Newspaper of Evening Star, June 27, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 27, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WMM1DAT Jut 9T. I960. Spirit ef the Heroine Pre*. The Ctmst'twtion bn'.tu the Breckinridge and Lane fl*g for the presidential campaign, and pays a fitting tribute to the talenta and patriotism of tbe?e distinguished men. Tbe /si<Bi?'??r la demoted to newt JET The Japanese at New York are spending ineir in nming. by apeeiai in*iia ion ana the general freedom of the city, public and private place* of lotereat. ,T?i Poxt E*p**fs Not Ducontixukp?W. H KummJI. president of this company, aavs, under date of the '.tftb Inst: "The report orougtii bv xne uvsriana Man from California, In regard to the Pony Express being discontinued. It untrue. We are now running oml-wreklv from encb end of the route, and will arrive regularly hereafter, as the Indian difficulties have l>eeu suppressed by the government troops.*' rtntakl. Hons R J. Walker, F. Wood, John A. Searing. Prof. P. Da Janon, N. Y.; Rev. E. W. Sehon, Tenn., are at Willarda'. Gen. Cass left the city yesterday for Michigan, aa it la understood, and ia to be absent for a considerable time Thk wmrkaboris or thi Latk Posthaste*. The >ew York Post savs: '-The morning papers contain a story of the identification of Postmaster Fowler at Pike s Peak, where he has said t? have j sssed by the name of Acbtlle Drance. This story is wholly fabulous, as are all of the many othe s rriathi^ to the whereabouts of the late rocunasier. except that one which represents htm u hiving ((one to Cuba. Whatever reports may be circulated to the contrary, our readers may rest assured that Mr. Fowler Is in Havana. We havt sfen a private letter from him to a friend in this eity, dated "flarana, June 13tb;" and the Havana ?orresfondent of one of our German papers, some davs since, mentioned having met him in the streets of that city Hardks Cobfejsis ?The-Rev Jacob S Har! d? u, under seutence of death for the murder or ui? hut aos maap * conieuion acknowledging his guilt The Rev Mr. Day, of the JH E Church, announced, at thel'nioa Prayer Meeting at hia church at Belvidere, the fact of the confession. and des r? d the prayers of the meeting in Decaii or the condtmned and penitent rr n>inal This announcement caused a great sensation in thecharch. The Rev. Mr Kirk made a touching and feeling prayer in his behalf, after which the congregation united in singing the beautiful brmn commencing with the words. "Just as I am. without one plea " Oov. Uid?*n has respited the execution of Jacob 8. Harden for one week and a day, bringing it to Friday, the 6th day of July. The Trenton Amtrican states that Harden is even now writing his confession, and that he has communicated certain portions of it to the jailor and one or two others. The administering of the p? son to his wife commenced on her return to Ramsey's, and was given to her while sitting on bis knee even during the endearment* of an appaTriitiy loving husband. He kindly invited her to partake of an apple on which be had spread arsenic. She unsuspectingly ate it, remarking that it appeared to have something gritty on it He replied that it was -oothing " Tbere are statements said to have been made oy the prisoner, involving his criminally with others who shared bis affection*, but we do not think it proper to speak of them until Harden chooses to make them public himself. His purchase of the arsenic at >. as ton, his using that which was about the house, are all confirmed by Hardeu's own words. What la '-1- * ~ UIV.i MvuiiiBuni^ i? tut- uuemeci iDai in ibe perpetration of these enormities Harden does not se*ni to have the slightest compunctions. He did them without for onre thinking that be was doing anything very dreadful. [Y"3=?NOTICE.?A special meeting of the e.\ lk_?f members of the Washington Light Infa- try wTTl l?e hcid at the Kirkwooil Hoiisb ?.n THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, at * nV!?<*w attendanceis requested. If J NO. T. GIVKN, 8'o. fY^r" A WORD TO THE WISE.-A ?ood fit is 11 7 desired and a nice article w?-teu. and for your benefit 1 will tei! >oa that tho People's Clothing Store, No. 4 6" Seventh street, : the place her'! e good tit and a good article can be bought at verj low prioes. N. B.?Just rwived a necond supply of Spring an<J Mi miner CioUuug, Hats and Cap* at SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh street, opposite the Post Office. ) li-iw I nr/,M,Rv A^UNG,'?N BRINGS. a Announce that my entire Brass B. F. BEVLKIDOK " WIT"{w?? F1A VK JI ST R K.p K.I v v n ~ 1 An lavoicr- of I.tDIt*' ISbMlSSKl' fri^T? FLORENTINE rZjr Ok JOCKEY HATS. ^T1 J AS. V. DAVIS,**"** ja*7 3t Late Todd 4. Co. ?nt-A PERFECT, NEW. ROSEWOOD O I ? * oa??v iror.-frara?*. beautiful t>>ne PIANO offered for ^ 175, fot a few day?, at JOHN F. EL LIS'S. 306 Pa. av. PlA.NOa FOR RFNT, from half a dollar to .36 r>r mcnlii. AI?o, great bargains in Second-nand imnoa ~ - - JO g 'JtNTLE.ttEN, " KEEP COOL! 5J dozen GENTS' SUMMER CR AVATS and NECK TIES, OnJ j 12H o?nts each. Or 91-20 per doz^n. Just received at jo27 en* MAX\VKLL'S,32* Pa. ar. | 1 CRUNCH L VCK MANTLES* AND POINTS. Par* o'i?, !?hvt?*. and |3nn I'm^f iat, Thread, Vairucinea, mi> and fan brie Edfinge, Honiton. Guypu e.anu French wo;k-d (Jo.iaia, Lmen.a Cam no, 8? n *ud Thr-?aa S-ta, Colond Tarltnr a, Fwisa, Cambno. J?conett, v ull. Nanio k and P ?i?l Nanfok Maviina. H i .?? ?, Oiov ?, Gauatla ta, tilaskl -ilk Mitts, Ac. t'?..'?al? iuw by j?S7 TA Y? OR ? HI'TPH'HON, DR'.MK COST-?Onan-Jio, J*con?<, ?fie^e, I Grecadln*. and **ilk RaH?? fmm ? ? ? ? floano-.. a- first coil. ",u" w?iLfroJa thi> da* Offer our entire /.f C"0?i at < oat; co more wii! >? SPJ ?'^8:n- We have *o, e tbmiigh onr and m?'kM down mo.??fthi. kind ef goods; and we respectfully aoiieittUin want of e** *oo<X?, ?t very iow prioeB, to an ex Ki;i??U(iO oi our Hoot. _ 27 ooxt TAYI.OR t HI TCH'^ON. pt'BLIC B A T II ?. HENRY 8CHAEFKR. BASBES AND Hair Dxc??rR E neir Stcenth, oppo. Post OJfitt Jtf liUlll, n_. - - = "" " x?i?j u?w up iu connexion mm nis eaabiiahnisiit convenient accommodations for affording to tasa t ustom?<ra sad th? put..c the luxury of COL I) or WARM BATHS, at any time during biitin'aa hou.a. Ifisot.arg?? win moderate?twenty five cents for a insi*' Hvh. or fiv? hatha for a dollar w >?d ticket* for that nutnb -r are purchased and paid for in advance. Mr. Schaefer takes this onnortunit* to ? eu>U?we that this d M ab'w addition to h:?e?tab lithioeat will in no maiut?r int rfere with his reguI *r professional busiuess On theco- trarjr, he hopes t > add to hi" present facilities for injuring prompt I'tsnMon to hi* numerous patron* in the line of <5iIAVlN(i and HAIR DRKj?s*|NGAnd t t1 e l.adi?? who pat-o IZ"? Mm in the line of uttin< or Trimming their own or their children's nair, he b**ss to ?a* that he has p orid?xl for th?fj better ao<?iiim>>d*tio!i? in h?.?t?