Newspaper of Evening Star, June 25, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 25, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. T?t PlSU AT TBI BaXTlXOftl COJITEWtlOW ? the correspondent of the Philadelphia PreM f >a*intlv nys It it a pleasant thins; "* reflect npoa. that amid all the*- many arenas of strife and contention, of ectioual tumult and bad ffcfeling, of conflictfng Interest*, prejjdwes. and sentiments, that the pirit of brotherhood and nationality among tbe repreaentatives of the Ameri' an prese still continues There they ast In the Convention, between one and two hundred of them, like an oasi? of peace in a desert of strife. People ahould not th'ok thit because editors and journalists write bard th*i?t of each otb*r, that they must carry <n their br? ists sp?cial *nd personal antipbaties By no means A more complete - hnppr family" fiarnum never it.nceived We see the Vew % ork Tribune and Charleston Mercury chatting over the current news in the mott friendly manner; me Boston Tost <md the New Orleans True Delta drowning Douglas and dtssenslon in a brandy ruaeh, the Hsrald and the Constitution exchanging cigar*, while the Times and the Richmond V.rvquirer, walk arm-in-arm down the street as . though thev were better flends than Damon and Pythias. At one corner of the row of reporters' eats the Philadelphia correspondents have their desks. There are lire of them, representing the News, Inquirer, Bulletin and Press, all rf whom except the latter, with a single representative Although represeMing different shades of political sentiments, these PbUadelphlans are very clanish In all their ways, the best of friends personally. Hiid together make a jolly round robtn. It would be well IX the members of the Conrentfon profited by the example of the historians of their doings, and trac?u>ted their business In as harmonious ana geutlemauly a manner. Dr lfare?'s Arniie Expedition will sail iroin u >*ton alto ,t tbe-.'tita instant. The omcers of the ex(?edit;nn ar??- Dr Isaac J Hayes. Cortl* m&nding Captain; McCormick, Sailing Master; and Mr. Dodge, First Officer. A second officer, surgeon. carpenter. artist, clerk. steward, cook, and su men. complete the complement. Dr Hayes hope* to retrh winter quarter!, to Smith ftfalt, by tbr IWh of Septerui>er 03* "Tommy," the Japan man. who has waked up in this country and "found himself famous," has tbe account* given of biin in the newspapers read and explained, and remarks laconically" *'blg fool " The reporters have not yet discovered exactly who is meant by such an epithet?Tommy Liinseif. or!ves Ii_/~ Mrs. Martin, of Monroe. Green county, (WTs.)was killed by lightning on Monday The bolt entered through tbe window, breaking several pane* of glass, and killing her iustantly. (E7"Stephen Gannon, while endeavoring to trine a boy with a stone, ia Browne County. M Y , L.t his child, a boy four years old causing itsd-nth an hour after. All English traveler recently broke his neck MAn? D1..W, i Diain . ARRIVALS AT THE HUT EL* BROWNS'HOTEi .-W Latimer and ly, A M 5So?b, Ga; V Thayer. I i; L>r Helm Va; T Wiloy, Pa, C Morel!. Ct; S Pearson, O; W Wheeler and chil<1. Va; Mil* LJ W heeler, NJ;. J Chruman. Kj: *?en F Britton,'i'ex; W Goddard, Md; S lrauier, O; K W Ncrtbington, A Northington and ly, Tenn; W Thomas, O; .u McCoy. J W Raper, Md; KB <>re*tiaui, Ga; Mr* smith Mr* A.rnua'ea-1, Mia> W intnu p, J Winihrup, M?* Curti*. NC; Gen A A Chapman. J Kimper, Va; M Burns and son. J E!is, Mrs pturdevaM, Mis* Keid, Tenn; Mr* E Woofliufi.NY.J r?rnusou J -a:es, Ma*?; J J Cooper, Ala. J ri-*a'?;ej, M; 0 BrviW. NC; E Caas9t*uy, .Mo; W A WhiMI?*y, O; \Y Roh?r and if, La: l)r A Koherttuo, Uiui; B Lake. J R Mitchoii, t?; lit MiH<a,)iid:Clirk,^C, \V 1* Richardson. O; W Eaton ar.d ia-ly, do; John A Harman, Va; J h Me; A W B-ntley, Ala; iM K l>ow. M;?b, H R Lyman and lam. J Portes. S T Braoford. W P Bronn, Aja. W G Wilthrow. J W McGauook, J 1) Hi.ey,l>? Meuey.CH W hitman, \V Turn?r. i nu; P 0 Ju4?y. R Patton, Ala; S PeWrbaugh, H Fu lerton. II!". J I renc.h. J B Mvers- J \V Divu. Va: W Wilbourn, Tex; J Jones, H L Martin, Va; F Lub hack. Tex; E S Shor'er, A a; ? ^oinmer*, Va; M M?v?rJ,J D Atkins. W H Curn1. W A Jones, >1 Martin, Tenn; Co W AKioi.ardson REUootie, i>., >J w Janiutoii, N H iMwton. G?v Cf.asma.< W H Poiuey, Col Mitchell, Ala; M Johnaon. F Noinno.Ga. R K Glass, Va: J T Hooper, l>oke*. Wi?; T mathews. J E Mathews, Ala; *V llna.Ky; H Wal.Tenn; T J Miarp, Minn; B Brown, R k NO. S> H M offal I, tt Yell, R A Cor tall. t. M*rn)l, Va; J Irrn.e. N lift, Ga; VV a Gorman, Aiiaiii O Moffett, Ga, R J Vand^graff, J A 8U?.f, b Mathews. P LidealL e G, VV Feath ermau, Mi ??; A P Miliar, B Sa.nuei, O; G J Faim. Rogers, u J Baebs, Ga; * C Haldermnu. Rl; VV C Mc&insey, La; J Crosr.*. l?x Gen 8 Whit*. ? ol H Jones, i em., L'r F Wir.<lor, U&; A Roob T?nx; E B\rk?dai?, Mim; K W llun ard, L Harvie. Va; W Jerkin*. a a;T VV Hiu, W Martin, r" Wiiket, Gs, H B?k?r. Miii; M Prior Tei.r., Mui L k" >po, .Miss M Willbone, J Cluyton. R l.eter acd ly, A!a; J ?l<>ohran and ly. Miss ''oohran, Misa Brown. Miaa Rows, J Row*, Mo; J Nari !, L Stone. Ala; J Leddon, J Bra an an, Va; i U Cooper. a1 j J W Heat rave, Pa; H P Morrill and ly, W S ..ia?on Tenn; FA K Anger, Miss M H Eifinger. Mi>a E K Her^trson. Miae; TJ Moore, N'. ; B Jonsa, Ala; XV Hern*. 0. W1LLARDS' hotel.?m k*?nan, Wis; Dr Garner, do; c b Venable, sc. J Druin.ett Ga;j H Gray, do^r Adams, La; l. J Webster and lad*, do; f " ?n<1 t Webatrr, do; Mrs h Stutton, do; e & t>"nld. Oal; s p Armstrong. Ik/; g Juis.nv;li l, Jon-?, Texae; l.i?ut Bond. l's a ; l Jaain La; Mr Hrigham, mc!; Miss LifTnan. do; Miss Cook, do; J Tajior. n y; c stua, t and lad?. do: j 3 vv'ii Jia'ii-. v*?*; r AlburU?and lady. md; Miss Wi ??, do: w r Robertson and family,Cal; h Cha??*, ny; W Johnson. o; t* Davis. t*c; vv Mellen, d< ; ,?i > Wells, do; Mr* a l>u vai, do, Dr l du\a, and LVa> c i >.wtk r?l- T L? * -? - - -r-m.1 J I t rm. ? vwv? * i CV5 UUf O Hi aid a^; Mr# M Hall, do; Prof Maboo, NY; J I- Wu^i arJ. do; L Nibena. G&, Hoa W F Ru ic , NV;\iC Irwin, Md;i* (iiggina, li Wi' uaina ard ton, DC; W R?>y, Pa E Jew-ll, I a; E A Ku-aeli, Ct. A Gilinore. P?; P Alorwhtand la>y, SO; Mi6? Ail>r:?;bi, All ri*at do; M McSten wiu f*iniiy, Mm Stark, ?; Mr* Ihme and cm'd, ?; li Stiiea and Ann'}. Mi?s; M C Hale, III; T May. La; H 8 Marron. O: J Clark, Pa; li beiifi*in. < a ; * Ga'e. R*. J **oales, de: O H H^nan, do; J VVrifch'f Mj'i; M Cro'deli, MV; A do; Mr Swiit, Mass. Mr Car?on.ier. do; Mr Caap'ii, <k?;V?r Kallett. do; W H Ludlow. NY; J kni|,p,do;J H Hunk, Ky, B M Johnaon, do; J R Johasoo, Ark; H I> Hurmoa. K*; T Monroe, do; J H Nichols, N > ; J - New, LA; R No?