Newspaper of Evening Star, June 23, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 23, 1860 Page 4
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* wmtmm i wr, i ^^aiMMr^aMiii?ji THE EVENING STAR. BRILLIANTS. MHIMl. Oh ' Di?tre? it a ship in vhich we alt must tail. Bat, PronJenee Wh n? we'll wither the rale; If the breakers ah-a I net ear *Cht in doubt. Well tarboMnl the nelm-put the veee?l al?out; Whilet a '?< ol her a oanva* tii>* t~mpe?t cau dare, We'll batfle inisturture. and scorn to dennair : #tiP tru" te ou' color*, we'll never turn aftflt. While th*ra'a H?>ps for our pilot, and Mero; aloft^ J be fair-weather sailor in luxury lien, ot a ?co? 1 on the wave, aot a cloud in the akiea ! Jjii? Iielp'.est he I prove when hi? fortune Is oheck'd To the very tnt storm of adversity wreck'd : Wh'Ut we, bred to 4an<rr. etill danger can meet; Still weather listreaa, aud miafortane del at; >i> natter hour f)in<, in matter how oil, tViu.'e thoiv'a Hope for our pilot, and Meroy aloft. LOTS. Nrothin* will stand whoe staple la not love ; The love of God, or man. or lovely woman; *rh- fl'?t ia acaroeij touched, the next acarce felt. The third i? deeeerated ; lift it up. Redeem it. hallow it, bie?l the three in one Or at holy work, it shall ba read in heaven Bv all the *av-t?i of einaera of all time. Pr-aohers shall froint to it, ami tell their ward* It i? a handful of "tonal truth. UaV. . I?-. ?..! ?* * JC iirwtr I'il VI 11 . m*~H B Bill I "W 111 *#hat it he b?ri<*rt with them in their hand*; Tl?e TotiSK, tht *a*, the innocent, the brave, TM t*ic. with sou mm! body both all lore, Shall run to it with joy ; and the old in* a, fctill ii? f?'ty i i flwline, who*.- happy life Hath b .oaaom'd doruwanli, like the purple boll- 1 ttower, <,o?inc th? I*h>W, shall utter InwIilT, Deatft, thou art lufinite, it la life la little.?< Bailey. urn. Our life in like thf harry in* on the eve Befor- we >tai t, on aume leng ja?<-Bey bound, \V h?>t; fit piepa in* U> the last we leave. I n<-a Tint . even room th? dwelliu< round. And sijth that nothing needed can he found ; Yet co we miit, ami woa a* >t *y shall break; We isnatrli an hour's remote. ?hen loud the sound F?t our departu'f calls: we rise and tak? A qui < an 1 sad U.-e well, ami ?oero well awake. fWiitoz. Dsst*cctivk Fbkshet i* Maktlahd.?We learn, say* the Marlboro' ^ Prince George' couuly) PI inter, that the storm of wind and rain of i*atur?Uvr l?.t ?< wv 4a>?r?cll ?? in Kljlf portions of this county. All along the Potomac shores the ninw ?s very he*vy and destructive. The greatest damage, wc understand, was upon the tienson Branch, where nearly all the growing crop* have been overflowed, and, In a great measure, ruined. TO" Immigration has again commenced from Culua The ship Flying d 1st, arrived from Hong Kong, brought 470 passengers, and the ship J as Brown Is daily expected with as many more. At last amounts several vessels <it Hong Kong were up for San Francisco offering to bring passengers over very .heap. |n"DlUntrhM frnm ?V- " ar _ . | -- ? * v*u ?uc vuinCBO tb^U&QrOU I make no mention of the attempted assa>sination of Priu.e OoiUra. Consul Harris la expecting lb- , return of the Japanese bmbassv bv the middle of August. The Chinese were actively preparing to defend themselves against the Gngiish, and are confident of tUeir ability to do 10 successfully. trr A correspondence has passed between Archbiship Hugbes and the New York city inspector in reference to the State law requiring all persons pert arming the ceremouy of marriage to report the date to a register Tne Archbishop objects quite sharply to tte requirement in- A receut census in Cunada shows that there are 45.GUU runaway slaves in Canada West at the present time, and that they are coming in at the rate of U'.OuO a year Tnese slaves are a?:ited by associations, and many of taem settle on lands purchased for them. U~/"On telling Charles XII., of Sweden, just before the battle of Narva, that the enemy were throe to one, he answered '*1 am glad to near it; for then there will be enough to kill, enough to take prisoners, and enough to run away/' In different section* at im?? " * ^ V VI ?ut iW cuata are appearing in large number*, but thus fir tbeir depredation* have been conOned to tbe f>r?it tret a, fruit trees not baring yet been disturbed. IP* The ugliest of Trades have their momenta of t ieeaure fiow, If I were a grave-digger, of even a hangman, there are aome people I could work for with a great deal ef enjoyment. The Boston Musical Times lava there are nearly two hundred professional musician! in that city, who are out of emplo>mert. t?^Tue Huntville (Ala ) papers announce tbe death of Mr James Clemens, an aged citizen, and father of Hon Jere CUmens, now of Memphis. If"7" Tom Taylor writes to tbe Manchester Guardian tUat Albert Smith realized from his il Jiit Blanc exhibition from J&10,UUU to ?20,000. AtiKIVAUt AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?M Bat*s, Kui; 0 W Ram?*v R Bills, 111; W in 1 wriple, l>e?; J Thorpe, vi, Col uraadifl, ?; A B i?rt<sa, V; ? Hunter, J to i tnuM, Md; Mrs B Bacsott. Alias: J F Hmuer ou. lad; J Oudaafdud l*Uy, IVnn; J \\ Jsckion ta, A C Anderaon, D;S >V Jgu?a, W H Frenou. lAocley, H 0 Nelson, Md; L. Zimmer, Va; J N yarrui, Dr Hibba and daughter, U; K S Steven*.?; H Laudel*. Ri; Kev J IS Boyd sn? lair, Pa; Nl.a Horton. NY; N B Oeborne. Va; J E McDonald ai.d I Mly, N F (Juai.iut "am ai<d fam, Ind; S Orippen. t* Spraker, NY; WBiilrnp, Oti tt Morre, J Moore, N ^ ; T Mats, K Piumo. Mux; J Perham, Mmi; \\ A1 en, Wis; J Johnaon and lj,0;tt Judd and lam, R T&naey, Kj;GM Smith, N*'; T Add?ck?, M<l;h \Vk?e:er,-. W1LLARDS' HOTEL..?J Banker. La; \Y C Harp?r, Mis?; A Hamper, do; M?*s !* Harp?r,do; B O slacken, I'ruaMa; J A l)..nohue, Oa : J >lu??ina, La, W H L'?dt ra; C P Lsarr. NJ:T J a.a, A r vy ni?, N\;JH Landefi, N J; A fmedes, I*C; a 8 Maitaw.Pa: J Wheeler, LSa; J N r'??r U?r,l*YiH Bardawin. do; M E Long, ka; Dr N ttreen and lady. Kj; J Keinha/d. <); K C Kara,, do: J A Llojd and family, Md: Mia* L E Lloyd, lo, G T Kmlook, NY; W A PoneroT, Ala; J W Sohimdt and lady, NV ; Miss Sohidt, NV;C Knain, tloj Mn> Fresiuu.SC; Mn Tory, Mus; Mis? Webb, do; Mis* Wat?on. do: Mrs Wa'ion, do; K H Gale. Ky; J Soaes.dii W G Nolan. Texas; !)? K R?