Newspaper of Evening Star, June 28, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 28, 1860 Page 4
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_ _ THE EVEN!NG STAR. IFor tmk Stab. STANZAS When dainty form* with kindred charms, I.ik<? drop* of water meetine. Can rush into pacti other*' arms, Mow happy is the greetings. Bj Cnpid's arrow* stnnc with pain,? With love rach bosom ranklm',? Hi* h?art is beating pit-a Jan**, While 4*r.< !>eats pit-a 1 rauklin. I would not blain-t her honest choice. Nor ?*h?ck tiw> tide of pleasure. Nor wield a pen. nor raise a voice, Again?t so good a measure. For. be it ** ? iny pretty pet. My "Marling pride," an.I so on? *Ti? an til wind. as erst, m yet, blows some good to no one. Be thine the joy that wedlock brings. Wttn earn attendant blessing ; And !?arn. in sundry little things, Knjoynier.t worth possessing. That n 1 so sweet, for which, yon know. My heart has olten panted. For m". henceforth, mu*t never flow. Nor mu?t the drops be granted. Vet. did'st thou comprehend my wish, Ami would'st thou not respect it.J Full n:any a rtnptf receive* a kiss After the soul has left it. Then *~hj should not the lirimt clay Receive the living token? The pledge of love in love's own way ? More fitly fit than spoken. P. A wifIt K ill* hbr9blf ec *0*1 iie k hrsbasd Ciibw* Tobacco ?Mrs Rebecca Nrshing. a native of Germany, thirty nine years of age, residing In Tenth street, near Avenue D. New York, was walking with her husband and some acq n a in tance, on Sunday evening, on Harlem bridge. wh?-n reaching the centre of that structure, she iddenly s'i?p(^d and. without giving any intimation of her intention, jumped into the water When the ix-dy, however, was taken from the water life W7ts extinct. The deceased was mar- l ried wine years since, but during the greater nart ?f the time her relations with her husband had been unpleasant, and she had refused to live with h'm. and had vis!t?*d Kurope and California In the capacity of nurM to invalid tourists Returning tram the latter place some three months siuce, a reconciliation between herself and husband was effected, which was not disturbed until a few minut** previous to her death, when a dispute arose during the progress of their walk, on the subject of tobacco chewing, to which practice .Mr. Xeshing was addicted, and which was a | sourre of great offence to his wife Neither he nor the others who beard the argument believed for a moment that a diff-rencc upon what some look upon as a trivi-tl matter, would have sufficed as a motive for suicide A Tbifusr PirrEKEsrK? lud.e H . of Detroit, although celebrated In his profession, was n.'txl among his acquaintance* a* being very dull of seeing a pun. One day being at a dinner rarty. the following coniiiidrum was given by one of the gu?-sts: "When is a youn^ lady like a vehicle in omtnon ????"* i lVK<n lk> 1> . I ??l_ ?.It? I. .. u< ? -? ?* ii*?ic 9*ii?y I"he Jndije. like all the re*t of the company, thought it first rat* The next evening. paying a visit to Mim Belle C , the Judge thought it would please h?-r verv well and gave it a? follow* ' When is a young lady like a vehicle in common nie"' Mlsi C . having given it up, the Judge re|)iied to her amazement and amu?emtnt: "When she i? a little buggy." hotcrtci i*. D?t? At a hall recently giveD *>y the Kmprees Kiii^rnie, at the Hotel d' Albe. a painful feature of this gorgeon* scene was the total disregard of delicacy in the greater part of the costume*, the generality of the toilette* being a complete utidrf** ; ihoulder-stay* and *leevt* were discarded. and In most cases replaced by a string of previous stones lightly holding together the scanty drajwriei of the corsage, which left exposed the bust and shoniders. J^T"K1 Cornet, who assassinated Maj Neighbors some time since, was himself killed by the sheriff s posse at Belknap. Texas, on the -25th ult He attempted t? kill Dennis Murphy, and when an effort was made to trrest him he resisted and was shot. f?7" \ Urge sale of Italian marble took place in Baltimore on Thursday In addition to the city trade. th?re wa* a Urge attendance from Charleston, S? C., Philadelphia. Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Richmond, Norfolk, Washington, and other places ICT The Jacksonville Standard of the 31st ult.. announces that the Cuba teleeranh It In successful operation from that place and Fernandlna to v-wir iteys. ioiw uniting the waters of the Atlantic with thoM of the Gulf of Mexico C7" A jealom artor in New York, named Gaw. havin* quarrelled with hia wif<v and being jealoiii of her. met her in the ?tr??t the other day and threw vitrol on her far* and neck for the purpose of destroying her beauty ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS WILLAKDS' HOTEf.-W Eoeles, NJ; FA Drever. P?; J 1. Coopet. f>a;J B McMinn, C&l: T \V Sw*-nj, USA; G H Wendell, ? J Angler, T??a?; K H Woottan Md; F L \Vite?, NY; Col Del * T'irre, Cal; J S Mar.ninr, DC; Mra Mannin*. ??o; R J Va- B ?! Dow.ier, l.a; \\ M Hal'. Fl; H J Hoyt, Ct; Mr* Morr-?on and tanchter, N V: B B Cu'hsnr, Maaa; F J Chatfieid. and ladr, NY; Mits Goodrich, do; J P Rooper, Md; A Baldwin and la<!y, O; Mia*; ?? w ic???>n d<>; A H Lom?, NY; W A Shapard, d'>; C\pt F Intle, U9N; \V Frant and lad?, Mua; 11 0 Hoilanbusn. L'5*A; L Lea. Tenn; C Morgan, NY; | Mrs R C Standard. Va. diiu w 1*8" HUTKU?J Bossier, A I.acdy. f.a; ?> Halter, V*; W J Bea i, Md; J H Pickett, G?: J Johnson. Mrs F. Johnson, Minn J H Johnson. Mi<? Mm*. J Sims, Mich; J R Ml King, Teu: Hon i, St ? , Col A P Pennisor, Or; W ^tickney I,a; J Heaio Md: Gen W;1ib?trn and fam, W Millar, Tex; \V Voung. Rev M H Gallnher an ! ly, Va; H Sea? ar.dly.TVx; H Forwood and ly. Mrs l?elman. A rs L C WheeW, Mrs Wine ?nd iam.G White, L*; R Ha ris- ii. Va; Mrs K Jones, Ar<; DJones, J K*? >v. Dr West, Va; Miss A. Po!k, Mix K P>?lk, Miss F Molntyre, Del: Miss R AeaH, Md; K Gay, Mi s ? Gay, l-a; S P Martin. Mo: T Tri?tand ly, P%: 6 L Stewart, Va; R Masses, do; S Morgan, Del; W J Bea,!. Md. NATIO >IAL HOTKL.-T MoCardy, Pa; L R Wilson, Mu; J K Hon*. N^ ; C W tiyer, ?; A G ?? hh1\!i Pa; A M Rafi>?,-, Ark; J F. Stearns, Mas J S Sm>tli. ; John Gibson, M W R?nd?nbn*h? Pa, H l iurston.G W Arirctrong.K I. R !* Hti? gins, MrsJohn Willi?ins, Va; I, (? Norvrl' an' * 11,Ohio; (' i'hainlx'rp, Ha; K H P?t*man. Tenn: II Siuitn and lady, R U'.ack, I. Zimmer V*: VV F. Whit nan. Pa; J Shower. C Wilkin*. Mrs Wilkina M !.?"? " "? " - ? ... .. - .w .. 