Newspaper of Evening Star, June 25, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 25, 1860 Page 2
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_ _ THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: MOW PAY *. Ju< 25, 1S60. Spirit ?f tile Mirilai Prru. r he Camititmtton publishes and rommfDfl favor?bljr upon the Pm)4?nl i Message vetoing the Homestead bill. The Tmnlliittuer diacouraeth in its characteristic Federal'st rtfn on the Baltimore nominations eomplinienutig, however, all tbe candidates WAIHIKOTOil NlWt AMD ?OS?IP. Ba*caii**?w?* arp Laws.?A grand serenade will be given this evening to Hon. Itm C. Breckinridge and Boa. Jos. Lim, tie nominee* of the National Democratic Contention for President and Vice President of the United States The National Democracy of Washington and Oeorge. town nre cordially Invited to be in attendance to participate in ratifying the nomination of three distinguished gentlemen, who have stood Bf the Union and the Constitution 1u the National LsgMIatare, and have risked their Uvea and their fortunes on the battlefield in defense of the honor ri their ram a try DiLBoArn torn Richmond Cosvurrto* ? We are requested by the Southern delegates now la this city to state that the delegates of the several States to the Richmond Convention, will assemble in Convention at Richmond on Tue*? day. 46th last, at 4 o'clock, p. m Thk Riot op ths Rump?for its session of Saturday last was neither more nor less than a m ~ ~ A n mi rl *- S ? ? - * ? *- * ? ( ivmtuk HUU tauiuikUUUB AMTIIIDiagC IfOIII Dfglll* fling to end?ended, of courte, In the pret-nded nomination of Stephen A Douglas for the Presidency, wholly by vote* of persons who were rightfully elected delegate* to i Democratic .National Convention, represented constituencies about aa likely to give a Democratic electoral vote aa Virginia to give her* to Lincoln; or, on the other hand, of persons only as fairly entitled to eata in aach a body a* those who assumed to repr -sent Souther* States at Chicago, werr, to hold seata in a Republican party National Convention A brief analysis of the composition of the rnmp may not prove uninteresting iust now, became likely to be instructive. Thus, we have tt> say tharwlth the eiceptlon of perhaps ten electoral votes, there were no real delegates from the South tiking part in its action ; the bonus SoutherndeW Kates having no con<tltuencies whatever?being elf-elected, every mother'* ton cf them, through the menu* of pretended mass-meetings, aa the basis on which their various claims were bnllt up. in all, the nmp, when making its pretended nomination, embraced less than two-thirds the number of electoral votes in the whole electoral college, and by subtracting from the total nam ber present the bogus vote* from Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama. Massachusetts, and Maine, mar.?a *? * um.ioi'-u mi me occasion, and ai?o tbe minorities of Northern (Republican party) states delegations conttraimtd to permit their votes to be recorded for itouglas by the successful perpetration of the unity-vote fraud at Charleston, and It will be perceived that he (Douglas) received but a beggarly minority of votes really?legally?elected either to the Charleston Convention or to the Charleston Convention as adjourned to Baltimore. In another point of view, an analysis of the rump may not prove unlnstructlve Thus, we have to say that from the moment President Cushfng declined to preside longer over Its proceedings. those proceedings became simply the acts of a niobbtsh niau meeti ng, without the government of any rules other thin the momentary will of the moat brutat and brazen-lunged who took part in the uproar la front of the stand. Mr. Todd, who at ouce stepped Into the position vacated by President Cushing. evidently a gentleman of right Intentions, proved wholly unequal to the task. It was plain from the start that the rump entertained as little respect for him as for itself; for. though tr?e authority of President Cushing haH nr^v!<?n?iv always been obeyed molt remarkably, that of Mr. T. wai as abortive of reaults other than to increase the confusion and the rule of brute forceas an attempt on his part to exercise similar authority over as many drunken Camanchea would have been We traced in the tone of the proceed- j lngs here described palpable evidence that the great body of those participating in them felt, a the time, the full force of the conviction that they were only "playing?and smashing up things " That they were well aware that they could not I hope to give their nomine*- a single electoral voU- | in November next. The madness that ruled the Lour was evidently the madness of desperation? that of scorpion" stinging themselves to death on finding themselves surrounded by lire Desperate j political gamesters that they were, they realized than and there that they had staked all upon a , traculeut stocking of the cards, and bad lost every count in the game at that. The Slave Tkadb Pun.?The remarks with which Mr Butier, the chairman of the Massachusetts delegation, cloaed the address In which he announced the withdrawal of the majority of the delegation of hta State from the rump, were moat pertinent, indeed, to the occaalon. After explaining in detail most of the reasons that had brought that majority to lta conclusion, be called the rump's attention to the fact that, on the night before, It had listened with eager attention and r>n all sides had greeted with repeated deafening applause a bold, and, upon the peculiar auditory, evidently effective speech (from Mr Gaulding, of Georgia, the Dooglaalte leader in the Convention from that State,) in favor of the re opening .w-. t -* * v. iuc luiiuiq navr traae oy direct sanction and acticu of the United States Government Such Democrat v. he contended, was not that for wnicti h? and h s constituent* had done battle for twentv Ave v?ars past. and as a representative of the Northern Democracy, were there no other exist ln?{ reason wbv be should dissolve his ronn'ftien with the rump, that alone would prove suff'ient tc sa'isfy bis constituents that, as then ( ( iisiituted, the ruirp was no place for him. M'nnf sor>. Co a.kd the Baltimobk Nomimtiurs ? Washisgtoji, June 25, T? '*? Drrnotrarff / Ntmnrsota FHlow-eitizens: The undersigned temporarily absent irc.ra home, take this metood of drclsriBg , > veu their entire and cordial assent in the platform Of PrtMtulM W-? ?? " r r w T iur L Oil VMlllOU v>birh nominated John C Breckinridge fur President and Joaepb Lane for Vice Pre?idei t, *nd tbrlr determination to uae every honorable effort to secure tbeir election In the coming onWt In this drtermlnation and tbeae effort* vre Invite tbe <-or dial co-operation of every Democrat in the 8Utc. dto L Bkckkk, A. M. Fbidlbt, A J F.dguti)1, Fkamlis Strelh, Hesry M Rick. Afpoihtxeut or Di*tkict Attorsit* ?Leonard D Mtrka baa been appointed Diatrlct Attorney for the weatTn district of Loula'.ana. ?r? John U New, reaigned. Alexander Campbell baa been reaDDoint^a ni tflet Attorney for the western dlatrict of Tennes Natal Istelligesck ?Tbesloop-of-war Marsd on lain prnwd out the Strait* of Hibralter on the 3Mh of last month, bound for Portsmouth, N H. The tloop-of-war John Adama. at Angit-r Island, Jars, l?ft that port on the .Kith of March for Hong Kong. o Srv i*l Ssnsio* Of tii &IKAT1?Th'a morn, log, letter* were addrrsaed by the Pre?ldeni to tbe members of the Senate of the United Stit?t summoning that body to meet on Tuaday. the 26th last , at hi o'clock, (n<on,) for the dlapatrh of nerr?aary bnslneea. 