~i - - y ... H?M)U UC ? room a d %ppr? pnat^i it exclusively t-j their us*. j?2T- w eMADAMK DKLARUE W ooid re?p^ctfullj info, in the LadiepCBif that she ha now a sel-d axaortrnent of Mid Straw H rui-U. I.a lies' Hiding Hats, sn's Flat# and Straw Trimmings, N'fWMt *tjle? Ribbon*. Choio? F 9w?r? in creat variety, Nash*s, Beltings. fine Laces in Sleeve*. Collars, and Veils, Cha till/ I .ace Points, Frcnoh UMt SmtIi and Mantil'as of Boarnoa and m iuvv/iwiuo' ! j r 'i? .. E mbroideied Mtirto.l olltn, Pleevea, Cn^misetU, Hftodkerchuli.l-dBnigi.4o., ,.f c?li?r? ?ikI for mourning, nit d Ruaei; Fancy N*t.,nndI>o n Mnr.a Gnu** for Veil#, p?ua Cloth for Dre*??? nn'l Bonnet?. ' ? jouvin uiorM, Pilk and Liale Gauntieta, Filet Mits, Rraid Nets, all colere. fine F.vening Fan*. Fancy Ori an??*n'?. French Perfumery, So*p?. Toilet Water*, 4c. ;e S7 3t* i'O Pennaylvania avenue._ L' UR HA L.K?A pair of very *t>h?h. blooded ?orF rel HOR:?li?. Inquire at No. *6 Duin- try barton at , Georgetown, or at Woodley, one niil?< and a half north of Georgetown. ^^ "*> )er>? P. A. BOWKN. n*'d. and ?iiri51 for th* above ix.rt > on I" ruiajr roorninj. at lOo'o.'ock. ?\,t JfiwHSrfL T-^il ^P',y 10 HYDE * DAVIDSON. _2- * ?V^?r Uj?^r|el?WD. A. i P SPECIA-L, NOTICE ? L Person? iodet>trd to mo are re?D#ctftill? nj on or to/or* tfce fir t of ffie oumin^ mnnti. . ??- ? .? -uXI < ? I" #n?bi: ro? to oou'inue ?o pay tta? c??h for Fu u tu which persona ia?vin< th? city, or other*. ni*y wnth ???<?..? R. Bl'CIHJf. H*nUr i? ff*w Sfmd-kmmd Amtiirr', j? 2S-6t 4i" S vwnh, botWMB 0 a ad H its. pLUME DE C2&> OSTRICH FEATHERS, ud Wh,U ? _.....? "jjasJ-S"j?""H*" 1 j#? ?o9t WASHINGTON NBWA AND OOMIF. Ia t?? Special Staaioa or th? Sbmati, yet- , terday. the attendance of mrailieri wu about u large aa uaual. The only buslnett aubmltted wa* a call for Information oy .-nr. nw? m htjhu ~ ome of the po?t offices of the United States, the delivery of letter* by carriers, and the use of boxes The uaual committee waa appointed to wait on the President of the the United States and Inform him of the readtnesa of the Senate to receive communications, and the standing committees were continued as already organized. On Mr. Brlght's motion, the Hon. Benjamin Fltzpatrick was appointed to preside In the absence of the Vice 1'resldent; and. on Mr. Masou's motion, an Executive session was held rne retoiuuon onerea i?y lur Haie wai xo me effect that the Postmaster General be directed to ascertain and report to tbe Senate at an ?nrly day next session tbe number and names of tbe post offices where letters were delivered by carriers for the year ending June 3<>th instant, the number of idlers delivered. me numtcr 01 persons employed as carriers and their respective compensations; also, the number and names of all post offices where box rent ia collected, the aggregate amount of rent thus collected, and the rate per box charged at each of said offices respectively; also, whether any, and if ?o, what extra charge is made at any of the pos*. offices for depositing in the same box letter* for more than one person, and th? maximum rate thus collected for a tingle box. That it be also ascertained and reported whether the practice exists at any of the post offices of distributing and delivering letters to box-holder? prior, in point ol time, to the distribution and delivery of letters to non-box-holders; and whether the practice exist* of neglecting to deliver letters to the persons to whose care they are directed, and if it does, the cause of such practice. A Rkmarkablk Demonstration.?Among the most noteworthy features of the occurrence* in Baltimore last week, was the intensity of the manifest repugnance cf the Democracy of that city to Douglas, his followers, and their cause. It was seen plainly by all calm observers, "in the Square,"' every night throughout the week. With three magnificent bands of music, and a large body of outsiders from a distance playing the part of claquers all the time, the Douglas orators were utterly unable on any occasion to command a crowd half as large as thaVwhicb thronged "the Snuare'' In frunt nt th? f;ilinnr House, from which tbe friends of the Democratic party's cauae spoke every evening All who were in "the Square" necessarily made the comparison, for the marked difference In the two audiences was plain to all. That Baltimore's Democracy, with great unanimity, regard Douglas and Douglasism as traitorous, was indeed thus made evident to the most casual observer. Bv-the-by. Mr Reverdy Johnson, in smelling around to pick out a popular political lodgnunt in h'S old davs. has evldentlv made as liinml a mistake as when, with more youthful ardor, he adopted Federalism to th*. same end He is, emphatically, politically, a Monsieur Mol-npropot; being now as incapable of comprehending the philosophy of the instincts of the people, as when he sought to take advantage of them by being an active Whig leader The Executive Pe*?io?? or the }*exate Yestehday?The busin<-&* of t'u? s^salon, we understand, was exclusively contined to the ronj j a: -# * -4: -- * * * 1 iuerauon ui treaties, ana resiiiwa in (be ratitlcAtion of the Kxtradition treaty with Switzerland, and those of commerce and friendsb.p with Bolivia, Venezuela, Honduras, and Nicaragua In that with Honduras is a transient privilege, to which, however, but little imjiortance is attached . The Nicaraguan treaty was amended so that the American military force cannot be u?ed, without the prevlotn ?a*ent of the United State Congress, for the protection of tbe transit and other purpose* There wai no marked coiitest as to any of ?1 -? 4 r > mkUk ?? 4-' a 1 1 luno unur>, nuiiu ncir ranufu uy nebriy a unanimous vote. The President nominated to the Senate Judge Wm. F Russell as Navy Agent at New York, in place of George N. Saunders, removed. ^ ? p Examination or Midshipmen ?The hoard of N'aval examiners, Captain Buchanan at the head, of the remaining portion of the class of Midshipmen who graduated in 1-57. have made their rennrt tn th#? \*wv I na rhnput TKo ? - r?. . ..v. ..-.J ? J?. a uc juuowiim It the roll arranged in the order of relative merit:? 1. Francis B. Blake; *2 Joseph W. Alexander; 3 Henry D Todd; I Janus M Pritchett; 5 Kdward Terry; ' Charles J Graves; 7. Francis M. Bnnce; 8. Byron Wilson; !) Henry B. Seeley; 10. F. V. McNair: It. John XV. Kelly: IS. Thro. B Miller; 13 Arthur R Yates; 14. Clark Merchant; 15 Henry W Miller Mail from Washington to Lkesbcro.?The Department has ordered a contract temporarily with R 11 Drane, of Georgetown, D C., to con vcy nwm nexween WMtligtH city and Leesburg. Va , three times a week, with celerity, certainty and security, from 1st July to 3(>tn September, 1*U0. Thr Sknatb, to-day, without transacting any business of Importance with open doon,wtnt into executive st^ion, when our report closed. Thb Wiathkb ?The following report of the weatber for the morning is made from the Amor l?an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation U about 7 o'clock. Ji-se 26. 