1/ .uunniJU, .M'l; J Tuck*', fan; MutM G BqwHuk, J B Broodley, Md; C R R< "H, (A. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.-A V. KH*er!y. A Kine? w xj, NM.ii Rnhmion and ly, N Vr; J O Wat*< n. Vii. I Sweeney, LSA.Df W J Johnson, Mua J< huion, La. OCEA NS TLA Mi:US' SAILING DA YS From the I'sitrd States S-afrt--ti. Ltate. Pot. Dny*. >'^> ^'1 Boetrni Liverpool J nei7 C. VVa>-ainfit"n New Vork .Liverpool Jutie3>> I io?i? New Vork ..Havre June?> Mai! r.ioiua... . New York .HamUiri:... July 1 A-!*- New York...Live* pooi... Ju!r * N?w Y<?rk N?w York.. Bren.en .... July 7 K*i:aroo New York .Liverpool Juy 7 L>if>?a B>'i?ti>M .... Liverpool Joy II * iriaUc New Y->rk .Havre., .Ju> 14 T '<iI?m . New York ..ttainbar*. .. .July 16 v^r ;a New York. Liv*rpoo!* lk K'na... New York.. .l,iverpooi .Jaly 1?) ? den Kleeoe. New York Ga'w.j July l<> F l??n New York . Havre July -1 wal>ia B'??tori. Liverpool Ju!? is Vamlerbilt..-?.New York...Havre July .8 From Ehrofe A<11 M*M. ^Mtk'ptou N?W Vnrk . ? . . ? ? uu ?v i-ingio c?x<>n Liverpool Port'&nU J tm* /? >r*at Ka?t*fu. f'oaih pton .New Vi>rk . Jane .3 GflMtn Kleeoe. G*iway New Yoric...Juue ti Peraia Liverpool... New Yurk .June.rt Mna ... Liverpool... N^w York June ^ t-"uiU'n South pton. New York.. .June *7 Pa eetine Liverpool Quebec June/7 A'*bi? ..Liverpool B<>?ton. JuneS" A'mo J*outii'pton_New York .July 4 Havana South'pton .New Yon July Jura Liverpool New York ..Jelylft The Havana mail teaoiera leave New York on the 2d. !2th, 17th. and 27th of eaoh month, and Charleston on the 4tb and 19th. The California man ?te'"?",T? leave New York on he $(h and *th of ea** month. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawith of tbe Royal Havana Lot tejy, oondaoted by the gpaniah Government, under tts" evparviaioa of the Captain 6eueral of Caba. will taie place at Havana oa THI'RSDAY, Jcsa A. IS60. SORTEONVUF.RO 638 OROINARIO. CAPITAI KOI"-' ?1"" . a MlUU f |W*?,?WUi 1 priteof fiw.nno SO prise* oL 914M I do 60 do WW 1 do 1.S3 do ?"n I do - sm,(W an appro*. ?,?> 1 do , rrr all 3*9 prizes. W |m|? TioN*. | JO-H?lrM,il9-Ui?rt?ri,|l. Pr<>?? oaaheri ?> ?i*ht at * per oeut. dieooanL Bill* on ail aoiT^nt Bauka taken at par. A drawing wiii k* forwarded aa aoon aa the rmll h^om't known. All order a for scheme* or tu?eta to be addreaeed to DON RODRIGUEZ, )?lt tr Car?of CiU Pntt,i)kirlMt<?. 8. C. HO. MOOD haa now on hand a rerr large . *toak of fine ataodard t*ll,VER WARE, a.) <>f h'f own make. that he will aeJI aa 1n* m fc), j of ?ne Northern Warecara aold for, aad at the earn* tim? will wa*rant everything to ba ataodard ail ^r. 3?? Pa. a^aaaa. jeTS Chick eking a sons' wori.d wide fern* PIANoS, for ta> only at JOHN P. el LI*'?. 306 p?. ivrct. botwaea 9th and loth iU Also. Piaor.s for hire by thada?, month, upon ?a?y t?r?., , _ ?ifr?t barcia* la ???<>nd hand Piano*. )a?S rpHE OPERA HAT, jort am rod, by urrm, SL*MAIEK hats and CAPS ia abundaaca, at TRUNKS, I RUNIC4, ?t SMITH'S, N ? ? Scrnata , oppo?ita Poet Oftoa. M ? * MISCELLANEOUS. M4V 10TH,1*60. OPENING or tvb HKAKON. Mo DON NELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE. Our Grooera and Citizen* will pleaaa Bear in Mind that nai _ ? _ a _ rne reason ior inn MOST HEALTHFUL ARO pure beverage Is Now Open. The Agent in Baltimore Has Received A Large Stook And will be happy to receive the order* of his Washington Friends. Quality Umarantefd Strictly Pure. jas. McDonnell, General Agent, ma 10-T.T,&*-tr Baltimore. *> DADAU A V Q PAD OT a 1' n \r voauc run oiAiiUiiDRli DKrARTMKST of StATK, f \Vashi:??Tok. May 31st, 1360.S Id Pursuance of the "Act localizing and making appropriations for such necessary objects as have been usual.y inoluded in the general Appropriation hill without authority of law, and to fix and provide for certain incidental expenses of t*i? departments and offices of the roverninent. and for other pur poses," approved 26.h August, 18(2. sealed separate proposals will be receiv-d at this department until 30'olook, t. w., on the 28th of June n?xt, for turnishinr such articles of stationery as mtt ho require'bjr it for one year from the 1st day of July next, as etumeraled in the subjoined schedule and estimate of quantity, but it is to 1* understood by persons proposing that the department is to be at liberty to t? go either a 'psr or gr?ater quantity of any article than is sp*ci&ed, aooording to its wai.U during the year Kach article to be of the best quality, and to be delivered withoutde'ay when ordered. SCHEDULE. Paper, hand-mad-, of Linen, Laid or Wore. 50 reams foolscap, Whatman's or Jojnson's, per ream 20 reams larto post, oream laid, to woifh not less than 9 pound* per rrain. trimmed, ruled on three tides, Whatman's or Joynson's, p?r Team 40 reams note paper, cr^am laid damvsk, What man's or Joynsnn's, per ream. Envtlope Pnp'T, Smooth. ream* snp?r royal, yellow. p<r r*am ! > reams do. white, thick, p- r ream lo reams royai, white, thick, per ream s reams blotting paper. ro>?l, red, per ream 1 ream white blotting hoards. perre*m. Knrtlrpe!, e/ Strom Sinioth Opi<iw Pav ?, White Adktitvt. I.OOO No. 1, ie>i h> S inches, per I,"**) I .eon No. i, < >, by 4'? do do l.oo No, 3. 0 l>y 1 do do S.'oe No. 4, 8 ht 3*, do do J omi No. 5, a hf ' 'j do do l.??*> No. fi. bv 4), do d > 3 i*io No. 7, lit 35, "lo do l.'WNo. 8, Vi do d > Ijww No. 9, 5', bj 3 t lo d> d-> 1,eon No in. v? b? s?4 do do 2.oon No. 11. 4H-10 by t. 7-lo do do 3,nno No. 12, 4 by 2H do do Enrelora Lin'd irtth Lm?n 1,W No. l, li J, by incites, per l,o?t 1,0*10 No. U, 9S hy 4'4 do do l,ooo No. S, 9 by 4 do do l,0oo No. 4, a bytij, do do IKkl V-. t ? ' * ? .i, o ny c?!| n't Qo 1,'Ui No. 6, b!-* I>y 4}* do do 4 dozen coid pens. of approved inake, p*r dozen inn do cards metallic pens, Perry's, do l?ii gross metallic pens, of approved make, per gross 6 dozen black lead pencils. Brookman & L&ngdon's, or Faber s, per gross 2 dozen red and blue penoils, M. L. Leinan, per 4 do i*or? folders, ?-inoh, per aoaien Idozen in do red tape, No. 21 do l'? do do No 19 do in do do No. 17 do 1<? do do No. 15 do 12 do si'k t&*te, narrow, do 12 do do wide. do Si" Tards silk cord, per yard 1 dozen cut g;a?? inkstands, Draper's or Whitney's. per dozen 2 d<>z in m-afer stands, coooa, per dozen 2 do eraser*. Kod;ers and Son's, ivory handle, per dozso 3 dozen penknives, Rodeers and Son's, 4 blades, per dozen. 