Newspaper of Evening Star, June 23, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 23, 1860 Page 2
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0 THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ATIROAY ... Jaae 23, 1560. Spirit (f tke M*rnli| Prew. The Conrtiiwiien treats upon the Sicilian revolution, 4? The Jmtetiigtnrer i* devoted to Congressional proceedings and newt. HT" w? are Indebted to the U. S. Consul at Bristol, Eng for late flies of I.ondon papers ILT hardly open an exchange paper without seeing a burning fluid accident announced. Will not scientific men devise some remedy for this state of affairs ? U^The dlra for the ninety cent postage stamps was seat from New York to this city on Thursday. The stamps will be forwarded in a few days IpT- The Japanese at New York do not seem to appreciate the Opera. Some of them left the matinee given ror tbeir entertainment, the other day, In the m!d*t of the performance, to go shopping on Broadwav. Ex-Postmastxk Fowler at Pick's Pkak ? The feature* of the statement regarding the recognition of Mr. Fowler, the defaulting New York Postmaster, at Pike's Peak, derived from a private letter received at ?t. Joseph, Mo., (which la considered reliable by persons there acquainted with the correspondent,) are as follows : ' An Individual, wheae drew ar.d general appearance denoted a city style, and who was evidently anxion* to shun particular notice, recently reglstered hta name a* Achille L>rance, at the hotel He passed unidentified until one day. on his way to the quartz claims he bad purchased. h? came to a small village in the mountains, and stepped into the Recorder's etllce, where he wss at once recognized .by an old resident of New York, (whose name is not iriven.) who exclaimed. 'Why. Fowler, where did you come from?' jjrante *wggerea oac* witu a flushed face, then turning pele, he replied with calmnesa. 'Sir. you are mistaken My name i? not Fowier.' ell, if you are not Fowler with hit whi*kers oil',* the other replied, -you are hit twin brother ' Drance. aeeminuly much embarraaaed. and endeavoring to ev%d* the diarloaure. aak?d if the Recorder was prea<?nt But Lis tormentor, not willing to give hiiii up. drew him to another part of the room and aatd, *1 know what I ?av Vou are \r r* ?? -? * .aw i ruwirr, 01 new iorK. ^ oil have had your hair cut off, your whiskers shaved off. and are disguised by your spectacles. but I should know you auvwbere ' At tlrst, Drance assumed a firm and indifferent appearance, but he soon rave way to bit feeling*, and exclaimed?'for Heaven's sake, don't expos* me Mr Fowler waa deeply affected at first, but gradually reaumed his cheerfulness Being within reach cf the Government, he thought it beat to leave Immediately for !*alt Lake and California, mention ln? Auatralia as his probable destination. He fled at once." Mr Fowler, on the tlrst nizbt of his arrival at Denver City, is said to have entered a jjamblin;: saloon and won He then bet the whole amount on one ^ame. but the dealer refused to risk it. Without making any comment, he took up his winniozs. went to the bar, took a gin cocktail and left the room This rreated inquiry as to who he was. but his ttutitiou* name arrested no farther notice He is reported to have spec-I ?a * *-- ? uiavea largely in Claims bTULWtKl fro* tx-CoiTSMTKl FnWLIR The New York News says: We have been furnished with the following extract of a letter from a gentleman residing at Havana, who went out in the Moaes Taylor with Isaac V Fowler Itestab lisheaconclusively the whereabouts of >lr Fowler, and puts at rest rumors recently circulated here that he had not left New York The letter bears dite Havana. June 3 "We bad only three lidies on board and s-. x gentlemen, and among the latter was tue late Postma?ter of New York, Mr Fowler He tailed himself Mr Potts' while on board, and appeared quite sociable After arriving at Havana, he called on Mr Helm, our Consul, told him who be wis, and a?ked if he should inform me. The Consul replied in the affirmative So -Mr Potts' called and Informed me He also informed me that Mr. Helm and myself were the only two persons in Cuba who knew who he was; but at this present writing many persons know him and all aboat the affair. 1 should have said that he came on board the Moaes Taylor at rfandy Hook, from a stearntug, having left the city the nigbt previous What his future intentions are 1 do not know." The Lost or thk Stumii \v??-~ -- Mbl\ biv ? 1 Ut steamship Delaware, from New York via Cape May. baa arrived at Philadelphia, with the survivor* of the wreck of the steamer Walker. The foilowiug is the list of the aliasing Henry Bread Timothy Conner, Jereuiian Cozzey. John M Brown, Michael McGee. Marquis Boneviento. James Paturson, Michael Allnian, John Driscoll, Robert Wllaon, Cornelius Crowe. Charles Miller. George W Johnson, Samuel Seger, Peter Conway, Daniel Smith. Job 11 Farren. Joseph Batti, James Farr< n, George Price, N G. Porter, S J Hudson, h Hoiite. John F.nglison, and Win Taylor The c Ulcer* and forty-three men were saved in the boats rimui Capt Barton, U S. A is at Kirkwoodi' Colonel Walte. ISA. and Baron Oaten Backen, of the Prussian Legation, are at W illards - Jud^e W he'worth, Ten .Hon J B CUrk and Hon Jaa. Craig, of Mo., are at Brown*'. Baron Rothcbild, W at the New York Hotel, V V. The health of the Prince Jerome Bonaparte ha* so far improved that the bulletins have ueen diacontined. Representative Wiaalow'a name la mentioned in connection with the full Sardinian minion undur Mr. Burllngame's bill. Mrs Faulkner and her daughter, accomCnied by Mr Faulkner, the American minister, ve heeu presented to the French Emperor and Empresa. ir^-RKV. A. W.WAVMAN WILL PREACH II 3 lareweiJ sermons TO-MORROW iSumlav I MORNING and Ni*ht at lTni?? b.i^i 1 - _ -w ?? - ?arvMrci vi.apn. " | T. ALOYSIUS.-TO MORROW there 11 < will be a grand high man* at 11 o'clock a m? lnhiiDor of the patron oi this church At vesper*. f> o'clock p. m.. r ATHtK M?ulire will lecture. It* N1TARIAN CHI'RCH.