Newspaper of Evening Star, June 27, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 27, 1860 Page 1
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# V * . i 11 . a i 1 =-==-? . ; Star. V2t. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 27. I860. N?. 2.296. THE EVENING STAR > P UBLISHED E VER T AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAB BUILDINGS, Corner of Pennsylvania avenuo and llfA St., f n . mw. Tt ALLAtH. Papers served in packfc?ee by carriers it |t t ?Mr, or 37 nnti p?r month- To mail subscribers the pnoe > $35) a r?Ar, in advantt. 92 for six month*; 41 for three month*; and for less than three months at the rate of Uoenta a week. Single copies. i>si cm; in wrappers, two cbkts. ITT* A nvil-rts *V?WP? Kf.?M Ka ?? *L- - ** ? -u- ? i J uw ?vn? ?u VIM UHIO? f ?lore 12 o'oiook n ; oUnviM they may not appear aatal Ute neat day. Th * Myateriaaa Mardtr-Oar Niftat"? Ex* prrinff in L?nd?n. It was in the fall of 18?, that the ship to which I belonged, after a v enrage in the northero Atlantic, Love in sight of the Scilly Inland, and as we were bound for London, shaped oar coarse up the channel and in a few days were Hue bo red in the downs. Having got short of ; provision? for some time back, we were obliged to stop and replenish. The next daj, however, we were towed up to the river and entered Commercial Dock on the 2$?. It was a grand sight to me, for I had never been in London, and the city seemed like the world in comparison with mj little village in the west of En{land. We were paid off on the morrow; and determined, as soon as I was at libertv. to take a stroll and see some of the righta which I had so often heard- At twelve o'clock next day all hands proceeded to the office in Lender liall street, and received severally the amount due them. There were just ?10 coming to me and I started off to tee bow I could best make I it conducive to my pleasure. I had been ' -trolling around lor some time, looking at. th? tower anil otder places of note, and finally walked into one of the parka to see what I could of the pondon fashion*. I was leaning against a tree watching a party which attracted my attention, when I was suddenly accosted by a fcmile, apparently about eighteen or twenty, ueatly dressed, and with anexpresiuns which though pleasing, seemed somewhat sad. "What is it you wish,my good lady V* said I. She looked at me for a moment, and said: You are a sailor, I suppose?" Yn." 'How long hare jou been in London'" "I armed yesterday." "Have you been here before?" ' Never." "Well then perhaps I can be of *ome assistance to yon. Suppose we take a cab and drive over to Vauxhall this evening"' I hesitated a moment; for 1 thought to my self, she no doubt thinks I have plenty of money, and wishes to obtain a share. Bat then again, I thought, it makes no difference, I will spend it anyhow; and eonsented. She called a cab. and in a short time we were at Vauxhall I pulled out my purse to pay the driver, when she anticipated me. and oaid : " Never mind, sir, I have plenty. Besides, I invited you here; therefore. I bear the expense " I was astonished, for I had never doabted but that tuy ui.ney was the principal attract tion; and i waa pooled to think what could be her object. After ordering some refreshments, of which the ate and drank very little, but which ahe insisted upon paying for, we strolled about the garden, lutemn^ to the music, until toward evening- when 1 remarked that it wu beat to return. 44 Yea. it will soon be dark, and we had better to. But." said she. ' t?o ar* * ?tr?n?.?!? , ? - ? ? ?6V# IU London. and it would be folly for joa to look for a hotel to-night, and besides, it would be ungenerous in me to allow you to. I reside in street, and if you will accept a room in my house, you will he perfectly welcome; and my husband, who is fond of company, wilt be glad to see you." While hesitating, she called a cab and half forced me in. I went up stairs to the room -he had pointed out, opened the door and went in. It w? furnished. you might say, richly; the bed stood in the farther corner, with blue damask curtains in front I untirMM^ ? * ? - l mmmjiTVlt IfUiV/ftlJ, 00 1 WHS somewhat tired with my day * adventure*. walked to the bed and drew asido the curtain*, and there lay a man weltering in hid blood, with hU throat cut from ear to ear ' It would be vain to attempt to describe my feeling*. I immediately J rested myself, with a presence of mind I can never account for. I then tried to open the door, which, to my horror, I found was locked Glancing around the room, my eye fell upon the irons in the fire-^lacl; I snatched up one, and with uuo C.IUAO wiiuc iWS AUU upVDCd IflC flOOT Running down the stair?, I found the front door fastened, too. Having nothing to break' the lock with. I darted into the first room I couie to, and jumped from the window into an alley on the side of the house, and had merely time to conceal myself when the people around began crying murder, and it was the very woman I came with, followed by several of the police, entered the hou^a, thinking, I suppose, of oourse, she would find me. I left as soon as I *i i nH i i ft ^ me crowa garnered around, and parsed oat unnoticed. The next morning I was reading the paper, and almost the first thing that attracted me was the notioe of a bloody murder in gtreet. with a reward of ??M) for the iimmUminn ?r ? rr - Vi the murderer. It went farther, sad in the description of the supposed person described me better than I could have done myself, even to the manner in which I wore my beard. The first barber shop received that gratis, and, changing my clothing, which was almost minutely described. I went down to the docks, and _ t a * - - * - * * " " a oars Deing a nana snort, i shipped in her for >"ew York, and have never since, nor ever wi?h to spend another night in London. J*.i5Y Lun>'s Rkscke or a Stcfid Old Di ke.?The Philadelphia Preas tell* the following ?tory of <d? of Queen Victoria's uncles: The late Duke of Cambridge?the dinnerP eating Duke? was a constant and tlagrant offender in his way. lie had very little taste for musk, and bad a box at the opera simply because it w*s the fashion A great man was he for presiding at public dinners, at which he Ml u iniwk -- *?? ?J -1?? 