Newspaper of Evening Star, June 25, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 25, 1860 Page 1
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w , * # - ' 1? ? ^ ' Vi ^B- i^HT? V ^ ? V2i. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. JUNE 25. 1860 N?. 2.291. ; . * * x~ ' * * THE EVENING STAR W *? f PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON (81'KIMLYI EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BllLOIIIGI, Corner of Pert nsflvania avenue andWtk rt., BT W. D. WALLACH. Ft per a served in pwkl|N by oftrrivra tt (I t or 37 oenta p?r month. To m*i1 anbeenbera the ptio? ta $3 year, tn advance, $7 for nix month*; 91 for three moothe; and for leae than tnree m?nth? at the rate of 12 centa a week. 8io<ie c ytea. <>OT cBMT, in wmppera. Twormi. 1L/" ADVE*TisEM?*TaalioBld be aent to the offioe I store iz o o.oot m ; otherwise iney may not appear ttjitil the p?xt day. The Irish Eiedaa. . The Cork Reporter regards the second Irish ?xodns in a great measure a* the consequence ?f a more adventurous spirit among the people, which leads them to caat their Tot in distant and newly occupied lands, rather than apply themselves to the more plodding industry to which they most reaort in the hpme juntry. 44 Howerer," adds the Reporter. 41 we may deplore the loaa of oar 4 bone and sinew' which ?r? thus taken from as, we mast say that we cannot take quite the same view of it as some of oar oontemporaries, as we shall presently explain. The great extension of team trafio, both by land and sea, has increased largely the facilities of emigration. There are few places in Ireland now which are far removed frfllli aecesa to one or other of the great lines of railway that leads to oar principal ports. And within a few years several line* of first-class ocean steamers have bean brought into activity, bv which the Atlantic if traversed with wonderful regularity, ceFtainty. and safety, in not many more da/9 ) than H t<x>k week:) by the old sailing emigrant hip to cross it. Add to this that the cost of -the voyage i<< hardly, if at all, increased; that its old miseries. which it was painful to dwell u;>un. are nearly all got rid of, and that it may ru>w be made respectably and comfortably. Let it be further borne in mind that American locomotion has advanced with still more rapid strides, while, by the system of 'throughti'-ket' arrangements, the emigrant oan pass, on hi.? arrival, atonce, safely and expeditiously, to the ultimate point which he desires to reach, and it will at oir*e bo seen how greatly tbe temptation to go is increased, for all persons whose thoughts are turned in this direction Formerly, what was the position of the Irifh peasant' He had his farm, small in dimen sions, jet too large for bis limited means of taming it to account. Od it be remained, and brought up his family, isolated from communication with the busier world, and ignorant of rx way? and of the opportunities it offers to th? active and enterprising. All his ambition to live on bis * bit of ground,' eat the ^impl' root that it yielded to him in abundance, and a? his children grew to maturity to divide the farm into smaller patches, on which they ?qaatted and reared their progeny, in increasing poverty and with diminishing hope ami ambition?if we can use such a word in speaking of such a class. ' When the subdivision of land could proceed n^ further, leaving the means of support to the dwellers on it, and starvation was imminent, be looked, m his last earthly ohance, to the migrant ship In his isolation and his ignorance one fact had reached bim. that somewhere, afar off. beyond an all but ^oundless expanse of ocean, there lay a great country canwi America li ne could make bis way to one of the seaports of his own land, he had asoertained that means would be found to transport him to this distant region. More he knew not Qaebec, Boston. New York, Montreal, were names, perhaps, that had reached him. but they were mere names to him He had been u>ld that all were in America?all were aiike to him To reach any he mast journey over land for many days, and must enter on that appalling voyage?full of privation and of peril?of many weeks But fly he must?fly from ruin and from death. So he left on his dreary and dreaded exile Such it was to many of our people, even a down years ago. But is it anything like this now' The National School ha* familiarised the young peasant with all that it is possible to learn of that great continent, and of the newly-peopled land over which our great empire extends. The ia J'va- a? * ? !l? **" * ? > uia uuui, ui l?W OlUOt on ti iurthest. The steamer goes direct from ita terminus. and landahim within a fortnight beyond that ocean that seemed ao illimitable before He knowa all aboat the place he wants to go to. There ia some struggle with the strong Celtic feeling* at leaving the old land and the old home; but there hare been many sad partings during the l&at fifteen years, and the Irish nature hu grown somewhat used to them. Beeauae the educated man minds these thing? less than the uneducated?we stop not to difcuas the good or ill of thia. but so it is. The National School, aa well aa sterner teaching, has made the emigrant's partingeaaier to him. and he goea to-day with full as much hope aa grief So that altogether hia emigration is quite different from what it u.-ed to be, and he no longer waits to be driven into exile by the mia^ry which alone would have coerced him formerly, but goes freely, manfully, aud -with a will'?a apioe of adventure giving ita seat to ma more calculating desire to 'better his condition.' " Tn? Japanese ?The Embassy are getting tired of being exhibited On Wednesday they were t" attend au opera matinee at Xew York, and the Tribune tells this story of how they were got there At 1 o'elock it was announced that the' carriages were ready to convey the Japanese to the Academic Matinee, whereupon it became a iu*?tion who of the seventy would go, and anally whether all of them would not iiuist on staying at home. For, as one of the committee in charge astutely remarked, "they're a very singular people, inasmuch as they like to hare their own way, and sometimes become fractious when we tell 'em they've got to go where they don't want to''' The three limbadeador* had refused to attend the Opera from the start; at the last moment the officer* also declined the invitation for themselves* and their attendants. The Committee urged the point The Japanese, with suavity, begged to be excused The Committee insisted. They firmly declined The Committee assumed an imperative tone. Wbereunnn th? were at first frightened, then wounded, lastly surprised and one of the officers rushed out of the Committee room, end adjured Mr. Lelaod to procure him a pUtol forthwith If the Committee persist in this style of things we sha.ll soon hear of a case of hari-kari at the Metropolitan Hotel- Finally terms were made, and the gentle Japanese, with their national polite nets concluded to yield the point. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh offioers. three or four others high in rank, Tommy, and several attendants, equipped themselves, were pulled, ratber than accompanied, to the door, were shoved, rather than assisted into the carriage? and whirled away to the Academy, ml wto ich they arrived some time after the appointed hour. * , The Xewspapeb Editor is, in fact, the creator of politicians and statesmen. He toils that others may rise; he sows that others may reap In the loom of his ever working brain are woven the theories and the facts, the arguments and the appeal with which the ambitieus spirant clothes and strengthens himself. Rarely considered, the editor is like the ladder upon which the statesman mounts todtatiottion, too frequently to be kicked away the moment the statesman attains the long ooveted prise. Thousands of these men are to-dav laboring and starvinr. while those thpv ? o- ? (? j proud and pro*f?erous Id one of the latest | novels of Mr. Bulwer, he tears away the veil and disclose* the secret and machinery by which maoy of the Knglish leaden are enabled to witch the world with noble deeds of statesmanship. A pale stadent spends nights and days in collection the information ana preparing the speeches of the oold and lufly orator, and as the latter entrancea the House with his statistics and logic, no one thinks of the patient, obecare, and unknown instrument by which he has been enabled to obtain all this information Horace Greely has been the architect of many a daasling repatation. WKh hiaMeaaing efforts, his fertile intailaet, and hi* entho?iv?tic devotion to his rreat profession, he has forgotten him*elf in his teal for others 1 lie has seen the prize of high place, the em?lnuients o( great office^ the honors and the distinction or parties and of combinations, ab? aorbed and monepoliied by other*, shrewd and cunning gamester*, who while watching bis energies have availed themselves of the fruit* of hfi brain.?PkU?d?iTh^ Pre** I S*eial and Dtantlc Life ( Wives la Japan. The Japanese women are suhjaoted to no jealous seclnsion, bat bold a fair station in society. and abare ail the innocent recreations of tbeir fathers and husbands. Death would be the coneequenoe of detection in a flagrant violation of confidence. The Japanese ladies are generally lively and agreeable companions, and the ease and eloquence of their manners have been highly extolled. But still, during their whole lives thev are kept in a state of tutelage: that is, of oompletedependence upon tbeir husbands, son*, and other relative*. They have no legal rights, and their evidence is not admitted in a court of justice. The Japanese husband, under all circumstances, is obliged to support his reputed wife, according to bis station, unless he can produce grounds for divorce satisfactory to the tribunal. Bat under no circumstances can a wife demand to be separated from her husband. At home, the wire is mistress of the funnily; but in other respects she U treated rather aa a toy for her husband'* amusement, than as the rational, confidential partner of his life She ia expected to please him by her accomplishments, to oheer him with her lively conversation, but never suffered to share his more serious thoughts, or to relieve his cares. Ignorant of his business affairs, she must not presume to question him in relation to them. That would be unpardonable presumption. RELIQIO* or JAPAN. One of the most interesting features of the Japanese is their religion It is based entirely' upon a belief in gods and goddesses, who they believe have existed from eternity, and will continue to exist forever. With one sovereignty they claimed that it reigned, instead of inyriais, about 2^0,000 years, and was followed by four other gods, who reigned over 2,000,000 years The principal duties enjoined are. 1st, I nrMprvntinn nf o? !l~ r. v? M<v. HO lUt CUiUICUJ 01 parity and instrument of purification; 2d, purity of soul, heart, and boay. the former to be observed by obedience to the dictates of reason and the law. in the latter by abstinence from whatever defiles; 3d, observance of festival days; 4tb. pilgrimage; and 5th. the worship of the Kami, both in the templos and at home. The impurities to be avoided are nan-association with the impnre. or hearing obscene, wicked, or brutal language, by eating of certain meats, and by contact with blood and death. Pilgrimage is the grand act of devotion, and there are two and twenty shrines commanding such homage The first and most important of their religious systems u Buddhism, the most widely diffused of all false oreeds. In this connection it is unnecessary to add that the great mass of the people moat heartily detest and abhor the principles of the Christian religion. Singular Railroad Accident ? TerribU ! Termination of a Fight.?The New York TribuDe gives the following account of a singular and terrible aocident: Yesterday (Wednesday) morning, as the 11 o'clock express train on the Hudson River Rsilroiid was approaching Peekskill, two men, who are said to nave been drunk at the time, were engaged in a fight on the track, and just at the instant when the train came up they were both down between the rails. There is a curve a short distance on this side of the Peekskill station, owing to which the engineer was not able to see the men on the track in time to stop the train He, however, gave the alarm for "down brakoa" the instant he saw the men, bat it was then too late, and the uatu, ojusiBiiiiK 01 dve cars, passed over the bodies of both toe men who had been lighting, and of another man who. eeeiug then aangci, endeavored to save them, but was drugged himself upon the track, and there held, till the train came up. by one of the contestants. One of them was so terribly mutilated that he could not be recognized?portions of his body being strewn along the track for some distance. The other two were instantly killed, having their clothes torn from their bodies, but were in a oondition to be recognised. It apEears that the engineer was entirely free from lime in the matter, as the moment he saw the men on the track he did his utmost to avert the calamity The men were reoo^niied _ . ? 