Newspaper of Evening Star, June 29, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 29, 1860 Page 3
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i LOCAL NEWS. J*t. Y gram's Seximaky?Commencement Extrues ?The annual commencement exercises of !*t. Vincsnt'a Seminary were held thia Burning, in the achcol-room of that Institution, corner of Tenth and O sta . In the presence of several hu?dr*d spectators. the moat of them parenta or near relations of the pupil* The room In which the exhibition was held la large and flnelv ventilated, and admirably adapted U> the purpose, and was tastefully as well as comfortably arranged On the rlevat-d platform at the east aide of the room were displayed the various premiums and honors for distribution among those of the pupils whose Industry and deportment during the oust year had entitled them to tliia especial notice by the teachers These marks of favor were numerous ?nd wall selected, a large portion of tbem being in the form of useful literary works. Present on the i>lat'orm sat Rev -fathers Boyle. Walter, and McNally, Col. Hickey, Lewis Johnson. Esq , .Mayor Bcrret. and other prominent personages interested in the subject of popular education At the hour of 1?< tn , the "pupil# entered In rrder, neatly and elegantly attired In white, and displaying a moat l>e<omingly lady-like deportment, and became seated an the forms 011 either ? de of the door of entrance. Aa tbey marched in. the exerciser commenced. and were continued in the following order: Kerguappen March, llorbsa Harp, Mia E. j King. Piano. MlaaA Kagan. Coronation senior rirrle?Flrat Honor*?Misses Kate Rover, Antoinette Slmms. Sarah Hennlng, Anna Van 1? Hannah McDevltt. Kate Haggertv, Jane Talbourt, Arietta Marr. Josephine Harbangb. Fleury. Mary Holllhan, Mary Margaret T>-^w5?n :* < ona ?ionor??i?iim ivate Carroll. F.ilen Cabill. Fanny Hume. Junior Circle? First Honor*?Misses Bena ^ iiims, Fanny Joyce, Annie Mahony. Mary Tal?>o>irt. McDevitt, Lucv Gainer, Mary McGraw. Kate Ricbv, Agnes Plant, Fanny Kdwards, F.iixa Stewart. Mary J. McColgan, Lizzie Daly, Annie Clements, Lizzie Keating, Martha ??iiner, Clara Gettings. Kate Bayne, Alice Frank, Au^enette Brioule, Rachael Connor Second II mors? Miseee Kilen Carroll, Julia Kcklott". Vir rna Hume. Margretta Draine. Annie Major, M iry Kck!off, Florence Scott. Mary Horstkamp, Maria Louisa Brown. Mary 9 Drurp, Mary C. Kiiros. Reward "f merit In the primary class?Miss-s I riilna Kieekhoefer, Carrie Barneclo, Lizzie it Kate Reilly, Janey Ryan, Pauline Major, M irv Draine. Annie Barnec'o, Margaret Darby, M*ry D*ly, Emmy O'Toole. Janey O'Toole, Louisa Kierkboefer, Roaetta Kieckhoefer. Ave Maria, Schubert Sung by Mis* Mary Sweeney Accompanied by Miss A. Ejjan Vt the conclusion of the Ave Maria, which was - in line taste by Miss Sweeney. Father Boyle announced the awarX of the three principal i - res. three bandaoroely-wrutight gold medals the three best pupils, as follow- First prize to Miss A. E. Van Bussum; second prize to Miss Kate Carroll; third prize to Miss Adelade Jalien. A 5 their uames were pronouueed.the >tiec<*sful competitors advanced to the platform and blnshui^ly received from the hands of Mayor Berret the elegant testimonials which they ao well merited l*he Country in Spring. Written by Miss A. Van Busaum Premiums in Christian Doctrine. tt* : 1 J ?? * - - -- - .. U<> ?!' iur 11 In n avfl, (t C , (Ililfl!. I <tlOv*r S mg by Miaees Arietta Marr and A Van Huiiuoi Accompanied on the piano by Mtaa feena ?immi Tbe Irish Interpreter. Miaaea Kate Carroll and Louisa Clements Premiums m Sacred and Profane History, Composition, Writing aud Arithmetic. Star Spangled Bantur. Va , Grobe Harp. Miss L King Piano, Mes Beua Simma. Woman'* R ^Uta Convention Misses A Van BiMum, Kate Anderaon, Sarah Heiining. Arietta Marr Jane Talbourt, Josephine Harbatigh, Bena S;mras, Ellen C&hlll, Adelaide Jullien. Premiums in Grammar. Geography. Book-keeping. Reading and Orthography. i miow a uank. (Duett.) Horn Sung bv Misses Jaue and Mary Talbourt. Accompanied on the piano by Miss A Van Bumim The Letter. Miss>* Louisa Clements and Kate Carroll Premiums ia Plain Needle-work. Tapestry and Embroider y_ Suisse et Tyrol, Hunten. Harp, Miss E. King. Piano, Miss Rita Repetti. Crowns and Premium* to tbe Orphans. Master and Pupil, (Duett.) Hewitt. Sung by M!?ses M Sweeney and A Van BuMum. Mareh Harp, Miaa E King. Piano, Miss A. E/an. lleiug compelled by reason of other engagements to leave the room before the conclusion of the exercises, we are unable to-day to make any note of the appropriate remarks made by the gentlemen who were present for that purpose; but in ? I lu .llnv we Mnnnt wilkhnlj 1? - * ? - 0 ?...w hluuviu cApimiuu ui UUI appreciation of the admirable system of education pursued in this Institution, apparent in the nereises of the morning- The pupils were admirably classed and evinced gr?at intelligence, while their d-portment was universally unexceptionable All about * Watch ?Mr. John Shea losi a silver watch, and gave notice of his Iom to detsctive-ofiicer Keese. who soon discovered it in the possession of Peter Hogan, a colored man. who tried to sell it. Peter said he got it from Mr. Shiner to sell, with the aasnrante that L?should have ail over a certain amount be could Pfi f.>r it ti.? oin< ?? v???' !?-??. 1? u 1 ?. ... . ?w> ?hv*? i tf i iw *rr an uuursi fallow. and set about to get the proof of Shinar's cUitn of ownership. He *ent a man to Shinar's a"r>op t-> Im> skiifd. and while Shinar wa? shaving t .< :ji.t;i l'et?-r ent> red and gave the watch up to *_:;iar with ILt ivimrk that he <-ould not srll it f r the price he wauted. Shinar received it and t:.? ftro 't <ras <-<?ns :rrimat d Shinar was held to bail for a hearing before Squire Donn The only t: : ay for the defendant to do wa? to produce the runn he got it from, a colored fellow, whom tie *1 d tie would produce, and a warrant wis issued fcr the colored maa'i arrest Yesterday afternoon about Ave o'clock, a _reat ex' iteinent prevailed in the vicinity of tb? City Hall .Men and boy* were seen miming to the south side of Louisiana avenue; some shouted lire' others said, a fi*>hV The detectives and policesitting ahotit "Legality pi cr" < tar ted. and t ettintf sight of an individual wilder long and rapid strides indirated an extraordmarv baste. tb?y followed bim. and after a chase of about half a mile, the fugitive was run into an outhouse in an alley in the rear of Wesley C La pel. where he fastened h nisei f in. Officers AHn and Bustur took charge of the door, and the fugitive recognising the voice of Allen in the *-ipressiou "I'll sLoot through the door, if vou don'topen it,'' remarked "Oh! if that's you Mr. Allen, I'll come out." He opened the door and out ?:?rpped a tall stout colored fellow named Bill Harris, completely exhausted by the che>e He Lad been arre*t?*a by Shinar for stealing the wutrh. but Lad broken loose from him and at'-rupied to escape. The hue and cry created the i. .'.r-meut IU -a-as 5ak?