Newspaper of Evening Star, June 29, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 29, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITT: niDAT JtM 8$, IBM, frr One of the beat and cbeapeat literary ptpm In the country?to wit; the Wiiklt Sta*?full of Metropolitan new* and goaalp, and choice literary reading, it now on our counter ready for deli verv to tn? rmtilir K.m}?r?ir In 111 tnt*rMtlna ' onteota ?re the following article* : Gems of Poetry; A I.eay-Year Wooing?a very interesttng story apj.royriate to the tmrent year; Aftrtion and Intelligence of tk* Brute Creation, What a Wife Can Do; Extract of a Letter from " Job S?ss;? TV Wild Bcqwt?an ortfinal poem, Counterfeit Cotn; Tornado**; Dntnkennes* m London: Garibaldi's Journal of Operations; The Presidential Women: tV M Erixius: The Javanese at Sue York; Bell < to Saycr< and Heenan; Double Mii Tunstiii Love L?tter; Extraordinary Story of a Female Bine Heard? fate mat , cms and crimes of ? beautiful fiend; Mrs Partington on Good Manner ?; Head Sharing Among the Jap+niu; Tkt Choctate Nation; Harden, the Wife to*toner; Cougrtsssiondl Proceedings; Proceedings of the 1'rimtnal and Polite Court*: Young Men'* Chris fiM iittcialiM,' The Smithsonian Institution; Columbian College Commencement Congressional Appropriations for the District; The Washington CUf Bible Society; Camp Meetings; ft rand Serenade to Messrs Breckinridge and Lane ?speeches of the nominees, and of the Hon. Jeff. Dm ris, irm L. Yancey, Humphrey Marshall, I and others; Serenade to Mr. Douglas?his speech, tft.; Senator Fittpatrick's Letter of Declination; The Closing Scenes of the Baltimore Convention*; Editorial Correspondenre of The Star from the Baltimore Convention.*; The Riot of tke Rump, t Department X'tet; Editorials; Washington Sexes and Oosstp; Loral Intelligence, fe., fe.; Lit* Sews, foreign and domestic. by mail and tele graph; Interfiling Personal Items; And a great variety of choice literary articles, both prose arnd n(?tr? Inn >???? l? This la just the paper above all others for persona sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their frienda at a distance. Price only three centa per copy, or Sl.25 per annnm, postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit si the )lsraia| Press. The Ctmstitntim notes the late cordial reception f thfe Hoa. John Covode by the "B'boys" of Philadelphia. The same paper replies to the article In Wednesday's N. Y. Hrrald on "Washington Organs,'' as far as that article relates to itaelf. It also argues that the candldacv of Mr. Douglas will aid the Breckinridge and Lane ticket In some of the Northern States by drawing off opposition votes. The lmHlligtnttr Is devoted to news. There Is great complaint of drouth in some parts of Louisiana. liJ" The Boston Post hoists the Breckinridge and Lane flag at the head of its columns. rr It Is stated that Brigham Young has no been in Philadelphia, as reported. JET Two hundred Canary Birds were recently destroyed by the burning of a houae In Philadelphia. rrr The Philadelphia Bulletin man coinpli manta the Baltimore (ire department, which he lately caw on duty. U7*The Hon. J ere. Clemens retires from the editorial association of the Memphis (Tennessee) Enquirer, and the paper Is now under the sole control of Hon Solon Borland, formerly a Senator In Congress from Arkansas The paper la an advocate ?f Bell and Everett. |?^The State Convention of the Republican* of Vermont, for the nomination of candidates for state officer*, took place on Wednesday. Hon. Eraatus Fairbanks, of St. Jobnsbury. was nominated Governor, and John B Page, of Rutland, for Treasurer. Recruiting for the Navy is stopped. No persons will now be taken except those holding - ? ^ " * fuvernmeiu ;oniract, or "good conduct" disr Large* The cause of this is said to be a want of funda, and the present efficient supply of men on board of receiving ships. irr The Japanese Embassy, at New York, were to go cn board of the Niagara, bound for Japan, to-day. Among the many valuable presents that have been made the Embassy In New York are a splendid billiard tab.e and one of Herring's flre-proof safes, the former for the Tycoon. C7" The Central Park Investigating Committee in New York are unearthing some very queer operations?going to show how remorselessly some people manage to pluck the public ?ooee. all the while they are pretend ng to be doing the work of the goose. while the f ict U they are only feathering their own nests. l?7" Order* have been received at the Portsmouth Navy Yard to lit out the frigfcte Coustltution.'Old Ironaidea." for service aa a school ship The desire if the authorities to preserve thia ship tn good order haa Inducad them to detail her for duty In th^ execution of which no heavy ordinance will be required. ffy A number of ruffians entered St. James' Roman Catholic Church, in James street. New Yark, on SnndUy during divine service, and ere. a tea *acn a aisturbance that ths^rvii e* had to be topped One of their number threw a wooden pole, several feet In length, through one of the window*, breaking several panes of glass and smashing a portion of the frame work. Tux CoiiiitVTiosiAL U?io? Party ?The Inleiltgeaeer, which is supposed to be posted ou the subject, says: ' The friends of Messrs Dell sod Kverett hare not as yet made any very active demonstrations, though in several of the Southern State* calls have been made for ratiicatioo meeting*, and the old Whig presses are sharpening tbeir pens for the conflict of resson snd fair argument. They ai>W? ? ... ra> W urn ue^u quietly awaiting tb? ri?ov*pniontaof their opponents on the political chr*ahoard, but will aooo toiumt uce their labor of love A ratiflcatian meeting i* to be heid on tbe public quare at R chmond, V'rgima, on Saturday evening, and. from tbe indications of favor already mani&au-d, we may expect to bear of an olafasbiooad Virginia rally, not only of Whigt, who have for come time been Inactive, but of coua?rv> atlve men wbo view tbe muvemrnta of tbe other partlea aa tending to permaoent aectiouafcaro. rv-y-WA*HlNGTON I-1GHT INFANTRY ILj BATTALION. ATTENTION ?The Battalion vil! meet TO NIGHT at IK o'clock, im inuinu requires the attention of every member. P. J. KNNUft, Seoretary. VT9- YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SO<Ix 3 KT Y.?The monthly mer-tiug of tins Society will be held ?t S Domintck'e Church on sL'N DAY aeft at 5 p. m. Member* are p&rtiouJarly requested to %tt?fid this meeting. a? business of the utmoct i importance ta the Society will lie presented for their . ji.siderattoa. By order of the Preeideot. ie!t?? P. J. McHENKV . Mec.Sec. rv-g*MEDICAL SOCIETY.?The semi auiiual 'T 9 m??tin? of the Medical Society of tlie 1>i?trict ofTolwinbia will he held at the Waebinfton MO.NU&VD.. ttS-Jt " ? ?? - - - if^wwmn ptOftlifJ. ry-S?ATTKNTIOX. OLD GUARD !