Newspaper of Evening Star, June 28, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 28, 1860 Page 2
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r THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THl RMMV J?f l?M. %P?rit ( Ihf Mtralai Pre*. The (omuttwtion dtacuases at length the democratic plstlorru. The ImtclIigtMcer la devoted to newi. Thi Steamship Gim Kastkrs has arrived at New York See telegraphic column for particulars |\j~ The it oat glowing descriptions are given of tbe "Japanese Ball,'T In New York, on Monday night The Japanese visitor*, it la said, "never saw such a splendid sight before in their livrs"?but whether they were not '-tired out" very early. Is the question, as they left befors the com ran v had all arrivtd. Pirwni. Cart. F. Engle, U.S. N; Capt. T W. ^weenv. t S A; Gov. Manning and family, S. C ; Mr? R C Stanard, Va : are at Willards'. Ex-President Van Burt n la upending a few days at Willow Brook, Cayugacounty. N V., the beautiful country seat of ex-Gov. E. T. Throap. The health of the venerable sage of Lindenwald Is said to be excellent He is accompanied by bis brother. Major L. Van Bnren. A Carp or Thasks.?The last and latest 'card of thanks" is one signed by a party of prisoners, who. before leaving the jail at Wheeling, Va , to take up their residence in the State Penitentiary at Richmond,on - taking their departure" return thanks to the warden and his lady ArpOISTMEXTS by thk mil ci rh tk?, wlrtr* nni roHfitt of th? &e*nt* ?Geo. 1* Gillis, to be Collector at Sonora, California, vice T B Storer, whose commission will expire August Oth. 1H*) Jof Rouibac. to he Surveyor at Hickman, Ky , vlre Wm G Ronlhac, deceased. 8 D. J. Lewis, to be Surveyor at Knoxville, Tenn , vice John McMullin. resigned Samuel V. Watkins, to Surveyor at City Point, Va., vice Wm. Shands, deceased. " Tiik Walker Collision ? Safety or thk Re?t or thk Citw ?The calamity off Absecnm, N J , by which the U.S. steamer Walker was ?unk, and the lives of her officers and crew placed in Imminent peril, was not so appalling in its results as was at first anticipated. Accord ing to the Philadelphia Pennsyivanian fifty sailors aud one woman, who have been missing, were res^rcd last Thursday by C'apt. Hudson, of the schooner R G Porter. They were in two boats u-ii miles distant from Absecom, and in a suffering condition. Naval?The following national vessel* aVut to leave the I'mled States for foreign stations, will Like o-?t gratuitously letters and papers prof*rl> directed the store-ship Release,from Brookyn, for Aspinwall; steam gun-boat Seminole, from Ni?rf??ik. for the coast of Brazil; steam corvetU ? Richmond and Pawnee, from Norfolk and Poi ladelphia, for the Mediterranean fleet; steam frll'a L* \ 1 r ? ft fpi.m V^tsr \*/v?W <"-? ? - - ^ ? ?W 11 "III 4* t " I VI n ? A1 'I l UC X III' fleet, and the stort-ship Relief, from Bo?t?n for the c<vut of Africa Tlie Navy Department ba* detarhcd from the steam frigate Niagara si* master's uiaUs, and replaced tbein by midshipmen Tbe following men-of-vcar.homeward bound from active service, will soon be due in the United states : sailing sloop-of-war Marion, from tbe coast of Africa; corvette Macedonian, from tbe Medlterranlan: brit Bainbridge, from the coast of Braxil, and tbe frigate Powhatan, from China. Socthfeji Democratic Coxvextioji.? Tbe Democratic Convention, pursuant to adjournment, met in Richmond, Va . on the20th inat . the Hon! Jubn Erwin, of Ala , In the chair. After some preliminary proceedings, among which was the rn l _ i * * ? cikiuNun ui icruia ?-*ew i urn Qj-iegaiw. Mr. Mitchell, of Ala , moved that tlie Convention proceed to nominate candidates for President and Vice President of the United State* Before the question was put, Mr Dargan. of S. C , oilered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted: Resolvrt. That this Convention approve of the platform of principle* recommendea by the majority report m the Charleston Convention. Mr. Furman, of 8. C., offered the following : R?solv?d, That John C. Breckinridge, of Ky , and Joseph I^ine, of Oregon, are, and they are hereby declared to be. unanimously the choice of this Conv ;:tion for President and Vice President of the United States The resolution was adopted amid great applause and three cheers were given for Bre? kinridgeand Lane. After a vote of thanks to Mr. Krwtn. and brief peeohes by hiiu and other gentlemen. the Convention adjourned sine Jit. Foreign Items The tile# by the Kuropa annonnce that the Great Kastern sailed from Southampton for New Vork on the evening of the 19th Admiral writes to the English Admiralty, under date of Palermo, June 3d, that the scene presented in that city was of the most horrible description. A whole district, 4,IMI yards Isag by 1?t" yards *i>roi(l. is in ashes; whole families were burned alive, wh:ist tbe atrocities of tbe royal troops in other parts of the city were frightful Many convents and isolated ed:tices were crushed by the shells, eleven htindrrd of which were thrown into city from the citadel, and two hundred frmn the Neapolitan ships in the harbor, ir> - nngripe, cuiNn ana round sbot. Tbe mo.itUly return* of tbe Hank of France show au increase in cash of nineteen millions of fr ncs Prince Jorouie has h*d a relapse, causing great uneasiness. Tue I'aru Bours* was flat at fr-f 30c for Rente*. The Sardinian Ministry Lad introduced a project for a new loan of one hundred and tifty millions of francs. The Austrian Cabinet has resolved to re-establish the ministry of commerce and public works. Tbe new Russian loan of eight million sterling, at per cent , is expected to be introduced In the London Kxchange by the Mtssrs Baring Senatsr Kit/pmrit U's Letter*! Declination Washington, Jyne *J5, 1660. Gentlemen : Vour letter of to-day informing me i ?.w ? ? ' - * Him un uceu unanimously nominated by the National Cmwntiot of the derncratlc party which met at Charleston on the day rf April last, and adjourned to meet at Baltimore on the , Ir'h day of June. as their candidate for tbc orttce cf Vice President," ?m duly received. Acknowledging with the liveliest fusibility this distinguished mark of your confidence and regard, it is with no ordinary feelings of regret that considerations, the recital of which I will not impose upon yon. const*'n nie to decline the nomination so flatteringly tendered My designation as a candidate for tnis high position would have bf-u more gratifying to me if had proceeded from a united democracy?united both as to principle* and to men. The detracting differencesat present existing in the ranks of the democratic party were strikingly exemplified both at Charleston and Baltimore, and, in mv bumble opinion, distinctly admonish me that I should in no way contribute to these unfortunate divisions The hl*.W 1 v - - / _ ATTENTION, OLD GUARD!?The exnieinbrrs of tn? Washington l.nht Inlantrt wOT?Mt atth*Cit> Hallo. FRIDAY EVENING next. Xttii at H o'ciock. to perfect 'heir orIMiUtiun tnd to consider tue srop-ietj of visiting Fort V\ a*h'ngton on the 4th July ensuing. By order. Je?