1 ? ? ?? ? U'V auu UIIU& U LiiUCU as ten ordinary people. Leaving the table full if beef and limned. bat scarcely flurried, bj an enormous quantity of wine, this Royal Duke ? ancle to Queen Victoria?would drive to the opera, probably arriving during the last scene, and, wholly regardless of the performers, would eall oat to hit friend* across the hoose : "Ah, Devonshire, glad to see you," or, '-Cardigan, I shall breakfast with you to-morrow," and so on Being a "Royal Highness," he waaactually tolerated One night, when Jenny Liad was performing the rol* ot "Amine," in La Somnambula, the old portly Duke went on in this manner . Disturbed by his talk, the ocalist suddenly paused, and the Queen, who was preeent, stretched a little out of her box to ascertain the cause. Jenny Lind simply looked at the Duke's box, and the Queen, turning round, followed her look, and saw the culprit, who was speaking loudly to some person in tha niirhbnrinr TV. - ? ?> B _ tyl Ul '! IB? audienoe were directed at ou?? to the Duke of Cambridge, who certainly than became fully lv(r? that h? was 'spotted'' by several hundred persona He continued talking, however, as if to brave it out. A gentleman in the pit jumped up on his seat, and in a loud Toiee and an earnest manner, cried out " Who disturbs the audience 7 Who but that old man, with a tar upon bis breast ? Do we pay him forty thousands pounds a Tear to annoy the public in the Ooera house* Thr?# o-r^rw f..- ?. bake of tam bridge !" The call w?? unani- ' mously complied with, every eye being fixed on the portly prince, and, ai last, be sneaked oat o4 bis box, followed by bis wife and daughI tar. and no* until tben did Jenny Lind resume her ringing. It wat (aid tbat tbe Queen wa< greatly annoyed with bar uncle'* rudenes*. | and told bin to It is certain tbat, ever after, I ba avoided going to tbe Opera, and behaved i _k-~ - .. .?i ?i ?- -? ?-? ...J W.. W?- WJ ATTSxrr to ?caa cr a Hc*?a*d.?'The Sacduakv Reglaterof tbe 10th, aaya; "We mentioned i f?w d*v> llM* the burning of Mr 8 D. Ter. roll's plaining mill and furniture rooaM at Clyde, r Wa have ilaet Laarned that tbe building waa Mt on tre by Mr* Terrell, bit wife, abe bellrrtne thot W. ? - * * - .. w>? imim na would be burned Our Informant r?Utc? that sb? i> now la Jail at f r?m >nt for tboa ualag so mrh oombualible matter I i attempting u> barn up her husband " \?T It H bow anccrtaloed that the number of peraoae killed by tbe late tornado la Iowa la no Mm than oae bundled and two peraona A Thrtlliag Rtniirr. [A Burlesque M the Sensation Stories of t he day] Chapter I. In ft beautiful log cabin in the mountains of old Virginia our tale opens. Around, nature'* lovelineat waa sublime. The lofty trees hung out their green leaves in perfection, and the high rocks eaught the gray mists of the morning and pressed them in their rough bosoms until they melted in tears ng&inst their sides. A lovely maiden was sitting by the table, oombing her hair with a fine-tooth comb?a mtnlv fni-m ?A"" *L" J ? ? ? mmm J iU VUVCIB III1T UUU f J 1UQ S16AIIQ1IJ Creeps up behind her?and? Chaptkr II. "Ah? John," exclaimed the lovely heiress of that beautiful cabin and the extensive potato patch behind it, "you ought not to do that way!" 'Lay it all on my love, gal'"' "Love! there's no suoh thing among folks!" The turtledove. Only knows we love." as the poet sings. "Then you don t love me?" "No!" "No' Jane, call back that word." i.V _ i _ v * - - ^o: on, no: t;ome back here! 'Twon't com?, John?'tis gone!" "Then I'm gone, too!" And the impaasionate youth rushes from the cabin like a maniac. Cbaptei: III. Sadly did the young man run along the road, while the girl, firm and submissive in the discharee of her rlntw ' o ? ??- < piwccucu to iry some . onions for dinner. Meanwhile the youth flew | on; the barning fever of his heart maddened in his brain, and he thought of self-destruction. Jerking his Docket comb oat of his vest pocket, vainly dia be endeavor to cut his throat. Nature, however, who had blessed him with a tough skin, proved too strong for him; he rushed to the wagon rut - there was vafar + ! * * " ?? 1 . mu lacncB aoep. and be flung himself into, or rather upon it Thefe he lay full five seconds, when Henry Cleft, the father of tbe gal, passed by. Chapter IV. He soon unfolded hi* sad tale to his fri?nrf and finally consented to live if Henry would give him ? chew of his tobacco. He returned to the house, and \n his haggard countenance Jane saw his unhappy condition He never got over it, though About twenty years after ne fell from a wagon, and his neck was broken, for a sheriff had thoughtlessly slipped a rope over his head. the end. The Wife or Job* Adams ?In a f?jw weeks the proclamation reached the coloniea at several ports Abagail Smith, the wif? ?f .t?k? Adams, was at the time in their home near the f<*at of Penn Hill, charged with the sole care of their little brood of children; managing their farm ; keeping house with frugality, though opening her doors to the houseless and giving with a good will a part ofJier scant por tion to the poor; seeking work for her own hands, and ever busily occupied, now at the | spinning-wheel, now making amends for having never been sent to school hy learning French, though with the aid of books alone. Since the departure of her husband for Congress, the arrow of death had sped near her bv dav anri 1 7 " the pestilence that walks in darkness had entered her hutnble mansion; she herself was itill weak after a violent illness; her house was a hospital in every part; and such was the distress of the neighborhood she could hardly find a well person to assist in looking after the si<*k Ifflr ?ni "? k?1 1 u?u ucch refcued from the grave by her nursing; her own mother had been taken away, and, after the austere manner of her forefathers, buried without a prayer Woe followed woe, and one affliction trod on the heel* of another. Winter was hurrying on; during the day family affairs took off her attention. DUt her long evenings, broken by the sound of the storm on the oceiti. or the enemy's artillery at Boston, were lonesome and melancholy. Ever in the silent night ruminating on the love and tenderness of her departed 1 A. _ * parent, sne needed the consolation of her husband's presence; but when, in November, she read the King's proclamation, she willingly gave up her nearest friend exclusively to Tjis perilous duties, and sent him the cheering message "This intelligence will make a plain path f >r yeu. though a dangerous one; I could not jr?in to-day in the petitions of our worthy pastor for a reconciliation between our no longer parent state, but tyrant itatc. and these nolo nies. Let us separate; they are unworthy to be our brethren Let us renounce them; and, instead of supplications, as formerly, for their prosperity and happiness, let us beseech the Almiffktv to blaat th?ir 1 1?