-Rev. Mr. Bow L5? *> of Baiumore. will preach TO-MORROW in the Unitarian Church. Service in the morming at n o'clock. It* ry-y-SERVICE AT THE CAPtTOL.-By Di ij^5c vine permission. Rev. Tho*. h Stockton will prea -u in tne Hall of the H?u?e of RepreoHit tires T<>-MUKK<?W, (Sabbath,)at 11 o'clock. j?23 If ry-g=*THE , A9T BIBLE I.BCTl RE of the |L ? <fa<i>n wi!! be rtellver??'l at the Room* of the Yumnj Men's Ci.ri tian Association. I<j Rev. 1> . vt THIS J-atar'lav EV h.N I N G. at * o'cik I"he puLuc?la>lies included?are cordially invited to attend. It ry-g?A WORD TO THE WISE -A good ht is ? de*ire<l an?l a nice article wa-ted, aixl for T" ir t>enefit I will ten ?ou that the People's Clothins More. No. 460 Seventh street, m the plaoe where a good fit and a good article can be bought at varj low price*. V B.?Ju?t received a second supph of Spring and ?ummer C " thing. Hats and Caps at SM ITU'S. No. 4HO Seventh street, opposite the Office. HtlMv PRESIDENTIAL C A N P ID ATKf"' I.IKK Jr Nfora aleat WHlTKHl RST'S <iallerv. No. 434 Penn. avenue. A so l.ikrnease* of 11 the prominent men in the Union. Japaii'ae Kinbaaay For aale m a?t? at fl a copy. It' FACON A. RAVEN'S AND STF.lN WAY A SO^H* unrivalled PIANO FORTES? ? . at. atylaa and aixea. Alan, arret*! offHMS other mtiN. for ?*> ?t J?o?o rr arloes, it"! 111 the aole a?ency, METZKROTT^* Music Store. Several aaoond-kaad Pianoa in beat order, oheap. 486 D EC*SKV foN S. 48() Peraona needma WINDOW SHADES or PAPERHANGINGS will fcrd at No. 4??>S-v nth ft. % *oo! a?aortm?iit of GOI.D-BAN l? WINDOW SHADES. GOLD an.! COMMON PAPER>, FIRKBOARD PRINTS, PICT I RE CORD a..,I TASSEL-. SHADE HOLLAND?*, ftp.. wlmh 'Willi'* ar>ld to caah or pnnotual customers at rednced pnoea. A few remnant* of low-priced Glazed Paprre, each sufficient t? paper an ordinary room, which will be sold a fourth leaathan the uaual price. T'lankfu; for rontumed confidence and patronage tho*e mde!>te<l will have their receipt rendered prior fo July 1st. A prompt settlement will confer an additional favor. J. MaRKRITER. No. 4H6 Seventh street, ja;Q-lw* tdoora above Odd Fellows' Flail. g ^.REEN SPRING PAVILION. jV?ar tA* Old /rwibwdrt amd only kmlj a mile by | Imndfrom tkt Ommikiu Stand im Giorittotc*. Tha ladiaa and gentlemen of Waahiocton and sotsel2&1 jsemu '!? **? H ?r oh, it bow hAndaoniaiy fit tod op for I ) 'H I the reoepUon of Pio-Nio Parties aod otaar vieitor. Th?r??/? mm?riiDi priaf* of the pereit water tad ft oooataat (hade tiroa*iioat tha day. Ttaare M ft Iftrge aalooc for dasainr. with draaainc room ft-taohad.fcmi a had j wftika and aaau throughout tha f r<>aada. ftohoola. Hoat?Uaa. Clahaaad Parties oar. obtain tfiia delight/ul ?la< a lor Fie Niaa without oharge for the gr? aada m pari.ion by ghnag ? .? proprietor three day* none*. Mm a are ear red at all fcoare, and Refjeah mania furaiehed at oitj prioaa Oieri wil atterd at all tinea for tha preerrva Uon of cood order. ft'<4 no paina ?i.1 be apftred to fiva re 'fVsHRMANiNTROUT, > :,"? act1 Proprietor WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Thh Democratic National Cosvi:?tioi? [ Editorial Cvrrtspomlenc* of Tk* Star ] Baltimobx, Friday, June 22. The morning mlon of to-day (of the Convention) has just terminated, at half past 2 p m. It waa a session of breathless excitement. Indeed the excitement throughout it waa ao Intense as to prevent anything like noise and confusion from annoving any one present l-ast night, In their deliberations, the New York delegation (constating of seventy members) voted, only by a majority of four, to sustain the majority report, except in' the case of the Georgia question, whereon they agreed to recommend the rejection of the bogus delegation and to admit the seceders only from that t*tate. At 9 a m to-day (before the meeting of the Convention) I ascertained that three of the thirty-aeven members (of the New York delegation) composing Ita majority were ready on the first opportune moment to change their position, if that proved necessary to save the life of the Democratic party. The newspapers will tell the Star's reader*?in the published details of the Convention'* proceedings to-day?how that became neceasarv. ind how?at what foment?the three changing their position, defeated, just before the Convertion adjourned, Mr. Rule-or-ruin Stuart's motion to lay on the table his previous motion to reconsider the vote by which the Convention had rejected Mr. (Oregon) Stevens's substitute for the miii'?rny repon; wnicn aa:a luntuiuie airecien xae admisa.on of the aeceders from all the States that seccded at Charleston; and of the seceden only It ia doe to Mr Dean Richmond that the fact should be known, that ever since he haa been here he aas counseled ca\ition and conservatism in his delegation, and rejecting the solicitations of the intriguing Douglasite managers. has endeavored to detach hia former followers from the course of party destruction upon which they have been bent Hia purpose, as far as I have aeon it, haa been to prevent the disruption of the party at all hazards. The Star's readers will find the brief speech delivered by Mr. Hallett, of Mass , (drawn out by the outrage proposed to be perpetrated upon him by the report of the majority of tbe Credentials Committee,) in the published proceedings of the morning; and 1 recommend its attentive perusal He had been the father of four consecutive previous Democratic-party National Conventions, and, on such an occasion, of course, spoko with an amount of feeling in his thoughts and words suttlcient to have a great cflect upon the minds of all present. The very brevity and simplicity of hia address was, under the circumstances, elo quence of the highest order; and, I doubt not, made the still small voice once more operative upon the minds of many a man who heard him, who previous to hi* speech was bent on following the insane counsel* of the arch and impudent abolitionists whom the Douglasites have here in