Newspaper of Evening Star, June 29, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 29, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. A JUNK IHOWIR T FLOBESCE PBKCT. How this delicious rain firing* ap t' e fl. wtri! On* might almost say t -am* down blossoms ; fo- wh?r? yesterday 1 M>u<lit for th?m in vsis, They lie bj hundreds oa the ?et. ?re*n earth, Rejoicing in t?ie freshuessof their birth. With idle folded hands The farroar sits within his co.tagedoor. Watching the bl-isings which ine full cloud* pour Upon his thirsty lands? Wher* wntt-n promise by his eye is seen. In visible characters of living green. Unyoked the ox?n stand. The cool rain plMhinc on their heaving sides, ft 1 At I ? 1 . A all Ana wur. wrme nostrils breathe tie iragrant uaes Of br???es flowing bland ; Then, at though sated with the od >r sweet. Crop tne new grass springs beneath their feet. Bloow-laden iilao trees. Their purpli gloria dripping with the rain, Shake Otf the drop* in oeorous showers again ; Ami the small f a*ratio** <>f cherry biojsoius and of violet blue. Came balmily the open window through. No harsh or jarring sonnd freaks the refreshing stillness of tae hour he gem Je fooMalls of the passing shower Patter along the ground ? The swallows twitter *1*11> f orn the raves. And the small ram talks rofUjr to the leaves. Sweet is the gushing song Which the young bi'ds sing to the summer time The wind'* soft voiffe, the river's wary chime, ci .1... I win* i a ;uj Bat mor? than *11 I ov? the pln?ut tone Suns by the raindrops in th* month of Juua. Tommt" a*d in l,or? Lettsbs?Some ?er:o is charges having been brought against the moral behavior of Japanese Tommy since bia stay In New York, a member of the Naval Conlmlaaion, In a letter to the New York Times, defends Tommy, but makes a remarkable statement In reference to the number of love-letters sent to him by the sensation mint of New York: To i \t Editor of the ?? York Txme?:?Although a K??d deal of nonsense bas been written about /?!>( ?I I ? a *- *?__ ? - r. a viuiii j , y >u11u iuvcrurcMJT w IUP jflp^ncsc billb *?v,) few, If any, or the reports deserve notice Certain reporters seem not to consider that they hive done their dutv to tbetr employers unless they Indite an article that will create a sensation, and so frequently pervert the truth to pander to the tastes of those u ho take a newspaper, not fcr the general information it contain*, but to read the scandal which is too frequently permitted to appear In its columns Permit one who k lows to aav that there Is no truth whatever in the scandal of 1'ommr having an aiuour of any kind since be came to this country His far-tamed attachment to a younj; ladv in Washington amounts to his carrying s daguerreotype of a pretty little girl, nnder 12 years of age, with whom he became acquainted In that city. Tommy does receiv? love letters from foolish Young ladies, but he Immediately presents them jor per:?al to tbe executive Naval officer In charge of the Emba?y, who either throws them in tiie fire, or Incloses them to tbe parents of the indiscreet voung ladies who forget what is due to the character of their countrywomen. You inav depend upon it, Mr Editor, that the Naval officers *u charge of tbe Japanese will faithfully defend tbem, as they have heretofore done, from amours, fiivoiions or crinoline, and an>thing they may . onsidt r injurious to tbe comfort or reputation of those whein it is their duty to protect. Tommy cannot help it if love letters are sent him; bis only course is to deliver them to the executive officer, which he faithfully does, and every day there is a p ie a foot high that are read and sent back to the Darents of thoae urhn ???? ?? ? -- ? ? ? V?V (Utylll Tommy ia an excellent boy, and baa not been spoiled by all the efforts that have been made by crinoline, and if the public does its duty aa faithfully a* the Naval Commissioners have done theirs, there need be no fear of demoralization among the Japanese. t j[TTh? large quantity of inow which fella the beglning of ttie spring has lately produced numerous inundations in the interior of Russia. The Dneister and the Dnieper have caused great ravages, and the town of Kremenschong, on the latter river, has suffered very considerably. Likewise in all the interior of Sweden, the lakes and rivers have risen to an extraordinary height. In several places the country has been inundated and the navigation interrupted The spring was announring itself under the most DroDttinua iwiMa la the memory of man vegetation has neverrbeen eeu finer A l-tter from Key Wat. speaking of the ne~ grocs on the slaver recently captured by