-The exH ? members ol the WaMiinaton Light lufantrj wilf meet at the City Hall owPIUDA PVENIXO next. Vh mstant. at o'clock, to perfect their organisation and to consider the propriety of visiting Fort Washington on the 4th July ensuing. ily order. jeg 2t* rr&*NOTICE. THE RAFFLE OF THE |L? MUSICAL BoX-JNO. KULINSK1 * <CT cLve notice to thoee who have chances in the ce>b?it d Musical Box, that 'be ratfle ill take laceoaSATURDAY EVENING, the aoth inst, at .fc o'clock, at the Ear .p. an Hotel, corner of Fa. avenue aod Eleventh stwrt.iover Meuerott's Musie St re.) provi'it d all the chaoeee are eaid (or he fore that time. The* can be said for either at the Jewell y htore of K ali risk i 4 Co., or at the European Ho el on the evesis* of the JXO.~Kt L1W8K1 k CO. RK8KARCHK9. TKAVKLS AND MISSION &<7 L afro/ dunng an ifktora ?' raatdaoo* in Kaatarn A<iri?* Ae , b? Krr Dr. J .Lewi* Kraft gith aa Aytagdil reacting ih? SbowCuH oui taias of Ka-t?rn Afrioa, tba Soaroaa of U? i He, IM L*ufa*?e and Utjrw/i of Abyaauua r8tgr^s?,%??.v " 1 "v.jpsiwytipto/ , ) ? P* aad ElVraBtTatrMi. *' WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Th? Clock or the Fashionable 8nf?* ? The adjournment of Congreas and the exceedingly warm state of the weather has driven- most of onr eltixens into tbe country, and brought the fashionable social season to an end. Mlm Law's reception to-morrow, we understand, will be the laist of tbe Saturday receptions at the Executive Mansion. and the President will no doubt aoon take up his residence at the Soldiera' Home Ecckhtbicitixs ov thi9*a*o!C.?Wear? told of extraordinary drought*, of great falls of rain, of atorma and tornadoea, the paat apring and the , preaent month. In Texaa. the drought haa been cause of alarm, and perhapa yet continue* On one plantation In Alauama.while there have been refreshing shower* around it, only one small one ha* fallen Since February. That may be, also, the c?ac In parts of Louiaiana. Misaimlppi and Georgia I'ntil late In tbe spring* an almoat unparalleled drought prevailed in Maine, other parta of New England, tbe northern part of New York, and Missouri Tbe state of the crops rary like . the climatc. In Minnesota, there never was such ajleld, of every kind, as is promised the preaent year; tbe aggregate wheat crop will exceed the average: but in Virglnla and some other States it will fall short of it. I'pon Indian corn, though promising, and on cotton, no calculation can be Set made During June there haa been snow in Ihode Island, on tbeglst, and about tbe same time destructive hail storms in Virginia and Maryland. These suggestions occur on account of a l v_# ? j r?i 1 _ . ? < iciwrr i?aor? us, irum sauries county. itliryiana, describing the effects of a late bail storm along the banks of the Potomac, below Alexandria. Below Occoauan river, 011 the Maryland shore.we are informed, Mr. Richard Posey's "brag crop" was utterly destroyed by the hail storm, on Tuesday before the last ? "evervth ng cut down." The storm contluued along the river, about two miles inland, doing "a good deal of Injury to the crops near Sandy Point " The day succeeding the storm, at 12*o'clock, bail, in a gully, was picked up, 44 twenty-seven inches deep" from actual measurement. '-Notasin^le beidof wheat" was to be seen in adjacent wheat fields. after the storm. Houses of different kinds were blown down along th? river, near Smith's Point, nearly opposite the steamboat landing at Aquia Creek. me wearner in urn section or country wai so cool, during the week, as to prevent the ripening of the wheat and the growing of the corn. As such statistics are of interest to our agriculturists, they are furnished by June'J6, 1*60. A Maryland Farmer. Xote.?We may add to the above that the Piedmont region of Virginia hss been almost totally without rain for two months past Where (in that section) the corn bus lx-en properly planted, that is, with deep plowing and proper pulverization of the soil, and plastered, as yet that crop has not suffered from want of rain, but wherever it has been carelessly put in the ground, the blades art already wilting. The yield of wheat there has been benefitted by the drought, as it has prevented any appearance of the ru?t. The harveat there will be entirely over by to-morrow evening, and the wheat left by the joint worm and winter killing (which together destroyed perhaps half what the crop would otherwise have been) turns out to be remarkably tine, the heads being large and the grain everywhere well filled out. We doubt whether a better quality of wheat was ever grown than that which the I'iedmont region of Virginia will aend to market this season, though the quantity will be comparatively small pltariB v? a > ?* - ? i ?.?A i iu.19 ? m uc ccuaic uaa runurmea I UP following appointments ?L. W Kmory, of.Md, Consul at Arapulco; Jas Smith, of Texas, Consul at Saltillo; L. D. Works, District Attorney of Weit Tennessee; A. M. Vaughn, Postmaster at Norfolk; Miles Warrington, a retired Lieutenant of the Navy, has been restored to the active list; also. Lieut. Augustus S. Baldwin, to the active list; John A. Driehelbis, of Cal , to be superintend! ug agent for the Indians of the northern dis. trict of California; James V. McDutlie, of Cal.^ to be superintending agent f >r the Indians of the southern district of CaHfnrnlj Likut. Wisk to Accompany the Japanese Home.?Lieut. Henry A Wise will be dispatched by the Government, in the Niagara, a* Muster of Ordnance, to give information to the Japanese in regard to our ?v?tem of gunnery He will probably be brought Into personal relations witb the Tycoon, and will inspect tbe Japanese fortifications and defenses. Actixo Skcritast or Stats ?We understand that during tbe absence of General Cass from this city, Win. H. Tre?cott, Ksq., Assistant Secretary. hai a nrw"?t nt*?H tlio a u ? ^ ^ w? ? f- .. ? J A (V?IUVU? .1VHUJJ iftl/retary of State. Ditachkd.?All the officer* of the U. S . store hip Relief, with the exception of the Commander, have been detached and granted three months* leave of absence. ^ * Naval Okdkbs.?Lieut. Daniel L. Brnine has been ordered to the receiving-ship North Carolina. Thi Wbathbk ?The following report of the weather for the morning ia made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. Jr.i* 29, 1??0. New York, H. Y clear, warm. Philadelphia, Pa clear. warm Washington. D. C clear. Richmond, Va. 85*. Petersburg, Va. &F. Norfolk, Va clear, si*0. Lynchburg. Va clear, 71?. Bristol, Tenn clear, 75?. Knoxville. Tenn clear, 7fl?. Chattanooga, Tenn clear, Raleigh, N. C clear, HP. VV'ilmint/tnn N P - - . - - - - - ?' % -??"