Newspaper of Evening Star, June 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 28, 1860 Page 1
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)I q l :|t f ^ ' ' * ' \ I (gtamg Star. V^. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. JUNE 28. 1860. N9. 2.297. THE EVENING STAR it rCB lis nen e ver y after xooy, <SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, i'nrurr of P*inisylvtuta avenue and 11M ?/., BY W. D. W ALL AC II. served in packages by camera at ?4 a ??ar. or 37 eents per month. To mail snbeoribers V - price is a year, i? atiramtr; $2 for aix month*. 91 for three months: and for leas than thre? ment is at :herate of l2oents a week. Single o'-piee, o?cm;U wrappers, two c*>t?. YZT A iivERT>EMiNT?shoaid be sent to the office elore . 'olook m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. WATERING PLACE CORRESPONDENCE. WniTE Sl'LPHI'R SpRlXfia 1 Greenbrier Co., Vi., June 22, 18rt0. j Drar Star ?The conclusion of No. 1 left ine high on the top wave of an inspiration about mountain scenery, and among the glorious peaks of the Blue Ridge Indulge me now in a digression to remark? here in the centre of this great State?this venerable and honored mother of Presidents *nd state=men; of Washington, ot Jefferson, Madison. Henry, and L?e?that unlike most Northern writers who journey into this splendid but slandered portion of our Union. I do not deem it incumbent on me to relieve my mind of any special elaborate opinions and di?tui*itions upon the question of slavery. Though born and reared in a New England Stat*. I bnve never, since I began to read history or politics, been particularly exercised, | nor made myself unhappy in this regard. But I have endeavored to look at the subject from a philosophical, rational stand-point; and I have di-<*orered. what all who are not atruok , with ju-licial blindness may see, that some manifest, unmistakable system of slavery. H. rl rre* ? 1 " ? * - vi linage, ptTYidOT ail /ancient Biblical history And sweeping the eye down OTer the buried centuries, hare dishorned similar -y-"tem* and institutions in all from the gray dawn of the Creation to the present era. And iny mind has long since mchored upon the irresistible, immovable < i nclusion that positive, palpable systems of : i very?of sub-en ience of one portion of the human race to another?form a part of the . Ht h' f-if iio<l'jt economy. And that whenever this great -ystrm shall be changed or pi ? aw.ty it will be by Hi* agency and decree, and not a? the dictum, or a re-ultof theefforts . t W'cndHl Phillips and Lloyd Garrison, nor of u h political recusants and lofty.tumh'? a as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee. The transit of the Blue Ridge is by three f?cees5ive tunnels, the last a stupendous work, -rven eighths of a mile through solid rock, und merging gladly from the drear passage. defend tho western .-lopes, and obtain \ iew? ? f the great Allegany tier of mountains, b^twe^n which and the noble range from whose n-lamantine embracc we have just escaped, he- spread <>ut before our admiring gaze the Valley of Virginia. The course i? n<>w through thousands, tens, hundred? of thousands acres of excellent land. inter>per-ed. though less frequently than the eastern sides, with farm-houses and villages. The route from the fine town of Staunton, Mx'y miles onward to Jackson river, lays among spurs of the Alleganies. whose heavily timbered sides have yet to find profitable development in the us? of the immense masses <f wood for future locomotives, and in new markets for lumber when the iron, track finds its farthest terminus at the Ohio river. Froui Jackson yver forward the road is yartly graded, but State enterprise is proverbially slow, and it is predicted that twelve months may elapse ere the cry of the brazen - ?M?d shall resound through these secluded allies, and awaken his shrill echocs among these beantiful mountains. The route is now along the wild and rough banks of the James river, whose rocky bed Li bailing and foaming with the mad rush of it? turbid mountain waters. For the majestic storui clouds which shadowed our pathway across the Blue Kidge, now scattering their treasure* of rain an<i hail far away over the gr*at plains hundreds of feet below, and anon "heeling in their course, sweeping up the mountain aides and dashing their crystalled drop*. evanescent and fleeting as the morning uiUt, in pattering showers upon our moving roofs and windows?did not pas?over the present line of travel without disbursing liberally fr .in their surcharged reservoirs. Halting at the "Dry Creek House"?we opine that the name is sugge.<'ive of the absence. during the summer solstice of those tumultuous mountain torrents in th? channel ?>f the adjacent stream?certainly not of any Uck of thirst assuaging liquids, judging from the array of licensed bottles upon the counter, and the activity of the young Creole behind it. But please to consider your correspondent arrive*-* at the White Sulphur. The visitor to these celebrated spring* is impressed with the grandeur of the priuieral forests The mountain, a short iuile to the east, and so finely shaped, is den-ely covered with the kingly monarch?oak?reigning in regal splendor, and with almost undisputed sway, and gorgeous in his summer robes of brightest green. And here we note a feature in forest icenery we have never witnessed elsewhere; nor do I remember ever to have seen it in print. rtripes or veir.? of black, some running hori. - - soniaiiy, ana otners in an oblique direction, from bue to apex, woven into the beautiful web of nature l>y an Almighty hand?are conspicuous along the entire length of this d I icfc*?1 and strayed member of the great range This remarkable, bat lovely appearance, dark lines or channels of an otherwise in varying foliage of green oak*, ia caused by ridges or swell? upon the face of the mountain ?