the United States steamer Crusader, says two of tfiem provt d to be two of those who were raptured on the Echo and returned to Liberia. On Captain Maffltt'i taking poase?si"ii of hia prize, the two men referred to immediately recognised and addressed him lu a few words of English they had picked op. Fbox Brxxos aim -We have date* from Buenos Ay re* to May 17th, via Rio de Janeiro The constitutional convention, which assembled on the 1st of May, closed its labors on the 12th iter adopting certain const'tuttonal reforms and passing a resolution to change the name of Argentine Confederation and adopt that of the United Provinces. SH^The wreck of the ill-fated steamship Hungarian, as she lay below tae surface, was sold to two Yarmouth men for *14,000, and in about six weeks they had recovered. by diving, goods to the value of nearly f SO.000 Thev are still at work on her, and expect to make a fortune by the speculation . CU* Why did Mr. Tod, of Ohio, find his seat, as president of the squatter convention at Baltimore, on !??turd*y, an uncomfortable" one ? Because the cushion iCushing) had been removed. ChmrUstoH Mercury. ii n 1? ?-*?? *? " u_^ i oe car.romia mails received at New Orieana announce that one ff the Japanese left lck in the San Francisco hospital by the Candinniarrah U^s since died and been buried. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS WIL'-ARDS' HOTKL.?Mr Mott and lady, V ?;t J Harn?, USA; H vaijgkut, Miss; 1' Pace, V?;t K McLean, Miss; G Mark weather and lad*. N Y; H S MoCorob, -:JH 8t j?t?r. N V; fc Whitr, do; J Cord;W dRoy-iliand iady,L'SA;G Day, do; J U Cameron, NC; R L Til* ham, >1d; C Conner, l enn; F Bernard, Cat; J H tcc.ap'in, i.a, T v\ hea'-oa, ISA; U swestier, Mass; J C C?aJe, Md; G C AookiQ, Max n J Aookia, La; G B-ha, dt-; J Cot.ins and lady. NC;J G Barbaok, Minn: b J><? Krejurna. NV:J Uw? WvV? _ ? _ ? - i .< i t w uuurr,OOi J Mc'i*v9^h and f*rni y, Mm*; Mm W Mutton, do. A I- Gf>ao*yt La; Mi** firvsey, do; A G.addin. " '; G Giaddm, do; A Anderson and l*?]y, Va; Mi** tiukh?i , L.V Z Outonell, do; 8 Whitiug and lady, Mi. UKO WN8' HOTEL -J MeKenzie, Pa; P Carr. M ;; Kvm?a, A Doby, ?C: J Rxrenbery, NY; A Atwll, V*; J Tnom^otuh and fam, J P<Try. Mo; J A rmun*r and ly, l> Yoorh<-?* and \j, lnd; D lUr ii. Ark; D Pa; J Harmaa, Va; I* Macden, NY; J. i?ri*?.t, >, foarnat R B'aoo, b D*rg?#, J Lever, J Irvine. W SudelL J O Reiliv, I a; U J MoYeich. W Buu! w&re, J Hopkins, 8 C Hopkins, Va; T O By.** Pa; FGay. NR. NATIONAL. HUTEU-D R Sae'liDt, G?; ER Th.?>npjoo, Tena; R Hopkia*. M-l; J -'uher, ? P MoCuiieo, K Chaae, C W; T Pa?e, Mi'V J h rench A W Tho np?>?, Mr Jon?*. NY; J V Bwlard. Va. i' W Bsxt?r, 111; G B Tiller. Ohio; E R Albert; and lady- Dwtght Foster aid l%d?. Mi** Bnr"m?i?. D ? *f ?i_ - ' ?, n. ? .n.u> ana :ady. Va; J Nekton, Pa; J W Di((i N V, TUHii, Mo, >1 Sisne, Md; J ? Pay ton, Pa K.> KK WOOD H'lUPK.?J H H%rvM and ly, A 8 W*bb and 1?, Mrs*. S T Baker, A Godeon, Dr R Hu-.w, Bart*"-, NY; R Gooldnijr. R S Crnkm r. Mm.: i> H aogi.ter, R Haraiuo Va; M PUardinei and ly, O K Pa. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS F*om the Uhitso States. Smmert. Leave. far. Days. Niagara Boston. Liverpool?June 27 C vv a?tun*ton .Ne? York. ..Liverpool.. .June9> J lino** >ew York. ..Havr* J one so Hammunia ...... New York. ..Hamburg Jay 1 A*>a N aw York ...Liverpool July 4 Npw Y?wk.?_? New York.. July 7 Kaotaro" .New York. ..Liverpool.... J a y ' Europa Jlonton - ljMr? Jn y U >d'i*tto New Vnrlr u _ ?-? . ..n?*i?v j u y ii T-> t?nm .New York..ttantt"irr. .. July 6 H?ril? ?New York...Liverpool W fct'-.a - ... New York...Liverpool,..July 1<? Goiden F1mo?. New York ..Gt'wxy Jnip 1<? F ... New York_. Havre. .Jaly SI A ral.i*. .Boeton Liverpool.... July 2h V*iiderbilt.__- .New York?.Havre. July & From Europe Adintie South'pton ..New York.. June 20 Am o Saxon. La verpooL.. .Portland ....Junta) ?<Tden t leroe. ,6?<wiy New ) ork...June a P-Liverpoot...New York.. June*43 Etna ? .LiT*r*oel.. New Yurk..June36 Fa! ton . So?th'yWa...||ew York...June37 Pa'?etine .Liverpool .Qnebwo... J une 27 Arabia Liverpool. ...Boston June an A'Ho !~?oiitM'ptM..New V ork Jla y 4 Bavaria. . Bouth'pton _New YorK .TJuly 4 Jura Liverpool Nrw York...Jaly 10 The Havana mail ittmeri leave New York ob the 2d. 'ah, !7ta, and J7ta of eaoh month, and Charleston on tee tth and I9tk. The California mail ??? ->-re leave New York on H? 4th and *>th of ne*' month. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 1 UK Next Drawinc of $ Royal Havana Lot toy. eoudaoted oy Um Bpanieh Government, u-.'lej the supervision of the Captain Oeneml of Caha. win tMM piaee at Havana on _TBURM>AY, Jos* *. MM. MJATKU yUMKKO m ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZK 1 of nno t so pnxoa oL n#t i Jo SOJ*" W do ??5<? * I do ?.? !? 