1HJ0. New York. !f. Y clear, warm. Philadelphia, Pa dear. warm. Washington, D C cltar,winds Richmond, Ya. 00*. Petersburg, Va clear, warm Norfolk, Va clear. Raleigh, N. C cl^ar, warm Wilmington^, N C clear. w?rm Columbia, s. C clear, warm Charleston, S. C clear, 7G3, windNW Augusta. Ga clcar, hot. Savannah, Ga cloudy, close Macon, Ga clear. Columbus, Ga cloudy, pleasant Montgomery, Ala cloudy, wind E Mobile, Ala. raiinn^ i v.... n.i. ? - ^ ? ~ wiicaii?, L*a aamp, 75\ FROM TNr a'Vk<i> - ? .MM ? ? ? t Frederick, Md clear, warm Hageritowu, Md clear, warm Cumberland, Md cl<*ar, pleasant Grafton, Va clear, warm Wheeling, Va clear, warm Parkeraburg, Va clear, pleasant. Cincinnati, O clear, warm. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. in., (corrected for temperature,) yo.ldti; at noon, 3?t,llo Thermometer at T a rr> . 6(i'; at noon. S3 Maximum during *24 ho ira ending 9 a m. today. -.0 , minimum 57 R^m 4*4 SKVKNTHSTREKT. I EMKMBKR The juuiu folk- at home, ami select th-'ir preses.t* from LAMMO.ND'S inainnioth totk of FANCY NOTIONS aud TOYS. j?-a 3t CARD SPK.CIAl*.?Tho?e of otir cuiitomors and friend* who nave billn with ?? are 'ecpectfcllj liOiihrd 'h*t the* are all made off. and if ?.n% ?r?i." -- ?? * r '* **" 1101 v nave theai ser.t in thsy wnl please oall at our i desk during the present week and get th-ir, as after that time we shall reader ever* account oa oar 1 hoi k?, aid we earnest y rr quest an eariy a?ttl? ment of the same as timn as possible. P>ompt pay im-nta alone will enable -us to nerve our patrons upon the beat t<*rm?. r J. W. COLLKV k. CO.. . j*31-lot 333 Seventh ?t. alw>ve Fa. ay. J I?LY AND MOSQUITO TIME?Those who w. UUl prof rtutl^p without distuibano* are i-ifor>ued t- at we have in mock for mem a neat, cheap. a id beantilti article of ?>1I.T AROMt-> I ' and RINGS to Lk hiuiK ove th^i* beds fr- in wnioli I 1 - " r "um^ i" ay time and curtains in winter. Thn? will b" lou>d very ommnoiital % d eoiiveni- | enL '1 he ou'tains or net can l>o hung in one minute. \V* have aUo, a full suiply of all kind* of PI \ K, BLUE YELl.OW and WHITE .NETS f.r bod*, cha a?'lier?,ia'hxlutes, picture frames, 4.c. < Al-o, a rich variety of n.atojials for ?urumer cov- i en ri? for parlor s at*, very cheap. CLAbETP * I'OfJSON. l>ealern in all kinds of CARPETING. CURTAIL MATERIALS, ANI) OTHER fcTttMirwV I.RV _ ?? ? vwv/oo, ja )8-eo6t Pa. av . Ma kt t Space No 4. j WASHINGTON FKVfAl.K INSTITUTE.? The i.ext Academic Y? ar will cominenoe on THURSDAY'. September 13th. raren's ntending lo >end tli?ir daughters are roqueted to writer their namu in July, aa those r entered at tliat tiro* will be more oertain to secure detks Circulars may I* obtained at the Institute N? --Mia c " -- L- ' Mr?. ELIZA W. SMlTH, Principal ' Mo? 10'2 >V??hinttf>n. D, C. juihX" gelling off, Slack LACK IUNUU 1 N 0 ? p " black lace points^* lace 8hawl8? ] ?i-acfc8ilk mantillas. ! ? < > imu; rcuuooa prioe* is order to redao* o-'f i?ni itnok. i tdiea imt exjeot fortune if the? will otll e* lr, m we h?ve determined to tell off our vhole i 7,7 ^tgyegsu ff;,. ! GEORGETOWN. Omr ?*o*o*towh, June 97,1800. Anxiety concerting the fate of the approprlttlom for the Washington Aqueduct and other local works, and Interest In the result of the Baltimore Convention, or rather Conventions, kept our citizens on the qui rirt for a week or more, and thorn avrltinir an Vt {fr.r <4 i As iiaalAM* IIIII1WIKU ? wjvvw I?'l ui*< uSVIUUf but they are now settling down into their nsusl tat* of quietude. It ! Doped that the President will rest satisfied with the vindication of himself and rebuke of Congress contained in his protest, and not visit bis indignation upon the people of the District for an act which was not theirs, by withholding or nullifying the appropriation for the water works. This would inflict great injury upon us; and if such a serious calamity is threatened. the citizens of our two cities ought?by public meetings or memorials?do their best to avert it. The canal wears a lifeless aspect at present, and I 1*1 1 ? ._ 1.1 ... ! it is neiioer uaeiui nur uruouiriiMi, navigation having been Interrupted for some days by a break near dam No 4. We ara indebted to Nr. Soper, the collector here, (a polite and accommodating gentleman, whoae appointment we noticed la favorable terms lome weeks since,) for bis kindness in showing us a letter from Mr. ?take, superintendent at the point where the break occurred. dated the 19th inst , in which it is stated that " boats will be detained about one week from this date in consequence of a break at Marsh Run Trunk, three milrs b?-low dam i>o 4 " We confidently eipect that boats will commence to arrive on Monday next, if not earlier, and it will lie quite brisk here again, as it is stated that 160 boats at ieast are detained at the break. The stock of coal on hand here is rapidly decreasisg, the shipments being nearly up to the average, but no fears are entertained of its beins exhausted balore more arrives. Tn regard to tbe break mentioned above, It is currently reported here that it was caused by tbe ignorance or neglevt of one of the newly installed officers of the present board, who left the gates raised at the dam for the purpose of ' feeding" the level, and went off home to sleep. The fiver rising in the niglit. overflowed the level and c ttised the breach. If this Is so, it affords another illustration of the evil effect of these constant changes of officers on the canal and other public works because of their political opinions, without regard to fitness, if it is not so, It will afford us more pleasure to record the contradiction than It does to report the rumor Have Hnv of your rt-aders ever \ritn*s?rH t><? operation of bottling eftVrvescent drinks mi a larjje ? ale? Those who have not, can have no conception of the dexterity attained by the operators in that business We happened in at Arsy Jt Shinn's establishment a few days since, and were astonished at the rapidity with which the bottlts were tilled with mineral water and corked Both thes? operations are performtd at once, as it were, by a most ingenious machine, oth? the ^a's would escape This machine, with the attendance of a skillful operator, will till 600 bottles in an hour, one at a time, being six seconds only for each. Three boys are in attendance, who, as the KnHlioa i ?n ??! ? n J ? "?