Newspaper of Evening Star, June 26, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 26, 1860 Page 1
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# # (firming Max. V2i. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. JUNE 26. 1860. N?. 2.295. THE EVENING STAR i ? r UBLISHED E VBR Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR Bl ILDIRG^ Cvrnir of Pen?sylvmtaatvnue and 11/A .?f IT W. D. W ALL AC II. t'sr?r? terred in pickagM by o?m?r* it |< t *e?r, or 37 oenta p?r month. To mail HbMrtlwn lie pnoa is ?351 a rear. i? md*mmet- mi for >* month*; 91 for three months; and tor than three aaooths at th? rate of 12 cents a week. Amgle oufiM, nncoi; in wrappeia, two cKinrt. ILr A viht -R*i5T??hi)?iil be sect to the ofllce before 12 o'eioek ; otherwiae they may not appear nntil the next day. UATERIXI PLACE CORRESPONDENCE. The >1eantatn* ef Virginia Whitf Sri-prft R Springs, { lire^r.bricr Co., Va., June, 1H60. j Editor Star:?It is my purpose in a series of brief epistle* to give to your evening readers a variety of observations bearing upon a recent trip from my New Hampshire home to these celebrated spring*, and matters and things connected with this vast establishment. My plan is hardly digested and arranged now, and I will not attempt to foreshadow it, and w*N r.ffer only a few words upon the scenery of Mature. Imprimi*?I must admit that there was a time in my life?previous to ten consecutive \'>yajre* al< ng the Pacific boundary of this continent. where I parsed in view of those grand Mer.t' in mountain ranges ??ff Acapulco, Man?. t:11:1 i and Mixatlan, and those towering peaks in Lower California mantled in eternal snow? nhfu it seemed to my mind there could be no Mil h WCI1P1 V of mftiint*in? u ^ *?ranit?- bill.". especially In the region of the Coos. where loom up in stately grandeur into th?v<e northern skies the hoary and sublime peaks of the White Moantains. Kinit in sublimity and grandeur of forui and figure. and in imposing awe inspiring dignity <>i mein and presence. Tike the great and Godlike Virginian whoso name crowns with an immortal halo ite grand and consecrated summit, elands Mount Washington ! Next in colossal array around their imperial chief, typical of that steady, strong, united and unswerving support accorded to the grand commander and hero in halls of independence and battle fields by those noble statesmen and warriors, are ?ver seen Adams, Jefferson, Monroe and Lafayette The first, the truculent, high-temj^red and sometimes wrong-headed, but honest, bold, unflinching and powerful patriot and statesman of the old bay State. Tne next two. illustrious sons of our great conservative southern State, prolific parent of patriots, statesmen, presidents, whose historic annals from the earliest colonial times to the present epoch illustrate her devotion to liberty and law, and her loyalty to the Constitution and the Union. These names constitute a bright and zloriona triune. and with the noble and revered foreigner whose memory is enshrined in every American heart, they form a renowned and cherished galaxy, kept in familiar and hallowed remembrance by their transfer to those stately Granite peaks Eat the transit of the Isthmus of Darien by rail car, near the very mountain whenee De Balboa, in the sixteenth century, made the discovery of the measureless Pacific sea. and varied and imposing views of the great Central American and Mexican mountain neights. have weakened the "pride of my conceit.' For, in the presence of those Tast, infinite mountains, those giant members of the North American Andes. our little White and Green tiers shrink into mole hills, and *een at a distance are but ripples and undulations upon the earth's surface. And when, a few weeks ago, my eyes beheld diversified and shifting views of the magnificent Blue Ridge, whose Peaks of Otter have, by actual measurement, wrested the sceptre of altitude from our northern hill*, between whose long line of frowning rampart* and the grand Alleghany range lies folded in a atrong, secure embrace, the beautiful "Valley of Virginia,'' I confess to a feeling that there was still something for me to see outride my native mountains. And as the laboring, ascending train compassed with unwearying wheels mile after mile of the heavy grades, leaving mountain after mountain behind, and opening up amid the receding summits tud others still in the van, new views ef those gigantic peaks, the scenes are most powerful and impressive. Those great Northern Cordilleras referred to in a previous page are higher and vaster mountains. But their rugged steeps are inaccessible to the foot of man. nrokcn into deep ravines and gorges, and covered with the consuming lava, or a stunted, sickly growth of mr rnKKv * rraj *-_* j xuvu wmnng DNgDM IOOH towering and grand in their rast, sublime solitude. And I haTe fancied, when borne pant them 2l)0 mile* away at sea. or looking up toward* their cloud-capt peaks from near the shore, that one might, if standing on their bleak and lonely summits, almost hoar, amid the awful. hushed stillness, the great globe itself turn upon it* axis. But I prefer to ga*e up<>n thee glorious peaks of the Blue Ridge, whose sides are covered with vast and beautiful forests, whence are hewn the great masts for our ships and the helre for the woodman's axe. whose friendly forms shield and protect from northern blast* the dwellers in those rich ralleys and plains, and. when all else fails, shall form a barrier to the raging tide of fanaticism and big<<try which basso long surged against and now threatens to submerge tnis fair and sunny land. Telliaxbd THE MATRIMONIAL DISCUSSION. Comttt umicat ion from a Military A/an] Mr. Editor: Permit me to make a few remarks in reply to tha widow'* m vu nuuui ladies should marry As I am one of that clas< to whom sde is eo strwngly opposed, I will not criticize her remarks, but simply tell her what a noble-minded and talented man wants and what he would not hare. In the first place, he thinks the term lady is applied to a Kind of bird of rery brilliant plumage, closely resembling the peacock (in their crinoline). I They are fT>und in almost all circles of society; they fly in great clusters in large cities along the street* and avenues during the day; lighting ever and anon in stores and shops of all kin is. and chatting with the clerks and merchants , at night they, by some mysterious age i*y, obtain an additional amount of feathers, and gMther in large numbers at theater, in ballroom, or opera buxes. While they are here il is useless to try and hear what is rendered bT |Kk ? I vu luc risgc lor IDCN birds are very Tain, and if they are not constantly caressed they set up such a shattering among thetii'elres that men are forced to leave them until they become4ui?t again. In summer they fly away to mountain top. They fly ia great