?? * * V" < ?I , U4 . Columbia, S. C clear, "H?. Charleston, S. C clear, W(?. Augusta. Ga clear, warm. Savannah, Ga clear, warm. Macon. G? clear, hot. Columbus, Ga clear, hot. Montgomery, Ala clear. Mobile. Ala clear ."few Orleans, La clear, 77'. FROM THX WKST. Frederick, Md clear, warm. Hagerstown. Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md clear, warm. m ** uruiofl) v a................clear, warm. Wheeling, Va clear, warm. Parkeraburg, Va clear, warm. Cincinnati, O cloudy. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected for tc.r.perature,) at noon, 29JH. Thermometer at 7 a m , 74'; at noon. fs4?. Maximum during <4 hours ending 9 a. ru today. 92 ; minimum 7W\ Rain, Wednesday afternoon, seven-hundredtUs of an inch. tMRKWORKS. FIREWORKS !-H<?a<*rs r f.?r FIRE CRaCKKRS, TORPEDOES, ROCKETS, ROMAN CANDLES. WHKEI.S, CliLNA FLYERS. BENGOLA LIGHTS, TABLK ROCKE I>. Ac., whoW*le and retail, mat je at LAMMON D'S, Seventh st. IJARPER'SMAGaZ NE, 14 C E ^ TS,~15 oentiT. n. t*<wt? ??? ?? u? ->. i???- ? -- .v??u?rt v/f!jui, noeni *, J5 o< nt?, 1 joents?payable iu ad?anoe Ca 1 and par fur August Dumber. K. F Hibbard's vet! know". CIRCASSIAN B* 1-M, the most remarkable healer >11 tbe world, for sal-. See bills. A. HUNTER, je ffl 18t* Under Wizards'. Tib mtsic. H K 1' ndersi^ned leave to inform his friend* and patrons Of Washington city, Georgetown Hp and Alexandria, that Jie has just orgamzod nlflDg citizens' BaND, and will engage to fur-j^P tush tuf numliar of striae and brass instruments which may lw des red for Parties, Excursions, or Parades. This Band has no connection whatever with I he Marine Band, but can be "naa^ed for any hour durinc the day or night. Returning many 1 thanks for tor former patronage I still ask its kind > continuance. 10 29 St* """ *? , jun.i fl'lJ 1"A. COZV~NOOK TALES. lT a7gTi t.h. Knq. 25 cm. ' C?thenue, a Vil age Tale, by Jules Sandcan. I 25 cent*. ( Mary of Lorraine, bv James Orant 50 cents. i Lucretia, or tho Caiidrea of Night, by Bulwer. , S3 cent* Every Girl's Book?a Compendium of Entertaining Amus> ments for Kecreaiion in Hume Circle*? ' compiled by Looisa I*awford. #1. ? Looking at Liie. by ?>. A. SSila. 91 25. Just published, a id for sale at , till LP & SOLOMON'S Metropolitan Bookstore, " *32 Pa. av , tx?t. 9th and 10th sU. )??? Sole ag'U for I aureaoe'* superior Stationery. ? 318 e/mwm#. 318 ; Ml C. WOO WARD'S EAGLE STOVE HOUSE' I have jnst received from the manufaeturers an anKortment of PATENT PLEXJBLE ROLLER SKATES, i the first that has been nferal for sale in the On trict,> somethiuc entirely new, an 1 far superior to anything heretofore invented in the way or Skates, requiring mo it*, are easily managed, and suitable for parlors, halls,dining-rooms, pavements, or any other place where there ia a smooth aurfaoe. They are truly a moat wonderful aad valuable invention. Tua't fail to call aad see tb*m. at * ARRIVAL OF THE BTKAX8HIP GREAT EASTERN AT HEW YORE. Dr.TALL5 Uf IHb VU1AUK Her Sca*6?iag Qaalltifi Demonstrated. [ P?* T*l.rGKAPH . ] Niw You, June 98?Tbe mammoth steun?hip Great Kastern, from Mouthampton on the rvenlag of tbe IGUi, arrived oft the light ahip b?low handy Hook at id early hour this morning, having made tbe trip ih' about 11 u days. The voyage was full of interest, and demoaitrated her superiority as a lea-going vessel, and the reliability and excellence of her machinery. In making thia her first ocean voyage, her en glneer did not feel authorized to put her spe?-d to the test, and no eflort was made to reach New York in anv triven sn&ce of time The distance *teimed from Southampton to New York ia usually about 3,lWi miles, but the Great Faster n went far aouth of the usual track to avoid danger from floating Iceberg*, thuaconsiderably increasing that distance The highest speed she attained on the trip wet knots, but her bottom was very foul, and two knots per hour should be allowed for this defcct. | rne ?ireai eastern len me iseeciies at in a m. of the 17th, and reached the Lightship at 7:30 thla morning. The weather wa? tine witu the exception of two days. She brings 43 passengers. The engines were not stopped after she left the Needles till she arrived off George's shoals for soundings. She was saluted at the light-ship by the colors being dipped, and all the vessels in sight displayed tbelr bunting. She will cross the ' bar at 3 o'clock this afternoon. The Great hastern draws twenty-seven feet aft, but will be trimmed to an even keel before crossing. Her log shows the distance made each day during the voyage?17th, '285 miles; leth, 2?o; 19th and 2<lth,276; 21st, ?U; -"2d. 280; 23d. Jtri; 24th, 299; 25th, 325; 26th, 3!i3; 27th, 254. Details by Mail. The New York l'n?t of yesterday evening ajys . Messrs. Grlnnell, .VJintum & Co., to whom tbe Great Eastern is consigned, on receipt of the first news sent a steamstug to meet her on her parage up the bay. At 10^ o'clock another steamer was seut down. A number of the members of the press, agents of the ship, and friends of the Great uuntci II B UVIiaigllUA) ??CIC III V I HTU UU OCITU. The Great Kustern, as we have just said, in the largest vessel that ever crossed the ocean or sailed upon the sea. her length being six hundred and eighty feet, while her height Is sixty feet, and her burden twenty-three thousand tons. But no idea of her size can be got from a mere statement of her measurement in figures If our city readers, however, will conceive that if sbe were set down in the Park she would reach from the bell tower, behind the City Hall, to the Astor House?that the Custom-house and Merchants' Kxcbange, placed together on her deck, might cover it in width, hut not in length?tbat if Trinity Church could be got Into her hold only the ridge of the roof and the spire would be visible outside?they will get some idea of her enormous proportions. Our ordinary sea steamers lo?k like Eballo()S by ber side, and tbe common river craft like so many minnows in the wake of a great whale. She is furnished with ten steam boilers, Leated by one hundred furnaces She unites the peculiarities both of the side-wheel steamer ana propeller, her screw propeller being twenty-four feet in diameter, and the diamcUr of earh of her paddles liny-six feet She is also provided with six masts, and can carry over six thousand yards of canvass. Nothing more beautiful than her interior arrangement* has ever been achieved in naval architecture. She lias ten saloons altogether?five on the upper and live on the lower deck?the length varying from sixty to seventy feet. These saloons have more tbe appearance of a ijrnnd public hall than of the cabin of a vessel They are 1111 ished with all the elegance of the most iumptuous hotel, and waut no appliance* for bodilyromfort. The Vf??sfl- linwpv?r )<> ? ??? 