4?j*. ri[W*?ll> AJID HIS .XlMIXATlON ?It 1? currently reported throughout tb? city that 8*-uator Fitspatrick, who was placed on the ticket with Douglas at Baltimore, intend* declining the uwnlnatlaa. "I rrw- washinton light infantry. 113 ATTEKTIOW t-1V? battalion wHl .... w TO Nlff HT. ? 3H o'clock, to e?Hn?iete ar ran(MMi.l< tot Ita vuit to Fort \ ?a thoMofJui*. It' f J. E*NI*S, See. fr%* COLUMBIAN QOLLKGK.-The Com iljff inenl Kaerri?e? lor the f r?4hj?li..n oi xxxyiu ooneuH-nuf ion is thi Sex an, on Saturday. after we went to press. the House bill to authorise notaries public in the District of Columbia to take acknowledge ments of deeds and conveyaae* of rwl and pers nal estate therein, was passed The President's veto or the homestead bill being under consideration, the question was taken 'Shall th- bill become a law, the objections of the President to the contrary notwithstanding*" and resulted?yeas 2S, bays Mr Johnson, of Tenit., who had at first voted in the affirmative, chanced his vote; and ss soon S^ the mult U'U annnunr<><1 niuvnH .1 rprnnili<i>ri. tion of the vote just taken. The Senate having taken up the Pott Offi>-e bill, the question was taken on reconsidering the Vote concurring in the ameudment of the House of Representative*, and the result was?yeas 41, nays 19: to the motion was agreed to. Mr Powell moved to amend the amendment by adding a provision for the abolition of the franking privilege; rejected?yeas 17, nays'23. The Senate refuted to concur in the House amendment to said hill by a vote of yeas 16, nays Si; and the bill has thercfjreto go back to the House On motion by Mr. Crittenden, the Senate re sumed the consideration of the House joint resolution reducing the price of the public printing fiirtv npr runt Th? am?nHnf tka _ - , j. ? ? ? ? .y? Trnmmmm-V? mm* V* *HV ?.**. 11 <1 striking out " forty" and inserting " twenty five" wii reconsidered and rejected, and the joint resolution was then passed as It came from the House After the consideration of executive business, the Senate adjourned to 0 o'clock this (Monday) morning;. In thr House no business of importance was transacted, and the body adjourned until W o'clock this morning. rrscssdlskfs sf Ts-DAT. In ibk Sknatr, to-day, the only business of importance transacted was the passive of tbe Post Office Deficiency bill, and also tbe bill making appropriations for post routes during the present fiscal year. At 1'2 o'clock, tue Vice President declared tbe Senate adjourn* d until the first M xulav in l>ei vintN r n?i, taking occasion to thank tbe members for t^ieir kind indulgence during the session. In thr Hi>vsr, after the transaction of routine I'lisinesa. and the umal roiAlntim,* Ihri ? ? ?i.? T - "it Pre?ld*nt of their readiness toadjourn.the^penker, 112 o'clock, d? clared the Huui<> adjourned until the tlr*t Monday in December next, and in doing o bid them all a cordial farewell. PirMUl Com Pr?*nti?s, 1". S. N.; Hon A F.wlng, John C. Burch, Teun., are at Klrkwoods". lion. AV. L. Yancey, of Ala , is the guest of ex-Marshal Hoover, corner of Fifteenth and I streets John B Gough is about to return from England, and will probably resume hu Temperance efforts in this country. Lieut. Bond, Y. S. N ; Prof Mahan, West Point; Hon. \V F Russell, NY; Gen. F Connery nnd Gen. Moore, Canada; Hon. J. Preston, S< C ; Hon. * 9 Marshall, 111., are at'. W. H. Russell, the famous correspondent of the London Times, recently met with a singular accident As he was driving to his own door in a four-wheeled cab, heleaneafrom the window to tell the driver to stop, when the latter leaning A ? " * ?uwii on juc same siae to get the order, the united weight* of th? two men overturned the vehicle. Mr Russell wai severely injured in his right hand, and it will be some time before he can write again. Authentic News from Japan.?A corresSondrnt of the Hartford Courant, writing from anagawa, April 14th. says: "On the 'Jtith of March a murderous assault was made on the Prince Recent as he was proceeding with his rvtinue from his own to the Emperor's palace. Several of the Prince's men were cut down on the spot by an attacking party of twentyone men. and three of their own number were killed likewise by the Prince's followers S*bots were fired into the Regent's norimon, and he was wounded in two places, but not mortally In consequence of this affair, and of other signs of conspiracy on the part of one of the prince* of the royal blood, called the Prince of Meto.against the present government, occasioned by the recent changes in the foreign policv of the country, the government has redoubled its vigilance to put a stop to the assassination of foreigners, as well as to protect Itself against internal enemit* I,.tit week I sp^nt ten days at Yeddo, at Mr Harris" by his invitation, going up as his chaplain, and when I was there h?> hwi ? ?' ??*? '' ' ?ui ?wciuy i asunvintje. or armed officers. at hi* hous1!. S*incethe attack on the Regent, his guard baa i>een doubled as well a* that at all the foreign Legations Hesides this, we are honored here with a guard at every foreign bouse except one The government baa put up a guard-house at our front gate, and keeps the Yakunyings there night and day. When w? go out at any time we can have an armed officer to accompany ui if we choose A new of. floial from Yeddo. with hit suite, ha* paid u? a visit to-day to see if our defences are all right." Tux Rkst rkraittehatoh.?In no Refrigerator yet examined have we found provision for ventilation and removing moUture, combined with refrigeration, except in the Polar Refrigerator, patented by A. H Bartlett. This Is admirably devised for cooling the air. taking front it ail moisture, properly ventilating the provision chamber, so that the flavor or smell of one article shall not be communicatcd to any other, and at the same time of economizing the ice These re- I suits are attained by making the ice chamber wedge formed, with the narrow part down. The sides of the ice chamber are of