clusters around the heir* to large estates, and when not kept off by prudent parents. they render their victims useless to their parents, the world, their Maker, and themselves, for life. We have known these little Teatures to get such an influence over a young heir as to lead him off from the haunts of man and cause him to indulge so freely in the use of jewelry, broadcloth, silk plush, patent leather, caampague. Ac , .to . that in the, coarse of a few years they were compelled to lab)r under the most excruciating pain antil death Now there are female* who possess 00ft. sweet, kind, generous, and noble dispositions. Those are the beings real lire men try to win. let them be either rich or poor They are right royal women We see their names ou title-pages of book*, and engraved in the aaials of history; we find them in kitchens as well ai parlors, leading in the theaters and opsras, and even facing the pitilesa storm, to wai'Q ?ur soldiers of approaohing danger By a ti ght effort of the imagination we see them I do* in the vicinity of C&arleetown acd Trenton, eager! j discussing the merit* of the Americau patriot Lee, beneath the old elm, one of Putnaai's officer*, in compauy with a rosycheeked maiden She U cheering him on to reajue our country from tyranU. Hear her "John, defend our oountry. I would I could be with thee But alac' this cannot be. ?re you ascend your bill aeroee tbe bridge, my earnest prayer will ascend to heaven in thy behalf. Aye, on thu spot will I kneel daUy and repeat my orieona o'er and o'er. I want to see yonr uniform glitter amid tan thousand American } warriors all in battle array on this eommon ere my rare U ran. It ia now growing late; we mast get to the camp before the tattoe. lie bends tew ah? pott a silken cord or guard around hisneek, with a dear memento attached to it, "John ight, ayetall, but do not ly. I ?< uld ruber nune a wounded hero all my life than look a traitor one* in th? face." Thi# clese of beinfe do nat lore men for tkalr dollar*; 'hey lore them for their eenM. They ' know that Providence can and ha* deprived inen of millions in a daj. Their first wish is to know what hi? ideas of happiness are. They know that necessity has reserved many of the maternal earea to herself, and that some are better qualified to ebey the old dame than others Nor do they stand the least in fear if the old dame should take them in charge. They know she is the mother of invention and -maDT virtues?that she if the trne source of nobility, and that happiness springs from her alone?they are not found all over the city taking an interest in everybody's business but their own, for they always have their minds employed. When their husbands return home from business, they do not open their battery and pour forth a tremendous volley of tongue about the pet poodle If he is in a melancholy mood, she will lead him in poetic strains through the classic grounds of Greece, Egypt, Italy, and lead him to a pinnacle of the Alpine mountains, where, perchance.Napoleon's army is passing. She discriminates between the ooinmanders of divisions, brigades, regiment*, battalion*, and give* a full history of their ivug-euQiTinga. una in an miwuontto tone ot voice tells him bow thankful she is that he has not to undergo so many hardships Then if he does not seem to be in a better and more pleasing mood, she takes her seat at the piano to discourse some delicious strains of music until she has erased every frown from her legal lord's brow and banished his sighs with smiles. These sweet and patient daughters of nobility wise men wish to obtain for companions in life; not those crinolined flirts and emptT-brained pipers that live on discussing other's misfortunes They are like serpents with a prottv skin-look like dainties, but provo to be rank poison when you are caught in their nets. The lady that has not courage enough to stem the storm of life is too great a coward to know what true happiness is. and ought to be condemned to play with poodle aogs through life Most respectfully. Lrriots Pccious Washington, June Ifi, 1860. Size or the Htman Race.?The largest circl* of the terrestial globe of uniform temperature i? the equator. Those running parallel to this, aa for example, the tropics, polar circle, kc., diminish aa they approach either pole The stature of the human race, especially that of men, likewise lessens, though not to the same extent at all, from the equatorial and tropical regions toward the poles. In the warm latitudes are found races of men of large dimensions dwindling in the cold regions of the high latitudes, so that it may be affirmed that men grow low in proportion as the latitude is Ugh. But women are more uniform in size than men, being of nearly equal height in places where men vary very much In size. In regions where male* are much taller than the average, the women continue of about the same medium dimensions The fart, too, appears from hit*or!c monuments, that the size of tne race in ?> ( ? uu hoi variea irora me earliest sees, and that men and women are now of the same dlmen siona a* they were before the period of Motti Thia. we auppoae. la amply corroborated by the evidence afforded by the thoua&nds of mummies, which have been recently unrolled afVr lyln^ hidden for thirty and forty centuriea, pcrhapa, in the catacombs of Egypt. AwvirL Bap Shootixo ?People who undertake to ahoot each other should b<* careful not to fire too wide of the mark, aa waa the caae in Kentucky lnat week Wm Cooper and B. Letcher had a difficulty in Lexington, Ky , on the lttb, which preaeuted a formidable aapect, but reaulted ridiculously They drew revolver* and fired nine shota, without bitting each other, when tbey threw their piatola at each other and continued the battle with bouldera until aeparated by the people who witnessed it. A man pasaing at the time bad a l?*ad pencil ft but off Ju?i wbr rc It piuti uileit fivui hia vest pocket. Auother had a lappel of hia breeches pocket pierced by a ball, and another ahot struck a window in the third story of a house hard by. |C7*Mle* Dill'* *heet. referring to the statement that Prentire It the lioin>-li?K! man in Amerira, think* It a ureat mistake. and ndd?: "He remind* u* much of the pirture* we have seen of \Va?hin'jtnn Irving; and though hi* fare is not handtome, there it tomethlng dtstmgut about It that would tingle hlin out In a crowd. One remark which he made ttruck ut at rather singular, coming from him. 'Young America,' he taid. 