-ad ai:a tady,ln?; Col Waite, USA; E H Buzby, fa; R Fitzgerald. Coon; W W McCreory, Csa. BROWNS' HOTEL.?C Bradlay, Rl; Hon J B Clarke, Huu J Craig, Md; J Sif< rry, reii'; T J Allen, E J Browning, Va; l)r P B 3 Shieas, Als; F Flak, ? a: C sehx, Fa, E Brian, SC; Mis* N Cowan. Tenn; J D Cowan, do: W R Dun pop. do; C Mvon,do:J Meigs. do: A Sprague, Mo; Mr J N Francis, do; Mim Wabaru. do: J C Vanoe, Va:C K Hail and lady, T?x; 1 M Williams and daughter, Tenn: 0 Welft. Mim A E Smith, Misa K Morton, La; Mr* Hunter, Va; A M Bell. T Bel-' Md: Judge vV hitwwth, A Moore, J Campbell. T?nn; G Wuliama. MiseG Williams, Miss I. K Williams, Kf W 9 Pickett, J Anderson, Ta; J B Beall, VV J Berry, Md. WASHINGTON HOVSE -Mrs S J Clark. Pa; A Mc Uoaalu opraxue, Mobile; Misa A l.ri&rir i r . i - jwu.utoa,ra. A >ao)or, Km; H Arnold, lis O B Mattiaon S W Morton. NY; J Van?ant, O; rfA Gwyn, Tenn K1RKWOOD HOUSE.?M K-nadj, Tex; J W W heelcn. NY; A66 Bennett, ? Dentin and ?*?r. Fa J KLina. Oj Capt Caot Barton, A?Tnj; J were, Mo, W J Joyner and lady, Miaa Jojnar, V?. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fro* i?* Usited Btatrs. Si'.amtrt, Leave. Pot. Dans. Aru j New York...Havre ,? J'e23 From Ecropk North American. Liverpool Portland J'* IS Bremen South pton... New York.... J'c 13 The Havana wail at earners leave New York on the 2d. !2th, 17th, and ."7th of each month, and Charleston on tbe ?th and 19th. I'he California naul e*???*re leave New York on he %h and * th of month. THK CHKAPK9T bPRING CLOTHING, i ht h&9t si mmkh "> * ? ! & M-M IV VLi\/l niniu? J C?n od'j be f<?nr;d at W1ESENFF.LD k CO.'S. i Odeon Hull Clothmg Rooms j Splendid Spring R&glana with C&pea. Splendid Spring o?eroo"ta f->r a few doi!*'?, I At WIESF.NFELD k CO.'S | Lieeant Drcaa Suite, at iow??t rate*. Al W1ESENFELD A CO.'S 1 ?~-gi?ftSiSiWL&t CO.'S. I Buaineaa Soita for young men. Buaiaeea seita for middle a*ea Butiuiti ^uiU (or an um. At Wl&ENF&Lb 4b CO.'S. Dreia Suita for weddinga, Dreea Suit* for rartiN, i>re*a Saita lor beat wear. At WlBBEMFELb A CO.'S. I 1 '04MpaT..U ; v rne"t*noJ?<ind. **U i^WIKSEN^ELD A CO.'S.! Boy 'a olo thin< for the von ti eat. Bvj'a oiuthmt for all aisaa. ^ ;%fofe?KS?rcU s Cheap-r than the ehe?peat, 1 Finer than tn? ?ne-? Bettor than the beet. A ret eiarmenti At WIEBENFELD k. CO.'S. Have fnmr money, m A verr few d?H?r? Will give you a splendid outfit for summer. If you o*M _ At WIE8KNFF.LD a ro.'S, a? 17 TuAStf Cor. Pa. ? and 4H ?t. L' K A N C I K HARPER, FAMILY OROCE^IA'0AT?8>DI^KED STORE, I t ?rn <*? ?/ .V?i? York ItiMM nd fnU *tr*4t, Pe?r*clful!j solicit* the patronage of thoae who ma b? in wan t of any artjoleia tU aoove line. Hi* endeavors hall tie to Mae^ and by a strict atten* ?" v,"5S* Hit took ooiuiiiU of everj artiole usually to he found in a fi.-st-olaes Family Grocery and Peed Btore. ma 17 tf Pt-BSOHS Decli ri!?Sw. C or havm* a I nrtlui of household effects oan find ready aale by ea.linr at mr Kn^nirting^ytore, 42S Ttk street, bem H ******* TfljffnLPH BI CH1.Y. PIAN~0*.-*RB*T BABGAINB-Oy rombi rants Piano, la (wat order, for (TI-jm. On) iu o.tta?? GaeJe Huo for KB. AImMM : v -? g.,o?l Priooe Melodeonfor $?. rot**' *' T ST ^Tsr'SrflfeKf" SUMMER RESORTS. tAALlSLE The favorite rMort for WMITIC .ULPHD* *? SPRl.ieS, MonataU Air. FnrlgoraCT7MBERLAND CO, Ptnnsylvnia. . 0oo4 Sooiety and a Good , TaNa. Accommodation ?oa por particulars tend 300 for Circular. ! OWEN*. Tf.ENDEN TERMS LOW. IN A V18SCHKR, Ja 7 low CmrlitU, Pm. WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOF.FFl.KR, Proprietor. N'l* Y?rk a rtmue, bet wen lit and id $t*. In oallinc the attention olthe pablio to my grounds I would ttate that every arrangement ha? A . . A ba*n made to make thia "Retreat" more?(7!^W attractive every day. Momlaje the Gar-XcJHJL dcna are open to thepnblio Ire* of charge?aoouocrt Jiren by a aeiectbarid. Thoae desiring to enjoy the tree tnd vvti *i I find the mm>i>n in oomplete order to render pliwure to all. On oth*r day* the proprietor will cheerfully grant the use of the ground* for achool or other Pio Nio Pat ties without charge. Kor the amusement o'ohildren he hat introdaoed a nun.brr of little gamee, never before seen in thia oitf, ajid oalouiated at the same time to annua? the "old foika.'' N. B.?Attached ia my Bottling Establishment, and families can be supplied with any quantity at their reataecoe. of Uat healthful dnnk, LAGER BKER, ?p?>n abort notiee. je 15 3m WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, GEKKSBKH* COUNTT. VA. Thi* long established watering place was opened for tha reception of visitors on the 15tfe of^ . j ? >l*ny new and important arrangements have been made nine* !a#t ?(>s(on in this laige tab!ishm?nt, am) no effort! will be spared to make the guests comfortable. Persons can reach these reprints by t he Orarre and Alexandria Railroad from Washington; by the Virginia Central Railroad from Riohmond; or by the Yigima and Tennessee Railroad fr<>m the South and Southwest via Lynohburg and Char lottesville, with on'r S" miles sta?? travel. J KK KM I AH MORTON, President. J. HliMFHKEYS, General Superintendent. j? 12 dtJuly 15 MHOl'NTAtN TOP HOHAR. Afoosta Cotf!?TT, Vi. Th'.swell known and favorfle p ace of summer re?ort is again op n for the reception of A . ? A visitors un er th-5 management of its for tv?f mer proprietor. MmmLL It i* situated on the top of tha Be Ridge umun taiQB at Hocsfisti Gap, UO miles westof Richmond, Va.; the Virginia i eutral Railroad pasainf under tne house th-ough tho 1) ue hidgeTunnel. The elevata) situation,beaut'.fu' views .mountain soenery. a d ih" oonbtant ai-d r? freshing freezes, make it one o/th? m ?st delightful p ace* of summ-r r<<sort in Western Virginia. There is also convenient a pring of pure ohalybeate water. Visitors to tne Mouutain l'"P House will oome via Virginia Cent. a> Railroad to Afton Depot, near the eastern porta of the Blue Ridge Tunnel, where a hack will always be in attendance to convey (one mne) t>> the mnnnltin Inn It i? X?? #... r .. ? ?' W vmj wok AVI persona to write several day* beforehand. Term*: #25 pfcr month; #B per week; ? 