>le. Mi*i; l)r XV Shinar-, l"d, J H re, ilo; If^rnwot), do; K G Faxon, III; H Iteunin?,0;W K:rkpatr;ak. N V; f) Itntmer. d<s (if n P Country ani lady, Carta; G Moore, do: R M Ma*raw, ln?;G Wajtmey, ?u?: J R Ward, Ky;J G l.^aftS, do; Hon J S Preaton, SC: D C;bha, do; P S Waahington, DC; U Maliitw*, Miaa; P F do; CS Arnmtea 1, no; Mi?a Pro?ton, i*C; Hon rt ? Marshal:, ill; G B Raven, do: W Green R J rthafforJ, AJa*a; A Thomas, Ky; W Hiin??o.i K Simp on, ??a; K vV Sur.psou, do; J F Wi|.?y, Va;K Al lea isdy, N Y; R Hamilton. N'J; J Sto:u?.ur*er, S>; Wand ,ndj, NY; A Bi?k?r, N J; O linker, o; Mr and Mm Whitn#* P* Vli?? v ww;*.., do; 1. M Staunton ar;'l l*?lV- Mich: W Griffi i, <>; A PorWi du; P White, do; ti Puiter ?u<l IhiIt, Maati Mi?# G Potter, dc;A Pottw.ti Potter, do; >f Want'ui and Krad!*? and lady.Ct; Miu B;adMy, M Wafkin# aud 'ady, Mioh: (i A tun and :%dy, do; 8 P Parker. Va; Mi*? 8 Parker, do; \V Fv??t<f. D ; T Manning, do; C Bart->n a: d la<i?, AmateJdtra; Miaa Stuart. NY; M Krinoe, NJ; L Carpenter, l<a: 9 CopeaHa-m, N t;Mi#? C.-pn,. hacm, do. NATIONAL HOTEL ?L Wal^elair, N Y; J D ^unborn, Maaa: H Cleveland. Ga; J M Th?pe. C 8 Hatter. Va; Mu? Horney, N Mo! leiiaih. Ala; A Crai.e. Pa: A Warns, RI; G Jackaon, Mr?8i?u*U ter, Va; Mr# Forie. Ky; \V Sleade and lady, La.\V 'tiooo. Pa: T Moojey. Md: K 6le?acM. 1 nd; Mr* Rupp.Md; D Maddox. La; FGreon and laor. 0;H Popfcina. w Sitat**. Ill; J Pavn*. Ark: C Rrisgs. O; W Kimball. B l.awreno#, 8 Mjen. Ill; <1 *cho saieff, 81'; I, Paiutorne, Mm- ; T D*ekey. J H > a, l. Lellaiid \V Wibaou, J Dicsey, J Siielley. HF<>x. L R"#?. Hi; L Stock, Iml; l) Potter, Mw?: J Gray and ladv. H D?j<We. O; M MaTi*rt, Pa: J Abapeard i*Of. Ky; Dr Nuttall.La: J Hu'leit, Ky; J Merntt. P?". TDj?, 111; ii M<n) |i*udt, U; B Sioker - ii.v,*,; i courl?"ney. olt'lai -urn*", W<>: 6#n'. P !?weet. K Bille, Ill; M RV?s, Maa*; M No-'on. M Gl"?*?on,?4 Seiton, W 'no*. W ha?ifl. 111; . \V^ pp'.a, MPoiuero* B^I&tnbull.S H"'"atnr., U XV ilhama, Wi?; B Gi!J t?1 >? ?.?, * a; N Harri?anH U<!)'. ?*; T G'?ff SC: R tathrop, J An<ier ? a and fam, C Kloi*o;n and ianj. N \ ; K Di?ki > >,??; K Ranald, C Kippi<r- Ky". G Jewell, IHN'; J Co?k??n. N Y; ? W P H vlf, NY; J Caranau&L. Min; J Pv-llo.Ga. VV M 1 i?. NY A 8no?, NH: Col V*n>?iit (>!!*' v?..? %; (};? Grwc.NC; J fkw?*d. J Ham*. SW J Rioh\rdson, Gv A McGj. my, I.*; TW Jenifer. Pa; P Thom??. Ky: II.>n J Prait. W O mven?. <* Arnuii, Gt; A He-ncH. J Mm??, * J Ab holt. \Y: G !.?*iir'-p, Mirn; O STuart ?: G?n B.a iy DCroM. Vrk, G Sraytii?. O; \V Rn.l.9t}r?n Kj; M aval. J D?vid? !?,?; A Knapp 111; Q BF Butt-r, P R Ue<v<? K A Htldritii.D I uri ij. tlu A^lulicriw, AU; vu H M? .nn<, Ark' A t lav tor. Site*; L. E Pareon. AU; J K??tin, ill; J R w MiaaMJW Row*, J Conhranand lam, VI i?m B' ow>< JAo; 8Hum, G A Harrington. llljG B l.orint. !W?a?^R^ Hy^nklei, Tan; M Hall.N B; Great Weit KIRK WOOD HOUSE -N lifirn. I .a; J II i air. Ind; R T Se?.. Y?; Mr A>k, J 1. penuook Pmt C H Barnee, M Cart-r, III; P B AHeu Va; T C McDowell. A Mo&iaMry. L. H Cnntwed. Pa; K H Br'wo. J K G?bm. Mich: J Ladler.CI; J Nevin, VV Roeh. ACM; W Gerich. L'taii; P Mel.eran, Pa; J E Benn.rirfhaoi, la. vv McCoiine!. HI; f O Writ, DC; Hon A Ktik, Tent; Dr PimUmr. f*- I MISCELLANEOUS. pROPOUL? FOR UTATIONEBY. Taixscav DifAiTxtm, Jane ?, 1W. Sbalkd PiorouiJ for lumishiac the Station* ry by thia Department daring the b?ja. fear ending June 30, Ifrn, wiil b? received ur.t l 12 'clrjck, m.. on the 9"th day of June inst. Thoae unaccompanied by satisfactory testimonials of ability to fulfil the eontraot wi 1 not b? oonsiderM. tod aontraot* wui only be awarded to established manufacturers of or dealers m the artiolea. Ail (be articles must be of the very beat quality of their kind, and samples, an h?reicafter specified, must accompany each bid. The samples of the arty to who * the eontraot may be awarded will be paid for br the Department; the others will be rtturned to the respeotiv* bidder*. JVe bid will be considered unless tk< articles ac tomranymg it are of the vert best quality, and suited to the wants of the Department. Kaoh proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making it, and must specify a prion, and but one price, for each and every article oontaiued in the schedule. All ?he> articles famished will be required to be like the samples submitted, which will be retained lor comparison; and must be delivered without deia? when ordered, to the *atiiif&oti.->n ofth* heiul of the office for whioh tney are required. The Department, in the examination of the pro poaala tnat may be in?de for ataUonery wll not be governed hy the aggregate of tbe loweat offer in awarding thf contract, but will have regard to the amoint ofnach article need by it for which the loweat prioe may be propoaed. The Department reaervea tbe right of ordering a greater er leaa quantity of each and every article contracted for, an the public aervice may require. Supplying an inferior article at any time will be de?med aafficient oauae forthwith to annul the contract. Borda with approved aecurity to bo given by the pereona contracting; and in case of a failure to ?up ply the articiea required, the contraotor and auretioaahall be liable lor the forfeiture specified id anch bond as liquidated damages. TUe aubjoined 11 at specifiea aa nearly as can nov be done the amourit, quality, and deaonption oi each of the kinda of articiea required. Itrm. CI MS No. 1.?Paprr. 1. i1*'reams folio p<>?t. satin finish.faint lined ami trimmed, of the very heat quality 2. IWrcsmi white nap paper, aatiu finish, faint lined and trnruii<Hl. of the very beat quality 3. 2" ream- while cap paper, machine made, faint linul. ami trimmed. ol the beat qua ity 4. 2f> reams oap pap*r, bine laid, hand made, faint lined, garden pattern, r-omroonly mown a* despatch i>r consular paper, of the very t<e*t quality 5. 2" ream* wnite law cap paper, aatin finish, hea vv. hand made, rau.t lined, and trimmed. ?1 the very Iteat quality 6. 501 reanii quarto post, white, highly glazed and hard calendered, faint lined on three eidea, and of the verj beat quality 7. 100 reams quarto post, machine made, white. plain, faint liuod on three sides, of the [ act quality 8. reams quarto-post, white, highly clazed and hara calendered, faint lined four aides, and of the very beat quality 9. 20 ream* quarto-post. French, fvnt lined, three aides, of the very beat qu% ity 10. 