1 _ - _ - ?? ?v vncn anu ko fully described that we do not care to repeat the particular* of her construction. The Great Kastern was first launched in the river Thames on Sunday, the 31st of January. lfco8, after a month spent in ett'ectual attempt* Her builder. Mr. Brunei, with a number of others connected with the vessel and invited guests, were on board at the time, and immense crowd* witnessed the launch, loudly cheering its success. Till the summer of 1H>;? the Great Eastern lay In the stream, all this time being required to Srovide the vessel with the necessary accommoatious for salliui;. to put in the machinery, furniture, Ac. At iast. on the fith of August of the latter year, her Anal completion was celebrated on board by a grand banquet in which a number of distinguished guests participated For the ?*/\ Iran ru W ^ __ _ A I ' 1 * * .wv >v>ip |>?>iuu> tuc uimi r.aBiern baa heen one of the wonder of London sight-seeing, but now it was decided that others should be allowrd to view. A trial trip was therefore decided upon, from London around by the southern const of England to Southampton, and probably further. On the seventh of September the steamer proceeded on her trip, and passed down the Thames in saf-ty. the shores being lined with multitudes who greeted her appearance with loud acclamations Everything proceeded favorably until the steamer came abreast of Hastings. The passengers had just left the dinner table when a fearful explosion was heard, and the walls of the diningroom. the furniture and decorations were shattered a great column of steam rising upward iu a dense cloud The consternation on board was Intense, and was soon changed to deep sympathy and sorrow when it was found that a water feedpipe had burst, killing six firemen and wounding nthwr* var hi lu aiu. * ' * * 1 * n...? vu? u>au j<!iu|K-u over(M!:ira Irom fright and wa? drowned The vessel was then taken to Southampton for repair*, and she bus remained at that port until the left for New York, or rather until ?he took another short trial trip just previous to her departure Tills trial trip has been already described in the papers. It was only of short duration, merely extending to a run of twelve hours out at sea and twelve hours bark, end was undertaken more to ascertain the working completeness of the various changes that have been made in the machinery, than with any view of testing the vessel's speed The speed, however, was tested, and showed, as every one anticipated, from the very foul state of the vessel's bottom, a most considerable diminution in the rate attained during the trip* of last year As regards the machinery, however, everything went pretty well and easily, and in this important re*pect the trial was regarded by '11 1 fVi** *?r? i 4 nn??o ? *" *' * ... .... auu (uuiruionai and scientific uien on hoard as satisfactory. She left Southampton Saturday. June 9, with a large coin|><tny of noblemen and gentlemen on board. Hounding Caishott Castle the vessel was kept close in shore, and turned with such marvelous ease and rapidity as to excite to the utmost the astonishment and admiration of Mr Murphy, the New York pilot, who was on board, and who, on seeiii" how much she was "in hand,'' at once expressed his belief that the Great Kastern could go anywhere where there was water. From Caishott she wound h*r way slowly past Cowes and R thPAinili ? * j , uuimrou, <)iiu rotina iiie south coast of the Isle or Wight. The condition or trim of the *bip was not considered favorable to her s|>eed, lnasinurh as she was live feet lower by the stern than the bows, and her best trim for sailing is 011 a level keel. Her draught of water was 21 feet 2 inches forward, and 26 feet 1 inch aft?a greater depth by nearly 2 feet than she bas ever yet !>een to sea with. The immersion of the wheels was twenty inches m re than ever before, and the screw was so well down that all but about two inches of the topmost fan was completely under water. Leaving the Isle of Wight on the starboard quarter, and keeping out about thirty miles from land, the Great Kastern steamed slowly down the coast for the Start Light The orders were given to keep both screw and paddles going easily ahead at little more than half spe<>d till all.haa got into regular working order Then the Dad. dies started, wheu clear of the Unci, at about seven revolutions and the screw at twentv-four?a rate of speed which was only gradually increased during the night, when the former engines rose to a little over eight and the screw to twentyseven. At this rate all went very easily and well, the vessel going at nine or nine and a half knots. At one o'clock, a. in., on Sunday, the Great Eastern w as abreast of the Start Light, when the helm was put hard, over, and the huge veasel, even at slow speed, turned completely round in a small circle in little over seven minutes. During this turn, as throughout th? trial , m -.? I ~<>it wo? a total absence of the uneasy wagging of the item and 1W11 which waa to often felt last year. On the whole the trial waa considered a great succes The destination of the Great Eastern waa for ometinte a disputed point with the directors, and representations were ruade which led the people of Portland, Maine, to expect she would first visit that city Under this Impression, the municipal authorities of Portlaud went to great expense in fitting up wharves for her accommodation. The directors, however, subseaueutly decided that she should come direct to New Y ork. This she has done, and iifter a voyage of eleven lavs her monstrous hnil was seen from Sandy Hook. Thfl N*? Vi?k -? - <- ? ? * ...? - ? ? ? io?ci uuur iui veniuif. aayaThe Great Eastern crossed the Mr at 3 p ra and la expected off the Battery at (p.m. It U a very remarkable feet that none of be engines, screw or paddle, have beeu once Hopped for adjustment daring the whole trip. Deducting two and a half hours detentions, the ictual passage has been eleven duys. The highest ipeed attained was UK knots, or about I6? statute lit lea per hour For four days the paddie-boller pressure was limited to twenty pounds. The icrew-bollers were so limited daring the whole xtp that none of the engines were marked with ;hat increase of power by high steam and high ixpension, for which they ware designed and J" *? f*ul M to materially affect ter ?peed rMdUuce sailed baa ban 14* milaa brthar than thMhtrtol eowie fMm Doathunptoo lo New y<*k. ud there ba?? bM vartoua deteattoua, % 0 sorb M Tanning south to a<7old lee. adjusting COfflpiiM. fcc. Among the passengers by the Great Eastern are The Karl of Shelborne, chairman of the Great Western Railway; Lord Wllloughby d'Eresbv.of ^ wealth, and owner of the celebrated yacht; Colytlle, of CuItms. the whipper-in of the Houas of Lords; Lord Dnnsany; Hon. Raipli Dutton. M. P.. and director of South Western Rail- 1 Way; Captain Heath, R. N., commander of the Dauntless; Capt. Mangle*, chairman of the Royal