>n which the growth is the "cloud-seeking pine"?though here the tree is less towering in itr ambition; and the picture is indescribably beautiful Hut it is such a weird grouping of forest drapery of opposrte colors that you need the touches of a master hand to enable your mind to form an adequate concep ti-. Q of this strange, but charming view ^ Tc LLIAMKD. Noili SerrivrKT*.?Thi? is an agreeable world after all. If we would only bring our??1?m to look at the subjects that surround us in their true light, we should see beauty whe we beheld deformity, aad listen to haruiony where we heard nothing but discord To be sure, there is a great deal of vexation and anxHy to meet: we cannot sail on a summer coaal forever; yet if we preserve a calm eye and steady hand we can so trim our sails and manage our helm, as to avoid the quicksand?, and weather the stonus that threaten shipwreck We are members of one great family; we are traveling the same road, and shall arrive at the same goal We breathe the same air. are subject to the same beauty, and shall J - 1 ' ? iic u?wu iipuu tuc uvauia 01 our common moioer. It i* unbecoming then that brother should bate brother it ii not proper that friend should deceive friend; it U not right that neighbor should deceive neighbor. We pitj that man w bo can harbor enmity again <t hia fellow; he ] -m half the enjoyment of life; he embitters kit own existence Let as tear from jour eyes the eolored medium that invents every object with the green hue of jealousy and suspicion; turn a deaf ear to scandal; breathe a spirit of charity from your hearts: let the rich gushings ??f human kindness swell up as a fountain, so that the ''golden age"' will become no fiction, an l the islands of the blessed bloom in more than Hyperion beauty." Revival or the Strikks or Ejclish Ope- I RtTiTBi.?The London papers state that the building operative# are preparing for a renewal of the "nine hours' movement.'' and fear.* are en'er:ained that a general strike is at hand The operative* have addremed a memorial to the a*?>ciation of matter-btiilder?. in which th?v state that their agitation will not cease until the nine hour* boon" has been conceded Id this memorial they say the operative builders' hours of toil -are at least equal to the clerk's and the warehouseman's, tne distance between his home and hi* place of work is in general longer, his right to mental improvement as sacred, his needs greater and the claims of his family te his persona I superin _ _ i ? ler.ieoce a* oovioua ana argent.' l be y tell I tfce miuters that the determination to s^care f this amelioration ia too deeply rooted in their bearu tor any amount of re*i?taoce to turn 'fi?m from their purpose and that the chief rn?*?t of ?*Tenfiw t0 which the/ may be tipo?ed, in conMqaen^e of thia demand, will >e 'o deepen their atuehmeat to the cause for wrieb they hare suffered, and to strengthen lori* raaulve to persevere in the agitatioa until cuccm has erowned their endeavors. . 1 ? ~ -/?? iiurv IUCJ is as good as ennj other kind of ornery set A unpleasant to have round. Tney are powerful heavy eaters, A take up a rite email chans of room X besides they are as ugly and revenjeful as a Cusscaraarus Injun with 13 inches of corn whisky in his stummick." The man in black close seemed to be as fine a man as ever was in the world, lie smilt A sed praps I wa? rite, tho it was ellermunts instid of ellerfunts that he was alluding to, A axed me what was my princirpuls. ' 1 haint got enny," sed I? not a princerpul. Irne in the show bisnis." The man in black close, I will hear ob?arve. seemed to be as fine a man as ever was in the wurld. " But," sez he, 14 you hev feelings into you. Vu ciinpathize with the misforiunitt. the lowly A the hartsick. don't you lie bust into teers A axed ine ef I saw that yung lady in the seet out yonder. pintin to as slick a gal as I ever seed Sed I. ' 2 be sure I see her?is she much sick The man in black close was apcerently as fine a man as ever wos in the world cnny whares " Draw close to me," sed the man in black close. " Let me get my mowth ferenenst jure ear. Hush?she* a Octoroon !" "No!" sez I, gitting up in an excited manner?" yu dont sav so 1 How long hasshc been in that way ?" From her airliest infuncy," said he "Wall, what upon airth duz she du it for7" I inquired She can't help it," sed the man in black close?"it's the brand of Kane" "Wall, .-hede better stop -lrinkin Kane's brandy," I replide " I sed the brand of Kane was upon her?not brandy, my fren. Yu air obtoose." I was considerbul riled at this. Sed I. "My gentle Sur, Ime a nonre-i;tanter as a ginernl thing A don't want to git up no rows with nobody, but I kin nevertheless kave in any man's hed that call* me a obtoose. wiih which remarks I kominenced fur to pull orf my extra garinints "Cum on," sez I?'Time ! hear- a Beniki Boy for yc'" X danced around like a poppit. lie riz up in his seat and axed my pardon?sed it was all a mistake?that I *? ? good man, etsettary, & sow 4th, A we fixed it all op pleasant I must say that the man in black cloee seemed to be as fine a man as ever lived in the world He sed a Octoroon was the 8th of a negrow. He likewise statid that the female he was travellin with was formurly a slave in Mississippy; that she purchist her freedom, now wanted to purchiss the freedom of her muther. who <tb p tnun i w? I , x ? ? ujxn s 11 uiavn close observed) was between 87 year? of age. <t had to d<> all the cookin A wash in for 2-> hired men, whitch was rapidly breaking down her constitution. He said he knowd the minit he gazed onto my classac &. benevurlent fase that ide donote liberally, A axed me to go over and see her. whitch I accordingly did I sot down beside her A sed. "Yure sarvant, mum' How du yer git along?" She burst into teers and sod, "0, sur, Ime so retched?Ime a poor unfortirit Octoroon " "So I lam. Yure rather more Boon than Octo, I take," said I, for I never seed a purtier gal in the hull endoorin time of my life Sne had on a More Antic Bask and a Poplin Nubier with Berage triinmins onto it. while her Ise and kerls whs euuff to mike a man jump into a mill pond without biddin bis relashuns good by 1 pitied the Octoroou from the inmost recuses of my hart, A hawled out $.">0 ker slap, A told her to k. i? -i <i - - uuj uci uiuiucr ?e wxjn as pm>it?rbul. she, "Kine lur, much thanks." She then laid her head onto my ?h?wlder A sed I was "old rat? " I was astonished to heer this observation,which I knowd was never used in re6ned s>ciety, A I perlitely but emfatycally shoved her bed away. Sez I, "Mann, line trooly sirprixed." Sex she, "(Jit out?yure the nicest old man I've seen yit. Give us another 60!" Had a seleck assortment of the most tremenjus thunderbolts decended down onto ine. I coodu't been more t iken aback. I juinpt up, but she ceased my coat tails. A in a wild voice cried, "No, Ilo never desert you?let us fli together to a furrin sioorV" Sex I, ' Not much we won't," and I mode a powerful effort to get away from her. "This is plade out," I se<', where upon she jerKt me dock into tbe seat "Leggo my coat you scandalus female," I roared, when she set up the most unearthly yellin and hollenn yu ever heerd. The passinjirs St the gentlemunly konductor ru?ht to th? spot <fc I don't think I ever experiunsed -such a rumpus in the whole course ef my natral The man in black close rusht up to me A sed, How dare you insult my neece, yu -'horbedded vagabone' Yu base exhibiter of low wax figgera! Yu woolf in sheep's close.'' A sow 4th. # I was konfooxed. I was a loonatic for the time b?in and offered $5 reward to enygentlem in of good tcoral character who wood toll me what my name was <1 what town I lived into The konductor came to me A sed the insulted ?artie* would settle for $50, which I