zinc, and are corrugated so as to obtain the largest possible cooling surface. The ice Is introdutt-d through the too. rri u! ? ? i his aoor na* a bole in Its centre through which air enter* for ventilation, the air descending as it is cooled by contact with the ice. The cooled air passes Into the provision chamber at each mde through openings, depositing all is nioi't ire upon the corrugated cold sides. Theairthen circulates among the provisions, finally escaping, while the moisture deposited upon the condensing surface drips down the sides and escapes into a trough. Through the same trough the overflow of the ice wattr escapes, but not until it has imparted all the coldness it was capable of imparting; for the , Ice being placed only at the top of the chamber, the whole lower part, upto the shelf on which the Ice rests, Is tilled with ice-wat r This is renewed. the melting ice giving a mod' rate stream of cold water, which sinks to the bottom, while the cold portion towards the top flows over through a hole provided there for 'he overdo a-, j Thus thi? refrigerator not only cools and dries the air for ventilating the provision chamber*, but also gives a supply of ice-water, which can he drawn ott for u??* by a faucet through a tiller placed inside Theshelvesare made of galvani/.ed iron wire. The inside casing Is lined with zinc Th#? * ? * ?. mr inn ana outer box 11 j packed, the packing being composed of charcoal dust, which i? tjie best non-conductor Tbeae refrigerator* are made ia the most substantial manner, neat in design and beautiful in finish, and of various sizes Tbey are for sale by Bartlett 4 Lesley, 4"2o Broadway, N Y.?Journal of Commerce fy* THE ADDRESS BEPOKK THE ALl I L Jt iu Association of Col 11 itiColle*!* will l?o delivered I?t Host OuLn. E?q . of Washington. on TI'ESDA^.Ju e ktith at th?" Baptist Church, lrtn st , at 8 o'clock p in. Tne public lire invited to li te nd. \ meeting of the Alumni will lie held in the SeK>ion Room of the Chmch, oil June jKth, at five o'clock p. ni. je 3fr-2t* J. XV. 11. LOVEJOV. 8-c. Y?- A WORD TO THE WISE.?A sood fit is d-nreil and a nice article wa'it*o. and for your lienefit 1 will tell you that tiie People's Clothing Store. No. 4b? Seveath street, is the p)a-?e wh "re a (<?kI tit and a (nod article can l>e bought at very low pricen. V B.?Just r.?ct>ived a ?eeoud supply of Spring and rummer Clothm*. Hats and Cup* at S,M ITU'S, No. 41>0 Seventh street, opposite th* Post Office. jh 12-2w A NAILS NOTHER I.ot of uperior Nails made from hmnroerrd iron, just eceivad and,for sal_? low hy j. r.. >n I hi.LIS, je%> St Itf Pa. av-, opy. Brown s Hotel. H1CKER1NQ It SONS' WURi L> WIDK fains PIANIt9,pv sale on'y a' JOHN K. KL L1*'S. 306 Pa av. dc?. between ?th an<l n?th ft* Also, Pianos fwr hire bj the ilaj, wnek.or month, upon ?a?y tf rmi. ' fir?*at Urdina in geoond hand Piano j.)26 WA CARD. E Ranpeotfn ly i.oiify our custom*"* tha' tlieir respective account* will maJe oil'a .il real* lor delivery b* th?? -*th instant, a irt we ooi fid'ently truxt that th?r will tx? propnr?*<l t > nettle the name on or about the I*t of Jul\. \V.\I. K. R I.EV A HRO.. No. 3?>, "Central Stores," Between 7ih aHl hut eets, je & r,- Opposite C< nter Market. t/IRK 0'? ACKERS, TORPEDOES.and FIRE r v% llRKH, xeneiallv, at je 22 3t I . A M M< )X D't*. Seventh ?t. 4 an iNTF.moB -401) decorations. 4?S() Pw^nni needinc WINDOW SHADES or PAPKR HANGINGS will fir.d at No 4-?> S?v nth nt. .4 *<><*! ?>wirtincnt of GOLD-BAN l? WINDOW SHADES, GOLD and COMMON PAPERS, F1REBOARD PRINTS, PICTURE CORDancf TASSEL*. SHADE HOLLAND?*, 4c., which vill l? ?rld to oiMh or punctual cuetomeia at re duoed price*. A ftw r innants of low-prio*d Glased Paper*. ea<*h nuffirient to paper an ordinary room, which will#** aahla foartli l?**s than the uauai price. Th?iikfu! for couUixmhI oo4il?u?i and pat onace, tlio?* indebted will barethen a "connta r*iidep?l pri or 'o Jnlj IM. A prompt seitleoieot will confer nn additional tavnf. J. M HKHII EK, No. 4*6 Seventh street. j? n Ivr' gdoor? al<oye Odd FeiLw*' Hall. _ LfiH SALE-The STOCK aad FIXTURES o r a new and eie^ant Cotifr<4ionery Store, oi,e of th-t?--t-t \ndft in tliia fit*; doing profitable ca<h l;ui>m- *n all the y?ar round; rnftvn for ?e?linf the proprietor ha ing other bnsiueas te attend to; will t>e sold on mviwrate terma to reepoiiRilile partr. Inq air* at th* Star Office. >e ' GEORGETOWN. CmtutmUtmu * TU Stmt OioutiowH, June 25, lg^O The annual examination of the pupils of the several department* of the Georgetown aebool will take (dace on the following day*, named 1? the order of time The female primary, Mi? M. J. Good, teacher, on Tuesday, July 3; tha male senior. Mr. Henry Craig, teacher, on Thmaday, July 5; the male primary. Miss A. Jewell, teacher, on Triday, July 6; the fegiile senior, Mr* K Farquhar, teacher, on Monday, July 9 The exami nations will commence in the aflernana of-, each day at:) o'clock, and we hope the parents of the pupils, and the friends of our school aystem. will snow thefr Interest and give encouragement M ^An M V? < i m a n.l /? K a1 ? M Vv?? 4V\ml * n?<>aan m a ?. tVi ? ^ ^ iv ir<M.ucra auu r.uuiaiBuj iucii pit^in.r uil kucer interesting occasions. The annual exhibition and distribution of premiums will take place ftt Forrest Hall on Wednesday, July 11. Messrs. Busry k Barnard. It will be seen by the advertisement in another column, are the AjgenW here for the sale of Fafrbank's platform scales. They arc accommodating gentlemen, and our readers will find their prices as reasonable ss for the same article elsewhere GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS for other (i tor town advertis-mnti set first pagt ? ?^ r* r< f \ n r* m< > tir %? m ? v n t ? *-> ?? . . ? rr g "ramur.iwh ^ I aa r&i bii^ wilIj II < save si* per cent, on their <?eneral Tax, and five per cen*. on th"ir Water Tax, for the current year, if paui on or before the 1st of Jiilv je25-1 w CIJAS. P. WELCH. Collector. Yt? AT an adjourned meeting of JJj the Young catholic*' Friend Society of Georgetown, D. O.. held !a?t Sunday evoninj. the subjoined resolution* were unanimously adopted : Rt*olr?i, That in the death of our late itllowmimtior. I.nvn Carbery, Esq , the Asimrsation ha* lost one ol' itabrightest ornaments - the indix' t yonng Catholia* ol'our congregation an ar<le?i and sincere friend. and al vat * foremost i a every matter tending to their temporal and etenal welfare? the town one af it* best*?society a ?heerful companion - and religion a faithful and an "honest mai, the noblest work of <iod." Rrtolvrtt, That we otTer to the relation* of the derifaHttl our heartfelt sympathies in their great affliction, and'he consolation that he i* not lost, but only gone before to a brighter and a better world. Retolrai. That, in respect to the memory of the deceased, the members of the Association will wear crape on their lefi arm tor ."