-. Mm Mmm re L*>nn. and admitted bis cooukUoi with the watch, but | sa d be got it from a colored man aumtd John \\ illtan. iu Hog alley. lie committed to , Uur reporter, who participated ia the race -bove dewr;bed. says it wa? very good exerciae, ' it a little too act: re when the niercury stands at -^ "Ib the <iide > Plea?a5t Kvkstsu.?'The .losing exerciae* if the Metropolitan ? oliegiate Institute, 4fW E '.r et by Mr and VIr* T.Havrnner.'were marked some Terv pleasant Incidents The principal* of t*je '-sti'.ute,considering that in a achool where nearly all were meritorious, the preaentatlon of dais and premium* wouid be a matter too general to constitute an evidence of apecial merit, determined, on consultation with the puplla themselves. to limit the mark* of dlatiaction and aubmtat?; n social party iu which a!i could participate. Accordingly parents and frtenda joined the happy throng of fair ones, and aeveral hour* PMtedof in the inlerrb<u)ge of congratulations, retaperaed with well-cboeen mu*;c on tte piano and aweet youthful voices In the course of the evening the following presentations were m?de by Rev A W. Wilson, of Baltimore, and Rev. u tf ..i m ?*/ ?ui_ - ? j ** niM-nuey, wi ?uuin((ioii me lormri addressing the recipients of the well-merited honors IU brief but happy terms: to Mia* Laura Thomas, of Washington. a gold medal for excelling ia to Ml* Rachel Garrett, of \Vashin..ton. a silver medal fur tbe beat composition; to Mia Mary E Rowe.of Tr.adelphia, Maryland, and Miss Ootavia Israel, of Clarksburg, Maryland reward* of handsome books for j>ro&- \ein physiology. Ac. These testimonials were -rucrfBlljr received, and seemed to afford grs*IS< at ion to the associates as well as to tbe successful pupils, for all seamed to pronounce the honors worthily won and well deserved Tbe evealng's entertainment was closed by a bsuntlful supply of ice-creams, water-;cea, aud other refreshments suitable to tbe season, and the company separated witb tbe hope that another year would bring the in aud others together under equally pleasant and hippv auspices We may remark that the Institute aus been eminently successful in its past year's labors cbtvmal Cocst.?After our report closed yes terday, the jury returned a verdict of guilty la the caee of the l otted SMMtft Richard Ylarvman, for eatertoi{ the honneof Mr Bard toe of the Fifth Ward, and ateallug aundry artlclea of the value of ?MJ A motion waa entered for a new trial In thl* can. The Court then took up the caae of the United tttaiaa ut John Conner, for an aaaaultand battery with Intent to kill John tfbea The jury returned a verdict of guilty of an aaaault and battery without the latowt to clll. The Court then adjourned. T? d-if ?The Court took up the caae of the \ "*ad Mat>?agt. Bernard Donnelly, a policeman. yr.** *aaauit and battery on Daniel Stewart The d f?odaM uixn .tted bin caae to the Court, and tt- evidence vh keard, bat the Court reserved It* d?:Ulon ' . tb n ?P Mae of the I'ntted Bine, for an aaaault and battery r T rHura* ? v'r4S % Closiwg Exmciszs or tni t'wTOji Fixalz Acadbnt ?A large and highly refined suditory wu this morning aarmbM in the Thirteenth ?tr*"*t Baptist Church, on the occasion of the tenth annual exhibition of the Union Female Academy, of which Mr?. Z Richards Is principal An excellent baud of music was in attendance. and enlivened the exercises with various spirited airs The exercises consisted of compositions on the fallowing subjects by the respective pupils, which were all rendered in a style, both as regards elegance of composition and distinctness of utterance, which reflected great credit upon the authors, and served only to add to the already well ratatiiiohed reputation of the efficient Instructress of tbe institution : A Letter. Mi? K Wagner; Vacation, Mia M. Drew; Be Kind, Mia B Clarke; Watches, Mia A. Baker; The Japanese. Mia C. Farnham; My Pet, Mial Howell; Newspapers, Mia I Lenmaoj Ship?. M!ii K 8am?on; The Old School Home. Mia A RicketU; Curiosity, MiaC Merillat; The Country Girl. MIm A. M. Hayes; No man Uvea to himself, Mia E. V. Lewis: .Moon beems Mia H Stoop*; Sunshine and Shadow, Miaa S Dyer; Tbey hare zone t?? the Spirit Land, Mia E F Redmond; Who has a Mlaion. Miss A. Mcintosh. Compositions from the graduates? Cheerfulness, Mia J. B. Denham; The Future, Mia M. C. Green; We return no more, Mia M. Greer A French dialogue, composed by Dr. Xappone, of this citr. and. entitled ''La Soeur I'srduc." was Kformed in an admirable manner by several of scholars. Near the close of the exercises a l>?nut',ful duett was sung by M and Madame Raymond! Pr??n*?* 1 1 A t . .junnc mm ?wuuea lO the meritorious scholars in tbe following order, after whtcb diplomas were distributed by Mr* Richards: First Grade of Premiurns? Miss Mary C. Green, Miss Alice Mcintosh, Miss Helen Stoops, Miss E. Frances Redmond. Second Grade of Premiums? Julia B. Denham, Miss Kleanor Samson, Miss C. Merillat, Miss Carrie Farnbam, Miss Marion Greer Graduates?Miss Mary C Green, Miss Julia B. j Denham, Miss Marion Greer. j Tbe premiums awarded for punctuality and regularity of attendance, waich are considered to lie at the base of all future success, were delivered by the Rev. Dr. Samson, who accompanied the same with a few appropriate remarks on the sul>- I ject of female education, at the mm* tim? mm. plimentary to those young ladies who had t>een so fortunate as to be thus distinguished above their c lassmates. Mrs. Richards then presetted a diploma to each of the three graduates, accompanying the distribution with a few well-coLceivea and pertinent remarks, exhorting the graduate* to be as faithful and diligent 1 n the discharge of tbeir future duties as they had been with regard to their scholastic requirements. Aksivkrsary Exbrhsks of Lafaykttk Institute.?The entertainment at Willards' Hall, j last evening, stands, without exception, as the first of all the school exhibitions ana closing exercises in the city this year. The hall was densely crau-ded, and the audience gave the most positive indication of their interest, approval, and appreciation of theentire performance by the breathless stillness which pervaded the room Prof Loom Is stated that the exercises of the evening were not to be regarded ** iti?ram fffmt but rather the result of a desire on the part of the young ladies to have a private entertainment for tbeir own pleasure, in the school-room, unknown so htm. On hi* part, unknown t?> them, he had secured this hall that the friends of the young ladies might be better accommodated Of the thirtv-ti ve pupils wbo were to appear as ?peakers, nearly all were entirely unaccustomed tosj>euk in public, The composition of all the parts was remarkably good, and most excellently delivered. Tbe enunciation was clear, distiuct, and slow. No examination could have better brought out tbe real characters of the principal and teachers of this institute. The discipline of mind must have been thorough and constant the past year to have given tb.s resalt t*pa. e will not permit an extended not'eeof the _ i - ? uip? r? separately, jet we cannot forbear mentioning Miss F annie CLarles. o? Md . as principal of the b arding school; Miu dallie Brown, of Md., as the Connecticut girl; Miss Annie Greeves, of tuis city, as Miss Pompinella.who said that wealth should secure the tirst place for her daughter; Miss Annie Crawford, of Philadelphia, as th- accomplished exquisite, wbo was acquainted with Newton, the celebrated French geologist," also with the celebrated British poets, Bancroft. Prescott, and Hamlet; Miss Dora Zimmerman, of Va , as ttie flower girl; and MifsStrider, the geologist, cf this city. The coronation of the l^ueen of the Year, the closing performance, was a most gorgeous a flair VIi.. I I? ?