1.50 per itajr. Servants (blackta^d children urderi2jeara of ace, ha f priee, for white servant* a little more than hr.'f price will be chafed je7 eolm F. F. LIPSCOMB. \1 SAoT VVATKR BATHING. LtIaRSHaLL'S pavilion*. <.Hoor?'e Landin*) wil be open for the reo ptton of viai -1 A ior? on the 13th of June. This delijh'fufYf/Jkw e*o t for thoee eoelciDC health and plea* JLfiaBLL are, is unexcelled br any plaoe of the on the Potomac river It ia ai:uated ab'ut one hundred roues lroni Washington immediately on the Potom?o, a-id in tuil view <>f 'he C1i*mp *ake Bay, f.r.J f?.rm>us for fin* Oyst?rs, Soft Crabs, sheephead, anrt r>th?r Fnh. and ea >.!y acceea'ble ha the ateam i.atj pliinr lwt?Mn W*?liin?m? u?T?;_ ? -- * Norfolk. The undersigned t>m.vie additional improvements in Ms Bat^ House* and many other tuiprovenie: is to the oomfjrt and enjoyment of his i u-sU. Tho Batliiu* cannot be surpassed. Splendid Ang'ing aud p enty i f Fuhing and Sii icg Boat* free of oharge. Me has sp^rsd no expense in pro vidi.if a good i'oti or< Band or-in !aj lng m his took of choice W t^es. L>iquo(s,i*ftjgars. 4.c.,and for those who wish to avoid extreme fashion and to seek a retired p aoe whjre tney o.%n m*ke themselves at home, there is not a more p easant p'aoe in the United States. The proprietor pledges himself that nothing sha'I he left undone on bis part to rendor them so. Terms lor board br the day. week, or month reasonable. Persons wishing to address the proprietor will direct to Leonardtown, St. Mary's oountv, Md. je8-2w> R. J. MARSHALL, ProprietorHYGE1A HOTEL, Old Point Comfort, Va. This oelebrated Seaboard Watering p ace, looat*?! in full view of Hampton Roads and 4 . . A I Ohosapeake Bay. and at the firstjjiilitary r>'-? vi 1110 v uivfvi c<4i(Dii i v un nionri^UbbSBIBmL will be ready far the reception of visitors on the first of Jnne. Be?id?? fie attractions of the military establishment and the fine "Bill of Fa-e" presented in the n.any luxuries of the salt wat>>r renou, the Bath at Old Point Comfort is peouiiarly curative. For Rheumatirm, it is almost a ?p?cifio; and for its properties m this regard the p'oprietorn areal'owed u> make referenoe to Mrs D'. Linn, < rthot of the late Senator Linn,) and to the Secretary of War and hi* lady. A spaoious new building and sundry improve ments add largely to the aooommodations andoom torts of the approaching season. The management of the Hotel and all bu*iness matters connected with it are under the exoloaive charge of the junior partner, Mr. VVlllani. jos. * miar. c. c. wiLlard. ma 29 1m Proprietors. t? point lookout. 1 HE Undersigned, long a:.'l well known to the traveling public m a proprietor of tiie City A . ? A Hotel, Alexandria, Va.. and the tnitedY^a^w Slates Hi tel in \Va?hi gton city. h)*JUi?flBJL leased for a term of years the magnificent t>?? si e Pavilion a> d the numerous cottages oot.nectcd with It, recently ereoted at Hoiut Lookout, the point of i n n A ? ? f ei. . n-* -? ~ ' jauvMvn ?M mo roiuinac wmi uneaapeake Bar. and I having furnished them in a style equal to that of any other watering place in the United States, will op,?n the eatablishment on the 12th nay of June n?xt for the reception oi visitors, bia arrangements beilc sufficient for the comfortable accommodation of at itaat 7S0 go eat*. Point Lookout, baaidea being dea rredly the molt famou* place in all America for fi:.e Oyster*. Hoe F ?h. Soil Craha, 8 eeph'ad, Mackerel, and all other salt water lazuriea. po5a?s*ea finer facilities for Surf Bathing than even Cape May, while the back oour.try unmpolately adjoining it?including the Drives, partridge and Woodcock Miootnig. Ac., Ac.,?otf>r advantxgea together, auperior <>f tnoaeof any other watering slaoc </n this continent, She Water Views from the pavillion and from *!i a aottacea are extenaive, varied, and clierminc The h-alth of the point is unexcelled by that of mountain regioua, and the acoeaa to it h* ??? ? ? - irum Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk, and Richmond, will probably be aa<ly to and frpm each of thoa* oities. Ha ha* spared no expense in providlnt a fine Hand, Carnages, Ho'ses, Pleanure Boats, Ao , for hire, or 'n stocking his o*rlIa.r* with the best Wine*. Liquors, Ao. In sh >rt. his patrons will find at th?ir command every luxury and comfort obt\inab!e at any other Amerioan watering place His terms (or board, by tbe day, week, or month, for individuals or (imiliee. will ha reasonable, ma23 dUuly 1 LOIjAN O SMITH. EDUCATIONAL^ Commercial ITol lege. No. 47B S*KVH?ITH ST., Orrosite tk' Gtntml Pou OJict, Washinntnn City. Armorian System of Permanship, Booxkeeping. Mercantile forms acd Calculations, Business Cor respordenoe, Hills of Exohante, Current Bills, Commission Sales, Granmar and Arithmetic. ITT" A Preparatory Class for Boys. Ladies will be mstruoted in fine penman shlp. Kooma ooen from o ? ? ?? '? - ? " m mm- nl> W ?U p. Ill# V OJ I0f ITIS apply at the Room*. ir??-Sin W V. W YOUNG k. CO. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 N?W .\KRAM?Mt>T. This well-known and popular Seminary, whioh ha < ')<?<?? no ?uoceBcful under the entire '-are of Mrs. Z. Itichards for more than ten years, will be opened on the first Monday in Soptsmaer next, und*-r the nnited n?pervi?ion and infraction of Mr. and Mr*. Z. RICH *RI>8, in tho well arrane'*! and delightfully ttoated Union Aoademy Building. For fartioular?. ?ee oircnlars at all the Bookstnrea. ma23-tf MRS. McCOR lCK'S SCHOOL. !TI RS*. McCORMICK deeir*e to inform he: friends andtne publio cenerally thatsrie will retain* the duties of her 8ohoo> oc the let Monday in September next. Theoouraeof ftudy pursued will oomprieeall the braaoliea requisite toat.horcnch English odnca Hon. In addition to her da* scholar*. the is desirous of rftoeiVITir intn h? - f- - ,ii g am hiui m Doardera %t,od from 10 to M years, who will b? ander her immeCiVP eareand oversight. Hor arrangement* for the accommodation and due care of pupils have been oonaidera.ii inorwwed and otherwiea improved. Those in Waahington desiring p&rtiovlar information with reference to her school may apply to W. D. Wallacb, Editor o th? Star. For t*rou tod fartner partloalars apply ft hei remit >ae?No. 3* Oameron itrMt, Alexandria. Va jhSMf Nmm |> WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO L>? inform the public nod his friunds that he has on hand a large ?tock of Marble Mantnls jiuite a new Ftyle. Abo Monument Head Stones. Table Top', Ac., which he ha* to dispose of at prions to suit tno tunes. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. I'luinbers' work promptly attended to. uia 22-Smeo Pa. av., bet. 18th and 19th its. THT ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, ooadncted by the Scamsh Government, under the supervision of the Captain 6or.eral of Csba. vtll take ?laee at Hinn* ?? THURSDAY, Jvm 24. IM*. tORTEO NUMBRO 638 0RDINJLR10. CAPITAL PRIZK #100,000. I Mis* of ...fioe.'ioo ! Mprix^of. ?!.?> 1 do sn,ooo eo do ? M l do 9>jm in do ? ?* 1 do ? *>,000 SOapprox. ItM I do 1M? Whole Tlo gtit-K Jvee? mt^w.1 Priaee oa*h*w at tic fat at * per oenL aieonnut Bill* on ail eoJvein Banks taken at par. A drawing will beforwwaed aa eoon aa Ue recall i l^CUDIttC kitOWD* u,au "ta~wJw?if1SMsrrl jelltr Care of City P?iet. f"harlwton. h C 1VA.SUIN8TON SEWING ROOMS. at-iWfcwi^-r * ~ n~ii _lu Lim imgjmuuMi . 1 " 1 em TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALT'M??&Wg0H'0?A.Lg?AP. Chinos or Hons. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jtneltth, IMP, train* will ran a* fallow*: Lmti Washington at 6 20 and 7 4? a. ra. Leave Washing ton at 33l> a ad 5 JO p. m. On Sunday at3?p. m. Lea re Baltimore at 4.25 and a 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 315 and 4jn p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. m. Passenger* for the Ea?t will take traioa at MO and 7.40 a. m and 3 20 p m. For the Weit at 7 4" a. m. and &?> p. m. for Annapolis at7.40 a m-and 32" p.m. or Norfolk at 7 4" a. m. On Saturday evening the 3.20 p. m. tiain kom to Philadelphia only. ) U-d T H. PARSONS.Aiont. NEW ORLEANS IX TBRB1I DATS WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ^A!,L Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East 'J tnnessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and JacJtson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTSTROUTE: Memphis by Ra 1, thence by First oIms Pickets to Mew Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILF, ROUTK: Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobile by First ciass Packets. Mo> ne to Nev Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SBWPAYS Included, Leave Washington at 6 a m and 6 p. m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharl foot of Seveath street at 6A? a. m and 6)4 p. m. and oonnecU at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwe*t. Office?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. baggage checked through to hkw or lb aha . bynohbnrg #8 50 Memphis #31 00 Bristol ?__i5ft> Atlanta_*_ 2K <10 Knoxville ?^?.SOOo Maoon 28 00 frbattanooga 24 00 Columbus .. 31 50 Oaiton ,?.24fl0 Montgomery 33 00 Hnntsville ,S7 'jo ) via Memphis.42 50 Grand Jnnotion9100 N.O.> viaH. June 42 50 Nashville 25 6?:| SriaMobile.. 46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 200 MILES SHORTEK, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I me? the Lynokburs Extension being now completed, as also tke Mississippi Centra!, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS 1 It is provided with First oiass Sieep'ng Cars ! ( To New Orleans ~ T2 Hours. pi Mr I Memphis 54 do. j Montgomery . 53 do. I Nashville ...... _.46 do. CIT'The U. 8. MAIl.TTd ADAMS' EXPRESS aie taken over thin New Line. Tickets can be obtained at the Sooth Western Office, onruer of Si*th street and Pennsylvania av9!.ue, to the following points: Lynchburg, Bristol, KnoxviUe, At'anta, Chattanooga. Huntsville, (irand Janotion, Maoon. Nashville, Dalton. Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. ID" THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fC^Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the offioe at 6 a. in. and 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, TicketArent, maM-tr Comer Sl?th at. and Pa. ?v. THE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will renunne her 1 trips on TUESDAY, 21at of February. I860. Will leave WASH INSTON every TUESDAY and*""^"? FRIDAY, at6 o'olock a. m.and ALEXANDRIA at half-paat6 o'olook, for CURRiOMAN and the intermediate La/i'lince. On her retarn trice, ahe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAV and SATURDA Y, at 5 o'olook a. m, LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOU8H. Ac't. Alexandria. fe20 P FOR NEW YORK. AS8A9K, INCL LDIN 6 MEALS AND STATEROOM, #7.40. The New York and Virginia Screw Steam ah) f Comp&ny'a cow and eiegai.t atearaahip fT&t MOUNT VERNON. Caat.T.C.Smith.tttth will l?*ve the Company's D?pi>t. Wea^^ tern W harvea, at ll'o'oiook a. m. every WEDNE8DAY, and the Company'a Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'olook p. m. aame da/. Paaaengera from Washington and Georgetowi intake the coaohea connecting with Alexandria ateamboata or railroad, whioh leave Uie corner ol 7th atreet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they oan leava on the atoamer from the Western Wharves at U e'cUKsk a. m. State rooma oan be engaged on application t< M?aara. Morgan * Rhimhart, Weatein Wharves Freight will be reoeivea up to the hpura of dopar lure. ' ([7" Inacranoe will be e Sorted on all food a by thieline at the oAoe of the Company at M per cent pijjniia, ine nocommoflationa ror passengers "T thia lip* are in every reapect firat-o ass, and every effort wil be made to render this communication with New York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or ?aaaa;e apply to FOWLE * CO., Agenta, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL & CO., MS-ly 68 Woat at., onrner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOM 18, M. L>., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE ThKTH, at tends personally at his office in thin oity. AbBBk Many persons can wear theee teeth who^*"J-fc# cannot wmr othera, and bo peraon can wear othera who cannot wear these. Peraoaa calling at my oflioe can be accommodated with any atyle and price of Teeth they may deaire; but to those who are particu!\r and wi?b the purest, cleanoa*, strongest, and mcst perfect denture that art can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooma in thia ctt??No. 336 Pa. avanne, betweee )th and lot); ata. Alto, 907 Arch street, Philadel pnia. oc 1-1* DDENTIHTRY. R. BILLS, after a practical teat of two year a, feela that he can with our.tdenoe reo?