-?* NOTICE. THE RAFFLE OF THE U 3 MUSICAL BOX J NO. RULINKKI k CO. give noticato those who have chances in th* ceieh a: d Musical B?>x, tnat he raffle til take place on SATURDAY EVENING.theanth M, at .fe o'clock, st the European Hotel, corner of Fa. avenue aud Eleventh staet. (over Metxerott's Mueie Kt r?.> provided all the enarces are paid for re fore that timm. They can he paid for ei?h-r at the Jewei'jr More of K<i!in?ki k Co., or at the Earop< an Ho *1 on the evening of the raffle. . JNO. KULINSKI k CO. FOB SALE?A very superior sorrel MARE. She ia sound, kind, gent;*, works well cy anywhere, ani will stai<d without hitc'iinc 1 (T* Frier #? lopuire of Dr. NEWMAN, T?^m. K st. weetcf the Circle. jc9B-3t* uoc un moniouiiy (11 least in convention) presented ?h?ir caud;daU? for th*- presidency a>?d V'C? presidency* J*.) have the constitutional Union party, (a* It ic termed.) l'. ich party la already engaged in the contest In the pretence of such organizations wc (till unfortunately exhibit a divided camp W hat a inrlani holy ?pe> ta'-i*' It is cal< uiaUd to cause every democratic citizen who cherishes the Constitution of his couutry to despond If not to despair of the durability of the Union l>e?in?us. as far as I am caj?able of exercising aay Infltience. to remove every obstacle which may p.event a restoration of the peace, harmony, and perfect concord of the glorious old party to which i have been inflexibly devoted from early manhood?a party which in my deliberate opinion is id* only real and reliable ligament which' hind* the South, the North, the East, and the Weft together upon Constitutional princjp'es?no alternative ws left to me bat that which 1 have herein moat respectfully communicated to you. For the agreeable manner in which you have conveyed to me the action of the Convention, accept my sincere thanks Very truly your friend and obedient servant, B. FlTZP4T*lCK. To W'm H. Ludlow, New York, and others fY"*? MEDICAL SOCIETY.?The ?emi annual meeting of the Medical Society of the District of ? oiuriiMA will lie held at the Washington Infirmary, on MONDAY .July 3, at 12 in. W . V. LIKPITT, M D., j?3R-Jt Bl?nritii>?a? i ? WASHIN?TO* N?CW? AND flOMIP. The National Kxtrrrivi Committee, of the Democratic party of the country, will hold an adjourned meeting this evening at 8 o'clock, at the residence of the chairman, Hon Isaac 1 Stevens, No 503, Twelfth ?treet. Democratic National Executive Committee ?This committee was appointed yesterday, after our going to press, and is composed as follows ?Isam ( Stevens, of Oregon; Robert W. ? ? ? ? - ? r* _ m ? m _ w . . ? Jonnson, 01 ate., jenerson wvn, ?i 1 m.; jpwc I) Bright, of Ind ; Thos B Florence, of Penn ; George W. Hughes, of Md ; J. W. Stevenson, of Ky ; John R. Thompson, of N J.; A B Meek, of Ala ; Augustus Schell, of N. YJ H Wright, of Mass ; James G. Berret, Wm. Flinn, Walter Lenox, of Washington city. M W. Clusky was appointed secretary of the committee, and Geo. W Riggs treasurer. Douglas National Kxmutivk Committkk. Sylvanus R. Lyman, of Portland, Me ; Alpheus F. Snow, of Claremont, N. H ; Chirks G. Lastman, of Montpeller, Vt ; Frt-d. O. Prince, of Boston, Mass ; Jacob Babbitt, of Bristol, R.I.; Wm. F. Converse, of Norwich, Conn ; Auguste Belmont, of New York, N. Y.; Jacob Van Nos aaie, 01 rxewara, r? . J ; Kicnara liaiaeman, ol Harrisbarg. Pa ; Thos. M. Laanahan, of Baltimore, Md.; John A. Harman, of Staunton, Va ; Robt E. Dick, of Greensborough, N. C.; Wni. B Gaulden, of Huntsville. Ala ; W. W. Moore, of Jacksonville, Fla ; Oatley H. Bynum. of Portland, Ala ; Thos. Cottinan, of Donaldsonville, l?a.; Thos Fiournoy, of Ark ; James Craig, of St Joseph's, Mo.; C. Knox Walker, of Memphis, Tcnn ; Henry C. Harrison, of Covington, Ky ; Hugh J. Jewrtt. of Zanesviiie, Ohio; H. W. Harrison, of Madison, Ind ; Murray McCounel, of Jacksonville, 111.; Ben}. Follett, of Mich.; J. K. Sharpetein. of Milwaukie, Wis.; Wni If | Merrick, of Cfdar Rapids. Iowa, Henry H. Siblf.U nf Minn I A >1 l? - >" I vt, , rftio x*. iuii/uugoij ui oan r ran ciaco, Cal. ? .?. MoVKMBNT TO UNITE TIIK DEMOCRACY l?t Missouri.?We understand that Senators lireen and Polk, and Representatives Phelps, Col Harris, late fditor of theI'nlon, \Vin 0 Price, Treasurer of the I'nited States, and Peter S. Wilkes, a delegate to the Baltimore Convention, all citizens of Missouri, have at a private conference, recommended by way of suggestion to the Democracy of that State, that the Democrats of ea< b county assemble in their several localities on the ttrst Saturday in Septemtier, and elect delegates to a State Democratic Convention, to bo held at Jpffimnn (lilv An the l?fh of ,, .l.?. , ?? OV.UJ.? measures to insure united action in view of the present divided condition of the party. They alto earnestly recommend the united support of the State and county ticket*, and that the candidates for the Legislature pledge themselves to abide by the action of the majority of their Democratic associates. Tiik Astronomical F.xfkdition Prepared to * Start.?To-day. the astronomical p-irty leav<s New York, for the purpose of proceeding to Cape Chadieigh, Salvador, with a view of observing the total eclipse of the sun which will occur on the IStb of July. The astronomers of the party are Professor Stephen Alexander, of Princeton, N J ; President F. A P Barnard, of vxiora, Aiis* ; rroussor v. venable, of N C.; Professor A. XV. Smith, of the Naval Academy at Aftnapolic, Md ; and Lieut K. D Ashe, R N.? of the Quebec Observatory. The U. S. steamer Ribb, Lt Commanding Alexander Murray, has been selected for carrying out the objects of the expedition. Nomination of New arter\ia*tkr Gexhtral.? The President yesterday nominated to the Senate. Lieut. Col. Johnson, of the first cavalry, to be Quartermaster General of the U.S. Army, and not Gen. A. Sydney Johnson, as stated in the telegraphic dispatches appearing in the Northern papers this morning. The nomination was laid over under the rule at the 8"ggeation of Senator King, of New York, until to-day, w hen it doubtless will be confirmed P. S.?Tlie Senate duly confirmed Col. John1 ? "' vu uviiuuahiuii iuiB luunitii^, ere adjourning it*? rfie. ThfCai.ifoin:* Mail* ?We und^rttand th?t the Postmaster General has determined not to enter into any contract for carrying the California mails via the Isthmus, which shall stipulate for any payment for such service other than bypostages, as the law provides. All letters will go by the overland routes, the principal one being that of Butterlield, whose contract is for curving letters alone. As newspapers and con gressional franked documfnti cannot go by that route, they can only reach the Pacific coast by being sent as freight. ? Important from N icaragca ?We Lave artliable letter from Nicaragua, dated May I.