0 ? They were all intoxicated at the time. The bodies were taken up and placed on a handcar and removed to the engine house. Their names, and what is known of them, are as fallows Henry W Hall, an American, aged 35; Thomas Granger, an American, aged 28 ; and 1 George Rawcliffe, an Englishman, aged 22 Hall resided at Oyster Bay, L. I , and was for wveral years a member of No. 40 Engine Corn[any of this city. Rawcliffe attempted to save is comrade*, and lost his life in the effort. >othing more is known of Granger. Goon Advice to Yocsa Wo*w.-Trust not to uncertain riohee. but prepare yourselves for every emergency in life Learn to work, and be not dependent on servants to make your bread, sweep your floors and darn your stork ines. Abote all. do not ?t?m I f ? V.V-WU1 iw nguva j those honorable 70002 men who sustain themselves and their aged parent* by the work of their own hands, while you carets and receive into your company those laiy, idle popinjays, who never lift a finger U> help themselves as long as they oan keep body and soul together, and get funds sufficient to live iu fashion. If you are wise, you will look at this tmbject iu the light we do; and when you are old enough to become wives you will prefer the honest mechanic, who with not a cent to oommenco life, to the fashionable loafer, with a capital of ten thousand dollars. When we hear it rc marked, "a young lady married a fortune," we tremble for her future prosperity Riohc3 left to children by wealthy parents turn out to be a curee instead of a blessing. Young women, remember this, and instead of sounding the purse of your lovers, and examining the out of their ooata. look into their hahit* and their hearts Mark if they have a trade andean depend upon; ceethat they have minda which will lead them to look above a butterfly existence. Talk not of the beautiful White akin and aoft delicate hand, the splendid form and fine appearance of the young gentleman Let not these foolish considera tions engross your thought*. Thb Oil Rxeio* iw Pennsylvania ? Tbe \Vheeling Intelligencer says: " Through the courtesy of Mr. Jobn Robinson, we have been permitted to read a letter written by him to h'.s friend. E H Chase, from tbe famous oil region about TltusvlUe, Pa. The account almost staggers belief; but as It Is recorded by a reliable man, and Is certified to by nine other men of undoubted veracity, we are bound to credit tbe statement He mentions four different wells, the pr< duet of which Is four thousand three hundred aud sixty gallons per twenty-four hours, or an average of one thousand and ninety gallons each. One ef these wells (that of D Coopley, Barnstable 4. Co ) Issues oil for hours at a time, at the rate of one gallon and a half per minute Mr. Chase s.iyi that In less than three mouths there will be finished, and In process of construction, between Hv? hundred aud a thousand well* Civil engl- i necr* are at this time reviewing a route for a railroad with a special reference to thl*enormous and increasing off trade." ID- Out of about 4,000 widow* of the Revoln? tion. pensioned by the f rst act of Congress, only thirty-Are survive. Fourteen of theui are over one hundred years old. * ETf. B. Lovewell sad Geo Oberaiyer were jumping for a wager, last week, in Somerset County, v e . when the former bunt a blood-vessel, and died ID-Mr* Marian Croker, a woman forty years old. hanged herself ia McLean County. III., recently, b^ause she bad quarreled with ber burband . , V. I IET A little child, daughter of Stephen Kates, w >s poisoned to death in BuftMo, y ,a day *r .1 ?- an ?- ' .w? ?--r, ?j r?uiMia??, carelessly Ml on ? table . ET Rev Tbomae Barry bad his pock at picked of *133 in a mail town, near Montreal, Canada, on n.e 15th mat , while at a charitable fair. UJ* Three tittle girls. oa a ideate excursion were drowned a few miles fram Tsroato, Caa&drf, A MRS. WINS LOW, N Experienced Nurae and Female Phraiotan, preeenta to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Cklldrea Teething, Whiak pttil; faelliutaa th? praaaaa af taatbing, k* Hftti,n( Ik a rant, radatmf all mtaramauan?will allay ALL fill* an? ap?ra?dic acuan, u< ia SURE TO REOVLATB THE BOWELSDapao* ip? U, aawfeara, it will fin Mat te paaraalTat, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa hava pat ap ?nd aald thia attic!# far a?ar tan yarn, and can (at, ik roarioinri mo Tll'TR of it,*a hiti oaaar baaa aMa U( 1 iaay ?f any otmii Madietna?KBTia MRS HAtlTrAiLBDtll> a iirili n1... 'TillCI to iftlrT * r it a m WlM"''' ' ?* . --. - . v>i ? nin umiij at a a Nt'trdid Imt tnOTHlVfl ,n inttanet of diaaatiafactjon by any m n l out who attd it. Ob tbt contrary, all Art SYRUP, dtlirbttd with iu ori>?Tl05l, and ' ? ?? to lirm of hifhttt ommthdatioo of iu magical tftett and mtdical Tirtatt. wi tptak in .hit matter what wi do bjtow," afttrttn ytart' tiptriyiet, AND niPHI om llfVTitioh ro* thi rolfilhiiit or what wi hmi dbriAII. la ilrrtMt t?tr? inttanet ?htti .ht infant it tafftr'?*,r?m lain and tiheutuon, rtlitf vill be found Id ffltts I r twtaty minatte tfttr the tyrnp it adralnitttrtd. This Tela* bit preparation m the preeeription of etiA ef tbt a>oet lirilLIIKCID and IBILrCL ni'Dslt In New England aadhA* bean and with niviR-FAiuiKM alKCBM ib THOUSANDS OF CASKS. It anly rtlu * ta Iht child fram pain, bat in ti^eratet tbt tenia rh and bowele, correete acidity, and gitee (ana And tntrgy ta tbt wbolt ijrjm. It will almott inttaotly rtlitTt Gbifin? in tui Bow^li and Wind Colic, and trtrcome eon?Bltte?ie, wbicb, If net epeedi4y rtmtditd tad ib dtatb. Wit m_ i btlieTe it the hit anpsubbjt kim- for BDT i? tbt WORLD ib All ratta ef DT?- CHILDREN IWTIRT and DIAR rhiba in chil- tekthi*ig o"*". whttbar it anttt fram nothing 1 or from an* othar raaaa. Wi woaM tay to ttery mother who bat a child Buffering from any of the foregoing complaint*?Do HOT LIT TOUR PRBJUDICBJ, IVOR THI F H B J v Ij IC Be cr O TH BR t, tuud tatwiau year mitring child and tbt relief that will b* ?CBB?Jtt, ABIOLCTBLT tlRB?to fellow lha Bat of tb mtdicint, if tiirtly and Fall direction fjr Being will a compart taeh bo tla. None genuine anlttt tbt fac-timila CCRTII k PERKINS,Ntw fork, mob tht oauidt wrafpt Moid by Drarfittt ihroDaboa: tbt world. Principal Omee. No. II Cedar Itrttt, M. T. met aniT u t/inu r*r BMtli. M ll-d4vlr GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS FOR iiarpKR^S F* KKV-(Hash E OF J)AYS.?On and alter July 2,186ft, the st?amor ANTELOl'E, Capt. J. WiLL?.o?rrmn? the United mail, wHI i'*'# Georgetown EVhRY MONDAY, WKDN E8DAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m., and return ever* Tue?dav. Thursday and Saturday. iN. B ?The Antelope will run aa before until the above date. je 5 2m* i just ireceivkdT IOU BBI.S WHISKY, (a.w.rted,) do. HERR1NU and ALE WIVES, yt, u fptvrr* ui 'n ? n.i ->/ ?v. ? v> i ri l; ol 'jau^, 10 hhdH. PORTO RICO SUG ARS. 6 bbl?.