>m mend the Cheopla*Uc Prooeaa for inaertinKMBBI artificial teeth It has the advantagoa or"**"-" strength, he%nty, oleAn'.ineaa.and cheapneea. Fall upper aet* inserted for $16. Partial in proportion Office 306 Pa. avenue. ae 7 [REEIIAN (| SIMPSOlfJ ImagnouImacnoli/I jv^ ll [SKl5*|lk\V IIISKT^ We offer for a&le the ?bore t?nd?rd braud of fiae Copper DutUlad Mftltod Rje Whisky,.in barrel# ?na half nftrreie. Aiituof oar o?i dutnl& tton.and highly improved by ?*. Y^.?,on^8.' ! reoommenait m the pvkbct ?nd beet Whnk y t(i?t o&n possibly he dUtilled. We aleo offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY. and other brands, from the largest stook of Fine Whiskies iu the United State* FREEMAN t SIMPSON, Phsnix Distillery, on the Schuyikill river, Pbila Offices? 96 Wall street. New York; and 109 So ith Front atreet, Philadelphia. mar 29-ly N E W VOJ^A ASH . NSTO? The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave warms* o'oiock p. m., and New York for Waah-^^^^^ incton ever? Saturday, at3 o'oiock a. m. Passengers oan join the ship at Alexandria at any time before the hour of the steamer's aeaartoro. N. B.?In the event of the steameralnability to oroaa the bar in oonaequenooof low wator, alt goods will be promptly lightered to and from the ataamw by the undersigned. r.. H1N?ABTi ssM-H.MftTtr WoUm Wharree. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. | v v D Strut, Bel tree* 9th and lOrA Struts. craYiaarisr'a mreui'&ar1 ^J^rsck sr,i/t^'j??& B*ia> fr*ofc*l raAohMiM in dif?r?at hrftnohu ?i J-. Ilnef*' w? wur?*lv*? that w* know of work Uut-Tl .iT? ?t? iouuvu, oumoiiiiiig ugnueaa, oomfort ud durabilitTR??air?nf promptly and oarefalty attended to at th? abortoat n< tio? and mo?t reaaonabJa nfcarrna. WALTER, KARMANN 4 BOpV, ^oaohmakera, neoMtori to Wm. T. Book. J ALT I MORE LIFE TpTt*lJtANCE CO.-lH D corpoe\tkd 1MB?Joan I. Donalmor, Pre#. -4BUT' Descriptive pamphlata mar bo obtained at th? Companv'a Arenor for tha Diatrict 01 Colarabia, oaoo of I^atria Johnson 4 Co., Banker*. Itth atre* A VERT NICK 0HICKLR1NG PIANO, l&arNBW f I # mrpw -*> MISCELLANEOUS. _ PROPOSALS foe STATION Eft v. Wu Dir aktmutt, Mtr ti, 1M0. P*ofo?At? will b? TWMiTcd at thi? Deptrtmeet antil 1* o'c.<>ok. n..oa Monday, tbattih day of June i?i on the ft rat day *T J Sly next. The Stationery matt be of tke beat ?aa!ity. Saapiea hi nit aoeomjeny the bid*. . The auoo?csful bidder will be repaired to gire bond. with EinroVM) ?*? fai?kf?l ILlI fi'ment of bis oontract; and the Department wi'l reserve the right to order theartioles it ?uoh time*, ud in oh qsantitie*. as it may deem proper, m veil at to inoreaseor diminish theqnartiuss below stated: PAPER MADE OF LINEN STOCK, reams deepaton oap. reied to pattern, weighing 16 pounds, per ream 30 reams foolscap, ruled or plate, weighing 14 ponnds, per ream Son reams suarto post, ruled or p ain, weighing 10 pounds per ream An reams note paper, niled or plain, per ream 10 reams copying paper, per ream 5 reams b otung paper, per rea n 159 dozen blotting boards. p*r dosen lo reams envelope paper, buff or yellow, royal, per ream 10 reams Manilla wrapping paper, super royal, per ream 60.000 envelopes, oAoial sizes, extra heavy, per 1,000 40.000 envelopes, letter tises, extra heavy, per 1,WV 15" groaa metallic pen*, per groaa 2/<oo quill*. No. #o, per I nao GO dozen Fiber's blaok Inad penoila, per dozen 3 dozen F&ber'a blue and carmine peaoiia, per dozen w dozen penholders per dozen 3 dozen ivory foidera, plain, per dozen 4 dozen eraee a. Ivory har dlea, per dozen 10 dozen 4 bladed knivea, Rodgera and Sona'. per dozen 2 dozen offioe scissors, Rodger* and Soaa', per dozen 20 dozen Maynard & Noyea'a.or other blaok ink, in qnarta, per dozen 20 dozen French carmine ink, in onnoe vial*, per dozen 4doz- n inkatanda, Draper'a, Whitney'a, or e^ual, per dozen 2> pounds pealing wax, acarlet, per poand 10 pjunda India rubber, prepared, in pieoea, per pound ?0 dozen silk taate or braid, assorted, per dozen 50 dozen red tape, in pieoea, aesoiterf aiz'a, per dozen 10 dozen red tape, in rolla, assorted aizee, per uuiou 20 pound* linen twine, per pound 6 do*-n lsrrre ja a mucilage. per dozen ina26-lawtd I No. 639.1 BY THE PRE8IDKNT OF THE UNITED STATES In pursuance of law. I, James Bi'chasx*. Presidert of the United States of America, do hereby declare and make known thet publ'c sales will be hel.1 at the undermentioned Land Offices in the Territory of Kansas at the periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the Land Offioeat Jujcti01* Citt commencing on Mot day, the 6th day of 4 ujtast next, for the ui*p<>M?l of the public ianas within the fallowing townships, viz; Southqf the basi line and east of the sixth principal meridian. The parts of township 1 outside of the Indian reservation. atd township* 2 3, 4. and 5, of ranges The parts of township 1 outside of the Indian reservation, and townships 2,3, 4, and % of range]? The parts of township l outside of the Indian reservation, od ownsbips 2, 3.4, and 5. of ranee 6 Tiio oarts of township 1 out'ide of the Indian re servation. and townships 2, 3.4. and 5, of range 5 The pa*ts of lown?hip 1 outside of the Ird an reservation, ana townships 2.3, 4, and 5, of range 4 Townships 1, 2. 3, 4. and 5, nf ranee 3. fownships 1,2,3,4. aud 5. of range 2 own'hips 1, 2,3 4 and 5, of range 1. At the Land Office at Jvbctson Citt, commencing on Monday,it lie 20th day of August next, for the disposal ot the publio landa within the following townships, viz: South of the bast line and east of the sixth principal meridian. Townshlns 6. l.S. lfi- H.n?l ir nf ftn? 1 Townships 6,7.15 16, and 11, of range S Townships 6. 7, 8. 9,10, 11,12, 13, 14, IS, 16, and 17 of range 2 Townships 6,7, 8 9,10,11,12,13,14,15 16, and 17, of sange 1. At the I.and Office at Jcnctio* Citt, oonimenoing on Monda*. the i"th of S^pt^m^er next, for the disposal of the public lands within the following towships, vis: South of the base line and tast of the sixth principal meridian. The parts of township is outside of the Indian reservation, and townships 9, 20, 21 and 22, of range 8. Townships 18.19, 2% 21 and 22, of raage 7. Townships 18,19, 21 and 2*. of range 6. Townships 18,19, 2H, 21 and 22. of ranre A. Townships 1?. 