alled into their leadership, as at CharlestonCharles Stuart, of Mich. Stuart did his best to prevent Hallett from being heard; but in vain?all his points of order to that end being so clearly pretenses as to disgust falr-rnlitded men of his own side even. Montgomery, of Pa , did not show his mug in the hall to-day, that I saw. It was awfully battered yesterday afternoon by two blows of the list of young Randall, of Philadelphia, a youth scarce of age, who, physically, is about of the size and of the strength of Alexander Stephens, of Ua. The Clipper of this morning says that Montgomery ran like a good fellow after drawing his pistol. He drew the pistol upon receiving Randall's tirst blow, and did not tire after receiving me second; alter which bystanders interfered. and thus saved him from further punish, ment at young Randall's hands. The announcement made by Mr Kusseil of Va , that he had a communication from a large majority of the Virginia delegation, which he had been instructed to make in case of the exclusion of the seceders, fell like a thunderbolt in the Douglasite ranks; as the friends of D bad foolishly allowed themselves to be cheated by their blowing'" outside sympathizers into the notion that but a minority of the Virginia delegation would withdraw in case of the consummation of the outrage contemplated in the report of the majority of the Credentials Committee. The change in the relative strength of parties in the Missouri delegation, as evinced In the nmnilno'i ?ntin.> , r* - * "Ty J also worried them ; indicating aa that does that a majority of that delegation, even, will withdraw in case of the exclusion of the seeeders, it gave them an ague. See the vote on the adoption of Stevens's minority report for confirmation of my repeated declaration in the course of the week, that but eleven volts from the South will stay in the Convention if the majority re|>ort be agreed to. As they stood at the adjournment of the Conven^ti. the Douglasites had nine slaveholding States votes only ; having lost two and a half of thoae votes In the course of the morning's proceedings W. D. VV h Baltimore, June 22?12 r x The regular report of the night's proce< diiijjs of the Convention will convey to the Slur's readers all the particulars of the death of the Democratic party, that breathed its laftasaNa tional organization then and there; so i need not repeat them here. The tirnt of tbc elaborate series of frauds by which It was killed was the t lck of a man named Cessna, of Pennsylvania, at Charleston. He was that State s member upon the Committee on Organization,anit in that committee he proposed the unity-vole rule, by which with only some 130 votes really for Douglas, bis managers were enabled to command the assistance of 152X votes then, and, here, of Idii In all; two or three anti-Douglas delegates having taken their reats here In lieu of Douglaslte alternates who acted in thetr stead there. Cessna's proposition was voted down in the committee, but next morning be assembled all Its friends and refused to notify some of its opponents (of the called meeting), to have another vote upon it, and thus smuggled its approval Into that committee's report It proved the cockatrice egg out of which the death of the party has been at Irngth hatched The shameless frauds upon the Southern Democracy involved In the exclusion of their representatives and the introduction of counterfeits in their teal, who have no more constituency than tbe Southern State* represent*!!vea in the Chicago Convention, is of a piece with thi? man Cessna's harp practice?a worthy expedient of the cause iu which it was essayed The hot hasta in which any and everybody claiming tbe seats of delegates j who retired last night were voted into them> demonstrated the purpose of putting Id Douglas1 ltes enough to make up an apparent two-thirds vote (of the whole electoral college) in his favor. The South, a* here represented, cares not how many auch delegates may be admitted, or what their action may be. To-morrow morning, al the aeceders from the whole fifteen seceding Democratic States -for the three-fourths of the Kentucky delegation who retired last night to consult entertain no idea whatever of going back?will -r- . r* i? - -V.. *- W i !**>? iu iuuicu urrr ana maxe t nomination. Delaware, though she will not act with them, declines to act with the Deugl<>site sectional gathering; and at least half the Missouri delegation, If not more, will do likewise It la not yet positively known what the majority of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and the minority of Minnesota, Maine, New } Hampshire and Connecticut will do, though It Is anticipated that they will decline voting upon any question among the Douglasltes; possibly remaining present among them, if by so doing they can prevent the conspirators from polling a nominal two-thirds vote of the whole electoral colleg* for Douglaa. Their hope, however, is a very futile one: for the DnnvlialiM will - J ? i? , ? ? -v? wui uuutiv any or their partixana from any State to fill a aeceder'a eat, upon any pretenae he may aet up; until they have sufficient to complete the aeriec of fraud* upon popular right* through which they propoao to (teal the pretended two-third*-vote nomination they aim to give him to-morrow. N W.D.W ?. UarixianiD Ruaixsa* in CoxtjaiCM.?The Poat Ottre deficiency and poat route btlta are the only bills of a general public character now pending tbe two Houn, witu the eireptton of the tarttf bill. Chamqiof N a ttTitm?Cong re?* hitching* d tb? title of purser to that of paymaster in the Navy. The British navy adopted thif title soma yetlt ago. \ ' Statitt ical Dihgatii ?The Preaident baa aDDointed Mr Lawrence, now in Parli.and Judze mm Longstreet as delegate* to the International statistical Congress to be held in London in July. Td Wutih.-TIm following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Aawr lsan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. Jem 23, 1?