*? * ? ? autl unng w nought *11 their devices.'' Catharine II. or Russia.?The affairs of the United Colonies were at that time under discussion in the heart of the Russian empire, the ancient city of Moscow, at the court of Catharine the becond The ruling opinion in Russia demanded the concentration of all power in one hand. From the moment the empress set her foot on Russian soil, it became her fixed purpose to seize the absolute SWtT and irovern Inn* TV.W -L- ?: 1 # ^ ~ ? ?auvU^U BUO lJIi ACU trifling pastime with application to busineas, and for ner recreation sought the company of the young and the very gay, ?he far excelled th>ae around her in industry and knowledge. Frederic said of her. that she had an infinity of talent and no religion; yet she went over to the Greek church and played the devotee. Distinguished for vivacity of thought and judgment, for the most laborious attention to affairs, very proud of the greatness and power _# V I ? ? * * " " ui ucr empire, ner intercourse with ill her aubj?cta was marked bj mildness and iqcornparable grace; and she made almost incredible exertions as a monarch to be useful even to the meaueat, to benefit the future as well as the present age Tragedy, comedj, music, wearied her; she had no taste but to build, or to regulate her court; no paaaion but to rule and to make a great name; and this led her to undertake too much herself without sufficient aid from her mininiiri t? *" _ ?am ?mw viunu Ul lUO ambitious, who were all eager for advancement and favor, the compared herself to a hare worried bj many hounds; and among an unscrupulous nobilitj in a land which was not that of ner birth, she was haunted bj a feeling of insecurity, and revealed a secret unrest and discontent of soul. But those around her were not offended at the completeness with which she belonged to a century representing the su BMIBM* nt |L- ?!-J'? IS* .? .. .. ?? num, m<i {iiiiiuw iue ian diffused itMlf over her foriu wu a refinement of delight in physical pleasures; the blandishment* of her manner, the smiles on her face, the (lowers on her breast, covered fiery passions that eoorsed riotously through her veins. Kisd Wobds 1They never blister the tongue or lips. And we have never heard of one mental trouble arising from this quarter. Though they do not coat fbuch, yet they accomplish l m. v_i 1 - -- muco i uojr uoip one s gooa-naiure ana goodwill. Soft word* soften oar own soul. Angry words are fuel to the flame of wrath, and make the blase mora fierce. Kind words make other people good-natured. Cold words freete j eiple, and hot words soorch them, and bitter words make them bitter, and wrathful words make them wrathful. There is such a rush of other kinds of words in our days, that it seems deairabla to give kind words a chance among tnem. xnere are rain word*, and idle word*, | m d bast; worda, and spiteful words, and empty >?ords, and profane worda. aod warlike worda. Kind worda alao produce their own imace on mm'fl souls. And a beautiful image it is. They aootbe. and quiet, and eomfort the bearer. They abame nim oat of hia aour, morose, urkind feelings. We have not yet begun to use kind words in sueh abundance aa they ought to be used .?Patemi. dr The report that a cock-tight ! shortly to cone off Is Washington city between pairs of fowU owned reapec U velr by Vice Preel dent Breckinridge and Secretary Floyd, It ia hardly ?o?. arr to ?ay, 1st hou. A MRS. WINSLOW, N Kiparlenoed NirMUd Female Phyiiolan. present* to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Fer Chlldrea Teethtn*, Wfctak frsatl? faciliwtaa lb* pr?ct?? ?f laaiklnf, br ftaainf tli* raroa, radscmf all int*mmau#??will alia; ALL PalN and apatmadic actisu, and i* SURE TO RKUVLATK THK anwsr s __ _ _ M ?r v ?? U Dtptod apan It, mdiiti, it will fi*? rut t* y*ar*(WM, ?ad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W ktfi pat ap *od Mid thi* artiel* 'or o'?r Ui 7<ui,u< CAW iAT.IIVCOfiriDBilCBAND T1CTH of II, what ? h?*? Q???r btta *ki? t?i 1??7 ""T OTHIB Mcdiein*? nbtbb MRS. has it rAli-bd,iw A - - 1 IW fbct a cr * 11 WIN8LOW I *h? timal; 1 IfiTirilid * km* 111 'nalanca of diaaatiafacuan by auy on* who atad it. On th* ewitrory.allart SYRl'P, dalirhtad with lit OF IRATIOHI, and 'tptui in Urmt af hifhttt eomnitndalian af ita ntajical tutcu and mtdieal nrtaaa Wt tptak in ihit WHaT fl DO HOW," aftartan piri' tipirnncilti>n M.iDi.aem mpf.'tanow ro* tni rrlrilmist or what w? hihb o?CLill. In almaat ararj inatanaa whtrt tha infant it taffarl*f from pain and aihaaaticn, raliaf vill ha foand ir. Ifitau ar twanij minataa afiar tha tjrap ia admiaiatartd. Thit TKiiinbla praparation it tnt prtacrimian ?f ? >? ?? - mast iriRlBPCBD and 1IILPCL ItCKlK* in Nit EnfIt ad, aodhaa bt?n ntad with NBTBK-PAiLiltfl il'ccm Ta THOUSANDS OF CASES. It Bat anly ralla?aa tha child frarn pnin, bat tnTiparataa tilt taniach tod bawtlt, corraeta acidity, and ji?a? tana and narfy ta tha whala iyatam. It will alinaat inatantly rahava GmriNa ia the Bowbls and Wind Colic, and aTtrcoma eanvalaian*, which, If net (Baadiij ranadiad and in daath. Wat iv iua m mm I *ftD iVRBST RBM- FOR. EOT in th* VOILD in all ea*** of OTt- CHILDREN IHTRRY*nd diaR RH<Za IK CHIL- XEKTHI.Ifl. DR?i?, wh*th*r H trit** from t**thiur 1 or from an* oth*r caaa*. W* woaMxy to *?*ry moihtr who ba* * child *?fftnnf from any of th* fortjfoing complaint*?DO flOT LIT TOlTR PRIJCOK ri, HO* THt PRKJl'DICRi OF OTHfKi, tand h*tw*?u Tonraiifftrinjr child and th* r*li?f that will h* IDRI-;il,iB)OLDTlLT It'RI?to follow tht oa* of tb madlcin*, if tirraiy u*?d. foil dirtetior a for oaing will a company *?ch botu* Nona ia.;n*n* aiil*** tb* fuc ainoil* CURTIS * PERKINS, Ntw York, u *i. th* aauid* trtfp* oid by Dracgiat* throorhoat tb* world. Principal One*. No. II C*dar S.raat. N. T. Prt?* aol? U C*nt? par B*ttl*. * ll-d?wl* GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS For harpkr's fkrrx.-change of Da YS.?On and aitPr July 2,I9(5<\ JT*" the .tmrripr ANT K LOPE, Capt. J. WiLL?.c*rryinK the United States^^^*^** mail, wril if&*e Georgetown EVKRY MONDAY, WEDN ESDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m., and return ev?