13,20, i." and 22, of ranee 4. Townships ?8, <mand 20, of ranges. Townshios 18,19 atd 2?, of range 2. Townships 18.19 and 20, of range 1. At the I.and Office at Fort Scott, commencing on Monday, the 13th dai of August next, for the dieposal of the putnio landa within the following townships, vis: Soutk <\f the basi littr and east the sixth principal m*rioian. The parts of t.>wn>hip 23 outside of the Indian reservation, of ranges ?, 10,11, 2.13,14.15,16,17,18, i 19, 2(>,2 i and i2. " rk? part* uf tovcihifs 29, 2-4 and K outside o C the Indian reservation, of ranges. Townships 23.24 and 25, of range?. fownships 23 , 24 and 3?, of range 6. ownahips 2a, i4 and 25, of range 5 Lands appropriated hr law for the use of schools, military. Indian, and other purposes, will be ex eluded from the sales. i The offering of the above lands will heoommenoed on the ciars appointed, and will proceed ?n the order in which the* are advertised until the whole shall have been offered and the sales thus closed; but no salt* shall be kept op"n longer th?n two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be par nutted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my handj at the city of Washineton. mis twentieth (lay of April. Anno Doinini one thousand eight hundred and sixty. JA.MKs BUCHANAN. By the President : J< a 9. WILBO<I, Commiaiioner of the General Laud Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every peraon emtltled to the right of pre-emption to apy of the land* wittnn the kiva>h:pi or parte of townislilpa above enumerated u required to e?tal>luh the wiii< t > the aatiafaction of the reenter and receiver of the proper Land Office, and mak* payment therefor as soon aa practicable after aeeief tl:i< notioe, and before the day appointed for ti e commencement of the publie aale of the .anda enbracing 'he tract oiauned; othef?iae, au"h claim will be forfeited. JOS. S * ILSON, Commiaaionrr of the General Land Offioe. Noti.?Under the reguiatiooa of the department, aa heretofore and now exiating. no payment can l>e made for advertiainc proclamations except to auoh &ubiianera aaare tp-dall^authorized ti> publish by le Commiaaioaer of the General Land Offioe. ap 2H-wl3w |y|ay 10th, 1*60. OPENING OF THX SEASON. MoDONNELL'5* CATAWBA GINGER WINE. Our Grocera and Citizens Will please Bear in Mind that The Seaeon for thu MOt*T HEALTHFUL ASD PURE BEVERAGE la Now Open. The Afeut in Baltimore n ? ? - ? iias neoeivea A Large Stock And will be happy to receive the ordera of hia Washington Friends. Quality Guaranted Strictly Pur*. J AS. MoDONNELL, General Ageot, ma 10-t t.A? tr Baltimore. J^OOK OUT FOR PAINT No. SI? SEVENTH STREET. Four Doors South of Odd Fklloies' HalL H, W. HAMILTON-has opened a PAINT SH OP and PA I NT STOR fi on the New Vork r where oao alwaya be found PAINTS. Oll.s! GLASS, BRUSHES, to., Ac., at wholeaale and f#Ui' MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE, Ami bufaxia with SacaHa to Loa.ii! . N. B.?Particular attention paid to Houae, Sign. ?)rnanMatal Painting and Graining. Stained and .namelled Glaaa of all kind* always on hand,or urniahed at abort notice. He warrant* aatiefaotion in all work entruatod to hia eare, and ia oonfideat that he can do work aa cheap, if not cheaper, than an* other e?tal>hahment in tlua city. Give him a oaf I. bon't forget the number?it ia 61)1 Seventh ma 10 tf PUTTY 19 DOWN. U7 GAS FTYTflJ 9 B ft . "? E Have ia atore, and are daily receiving, BAS PIXTUR BS of entirely Naw Patterna aiodDeatr n? and Fiqiah, auperior in *tyle to anything heretofore offered in thia market. We inrttaaitlsene general It to oall and examine,our atock of Gaa and Water Fixture*, fooling confident that we have the beat elected atock in Washington. All Work ia the aboyejine intrusted to our car a will be promptly attended to. -hl .ijiwniuijii *?r, ? .. ibinjn m?vbmt n e tlgSRlSST.arena?, ftS oTsuT CklRed I ron bum. ?U>lMy B?C rATTWON, >wt 3PMHKS5SS 1 lw iwdi itltitrw kmj r. hmm ; - " ~ . MI8CELLAN SOUS. // >o ??\ / vy *i\ A \ // .y / ECOJIOMY: V\ v" \ ^ DISPATCH! ^ ^ ^ ^/*T 5i?e lhe_ Pieces! At aecidftt will ktffM, rrrn n wU-rtcmlmfd fmmUUs, it ia my deairable to hare eome ohaap and oonrraiaat way for repairing Faraitare, Tort, C rookery, fco. SPALDING'S PREPARED flLUI meeta *11 anoh emenreneiea. and no hoaaebold Nu afford to b? without it. It ia alwara ready and ap to the atiokinc point. There la so longer a neoeaOfor limping chain, apiintered reaeera, headieae a. and broken cradlee. It ia i?et the article for oone. ahell. and other ornamental work, a? pop liar With ladiee of refinement ?.o i taate. Thia admirable preparation la naed oold, Mac oiemiwii new in solution. and toniMMni ?!' 'tie valuable qualities of tfee boat oabiue< makara' sue. tmay be used in tae piae* of ordiaary maoiiaff, inc va*Uy mora adhesive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." frit*, 25 oeats. N. B.?A Brush aooooipames each bottla. WktUtilt D*rei, No. 49 Cedar street, N?w Yorl Address HENRY cTaPALDINB A CO.. Box No. S.tM. New York. Pot up for Dealers id Cases oontaintng Foar, Eight, and Twelve Doaen?abeastifal Lithof rapb<o Show Card aooompanyini each package. By A single bottle of SPALDING'S PRE PARED QLi E will save ten umes its oost annually to every household. -fTl Sold by a!) prominent stationers. Prucfists. Hardware and Furniture Dealers, Grooers, aad Fancy Stores. Country merchants should make a note of SPAL DIXY'S PREPARED GLUE, wliar. makinf up their list, ft wi1' ?rarH a^v eUrrate. re h?-1t I II ru? K kttkry i i | I tC C >1 V Jdrtl ? YX +(.'I iy WyiLr jfMwU.'i,)/"* ttr >7 00 . rJ 5 ^ ^ ^ ^ fl 7 i titi mUhftia BmU ?mhu /luir.y ^lO .fjk , rc?mm~J?iif tk* fir* rU~T*, u\v 3Z' tf\ k t tu r?m?l. .,. JM<ctM{ If P$ > f oji $ RO^ rle-fcor. I CAUTION. diidriiacedc cunmn or padctiii i vnwunuknu tfiiuwu# ul vnnu ww IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS MMhwhy WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL All OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HUALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH WILLIAMS! NEW YORK. hOR SALE IX WASHIXGTOS Bt ma 23 6w BARBOUR k SKMMRS. LIGHTNING' LIGHTNING 'J LIGHTNING!!! In Timb or Fkacs, Prkpa.kkfok Wa! F. LaIIARRK. Soutkietit tomtr of 10(4 amd C MA.