4o ?*> i t ~z.z ESS ? " ... r* im auhad at ai<ht *t*Hr Mil. ?t*en?Dt Bill* OB al1 oirett Basks la*?n at mt. A d ravine wilt to forwarded M MO* aa Ui? ran It ,,n. 4 MISCELLANEOUS. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. TIXA.bu?Y D*pa*T**ST, JUM 9,1M0. Sbalsd Piorouti for inrnishinc the Station* ry requ red by this Department daring the inn year endinc June SO, 1KI. will be received ant I 12 o'clock, ic.. on the 30th day of Jan* iu?t. ThoM unaccompanied by satixfactory testimonials of ability to ftUil theoontract wi 1 not b? considered, and contracts will only be awarded to established manufacturers of or dealer* in the article*. All the artiolee mu.tbeofthe ver? best quality of their kind, and samples,a* hereinafter specified, moat accompany each bid. The ?amp es of tne arty to who a the oontraot may be awarded will be paid fur bt the Depan m?nt; the other* will be r*turned to the respective bidders. y? bid will be tonstdered unless the articles aceoinpanyinf it are ?/ me rem best quality, and sniud i? the wants of the Department. ach proposal nu-tbesuned by the individual or firm making it, aod must speoify a prioe, and bat one prioe, for eaoh and every article oontained in the schedule. All ?he articles furnished will he reonired to be like the nmplM submitted. whioh will be retained lor comparison; an?i nait be delivered without dewhen ordered, to th? satisfaction of the head or the office for whioh tney are required. Ths Department. in the examination of the proposal* tnat may be made for stationery will not be governed by the aggregate of the lowest ofTar in awarding th> oontraot. but will have regard to the amount of each article used by it for whioh the lowest price may be proposed. The Ufpartraant reserves the right of ordering a greater *r less quai tity of eaoh and every article oontraatad for, a* the public service may require. Supplying an inferior article at any time will be de?med sufficient oause forthwith to annul the oontraaU Bo d? with approved security to be given by the persons contracting; and in oase of a failure to sup ply th? articles required, the contractor and surelieu shall be lisble lor the forfeiture specified in such bond as liquidated damages. The suojoinnd liat ?peoiflos as nearly as can now be done the amount, quality, and description of eaoh of the kinds of articles required. Item. ClaM No. I.?Paper. 1. 100 rwmi folio poet, satin, Taint lined and trimmed, of the very best quality 2. 150 reams white oap paper, satin finish, faint lined aod trimmed, of the very best imatity 3. 30 ream* white cap paper, machine ma'ip, foiat lined and trimmed, of the be?t qua it; 4. 2" reams cap paper, b ue laid, hand made, faint lined, garden pattern, commonly known as despatch or consular paper, of the v?ry best qua.ity 5. 20 reams wnit* law oa* paper, satin finish, hea vt. hand-made, faint lined, and trimmed, of the very best quality 6. 50) ream; quarto post, white, highly c'az'vl and hard calendered, faint lined on throe sides, a"d of the ver? best quality 7.100 roam* quarto post, machine made, white. I yuan. i?iut unwi uu korn ?iues, 01 me 1)0 ht quality 8. 20 reams qua to post, white, hi*h'y dazed and harn calendered, f&iut liued four sides, and of the very best quality 9. 2" reams quarto-post, French linfxl, three side<i, of the very best qn&'ity 10. SO reams white note paper, tiuh'jr (lax Ad, hard calendared, fmut lined, gilt nlged on three f ides, of the very b?at qua.ity U. 90 ream heavy white medium paper, for book*, of the very b?*?t qo&'i'y 13 20 reams heavy white r >yal paper, for books, of the very best quality 13. 20 reams h?avy wnite super rotal paper, for b oks, of the v?ry bet-t quality 14. 100 reams cpyinr paper, oi the very best quality, oolor, and style 15. 50 reams hoa y. highly glazed, and hard calendared envelope paper, ro?a!. vellow. or buff, of the very "be'st quality 16. 50 ream taeavy euvolop* papf r, auper royal, hard slendered, and higMy glazed, yellow or buff, of the very beat quality 17. 50 rsauB large brownenvelope paper,of the beat quality, atronc and well n??de 18. 3) reams royal blotting paper, of the very beat quality, atyle, and oolor. Each ftetn of the above c ass mint be aooompa med with a sample of ha f a ream, or one paokage when not ptoked in half reans, and the bidi rnu*t ?ta'* the prioe per ream delivered at the Department. Ittrn Class 2?Envelope*. 1. 