> ' ..i uamo UUIWn, WI IttliCllT, Wll CrOWllCll (.jueen?a more dignified, graceful, and accoini>li*hed Queen could not Lave been selected l'his scene will not admit of deacrintion; none but those who saw It can conceive of It* beauty The Queen wu crowned with the "celestial rrown," and bore a golden sceptre, her white flowing robe* glittering with golden ?tar?. The Maids of Honor, Hope, the Reasons, and the attendants, were tastefully dreast-d, and presented an arrav of beauty and iov>*iir.esR seldom seen, as they successfully brought their gifts to the ( Jueeu. AfVr the close of the exercises, several gentlemen and ladie* were formally printed to the Queen, kneeling a* they came in her presence till the sceptre gave them permission to rise The music was under the direction of Prof J. P. Caultteld, and was of course appropriate and excellent. We cannot forbear saying that on leaving the ball we were impressed with the fact that this Institute is winning for itself an unequalled reputation. Tiie Kxamihatiohs of the Primery Schools of the Tlilrd District w re concluded w'th ..f the assistant'# department, Primary No. 5. (Mia* Josephine Bird, U-acln-r,) on Monday, the 25th, and Primary present tn temporary charge of Mi* K.'tte Anderson, on Wednesday, tbe 27th slant Both s-bools w?-re examined by F S \V.i!*h, of the Board of Trustee*, *nd are favorably reported The assistant's department of Primary No o, was placed under the supervision of Aliss Bird in Febrnary last, and the progress of tier clawes since that time fully show that the time spent by Min B in the female department of our district school (where she was a pupil for some years) wrts not spent In vain. The examination of Primary No. C. originally intended for the lwth of the month, was necessarily postponed until the 27th, in consequence of the death of the teacher, Mrs Margaret Freeman, a lady who has been engaged iu the public scboolsof our District since 1-51, and whose worth iu that eanaritv *?????? tfder.t of not exaggerating when we state that a more competent, energetic, and scrupulous person in the discharge of her duties cannot be found. The little subjeeta of her care manifested, on the day of examination, that something bad occurred to interfere with the usual routine; the customary relief of the tedium of the exercises (the inerry song) was omitted, and, dressed in tLe habiliments of woe, the pupils of Primary No. 6 rather submitted to than enjoyed the operatious of the evening. Assault imd Battery.? Yesterday, a young German woman named Augusta Scuiu;dt, apI !?_-* A- -*? " miea 10 jusurp Johnson for a warrant against her husband. John Schmidt, whom the charged with besting and abusing ber The warrant was issued, and this morning officer B. T Wat| son brought the defendant up for trial. The tes timony showed that the parties had been married aboTt four years, and a cniid now three year* old was the fruit of their marriage Being compelled to leave the city for employment, he deaired hi* wife to go with him, but she declined, and he told her to go to her father's, till he returned I pou his return, be discovered that she wax r^-ady to present him with an additional heir. This. Instead of beinar a sourr#? of unim to him, produced a very different effect, and. m he testified, rauaed him to treat her badly; beating her and throwing her out of doora. justice Johuaon required him to give ball to keep the peace. It cauaed a separation, wbicb may be temporary, as she declared her willingness to lire with him if he will treat her kindly. She admitted the Irregularity of the last presentation i she ma^tf him. A Musical Ti it at?While taking a walk in the northern part of the city yesterday evening we were agreeably aurpriaed by being invited into the residence of Mrs. Braahears, No 307 Sixth I street, to liaten to tne singing of a party of young l i^IJ?a ? J !?< K<ruuciucu, wuu u4u coagregaura mere for the purpose of having a private concert. Mr. Dock Lawrence acted as musical director, while Miss Nellie I^mmond presided at the piano The performers all did remarkably well, while Miss Julia Robinson deserves especial credit for tbe able manner In which she sang tbe ' Star Spangled Banner." Miss Sallie Dal ton, Miss America Henni in, Miss Bertie Picket, and Miss Nellie Wheeler also excelled in their respective parts. Among the many guests present we noticed our esteemed friend, Prof J. H. Daniel, who, judging from bis smiling countenance, was well pleased with the performance*. A Chascb to Sib thb Gbeat Kiitus asd Ksjot a Focbth or Jolt Exccbsion at the Saxb Tixi, all rot Sxvxa Dollab* ?By an advertisement in another column It will be seen that arrangements have been made for a grand 4 th of July excursion to New York, by ran road and steamboat, for the purpose of visiting the Urnet Eastern, and having a good time generally. The price for round trip tickets is only 97, and the only objection to them is that they are positively limited tooae hundred from this city. Consequently those desirous of ivxlhag them wives of th a splendid opportunity of sight-seeing and general enjoyment should lose no ume in securing tickets. Rbsioxatio* o? a School Ticsrn George A Hohrer, Ksq , of the third school district, hiving been elected A member of the Board of Aldermea, has resigns his seat la the Board of Pablic School Trustees. SrEiiT iHrmovsmrrs'Twenty-second street wast, from K to L at. north, la to be graded and K veiled. The gravel le I* he inches deep la oantra, off to f iarbss deep at the gutter lias Thi Avisri a!*d tii Dwst.?When the mercury la ranging from eighty-six to ninety degrees In tbe shade, tbe pedestrian upon our atreet is forced to admit the fact tbst It Is very warm. A pleasant breeze and the shade of an elm is a rich treat to the almost fainting wayfkrer; but when tbe hot sand and dust is carried oy the breeze and deposited upon his perspiring skin, and he is forced to leave the shady spot to s?*ek a retreat secure from euch annoyances, ne remembers aomething aaid in the papers weeks ago about contracts to water the avenue, and wonders wh?ther the work is to begin with July or October : Our citizens really Buffer now; but their aufivringa would be greatly relieved if the duat were wetted down every morning, noon, and night The heat rould be endured with the luxury of an occaslonsl breeze of pure air; but when the breeze comes laden with hot sand and powdered gneiss, It is unendurable. The Old Soldirr* and thb Focbth or July. The associated survivors of the war of IK 13 will 9Msnihl? *? ?