'it a young rural; be hat neither tense nor virtue." Recently Jamet Keith, a well-known contractor, of Memphis, Tenn . wat murdered at the levee workt. near Auttin, Tunica Co., Ml**, by two of hit laborer*, with whom h- had previoutly had an altercation. Both uaaulted him at the mime time; and the fatal blow wat given with a shovel, which, itrlking him on the neck, severed the jugular vein, producing lnttant death. H7*The Supreme Court of the State of Minis aippi lu affirmed the vitality of th*> law, making It a penal offense for retallera to aell Honor to a drunken man. and declaring owner* of drinking establishments responsible for the act of the barkeeper on this behalf. ID" In the year 1846 two hundred and seventyfour Austrian soldiers destroyed themselves. Impatient of life, or sick of bearing present ilia, the chance of destruction by the sword seem too remote or uncertain. IC7" A '-progressive" auggeat that In this age of improvements, old Father time should be represented with a Yankee clock in his hand, and seated on a steam mowing-machine. H7"The New Orleans Picayune advisea the South to imitate the philosophy of Charles Lamb toward a bitter reviler In their treatment of Charles Sumner, and "let him alone aaverely." ID-Two men, Bude and Haley, had a difficulty over a card table, in Kansas City, Mo., last week when the latter killed the former with a bowle 1C Thomas Ward and Samuel Mar/fol, while intoxicated. agreed to light with bowie-knives, in a dark room, In Cherokee county, Ga They did so, and Ward was literally cut to piece*. ij~/~ Hattie Brown, recently of the Parodl Opera Troupe, has been married at Buffalo, N Y.,to Mr. Fred Miller, the organist and composer, and late agent for the troupe. The Louisville Journal understands that the publication ofa paper to advocate the doctrines of tne Republican party will be commenced in that city la a few weeks. IU~ It is little singular that woman should take so much pains to areas themselves, when their attractiveness to many men is proportioned to the scantiness of their attire. l?7" La?t Saturday night several degraded women in Chicago engaged in a light wblle Intoxicated On* of the women was killed. The murderess was arrested. l&r The devices of roguery have no end In Philadelphia thieves have assumed the garb of census takers, and improve the opportunity to rob the houses they visit. fO~TheTrenton(N J )Gszettesnd Republican says that "from every part of the State tae good news comes of a glorious fruit crop, and more particularly peaches " Q5"It Is a well authenticated fact that a lady In Connecticut, when last confined, was delivered of a young colt* Her husband is the patentee of a celebrated revolver U7*Mr Benjamin Wood, brother of the Mayor, offered Mr. J. Hall, the other day, f 16,000 for the grwat trotting horse G M. Patchan Mr. Hall asks r^ii.ouu ior mm. ([T' The Catholic population of the United States it said to be about three millions and five nuadred thousand. Abel Lippitt fell into a tub of hot oil, In Wyoming rounty, Pa , on Saturday, and was so badly burned that he died tbe next day. ItT" Why were the revolutionary war and the war of 181*3, like our forefathers' Because they were early settler*. LET Patrick Murphy, having had a quarrel with his sister in Brooklyn, N- V-, on Thursday, threw her down stairs, Injuring her fatally. JJjTJohn Magrath stabbed George Condon to the heart, a day or two since, in New Orleans, during a quarrel over a card-table fH^Tbe Liverpool Post says that during the month of May. about three thousand Irish amigrants left the Mersey weekly. !T7" On or about the 3d of Aoril, four families, comprising thirty-one persons, were frosen to denth one night, in Siberia 1X7* J trues Bradford stabbed his uncle, last w?*k, during a political discussion In Highland I Ce?nty Va., so severely that he will not recover. ^ JET Eight hundred sad sixty person ware res I a*^-P^lc?Ttlnkj that Um Ball party will ' manajre to rw?f in Um November election. A MRS. WIRSLOW, N Experienced Nnree and Female Phyeiolao, pr?*eot* to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SVRllP, Per Children Teettilag, Wklak fraatl? faellilataa tha practtt of ttathiof, ka Mfltc IQf lh? faint. r?<laein( *11 loltramauan?Wlii aliaj ALL rail* tad ipMBidit icu?i,ui ia SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapaod ^pon it, iMtbtn, it wUI fir* ra?t ta joarttlTtt, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wi h??? pat ap and told thit trucl# for o?tr ton ytm, and can laT, in conriDBitc* too tii'th of it, vbaiwt h*?t oa*?r b??n akla ta laay of aaj othir Mtdicina? n*?*a MRS. Ha? it raiL*D,ii? a II KflL* i*.- (Tanc* to *r FBCT A CDlIi If iWilIiWIf'B whaa limil; mi Ncitiid wi koi* (nnTllina u iulrnci of d<aaatiafaetiao by ?ny ana who a..d it. On tha cautery,allara SYRUP, dilifhtad with it* (FMtTlom, and ?f?W id tarma af btfbaat cnmmtndatien of iu magical affacu and madical airtaaa. Wi apaak in ihia mattar " what we do mo?," aftir tan yaara'aiptrianca, a*0 p1.BPSB ol'r bbpl'tatioh fob thi fn.FllllB!*t of what WB H Bit B dlclarB In almoat aaary initanca whtra tha infant i? auffar Inf fwn pain and aihaaatioa, raltaf will bt foand in If'.aaa ar twaoty minsiat aftar tha ay rap ia admmiatarad Thia valaabla prapara'.tou ta ih. praacriptMn / m w tfca Ml B1FI?iI!*C1d and tllLfVL RlTIIlt in Naw England, tad baa baan a?ad with * Briar AiLirte (UccBlf la THOUSANDS OF CASES. It nat an.7 ralia *ai tha child frani pain, bat Innfarataa tfe< tamacb and bowalt, corracla acidity, and fi?a? tana and anarf y ta tna whola arattir.. It will almoat Inatantly rali??a Grifi.ns in thk Bowels and Wind Colic, and ararcoma conralaiana, which, if nat araariily ramadiad and in daatb. Wat baliaaa it tba BBIT I ANDStTBBIT *BM- FOR BDV in tha WOBLt> in all caaaa of DTI- CHILDREN BKTBIIt and DlAB | bhcxa in chil- TEETHING. D?Bt*, whathar it I ariBBB (f*m ?AA?ka>? -- * ... ? ......... K, I or irom ini otnar canta. W w>nld iaj to trtry mothar who hn a child ?offaring from any of iba foragoing complaint*?do not lit tour pkbjudicsi. roi thi prbjl'dii'bs of oth is 9, tind batwaan josranffaring child and tha rrliaf that will ba CS1?yai, ASIOLVTSLT rat?to follow tha nnof th madicint, if tiiraly naad. Tall direction fjr nting will a eoniprna aach beltla. Nona rsmart snlaaa tha fae-aitnils COhTiI * PERKINS, Naw York, is m> tha sataida wrapps oid by Draggitta throoghcat ths world. Principal Ones. No. IJ Cedar Btraa-., N. T. Priea anlrlS Canta par B?ttia. < ll-d&wlr GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS T COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE HE Undersigned having this day entered into copartnership under the name and stale of Dorset ft. Wood, for the purpose of oonduoMng the GRO CEKY at:d COMMISSION BUSINESS, at No ll4* High street, Georgetown. th* house as heretofor-oocupied by w Djrsey, whe ew?arepreparing to show a well selected *t>ok of rhoioe G'ooeries, Wines, Tea*, Liquors, fto , and are prepared to s<>ll ant goods in ??ur line of business as cheap a" anr house in the Lxtriot Country merchant - a^d others buying to sell again wil find it to their ad vantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. We name in partin hlHs. p its P. F. and N. O. SUGARS, qi. kKl- i: I (IQf >VT nr v? I/UIB. VI UOM?1 >? "* Irv ? | ?