5?0 AI adhesive envelopes, white, yellow, or buff colored, heavy, smooth, and tmck. wun lull p"CKet', officii size?, of tne th'ee tillowinc sizer: by S\, 9 hy 4, and 10 b? 4 inches; price io t>? i amed for each size and oolor, of the best quality that is made 2. 1<I0 M lull pocket adhesive envelopes, of the prooer sue for quarto post, whit* yellow "or buff, heavy, smooth, and thick, of the very bektquaity 3. 100 M. fu 1 pc ok?;t adhesive envelopes, of the proper siz? for the note paper, w^ife. yel f'>w.or buff heavy, smooth, and thick, of the very best quality Eaoh oo!or of each item of the abov? class mu-t be accompanied by asa nple of one package, and K? r L - - - - - * kuv p i iu'j utweb i/o p 10 iou i??r o<" II BIZ" Hr.ll COI ,if They must % 1 be made alhesive an I einunwl a proper distance eaoh side of the centre isppeli", wi'h full eookets, and tne lower lappels well and secure.y tummwl to the pocket. Item. Class li?Pen.*. 1. 1? dozen "Foley gold pens, of the heat klud and quality 2.10 dozen Foley'*" roM pen* in silver oases, with ever pointed pencils, of the best kinu and quality^ 3. 3nn dozen car -a Perry's beat metalio pent, prioe to be p*r "*rzen cards 4. 5*1 dozen steel pens of the best makers and quality 5. M quilts of the very best quality. For all the items of Class 3, except it?m 3, in the above oia <a. tne bidder is not restricted t? a particular macula-ture, but samples of different inas?rs, with the prioe o; each, may be submitted, and the L>-partmcnt ?i!I se'eot which its deem* the best, the orioe. quality, and fitness for the aervioe being all conaiaered. htm. ClaM 4?Pencils. 1. ?*)doz?n Faber's best black leal penoils, Noi, 1,2. and 3 2-sn dozen red and bine lead pencils of the beet quality 3. 20 doztn i?or? propelling penotl*. of Mear?, or other* of like quality, with box of lead for eaoh. One dozin of each kind of Class 4 must be submitted as samples Item. Class 5?Ink, Inkstands, and Wafers. 1. Wdoz-n Kry's unproved patent American inkstand 2. 12 doseu oast iron inkstands 3. 18 dozen red inkstands wun ground gla*s stop pers 4. 3M quart bottles of th* best enpyin* itk. sample bottles to be submitt3d, of tire bast qua icy mvi* 5 snn qua^t bottles of the b?f t black ink 6. I'M j)oit ft :>c*t b,ue ink, sample to be submitted 7. 300T>ott es carmine ink. French. small six3, in glass bo t'e*. *ith sound glans stoppers 8. I.noo large red wafers, lor Dep*r ment *e*l 9. 100 pounds wafer*, common size, best quality, ltd 10. 100 pounds best extra superfine scarlet sealing wax For a'l the artio e? in Class 5 suitable* and oon venient samples must be submitted, with pr.oe attached to each. Class 6?Cutlery and Miscellaneous Article.'*. It-m 1. JO dozen Rodgers and S"n's g?r,um?. or equal. spring erasers, with ivory handle* 2. SO dozen Rodger* &ud son's tenure, or equal. four b'aded knives, ?itii stag and pearl handle* 3. 12 dozen ivory handled wafer stamps ?. ? avi'n n'^e onioa snoars, of the very best qna'ity b 6 dozen office loiwori, of tho very b"*t quality 6. loo spools of the very beat quality of red linen tape 7. inodozen of the beat qualit* of red linen tape 8. S?>do*.?n ailk tape ol assorted colors, in hanks 9. 6 dozen ivory puunoe box?s in 6dozen ligcumvite pounoe boxes 11. 6 doz?n cocoa or box and sau-i boxes, or the best sha?e ana quality 12 tt doz ?n cocoa or box and vafer boxes, of the beat ah*pe and quality 13 a*) pound* prepared ludia rubber, of suitable sizes 14 quarts black sand 1', dUou'.oe* pounce 6. l?*i pound* strong linen twine 17. *i<<ozeu round rulera, assorted 13. 12 dozen fltt rulera, a*so ted 19. 2ud >z<in 9 inch ivo.y folders 20. 5" dozen pe i holders, assorted 21. Sn boxes small eylets, - rench 22. 26 boxes large eyelets, French 23. 11 d< z -n steel tipp d pen-handles. Forai the artiolea in oia?a 6 auliable and convenient cinples must l>e submitted, vi h price at...k, J4-T-.I ' ' IU ? n -a; mm me pritv I a all must inflv<t' tit d'livrry af tkt articlei at tk* department. je 11 2*wt?0th Juno W'_G ASF IXTUKE8. E Have in itore, and are daily receiving, HAS FlXTURUSof entirely (Mew Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citiiens general ly to oall and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fix*urea, feeling confident that we have the beat elected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to our care will be promptly attended to. MYERS & MeGHAN. . c ?