50 reams white note paper, huhly glazed, hard calendered, faint lined, gilt rdged on three aides, of the very beat qua.ity 11. So ream* heavy white medium paper, for books, i>f #ka ? ??- 1 * ui ?nc ?oi j iirfl *| UI?H? J 12 2i> reams heavy while r->yal paper, for books, of the very be?t quality 13. 2*> reams h^avy wnite super royal paper, for b oka, of the very best quality 14. loo reams copying paper, of the very best quality, color, and style 15. 5" reams heavy, hi<hiy glazed, and hard calendared envelope p*per, rota!, yellow, or buff, of the very best quality 16. S? reams heavy envelope paper, super roja!, hard oalendered, and highly glazed, yellow or buff, of the very best quality 17. 5? reams large brown envelope paper, of the best quality, strong and well m*de 18. reams royal blotting paper, of the very best quality, style, and color. bach item of the above class must be aocompa nied with a sample of half a ream, or oue package when not packeo in half reams, and the bids mu?t state the price per ream delivered ^t the Depart ment. jtem Class 2?Envelopes. J. 5*0 M adhesive envelopes, white, yel'ow, or buff colored, heavy, smooth, and thick, with full pockets, official sizes, of t!ie throe following sizes: 8X by 9 by 4. and 10 by 4 inches; price w l>? i.aiued lor each size and oolor, of the {<est quality that is made 2. l?n M fui pocket adhesive envelopes, of the proper size for quarto post, white yell..w or buff, heavy, smooth, and thiok, of the very best qua ity 3. I'D M ful. pocket adhesive envelopes, of the proper siz? for the note paper, wMte. ye! low,or buff, heavy, smooth, and thick, of the very best quality 1?- * .1 uovii uvivk ui douii iwm ui mo IHM? V* c'Mb mi] Pi be accompanied by a sample of ooe package. and 'ft* prioe inuit be stated for eaoh size and coi >r They must a!l be made adhesive and gummed a prop or distance each side of the centre lappelp, with full pockets, and tee lower lappels well a;id securely gummed to the pocket. Ittm, Class 1. 10 dozen "Foley's" gold pent, of the beat kind and quality 2. ludozen ' Foley's" eo' l pen* in silver oases. with ev?r pointed pencils, of the best kind and quality^ 3. 300 dozen oar's Perry's beet metalio pens, prioe to be p?r ^ozen oards 4. 5><> dozen steel pens of the best makers and quality 5. 2<) M quills of the very best quality. For all the items of Class 3, except lt?m 3 in the above ola*s. the bidder it not restricted to a particular manufacture, but samples of different ma Hers, vith the prioe of ?aoh, may be submitted, and the Department will seieot which its deoins tne be?t, the price, gua'ity, and fitness for the aervioe being all considered. Item. Class 4?Penrth. 1. J?> do**n Fabec'fc best black lead penoils, No*. 1,2. and 3 2-30 dozen red and blue lead penoils of the beet quality 3. 2edoz??n ivory propelling penoil?, of ,Wears, or others of like quality. with box of load (<>r each. ./IK uuwu II OWJU una OJ l/IUI 4 inuet DO tubin it ted a* aamplea. Item. Class 5?In I, Inlttand*, and Wafers. 1. Wdozen Fry'e unproved patent American inkatand i. 12 dozen cart-iron inkstand* 3. IB dozen red inkstand* with ground glata atop per# 4. JO quart bottle* of tin beet oopjimc ink. sample bott.aa to be eubmitted, of the host qua it} nude 5 30 quart bottle* of the best black ink 6. 1^0 l?ott>s be*t b!u? ink, ?amp!r- to be fmbmitted 7. SI*) b.?tt *? carmine ink. French, small Mze, in Class bottle*, -with found (las* (topper* 8. 1,000 larj^ red wafer*, for Department *eai 9. loo pent da wafer*, common size, best quality. red 10. 100 pounds best extra superfine scarlet sea.ilk w*i For all the artices in Class "i suitable and con venient *ample* muet be submitted, with price attached to each. Class G?Cuthry and Miscellaneous Article*, htm 1 2fl dnZAn fi m nrm ? * ? ? <?UV( C^'H ? or Ull, I spring erasers, with ivory ha,idles 2. 50 dozen Rndcers and Son's genuine, or equal. four t> aded knives, vith ata* and p'-ari handles 3. 12 dozen irory handled atampa i. 6 dozen Iar?e office shears, of the very heat quality 5 Cdoi?u offioe eotaeors, of the very heat quality 6. loJapoolaof the very beat quality of red unen tape 7. I'fl dozen of the beat qualit* of red linen tape 8. SO dojr. n silk tape of *ssorted colors, in hanlca 9. 6 dozsn i vorr pounce boxes 10 6dozt)'i iignnmvite pounoe bozos 11. 6doz?n cocoa or box and aand boxea, ur the beat shaoe and quality 12 6 dozen cocoa or bo* aud wafer boxea, of the beat shape and quality 13 80 pounds prepared India rubber, of amiable aizea 14 Softquaria black aand 11 ouncetpounce .6. 1"0 pounds strong !: nen twine 7. '2 dozan ; > md rulers, a*aortsd 18. 12 dozen Hat rulera, aaao-ted 19. 2<? d' zen 9 Inch i vo. y folders 20. 5"1 dozen pen holders, assorted 31_ .VI hikva* ?maH -U?- * ? 1 wji w an'm i rj'-iCfc*, *" milUll :S li'.j-i la-ice n?!?U, French 21. I' U /. a steel tipp d pen-handles For al th? article* iu cia?? 6 suitable and oonvemrrt ?"inp'e* munt be submitted, wi h pnoe attach* (1 to ?a^h; and tn<> prior- inall ow?? nwitiiir/u'J? tk' dtltrtry af tkf. irtirlts mt the d'Pirtmtnt. je li Jywtstth J une r O O K 77 r T F 7) K PAINT No. & 12 SEVK*NTH 8TRKET, Four i)00T> S*k -a of O'i't Frlluwi1 Hall. H. W. H A.Ml I.TON lias op*ned a FAINT SHOPand FAIN 1 SIOKKun tl.e New York plan, where can alwavs be found FAINTS, OILS, HI.ASS, HKI'SHKS, 4c., Ac., at wholesale an.I r'*l*jl' M1XKD PAINTS FOR SA1.K, And Bpckkts with Bbushk* to I.oaN ! N. B.? Particular attention paid to House. Si?n. Orramental Painting a-d Graminj. Stained ard Krianielle<l tilanH of all kind* alwar* on hand, or furnished af*abort notice. He warranty vitisfaotion hi all work entrusted to his care, and is oonhd?*nt that he can do work an olieap, if not cheaper, than an\ other establishment iu this city. Give liim a call. l>on't forget the uuintier?it ta 11J Seventh street. ma 10-tk PrTTY IS UONVN. li; n a a n i w ? rem; Hon W S Ash*. Dr C Mill* NC; S Mills. > c;Cora Pf*nti??s. USN;) MC'lrk, D Barr?w. M C Ka'ton, 6a; Dr O Cooke. N E Pane, U P Eddy, NY. : pOISON BANISHED. Corrosive Sublimate an more Is and. the Bed Buc* to dntro; : The whole world roes to Schwann's atore. This Powder now we all employ. 'Tie potsoaleee to mortal man, Bat kills a!l Insects u tare aa fate. And no impott?- ever oan? Thie powder truly imitate. .SCHWEUfCS ANNIHlLATI.Ne pOwl>KR,for deetrnotion of Cookroa bee, HedBi)(?. Mueqal?oes. Ants, FHes,Mothe ??%r 9 Wa?htn*?oa.D C.. bf DANIEL B. CLAK^^gor pajjo^Poyry>ajni?^^ae *n4 *^^5 iawTwlu ' An*>^'t*tln> Right at last and othka talk*. b? Mrs Gaafcell. *atn<>r .-t J?~ " ,-f?. l.