>th, saying: "President Martinez, it is reported, lias gone bliud. Cause, cares of State. General Fernando Chamorro, Senator from the department of Granada, and a brother of the late Fruto Chamorro, will probably assume the Kxecutive " Appoixtmextof D:?thict Attorneys ?James H Kelley has been appointed and confirmed as District Attorney for the State of Oregon. Thos. J. Kenney has been ap;>oined and confirmed and confirmed as District Attorney ft* the Territory of Utah. Jt'STicE or the Peace.?Thos H Laue ha* been appointrd and confirmed as Justice of the Peace for tbt Dlstrl't of Columbia. ? ? The Weather.?The following report of the weather for the morning is inadc from the Amcr lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time cf rhservatlon is about 7 o'clock. Jt'NJE 27, 1S?0. New Yotk, Y clear, warm Washington. D C clear, wind S Richmond, Va clear, 76? Petersburg, Va clear, warm. Norfolk, Va clear. 72?. Raleigh, N. C clear, 77?. Wilmington^ N t clear, hot Columbia, Jt. C clear, warm. Charleston, S. C 76'. Augusta, Ga ?lear Savannah Oa rlear, 71?. Macon. Ga cloudy, pleasant Columbus, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala clear Mobile. Ala clourtv. warm New Orleans, La stormy, ?? *. fboii the wrn. FrMerlfk, Md warm. Ilageretown, Md warm Cumberland, iMd clear, pleasant Grafton, Va clear, pleasant. Wheeling, Va clear, pleasant. Parkersburg, Va pleasant. Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Barometer at the Smlthminlan at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,; 30,067; at noon, 30,175 Thermometer at 7 a in., 73*; at noon. Maximum during *24 hours ending 9 a m. today, 91"; minimum fit". Engineer's office, i Alkx ani>Ria. June 26, W. MANA??f?AS GAP KAIt/KuAU. ? X HC.MIHKD MEN W ANTED on thslin* of this rnad from Mt. Jackion to Hamsonburit. Wag*s SI a<ia): b ani ?10 par mo^th. For rnfor mvtu.n,'-j.e of \VM. S. FE\VELL,Compao) ' (iflice, Alexandria. i a 9Q Ht UQn s. t -a? DRY goods, DRY GOODS! Ila\ in* purchased at reduced puce* the STOCK OF l)RY GOi/DS in rtore No. A-Jl Seventh St., former.jr ccupi-d b? H. L. Newton, E.?q., I shall op >n on Monday, July 2d, and continue to tell tlie entire vtock at prhat ?a e, cot j?i??tir r of FANCY SILK R<?BF.S, FANCY i-RKSS SILKS, Bt.ACK SII.K DRESS GOODS of all kind?, CLOTHS, CASSIMh RES,FI,ANNELS, EMHRolDKRIES, HOSIERIES, To*eth?r with a large assortment of DOMESTIC GOOD*. Call ?arly and get l>a.gam*. je JU <t _ H. F.GAN. II AM.MACK'S * 'jfft RESTAURANT. ^^ 7. \o.30si Pi. Avimi SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. G->i.t'*ii>en ta in; their meals out will always hod c ean and airy diuing-ro<>ni?. genteel ami stten'ive waiters, and in-als real, from 6 a in. to 12 p.m. M aha cs duri >% the summer will be quite moots a e. Ciuba of gentlemen ran dint or b.eakla t t< ttii'i I nave nveml nnstly furnished Ko<>ii??, whie i 1 will reut to responsiblejent erren at alow r rte tie'fieri havin? rooms in this vioii'it* will find th stbemott unv m -nta ?d pleasant house for taking 'i ir m ale, My liar, a* u?ual, is wall rtooked wit!i the most oelebra ed brand'of Ciiam;a nes and Brandies, and my larder oa n it be sui pas ed. if equaled, in tlna roantry. My personal attention vui always be jivee to ray guest a. je 28 3t J NO. p. HAM MACK. I The Special Mriiagf ft the Prfildral the (ItII Appropriation Dill. To the Hr*f ?/ Representative* :?I h*ve approved and signed the bill entitled " An act making appropriation for sundry civil expenses of the Government for the year ending the 3t?th June, 1P61 In notifying the Hooae of my approval of this bill, I deem ft proper, under the peculiar clrcum* stance* of the case, to make a few explanatory observations so that my course may not henaftcr be misunderstood Amid a great variety of important appropriations, this bill contains an appropriation - for the completion of the Washington aqueduct, <500.000, to be expended according to tn? plans and estimates of Captain Meigs, and under his superintendence : Provided that the otti-e of engineer of the Potomac. Water Works is hereby abolished, and its duties shall hereafter be discharged by the chief engineer of the Washington aqueduct '' To this appropriation far a wise and beneficial object I have not the least objection. It is true 1 had reason to believe when the last appropriation was made of C*M>,008. on the lith June, 1*5*, " for the cmnpletion of the Washington aqueduct this would have been sufficient for the purpose. It is now discovered, however, that it will require nail a million more "/or tne completion of me Washington aqueduct," and this ought to be granted. The Captain Meigs to whonr. the bill refers Is Montgomery C. Meigs, a captain in the corpa of engineers of the Army of the United States, who has superintended this work from its commencement under the authority of the iatc and present Secretary of War Had this appropriation been made in the usual form no difficulty could have arieen upon it. This bill, however, annexes a declaration to the appropriation that the money is to be expended under tb?- superintendence of Capt. Meigs. T ie Urst aspect in which this clause presented 1 tn*. i f f a mtr m i n/1 iirut th-it it tirUk Ua iwvn IIIJ MIIIIU nasi m?*? l? ?* III! * u* riirht of the President to be "Commander-in-chief of the Armv and Navy of the United StaW." If this had really b^en the cas^ there would have been an end to the question Upon further examination 1 deemed it impossible that Congress could have intended to Interfere with the clear right of the President to command the army and to order its offlrern to any duty he might deem most expedient for the public interest If they could withdraw an officer from the rotnuiaud of the President, and select him for the }>crformance of an executive duty, they might. upon the s-ime principle, annex to an appropriation to carry on a war a condition requiring it not to be used for the defense of the country unless a particular person I <* 1 - - 41 .1 I J -? * ' i ft iw uwii ?cictnun suuiiiu (UHHiiana hip army. It wag impossible that Congress could have had such an intention, and therefore, according to my construction of the clause in question, it merely designated Captain Meigs as its preference for the work, without intending to deprive the President of the power to crd^r him to auy other army duty for tlie performance of which he might consider him better adapted Still, whilst tbig clauge may not be. and I ijelieve ia not, a violation of the Constitution, yet, how destructive it would be to all proper subordination, and how