ii-.mejitly awlcd out. and again implored somebuddy to stata where I was principally, A if I sbood be tbare a grate while myyelf ef things went on a* thejde bin goin for some time back. I then rod if th?re was ?nnv more ' becaire "sei I. "ef there is, let em cum along, f >r Iiae in the Octoroon bisms." I then thru my ypecterclef out of the winder, smasht my hat wildly down over my Ise, larfed highsterically A fall under my *eet I la there some lime and fell asleep. I drempt Mrs. Ward A twins had been carried orf by Ryenosserhosses A that Baldinrill had been eaptured by an army of Octoroons. When I awaked the lamps was a burnin dimly. Sum of th? passengers was a snorein like pawposses A the little damsell in the pine gown was singin "Oft in the Silly nite " The onprincipula Octoroon A the miarhnl mftn in hla<?lr - ? V1W? woo |VUV t BUU Oil of a sadden it flashed ore mj brane that Ide heen swindld. I boat no more of b*in smart? Surfully jure* Artemis Ward. U7" A poor Irishman who applied for a license to ?!! ardent aplrlta In one of the provincial towns in England, being questioned by tbe Board rf ha- la* as to his moral fitneM for tbe trust, replied. Ocb,?a' it'stbere yon are^?sure an'It's not much of a character * man needs for to sell whisky!" (IT-The Ocean House, tt? largest of the frsh louable Hotels at Newport, was opened for the season on Tueaday last. f Ui;iou, iuu uo [if?*rea 10 r>e as tine a man as there was in the wurld?"it's a middlin fine day, Square,'' I observed. Sez be. "How fares the Ship of State in your regineof kedentry'" Sex 1, "We don't hare ?ny ship* in our State? the knawls is our best holt.'' He pawgt a minit and then sed, "Air you aware, Sur, that the krisis is with us?" "No,' sez I, getin up and lookin under the seet, "whare is she?" "It's hear?it's everywheres." he ?ed. Sex I, "Why how yu tawk'" and I got up A lookt all round. "I must sa, my fren, ' I continered, as I re*oomed myseet,"that I can't sec nothing of no krisis myself." I felt sumwhat alarmed. <L arose A in a stentowrin voice observed that if any lady or gentleman in that there kar had a krisis concealed about their persons they'd better projuce it at onct or suffer kunsekences. Several individuals snikered me "in. wmie a purty uttlednnifel rite behind me in a pipe gown made the ohnarvaahun "He he." 'sSit down, my fren," ?aid the man in black close, "yu mukouiprehend me I mean that the perlittercal ellermunta are orecast with black klnud*, Iboden a friteful atorm." Wall," replido I,''in regard to perlitercal clleri'uutg, I don't know *s how ? AKTEHUS WARD MEETS T1IE OCTOROOK. Onto tb*, Aperil the 17, * Co.?It is with no ordinary feelings of Shagrin and in dignashun that I rite you these here lines. Sum of the hie?t and most purest feelins which actooate thehumin hart has been traront onto. The Amerycan flag has been outrajed. I've bin nus?in a Adder in my Boozum The fax in the ka*e is this here A few weeks ago I left Baldinsrill to go to N Y.. for to crit out ?nv r O ~ ~ " "V flamin valler hanbill? for the summer kampane A I wag peroosin a noosepaper on the kars, a middel aged man in speoterkuls kum and sot down onto me. lie was drest in black close, and was appeerently as Sne a man as ever was. "A fine da, Sur," he did unto me strateway sa "Midelin," sei I, not wishin to kommit .. .1? i? * A MRS. WINILOW, N Experienced Norse and Female Phyalolan, preeenta to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Fer Children Teething. Wklak frailly fa'iliuiaa lb( pracata af laalbinf, br tafiaa* lof lb* gama, radaciof all inlannnaiian?will allay ALL ?ai!? ana apaamodic actian, and ia SURF TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapand a poo It, matbara, it will fiva raat (a jtimlm, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa ha? a pat ap and aold thia artiela for evar tan y aara, and Ca!? f at, iw conriDBiacB al*0 tbvth of it, what ?a ba*a na*ar baan abla t?. iaay of any OTNia Madiclna? jtbtbb MRS. ha? it tailbd, iw a S I ft e L b ?ta1*cb TO !? fbct a evil, " 'lu VT S whan timalr uaad rta?aram wt tnaw innTHlVd ,n inatanea'of diaby any * n ,u on. who oaad it. On lb* contrary, all art SYRUP, dalirhtad vith iu OPBRaTIONI, and ?ft?k in tarma ( hifhaat cotnmandatiwi af ita magical afacta and madical airtaaa. *i apaak in .hia ma-tar '? what w? do ?rtow," aftartan yaara' tiparianea, af*d PLIDal oi'R REFUTATION ron the rvLfiLMinr or what wt Him diCL1KI. In ilmMi ?T?ry inatanea wtiara tna infant la aafarIng from pain and aihaaation, raliaf vill ba foand in iftaaa ar taranty minataa aftar tha ayrap ia adminiatarad. Thia ?ato.-* V'La pra para tion ia tha praacnptton of o?ia ?f tha moat liriniinnn and kiilfi'l it mala is Nav En(land, and baa baan mad with itlTBR-raiLlits ivcclll ia THOUSANDS OF CASES. It nat anly raliataa tha child frarn pain, bat tnaiforatai tha tornach and ba*a!a, corracta aeidity, and fitta tana and i? ui? awf ajaism. 11 viii aimoat inataatly ralia?a Gripins in ihk Bowils and Wind Colic, and ararrom* conniaiona, which, if not apaadtlr ramadiad nd in daath. W bahara ft tha ft BIT ??DirillTIIM- FOR IDI in tha WORLD In ill CAItt of DT'* CHILDREN IKTHt ?nd DIAk RNm IN CHIL- TEETHING D*"1*, vhtlhtr II ariaaa from raathine 1 or from int othar ( III. Wt wonlii tiy to a?ary mothtr who but a enild ?u( farinr from any of iht forafoiug complainta?DO WOT LIT TOCR PR IJl'DlCftS, !?OR TNI PR?Jl*DICftJ OF OTHIH<, aund ba'waan yoscaalfarinf child and tha raliaf that will b? ?l'R ? yta, iftaOLtTT ftl.T St'RK?10 follow tht tll?( th raadieuit, if tirralr Fnll diraetior.a fir nainf will a compan? c^ch bottla. Nona ranaana onlata tha fae-aimilt OPRTI? * PKKKINR.Naw York, la on tha taida wrappa oid by Driigfiata throiighnni tha world. Principal Offiea, No. 11 Cadar Slraat, N. T. Pnta only IS Oanta par Bollia. o? lldAwlr GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS LM)R UARPFRS FKRRY.-CHANGE OF R DA YS.?(>n ami altpr Jul) 2.18*1, tl)A Mtf'AniPr A VIT I lll'L' *"*?? i> * , Kii^l li, VyrtJ't. 11 J. W ki.i.s,carrying tlio United State mail, w HI leave Georgetown KVKRV WONDAV, VVEDN F.SHA Y and FRID\Y.at7a. u*.and return overt Tnes.iav.Th.irMlay and Saturday. iN. B ?Tlie Antelope will run as beforo until the aliove date. je 5 >'m* | Cii J 1ST RECEIVED, I.)U BBI.S. WHISKY, (assorted.) Uti? do. HERRING a-.d AI.EWIVES, 25 ?lo. KEPI NED SUGARS, n? ihds. PORTO Ith'd si r, vRS, 8 bbl*.< Hatfield* WHITE Jfl II, ij ltoxe? n ime Eastirn f'HEESE. For saie low by JOHN J. BOGUJ5, t e> O ijeortfli'iwn, l> G. 4 GKNCY FOR FAIRliANK S^OALfcS IN /\ OKOHi.KTOU'N. The undersigned have b ?en appointed Agents for the *a:o of th? above celfhrateil and we.i known PLATFORM and COINTKR SCALKS. A fu ! supply oonatantly on hand and for sale at lowest 'a'es. HAY and COAL SCALF.S erected in any part of th? District or ftdj.Hnire counties. All Soa!?s are warranto-! durable, aconrate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY ft BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural Implements. jeS2m Bridge street i doora went of High. C~< RAN DLL L7OPTICTAN~ s No. I'J* firidttt Has constantly on band a large assortment of French Near siRhted, pcrmcnpio, r?"i- <Ti ored, and al". other SPLCTACLK!