- * 1 1 - aic i cuu j 1 8CH.U mem ahu a jr/cmiar psir of nippers made to clasp them round the neck (the bottles, not the boys) and at the same time keep the cork in its place. The expcrtmiss of these boys is the most surprising part of the process, as each cork has to he tied doien with two piucts of twine, crossed on top, requiring two d'stinct wraps and ties, the cora being cut each time, and care taken that the cork keej* it* place during these operation*; and yet the time occupied with each bottle is only H seconds on an average. They also have some experts in this estibl shment who will bottle off ale and porter?*10 boitlei in an hour, or 14 per minute We were informed that the proprietors intend soon to introduce to the public a delightful summer drink. which thev cait -sparkliny Catawba soda water." and which is likely to supplant the ordinary "pops " Do not forget the pic-nic of the Dumbarton-st. M. E. Sabbath School, at Analostan Island tomorrow To those who attended tbe crowded concerts of this school last winter, it will be sufficient to siy that they will have an opportunity of hearing tbe music repeated In tbe open air; to those who did not. we have to say that tbe noted singing of th?-se children is well worth the price charged for a ticket, even if there was no other attraction See advertisement in another column. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other Georgetown advertifements it* first figi iy-f?(;KORGETO\VN TAX PAYER* WILL isave mx f-r cent, on tlioir General Tax, and five per con*, on their Water Tax. for the current year, if paid 011 or before the in of July j??25-lw CIlAS. 1). WELCH. Collector. PRESERVE VOI R FRUITS. Pleane call and examine WILLOLGHIJY S PATENT AIRTIGHT FRUIT JARS, For sale by T. A. LA ZEN BY, je X 3t No. 1'<M Bridge street. L'l)R NEW YORK.?The packet schooner 17 Salesman, Captain Mott. in now loadinc. a d will sail as above with dcspa:ch. For freuht app'y to |s? McCOBB k DODGE, 61 Water st. Qnn FISH. FISH. FISH. ?>UU BARRKLS A No. 1 Moston HERRING, lin harrrlx A No 1 Halifax HKKRING. /%ow jamiing per schooner Sccor, an'l for naie on pli'Asing terms. Al?<i? <H?'b* rein No. 1 HERRING, .<> do No. 1 l.ahrador HERRING, 12 half-barrels do do. Daily expected prr ncliooner E. Doane. ami for Hale by jo 23-4t HARTLEY* BROTHER. OFOR HARI'ER'S FERRY. N Anilatt-r July 3d. iffin, the titramer I.. J. Hrrntcle, Captain \V. H. Ritter, will _ll |r-ave lii-nrirU)*n EVERY TI'ES DAY. TH L'RSuAY, and SATLK ?~' DA V. at 7 o'clock a hi., and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a. m. On the Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to SheplierdKtown. je21-3m Lskwing machines ADIES Are rtqua'ted to call at the aiencv. Mr*. J-*RVI"*'S TRIMMING STORK, 101 lJndge street. Georgetown, and examine the b*?at family *EW1NG MACHINES in hh. viz: Ladd, Webster At Co.'s Improved Tuht-Sftitch v?chine, and Harris's tioudon Sewing Machine. Frioe $4" to #7U. jeS-rolm ~ PERSONAL. XQ.??a:i?fai;tion partial?lainily awaj?had - free range?duplicates seem wanting?will signify axain indnotiim. (1' * > C. H. H._ VOTICE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN The lady, named I, .who claimed and ?.>?t = silk umbrella from the sub*cril>er'a stive. No 'iA7 Pa . avenue, knowing that it was not the one *he sent there.<s notified that the right owner has call- d for the hanin; therefore, if she wishes to save trouble, she will return it. 1-Z5 3f DAMKb PIERCE. \IADAME MORKICE, The Great Astrolo1*1 ftist akd 1> cikess, ju?t from Eurof*.~T?i? highly rift d and intelligent lady can be toisuitr-d on the l*ast. Present and Future Event*. Call at No. v<05 Twenty-second street, between H and I, Washington. ja*9>ni* WANTS. ' WANTED?By a >ouhk married woma-1, a SITL A i'lON m VAt n II fBA Anntv ?fr I ?? ? ? - ?vi ii j?|'? j av ww* ?*?aachusett*. If WANTKD-A GIR It, to cook. wa?h and iron in a sinali famil*. One tliat cat come well k'jommended may apply at 3:<>? l'a av., over H<?? j?w lr- ftore. It* WANTKU-A filRI-. or middle l(ld Woman, to take care of a child 5 month* old. ISone I)4mI apply only thoae wh > can come welt fconim tided. Appir No, ->3 ' I. t?t , between loth and lti h. t* 1 WANTKD-Ht a respectable yiung woman, a ?? SITUATION at chambermaid a-id a-?ist wirh wa?hinjc and ironing, or as nurse. Address Box 9, StarjOtfioe. j" '.7 2t* A YOUNG GIRL WANT? A SITUATION .1-. 1- ' v.^.nwv! w?i n i*uu Bcwmit, i>r numne, in n private family. Well recommended. Apply at Mr. McDonaU's, corner of Delaware avenue and C I. __ If \\. ANTKD-By a resectable yonn< woii<a->. a * * 1TUATION a* baby's ntir*e and to do plain Bowini:, or to <lo chamberwork ami plain * wing. Is willing to make herself useful N<> objections to tlie country or to trav? 1 for the summer. PI' *?e call at H -i Pa. avenue It* \AI ANTED?At No. 4f?3 Thirteenth utre. t, a * ? co.ored OOOK aud WASHER, for a family of three persons. je2H3t* WANTED-A WET NURSE, immediately. ? k bllO lidltt) ClfcO J1U11BC) f* t. IM Oil? but* white woman noed &pp'y. je 26-3t* A VEGETABLE GARDENER, who 18 also capable of attending to green house* and flowers in all its va'ioin branches, demreH a Situation immediately vv ell recommended. Please address L W , Star Office. je 25 3t'_ A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADYDesires t > make an engagement for the summer as housekeeper, in a private family or hotel, in the c.-.untry or would accept a respectable position in iliecitv. Hai experience in store keeping The best of reference given. Address Box la. Star ffic*. je 83 25*27 WANTED.?Every one to know that SMITH, r , **lr P"0?* for his Gondii WW iv OJU1 A n D| b?t?bUi *t., to getyonr HATS I md CAPS, lip 6-9m BOARDING. PERSONS SKKK1NG BOARD will fin.l very comfortable Rooi.s, either furnished or 'infuraished, and Board.on moderate term*, in a plea*ant location, b* ca ling at No. ?a Miesou.i avenue, between <>* and 6th sta. j**7 at* HOARDING.-Several large an t well furnished D R>>oina, with Board, may D? obtaiued upon re*lonable terms by immediate application at MRS. LINDrtA Y'9. 434 G st. A few Table Boarders can also be aeoommo iated. j? ' 6 EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, 4c. The ladies' mite society, oroor?n?h ( Jispoj, wnl fire a MOON- ^ LIGHT lsgcUR9ION to INDlAN^aS^^ HEAD on JULY *d The steamer Phimx h?< hffn chartered. Fin* music wl 1 aooompany thfiu. l.eavtng her wharf. Eleventh t.. at o'clock d. in. I ickeu. for gaatle ten. 3*) oents: ladies,25 eta.: children. 