<J0. New York, If. Y clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear, pleasant. Richmond, vs.. elear, nl?. ^Petersburg, Va Clear, cool. Norfolk, Va cloudy. 6s" Raleigh, N. C clear, 6'J?. Wilmington, N . C clear, cool. Charleston, S. C <M*, wind N Augusta. Oa clear, crx>l Savannah, Os cloudy, wind KtV Macon. Ga clear. Columbus, Oa clear, pleasant. Mobile. Ala ...clear, cool New Orleana, La clear, KP, wind SE Barometer at the Smithaonlan at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 30.033; at noon. 30 065 Thermometer at 7 a m., at noon. 7i?. Maximum during K4 hour* ending 9 a. m. today, 71; minimum 53*. HO. HOOD has now on hand a very large stock of fiie atandard SILVER WARE, ail of bis own make, that he will sell as low as anj of the Northern Wares are sold for, and at the same time will warrant everything to be standard eil<er. 338 Pa. avenue. j? J2 l/OR SALE? r A GOOD TOP BUOOY, But recently done up. Prioe Ninety-five Dollars, Very Cheap. Apply to je 22-2t* K ELEHER A PVWKLI.. IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR CARRIAGE PAINTED or VARNISHED, Go wheie they use None but the best quality of American and English Paints and \ arni*hk*. ROBERT H. GRAHAM, je 22-3t* Eighth street. O NOTICE. L'R Rills for the pant half year hav* all been made off to date. 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GALT. 252 Pa. av., between 11th and 13th ?t?., ma 17-tf north ?iw. "OLD DOMINION" ^ A tg| COFFER POTS. VV Just received from the 'I'*" rl * manufacturers in Phil. ^ d'?lphia. another lot of the above celebrated COPFEL POTS. French COFFEE POTS?cfOFFEE URNS, TEA teapot's,coffee mills. TEA and COFFEE CANISTERS, 'fo??ther with a jenerai assortment of hol'sefitrnishing hardware, for Mile low by J. ft. SHIELDS, Hardware Importer, opp. Brown'* Hotel. |n* A *pl ndid stock of CUTLERY?from the will krown hoane of Jo*"ph Rodger* Sona, Sheffield, England,?eoon to arrive. jail 3t EMRB G? ACKERS, TORPEDOES, and FIRE 1^ WORKS, generally, at je a 8t LAMMO.ND'8, Seventh sU # # ixxriti coneuM-ruuf mmiom Ptmm41b|* ( TmUHm AfUriMi. Is tbi Sinatb yesterday. after our report cloaed, Mr Fitch, from the Committee on Printins, to which was referred the julnt resolution supplemental to Um Joint resolution concerning the public ^rlntlnc, reported It back without amendment, and asked its Immediate consideration which was agreed to. ate resolution authorizes the Secretary of the or to contract for the purchase of a suitable building for a printing ottee, and the purchase r?i macainrry nuu niAieriu. iniwa pi iur i Superintendent of Public PrintiBg ] After discission, Mr Trumbull moved to strike out so much of the resolution as related to the purchase of machinery and material; agreed to, and the resolution was adopted by a vote of 21 to 20. The bill providing for the erection of a post office in Philadelphia was taken up, on motion of Mr Cameron, and passed. The amendment of the Houaeof Representatives to the bill making further appropriations for the support of the Tost Office Department for the year ending the 30th June. It^JO, was concurred in by a vote of *24 to 15. and the Senate adjourned In thk Housb, Mr. Washburne, of III., made a report from the committee of ronfi>?np? on th* Post Ottlce deflclency bill, that they were unable to agrw. and asked to be discharged from further service on the lime; and that the House insist on ita amendment, with several verbal alteration*, restoring the inland service discontinued In March, ^>59. except where the same haa expired by limitation, or improved aervice has been furnished by railroad or otherwise, retaining the Isabel steamer contract clause. The report was agreed to, and the commitu-e discharged. The loan and treasury note bill wasthen paused? yeas 88, nays 77. Mr Morrill, from the committee of conference on the disagreements to the legislative, executive and judicial appropriation bill, made a report thereon; which was concurred In. [Among other things, the two house* recede from their amendments in relation to the execution of the printing by the respjective printers to the same The Senate loan amendment was withdrawn. being rendered unnecessary by the passage of the loan bill.] Mr Crawford ineffectually endeavored to introduce a joint resolution for the adjournment of the session to-day at 12 o'clock Mr Keitt, in objecting to this, said that the President had informed him th?t h? irnitlH nn? sign some of the bills until Monday. Adjourned. rrMttdlBfi tl Ti'Dtr* Is the Sexate, to-day, after the consideration of several private bills, a message from the President of the t'nited States was received, vetoing the Homestead bill. The grounds of the veto are. tint, the unconstitutionality of the act donating lands to individuals, which he says is the effect of this hill, second, it is an unjust discrimination l?etween Americans and foreign citizens, an American having the privilege of locating upon the land if be is the head of a family, but no such requirements being made in the case of a foreigner: and, thirdly, tLa.t it unjustly depreciates the value of military land warrants A motion to postpone tue further consideration of the bill was maae and lost The bill was being discussed, with reference to a two-thirds vote, when our report closed I.n tub Hotse no business of importance was transacted up to the time of our going to prc? AMUSEMENTS. MR \V II. r\L>lEK*i Farewell Concert & Entertainment, (Previous to his Depasture for Eciurt.l At WILL AMDS' HALL, On TUESDAY KVEMN'li, June ^6, Assisted I>y Eminent Artiste*. including HERR AHRENl), tiikUieat Violoncellist. At the termination of the Concert. Mr. W. H. PALMKR, In h:a mvstical character <>f ROBERT HEIXER, Will introduce | Th? wonderful invention known as the GR EA T SECOND SIGHT MVS TEK V, Which in concert room i? probably more interest ins than is its performance in a theater. Tickets (.?