Mall Steamship Company; Hon. Capt. Carnegie, director of the Great Eastern Company, who re- ( signed as a lord of the treasury because be won Id not be bribed: H. T. Hope, director of the Great Eastern Company, the wealthiest owner In the . T D A I ,4 ev. - virai u, j . auuiirjr i/rwiry . uim wr ui iuc Great Eastern Company; John Torr. the active partner of the great china bouae of Litilt-dale A Co., of Liverpool; Henry Raring. M P.; Hon. James Howard, of the Woods and Forests, Capt. Robertson. R N., Board of Trade; N. A Wood#, the correspondent of the I<ondon Tines: Edward McDerniott. of the Morning Chronicle; Wra. and Mr#. Gooch, C. K ; Rer^wm Nicholson, the r-haplaln. who has .tin WW in the ship, and who bat been the champion of the shareholders at all the fights of the Great Latter n P R ; Lieut ColBaker. of that celebrated crack regiment the Tenth Hussars N?w York, June g?.?The Great Eastern passed the Battery at LSu p. in She had no difficulty iu crowns ine oar. quite fieri of steamers attended her. the crowd* on board of them enthusiastically cheering the stranger. The enthusiasm of the crowds on the Battcrv and pier* was also unbounded. The Niagara. in the stream, looked small In comparison with the vast proportions of the Great Ksstern. Many salute* were also tired in her honor. She moved very rapidly, and winded her way through the bay as easily as a pilot boat. Oar Nicaragua Carraspaadeace. Thk Failure of Mi. Dimtir?'s Mission to Nicaraoca?The Transit Routk not to br Oprsed?Americans all Lravino Nicaragua ?The United States Squadron on the Pacific Side?Kx-Preaidrnt Mora Declines Disturbing the Peace of Costa Rica, Ac. Rivas, (Nicaragua.) May* 12, imto. Editor Star: In the midst of the exc itements of Washington city, here comes a Totc? from Nloa ragun cmmiiug a space in your popular jonrnaJ xo be heard, and craving the attention of our "good and great friend,'1 Mr. Lewis Caw, Secretary of State, to inform him, and all other* that are in any wile interested, that the Transit across this Isthmus Is not opened. and in ftct never Mr ill be opened as long as Uncle Samuel, through his Ministers, place belief in the promises of the members or the present faithless Government of N icaragua?in short, the honorable Alt'xander Dimitry has been duped, he has not succceded in his mission. The extra session of the General Assembly of Nicaragua was convened for the express purpose of arraaging definitely the Transit ({(lection; and they settled it by knocking the contract in the head, and buried it iu the touibs of the Capulets. TLese lloeral gentlemen. members of the Senate and House of Deputies, went further, fearing that their immaculate President might possibly be charmed by the syren voice of \N all street, they decreed that his "Excellency should neither ratify or entertain any convention 011 this subject until their meetiay in January next, in consequence whereof Mr Dimitry has returned to Costa Rica, there to ruminate and expatiate in sllenc? upon the failure of his pet project. Nicaragua, however, has been caugDt in her own trap by the rejection of th? Lsmar-Zeledon treaty at Washington. What an endless fund of amusement it would have been for these honorable gentlemen to have procured the ratification of that treaty and the Transit question unsettled. Astuteness is their forte; but Uiis time it proved at fault. The very few Americans in Nicaragua are moving away as best they can; the country is going to tbeaogs, and unless their aucieut friend, "Uscle William.'' turns up Itefore long, this lovely portion of the earth will be lost to mankind and civilization. Mr. Kan Runnel*. United State* Consul at San Juan del Sur, is doing all in Li* power to assist our destitute citizens in leaving tbe country. I can vouch for LI* activity in guarding tLe interest! of bis countrymen He fully merits this notice at the bands of your correspondent, and It is therefore given with pleasure. The late Kxecutive of Costa Rica, Juan Rafael Mora, h'i* issued a proclamation, dated from Salvador. informing his partisans that he La* relinquished bis Intention of returning tothat Republic. I am informed that tbe present provisional government Is popular, and quiet and confidence reiun supreme Tike U nited States steam-frigate Lancaster called at San Juan del Sur on the 1st instant, bound for Ouayamas. The Flag Utticer, Capt. Montgomery, and the commanding officer, Capt Rudd. visited the 1'nited States Conciliate: both gentlemen look n * P icuiiirn.iiny wen, ana win no doubt sustain their well-deserved reputation, should Mircmon give them occasion. Yours. Ac , Nicaraoca. Oar Pernambuc* (??rrrip?Bdriirf. Faii.vke*. EfiDbmic* ? nd Seicinii*?Tnc AntiICA x C05St7LATK thkkk AXD coxscl, &.C , A. C. Pkknambuco, May 15. I960. 1 envy you very much your gay Washington life. Here we erow mort and more wretched every month Col Stapp has paid for l is ?'patriotism." a? he was pleased to call it, of accepting office?and, poor man, sleeps In the British cemetery. Wo are to day in the midst of a crisis.* Vt*?erday eight failures were declared; and the first question asked now of a morning is, ' Who has wiled?" Besides this, we have no lets than four epidemics raging, and the mortality of the place has increased fivefold. A shorttlmesincetntcides seemed the order of the day, and among my ac ljuaiiiuiiM-rs no i*-m man iim-e aiiempu looK place, two of which Were succe??ftil. It Is understood here that Mr. Henry Foster Hitch, who la now acting a* Gonial by commitsion of the American Minister at Rio Janiero, has sent long dispatches to the Secretary of Stat?* per Union?nailed?in reference to the consulate. The Minister at Rio, 1 am credibly informed, hat ?aid that he should represent to the Government the propriety of placing this consulate on the urne footing as that at Bahta. and should urge it very strongly Yon know well that the States cannot be properly represented here as long as the salary Is only J?"-' (MMi. and a merchant ineligible to the post; and as there is no probability that Con^rtu will ever increase the pay to a nm that will euable a gentleman to live decently, we. here, are truly in hopes that the Minister'srecouimendations will prevail, and then we will be glad to have Mr. Hitch to represent us, as he is a gentleman of high standing Altera realdence amongst u? for several years we know him well for his intelligence, probity, integrity and popularity with everyone. 1 am very glad to hear that Colon*-! Pickett was reinstated by the President. 