*, ol ^ tne best ?ua.ity. in gold, silver, ateel, and German silver frames. N. B. Old rrames Repaired and new r asses set in them to order. no 19-1y J Of. F. BIRCH, U\DFRTAKER, Cor. Bridge and JfJfrr.\on ets., (i'orgt'.otnn. Having given my personal attention to thi* hr*n?h of hit bumneB*, I am prepared u - ? a'tend to all calls witii pr inpfne*g Por*ona from ft distanoe can be supp!i?vl f*fc H. n?inR??e' r? -ti^w ao 1 lu?*o(fc la?^c a??orlinent of COFFINS ft wsjsoa hand. Particular attention paid to the rsmnw! of the d'vi from the oid to the new burial grounds. Hoarse* and Hi'rRe* for hire. ap W-6m MArtSKY. COM,INS A. CO.'S PHI LADELPHIA DRAUGHT A I.E.?We ar? constantly I receiving frenh supplies ofthea'.<ovede!i*htfnl beverage, and invite all perilous who want a pure unl adulterated Ale. to rive it a trial. ARNY A SHIN'N, AKOiitd. j fli? 5T fJreen nt? fieorcHto wn. MEMBERS OF CONGRESS i?l -ND OTHERS Who are soon to retnrn to their homes, and who would a hl to the comlort ai d beauty ofiheir hon?e?, an1 respectfully invited to our warehouse. Pennsylvania avenue, Mai ket !*paoe. No 4 , third door cast of .Vint i street, wh?re they may find a full and coii!>DlHtf an^ortinent nf ? kleiiaiit Wiiton Velvet Carpeting*, from % 1.23 to i .$1.75 per yard, [ R10I1 Kngluh Brussels do. at from 90 cts. to .?! 1?, Rich Imperial Three-ply,(2H lbs. to the >ard,) at from R7}? cents to Al.10, Splendid real import ?f Double Inzrain do.. 7tt to fi"c. Very good ao. do. do. at 40 to Mew* AU", all wulths twilled a d plain Venetian do., for halls and parages, 25 to 75 cents. Also, elegant wid? Oilcloths, for room*, halls, passages, stpps, itc., which we cut out to order. Also, new style Coeoa and Canton Mattings, Kioli and extensive variety of Velvet and Brussels Rugs and Drugget*, in borders and by the yard, Sioor .Mats ip gr at variety, uperior a< d vor* oh^ap AU l-inen Sheetings, R?al >?ilicia 'I able I>ainank?. from 6 4 to 12 4 wide, TableCloth* i" all sizes,K-4 by 8-4 to 12-4 by 24 4, Napkins to match, A1m>, Towellings, Toilet Quilts, and other Toilet (>oods, in pleasing and great abundance, very cheap. CURTAIN M \TFRIALS. <i... . ??i. . r l > uai nvvtui mmm appropriate materials lor Curtain* is not to bo surpa-sed, in point of eloganae, variety, and reasonableness of price, any wiiere. We have? Elegant r'atin BrocateU, which are nearly 2 yards wide, at front W cent* to $6, Da naslc and Satin l,ain?s. from 5^ cents to ,*2. Kxtra rich Kmbroidered Tapestry, a new a,.icle for curtain*. rioh??r than brooatelo, Rep? and 'I urkey Clo-ha, in embroidered patterns and t>y the > ar<l. at astouishinuli low prices. Also, superb priiiti oiderM l.ace anil Muslin I'nderCui tarns, at from 12l? cents to ,%3 p"r > ard. And all the i ornicen, SHh Hand* beautifully representing flowers an 1 fruits, with rich Centre and Side Cord?, and Tassels and tumps to iriatch In consequence of the advanced stase of the Reason. we have determined to run off anv of th>' above 1 _ _* : & - * ?1 r ' kuumh hi iiimi nrxnu me nrxi eon, find at pr'ces warranted to be loss tJian the t>ame can bs had elsewhere. , ? All (foods sold to (fltoa dr?tanci will be carefully packed for transportation and sent oti free of extra cost. je 18-10teo CLA6ETT A DODPON. ""OWg >-LAn.: r 1 T THK T1MKS, XjP% HARVEY'S Fish and Order Fx Sress, arriving daily from the North aud Souti with tie following delicacies: FRESH SALMON. CODFISH, MACKEREL, SHEEPHEAD, HALIBUT, TROUT, SEA BASS, HOG FISH. SPOTS, BLACK FI^II, TAILORS. BLUE FISH. LOBSTER". HARD and SOFT CRABS, CLAMS, Ac. _And_a constant supplyof Florida Reef GREEN riKi Lb. and those tine large I,y nnnaven Hay SPJCED OYSTERS All person* will find it to their ad vantage to give m? a call l^fore going to market, a* I hare every facility to sell lower than can be had in the city. Ali orders thankfully received and promptly delivered to any part of the city fr?e of charge. Depot?491 C street, between 10th and 11th. je 15 liii T. M. HARVEY, Agent. I7AiRBANK ft SCALED! I4 FAIRBANK'S 8CALES" The Standard Scales of the United States. 80LNTER and PLATFORM SCALBS.I AY, COaL and CATTLE SCALES, HOPPER or GRAIN SCALES. REAMS and WEIGHTS, >uhkkt SCALES, DRUGGISTS*' SCALES, bank scales, COIN DETECTOR SCALES, TOBACCO SCALES, LETTER BALANCES, Jto., Ac., at factory prices. J* P. BAkTHOIjO Wi ie 16-eo lm eole agent. Seventh st., near Can?1. 207 PRKPARK Ft)R WINTER. 267 I mil prepared with an experienced oorp* of workmen to pat in complete order FURNACES, FEINOURS. or I.ATROBES, RANGES, GRATES, and COOKING STOVES promptly and at moderate price*. Send jour order* at onoe to J AS. SKIR VING'S Wathincton Stove D*?pot, Je 19-eo6t (Int.) 8*7 south ?ide Pa av. NO WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO D. inform the public and his friends that he ha* on hand a lance *tock of Marble Mant Is, unite a irw *tyle. Also Monument Head Stones, 'I al/e Tops, Ac., which he ha* to dispose of at prioe* to suit tne timt**. Also, Brown Stone oonatautly koj t on band. Plumber*' work promptly attended to. ina ^2-3meo Pa. av., bat. l?th and 19th at*. UOR SALE?A BAY HORSE: good under *ad~ | r die or banwe* : *oid for want of nae ; can >< ecu at BIRCH'S Stable. je 19 tf ... bciwmi ?nu ? iwo-?iory Dunging on fev nth street. The property wi 1 be sold in separate parcels. according to the improvements. Terms of sa:e: One third of the purchase money to be paid in oash, and the residue in two equal instalments, in ?ix and twelve months from the day <>f sale; the deferred parments to bear ii.'crest, and to b? secured by the notes or bonds of the purclia *er or purchasers, with a surety or sureties to be approved by the Trust?es. Should the terms of wile not be complied with within six days afU-r the day of sale, the Trustees reserves the right to re sel the property .at the risk and expense of the da faulting purchaser, a ter five day's notice. All conveyances at the co?t of the purchaser. C. INGI.K, / Trustees A. AUSTIN SMITH,\ lru*tees je II 6taw&di J. C. McttL'IRK A CO . Auos. MARSHAL'S SALF. ?In virtue of two writs of fieri facias, issued from the Clerk's office of theCirouit Court of the Distriot of Columbia. lor tha county of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale, for cash, in front of the court house door of said count*, 011 MONDAY, th* nth .