-fBFACTTOE* OF PLAT1NA TIPPKD LlUMTN|NG ROD**, ReapeotiQU.7 announoea to the public of Waehinc ton and vicinity that he i? prepared to exeocte ail order* for erecting Luhtr.inr Conduotor* on th* mo?t approved aojeatific principle#, o-T.atruoted of the very beat of materia a, on vary m<?derate terms. All I'latir.a tipprd Poir.ta which are manufactured ! b; me will be atamptvi with my name. Weather Van*a of acy deeijn made to order. mar 3P %r - PARAFFINE OIL. THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KSOWM 1 Wea^e now receiving Pa nffine Oil dtreot from i theworka in w<??tTn Virginia. | The qua. it* of it la excellent, produoinc a atealv, bril lant and txwutifa light, an<l more plraaant to tii* ejei than gas < iftht. Thia Oil ia Ire* from a ! u terat'on,an<1 verv much m<>re roonomical thau many of the Coal Oil a uaed at thia tune. IT^* It is in no way explosive. I We k*ep also a cupply of the moat approved at ylea of Lair pa, Ac., for burnirg thia Oil. KING A Rl'Rt'HELL, ; Amenta for ita aaie for the Diat'lot of Columbia, Corner t-ifteenth st. and Vermont av. ?ireat Kanawha Co*] md Oil Company. iu?ll rr ~~ CARRIAGES. 1 HE S?b?onMr hSTirj n i&de additional lit faotory. makinc it no* oce ot the ivtett^jnjl ic tee District. waere hi* facilities forvKMR piauufv turiui '"A B K 1 AGE A LIGHT-^^^^^ VV AtfllNP or all kinfls car.uot be ev r passed, ac< fromnts >n? expener.oe in the bss.uess. he Hopes to ri*e c?serjn issti?l*cUon. Ail kinds ?f i?arriat e? aid Llikt Watoca kept ei hH.Tl'1. A.; K E PA1RS mtlr done, and all orders yrenft ly attercod to. B-vjaad kasd Oamaf?s ia<yjpc ir. exfthanie !or ?r? CM. ANDRKW J. JOYCE, d 1?. t# *f 14tfc in) K all. FIVE HI'NDRKD TRAVELING TR"NK8 arrived this da*. emtvaoiac a.' quai art** ties and sizes of Koie Leather, Ladies'Mnll ! Dress and Packing T:uoks. Omr truck^?1**" sales room exhibits at this time the cr^atest variety of traveling requisites at moderate prices, to Se found this side of New V'?rk. Also, every description of LADIES' HAT ROXES, VALICE9, CARPET BAGf*. SATCHELS, Ae. I fD-Old Trunks repaired or taken ia exchange for new sues. UT A I I fc!*rruui.*A!U a Trunk SaJea Room. mar 31 -tf a-j-j Pa. avenue. PM C. SNYDER, LUMBER AND GAS HTTKR, Philhabmoxic Hall, South n4* of Pa. or., wett of Eltvntk ??.. Will introduoe \\ &lfr and Gu upon the n.oet 1kvorabie term*. 1\ S.?I have on hand a lot of COOKING STOVES, and aa 1 deaire to oioee them out, will ell them at eost for cash. ma 7 ELF.CTRO-PHY*IOLOGV AND Et.ECTROThe rapeutioi, ehowinf the boat method* for j the medioa! nana of Alfred C Garrat t, M. D , 1 vol. Ivo ; prioe 94 The South Side View of Slavery, by Nehemiah Adam*. L). D . t vol , pnoe 75 oenta. Lucille, b? Owen Meredith, 1 vol., blue and fold; pnge 7S oeuta. | Fart 6 of Tom Brown at Oxford; pnoe 12 oer.ta. For aale by BLANCHARUJt MOHUN, )e 15 Corner of 11th at., and Penn. ave. ]\|RS. SCHOOLCRAFT 8 NEW NOVEL.; 1*1 The B>aok Gauntiett. a Tale of Plantation ! Life la South Carolina, bv rare. Heary R tseltaol oraft, wife of the Indian Historian Prioe 91 J&. Jnat published and for aale at PHI LP k, SOLOMON.8 Meirop-i.itan Bookatore, >39 Pt.av., het.9th and lath eta. Sole Aianta for Laarenoe'a Celebrated Foreicn j Stationery. jait i,t.c.uau. a. h. Hon. i.kAim. lama* Will prootioe tn thJIli ficZirt oPk!rrora and Ar eali at Jaokron, the Federal Court at Pontoton, ut Coarta of the Seventh Jadioial Diftriol; of MiatSSiXLzXL ?LS?r IACOB REED. ? Mimicmn or MILITARY CLOTHING, Smihuii Coihu 8?c?*d and Sravci Sra., PHILADELPHIA. i MILITARY CLOTHS FOR BALK. ??? 12,000 the attentioarfth* pnbiw tooirkriiaad will m oldon im?on*bl? tor as fa ordar to paka rooa for oar pnng stock. Give aia agly tS^" fo " No. *T &r*M> ?t. elSr^J&wr D2Ji'W?SS??J? ^,Li,8Coffl|T?t cEBVWMwri m iso3?.8ir h 8MITHMUahi? Goods Ckwiper th&n u^otba ASKRW BUTT&R IN BALTlMORE.~Ws oan at all aaaaoaa of laajaar rosflj to? with z;'.v"x I _ MEDlOINItt*. ir?asa~~ < LOCK lOtriTil, Mm DmmrnU M? ?M ftrfw. ?"?, ?U Miy , VkimJ JtiwMy ? ?* Wmtm. FOR ALL DI&KAPB0 OP IMPRl'DRIHOK. i.#r *ro rii.s? r>7I/rjrr p**r*jrr APPLY IMMED ATBLY. 4 CURE WARRAXTMO. OR ItO CHARbit, ;> mo* ro rwo jura kti, lwii<m.AlMlMwt<lk? u4 R(M*t, i>i*cfe*rfM. taiwmy, l?M* DwMi rfkfkt tr Xlnm. P?im I ?f tb? IkMN Hw,A(iciMMaftta Latn,*i*a>lt? IkMi TirnMl IW4?n tnairg rrtm MMary liM? ?f TMKk-'lMM Drillfl! U< l)<witlin fWtKII VklM to Mtmtfi aimMi. u4 < > ?! to? Mf * < MM * TOIIW MU I^Mklh w?? kav* kKWil tM 'HIW < fctnuj flM, Iktt irttMl u4 h?k?i tbd U? ?Nf? m uiiUMi; (TIM ikMMtia rfTwn| rfftt MM MUl*4 t*l*?t? ? >?) mi *li*ci, mtfhi MiirvM ka?* MlrucW llMMHif ItMIM *ltl ifc* lkH4<n rftllMHH d *.kt<u Hwir ik. !<??.? tyn,wv Mil vwk Mi Mat iUIU PltlOII m lni ,au MiMfhlulw. t?m >*M ( Mrw**! twbwt. llfHll MMHiv 4?<MiMm?, *?.. fil Wk* puM kM*?lfMill ik? MM ?f D*. i. mmy mUgi Ml* cmhi ib to hM** u t (ittlMu i*4 mHnity ?*>* ifw k* (kill u a ykrMiu. wrricB i*? r sum rttrtii imin Ml ku< n4aj?*( tram Bcittanr* mi*m, h? Mm* Mm Ik* urtw r*U m( M*M*r*? mm* ul aMtot Umk llM M( af |k? MM M?WI 0*Ut|M M ika ll?rSwM! Ui ika niiur p?r! af ?tM< >h haa kite apant ta t?a ko nul< afLn<m. Pana, PbiiatatVfctt ??< aiaawkara. kaa afratiad H*I af tka IMM ?W( earaa thai ?m Imvd. maav INtfM VHk nn|w( w tka k?4 u< ?n *kaa uMk ?ra?i tu.i >MrM< at n?h kubkbiiM wtth fraaaaat k.aatiiuf, aitaadal Mat MM walk ttrmiiaiii.Wakl, vara rarad iaaa<Ui)!t TiU PARTK'VkAR WTICI. Tad| Mia a?* Mklrt ahakoi iipra* tkaaaalaaa kf a aaruau pratuta iotaifad ? wkaa ataaa?a k?k? fraqaaat:? latnai (ran aril caafaaaaaa. ar at atkaal, ika afacta al Vklck ara atffcUy fait a?aa wfeaa |aa.a*f, and if a*- tarad. raodara atrrit^a ia.puaaikla, u< taauapa kau at>< aad ka4r, ahoaid *ff'r im;na<h J g TVaaa ara aaaaa nf tka * d ?r* ir .1 < hair af - aradaaad kp aaria katwa af vawtk ?aa 1 Waaknaaa af Ika Sack aad aaiaka. F>mi va (ka Maad, Uuaraai af ?.fhi Laaa af Mwaiat Naai, Pilpiuuaii af lha H*an,D*apa|ar. Naraaaa Itniiktl If, Daranfamant aftka Pijaa *a f ai.n ai.a, Oai.ara., aympo-wa n(C? aainpnaai, Ac. MKNTALLY.?Tna faarfal ^faetaaa tka Biaf ara ka<> la ka dra^ad ? Laaa af Manar;, i lalaaaa af Maaa, Daaraaaiaa af >fima, Bail farMiua, A'araaaa af Saeiata. RaH Dwrtii, Laraaf Salitala, Tir-idt'.p. ale . ara Ma af Ik* aula pra 4 vc#4 RUTOII DBIIUTT ?Tkaaaaada aaa aaa|?4f< Mai ta tka aaaaa af tkair laciiMng kaatak, laaw.a ikair -,|ai ka kaatnf aa.k, pa.a, i.araaaa aad av?r laiad. ka?n?f a aiatfa.a 1 tppaararta akaat tka araa. caafk ?r ?yrapcaii* ?f cacaanpnaa ni?E*?C8 op imprudence Wkaa tka iriafaidad and tmpiadar ?ourf af plaaaara (a 4a ka kaa a?