> cents each' may I>? procured at the Music Stores ot J. K. Klii* and W. G Metrerott. and at Messrs Philp A Solomons' Bookstore,where programmes may he obtained. je 31 ODD FELLOWS' HALL.?Third and last weS Of the Triumphant Sucoes* of Thlodon's 71 u 8 turn of tlecbaniral Art?. CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. Tlio following New Sofiie* wii! tie presented THIS EVENING: 1*t. View of the Town of Tangi' r*. 2-1 v* ashuiKton at Vailey Forge. 3d. National Presentation 4th. The Eternal City of Rome. 5th. Automaton Rope Vaulter. City of Salzburg, with a beautiful effect of tbe Rising Sun. To conoiude with a grand and awful soece of a Storm at Sea. Doors open at 7V, o'clock; perf>rmaooe wil! oommouoe at 8. On vV'duesday and Saturday Af t'moons Sp^eial Performances ; door* open at i o'clock?eonmsnM * t9 RMIilt? ??*??? I anceg 15 cts. Cards of a4nil?sion 25 fit*. ' * je ?r> It F|KR CONCERTS! LjRNST LOEKFLER, Nnr York ot-enuf, betwttn 1*1 and 2d streets, would respectfully IBf* slate to the public that A CONCERT oi'AjOKJtt SELECT MUSIC will t>? given every MONDAY and T?U:RJ?DAY EVENINGS during the season, at his Pavilion, commencing at 5 o'clock and ending at P? p. in IVeviou* to the Concert, ti.e Saloon is open to those desiring to while away a few hours in the mazy dauoe. ICE CRF.AM WATKR ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at city prioes. Parties desiring th? Gardens for Pic Nie pur pns s. are requested to give a day or two notioe. je 18 3m wants." WANTED?A SITl'ATION a-* coachman. l>y a young man who understands his lusin^s* Address IJox 16, htar Office. jc 23-21* A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY Desire, t > inake an engagement for the summer as housrkecp'-r, in a private family or hotel, in the country or would accept a respertaMe position in tliecit'. Ha.> experience in *tore keeping The kMl aitMH \ Ast-m? U b *-- - r fice. je23<5k/7 AN ENGLISH LADV WHO HAS A I. MOST completed her Pf .iont engagement i* desirous of obtaining a similar one. as GOVERNESS in a family. She is a thorough musician and t'-ache* French (a :qinrtd in France,* Drawing and all the requiHte-i ol an English education. References Riven. Address Box 166 1'oet Office Washing ton. j* 28-gt* WANTKD?By a lady rosidire a few miles in the country, two or three Children to Board. They will lie tak?n an youiu a* two ?car* old. This in a rar* ehanee for th<>se having sickly children in a cr- wled hotel or boarding hou*e, a* the Jo a?i<>n for b< auty and h? althfu ne** is not surpat-sed in the District. Address J. 1)., Star office, t?> letter, or in person Tuesday morning. je 22-3t* WANTED ?To hive everybody know that they c&n find ft. *nH Vv all * 4 CLOTHING and FI' RNISHIS*6 GOOi)Sat" the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING 8 I ORE, No. 460 Seventh ?t., oppoaite Post OfTioe Department. apti-3m WANTED.?Every one to know that SMITH, Seventh at., oh?rgea fair price* for hit Good*. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh at., to get your HAT8 and CAPS. ap6-3m LOST^AND FOUND! I OST?On^G, or on Eighth, between G and H Ij i?ttf., a child'* GOLD ARM I.ET, with initial* A.M.W. Finder will be rewarded by leaving the same at 4*9 G Ft. jo 23 2t* LJTR \YED OR STOLEN?On the 2Ut mat, a ^ Rin&ll SORREL MARE, long switch tail; ?pr uii< in her front knee*. Any one JWTI returning her to me, corner of Four-and a ^ liall' xt'eet and Maryland avenue, Island, will be rewarded. je23 31* M. BOWLING. r t *3 av * - ??? ? ? Vr.u. i-o:* i.?rewaro win oe pam tor there turn at No. 4 Fa. avenue, opposite th? War Department, of the Black Thread Lace Veil loat on Wednesday, Juua 2uth, probably in the First Wa'd. jeg-S" FMJUND?In front of my residence, northwest corner of Nineteenth and I sts., an oval mourning BRKA3IPIN. dated on the l>ack 18?>3 The los?r may recover the ?ame by applying .MoRRlS 8. MILLF.R. je2Mw' STRAYED OR STOLEN?From the common* in th.' Seventh Ward, a sorrel bob-tail r\ HORSK .about Ifi hands high: hind ankles wind-galled. A lilteral reward will be paid^^2-*for his (' livery to the owner, on Virginia avenue, between 6th aili]7lh kt?. je Zl 3t* J. B. ABF.LL. LOST?A DRAFT for upon the Sub Treasury ? f New York, in favor of Robert Mallory or order. The finder will receive the thanks of the owner bjr returning it to the Sergeant-at-Arms, House of Representatives je21 3t E?OUND? Aa SYK IiLASS,(gold frame,) which 1. the owner can have by proving property and paying for thin advertisement Apply at the Hardware Storrt, 339 Pa avenue, opposite Brown's Ho tel. Je21-3t* TAKEN UP?On 21st in?t..on Greenleaf Point, a red and white BUFFALO COW^M AihI younc f.AI.P w tK -ma i v -T- * ** ? ?"?? ?u lid forehead; 3 coilop? id her l*ft ear. The AmAm owner is ivquMteU to come forward, prove property pay eharcen, anrl ttk* ber ?v?r. Mrs. PRANCKS LUCKETT, j*21-3t* comer of Third and M ata., south. PERSONAL. MADAME MORKICE, THK QEIAT tboloIt! out AND IVctbkm. juit/rom Ewor>*."""W EXCURSIONS, PIC NIC8. kc. qpHK PIC NIC OF THE SEASON^ The Young Catholics' Friend Society Will.ivethfw ANNUA!, PIC NIC At AALIN9TON S P K I SO. On MONDAY. Jnne2S?h. ^ Tic*rr? *4 C??t? ; Child*** 10 Cbst*. The proceed* will lie derot<*d to the education ?n4 etothinc of poor t?ny? The well 11 known rh?'iMtiT of thia A?*o<-i*tion^^^5ta^? (tivet an Mail fence that *11 who i)i. v ,.. ?,.n .1.. ..r _*- .-j 1 irii<. vino i iv ;*?v win cn^? ? *?i uninvr rupvru pleasure. Good order will l>e maintained. (>mml>ua?e* will leave 7th street and Pa avenue, conneciinr with the f.?rm t*?at G?o. \V. Kimi,at the end of the stone part of the Lone Bruise. I he Georgetown omnibuses will connect with the steam pack-t Flti*o CLnrp-ltTinc every hour for ttif Spruig by way of Canal. je 13,16* d6t T notice. HK STEAMER PIIKMX Will leave her wharf, foot of Eleventh atreet. at 7 p. ^ m., Navjr Van! at a p. in., a n] Ale* andriaatop m.,or MONDAY, 25 on a.. EXrCRSION to the \\ IIITE HOISE PA VILION, to be in ooinpiunent to Mr, Joa.i W. TnoMMO*. Tickets can l>e had of either of the fo! lowingnatned gentlemen : F. D. Stuart. Lemuel Gaddis, Win. W. Browning Geo. W. Robinson, Adam Gaddta jr.. Benedict Swain, Wm. H Xallj , Chas. J. Wright. John F. Ellis, John T. Chaaeey, Cha?. Cunningham. Dr. R. Finle; Hunt, John Cruttt, Wm. Stewart, John P. Rrai.dt, E. A. R?ther. ? !?