<? t-1 -r+tt _! c? J ' ! JUIJ, IWI 1 bill II in frontot the premises, at6 o'clock p. m . the lol li?win< na-'iied valuable property, viz : I'art Lot No. 10, in Square ."No. 533, with the imp-ovments, whicn oon>ist of a rood two story and attic Frame House, containing about 3 rooms. This property is situated at ti;e c rner of Four and a iia f and south G -tree's Terms: fourth cash; balance in 6,12 and 18 mouths, for notes b- arm* interest fr<>in d\) of bale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All oon vMSfiomi ?t the oost n{ th<: p"roha?er purchase monoi to ho paid when the propert? is knocked off J?hou;d that amount not he paid down the property wil. o? then and there put up avain and sold to the next highest bidder, who shall pay the more*. If the whole terms are not complied with in five days, the property will b*> ??<?ld at she risk and cost of the defaulting pinoha?er, by advertising such re?aie tlire? times in the Nati'*"*' Intelligencer. 9AKAH M ANDKK'ON, Devisee under the will of JOS. T FVANS. je 13 2?wArd? A.URF.EN, Auot. By J. C. McGUIRK & CO , Auotloneer* C'HA.NCKRY SM.E OF VALUABLE 1M' tbovedasu UxiMraovxn Kkal Kstatk? By virtue of a decree of UieCrouit Court of the f)is t let of Columbia, passed in the c*uee where,n Fre?'arick \V. Selhausen is complainant and Charles Mades ami others, executors aud heirs at law and devisees of Honaventnra Suhad. deceased, are defendants, the subscriber will sell, a: public *a<e, the f>'I'<wing valuab e re*! estate in Washington city : Lots No* 0, in, fl and 12, in square No 7H6, on the r ? - * ? ? - ?r-- in norm is ana i ruru *treeM i But, Iron'irg 177 feet 2% inoiies ou north it street and 125 foet .'X on Third street east. Lot No. 9, in square No. 612. fronti e in feet on Delaware avenui, bj RS feet 10 inohes on south O street. The whole of square north of square No. 64% fronting 2<fl feet 8 inches on Virginia avenue, 2.1 leet on south F street, SI feet 5 inches on Delaware avenue, and 19 feet 6 inohes on Hail street west. I.ots Noe. 1. 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, IS, and 16, in square No. R'M, comprising th?i whole square and frontinc 148 feet 2 i.iches un norf> D street, 248 feet 2 inch"* on north C street, as1 feet Oil Klvhfh afroi'f ?,wl itj. f..?* c ? ? *1?* * ...... v .?o W, au<! 1CCI, V11 OC VOlllJI BirOCl east. And Lo's Noi, 8,!>, audio, in square No. 5ft4f frnntinc <*1 f<wt *a h on south P street, between First and ^octmd strt-nts west, by !?wfeet deee. with the imp ovements, which o -Dsist of four well built two-?torj lrn.iiie ?l wiling houses Th? sale of the iota in square No. 7RS will fake place on TUfcSDAY, the Mil day of July, is6<i; of the lot in square No. 612 on TH U tvSUA Y, the 12th day of July, 1860; oi square north of square No. 612 on FRi L)AY , the 13th day oi July, 1h60; of lots in ?q "are No. 8M, on MAN UAY, ?hn 16th day of July, 186"; of th^ lots in square 504, with the improvements, on Tl! KSDA Y, the I7:h day o; J uly, ',3b''. The sales will con m?i.oe at6 o'clock p. n..,oti the days above specified, on the respective pr?mi ses, and the property will be aoid in such parcels or lot* as may suit purchases. Terms of sale: One-third cash ; and the lalano* in 6, 12 and !8 months, secured bv the purchaser's notjs. bearing interest from the day of salts with v. ' ? - - I aouumi wr un nppruviKI UJ me iTUSt?? RI1<1 ll IlOt ooinplnxi with in five days after the >a of property, tne terms of whioh are not complied with, will l>e resold, upon one week's notioe, at the ri?k *nd expense of the defaulting purchaser, L' pon the full payment of the purchase money and interest, and not before, the trustee will convey the propeity to the respective purchasers in fee simple. All conveyancing at fh? expense of the purchasers. CH AS 3. WA.LLACH, Trrst*. J. C. MoGUIRE k CO., Aucts. jell StawtJuly 17 BARGAINS! BARGAINS !! GREAT BARGAINS!!! Seventh street, acknowledged to be the ch apest and bert plaae to buy Clothing Furnishing Woods, Hat* and Caps. Owing to the scarcity of money, SMITH, No. 460 Seventh st.t opposite the Post Office, has determined to sell his goods 15 per cent. I .n- I * "v iuch oiij umoi nuuse in luwn, Lirop in Jinvi i?6 our new supply of Spring and Summer Goods, at astoni?hi-.g low prices N. B. Just received50 dozen of 10 cent NECK TlKS. ccr if you wish to kpep cool, drop in and buy J one of our thin Summer Coats or the Patent Rcveraible Summer Coat,at SMI TH'S, No. 460 Seventh St., opposite Poht Office, IYT" A large lot of line Gents' Shirts and Collars a'very low pri'.es, at No 4bt? Seventh st., opposite Po^t Office. CO" The Ribbon Tie, Yale Tie, Aurora Tie,and alfsorts of Neck Ties, at one-half the ut>ual prices, at SM TH'S. No. 460 St venth st. jel4-lm N THK WATCH! ATTEXTION ALL! Mtm^ert of Congrr.?.? t* partitular, and Citizent and Stianicer.* in gm'.ral. Just received, direct from Geneva over one hundred WATCH Es, manufactured bv the ino*t Jfew skillful artisans, ami which will be sold at great l<argauin. War-anted to k'-ep the l>estttcj> tllli?- A!an. ? immt ?\f I L VE71? I L v . -11 1 M ..... .. vi rtuif on" i 9 t*ll t<> bo sold cheaf.aud sure of giving general satisfaction. jno.kuiii.N8Kl k. co., je 15 let* .10*2 Pa av., betw. 9th and 10th sis. Daily stage link between Washington city and AR lington MILLS, conn?tim?Mfc^^ with the Loudoun and H?.mpiihirp Wlry*r* Railroad, leave Washington at o'clock a. in. FareSOoents. ^tage office at Ma tin's Franklin Hotel, corner of Ktchth and L) t>tx. je 5-1 in* JOHN H. KELOHNER. Prop/r. Bacon & raven's and stein way i SONS' unrivalled PIANO FoRTfcB? of all styles and si?es. Also, several offBBB other nrUtes, for ?al" "t factory sriees, at*il ? the sol* agenojr, M ETZ " ROtT'S Mbiio Store. Several seoond-bana Piano* in liest order, oheap. )- 23 A cheap music. LARGE Lot of Music, F?<reignand Amerioan, for?*Ja at half pnoe for oue week only, attheMu io St?Te of _ W Q. METZEROTT "a VERY NICE CHJCJCfcRLNG PIANO, a-fsp.sw ^^iiTzStoW' AUCTION SALES. By WALL & BARNARD,Auctioneer!. TWO VFRY SUPERIOR NORTHERNBuilt Buggies at Auction.?On SATURDAY MORNING, Sit* mat,. at H? o'clock, we will Mil, in front of the Auotion Roomi, two very auperior Buggiee, viz: 1 Top Bute?, 1 No top Baggy* These Bagries are in good order and made of the beat material m one of the oldest and b?et eetab liahments in New York. Terms: y? ?nd 6" days, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest jeM d WALL ft BARNARD. A ne ts. By i. C. McGUIRE St CO., Auotione#r*. HPRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE 1 Real Estatk o!* thi cornbr of >evkxtm and E streets.?By virtue ot a decree of tha ?*irouit Cou t of the District of Colum-la, passsd in two oiusea in which Stat hum. Smithson A Co., and Austin Sherman, respectively, are complainant*, and John F. Callan and others are defendant*, the undersigned *1 I sell at public auction, to the higheat bidder, on TH URSD AY, the 12th da' of July, 1W0, al 6 o'olook p. m., upon th* premises, Lot No. P9?ar? N<>. 