(Ba> field) WHITK Fl-H. 25 box*s putne Eastern C HE KSE. For sale low l?r JOHN J. BOGI E, je 8 Georgetown, D C. Agency for fair~bank's scales in GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have boen appointed AgPiits for the sale of the above o*lebrat?*l and we.i known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu;! supply oonatantljr on hand and for sale at lowest ra'?B. HAY and COAL SCALES ereoted in any part of the District or adi-jimng counties. All Soal?s are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY * BARNARD, Dealers in Agricultural Implements. jag 2m Bridge street 2 door| west of Hith. THE CELEBRATED CON TRACT AND GOUQUA MATTINGS, Both plain and check. For tale low br SP1LMAN A HUNT, ap ;T-eo2in 9S Bridge St., Georgetown. r^KANDELL. OPTICIAN, vy N?. lite hrxdt* 11., G?ofg?tMM, Has oonstantlr on hand a large assortment of French Near-sirnted. P*nu>n?i? On 1- ?. ? ? I ored, and Ml other 91* flCT Affiles, I tae best qua.itj. in gold, silver. steel.and German silver frames. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and new ? asses set in them to order. no l?-lr JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cf. Bridge and Jtf*r*on ?tt , Georttteim. | H&vini|fffT*o mr per?'>BA<*ttentinn to thtal- *.?oh of iny WiKints*, 1 am prepared to. ?- ~ attend to all ea:is with promptness Perrons from adistanoe oan he supplied at a 'ew minutes' notice, aa 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS always on hand Partionlar attention raid to the r?mn?*i of di ad from the ou] to the'new burial grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. up 'O-flm MA.SSKY, COLl-INS 4 OO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We MP constantly receiving fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite all persons wiio want a pure unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. ARNV A SHINN, Agent*, fi? s JT firM'i it.. Oenrretnwtl, THE ONLY,LACK ej. ^piJyaUlT T II K TIMES. 1WL HARVEY'S Fish and Oyster Express, arriving daily from the North and South with the following delkacies: FRESH SAl.MON, CODFISH, MACKKRKL, SHKKPHKAD, HALIBUT, TROUT, SKA BASS, HOG FISH, SPOTS, BLACK rl!*H, TAILORS, BLUE FISH, LOBSTERS, HARD and SOFT CRABS, CLAMS, 4c. And a constant supply of Florida Roef GREEN TURTLE, and those fine largo L>nnhaven Bay SFICF.D OYSTERS All persons will find it to their advantage to give iiip acail before going U> market, a* 1 have every facility to sell lower tiian can I be had in the city. All orders thankfully received and promptly de li vernd to anv part of the city free of charge. | Depot?'2*1 C street, between Iflth and 11th. jc iv mi i . t?i. u AKVKY, Ai?0nt. ?QSKLLINli OFF!-?ELLING OFF! ! China, Glass & Qneenswarelhij AT COST FOR CASH Denirinic greatly to reduce my stock preparatory to altering the interior arrancementu of my store, 1 will begin this day to run off all my stock of seasonable goods at cost for cash. I have in store a large and varied assortment of CHINA, GLASS arid <Vl-EENSW A RE. Pl.ATEI> WARK. CUTLERV, MATS, FANCY ARTICLES, anil HOU9EFUR MI8IHNG GOODS gent rally. The improved Copper Bottom ICE HI TCHER and many other articles just in s^anon. Al*o, complete CHINA TEA SETS, 44 pieces, for Call earl* and secure a bargain at GRERN'8, 371 Pa. av., bet 11th and 12th sts., ja 12-eo6t 1 door east of Kirkwood House. CANAL BARROWS! CANAL BARROWS!! CANAL BARROWS, a' #2.25. WHKELBARROWS, STORE TRICKS PLATFORM TRUCKS. HAND CARTS, COUNTER and PLATFORM SCALES, A\ESand HATCHETS. WOOn HORSES and SAWS, KNIFE CLEANERS. &URRY COMBS and CARDS. AMES, TRACES, ftc . fto. At 25 per cent. Itss tk^n the ntual tnieet J. P. BARTHOLOW. siiiAK .mills: si.UAtt MILLS:: For Grinding Sugar. At Factorj Prioes. J. P. BARTHOLOW. je 16-eo2w Seventh at.. near Canal Bridge. ON THE WATCH! ATTENTION ALL! Members of Pongrut in particular, and Citizens and Stranger* i* general. Joat reoeived, direct from Geneva over one hun- , dr*d WATCHES, mannfyctured bj the most Jt\ akiilfui artuaua. and which will be sol'l at ?7*} treat bargain*. Warranted to k?ep '.he be^ioUda we. Aiao, a fine assortment of JEWEL*^^71 to be nold cheap, and sure of giving general satis faction. jno. KULINSKI a co., je 16-lot* 304 Pa. av., betw. 9th and 10th ?is. Bargains: bargains : GREAT BARGAINS!!! Seventh street, acknowledged to b* the ch ap?st and best plaoe to buy Clothi'g, Furnishing Kooda, Hats and Caps. Owing to the scarcity of money, SMITH, No. 460 Seventh ?t.t opposite the Post Oflic*. has determined to sell his gooda 16 p<?r cent, less than any other hoase in town. Drop in and see our new supply of Spring and Summer Goods, at astanishiog low prices N. B. Juat received 50 doten of 10 cent NECK TIES. it r ii jrou wish to K??p cool, drop in and buy on# of our thin Summer C"?t*,or the_P*'ejit Revermbl* Summer Coat, at SMITH'S, flo. 460 Savon th St., opposite Post Office. fTT A larj< lot of fine Gentfc' Shirts and Collars at very low prices, at No. 46o Seventh at., epp<>sitePort Office. frr The Ribbon Tie, Yale Tie. Aurora Tie,and "iwir 1.INOTON MII,I S, with the Loudoun aula Wrli^y* Raiiroad, leave Washington at 6A% o'clock a. in. Biro sooents. Htage office at Martin's Franklin otal. ooraar of Rijchth and D sts. jeHm* JOHN H. KHIXH.NER, Prup't. y OR SALE-A BAY HORSE: good nnder *sd LuK*^*S? *"1 AUCTION SALES. By WALL A BARNARD, Auotioneera. TWO VKRY SUPERIOR NORTHERNBtin Bcgg:e? at Acctio*.?On SA rt'RDA*TMORNING. *ith inat.. at H> o'olook, we will eeli. io front of the Auotion Roomi, two very superior Uut|i?r. vii: 1 Top Burcy, 1 No-top Burcy. Tkeee Buntiea are ic food order and made of the beet materiel in one or trie oldeet and beat eatao liafajnenU io New York. l>rmi: si and 8<? daya, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. d WAL.L A BARNARD. AucU. By C. W. BOTELER A SONS, Auetioaeere. rtUSTEE'9 ?AI E OF SUPERIOR FURniTvai being thi entibb irracT* or tmk Clakbni'o* Hotel ? By virture of a deed in trnet bearing date January 5th, Iffti, and duly record's! in I^ber J. A. t*., No. 190, foiioa from No. 119 to No 187, one of the hand Reoords of VYaehingtori oouity, DC, I aha'l prooeed to eell ou the prem teeaon THURSDAY. June?th,atlOo'oiooka. in., ail flpd aincular the gooda and ohaitula oontMned in t*e building known as the Clareadoo Hotel, itnitot ..._ ?1. -- - ? ? ? ' ..w?v ou ...? wukiivacb uuuuci ui renaBJlVftlllll avenue and 8th streets. viz; <>ns&??erior Rosewood Piano Forte, Eiecawt Mite of RomtixhI Pailor Kurulture, Large Gilt fr?m? mantle am! Pier Mirrors. Rioh aetts of Brooatel e and Lace Curtains, Velvet and Bruaeela Parlor Chamber and Hall Roa?wood, &a nut, Mahogany an<i Oak setta of Chamber Furniture, Curled Hair and other Mattreaaea, Pillows and Bolsters, Blanketa, tfheeta, Comforta, Couaterpaeni, Towels, Ac.. Walu-.t Extension and Round Dining Tahlea, Oak Dining Room Chaira, Gaa Chandelier*, An exfnai vt variety of China Glass and < rockery, Silver Plated Castors, Butter Lushes, Fjrks ai<d Spoona, Table CutlAry- Ao , Bar Room Firniture&nd Fixturea, Cooking Utenaila. Ac. It it deemed nnneoesaary to particularize the artiolea contained iu thia very handsomely fdrn'shed eatab.fahment. To peraons in queat of good houau. old furniture, it presenta unuanal attractions, aa the oolleo<ioi la vfcrr larse, em bra jing the oontents of about forty nnelyTurniahed roome, a 1 of which is of the most superior and substantial oharscter and in excellent condition, havisg been nrchased new in January sast. t"?rmf?