*rv Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. N. B ?The Antelope will run as before until the I IAT?A <U?A je 5-2m* I Jy?T RECEIVED, Ian yZSnvSy* <aS80rt'jd.) im do. HERRING a-*i Al.liWIVES. 2S do. KKFIVKD SUGARS 10hjids. PORTO RICO SUGARS'. 6 bbU.(Bayfield) WHITE FI JI, 25 byx?? p imo Eastern CHEESE. Forba2alowby JOHN J. BOGUE, 1A R n.... rv V. , UCUT RCUIWI1, U L . \ GKNCY FOR FA IK BANK'S SCALE9~IN A GEORGETOWN. The undersign"*! have been appointed Agent! fm the ?a!e of the above oHebrated and we i known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu ! upply oonatantly on hand and for a&ie at lowest latea. HAY and COAI. SCALES erected in any part | of the Distriot or adjoining oountiei. All Scale* are warranted durable, ac on rate, and to give satisfaction BU9EY A BARNARD. i\? i ? .? - i-? i/T70i0i b in rvk r iuuiiurS! 1 inpi0IT10nf 8? j je8 2m Bridge street 2ilmir?w??t of Huh. The celebrated contract and gol'qua mattings, Both plain and check. For ale low by 8pilman & hunt, ap 2'-eo?in 9* Bridge sr.. Georg?town. C ran dell. OPT1CJAN. Ito. 13* Brvint it., (f*ori*trw, Um constantly on hand a large assortment ol French Near-sighted. Perisoopiq, Pnl- fs ored, and af. other 8FECTAf^LE9, o! I thA hA?r mnm. i*? *** - 1 ?1 1 ^ .... ^ ?? ?/ lil<tvui* 011*01% burfO;i unu 'jcrin&n ilver frame*. N. H. Old F'ames Repaired and new t a*s?? Mtjn them toorder^ no l>-ly JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bruif. ami J'frr^n < ts(itorgitown. Having given nil personal attrition to thia bianoh of my business, 1 am prepared t<> -?ij ? _ attend to all oalls with promptness Persons from a distanne can he snpplied at a V* minute*' notice, aa 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS always on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d> ad from the old to tie new hunai grounds. Hearse* and Horses for hire. *p l<i-6n> Masse v. collins * co.'s philaiTklT I'HIA DRAUGHT A LK.?We are constantly _ i s> v ? ? * rnocivics irrsn supplies 01 tjjp above delightful beverac", and invito ail |M?r?one who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to give It a trial. AKMY A SHINN. Agenta, f? 17 fir?*n St.. G?orf "town. TUE?N.VM.ACB Jfa. S LIT THK T I M F. S. HARVEY'S Pish ami Ojster Express, arriving daily from the North and South with the followiri(i delicacies: FRESH SAI.MON. CODFISH, M AOK Eft E I., SH EE ll H E AD, IIA l-l HUT, TROUT, SEA HAS!*. Hfili mm _ , V w >/ * V/ 1 k?, BLACK FI-II, TAILORS. 151X6 FISH. LOBSTERS. HARD and SOFT CRAB*, CLAMS, Ao. And a constant supply of Florida Reef GREKN TURTLE, and thone fin* l*rge Lynnliaven Bav SPICED OYSTERS All p?r?on? will find it to theiradvanta<eto give in* a call l?'l?re i^oiiik to market. ai> 1 have every facility to *ell lower than can tie had in the city. All order* thankfully receiv?d and promptly delivered to any part of the city free of charc*. Depot?US 1 C ?trect, between loth and 11th. j? 15 lm T. fl(L HARVEY. Agent. 1QOSELLING OFF!?SELLING ?FF:gl| China, Glasi & Queenswaremm AT COST FOR CASH. Desiring greatly to reduce my stock preparator* to altering the interior arrangements of my *tore, I will begin thin day to run off al! my stock ofseasonable good* at coxt for cash. I have in store a large and varied assortment of CHINA. GLASS arid QUEENS WARE. Pl.Atf.o warfc, cutlery, mats, fancy ARTICLES, and HOUSE FIR MASHING ilC\? ItW 11 - - : ' ^ ? if'ii UI .rnui-o''' / lie Iiiiprove-a copper Mottoin 'l-?* ^lltHhR and manv other articles just in Bfaxon. AIko. complete CHINA TKA SETS 44 pieces, for $1.30, Call early and secure a bargain at ? GRJERN'S, 274 Pa. av.. b*t 11th and 12th ?ts.. je 12-eu6t 1 door east of Kirk wood House, PANAL BAKROWS!~ CANAL BARROWS!! CANAL BARROWS, at WHKELBARROWS ciT/tD f Tn p i un r? i PLATFORM TRUCKS. COUNTERRa^d'PLATFORM SCALES, AXESand HATCHETS. WOQn HORSES and SAWS, KNIFE CLEANERS. CURRY COMBS and CARDS. HA.MES, TRA?'ES, kc , 4o. , u" 'Y'^BARrffoLuw. SUGAR MILLS! SUGAR MILLS!! For Grinding Sugar, . At Factor . .. . ? J. I". BARTnOliOW, je 16-eo2w Seventh st.. near Canal Bridge. pOlSON BANISH E 57 Corroaive Sublimate no more la need. the Be.l Bag* to doatroy ; Tw whole world goea to Sohwrin'a store, Thie Powder now we all employ. 'Tia poiaonleaa to mortal man. But kills all luaecta aa aure aa fate. And no impoator ever can? TK ! mivHAr trnlv imitate RW&Jm* ,8C"WERIN^ANNIHILATING POWDER, for deatruotjon of Cockroa hsa, HodBnea. M*MUitoM. Fleaa, Anti, Flie?, Motha.Gar don lifou.fta : aUo, Pif'? for d??truotion of Rata and Mioe?No. 124 north Sooond atreet, Philadel DIS. nFlT*&vln WMh?Dfton.D C., bj DANIEL B. CLARKE, oornar of Pennaylrania and Four and-a.half atreaC Many wort hi ea. lmita rinna ara aiivartiaaH- K* MnHAaa P - - i ... *_ *1WW v>? MVVU, uv fuiiuuuo. vu uk for Sokwertn's Annihilating Powdar. mfc 85 t?w4w /\N THE WATCH! 11 ATTENTION ALL: Members of Congress in particular, and Citizens nmil Sit*/am mm** ?m J . fr?,n ?Pn8va over on? hundred WATCHES, manufactured bjr the mo?t jjv skillful artisan*, and winch will b? eoid at f reat 1-arjaint. Warranted to k<*?Pth? bestAU? ime. Also, a iae aMortment of JEWELh Y : all to b? aold oh?ap, and *ure of icivine general ?atia ruction. JNO.KUl.INSKI k CO., jel5-l<** 303 Pa. av., betw. Ath and 10th ?i?. NOTICE. KRSONB Deolinin* houf*?ep.r,f or having a aarjlus of hnueehnld eflTeou oan find ready rale by sailing at mj Purnuaing Store, 43d 7th itreet, bet*MD 0 and H streets, aut tide. a?2-tm RUDOLPH BUCHI.Y. FOR SALE? BAY HOR*E: good under addle or harneeeJ eold for want of uee; oan )* Been at BIRCH'S Stable. je ? tf AUCTION SALES. Br WALL A BARNARD, A uotion*?r?. TWO VKRY SUPERIOR NORTHERN1 Bbilt br(.oir? at Awctiox.?On SATURDAY. MORNING, ytU Inst,, at 1<> o'clock, w* will ell, in front of the Auction Rrw?m? twr? ... perfor BufTKMH. vir: 1 Top Burgy, i No-top Biin< These Buggies are in cooa order and made or the beat materia] in one of the olrieat and b3tt eat&b lishments in New York. Terma: an and 6f> days, for approved endorsed notes, bearing u,tere?t. _j? 23 d WA1X, 4 BA RNAR D.Aurta. By J. C. MoGUlRE tc CO.. Auetioneera. rpRUSTEKS SALE OF VERY VALUABLE I Real Estate on the corner of "rvrnth and K streets.?Br virtue of a decree of th? ?'lkouitCou t of the District of Columbia, passed Tr, two causes in ?hioh Slat ham. Smithson A Co.,and Austin Sherman, respectively, are complainants, and John F. Callan and others are defendants, the undtrsigned wt t sell at publio auction, to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the 12th da of July, IMo, alfi o'clock p. mupon th? premises. Lor No. 8. in Square No. 456, in the oity of Washington. D. O., fronting & feet 11 inchea on E street north, and 75 feet on Seventh street west. This well known property is situated on the northeast comer of K ana Seventh streets. opposite the General Post Office, and is one of the ve y best bu?ir.ess locations in the city of Washington. The improvement* consist of f ree three story houses on ? street, including the druc store on the corner of Seventh, and a two-story builnnjr on Sevnth street. The property wi 1 ba s^ld in sepaiaie par oels, aooordiDg t > the lmpro'ements. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase m^ney to be paid m cash, and the residue in two equ?l instalments, in six and twelve ironths from the day of sale; the deferred payments to bear interest, and to be secured by the notes or bouds of the puroha ser or purchasers- witl. ? ? ? w ??..? / v/1 cuiovirn n? U"1 approved bf the rruat^ea. Should the twrme of ale not he complied with within aix diija *ft?r the day of aale.the Trustees reserve* the right to re ell the property, at the risk and exp?nae of the de faulting parchaaer, a'ter five day'a notice. All conveyaaoea at the ooet of the purchaser. A*. AL^STMN SMITH,( Tru*te"8 je 11 6tawftda J. C. McGUIRE A CU , Auoa. MARSHAL'S SALE ?In virtue of two wnta of fi^ri faciaa. ia?u*d from th* .>? ?' ? W<w< a * uill WO VI the Cirouit Court of the Dutnot of Columbia lor th-* county of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to pablio sa'e, for oash, in font of the oourt house door of said count*, on MONDAY, the 9th day o( July next. 18H0, at 12 o'o'ook m., the following property, to wit: All defendant'* right, title, claim aud interest in and to Lot No. 1. in Square No 618, in the oity ot Washington, D C , together with all and singo'ar the improvements tnereon, seixed and levied upon as th* property of Andrew Rothweil, and wul be sold to satia'y Ju <iici& s Nob 2'4 and 215, to October term 1&59, in favor of Phelps A Kingman. W. 8ELDEN, U. 8. Marrhal for the District of Columbia, je 18 dts MARSHAL 88ALE.?In virtue 11 a writ of fi?n f&ciaa istued from the Clerk's office of theCirJ . ? ' .L- ? " " " " mi uomiii "i mi- viiuioi oi Columbia, lor ibe county of Washington, and to m? directed. I will expose to public ?4i*, for cash. in front of ihe court home door of said count*, on MONDAY, the ?u< day of July n'xt,180? at 12o'olock m , the following described property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, cla'tii and interest in and to Lot No 5, in square No. MS,in the ci'y of Washington, D. C.f together with all an-1 singular the improvement* thereon, seized and levi d upon as the property of J "o. C. Niohoias, and will be sold to satisfy Judi oials No. 125, to May term li?eo, in favor oi A. and F. A. Riohards. W. 8ELI>EN. U. 8. Marshal ior the District of Columbia je IS dts By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. qpiUSfRB'S SALE OF A.FRAME HOUSE m *hd ijot at auction on inisth st. west.? By virtue of a d<wi of trust from Geo. H. Gatea and wife, du y rcoorded to the subscriber, I wil tie J, n MONUAV, th- lsth dav of July nex?, i86>?, at 6 o'clook p m, part of Lot 3. in 'quire307, being and lying in the city of VVa?hington, commencing lor tiie ?ame at the aouthweft corner of Lot No 3. aforesaid, a- d running north on the line of.Ninth ptrcet went a5 feet, thenoe eaat ?9 feet 4 lnchet., thenoe aouth 2i teet, thenoe weat9?> fe?t 4 inches to the place of b^gin* ing being said part of Lot fronting on the ea?t sido of said .Ninth street, and lying Seiwn.a P and Q str??t* north, with the improvementa thereon, aoraiating of a two atory Frame House with back building. Te ma: One-third oath; balance in 6 and 12 months, purchaser to give note* bearing iiAereit from th? day of sale, a deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at th* ooat of the purchaser. If the terma of sale are not complied with within throe days from the day of s?le the trustee reserve# the right to resel tlia property on 6 ve da? s' public no iie in the Evening star, at the riak and of the defaulting purchaser JAMES W. COOMBS, Trusts. je22-aota A. GREEN. Auot IV I No. 661 1 ilOTICE RESPECTING CERTAIN LANDS IN THE STATE OF IOWA Notice ia hereby given that the lands a'ong the Des M'H"es river in Iowjv, aod within the claimed limits if th I)tta vtoines grant in that Stste, si>ov? t ,. . .. ? * - - - . VI UF n a uunj run Ettn riv?r, wtuoh have been r???rvp(l from ?\le htntofoin on moo ji.t <>? the olann of tti* rtrate thereto, vill continue re Mrrtd, f <r the tune being, from ia!e. or irom location bjr anv ?peoie? of "-rip or warranr, no withitaniiing ij? r<?oent dpoi.- en of the S*u jreme Court, &?.ftir.?t the claim. I bis action i* deemed neTn?arv to aii'>>rd time ?,? p.. ----- i.i? ... vuu|ictjo k<i suiisium upim niomorm or oin^rwin#, thioa e of aitual bima.fijt a-ttlers ho!d>K( tinder title* from the **t*te. aiid to make anoh pro vision by confirmation or adjustment of the civina of auob aettlem a* may appear t? >>' right ar.d proper. JOS 3 WIL&DN. Commnsioner of the General Offio*. Gknrral Land OiFirit, May 18,!&*>. magl-wlw BARGAINS! BARGAINS!! GREAT BARGAINS!!! Seventh *treet, acknowledged to be Mie ch ap?*t and bent plarc to buy Clothing, purmahing hoods. Mats and Capa. Owing to the ncaroity of money, SMITH, No. tttO Seventh at., opposite the Post Office, has determined to aell hia goods 15 per ecnt. le?a than any other house in town. Drop in and aee our new supply of Spring and Summer Goods, at aatonishi-g low pricca n. t?. jubi reoeiveaao aozen or 10 cent NECK T1 F,S. 117" If you wish to keep cool, drop in and buy I one of our thin Summer Co&tHjOr the Patent Reversible Summer Coat, at SMITH'S, Mo. 460 Seventh st., opposite post Office. JET A large lot of fine Gents' Shirts anil Collars at very low prices, at No. 4t>l? Seventh st., opposite po*t Office. ID- The Rihl?on Tie, Yale Tie. Aurora Tie.and alfiort* of Neck Tie*, at one-half the usual prices, at SMiTH'S. No. 460 Seventh st. je 14-lm ft heeler & Wihou's UNRIVALED FAMILY SEWING MACHINES.! Decidedly the most Popu'.ar And most Perfeut Machines in the market! Making the "Lock Stitcfj" Alike on both side*, AT A II PR mVK? FROM $50 TO ?100. With Full Ihstkpctiokh, Both Printed ?nd Verbal, Given Free of Charge, At the Home of the Puroha*?r. 1*. J. STEER, AGENT, je7-?o2w No. 438 Skvkmth Stkekt. y^hat is soda water? Simply Pur* Water impregnated with Oarbonic Acid Gas. Th? Srw!A. WftiAr i knnwn Kv i*? ? gent tast* by its slightly exhilarating qualities', anij by its bubbling and scirtitlation. Theseproperties arc Btrikingly exhibited at a low temperature. It should leave no unpleasant taste and should be entirely inrocuous. The publio are requested to call aud judge for kUVIU*V| TOR J. WILEY A CO., DRUGGISTS A?D CHKMTSTS. ' No. 500 Pennsvlvan a * venue, jel-eolm* at. Charlwn Hotel. rkAlLY STAGE UN* BETWEEN WASHLP 1NGTON <-ITY AND AR-^^k . LlNGTON MILLS, ouiinreUaraipg^^t with the Loudoun and<hir*> WHO v' Railroad, leave Washington at m u clvck a. m. FareflOoenta. 