456, to the oity ot Washington. D. C.,fronting .7> feet 11 inches on E street north, and 75 feet on Seventh street weit. This well kcown property is situated on the r.ortheast of R and Seventh streets, opposite the tieneral Post ()?oa, and is one of the ve y best huairess tortious in the city of Washington. The improvements consiatof ti ree three story houses on E etreet, including the drug store on th<* corner ... Hi j mo", ?i iz o oiock ra., the following property, tn^nt: All defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to Lot No. I, in Square No 618, in the oity o? Washington, 1) C, together with all and sincu ar the improvements thereon, <uize<! and levied upon an the property of Andrew Rothwell, and will oe sold to satisfy Jutncia s Xos. 2'4 and 215, to October term l^X), in favor of 1'helM & Kingman. W. SKLDKN, U. S. Marshal for the District of Columbia, je 13 dt* \I A RSHAl, 89ALE.?In virtue - 1 * writ of li?ri livoias issued from the Clerk's oflioe of the Circuit Court of ?he District of Columbia, for the county of Wasliinston. t*n l to me directed. I will expose to public sale, lor oasli. in front of the court hou&e door of *aid county, on MONDAY, the Stn day of July n-it.lWVt at 12oTclocfcm , the foil iwing described property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to Lot. No. 5, in SaimrA \n i,? !>? ?f *17 ?1 ' 11 : ""~ll\ m.v yjg nu'iir, u. \... together with &>1 &nd si'iiular the improvements tnereon, seized and levied upon a* the pronortj ?.f Jr.o. c. Nioh?,&?, and will t.s sold to satief? Judi ^ 125. *? Maj term 1?0, m favor 01 A. a d I*. A. Richard*. W SELDEN . U. 8. Marsha! lor the District of Columbia je 13 dts By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 'THVO-STORY AND ATTIC FRAME Hocsi a AMD I^OT AT THKCORSKR or FnCR AND A HALF r^Pno'i ^l * l-LAND, AT A CrTIO!*.?O"! rhl: Mshil v fl.^ -.n, ,<?. . r i..i_ ie.- . i . l.n _ ? SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE I The favorite resort fot WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, Mountain Air. fnvnora CUM BERLAN O CO . wSii vV&latrf&o^S Ptnntylrania. Good Society and a Good Table. Accommodation* fob for partioulara send 300 for Circular. "* w* oWBNi*, CM END?:NTERMS LOW. IN A VIS30HER, je ? l"w Carlislt Svrintf, Pa. WASHINGTON /^iT*vr /> ? n i* p m ww v i i i v a n y c< ERNST l.OF.FFl,EK. Proprietor. Xtte York av?nu4, h'twten 1st a*Aid stf. In calling the attention of tne public t<> n r (rounds I would state that every arrangement ha* A.. be?n made to make this "Retreat" morpV(7!Ay attraotive every day. Mondays the liar-uSl dens are open to the pubiio tree of charge? k oonosrt given by a select band. Those dettiring to enjoy the danoe and wait* wi 1 find the saloon in complete . order to render pieaaare to aii. Op oth*r day* the proprietor will cheerfully grant th? u?e of the crounds for school or other Pic Nio Pa ties without charge. For the amusement of children he ha? mtroduoed a number of little games, never before seen in this i>i>T,ii:i'it;suunimiii uie same ume << amuse me folks." IX. B.?Attached ii my Bottling Establishment, and families can be supplied with any quantity at their rosiaeuce. of tkat he&.Uiful drink. LAMR BRF.R, upon short notice. j? IS 3m 4 'RKKN SPRING " T PAVII.ION. jV?ar tkf Old Iron Foundry and cmiy half a milr by land from th< Omnibus Stiitd ?'? Utargf totem. The Indies and *ent!?rr.??u of WlikiHtM and Georgetown *re respectfully informed A ?, A that tliiK beautiful p!ac?, ou the Foundry wjvTft: T Branch, is now handsome y fitted up f<>ri4lJtluL the reoeption of Pio-Nic Parties and other \ isitorx There are nuiMrntti Rnrin?* nf lt?? !?>* - and ft constant shade throughout tho dar. Tn**??* i* a large saloon (or dancing, with dre??ing room a't&ched.aod shady walks and teal* throughout the ground*. Soiioo'u. Socif-tioa. Clubs ud ?<?cia! Parti?? can obtain 11 it delightful place tor l'ic Nios without charge for the grounds or pavilion b) giving tire proprietor three davs notice. Meals are served at ?I1 hours, and Rsfreehments furnished at city prices Offirt 'rs will atterd at al! times for the preserva tioii of good order, ar d no pains wi 1 b* spared to give tetirfaction to a'l vnior?. JOSEPHKHRMANNTROCT. je ~ | Mtf Proprietor. WHITE SULPHUR 8PB.1N6S. ?KKK>BR1ER COCMT, V*. This long established watering plane was opened for l*ie reoeptiou of visitors on the liili ot A . . A May. f?mf Msny new and important arrangements have bct?u made sino'" last season in tins {%. ? s tablikhment, and no efforts will bo spared to make th^ gneisti comfort able. Persons oati reach these hprinra b; the Orai ge ana Aifunnru Kai:na<i Irom WashnuU'M; by (lie Virginia Central Rai from Richmond; or by the Virginia *"d Tenntsewe Railroad from the South and tfouthweet via l.ynchburc at.d Char lottesvi.Ie, with on1* y* in:!es ?ta*e travel J eh f..M1AH MORTON, President. j. humphreys, Genera! Superintendent. je i; d? July 15 ]\1 ?alt \n atkr bathing. Marshall*;* paviuon. tMnore's i*ndir*) wi I l>e open for the recption of viai A ^ . A tor* on the 13th of June. This ?teiiuh?fa! VifMk t reso~t for those seeking health arid pleas li-'aUi I uro. is unexcelled bt any place of the kind ou ih" Potomac river It is si.uatid a!>< nt one hundred miles from \Va*hinrton immediately ou the PoTomse, and ir, lull view >(" 'he t'h-Mip *ak?? Hay, and famous for fin* >y? t re, Soft Crabs, Sheephead. an<i other Full, and easily aoceastbleb? the su>am hosta p'yine br-twoen Washington. Haiti-n in ano Norfolk. Tiie undersigned has ma-'e addri " a! improvements in 1 is Batn House* and many other improvements to the comf >rt and enjoyment of his 3u~st?. The B-.thine cannot be surpassed. Spienid A nc iiiK M.J p enty of Fishing and Sai ins Boats fiee of chargo. He has spared no expense 1:1 pr? viding a good Cotii.o'. Band or-in laying in his stock ?r _i -*? - - ' ?/1 vuotuo ?? iiiru, L*iquur8,r,??&rH, !or 1h <80 who wish t'> avoid cjtoim fashio-1 and to seek a retired p ace where they can make themeelve* at home, there is not a inore p ea*\i:t place id the Uni?<-tl The vrop'ieuir p!Htn hnns'lf tnat nothing shall be left undone on his part t'> render t'lem so. Terms Jor tv>arr;; p< r day, for ien than a w?ek; f>r a Ioniser time, Jjl.iS p?r ay; $30 per month. Persons wishing to iddmr the ?r<> p-ietor ?i 1 direct to LeoEtrdtoTB, St>'? oountv, Md. je? 2m R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. HYUEIA HdTEL, Old Poi*it Comfort, Va. This celebrated 8?al?"?id Watering P ace. located in full vif-w of Hampton Roade and A ?. A Cnesapeake Hay, and at the firet military post or tne United States. (Fort Monroe I XLumLL will be rradj for the reception of visitors uu the fi>>t of June. H*i ides the attractions of the military ?