/ ? ? ?T?Datrtq>. HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHINGSCA LK8 These Scales are offered to the nblio & the moat aynple,durable, and reliable aoales ever ant ) as. riratciaia premiums have been awarded thf m by the United State* Fair and Virginia AgMcutura.] Society; Virginia State Agricultural Pair: Frank n Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fain Vermont State Fair. Jtc., Ao. In every case vheie e*n.' .ted they nave received firet classpremiums For aa e at ti Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller'* Chi Aed Iron Safes. ii??lFw K'C PATTmON. Atwit EMBERS OF CONGR K>8 AND OTHESS about leaving the oity should call ard^^^^ cxaan'ce <ur great atook of Pianos fromlMBB Chiotermg Jt *oos'great factory, ts alaoTT m? ' a number of good aeo<>nd-hand. nearly new Pianos, MfltHlfoni, Guitars, Flutes, Violina, Manjoa. Tamborinvs, Aooorde.,na, Muaio.JMuaio Hooka, ko ,&o. JotfNF ELLIS, Je St S06 Pa. av., bet. 9U> and loth eta. ON FREE EXHIBITION FOR THREE daya only?Mr Washington's great picture, r*|t*aeating * Marion in the Camp, Sergeant uc Donald Ttringinc in a Tory Spy." Painted for Fine Art Ga'lery, jell 3*8 Pa.av. beeMh and 10th ata. AL B: XX ALE AND XXX ALU J! The ^irM' and moat wholesome Ale id U\ls<a|tviB to be obtliu?l at th* WASHI NOTON BREWKRY. Tl#?s Ale is made from malt and hoti only, t 4.U WMK*W Hiawii Mtriuif V tnd fVtK 50 CHvSTA ??ANfe&^T-7cVtEA Bars beea Tfcip tMUexcellent; srioe 00 oente ht r>f a* fcy ohest or other visa. We imt oar naxt "Sr-ZXtxammJ TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMO^AN^H.OJ^LROAD. Hljid ifcPH Chansk or Horn*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Juneisth, 1*6". train* will ran a* follow*: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.4n a. m. Leave Wanhinfron at 3Ju and 5 jn p. m. On Knnday at 3? p. m. ^ 0 Baiumore at 4.25 and I 4A a. in. ^ ve Hnitimore at 3 l$and 4-20 p. m. ?MI annua? PHM?s?ri for the Eatt will tak* trains at 6.20 And 7.4" a. m and 3 30 p m. For tho Went at 7 * < a. m. and ?? p. m. F?r Annapolia at 7.41 a m- and 3.2>i p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. in. On Saturday evening the 120 p. m. train go?a to Philadelphia only. ie 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN TBRBB I WITH TBB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL RuUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUROi Virginia and Tennessee. East J mnessee and Virginia, Effjt Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTi~ROUTE: Memphis bj Ral, thence by First oiass Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Kail, thence to Mobile by Firstclass Packets. Mo^iie to New Orleans by Lake Steamera TWO DaILY TRAINS? Sundays Inclcded. Leave Wailungttn at 6 m m and 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGR PAGE leave* her whart faot of Seventh street at 6Af a. m. and p m. and oonneotft at Alexandria witn the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonth*re?t. Office? Fennajlvaiua avenue, corner of Sixth at. BAOOAOK CHICKED THROUGH TO HEW 0RLIAH8. Lynohburj .$8 501 Memphis 00 Bnatoh ^_.J50 Atlanta ? 3fi oo ivooxviiie ?? i?w< i?iacon..? a Chattanooga 24 on Columbus 31 50 Dai tun ^4 (10 Moutsromerr ........SI UO fiuntsville . ,*7oo ) vaMemphis.42 50 Grand Junction 30 00 N.O.> via<*. June. 42 50 Nashville ? .25 8t;l S via Mobi.e.. .46 oo THIS ROUTE 13 E~NTIRELY BY RAIL and is iiOO MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I in?? the Lynchburg Extension being now completed, as alao the Mississippi Centra', makinr it the QUICKEST AND MOST FI.EASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRA VELEHS It is provided with First claaa Sleeping Cars! !To New Orleans ?- 7tl Hours. Memphis..?.?? 54 do. Montgomery .S3 do. N ashville .46 do. fETThe U.S MAIL~aiTd ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Ttkati />?n Ka n Kfjti nr-H a f thu Ronth WftitArn Offioe, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsjivinia ave;.ue, to the following points? L>nohburg, Bri?tol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanoora. HuuUville, Grand Junstion, Macon, Nachvil e, Dalton. Co: jmlms, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. JO* THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Omnibuses and K&ggage Wagons I save the office at 6 a m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, Ticket Agent, ma ?-tr Corner Sixth st.and Pa. THK STEAMER JAS. GUY Will resume her 1 trips on TUESDAY, 21st of k. February. 1880. Wnl leave WASH fc^TllT r LNGTON every TUESDAY and^?"^"* FR1 DAY, at 6 o'olook a. m..and ALEXANDRIA at half-past 6 o'clook. for CURRIOMA N and the Hitci iucutakc liOii'iiQKB, v/ii nor return irips? mio will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. at 5 o'olook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOU8H. A*'t. Alexandria. fe 20 PASSAGE, ClAi^DIN9?* ME A LB AND STATEROOM. 97.60. The New York and Viriiuia Scrsw Steamship Company's new and ele?