* '* " " ?a. iue 1iv nan, wun cockade and badges, at ten o'clock oq the morning of the 4th of July, and inarch thence to the national armory. A salute of cannon at noon ia intended The veterans will then repair to one of the upper halls of tbat fine building, where an hour or more will be spent in the discussion of a collation, and the relation of reminiscences which, doubtless, will beof an interesting character. At this meeting there will be a model cage from Craney Island, a prize rifle by Congress to a gallant vouth of seventeen; a picture of the battle of North Point?and some of the identical uniforms worn on the battle fields of that eventful period. Awkixg Tuievis?It is astonishing what objects are selected by professional thieves for their operations, and how boldly they go to work to | ">"ic uwir prize*, some time ago they of>erated in the parlors of houses, removing the costly curtains from the windows, and taking away articles which were most easily identified Lnst night another gang went to work and took down the awnings froin before the doors of houses on Seventh street, in close proximity to the Central Guard-house It is not suspected who the operators are; but it supposed that the canvass is intended to l>e used in making sails for boats The thieves had a ladder, roughly constructed, which they used. This was left behind. f Sasitaey Measure.?We l*arn that Mayor Berret, being satisfied from complaints that the con tractors ior cleaning id*- gutters, A r . have utterly failnd to perform trieir duties, has annulled all of their contracts, and has resolved to have the remaining work done by day labor, as formerly. The contracts were taken too low to enable the parties to do the work properly. All persons having complaints to make on the above subject will best secure a remedy by communicating tu writing to the Mayor The prevalence of extremely warm weather renders this a subject of general interest. Intelligencer. \V ater Fountains fo* thk Patkxt Office ? In the centre of the square enclosed by the Patent Office building, two large basins nave been sunk. They are of brick,with iron rim?. the bottom of each being covered with cement. In the middle of both basins are Inserted jet pipes, which drive the water to the height of 30 or 40 feet. The ,i J * " giuuuua aiuunu IUCIC lUIHlbllUS Will DCSOCld^d. and evergreen shrubbery planted in rows near tbe buildings. Disorderly.?This morning, two young men who had spent a night in the Guard house, were taken out for shearing before Squire Donn Their rffence was against the corporation law, being drunk and disorderly. One. however, wss not identified In the disturbance of the peace, and was honorably discharged. The other, who had evidently been drinking, was dismissed with a lecture that may be of service to him hereafter. Thb Promehape Concerts?Mr. Editor i second the motion of your correspondents about having oue of the semi-weekly promenade concerts 011 Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday, so that we laboring men < ?n atiunH ? - "? ?^ ?? -- - ",,v* *uv?M . 1 1 ' only day out of the seven that we have fur such recreation What ?*y Prof, Scala and bis musical associates' A Laboring Man. The Anncal Exhibition of Mr Samuel Kelly's Washington Select School will take pl<tce at the academy, corner of <i and Tenth streets, on Monday evening next, at * o'clock, when a number of interesting pieces will he recited and premiums distributed. , Wild cntkrt Balsam. The following in worths tlio attent on ot all who are interested for thetnsel ves or fi lends: I.afatktte. llld , July 31. 1854. Dear Sir: 1 was attacked, about five mouths ago, with a severe co d. whioh set led oa my lungs, and Iiuviuiai win iiiuii [eapDCUUUB in tills City i Haiti tll&t 1 iia<l inflammation or consumption of the lung*, aii'l, alter exhausting their skill without relief to nif, pronounced hiv case incurable. I commenced taking Or. WtjtarN Balsam of Wild. C/i-rry al<out six weeks ago, and in four days I via< able to walk all over the house, and am now a weil man. Yours respectfully, George Hoover. Above I hai.d you a plain statement from (ieorgo Hoover, of Ihis city, who is w^ll krown, having lived here some twenty years. The doctor* attended him some three mouths, anil fcava him up to die; but \Vistars Balsam cured !mn. D. R. \V. Wilstack. Druggist, Lafayette, In<1. Nono genuine unless signed I. Butts un the wrapper. Prepared by W. Fowle A Co., Boston, and for sale b\ D. Guman, ti. C. Ford, jr..S. M Waite, G. !?tott, John Schwarzc, .Nairn ft Palmer. Wash ington; and by dealers every where. je?7-lw,r jlAAfMIVa iwn ?f ? ? M u..i\> n it/ a?nit\.it<U * IICIC IB IIU pr^pTl^Zltion in existence wbicli has such a n<><>tluntc ctrect in ca?es of nervous excitoni^nt a* Ho-tetter's StommA Bitt'rs. Although the fains of this renowned invigo ant rests inainiy <>n i s astonishing cure?) of Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, and intestinal diso dejs, it is i-?|uviy eftcacious in nervou c<iiop!aint. TTiuu-ands of ladies r sort to it as a remedy f >r hyst'ria, tin tit rnu olTie !i> a: I. nervous lit alache, vertigo general debility and all peculiar distn bauci .-atul derangement* to which, as a s-x, they a e Hiibj-et. It cheers an t light ns th? depressed mental powers as well as strengthen the body,an j its us-'l never foilo *rod i as is the case whreordinarv tonica are administered, by an> u; pii&sant reaction. For -ale by Druggists and dealers generally eve rywhete. je25-to3t Mftfu's Miraculous Vermis Destrovkr, the oldest and best remedy known for exterminating R*ts and Mic-, Cockroaches. Hius, Ant?, Muaquitoea, Fleas, Moths,G:am-\\ onus and Garden Insects. in-Principal Depot, 612 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. nia 18-3tn Barry's Tkicophsrocs ia the best and cheapest article for Dressing, Beautifying, Cleansing, Curlinr, Preserving and Re| storing the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Druggista and Perfumers. mar l2-6m Mas. experienced nnraeand female physician, has a Sootkimt Syrup for Ckildtn Teething, whioh greatly facilitates the prooees of teething by softening the gums, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and ia aure to reculate the bowela. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give reat to yourselves. and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly aafe in ail o&sea. See advertisement in Duiuor uu:u;nji. oc 11-lT Ltor'a Magnetic Insect Powder Exterminates Ked Bugs, Koachea, Ticks, Ante, Garden Iiisecta, A c. It contains no Poison LYOR'S MaGXETTC PlLLH Are Certain Death to Rats and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap 9-3rn The besom or destruction 1* the fatality anion* our younx and middlc-a^ed to induce, in excess anu delxiauiK hatuU. Those who a.e yrarniny for aome influence to diapel the growing evil, should road " Human Frailty, or Pkytolnttral Researches." It delineate* in vivul rotors (fur it ia beautifully illuatrated ) the cauaea and effects of local and vital diaeane and decay, pointing out tti - only aure ?aftty ralrt?read the advertisement of ** Trifttmar," in another column. Sold by Dr. Barrow, I'U Bleecher atreet, N. Y. Price 25 cents. Sent freo everywhere. SnlH t.1 in h? ft P?l?r*ri Pne.l 5* I D. C. . "ni? 7*1 in ' Homeopathic Remedies Ali of Dr. Humphrey! A Co.'i specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 50 cents each. Also, in cases, containing 20 vials, from $4 to ? > each, with book of full directions. For sale By Z. I), (illman. 