> hbla. REFINED SUGAR, 5n bbU. Rm. WHI'K V. 25box?* prime CHEESE, 5 nhtla SHOULDER BACON, 100 bbla. prime N . < POTDMA^ HERRING, 5. bbla. No. 1 St JOHN'S ALfcWtVES, 2n tibia. No. 1 HERRI N G, leo sank*G. A. and FINE SALT. la store & (1 for aa'e by DORSEY & WOOD, ma 23-2awtf No 11** Huh at. Geortetown. FOR HARPER'S FKRRY.-CHANOE OP DA YS.?On and alter July 2,l8ft>, jp*? ^ the at^anmr ANTELOPE, Capt. J. Wkll?,carrying the United State mail.wiJl leavtf Georgetown EVhRY %TC)NDAV, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.at7 a. m., and reI turn everv Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, i N. B ?The Antelope will run as before until the at)Qve data. je 5-?tn* KH JUST RECEIVED, IOU BBL*. WHISKY. ia?Hort?l,t U?? do. HERRING a id ALEWIVES, 25 <lo. REFINED SUGARS, 10 hhda. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbla.( Bay held) WHITE Fill, 25 Imixps prune Eastern CHEESE. For xale low by JOHN J.-BOGUE, I e 8 ,i? ? > " ? 'W I ?s ? fc> ' W II , i/ AGENCY FOR FAIRBANK S SCALES IN GKORGETOWN. Thw undt I oi^linl JlflVf1 h*?r*u ftppulnkr^i A?'Hi? f??l the sale of the al>> v? p;-i?-tratfd and w#> i known PLATFORM *mI COUNTER SCALES. A fu supply oonatautly on hand an J for sale at lowest i a' ?. HAV and COA t. SOA LKS erected in any part of the Distriot or adjoining counties. Ail Scalea are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satiafaotion BUS?EV A BARNARD, Dealers in Agricultural Implements, jeH2m Kru!<? street 2 doors we*f of Hii-h. C-'RANDELL. OPTICIAN, J No. 1 i* fir ill ft St., Htortt litN, Has constantly on hand a targe assortment ol French Near sight*"!, reris.'opio. Col- ?v ored, and al. other SPECTACLES, of best 4 ua.ity. m cold, silver, eteel.and German silver frames. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and new ? an?ea set in tbwn Unorder. no 15-It JOS. F. BIRCH, UXDERTAKEK, Cor. firi/fte and J'jfrrson ttn , (rsortetown. Having given my peraona! attention to thi#<>ianoh of my buaines*, 1 am prepared to .? attend to all calta with promptness Persons from adistanne oan be supplied at a Vw minute*' notioe.a* I have a large assortment of CuFFI NS always <?n hand. rartioular attention paid to the removal of the d? ad from the old to the new burial grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap i?-6m M~ASSEY, COLLINH 4, CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT A LE.-We are oonst&ntly receiving fresh supplies of the atxive delightful beverage, and invite all parsons who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to rive it a trial. ARMY it SHINN, AgenU, f<?P iT fintttn st.. Georgetown. THKONLY PLACE flu? I ^WSUIT THE TIMK8. HARVEY'S Fish and Ojster Express, arriving daily from the North and South with the following delicacies: FRESH SAi.MON. CODFISH, MACKEREL. SHEEP HEAD, HALIBUT, TROUT, SEA BASS, HOG FI^H, SPOTS. BLACK Fls-H, TAILORS. BLUE FISH. LOBSTERS. HARD and SOFT CRAB\ CLAMS, Ac. And a constant supply of Florida Rwf GREEN TURTLE, and thoso fine Urge Lvnnl<aven Hay SPICED OYSTERS All persons *ill find it to 1 their ul vnnU-tf?tA ?i vo mo 11 K?f?. ? ? ? ~ . uv?ii tniuiu i.u mar- j ket.a* I have every facility to Hell lower than can i be had in the city. All orders thankfully receiv?*d and promptly do livered to any part of the city free of cliarre. Depot?iifSI C street, between 10th and 11th. je 15 lm T. St. HARVEY, Agent. On the watch! ATTENTION ALL ' Members of Concres.% in particular, and Citizens and Stt+gm in general. Just from Geneva over one hundred WATCHES, rnanufaotnrod bv the mo^t JCN killful artisans, and which will lie ?oId at?/ftj great bargains. Warranted to k-'epth* bcs'&ntt tune. Also, a fine assortment of JEW ELK V ; ail to be sold cheap, and care of giving general .>atis faction. J NO. KULINSKI A CO., je 13-lot* 302 Pa. av., betw. 9th and 10th sin. Bargains: bargains ?: great BARGAINS!!! Seventh street, acknowledged to bf the ch apt-nt and beat place to buy Clothing, Furnishing itoods. Hat* ami Cap*. Owing to the scarcity of monej, SMITH, No. 460 Seventh *t., opposite the Post Oftoe, has determined to sell his good* 16 per cent, less than any other housa in town. Drop in and seo our new supply of Spring and Summer uoo.ih, at astonishing low prices N. B. Just reoeived*) doxen of 10 cent NECK TIES. IET If you wish to keep oool, drop in and buy one of our thin Summer Coats, or th? Patent R?. vernble Summer Coat, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh St., opposite Post Office. JO" A large lot of fine Gents' Shirts and Collars a* very low prices, at No. 46u Seventh st, opposite Post Office. IHT" The Ribbon Tie, Yale Tie. Aurora Tie,and all sorts of Neck Ties, at one-half the usual prices, at SM iTH'S, No. 460 Seventh st. je 14-lin |A1I,Y STAGK LINK BETWEEN WASH1 INGTON CITY AND AR^cm-,^^ LINGTON MILLS, lii i QdjgC pf with the Londoun and> Railroad, leave Washington at 6H o clock a. ni. Fare 50 oents. Mage office at Ma tin's Franklin Hotel, oorner of Ei/hth and 1) sts. je&-lm* JOHN H. KELCHNER. Prop'f. NIB D WILLIAM BRADLEY KEGS TO * 13 inform the public aud his friends that he has on hand a large stock of Marble Mantels, quite a new style. Also Monument Head Stones. Table _k;~i. w. i? - ' . .... ?. IIM IU uiafiuH UI M prion* 1(1 ait the times. Aleo, Brown Stone oon?tejitl? kept on band. Plnmbei^-work promptly ?tt??n.l*,j to. maa-3moo P?. ?v., bee l?th and l:Hh ?t?. O _ . NOTICE. * RR90N8 Deelimni koaaekeepinf o' having a ?r?U*4f hoaaeh >ld effeota eu ind ready ta>e tj oallW at IDT Furaukiac Store, 4 48 7th ctreet, he ?H bitph; v. A LAReEJ-oFo^Muaic* Ameno\n, foraale at bpjf km* for ou week air. at tke M a"^r,"r W. O. MBTgEROTT I70R SALE-A BAY HORSE ; foo4 under tadr die or barnee*: sold for want ornw; o&n be een ml BIRCH'S Stable. J? 19 tf AUCTION SALES. By WALL & BARNARD, Auotionws. TWO VKRY SUPERIOR NORTHERNBriLi Bcsgies at Auction.?On SATURDA^ MORNING, yth met.. at I t o'olock. we will ell. in front of the Auotion Rooms, two very superior Buggies, viz: 1 Top Burcy. 1 No-top UutET. These Bags f? are in (o<>o order and mads of the beat material in one or the oldest and brat estab lishmenta in New York. . Terms: 3n and 60 days, for approved endorsed notss, bearing mte. e?t je>3 d WALL & BARNARD, A acta. By C. \V. BOTELER A PONS. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SAI.E OF SUPERIOR FL'R1 nitvki bbi!?g tub knties effects of ihi C lab em don Hotbl - By virture of a deed tn tru?t beanag date January 5th. l?60, a"?l dul? reoord?d in Ltber J. A. S*., No. 190, folios from No. 119 ?o No 1*7. one of the Land Reoords of Washington count;. I) C , I shall p-ooeed to sell on the prom ises on THURSDAY. June 28th,atloo'olook a. in., ail and sinrular the foods and chattels oontunrd in the building known as the Clarendon Hotel, ilaat?! on the southeast oonner of Penoay Ivama avr nue ?nd wtti rirwia, ?? , "ne Superior Ro?owood Piano Forte, Elesant nuite of Rosewood Parlor Furniture, Larre (Jilt frame mantle and Pier Mirrors, Rich setts of Hrocatel e and La?e Curtains, Velvet and Brussels Parlor Chamber and Hall Rosewood, Wa nut, Mahogany and Oak setts of Chamber Furniture, Curled Hair and other Mattresses, Pillows and Bolster*, Blankets, *heeta, Comforts, Counterpaen?, Tow , ? rwr miuii vo %V? UO??l 1 II ? t" I riij (IliU to be secured by the nutca or bonds of the purch* er or purchasers.with a surety or sureties to i>e approved by the Trustee*. Should the terms of rale not he complied with vitlnn six days aft'r the day of sale, the Trustees reserve* tho richt to re ne|i the property,at the risk and expanse of the de liultinn purchaser, a ter five da> a uotioe. Ail oonveyauoe* at the cost of ti.o purchaser. C, ( rrUateps A.AUSTIN SMITH.\ lru,leeB ie 11 fctawAda J. C. Mottl.'IRK A Co . A?ob._ By J C. MoOUIRE A OIK, Auctioneer*. rF*RUSTISK,S SALK OF THKKK 3MALI, I BrU'K, HitrsR* l> THI KKAR OF TKMeKRAWB Hall.?On WKUNKSDAY AK | TK K.N* ?i>N , June 7!h, M 6 o'olock. on the orem- I ises. h? virtue of a deed of tru?t dated Mar/ib f.Ufl, | and da ly record edin l.u??rj. ??., Jlo 131,rni-..112,1 3.114, and 115, one of the land records f >r Washington o.unt). LI. C.. I shall sell Lot*H. I. And a kiibdmnoa of *t(uare numbered S7H. fronting each al?out 12 feet 10 inch** on the 30 |c<a 111 mn inn hi i Kinp-int on nan, together with I Hie improvement*, consisting ol tlsrej two-story I Urick Dwelling (louse-, containing live room* each. Terms: One thlrtl cash; th? residua in 6 and 12 months. with interest, secured l y a d ied uf t u t on the premises. If the terms of bale shoull not t?e <wnp!i?d with in live days ?h"rcalier, the trustee reserved ihe rut.t to resell, at the risk and expen?"? of the defaulting purchaser, after one w*ek's puidic notice. All oonvevanoin? it the cost of the purchaser or purchasers. TIIOS. J. FISHKR. Trusts je 4-d J. C Mf'jlllR K CO . Aue'l. MARSHAL* S* LK ?lu virtue of two writs of i'I fieri lactas, i*su-?d from tne Clerk's office of theCirouit Court of tho District of Cohiibhia. for th^ county ol Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to pubiio sa'K. fur oasli, iu font of the court house door of sai ' count*, on MONDAY, th** 9th day o( Ju'y nest, Ifcflo at 12 o'o.ook m., the following property, to wit: Ail defendant's right, title, oiann and interest in and to Lot No. 1, in square No 618, in the oity ol Washington, D C, together wi'h a!l and sincn ar the improvement* tnereon, s, ir.ed and levied upon a* the property o( I A;.drew Rotliwell, and wnl be so d to satistv Ju tinia . S..O A . .1 lit O.4. I 1 ris, acM Wain't Extersion and Round Pining; Tables, Oak Room Chairs, Oas Chandeliers, An extensive variety of China Glass and ?.'rockery. Mlver Plated Castors, Butter Dishes, Fjrks ai.d Spoons, Table Cutl~ry Ac , Bar Room Furniture and Fixtures, Cooking I'tensils, 4o. It is deemed unnecessary to particularize th* ar ticl^s contained ir: this very handsomely furnished 8j'ab:ishm-*rit. To persona in quest of good hous' I.old* furniture, it presents unusual attractions, as trie collection is verT large, embra !ing the oon tents of about forty finely furnished ri oms, a I of whioh is of the most superior and substantial character and in excellent condition, haviag been purchased new in January last. Terim? $40 and under cash; over 940and not ex oeeuing $ 00,1, 2 and 3 months; over $1"0,1, 2, S, 4 and 5 months, for appro ved endorsed notes bearing interest. KD HALt-, rustee. fegdtd C W. BOTK.fTF.R A 3QN8, Aucts By C. MoGUlRE A CO . Auctioneers. Trustee s sale of very valuable Real Estate on the coh.ner or -ivisth a!tx> E street*.?By virtue ol \ decree of th? ? ir- j ouit Cou t of the District of Co!um la, passed in twoosu'M in *hich Sfathain. Snnthson 4 Co.,and Austin Sherman, rerpt-otiveiy. are complainants, and John K. Callan and other* are defendants, the undersigned wrl sell at public auction, to the high est bidder, on THURSDAY, the 12th da of July, 186<?, at 6 o'olc k p. ntupon th" premises, Lot No. it. in Square No. 4%, in the city of Washington. D. C . fronting 59 feet II inches on E street north, and 75 feet ?n Seven'.h street wvst. This well known property is situated on the northeast oon,er of K and Seventh streets, opposite the General Post Offioe. anrl is one of the ve y best business locations in the city of Washington. The improvements consist of t' ree three story homes on E street. mc>uding the.drug store on the corner of Seventh, and a two-stoiy rtuil'Mng on Sev nth street. The property wi 1 be sold in separate paroels, according to the impro ements. Terms of sale: One third of the puroha?e m >ney to be paid m cash, and the residue in two equ?l instalments, in six and twelve months from the day of sale: the deferrm! ~ k-- - - * * ! ".w... a 1?W? -t auv ?l>7, W VOWUOr WOi HI 1UJ, 1II favor of Phelps Jt km* man. W. SELDEN, U. 9. Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia. jeJ3 rft* MARSHA I. SHALE.?In virtue "fa writ ol ?*n facias issued from the Clerk's offioeof the Cirouit uourt of the Dist.iot of Columbia, for the county of Wa*hingto;i, an 1 to me directed I will expos* to public s\l<*, fur oosh. in front of the court hosee door of ?aid oonuty, on MONDAY, the 3tn day of July n *xt, 1660 at Uo'ciook m , the following described p'operty. to wit; All d'fendant's right, title, eltiiji and interest in anl to Lot No 5, in insure No. the oity of Waching'oo. D. C., together with all and siuru'ar the improvements thereon, seizvl and levi-d upon as the projperty of J-'f.C. Nicholas, and will be told to satisfy Judi mas No, lis, to .May term 1&90, in favor oi A. and F.A.Richards. W 8ELHLN (J. 8. Marsha! for the Distriot of Colombia. je 13 dt? By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO , Auctioneers. C'HANOERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMj pkovkd and Uhimprovid Real Fstat* ? By virtue o| a decree of the C rouit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, passed in the c?me where.n Frederick W.Se haukenmcomplai' ant and Charles Made? and othoTs. executors *i.d heir? *t :*w ?n:rf levi?e<** of Bonavntura Sshad, deoeaaed, are defendants, the subscriber will ell, ac puhlio sale, the foil wing valuaVe re*I estate In VVat>hiii&t >n oity : Lota Nos 9, in, Hand 12,in square No 786, on th? oornerof north B and Third streets ast, fronting 157 feet 2>$ inche* on north B street aud 125 fret .>* on Third street eatt. Lot So. w,in square No. 642. fronti g 119 feet on Delaware aveutt", by 83 feet 10 inohes on s utn G Mmt The whole of square north of square No. 64?, fronting 2?i feet 8 inches on Virginia avenue, 2:7 I?h t ?n south F stre?t, SI fret 5 inches on Delaware avenue, and 19 feet 6 inone* on Half street west. I ots Nos. 1. 8, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9,10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, in square No. 8*H, oompnaing the whole square and fronting J43 foet Ziuohes ennort1 D street, 248 feet 2 inches on north C street, 351 feet on Eighth street east, aud 390 feet on Seventh street east. And IjO's Nos. 8,9, and 10, in square No. 5R4, fronting 30 feet each on south F street, between First and Seeond streets west, by loofeetde?p with (he improvements, whioh e naut of four well built two-*tor? frame dwelling houses Tb? sale of the lot* in square No. 7M will take plaee on TURSDA Y, the l -th day of July,1*40; of the lot in square No. 6?2 on THURSDAY, the 12th day of July, 18?*>; ot square north ol rquare No. b4^ on FRIDaY, the lath day of JiMy,in6"; of lots in *q<iare No AM. on MONDAY, the 16th day of July, 180H; of the lots in square 5R4. with the improvements, on Tt'K,SDA\ ,the I7ih day oi July, 186". Th<> sa'es will son moLoe at 6 o'olook p. ii~,on the day* above spoolCed. on the respective premi sea, and the property will he ??>.d in suoh parcels or lot- as may suit purchasers. Terms of sate: On*? third oash ; ard the halaoe* in 6. >2 and 8 months, secured hv the purchaser's not <a. bearing interest from the day of sale, with seoarity to be approved by the trustee an l if not oomplted with in five daya after the sa e of proper ty. the terms of which are not ncmphad with, will hia reaoid. upon one wek'a noMoe. at the m and expense of thedefault!at purchaser. Upon the full payment of the purohae* mono; and Internet, ?qu not before, the trustee will oonvey the property to the reepeouve purchasers in fee stir pie. All oonreyanoiiii; at th* expense of the purchasers. CHAtf 8. WA I.LAC if, Trret-e. J C. McGUlRE A CO., A note Jell StawtJuly 17 ^KW YORK A N^D WASHINGTON TU (Mm TKRNU^ viU tan o'olook p. in., and New York for WmIi*"* \ncton every ttatnrday, at S o'olook p. m. Pastougers oan join the slup at Alexandria at an) time ttefure the k?>nr of the steamer's departure N B.?In the erant of the fteaaierelnability to oroes the bar in oonee^aosoe of low water, all cooda will he promptly iif hterod to and froit the aUamsr by the nnderuined "" " ffiSSRklft YmireUSV, o ?W,MATtr Weetera Wharrw. HICKKRING * SONS' SUPEKB PIANOS, v> onTfor aa.e at a? ? JogN P. FLUSH. SO# Pa. a?. SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLK | The favorite reeort for WHITE MLPHIB ?? tiPKI.MHS. \l >nntain Air, ii.viforaI ting Bath*, Larfe and CI MBLRLANO CO., VV?ll-V?ntiat?d Aoomt. Prmntylvama. (io<?d Sooiftj and a Good Table. Accommodation r->* For particular* acnd 300 -or Circular. OWtN-. n.ENDEN TERMS LOW. IN * VI9SCHER, i? 7 low Carltslt Pa. \AJ AMUNGTON CITY GARDEN. KRNSr LOEFKi.V.R. Proprietor. iVftc York avenue, bttir-en 111 and id tit. I n call inc the attention of the public to my rrouoda I would sta'e tiiat every arranteni- nt h*?A . . a he* n made to in a k<* thia "ReUeat" HioreyrfS^V Attractive every day. Mondays the Gar-Xt^HJl d<*na are open to the pnblio ireeof charge?? ri given by a aelect band. Thoaedeswiug toei joy tfte dii>0H aad waltz * I I find the uU on ld order to render plea*u -e to all ?? ott^r days the proprietor will cheerfully rrant th?* u of the grounds forwItoWrr other Pie Nio P* tie# without charge. t or Ike amusement or children h* ha* n troduoed a nnniber of lit'le games, never before seen in this oitr. and calocated at tbe same time to amuse the "old folk*.'' N. B.?Attached is iry Bottling Kstablishra tt, and families can be supplied with any quantity at their resioeooe, of Uat hea.Uiful drink, l>A<it R HKKK, upon snort notice. j- 15 3m WHITE SULPHUR SPRINOST" Okke.-bkikk OorjftT. Va. This long established ?at?ung plao* *a- opened for ?he reception of visitors cu rne 15th o( 4/. A M^nr new and important arraneem-ntsJUSLI h*ve been inaue ali o* last >eason in tlu? laigTTv tabli'hinf-nt. and no efforts will hetpaitd to make the guect* oomfor'ab'e. Persons can reach these >prinrs hr t he Orarge a<id Alexandria H&Hroed from \Va*tun*tne, b? the Virginia t>nt<a1 Kai road from Kichmond; or ' y the Virginia a-d 'lennessoe Railroad Ir' in the South and Southwest via Lynohhurg and Char lottos villo. with on-y & miles *?a<?" travel JEREMIAH MORTON, President. J. Hi; MPH REVS, General Superintendent. je H-dtJuly 15 i\l fALT W'ATKR BATHING. MARSHALL'S PAVIlJON. (Aloort'a Landing) wi I be open for the recptmn of viei A . A tor* on the 13th of Jane. This rteligh'fut V wo t for those seeking health and pleas JUuBLX are, is unexoelled1?? auy piaoi of tne kind on thPotomac river It is situated ab ut one hundred mties It- in Washington immediately on trie Potomic, and in fu'l vi"W <>f 'he Ch^sap >ak* Hay. and fam >us fo' fine OyrWs.Soft frabs. Bheephead. and other Fish. aud ea.ily accessible b the steam t?>at* plj ins between VV*.hiug:un, Hal'in re auj Norfolk. The undersigned has ma ie adrli i .%' improvements m Hs Hat" House: and many ether improvements to the Ooinf .rt ai.d eijoyment of h;s 3u?tts. The B%t)iin< cannot be surpaased. Sp enld Anc in* and p enty ? f Fnhing and Sai mg Boats free ef charge, rfe has spared no expenst in pro vidtng a good Coti. on Band or-in laying in his stock of choice Win?s, l.iquors.Hega's, Ac..and for th<>ee who wish to avoid extreme fhshio-i and to seek a retired p aoe where t/iey can make thfRiwive" at home, there is not a m^re pleas v.t piace in th? United States. The proprietor pledget hims-lf t' at nothing shaU be lert undon* on his part t > retid-r t em so. Terms lor boa rt': $1 SO p'r da?, f.?r leu than a week; f >r a Ions er time, if 1.23 per < ay; 930 per month. Persons wishing to addrrsp the <-r-i prietor ?i 1 dirrot to Leonardtown, St Va'/'s cunty, Md. je 8 2nn R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor \10UNTAIN TOP HOUSK, AfGCfTA Cocstt, Va. This well known and favorite p'aoe ? f ?in?m?r re?o-t is aga.n open for the reception of A . . A visitor* mi er the Hiauacenient <>r its for YfTSky iner proprietor. It i? situated on the top of the II u* R id*e tm>un taiim at K'>'-?fi?h fiap !?0 tni ^s we?to| Richmond. Va.; the Virgir ta I ei.tral Ran'oad pass:iig under tne h"u.<e through the B ue K idge Tunnel, The elpv.te I situation,lie&utifu view*.mountain scenery, (i d ili? coMktart a <1 r? I'eshing reezen, make it one of the in >st deiuhifol p aces of suminrr report in \V'>t-t-'rii Virginia There is also convenient a spring of pure oha[yt>eate water. v i?iw?n to inn mountain r?p Mr'Ul' will ooine Via Virginia Ceat a Ratlr??ad to Afto-j Depot, near thii ey'xrc ror'a of the Oju? Ki><r?TgnMl. whew a ha k wi1 a way* r>9 In atlenlano-s to convey (on* mile) to the mountain top It la a wa?s beat for persona to write aeviial day* beforehand. Term": .?ii p*r month; $8 per w?*k; lljiipw (?a?. Servants < b'ack ) a> d children ui der '2 yeara of a<e, i.alf pnc?