*iit steamship i"T^* MOCNT VER NON, Capf. T. C. Smith. will leave the Coirpany's Depot, We? lern Wharves, at ll?o'olook a. ra every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'olook p. m. same day. Paisenjers from Washington and Georgetown oan take the oo^obes oonneoting with Alexandria stearnt>oats or railroad, whioh leave tne oorner ol 7th st'oetand Pa, avenae hourly, or they oan leart on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 1] 'niook m. StAta rooms oan t>* enraged on application to Messrs. Morgan 4. Rhinehart, Western Wharrea Freicht will be received up to the hoars of deper 117- Insurance will be effeoted on ell foods by thisiine at the offioe of the Company at M per snl premium. Tiie aocommodations for passengers by this lint are in every respect first-c ass, aod every effort wil be made to render this communication with Nee York an agreeable and healthful one. For freicht or passage apply lo FOWLE ft CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B. CROMWELL tc CO., eS-ly 06 West st.. oorner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. M. LOOMIS.M. D.f tiie in'rentor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at^ab tends personally at his offioe in this oity. Hw Many persons oan wear these teeth who^?"1* oan mt wear others, and no person can wrar others who cannot wear these. persons oallinc at my office oan be aooommodated with anr style and pnoe orT<?eth they mar desira; but to those who are parties lar and wish the purest, u.Dnijesv, iroiigcai, ami m<>?t perieoi denture that Art o&q produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fuily warranted. Room* in this city?No. 336 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. oe 1-1t Ddentimtry. R. HILLS. after a sractioa! test of two yean, feels that he can with confidence recom-^^p^ mend the Cheoplaatio Process for maertinmfltaV artificial teeth It haa the advantacea or**" *" strength, beauty, cleanlineaa.and cheapceaa. Fell upper seta inserted for |K. Partial in proportion. Offloe 306 Pa. avenue. se 7 rsrruAH ,t ciinmufo I^mnn^ OliniOU^ |#oldS^OLD\ fMACNOUMMACNOLIW WH f SK EYZ^vmSKE^ We offor for aale the above standard brand of fine Copper Di (tilled Mait^n Rye Whuky, in barrel* ana nalf-barreii As it la of our own diatilla tion. and hiihly improved by axe, ve coiifrde^tly reoommend it aa the pckbct and beat Whisky that oan poaaibly t-e diatilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largeet stock of Fine Whiskies in the United Statoa FRKEMAN fc SIMPSON, Phcenix Distillery, on the SehuyikilL river, Phila Offioea?96 Wall street, New York ; and 109 Sooth Front atreet. Philadelphia. mar 29-ly J OOK O U T F O RPA I N T No. 612 SEVENTH STREET, Four Loots South of Odd Fellow*' Hall. H. W. HAMILTON-ha* opened a PAINT SHOPand PAINT STORE on the New York plan, where can always be found PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, BRUSHES, Ao., &o.,at wholesale and retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE, And Buckets with Brushi* to Loam! N. B ?Particular attention paid to House, Sign. Ornamental Paintiug and Graining, htained and Enamelled Glasa of all kinds always on liand.or fumiahed at short notioe. He warrants satisfaction in all wo'k entrusted to his oare, and is confident that he can do work as ch^ap, if not cheaper, than any other establishment in this city. Give him a oafl. Don't forget the number?it is fill) Seventh street. ma 10-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Street, betwn 9 th and IMA Sir 'ft*. We Have >us? finished a number of first olaas CARRIAGES, such as X.t*Ar Fanr*. mti?,p Wagons, Park P/t'atons, Fnmiiv Car-VSfWW riantt, mm liuentf, vbiob we will Mil >?M ' MLL ver email profit. Bern* pract o*l mechanist in different branobee of the dbmum, we flatter oareelree that w? know tbe itylee and ^au'y of work that wi'l (ire eatiefaction, oombiaing lightneea, oomfort and dnrabiliRepairinc promptly and oarefully attended to at " nwirsaw^.(Hvch makers, anooesaora to Wm. T. Book. and Sooth, ko, k.o ; 1 vol; prioe 75 oeata. The Tbrae cferka a norel, br the aathor of Dr # MISCELLANEOUS. By the prebIdknt'c^f the united la parsaagoe of law, I, iiau Bvchakax, *raaidrat of the United StttM of Amenoa do her- bj declare end u ake known tkM publte Uklei will h? bold at (he undermentioned land ofioea, in the ?tate of Miskifaa, at the period* hereinafter designated, to wit: At tiie lju?d office at Makqcbttk, commencing un TOununv, trie JbUI a ar ol J uf nut. for the dia?omI of the viotit lands in the trtn-numbered Mf(im< mud frt* of section*, within the unde mentioned township*, whion remain to the United State* within aix milea on saoh side of the railroad*, "from LiUle Bay de Noqiet to Mar<mt*, and thenee to Ontonacon, and trom the two lastrmned plaoea to the wiaoonain State line," aatueet aa roqa ired by law, to a n.inimnm of lire do.lnrt and fifty tent* P f arre, Tl?: North of Ike bant *m? and ieett of tkt rrinnpal meruit an. Township 42, of range 22 Township* 42 and 43 oi range 23 ' own?hi|?s42,4t. 44, 45, and 46, of range 24 1 "ownahip* 42, 43, 44,45.46,47.48 and 48, of range 25 Townships 43 44.45. 