pa. 50 "k -,'tK Tatrvjk h?v? *mi vwtm, Thit t#% inww.^^ ?*>?* f -a . t* n?r p- and b? checlaf uiirii f W*f* to?>i | C^^WWeMe???|FEELL. ? K ??r. FiHwwtfc rt M<v?n? ?t w. PUNOS FOE EKNT.-B^fci p? U WlMNL MSI JOHN F. ELLIft

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