<; for white servant* a little more than half price will be cha g"d j^^ii F F. LIPSCOMB. Hvukia hotel. Old Potjit Cohfokt, Va. Thia oelebrated S-aUia'd Watering . .a"?, located in fu:; vt-w t>f Hanpton Ko&ds ana A . . A Chesapeake Bat. and at the first military W po?. t of the United Starea. (Fort Monrowill be ready for the reception of vieitora on the firi>t of June. It id's tie attractions of the mi:tary M'ablishnieut and the fine Bill of * are" prea? nted in th?* tra-iy inxur es "f the salt water region, tns Bath at Old Poiut Coinf >rt l* peouliar j ourative. For Rh umatum, it is almost a ?p ofio; and for ita pro; 'nies in this regard t^e p'-opfioto sar^al'oW'd to in<k* reference to Mrs Dr. Linn. (r< hot of th? lite S?ra?or Linn.) and to the ^?c^tta^y of War auu Ins lady. A spaoioua new building and sundry improve meat* *<!rt largely to the acoommodat'ona and com lor's of the approaching season The management of the Hotel and all bu>in??s matter* oonne. trd vith it are under the exoluci'e charge of the junior partner, Mr. Willard. JOS. MUiAR C. C. Wlj^LARD, ina c i m Proprietor* rp POINT LOOKOUT 1 HK UndTnigmd, long a.:d well known to the traveling rubiioan ap'oprietor < f the City A ? k Hot?l, Alexandria. Vj? and the tinted W Slates H. tol in Wa.-hi etun oit?. hM^LiflLX leased fo' a term of year* the magnificent baTTici Paviimn a d the n'.Mncrousoottarfns connected witli it, recently ereoted at Point Lookout, the point of junction of the Potomac with Chesapeake Bay. and havinc furnished them in a st*le ?qua: to that of any other watering plane in the United States, wil op-n the eaiabluhinent on the 12th day of June next for the reoeption ot visitors, hi* arrangemerta b<?ilk sufficient for the oumfortabie accommodation of at least 750 guests. Point Lookout, besides b?ing deservedly the most famou* p!aoe in all Amenoa for fine Oyster* Hoc F ?h. Soft Cra*>e. 8 eeph ad, Mackerel, and all ' thsr ?a!t wat^r luxuries, posses es finer faoi itiea for Surf Bathing than even Cap^ May, while the 1-ack ouu> try immeolately adjoining u?including the Drives, Partridge and Woodoock Shootingfto., 4 o.,?offer advantages together superior < f tnoaeof any other watering p aoeon this continent. The Water Views from the pa.i'lion and from ai th^ o< ttages are extensive, varied, and etia'imnc The h?aitb of the point is un'xoelled Dy that of mountain regions, and the aoaess to it by steamers from Baltimore. Washington, Norfo'k. and Kiohmnnd will ? ? J - w |ri?'irv'/tj ?-?" uou; IU KUU I ' ?'III craon UI thus" cities. Ha hu sparad no expense in prondin; a fine Band, Carriact*, Ho'tM. Plwnur? K->ats. ft o . for hire, or n ?tooting his oell&ri with the best VVine?. Liquors, it o In sh'Tt hi? patrors will find at tli-ir ooinmand every luxury and oomtort ofct\in*ble at any other American watering place His term* Im board, by the da*, week, or month, for individuals or families, will be reas onable, ma23 dtJulr I LOGAN O. SMITH. yOLK' S 8TATIJETTE STEPHEN A* DO I O LAS In form and feautures th's beautiful and aocurate specimen of Amerioan art is ansurpassed by any speoiroen of like oharaeter ever produced. It is a fac-sim tie of the " Little O lant," r-peoimens may be seen and Stafettee procured at Cclvxk's 1>kco Stork, No. SifiS W-nn. avenue, o ?rnef of 12rh street. Washin/ton city. Persons in the Dutriot of Columbia and States of Delaware, Mar)land, Virginia North Carolina, foatl Carolina, Georgia. Florida, Alabama, Mississi pi, and Louisiana, deeiri- c oopies of the Stataette *ill address their orders to C. P. CULVER, Washing tot) oity, D. C., accompanied by a remittance. Composition Copies $16, Box and Carta?e__ 1. ID* Editors of newspapers in the foregoing States (iving the above twelve iMertiona id their weekly issu-s, with appropriate editorial a. will besapplied with a oopy of the Statuette, and papers in other States wi I be fnrnished by the local agents, fb M 1A 4 114 ar.d IS 4 super Linen Sheetings, III "-4- - in_^ 11 A a?<4 lO A ? ? ? j *> -*t ?uu j* vvnvu tjiii>VHU??t KioUftrj on & Sons'. Dunbar A Dickinson and Hark lie's super Fronting and Skirting Linens, Toweling* in variety Tabte L.i er.s and Napkins, ID pieces superior mak*i Bleached Cotton*, 100 pieoea Lawns at 12K oents ? pteera whit# and Co.ored Flannea. Ladies' and Miaeea' White Cotton Hose, Whi'? Ooodt in variety. Cambric and Swiss Fd ings and ineertir ga, Honiton. Oojpar* and French Worked C< liars, ?nn l'ailir<w?, P?<a? Land "an Shades, up ?r Silk and French Laoe Mant es, Hcop?d Skrta. Silk Mita Ac. Ao , reoeived and for tale low by 18 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. P R A N C I S H AJR PER, FAMILY OR <$CK&V AN6DFEED STORE, I vrnrr *f .VrV \nrk * ?s( and Tmth 'IrMI, Respectfully solioits the patronage of th<*ee who mar be in Want ol any arti-Ie in the aoore line. Ilia endeavors shall be to plra*-~. and by a strict attention to the want* of the pahlic, ha hope* to merit a share of their patrona?e. Hi* tock consists of every article nauailT to be found in a first class Famil) Giooery mil F-e.i Store. ma 17 tt PIANOS.-GREAT BARGAINS-<>De *o.7n kranti Piano, in beat order, for frsale oa accommodating terms at t|* M"?ie St ra Ot (Jam W. G. MKTZEHOTT P THE WEEKLY STAR Tins axralWt Fml; u4 ?wa Joirtti-?on taibinf a rviM; of nUrMtiM rpadir.t taaa oan be /on a 4 la any otkar- la mD'IiM ob Sato r Jay nurnicg. TlUii?Cmtk, tmrmria*/*. ia tirwi. f n?ie oopj, per tsnim. #1 ? hirao-aia# * W? T'o Tweutj coptM U By ??t>*erjh?nc in e at* raiaad aiaont Mi(kt>r<r# Ithrat of % n * ti'gt u w.'l h- ppro*i vcd r Mr ohi. of TV IT milt Simr will a-vved. It invariably contains tft. w a-m nttoa N?w*" tkat naa mad* TV Bnawi Star* a > jenoraHy (h>oa(hout in* o* n .try. 117'Sing!# oopiaa (ia wrap para> oao ha pro*Bra* at iaoo?'Uut?r. imm diatwy afiar tha ink of tl>a Prtoo?THREE CENTS frr P? 'tm%aior. who act aa a*acta will ba ai !??'<! acomwna?n?n oft' ?*nU. FOR SALE AND RENT. \yALl'ABLE Bt lLDINO LOTS AT Pll V ATE ?*ALE.?Tre (?b??nh?r will ill,at eri vat? *a Lot* It and 19, Square SR. fronting oicli 23 fort 4 inehee on I street north. between Sd m4 4th street* w> ?t. Lot* 10 and 11, Square S51. Lot* 29 and an. Square MB. L.ota io and 11. Square MS. Part Lot 17, Satiarr MP, fiontinc 17 feet on F street outli. between Sd and 4s *la. t*tim w?t. CHAS. ft W ALI.ACH. ma 14 3taw4w Attorney, No. 7 1 ndiana ar. Five three-st ry brick dwelling hoi sf.S Al" PRIVATE SALE.-The .oh cri6?r will tell, at private sale one or all of aim bicwll built and comfortable thrae-?to<-y Brick Dwelling Hou?n on Ninth ?tre*t. opposite Oraoe Church, on the Uland whieh afford an eza?llent opportunity to pe M d?<li ini t comforttlil*dVtlling orto inre?. Price low and t Cn\?. 8. WALLACH, Attorney. inn '4 3tAw4w No. 7 Indian* avenue Vt < ?N I GOMKIY COUNTY uAND FOB '1 SALK.-We hart br ?