330 Fa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitsgerald, 353 north F street: also by F. ft. Winter, north corner ot Kttreet and Vermont avenue. Also. Pond's Extract Wttck Haztl, for laternaJ and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma9 1y To CoifSUMPTIVM. Quern's Cod Livtr Oil J til*. Thu great apec) fio for Conau:hption la faat superceding all othera in ita ourative electa upon thoae attticted with tuWeroular diaeaaea. Prepared upon highly aoieuti&o pnnoiplea of the pure oil, and robbed of the nauaeoua taate of the p ain article, it ia reoeived into the atom&oh in iu jellified form, without maatioation, and ia gradually diaaolved and digested. passing into the small inteatiuea drop by drop, anpplying tne waatea of the body by ita natrioiooa propertiea, and thua aaaiating and auataiuing nature m overcoming the disease Approved by the New York Academy ot Medioine, and reoommended by the faculty everywhere, thia preparation ia confidently offered aa a remedy lor Consumption and ail Sorofaloua affections Soul by CharlM Stott, Washington, and by ail r*speotable druggiata. Price fl per bottle No. Tre^ffiaNSiTCk. mar 16-Sm Wholesale Agenta. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED jt An Invoio* of florent1,'^"' *" M""' ?* ,0>CAK9E?BDAA^,?? je27 3t Late Todd k. Co. f175^5Met&flSK?fflPo oiferod for SITS, for a few days. at JOHN F. ELL PIAtVoa ('0***8 NT, from half a dollar to ? yw month. Also, great bargains in Sooond-haaq # AMUSEMENTS. 4 IDD FELLOWS' ALL*?SATURDAY EVE vF NINO, June *> iaotHBR GOLDEN PREE GIFT! The management harinc been desired bjr numerous citisens and families to continue the exhibition a few m*hts more, bee* to announce that in addition to rhe exhibition, and to Kirn additional reft to the n -tinl entertaiuinent.20 beautiful and costlj PR KS EN I'S will he given to the patrons ofTHIO DON'S MUSEUM OF ARTS on SATURDAY EVE NINit. Amorj the sifts an- splendid Surer Her ?iv uuiu &nu Oliver Pi' i^Jint fiold Mo sic and Cameo Jewelry, I^adies' and Genu' Gold Rin??, 4tc. All the above article# have been purchased at Seinkiae' Jewel t Siore, 330 Pa. avenue, where the presents may be seen and tickets may also be iiad. Admission J5 cents. je r|M!E GRKAT NATIONAL DINNER FOR 1 the benefit or the John Wesley Church, will takeplaoe TUESO\Y, July 3J,on the old Camp Ground, Pinev Branch road. Tho gentlemen and ladies ofWashinnton, Georgetown and Alexandria pledge tbemseive* that ever* thin* in season s! all ba at hand. Tickets admitting a -eentleinan and lady 91- The coaches will leave the corner of I and Fourteenth streets at 10,12. 2. 4, and 5 o'clock. James Graham's Band, from Baltimore, will be in attendance. je sg-2t* \f E*IDIAN HILL, it* l*ter>etti<m of Boundary t FomrUtnth Sts. Having leased for a terra of years this beautiful and romantic ape t, I will open it for the A . . k aoeommodation of the pubiio on the day of June, 188n. For beauty of reentry. <leiig. tlnl pronKn%d?s, Ac, it is unsurpassed ty any in this vicinity. The house is large and c?mmo tious, having two largi dancing room*, be sides dining and dr*>snng rooms for both ladies and ;*ntlrm?n. In addition 1 have ereoiedalarge pavilion for Pio N io Parties. . Parii?*, Families and Individuals wi 1 find it a mnit HdfciPaKlo ala?? ?k" u ' riww ?v (lass mo buiut l 1j1 OI summer, partiou a ly a* the atnot;at order and de o >ram wil he nnforced and every attention will be gatraotitd by the proprietor*. The l.arder wil: be r>und to oontain all the deliosciea of the season at all times. The Bar wiil be furnished with the ckoioest Lisuorx and Wines and the fine*t Segara. Soci'ties, Sunday Schools, Clubs ar.d Military Companiek will find thia the mort deairablo resort for spending a pleasant and orderly day. ieiTstaw2w HWfrttY WFI D^N. FREE CONCERTS! L?KNST LOEFFLER, Pf'ir York ormue, between 1 ?t and Id streets, wonld respectfully .Wfa state to th? public that A t'OVJKRT olUDt SKL.ECT MUSIC will be siven everv M< )N DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during the season, at his Pavilion, commencing at 5 o'clock aiid ending at 1? p. m. Previou* to the Conoert. tne Saloon is open to those desiring to while away a few hours in the mazy dance. ICE CRF, WAT^'R ICF.S.and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oity prices. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nio pnr posrs. are requested to give a day or two notioe. je 18 3in TTT a %rmn W AIM JL O. WANTKD?By a smart, active hoy, twelve yearn of a^e, (American and an orphan,' a PLACK where he c*n make himself useful to his employer. Is not afraid of work. Please address ".fames." at this office. je t* 2t* %1TANTED?To attend upon an invalid t^ntleman. a WOMAN <>f experience and ?killa<a nurse. Only those who can luine a *ood r.-comnenilatiou nend apply. Inquire of Dr. THOMAS Ml l.l.t- R, F st., between 13th and Uth st*. je 29 3t* WANTK"-ROOKS, Of D DOOIIMENT8. nan i*r? o - > rArr.nn, ' Ul.n?, AUTlHiRA PHS? $5 for an autograph letter <<f Gen. Ta*lor. 3<, 5th. 2?tfc, Slat, 34th, *ith Volumes of .Nile'a R*nster waited ALFRED HUNTER. je20 eolm" Under^ W^lla'da'. VVANTuD TO RENT?A medium-sirs House. * ? in the :ieinhl>oih od lM*twern 10th and 12th sta. *?<t and H*. avenue and H et. uuitli. Address " House," Star Office. je 28-31* WANTED? A steady WOM AN, a* cook, to (to a sheet di -lance in the country. Recommend attorn required. Apply at 396 Seventh at , corner of h. jr-fll-a* |(H ELEVETH ST.?THE WASHINGTON 4;h and (jenkral employment of FICK? G'-od Cooks wanted. rhaTtbertnaids and Traveiinc Servants, ho h irale and f>TTiale, spenkins French ami Spanish In Kiiagc-. Also, Varm and Garden Hinds. Two Fennle Saves wante<l for private iatnilies. H tels supplied. je 23-3t C. LKON'AR D, Proprietor. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A Housekeeper, with Rood relf>rence, to eo in the couiit^y. Also, several rood olain Ceiiks. rb??h?i ! !? ? * ,\ urues, white and co'orert, for town and country. AUo, nx good Farm Hands, wi?h good reference, may app.v at ft* IT.ion Int-lluence and House Atency Office. No. IU Iahii lar.a avenue, between ana tith sts., opp >vite Citv Hall *<juar??. Jr23-3t^ DUNCAN & CAMP, Prop'rs. WANTED?To have everybody kr.owthat they oan find a Fire and Well seleoted Stock of CLOTHING und FL'K N.SHlS'G GOODS at t e PKOPLE'S CLOTHING 8 I OKE, No. 460 Seventh ?t , opposite Post Oflioe Department. ap6-3m WANTED.?Every one to know that SMITH, Seventh st., charges fair price* for hit Goods. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh ?t? to get your H ATS and C A PS. ap 6 3m BOARDING. ! fJOARDING.?A handsome Front Room. unme. I * dia'ely ov?r the parlor. <g now vacant, at 4.53 \ i nth street, one door south of h *t. It is supplied with na? Also, use of l>a )i ro"in. It* MRS. RE1LY. having several large ard airy Rooms. solicits a ?.-a!. troin gentleman or lamtliis so king pl>^ant Suinut r Hoard. Transient* also accommodated. 