^ e .~ l ~e . . 1? .-Li i * I f f Iiu IK IJ1 ur I?"IM m W1W K'll, jrio-S.AVJlS Tnotick. IIR I'NION F1RF. COMPANY *mn? an KXCl R SI??N TO (iI.YMON T ?n MoNi)\V, iiih in. I'* in future advertisement. Bv order of j?!8.ZlAeo2w THK COM MITT KF.. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For other For Salt and Rmt" adreritstmtntt, it* Jirtt pagt J OR RF.NT-A comfortable DWKLI.ING elilihlv *itu*t"d, being in the v einitT of Patent Olliee. It m a three-ntor*, with h*ck-boiMinc, <utuate on Kighth Kt., No. 4()4. Apply to 341 Kxhth" t.. between G an-1 H. je 23 3t* FOR SALK OR RKNT-A comfortable ami convenient two-story and Nacement BRICK DWEI.I.ING HOFSK, No. 44i, lituat-d on D street north. "Cxt to the corner of Third st. ?Nt, Applr t? CII AS. BR AD1.EY, Patriotic Bai.k. je 23 6t RNISHED HOI SEFOR R I'.NT IN THK FIRST WARD-No. 4 Si* Building*. Penii*vlvania avenue.?Will be rented for 3 month* a Ftirni*had Hou*e. The situation i? convenient to the market, and one of the ini ?t h'althy and destra ble in Washington. Water upstair* and down. A firwf -ra?A P/w.k ?? .11 - f t - J - I .,.c?-row w-h wm innjuii ii urMiwi. afrmi very moderate. A pply at this <>ffioe. je2f?*>t* LAND FOR SALE?I will ?*11 my Farm, con taininr about 30 acre* of land, situated on wr-at is usually known as "Moore's l.a.e," l>etween th? boundary line wi the city and IJlenwo^d Cemetery. This land i* wel! situated for the restdeno* of person* d ins bu>ine*ii in the erty. I'pon it are *rvera) I handsome building sft?s. I will sell it in whole or divide it to ami purchasers, on accommodating terms. I'pon the farm is a ?ina 1 but ooinfortai>i4 house, with *taNe and other out-kouse*. Th?ve wishinc to bay can. by calling on ine ion the pf ice,t learn the price and terms. jejSrMSt* i). MOORE. U*OR SA I.E?Between 7 and 8 acre* ol LAND, I i par' wooilji on the Plank Road.-7 h st, 4 mile* froni \Va*!iiii|iton?a beautiful hmldint site, [ or w?'|| located for a market pardon Apply at No. 3 Agency Block.corner {Seventh and F sts.. Washington. ' je 19-lm* 12*OR R E N T?The three-stor<--and-haaament I BRIOK HOL'SE corner ?>f Siih s reet wet find F street north, one square from the Patent and City Po?t Offices?hem* one of the finest and healthiest lo-.ations in the city It is arranred for a store and dwelling; has a bak<* oven attache-1 \Vill suit a baker or confectioner. Posse#* 1011 ?ivn on th? llth inst. For terma. Ac , apply to GEO. J. SKUFFER LE. at Jackson, Brother ft. Co, 333 Pa avenue. jelt-tf RENT-A two-atory FRAME DWKLLr I NG, with kitchen and wood shed, on Third street, l>etwe?-n G and H sts north. No. i!95. Rent ?f 12 per month. For further particu ars inquire of W. S. JONES,corner of 41 and H ?ts._ je 19-7t* 1^ OR RENT-The HOUSE No. 2*6 north F A street, with or without furniture. Apply on the premise*. je fB-lw* l/OR RENT?A very desirable new FRAME a DWELLING HOUSE on O street, between 8th and 9th, containing <4 rooms, with front and ba<-k %ard; stabling and k<hh1 w.ter convenient. A. DUVAL!., Agent, je 13-1 w* Temperance Hall. K atfe?t. AT PRIVATE SALE-DesraW* Lnmdt ~i Montgomery County, Md ? I authorised to dispose of at priva'e sale, in lota to suit, a tract containing lSSa^resif cood land, situated on the C. * O. Cana', 8 miles fiom Georgetown. D C.?its entire length-and divi<led by the Washington aqueuuct. it nun two lar.'linga ; a warehouse. store house, and other built ingr ; well woojed and watered; with a eoiintj road I admit 'o Rockvill-', Al*o. a tract containing 118 aares. well wood*d tin I watered. Till* perfect. T?rmi liberal. Apply to THO-*. UOWUNG. Auction and Commission Merchant. Georgetown. ) lMn?ir H'OR RKXT-A two-.torv BRICK HX)U8K.on V ihroui i av?nu ?No. 40. Possession given ?>n the 1st of Jul* next. Apply to L). A. W ^TTF.RSTON. No. 4f> i Second street east, or .120 S?venth street west. je 7-eolm* HANDSOMK LIT ILK COUNTRY SKAT nkar Washington fur sale.?the underlined offer at private sa'e a brautiful little Country Rendence of *!?>tit six nrres, on the Serentli ktreet roa-1, a >liort di*t&noe tnia aide toll gate, and a (joining th.< residences of Messrs VVhit? and uawh. The house i? a comfortable two-story square building, witii wide hall, parlor, dining and breakfa-t rooms. five chambers. and kitchen, sit' at.eo on an elevated point l>ack from the road aud surrounded !>v a grove of handsome shade trees. The grounds are ta<tefiill? laid out with walks and drivs, and contain a young orchard of fruit tr es, grapery and vegetable garden, choioe flowers and ornamental shrubbery, Ac, There is al*o a I gardener s house, stabling, spring house, a tine pump of water at the kitchen jo >r; in short erery thing requisite to render this u el?rant and nom fortalde miili'ni*. The term* of ?ale will bo male liberal. An cffcr t< exehaije improved city property in part will be entertained. je 18 iw _ J. C. Mclil'IRK A CO., Auoto. pU.MPORTABLE ROOMS, with or without " Hoard. can b- obtained, on moderate terms. at 4*??> E between 5than?18th. Table Hoarder* accommodated with good Hoanl. je 16 2m' FOR RKNT-Two beautiful new B R I cIk HOL'Si S,on Eighth at ?*et west, Utwf?n M ami N streets uifth, w >*t ?ide. Apply to MARY C. HAISLIP, No. 3*?1 Nint'i street west,or Dr. KK *SHKY, No. 33ii Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th street*. je 12-2w* THREE FRAM K HOI SKS FOR SALE, with their Lot*. The* will be sold on e%*y term*. Th* bouses are n'*ar the >iew lias-Work*. aud ir? neat lioiue* far t ie working man. First Mrment "mall, and the balance in oneaud twn ream" with interest. Appy to GILBERT CAMERON.hniid *r. je 1&-2W Ij^OR RKNf-Three firet-rla* and recentl* 1'iiilt HOUSES*,four stories high each, hand' omely finished, and having all the modern improvement*. such a* wat-r, gas, 4 c.. in one of the ve y finest ligations in the city?on the corner t?f Third street ami Missouri avenue, and opposite the Capitol grounds Any one wishing to rent a fine dwelling will hud this a favor* h'e opportunity, a* I desire to rent them immed:stH?. and will rent them low. Inquire of P. W. BROWNING. je 1 tf tpOR SALK?A very superior *>rre) MARK. ?