12H cts. Je26-5t L~ OOK OUT FOR THE STEWART HOLLAND CLUB ! FIRST GRAND PIC NIC oftnis Club will take Nee at ARLINGTON .on THl'RSDA\ , June Wth, if fair. The Committee pledge themselves^^****?? fhfLt nn ttJLllia nr PTilAnaa will Ka ?na>A'i ?? *-- -a r - - ? ?"V Dpm cu HI liinM* IV th? most pleasant Pic Nic of the season. The Holv Hill Band has hoen eru:ag?d. Ticket# afl cents, adini.ting a gentleman and ladiee Coaches will leave the corner of L and 8th st?. at 9 o'clock a. m. and 1 o'clock p. in., and the corner of Pa avenue a- d 7th st. at 9 o clock a. m . and run hourly during the dav to the steamer Gnoses W. 14th st. bridge. The Flyisg Clocd will Ifave Morgan A Rhinehardt's Wharf, foot of G st., every hour during the day. B order of the Committee. je 26-31* \VM. H MQ8ELEY. Sec. ran d foi'rth < f jiti.v ttmtbtiiom VI TO Piney Point, Point Look-Ont, Norfolk, and Portsmouth. The Fin", Sa'e and Commodioaa Steamer B ALTIMORK. Cart. Cuaki > E. Mit *fT"" ^ chELL) having beenthoroughly overhauied and fitted op in the most tantia! manner with one hundred berth* and four teen state rooms, will t>? plac--?l regularly on the line between Washington a- d Noif>j!k. nuking two trips & week Thi? desirab e aod dehghtiul nmmer routs will oonmienoe on Tuesda*, the 3<! of July, with an excursion to the above nair.eJ place. The steamer Baltimore will leave her berth foot offith street on TUE3DA. > ,3d of Ju jr. at 7 o'clock p. ?n., arriving at Old Point early nest morning, then proceed to Norfolk and Portsmouth, where she will remain until 3 p in., of the 4th. Returning she will tonoh at Oid Point to erable the passenger to witness the display of Kire Wo'ks, after which she will lra?e and arrive *t Washington at 11 o'clock on Thursday, the5th Fare for the round trip including meals? To Marshall s Pavillion ?*.<*? i o rmcy roini 3.<W To Point Look-Out 3<>0 Old Point, Norfolk una Portsmout h 6 <? The Baltunoro will nommeroe > er regu ar trips on Monday, 8th of July, leaving Washington on Mondays and Thursdays, and Norfolk on Tues days aid Fridays. For further it formation apply on hoard to rAt Cha'les K. Mitchell, or at the Compan?'s Offije. No. 378 Penn. a?enu?, oorner of 6th street, under the National Hotel. GEO. E MATTINGLY, General Tioket Agent Potomac Steam l>oat Co. je ?6 ritjug | Intel, and Alex. Gazette ] p 1 C NFC analosta\ island, BY THK Dumbarton st. M. E. Sabbath School, (Geobgktows. D. C.,) THURSDAY, June 28th. 18?*> Koats will run from foot of High street every 5 minutes during the day. k Tickets Scents,(children 10 ct?.,) including fare on h< at. Tickets to had at the store of Mr. Ja?. Wallace, (High st ,) Mfs?r?. Brown 4 White, ( Bridge st.,> and of t><? tcacliers <?f the School. THE IMC NIC OF GRACE CHURCII SCNi DAY SCHOOL will take place _np~? ^ at ARLINGTON, on FRIDAY NEXT. June 29. The safe Mid cc'ni-**0 * 1 in-idniiis Htoam Irarco FLMXf; Ct.oCD lias l?een engazed. ami will make the following trip* during the j day, fol'owinc the channel of th* river : Leave the wharf foot of 11 Mi *t . Inland, at 8Si a. ni. and 5 p. m., ami the canal, foot of Ut!i it., at 11a. hi. and "3H p in., stopping each trip at the tint-named wha-f; rfturniiiK will leave the Spring every alten ato hour until 10 p. in. Withers' full brass l?and has l>een engaged for the dav. Tickets I including lioat fare) 2ft cents: children 10 cents ; to he had at Mr Robinson's and Knlinski A Co.'s Jewelry stores, I'a. avenue, or of any of the teachers of the school and members of the congregation. The day having been changed tiDOStlM tickets were iiiiwu,iicK',ia wn.'i ? e?mee?iay .^7lli,on them are perfectly good for Friday. 39th. Je 4t AMUSEMENTS. KRID1AN HILL, Interft'tion of Bnuniinry f Fmrlnnth St*. Having lea*#d for a term of yearn thin beautiful and romantc up t, I will open it for the A . . k accommodation of the pnhlio on the .'i; Jliw d? jr of Jane ( MM. For beauty of ner?. jg BL| de :g tlul [.romenvJedj , it id unaurp* ?<*i t.y any in ihia vicinity. 'I he honae ia large an t enmit.o lioua, having two iargi dancing room , *> aide* tiimn# a i ll fir*.a>ln? r<uvma for K. H ! /) ?? ? tl?inon. in td'lhion I have erecieda large pavi ion for Pio Nio I'a'ties. Parties Families and Individual* ?i I find it a moat <lenrah e p aoo to pass the sultry *>? of summer, partioua If a* the strict ?t order ai.d de C >ru<n wjl he ?nf"rc<?d aid ??very artentioii will be ?n rarti'd b* the proprietors. l'h?? i arder will i>e foun<l t c >ntain all the delicacies ?>i tn?? season at all tim?s. The Bar w U he furnish d with th? ct.oioe?t Lienor- and Win- 8 and the tln???t Sena*-*. ?ooi-?lioa, t*??nd%? Hol;ools. Clubs and \11 i'?ry C"inra-i|fs will fini this the mo t desirable resort e i: - i - J 1 ' i? h MawS* HK.NRV \<M DVN. Fr- FKKF, CONCERTS! iRNST LOEFFLER, N>>c York *r,nw, bf twnn 1 st and stTffts, would re?peetfully Qy stat* to thp pnMie that A CON'Jr.RT oTifls 9KLECT MUSIC will I* riven ever* MON JE* DAY acrt THURSDAY EVENINGS duiinc tfce season, at hi? Pavilion, oomm<>ncin* at 5 o'clock and ending at 10 p. in- Previous to the Concert, tn* Saloon is open to tho$e desiring to whiln away a few hours in the mazy dance. ICK CREAM. WATKR ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at city prices. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pic Nic pur pos s. are requested to give a day or two notice, je 18 3m LOST AND FOUND. ?" REWARD.?Lost on the25th instant, a t;old ' head *d CA V K, having engraved thereon the names of the owner and donor, also t^ie d t^ of presentation. Any one tiudiriR the same, and return in< it to the owner, at th?- Land Room of the li te rior Department, will receive the a!iov? reward, je XI ^t* I^AKEN 1*P?On the 26th instant, two COWS? I one a ret!. horned Cow. and the other a ai*iJ| mottled red and white buffalo Cow. Th?*H*.<# owner or owners will please come for ward, AaJba prove property, pay charges, and take 'h?'u_a way. i,ui itKi > fell". At the junction of Seventh *t. j? Z! 3t* and Piney B'aneh roads. HKWARD.?Strayed or sto'en fr<>m tiie in<>u'^4 innTit lot on the ?5th instant, twi'?^rg black COWS and CALVES,? ith ropes on th-m. The altove reward will l?e given toSa^M any one that delivers them to me. GEO. M. NICHOLS, It* 165 Fourteenth ?t.. between P and C?Q REWARD?Strayed from the undersigned, 'JO on the 18th mat., two SOWS, from 4" to 50 lbs. each?cine white p:g. withnahJ^ right ear and both ears cropped ; oth?r a ?P' tted pi.:, bjth cars slit: tail* of cropped The above reward wi 1 be civen to any on? returning them to CATHARINE 0. MIECKLE:*, No. 4 74 E St., between 6th and',7th *tre> ts east. jo2B 3t* | OST?A jet and i?old mouroinj; UOSOMtPlN. 