1 doz- n penknives. Rodgersand Sod's, 2 blades, per 1 >zen I Jozenivory-handle wafer s'a.s, per dez>n K> do ink. in quarts. Mack, Niaynard and Noyes, per dozen 1 dozen carmine ink. per dozen 3 po-indi wafers, red, per pound 1 do do wiiite, do 5,wafer*, for I'nited States sea', extra thick per l,n?*) wafers, for departmental seal, extra thiok, per UM If pounds waling wax, best extra superfine ecarlett. Dov?U and Kasy. per pound 10 pounds twine, gill net, per pound 2ii ??<> seine, do do do coarse, for packinr. per pound S diziu paper shears, Rodger* and Sons, A-inc.'i blade, per dozen 1 dox?n paper shea's, Rodgers and Son's, 6J%inch blade, per dozen 2 dozen soibsom, jer dozen. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm maiiinc it. and mu?t specify a pnoe? nmt but on- priee?for each and every artoie contained in the schedule, and those f >r paper must be ao oompamM by sufficient sampler ot each article to ?nat?:e the department to judge and make selfcti"?. Should any articles be required not enumerated, they are to be furnished at the lowest market Drees, aooordir.2 t/? r r ? ? , mi inn ior p oi>osals will be furajstied at the Department to persona applying for them: and a*, without uniformity therein, the Department would find it difficult to make a decision, none will be taken into oonsideration unless substantially agreeing therewith. The proposals to be addressed to "the Department of State," and endorsed "Proposals for Stationery." Notice will be given to the pcraou to whom the contract is awarded who will be re quired, with n five days thereafter, to give bond, with two sufficient suieties, for it* peformanoe The bea<i of the Department is in ail eases to decide wli ttier the terms ol the contract have l>ei n ooinpli?d with, and to rei?ct any articles which inai be, in his opinion, of interior quality, as well a? to a inul tha contract upon any ia' u-e to com ply with the terma within a reasonable time. mall lawtw P NOTICE. KHSONS D*cluune housekeeping or having a surplus of household effects oan find ready sale by casing at idt Furnishing Store, 42* 7th street, between <? and H streets, east side. ap i 3m RUDOLPH BUCHLY. R NOTICE' KGUEAR STEAM PACK KT LINK BETVVBhN BALTIMORE AND -IT"*" WASH INfiTd N.-I,eaveC?m ^ m??ree st. wha'f, Baltimore, a* fol mmwcrnmarnfjm ?n*AMoip Statu, every WEDNESDAY, At 6 p. m. Colombia, ov?ry SATURDAY, at 6 p. m. l.eave Ki'^y's Wharf, at the foot of 11th street, Washingt- n, %* f"B "Wa: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at6. Diamonds*tatk. every FRIDAY,about 12 m. For freight, Ac., appi) to THOS. W. RII.EY, A Kent, Riley's Wharf, at the fool of m 16-TAT6m 11th st.. Washington '|>HE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY 1 lnfortn their patrons and the public that Am thev nave reMived taeir usual supply of^HK SPRING GOODS, oonsistiof of the latest |i I s'jie au'l fashion, and bet-tforeigu nianufac ! I ture. Th'-y also respectfully invite a'tnntion to their new stoc\ of GENTLEMEN'S FUR NISHING GOODS of the latest styles ami make*. Thev also keep constantly on hand a large supply | of Naval and Military Furnishing Goods?such as Epaul't?, Cbapeaus. Swords, Beltf, Gold Laoes, Shoulder Straps, and Sashes. H- if i firnow - ?? ? - m uwiv a V/Ui? Cut turn. Naval and Military Merchant Tailor >, mar Ij-tnim Brown'* Hotel. Morf. new dre*s goods marked down at reduced prices-Rich 1 F?*ur?d and Plain Berages, Orgsndy Muslins and Frrnch Lawns, hands me Figured and Plain Berase Anf la*, pe?a Berates and Silk Tissues, at 18^3.. worth 37H. With many lot* of auotion coods whioh weare selling off very cheap. j. w. c"llky ? co., maSl-eol^t 5:13 Seventh st, above Pa.av. Mkmbkbs of congress and others at>out leading the oity shoaid call and^^^^ | e.ifcin'i.e our great stook of Pianos froin||BHM Ctuoksring It Mm' great factory, as also*" w ? ' a nurnt>er of cood seeond-liand, nearly new Pianos, Melndeons,Ontara v;~i;? 4.--. -? . -?? ?ii'iiui* o?ojo8, i am bonne*, Aooorde? us, Music, Mure Hooks,,&o. JOHN F ELLIS, je 31 S06 Pa. av., bet. 9th and lofi at*. ON FRBK KX'MBiriON FOR THREE rtaye only?Mr. Washington'* great picture, representing " Marion in the Camp, Sergeant ucD-nald Bringinc in a Tory Spy." Painted for William McDonald,F?q.. of Haiti wore, at PHlLP A SOLOMON'S Fine Art ea'lery, jtU 339 Pa. ar. bet. 9th and 10th ?U. A L E! A XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! The tareat and moat wtiolesome Ale in this qityia U, b* Vbtained at the WASHINGTON BREWERY. Thif Ale u mad# from malt an>1 hop* only, a id sannot fail to rive entire *ati*?ftotion to cos tm*rt. C. COI.INEAU, Proprietor of th? Wuk'n Rr???fr. oornor R ( ?. DL'PONT'S GUNPOWDER. F. r *?'e at SBBlaetnrers eriaaa- l? JOHN J. B06UE, r.*0ktow n,'DC? S?U Atenew for the DiUrtet uf Columbia. A large supply. wnbraain/ *r?ry variftr, alwayt ob hand, *n<Tdelivered free t? all part* of the DteViftt. Or<io?? nan aleo be left at the> tfioeof Adams' xprcaa r.AmpA?T. Washington. D. <>. fe S-U*1T PI AN OO.-ORBAT BARGAINS-Oat Kounkraatx Piano, ia best order, for $7i.m=sn^^, t>n<> Gae^s Pukn-. f?r ^""iTTVP TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BHANCH. Change of Hovas. on and after wednesday, Juneltfh. I960, train* will run aa follows: Lwive Washington at 6 an and 7.4A a. m. Leave Washington at 3.30 aud 5 JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 an p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. iin buaaa; at 4 25 a. m. Puieniteri for the Ea?t will take train* at 6J0 and 7.40 a. ra and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7.4" a. m. and 3.20 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m- and S.20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Satordaj evening the5.20 p. m. train goei to Philadelphia onlj. ie 13-d T H. PARSONS. Aceptf NEW ORLEANS IN TBRBZI DATA WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, VIA Orange and Alexandria Rail mad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia. East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississijnn Central, Nkw Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPH7S~1 ROUTE: Memphis by Ral, thence bj First ciass Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Mont*owry by Kail, thence to Mobile by Firstclass Packets. MoMIe to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sex days IsrLtrnKD, Lrsrf Washington at 6 a in and 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharl foot of Seventh street at 6Ak a. m. and 63^ p. m. and oonnect* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwext. Offioo?Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth st. BAASAQK CHECKED THROUGH TO MW ORLEANS Lynchburs 50 Memphis on Bristol .15 0) Atlanta 3B on Knoxvillo 2?on Macon 2R on Chattanooga .2-4 on Columbus 31 50 Daiton - ... 24 Ml Montgomery 33 on lluntsville .tfTim ) viaMemphis.e 50 Grand J ii notion.-.?3nnn|N.O.> viaK. Juno 42 W Nashville _.25*ni \ via Mobile 4*> no TIU8 ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 200 MILES SHORTEK.and 24 HOl'RS LESS IN TIME than anr oth?r I me?the Lynchburg Extension being now completed, as also the Mississippi Centra], making it the Q UIC K EST A .V I) MOST P IF. AS A ST ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS: It is provided witJi First class Sleeping Cars! ( To New Orleans 72 Honrs, TIM i." ' Memphis ? 54 do. ) Montgomery.. && do. ( Nashville 46 do. tf^The U. S MAIL and ADAMS'EXPRESS aie taken over this New Line. Tickets can be obtained at the South \Vest*rn Office, corner of Sulh street and Pennsylvania av c>iue, to the following points: f.. nnhhiirr. Hrixtnl. Kimivi!:*. AT&iiIa t^hattaiiooga. II11 iitsviU**, Grand Junction, Macon, Nashville, Dalt<>n, Columbus, Montgomery, Mohile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. IP" THROUGH TJFKETS TO THE VARIOUS VltiUiyiA SPRINGS. 'L/~Oinnibi??es and Baggage Wagons leave the office at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket Agent, ma 23-tr Comer Sixth ?Land Pa. ?r. THE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of Jl1"" ^ February, I860. Will leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and^^"^ ? FRIDAY, at6 o'oloek a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA ? 1.-1/ ? ?a e U C , it'n u I/A*? ? * *.i_ - ai nail-pc?Bi. o o uiwii IUT AI^I anu me intermediate Landifiis. On her return trips, she j will l*ave OIKRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'oiook a. m. LUClAiN 9. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ai't. Aiexan-iria. fei? PFOR NEW YORK. ASSAGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. fT.SO. The New York and Virfinia Screw Steamshif Company's nw and eimant steamship MOUNT VERNON.Cant.T.C.Srrirh ^t*CTJ\ will leave tiie Company's Depot, W es tern Wharves, at ll'o'c'ock a. m over? WEDNESDAY and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at so'oiook p. m. same day. Patenters from Wasaington and Georjetow* oan take the coaches oonnectinc with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, which leave the corner ol 7th sti'eet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they oan leave on the steamer from the Wostern Wharves at 11 'olook a. m. Statrooms oan be enlaced on application U Mossrs. Mortan M. Rninehart, Western Wharvea Freight will be received up to the hours of depar tare. !u7* lnsurar.ce will be effected on all goods by this une at the oftosof the CompanyAt X per oent premium. The accommodations for passengers by this line are in every reepect first o ass, and every effort wil I t>? made to render this communication with Nen York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE A CO., Ageute, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL k. CO., e t-ly S6 YYeet st.,corner All?ani, New York. ~ dentistry! MTKKTH. LOOM 18, M. I)., tiie inventor and patentee of the MI N liR A L PL A TM TEETH, tends personally at his office in this oity. ftflMal Many persons can wear these tooth who^1" oannot wear others, and no person can w? ar others who oannot wear these. Persons calling at my offioe can he accommodated With an v Rtrln fLrii nrinA t\f TrtfltK f h*? -- - - K , - - ?? r.?i * .v... ?.??j V"V UOOI,D? hut to those who are particular and wieh the purest* o!eane*t, strongest, ar.d in???t perfqot denture thai art can produce, the M1NKUAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. foomn in this city?No. 336 Pa. avenue, between and inth ?t?. Alio, 907 Arch atre?t. PhiladqJ ?hia. qoI-It IV DKNTIHTRY. I"R. HILL8, after a practioa1 lc?t of two yeara, feela that tie can with confidence reonm mend the Cheoplaatto Process tor inaertincMjInP artificial teeth It ha* the advantage* or* " ' * " ^trenjtii, heauty, cleanliness, and oheajrieae. Fall up?*r seta inserted for 83*. Partial in proportion. Oftce .106 Pa. avenue. M7 jjffEMAN OySIMPSOKJ ?macnolm1macnou/>) *\irnrcirm'/M i."??? We nflfer for sale the above standard brand of fine Copper Distilled Maltefl Rje Whisky, ii. barrels and r?alf-harreis As it is of our own distilla tion.and highly improved by tee, we coufa>lei.tly recommend it as thn rrR*?i ami best Wlusk j that oan possibly tie distilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WI11SKEY, and other brands, from the largest stock of Flue Whiskies in the Umtnd States FREEMAN ft SIMPSON, Phccnix Distillery, on the Schuyikili river, Phila. Officee? 96 Wall Ktreet, New York ; and 109 South Front street, Philadelphia. mar J9-ly J^OO K OUT FO~R P~AINT~ No. 319 SEVENTH STREET. Four Doors South of Odd Fellows' Hall. H. W. HAMILTON-has opened a PAINT SHOP and PAIN I STORKonthe New York plan, where can alwa*s be found PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, BRUSHES, Ac., Ac.,at wholesale and r''U",' MJXF.D PAINTS FOR SALE, A?D BCCKKTS WITH BKCSHK* TO LOAH ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to House, Sign. Ornamental Painting and tirainiiir. Kained and Enamelled Glass of all kinds always on hand, or furnished at iiliort notice. He warrants satisfaction in all work entrnt<t<>d to his care, and is confident that heoando work a* clfan. if not cheaper, than an* other establishment in this city. Give him a call. Don't forget the nnmbor?it is 31*4 Seventh street. ma 1ft-tf PUTTYJS DOWN. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY,' D Strut, bttvern 9th and 10fA Street*. We have just finished a nunsbgr ot first class CARRIAGES, such as Light Fanry, amg Wagtnt, Park Pit a tons, Family Cer-ra^WRf riagti, and Bugmt, which we will sell at Hr '.1 a ver> small profit. Being practical meahanios in different branehea of the Dullness, ve flatter ourselves that we know the styles and quality of work that will five satisfaction, oombining lightness, oomfort and durability. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to at the IhnrtMl i?. ? ?? -?* ? UIU? llWUHDIt onarrea. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP. CnMhuktri, uooMaori to Win. T. Hook, ap 2T-dly RIOHT AT LAST AND OTHER TAI.FB, Br Mn 6Mk?ll. author of Mary Barton, North and South, Ao , Ao ; 1 vol ; Brio- 79 cent*. The Threw Clerk*, a nov*f, by tlw^nther of Dr Thorn*. Ao. Ao., 1 vol.: prio* $1. Natural Hutorj, ft?r the aae of Sohnol* and Faml lien, by Wort (Htm ton Hooker, M. D.. illustrated ?i, *? j# 31 oor. Eleventh at., and Pa. a*. 0 MEDICINES. W PURIFY THE BLOOD. ITH Corrupt, disordered or vibtUd blood, > ou mast h? sick ail over. It may burst oat in pimples or sorw, or in aim active disease, or it mere It keep yoa list lees, depressed and good for nothing. But you cannot have good health while your blood is impure. AYKK'S ?aR!SaPAK1L.LA purge* out these rapuritios. and stimulates the organs of life into vigorous notion, restoring the health and expe'line disease. Hence it rapidly cures a variety of complaints which are caused by impurity of the oioovii* n aa scroiaia (or Kiq? hvil.) Tnmnra. I loers, SorM, Kroptious, Pimples. Biothes, Biles, St Anthony's Fire, Rom or Erysipelas. Tetter rr Salt Rheum, Scalu Head. Ringworm, Caac?r or Cancerous Tumors. Sore Eyes. Female Disease*, such as Retention, Irregularity. Suppression, Whites, Sterility, Syphilisor Venerra! l)iin*a?es, Liver Complaint and Heart Diseases. Try AY ER'S SARSAPAR I I.L.A . and see f>r yourse.f the surprising activity with which it olf arises the txood and cures the disorders. A YER'S CHERRY PECTORAL is ?o univer sally known to surpass every other rein?dy for tne cure of Coughs, Colds, Inftiiensa, Hoarseness, C oup. Bronchitis, incipient Consumption, and for the relief of Consumptive Patients in advmoed stages of the disease, that it is useless here to re count the evidence of its virtue. The world knows them. AYER'S CATHARTIC PILLS-ror Costiveness, Dy?^ep?ia. Indigestion, Dysentery, _Fpol km'iuMiu, jauauiu", nnaioiie, MWlBiirn, J'llM. Kheimatum, Dropij, Worm*, and in abort lor all the purposes of a purgative inedioine. Prepared by J. C.AVEK A. CO., Lowell, Mass , and sold b> all Druggist* everywhere, je 21 eolm TJ. O. n. d) T. ik. HUHHEWEEilrS UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HITNNKWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, r*..m ?l l _ l ^ ii>m uruiiiirouKii <111 pm?? wnsre t;pium ?w ever used to that of IMirium Tremens, and the omnum chief cause of I'lsraae LOUS OF SLEEP. The Tolu Anodyne, though containing not a par tioleol Opium, produoes all the requirement* of, and ma; he used in all oases wherever Opinm was uf'vl without producing anything I Kit Curei, and laaviug the patient in a perfectly natural s-ate. The Universal Cough Rfmody, (freed from all the common otwection of rough Remedies, whioh produce nausea or prostration,) may be considered common enemy to ail Throat and Lung Complaints, and used with perfect impunity Asking all to court from proprietors or friends ttve most severe investigation orltoth Remedies,and readme of our punphlets to fie found with all dealers, and more particularly to purchase only of those who evi t?e depended upon, we wait in oonftdence the decisions of Patients and Physicians. "Pnoeg within reaoh of a I " OENKRAL AOENTS. J. \V. Hcknkwkll a Co., 7 and t>. Commercial Wharf Floeton, Geo. IIi nsbwkll, US Water st.. New York. I'nder the special supervision of JOH N L HUN N BW KL,l?. Chemist and Pharmaceutist, Boston, If -.1 * -- ? * . ? _ , *iMivi Nitruiuirp o<'vorv cjn iB or in? senium only, aiul to whom address ail communications. No id I ij all respectable dealers ever?where, and ail the Druggists in Washington ami Georgetown, mar '?*> eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. HIGHLV CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND H.riD EXTRACT Bt'CHU, A Positive and Specific Remedy For Dmemes of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAYKL.aml DROPSICA L SW ELMNUN Thix Medioine increase* th" D->w?r of Di|C*?tlon, and exoitPs the AH^IIKHKNTS int.. Iins)ili< *-/ tutu,Mr whi -h the WATGlV "Ot CAL?KRUl S <l?p'?giu,.n#, and all I'NNA ft KA< FNLAKGh MKNT9 are red'ieed. as wel' as PAIN and IN FLAMMATIOW a?d?is f??r MEN, WOMEN. Oh CHILDREN. HKLMBOLD'S EX TRACT HrCHtr, For Weaknesses Arising from Kx?*w',?, llat>its of Dissipation, Early Indiscretion or AHubc, At tend *d with ikr faUntrtn* Symptom* Indisposition to ExerUon, Losr of Power, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, weak Nerves, Tremldinn, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision, Pain in the Hack, I'm^ersal Lassitude of the Musoular System, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body. Dryness of the Skin, Fruptions on the Face, PALLID COUNTKNANCK. These symptoms, if allowed to go on, whioh this inedicin* invariable remov?s. so<m fallows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, l.\ Onr or W hich thk Patikjit mat K*pire XJLt r? ma n ?a ? 1. * * ? I? ? ? ~ 4 * ' ~ e ' 1 1 .... u.n wok iu<) ?rr rmnr? quenuy IMWIH by thos-? "DIREFUL iuSEASKp " "INSANITY aND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the oanw of the<r suffering, BUT SOy F WILL COSFESS. THE RKCORHSOF THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tkt Mrlnnrkoly by Cor.sumpt>on Bear ample witness to the truth of the assertion. THK CONSTITUTION ONCK AFFKCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires th*" *id of nxvlioino to strencthen And Invigorate the !*y*tom, WAitA Helmbold'8 EXTRACT BUCHU tnv?ri ably do*.*. A TRIAL WILL COMV/MUB THE MOST SKEPTIC AL. TEM A t.E9-FEM~Al.ES-FFMAI.ES. OLD OR ync.xa, SIXGLE, MARRrFn, ON COSTF. M PL A Tiy* MARRIAGE IN MANY A F F PACTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Burha i? unequalled by mi lift* " " ' ~ u ' ? ? ? ?* * HJ uiiin icuiou^i <m in vwrom or msi^n'ion Irre)?uiB-tty, Pamfulness, or Suppression ofCus toinarv Evacuations, Ulcerated or Poirrhrnts state of the' Uterus, Leucorrha1* or Whites, Sterilliiy, and for a I cornpla'nis incident to the s x whether arum* from 1 udiccretlon. liabits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OK CHANGE OF LIFE. SKK SYMPTOM* ABOVK. NO FAMILY SHOULD Hh WITHOUT IT Tik- no mort Baltnm, Mercury, or iirpbu'int m'df'** for unp'nr.nv' n n--t Dt" *' r oh i/i'-aio. HKLM HOLD'S F.X TRACT KUCI1U ccrks HKCRKT DISKASF.S In all their PtAisa*. At little expen?e; Little or nochaiiKein Diet; Nolnoonvenienoe; And no E.rpoiurf. It ^anses a frequent desire an i gives strength to Urinate, thereoy Removing Obstructions, J'r?ventinit and curing Strictures of the "Urethra. Allaying Pain and InfHmn.ation, so frequent 'n the ol'.s* of diseases, and expelling a// Prisonous Iintas'd. nnd worm out Ma'ttr. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WUO HAVE BEK.1 IHK VICTIMS OF yt'ACKS, and who hav paid heavy ftts to t?o cured in a short time, have found th y were deoeived, and tha* the POISON" ha?, by the use of "powerful ak ?? i ? I - J - * iBiPttSHTSi Iioen Iirinu up in in? system, to break out IU A>< aggravated fiirin, and PERHAPS AtTEK MARRIAGE. I'so I'klmbolti's Kxtract BroHufor allafleotlOIIB *11(1 <>f tll? i;rinary organs. Whether existing in M M E OR FEMALE. Fr??in whatever cau*e >>ric<n&iin?; and no matter <?f HOW I.ONti SI'AMMNG Dtao&sfs of these orrans require the ai ' ot a Uiurtti HELMB' I.O'S KX TB ACT HL'CHU 18 1 HEbREAT OU'RETIC. And i? certain tr? have the desired efltvt in ail Diseases M>K WHICH IT IS RECOMMb NOED. Er d'n" of the ino*t rr tnbl>> n*/i rt*pon*tbl? charter will aocvinpai.v the mfdiciee* CKRT1FIC \ I Ks 1" CURES. b'tom a to J>< utar.\ iiondint. With N*mf? known to SOENOE AND FAME. Trice SI 00 per bottle, er six fer 00. Delivered to an; Address, securely packed fr'-m observation.^ L?i.ntiiinft cmryMi IH ALL* Nft'ATlON*1 t urr? (ivtrantfrd! Advice Until!! AFFIDAVIT. Per*onaliy appended ! me. an Alderman of theoity ofPhradelphia.H. T. H elmmld,who Ming duly ?w?>rn, doth sav. hia pr^rara ions no tain do narcotic, no m?ioury. or o'her injurious aruza, but.arr purely v? gttabl". 14. T. HKI.MBOLD. S?nrn anil nubsoribed before me, this 23d day of November, 1864 W*I P. HIRKKRD, Alderrnnn. Ninth atreet, above Raoe, i'hila. Addreaa letter* for information in oonfideiioe to H. T HKLMHOI.D, Chemiat, Depot, 104 South Tenth st, b*t Chesnut, Phlla. HtiWARK OF COUNTKRFKITS AND UN PR I NCI PI.KD DEAl.KRS. Wh'> end^a-or to dupo?e 'of theik own" and "oiiua" abik'i.ks 0.1 the bkputation attained by Helmbold's Genuine Preparations, ' Rxtruil Riinhii " " Sarsaparitla, " " Improved Rose Wuk Sold by 8. B. Wait*, 448 Seventh street, and 8. C Ford, J*, corner Pt?nn. avenue and Eleventh street. AND ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. A*K FOR HEL.M.MUL&'*. TAKE NOuTHKR. Cut 011 the advertisement and send lor it. AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE, apt eolv W<i A S FIXTURES. R Have in store, and are daily rooeivinx, &AS | FJXTUR 1?S of entirely New Pattern* and Designs and Finish, superior iu etyle to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citizens general It to call and examine our stock of (jas ana Water Fixtures, feeling oonfid?nt that we have the beet Bel<>el??d stock in Washington. All Work in thealiove Tine intrusted to our ofcre will be promptly attended to, MYERS A MeGHAN. mar 5-tf 3 T * D street. fj OW E'S IMPROVED WHSMlNOIU'.a is* ax Theae Saalee ere offered to the ? bUoai the most ^durable, and reliable Malee ever^U in Virilnia But^Acoe^nl'ft^n FrankUa ; laetitate Fair, PomiaTlvania; New York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, Ito., 4.0. Ia every oaee where exhibited they oare received irit oiaea premium Shllted* ron 8afe)U1*,M* *T*n>*' SumFi de K-C PATTmnW.Awt WA?H.NOTON itmiu and T*mk Strut. i~C MfeGUlftR, Presidest. O D HANSON. Seerofatrr. ma7-eotr 50 CHKb?? B?aR{LIr$<6* Ac/tBA Have been reoeivea. Thu tea u excellent; prioe SO eenta per pound by oheet or otherwise. We fear oar next /"""" "' """ SWjt 8UECHELL. ' ma 25 oor. Fifteenth it and Vermont a*. MISCELLANEOUS. vk * A / ? ^ KOHOXT *. '? \ I ^ * Dl PATCH! ^ ^ ? Safe the_ Piecet! fX^ it <u<cidnrf will kmppm. trtn ta will risMlmttd famtlus, it is rery deairable to hare aoiaeoheap And oonveaiant war for repairing F arnitnre, Toys, Crockery, A e. IPALDIMfl'S PREPARED OLt'E meeu all snob ^mergenoj**. and no hoveafeoM ?an afford to be without it. It ia al w&r? ready and ap to the Bricking point. There la no longer a neoea U] IUI . impii k cntiri.uunwriM thii^h, ui biuirn dolls, and broken oradles. It is j ?st the Article Car oooe, shall. And other ornamental work. eo pops'ar with ladi*s of refinement Mid taste. This admirable preparation 1* ased oold, being ohemioally held in eolstion, And iciMMini a the Talnabie jsAiities of the beat osbinet mAker?' else. It ma? be used m the plAoe of ordinary mwowafs, being vastly more adhesive. 44 USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Prist, 25 cents N. H.-A Brush aooompanias each botrie IT* ? <?.<?;? D*rot, No. it* Cedar street, New York. Address HENRY cTsPALDING k CO.. Box No. 3,MO. New York. Pot op for Dealers in Cases oottaining Foar, Etc tit, aad Twelve Dogen?a beavtifal Lithugrapb<o show Card aocoinpaayint.eaoh pAokage. ITT a single bottle of SPALDISU'S PRE PARED GLVF. will save ten times its oost annilftj 1V tft Avar* knnaakAM Sold by al! prominent Stt.tionM'i. Drminti. Hardware and Furniture I>t*!?ra, Groo?ra, and Fancy }*tnr??. Country wrohanta ahonid make a not* of SPAL nrsws PREPARED (rL L'E, when makiM * ttmirlint. U wi;l utand any climate. fe 10-1 y ifl sf tfl f V ylt Tit* R ioA^y ? mmmf+rtmrni rr<h*~ V ^ # 41 0 j/iTtlvfcr ivw bf (tAf r.'drti M0(f i? ui'rfC ?'* ?/(*, /nm 0 0 . v-'A? *?? < ?/ *r-> h Jl ' ^ ^ ^ 2 *" ? *, y i (A rio fi<r t>? tt< Fa/If IF* * ??. V.I 555'* I> tl v^d by thf /Wf/# iW?. It im r? 'pi ^fjk j/ftominv+Jnl by fA? fr* /"l|*?<-*?au ?*\lr I >- *r! xfc <*? CWi di t'i ,? jk gjj-'j* w ?2?"* J $5* tf 6 olcl rr<> pri fi -t or. jw ;?S ! $ y * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DALY'S IHMIIIMK Ml AlfPlf AKUMAilU VALLtY WHISHT WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHEHS^ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, sole: proprietor iq cnimiumiiiii urw vnoir 19 OUUin TV I LtlHm o. nun luniv. FOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY ma J9 6w BARBODR 4 SEMME8. Lightning* lightnings LIGHTNING!!! In Time of ('sack, Pbei-axe ro* Wu! F. LaBARRK, Sovtkir>*t rrrntr of l*>rfc mi Csts^ MA*B?iCTr?r.E OF PLA TIN V TIPPED LIGHTNING ROD?, Keapectfijily announce* to the puMio of vVaahtnr ton and vicinity that he 1* prepared to execute all order* fur ereolir,* i,uhtr>iiix Conductor* on the m?>*t approved ?.oioi.tific principle*, o?ri*t.rupted of the very bo*t of material*, on very moderate term*. All Piatina ti p j>- d Point* which are manufactured by me will l>e ?tamped with my name, \Vc?ather Vane* of any design made to order, j mar 2*1 ."ton PAR AFFINKOIL. THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWS We a^ iiiiw reoeivine Paaffiae Oil direct from the works in we?Wn Vircitna. Th* quality of it is prfvlncirc a st^aly, l'iil iant and l>eaiitifu light, Mid more pleaaant to th* eves tt.anjtiw i)tht. This Oil i* ire? fr.'iii vln terat very much more economical than many of the Coal Oils used at this time. inr It is in no way eiplosive. We keen al*o a supply of ?he most approved style* of Lamps, fc? , f?r burning this Oil. KING A. F1LRCHKLL, Agents for it? sale for the Itintnot of Ooliimhia. Corner Fifteenth st. and Vermont a*. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma 11 'V CARK1A6K8. 1 H K Subscriber having mad* add I Oo as to hi fcotnry.makinc it now one of the larceat^JH^M, in the Die'riot, where his facilities fora^^^H^ n>aDula'-tnriTij: OAK R I AGE A WAGO.NSol all kir.ds cannot he surpassed, ai?? from bit lone experience in the baaioeM, he kopes to give isneral satisfaction. A!1 kinds ft Carriages an4 Liykt Wagons keptea band. All R KrAIK?neetly4en*,asda.!erdr-sprei?pi Iy attended to. 8*eoen4 Ua4 CirrUfM t?l^i neiehat^elorm ?wimiirT J. jui Ub, 4 1# W mt 1Mb anil K alt. fflVK III N DR KD TRAVELING TElINKf amrM this dar, MW>m|m ail mm mm tie* and *iz??of S?l? Leather, I i 'i i Mil l?r*M and Packing Tiunke. Our trunk^"1"** ?al?K r?-?w? exhibit* at thi* time the greatest variety of traveling requisites at inorterato pricM, to hi found tt?i? <-<d? of N?w Y??ik. Also, ?rer? diw^Tia Hon of I.MJ1K8' HAT B<?XKS, VALICES, CAKPKT RAG"4. SATCHKLi*. Ac. lO^OId Trunk* repaired or taken in exchange for new ones. WALL, KTFPUKNt? ft CO.. Trunk Salee Room, mar SI tf Z'J'2 Pa. avenue. PC. 9.NYUKH, LUMBKR AND GAP MTTKR. PniLHARMoNir HALL, South >i<U of Pa. ar? vest of KUeemtk St.. Will introduce W&ier miU Um upon the n.ost favorable terms. H. 8,-1 have on hand a let of COOKING PTOVRS.and aa I dMire to oloae them out. will Mil them at no?t for ea?h. ma 7 ELECTRO PHVHOLOGY AND Et-ECTRtTThe rapeutioa, allowing the t*?at method* for tli? medical n?*? of Eleotricity,by Alfred C Gartatt, M.D.I vol. 8v<?; price 8* The South ifide View of Wavery, by Nehemtah Adama. D D , I vol., ?rio? it oenta. Luoille. by Oveu Merrditk, 1 vol., blu?aiid gold; price 7S cent*. fat 16 of Tom Brown at Oxford; price 12 oenta. I oraaleby HLANCHARD& MOHUN, je 15 Corner of 11th at., and Penn. ave. IVIRS. SCHOOLCRAFT S NEW NOVKL.1*1 The Blaok Gauutlett. a Tale of Plantation Life in South Carolina, by Mra. Henry R Schooloraft, wife of the Indian Historian Prioe $1.25. Jufct published and for sale at PHILPk SOLOMON.8 Metropolitan Bonk ?tore, S34 Pa. av? bet.Kh and loth ata. Sola Agent* for Laurence's Celebrated Foreign , Stationery. jelf l.f.C.UMAl. . .HOT*. I.i.4ini. I B AM linv* i n?ff>Dtr I ?tvm m m av i m ? Li _ ATTORNEYS AT LAW Holly Bmuim. Mimo i Will praotio# in tha Hum Oof rt of F.rrora ui Ar ; poalsat Jaokaon.tha FMeraJ Coart at Poniotce. Che Court? of th* J uchciai Ihetnet of Miaa"-1" isfcr JACOB RUED. MaK*ractvrbb of MILITARY CLOTHINA, sovtbbast corhri gscond and ?pnwr? 8t?m PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTH* FPU 8AI.K- ta*-? 12,000 the attention of the mUio tonvlMaand Wl am leoted btook of Cham pee nr tad Cmt iptii Cider, which we guarantee lo ? rare <?ie?, and will be old os reMonabie tarme m order to make room ^WS.8WW8: HM ri H aeUi hia&oode Ckeiieer U?a any other tww? ft. town M *~t??? DAIER8' BUTTER IN BALTIMORE.?We D ou at til mmiii of the year aupeli toe with every grade of Batter vert ohoioe. We lave aotae now Mjow m tra oeate, aod rob that ay to the I pound ?*k<W, ,COTj * HKWU, 1 nat ? Exohacce Flaee, Baltimore. TOVMe MM Eapaatally ?U kill ki!?M tkl ?r atitarj ?ni, lltl draadfa, and <MitKU>i haku vfeick iumIIi M an numl; (n'? 'hMwn^i af TM?| Man af ?a Mat ?kitad iiIibu atxj brillaM mtallaci, fm might mh?f*?i otraactd ItutN ?Hk ika *nMn af HMtinti w VUU M MMiy ?b* llTWI Iff*. Mil Vlrt Mil *M? ii?im m aeeib* piuom ar !ni| Mm hurltn, knn| iviri ?f tlftittl VhIim, MfuU daktlHf, it/at?uh, *t . (fmiii; earad *h( putM himatlf Uill lk? MM af Dt I. ?I MtoftMaSy twldt ut hu haoar at a fiMiiMi u< mllaatly raly BfM kia aktll aa a pk;wilifc orrtcs Ha. i aorni ruottKi street. lafk ka?d aida ra?i.f fm? >*Juaar? airaai, fav daaaa m? Ikaeamr rill M laakaar** uaa ta( aaaWi bawata ant k* paid aa< wcun a aua( de joeeetoe, Maakart a( ika Eaya. CMla|? ?f "arjaaoa, kM<M, (niMia fram ana af ika Mat aaiuaul Cailafaa la tkt Br, Had lutn, and ika fraaiar part afa^it Ufa ?iaa katn *;ani in ika kaaMtala . f Lm4k. Pana, Pt.ila Jalphta tad ataavfcara, baa affmrimd tmi!* a# tka mlamiihi m rirM tkal ??ri a?tl knawti, m*uy irtiUtd ?i:k fu.fu.{ in U>a lm< u< MX vbia uliti, mil ntrtMMMi. ktuif -larroad M <<? HCnli, b'lVrftiH wirb fraqaant blMltinf. attandad nwt IBM VUfe darai.fairant af mwd, ?ir? cara<1 lamtkUtT TAKE PARTI" "SUA R NOTICE. Ti?"| Man ? ?! Man alia It*** ia> **?? taamaalraa ?J arum pracuca mdalfad in >M> ?l?? ? k?M IMfMWlf laarnad fraaa aril (tnfiiicMt, ac at athaa., tha atari* af Uch tra nifhtif fait a***, akin tnd if n? urai. randara m-rri?ja nifoai'Ha,an4 daatraaa h*U aaind aad bada. aHnald apply u.-.madiataly TV"** ara *am? of tna a?d and malaaeMiy af at i* arrdaaad kj Itrlt* af jaith ill : Waati *** af |M Ixt a?d linaW, r%tna ia tfca Hand, af Ihflii, Laaa af Maadlai Pawar, Palpil?ua,i af ifia Ka*rt,r>?ap*raj. Nirtaaa IrrtttbiHIf, Dam.f a man; of (ha IVjtti J an '.ia>.a, Maaml DakilMt, afaipjo"'* of Cwiamfiiaii, Ac. MKKTALLT.-Tivj fatifll afar wan ita aua< ara aiat M ka dramdad -!. ** of Miiaac;,' ^ oof a* ion af ld*?a, Oanraaa aa af SpirW*, K* il Karhad. A ?ar?i"?af - iaia. * f r>.*tr?ai, La?a af Aolitada, Timidi'.r, lie , ara aaui mf tha aailt ara 6BM4. * HKRTOBa nmia'TT -TWa*aaada ?a> aav)a-lf* vfcal la :ha caaaa of liiair daclininf ktahk, laama ibait <rai.ka aanmf wa?k, p?la, nar?a?a ird a ainf ?. ? IffKTlMI ako?'. thf l?#l, Cat ft nc aan-jla af C'UlnfUH I'llf.AIM OK IMnUIDKNCI W ika taaiaf aidad ?tid itr?f radaut ???r? af r Htm kl Ktl inKibtit to* aaa la af illil pvaifai d aaa aaa. It t? ^<a k?rr?r h*1 " l,m*4 huh rl th'in) ot draad ?fa?ar? <mri him from applan g la thnaa ht.ftwi ?'<K%tOT i?4 raapacataltty. can \(?n? kafraand kaaia Ma fall* aaaia ?k? banda o4 i/nOf.u: aaad daai|rnaa g ptataaadara, wlt?. an'.apak'a af carinc. Ilrb hia pa'anui; aabaimea. kaap htm inti g m?nt*i *ftar "iiaaiik, **r ?a a aa iha aanallaa' faa ' i ka ak Mjnad, ??d in daapair laa*a Tim ?iik ramad kaaaib ta aiak a'ar kta ro!li?( Hiu|if<iiiiliiiaal; >f <ka a' !>n; daa 1 ? ptiaof, Mattirf. buiar (ha at^riMx ( (lilt tarnkla diaaaaa. aa'* aa Atacm a i * ^-t.Waaa, kin.Ac.. pro<r?aaaaai( ?a'k ft g? fa< rapid, f.tall aa*tk rata a pariad hia drtadfal aifimn fey aandiif hara t? ihat aa daaca*arad tmnu? from (h??a brnma na traaalar ra-ama DR JOMW?