$*) and under oa*h; over ?4nand not ex 1 O . i " - * " ~ ...n w * auu a muinuB, WVCf J l1"', l? 4* 4 and 5 mont.i*, for approved endorse notw bearing interest. _. ED HAL)/, 'rusted. je 8 dtd C W. BOTKI.KR A SONS, Auot* By . 0. MoGUIRK A CO-. Auctioneer*. TRUSTEES SALE OF VFRY VALUABLE Real hsTAiE o* the coemk* or -evesth and E strikt*.?By virtue ol a decree of the irouit Cou t ?f the District of ( olum ia, pa*s*d in two os.n*?nin winch Statham, Smithson ft r?..iw d Austin Sherman, respectively, are compia'eftiits, and John F. Oalian a"d others arc defendant*, the undersigned wi 1 sell at public auction, to tha hijcr.est bidder,on THURSDAY, the 12th da- of Jul*. 1H?), at o'clock p. m? upon th? premise, I<ot .No. 8. in Square No, 466, in the oily oi Washington. D. C , fronting 58 feet 11 inches on E street north, and 75 fe?>t ?>u Seventh street west. This well ki.-own property l* situated on the northeast sornor of K and Seventh *ire?-t*. opposite the tienerai Po*t Office, and i* on? of the ve y b??t bu?i"es* lopatiocs in the city of Washington. The improvements consist of t'ree thre? st"ry jjjuw on E street, inc tiling the drug store on the corii'u of Seventk, and a t?o-stoiy buil'ing on Sev nth street. T ie property wi 1 be sold in xpaiate parcels, according to the improvement*. Terms of saie: One third of the purchase mm^y to be paid .n cash,and the residue in two eqn?l 11 taimcnt*, m six anc* twelve n;onths from tneday of saie; the deferred payments to bear interest, and to be scoured by the note* or bond* of the purch* ?er or purchaser*. wi?li a surety or suret es to be approved by the Trustee*. Should th? term* of sale not necomplied with within six day* a IV r the day of sale, the Trustees reserve* the right to ra 8*1! the property,at the risk and expense of the de faulting purchaser, a'ter five ila> * notioe. Ail uuu?cjauuaa m wis coei oi we purchaser. C.1N0I.E, (Trustee. A. AUSTIN SMITH,s lrUBtee" je 11 6taw<tda J. C. MottL'IRE k. CO , Auoe. Br A GREKN. Auotioneer. Two-story and attic frame hoc? and Lot at thecoemkb o? Fofr-asd a-half amd south G STS , 1-land, at auction???n THURSDAY, the5th day of July,196> I shall tell, in front oj the premisea, at 6 o'clock p m.,the lol loving named valuable property, viz : Part Lot No. JO, in !>qit?ro No. 35". with the improvements, whica oon?ist of a good t*? story and attio Frame Houae, oontaining about fl room*. Thie property la aituatrd at tlie ojrner of Four and a-ha'f and aonth G streets. Terms: One fourth cash ; balance in 6,12 and 18 months, for notea b aring inrerent from day of tale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Ail <v>n veyaneing at ti,e ooat of the purchaser 81 t) of the purotiase money to be paid when the propertt ia (tn?cked off Shotrft that amount not be paid down the property wil. oe then and there put up again and sola to the n?xt highest bidder, who shall pay th* rroner. If the whole terms are not oomplied with in five days, the property will be resold at the risk and oost oi me defaulting puioha?er, bjr advertuiae auoh resale three times in the National intelligencer. SARAH M. ANDKRJON, Devisee under tfre ?ill of JOS. T KVANS. je 13 2%w*ds A. OREKN, Aoct. \| AR8HAI/S SALE ?In virtue of two wriU of IT! teri facias, issued from the Clerk'* office of theCirouit Court of the Dittriot of Columbia, for thj county of Washington. and to me directed. I will expose to pubiio tt e, for dash, in font of the oourt house door of said eonnt?, on MONDAY, th*1 9th day of July neit. 1W at 12 o'o 00k m., the following property. to wit: Ail defendant'* r.xht. titie, 0 aim and interest in and to Lot No. Square No 6W, lu the city ot Washington, D C, together with all aud statu ar the improvements tt.ereou, seized and levied upon as the property of Andrew Rota weil, and wid be soid to satisfy Ju dioia s Nos 2 4 and 216, to October term 1 ^50,1 n favor of PheipsA, Kinnman. W. SELDEN. U. S. Marsha! fur the District of Oo.umlrv je 13 dts MARSHAL SSALE.?In virtue ola writ o! fiari facina leaned from the Clerk's offioeof tlieCirouit liomt of 'he Distnot of Columbia, for the county of Washington. mm to me directed J Till expose to publio s v, for cash. in front of ihe court houiie door of k?id oountY, on MONDAY, the 9?tn day of July n xt,lf>6?i at I2o'olookra , the following denonl>ed property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, ol?'iii and interest in and to Lot No. 6, in Square No.fl?6,in the oity ef Washington, D. C.t together with all an4 si the improvement* thereon, ne'.z^d and levi d upon a* the property of JC, Ntonoias, and will be sold to satisfy Judi ota.s No, 125, to May term l<i8n, in favor oi A. and P. A. Hiohard*. W SKLOKN (J. S. Marshal (or the Distriot of Columbiaje IS <its_ _ By J C. MoGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. npRUPTEE'f* SALE OF THttEE SMALL 1 BtUCX DWKLLIXO HOCSXS 1JI THE KKAK OP TBM^RAifC* HALL.?On WEDNESDAY At TEKNOO.N . June '.7th, at 6 o'olock. on the pr?-ni tsea, by virtue ofadeed ofttustdatedMvt h7,l 57, and duly recorded in Lib?r J. A. S., No l31,tolo? 1.2,1 3 114, and 115,0110 of the land reoorda for Washington O 'unty. D. C , I shall s?U Lots H. I, and a subdiviaon of square numbered 378, fronting each about 13 feet 10 inches ou the 3D lent alley in the rear of Tempera .oe Hall, together with the improvements, consisting of threj two-story Kriok Dwelling-Housesi oontaiuin* live rooms acn. Term*: One third oasli; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest. ?eoured by a deed of trust on the premises. Ifthe terms of sal9 should not be complied with in five davs lh?r?afier, the trustee reserves the ruhtto re?el1,atthe risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser, after one week's public notice. All oonveyanomg at the oost of the purohaser or pvrohaMra. THOS. J. FISHER, Trustee je 4-d J. C MfGliIRE ? CO . Auets. TBy A. GREEN, Auctioneer. RUSTEK'S 8ALE OP A FRAME HOUSE awd Lot at Auction ?i* Ninth St. wrst.? By virtue of a deed of trust from Geo. fl. Gates and wife, du y rioo'd'd to the subscribe-, I wil< se 1, n MONDAY. th> lflth dav of July nex', >88'. at 6 o'cloek p m , part of Lots in .