*> day*. Ht*olrrd. That the Secretary forward a copy of the>e reaofution." to tho lamily of the deceased, and that they be published. It 17* O R NEW YORK.?The packet schooner I Salesman. Captain Molt, is n?w loading.a d will sail as ah ive with despatch. For freight app'y to io Z't Mel'OnH tr THlHOV fit Wdtor ?t I^ROM BOSTON.?The packet line Andover, Captain Levi Crowtdl, has arrived and is now discharging hf-r freight. Apily to HARTLEY A BROTHER.*"* je23-3t 99 and 101 Water st . Georgetown. rPAKEN CP?On the iAl instant, as an estray, a 1 whit- HOG, with Mack spot*. The owner will please come forward, proveTTfcJP^ propeitr, pay charges and take him Awav.f&aaUMMi JOHN HOOVKK, je 23-2t* No. ?> M st.. nrarlteorgetown. QAA FISII. FISH, FISH. tlUU BARRELS A No. I Boaton HERRING, 100 barrels a No. 1 Halifax HERRING. Now lauding per schooner 'L. Seer*, and for sale on pleading terms. Also? 2<X>ba rels No. 1 HERRING, jii do No. I 1 .abrador llfcR R ING, U lialf-barrela do do. Daily expe-cted per schooner E. Doane. and for Kale by je ?a-4t HARTLEY k BROTHER. OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And alter July 3d, IStiO, the steamer L. J. BrengIn, Captain \V. II. Ritter, will jr^k. leave Georgetown EVERY TUES DAY. THI RSUAY.and SATCR DAY. at 7 o'clock, and return every alternate lay, at t; o'clock a. in. On the Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdstown. je 213m P REFRIGERATOR*. LEASE Call and examine l.ARRABEE'S N E W STYLE REFRIGERATORS and WATER-COOLERS. For sale by je l?-7t T. A.U?BlfBY. L SEWING MACHINES. ADIES Are requested to call at the agency. Mr*. J sR VIS'S TRIMMING STORE, 10| Bridgo atre?t. Georgetown, and examine the beat family SEWING MACHINES in use, vis: Lvtd, Webiter A Co.'s Improved Tight-Stitch Macaine, and Harris's Boudon Sewing Machine. Price $ ? to 57'?. ja5-eolm POLITICAL. A CONSTITUTIONAL UNION MAN PROposes the following beta with any gentb man who may (ell disposed to take them. They will be op n for acceptance until Saturday next, unleaa soon?rtaken: that Judge Douglas will not obtain the electoral vot>- of a abama at the election in November next, and a like bet of $20 on each of the other Southern State*-thus rou'.jrine a ??ako nl %aoo ?. sitie. 3100 that Douglas * ill notolitain the electoral vote o( Louisiana at tiie election in November next; > iiki that J ii lge Douglas will not l>e elected Presi I iTent ol the United States at the election in November next. ?2<?> acamst .**00 that Douglas will not carry more than two Southern States more than Bel! and Everett at the election in November next. Addre*-, through the Post Office. "Hardshell," Box No. 3?4. stating where an interview ma> be had. j.-?-lt* I, OR SALEr A GOOD TOP BUGGY, But recently done un. Price Ninetv-five Dollars, Very Cheap. Apply to je^jt* KELEHER * I'VWEI.L. IF VOl WANT I TO GET YOUR CARRIAGE PAINTED or VARNISHED, (iu where they use None but the bent fjnality of American and Es-jupii Paints akdVakmahks. ROBERT II. <*RAHAM. je22 3t* Eighth ?trem. O NOTICE. L'R Bill? for the pa?t half year hav all been mail* <<tf to date. Ah many a* can makn it convenient will confer on u? a lavor by calling at our (leak for accounts, which, if u< t tak*?n away prior t?> th-s 25th instant, will be sent to all for whom inteiiilcd, without dike rum nation. We respectfully urise that there will be a more than u?ual effort made on the part ol our credit customer* to kettle " j'ti 22-dtjyJi CLAGETT & DODSON. ROWE'S ORIENTAL BALSAM. A Cure for BAl.0NF.88 AND HEADACHE. Thi* new discovery has produced astonishing remit-* i j caring lialdries* and stopping the hair from falling off It rem vp? dandruff and all eruption* of the *Vm ; a certain cure lor Headache, and a delightful wash anil perfume. Price 5>'< cts For sale b) Messrs. Nairn A Pnlmer, Chas. Stott, L. M. Sinith, J. Schwart**, and Kid well A. Laurence. je ti 1 w* __ MUHER1DIAN HILL, lnt'fsertinn of Boundary lr hourt'tntk Sts. Having leased for a term of year* this beautiful and romant c sp t, 1 will open it for the A ? , A ac' om'ni dation of the puhio on the 1 dsy of Jan-, 1880. For beauty of Keener*. 1 de.ig tlu| pronx n\des, Ao , it ia unsurpa ty an? id Ihia vicinity. 'I'he house is large and cumn o iiona, havi.ig two larga dancing room , brg;d?? | din:ng and draing io<nna for both l*di?a *mi /?ntl? inen. In ad Jmon I have erected a large pavi ion for Pic Nio Parties. Parties FamiiieK and Individuals will find it a most de?trahie p.ace to paaa ifle aultry ays of summer, particu a I j a>< the striot at order ai d de 0 'fira wil be enforced and every attention will be 1 u rar.ti d by the prooii "tors. ihc i arder will t>e Touu' t contain all the delicacies o! the season at al! times. 'I'he Uar w II be furuiafi-d with the choioest Lieuor* and Wiu- a and the 6ne>t Segals. y'oci'ies, feud** f*ohools. Clubs and Mi itary C jiiii a n*? will find this tn* mint desirable rdsort ! for ?pen ling a plea-svit and orderly day. I ;cn auiwvw Hf.NRY WEI.DKN. ARD SPKCIAI..?'Those of oar oastomors amd fri?nds who have bills witri ua are lespeotlujly notified i hat they are all made off, and ifanj prefer not to have them sent in they will please call at our detk during the present week and ?et th-m, aa after that time we aliall render every account on our bo we earn?at:y rrquest au early set tit merit of the same aa aoon aa posaitile. Prompt pay mmUaone a ill enable us to serve our patrona upon the l>?at terms. J. W. COLLEY k CO.. je 21 -lot Seventb at above Pa. av. OC?Q Ml l.LIN KRY GOODS QAQ AND SEWING FACTORY. ?\90 A P. DOUOI.AS, 493 Pa. Avknlk, hit. 9th axd 10th St*. Closing out of read) triniined fine Crape. Silk and Straw Houneta at lowest oa?h prio-at l.adies' ami Children'* Dre*se>> ami Uml>-r Clothing, and GeiillftlikAn u ftKirte i " 1 ^ - . v iai? irnri i)nwt iinrtiirnli inutf to order in Imst manner. Ki?.iii?>n plates reoeired earh month from Paii*. A. P. DOUG LA?, je i3j-4t* Pa. avenue, south side.^ I WASHINGTON PEWALE INSTITUTE-? IT The i.ext Academic Y?ar will commence on THl'V, Htiteniber Uth. Faren'a nt-nrtiuc to ' end th- ir daughters are reque- ted to enter th<ir name* in July, a? those r?<utered at that tim? will he m>re certain to secure d"?k? Circular! may be obtained at th? Institute, N**. 223 G street' or tijr addressing Sire. ELIZA W. SMITH, Principal, Box 70*.* Washington. P. C. je .?- o2w* PL.UME DE COO ANT) OSTRICH FEATHERS, iu Jet Black, ami in Bl??k and White combined. Just the style fur Trimming Ladies' and Misses' Jockey Hats, J u?t received at MAXWELL'S, jefe eo3t 3'4S Pa. aranue. UiK ??