&, byWortniMton^ Hoot^ M/P.. ''nil ? . jm* i . , > a n r I A "I" U If. K S * * K H&rt in atore, and are daily rooeivtng, OAS FIXTURES of entirely (New Patterns and D*"auna and Finish, auperior in atyle to anything heretofore offered in thia inark?t. \v e invite eitigen* general Iy to cull ar<d examm** our atook of liaa and Water Fixture*, feeling nonfcdtfat that we have the heat ael*cted atock in Waahington. All Work in the shove Tine intruated to our car* wi'l be promptly attended to. MVFR9 & MeOHAN. mar S-tf *7 * 1) itr?>t HOWE'S IMPRO VED WEIGHING SCALES These Goalee are offered to the ?nblio aa the moat aurtple.dvrabl*, and reliable acaleacrsr put i* a a*. riratoMM* premioma have been awarded than by the li n \M States Fair aad Virginia Ag'toulturo Society; Virginia Htate Agrieu'tnral Pair: FrankliB LiatitaU Fair, Penuaylvatua; New York State Fain Vermont Stat* Fair, to-, Jto. In every ease whei vxkibited they oave reoeived ftrat olaaa premioma F?' aa e at ft* Lonieiaca avenna, Depot or StLer'a bkii'ied Iron Safes. *e ia It K* fi PATTISOW. Agent. en STASlunnoi rhkbw sTa.nBa*!, lUv. MeHT^a. Tti? t6? la " ,i* 4iSWSBfo? I I J LI, I TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. b Cha>ok or Han*. ? ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June UKk. 186", train* wilt tub m follow*: Lmt? Wjmbinctor. atfi 2<>and 7.4^ a. m. Leave Washington at 3-?> aad 5.30 p. m. On Sunday at 3 % p. in. Lrava Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. in. Leave Maltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the Ea?t will take trains at 8J0 and 7.4*> a m and 3 *> p m. For the West at 7.4? a m. and 3J0 p. m. For Annapolia at 7.40 a m- and 328 p. m. ror .NocJofk at 7 4?i a. m. On Satunlaj evening Ui?S^O p. m. train joe? to Philadelphia only. jw 1S-?1 T H. PARDON?, Aren*, "NEVTORLE ANS IN THIlJeJB DiLVS WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAH, ROUTE, VIA Orange, and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, Ea*t 7 ennessee. and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, rfiw Orleans and Jackstn, TO NEW ORLEANS! MKMI'HIS ROUTE: Meinpkis \<i Ral, thence !>* First oiass Packets to . fsew Orleans. . MONTGOMERY AND ROUTE: Montgomery lijr Rail, thfnoa to Mobil" t>T First ciass Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Strainer * TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundat* Included, Vipstf Washington at 6 a in and 6 p m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE h?ave? her wharf foot of Seventh street at S'i *. m. and p m. ar.d connect* at Alexandria with the Orange ar.d Alexandria Trams for the Sonthwe?t. Office?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. EAQOAGK CHECKED THROUGH TO WKW 0RLKAH9. Lrnchv>nrg ? . Memphis . _....$31 00 Bristol... T5?s Atlanta .2fi 00 Knoxville .S00<t Mjoon ....28 00 Chattanooga 24<?n Columbus 31 50 Dvton ?4 oo Montgomery .Si i>0 Huntsvilie .i.700 ) via Memphis.^ 50 Grand Junction 3ooo N.O.> viaH. June 42 50 Nashville ? 25 & I \ via Mobile.. .46 oo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 30<> MILES SHORTER, and 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I i?e?the Lynchburg Extension being now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First class Sicepng Cars! ( To New Orleans, ? T3 Hours. tiuc J Memphis..? 54 do. Montgomery ? - 83 do. { Nashville 46 do. fCTTl.e U. 9 MA 11."and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets can be obtained at the South Western Office, coruoj of Sixth street and PeiinsyIvania av enue. t? the following point*: Lynohburg, Bristol, Knoxville, At'anta, Chattanooga, Huntsvilie. tirand Junction, Macon. rSashvtlie. Daiton, Columbus, iucavKi'tuci i i nvimoi ra^uivuiVi ouu NEW ORLEANS. JJy- THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. O" Omnibus** and Baggage Wagons leave the office at 6 a m. aiid ?> p. m. JAMES A EVANS, Tloket Asent, ina 23-tr Corner Sixth gt.and Pa. ?v. r|1H E STEAMER JAS. GUY Will remrno her I. tnpa ou TUESDAY, 21st of JP*'w r>i>ruarj, JufiO. Will leave WASH |L*-TVrr INGTON every TUESDAY and**^" FRIDAY, at 6 o1olock a. m..and ALEXANDRIA at iiaif-paet6 o'olock. for CURRlOMAN and the intermediate Laii'liut*. On her return trip*, she will lriuro CLRRIOMAN everj WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. a? 5o'olook a. m. LUC1AN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH, Ai't.-Alexandria. led) PFOR NEW YORK. AB8AGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. #7.40. The New York and Virginia Sorew Steamahl# Company'* new a&d elegant steamship fT^f MOUNT VERNON, Capt.T.C.Smith, wul l?ave the Company's D?pot, Wei-^^^ lern Wharves, at ll'o'olook a. ;n. every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot. at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. ri. same dar. Passengers from Washington a..d Georgetown oa:i take the coaches connecting with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, which leave tiif corner o| 7th street and Pa. av?nue honrly, or they oan leav# on the steamer from the Western Wharves at II 'dock a. m. State rooms can be enlaced on application tc Me^rrs. Morgan A Rhinehart, Western Wharvea Fr6.tht wiu be rooeived up to the hours of depar hire. [Cr Inswranoe will be effected on all foods by thlsline at the o?oe of the Company at X per o?nt fierniam. The aocomnredat'ona for passencffra by thia lina are m overj reelect nret-o aaa, aud every effort wil bo made to render thia ooraniumoatioa witit New York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or i?*"*aice apply to FOWLE A CO., Aeerta, Alexandria. II. B.CROMWELL * CO., eS It 88 Wait at..corner Albany. New York. DENTISTRY. MTKKTn. LOOM IK, M. D., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at teiuia personally at hia office in litis city, mjfjamf .Waiy pernona oan wear these teeth cannot woar other*,, and no perron oan wear otheri who cannot vear those. Person* cal'in* r.t my office cai. I ? acooiunmdated witn any style and price of Teeth tney m?y deaire; but tii tno?? who are particular and wi?!i the pnreat. cleanest, ?*rnineat, a*id most perfect denture that art oan ?ro<!aoe, tee M1N KH AU PLATE will be more Inlly warranted. foomw in thia out?No. 33*> Fa. avenue, b?tweet and l^th eta. Also, 907 Aroh atreet, Phi'iadel ?hia. oe i-lv X IM'MTtUHD ir , > IT. illlOIJIIl I "K. HILLS, after a praotioa! test of two years, feala that he can with confidence reoom-^aHk the ChenplaaUo Process for inttrQndMBlBf art'fioial teoth It has the advantages oP*411" Ctrragth, h?aoty, cl??anlineM, and oheapnees. Fall upper sets inserted for #35. Partial in proportion. Office 306 Pa. avenue. [REMAN & SIMPSOD'J ([& o I, PACKOlllHACNU We offer for saie the above standard brand of fine Copper Distilled Malteo Kre Whisky, in harr?l.?n/Llfk....'