1 think we shall have yet to make an entire change in our consular system, and make men consuls who may be siid to have adopted that line professionally and as a life-long business, and not a four year?' trade More Axon. Archbishop Hcuhks ajid th* Pope?After the conclusion of the mass In the cathedral in .New York last Sunday, Archbishop Hughes as cendrd the pulpit and madv a vigorous and stirring addresr or twenty minutes or so. on the position and difficulties of the Sover-'i^u Pontltt. and explained a plan he bat adopted tor conveying to the " Holy Father" a substantial expression of the sympathy of this diocese. In the bold and expressive language of which the Archbishop is so ^reat a master, ne denounced with unmeasured severity the "transient emperors and couteuiptible kings"?meaning, of course, Louis Napoleon and Victor Knimanuel-who, though pr> tending to be Catholics, had cooperated in despoiling the Hope of a part of his " patrimony," which, said his Grace, bus been " snatched away by the sacrillgious bands of assassins and Invaders " He announced that next Sunday he would preach a sermon which he has ' no objection to see in print,'' in which he will explain at length, as far as possible in a siugle discourse, his views on this whole Italian question, and refute the lying statements of " Protestant papers and lnfldel bu reaui established for the purpose of misleading the Catholic world " L The City Councils of New York have appropriated ?4,500 for pyrotechnics for the 4th of July. NGINEER'S OFFICE^ Albxixdkia, June 36,1M0. MANA?SA9 GAP K All. RuAD. ? X HUNDRED MEN WANTED on the line of this road from Mt. Jackson to Harrisonburg. Wag*s Si a day; b ard 9to per month. For inform vtion, Ato., inquire ofWM. 8. FEWELL, Company's Offioo, Alexandria. jeJM dtJtSO.istwAngatlstwS-p. ___ Dry goods*, DRY GOOD 8! Having purchased at reduoed prices the STOCK OF DRY GOODS in store No. 541 Seventh St., I-- ? ?' ? " * .j . vuuvicu w? 11 11* iicwion, I ihill op-n on M<>n<lav, Jul* 2d, and continue to tell tin entire ?tock at pri vat? *a e, cu< ?i*ting of FANCY SILK ROBES. FANCY DRESS 8ILKB, BI.ACK SILK DRES* GOODS of all kind?, 0 LoTHS.CASSIMfcRES.FLAN N ELS, EMBROIDERIES, HOSIERIES. Toic-ther with a large auortment of DOMESTIC GOOD*. Tall early and get bargains. _ jeffl il H. BGAN. HAMMACK'S RESTAURANT. < N?.H02 PA. Avescb SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Gentlemen t&kinf their meala out will el way a find clean and airy diniaj-rooiua, genteel and attentive , vtiwra. and m?ala readr from 6 a m. to t? p. m. , My charc<; during the auroiner will be quite moo- i n'e, Cloha of gentlemen can dine er bieokfa^t , Uxether. I have aeveral neatly furmahed JKoom*. which I will rest to rfepoiwihlc jc?nt eroea at alow r?vt/> Gentlemen having room* m thia vicinity will And th a the mo?t aoaviueat and pieaaant houae foe taking their ineal*. My bar. aa aeqal. m mM, locked with the inoateelebrated l>randaof Cmmpagaea and Hrandiea. and my larder cannot be ear , ! ?-?. DOW*! DOW WE HAVE THIS DAY MARKED DOW OI'R l,AR(jK AND MAGNIFICENT STOCK ol Dnitrm of DRESS GOODS. MANTILLAS. L, JOCKEY HATS We do not d?slr? to Impose upon the crfdull or Ins (ban cost, bat would wy that we will sell si former trices. GREAT BARGAINS may be eipocted, as make room for Fall supplies. (/ 4 k. - - - * _# QrutiPD u WMW are III WSU? Ui n .n C*n ?UV7 ffrrlng thetn fu below Uc original price* R. BRICE 1 1.1 THC ADJOIN I N< We have a large Stock of CAR FETING. Mil aud TR UN KS. which we are aeUlug far Mow fori lCTREMKMBER-We have but ONE PRI JWM AUCTION 8ALBA | Vf For Otkrr Auction Sal**, *m Jirtt Bj J c MoGUIRE * co.. Auctioneer*. Furniture and effects of a fami lt imoviso r*osi the citt at Atctio*.? On SATl'KDAV ?<UKMi>G. June S th, at ten o'olock, on tiie fcmt floor of the Auction Room* w? hail ?el) the Furniture and h rteoia of a family reSaving from th* city, comprising? ahogany Hair Spring-seat Sofa. Rocker end Tar l<>r Chairs. Marble lop Center end Sofa Tables, lt?-l m. ? r* - ?-? aniui ** nil w,<>i, ranoy ^nuri, Oak and other < ane arfct Chairs, Lonngea, Wa'nut Rxt?a?ion Table. PM*hoard, China, (?**? and Crookery Ware, 'Two Six light Chaudeliera, Three Tw> light Pendant*. I.ot of Chamber Gas Fixture*. Bedstead*, Bureau*. Wardri>t>ea, Wg hstand a, Toilet Seta. Hair and Hnak M&ttresaea. Bolater* and Pillow*, l<<?*fcing Gla*?er. Click. Va*e*. Cookinr Move. K?"igemt,.r, Torethe- wiUi n general awrtaent of Kitokaa Krqiiimi. Tern-8 oaah. _ . It J. O. McOL'TR EJk_CO_._ H? A. GRF-KN. Anotioaeer. NEW THRF.K-9TORY BRICK HOUSE a*d i ot at Acction?On Tl)t?DAV. July 3d. I ahal! sell in Iront ol the premier*. at(o's u?li p. m , me norm twenty ie-t front of l.ot \o. 9. in Crnttenden's subdivision of square !Mo. 38*. f-w.t on Pth street west, running hak between O mid 1' streets, north, to a pub. c a.lev, with the improvem'nts, wh'chooaeist of a new Three story Hnok Houte. containing six good convenient? arranged rooms, with wide pvsvrs.a d built in tlie bett man.ier, I>) one of th* best workmen in this city. The nils will be worthy - f any o?>e wishing to pnrchaee a fine ktmU house in a healthy looat.on Ten. s: line third sash; balance in 9, It, t* and 24 montii*. for note* bearing interest from day of sale. A <ieed given and a dmtf of trust taken j?Sd A. GRKKN, Auct. ^ PERSONAL. \1 ADAMK MOR RICK. THKGRKST ASTBOLOi'l SI?T iXD DitTII't, ;*Jl/rWI f*rn)M,-Tliil highly gift d aud lutehiseut lady can be consulted on the ' ant. Present ai d Future Eveiits. Call at No. iiOo Tweuty-aeco&d street, between H and I, Washington. je 19 ?m* LOST TND FOUND. I^AKKN CP?On thet*ith ins anf.a small brindle CO W. witii ears cropped, and other gM| wtse markod. The owuor i* request d lOfEMt cotne for* an!, prove property, ami take hnrUa awav J! .?* 31- 1 i I.AMil.t.Y. Of AltKWARD FOR THE CONVICTION '* I" of the porso-i who <>Vri<*?f off my sign "l,argc*t u ct Bookstore iu the South. Morrison's Guide to Washington. Guide to Pat-?ntOffioe." #1? forthe person who cut and stole the Sale- pieces of m> Awninr; -Sin for the thief who stole th ?al volume of Ka^in's History of turknd. thus <!estro ingthe set of 3' volumes; also, volume 3 of Fnivrsal Historjr: 1 volume Dictionare Anglaes l/Fiaacai?, Boniface; volnn* I Chandler's Travels in Asia Minor Orscef, a Sien containing Morrison n View of Washington. Colored; a-mal' LatdscSM Painting in Oil; i volume Sir Le<iline Jeukiua' Life, a large folio volume heavy. fnforirkMou solicited of a Gold Five P ano Piece Napo eon. Spanish Silver Hollar, 1 :tlo. Ferdinand; Eu?)i?h Florin, fc, of a ? ktelling. ; ' English btu-rs,tak<?a b? entering tii? back window. AW,, information of $17 contained in a pH'-tage with papers and book, sent to me iu HaitiiDO-e by Ada i.s' Express Company. Competitive in tja<le i? good, hut winding anony iih?u? !ett?rs to an innocent Ma>or, tearing down a wrings. s gnit, Jtc., stealing K -oks to destroy sets, is not praise woitliy. In oon-r^neni-c cloaing (Tcheap. ALFRED Hl?N'I>R. _ t naer willarda' Hotel. I^AKEN t'P-On the 2tth in?taiit. two COWl*?1 1 one a r<vl. horned Cow. and the other I tnottlel rf*?l ?iid white buffalo Cow. Thewk^* J owner or owner* will please oonie f<>rwari!,JEiBjM prove property, pay charges.and take 'hem a?ra>. [.OI Its BRIj N LTT At the jnnction of Seventh t. jo 37 3f ami Pinoy Branch road*. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For^tktr * For Salt and Rent" advrrtiitnuntt, it* first r*g* ] f^OR RKNT-HOISK No. 473 Ma?*achuwrt? avenue, between llth ?n<l 12th ?U. containing ix rnomj?. *nd piovided with ?a* aiH water. Ad <;re?? t. r. II., isox 7 ~t*r Office. jw29 ?' F~OR REN T-The BRICX HOUSE nut to cor- I ner of North A and S'c >ud ata., Cairtol lJiil, | at $216 per year. Inquire 510H *t , benreen 1th and 8th, or on the premise! It* FOR RENT?A ROOM, suitable for a at re of any kind, on the corner ot Fourteenth and f ft*. Inquire within. je28_it MR* WALKER. tHJR RENT?Two FRAME COTTAGE HOUSES, eituated on .\lai.?acluisi-its av> uun and 15'h ft., containing 6 roonii each. R*nt Sin per month. For particulars apply on the premises. j?9-* tMlR SALE OR RENT-A ?* ??ory FRAME HOUSE. No. U7 1 Fourth *t. *r?>et, containing parlor, dining-room, kitchen and five In-d-rooms. all private. with passage and sid" alley ; jcat thoroughly paintotl. Ao Inquire at No 4^5 Nla??achuuetts avenue. Rent 91296 per month. je SK St* A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE in Prince George's c uoty, anuated a'-oot 1 iui<* f om n i - %t r ? - ? - d wLcinri, iK' tntiio Agricu'U'al Co:.ege. ud 6 from Washington It con*aina 5R acrca; 9 aor*a in Pine ud Oak Timber. It la under a nood lence, and la in a hieh ?t*to of cnltination A or m.ard hi l'?aohea, Appies,andava'ietr ol other kmda of f u't; t-t.awher'ies ai.d ia al'Cn,Enr,,\ It i? on the eaat vide ef 'he Baltimore a?? Washington Railroad, on the Abintton road, adjoin.Col. Carw and Lawyer ?t?vena. It tiaa on it a an ali H<>use oo;.tainiQ? four rooma, Spring and >p-iti? House, and other ootbn ldmca Per. sons Jenrinc t< purchase will please call on the premiers or at utai.d Mr. 5i70 <-*"tcr Vtr eu j * 2H l?- MKS. M'iRl l?KB. t'OK RKNT-KI RNI8HKD ROOM5-Lodg" in* Ro?ii?b aud F'arlor*?on moderate tfnw, a* A 1*2 Twelfth st .next door hut one to the Kirkv<>*?l House. je 86 M* ffOR SALK OR RENT-A comfortalle and oonveiii"?iit two-Ktorv and-ba-enient BRICK r\i?r i ? ? - - - - - a- ___ invr,L,iii >(i ii' i Pb, no. 14*^. Mtuatd ?*i 1) tre?t north, ?ext to the corner of 1 kinl et. we?t. Apply to cilAh. LRADl.K Y. Patriotic Baik. je 28 6t COMFORTABLE BOOMS, with or without Hoard. can (>? ohta!i!?*d, on moderate term*, at 4*6 E s?.. txtwaen Atl> audtitli. Tal>le Boarder* accommodated with good Uoftrd. jo l? FOR HALE OH RBNT-Tha Imnafry BRICK ilOU.-'E, No. 4d*?..north *ide of l> eiroe'. be twecn Jfecond and Third, i* offered for sale on lanr fim? nr fnr rAtit tr? a tftntnt* /\r will exeliAniiiid lor prop?rt<r Mtuat?d between Seventh and i;iev?-nth ?Tert?, or I) and H street*. Inquire ofC. W. BOTELER. 31* Iron HaJI je 13-eugw FA KM FOR SALS?I will ?e!l ru> Farm in I Prinoo Ueorge'a oount>, Md , on reasonable ttrmi. or exchange it forropertj 10 WeaUingtoii city. It is lflintiea f ?m Wwhiajion uJ a haif rnilefiom Scacga'a awiteh on the Washington and Baltimore Railroad on the east aid#; 2H tnilea from the Agricultural College. Itcontama lDaorei; good building*; three meadowa; 76 acrea in w. od; p?acli and apj/e orchard, grapea and a variety ol other kind or fruit; wl! watered; the soil la kind: a griat and saw mill within i mi leu; a achool 1 mile, aiH a fir?t rate road leading to Waahincton. I wilt sell Farm, Crop, iStook and Farming Utenail*. and gire poaseaaion at any time. If I do not sell at private aale soon 1 will aell otf at auction aaie. aa I ia end to emigate to the weal I will aell very low: | 1 No. ftl? Washiagton city. je ff-W,Ffc'Tk* i f7*OR RENT-Two dutiful new BRICK r HOl'S^ S. on Eighth *t eat west. betwean M Mid N (street* no'th, west aid*. Apply to MARY C HAISLIP, No. Ninth street weat.or Dr. KEAPBKy, No. 339 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th street*. js Q-?w' THREE FRAME HOUSES FOR SALE, with A. their Lota. They will M aold on easy tcrma. The bousea are near the new Gaa- Worka, and are n^at home* for the working man. First payment mall, and the balance in one and twoyeara, with interest. Apply to GILBERT CAMERON. Wd nr. Je b-?w I/OR RKNT-Three BRICK HOUSES-one on r Twelfth street, between C and D; one on the oorner of Twelfth and H ata.; and on* oa H, be twe*a 12th and 13th sta. Inquire of JAMES W. BACKER, on H street, between 11th and^h^No. 17OR RENT?A thrae story FRAME HOUSF, WSEii? IJM*? F*'ublicbm?ot of C. SorUf, W>3door teTuV Office ?>IHf W ? ^Mpwtfi'ljr uotily our ouetoitiere tk?t their respeotire moomu will madr off and r*%dy for delivery by the Mth inataut. ar*l we ooiMoatly trait that they vilt be prepared t j eettle the eaiue an or about the lat of J nlv. WM. K. R'LKY ft BRO.. Mo 1?," Central Storee," i.?? . | / *n DOW* 5! f N Tin: PRICE iWK KVl ARTICLI 1\ r HI MMKR ?;OOlT* ?n.'.r.i :n^ ?i tue \CR POINTS, PAK\H)1>. BONJIETS u4 tf of our roatouera by ?d*em? :>g to ar il at (Ml ?y article bow la ato?? at a jjraat red >etino frt>m the 9tock must be cloaod oat la ?litf dap. to DG will call, th#i will ha caav! acad that w* are ia a a a ... r*o Ji.i S?h.\h.>TH !>TIH.f.T S ft TOR F, !Kt ns. lTTTNG. OIL CLOTH. 8HOKP. BOOTS. HAT* ner prices ICE marked In plain !(?? R. HRK i: HALL, No* 371 and 375 SEVENTH 9TRKET AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTEkfiOOn i TO MORROW By THOU. DOW I.I; ??o<?*U>va. E. 8. Wiuii.MiMiut. DSB'RABLK BRICK DWKuLING HOLf?E anp Lot at AVction.?On FRIDAY AFTKBNOO * , the ?Ui iuL at tf o'c ook, I altaJT rail, la front of tlw ?r?Mi*N. that **" toirkbl* ttro-atory Hriiik ?i b back tai.i'.iDC'.vr aal -d mitba WAit ?4? of Jefffcraoa str?*t. with lot e*??adiat to an alley la the '?r, ktxtwi a* Uia fonnw .aaidaao* < 1 vvm KIM, Jr Terina of ?a>? : One-thud naab, talaaM la 6 and IS n>", with interact _j?r^ TIIO*. HOWLING. A??rf By J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auouoaaara TRUSTKIf?* 8ALK OF FOIR V AI.C A HLK BriLMNO l*?T?, AT TNI C(t?Ml Of Fill! af. WKST AM? KOBTM tt VTaKXT*.?I'll FfclUAt AI-Fh.RNOON, Janr )Bth. at to'clock, on th- pmm lira, by virtue of a dead of treat dated SMpU mix* 1st, ISM. an-i duly recorded i*? )ib?r J. A 1* , No. ltt. fuiioa #ifl ???? ??' 4-* Waainngtou ooan'y, in thr District of ? -o.uraNa. 1 ahal1 sell lota tiumhffcd 37. ff. a, a?d 3', it Jh. C. M?<Tuif?-'? anndmviia "f *qaare nt4 Lot |7 'rxnta S fw? ?m Fira? *t eat W??. at the eo'uernfG ftrer* north and rinnim bMk 1?< f.-et 4 Incho? to a twent* ftet kilo*, i.ota ?1. 49 and ?. fruit mok fl ( *? <K iwiln* un h ? itf*t wxr'. foatw?? a (i and H airoata t.orth. arid tuu tecft I3> f??t 4 inches to* tw?at)-fwt ?i *?; to*?tner with th* im?rov?m*nt?, oonaittmjt of mim I tw?