-quare9B7, being and iytnfin ?heoity of Washington, commencing lor the tame at the southwest oorn-r of Lot No.S, aforesaid, at d running north on the line of Ninth street west ft feet, thenoe east 99 feet 4 inoher, thenoe south 25 test, thenoe westf* f??t 4 inches to the plase of brenr ing being said part of Lot fionting oa the ea*t side of said Ninth street, and lying between P ai;d Q streets north, with the improvements thereon, cors'sting of a two story Frame House with back building. Terns: One-third cash; balanoe in 6 and 13 montns, purohaser to give notes bearing interest ! from th? day of sale, a deed given and a deed of u iiai men. ah conveyancing at theooat of the purchaser. If the terrna of a*le art not oompliad with within three day? from the da; of sale the troatee reearvea the right to resell the property on five da* ' public I no he in the Evening c<tar, at tha risk and eoatof the defaulting p urohaaer JAMES W COOMBS.Tmatee. Jea-eoU A. GREEN. Auot YY HAT IS SOD_A_ WATKR? Simply Pure Water impregnated with Carbomo Aoiil Gaa. Tha Soda Wataria known by it* agreeable, puugfut taate. by ita akfhtfv exhilarating qualities, and by ita bubbling and act: tillaUon. * neae proaeruee we ?inm*ciy exhibited at a low Umtruara. It ahould leave bo napleaaait ta*t<?, 1 und should be entirely in- oeuout. The public are requested to call aaJJuJgefor themeelvee J. WILEY A CO.. DRUOOISTS A*D CHEMISTS. No. SOV P enncvlvana ? venne, I je 1-eolm* rt. Charl?? Hotwl. * BONtt' &UPBU.B PIANOB, a. ? ^An r. KLUifU aM r*. ?. I j SUMMER RESORTS. ( AHLIftLK I Th? fareriw rMort for WHITE HLPHUB SPRlUfll, MuibIuu Air. liir;|ortCUMBERLANO CO, will k'nomu, Pennsylvania. 0 xxl Suoifty HXl ft Good Accommodation roB ^or p?rue?i*r. Mtid 300 r?f Oirouiar. _ * 9 OWKNp. rCKNDEN TERMS LOW. IN * VlSftCHElT jq ? low CarlisU P*rm*s, Fa. WASHINGTON P I T V n 4 D It L' H! V/ 1 A I ' ?-| I\ L? I. .1 ERNST LOEFFl.ER. Proprietor. A'w York arenu*, btticm 1st *n<l 1-1 th. In calling the attention of the public to n>* ground* 1 would ct,\to tbat every arrangem'nt ha-A . . a t?e?n made to mate thU "Retreat" mnrrW'^kT attractive every da*. Monday* the b&r-XldBl den* are open to the public tree of oaarge?a oui.u < given by a select hand. Th<>se <lesl< lug to enjoy the dance and wa'U ?i I find the **.< on in complete order to render pleasure to all. Or oth*r day# th?proprietor will ihearfuliy g>-&nt th? n*e of th* ground* for school or other Pic Nio Pa tie* witiiout charge. tot the Amiiifment o'ohiMlrea he has lutroduoed a number of lit'le came*, never before aeej in tin* oitt. aad caiou.ated at the same tune toarauaethe "old folks." !X. B.?Attached limy Bottling KstaWishm at, and families can be supplied with any quantity at their reaioenoe. of tvat liea.iuful driux. LAGt-R BEER, upon *hort notioe. J 15 3m WM HITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, tiXBBNBRlKR OoCSTY. V*. This long established ?at\jriiit pl%oe ?a< opened for the reorpuon of visitor* on tr.e 15'.h of A . . a JVfay. ffmf M*ny new and important arrangements have been mare au.c* la*t season in tin* la:*? tabli?hm>ini, and no effort* will be spared tv make the guests comfnr'ab e. Persons can reach th**e Sprmrs bv t he Orarge and A.exandria Kanrcad from Washington; by the Virgin a Cential Raiiruad from Richmond; or y the Virginia ard lennessee Railroad fr"in the South and Southwest via Lynehborg and Char iotoavilie, with only 3" miles slag" travel JEHF.M1AH MORTON, Preaulect J. HUMPH KEYS. 6encal Superintendent. j?12 dtJuly 16 PINKY POINT PA VILLI ON WILL OCE^ f r the reception of visit <r* on the A . . i | 25th of June In oorsfquenoe of my ab y|fTft W ence lor several months. Mrs. Dix willJyijDfc-L take charge of the management of the Paviion as *i?lad by my ton, The* H. Dix. Board per week .? 3; board per month _je 13-etilm* W. W DIX, Prrprietor* SAl.T WATER BATHING. I '4 KiUI, l<l? - v. - i ' I ? - - - ?. . ? * I iU Wic B LiftllUI leg) wi I tie open for the reo~ption of visi A ?_ m A lor* on the 13th of June. This ittinh:falfn^T report for those i-fkms health ao<1 clean ^S^ELL ure, is unexcelled b? any place of the kind on ih?Potoraac river Itia ai:uat.?<1 ab> ut one hundred mi e* fn>m Washington in. mediately on the Fotomac and in lull view "f he Ch??ap *ak? Qav and famous fo-fine Ovt-ra, 80ft Crab*, Sheeph?ad. and other Fish, and ea-i'y ao?-??aib!e b- the aieam r-oats pljinri??twe?n Washington, Hallim re ana Norfolk. The nnderaign^d naa m\<e addi'i'nal improvements in t ia Hath Houses and many other improvementa to the eomf.irt and enjoyment of h a Su-'bta. The Batlin* oannot be *urpassed. Hpenid An<lng and P of Fishing ami Sarins Boat* free of charge. He has spared no expens* lu pro ! Tidinc a good Cotil on Band orin iayisg in hia stock j of ohoioe Winea, l<iq?ora,?e*ar?, *c.,and for ih"??who wiah to avoid exercise fashion and to s?eh a retirwd P aoe whsre they can make themseivr* at home, there is not a more p.eaaai p ao? 11 the United State*. The proprietor pie lets himself that 1 nnthinv ?K 1' Ka laft - ? * * * .. iv . uiuuuc vmi jiii* f?ri i'i rwnQT trim no. Twim lor board by the day. week, or month reasonable. Persons wishing to addr??s the proprietor will direct to Leonard town, i*t. Man'* oounty, Md. je 8 2rn R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor HVGKIA HOTEL, Old Point Co*ro*t, Vi. This oelebrated S?aN.a'd Watering P ace, looatr?1 in full vi> w of Hampton Kcatis and A . ? L Chesapeake Bar, and at toe first military J po?t of th? L'nit^l 5?t*te?. i Fort Monro-will be ready for the reception of vmtori on the first of June. Besides the attractions of the military eatabllrhment and the fine "Bill of Ka'e" presented in the many luxuries of the aalt water region, tae Bath at O'd Point Comfort ia paeu.iarly caradra For Rheumatism, it is almost a ?peoifio; and for lU properties in this regard tSe proprietors are a!'oW"d lo make reference to Mr* Dr. Linn,(rtlict of the l*te Senator l.inn ! .