*he is *oiind. kind, gentle, works well rv am where, ami w ill stand without hitchin*. Price ?61 Inquire of Dr. NEWMAN, 7 6^^ K st., west of the Circle. je 81 eo3t* FOR RKNT-A BRICK HOUSE.onMasoacha sets a v.. near lOtn st., containing Iff rooms and passage, with good cellar. The red will lie moderate. Inquire of GEO. T. LANGLEY, on L st., near Fourteenth a*. je 13 *3<?R R KMT?Three HRIPIf III 11 til' r Twelfth atrert, between C and D;one on Ch? corner of Twelfth and H ate. ; and on* on H. belw?on 12th and 13th ata. Inquire of JAMK8 W. BARKER,on H atreet, between 11th and 12th, No. 425. nn ?>-tf FBOR K ENT-A three story FRAME HOUSE, on Eleventh street, between I and K. Irqaire of M. ?NYT)ER. at the flombmc ai.'d Gaa Fitt ng E'Ubliehmout of C. Snyder, next door to the Star Office. aXtT CELLING OFF TO CLOSE BUSINESS.JOHN R. MORGAN' would reapect-^^hg fully inform hi* caatomera.aitd the oonmg-fHl nity cenerally. that he ha* oonolnded tofll clo?e hu bnaineaa. and in order to do so u' on as possible will offer hu entire stock of hie own make B?K)T9?nd SHOKS tt co#t for cash, and hi* other soiids at almost any price. To those in * ant of reliable goods for wear, I would say, give me a call and you will not be disappointed. As I am alMQtto close my business, all accounts on my books will be rendered on or before the 1st of July, when I hope they will be responded to promptly, that I may meet with promptness the oblica tions due by me. J.R.MORGAN, No. 303 south side of Pa. av.. je 14 bet 9th and loth sts. ON FREE EX*MBITION FOR THREE days only?Mr. Washington's treat picture, representing Marion in McDonald ttringiM in a Tory Spy. Painted for William McDonald, Esq.. of Ba tinsor*. at i*HlLP ASOLOMON'S Flna Art Sadler?, je 18 3?a Pa. aw. bet *th and 1th sis F^^KiSSiflur-i The Stattdmrd Seal** of th* United Statu wmmnp*' CoBf 8 ^ALEB, t> lt-?o lm ?ol?*Qnt, t**v?th ?t.. nmCitMl. New STYLES OP E1CH JKWKLJIY -H HOOD h*a ju?t oMo?d Uujr* ?tv?o? win oil he villrfVrftt rtrj .ov r&to? Th?r?for? tho-? th*t &ra viahini to ??rry bonMtnytlt-nr in kit IIm V ^rwnta. win do w*l to 0*11 ??<i Mwum >-u took ?t 339 Pi. trenue. J* 31 i '|M- W * AUCTION 8ALfca. py For Otkrr Aurtimn SaU* M*4 fittt pn+ r By WALL A BAHNAED. Acowrwra %|1?CELLAKKO('* >T<k K OF i*ocr 1*1 ?:??, I.igro*?. Ci*' ?*. *?.?t Ar> ri OnTlhUDAi MO* iu? ?. ? ino'eiook. w9 wil! ??ll. im tr??.| ni tk? A??tu? Koomi. ? hum ?M(<u (U>ek ol bropo-1??. *n? ri? r* ? 9uf*r and Oh*>U Imperial, Y"it.i Km n.?n'1 B *ck T*?? Hox<* Stfteh. Oroanl Tl 1 a*?r ?rv?1 P*j*?r, HoAl lirnawl HoCh lmlifff a:>4 hie B.a*. t ?. White s*rk? S* t. ! arret* Herrint and Ci- ?r Vinegar, fttidlM. lark a and Oil. Cum Claret. Champa*! * Gia.ard Cordia , Boim TohMo? *nd l lt?r?. diff rent I rand*. Catk< Old K"n*h-in, MMnam??ta'. Mor>o?>?ah-ta. Pika'a XXX. aad other hranda W awl Brand?. Term*; 1? ?a?b, orer that ?n.> int a credit e jn and ?*? itaTi, for ?Mr?v?1 raiotaW tnia*. l?a WAl.l. * H<?M?I>1) Ane?a By J . C. MeM'IR K ? CO ,Aa<?ti(Mi?afi CIOSOGOITSALK OF LIQUOR* t .*?? asp<*k< ? xmi**, at v<?*?"? Gancaat On iih?1)aV aI'TKRNoon. jui.e *tn ?t o'o ook, at the atore of H H Vim .?* . ?>?'r I Pe?n. av?nu?*n<t Tenth atraet. we at,*.. -.! 'hare maindfr of hia ai-vok. evinpruinc? OUrd. Dnpuj k (>.' K. irn< tieB a?<lr. Out Nectar, Ca i??<kn1 M.'ncuvtahe.a. J<kc Giai'a, and Gibaon'a Wh.akie*, in ?wd and m ! _*? SECOND-HAND C ? R RIAGEH, WAGON.Ho*?k?. Ac?On MONDAY MORNING. Ah tut,>t Wi o'elotk,* ulnJI ll.atiu- N<?rtt> em Libertieo Market, on 7th ?t without i?>?rv*-1 fo?r-?(*t Knrni1) Cvrinjo, 1 T?p Hucit.jS^im. M(rk?t m? tWo-bore* Farm W ftc<u . Ac.. Ac. Con tw esAimncd at R. <ittti?ik >* 4'?tirii shop. on Ma*!-achi>it*iU avenue. Tmiiih c??h W A- C. XV. BOTKI.hK A M?\S. AuoU b? walla barn \hd. Auctioneers Excellent and np.ari.\ new iaf PIMtE'kfHornH IhiAT*K.\TM ST., At anflow ?On MONDAY AFi? EMunN, .?h mat . tCo'eloek, ?? wiM eell, in tldnt of t>?? ?remi*e* on Thirteenth <tre t. t*tw?n I and K.?n>ir j new *'id eace. ?nt Cftrpenter'a Stoop. subject to axrcanl rent. Te-mt: One third oftnh; ftr.ce in Wftnd no dftyt. or afttisfftcfcnn y endorsed note*. brannc inter**' j?n d wall A Barnard, Atet? bf j. C. MoSlIRK A Cl?? Auctioneer*. Excellent and near v krw/ur ItlTCRt A*P Hot?EIIOLD FMCTI 41 Ptft^i Sxi.ft.?On TL'ESDAV M0RN1NG, June X>U, at 10 o'clock, at the reoent reeiOeno* ?. the Heliiao Minister, corner of Thirteenth and D *tre?t?. w ahftli set! ft'., the Furiiiture ftnd Household hff at?. comprUinc? Suite of Cnmann H Covered Pftrfctr Fur nitnre. e<?i?*Utinis of two French DivfttiS, two Arm ftnd fo?r Mde Chair*, Green ftnd Go;d fr >cat?;ie auJ Mar<v?n Plt*h Cot e ed Arm ? h ir/. Suite of lour Cum >on D*men* Curtain*. Cornioe. Walnut On Wand Cftr.. Table*. Whainot, Severftl exoe.lcnt Wftlnut Seeretftrie* ftnd Book Qftaes. Writint De*k*. Tftbea ?rd Chair*. Thru . r.,H I...... <>. I. D ...v. V1 J iti?iwih ? ai jt' ? ' h cuh ii ?uu n ? - ? Camie ai.ra?, Cfciia Spittomi. Walnut 8id? board. W^iiiut Fjtu.ij. n TaMe, 12 French Dining Chair*. Mahog*r.y French Clii.ia Dinner Set, Sti vw-piated 9ut^i, Decanters . G"b ?U, Cnampacne* *n<1 iln. Srver p ate<1 Spoons ai d Forks.Tab.e Cutleiy, fed anil rtt>i?liana, 1 uvMc, Raoiliomr Greer. Kiamel.ed Cot 'At e ftct, villi M %' bie tup*. Mahogan* Marble top Dreaaim Bureau*. B^tsteada. Piain Bureaus. "Mli t*n?l?, Window Shadea. Ctirtarns. Toi g>ets. Hair and Hunk Mattresa-a. Bo.*ter* and Pillows. E tee'lei.t f lanlfern. C?mi<orU. Cotnte> pa nee. Radiator, Air;if ht and a.l other fttoTra, Copper Co?ki k L't-nai a. w ire Safe. *c Togethrr with a general a-a< rtmetit of Honsehod arriKiteh*ti h^i mtea Terms: aniT ?in<ler ca?h; over that mm a credit of 6<>, and fc'daja.for satisfactorily ei.dorfe-i note*. I>earin|: irtere.t. je 2n d J. C. HeOlTlRK k CO.. A acta. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ADMINISTRATOR'SSALE BV order OF thi Obphash' Coi'*t, or ixcsllkpt Horn bold anp KllCHkN f tRSITCBB ??>D '1 I K8 ' A \ . the ibth mat.. 1 aba 1 anli, at 10 o'clock a m at the 1 %te residence of 5arah Nritk. dacaaard, in tne brxk b<>uae No?. 1*0 and 132 Penn avenne. be twe-r; i9th and * th at>??ta a I the Ptrannai Effr?ta of the deeeaano, vis: Bai daorr e Mali -?a'iy and Wilnit Brocatelle Cov ??rad Parlor Se?a. B'eating and other Bureaus and Sidaboarrfa. arbla top Center. Sofa and Pier Tat lea and Port, Sharry. Madeira and MaU?* Wii?. ! uin. R urn. Coidial. A:e,Ac. Ahnit >',? oCifari of nri iM Kra:i4?. T*?a. Coti. SiifM, Vin*?ar, "I o'VP". Wn dra Ware. Hroo ?. Km?h?? Ac ferni# : ?7an<1un<ie ra??i; o ?r .hat Mnnm I a oradit of6> and *' '1*T?. for aaiMacloii j ?ador?e<l | note*. bcari'ic i?t?reaf. j* 23 <t J C. M?8rni ? ? o . *?!?. 1U WALL ft RARNARD, Anr'inne?ra. TWO VERY SUPERIOR NORTHF.R*Uvili *t Atrri?!i.-???i !*Ari'R DA^ MOR Nl >( . 3 tti at 1*. >iook. w a Mil, ia front of th>- Auouon Koomt, *wo vi?rj ???Tior a. viz : I Top B?rfj , I No-top H??*T Tbeae Rugti *? >? |oiiiar4*r ml ni?V?( tA* b?at material in one of the o)4mi a..d b te*ra?* Irahmenta in New Vork. Terc? : .' ? .1 . iIhk, f ir at r entnr ( notes, beaiini ili j-e?t. )tnd WAM. A RAINARP. Ai'fa. Tli IS A FTEKiS'OO IV \ TO- VOKKOW By J C McGL'IRK & CO.. AioUoM?r?. A GOOD CRANCK -On PATl RDAY. the.TI of Jan#, at half-pa>t > p. m Ih? at auction, that two ?t<?ry Frame Dwl ing !\o t* ' o# Third ilrwt, Mwwn U and H Nml?, w th the lot and t?ack huiidinc* The lot i? l? f?et froii i?d Bo deep, ruaniuc tack to an ant v. The kitchen m nearl> new. In view of the rapid imp-ovem-nt of thia e??tr?>n of th? city, the lihera! apprnpria > aa in t miitr Cone rem and the a I ?n< ?ft certain eii>%-(er>*?it of theCapito' cr^unda, which will natarali* oi.l.ane* the Talae of th<a property, it ia eo aidfr?d a i we oppoitnnit* f<? inrr?tm#n', rite in i*fatabt*. Term* $ ?*> down; iialanee U 8 a: 4 Binon'he. on notea bearinr mtareet. jeUK* J. C. MeGf lRF. Jt CO., Aa?t,. run'kk pays By C. W. BOTKLt R A !^0\i". Amti nwr?. Muxti. Mall *any ?nd Walnut Whatnot*. Dining. Center and c ard Tablee, Pine Gilt-frame French Piate Mirror a and other G ?:'*?. | Silver p ated Waiter*, Carton, Fork*, ai.<l Ivor? Handle Knmi, Chin*. Gla?*. and Cr.tokery Ware, Mante! Orna menu, Kahocacy, French, Cottace, and other Bedaten'l* aifl Wardroiiee. Feather Beda, Hair and other Mattre*ee? anil Bed Vetv< t^frap^rtry, Three ply, and o h?r Ca*pneand Ot ks'oth. Cookinr, Hell, other Btorea. and a food lot of Kite her, Requisite*, With many nth r artiolra which we deem anneeee eary t?> enume-aie. T"m?: All ma uni'r fSSeaah; over #J5iorM it <>f 3 and 6 muutha, fur notea ?*lia ac v ily en dorred, hearing interest THO? P MORGAN, Admiiuatrator ie 2t ttTti!iM A. <*KKKN.Auot. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. L| A RGE AND ATTRACT!VE SALE OF DRV Goods at Acctios ?I shal wmmeB#* on ^ WEDN K*DA Y. tue 27th in>t, at IP o'clvok a. nt., ?nd c 'iitinue dailv until a'l is ?old, at atore No ^ 32 * P*r>n. averu*. south a 4e. Mwnfn 6th and 7'A t ee?, t > *eil the entire atouk of Dry boo3a, con aiat nc of? C-oih*. Ca*aiiH?r*, Vesting*. Towel*, J car * Linen and Pottoa Pant* Ptuff, De Lain*, I .awns. Grey Goods, Berate and SMlk Kotin, Bie?chewl and Brown Mieetmcs and Shifting*. Inah Linen*,Fnibroiderie* floaieria*, Black Lao* Shawls and Mantilla*, Undershirt* and Drawers, Line* Bosom &mrts, Lin*c Shirt Front*. And many o'her Good* too nnmerous to mention. Aa the nuildinc ia to be taken down the entire stock must be *<<ld witnout reserve. Terms: All *ant* uud-r #5? oath ; over that amount a credit of maud an days, w.ta approved endorsed note*, b> arinx interact jr^ro aav of *ai??. je22d A. GKEF^i. Aae< By J. C. McGL'IRE A CO. Aaetioneer*. rVKSIRABLE TWO-STORY AND BASE I Mt>T Dim I'wrLLisB nncii on .UMH n. WIHT..BITWUK 0 AM' M ?l?. MOKTH, AT Arc on THUHWDaV AFTMiNih)>, Juue 38>li. at 6 o'e ook, o>. the premiot a, we ahaJ ?e 1 H >B?s>o 4il6, w th the L t, tti'rd on N i nth itrwlfMt.b tween <4 and H atreeu north. The Lot fronts M feet Wfc mehe? on .Ninth atr rt, runu? hack *> fret, wi'h a aide aiey. The Hone* ta a inuc and well built two at"rr and baeament crick bn.lJing, cnr.Un.ii.f pa ior ifinn.t room,foarohamberaum k.tehee, caathrough out, and trerj part of the prer .. mu ?r?t intc order. Tlt'e perfect Terina: One fourtli c??t . the rendue in*. l!ar nod Ik itiontha, with iat--ieet eecurid b? t aeed of trnat on the premiaea JeH d J.C. MoGlIRE A CO . Ancta. Br A. GREEN, Auctioneer. UAMWONK NEW THREE-PTOR V BRICK jn HoUftR. WitH two *Tokv Back bi;li>isg a> Lot, in K.mb? v'a et bdivimos or ^caii No 671, *T Auction ? On I'M I K *-D A \ . ti?? 4U inaUnt, 1 ahn*. aeli in front ol the prerusea. at 6 o'oiock (. m., 1 ot No 16 in Kibbej'a?ntxii waionof !?ttmre No. 571, having B front of >> feet on f^eoond ?treet west, notween north D and E afrerta, and rnnn'ng back i*' feet to a wide auey, with ti.e improve menta, ?hich are a new three atory Brick Hone*, with beck bni dine, oou'aininj nine convenient ? arranged mom tad bath rt"e, eloeeta and wide i.a'l Utroufti in ' u?ie ana a ru<ki a' j o??iiar mun i the back nun- id( m<> iroa railing n A front 'I ha above inenticaed property it itaodaome V Ii looat-d it t r? i' if improviuc net* to bot hood. fl arid an etavatwJ f allien. and thena viii ha veil worth J the att< tt ion of pernou* i itliluf to par - I ohatf a haudfiiie f?dri.o?. V fernac Una fourth ca^li. balance la tt, M. %ma 1 M nioa'ka, for ao'aa hnanag intaraat f?pm dar o. 1 aaie. a >tard (ir?s tad a M ul trait takaa. Tit a 1 rWirT^ tWMHW J 275 "4** 275 4 JACKSON, fla*tk*krb, ??>. Anin. lUtw*? fth ^ 1-t.r^t*. )?m | 'O TO #*lTH*SiJN?. ??0 #ev?uUi ? . to g*i aSlwv2 | i

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