*s*a!i'i*hinent and the hue "BUI of Fare" presented in the rtiany luxur er of the salt water region, th* Bath at Old Point Comfort is peculiarly curative. For Rh' lunaticin. it is almost a. , ? -r l??l 110 properties in thin regard the proprietors areal'owd to make rofoicnce to Mr? Dr. Lin:i,(rrliot of the lata 8'na'or Linn.) arid ta the Secretary of War and his lady. A epacioua new building and snndry improve tnent? add lately to the aooominodationa andooin ior'a or till approaching aoa*on. The 'nanaKoinent of the Hotel and al! bir ine?a mattera connected with it are under the exoiuaive oharge of the junior partner, >Ir. Wi!larJ. JOS. *<h?iAR c. C. WILLARO. ma 29 1m Proprietor*^ mountain top house, 1*1 Augcsta County, Va. Th:e well known and favorite p'aox of euihiuer rerort ia aeam op#n for tlie roception of A . . A visitors un> er th-management of ila for Yrlftr iner nroorietor li.iSre I It I* situated on the top of the II u' H >dj:e iitouti tain* at Kne*fi-h (Jap. 1.0 miles we*tol Richmoixi. V*.: the Vltlima < entral Kail road passing under tt?o house thn>u<h the B ue K id?eTuunel. The elevated situation,lx>aut<fu view*.mountainsoencrj, a d the confctftnt a d r. freshin* 'feezes, make it one of the m<>?' deli* litful p!aoe? of summer retort in Western Virginia. There is also convenient a spring of pure olialyheate wat>*r. Visitors to the Mountain Top Home will come Via Virginia Cent a> Railroad to \ft4>a Depot, near tlie eastern porta of the Blue Ridge Tunnel, where a haok wri a ways be in atteuJanoe to oonvey (one inilel to the mountain top It in alwajra beat for P^rMOim til W r 11?? I H... ? . J r V w ? " IM j n i/vlUI Ciiai'Ut lerm?: 825 p?r month; #8 per week; $1.5rtper day. iServents (biaok) a> d children under 12 yea's of at*, ha!f price; for y?hite servants a little more than half price will be onarged j?7 eolin F. F. LIP8GOMB. fr POINT LOOKOUTi HE Uud?*rsiRn?d, lou? awd well known to the traveling put), loan a proprietor of the City A . ? k Hutel, Alexandria. Vn., and the United States Hotei in Washi tt>?n city. hna^JBU leaned for a terin of years the magnificent l*?* at e I'aviiiou a d tlie numerous oottares connected with it, reoei>tly erected at Point Lookout, the point of iunctior of the Potomac with Ch?*ap?ake Bar. and* furnished them in a etjle equal to that of any other watering piaoe in the United !*tat*a, will op?n th* establishment on the 12th day of June n?xt for the reception oi visitors, his arrangements beILf sufficient for the o.nnfr?rt*l?!* __ ?? "?v wwwiumvviaviwu of at l^at 750 guest". Point Lookout beside* b*ing deservedly the moat famous plaoe in all Arr.erioa for fine Oysters, Hos F lh, Soft Cra*'8, S, Mackerel, and all r>th?r ?ait vatfr luxuries pnn'i m finer facilities for Surf Bathing than even Cape May, while the baoif country immediately adjoining it?including the Driven, Partridge and Woodooek' Htiooting. 4e., 4a..-offer advant*?e? togethe-, superior ? f taoaeofany other watering piaoeon thiacontinent. The Water Views from the pati'lion and from ali the oottages are extensive. Yaried, and charming The health of the point is un?xoelled by that of mountain regions, and the acceas to it by steamers from Baltimore, Wanhingtoa, Norfolk, and Richmond, will probably be daily to and from eaoh of tiics* cities He has spared no expense in providing a fine Band, Carriages, Horses, Pleasure Boats, Ac . for hire, or n stocking hia cellars with the beat Wine*. Liquors, tcc In ah rt hia patroi.a will finii at their oominand every luxury and comfort obtainable at any othor American watering place His terma for hoa-d, by the da?. week, or montk, for individuals or lamiliea, will be reasonable, ma83 dtJuly 1 LOGAN O. SMITH. in 4 11 4 and 12 4 super Linen Sheetings, IU~'?, 10-4.11 4, and 12 4 Cotton Sheetings, Kio*ard on & Sons'. Dunbar A Dickinson and Barklie's super Fronting and Shirting Linens, Tow?lings in variety. Tabie Lit ena and Napkins, in) pieces superior makes Bleached Cottons, I/Ml I Jtwvna a* 1 OlZ 2i pirc n White and Co?ored Fiann*ia, l.adiea'anrl Wiaaea'White Cotton Hoao, Whit* Go'.mI* in vari*ty. Cambric an?i Swiaa Fd inga and Inaertirra. Hnni'on, Guipure and Frenoh Worked Collara, Sua Umhrel!^. Paraa< U and "an Shadea, Sapor Silk and Frwioli Lao* Mantles, H oped Sk rta. Silk Mita Ac., &o, received and tor rale low by J' 12 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. Francis harper. ftAVI.t* OPKXKD * | FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, I'tmiT nf Srw York nrnw anst Ttntk ftrret. I Respectfully aolicita the patronage of th<?ae who Tia* Ik in want of any article in the above lina. Hia endeavora ahall be on pi?aa?*, and by a atrict attention to the wants of the public, he nopoa to merit a a hare of thoir patronace. Hi* lock coaaiaU of every article uaoallr to be found in a fer?t ctaaa Familt Oiooery and Fe^d Stoie. ma 17-tf | %TNpw^5^ryi?i?w; 460 Seventh at. between E and F. a? ... ... , ?- ? ?v? i . ?r.. tu ?'.ir VI Ul'" V fin?*t locution* in the city?on the corner of Third treet artd Mifoari avenue,and opposite the Capitol gronnda Any < ne winning to reut a fine dwe Iing will fend tin*a favoiahle opportunity. a? I desire to rent them immediate^ .?"d will raat them low. Inquire of P. W. BROWNING. je l-tf FOR RENT?That new and well arranged three. story BRICK HOl'SE. So. 1*43, oa G et-eet. between lath and^nth ?t?., south ai 1e, now occupied by Mr, Bodiieo, Russian Legation. Po*a-??|o? riven the 1st of June Inquire ol Mr. S*OI"THEY S. PARKER next door east. ma If eot| VIONTGOMERY COUNTY l.ANI? FOR t'l SALK.-V\ e?a?if ir?e three or foar har. dred acre* of Land lying on the P >?on ao, imir" from Georgetown. I). C. The VYaahiactou Aquei uct a'td one of 'he hneat road* in the county pas* through thia lard, and the mn-t of it ia covered witll wood and the other portion ia a>-i! of the ftrat qua ity. App.y to BA KN AR D ft Kit K F V. Ancti< n?ert, Georgetown, or WALL* UAKNAHll.Aiationccra. Wa?hi'itt?>n tll-W LH)R SAI.K-A pmt Mrjuni, fmir acre* of w?l r improved L.A .N l>. well suited fur * market t?r don, with new dwelling house with four room* unit kitchen; well of fine water in the yard; under k"'?t fnaciut, And will lie mild !<>w or eirl>anced for citv property, and on m?wlerat? term*. Tht land la at Ball's C'ros* Road*, two and a half mile* from ooreetown, and in Alexandria count*. Va. Apply to V. P. CORBhTT, over bank of Vt ashinKtofi. ma U-tf fpOK K K.N I?A final I S?T(?R t., oomer of tttti st, and Penn.avenue, under tbo Clarendon Hotel, auitabis for a barber'* saloon or oitar store. For information ir.^i^re at the Hotel. mar ? |7>OR RUNT?The FIRST FLOOR of U* b?il?l? inc immediately opposite the weat wine "f Ui" City Hal., reoently ooot:pied hy Chas. (*. Wa aon M au o&oe. Alao the front room in the aeoond story and the third floor of the name l>vildinc. For ternw apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. ? l< avenue. " " SENATORS. MKMBKR8 OF CONfiRKMTtu splendid suite* of ROOMS, elecantly furnished. wi!l 1< rented <1 n'ir.jr the session of CoBin the most desirable looalit* id this eity, ">ine within one or two Hntr(>i >>1 Bravn'i aiw National Hotels. Th"i? ic pi?rmi!t of such Rooms Will do ?