demoralizing iU ell'ect upon the morale of the army, if it should become a precedent for future legislation. < 'Hirers might then be found, instead or performing their appropriate duties, besieging the halls of Congress f >r the purpose of obtaining special favors and choice placcs by legislative enactment I'nder these circumstanccs, 1 have deemed it but fair to inform Congress that, whilst I do not consider the bill unconstitutional, this is only because, in my opinion, Congress did not intend, by the language which they have employed, to interfere with my absolute authority to order Captain Meigs to anv other service I might deem expedient My perfect ! right still remains, notwithstanding the clause, to j ..... j 1.1 ? ? * ? ? * ? - - - ' w mi u i iii it way irnni nsoingion 10 any pari 01 the I'nion to superintend the erection of a fortiticatton or on any other appropriate duty. It ban been alleged. I think witboat sufficient ra ise, that this clause is unconstitutional, because it bas created a new office and has appointed Captain Meigs to perform its duties If it had done this. It would have been a clear question, because Congress have no right to appoint to any office, this neing specially conferred upon the President and Senate It is evident that Congress intended nothing mor? by this clause than to exoress a decided opinion tnat Captain Meigs should be con tinned in the employment to which he had been previously assigned by competent authority It is not improbable that another question of grave importance may arise out of this clause. Is the appropriation conditional, and will it fail provided I <lo not deem it proper that it shall be expended under the superintendence of Captain \lfiCfR7 Thi* il a nn**ctir*r? tirKi/>K cKoll ? > otiuii vrutt'U ouait ir> ri?c serious consideration; because upon its decision may depend whether the completion of the waterworks shall be arrested for another season It is not probable that Congress could have intended that this ^reat and important work should depend upon the various casualties and vicissitt.des incident to the natural or life of a single officer of the Army. This would be to make the work subordinate to the man and not the man to the work, and to reverse our threat axiomatic rule of Principles, not men " I desire to express no opinion upon the subject. Should the question ever arise, it shall have my serious consideration Jlllu Been A3 AM. Washington, June 26. I860. F'OR SALE-A pair of ver\ itflith. liloi*Jc?l gorrel HORl*KS. 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II y notified ?h*t th?y are a!) made off. and if auy prefer iiot tc h*\e th?ni sent in they wxtl please call at r.ur rtesk during the present wee* and get lh -ni, as after that time we shall render every account 01 our bo ka, a>d we earnest y rfqufst an early settt* ment of th? same a* soon a* possible, prompt pay m<*nt? alone v. ill enable us to serve our patrons upon the beet terms. J. W. COLLF.Y A CO. j* ^1 - lot, .18.1 S*?enthj?t^ ab^ve P? av. R4M SKY KNTU STREET. EMF.MBKR The >ouiik folk* at home, am! ?? leot their present*-from LAMMOND'S mammoth stork of FANCY NOTION-* anJ TO VS. jhjk .? p r B L 1 C BATHS. HENRY SOHAEFER, Barber anp Hair Dr**?kr E 5(.. ?l IT StftM'h nnnn Pnit ')!* ? n ? ' * ~rr " ? w-* i/'. pd r;//i i 1'* llan fitted up in connexion with his establishing.t convenient accommodations (or * Hording to tnn customers and th<" public the luxtuv of COLl) or WARM BATHS. at anv time during but-in^as hour*. Hi* charge! will be moderate? twenty five contx f?r a Mingle l>a>li, or fivo baths for a dollar wm-n tickets f?r that number are purchased and paid for in advance. Mr. Sohacfer takes this opportunity to inform his ou*to;ne s that this deni able addition to hise?tab lishmeut will iu no manner int"rfare with his regnI vr professionalbusiness. On theco..trarjr, he hopes t> add to hi? present facilitie* for in.-uring prompt a'tentu.n to his numerous patron* in the line of SHAVING and H AIK DKKi-SIMi. And tj ti e Ladies who patio ix?* him in the line of tilting or Ti imaiing their own or their children's hair, lie begs to ?ay that he has p ovidt*d for them l>etter accommodations. in having fitted up a small room and apprcpriateti it exciuBirely to thai' use. je/7- w MADAMK PF.LARUK ^s. lllBtj Wimld respectfully inform the LadiesOEp 3u?3th?t she ha now a sel.-ct assortment of^^T DrTTTand Straw Bonnets, La-lies' Riding Hats, Ctiildren's Plats and Straw Tiimmings. . \twekt styles Kibbon*. Choice F owers in great variety, Sashes, Beltings, fine L&cos in Sleeves, Collars, and Veils, Cha tilly Lace Points, Fn nch Lace Shawls am! Mantil as of Bournou and Picrolomini styles, E nibroidered Skirts,' ollar*. Sleeves, Chemi?etts, Handkerchiefs, H doings, 4cc., S?-ts of Collars and Sleeves for mourning, Flut d H ufties, Fancy Nets, and Do a Maria Gauze for Veils, I ens Cloth for Dresses and Bonnets, ouvin's Gloves, Silk aad Lisle Gauntiats, Filet .Mits, Braid Nets, all colers, fine Evening Fans, Fancy Orramentu, French Perfumery, Soap*, Toilet Waters, Ac. jetTSt* 'i38 Pennsylvania avenue. SELLING OFF, BILLING OPF. BLACK LACE MANTIALA8, BLACK LACE SHAWLS, BLACK LACE POINTS, PLAIN BLACK SILK MANTILLA?. All at greatly reduced prioea id order to rednov onr large stock. IE7" i allien may expeot bargains if they will oall eaTTV, as we have determined to sell off our whole stock this season. J. W. COLLEY * CO., ie ? St No. *33 Seventh st., above Pa. av. # m r?a|rrnintl. SrnciAL Skssioji or m* Sb*ate ? Yesterday, afier the Encutive session. the Senate adopts a resolution declaratory of the right and title of certain lands of Dnrotah and Sioux Indians to the lands embraced in the reservation* occupied by them on the Minnesota river, and allowing tbem thirty cents per acre for snch u they have relinquished to tne I"aited States. All persons who have in good faith Settled and made Improvements upon any lands contained in said reservations, believing the same to be Government land*, shall have tbe right of preemption to one hundred and slaty acres on paying f 1 '25 per acre, provided, that when socb settlements have be?ii made ou lands of Indians on tbe south sid?