'ta<e office at Ma tin'* Franklin Hot'l, corner of Eiehth and D its. )eA-lm* JOHN H. KE1.CHNER. Prop'r. ft?ACON.* RAVEN'S AND BTKINWAY A m.r unrivalled PIAItU of ail stylee and use*. AJen, imral offE^Ka other makes, for eal? ?t fao??r? price*, at's* *? the ?<>le at ?no j. MHTZKROTTM Musie Store. Several neonnd-band Pianos ia best order, eheap. J*23 a CHEAP MUSIC. r\ LARGE '.ot of Muaio. Poreicn and Ameno\o, forwUe at half prtoo for one week oalr. at the Music Store of ma3R W. ?. MKTZKROTT ? _u ? SUMMER RESORTS. < ARLI&Lfc I The favorit* ra#ort for WHIT* ftULMHJR $?& "SSnffTfSt SPRI5i(4S. I Mountain Air. FLnjora!hn* Hal Wa ?? cumberland co, wSll-V?tti??rt"*?ooro?f Pennsylvania. Oood Sucift j and a Good TaMa. Accommodations fo* por jartioulara send 300 for Circular. OWEN-. n.ENDENTKKMS LOW. IN * V19SCHER, je ? lew Carlisle Snrtntr, Pa. Analostan retreat. On Anaiostan Island, Opposite Georgetown and tn?:.n The subscribers havi at eased for a 'frra of years this beautiful and romantic spot. opened R . . A it for the accommodation of the runho on VITILV the 3!st day of May. 1860. For beauty Kcenery, delightful promenades, fishinc. to . i-e * *.<? no oufui iui wavoi. iv is un^urpMvea ill in? Union. The House ia !?r(te And commodious. htvm; b?en entirely renovated It hu a 1a'r? Dancir.r J-alnon attached to the h<>u*?. bos drs Dining An < l)r?mnc Kaomi for both la^'i^a Ana gentlemen la addition splenuid A'borf detac ied fiom the building a. Partiea, Families and Individnala will find its most desi.-able p ace to pass the sultry day* of sum mar. aa ever* attention m-ill h? ?> ?> ? proprietors. The strictest pofioe arrangement* will be enforced, Had politi al discussions will be prohibited The Larder will be found to oontain all the de'ioae i <* of the season at ai1 time*. The Par ?ili be fu-niahfd with the ehoio~?t Liquors and ^ in?* and the fin it Segara. Societies, Sunday Schools. Cluba and Military Conu&nirs will find this the most desirable rrs rt neir tlm metropolis for spending a pheasant and or de^ly da*. l0~Chi'dren unaccompanied by their parents or guardian.*, will l>e excluded from the grounds. Gunning and dogs prohibited rn? -fin i?-* ?? >- -* ?* u , uvva W.I. iv?TO Vlio '' 'UV "I niTU uirrci, Georgetown. and G street, Washington, hourly, from 8 o e ock a. m. ti 112 p. m , dai'y. Pe'sons prefer ini a pleasant wa k oar reach tae Island via the Aqueduct. VYeso icit the puhlio to judge for themselves, and fe*l assured of giving satisfaitioi je 9 eotf JACOB W. POWRR* ft CO. WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFl.KR. Proprietor. iV?w York avtnu*, brttcen lit ardZd ttt. In callinc the attention oftbe publio V> n y grounds I would state that every arrang*m"ot ha? A . A M?n made to m&ie this ''Retrest" mort attiact'vn e\er> day. Motdajs the Ga' XfcjHbA dens are open to the publio tree of charge? & ouuo ri given bf a select band. Those dentring to erjoy the d\noe and waits * l I find the saloon in complete order to render pleata e to all. O" oth^r days the proprietor will cheerfully grant th? u*e of ths grounds (<>i school or other Pic Nic Fa Uos writhout charge. h m the amusement of children he has introduced a number of little games, never before see,, in this oitv. and oalou.ated at the same time to amuse the "o!a folk*." IV B.?Attached in my Bottling Eatablishm nt, and tamiliea can be rupplied ?ritii an; quantity at their'eaujeaoe, of tkat hea.thful drink, LAGH R BEER. upon wnort notice. < ? 15 3m WHITE SIJLPUL K SPRINGS, "" (iBSKJiBRilR CoCSTT. VA. This long eatablisheil watering pUc-> *a- opened for the reception of viutora on the 15th < 1A ? ? A M.**- , Ttmi M%ny new and important arrangement* h*ve been ma<Je sine* la*t n-a^on in thi* la. a tab!i?hm<-nt. and no eflorta will lie apared to make the guests oomforable. Persons can reach th?ae bpnnca by t he Orarce aid Alexandria Kai:r? ad from Washington: by the Virginia Cential Rai road from Richmond; or >>y the Virginia a-d I enac^ee Railroad Ir m the Ai-uth and Southwest via Lynchburg and Char, with on'T mile* travel JEKF.MlAH MORTON, President. J. HUMPH KEYS, General Superintendent. > 12 dtJuiT 15 PINKY POINT PAVILLION WILL OPEN f r the reception of viaitora on the h . ? A Wh if June In queues of mj an ?*noe for ?ev*ral month*, Mr?. Dix ' take oharje of the mar.atemer.t of the Pavilion. a?aistad by my aon, Thoa. H. Dtx. Board per vMk S4; board per month 8i*. je 13-eolm* W. W DIX. Pr< priftor' \1 SALT WATER BATHING. MARSHALL'S PAVIi.KiV f in* > will be open for the reo- ption of viai - A . A lor* on the 13th of June. Thi* rieiifh ful YrWi y roso't for tbos<* Making h?a''th and plena fi"alg I lire, ia unexcelled b? an) p!ao* of tne kind on ihl\)toni*o river It is ?ituate<l al> ut oce huadr-d miiei frrm Wanbin(toa iminediate'y on the l*i, and in tuli view <>f 'h* Ch-?ap-ak? 8a* lid fami'tiafor fine Oytt'ra,Soft Oaba.Sheephead. and other Fish, and caaly aooeasil.le b tne *o<its ptjing between W*?hi3gu>n. Haiti re an Norfolk. The undersigned has ma'e addni >nal improvement* in t ia Batt> ilouae* at,d manr < ther improvements u> me ooml >rt arid enjoyment of b:a The H&thin* oannot be aurpaBBed. J'P'endid An*'in?andp exit? < f Fishing and S%i in* Bo%t? free of rd?nr*e. He iia* ?p\red no ex pen* < it. pr? vidin* a c<xin Cotillon Hand or in ?a> inic in hi* stock of oiioto* Win"*. Liquorc.^ecarR.ftc.,and for ih -?. who wiah to avoid ex're:i.e fashion and to asek a r?tired p ac? wli-:re they c*n tn%k9 th^meeiwe* at home, tnere i? not a mire p'eaaant place in the Unit< <1 states. The proprietor pielcra hnnaelf th?.? nothing ihall be left undone on hii part t> rend r t^e.n bo. Terms lor board: <1 50 f t da;, f >r ieia t^an a wee*; t?r a linger tiine, $ 1.2S per ay; ?a(i per month. 