46,17, 48. and 49. of range 26 1 'ownahips 45,46. <7, 48, and 49, of range 27 Townships 46,47, and 48, of range 28 ' 'ownships 44 46. 46, 47, and 48. of range 29 ''ownship* 43, 44, 45 46,4 7 and 48, of ranee S> ' 'nwnahipa 42,43.44.45,46.47.48, and 49, of range 31 Towuahipa 43,43. 44,45. 47, 4R, and 49, of range 32 ' 'ownahipa 42, 43. 44, ?7,48,49, and Si), of range 3< Townahips 42. 43, 44, 45, 46, 48, 49, 5', 51, and 53, of range 34 ToWtaki 4S iO *" vwuampv to? *? OTf ?| Mfl M? ?I range 96 Townships 42, 43. 44, 45, 46,47, 41, SO, and 51, of range 36 Township* 4S, 46,47,4ft, 4?, 50,5\, and 53, of rang* 3T Townships 4A. <7, 48, 49. 5ft, 51 ami 31 of range ? Tovnahips 48, 49,5>, 51, and 54, of rang* 39 Townships 48,50,51, and 52, of range ?*. At the I>and O(fine at Marquittk, commencing on Monday, the 3*>th day ot J uly next, for ihe disposal of the publio .ands heretoforeunofrrtd with in the lollowing townships and parta ol township*. vn: North if the base line aw/ irett of tke principal mt rid tan. Township 49, of range to Township* 47 49, and 5", of ranee 11. Sections 1,2, 4,6, t, 10,12. 14, IS, 30. 23, 24, 36, 2R, 30. 32.31. aud 3i, of tojrnahip 43; townships 4% 47, and 4s, of rauae li Sections 2.4,6 8,10.12 and 14: the E >4 of the NF, Si ol a?<ition 18. the ME >?, the N fc. ) ? of the N W the N >4 of the SK >?, ami the 9E \ of th? SK A* of a ction 20; section 2*, 24 and 28; ihe N H the 8r, '4, and the X X of the S W '? of section 28; section 34, except the S VV \ of the ? VV auction 36, of lowcamp 43; aection i. 2, 3, 4, 6, 3, i0, II, 12. 13, 14, 18, 20, aim 22. the E X of aeouoo *3: aection 24, 25, 26, in. 30. 32,34, and 36. of townahip 46; aeoti<>n 1, 2. 3, 4, am 7. to >8 mo usive; section 20 to 2*inoluatve; sections 3. S2 34 35, and 35. ol township 47, of ranee ?3. The SW * o? the N r. the 8E l? and the W X of aectio-' 4; sections 6 ai<d 8; the \Y X and the 9K At of aection 10; t he VV X of secti n 14; aection* in, 80,22 20 28 3?, 32, and 34; the NV X ol the NW and the W X o' the SW of oection 36 of townahip 44; the S X of aeotioii 31, of townahip 4f, of ran^e 26. suctiona 2, 4. 6, 8,10.12.14,1*, JO, 27,24,26,28.31*, 32, and 84; the N X ol the NE and the N X of the MIV of sec l 'U 36, of township 49. of ranee ~7. The VV H o! th<? r*W V *eotion 6; motion* IS and 20; the SVV \i, the W X of the 8E .*?. and the Sfe. >4 of the SK >4 of sect.on *2; SfCtioub 36, 28. *), 32, 3-, and 9i, of township 43, of range 34 Sections 2. 4. 6, 8, li?, 12. 4, IK, 2". i2, 24,96, 28.3", 32. 54. ard % of township 48; the W K of the IN fc V? the VV X of the SE X, and the W \ of sechoa *, seotions 4 6. 8. and IU; the \V >? of me NE V*"8 W >* of the SE and tne Vv >, of section W; ?t0tioiiK 18. 20, 22, ib 28, 30. 32, and 34; the W X of seotion 3i, <>f township 49, of range 35 The w X of the 8E M and tne W S of section 18; motion 3 >, of to wnihip 45. of range 3s. At the Lai.d Office at Taavnsi City, commencing on Monday, the23d day ol July nPxt, lor ihe cisposal of the vacant lands in the even nu ? lertd feet ion* and farts of section*, within the undermentioned township*, which retrain to the Lnited Slates within six miles on each side of the railroads, "from Little Bay de Noquet to Marquette;" "from Amboy by Hi'!s'a> and Lansing, and from ti>aiid Rapid* to some poir.t oa or near Traverse Bav " nufiject, as required by law, to a minimum of tieo dollars and fifty rents per acre, vil: North of the bau line and of tke principal mt^ _ ridimn. i ownsnips a, zz. 3, 24, 23, it, 27, 28, 29, 3*?, 11, 32, 33, and 34, of range 3 i ownships 23. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29,00, 31, 32,33,34, 35,a:.d 36. of range 4 Townships 31,32. and S3, of range 5 Townships 27. 28,29, 3ft. al, 32. and 33, of ranges Townships 25,26, 27, 28, 24.3ft, 31,32. and 33, of range 7 Township* 21,22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27,28, 29, 30,31, and 32. of range 8 Townships 21,22, 23,24, 25, 26, ard 77, of raage 9 fownship* 21, 22 23.24, *5, and 3fi, of range 10 ownships 21, 22 and *3. of isnge II Townships 40. and 41. of range 2i Townships 39, 40, and 41, of ranges 22 and 20 Township i 40 and 41, of range 24 Townships 41, of range 25. At the Land Offie at Tkavbrsk Cut, commen oing on Monday, the atn dar <>f August next for the disposal of the public lands heretofore vnufertd, within th* following townships, vix: North nf iht base lint and u ttt nf th* principal m?