* of tbe Minnesota river, the assent rf the ludidns shall tirst be obtained On motion of Mr. Simmons, a resolution was adopted that a committee of two be appointed to wait on the President, to inform him tuat unless he may have further communication to make tbe Senate is ready to close its session by adjournment. Messrs Simmons and Saulsburv were appointed as said committee; and the Senate adjourned Thk feunatk, to-day, without transacting any business of importance with open doors,weut into executive session. After some time spent therein the doors were opened, and the bodv. at about o'clock, adjourned itM die. ??. The Executive Session or the Sexate, Yesterday.?A motion was made In the executive session on Tuetdav to strike from the treaty between the i'nitcd statf's ami Spain fur the settlement of claims, the claus? to pay for the Arutistead negroes, and whil? It was not l>eUeved the motion could prevail, its retention would ft was predicted entirely defeat Hs ratification. This prediction was realized yesterday. The motion to strike out, it is understood, was made by Mr. Sumner, but was disagreed to, and on the question of ratification, :M voted In the afflrmativeand 18 in the negative?not the requisite two thirds The Senate, failing to reconcile the disagreement to the Mexican treaty, and Indisposed to further act on the subject at present. It* consideration was postponed till next December The Inalan treaties were ratified, and the appointment of Mr. Russell as Navy A^eut at New York was confirmed, together with the nominatiatrkM /if Baiiaral "? ?rr tcioi |* ? > iroiiunsiciD A* tin* President Las no further communication to make to the Senate, it would have adjourned yesterday but for the fact that time ia required for the contideration of the nomination of General Johnston aa Quartermaster General, a question having arisen atfecting the succession und??r the law of Colonel Thomas, the senior officer in that department. am uskmentsT ODD PEW.OWS 1IAIX-THPRSDAY EV P. . NIING, June /8 -ii OLDEN hUEB <i IF I" The man&g -?m?nt iiav ing been drsired l>v nuiiier "liscitizeiiH and lamiiie* toco, tinue the exhibition a few nuht<* trore, tiegs to announce that in adiliti'-n to the exhibition, and t?> give additional ze.-t to the iiMial entertainment beautiful and costly PH E9 ENTS will be civeti to tti? patronsof THI''DO V'S MUSEUM OP ARTS on f lit R?DAY EVE M.\G. Among the gift* are splendid Silver f?er vic?, IjnW and Silver Watches, elegant tioh' Wo ain and Cameo Jewelr*. Padios* aud <Jents' Gold K'lii;*, At." above articles hav? been pur chased at vinkini' Jewel* v Store. "*30 Pa. nrenne, where the prenentw ma\ t-e kkcii an'l liekrtu may also he had. A'liniKKion Si cents. te 28 'IM1K GRF.AT NATIONAL DINNER FOR the benefit of toe John We*le> Church, will tnke place Tl' KSl) A Y , J lily 3.1, on lit" old Gamp G roll nil, Pmev Hranoli road. The gentlemen anil ladies iiI V\ ashington. Georgetown an>l Alexandria rleilte theiiirelvfs that ever* Hum in neanon a all ?e at hand. rickets admitting a c?*ntleiiiaii an-l laity ^1. 'I'he coa< hen will Jiave the corner nl I ami Fourteenth atreeta at 10,W. 1. 4, ami a ?'clo< k. .lames (; rahain'a Band, from Baltimore, will bo in attendance. S je^t 2t* L1 PRKECONCKKTS! liRNST LOKKFLKR, JV'ir V'nrt ttvnuf, he I ir-r-r_.n , ,11 ttifu M T " I > n Wf>U"I rPPB^II 11 y C|rf state to thn public that A CON^KRT "'4f?y4 9ELKCT MUSIC will t>e iciven ever* MONDAY and'I'MIIKSOAY EVENINGS during the season, at his Pavilion, oommenowig at 5 o'clock and ending *t 1<? p. m. Previous to the Concert, the Saloon ia open to those desirinc to while away a few hours in the mazy dance. ICK CREAM. WATER ICES, and every description of CONFECTION EH Y always ready at city | prions. Partios desirinc the (jarder* for Pio Nic pur pOB;s. are requested U> *i?e a day or two notioe. je 18 3m WANTS.? U7ANTED TO RENT?A medium-size House, * ? in the neighborhood between Kith end 12th sts. west and Pa. avenue and H st. north. Address "House," Star Office. je 28-3t* DR L'<j<?I-T.?A \on g msn wishes to obtain a SITUATION in a first cla?s preacriotion establishment. Addrers "I>. usgMt, through Post Office. It* V|7ANTED?A steady WOM A N. a? cock, to to ** a short di-tance in the country. Recommend '"in' ru.tuimil VrPl? ' .Hlfi Se "lith st . orLer of a. )*& jf KM ELEVETH ST.?THE WASHINGTON 4."4 AND GENERAL EMPLOYMENTOF FICE--G?od C""k? waated. ChMtonaaMaaiid Traveling Servant*. Im> h wale and f-peakinfc French and !?pant*li languages. Al*??, farm and Garden Hands. Two Feunle S av?s wanted for prii ate jaimlies. Hotels supplied. je 2Mt' C. LEON AitD, Proprietor. , W ANTED IMMEDIATELY?\ ll<.nsek?. per. ** with good to fi> in the cou'.try. Also, several cood plain ? ook?, Chamhennaios a 4 N nrsf*. white and colore*', for town and country. Al?ii, nx tool Firm Hands, with good reference, mav apply at the I' ir?n Int lluence and II< u*e Arencr Office, No. l'.J Louisiana avenue. I*tween 4i7 and rtrli sta., opposite City Hal! cqtiare. j<* DINT AN ft CAMP. Prop'r*. WANTED?B? a re pe. tai le yoiirc woman, a '? ^M'l'ATlON as i'liaiiilx>nnaid aint a-ist with washing and ironing, or a* nur ?\ Addrtss Bos 9, Star Office. 11T ? V'PL'I^ t * V - M AO '*?i * ?-' ll/n.iir.l'-Ai ?'! ? I llir mPl.MI a ? >;<> >irn<1 COOK WASIIF.R, for a fm.iiiy of threo p Tfon*. jcJbSt* 1ST ANTED?A WET NURSE, ii?ititily. ?* App'y at the Lalavetti* House, F *t. None but a \\ !ut?" woman need app'y. je itj-Jt * WANTKP?To have everybody know that they o*n find a Fire and Well neieote.] 8took of CLOTHING and FIRN,SUING GOODS at the PKOPLK'S CLOTHING SI ORK, No. 460 S-v enth *t., opposite Po*t Olfioe lV?p?rtm?nt. apfi 3>n \kf ANTKD.? Kvery one to know that SMITH, " Seventh ?t.. charges fair prices for hi* Good*. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh ft., to set yonr HATS and CAPS. ap6 3in LOOT AND FOUND. I OST-A Hark and tan Tt'RRtKR Pl'P. about I ' 6 month* old. cs _ \ Whoever rottirri!- lnm to hi# owner. 2*-'>^ihT' H ?t-. w!l be libo'alh 'owarded It* " I OS T?On Mordav, the 2rth. between Kicks' J R?I|L- r?i4 IV lilt .K?in?'? ' - " 11 - ? .. . uu.rfc D Iinnoi j, O.. {r *** !(*!:? nisinied pair ?>f cold SI'EC < i lie* wereprolMhlv dipped hi .in omnibus. A l!l)?r?l reward will be g.van for their rei-nn tolvl Kitt*er:th ?t. It* R KWARD.?l?ort on the23th instant, a g?ld'TVJ lii-Hcl (I t. \> h. having ener&ved ''tereon the names ol the ownei and <l?uor, alto t ie d -t) of pre MMi'atioii. Any oue finding the same, and letnrn iu^ it to the owner, at the Land Room of the li.te nor Department, will receive the above reward. je272V 'l^AKKN I I' i 'ii tlf 'Jbtii i n i-1 an t. two COWSI cin' h rr>d, horned C"\r. and the tlier * | mottled red and white buffalo Cow. Th BUr owner or owner* will pl??a*e com''for w aul, piove property, pa^ charge*, anj lake th?ni a war. l.OUIS HRCNETT. At the junction of Seventh ft. _jn_27 3t' and f'iney Branch roads. ???> RKWARD -Strayed from the undersigned, 'ijO on tho 18th inut., two SOWS, f"'in 4>i In y< lt'~ rarli ? one white pit, witliTTfc..^***' ruht eai * it. and l?>tii ea's cropped ; thet4jto?LaM other a ci'.itted pic. both ears ?lit: tail* of i->ii cropped The ?Ih>vo reward ?-i I l>e given to anv one retnrnin* them to CATHARINE C. I^HKCK I.ES, No. 4 7 4 E ?t., between tith and|?i h ?tre<t* east. je in 3t* L'OliXD-In front of my residence, northwest X corner of Nineteenth Ami 1 ?t?., an oval mourning HREAS'IPIN, dated on the liaek IM. The lo?er niav reoover the same l>y applying MoRRI^ 8. MH.LF.R. jefct-Iw* BOARDING. MRS. REILY, having several large a-d airy Room*. solicit* a call from !?ntlnm?? mm f?? lie* ae kinp pl.a*ant Siimni r finard. Transient" aUo accommodated. 