>?ifcad lha aaa da af tkia fun/al daaaaaa.Mtaa Aaa kappana tkat aa ill-timad aaaaa of aktaa ar draad afdaacaran laiarabm frara appt^u f n iJxiaa tha. fraaa adacaiaa ar< raapacuUli^, eaa alaaa br'naad km Ha Mia aaaaa Ika hftnlil fl' imnrir' arid ,.m . 'a.., * a - - ? ^ - -? - p m i ?? -' - - ' -|??.? f carwaf, tick b? paeam?ry nS'mci ka?p Ma info f waatk %ftar raaatfc, ?c lenf in mIImi fad tir ka ? uiwD, a>4 u dMfHir l??*i Tia vHk rwMd kwHIUMi a?ar kia ralliug <i>aapp?iot.i?a;>;; ? b* tka >M a/ that 4M|1t finn. W?rcTy. >w?? tha m.MittUMiI iiiemwi > UM umbli iIumii, aach u Aficuwit'lht Hun.nmt.Mm, km .Ac.. prorraaaii ( with fraffctfal rapiditp. Ull daa??> pttt Mtw4ukH draadfal ailtnnn t j aaadiaif ki<? ?a Ikal aa diata'trarf eaac-r? fram vbeaa baarraa aa traaalar raiaraa oa. JOMiuiifttMcnT rotoMuncvuuitai Aim IMTOTEMCT. By tku fraat u< ie???ta?i rainady nUtaaa a( ika antai Ui apaadiiy cBrad and fall *if?f raanarad 1>eeeae4e altka aaai naranaa ia< datilitttad. ?ka UI teat alt kaft, ta'l kaaa lanitlitil; ral?a?ad All iiapadiaaata la Mirru(l Pbyataal a* Maaiai Ptaaaalt aauacia, Loaa of Pracraau't Pavar, Nar'aaa IfffcaMlhf T?amf>iirf and Waaknaaaa? Eikaaauac aftika Mat faart kind apaaadiL* tarad CNDOUUEIIT OF TBS rUH TBI MAN V TM> V8ANl>a car ad aitbia .. .tuiMMa vttt.a tka lax aaaaataaa Man, ud Ika rar.araaa iiaipattaM Ml aparauaoa yaiwraaj ky Pr JatiMM, wimaaaad k; uta I rflMnan *f thm r MM mm. - Mk*> B.M^a v?fch b??? imirtl ipm and iftn t?f?r? lb* mMk. ks?d?i bit ttabdinf u ? |niliau?( tkiiuttiM nam ktliiy. is * ittciMi f?*r?n?. is tf>? abumd |ss ? It Dr. j. bovee dodh IMPERIAL WISE BITTERS, Are now being i*?d front Maine to th?VrM( lt? t Lake, anl the mil reran! verdiat of all who uee t ?in either aa a ntedwiM'. ur ?< I bererast. la that they are ucau'paaec in the world, l>r. I)o4a naed them au-oeaafmly in hia practice for ts Tear* before we purchased of him the eole if tit to inacataera and present thorn for sate to the pablic. Por the on>eof Incipient Consumption, IndjceeUon, Dye pepaia. Plies, Nerroua Uiaea ea. Female Com plaint*, and all oaaea requiring a Ion to, they are beVond doubt a moat invaluable ran edy. Atide from their medicinal properties they are a pur*, whoie aome and deiightfui B*-verare, producing all the pleasant exhile>atinr effect* of Brandy or Wiw without their injurious result*. -et all friend a of hnmanity and a<i a ivooates of tenaperano* auiti a .d anbatituinr he*- va uaoie Vegetable BtUera for the Mi'aira/ poitoni ? id m/fvltrrmtrd Lifw J imi >iuu ius uuiuui m-'-tieu. *ii? inwrrin n fefua.iy aid in baa shine l>it?ase and Draak?i#M from the land. CHaRLKH \V| DDI FIELD * CO.. Propriatora.7*? W11 i?.m iir?M, Naw York. J. HCHWARZE Aract, WukiD(U>D. D. C. 1)R. J ROVER DOD?' IMPERIAL CUS BITTERS. For OiMMn of llw Kidnn . B iddn im UruMr* Organ*. and especially for Female Obat'ooiioaa. "?vf r fail to our*, and are war ranted to five Mti? fiction. CHaRLE* WIDDI FIELD ft CO.. l'ropnctora, 7^ William at.. New S'ork. J. CHWARZF.. je7 ly,r A Kent. IVaahiagtoa. D. C. HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! MftS. COX'S INDIAN TEd STABLE VECOCTION. It u well known that in the Bpring ** tore apt to oottract dieeaae than at ant other period; aad it la equr.iiy we?l-known ihaitkewa* to ward off dieeaae i? to keep the bi rod para, for "all the ifla that tMh it heir to,'' from imparl hr of th# filial. Ml* HMJR R?MR# of m?r ax i?tai.A< li IB, therefore, important to aSl tbat the elated honId be thorough!* clear.???d and pvrified, and this can be don* in the moat eflejtra1 *m bj oan^ AIRS M. CQI'S INDIA# V n,ETJLBLM PF COCTJOy, tlx" b?-*l reaiMT dtaoovercd lor the #?re of ? >(>*, . h-)?.r? a*. a. Rh?nma Km. NerT'm* Forera of <lifP?rer.t kinds, ?p?p?j, L.iver Complaint, and all other diweaeet arising irom impurity of th* t. <mk1 ! i hy ei??rt- : the moat reina kahle euroa, m oac be ahowr > j nutneroa* oerufeoatea front peraona of Um luaLeat respectability. and ia recommended by al who have oio d it aa the moat invaiuablt rew.edia. a?<v.t of the day. lET'ltla enld by ail the Drug^tata of Baltimore, a..C at the raaidenoe of the proprietor. Mfc*. M. COX. F.aet Baltimore atreot, between Bdeu atreet and Centra, aveow" None genuine aaleas her name ia blown on the bottle and her teal on the oork |[_T Prioe #1 per bottle, aix bottle* for ?&. Wkoiftnle Afmt. R. 8 T. CiearL. Dmiin'. Georgetown. I?. C., VV holeaale Agent for the L>i* tnet. and will eoppy the trade at my prioea. jiarSUf yMK ALL SUFFICIENT TIIIK TKIESEMAIl, 1, 8, A 1, tf?mltd bf Royal Ltturt Fattnt ?f laiM, mmd ttrvtd fry tkf Stair if tk* f-*U it Phmrmmt** * Fartf, *md tkt Imperial ColUt of M*diemi?. FUftHR No. 1 it ^aralaabie for e^haaatioa, Wgrnmatm rhcra, aid all phyaioa! diaabilitiee. No. 9 completely erad.oatea all tne? of thoe* dlMMM that have bees hitherto treated bt the dm ooot and peroioi<>aa nae of on pa via and oo bet* No. 3 has entirely anpp'.aated the uyy tone u#? of memtirj, thereby inannnj to the aafferer apeaoy relief, aiajera:nc ail itnpnntiec, aad rooUaf oat tKe TKlEt*KM AK.Nna. 1.9and ?.a.reprepared ia tM form of a lofaff, deveid of taste and email, and oao be carried i& the waiatooat pocket. tVuld if tic Saaan. and dirufod ;ot? separate d-eee,a* aduune tared t?r Vaipeaa, file maud. R-oa*. Rioord. Ac. Pnoe #3 each, or four oaaea for f 9 which ear** is. in caaee. whereby there i? a earing of I be haSL wholesale and retail, of In. B/ ? K O W. I H'.eeoker atreot. four dtxri below Mr Dour*, street. New York. Immediately oa reoetvia* are uttanoe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Tnaaawir to any part ot the world, eeoarely packed, aad addre?te<f aooordtOKto the iDetraotioaa of the writer. Bold alao by 8. CALVERT FORD. Jr.. Waikin* ton. D. C. < Mm I~:i, bwEB^BSI 4^dc%? yo?rniM?? ? lonnw lofwcriMpvf -Z'&fttrI"- ***"- ' tror ?tampin? _. a packet of papbb and envelopes to match, ?u? metropolitan | book8tork. i PBILP * 50L0M0NP. _ I Ag*ate for L*at?no*'a c?:?b \t?d Lid?i P??m, I " Metrop> rta.c Milii," *o.. A?, _ J SJ14Pw.av. _NH ?h and *k J 279 7JSSN^ a?6 1 U'. S5J SoSi,' "Sj'J r~Sasassei J Mtfrortuioo. r^wfcgjtfa?jwatteg * aa^^tgaarj.ay*'1, *> ft?*?an at.. i?f?* r?mr B<>^ ? jg&iggSS0jjb J

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