. ' " . ?. ? WUH iiwit - 1/01 iota AO H IB Ul yor OWT1 o IBlli I & lion, and highly improved b? ace, wo oonfrltftllj recnmmeiid it as the rr?.E?T and best Whisky that oari pouibij le distilled. W? also offer o?r OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brand*, from the largest stock of F'ne Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN A. SIMPSON, Phtrnix Distillery, on the Sohuyikili river, Phila. Oflice?--96 Wail street. New York ; and 109 So Frout street. Philadelphia. H8-lf Ne wyokk a nd w a shin oto n STEAMSHIP LINE. The Stoamer MOUNT VERNON Will leave Alexandria and Waehinctun for New j]T#L York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at o'clock p. m., and New York for Waili-^^ iuictuii every Saturday. ats o'clock p. m. P* ?-i.-ers can join the ship at Alexandria at any i time before the hour of tho uteamer's departure. N. B.?In the event of the steamers inability to oross the bar in oonse<u?noeof low water, all gomii will be promptly lichtered to and from the ateamei by the undersigned. For freight or passage apply to MORGAN i RHINEHART, oa? H.M ATtr Wwt<rn Wharves. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Strtfl, ^fir^s W* and 1AM SirNM. We have jus* finished a numwr oi first ol&as CARRIAGES, euoh as Ltgkt Pantv. mum.a. ur? - ? - D-- /- r*L?- ?... ? 1 1 rr ( J* f M ' I'M Wli II ^ I rt?t?? *w</fimrtM, whioh we willaollat?? ~ **? i ?v?' fmalt profit. Brine practical mechanioa in ailment branohea 1 of the t>afin*e?, we flitter onrcr! vea that we know the itylea and quality of work ?ka? will give aatiaf.irUon, combining lightneaa, oomfort and durabiii- , ^Repairing promptly and earefuli J attended to at! "" ehs? m KSS? isw Coachrnakera, aueoeaaora to Win. T. Hook. ap27 dtj _ 11ALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-I* D COBM*AT*D I830.-J0** 1. DowAXDao*, Fr?kJ Descriptive pamphieta may be obtained at tk? Corupayj'a Agency for tto Diet riot of CaluraMa, office of Lawti Johnaon k Co., Bankers. Wtb atreat ai^f P?n?. avenue^ /. W^MAwILLu Aitnt .. .. ?1?WWW- n. !? WW Wf. SIOTer^LQ'ItSI'SS" I 0 # MKDI0INE8. . W PURIFY THK BLOOD ITH Corrupt, disordered or d blood, too oust b? ciol; a!l over. It may bur?t oat id pimp lee or eorea, or la ?~>iae active dumi, or it a*y mere I* ke-p you IiiMmp, depressed and food for notaing. But yaa oaaa?t lava good heath ?hUa jo-ir bloou l? impure. AVER'S S*RSaPAK1LLA purees ?ut these mpurities and timalatee the organs of life into vigorous action, restoring the health and r a |t .iik uii'jsk. anwis ii ruiaty o?re? a variety of complaint* which are cmiN by impurity of the blood; *u h a* Sorofu a lor Kin** r-vil.; Tumor*, Uloera. Sorea, Eruption*. Piinplea. B'.othee, Bilee. St Anthony'* Fir*. Rom or Kryaipelaa. Tetter or S*alt Rheum. Sealu Hea<l. R in* worm. Cancer or Cancerous Tom?r?, Sore Eye*. Female Oiittfi. uoh H.? Retention, Irregularity, Suppression. Whit?*, Sterility, Sypiulisor Venerea! [Miratei, i.iver Complaint and fleart Dieeaeee. Try AY ER'S SARSAFaRILLA. and *ee for yourself tha Murpriaing actiMty with which itclennee* the blood and cure* the disorder*. aYKR* CHERRY PECTORAL it no universally known to aurpaaa every other rem <ly for tae cure of Concha, Cold*, |ntlaeD?a, Hoareeneea, C oup, Ilforchiti*, Incipient Consumption, and for the relief of Consumptive I' ia advtcoed ttace* of th? dis> a??,that it is uaeleaa h?re to re count the evidence of it* virtue. The world knows them. AYER S CATHARTIC I'lLLS-for Costivene?H, l>y*pep?ia, lnriitestion, Dyaeatery, Fool Stomach. J&undioe. Headache, Heartburn, Pile*. Kheumstiam, Dropay. Worm*, and m abort for all the purpose* of ii purc&tive inedimna Prepared by J. t'. A V K R & CO., Lowell, Mm* , and told by all Drutgiata everywhere, je m U. O. n. dJ T. A. IIINIEWELI^ UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Ac.'ual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED TOIiU ANODTNS, T/if Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, Fron. Neuralgia through All citmtta where Opium wan ever uh<m1 to^hatof l)"linum Treiueni, and the common chief oauee of I OSS OF SLEEP. The Tolu Anodyne, though containing not a particle of Opium. produce* all the requirements ol, and may uawl in all caaee wherever Opium wa? used without pro'luciuR anything but Cure*, and .vavine the natient in a n?rf?<Jtlw natural ?.t?. The Universal Cougfi Remeily, (freed from All the common objection of rongh Remedies, which Grodace nausea or prostration,) may he considered common enem> to ail Throat and Lung Conip'aints. and used with perfect impunity Asking alt re court from proprietor* or friend* the rao?t evere investigation orhoth Remedies, and reading of our pamphlet* to foelound with all dealer*, and more particularly to pnrohare only of those who o*r. he depended upon, we wait in oonfldenoe the deoisions of Patients and Physicians. "Prices within reaoh of a 1 " GKMBRAL A&KIfTS. J. W. Hcnnewkll a Co., 7 aud 9. Commercial Wharf. Boston, Geo. Hcn.newkll, 145 Water st, New York, Under the special supervision of JOHN L. HUNNKWKLL, Chemist and Pharmaceutist. Hoston, I Mass , whose signature o?vers the oo ksofthe genuine only, and to whom address all communications. Sold t>y all renpeotahle dealers everywhere, and all the Druggiats in Washington and Georgetown. mar M eo.r j Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Speoifio Remedy For of the IK.ADDER. KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medicine increase* th? power of Digestion, and excites the ABSORHENtS into heathy action, by which the WATERY OR CALCEROUS depositions, and all UNNATI'RAI. ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, as well as FAIN and INFLAMMATION, audits gore* for ' MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT ?'THU, For Weakness?* Arising from Excesses. Habits ol Uuei,alion, Early Indiscretion or Abuse, Attcnd'.d ifitk ike/ellouing Symptom> Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, i Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, | Dimnoss of Vision, Paiu in t he Back, Universal Lassitude of the Muscular System, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body, | Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions <^n the Face, i PALLID COUNTENANCE. These svmptoms, If allowed to *o on, which thia medicine invariably removes, soon follows 1 IMPOTENCYt FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, Is Ojck op hich thk Fatieut may Expire. Who o?n sav that they are not frequently followed by thos* "DIREFUL nISEAPKS." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are sware of the cause o? th?'r suffering, BUT SON If WILL CONFESS. THE R ECORDS OF THK IN SAN E AS VLUMS And tht M'tanrhcl* P-aths by Contumrtton _Bear amplejritnetsjo the troth of the assertion. THK WW3TITUTIOn ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid of mwlioineto xtrencthen And Invisorate tne *y?tom. Whith Hrlmbold's EXTRACT BUCHU abljdot?. A TRIAL WILL COXVJNPE THK MOST SKKPT1CAL. FEMA LE5?FEMALES?FEMALES, OLD Ok YOUNO, SINGLE, MARRIED, ON CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS fECll.lAR TO FEMALES, the extract Bu:hn i? unequalled bj any other remedy, as in Chi rosia or Retention Irregularity, Painfnicesa, or Supprestion ofCu* tomary Evacuations, Ulcerated or Scirrhous state of the Uterus, l.euoorrhrpa or Whites. Sterilluy, aiirt for a I oiimplainiH incident to the x whether arisin* from lndiacretlon, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. ?EE SYMPTOM-* ABOVE. NO FAMILY 9MOUUi> BE WITHOUT IT Tnkr no mart Balsam, Mercury, or unplrasant Mtdirine tor u*p<sa.?mt and Daxgtrous Di'tasts. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CtRXS SECRET DISEASES In all their Staice*. At little expenae; Little or no ohani?ein Diet: No inconvenieuoe; And no Exposure. nanuses a frequent dcbire an i cives strength to urinate, uiereny Jtemoviu* obstructions, I'rever.tinrand curing Stnotures of the Urethra. AllayiiiK Pain and Infl'.nim&taon, so frsquent in the olas* of disca*** ami esp'lhn* nil Poifonou.? Diffas'V. nnd worn out Mn'trr. THOUSANDS UP ay THOUSANDS vviii> uavk bkkn the victims or vcacks. and who hav paid henvy fxs l<? i?e oured in a inert tim<r, have found th*y were deceived, and that the POISON" t:as, by the use ofpowEsm *9tbingkut#," been dri;?d up in the system, to break out in an aerravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Hklmrold'* Fxtkact Hucucfor ali affections and iliseaae* of the , URINARY ORGANS. w nemer ezwm in MAI. 15 OR FEMALE. From whatever ca??e our mating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING oftheae orsaue require theai'1'?! a Dtursfi HKL.MD<?LD'S EX TRACT BUCKl' IS THE UREAT DIURETIC. And is curtain to have the (Wired effect in a!' Diseaaes FOR WHICH IT IS RECOMMENDED. Ertdenu of thi mott reliable atn1 rttponiibl* charter wiii aooumpaov the medicines CERTIFICATE!* ?'F CURES. From 'tot} year*' Handing, With Name* known to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price 1100 per bottle, ?r lit l?r #5 00. Dolivored to any Address, securely packed from observation. , DesCHIBS ST*rTOSI? IN ALL COMMUNICATION!" Cores (iuaraaterd '. Advice Gratis!! AFFIDAVIT. PeraonaMy appeared before me, an Alderman of the city of I'ia adelphift.H.T Hklmbold who being duly xworn, doth sav. his preparation* ro tain do naroot-o. i.o mercury, or o ner i ijunons crur?, but are purely vegetate. H. T. HV.'.MBOLD. S?*orn and subscribed before me, this day of Novum IkAr WM. p. HIBHFRD, Alderman. Ninth ?tre<t. above Race, Phila. Address letter* tor informat'on in oonfideno? to H T H KI.MHOI,!), Chanjit. Depot. 101 South Tenth at . Irft Cheanut. Pttua. btiWARK OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endcavor to ?liepo?e or thbik own" and "OTHER" AHIICLKiS 0.1 THE RKPCTATION attained BT H?lml>o)d'? Gennme Preparation*, " " Extract Buohu, " " Sarsaparilla, 14 " Improved Roae Wash. Soid l.jr S. B. Waiti, ViS Seventh ?tre*t, and 8. C. F"*d, Jk, oorner Penn. avenue and Eleventh ikrMt. ~~AH~b ALL DRUGGISTS .EVERYWHERE, A1*K FOR HELM HOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. Cut out the advertisement and Bend I"r itAND A VOID IMPOSITION AND EXPO?IJRE. ap4 eolT WASHINGTON ~ (FIRE) INSURANCE COMPANY. Avenue and Tenth Street. J. C MbGUIRE, Preeident. i (}. D HANSON. S?nr?t?rT. ma 7-??tr L E! XX ALE AND XXX ALB!! Tfee purest and moat wholesome Ale in thiimtj ia toJB obtained at the sVaSHINOToN BREWERY. This Ale is made from malt ana hop* only, a-idoanaotftditorive entire satisfaction to ooa earner*. C CftLlNEAU, Proprietor of the U4 w imiiii? I nwiHb ?ta. m wHumdii'Kis Fignred and Plain Beragee.pTf*ndy Muslins and Prrnoh Lawntf, bands me Fnured and Plata Bera?e Anclaa, Pe^a Berates aad Silk Ttesuee. at 185^0., worth 37X. With many Tote of auo'.ion i .?3. ma 31 -eolH IlVlUmntii it ?i??.a? ? < DUP?or^e<i!t priee-jy ti?t. Order# ou *l?o te l?ft at tbgnpoeofAdam* Ek?t? CorapwiT. WAAiMtm. p. ft f? H>ytr ; 1 mitt m m METZEROT T. MiaCELLAJfBOUB. /^. 3vA f;^/* DISPATCH! \ 7 \y**v Sife tfce_ Piccei! it # MM*!! ??? li - ? it ia Terr desirable to bar* some oJim# and oonremeut way for repairing F sraitnrs, Toy a, Crookery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLl'B meets all auoh ?m?rt?noie?. and no household eaa | afford to ho without tt It ia a!waya ready aod ap to tto atiokmj point. There ia do loacsr a m?aitr for limpfnc cluura.ap intered ranaers. fceadiass i, aod broken ohmW It ia iast the areola tot oons, ahall, an J uUor ornamental wore, ao | with ladi*s of refinement and taste. Thla admirable preparation la saad aold. belct ohemieally heul in aotntinn. and poaaeeaing a.) IM a!aabie aaalitiea of the t>eat eabinet makera' f lae. It may be aaed id the piitoe of ordinary nitUM*. being raatly more aditsaire. M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.* Frit*, 3f> OWtl N. B.?A Brush aoo<>mp*ntae each bottls Wkoit'mh Dtrot, No. 4* Cedar all sat. New Toik. Address HKNRY <T~WPALDIN? k. CO., Rnl No. 3 fcM N? T^rk Kut op for l>?*i?ra in Cum ooiitai^iai Foir, Kir ht, and Twel ve Doieu?& beautiful Lithocrapfe>o Show Card aoooirpanrmc each package. I fET A ?in?le bottla of SPXUD1WS PRE PAR En OLVE will *ave ten dmN it* oowt annually to evert lion?hoid.-/~fl SoW bj all prominent J*rat?on#r?, Druggiata. Hardware and Furniture Dealer*, brooera, and Kanej Store*. m. Chantry merchant* thould make a note of SffiI DTxU'S PREPaREU ItL C K, when making up #t?e"li?t. It W|l I ? ' Hint*. f? 10-1? I ^ Ttm H ittktf I C Ol V-'fth/w iw ty (ii< lial'l''' iiu W t- r / P H- "" !n "f ,k* from Jt 97 00 ? Ibi* flu* QumHfJiJF rl ' ?f/ drptud apM fMntf * ?* V W "* " <Ar* * ? '** r?'" f ? * ?*<- . mT. *)!?!? ?/</ 6y tkf ft*t'r (W-V. /f ilf#.JF lURO fjk VnUMrtrfrif J(.