* WOW nD" ww ; v/rr all i niw . *opou?t*onourl??lg?r, smJ will r*ud?r th* sairti> on tbo 2%th As pavmeuUi the la*t w**k m ami fcrat wmI iu wiVbi verj ncary we tiu ? emj 000 of our customer* will tioni Proir'Ptl) ai.d enable us to meet our otWi^ajea> eoat JNO R. ELY ANSA CO. m a # # ? AMUSEMENTS. THIS (MONDAVI EVENING. 23th Jr*t. At TVRNERHAlL. (N. Jer. nr., near d'pnt.tke coolttt ptmct t* Ik* rifjr,) Vocal A5B IS*TltCMBKTAL CoitCKftI ! GREAT GARDEN. Asoaaaun of R?iloon?tPinrwork?. Ac. Adnn-jkjh free. Cel-tvawid Philadelphia Later Beer, Raspberry LMonarfe.tru! OtlKr refraahmenta onuad. ? od oider will m maintained. It* W FAIWf. P o"tietor. f\DD FELLOWS* tfALL -Few Ni?*ta More V/ by Particular Request. ANOTHER CHANGE OF fRf GRAMME. 1st View of the town and port of Genoa?'birthplace of Columbus. 2(1 W Aflhinrtnn At V*ll?v Porr^ Jfcl. Nation*: Presentation 4th. Th? Eternal City of Rome. 5th. Automaton Rope Vaulter. ? ^ City of Salzburg, with a beautifal effect of ? Rimng Son. To conclude with a urand and awful aceoe of a Storm at Sea. Doora opea at 7H o'elook; performance wil. oommenoeats. On W'dneeday and Saturday Af t*rnoona Speeial Performance*; aoor? open at 2 o'clock?xxnraenoe at3. Card* ofadmiaaion ? eta. Children IS oU. je 8 MR W. M. PAL >1 ICR'S Farewell Concert & Entertainment, ( Pekviocs to hi* Uepartcbk fo* "Eubop?,> At WILLARDS' HALL, On TUESDAY EVENING. Jone*. Aftftiated by Eminent Artiatc*. ineluriinr herr ahreni), thiGiiat Violoscbllist. At the termination of the Concert, Mr. \V. II. PALMF.R, In h:s mystic*! character of ROBERT HELLER. WilJ introduce The wonderful invention known a* the GREATSECOND SIGHT MYSTER Y, Which in concert room is prot>ably more interest ing tlian is its performance in a theater. Tickets (50 cent* each) may l?e procured at the Music Stores of J. F. Ellis and \V.O. Metzerott, and at Mfs>r? Piulp 4 Salomons' Bookstore.where programmes may be obtained. je iS 3t \ nalgstanretreat, -V On Amalostam Island, Oppotit* (rtortttown and H'tuAtsclM The subscribers having leased for a term of year* this beautiful and romantic spot, opened Ij. A it for the accommodation of the puolio on tf>e 31st day of May, 18p>. For beauty of^U^^U, scenery, delightful promenades, fishing. Sc.. bendes i.s superior water, it is uusurpasaed in the Union, The House is large and oommodions, having been entirely renovated It has a large Dancing r?*l<>on attached to the house, bes des Dining and Dressing Rooms for both laMies an<i gentlemen In addition splendid Arhorr detac ed from the build-nca. Parties, Families and Individuals will find it a most dwsi.-able place to pass the miltrv da?s of sum mer. a? erery attention "will I* guarantied hi tha proprietor*. The strictest polio* arrangement! will be enforced, and politi al discussion* will b? prohibited The Larder will be found to oontaio all the delioacies of the season at all timet. The ^ar will be furnished with the choicest Liquors and Wines and the fin-st Segars. Societies, Hnnday Sohools. Club* and Military C.inuaniei" will find this the m<>?t desirable rri- rt near the metropolis for spending a pieasant and or derlv fliy*. J?5~Chi!dren unaccomr>\nied by their parenta or guardians, will be excluded from the croun l?. iunning and dogs prohibited fTT" B<>ats will leave the loot of High street, fJeorgetown. and G street, Washington, hourly, from ts o clock a. m. ti l 12 p. m , daily. Persons pieferiinx a pleasant wa k can reach the Island via the Aqueduct. We noiicit the public to judge for themselves, and fee) assured ol riving satisfaction je 9 eo?f JACOB \V. POWER* k. CO. F? FREE CONCERTS! iRNST LOEFFLER, A'ete York avtnue, btnrrtn I,>t and 2-1 itreets, would rospeoifulli Jflf* MtAtf* fn th* fiillJlrt #h?fr A T w.. ----r .?< ? - ?u* i v i? viil\ I '/J UUX VKLKCT MUSIC will t?e given everr MON V DAY aud I'M URSDAY EVENINGS during the imion, (it his Pavilion, commencing at 5 o'clock ai d "riding at 10 p. m. Previou* to the Conoert. tue Saloon is open to those desiring to while awar a fev houti in the mazy dance. ICE CREAM WATKR ICES.and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oity prices. Parties desiring the Ga'de** for Pic Nic par poa s. are requested to give a day or two notioe. je >8 3m WANTS. A VEGETABLE GARDENER, who is also capable o# attending to green houses an<t flower* in all its various branches, desire* a Situation immediately Well recommended. Pleas-a M- -is L W , Star Office. je25St* WANTED? A SITI'ATION a- ooachman, b? a young man who understands hi* business. Address Box 10, Star Office. je 23 2t* RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY De*ire* to make an encasement for the summer as housekeeper, in a private family or hotel, in the country or would accept a respectable position in thecitv. Has experience in store keeping The l>est of referenco given. Address Box 1 3, Star ffice. je23,25A27_ AN ENGLISH LADY WHO HAS ALMOST ?ioinpli;tflt| h?r prwucnt o!igRk;rm<?Hl Is tleoiruill of obtaining a similar oue.a* (iOVKRNKSS in a family. She is a thorough musician and teaches French {acquired in France,) Drawing and all the requisite* of an English education. References fiven. Address Box 166 Post Office Washing on. je 23-2t* WANTED?B> a lady residing a few nules in the country, two or three Children to Hoard. The> will be taken as younz a* two \ears old. This is a rare chance fur tho?e having sicltly children in a cr- wded hotel or l>< *rding-hou*e. as'the location for beauty and h'althlu ness is n<>t surpassed in the Divtrirf AHilrnau I M W?er a(T.~a ? ? ? .? - --.- ? ?... < u.. .?. ?/., . -i?i viuur, uj nriv?r, or in person Tuesday morning je22-3t* WANTED?To have everybody knowthat they an find a Fine and Well selected Stuck of CLOTHING and FrRNiHHlS'G GOODS at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING S ? OH K, No. 460 Sev enth at , opposite Poat Offioe Department. apfi-Sm W'ANTED.?Every one to know that SMITH, Seventh et.. ohar*?? fair prioea for In a Good*. Go to SMITH'S, Sevoatti st., to jet yoar H aTS ar.d CAPS. ap 8 3m LOST ANI) FOUND. f (1ST OR MISLAID-A NOTE, d'awn by J, 1 j H. Robinson in favor of T. H. Maddox.and endorsed t>* T II. Maddux and Geo. W. Barry .for .**?. and <fat?d Jim* 18 h. 18#"?. for todays. Th? finder will confer a favor by leaving it at the S ar Offi'-e. It* LOST?A Jet anil gold mourning BOSOM PIN. with braid d hair. b?-tw*er the comer of F and 11tli. hrotieh loth, to thf Church of Ascenaior. on H *t 'Die finder wili bo rewarded by rall'tig at No. S7 WinderV Bniiding _ je '.5 3t* TAKKN l?P, on th?* ^.l instant,as an estrav. a i WHITE HOG The owner * 'I please como forward, prove property, pa? chareos and take her away. *C=e4L*? " J A MIS Sl'f.ftl je i> 3t* On F st? betwoeu loth and llih et?. LOST?On G, or on Eighth, between G and II Kt*.. a child's GOLD ARMLET, with initial* A. M. \V. Finder will lx? rewarded by leavinc the i-aine at 4SS G ?t. je2J2t* 8TK A VEDOR STOLEN-On the 2lTt'i"n?t7a email SORREL MA RE, long switch cy tail: spruag in her front knees. Any one "LLA r?