1 t with braid'd hair, bttweer the corner of F and llth. liroiiKh 11th, to the Church of Axc-nmon. on H lit The finder wiil be rewarded b> calling at No . >7 Winder'? Building. je IS 3t* miKCV ITD .... ?? - _ 4Bim ? ? "?? **-? iuaioiiv, us art p-i?'"y, & I WHITE HOG T).? owner ?ll pit ase come forward, prove property. pa> eha *os Mid take her a war. ' JAMKS Sl?Jftl V.. je* On F st,, between H'tit and 11th 8t.?. IL^Ol'ND? In front of my residence, northwest corner of Nineteenth and I *ts., an oval mourning BREAS?PIN, dated on the bajk 18?3 The Iokt may recover the same by applwng MORRIS S. MILLER. je 23-1 w* SELLING OFF tO~CLOSE BUSINESS.? JOHN R. MORGAN wonld respect iuuy ii'iorm tun customers, aud thecommu-VHI iiity eenerally, that he hat concluded toy Hi clo-e hiit business, and 111 order to do so an P^? s 011 as possible will offer hia entire stock 'f his own make BoOTS and SHOES at cost for cash, and his other goods at almost any price. To those in ? ant of reliable roods for wear, 1 would say, give ne a call and you will not be disappointed. A* I am al*>ut to close my business, all accounts 011 my Ixtoks will be renlered on or before the 1st of July, when 1 hope they will l?e responded to promptly, that t may meet with promptness the ohlica tions due by me. J. R. MORfiAN No. 303 south tide of Pa. a v., je 14 l>et 9th and 10th ?ta. important to housekeepers. e. r. durkee k. co.'b 0X3UZ2OT SPIOBS. Guaranteed not only absolutely and perfectly pure, bat cround from freah Spio*a, selected and cleaned by ua exp'eaaly for the purp??ae without referei.oe to ooat. They are beautifally packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are full weight, while the ordinary r-ound Sptcea are almoat invariably abort. We warrant them, in point of atren* th and nohneaa of flavor, BEYOND ACL COMPARISON, as a aincl- trial will abnndaotly prove. M nnferaH AnU K? - - , ^ R pURKEK t co 1*1 Purl Ntw Yorl^ WO ALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICR 892 Pa. Av., Bktw.IIth and 1?th St?., North ?ide. Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth ?t., ma 17-tf Below War IVrartment ihHICKRRINd ?r. SONS' WORI D WIDE Cjame P?AN? ?H, for sal* onlv ar JOHN V RI. 3OO Fa. ivtnue, txtWMD Ath and 10th ats Alio. Pianos for hira by the dar, wask.or month, upon easy terms. Kreat harsains 1b hand Piano*. jaIS Taf?Mjfii*AT,,**t *rriT#d' by *Xfnma' ? ftVMM K R HATS and C APS ta abundaso*, at TRIN^S.'YrL^VS, MBMITH'S, N 460 Baveat* at, opposite Post OAs*. * A POTION SALES. | ty For other Auction SmJtt, tot Jirit p*g* By A. 6RKEN, Auctioneer. V ARGE AND ATTR AC 1*1 VE PALE OF DRY Li GAdi at Atctio* ?1 shall oinmeooe on WEDNK*DAY.U.?*Tth liit. ?t It o'clock a. m., and continue daily nnti all is ?o.J. *t store No 333 Penn * < ????,souih 4*. t"'w*n 6th and 7th t'Mir, t > sell the eaUre stock of Dr? (ioodi, ton n* of? Cloths. Ca*a>nter?, Vaettncs. Towels. Jean i.inen and ?V?tton Pants PtufT, De Lain*. 14vos, Grey (ioodr, Sv I A5?"{?? "'h'r il,''r| F "">'?. I ?. Sft&j J Term*: Al! ?jm? und-r f5<> eaih : or*r lfc?t auount a orinJit <>f '?<n><1 Ml Unjrs, wit'.i approved ?ndor?(>d notrs, It'uriu* interest Ir-'in a** of?al*. J?ad A. GREEN, Anot !I7"THK ABOVE ll* POSTPONED in uon*?|u?no* of not b in* rotd) . uunl THL HSDA > , tile i8'h iu?t., same hour. je 27-d A. GREEN. A wot. Bj THOS. DOW L.liNG ; Georgatoffli. K. S. W tieBTi S&!? I"|FS'R A Bl.K BRICK DWKLLING HOUSE 1" akd Lot atAvctiox ?On FRI i?AY AKTKRNOO n , tne i9ui m?t.. nt fi o'olook, 1 stiM.ll ?eu, in front of the pren.i?e*. tnat v? rj deenable two-aJory Brick L)we![icf.wi h back building-, .mat ?d on the west siie of J?ff>r??it atreet, with !ui extending to an alley in the retr, known at Use former . eaidei.ce of Wb King, Jr. Tornm of *aie: One-third cash; ba anc* in 6 anil 12 montfta, with intereat }f 27-tt THOt*. DOVVLINO. Auot Bf WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneer*. ' 'BUff l rt,'." J'AUfc Uf IIUUBKIlUliU r L K 1 sitike AXD EkFRCTS AT AVCTIOfS ?tin SA I"L'RDaY MUK.M.NU, tfc?anth im. ?t la o'otock. l>? virtue of a d*id of tru?t du.y imtMi ftt.i will ?el! id f ont of the Auction Koom?. a larja collection of Honoehoid Furniture and KfT-^cta. vix: Rosewood Piano Forte, Kna ? A Gahle'n, Mahogan? Hair ???at r?ola?, R ck?ra and Chair*, l)o an<1 Walnut Dream m Ku eaua. Do and Walnut and Cherry French and Cot att> B txi?? ?ad ?. Mahogany Side. Center and Round Tabtaa, Waahetanda and Toilet f?eta. Hair ard S?uck Mattrr?iies. Bnlatera and P.llowa, F oor ar.a !?t?p Carpetand Oilcloth, cane mm v\ <>>'i n<*a' Chair*, Clock. St'iVPs and Kitchet. l/tensila, Ac , Ac. Furniture Wason. Terms carh. Ur "rder of the l'ru?tee jej7d WaLL i BARNARD. AucU. Br J. C. MoGl'IKE A CO . Auctioneer* Extensive sale of choice winks*, LiijroR?, Havana Cigars, Pi. kls*. {Dafcii, Pre?ervei> Fbcits ani> Meats, Iron ?afe,arre R.ok mokk Fix tube*, Hok?h and >v aoon, aC to i lo-k tmi h'?!.\e<? ok Hamilton a Leach.?Oi> TUKSUAY .MuH Ni.nG, juIj 3 at lo o' trie ??o e of Hamilton A Lracn, a If-w ooore ea?t of the Na'm-al Hotel, we ahail *er the entire stock it> trade a .d valuable store I- ixturec. vie : J vie* tVlunini, Fieur ile tlouiy. Cari; and Rn'iei Chamjauie. Choice Bf-wn and I'ale London 8herry, imported direct Hami ton A l each. Xtti upTiiir Old I'ort In bottle*, Welch t- Mad ira, in demijohu# and bott'.ea, a very fino article. Marcaux. Chateau. Laitte, Chateau t*?o villa, l*t. Fierre arid M i-?iiit>ert claret \\ ines, ?park'i-K Ho k Johautesherc aad MotelMWim, I .i?r*e qiiarU'v of Bur*ut.d? and ''til1 Witiei, Y?ume '?I hi per ia', Knox 4. s< d'i Ale. i/auaua Ciaer, Hib:x*rt * Brows Stout, A U'.p's Ale, Fienoh Vinegar, WVlJVa Schnapps, I ar.e quantit' ??f Catawba and other Bitters, in ci?a ai.d i>n dr u*ht, Superior Old Appie ai.u Peach Brandie*. in buttle* an'l neiriijohn*. Fine tirandiea, Whirky. R um and Gin, Knc'.irh ami French Pickle*. ^aus^s, Lru t?. Jellies, Said:n?s and Vegetable*. Lot ot fine <>reon Tom in 6tb caddies, Olive Oil, Olives, T urtie Steak, Ca apash and Ca ipe? miiow, in fancy ja*?. Prunes. ? ickia Mushrooiiis, and Potted Meats. in fanoy jars. Large lot of ohoie? Havana Cigars. of ranona brai ds, To!<aoco, One larre Herring Safe, nea'ly new, Counters, Glass Caa * , Loonier Scales, Star.d Casks Copper Measures. Ac. A I 1 U I L'H R I 1 mn>T? One fine R?&n >Iare, well broke. ha ne??, Kxi rent- U ?,on and Hmn'm, Tarma: and urder cash; over that ?um a oreuit of t, S. Sand 4 mouth*, with intereat, tor notaa >?ti?fact??rny ?ndoi#ed. rr7"Cai*l<'Kueii ready 011 Friday next. JOHN E. LEACH, yii'vivine Partner, ja77-d J. C. MeGUIRK & CO . Ancta. I>_ t r? UJ1ITIDD on uj ??. v. iiiwuinn a AUCllOQMri. I^Kl'STKh 8? 5?ALK <>F FI RMTLHE AND KrrKCT? or TUB "UllIT?l? ^TATKs" HoTFL, W*?Hixar?!i -On MONmAY MuRNlNO, Jii y 9th c-iniiieiicing at lOo o oo? . and continuing Irom lay to 'lay iintl the wnole is <1i?p-'S-d of, by virtn? n|ad>^<l ?<f trust duly executed and recorded in l-il>erJ.A J*. !>o. 197, folios 191, Ao, on? of the and record* for Washington oourty, the nnder Rimed, a* trusts, will sen all the Furniture aad Kfleets of the United States Hotel, com prising >b >ul one hu* dr?d parlor* ai d ehamh?ra. via: Very superior anl i ear y neyr Ronewood Whickering g'-ven octav Pianoforte, Cover, and Stool, l.arge a;:d luncso'ie French p ate Mantel Mirrors, ??a? Chandelier*. Iirackatsann fix'nrea throughout. Handsome Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Furniture. finished in broc\t*lle, plu?h. and hair cloth. Mft'hl* t o c?ntre, wh, and aid* Tables. Wa'nnt \Vh?tn?