|< rtninxu i*\* $ cjSJV' \ $5^ ft Solo^roprtptor.' l * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mMhwu WITH THE SIGNATURE OF y xi wQ ^ ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARC AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. tOR SALE IS WASHTNGTOS BY ma 23 6w HARBOUR k SKMMKS. LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!:! In Time of Peace, Preface foe War! F. LaBARRK, SoutkwJ' rprntr of 10?4 and C fts.. Manufacturer of PI.ATINA TlPPKl) LHjHINING ROD8, Re?pe?tfi|tl; a:>n<>unoe? to the public of tVa*hlacton and vicinity that he m prepared to execute ail order* [or erecting Lithtnine Conductors on the raoi* approve.] scientific principle*, o^nstrnoted of the very hw'. of material*, on very moderate Win*. All Platina tipp d Points which are inarofaotnred by me will be stamped with my name. Weather Vanes of any UMiin made to order. mar 29 3m PARAFFINE OIL, THE C HEAPEST LJGHT JT.VOIT.V.' We a-e n.'*r roeeiviag Paafline Oil direot froxi the work* in western vUeinia. The ?ua!ity ??*"it ts exo?lleiit, producing a steady, bril i*r.t nod beautifu light, and m?>r? pleasant to th- -\nc lhanga* litfht. This Oil is fre- from aduitc-atioi:,and very much more eoonomical than many o| tut Goal Oila used at this time. inr It is in no way explosive. We ke*n also a supply of the most approved ""*" Um"Agents forits sals for tns Distict of Columbia. Cnrnflr iftAAnth at mwtei Varmr.n? w... ... ? ? ???. V VI HIU U ? f? ? I Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma 11 T _ CARRIAGES. HK Snbaonoer having, ma*}? aQditiona to hi factory, making it now on* c>f uii iarfMt^^na^ io the Diatrict, where hi* facilities foi UMu^^K mar.nlaoturin/ CA K HI AG L 4t WaGONS of all kinda cannot be aurpaaaod, an? from bit long exparicroo in the baaineaa, he hopaa to give general satisfaction. All klnd? of Carriage* ?e4 Light Wagona kept** harm. Ah RKPA IRS neatly^aJl *r4?ra prampt |j |tt0iUl6d iO? .sr3*3 * ' t< '?*r ml lath m) Rita FJVK HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS arrived this da>, emkraojnf al. quail mtw tiea and aizea of Sole Leather, Ladioe'iftfMH Dreaa and Packing Trunks. Our trunk * ' ' ealea room exhibit* at this time the r r*at?*at variety of traveling requiaitea at mo.Vrate price*. to be l<miid this aid* of New York. Aieo, every deeorip Uon of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CAKPKT BAG*. SATCHKLS, 4o. f!7"<)ld Trunka repairer or taken in exohang lor new oasi. WALL, STEPHEN* ft CO., Trunk Sa>? Room, mar si-tf Pa. avenue. PC. SNYDER, LUMBER AND GAS UTTER. Phii.hawstowic Hall, South side of Pa. a v.. wc*t of EUvtntk it.. Will intnxiuoe Water and Gaa upon the n.oft favorable term*. . _ P. 8.?I have on hand a lot of COOKING STOVES, and a* 1 desire to oloe? them oit, will ?ll them at <M>?t for cash. ma 7 fJLKCTRO-PHY*IOLOGV AND ELECTROA TK? rAaantine tk/>win? K*.* f? - ?iix ?au|i ?uv Ii'vinuui IUI tne m?dieal us?e of Kleotncity, by Alfred C Garraft, M. D .1 vol. 8v<>, pnoe #4 The South Side View of Slavery, by Nehemiah Adams. D D , 1 vol., pries ?5e*nU. Lucille, by Owen Meredith, 1 vol., blue and cold ; price 7S cents fart 6 of Ton Brown at Oxford; pnoe It wdU. or sale by BLANCHARDk MOHUN, je 15 Corner of llth st.. and Penn. ave. RS. SCHOOLCRAFT'S NEW NOVEL,The B'aek Gauntlett. a Tale of Plantation Lif* in Soutb Carolina, by Mr*. Henry R Sohoolcraft, wife of the Imliai Historian Pnoe SIJS Just published and for a&leat PH1LP A SOLOMON.8 Metropolitan Bookstore, 334 Ps. a v., bet. Kb and Htnj*e. Sole Agaats for Laurence's Celebrated Foreiin Stationery. * )?a 1.1. e. uku. i. m. mart. i. k *mi. LAMiI M0" Will praotioe I? the ll X^oirt ot^drrc r s a&dAr ??%ii at Jackaen, the FeCera. Court at PonUHoe, hi. acd winsttsbit? tk? **-?rrrfgt *Lr *" ^L "*7i . ^1 ?) mH-V IACOB REED. ? Nimtcmn or MILITARY CLOTHING, SoVTBlABT CoElYEE SECOND A.HS SPBVCI Srt., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CM>TH8>OR SALE. ta?u? 12,000 ,i?2 the attention o? the pablia to otr Itrit bd?1 ve,l m joJd OB rtMooEbJe torm? la orJer to mkt room tor oar spri eg ?took. Git* as a oafl at the - ? . Uaios BotCing Depot, to * Na. IT Qrmmm it. RmrrMowt In ?n?r t^Va* DAKER*' BUTTER IN BALTIUORK.-W* IJoao at all t?a?on? of the year i?h(| yoa with a*1 MKD1CINKB. D1 LOCK VtriT&t, {# ? OUtwrW tki m*rt Ctmm. Efffym. JUnrfy M VarM. ro* ALL OF lMPIll1>KMit: LET MO FAl.SP DELICACY P*t*K*T. APTLY IMMRD ATKLY. 4 COM.B WAMAAXTTb, OA NO CH4*?#, ;>* FhOM ONE TO TWO DAYS u4 |l(4<tr, i?<d?ur> !(*? ?. ? ' < fcf *i ? GI41J?M?. !>? ? rf T**??V iMM ftki(i^Aficutii??f lit 1 ?i w, ,to ikaaa TarnMa ftaa?4af? anatrf ffaaa W?'? "? at TnA-Ami Dm4M ??4 (Hmiwipi Ptkumi vtral remMr Mkfmfi fiitti. uii ?mn; Wu M| a?4 MM k>IWIJ *t? ka?a kK?M L?< IKUM *4 amary ikal trMthi u< taaira<L.?a btki ?ktck ukhIIi a tkumilf jr??a ika?i ii<> M*a tftka m~1 a? klta4 tatan-a aatd krtltaal wui.iM, Ma tayht atkar **a ka?a atiruiN lia' tatai( tmiM auk ika itk>4tn at lnaa?ll m wata4 M aaataaa iki h?U| If ra, Bay aal. ?Mk Mil aaa> ria*?. kawf >?tnaf akyataal vaakaaaa, affaMTt^llif, tefirwmi. k< abaa4il* cara4 ? wfca macaa kiaaalfan4aa ikaa?? af Da |. say ralut aaaly caoMa ia Ut kaaat u a |nlli?> ta4 aaaMaatly rS)j yea k<a akill u i p4>>mi orrvc* Ra. t lom rttnuii'i ?tk.kbt. I aft kaad aa4affatnf IVaa lalitam air* at. a ta* Man l?aa ika aarnw r?il aat iaa*aar*a aaaa aa4 atakat. fclHm Mat ka pai4 aa4 iaatala a Mtaf. d* joamroa, aakan a(Ua >ayal Ualla|a a((U|aaat, fcaa <aa. (nlam ftaac aaa at ika maat aiawant OUafaa ta ika Buna* lutat, a?4 Ika rra? tar pan af wfcaaa ilia fcaa kaae apaat ta Ik* kaa muU aflM4aa, hia, fkiktallkaa aa* ataavkara, kaa # facta* aaaaa ai Ika aaai uuaa?ta| caraa ikti vara a*aa kaawa; ?*J.? vaabiai vuk i. .|u( la ika haa4 an* aua vkaa utaat; fra?i rac*avai aaa ba.uf alanaa4 a? aa*4aa aaaoda. fcaahfaTnaaa with fraqaaai kiaaktnf. atta*4a* aaaa Maaa w rvk lan>(aiaa>i af aM, kaaa car*4 laaaMalala TAKK PAtnciLAt name*. Ta*af Man a?4 atkar* tk> b?*a w>>araa n>an*aai*aa kf a anaia pracuca i?4akfa4 la wkan ataa>a-a kakit fravaan>? kaa mad frara a ail cacapaaiaaa, ar at ackaai. tka afacta a f vkich ar* nt^ktlj (alt aaaa vfcan |a*U*|>, ?aj if ? ? taaa*. randar* marrufa lapaaaikta, aa4 4aatraaa kaak aw* aN kad?, akaal4 apply imnaa4iat*l* Tkaaa ara aaaaa of tfca a?4 aa* ~ia.<,i.cka.a afacta ara4?aa4 J ky a?rl? kakita af aaaik tin ofu.a "> aa4 | llmka, Pama m tka Maa4. Hiraaaaa of ! ( " ,Uaaa at Maatllat Paw ar. Pa'rt'.a !<ai of 11 a llitr< nvar*i?? kl? l ?? ? w... l?. ( th? Th|(M.ti fiixtMM.Ctami DcMtty. If BKOT't <(C?MWipi*?, tc MKIfTAULT .?Tix rftcu ? tb? nM u? m??k M ki driuli4-LiMi of Miimi;, rfUtii, lUptmia f ipirri, Iti! Farted iiif*. IxnmtlS?o?r*. ?lfl?i?imi, L??? of fcHtWli.TlnrfRf, ?U, wni W Ik* Mid |r? UVOM nmurr -rwnuliiu M*K<|I vfctt to iM ciim ?f lhatr dtcliauif h?