*tui innp b?*r to iii?. corner of Four anil a hall t'Mtand Maryland avenue, laiand.will be rrwHnimi. je 23-3^ M. HOWLING. VEIL LOST.??9 reward will lie paid lor the re turn at No. 4 Pa. avenue, opposite the VVar Department, o.' tiic Black Thread L&oe Veil lust on Wednesday, Jmie ^?th, prol>ably in the First Wad. je2-3.* I^OUND?In front of my residence, northwest corner ol Nineteenth and 1 *ts., an oval mourning BREA"*1 PIN. dated on the l>ack 18U3 The lo.??r mav recover the same by applying M"RRIS i*. Mil,I".KR. je 22-1 w* STRAYED OR STOLEN?From the commons in tii* Seventh Ward, a t.orrei boh-tail r\ HOK>K. about ifi hands huh ; hind ankle* wind-, ailed. A liberal reward will be paid^^2-*lor his deli very to the owner, on Virginia avenue, between 6th an.17th st*. je 22 3t* J. B. ABELL. PERSONAL^ IVOTice. 1^1 TO KHOM IT CONCERN.The lady, uamed I. i?.who claimed and took a mlk umbrella froui the aiibscTiber's store. No. U37 Pa . avei.ue, knowing that it was not the one she <nt there.<k notified that the right owner has called tor the &ame; therefo??. ij'she wishes to save trouble, she will return it. je 25 3f DANIEL PIERCE. fi? Q/Wl REWARD ? Ranaway from the anbtori iVflJU ber on Wedneadav night. 13th of J una. tw it Nk'RIIIi Ml'M ODKN and J OK BROWN. ChaMes i? about S leet? or t inches high. ver? b ack, and about 25 yean of a?e. Joe is copper oolored. about 6 feat high, and 23 year* of ace. They took vith them a variety ofolothinc. Tksy f'ill endeavor to keej together I will give Snx' i e *.n?, or#2' for ti.M two, if taken in the State f Ma. y land or tne 1> striot of Columt.ia; or #30n for t.'ie two, or ?l*> foi eaon. if taken out of tha State, xoepi in th* L'utnot of Columbia, I think thev will try to escape to a free <*tate by passing themselves off at harve-t bandi. In either case they mu?t be a?oBt?i in jail *o that I cat then again. Address RM HARu \V. t>lt>Ul5lS, MiUer?vtHe Post Office, Md j? J5-eo2w MADAME MORRICE, THKGkbat A1TKOL9lvl Gilt ans D< cTftKas, ju*t from Europe-T*is higily gift'd and intelligent lady oaa be consulted on the Paet. Present and Put a re Events. Ca.I at No. *i05 Twenty-eeoond street, between H and 1, Washington. jelf la* of the Northern YVareeate eoldtor, and It tkf sub* Uimh will warrant everything to he staadard atl?er. 3S9 Pa. avenue. je P W O O 0! WOOD WOVB^I KINDLING WoSv.m&S&t T J + W M p i | ?f ^?? EXCURSIONS. PIC NICS, Ac. The pic nic of or ach cm rch wxUAY SCHOOL -will jr??k at A.M LINteToSj. oh KRIDaX^^PW^ .NEXT. Jon*ThehAand o i> aoa< it??ni tern finsi. Cvci> Iim been en I&gcd. ?nd will mak* th? (oiiowinj trip* daring 'he day.jbl'owlng the oMDni ?f th? river: Leave the whwt foot of ll?h at . Ixncl. at SS* a. m. and i p. m.. aod the oMtal, foot of 14th rl . at 11 a. m. and S'? p is., atoppin* r*oh trip at t?i? fir?t-n%>n?d wharf; r?turninr will leara tM Spring every alter, ate h our until I" p. m. Withers' full l>raaa band ha* l?een mgage<! for the d*v. TiofcetM including Iwat fare) 2S cents: children 10 centa; to h? had at Mr Rol>in?on'? and Kulinaki Jfc Co.'a Jewelry Store*. Pa. avnue, or of any of the teacher* of the achool and member* of the eon gregation. The day having been changed nince the tirk?*t? were p* int*"',ticfc*t* witu WKIh?!|; ."th.on them are perfectly tow! for Krida). 29th. je A 4t 1 c NIC axalostYs island, it THI Dumbarton it M. ?. Sabbath School, <<j?0*GBT0*JI. D.C.,1 THURSDAY, June Ath. 1*0 RoaU will ruK from foot of Huh ?treet every & milium* during the day. Tickrta 29cenU,(rhiMbren 10 rti.,ift?^W^ including fare on boat. Tt<"k .t* to had at the store of Mr. Ja?. Wallace, (Hick it,) Meiitt. UrovB & Wtite, (tfridje ?t.,i and of the teacher* ol th? School. j?22,25tir7 FOR SALE ANTD~*EXT7 [Far otker "For Sal* and Kent" tuitirhitmMti, see first page ] POR RKNT-A oomfortaWe DWKLLINO eh * (tiblj situated, IteiiiK m the v oimtt of Patent Office. It i* a three ?tory, with back building. mt tutooii Ki(lith nt. Xo. 404. A pp!} to 3a 1 h:*hth t.. between <? ami H. je 88 at* fj*OR SAL.K OR RENT?A comfortable and convenient two utorv au<t-ba?ement BRICK DWKIil.lNG-HOl'SK, No. 44)1, mIjiaN om 1) ftreet norths "ext to the corner of Third ?t. west. Apply to CHA8. bRADI.K.Y. Patnot.c Bunk, je ?3 6t I^l'RMSIIKD HOI SI IDR HlT\T IN TIIF. FIRST WARD-No. *4 S*ix Buildings. Pencsvlva-na *vrnuo.-Will b? rental for 3 month* % Furnished Houae. Tin- *ituation i* convfm^nt to the market, and one of the hk ?t h?althy and deura lil? in Wanhimton. Water ns?tair* and down. A first-rate (Jook will remain if deauod. Term* very moderate. Appl> at thi* office. j?i!-?t* LAND FOR SAl.K?I wills?llmT Farm, con taininr aliout 30 acre* of .and, aituated on what i? usually known a*"M<?ore'* l.ane." l*tm?en ttia )?>undary hneol the rity and <;l?nwood Cemetery. Thi* land i? weil situat.< <: for the r??i t>'n?*e ol person* doing biiiiinesi. in the city. I'pon it are ?everal liarulsorne bmlding *it"?. I will II it iu whole or divide it to milt Purchaser*. on accommodating t?rm*. Upon the farm i* a <ma 1 hut <-o(nfortahle houae, with ?talde and other out-iiou*??. Those wi slain* to but can. bj calling on lue i?n the plv-e.l learn the price and terms. je?St* I). MOOR F. l^OR SALE? Betwern 7 and 8 acre* ol LAND. 1 (par? wood.) on th<* Plank R<>ad.17 h ? . 1 aliont 4 mile? from Wa-dimtton?a beautiful hmldirg *ite. or well l?K-at d lor a market cardan Appl* at No. 3 Aeency Block,corner Seventh and F *t*.. Washington. je 19-lin* I^UK K V. > T?Tli# three-^tory-an l l>a?eT'ient ? BRICK HOUSKcorner of Six'h f wt went and F street north, on# square from the Patent and City Pout Offices?heme one of the finest And healthiest lo Ation* in the city It is arranged for a -tore and dwelling; ha* a t>ak? oven atta-l?ed Will suit a baker or confectioner. Possession riven on the 11th m.-t. For l-rins, Itc , appU to <iKO. J. Jackson. BioUier A Co, 333 Pa. avenue. )?19-tf ITQRRKNT-A two-story FRANK DWFI.l.a IVG. with kitchen an<1 wood shed. on Third street, b"tween U ami H sts north. No. 295. Rent $12 per month. For further particulars inquire ol W. $. JONES, corner vf and H ?ts Je l?-7t* pOMFORTABI.F. ROOMS*, with or without Board, can l?e obtained, on moderate term*, at E ??., between 5th and6th. Table Hoarders accommodated with food Boa*d. ie Iti 2w* L>dR RKNT-Two teautiful new BRICK r IlOCSf- J*, on Eighth *t ?et west, betwren M and N streets i?o*th, west side. App y to MARY C HAISLIP, No. 3*1 Nintn street' west, or Dr. K E ^SBKY, No. 332 Pa. avenue, between <nh and 10th streets. j? 12-2w* TnR EE FRAMK HOl'HF!* FOR SALE, with their Lot*. The* will l>e sold on easy term*. The houses v near the new Ga*- Work*, and are nt at homes |,?r tne working man. First payment small, and the balance in one and two v^ars, with interest. Apply toGII.BERT CAMERON, bnil I er. je 15-?w FOR SAI.E OR REN T--The fonr story NR1CK HOOK. No. 45k. north side of D ?ir?