553 New Jeraey av . Capitol Hill, south aide. je 2B-3t* BOARDING.?A haudsome Front Koom, immedia'Hy over th?- parlor, is now vacant, at 4A3 N inth street, one door ?outu of l- st. ltisaupplied wi' li Alio, i>fe of I ath room. It* MRS M. A. BANNERMAN, having recently taken Uiat eltKihlv l>cat-d house. No. 447 Pa. av> nue, hou111 side. between 3<l and 4*? ata., can salV|y i fferjsrcat inmnsemeiits to thoae desirous of O 'taininc Board The loo tion is corroded to he one of th?* finHxt on the Avenue The looma are well veoiiiat d,and can h? furnished in suits or singl*, at moderate prin?* l ab e boarders can also tie accommodated. Transient boarders taken by the day or week. je M ERSONS SEEKING BOARD will find very comiortable Roo ^s, either formatted or msneu, and Hoard, on moderate terms, in a pleasant location, )>y ca ling at No. 44 Mueotui avenue, between 4S and dtn sU. je S) Jt OQARDINO.?Several large an I well furnished D Rooms, vith Board, may he obtained upon r?ason*t>Ie terms by immediate application at MRS. LINDSAY'S, 434 G ft. A few Table B.arders ran also be aeoommo dated. ja*7-at? 275 a-tte N 2X5 JACKSON, PLASTERER 5, Pxmha. Avmci, Between 10th and Uth sUeata. ) 1* .... u?^r,?<7 - I 1 (*I1U r>UKI?< <U|??, Walnut Hat Tree. W? oat Hall Chairs, Three pi> atxl Veneian Carpets, Olloioth, Mali >*any Sideboard, Ka tension Table. Cluna. Glass, and ftrookerj Ware. Castors, Lounge. Oak Uininc Chajrs Rockers, Walnut Jenn; Lind Bedstead. Wardrobe, Marble top Dreasinc Bureau ?nd Washstand, t:ott?? ' ef.CottaKe Bedsteads, Hair end Hnsk Mattresses. Holsters and i illows, Vnosing Glasses, Toilet Sets, A o , ofther with a geneiai assortment o! Kitchen requisites Term ?n<4 aiufar Mali- Mtar f n?? ?n rr. m. o'*dlt of6-i"ar.d 90 days. (or satisfactorily endoreea not?>?. b-arine in'e'est i? P d J. C. Mn??riRK A rn.. Ut A.GREEN. Auctioneer. 'I'RI'STKKVS OF VALUABLE IM? I rR'>\-ED Propkbtt.?I b ler ?ad by virtue of a d?ed of trust ' t arme date the '3th da.* of Novein bn, A- i?, ISM. ftud dull iec<>fd.d in Liber J A. No.fn. jolinsJti. Jks.nne uf the land reoord? of Wft*hiniEton oounty. p. C . I shall eell, at rnblic anetion. on MuN DA Y. Jul? 3"th. 1?*t. at? oVIeos p. ni , in fiout of th?> premise*. the eastern ha f ? f Lo'- T, in Win A. B adley's su'>division of Lois 7 9, lo and II. in Square n<?rnbered ?92. Paid east half Lot T fior.t* 15 feet om Maryland a*eno?. b?tw??n an i 6'h strr-et*, and runs back vi h that width tif depih <>f siid lot to an ali?y. Terms of sale: One third cash: residue in equal payments at 6 y and 13 months fr?m date of s\le, Willi iiit?re*t s<?oured by a deed of trust on the p ?m<se?. If th^ terms of sale are nit onmp led with ?" Ihm j da>?. the trustee reserves to biro?elf the rutit to r*s*|i at the cost an4 risk of th-> fi-st purchaser, upon a<1 vertuinc three times in the N'atioual I utel li?enoer. Conveianeine at the expense of purchaser C. A5*H FUR D. Trustee. jt>w W49U] A. Rr.fc.N.A > t._ II ^RSHAI.'S SAI.K?In virtue of a ?rit of i'l fieri lariat, i?s?ed froiu th? t" ??rk'* rlfcce ?f tbe Cireuit r???rt of th<? District of Cniusil ta. for th - ooiiiitt of TVathmcton, and t" in?? <1ire. t?^1. I will expose to public saie. for earb. in f out of th? o mii ?do??r of said eouu^y. on ,-A fl H I'A * . tlie VK? dav of J >? next W. at 12 o'clock m., the followiriK pr'>i?"rt?. to wit: All drfs'idi' l'? richt. tit'e. ai'id mti?re??, in and *?? * c ?r??>n h?i| i ine erected on Lot No an <6 id }?<i<iare No nine li'ir.dre I ted fortjr niieft:M9>ai laid do#ninthe p:nt oi Ihaoitrnf \\ atliinr ton m-iied at>d levied op^n an th? properly of A I << r 1 ce> and wi'lhe * .!<] In ?%tiifr judioi*!* No /*>, to Octol>er t?rm IRS' in favor John Kurd*. J. D HOOVER. II.!? Ma ?h*l for the Di*ti lot of Columbia. j? ^R-dta MlB'HiL'8kaI.C -ln?iriii?(if?w itoffc* i fama*. u f "in the Clerk'a < ?io? of the Ci o i t 0? art of the Diatriot <>t Co UM:b.a for the n>u<tj ofWaahincton. and t? ?>e <iireo???l I will expo - to pu: lif f? o tor oar h. 11. front of th* poo it hon-ad >or.if ?ai.i ouantr, on S?A I I'aUA V, 'hi ?"B h day of J uiy next. lw> at i o'clock m , the fo 1 win* i r >pfit>.t'i ?it; Al defendant'* right, title, ( am. and interest in ar.d to a certain dwlln g hoi** erected on Lot eight, <h land a eoath ni- et *n (J r?Ml<>ar (t) inch-a < i.ot niu-. <?) in Square imnberrd tar> ? hundred and aevent*-seven. <371) in the ci?.? of \Va?hin?'on D r,?iz?dand la ted uion as the proa* rt? of Ju in* \i<4t, and vil be -o'" to sa'iaff Jurtioia'a. <?o 9*> to October term 1'57, in lavor of Jonathan T. Wa'ber J. D. HOOVKR. I Me U S- Maiaha! for i istrict Oolornbi*. Jta PERSONAL. MADAMK MORRICE, Thk GREAT Autrolokil'sT A NI> 1> CTEF'*, just from E?rnr*.? Thu hrclily k lit- >1 mkI intelligent ;a?iy can If consulted ontMPMtPitMBttM Future Eri>r.U. Call at No.-iO.S Twenty-second street, between H and I, VV as.Mniclon. j?i9 im* ~ FOR SALE~AyD~~REXTT~ [For otk'.r "For Snis and Rent'1 advtrttftmmtt, ft first rag* ] h'OR RKNT?A ROOM, suitable for * st re of apt ki' il. H tlin uortier of Foui teintii uritl I Fti. Inquire ?it nn. j< M "it .MR*. WALKER. 1,-OR RKM'-Two FRAMK O O T T A <i F. I HOLSKS, "ituatod on M%vkclin?<>lt> avenue aiid 15'h ?t., containing t> r?'om? em-h. R?ut ?|fl per month. For particular* apply 011 the premise*. je r> it I/OR PALE <?R RKNT- \ wj PR AMK I liul SK. No %n I Fourth >?t w?t, '-or.fanin* pallor. iliniUi-roinn. kite!,an a.nrl lir?? 1....I all p: iv-ato. witi: pavas' .and eid * all** ; jnet thoroughly paint<d. A c liijairr it N'o .%Ia**afituaotta .avenue Res.t SC1, per month. je 28 9** AVAILABLE FARM FOR SALF, .n I'r noi George'* o~nntr, cUuated a Mi tit l true f <>m Ba<t-ia!ur* i ',i fr -m tiie Agricultural College. | and t? lr?>m Washington It oon'aina 5% arret; 9 j acres in Piaf an.'i Oak Timber. lt?? uo?ter a food lenoe, an<1 is m a l.uh ft%t* <>1 cultivation. A or <i^ard o| I'eachee. Apple*. Mid a vanrty of other k.Tj.U cf fiu t; Mravl<enten ar.d Aaparacus in al'un If nj<\ It if ou tue east aide -I 'he Ba limcre a <1 WaaMneton Railroad, on th? Ahinzton road, adjoining Col. Carter ai>'l Uwf?r Stevena It hat on it a an ail H< uae co iteming four foiroi, Hpring and J*pnnc flout*, and other oot!>u.l<lli.*a Permn> deiiring to purchaee wil: p!e??e ear m the tremiaea or at ataud Sc. 270 ? e t*r Vfcf et. j-ga !w MRS M iR I iMKR. VAIA' H'K FARV, STOC* CROP}*, IMHLKHKVTS fc. *c, FOR A' E OR i \ I1AM.K F?/A IMKROVEU Oi l , PROP KuTV 1h??' hwjriber iu oontequeiioeof Ui* in atmi'y to give tut personal attention to his Fa-m esit requ.rea. otters it. together with hia stock of hue brood M?r?