&iik, M<1.( th?ir 'igw, It imi?l ?*>k, p?.?. iipni >?d loutu'il.\??inf IffMrtllCI ibMI M(l or IfmfHIMW 'MWortlN nisiAaaa or impkidknca Vtn Ik* tnt*(aid*d and imf radMt ?ci?rj *' fnitm ka ka* uahib*d b* aaa i* af Uim pa.ufmi Jm<h, k'a* kappaa* 'hat tc ill-tiaad hum of iki't m dr**4 nf 4i*ca*arr tl'.in hm front *pf>l?it>f o th-?* *rha. tru * tac*t>aa raap^eta'illt*. cm ifnii M?n*od kim II* fill* iota t>? kt?<? af ifwrw *a4 3**if it.g pratanaara. ?k". ucafak1* f cinu, lleb iua p*c*ai?-y iiteucei. fc a p kir '.rifitf <aaait>> *r*r mantk, or aa !? ( lb* ?<?!! ; ?** 'ar k* aa uM?4.?4u da*p-ir laa*a kim ?('k rainad kaalik ta a?ar Ma falhr.j ar hj Ik* *M af that 4a*ft? pat**a. Marrar*. haataa tka canatitaitaa*I aamntama af ikta tamkl* dla**a?, >ach a* Af*c,.MM*' <H Raati Thraa\ Haaa. km.Ac.. prorr*aau.j ariik friftitfal rapadf*. til' daart- fat* * p*nad ta ki* draadfal *afar nn by **n4l?f ktai la tkat mm it*oa?ar?d caaotry front ?bnaa t-aar&a aa tra**lar mwm DA JOiMomirMtiv rot o.r,mt ?iaiiu? AMD IMPOTBHCT. By tkt* rraai tad uapartaai rainad> **aka*a* af ik? mut era *p**di<y car ad and fall vtfar raatarad. Tb*aaa?d* J tk* eat D*r?oa* and dakilttatad, *ka bad laat all kapa, k*?* km iant<itul; rali*?*A All iiapadtnaaia ta Marriaf* Pkyataal aa NaML Dtaaaalt Itakaaa, tin af Pracraati** Favai N*r?*a* l|i?aWh>f Trtmbltog aad Waakaaaaat Fik* a*Itan af tka atat fcilfkl Had apaaadtlf t?r*d EHDOUtMUT Or TIE fUH. TWK MANY TM0L? AN1 '4 carad atlkt* .n.mattaa vttk'* tkt laat aa*a?taa<> aaara, *ad tk* naio*rea* infartani Mara* aal aparatian* p*rfarn *d ky Or. Jahaaaa, ? u-.aaaad *7 tV rapon*n af tk* pa par* aad aaay atkar raraaaa, oaOcaa ml vbacb ka** app*ar*d a fa.a and a|*ia kanra tk* pakhc, k* id** hi* *laaa:nf aa a faatlaman af character aad r**aa,.at ktlt^, la * *aAtiact p?r?nu< ta tka agtatad |*> m- it Dr. j. bovee dod's IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS. Are now being used fron Maine to the Great Ha * Lake, *n 1 the nmreraa! ?erJiot of all who uc tr.em either ac a nudieta* or a* a t-rrrmtt. ta the ?i j w> iiuau - piawi <4 in ?nr WUllu I'I? !/"? B*r:: their. au-oeasfuuv in his practice for 85 twm before *? purchased of him the aol? i?ht to n?anufaotcr? and present them for ?a> to tne pohiio. For th? ewe of Iroipirnt Coraumr?n?r. IndicMtton. Dya p?paia, piim, Nervou* |iim4>n. Feiua.e Cow piauiti, and ail caeea rMurm a tnmo, they are be jood Ji uK a ia?>at invaluable rewedy. Arid* from their medicinal propert.ea they are a pur#, vbola aome and deiigbtfai Beverage. producing al. tne p eanaiit exjwie-atm* etf?vta of Brandy or Wine without their injurious ritesM*. rt ail friend* of humanity and ai. a-lvooataa < { t.mperanee n?i ft a* in autautuinr thaae ralaao e VV|rt?l.l? Bt.tera for the mtnrral poitt?< and admitmiterf Lh??? with whiati the er.untry is flooded, and ltter?-t>y ?ff?o'ua ly aid in ban ?i. ng L ."a*e and Drunkeaeac from th? land. CHAKLF.f* WIDDIF1RLD 4 CO., Proprietor^,}* William street. New York. J. pCHWaRZE. Aiett, Waahicrtoa. D. C. dr. J BOVKK dow 7 I# X> E? I? F J f n r%r r r??rrar sma UliT M? I A lAAJi For Dimmn of lHo KidMr*. B mMw wmI UrtMn Ori?ni, and eapoois.]y for Female Obstruct*?**, never fail to our*. and ire warranted to (Ire Htx fiattoa, CHaRLES WIDPIFIELD 4 CO.. Proprietors, TS William it., New York. J. S*CHWARZE. J?7 lf.r A (tent. Washington. D. C. J_?10HLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! INDIAN YsfiETA Si? *VRCOCTION. I It IB well known that in the Spring people aro more apt to oontract disease than at anr otbe' period; aiid it is equally w#!l-kni>?n that the way to ward off disease is to keep the biood pure, for "ail the ills that flesh is heir to," arise from impsn n of the blood, the main spring of oar ecutooce. is, therefore, important to a.I that the system should >>e U>eroaghiv cleansed and purified. aH this can be dotje In the it>os? e(JV>tu*! wet by nsm? Mks M. COX'S INDIAN VH'FTAFLE DE COITION, the best remedy d;ec?'*ored forthe on'* of difoe.?es of Skin, F.rysisea*. Sor->f?la, Rhesmn tism. Nervosa Debility, pmt? of d<lFereiit kind*. Df?l?epy, Lir?r Comp'aint, and all other diseases arising from impurity of the b>ond. It has efleot-d the most rema'kabfe euros, a* oan b? ?hown by numer<.>.ia oerufcoatea fk>m person* of the highest respectability. and Is reoommended by ail who have ue*d it as tae most inYa.v&b.e remedial agent of the dr.y. ||7* 1' is sold by all the Drscgtets of Baltimore. and at the residence of the proprietor. MR0. m. cox, 169 East Baltimore street. between K-)en atreetand Centra.' aveiwe. None cennina nnloM h?* uma ia Kinw? ? tk? bqft]e and her aeaj on the oork. fL/~ Priee 91 per bottle, aix bottle* for $b. WkoUtnU Atemt. R. 8 T Clean,. I)rau<it. Georgetown. D. C., Wholaaale Agent for the I**tnet. ?nd will auppy the trade at My pnoee. marJ7-tr fJ^ H K ALL BVFPICIKNT TIKBI TRIMIMAR, 1, ft, ft S, Freseated bt Royi l.ttur* P*unt if Emglmmd. m*4 aacawerf ot tk* StU* a.f tk* tcpUd* Pkmrmmc-u -< Pa*i*. mud tk* lmr*rial CoU*t* if M*d*cm*. flMM, No. I ia in va'nable lor exhaaabOB, Sperm a tot rh<sa. and all phyaioal diaatHlitiee. . . No. 9 completely erari.oatea ail traeee of thoee dleeaaee that have be?n hitherto treated br the naa eeoua and permcioaa aae of oopana and evbeba. No. & ha* entirely aa attested the injyioma aee oi mercury, thereby ir.anriuf to the aufferer appad? relief, diaperainc all impadUee, aad routing oat tha venom ofdiaeaae. * TRIEfF.M AR.Noe. 1.9and (nth* form of a lozeacr, devwid of ta*te and ?meil, au<1 o*u be ramed ijlb* wai?t?<>at p?<o*e< AoM m rs owm. vm (ImW into irpw?u- iIok*. m h t?iaj9 i?rw W VftitfM, UiiMUod. Roit. Ktourd, 4r. P'.c |s each, or Khlt joum for fa wbtoh urn ?>. and in 9V otm, whereto tliere taa Nr.oi *f i?. To be had, wholeea.r *i,.TOtai;. of Dr. BAHlOw. 1M Bleecker atreeC four door* Wn? WoDoac*! street. New York. Immediately on reoetriu* a re uttaaoe, Dr. Barrow will forward Ike rriMamar to an? part of the worM. aaoarei* paoked, and ad drwpxf Kcc Tdtnf to 0?e ln?tr??fiona of tbe wrfte*. Soid^aleo hj B, CALYERT FORD. Jr- Ww>.o-^. , Wttk Itami enoJoeed, addreaa, la pmtoct aaaft FOR ST AMPIN* - ?j- A PACEET OF PAPBK U A J AND ENVELOPBS Nv I TO MAT9I, mm ^,-oZuru, i y? 8OOK8TOKE. A _ PMlbP A SOLOMONS, A Ainu for U?wm>'? c?i*brti?c Liam Pmw, fl 279 'JSB1^ 206 A 1 CONDIM t>7%. k.*J* H B?ct l?T6 to o?u ui?atiMiu?i. ...? frif 4mV tar to ku N*v Btors, iai? WDs^^yBsasBgE I nf r.Twiyo u?J> .

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