*<> . tnjtween Second and Third. is offered for snle on a Ioiik time, or for mi to a good tenant; or will t>* exchanged for prop?rt> M'uated between Seventh 1 ami Eleventh "'rp't'.or I?anl H ?tr' et?. Inquire of C. \V. BOTEI.ER 31* Iron Hall. je 13-eo^w FOR RENT?Tiat new and weli arranged three?tory BRICK HOUSE. No. t?3,on (i street, between 19th and9>th at*., south ude, now occupied by Mr. Bodi*co. Russian Legation. Possession ivrn lh? 1?l uf June liiquueol Mf. Sdl'TllK.Y S.PARKER next door ea?t. ir.al6-eotf F^OR RtAT-Three first-cla ? and recently built HOl'SES. four stories high each, hand some!) fiui?he?l. and having all the modern improve in?nt-.. such an wat?r, na.<, Ac.. in one of the ve > finest locations in the city?on the corner ofThirfl street B-i<t Missouri avenue, and opposite tne Capitol giouiid* Any < ne wishing: to rent a fine dwelling will find thi> a favot able opportunity. a> 1 desire to rent tiieru imnte.lmteu , and will" ren* them lov. li^uirt-'.i |>. w. HR()\VMN(i. je 1-tf F^OR RENT-A BRICK HOUSE, ob Mns*ach7 Met 6 a v., ri"nr lot n st., containing I" room* and passage, with good cellar. The rei.t will l>e mod crate. Inquire of GEO. T. LANGLEY, on L it, n'var Fourteenth at. je 13 |<*OR RENT-Tiiree BRICK IKM SES-one r Twelfth street, betweeu C and U; one on the corner of Twelfth and H sts. : and one on H. be twe<-n i;th nnd I.Uli M?. Inquire of JAMES W. BARKER, on II street, between Uth and 12th, No. 4 25. ma30-tf_ I70R RENT-A three tory FKAMK HOUSE, r on Eleventh street, between I and K Inquire of M. SNYDER, at the Plnmbing ai.'d Gm Fitt ng Ertabluhm >nt < ! C. Snyder, next door to the Star Offaee. tM-tf Bacon a raven's and steinway a SONS' unrivalled PIANO FoRTeS?^^ of til atylea nod eix*?. Also, aevera. offBBBB ther makes, for mi* ?t fao?or* arioes, at'" mil tlijg ao!e a&ency, METZKROTT S Music Store. Several aacond-haod Piano* in l>eat order, cheap. jea r'REAT BAR6AINS IN N A If T I LIAS! Ladiea should lone n<> tune in calling at the store ofULAGETT A MAY, where the treat^t I areains evr nifrreil ipaj now l>* secured. Having parcha**<t for cai>h the entire stock of a large Iiupor mi House at the North at a reduction ?f 45 p?>r ?ni the oost of importation, we aj-e ena led to offer to our customers the choicest *ty tea atom H * LY THE USCAI. PRICKS. We call pnrtii'uiar atteirtiou to the following lota, still uiuola: 15ft Lyons 1,ACE POINTS and SHAWLS, 325CaM KR a 1 ami PUCKER da .do. laMiegant MANTILLAS, with deep fluunee. Together with a comprehendve axs<<rt:ii<nt of BERN" USE, PICCOLOMINIS, and other i ovel and tasteful .liai*** 1 A1 so. a f*w of those l>eantifnl and very cheap B ARE(? K and < IIALLV SUITS and TRAVELING SL IT>.aud MltSES'Dl'* EKSan.t MAN TLES CLAGETT it MAY. | jo a 6t 324 Pa. avfiiue, l>et. 9th and ! ?*h st*. 275 ?TLVrs- 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS. phsa. avisti, Between 10th anil 11th streets. je 19 I. 91. SINGER & CO. GREAT REDUCTION In Prick* or SEWING MACHINES! The Machines are acknowledged the boat in use. for fa-tnly sowing and manufacturing purposes. Family Machine ,f#i Letter a (for family or light manufacturing purposes!. tfs? Singer No. 1 .. . (90 Sinner No.It Twist, Needle*, Cotton, Oil, Jtc. WM. H.GLOTER, No.389 Pennsylvania Av.. Je 20-lm Under National Hou-1. Fly and MOSUUITQ TIME?Those who w< old prof r >o ! ep without diUurbanc are inform*! that we have in xtock for them a neat, aheap, and beautifu article of (vllt archt- s and rings to be hung orsr their beds fr- m winch to suspend nets in fty time and curtains in winter. I They will be fouad very ornamental a- d con venient. 1 be curtain* or nstoan be hang in one maule. _ \Ve_have alto, a full sucdIv of*11 kiwi* of PI \K. BLUE. YELI.OW ami WHITE NETS f .r b*dY. afiandrlior*, bxturea, picture frame* Ac. AlrO, a rich variety of material* for umrwr covering* for parlor ?ti wrj c?^a?. TI.auKTT A oomon, DeaJer* in all kind* of CARPMTIXG. CURTAIN MATERIALS. AND OTHER FURNITURE DRY GOODS, jo l?-co?t Pa. a . Mark* Spaoe. No 4. f~|N FREE EXHIBITION FOR Tf}RER " days only?Mr. .Waahington'a great piotnr*. representing " Marion in urn Carat. Sergeant } !? 3?g P>. ar. becVftand 10th ?W_ CF.LLIN8 OFF: O. SELLING OFF' We hare marked down oar vkol* stook of? 0WZ&BStta... ?i i~.... order to reduoe our hmry Hook tfcia aaaaoa. j$7* W>i?yi?lba until tnaaeotion o| the ladiea ) ItTw**' 999 Brrintii CTmot* Pa.aV. AUCTION BAl.ES. ty For Otksr Aim** ?*, pa ft ^ ~?? THOS DOWLING. &*org*<,w*. K. 9. wiiiit.MlwMii Bl'i I.OINO bOT A< Al? Tl'>> Or Fll DAY next, the J?tli jirt.. b o'clock #i? ir front ,.f the p the ? >?. tie ftad iat?r??t of the .ifGm Jmi* Tb'WMoii in U? ?nihvid?l t*i> thif.n p?'- "I r*u i <** ?iid {I, iruntiai a l**t i* tk? ?Mt * ??< Jrfwi" tre t. and btok 1*? 3 U (eel ? * tke m* 'I t?e c*n* Trim ?f mU? : One thirtf cask ; It neiUl, tor &PP-' vr4 MxiMHd avwvlxftrni l nlerest MIS M.WAF THt Mt I ilH, 1MB !? THIS AFTEKIH>ON ? TV-MORKOW Br wall a barnard. Aaouonaam DltKLLLNT AND NKARI.Y \K\\ CAR Kj potu ???or?s t iiiithmu J?t.. *t Art Tioh ?On WON Da Y AFI>H>U< ?N, .?h mat . at 6 o'ohxrk. w* wi"! aril. in iMHrt of t(w yrfibi>*> on Thirteenth itr? t I aad li .twii j ?? ae<l aicailant C*j peutar'i 9hop. at>j?ot toagroand rent. Te On* third omIi; halataa in <r and W? dai* or aatlafaefcori'i nudoraari !>?nrin< internal ja.8 d WAf.L A BARN AR ft. Aa?to EBr J. C. Mc<*UIRK A CO., (iMlinMri ICBLLKNT AND NKARi Y NEW FUR iikii *np fr rrwcrt at Pracir S*ai?.?On Tl KHDA * Mi'RIiNO, Juaa a?ut, ai lOo'oiock. at tit# rue?t ??< Uh Htlgtan Mat*r. ourner r>f TbirtMnth tad D atra???. w* nil nil the Fnrnitur* and HoanaboM Ftfot*. Su?tS of cf'Biann B ooatali* Cavartd Ptrlx Fai oitu-e, rooiiitini of two Frauoli Divnnn, two Arm aud fear M<f Chair*. Gr*"ti aad God Mr <cat*i.e and Marooa Plaah Co* rn ad ira I k>*M I Suite of foir Crim>ou Dtmtik Curtain*. C'orww. Walnut Center and Par Ttblai, Wwint, Several *xo* lent \V?idiI tWretarie* and B^'h M|^| a WriUn* l>e?k*. Tablea ard Chaira. Three -plj and lncrain Carpr<?. Oilcloth and Rn??. Candelabra*. V a?ea. Chin* Spittoon*. Walnut Sid* !><>ard. w?jnut F.*ten?i. n Tabie. IS F rencli Dm id* Chtiri. Mah?t%u? French Chi a* Dinner S#', Mivar-piated C * <*??. Decanter* . Goh.ete, Cfcampa?nee And U'iim. A Silver-plated Spoaae ud Fork*. Table Cutleiy, 4Q fed ud Table i.iurn. I Napkin*, * r H*nd lomr Own KnM?llM CwiUf* Set. with Marble t?>p*. MahofanT Marki* top Dreaaint Burraea, Bed i teed a, Plain Bureau*, v%a*h.un?l*. Window Snade*. curtail *. Tuiiet H?