-ul tk? -i- * ? > ni0 iTwvicwuj ui n sr and hia lady. A apacioua new building and aur.dry imprnre orient* ^14 largely to the aocxmmwJationa andoora lortaof the approaching aasaoa. The management of the Hotel and all bu* ineee matter* connected with it are under the exoiuaive oharge of the junior partner. iMr. Willard. JOS. SKKAR C. C. WILLARD. ma 29 1 m Proprietors fp POINT LOOKOUT. I Hb UndTMgmd, long a::d weM known to the traveling pubiie aa a proprietor of the Citj A. A Hotel, AlaxanUna. v?? and the I nitnd Stat-H Hotel in Waalit gton oity, paa.Kl fo- a term of year* the inagcificent bat ?i ? Pa*ii:on a d the numerous oottizeaoonnected with it. recently ereoted at Point Lookout, the point of jui.otior of the Potoinao with Ch??apeake Ha?.auJ tia.iui furniahed them in a at?ie equal to that o! auy other watering p.aoe in the United State*, wi, open th-* eaiabliahm^nt on the 12th day of Juue next for tli" reception ot vieitor.?, bia arrangement* b?ic.g auffioieut for the ocinfortable accommodation of at leaat 750 gueat". Point Lookout, be*idea ! ein? <learve.My the most mm!*up m &.i AmenoA lor bo? (>?ster? Hoc F ?h. Soft 3 eepn ad, Maokerrl, kdo all <>ther ?a t watt'r luxune*. p.i.s' s-os 6n?r iaot.itici for Surf Bathing than even Cane M?t, win'le the hack coat.try immediately adjoining it?including the Drives. Partridge and \V??ndoock ?hootiugA.o., Ac. ?offor advantages together, superior ? f tuose of asj other watering place on this continent. The Water Views from the pa.illion and from a the cttaces are extener-e, varied, and ona<ming The health of the point is unrxo?Ued by that of monntnin regions, and the acoo*? to it by *feam?r? from Baltimore, Washington, Norfo k. and Richmortd, will probably be daily to and from each of Uios" oitios. He has spared no expense in providing a fine Hand, Carriages, Horse*. P>ea?\ire Boars ft.o . for hire, or n stocking his oeliart with the best Wine?. Liquors, 4o In sh rt hi? ?<atro:is will find at their command every Inxnry and oomfort obtainable at any other American watering place His terms for boa d, by the dar. week, or month, for individuals or lamiitas. wili he reasonable. ma23 ItJul? l LOGAN O BMiTH. educational: COMMERCIAL C ?> L L E G E, m ? - *3 - - ? ? ^ "U. I ? BIVKXTN ST., Opposite the General Post OJtcr, Waiki*t'o* City. Armoti&n System of Penmanship, Booskeepint, Mercantile Forms ar.rt Call u!*.non? BuiinMsC??rj respondenoe, Bills of Kxohan?a. Current Bids, I Commission bales, ?ra.? mar and Arithmetic. | CI7" A Prepa at >ry Ciaas for Boya. Ladiea will be instructed in fin? penmanship. Koom? open from 9 a m. to 10 p m. For terms apply at the Rooms. ma 2?-3rn \V M \V VOUNft % TO t?he union female academv. j Nxw Akkaxsimint. This well-known and popular Seminary, which has l>eon so succes-ful under the entire care of Mrs Z. Richards for more than ten rears, will bo opened oa the first Monday in September next, nnd-r the united supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z RICH * RL)S. in the well arranged and delirht iuii* i emeu union APSoemy Building. Kor (artIC ulara. ago cuoulara at all the Bookatorea. inaC-tf IVI MRS. McCOR >.ICR'S SCHOOL. 1*1 RS. McCORMICR deairea to inform k* friend* and lue pablio generally that ehe will reauaae the <!n'iM? nTher School on the let Monday is Scptember next. The ooarso of atody pursued will oomjnaeaii the branohee requisite to a thorough Eagrieh eduoa Uon. In addition to her day aoholara she la desirona of receiving into her family a few puaila aa board era. aged from 10 to 14 yeara, who will be under her named late oareand overaight. Her arrangements for the aooommod^tiM and dne oare of pupila have been oonaiderally increased and otherwiae improved. Tnoae in Washington desiring partiottlar information with reference U> her ?"hool may apply to W7 D. Wallach, Editor o the Star. Por terms and fnrtner particulars apply at he* St Cameronstreet, Alexandria. Va. It H-tf in | _lTT and 12 4 i a per Linen Shecttagu, 1U + , 10 4 11 4, and If 4 Cotton 8fce?tiiiga, Richard on A Sooe', Din bar Jt Diokmaon and Barklic'a super Fronting aad Shirtir.i I.input. Toweling* in variety. Tatxe lu> ena and Napkins, lf? pieoes anperior makea Bleached Cottona, 100 pieces Uwna at 1ZH oent" piro- a White and C?iOrf>d Pi an no a, lAdiea' nnd \Tiaaea' White Cotton Hoe*, Whi'? GooH? in nn?5 Cam brio and Swiaa Rd? lag a and lneertxcga, Roniton, Guipure and French W ork-d Collar a, Sun I'mbrella*, Paraw la ana *un Shadea, per Silk and Wench Lace Mant'ea, Hooped Skirts. Bilk MiU. *c. fcc , r?oeiT?d and for itl* low by j? tt TAYLOR ? HUTCHISON. P NOTICE. RRBONH D*oliniD? fcuuf<k?i?pir.f or fcariaf a rjlai of bou??L ?ld effVcts can find ready aa!? by oaliW at nr Parniihin* Store, 4S* 7th street, between G and U Areata,?* * <!? ?M4ni RUDOLPH BUCRLV. PriAN6ft.-GREAT BARGAINS ?? Hm Rom krants Piano. in tx>?t order, for . {%S^?a2^i?iSJ.'??i vsWW y- vis?- VjrwrJBfofr THE WEEKLY 8TAB Tkn ?xe?U?tt r??fly w< Nw )wr?l iw taiciai a graatar Tartaty at lataraatiac ra?4la? tnau am ba fo%*4 ia My oth?r?1? yat>?ak?t aa *atarday nnnnag. Tltli-A*i i*vrimbl$, to *4rmt? ?inci? oo^T, >?r anaaai 91 M ft* T??a < cpiaa Twenty copioa.. IS ? H* tuhaoribing ta alaba rtiNd Minni Mdkbrri without tn? mt?rrm |<n of a man m w?M b? r*raaire4 ? par Mat. of Tk* Wmidt 5??r w?H b* n??d, It UTariaat coaiataa ta* A^liii|<*r New*" that Va? mart* rfc? IT? #???? 9tmr alraaiata a > xaaaraiiy throafboat tk* ooantry. C^SlBfta aopw>4<t" wrar^r* oaa ba prwaara* at U*o??iiti>r, iram OiaUt) aft^r tha taaaa of #> p*p*r. Pnaa?THREE CKNT* \rr p- -tmaatar. who aat aa apiM will ha allowed aooninua?i<m of >' oaaf. FOR SALE AND RENT. VALUABLE RKALE31ATEAT PRIVATE T &U.S.?Tba aahaoribar ia aathortaed by A) ownar to aaM at ?'i?aft??Mntwa valaafclaaPMaaaf lAld. rti* firat ia a<tmu*d "U'MM." fb* raatdeno* of th?> lata Z*<"h*riah Bery, and M)?m the t*?da of Dr Beni?min Lem *: d ot*fr?, wi Wftin* two hundred M? iwmIt ?uMim tbm tetUia of aa acre. ia *? 1 woodedtaf watered, aa* t? * hieb ?t??e i f onltiva'ioa. TV* lnpre<ewtac'a oonvtt of a comfortable d?* lri howaa, two lot** 0 > h< aaea. and <>?t Imiw ThM lud I'ffsv* great >idimNU to Umm w*akin* to vnrohaee r?a e?t*t?-. b?in? id on* of tb* art Michtfal aeifbb??bnn.ia In Bont^er* Maryla?<i. Miu< * at a boat Aifh mil-? fr >m Wa?hiiet?B etty and bti mile* from Bla<W a.*t>urg, and of Ni| nowa t"? church, post ofl:>e and iail A ?o, a rery va.uahia tsaot of limber Mi wad land. Thin land i? ?aboatfnar mi eafrom WmI 1 ntt 11 ci' T. on U<? st*ce r?ad leading from thai 01 y b'l pic* 't?rou?h. ud eoviini In handrod nd twenty f ii - a< d two t?ntha of aa aor*. A! i f ?ti ! '? n'1 ; ! ni w W %' d m^at of it h a?i!y timbered: u4 from ita aroximitr U VNmIi lagton. renderi it very ?t nt It and uffera a rare o p"rfii.iiT to ar.if kiMidera and ithara dea inf in wo >d and umber The term*, which will b? liber*! made k bows an %pp iiatii n to the auh cihor f the a bore propertyif a?t <1 ?po?ad of at private a*ie. oa or r>ef re S?ATVRDA\, ?He jOlh day of fun" r.?**t, it wi!i or tha' !*y be <'ff red ataublie ?*le a' "< oneard," tfc.