555 New Jersey av , Capitol Hill, south side. je28-St* MRS M. A. BANNERMAN. having recently taken that ohgi hi * located house. No. 44 7 Pa. avenue, south siue, between 3d and sts.. oan safely offer great in |UMIBMta to tilOMdtflroill of obtaining Board The !oc t>on is conceded to tie <j'i? of the finest on the Avenue. The rooms are well veniilat'l can bs furnished in suits or sinz'v, at modeiate prieet- Tab e. hoarders can also be accouimodatati. Tr;.u? en'. bo.wrilers taken by the day or week. je 2B-8t PERSONS PEEKING HOAF D w II lir.d very comfortable Roo i s, er l>er '.urnished or infurmsi-ed, and Hoard.<>n moderate terms, in a pleasant location, by ca ling at N? . 4'.i Missouri avenue, lieiween 4)4 and ?'-tfi sta. je W it' |>OARDINO.?Several l~ree and wcl! furnished I* Rooms, with Hoard, me.y he obtained upon reasonable terms by imrnedi&te application at AIRS. LINDSAY'S, 434 <i st. A few Table Boarders can clso be accommo dated. je 27-31* T^RENCH LACE M AN'I'I KS A V II HOi N TS~ F Para*oU, Sua !?Uvi?e, an J |Son Ural>reiiarf, Thread, Valcucinea.fewis*and Cainbrio htlgings, Honiton. (iuj pu^e, aM French worked Couais, Lin-n.g Cain rio, Sum and Thread S-U, Colored Tarltru s,fwiss, Cambric. Jnconett, all. Nanso' k and i*'*i<1 Nansook Muslins, H'iwT, GIot G\nntleu, U!aok|'ilk Mats, 4o. Forsai* iow by je27 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. \ SPECIAL NOTICE. LL Persons indebted to me are respectfully and earnestly requested to call and *ettle their accounts on or before the first of the coming month, so as to enable me to coniinue 10 pay the cash for Fu ait are which perrons leaving the city,or others, may wish to dixpoje of. R. BUCHLY. OtnUr i* N'W and Second-hand Fvrnitvr?, je 26-<jt 429 SiVcnth, between G and H ats. C*A RD SPFCIA L.?Those of our onstomort and / friends who have bills with us are > eepectfully notified th\t they are all made off. and if auv prefer not to have them sent in they will please call at our desk during the present week and |et th-rc, a? after that time we shall render every account ou our bo ks,ar>d we earnestly rrqurst an early settle ment of the saine aa soon as possible. P'ompt pay m^nts alone will enable us to serve our patroca upon the beat torms. r W PAI.I PV K rn je 2M0t .V23 Seventh *t.. ah"** Pa. av. PUBLIC BATHS. HKNRY SCHAEKKR, B??RKK AND HAIR DKE*S? B St., near Seventh, oppo. Pott Office Department, Ha* fitted up in connexion with his "s'atuishm'i't convenient accommodations for att'ordiug to his customers and th? public the luxury of COLD or WARM 1JATI1S at any time during Oumii-ss hours. Hu charges will t>e moderate? twenty five conts for a siagle l-ath, or five baths for a Mi llar who'll tickets fir that number are purohascd aud paid for in advance. Mr. Schael'er take* this opportunity to i form his customers that this desirable addition to his ealab lishment will in no manner inWfsre with Ins regular di ofnoKioiial ksasML fin tka ?*?? k? k<> ? t" add to hi6 present facilities for in*urin* prompt attention to his numerous patron* in the line of SHAV1NU ami HAIR DRESSING. And t > the l.iydies who patro izo him in the line of uttin?or Trimming their own or their children'* hair, he bnga to say that he has p ovided lor the*" better accommodations, in havin* fitted up a small room a d appropriated it exclusively t ) their use. je/7- w rtra . MADAME DEI.ARUE mSHC Would respectfully inform the Ladie*C^A) ^KUlMthat she ha- now a select assortment of^^ l>r<*?s and Straw Bonnets, I.a lies' Riding Hats, Children's Flats and Straw Trimmings, N west styles Ribbons, Choice F ewers in (Treat variety, hashes, Beltings, fine Laces in Sieves, Collars, and Veils, Cha till* Lace Points, French Lac- Shawls and Mantillas of Boarnou and Ficcolomiui stiles, E mbruidered Sk irts, i ollars, Sleeves, CheniselU, Ka<<dkercbic?s. Kdgings.&c., Seta of Collars and Sleeves for mourning, I'lat d R uffles, Fancy Neta, and Do: a Maria ttauge for Veils, Pena Cloth lor Dresses and Bonnets, Jouvin's Ulovas, fcilk and Lisle Gauntlets. Filet Mits, llraid Neta. all ootsrs, fine Kvnuing Fans, i r am') wriiam-nis, r rencn reriuinery, Toilet Water*, *.0. v jet7-3t* Per.niylyania avenue. SELLING OFF, 8 * L L I N G OFF. t BLACK LACS MANTIAI.A8, BLACK. LACK SHAWLS, BLACK LACK POINTS, PLAIN BLACfc SILK MANTILLAS. AM at greatly reduced prieea in order to reduce ?T Wie atooi. |T"7* i- adiee May expeet bargain* if they will oall .. lM&.ww? btre deieirt?d to ?U off o?r whole ^^ J. W. COLLEY A CO.. ! ieSMfca-n No.itSSevntk at,a*ove Pa. a* -%-v > ?? uua?./ win vwiuc up prumpuy ina Uttig. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS For other (rforfttown adrerttfmenti re* fir it p*?* rYW*ATTENTION. POTOMAC LIGHT INLL5 KANTR Y.?You are hereby ordered to appear at \ our Armory at 7 o'ciook on the morning ?f the 4th of Jul* next. in full (Ire** cummer uniform. Je &-il J. McH. HOL LINGS WORTH. Oapt. GEORGETOWN TAX PAYERS WILL >3 ur? six per cent, on their General Tax, a ad five per cen?. on theirWator Tax. for the current year, u paid on or before the 1st of July je25-lw CHAS. D. WELCH. Collector. P PATENT FREEZER. LEASE Call and examine Aa???r's PATENT FIVE MINUTE FREEZER. The b tt Freezer in use. Operation simple. Result certain. For tale by T. A. LAZENBV. je 28 No. 114 Bri?1ge St., Georgetown. yOR NEW YORK.?The packet schooner r Statesman. Captain Molt, in now loatlinc. a <1 will nail as abjvo with despatch. Pi>' freight apply to je35 McCOBB k DODGE, 6* Water st. O FOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And alter July 3>l, the steamer L. J. Brengle, Captain W. II. Ritter. will leave Georgetown EVERY TUE8-^?&i^ DAY. THURSDAY.and SATl'K DAY. at 7 o'clock a rn.. and return every alternate | day,at6o'clock a in. On the Saturday trip from Gourfietown the boat will run through to Shepherddown. je 21 3?n Excursions, pic nics, &c. IjiXCI RSION TRIP T<JGLYMONTos JULY !i FOURTH. The Steamer THOMAS COLLYER will make two trips to Glymoiit Pavilion July Jl1 k 4th, leaving her wharf, foot of Sev-^^2aiKC enthst.,at8 o'clock, Alexandria I 8Si o'clock a. m., and will leave Washincton at l p'clock, Alexandria at 1^ o'clock p. in., and will return in time to witness the fireworks. There will be a string band of mus'.o in attend ance. D?r?1 ? a 1? > - * * * * ? naif^iiuiRiiis win oe mrmsnea oy me propne tors. M?ssr?. Jones k Miller. Round trip ticket* from Waaiiinirton 75 cents, from Alexandria (JOcenta ; chiliren mtder 12 vcars of m? half-price. Ticket# sold at the boat Omnibuses will leave the corner of Pa. arer ne ami Sev nth at at half-pant 7 o'clock and quarter before 8 and half past 12 and quarter before 1 o'clk, for the boat. After the b?>at returns she will la; over at her wharf until after the close ?if the tirew rk? for the accommodation of the cit'xen* of Alexandria. )e29-td SAM'l, BAKKK.Capt. P O U R T H OF JULY. EXTRAORDINARY EXCURSION TRIP krom Hnshio^ton lo Hew York, AND RETURN. Via Baltimore ami Washington Branch Railroad. AT FORT WASHINGTON. The ?afe ami commodious steamer PHENIX, Captain Rvthkk havm-r been c'artered by th? WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY t$AT TA LION to run to the Fort on the 2d JJd and 4th of July.