-s, <'??:ts. C 'We. H"ii, growing or?>p?, implements, &c. now ?n the premises, eitiier tor tale "r exriiancs for unproved c Ity properM. 1 he Farm contain* one hundred and kiciT ?!\ aorfs, n locate in M out* ornery County, M*ry'a:i?'. (Ii??*utteh iiiilen f on \Va?lnurton, on th" 6ro kvil e 'h'- h^st roa'i leading out of W*?hintt.>n. I' udeewd unnoo^aaa'j to enter into a iti (i11?e i!?f Tiption rf tlie Farm. aa it t? pteaumed no oas w< u ipuroh%??" without firet vieituig t^e preinifc*. Any information wi.l. however, oho?rfuijjr begiVf.:i upon applet onto WILLIAM F. STUBBH. 3:22 K street. between ink and 14th. Cit?. W. D. Wal'aoh Kditorofth" fetAr, knnwa the Farm well an<< will eeiord full informati'-n eon crninc it to an* inquirer. j?28 eotf F~OH RKNT-Ft RMSfUID m<: Room* and Fallot*?on moderate t>?Mn?. a* Al'i Twellth st , next d<>or twit one to the Kirk w *d Houhc. je 2b *' 1M> RI,NT-*<wi? hMiri*-ome SUMMER Jl I .-ila?> tte Ilouae. oceu I ^;., i i- . . > - ' - I ^icu juri) ! ? mcnirers << iougf0*h. IXo. vs.! I j St., corner of 11th. je 2b 3t* |?U)K RFAT-A new BRICK DWELLInO HOI >F. four-?torie? with t*ck building, >ituated on Thirteenth street. ktwwn L and Vmi? chuaettF avenue. The at?>ve hou?e is famished with unrble mantels and grate*, bath room and hxturrs for Potomac water. Also,a three story and attic Brick Dwelling, cituated on II tr^el. between lath am! Uth ?treets, north tide. Inquire at WM, P. SHEDD'S Faocjr Store, No. aOi EI?*venUi street. je 3S-3t* IT OR S?ALE OR REiNT?A comfortable and r convenient two-rtory au<l ' a?ement BRICK DWELLING H<?I SE, No. 44:/. mtuat d on D ?treet north. "e*t to the corner of Third ?t. west. I Apply to CHASS. BRADLEY. Patriotic Bank, j je a? 6t r'OM FOR TABLE ROOMS, with or without ' t*<>ard. can be obtauiod, on moderate terms, at 4S6 E ??.. iK tween Mh and 6th. Table Boarders I accommodated with good Board. je 16 2w* FOR JRENT?Two beautiful new BRICK HOtTSi- S, on Eigh'h st eet west, l?etween M and N streets no'th, west side. Apply to MARY | C- HAISLlP.No. aft Ninth street west,or Dr. KE \!*BKY, No. 339 Pa. aveune, between 9th and 10th streets. Je 18-3w* TH HREF. FRAME HOUSES FOR SALE, with their Lots. They will 1* void on eaay ternw. The houses are near the new (Jan-Works, and are m at home* for tha working maa. First payiaeut small, aud the lialance in oneand two years. wiU> interest. Apply to GILBERT CAMERON, baild er. IMw FOR RENT?In Georgetown, the daeiraWa BRICK DWELLING, two-storr and hwk)>uildiiif, situated on First street, between High and Potomac, now in the occupancy of N. P. t. ausine.Esg. P<>9?e??ion given immediately. Apfly to THOMAS KNOWLES, coraar Bridga st. and Market Spaoe, Georgctown. Je 13-eogw AT PRIVATE SALE?DtrirmbU Lamd, in Montgomery Cosmmv. H* ~l author! aeii to dispose of ai prira'a ?ale, in lota to suit, a tact containing lfoacree f sood laud, situated u* the C. ? O. Canal,I iailesfW>m Georgetown. D C.??U entire length-and divided by tha Washington a<iueduct. Tt has two land>ags; a warehouse, store^ housa, and othar l?uU< ings; wall woodad aud w&tar*ri : with ft ooant? road I ^in? u> RoAkvill#. Aliio. m tr?ot oonuuunc ill eerw. well weeded MhJ watered. Title perfect. Jerint liberal. Applr to THO?. FOWLING. Auction and Communion Merchant. Oeorcetown. )e ? utw FOR RENT-A two^tory BRICK HOUSE, on Missouri avenu? No. 40. Pomwiiob jivm ?the 1st of Jult next. Apply to I>. A.WaTTERON, No. 4H4 atecoud etreet tut, or 110 Mventh street wsnt. je7-eol?* l?OR RENT?Three BRICK HOJLBBB-omob r Twelfth street, betweea C and D; o?e on the oorner of TwUkk ami H sU.; Md oae on H, be 4lf, ??-? % AtTCTIOW SALE8. tdf For otker Aurtmn SaleJ, se* tint /?*'* Af J. C. M?firi|b 4 CO-. A?Atio?*T?. fl'WO LARUt. BAY CARRIAGE HoI^M 1 and liittUi.i AT ai ' tio*.- On HaTUHI>A\ mokm> ?>. Junei'tit.?t ino'cloek, in front of th* Auatior. Kooor. we stt*:i <!, with out rm?r\?~ A p?r of arr<* Bay Camftfe Hf>ra*s of 6n? ?tr.e __ and action. _ hxoellent h amity Larnag?. nnrn(Mi SuMfior No top Ruff. ? TIM : A oradttof Mud1*1 day*. for aatiafa^tority endorsed not*a. Ixgrnc mie'*?t. _>**> * J. C.MrGUIKK A CO , A net*. Br J. C. MetiL'IRK * CO.. Atotionwri. WIPF.RIOR ROSKWOOD SfcVKN OCTAVE PlASOFORTR. FnUllTrn*, A1?D Hot-IHOLt> krr-ct? at Pcblic Acctios.?On MONDAY *? RNINt*. JuN *d at loo'oiook, at the residence of ?on ?. J. Gartrell No. *Sf> F ?tr-?t, b^twn Sixth aid Seven'h stre >t?, wf ahal! MlJ all h Farmtwr#an< Hou*?iio.d tfl-?ot?, o-nipruing? Superior Ro*ewood Seven ootave Piano Forte, by Hamea Broker*. Suite ui *olid Rosewood Parlor i*hed in Crimson Hro-satai, oonauting of two ?oia?, two Ann Chair*, and six Parlor Chair*. Throe handaom* Wa nut Whatnot*. Marble-top Centre, Sofa, a a I B<qu*t TabJe*. Ruth mi Reception and Fauoi CMura, Mantel Va?e*. Card Reoeiver.and Ornament*. AUCTION HALKF. THIS AFTERNOON 4 To MxtRRoW Br J. C. MettlJIRK A CO. Aopti'?o**t? DK9IRABLE TWO-!*TO?V AND HAfK mist Bkirt DwaiiTift n* Nihtm i*t. WNT. fliwiu 9 *m> M ft?. >o?tn, ?t ArcTHTRJ*DAV AFlfcllM'OA. J?M* JTh. at 6 oVoek.ox ?h? w* ?ua ??t I HitH No 4il?, with th? L??t. itua'#* mi ltr?ft*Mt.)MtWMn<illlil M ??r*?U MK'k (W Lot fronU U fm KH iboAm on Ntttfc Mr et, r*.r? nine hack ? with a ?id* ?;l?y. Th? H"??? ta a >nac at>'? wHl bvi'l two Her? ? ?' h*e?meiu brick buiUiut, o?i.laiJiiiig ?ioir< room,four cbtmber* tn<1 kitchen. With (M'hr<>a?h o?t. and every pti't of the prMUMk in Ir?t iM* ?? der. Tlt'tiwfco Trtw Om fourth <m*L , the rtrrfi* ib k. Itk?l and II monUin, vitii interest Mcnred by ft 6*m4 of trust r>n the premise* je8 4 J.C. MoGITIRK ft CO , A?**?. By A. GBEF.N, ABctK>oe?r. HANDSOMK NEW THREE-?TOEV BUCK Nori>K. WITH TWO ItOIT ftACC tr>LW>? U!i Lot, ih Kkiit'i *rM?tn*iox or r(*r*kk K* m\. *T ArcTioJ* -On THt Ki>DA>.th? tfth iMt4i.t, 1 thki. aeil ;n froftt 01 Uie eren iee#, H?o'c<oo* f in.. Lot No. 1< m Itihhay'a aabdmaioaof No. 57t. having a front of ? feet tm Saooad atr*+t *Mt, net ween north 1) and K atreeta, auc ranaag hack l*?f*et b> a wide al.ej, with U?e ia|ror? menu, whioh are a sew thr??e atorj Briafc Roue*, with back building, containing hid* eoa?eaier.t!y arranged room* aud hath ro?m. eloeeu aad wide ha': tnrough the noaae and a good dry oellar aixter the haok huilfiing. Pavement an ' iron racing in front The above mentioned property la haadaome it looat*d 10 a ratably improving neighborhood, and an rievatad poaitioa. and taa * wnl he we. t worthy the attention of peraona wiahmg to pur chaae a handaome reeideroe. rerm?: tine fourth oaah. bala:.?e in 6 U. la ani 24 moa'ha, for aorea hearing i?iwM from dat i f aaie. A deed gives and a dcai! of truat taken. T.te in<napufabie. ja.a d A. GWrF.N. Aaot. By A. 6RF.RN, Ai?iMineer. La Good# at Aoctios ? i ahal: otni??i?ee on \VKDNh*UAV. tw OU iHt,?t M o'oloot ft. in . and continue daily uuUl alt t* id. at atore N? 32H Petm. ftv?na?, aouth 4e. Hrtw?