-t. fane* Chairs and Table*, Walnut Writing iWknand Koukcases, Handsmn-* Velvet and Brussels Carpet*. Oiloloth, Rurr. Inerain Carpets, 4>iIt Irami* Man e' V) irror*,* and Ornam*nta. Hrwcatnlie and Laoe Curtail.a, Cornioa and Fixtures. Rosewood, Walnut and Wa'nut Bedsteads, Dr?asmc Bureau*, Washrtand*. and Wardrobe*, heather Be<u Blasters, and Fillows, Toilet Seta, Cur'ed hair &nd husk .rtat'reasea, B ankets. Cou forts, and Coanterpacea in large auar.nti'B. L*rre quantities Bed and Table Linen, nearly new, _ Dininc Tables, oak Dmine Cbaira, Frenoh and atone china Dinner, Deaart, and Tea Wirf. Tati'e Cuilcrr, Si!?er-p!i?t*d W are. Cwtort, Chafing Duhes, Waiters, Coffee and T*a Urn*, Har Counter a-id Fistur-t, l.iquori and Cuari. Ir m ?af , De<ke. and OfficeFurnitur*. Ac., Tocethrriwith a large quantity ofHOBMi-O u EffeoU aot neo**"ary to enumerate Ternic: .fj-'and n-ider ca?h: oter that amount a ortdit of *anJ * **i? n'.n> for tatisfaotonly andorsed nt'iei, ;<t arin? rwrcil WM. A. BROWNING, Tran'M. e?7 d J. C. MoOLIRL it CO. A?cU. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For other "For Sale and Kent'' advtrtntmtnlj, see first page ] I'^OK R KNT-T* FRAME COTTAGE HOUSES, Mtunt -d ?u MaarachusetUi avrnuo ami Id h >t., containing 6 room* raeli. Reut $10 ft ui'iiith. For particulars apply on the prerui?oa. ji? 27 3t FOR SALE-I will noil my FVm in Princ- Georf?'? county, Md . on reaionabl# n-i ins, it ior p operty in Washington city. It I* lumiloa font Washington and a half mile from S<*a:gf.'s switch on the vVashutton and lia timore Railroad on the fiat side; 2H milea from th?? Agncult iral Co'lege. It contain* I89acr*?; goo.l buildings; th?e* meadows; 75 itcrea in w ot; p ach and arple orchard, giapes an 1 a Witty of ot^er kind of fruit; w II watered; the soil in kind: a g'i<tanri saw iniil within ' mil*s; a school 1 mile, an f a fir-t rat? road leading to Washington. I will sell Farm. Ciop. Stock anil Farming l.t?n*il>, and give possesaion at *u? tune. If I do not sell at n i\at<> sale foon 1 will sell off at auction sale, as I i>? end to emiR ate to the w? at. I * ill aell ver? low; titlncl* ar. Appi) to THOS. E. DANT.on the premises, or to Mr#. M. B. DANT, Maryland ave ue. No 819 Washington city. ie 27-W.Fk Tat* F'OR KKNT?FURNISHED R()OM>?Lodging Rooms and Parlors?on moderate t 'rm?, at 019 Twelfth at, uextdoor but one to the Kirkw *>d 11 - iiuwt)> Jf 2b at* rpO RENT-?n? handsome SUMMER 1 APARTMENTS, at Lafayette House, occupied lately b; member# of Confreaa. No. 233 F at., comer of Mth. Je 36 3t* FHOR RENT-A new BRICK DWELLINGHOUSE, lour-storie? with hack building, ?itaat?d on Thirteenth atreet. between L and Ma??achusetts avenue. The above houke is furniahed with marble martela and irate*, bath room and fix* turea for Potomac water. Alao,a three-atory and attic Brick Dwelling, situated on H street. between 13th and 14th atreeta, north aide. Inquire at WM. P. SH EDO'S Faocy Store, No. SOU Eleventh urei t. je S-3t* |/UR SALE OR RE\T?A oomlortalde and r convenient two ?tory and-l?a?ement HR1CK D\VELUNG-HoU5*E, No. 442, .itiiat-d on 1) tre?t north. <*ext to the oorner of Third ?U VMt. Apply to CHAS. BRADLEY, Patriotic Bank. POMFORTABLE ROOMS, with or without " Hoard, can l>e obtained, on moderate tarmi. at 4?fi E at., txtweeii 6th and 6th. Table Boarders accommodated with good Board. je 14 iw' Ij'OR RENT-Two beautiful new BRICK . ruJU^<-r?.on kigh'h st eet west, betwren M aod N street* no'th, west side. App,y to MARY C- HAISLI1'. No. Nintn street ?e?t,or Dr. KE^SBEY, No. 334 Pa. avenue, between 9th anr, 10th streets. je 12-3w^ THREE FRAME HOUSES FOR SALE, with 1 their Lots. The? will he sold on eaay terms. Th" houses are nesr the new Gas-Works, and are neat homes for the working man. First payment small, and the balance in on^and twoyesrs. with interest. Apply to GILBERT CAMERON, wuld ej\ je 15-2w FOR SALE OR REN T-The four rtorj BRICK HOUnE, N? north side of D stree , between Second and Tlurd, is offered for wle on a lone time, or for rent to a good tenant; or will be exchanged for property si uated between Seventh *ik1 Ki?r?>nin "tiwj", or j>aad H atrwota Inquire of C. W. BOTELER. 31* Iron Hall jo lS-oog^r FOR RRNT-Thrae BRICK HOUIKH-ohod Twelfth itrMt, bMwMt C and D; on* on the oorner of Twelfth and H ?U.; and one on H. be tw??? l?h and 19th eta. Inquire of J AM Kg W. BARKER, on H etraet, Mv?m 11th aad^Hjtk^No. pOR RENT-AtW ?t<^ F RAMh BOUBK. E^ab'i?hm?nt C. 8nrder!\?ifdoor toJtk?|jlNp AUCTION SALES. M W9 rA -M. 1MB ? A* V-? - M '*< - _ ? ? - ?? - ? i a jo at 1 ha nun n <r i' /- m? / k k <?w Bt J C, McGl'lIK A Co., A?ou?M>i ~ T*C9TKKT* DALK OF fHv^t MALL I Bi ict Dwillim hoc?m m tm? iiti or TnrtRASci Halu-UI WKl?Mk>l)A? kV TfcK NOON, iio* T*k. ?t * n'oinck vm the 1 a? hv n rtu? af a A , f ?rn?i /:?! Al ? r*? b 1 1 And du)y recorded in l.lbar f. A. P . No IIMul m llf. IIS 114, ud 115, oar ?f til* !m? r*e?Hi for Washington aoanty* l>. C , I *bal ???|1 Uu H I, and K.fn a isWivikii ?4 uoir* mr?nb*r*4 j>. front! nc *a?h aboat 13 feat 10 laobe* >e the 9" lf?i alley in tA* rwr of Hall, together vi?a HJV iHifivTvravu^ in in'r- i WV-?M? 'y Briok Dwollinc-Hoas**, ountaunoc lr* r<m?n Om third euk; th? r??lnlMd li n?'<rth?. with intorMt. ? r*d by ? dwd of Umut on prf vni vt. If th? MriM of Mi* should not b* sum^ttil with in ftr* dfcTt thereafter, the imsteo reserves (ho ncht to r*Mll,ttUM n?k ?nd ?>#m? of U?e < MQ'tirf M^liuor. af?*r on* vwk i f?Mif notice. Ali oon*ejanoinj at tt>* oo?t of tk? parchaaor ? * MfltlMH, thou. j. f19her. Traatt* j*4-4 J. C M>GHRK ? CO , AMU. By J. C. MrSUIRK A CO.. Aa*Um**ri. Peremptory sai.k of ribbon*. Lack* Lac * 8*t?, ?n?w Ooorw. Ac, Ac.? OnTHFRIDAY MORNl >?. Jint.ntii.iwid ?? tiriHirtf dfcIT aati whol* lock ) J i?p. of? at 10 o'clock, w# shall Nil. at tha a'ora No 10 Ctnttr Market spaoe. a lar je lot of Fane? ArUol*?. inch Afl? Ribbons. I.a?es, Lm? Seta, Head L)re?s*?. Straw Gooda, Filkand Worsted Gimps. Cofnl?s Brashes, Hoop Skirts. * * . ke. Together with a genera, aatortment ot Fane* Terms oaah. je ? d J. C. MoOUl R F. * CO.. A acta. Br C. W. BOTELER k SON*. Auctioneers Trustee's 8a i e of si perior'fi r jtitrm ii'ia tub a.iTiaa Brracrs or tmi CL*ii!iD<t* Hot at. - Bf Tirtare of a deed ia traet hearing date January Stta, and dalf raoorded in Liber J. a.&., No. 1*. folios from No. Mf? t?? No 177, one of the 1 Aid Records of Waahmgton ooanty,D C . I sha I a-oeeed to sell on the prom i sea on THI'RSDaY. J one l?o'c.ook a. a.. a . ar*i aincuiar tne good* and chait* i* contained in the banding known u the Clarendon Hi'W, itaaled on the ?