#=11 leave Washington, (lootof Eleventh ?t ,? toiMfci'ie at Alexandria huiok and returning, as follows, viz: Monday, 2d, leave Wa^hngton 12 noon; leav* the Fort'3 p. m. Tuesday, 3d, leave Washington at 9a. m.,2 and 8 p. m. Wednesday,4th, at 8 and 11J< a. m,. and 2^,5and 8 p. m. On the 3d and 4th ths !a*t trip up, leave t'.e Fort at 11 at night. Rouud trip ticket.4 Si cent;, to he had on the wlw. f. No money collected on boat. i'er order of the Committee NOTICE IJ* HEREBY GIVEN Tl.atno steamer, tail, or other U>ats will lie permitted to land at the Fort during the encampment, except the steamAr " je'aTt* " ' E^A. RYTHER. Capt. 1 JULY THE FOURTH ! RAND PIC NIC Of the Georgetown Benevolent Association, For the BENEFIT OP THE PC OR, The l>est Pic Nie of the season will be given at ANALOSTAN ISLAND, WED JT?k N ESDA'\ , July 4th, for the _ p of the p<K?r. * The Ansociation pledge themselves that good orderfrill be preserved. They also guarantee t > their visitors every comfort and pleasure. No exertion on their pert will l?? spared to mak* it agreeable to all who may favor them with their presence. The Declaration of Independence will be read by a member of the Association. An oration will be delivered by a distinguished gentleman. There will lie several Ba'loon Ascensions daring the a temoon. and a splendid display of Fireworks on the grounds ii the evening. Visitors will also have one of the beat views of the National Fireworks-the Monument Grounds being in full view from the island. The Holy Hill * and has been engaged. All the delicacies of the season will be s?r ved uii for dinner and supper. The b<*i<t fioalltv of Refreshment* *.t cit* Biinea. The ft am packet H kr alii will leav* Hign ?t. and the Weatern Wharvea every five minute* during the day, free of charge. Tin* Pic Nic being solely for a charitable purpose, all aro ear net tly requested to patronize it. Tick ts : IA He* and Genta ea^h 25 ct?.; Children 10 ct?.; to he p ocured of the Committee and at the j boat on the day. j?28 5t*_ THE LADIES' MITE SOCIETY, of Gorauch i'hnpel. wUl five a MOON- ^ LIGHT tXCURW<?N to INDIAN HEAD on JULY 9d. The ateamer Phi.mi ha* been chartered. Fine music wi I accompany them. Leaving her wharf. Eleventh ?t. at S o'clock p. m. I icketa, for gentlemen. Vi centa; ladiea, 25 eta.: children, 12X eta je M-H C^RAND FOURTH "F JULY EXCURSION * TO Piney Point, Point Look-Out, Norfolk, and Portsmouth. The Fin*. Sa'e and Commodious SUtur B4L TIMORK.Capt. CHtnto KTMit Jt?>> chkll. having been thoroughly orerhauled aad Htted ? in the oat siantial manner with one ha. dred berth* aad fourteen state rooms, vili be plaord regularly oa the line between Washington and Norfolk, makiag two trips a week. Thi* destrah e a'd deirhtful gmroer route will ooramenoe on Tveday, the 3d "f July, with an axeareion to the above named pl*06e The eteamer Baltimore will leave her berth foot offtth street on TL'ESD\\ ,3d ofJaiy,at 7 o'elook p.arriving at Old Poiat early aert moraine, then proceed to Norfolk ai.d Portsmouth, where he will rem(#n until $ ? m . of tae 4Ui. R?tu-:. lag she will tuaoh at Old Point to ensb e the passenger* to witness the c-andd '.splay of Fira Worka, after which the will leave aad err re at Washingtan at II o'oiook oa Thursday, the jth. lot iu#t ruinii. 34V o/pf.futj'v'foikV;dpgrt^5k:?:? The Baltimore will oomraeroe her regear tripe on mouoar jJf*? oi jut, wart inn ton on Mondftjrc and TluirWar*, ftnd Norfolk on Tu?? ar.ra:.?f,r<,Sap*^5r ,.?f5ssTi*-te! Philadelphia, Wilmington and Ba tiinore Railrn?'I, Camden end Amlxiy Railioad, and New Jerse? Railroad Steamers, accompanied l?y the FL'I.L BANDor the INDEPENDENT BLUES OF BALTIMORE. TICKETS FOR THE ROUND TRIP ONLY 8KVEK DOLLARS! With a view of enabling the citizens of Washington and vn-init? to liehold the GREAT EASTERN STEAMSHIP a* well a< t?> vimt the Metropolis of America, on I our .National Ann iveianrjr, arrangements have tieen efT-cted with the aIkjvo well-known lines to run a SPECIAL EXPRESS TRAIN of first-class Passenger Cars, including a Car exclusively for Ladies and Families, from Washington to frouth Auiboy, wh<-rc trie* will take one of the N- J. R. R. Line of spend id Steuners for New York. . I L K^IJAV KVKM \U, J lily ?!. leave W&ihmgtoa at 3 2? p. m., Bait more, st 7 o'clock p.m., and proceed to Philadelphia arriving the eat 11 p. in., where the Kxcurs;oni?t? will b? tra- sferrod from the Depot free of charge, to the elegant Pa?serger Cars ?>f tlie Camden and A in boy R R. for AmT>oy, arriving there at 3 o'clock a. in., will eraliaik on one of the Company'* splendid Steamera, pitting through Staten Inland Sound by daylight, arriving at New \ ork at 5 a. in. Returning?wi 1 leave Pier No. 2 N. R., New York. at 10 o'clock p. ni.. of the Fourth, immediately on the termination of the MiiniEe<*at Display of firewo'ks at the Citv Hall Park, which will conclude at 95* p ni: reach Philadelphia 2 a. m , Balti more 6 a. ni.. and Washington 10 a. in., on the morninzofth 3th. Tickets are positively limited to WO from \Va?hin-ton. are now ready, and c?n be procured at the Adainn' Express Office, and at the l>epot of the B. 4 O R. R . ashington. HO! FOR THK GRAND MILITARY EN . a \i P vl K \ T ? GEORGETOWN. CmrurmUmu* tf Tk* Stm Gioisitowh, Jane ?, I960. Tbe tracbrr* *r>d acbol&ra of Dumbarton street M E Sabbath acbool peaaed through our prj?ei. pal atreets on tbeir way to Anaioetaa \caU-rday morning, preceded by Wither*' band. Tber passed the day in a most ?gi*?bl* manner ondn the line shade trees there, and they managed to be to comfortable that they quite forgot perspiring humanity on this side of the river The singing of the children and the music of Withers, made a delightful open air concert, which was duly appreciated by the large gathering present They made a mistake, we think, ana that was in leaving the Island so early, just at the most pleasant part of the evening, and when they might soon have enjoved that delightful combination of "water and moonlight,'' which is said to be provocative of the tender passions The attention of tax payers is called to the advertisement of the Collector in another column. To morrow ia the "last day of grace." and those who wish to save six per cent, (and who does not th*ao >, rA I .? I II " - " ? THE LATEST NEWS " TELEOKAPHIC. The Latest Nrftfa Nm. by ikr lifMilly Great Kaatara. P*ai?. Saturday ?The Hon I tear umwwi the irrinl of the Khimmt ? ? - ' ? eelved by tbe GrantTuukr la phasing through tbe town the Emperor met wlta a sympathetic reception. ftaplit. Jone 14.?Tbe government waa wl to be organ 1*1 n? military raaolfraiaUoaa la fevor of a proclamation of a cooatitotioa MiMixi, June 10.?A aerret committee ot tbw town la in correopoodeace with O art bald 1 Tbe insurrection in Caiabrla la deated Catania < la evacuated Several officer* and a party of Nee poll tan *o Idler* diverted and returned to Psleru.r, whence they have been aent to Calabria The tate of the aoldier* waa wretc hed. Viemba, Friday?Tbe Auatrlan Gaaette aaya tbe Pruaaian Aui'iaasador ha* oSr tall v announced to Count Rechberg tbe approaching lalerrlew of the Prince Regent with the Emperor Napoleon at Baden and made auch a declaration as to j la object* that all feara are removed. Flobbscb. June 16 ?Tbe report Is current that Baron Rlcaaoll is about to aaalga tbe Goveraar Generalship of Tuacany. Train, June 19?M Thouvenel is concerting with Count Cavour tbe line of poller to be followed by tbe Governments of France and Sardlala in cnmmr>n in -A-i? ? ? . .? < IV VIIV V ?V K*Itl *l?n ? ? I ! ? ' aid (bat dlipitcbn received la Pari* from Raroa Hremrr, state that a revolution it imminent in tbe Kingdom of Naples The miaaioa of the Commander I * martins to the French Cabinet baa completely failed Mapeid, June 1 ?Tbe Senate baa nnanimoaaly decided not to diaciiaa tbe maalfratoof Doa Juaa Tbe cholera ia confined to Malaga The unfriendly feeling between tbe Moor* and Spaniards increases Low dor, June 10 ?The weekly paper, tbe Press, makes the following statement: First. 