^n ?**?? and 7 k atiaet*. t<> ?ell th# entire aN>< k of Pry t??*?.'a,r.?u atatins of? Ciotha. Ca?aim<?r?, Veatiuca. Towela. J?*r? Linen Uid ?'ottna rant* Mil, De Laina, U*nn, Grey Good*. bo1 a?e and tilk Kobe*. Bl??ch?d ud Brown hli?Kiuf iumI fkirlinti, Iriah Luiena, Kmbroiderie* ll>>*iet i??.. Black l.aoe 5hawl? a??1 Mantilla*, tJBderahirU and Pr*?rr*, Linea Bocom Smrta, Liwii S*hirt FroM'a. And many o'her Good* t<?> no mo rout to >n. As the r>u>ldinc la to t>e taken down tne entu* a took muat he aold witti'Mit reeerre. Terrna. All Kama uml<r ?.V> na?h : over tfc\t amount a orwm oi an ami 1??% w.iu approval er?Hnr?*<1 note*, h -antic int*r?M?? lr?>m ii?* of * .> ??8<1 A. UllKKN. AwL fLTTIIK ABOVE *%LB l!* POSTPONE l? 10 o?>n?rqn?no? of not (x mi ?m?il TH'~ ' " DA V . the *??h IMC.. (U<c hour. to ^7 d A ?;R ? :? V. Awt Hr J. C. McVUIRK A CO.. Am>tmti>?n Peremptory sai.k ??f kihho.ns. U I.*' I $114, "THAW UlNlDr, *t Jr. On TIM R*DA V MOKNlXi, J aw * .?. tinmrrc riai'v mittlth* Whole "took it <i(? ai l<* o'oifx'k, w? Khali ?**< a' 'ho >'<m* N :sn C?i?' Maikot a l?i[? lot ?>f Kai.e< Aittrl' uch a*? R thbon". Laoo*. La<?? So??. Head l>rfWF,HU?? ?* ]?. F?lk a?4 Worsted <?nnp?. ' nib*. Bruthep, M?.op to . Ac. I "Coiner wim i ot I P?? ,li tide*. Term* rMh. i9 X li J. V. MvOtMRL A CO., Am*. FUTURE PAYS Hj TH(?>. IXlWLIMi ii*1" f' ? K. 8. W i<?ht, ^a e?n an. DfcSlRABLK HKK K UWKi LIN?i Hl? I'M ANi* LOT at An r?<?!?.?Ue FRI "AV A FTM NOO ?. the 29th iu*t.. at > o'oiock, I all ?eii, io f'ont of the rrenn?e?, that v? r? ?1< artM* Iwo tiori Brick Dweiji..f.wi h hack t>uilding*,?ruat -d <?? t?*? we?t aide ofjrtferena atreet. with loi ex'endiim ? > an alley in the rnr, known a* the former earnere* of Win Kiu*. Jr. Term*. of *al?? : One-third oath; baanoe in * and 12 months, with mterent _je V R THUS. POWLIHt.AI By WALLA BARNARD. AteUontm. TRl'RTKK'* CALKOF WtTSEHOLD FI R MTtar. ahd KrfKTf at avctwr ?On PA I URDAV Uir A?hir.?t-. at I* ?'oi?e4. h? virtu* of a )?t d of trunt dn i reo rtlrtl. An . we will ael! in front of the Auction Room*. a l?'f? collection of Hoaaehold Fnrmtare and Hk-h.mi RnM>wo<>d 1'iaito Forte, kn?'?fc Gahle'a, Matiofai.) Hair *eat ?-o|as. B fVil and Chair*. Do and WauiLt Ureaamc Bareaua. Do anJ Walnat and Cherry French and Cot '?c? Be'l?t?ad?, Mahoitarv s*id?. Center and Round Tab.ea, Waahatarda and Toilet f<eta. Hair and r**ook Mattreaaea. Boiatera and P.llowa, F.oor and St*p Carpet and Oil Cloth, C&neaitd W?jd ?eat Chaira, Clock. Atove* and Kitchen I tenMla. ao , Ac. Formtare Waion caah. By ?rder of the Trutlt* i*27 d Waul, a Barnard. Aiota. By J. C. mocuirk a CO . Auotii?o?era EXTENSIVE SALE OF CHOICE WINEP, Uiv< OB*. Hava*a CisAaa. Pi he? H?rri?, Pai*EnvtD F ariT* AM MIAT*. I?<>S >*F R.M-ri liormum flxttak-, llMl'klmi >\ 4fiu?,A( t > CLO.K THI |!'fsx> - I HA : T< > * Ll:t< H < > TlF.SUAY MORNING, inly 3 at I" o'oiockat tue atoraof Hamntoc a L?eacii, a t*w uoora raM the Natioral Hotel, we aha . ae, toe entire at?>ok iu traile ai d valuable rt?re Fixture*, ti* : Jalea .Mumm. F.eur <le Mouit . Cardi a. and Ratie* ChM); a?ae. Choice Br"*c and Pale London Sherry, imported diiect by Haini U ri a i each. Vary superior O.d Poit in bottle*, We ch a Madeira, in dami/ohna and bottlea.a very fine article. M&rctux. Chateau. L&fiti?, Chateau toonlla, ?t. Pierre and M i^aiiit>ert Claret Wine*. Spaikliu* Hc.k Johanoeaberg and Millie Wibm, Large quantity ot Kurcui.dt aud *till Wine?, YoiiD^t '? Impena', Kirni A. S?>n'? Ale, Canaua Cider, Hibi>ert'? Brows Sum, Aiirop'* A:?, Frrnoti Vinegar, Wolf*'? Schnapp?, Lar,.* (juai.Utf ?.f CaKwl>a and other Bitten, in oai and on draught, Sapencr Old Appie pad peach B randier. in b< ttle? and deimjuiiui. Fine Brandie?, Whi?k?. R ara and Gin, EngWeh ?n?' Freccn Saueet. Fra-t*. Je tier, Sardin^eand Vege'abie?. Lot of ftne Greeu 1 eaa in ?> b oaddiea, Olive oil. t'l:vM. 1 urt.f Steal. Ca apaali and Ca ipe. sauoe?, in fancy jar?. Prune?, i lofcle MuiIkooihi. aod ! otted Meat?, in iaooy jar?. , 1 arse lot ol ehoiee Havana Cigar*, of varum? beat d?, Tohacoo, Hnn lcr?A H*/rin? H&ia ??? t)f*k?. ftoiinUn, Gi*?i Ca? <?, i>igi?r BriM, f*tai.<) Casks. Copper Mtnuum A p. At 1 oV loti. m rwntOae fane Roan Mare. well broke to ht urn, tipiM W ?aoc and Ham**, T?rm*: $?' and uoUft oa?n : over tUat nam a ore>tt of I. ?' .land 4 month*, with interest, Kn note* \M?faotoruy ndoteeri. II/" Catalogue* rra<1\ on F>Wtj next J??IIN h. LKACH. Ni'viflM Partner. )f?4 J ? M?i\ IRK 4 CO .AaeW. BT J. C. McGUIRK A CO.. AMtMMmT T'KUSTEK B KALK OF H RNITl'RK ANP 1 t.rrv t? ?r the j'tat**" 'cfii WtMirateff ?On MONi?AV M"R>lNG. J>i ? 4| 31 h o inmenoui* at l"o o oe? . andoontino.Bg |r..*i ~ da* t<> da* Mol.l the wuoleu di*po??<i of. I>? virtue ol'atleed of tru?t doi* e*eoat?-d and recorded in Liber J. A B. N?. f"lH* ? , Ac. one of the and record* for Washington oountj, the sndor tried. a* trustee, wi I Mli ail the Furaitare atd HP*cta of the I'rited State# oompriairg I b >ut one htiode d pa 'or* and chamber*, vn Ver* ?a?erior aixl >.?ar y tvw Roeevood ? tucker iUK neven octav* Pianoforte. Co?et. and *t??">, Large and hanufco">e Kreuoh flat* Mantel Mirror*. (>ai Chandelier*. b< anket* anfl fiituroa ttimur ko?t Handaom* Walnut and Mahogany Parlor piraiture. fiaiahrd IB brceatelie, pinrk. and ban Ma-b?e tn? centre, ecfa. and aide Tab?ea. Walnut Whatnot, fanoy Chairaand Table*. Waluut Writing i)*ek? ami Mookoaaea, Handaoiti* Velvet and Bruaeeia Carpet*. OileJotk, Ruga. Ingrain Carpet*. (jilt frame Man'el Mirrora. Vaaee and Prnaaiepf. Brooatelle and Laee Curtain*. Coruioe and Fi*. Ro* "wood. Walnut and Walnut Hednteada, Dreaeing Bureau*. Wa*hn*iid?, end Wardrobe., Feather Bade Uulitera, and FilJowa, Toilet fteu. Curled hair and huak Mattreaeea. Blankets, Coa.foru. and Coar.terpane* in large ?uantttiea. L*rge quantitiea Bed and Table Limb, aearlr Din"n7'rablea. oak D'ot^T Chaira. French and atone china Dinner, Deaert, and Tea W Table Cutler*. !*il?er-plated Ware, Caatora, Chafing Diataea, Waiter a Cofieeand Tea I'rna. Bar Counter and Fixtaraa. Liquor* aad Cuara. Iroa Safe, Daakt, and Oftoe Furaitare. Ac., Togeth?r1 with a large quantity of Houaei.o d Effect* not neoeeaary to enamerate Term*: ?5" and under oath over that amount a credit of 2aad 4 montha, for aatiafaetorHy end o reed notea, bearing lotereat WM. A. BROWNING, Truatee ^ m A r* u^/3 l* I. hi k a ??!*? 4 X/. inu^l tlRD A VV AUOV ^ I. Bft. SUfiBB JL CO, GREAT REDUCTION J ik Ptici? or 1 SEWING MACHINES! I The M?chin#? *r? *ckM?wl?4f?d Uw b*?t in M * itei; tisats* .r?T,"!g* I Letter A (for mMUi) or 1^(it m?r.uf?ctur fl 5?E:r=:JS I Cottou, Oil. 4c. ' 1 WV. H.6LOTER, S?nasa^S.,ygsarg 1 bf tln>atk w? oo?Mmtff P trust thtrfWr wiBlj* to Mttl* Um ?m? ?. o,.ho?K R 1. K V . no. >?JM. D? cSrtSTiifiw flp

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