*u, HairaiC. Ho*k Mattre??i ? Boltteraand Pillove. Etoelletit Hlanketa. Oomforta. Count# panr?. Radiator, Airtight and all other ?lov? a. Copper Cooking It'uii a, v\ ire Saf>>. A e Tofath'r with a general a*aortment of Hou*?b<- 4 and Kitch?u Keqmaite* Term*: #9> and under oa?h. over that earn a credit of en, and Jn da> a. for *aiiafaotorn? endor?e>1 notAt hMLrin* intwt ~j*yd *? j. c. M>oi ikr t. co.. iMh. By WALL k BARNARD, Auctioneer*. MISCELLANEOUS STOCR OF GIIOCK l"i i!Ks, Liotok*. Ci???*, * Arrno* OnTl ESDAV MORNING, the ?rh install* a' ! o'clock, we will *11. in front of the Auction Rooms, a mtsoeianeouo stock of Groceries, com risint? J*nr?' and Mo!a?*es, Cheat* Imperial. YouuHitna. and Black T?u, Boxes Stt'ch, Groanl Gtcarr. and TffH'f, Som, Ground Coffee, nod Mustard, Indigo and Fis Bine, Saltpetre, Keca White. Sacka Salt. ^ireis Herring and Cider Vinegar, ndles. Tack*, and Oil. Ohm Claret, Champaf i.e. Gin. and Cordia , Boxea Tohaooo and Cigars, different I-rands. Cask* Old Bourbon, Monumental, M"r>oncah*lt, Pike'a XXX, and other brands \N hiaker and Brandy. Terms (?' *aah; over that amount, a credit o SO and 60 daya, lor approved endorsed note*. j* a WALL ABA RNAR D AucU By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. A ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. BV ORDER Ol thi omrhasa' Cornr, or sxcellut Hovsi hold ?!?D Hitch** Fcrkitcbb ?On Tl'KSl'A V. the 39th mat., I snail sei.. at 10 o'oiock a. m.. at the late residence of Sarah Smith, deoeaaed, in th? brick houae Noa. ISO and 133 Penn. avenue, be twe?n ipt. and >'th streets, a i the P*r*ona Kfect* of th? deceased, ris: Handsome Mahogany and Walnat Brocatall* Cot ered Parlor Sou, Dressing and other Bure?na and PMehoarda. Marble top Center, Sola and Pier Tables an* Stand*. Mahogany and Walnnt Whatnots. Dining, Ont? and Card Tables, Pins Gilt-frame French Plato Mirrors and otfe?i Glasses, Silver-p ated Waiters, Castors, Forks, and Ivor? Handle Knives, l China. Glass, and Crockery Ware, Maate Oraa peats. Mahogany, French, Cottage, and other Bedstea<u and tVard robes. Feather Beds, Hair and other Mattreesee and Be^ Valv*tTapeetry. Three ply, and other Carpets and Oilcloth. Cookinc, Hall, other Stoves, and a good lot of Kitchen Requisites, With many uthtr articles whioh ve deem unneoe* sary to enumerate. T?rma: Alt sums under 93S cash; over $2Sa?red it of S and 6 months, for notes ssUsfao.ortly ei. dorsed, bearing interest THOS P. MORGAN, Administrator. _js21 StThSM A. ?. RKfcN . A?o< FUTURE DA YS. By J. C. McOriRfc A CO , Auctioneers. CLOSING OUT SALE OF LiqiORS. <, tAi-. a*dGbockhim, at Voss's Familt Gbotesy. OalUKSDAY AFTKR.NOON, June?n.st4s o'oiook, at the store of H. H. Voaa. Las-, oorner < f T...lh.l.A.I 1 O M.I v?u< w?v?i?v 0IIU a BUHl ?H WB BUIt. BC . I I if ! f mainder of his stock, compnuni ? Otard. Dupuy & Co/s Seignttte Hrandr. Old Neotar, Cathawoods Monongahela, John Gray's, and Gibson's Whiskies, in wood ar.d % j^Bfl T Port, Sherry. Madeira and Malaga Wines. Gin. Rum, Cordial, Ala, Ac. About ><>0 Cigars of various brands. T?as. Soap. Spioes, Vine*ar, Tot?aeo<>. Wooden Ware. Broo.< s, Brushes. Aco. Terms : #3'and under oash; over that amount ?. oredit of 60 and ?? days, for satisfacton y endorse ! notes, bearing interest. jeg-d J C. Mcfil'IH K ? CO.. Anefr By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ARGEAND ATTRACT1VEBALEOF DRY 1 j Goods at Acctioh ?I shall oommenoe on WEDNKSDAY. the 2Tth met., at 10 o'cloe* a. hi.. and continue daily until all is sold, at store No 323 Penn. avenu*. south s de. between 6th and 7Ui street*, to sell the entire etook of Dry Goods, oon sist ng of? Clothe. Caasnners, Vesungs, Towels. Jsans. Linen and Cotton Pants Staff, De Lains, Lawns, Grey Goods, Berace and Silk Robes. Blevobed and Brown Sheeting* and Shirtings, Irish Linens, Embroideries Hosieries, B;ack L&oe Shawls ana Mantillas. Undershirts and Drawers, Linea Bosom Snirts. Linen Shirt Front*. And manj other Goods too numerous to mention. As the huiidinc is to be taken down the entire stock must be sold without reserve. Term*: All same under oash ; over that amount a oredit of vend flt? days, with aeproved -4 V_ .-s V ni'iuitru uom, i'onu( luwrm ir"m su OI WO. jta d A. GRKKN, Aaot Br J. C. MoGUIRE k. CO. Auotionaars. |\ESIR ABLE TWO STORY AMD BASE er *kwi Bmm PvtLUM boras on Nun St. west. '.bltwiik 6 and m &t>. nobth, at apcti..*.-1ua THURSDAY A FT ti fc N CHJN. J a?a 28'h, at 6 oVoek.oo the ireiniifi. v* shall [1 Houi? No 426, with the tot, situated on Ninth street vnt. between O and H etreeta north. The Lot front* 14 feet l? V inches on Ninth, ran nine back ?* feet, wnii a side allay. The House a mu( and well built two-atorr and ba?ament brick building, onntaitaiiig pa< lor, dining room, four onambersMa kitchen, with gaathroagh out. and every part of the premises in brat rat* or der. Tit e perfect. Tarma: One foarth oaah ; the residue in 6,12 and aad IS months, with interest secured by a dead of trust on the pramiaaa. jag d J, C. MoGUIRE k CO . AacU By A. GREEN. AacUnnear. TJANDSOME NEW THREE-STORY BRICK n Ho ?I. wits two itoii balk bc.ljim6 amp Lot, ir Kibbby'b subdivision op coca*! No. 5fl. at Arciios -On THURSDAY, the ?Unaetaet. 1 ahaii aali m front ol the praniiaaa, at 6 o'aiock a. m.. Lot No IS in Kibbey'a aubdiviaionof ?M?are No. 571. having a front of *? feet on Heeond atreat wast, oetweea north i) and E streets, sad raaamg hi iwiin hi ? via* u?? UMfOTT menu, which are a new three atory Brtek Bouw. with back but ding, oon'aimr.g nine eon?en)*i: t arranged rooms and balk room, nJoaeta ud vid? ha'itbroug ti I be bon*e. aixl a food dry oellar aader the back building. Pavement an?i iror railing in frout The above Mentioned property if har ciom* lv loaated marafidly improving neighborhood. and an el*rat*d pnaitioa. aad the Ml* will be vail worthy the attention *?! pereoaa wiahiag to Mr aha** a handsome reaidenoe. rermt: One fourth oarh; balaaoe la 11, It, and 34 mon'ha. lor note* bearing 'atereat from da* o' ale. A daad ftven aad a dead of treat takeaTTitie mdisautabiO. jeg d A. GREEN. AeeC ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Na*t Drawing of the Roya Havana L?*t tery, eo ad noted by tbe Bpaniah Government, aader SftaraStisiSF* THURSDAY, Jem U. 1MB. . SORTSO yUMKRO ? OR.DINARIO. | CAPITAL PRIZfc #I*#.?00 I tpriaeof |1?,W I 8* fnmm at I S - {MS ,8 fe ~ ? I i ll z -r. HF?~ M" J Prise* oaah.Kl at aigM at * Mr eent. diaooast J 'j^S^tSlSaSXK * I Hl>*tr CmW City Pw. Cl>iiw>i?rl. C. I |\f EMBKR8 or CONCURSAWDOTI?*?S 1 ill about tearing tk? mty <hou??uMMM^ 1 s^'iir-ssaSSBPW A a nuinbar itt ror4 t>?*?nd naar i.? ? rlMoi, ^ fciliil>BM, Wwltara. Flitw ?1oImi,B??1o?,t?i? """b~ ? ? *? M,u*r ) XI soft Pa. av., UL ftUi aud Mtk Ma (MEW STYUKOT EliJI JKWKUtY -*.<% ll BUUD ba? Ja?t 1*1- wfcia* Ha viti<-?rrat rmy .uw at-w Ti>?r*fo^> Uio?* that ar* wiahiM u?t+rrrkammamtum la Ma Hat s&sm saws1 - T i" /

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