1'ernoni wishing to ad4r*M the or<? pnetor ?1 1 direct to L.conardt'Jwn. St. Ai a','? oonntj, Md. je? tm R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor HTtiKIA HOTEL, Old Point Comfort, Va. Thin oelebrated S?al?oa'd Watering ace, looa ted in full vi> w of Hampton Ko&ds and A . ? A Chesapeake Bay. and *t the first mi'itary fflj W pout of I- id ted States. t Port Monro?) will be ready for the reception of visitors ou the first of June. Brides tho attraction* of the military eatah'jshment and the fine "Bill of ^are" preatnted in the ntany luxuries of the salt water re^iou, tn? Bath *t Old Point Comfort u peculiarly curative. For Kh.-umatism, it is almost a cp-vsifio; and for ila prop*rti?.a in thin regard the proprietors are al ow-d to make reference to Mr* D'. L r.n, (r lict of ti e late Sera'or Linn,) and to the Secretary of War and hia lady. A apaoioua new building and sundry improve ment* add largely to the accommodations and oora lor's of the approaching season. The maiiarotn?ut of the Hotel ar.d all ha-ine?a matters oonne ted with it are under the exoljane oharge of the junior partner, Mr. Willard. JOS SKGAR. C. C. WILLARD. ma29-lm_ Proprietors Ti POINT LOOKOUT. H K Undersigned, long and well known to the traveling public aa a proprietor of the City A . ? X Hotel, Alexandria. Va? and the I n'*e?i a?.? * ch?h niufi id wiwiu tti.n citv. leased for a term of years the mMi.iSwnt b?? >i ? Pavilion a- d the numerous oottages connected with it, recently erected at Point l.ookout, the point of lULOtioc of the Potomac vith Chesapeake Ba?, and having furnished them in a *t?le equal to that <>i any other wat?ring piaoe in the Unit?d St%t??, will op-n ths establishment on the 12th Jay of June n?xt for the rscepuon oi vititors, hi* arrangements beilc ouflioient for the oomfortable accommodation of at least 750 guest*. Point Lookout besides hem* deservedly the most famou* place in ail America for fine Oyster* Hoc P h. Soft Cia<>s, 8 eeph&d, Mackerel, and all other *a!t water luxuries pota*t-es finer facilities for Surf liathiug than even Cap* Majr, while tlie t>aok oourtry immediately adjoining itWnolndir.B the Drive*. Cartridge and Woodoook Shooting. Ao., 4.0.,?offer acvant%ges together superior of t'loaeofaity other wa;erini siaceon this r on t inert. Sue Water Views from the pa-illion ai d from ai. e oottages are extensive, varied, and oxarming The health of the point is un'xcslled by that of fountain regions, and thi acoees to it bv steamers irom bait i in or*, Washington, Norfolk, and ltiohmond, will probably b? daily to and from each of tbos* cities. He has spared no expense in providing a fine Rand,Carriages, Horse*. Pleasure Boa's. Ac . for hire, or n stooging his cellars with the bast Wine*. Liquors, Ao In sti rt his patrons wUi find at their command every luxury and oomfort obtainable at any other American watering ptaoe His terms for board, by the da*. week, or- month, for individuals or lamilies. will he reasonable, ma83 dtJuly 1 LOGAN O BMITH._ Ifl I 11 4. and 13 4 super Linen Sheetings, iU~-?, 10-4 11 4, and 13 4 Cotton Sheetings, Kio'iard oo & Sods'. Dunbar & Dickinson and Barklie's suiter Fronting *n<i Shirtln* l.inena. 1 Towetiagi in variety. Tab * Li eua and Napkin*, IK) pieoea anperior make* Bleached Coltona, ino piecca I jiwuf at 123i cent* 25 pieora White and C<?nred Flanne a.<ea' and Miaaea' White Cotton Rom, Wlii> Good* in vs'ietv. Cambric and Swiaa Fd iaf a and Ineorticga, Honi ton. Guipure and French Worked Cullara, ?nn Umbrella* .Para*, Wand ""an Shade*. ?*i'* and French Laoe Mant ea. Hooped Sk'rta. Silk MiU k.c.. Ao. received and for tale low by ]?? TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. pRANCIR H Ac* P E R, FAMILY GR5cERY0ABNBD^EED8TORE, ('om*r York ?r--??<a and Tenth > nespecuuuy wiieiuiM Murantf# ol th^vlio mat be in want of any article in the anov line. His endeavor* shall he to Mease, and by a strtet attention to tha want* of the pablta, he Iom* to merit a hare of their patron*/a. His took oon?i?U of every article anally to ha fVinnd in a &r?t-ctaaa Family Grooery and Feed i T ? ia, THE WEEKLY STAR Thia nNllNtrMiIriad Neva JevrMt??o* tainiDf ft (r?ftt?r vftriftty of mterwtiftc r??dtnc tb*B mo b* fo*?4 ift taj oth*r-i? ^at>)M)kftd oa Kftt?N?j moral Of. Tun?Cmsk, MrtrMWf, ? piiuia opy, pvtuia 01 *? jMTa o< piea ? ? 7>n rojM-. m Tvantj copies, U ? By rahMnbtnc in ?:?b? raiaed mom oei?hbor? VImost tM wterTm i.., of % i?*i ?,oit.u VI11 b? p*roetr?i jn per oent. of rw Wtkli Stmt vi'1 b* S,r+d. It mv?riabiT fonitmi the * **h< ftoa Va" that Ml RM? Tkt ItMUM Stmt Mroi?t* o |?n*r*. j thioBfhoit Ul* ouuutry. |Cr8ii(l? oofift (is vr*pp*ra: ou Im yroMi?4 ftt in? oouutor. irwrn uiH* ? *tler Lha ihu of fkt> Pno??T H R E BC K N TS fry Poat<n*?t?ra vbo m( m ?c*nU vill ba ail<"?rd ? comrr.ia> ion ot y o?nta. FOR SALE AND RENT. L^OR SALE-A |rM( btr|iii, four MrM of wal impro\ ad L.A N D. wel, *uitsd (<>r ft ma-k>-t iKr <i?n, with new dwk.iinj boua? villi four oobii And kitchen ; veil of fine water it the yard ; un<tti *ood f iunn*. and will he sold low or sxrhanged for est? sroaertj. and on moderate terms. Th* lanrf la at Hall's Cross Roads, two and a half milas from <>eorcetown, and in Alexandria countj . Va Amir to V. P. COR Ui.TT, ovar teak of Waahta?ton. ma H-tf L'OK K K.N I'?A small 9'rUKK.axssr of 6th sL I and Penn.avenae, under the Clarendon Hotel, suital>!s for a lurbar's taiooa or eifar store For information insure at the Hotel. mar FOR RENT?Th? FIRST FLOOR of Ue baitd inc ULiued.Bte.y oimwiM the ?Ml wiucof the City Ha! , f-oently occupied by Chas RTWaliach m an oflce. Also the front room ib the seoond tor* and the third floor of the Mm* bvilr* inc. For tarm?*pply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. i Louisiana avenne. ja IS tf SENATORS, MEMBKRS OF CON?RE?p.O Two splendid saitas of ROOMS, alefandy furnished. will rented durio* tbe session of Cmmcress, in the most desirable luoahty is this aity. fmn|i aithiu oaa or two squares of Brown's aiid National Hotels. Those in pursuit of sun Rooms will do well to make early application at No. tit nh street, between D street and I'a av. de ft-t< I/OR SALE?A cioe tiiree siory Briek HOUSE. P on 2d street, bet wee a D R'.d E streets, in Kibbey's Subdivision. The ?K.iv? ?? "? ?K enfd o?