> ?t?ry R| ick honaea frwH on thr rear ?>t a* id lota and itutiux on the ai ey. Terms: Oo? fourth oaah;the residue ia ft, 12 an t 18 moDthc. with iiitereet, aaoured b? a de. <1 ol tru-t on the promisee If the l*rm? ?f aa'e ahou d ??<?t !? oowplied wita in &T( day a thereafter. th tra?tae r-ae*v*e t?e ruhi to raeeli at th* risk and expenae of tu* de (ani'in* ??foh*>w. All oon*eyaticin? a* the exfen** of th" parohaae*. THOi* J Fl!*HKK, Truaiae ma?5 2awA'l? J.CMcGl'iR K k CO.. A acta 3y J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Aumiout.. TWO UR(>t HAV CARD I A'? K I (1 - * m ? *ki s * at jhti"s t' HATI' K I A \ l<> .. oi'.o* . ii froct of the Auoun Rtdbi'. we saall I. wttb oat reserve? A par of area Bay Cama?e Horse* of !? etj!e and action. Excellent f ai?i y Carriace, Hani-os, Superior No-top Bute*. Tern* : A oreoit of M ana ?< days. for e&tialfcetoriiy enuorsed iioW, Inmiiic isir^tt. je Jf> d J C. McOl'IR L * CO . A n-it. Br WaLLA BERNARD. Anetn n?e s.' TWO VKRY BIPLRIOR XiRIHKNN Bcilt it Artiiow.?On s*A?tRDAV MoRNING,3 tn mM,.tt1i?'e1uok, ??w 1 ell,in Iroi t of Uis Auotioo Rooms, two rerr ? pericr vis: 1 Top Bu'o. 1 No top ttafgf. TLe?e R<'c?f*? arc in (o kI order and made of the beet ir.ateritl in one of tfie <> deetai.d b it e?ta:lishm-nU id New York. Terms: ?' and * days, for approved endorse! noies. oearing interest jea d W aLL 4 BArN\RI\ As-ta. By WALL k. BARNARD. At?tion*?n TRC&TEK'M KALk OP HOI t?KHOLD Fl R RirtiE ax it Kptect* at a cctiuh ? on eAfl URDaY MORNING. tH??Hh met-, at in o'oihoI. I>T. virtue of a <le<-d of trust da!; rec rded, Ac , we will Mil in front of the Auction Kn<?n>. a Ia?ge oollonUon of Housabotd Farmtere and Effeeta, vu Roaeaood Piano Fort*, Ku?'? A Mahogany Hair seat Sola*. R cken and Cbaira, Baa* Walnut Dreamng Uvmui, and Watnnt anti Cfcerrv French and Co*, ace Bedstead*, Mahogany Side. Center and Round Tat lee, Waatistand* and Toilet Sota. Hair and ??uok Matt resets. Roisters and P.iiows, Fioor and St?p Carpet and OU Cioth, Cane and Wood test Chmra, Clock. Stoves and Kitrhet. I'tensila. Ac , Ae. Furniture Waios. Tfiss c*?k. By "rder of the Trustee je 27 d WaLL. A BARNARD. * sets. By A. GREEN, Aaeticnaar. | AR6E AND ATTRACTIVE SA LEOF DRV I-j Goods at Acctiox ?I abal! ocmiueuoe on WRDNK*DAY.tae?th inrt , at l? o'eloofe a. m , end oontmae daily until all ie eoid. at store No 32.1 Penn. avenu*. south ?4e. hetweea ?th and TLk itiMu, tj aell the enlire atook of Dr? OooUs, con of? Cloths. Ca*siraer?. Vesting*. Towels, J?sss Lidss and ? otton Pants Staff. De Lams, Lav ha, Grey Goods, Borage and Si!k Robes. ^ A dr.*. w >u.. i dl ... -v ??? ? auv HK-wii eiirr?inpc oniituifli Irish unmi, Kir broidertea Hoaieriee, Black Laee Sbawla and Mantilla*, (Jnderal.irte and Drawera, Linen Boauin biiirta, Lm?n Blurt Fro n'a. And manv n*h?r G.kx!? too rmmei >u? to M?atioa. At tflA Mtndinc id to be ttkn dowu the entire atock meat Iw aoid Vithuiit rwrv* Term*: All ayine nndar #> ouk: over that amount a oredit of sc and SO day*, w.t'.i ?ppr endoraed notea, baring intere-t Ir^tn o*' <?f aa!*. |eS d A. GREEN, A?oC C7*THE ABOVE "saLE If* POSTPONEl? in oon'equenoe of not fo ioc ready, un'tl THl'RPDA N . thr nth iut, aaine hour. j?27 J A. GRKl'-N, Aaot. FUTURE DAYS. By J. c. MoUl'lRK a co . Auotiou** ra Extensive sai.k op choice wines, Liyrok*, HAVANA CIGAR*. pI. KI.b*. SArcm?, pdkfekvkd Fai'lTft amd MkaT*. JftUH k.okMuil KlXTC*ft', Hoaa* ASD WaOON.Ac TO cui-i mi of Haxiltox ? Leach ?Or. TLESoAN MOR XIMG, July 3 at 10 o'clock. a? tne atore of Hamilton A l.raoh, a few uoora ea*t of the Naliocal hut*!, we ahaa ?. the enure atock is irane a a vaiuaue store natures, viz : Jtle* Muram. FieurdeBouxy.Caroi..aiand Pnt.ies Ctiampa*ne. Choice Br?wn and Pa> London Sherry, imports dueot bv Harai U>n * I .each. Viri aupenor Old Po<t in botties, Welch Mad-ira, m deniijokLs aud bottles, a ver* fine axucle. M ircaiii CUlMi, Uittt, Ckatmi frovilit, l*t Pierre aud M umtMrt i-.arot Wines, !*fa kHi<c Ho k Johannesburg and Mum! le Wines, I .arte qnantitv of Bwrcandv and Ktili v\ )Mr?. Y"tinge '* Imperia , Knox 4 Son's Ale, Uacaca Cider,Hiboerts Brow* Stout, Alln'P "A.e, Frenc!. Vinegar, \V lfe ? Pchuap?*, uar-e quai.titr ?>r Catawba and other Bitters, u. oas ** ^Ld on dr&Qgflt, Popericr Old Apple aud Peaoh Brandies, in bottiaa aud oemiiohna. Pise brandies. Whisky. P urn Mid Gin, English ft? d French Picket. fauees. I-ru t?. Je lies, f Sardines and Vegetablea, Lot oi fine Gee^n T>'U in *>t> caddies. Olive oil. Olives, i urt r SUnk, Ca apath aud Caupee r>auoe?, m (aucy jar*. franea, I ick e Mushrooms. ai-I Potted Meat* IB faajy j*r*. Larc* iot of nhoioe Havana Cuare. of various bra. ds, Totaoo", Oue Urg* Herring Safe. nearly new, IW ak - (liinnii > > 1 .at>a 4 * ?. i P ? ' Stand I'uli, Copp?r Vrfc ur??. A o. At I o'clock, ta raosT? Ou* 6m Rou .Mare, well b? MM, kx?i*u Waion and UtrnM. Tarm*: fs< and undrr ca b; over that iin a oretut of I, I Sand 4 montka. with interest, for note* aari?f*otority tndi??eri. CZ^ Catalog dm ready wa Kn<lay nextiOHXt. LKACE, t?e*wmai Partner, je 77-d J. C MoGl'IRK A CO , AnoU. MAR'HAL'SSil E-l?*irt?eofaw itoflri facia*. ie*ned f the Clerk's ?oe of Ci aut C< art of tke District of Uj an.bta for U>e omitj of Waehimton. and tt in* directed. I win exeo -f to entile ea e tor eub, in front of tke oout hou ed wtrof t?i.j oolinty, on !*A'lOai>A\, the A k day of Jaly next, >4 at 3 o'eiook * , tke fo 1 wing |>roeerty, t<> wit: Al defendant's right, title, nan, aaa interest is and to a o*f tain d w?llirg kouee ereeted on Lot eight, (I)and a eoeut ni' et*ea (it feei four (?> inch -e L*>t uin*. (t) in Ataare numbered tbr-e hnnd fKl and eerenf?-eeven. (fH) ia the cit? of Warhmc'on D C a?asd and led upui h ?i( ?ru*> ri> w jm im m? wu N i ?in to M'iifj Judicial#. >v 3B0 to OctobM t?a 1?57, in toTor of Joaathaa T. W^rjlcK)V KR L?t? C- ft- NhiW for iitaUiol Colu?t{v Mm ARSHAL-8 ?ALE.-i? W|?? of* Y" kxi luiki, i*M?d ,!?m lhf S i? " it? Circuit Co"rt of the Pietriet of Columbia, for tke oovatv of Wwhiaftt'ii, ?udl? DW? will ?xpoao to pmbiie *J?, w f o at ml tkm ouirt hoaao d??r ?f laid oot'aty Vi* 5? Al vnvviri ? w w??. *? ? - ? title, e'ai- .a. J inlarMt, laaorf U>? o >rt*ia bviU iac ereoted ob Lot No mk ??? u Njiwt No atme hue (ire I cd f jtXt >uae *??) ?J Uid do en id lie tat ol the city of WukiMton. find and liriW roe U Uie vropwny of AW Onega. u4 Will be ... d t,. -atiefr iadioiaie No M, to October torn J n HOOT*.. Late U. 8 M?nksl for the Diot iot of Coiemfcta. 275 4LkBN 275 JACKSON. f I* 9 H S % Puu. A vu1i, Btw?w>a loth ?nd IIUi ?tr?f _utiL < Ol'R Bill* for the pant hllf jwr h*r lilbtu Md? iXto a? mail! u m ntkr it ? ?? nj?>nt^lll ^e<Hifcr o* ?? a TeMJrl ^ CLAOETT A D0D60N.

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