>ulli?Mt corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 6th street*. Tig: <>ae Superior Roaevovd Piano FrrU, Elegant *uite <>f Rn?ew?od Parlor Purnitare, Large (Jilt (ram* mantle and Kier Mirr< ra. Rich sett* of Brooatel'e and Late Curtain*, Velvet and Bra**ela Parlor Chamber and Hail Carpeting, Ro**wood, Wa nut, Mahogany aad Oak aetta of Ctl^mtrer Furniture, Curled Hair and other Mattrr*ses, Pillows and BoliHrt, Blanket*, s*heata, Comfort*. Coanterpaens. Tow eis, &o., Waln< t Extension and Rrtund Dining TaMes, Oak Diuiog Room Cba* Chandelier*, An extensive variety of China Gas* and ?'r?ekerv. f liver Plated Caatnrs, Hutter Lisiica, Kjrks an<( Spoor.*, Table Catlery ?o , n?- * - - -- C * 1 t?:_* /a a? D?> ?*wni ruriuvair U'i r iliarvi, i noKlli| I IfP* its. Ac. It i? deemed inneoNNr; to partieelanxe the ar tioir>? contained in this very haodaomei? furn<*bed eatab iahm?r.t. To peraona in queatof good bona' t.old furniture. If preeenU anuiok attraction*, ft* tka oolteoMon la verv !?'(?, raibranni the e<f! tenta of about lorty fine)* furmahed room, al of which la of th? most aupertor and substantial character and in excellent condition, bariag l??en purchased new in January ta*t Term*?$?0 and under cash; or?r and not ?> oeeding 9 no. 1# 2 and 3 month*; over .$! *', I, a, s, 4 and 5 montha, for approved endorsed nctaa bear inc interest. KD HALI , rustee jetdtd C W. BOTKLER A HONS. Aocu B? A.GRKtN. Anctioieer. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN Fraoifras at Acctioji.?On 1 HI ft^DA \ , th? 28tb in t , I ahali the residence of a gentlero*- declin ing housekeeping. No # 9 M. b-tweei; Mh and ?th street* north, at 1? o'clock a.m., an excellent aa sortment of Forniture, via: T?te a Tetea. Etagerra and Lonngee. Tauiee, Wardrobe* and Buieaus, Keriste\ds and Bedding, Carpeta, Matting aM frtovea. W f b a ruiH ? rtf 1/ i D ? ? I >> V g "?"U w? ?- i 11KVUV11 it u i r . f-r TfriniOHb, je 36 d A. GREEN. Aaet. FUTURE DAYS. By J. c. MoGUJRE a co. AieUoutwi. Desirable two-story and babemxst hk1ck dwkllisd Horn oi* N'iwth Witt. .bitwiid 8 AST M !*t?.XO*th, AT AFC tit.h.??<n THURSDAY APTKniSt ?OI*, June 28'h, at 6 o'c'oek. nu th? irmiiiri, *? al>ai ?e I .%o 446. with the L<?t. eitua'.*d on N'luth tre^t went. h?-twe?n G aod h itravii north. The Lot fronta 14 feet lf>)h inchea ou Ninth atr et, rannine hack feet, wnh a aide allay. The H?oae ta a ?r.ur and well built two at^rr and banement brick hoijoinc, ooutainiug pai lor. dining room, four chamber* anil kitchen, with caa i hrou* h out. and every p*rt of the prt-niuea id firat tale order. Tit'e |>eri<*ot Tertna: One fourth oaah ; the reaidae in ?, If and and 18 month*, with intereat aecured by a deed < f truat on the premiaea. Je t2 d J, c. MoGUIRE A co . Aoeta. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. HAN1KHJMK XEW THRFK-8TOIV KRICK Hot *e. with nri mw t*< i btilmm ui Lot, <5 Kibbkt'* icmriiiM op ?vcabb pia. wt. AT AtfTlO* -On YHl'K9l)At.Ulr intll IMlUit. 1 shao in front ol the prrmiiM. it f o'oluot ? it... Lot No. 1* in KibbM'i ?ut>dt?lamn of f^aare No. 571, having ft front of J?> feet on Pncoitd ttr-et veit, oetween north 1> and K atreeta, and raning hank l2i' fe?t to a wide alley. with the improve inenta. which are a new three atoijr Brick Hou?'>. with back tiai'dinr, containing nine convenient y arranged room* aad t?Ui ro?m, oioaet* and w>?t? i.a I tnrough tbe bouar. and a good dr > oeaar ui<d?r the tiaok huilcmg. Pa\err.ent au-' iron railing in front Tleat?ove m'r t'i?n?! property l* hanriaomelr located in a ra|i<ily improving neighborhood. and an elevated p< iitinn. aud the salt- will be we 1 worthy tit* attention of peraooa wiaking to pur cnas* a n?nds"inc residence. I>rm?: Od? fourth narh: halancie in C 12, It. and 24 m^nhs, for ihi'm hoarinc interest from da< sale. A <J?"U nven ar.<! a deed of trust taken. Tit indisputable. d A. GUT. F.N. A wet. By TH01? DOW LING. Georgetown. E. P. Wausitr, Salesman. BUILDING LOT AT AlCTI?N-On FRI DAY next, the 2*?tt? inst.. a' 6 o'clock p m . we aa 1 <?lit in Iront of the p fmiwu. ail the r;ght, t:tl'and intereat of the late Gen. James Thofi<p?o>i ic tbe undivided two-thirds p%rt of parts o Lots nod 61, (roniice W f- t on the e*st si e of Jeferson street, and running hack 1?*7 3 12 leet ra the line vf th? <*anat. Terms of sale: One-third oa*h ; balance nil d 12 months, lor app.oved endorse* note*, bearing interest W. H. L. TAYLOR,/ J. B H. SMITH. J E*ec?tora. je? M.WtF THOS DOWNING . A uct. TKOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE N?it Drawing of tkx Royal Havana Lot tary, conducted by the Saacuh Government, under the enpervision of the Captain General of Cafe, will late place at Havana oo THURSDAY, Jvn* 2*. lm. SORTEO NDMKRO 638 ORD1NARIO. CAPITAL. PRiZfc flUW.OOU. 1 prise of ?..#lan.00f' Sfl prise* o?..._?0t.w* i do ?,no? ?> do ? y? 1 do XMWi im do ? (* 1 do an.flw J"appro*. ,?* I do a 10.000 IH ALL 891 PRIZES. I Whole Ticheta, ? do-Hal vee. flO-Onarter*. ? Prise* oa*h?d at eight at * per cent, dieeoant. Bills on al! eolrent Bank* taken at par. J A drawing will be forwarded aa eooa aa the re*n? Deooman kdowb. . , ^ All order? for aohemss or tiekeu to to addressed to DON EOimiGUEl, jell-tr Ctr*ofCitf Post.OurlMtoo.8.C. 275" ALttN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS. Pnini. Aviso, Between l"th and 11th streets. je If NEW STYLES OP RICH J BWKLIY-H p. ROOD hu just opened a larse stoat. wft:c lie will ffl?r at very iow rstea Therefore tho?* that are wiahincto carry home asTUi.nt in hu lice as preeent*. wiu do vail to oall and examine hu stook st 3^ Ps. avenue j?a SELLING OFF! selling or rr _ We hare marked dovn_osr whole mtoek of K : c f, H&regeand UVD RobM, Rich PiirvrM ?r.d Plain Bareges. Chintz Firiued Anlans. A!. Fane* DrMs8ilka.DM.DT si ooit tad last, in order to mluof oar hear? stock thit ?on. rry We invite the sr>*cia i.(paction of tbe ladies andturehaeert general !y, as we aha. '??* dee Ira bie bargains. J. W. VOLLEY 4 CO.. J* U 9w <83 Seventh st-. above Pa. a*. U_KKAT HAKwAlIMS in M A IVTJILLA4! Ladies should los? do time in celling et the store ofCLAGETT A MAY. where the in?te?t her(Sin ever offered met now tw> secured. Having purchased for ca?h th? eiitire stock of s lerre imporunf House et the North et e redectiou of 45 prr oe >t. from the oost of inieortatma. we ere enetled Utof rr to our customers the choio? st ?tj >? atom n*lf thic?d*l pkices. We oell particular attention to the foliowinf lots. till unsold: 150 Lyons LACE POINT*5 and SHAWLS, \ 225 CAMBR Al ud rl CHER do , da. A 136 elerant MANTII.I.Ag, witli deep tlouuce. M Together with a cuinf-hctinvf a?sortm?at of M BERN??l"SL. PICCOLO MINIS, and other V novel and Im|?M ?MH* AUo a few of thoM beMtiful aad rorj cljear BARHG^ and < HALLY fUITf a?d TRA VRl. M ING SI'ITa. and MI?SE8' DC"* KR8 and MAN- M TLBs CLAGKTT * MAY. M je ti ?t 324 Pa. av?aue#l>et Kh and lotji at* V 1.91. 8IM6ER *. CO. I GREAT KKDUCTION V I* Piim op F SEWING MACHINES! , Th* Machine* arc arknowiadr** ib aw for fa-Mir ?rwin* ami inaauAknturio? r?noiN CTfow gsr-^Ai. ** "W ioi jyirydl. fling or No,

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