- re* id no* oTThoma* Berry, , at tii* hour of 'a o'aiocfc m., wbo will ta?* rwui- IX IUUVIUI 111' me IDA.I W'lfl IBM 0 ~*ir* to poroha?e BaMUKI. H BERRY, up y 2awtda I 'pp+< Marl^noec*. CH>R8ALE-A mil FARM of90MrM, aitaMed r at Lb* i.m,? Uit, bavin* a *omlorlahied weiltnc-fi>>iiM, corn hou*e, *tahlee, *o; we! I-fenced ? d watered : within four ntiiea of Waakmrton ; It acreainoult: ration. th? l^aac* in h*od*om* woodland. It l* pe-~a iar:y d*?irati!e a* a 00 an try nr lenoe. hoi a* perfectly and moat romantioally *itaaiod ,exo?il*al fiahinc *ad kaaUuc< loaair* ARRIOTT. brid?? keeper. Chair 52# [ t,"<^R SALE?A cr*at bargain, four acre* of wel V improved LAN D. well *uited l" >r a market >ar1 ilen, with n*w dwelling houae with foai room* and kitchen ; well of fine water i* the vard ; under ?'?d f?neint. And will be sold low at exchanged for city property. aud on modnrat* t*-m? Th* land ta at Bail'* Cm** Roads, two and a half wUe* frorr Georgetown, and in Alexandria eounti. va Apply 10 V. P. COR BhTT, over ttaak of W aahingUm. ma H-tf |?UK K ENT?A amali STuR E, corner of ttk at. a and Penn avenue, onder'the Clarendon Hole', uitahi* for a )?rber'* *al>>on or eigar ator* For information ina^re at the Hotel. war ? FH OR RENT?TbeFlRHT FLOOR of ta* hand inc immediately <>pp<>*iie the we*t wini of the City Har..reo?ntly ocoop"*) by Chaa. 8. Wa.,arh aa an ofiee. Aie-> the frost room in the a?and atory and the third floor of the Mine tm.ldioa. For term a apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo. it l> >utaiarm ?vm?? Ja is tf UENATOR8. MEMBERS OF CONORfcBpO Two aeleoara antes of ROOMS, ??^atIy~Kraishort, will be rented daring the session of Conrreaa. in the moat desirable looaiitr In this clt*. within one or two ** u&re? of Brown's Mi) National Hotels. Thoae in pursuit of aucC Rootna will do well to irak" ear'* arpiio?<>' n W No. Sit <tb atreet between D atr^M and Pa. a*. de ft-tl LM)R SALF?A mee tbree-atorr Brink HOUPL, r on id street, between D ai.d L atreeta. is aiK bey's Subdivision. The abort property will be sold on "as* tfrmi. Pnos made known by 'neeu injof H.\fr. HAMILTON A CO- No. nfe ttrWt. uppoaite Centre Market. Title perfect. T-tf TRUNKS, BOOT8 AN D SHOES. IHAVK JUST RECEIVED A NEW ?UF ply of Oe-1""' fine Fret.on Calf Skin DrMa^La Hoota and Ga'ters, Patent i.eather kiWJ * loth Waiter*. Caif Skin. Patent Leather fVj Mid Lasting Shoes A ao, an fxt-r.sivs" 1^ ?to?k of Bo s' and Children's, levies' and Mis<w>?* B<> >ta and Shoea, all of whioh I am s*l.i?g ai ax < aeedincly low pnoes. J. ROSENTHAL. 440 S*tm k ma 15 oo 8 f'oori ak're D atrewt BMOOTS AND SHOES TO SUIT THK TIM (38. We are now maiinfacTiirint all kipde of BOOT* and SHOK*. and eoratantlT receiving agAa HH I u> ??Imb Mdr work of (nil Cf-Mi cripno*-, made 'xpreaa y toorda'.and *n!f HI he eold at a moeh'oww arioerhaa haa he?n" heretofore oaarged in thia fciiy for nook inferior iriulN. Peraone in want of Roota and Shoee of aaatern or oity mide work, wiii ii*ari find aj .? in store and at the 1 weat pn?ea Ci ve aa a oaJl. wiimni a hku.. ty*-r SI4 Ptnnilwuit* >v?bh?. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 3 49? 1TM BrRWT, Opposite Odd Frllmrf' Hail, Waiktmrto*, D. C, Traveler* will ??Bdr th*?r intereau t> exanuunc my TRUNKS, VALICB* Ao .before ptr SM oha?nn oleewero Ail ? ? rone bat Met mater'*) the market afford* and The ?t workmen. I oa? oonidently reo< ?r.mend my work to be mpenor in Strmt.h ar.d /twrn^Wu* to Truuki that are made id ether ciu>? an<i eold here. I keep coimtant j en hand. attd make t- <>r<l?r (on one week'* notice) e?ery tl-?onj>tiea of SOLE LEATHER. IROS VB AM E FRENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRrSES; ABHLAfr D m4 other TALlcfs.ThAVKLlNQ PAOS; HaR HESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, #e., #e. Trucks, 4c., Rr>;>aire<l at ?1 C<rr?red, to a work manlike manner, at ehort notioe Trunk* deli rered in any part of the oity, Georfe town, or Alexandria, Ale??? Arent for Il"We'? o*)ehrat?d FAMILY ?KW1NG MACH1NK8. de lS-lj JAMES *. TOPHAM. WOODLAND COAL. ?<t /k n n 11/ V V u AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the oitv, a' the laoreet po?#iWe rate*. T J A W. M. GALT, Oltoe 2*2 Pa. ar., between 11th end l*r. eta, ma lT-tf ?ortliiif>. THE SCB^OKIBFK HAVING ON HAND an eitenwve took of H UL, is prefer* to uti at a ver* low figure for cuh WOOD *aw?d Split nrr rig*. Call and gee f?r yueree!f. K. W. BATE?. Wood and C<al Dealer, ma 1* 8 V. frnT of Fourteenth and C ?te. yOLK' 8 STATUETTE STRPHKN \ DOUGLAS. In form and feeuturee th>e beautiful and aooarate peelinen of American art n euecreaaeed by air* pneimen of like oharacter ever produaed. It i? a Ar?v>?ui .it ^ n:.?? M j' ; " 91(w vi inn iiiuir u ia"w. Sd wiiuen? n?ay be Men sod Stat-ettes yrocirid at Crivii'i I?eub HtumI; l*?- Pets itmiii, ojrner itl I2*h ?treet Washington city. Persons is the Di*tr!ot of Columbia amfPtatrs of Oelaware* Maryland, Virginia North Caroli.a, KouC Carolina, Georgia. Florida, Alatiama. Mieaieai pi. and ^uium a, (Win g o<>pi?? of the Statuette jrall a?l a Uiejr orders tr> C. H. i"U LVKK, \V ashing to* oity. D. C., accompanied by a remittanoe. Competition fefM #ia, Box and Cartage... ? . L 1LT Editor* of newspaper* in the foregoing States firing the a trove twelve lraertiftna in their week'* im?i, with aopr?pr?ate editorial, will M mpp. V with a oop) of the Statuette, and papers la ether *tatew will h? furnished hv the ncal ac?nta. f* 9* FR A N C i 8 har P e R, RtVliKOFIMtt _ family grocery and feed storr. Cctmt nf Acw ViiriMir'wmr mi Truth jgreaf. Respectfully solicits ti?? patronage of those who mat tie in want of any article in the aoove One.His endeavors shall be to pira*>, and br a stTet atten tion to the want* of the puUue. he hopes tosssrita 'hi! %ery artiele n snail; to be found in a first-ela?s PaiuiU U ooery and Peed Store. sa n-g CKr. fLP K i h \V HI'-K) ?Om LMd WWt hiand ofPiire Old Rye Whl. ky, Coppsr Ksttlied. ma>le hp tb* most rehab e Cist:iters isiNni?lvaiua, Maryland a?*d Virginia, warmatod pare, Also, Imported Xraudiee, Heen*esy. Otard. Depuv w . J w n . n u n ft wmmm mmmm affw Rrti<4), pore Iloli?o?l 81*. oM Jtnt nt indk Croix end W1 ne? if m?ii variety. eJiof tsssr* ?? 14 i? VP Pit ?y h>?? *th ? < W >W. AW*. T. DO VB *00. RE Nov pref*ryi to iimto uj order* wttfc wtiic* th*? kit b? fafprtd is U? PLUMBING, OA?OR 8TKAM FITTING btbiSESS HT Store OB Kb street. a few doora aertk of Pft. ATMS*, where mt found a eomp.ete aeeortmeiit m;i wt?v*a&**Wrr }kss? BOARDSuutd FLOOKJN* (*rmmdfr ? iwm fa' ni?b*<! dirfcot from tn<? ?r?iitH#rii Mil* b? 4~j?y * qsgiStfBcssi. W. WUM. ? J J

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