1 bat tbe great Puwt-ra oare discovered a scheme ou tbe part of Russia and Franca to glva toe Dtaubiau ProritNS to tbe Grand Duke of Leu' btenberg Tbe discovery of tbls secret ar raii^ement bad a great influence ! occasioning the < old reception given to Prince liort* bakott'a proposal of u intervention in Turkey. S'cond. Prussia and Austria have refined to recognize tbe annexation of T i? anv to itardluU Prussia baa es> ipod tbe obiitfstinn or a refusal ?>y itklui; Count Cavour not to announce tbe anaexation officially. Third. I Ltat tbe Kmperor Napoleon, It appears is about to claim aa compensation due to F ranse, in i onsideratton of tbe new territory which tbe ?uc< ?*sa of Garibaldi will add to tbe House of >avoi\ tbat Genoa, tbe proTi n e of Nice and tbe island of Sardinia should be annexed to France Political Hfi?irii|i. Pokt**oi th, Va , June 28 ?A Urge ratification meeting took place here last n;* lit, In fever of Breckinridge and Lane Great entbua.aam w?i manifeetfd in favor of the nominationa Mr A R Smith addreaaed the meeting, eliciting great applauae He waa follovrM bv < ol Godw in and J F. Crocker,who were alao loudly applauded Bikuhaxptok, NY, June 27 ? On the receipt h?rc of tbe new* announcing the nomination of Breckinridge and l<ane. a aalute of one hundred mini waa fired by the National Democracy, accomCuied by the ringing of bella. tbe lighting of nflree. the letting off of firfe worka and other demonatrationa. Chicago, J uoe 2~?One huadred and five gun* were fired here thia evening by tbe National Democracy in honor of the nomination of Brack iuridge and Lane S< lu.MciiDv, V., June i7?Tbe Scbenectid v Daily Nrwa thia morning boiau tbe Breckinridge and Lane ticket Kuila.nd, VI , Juut ^7.?The friends of Doug las and Johnson fired one hundred guM here tonight in tionor of their nomination. Spmthos are being made, bonfire* Illuminate the ?tree'?, a hmd of mninc la playing, mod great enthusiasms la manifested Comviv. N H., Jnne 2? ?The nomination of Douglas and Johnson la being ratified to-night both in this city and at Mane heater, with great enthusiasm. At Manchester two guns are being fired, interi^KTsod with lire-work.- and speeches by Hon E \V Harrington. Ira A Kastinan and other* ?????? i A >ffr? Seized Wi?hi*6to!i. O., JuMli ?An excitement was created here, this morning, by the seizure of a i.egro, named John Marshall, by three men who a>rived here In the midnight train from Cincinnati They took Marshall away in tfce 0 o'clock train, and started, it Is supposed, for Cincinnati, without having brought him before the town authorities Deputy Sheriff Johnson and Constable Blackmore started in hot pursuit of the arres ors, bat nothing has yet been heard from tuein. Marshall has stated that be was a free man, though once a slave. Arrest far Forgery. Boston, Jane 47?A young man named Jobn I (iihlinm haillnir from New York is in trouble hrrc for attempting to paaa a forged check purporting to be signed by A T. Stewart of New York. Failing to find bail in the mm of SI,000, he baa been locked up for trial. Tbe check la for *270, and i?drawn on the American Kxchange Bank. Maine Democratic c;*nrr?li?a. r> i f v _ wv ? *? - roniLAMj. juue-o.? I ue ueniocranc vwn*cntion of this State has nominated K K Smart for Governor, te receiving 714 vote? against 11 scattering. Win. P. Harris, of Biddeford ; H Strickland, of Haagor, were choaen presidential electors Both are strong Douglas men. The cod^m tion was quite unammoua. Saicide Irmmatolii, Ind , June 27?Henry 8 Kellogg. hardware merchant, and for many years a resident of this city, committed suicide this morning bv drowning himself Financial dlttcultiea are supposed to have been tbe cause Twa Perseas Killed Niw, Bkdfobd. Mass , June 27.?Calvin Staples. a highly est?eined citizen, and another man, were instantly kilied this afternoon by the telling of a derrick. Several others were Injured. Illiaaia < ssireMissal Ksaisilisa. Chicago. Jnne27.?The republican congreaaion9i1 rniv*nti<in nipt tA.H?v anH nnmlimtM ()wril Lovejoy by acclamation for re-election Baltimere narkeU. Baltimore, June M ?Flour closed steady; Howard street is beld at S5.52. W beat dull aiid unchanged Corn closed buoyant; white and yellow 6S?a71e. Provision* closed firm, meat pork SlS.75aftl9 (JO; prim? *15 UO; bacon sides 11c. Whisky closed dull at -20 *c. new Tsrk Marktu. New Yoke. June '29 ?Flour baa declined 5c ; State S5.30a?o40; Oliio *5 -<U*5 90; Sou there S3 GiaS !<0 Wbeat is beavy. Corn Is heavy, mixed (Mjfa&ic. Pork la quiet. Lard la flrat Whisky closed dull at 2lj|cl)ic. FtaaadalNew Yobe. June ? ?Stocks are dull and lower; Chicago and Rock Island TOfc; HI Central shares 63, Michigan Southern 3U, New York Central tel\; Reading 40*; Mo.?'s64\; t S 5"s of 1874 lul* . NKW STYLES OF RICH JKWKLRY -H. Q. HOOD has j"at ooaned a iaiE* st>oa. which be will ' ffVr &t very iow rata* Therefor* those that are wi *bini to carry home any'hinr in hi* tin m preterite, vitl do we.l to call and examine hu took at SW Pa. avenue. jeas ^KLLING OFF "?0 CLOSE Bl'SINEfMS.JOHN R. MORGAN would respectfuliy inform his customers, and the cortimu- I nity% reneraiiy. that he ha* ooncluderi tof ! olo-e hi* buemeaa, and in order to do ao a* VQk on a* pocsiMe will offer hi* entire stock or nia own maJii* Rt (OTS tml *1 rni( for Bkth. ami his o'her goods it aiutost any price. To thoee in want of reliable food* for wear, f would say,fire lite a call and you will oot he disappointed. As I am attout to dose my business. all a^coniita on in) tiooks will be rendered on or before the let ?f July, when I hope they will he responded to proapt U. that I may meet with promptness the obligations doe by ine. J. K. MORGAN. No. SOS south si'ie of P?. av_ je 14 bet 8th and 1th sts. WOOD a^l ^ coal 90S Pa. At., Be tit. tb ajtd lira Srs., Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth it, ma t7-tf Helow Var tVpertment. Washington fewai.e iwiil'te.The next Academ.c Var will oommenee on THURSDAY. September Mtk. Parea's at tiding to ^eatl th'ir daug liters are reqoe ted to enter their name# in July, as Utuee registered at that tir?* will be m >re certain to secure desks Circulars may bo ohtaiaod at the Institute N?. G street- or |? addieesing Mrs. ELIZA W. SM.TH. Prti.eip^f, Uvi 70*Wa^u?ton. B.C. je ?u; O O D! TT wood:: WOODS! STOVE u<l KINDLING WOOD, at Um ImH poisible prioa. T.U w. M.?4LT. ^ 389 P*. ?V., b*tVMB lttk Md Mb ?U.. Bttn-tf Mtrth (KM. QEimjsMinir 90 dosaa GENTi** MMMjJ CRAVATS NECK TIBS, Oali 12% oaau act, _ Or |ljlt fr d?>s*a. MAXWKLI S,S-2???a a. rpHK BAT,Jttia k jjjr{U^JCTT'?feIU^OItTW*. * ?M

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