> ea?? te'ina. Prioe mad* iTdowd^t inavirin* of H. W. HAMILTON * CO., No. *64 Ttt opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. feT-tf EDUCATIONAL. Commercial college. *o. 47* SlVI*Ti ?T., Orpoftte tk>. GtnertU Pott OJkct, Waiktntrtm dtp. Armor lan Sy?tem of Pepmanahlp, Il^oakeepmc, Mercaati.e Form* and Cal' alationa. b?ii>iu*a? C<" rwpoLdeco*, Hi la of Kxchan.e, Current Hilla, C'?*"TiiMion Sa>?. Gran mar and Arithmetic. CTA Pri ja'atnrr Claaa lor Bo/a. Ladiea wili be inatrvoted in Lne penmanahip. Koom* open fron 9 a m. to 10 p m. For terma sppl> at the Rooroa. in* v<-Stn wv W vnirvo a rsn UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. I Niw AutitauiXT. Thie well known and popnlar ?**rninary, which ha* been ?o aucoea ful under the entire rare of Mr*. Z. Richa'da for more than ton reara. will be opan?d on the firnt Monday in September n-?xt. und?r tha united ??pervt?ion and instruction of Mr. and Mra. 7. RICH \RDS, in the well arranged and d*-!i?,tit full) 1 cated I'nion Acadeni) Building. For (articular*. ?ee circular' at all the Bo<ik*tor??*. maS tf \i MRS. McCOR ICK't* SCHOOL. *1 KB. McCORMICK daairaa to in for* kar friend* nntl tne pnhlie renemlly thnt ihr will rtnnx the Hnnei of her School on the let Monday inPe? tember next. Theconreeof etndy punned will oomeneenll the bmnchee re*uieite ton thorough ?n<lieh ednen BOB* in addition to her daj ecdolart. the is dMiromt of I QWi Tlii| lUMf HOI IBIIIllJ !0V PVVIil H w?en, a?ed from 10 to 14 year*. who wfil M under her inmediate oareand orerniht. Her arr*i.?oin?Dt? for the noonnimcxlafcoc atd lis* oar* of pupii* have been oonai<toralljr inrr**#>d and otherwise improved. Thoee in Washington desiring particular information with refsrenoo to her schoo. may apply to W7 D. Wa..aoh, Editor o the Star For frm? and fn-tr,?' paruouiari apply at hat residence?No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria. Va. t?r-tf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. IHAVK JUST RECEIVED A NEW RUF ply of Ger*?' fine French Caif Skin Drewa^^te Boot* and Gait'r*, P*trnt lather illW] Cloth Waiter*. Calf Skin. Patent I .'ether, J * and Laatmc Shoea A'ao, an eit?naive* Wtm xtock of Bo 'and Ctn dren'a. jadiee' and Miiim' Bo.>ta and Short, all of whioh I an ti'.inc aiexoeeding y low pnoea. J, ROSENTHAL. 620 Seven h street. ma 15 eo ? <*eeta ebovo D street. j^OOT8 AND T? BUIT T"K We are now maonfaetorinc all kinda of BOOTS and SHOES, and ooratantlv lec-ivinj a?A) oupp y of eaatern made work o' every (W-BHI aoriptio", ma le expreaa'y toorde-. and will he aold at a much iow*r prioe than haa been" VHk heretofore charged in th:a city for maoh inferior arUalea. Peraona in want of Koota and Shoe* of eaetern or oit? made work, will alwaya find a food aa??"nieut in (tore and at the loweat pri?ea (live na a oall. URIFFiN * HRH., ap*-r SI 4 Pepnav'varita a'-we. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. U ? *99 Tt? Stebst. Opposite Odd PUlnes' Hall, Watkmifm, D.C. Traveler* will study their interest* d examining my TRUNKS, VALICESAo .before par oha?ing elaowere A* I n?? non* bat th<^HVMI best material the market afl'ords and mploy^?**"" the !>"*( vurtm^i'. 1 can ooufiilnntiy reooiT.meod my work to be superior in Strut.k ai.d hwatihrt to Trunk* that are made in other cities and eold here. 1 k^p constantly on band, ami make to order on one week'* notice) every d?sonptien of SOLM L EATHKR. IRON PR nME FKBNCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mU othtr rALICES; TRAVELING BaOS; HARNESS, SADDLES; WHIPS, #e., #e. Trunk*, Jto.. Repaired and Covwwd, in work maniike manner, at short notiee. Trunks delivered in any part of the city, George town, or Alexandria. Al?o?Agent for Howe'* oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. demy JAMESfr. TOPHAM. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL. Delivered to all part* fine city, at the iowe?t possible rates. T J. k. W. M. OALT, Office '2*<i Pa. at., between 11th and 12th at* . ma 17-tf north aide. THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND anexteraire atook of Ft1 EL, it prepared to Ml! at a very low fitnre fur cash WOOD Sawed and Split ai.? use. Call and see fur youraelf. R. w. BATES, Wood and Coal Dea'ar, mats S. F. corner of Fourteenth and C ata. yOLK' 8 STATUETTE ITEPHEBI A DOUGLAS. In form and f?*uture? this be&utifkl and aocurat* apecimen of AmfKir, art la unafMittd by an* apecimen oHike rharaoter *ver produced. It U a fat ftm ile of the "iAttie Giant." Specimens may b? aeen and Statnettea proeired at cri-veb's l)tro si-oae. No. </?* Pt-nn avenve. ournftr of !2<li atre?t arhinjton oitj. Peraona la the District of Columbia an<fStat*a of Dataware, Ntar*lan<i, Virginia North Carolina, t*oo6 Carolina, Georgia. Florida, A aiwn*, Miaaiasi pi. and LuniDiar a, deairi t o?'P,f-? of t^> Statuette jrill ad Ureu tneir or^ert t>?.\ P. KK, WMhiOftoa city. D. C.. accompanied t?y a remutacoc. CompoviUon Copi?>? 01S, Box and Cartas* I. H^Editortof newap&perc in the foregoing 8tAt"t living the ??>oTe twely? insertion* in ttwir weekly Iwith unprnpr.ftt* editouaa will he (applied with ? oopy of the HtJUaette. rim) Mpfri in other Hiate* will tiefaraished tn the h>oaJ acenta. fa M V\ITDV /"VI f\ D VI? wuiaw Ak- ^ I - - ijvnb "uw i\ r- if n i rn * P?nu kvptb JT brftr.d of Pure Old Rye Whi kr> Copper Distilled. m?He by th? mOft rehab > distillers in P?mb??lvar,.K. M%-j;ai,d s d V rrn.>?, w%rr?!.t*d NTh Alto, lmpurt?d M randies, Hecnesay, Oiard, D?p?y * Co., Joies Knbins, Ac Aleo, P**ek *<-4 A? Rrn.h* bum HnllftnH cl*i a!I niaini ftAfi HL Croix Rum, and Wibm of variety, all of Undard bran^a A ohoio* lo? of Ci|ar? and Tobftooo V'??TNO A KF.PH ART, Amtr. ay U-It 8?t Pa ?*.. fcatv Rk and mk ?b. an - ?. 1. wu <M W>. LRE Now preeejj* to execete u; orders wit* ,n?h the* mi( be ftiTored ip the plumbing, gab ob jtkam fitting C7" More OB Mh etreet. a few door* north of Pfc. iTFDDe. where m?r be fouDd aeowtplete fteeortneai WWMtt1 Baltimore life insurance co.-i* , COKPOKATKD l?3D ? JoHW I. DOHALMOU, P|Mm - ?? DeeoripUre paraph >te Uj be obtained at the vim,?ja"c?'banu'i v,^' el',3 1j9?1I JOAAtOO a ' Hailfn. !<tll HTffl n fcyijP^-VSfc a yellow fine ll'mhkr AW* P"?ny<MI of the fbojr. J.?w^er,?fof ?h1*T 1?oIH,>*8^c^V^'rvKi^jr" ^TiiewntTf% ^ C^JCVBUIuj * ?bwr SUPEBB PIANOS, ? - T7 it . ^ c ? '

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