(!i to inake ear.y app loatjon at No. *79 *th street between I> street and Pa. av. <! ft tf I^OR SALE?A nio* three story Brink HOUSE, r op 2d street., between D and t street*, in Kibbev's Subdivision. The above property will b? oid or <jafr terms. I'rioe made known l>r u.suirin* of U. W. HAMILTON A CO.. No. A6-J 7th street, opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. fcT-tf ~ eTTUca tTonal. ?'* O M M K R O II A l, C 0~L LEGE. v/ n'o. 47? skvkkth ?t., Opposite tkt General Post OJlct, Wasktngtom City. Armorian System of Penmanship, Booskeepmc. Mercantile Forms and Calc ulations. Business Correfpoidenoe, Bills of Exohaiue. Current Hills. "gri^FTN* A'BRO.," ay *-r 314 Pennsylvania aveim*. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, o <M 7TH SnnTt Oprostit fhUi Ftllotrt' Hall, W<i:ki?n<m, D. C. Tnreim will study their interest* t>? examining my TRUNKS, V A LICKS Ac , before pur onrrva oIi?m:i? eiseweio As I uw doom l.ut thrKdtfM best materia! the nivkM afford* and employ^*1*" the b?*? workmen, I can oonfidently recommend my work to fx> superior 10 Strength and Ihtrability to Trunks that arr made in other ciU**s and sold here. 1 k??ep aonstantly on hand, and make to order (on one week's notioe> ever* d^snriptien of SOLE LEATHER. IUON FKlM E FRENCH DREfS mnA WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mmd etk?r Y ALICES; TRAVELING BAOS; HaR NESS: SADDLES; WHirS, 4*r... ft. Trunks, Ac., Repaired and Corarad, in a workmanlike manner, at short notioe. TVunks delivered in any part of the city, Georgetown, or Alexandria. A i?-??A/ent for Howe's celebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINE?. delS-1? JAMI-y ?. TQPHAM. WOODLAND COAL. WOOD AND coal Delivered to all parts of the city, at the lowest possible rates. T J. A W. M. ?ALT, , Office 3*3 Pa. av? between 11th and 12th st? . ma 17-tf nortli side. The sub?*cribfr having on hand an extorsive utock of KfcRL, la prpparad to sell at a vor* low ficnrfl for oaah WOOD 5aw*d and Sjlit any tis?. Call acii ae? for yourself. *. w. bates. Wood and C<>* Dmiw. ma IK 8. V. corner of Fourteenth and C ata. T)URh OLD RVK WHISK V.-Oa Jtaad MM| K brand of Pure Old Rye Wiii ky> Coapar DiaUiled. rra/V by tho moat reliab f diatillera fr> Pern tlvania. Warrland and Vireinta, w&rmrtcd par*. Alao, Imported Hrandiee, Heuneeey. Otaru. Dupuy * Co.. Jo lee RotMia, 4c. Alao, Peaoh aod Apt a Braidy, pure Holland Gin, o.a Jamaica aod St. Croix Ran, and Wioee of av?rj variety ait of ?tandard brania A rbote* lot of Cmirr and To CO. YOt'N<? * REPHART, AceBt* np 14-1? P* ?t.. t<*tv ??Ji a.nil inrV? rt? A WM. T. DOVE A OcT ake now prepared to umti uy ordM Witt wi"*** b* farr rm in th? PLUMBING. OA? OR STEAM FITTlIf? CT Stor? on ttt BtrMC, few' doort nortt ?f Ft. A . VBLLOW PINK LUMBER. , ~ h rsei yy abhiwctg^ pHlCKERING A RONS' SUPERB PIANOS, * ? ' ?f f. ellis's. w p|.??. % THE WEEKLY STAR Tim xc^ilent I nan t a?4 Newa J<<ua*. ??m taiainr a trailer of mt?ra?tin* i?a<lias than can t* found in My oUM-M pal:iah*4 ?? S?toida; miming. TlllU-Ca<4, iarana*/|r, la ?<WH. ?<nc!e copy, per annum fl ? i v?> (X'pipa . * ? Ten coptaa . B * Twenty oopiaa. li? By nhKntmw >n oiaNi raiaar! am>>o* neichhor* Wlt]l< Ut UK lllUlv?'i/? -- ?' ? , i-u \'U m ?? ? wni. Will be perceived 3" per oe?t of TV. Wmilg S:m, wiM S* wvtil. It inTarukbiv Miiltiu the rt t>kin|tni that l-M Mil* TK' Ei S,+r oircu.aia ao (?n?ri;i) threat boat the ocu itry. 117" S.DfU ooptM (in vnpr?n o*a b? pro?are4 at the counter, nam*<|iau> 7 after the taaae of the pfcp^Tt Pr)o^~TnRlitB CRNTS ID"Paitmaitar* who act aa will ha allowed acotnwianon of ?' oanta. FOR SALE AND RENT. I70R SALE?Between 7 and 8 aor*a ol LAND. * < rart wood, i on th?? Plank R<?a.i. iT h at. i about 4 inif*? from Wa?tiin*tr>a?a beautiful building ait*, or well located for a market garden AppU at No. 3 Agenoy Block.cornar Seventh and F at*.. Waahington. ja tf-lm* t^OR R E N T?The threo-?t<>rt and tenement BRICK HOUSE corner ofSia'h vraet waat and F tr?et north, one aquare from the Patent an<1 Citjr Poet Office*?being oaa of the ha eat and healthiest location* in the city It I* ar-amed for ii ?t?>r? and dwelling; haa a hake ovot. attached. Will auit a l<aker or confectioner. Poa*e<aion tnren on the 11th inst. For t?rin*, Ae . appl* U< GEO. J. SEtf FFER LE. at Jackaon. BrothVr * Co. 333 Pa avenue. )e l?~tf f!M>R RENT?Threa firit cta*i aad recently tiniit HOI SRS. four *torie* hi;n ea-h. hapd ?<>mel\ fimahed. and iiaving a!! the modern improraIllPllttt mii-h m n-a *???- -a- - -- 1 C"" in:-?K>n Kales, Gran mar and Arithmetics 07: A Prcpa*at-^ry Cava for Boye. lijT Ladies will be matrueted in fine penmanship. Room* open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms apply at the Rooms. m%?< 3t? \VM W VQ1NG ft TO. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 Niwr AlKANSIXIJIT. This well known and popular Seminary, which tia? fw**n i"> eiicccssful under the entire care of Mrs. Rlchanls for more than ten % ears, will l?e opened on fn*1 firt-t Monday in September n"*l. under the unite.! supervision a-id instruction of Mr. aixi Mrs. Rl<"ll\RDS, in the well arranged and delichtfii 11 v located I'nion Academy RuiMine. For particulars. see circulars at all the Book>.tore?. inaS tf MMRS. McCOR . JCK S SCHOOL. R8. McCORMICK desires to inform her friends and the pnbiio seaera.iy that she will recaixw tbe duties of her School on the lat Monday in September next. Tfte course of etndy ponraed will eomprieeali the branches requisite tea thorough English education. In addition to her da? echolara. she la desirous of receiving mio tier family & low pupils m boarders, \terl from IP to 14 years, who will t>e under her immediate care find oversight. Her &rr&nr*<T<er.U for the aooomnrndation and due oar? of papila have heor o?naidera:iy inc'<*fd and otherwise improved. Thoae in Washington ieairinc Mrtioalar information with refsrenoe to iwr school may apply to W. D. Wallach, Editor o he Star. For term* and farmer particulars apply at her -esue .co? No. :> Cameron street, Alexandria. Va. h t'-tf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. gOOTS AND To SUIT THE We are now manufaotn-inc all kij)ds of BOOTS and SHOE*, and co-stantlv receiving upp i oi cas'eru mad * work o' every de-H^HI KoripUo", made e*pro?*!y toorde'. and willw V| h* sold at a in-ioh lover price than ha# Nen' heretofore charged in this city for much inferior articles. Persona in want of Hoot* and Shnas of eastern or oity made work, will always find a sood assortment in tilru H.i ! f iitt jnaioaf arioas ml. ?. - ? !'

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