* ihra? or foar bac dred aorea of Land l?ing on the Potomaa, mi.ea fr?nn (jwrirttiwi.r c. The Waafcta<U>i< Aqua ?.uot and <>r.e of the fin*it roadi in tfta oviati pea> through thik land, and the mo-t of it > noreran vitk wood an I the other po-ttou it a?>i! of the I rat aaa ity. Appiy *o BARNARD A BUCKKY. Aaotioa T',(ioor|fU'Wn.i>r WALL A DAKNAR I'.Aac tion?eia. Wa?hln? t"?n ma F'OR SAI.K-A jreat bvgain, four acre* of wel improved LAND, well suited for a market gar d?n, with new dwelling hvuae ?uh four roomt ai>d kitchen; well of fine water la the yard; under K'H?d f ncing, ami wil! he aol<J low or exchanged for oitv property, and on moderate tarma. Tl?? lard la at Bail'* Ciuu Roada, two and a half inilaa front Georgetown .and in Alexandiia county, Va Apply * ? T. P. COll BKTT. over Bank of v( aahingto*. ma U-tf L'OK R EN r?A imul r* TOR fc.aortjer of Kk at. I and Pen>;. avenue, under the Clarendon H??te , suitable for a tiarher'a saloon or oigar atare For information lnaajre at the Hotel. ma- V I/OR RENT?The KIR^T FLOOR of the b^id" A inc immediately oppoaita the weat wing of the City Ha: .reoantly oocupied by Chaa. t*. Waliact, M an offcoe. Alao the front room in the aeoond atory and the third floor of the pa ma trading For terma apply to RICHARD WALLA CH/No. 9 Louiiiinaavarne ja 11 tf SENATORS, MEMBERS OF CONGRfcSft.O Two attend.rf anitea of ROOMS, r-ofac'T* furmahed, will be rented daring the aaaaion of CoaKeaa, in the moat deeirabie locality In this oity. ing within oneor two a^narea oiBrowc*a and National Hotel*. Thoee in paraait of nor Koome will do well to make early appl.oaMon at No. 979 ?h alraet Ife^ween D afreet and Pa av. _ de 6-tf P)R SALE?A nioe three story Rnok HOUSE# on ad street, between D and E streets, in libber's Sobdiviaion. The above property will ha enld on easy terma. Pnoe made known by inaairu vrfr lx a ifir t/?u a_ n/\ *? > " n VI '? " l I'M a, v?Vm rtu. 7W1 etre?t^oppo?H* Centre Market. Title perfect. EDUCATIONAL. C~G~M lif e R C | A l "COLLE 0 E. ^'o. 4T* Suvujrm |T . Orrotit'tke Gtnrrai Pott OJLrt, IfuliMtM Off*. Arnmrtan Pyetereof Penmmahlp, Booakeopin*. Meroantile Formated Cakuiationa. Baaiue** C??rreepordeno*, Bill* of EiohMte, Current Bill*. Cn^mimon 8alee, Qrtti mar and Arltnmetio. HIT1 A Preparatory Claaa for Hova. liT Ladiee will be inatruoted In Ine penman ?hip: Room* open from 9 a. m. to M p.m. For tarma ftp ply at the Rooma. m< 94-3ti WM W YOriUfl ? CO The union female academy. nbw ami.iaihi5t. Thia well-known and popular Seminary, which ha* t*>en so aucccatful under the entire cftre or Mra Richft'da for more than ten reara. will b? open?-d on the firet Monday in September n-xt, und*r the nniuvl supervision and instruction of Mr. aud Mra. Z. RICHa R DS, in the well arranr^d ftnd drlichtfuily I cated I'nion AcademT Buildinc. For farticuiam. ???.? cucular^ at ali the' Book?tore?. ma3S tf Mm RS. McCOK ICR'S SCHOOL. RS. MrCORMICK deairea to inform ter friend* and the pnbiio ?eneraliy that ahe wi'.i reeeme tee of her Sobooi on tee let Moucay in Sopteiuoer next. Theoonraeof etudy pcraaed will oom?neea.i the t>ra:ioheB reamaite to a thorough Engltah ednoa QOB. In addition to her day scholftra. ahe la deatroae of 'eeeivin* into her family a few aupila aa boardera, \-e.i fiom 10 to 14 year*, who will be under her immediate oareand oreraickt. Her arranrementa tor the accommodation aid ^ le cere of pupna Lave t.een oonaiderailr increa?<?<i and otherwise improved. Thoae m Wub'niXii i?amnc partioo'ar information with refarenoe to Rchool may apply to W. D. Wa act, Editor o the Star For terms and farther partlenlart apply at her ecule ce?No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria. Va. i- r-tf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. IJOUTS AVD 8K?Ks To SUIT 1BK ?> TIMES. We ar? no* manufaeturinc all klpda of BOOTS and SHOKS, and oo;.slactlv reoeivinn a| *rPP y ot eaiU-rn in ad- work of ever* cripiio*, made ^xprese'y u>order, and willw re told at a much .ower prioe than ha* beea* heretofore charged in thia oity for maoh inferior artioiea. Pe mm in want of Hoots and Shoos of eastern or city trade work, will a:warn find a food aaaor'.roect ta store and at the loweat prices Give ns a call. tiRIFFlN k HBO., _ap *-r 314 Pennsylvania avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, j % ... J I ID DTIUIf Orro.'tte Odd FWlowf' Hull, WaA D. C. Travel*'* will their mWest* ? examining niT TRl'NKl*, VAl.ICEs Ac . before mr-mn? flha^ne ei?-were At I u*? none but tli'SawM h?tt material the market affords and emploT^ **" the workman, I qar CH>ufid?nt.l? recommend my work to be aapenor m Strength*tid PurriijiHf to Tru'ik? that are made In other oltie* and *o,d here. 1 keep constantly on band, an<1 make to order (on one wMk'i notieei every d'eoript',?n of sole LEATHER, IKON HUME FKEXCH DRESS avi WOOD BOX TRCNKS, ASHLAXD mmI other V ALICES .THAVELlKO BAGS; RaR NESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, ft., fe. Trunks, Repaired and Covered, in a work n ike inanHfcr. af abort notioe Trunk* deiivcrea in any part of the city, Oeorge town, or Alexandria. A!*n?Aceiit for Howe'a celebrated FAMILY SF.WINC MACHINES. de )ft-1 y JAMK9 8. TQPHAM. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND coal Delivered to all part* of the oity, at the loweat possible rate*. T J a w M n A i T Office 2*2 Pa. av., between UU> ?ud 12th *ta ma 17-tf north ewe. THE BUBKCKlBUt HAVINU ON HAND an rxtei *ive stock of kDEI., it prepared to aell at a v?r? low oa*h W(IUl) ?a?r?>dend ?p!it*<y MZ?. Call and eee f r jourself. R. W. BATRR. Wood and C?*l IK er, Mj* S y. gorn>i of F.'urt vnt'H a'.d C eta. The undk.rhignfd r k^fk^tpuixy Inform tftfir p?iMr,i n d t? c pnl'lio ^ thev nave received their nraa! ?upply of^^B fPRINO OtKiUS. conei?tint of the lateet K& 'j !e ar-d fathion. and beet lOreun manafao ture. TK-t aiao reaaectfn.jy invite atfa Uon to their new eto?jY?f G KN TI-F. MEX*8 PUB > ISH1NIG GOODS lateet rtyiae and ? ltw. That also keep cor.ntaut ? oa hand a large a?Miy of Nav?! ft?"1 MiMtar* Karmehin* G<-ix)?-aacb m >- pMlete, Cbapeau? 8w?.rda, Balto. Gold Lam. Shoulder Strap*, and ?Mhf' H. iTlXMJDON * OO . Citisen, ffarnJ and Military Mtrchmnt TWIiri, marlS-'oSm Bmwn'? Hotel URb Ol.D RVK WHISKY.?Oa ku< wm i.raiid- ofPar* Old Rya Whl ky, < opjar Die titled. ??* hj the moit re.'iab e diatiller* fr Pecn >lvania. Mar? iand a-kl V'rTima, warranted p?r?s imported M rand tee, llern??<v. O'Ard, Dopay * Co.. Ju>? Robin, Ac Al??, P?aok a?d Apple Brandy, pora Hollai.d Sir. old Jamaioa aod!**. Ooix Rom, Mad Wlnea ?f wrt variety all of atanda-d braoda . A ?hon?e )<* <?f Ciiara and Tobaooo YOt'NO * KEPRtRT, Arent#, *p W-1y ? .. betw Mh iuwI 1?Hh eta. \ WM. T. DOVE 4 CO. Vi.vM FITTIN? ILT 8*?r?on ttii tr*?t ?^w doom sank ?T *?, WASHINGTON 8CWIN6 R'K)?N ~~ MM!!.. fw*J*?r? KoviitktBM to c?< ^K1>S aMVlNMIk eVftfVBSbnTjSSWr? ?V m-- '*\TW' '* ? ? t. ... > Kf

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