<?|l* l?*rnr run * KA1MMI A WD lMPt?TKW;T. ? ibia (ran' and mMiaiii raarady waaknaaaaf (ka tr(i*? art ?paal"f tar ad ana lAl *igar raatarad T?aaaarda ? l>a Mat naraaaa and dak<li'"iad, wka bad laat all kafa wa kaao inivadiaialv ralia?ad All anpadianan'a ta Murii|t Ptnlial aa Mania' PtaaMII' eaticH.a Loaa Pra<raali?a Favar. Rar'aaa Irrtiakilnf ? asMing and Waakoaaaat Csbaaataao af tba ?dki faarfW bud apaaadilj 'arad ENIM>linLMUtT <>r TBI PI CM THft. MAN) TH >? ?ANI'? farad aiikaa luauiattaa iib'a Uia aa?a?taan vaara. and tka nimtfna impartar--. tara* aI cparanana parformad ky Or Jahi-aan. ?tt>aaaad k? ?"a raportaraaf tka papara and ! ? >? aOiaf paranaa, na'icaa af ?ifu> m*i flrpitnq sgair ?qa?f? r Mrn(, ?#. lH?lh>IN?n3i(i|MI (lillinir >f IkinillKM MiHMl feiltty, w * ctsm pui'iH u m? |?r . I \R. J. BOVBR !H?D*H ' IMPERIAL WISE BITTERS, Are uow being u?e<J from Maine to the *?rea( !,?ike, anl the milv?'s?! verdio' of ail who use tr.em either as * ?n?f?rm? or a? a b-rfritt. is tha? they ?re snsu'paeeri in the world. l>r. IMi i?H tliein su-oeesfully in hi* practice for *s year* before we purchased of him the e?|e uiht to n anufactiire and present them for rale to the public. Porths cure of lucipieDt Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Pi **, Nervous Oisea>e*. Femal* Com plaint*, and all case* requiring a U-nio, tuey ar? he yond doubt a moat invaluable reiredy. Atide from their medicinal properties they are a pure, whole some and deiightial Bcveraee. prodtoini alj tha piea*ant exhile?atiag ffects of Brai>dy or \Vine without their injurioas results. all friends of liuinaiiity an<1 all advooates of temperance assist us in substituuig these valuable Vegetable Bitters lor the mtcnf foumn and n*lnilrr?ird Liquort with whioh the countrv is flooded, and thereby t4 fec' aid in tan sh.r.( Disease and Drunker.ess from the land. CHARLK8 WIDDIF1KLD 4 CO., Proprietors, 7* William street. New York. J. BCHWAKZE. Agent. Washington. D. C. !>R. J BOVF.B PODS' IMPERIAL VIS KITTEKS. For l)imux of the K)<1n<???. R.*d4w tud I riMri Organs. and especially lor Female Obstruction*. n?v*r fail to cure, and are warranted to give satis IioUon. CHaRLES WIPPIFIELP k CO.. Proprietors, 7" William st? New York. J. SCHWARZE. )?7 lf.r Agent. Washington. I). C. HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! MRS. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. It ia well known that in the Spring psopis are more apt to oontract dneaee Lhar. at an* other period; aDd it is eqnaiir well known 'hat the war to ward off diseae? ik tn keep the bUod f?re. for "all the ills that flesh is heir to," arise from impurity of the blood, the main spring of our eciatcnce. It is, therefore, important to all that the system should l?e thorough!* oleansed and purified. and this oar. be done in th? mo?t offeetra.! ?ay l?y using MUS M COJ'S INDIAN V> ??F.TARLE DE COCTlON, the beet r?ioedy discovered for ihe osre of diseases of Skin. Erysipelas, Scrofula, K iieum* fism, Nervous Debility, Fevers of different kinds. "i T"^V' ui"" v<>rap.?ini, ?na n i ??mw aia'ms** arising from impu>ity of the Mood. It hasefleot?d the moat rxmi'kkble Ok res, as ou he ihpvn bf numeroai oeruioatas from person* of the highest respectability, and is reocramended by ft.I who have us?d it a* the mocticnuitabie reroediment of the day. \rr It la sold by all the Dracgists of Baltimore, and at the residenoe of the proprietor. MRS. M. COX, 14* Eaat lialUmore street, between E<len street and Central avenue. None R?nuiBA unless her name is blown ixi the 1 bottle an<1 her seal on the oork. fT!^ Price fl per l?ottle, six bottle* for #&. Whnlfsalt Ar*mt. R. 8. T. Ci? ?!.. Dractist, l?eor?*town. D. C., Wholesale A for the Dis tn?t. and will sappy the trad* at my prices. mar 27 tr yHh ALL SUFFICIENT THREE TRIESEMAR. 1, S, * J, Frotto* fr? Roy.J L*tur> Pmitni of Fuglmmd. mmd *?e*r*rf by tk* S*alf of tk* RroU it Fkmrwism 4s Pwris, and tk* lw&m+l Coil*** of Ntiiruu Ttmmm. No. 1 is mralaaMe for exhaustion, Rpsrmalwrh<ra. and all physical disabilities. * No. i completely erad.cates all traoes of thoea ^ diseases that hare been hitherto treated b? the nan Anna infl aarr.iAinnr urn* aoa??ia mJkA ?m K?Ka No. 3 hM entirely auaplanted the mjyiona aae ?| ??re?rf. thoreh; miorini to the ?nfw? relief, aiarerainc al! impariUaa. tad rooting oat the venom ofdiaeaeo. TK IF>F..M A R.Noa. 1.9 and lArr^r?Mr?d in the firm of a "?ent?. devoid of ta*te ana ameil, and can l a earned iu the wai?tooat pooket. 8otd ib be oaaea, and dm<fcd into aeparate doaea, a? admmia tored h? Vaiaeau, La emanti. Roan. Rieord, 4^. Frtoo RSeaeu. or four owm for f* whioh aavn* ft, ad in R? eaaea. wherebv th?re la a an vine of M, To be Ua4. whoioeadeand reia.ii. of Dr. BA H ROW. 1*4 Bieoeker atreet, ioar doora below MrDptiu atreet. New York. immediately on reoeiving a ra mittanee. Dr. Barrow will forward the Trieeemar to an; aart of the world, aeon re It packed, and addre*aeo aooordinf to the ii?*lrnoti?na of the writer. Sold aiao br 8. CALVERT FORD, Jr., Wart incton. D. C. de 14a SWINDLINB UVACRB. AVTION !?Qaaoka;?tbatr Booaa. Cordukla, Buoha. Hoepiuue. Inatmmecta or Rin?a?afcaa thain all, and, irdiafoaed toproitfev mi eiperiaaae, vritafor my anaateCiroBlaroa M'KKMATORKIttKA :-IT8 CURB. WitA atama ern.oaed, addreaa, in parfaot ooaft "Mrfor rrampin* a .a?ww,,? ^ m m * j*v/? m vr n x on MA I AND ENVELOPES Nw I TO MATCH, CHARG^ metropolitan y"^ BOOKSTORE. PHI LP * SOLOMONS. Af?nu for Lmnwc'i Linen PBfers, * MetrofntoiM Millii, fce.. A o., J%? 9m.r ?3?P*. *T.. W nk n>4 Uk m. ~ 279 *-185888": 206" ^ Pa^AT*.^ / VSW. gMKaa^SSsr txa* Hotel, jaet opened, la opimuntiU hm <*tr.t>'i?hment, *ut?rt he wul bthiM? to foftrt My order* for tperior CoaJbotkw* if kit on _ HKTUCINKE. D* UK1 IIOHPITiL, H? lhtr*i+?4 Ik* ?MI < >? ? ??1 M'f E?tt\tnJ hrm"it tn tk? WprH. H)R ALL lH?bA?l-> OF IMPRl'DkNoa. * p? bi/i r j t ? - ? ?' ?^ 1 n 1.1 r l v ? APPLY IMMKD ATKLY. A CUKE WARRAVTYI*, OR Kn CHARhM, IS FROM ONE TO TWO DAIS V?bM af Ut* >*?k . (incur*! UhUmh (IM u< lliMw, 1117 DiKJMipt, IftMtMf. ?i?m| DaMlity. Wiruwimt, n?if?p?t. L??f?ar k?? ten*, haw W I>! . Mfmm ?rik< 4?ari.T?? Tr?im*ta?f?, Dunh> *J Bift-i ?r ( Dow ?f ikt ItU, Rmi h Mm, tlicuM af ?ti? Uattf*. >>? .e? ? M?ata ih?*? TimMi PiMrttn itw?| frtr Miliar* ?| THtk-iNai DmdfW u< Omuvuki PntutM *??? r?* 4at Mirrufi lumkli, u< INOTI fc*ir Mr aad MM

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