_ ridtan invnimpi jb. zs, ana an, ol range 10 At the Latd Office at Ionia, ?omm?noiog on Monday, the ?>th Ua? ofjulj next, for disposal of iho * acant land* in the e-rrn numbered serttons and parts qf ttctiom, within th undermentioned tnwnii.i pa, which retrain t<> the United States within six nines on <ach side ol tue ra I road a, "from Amhni, by Hillsdale and I ans'ng, and from t,ranTl Kapida to point on or near Traver?e Baj; also from brand Haven and Fere Marquette to Flint, and theuoe to Fort Huror," aubiuot, aa required, by law. to a minimum ol tiro dollar* and fifty (mis rr arrt. vir : Korth aj the bast lint anil trest of the principal miridinn. fownshipc 3, 4, 6. 6. 7, an?l 8, of ranee 1 ownahipa 1, >, 3. 4.5, 6, 7, and 8, of range 2 Townships 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6. 7, 8, and 17, of range S Townships ', 2. 3,6. 7, 8,17. and 18, of range 4 Township* 6,7. 8,17. and 1R, of ranges 5 and 6 Townships 5,6, 7, 8, l/L lfi. and 17. of range 7 Townships 5 6. 7. >5,16 and 17, of range 8 Townships 5, 6,7,10, 11,12,13, 14,15, 1?, 17,18,19, and 2', of range 9 Township* 5, 6. 7, 8, 9,10.11,12, IS, 11, 15,16,17, l*t 10 Mid rAI)R3 10 Tow n snips 6, 7. 3,9,Ifl, 11, 13,14,15* 16,17,18,19, and 20, of rouge 11 I Townships ?>. 7. 8.9, 10,15,16, and 17. of rar * 12 Townships 6,7, a, 9. >5,1?, 17. and 18, of range IS Townships 7,?,!), 16, 17,18, and 19, of ranges 14 and 15 Townships 7,8,9, and >9, ol range 16 | Townships 17,1?, and 19, of rangea 17 and 18. Smith of tkt bait lint nttii 1' ?' ,l* ? ' . _ _ ?- . ??? ? ?*-r .?? ur/ ?nc |T tw*pui //If rtdian, Town?hips 1,2, S, an<i 4, of ranre 4 Townships 1.2.3 4 5, and 6, of ranee 5 At the Land Office at Detroit, commencing on Monday, the 13th day of August n*xt for thedisfueal of the vacant lands lu the even airmhtred secions and part* of lections, witnin Uie undermc/itMnod townships. which remain to the Uniu*l Sta'e* viUiiu six milea on eaoh side of the rail road*, "from Amboy, by Hillsdale and Lansing, to fome p<>int on or near Traverse Bay ; also from Grand Hav?*n and r*ra Marquette to Funt. and thenoe to Port Huron." ?uH5> ct, r?qoired by law, to a minimum of two dollars and fifty cents per a< re. if: Soutk of the base line and west of the principal meridian. Town?>iip? 6,7, 8, ard 9,of range 1 Townships 1,5,6.7,8, and 9, of range 2 Township* 1,2,3, 4,5. 6 7, 8. and 9, oi range 3 Townships 5,6, and 7, of raage 4. North of tkt base line and east of the principal me ridian. Townships 4 and 5. of range 1 Townships 6,7. and *. of ranies 12. is. Townships6,6,7, and ?, ol range 15 Townships 5,6, and 7, of range* 16 and 17. North of the base line and wesl of tke principal me ridxan. Townships 29 30, SI, *2 33, 34, and 35 of ranee 2. At the Land Offioe at East Sagis a w, ooirmeno mjt on Monday, the 2> th day of Auiuit ne?t, fur the | di*p >ai of the vacant lanes in the trm numbered seetmnt, within the nndermention**! towuships, which remain to the United Statrs within six miles on each side of the railroads, ''from Amboy, by Hil *da'e?nd Lansing, to some point on or near Treverse Bay ; also from Grand Havn aid Here j tf *?- A- ? - ? ' *' * ~ iwnrqiii-iw w runt, ana meaoa in fort Huron." u)>i?ct. as r#?onir?d by law, to a minimum of two I dollars and fifty cent* per acre, vi?: North of the base line and ea?t of th' principal me- I dian. Township* 6,7,8,9, >0,11, IS, 14,15,16,17, II, 19,SO, \ and 21, of range 1 Townships 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11.11,13,14,15,16,17, U, 19, and $ , of tange % Townsh p?b, 7, 8,9,10,11,12,13, 14,15, and 16. of rani;e 3 Townships 4, 7, ?, 10, 11, IS, 13, 14, 15, and 18, of range 4 Townships 6, 7, 9,9, 10,11, IS, 13,14, and 15, of rang* 5 Townships 6,7,8,?, 10,11, ar>d IS. of range 6 Townships 6 7,8, V, ai?M> of range 7 ToWDkhips 6,7, and 8, of tange*. 8, 9,10, and 11. North of the bate line and west if the principal met uhan. Townships 14,15, 16, is, 19, 90, SI, 21. and S3, of urn Ko i 1 ownahipa 14,15,16,17,19,20,21, 21, 23 84,25, S?, 27, and 23, of range 2. bands appropriated by law for the uae of eehools, military and other purposes, tofethw with the '' wamp and overflowed ' lauds, will be exoluded from the sales. The tract* aiong the lines of the railroads will b* Bold, sabjeot to the right of way, (ranted by aot of 4th August 1852, for said railroads. and Um parti cular tracks cut by the routea will be eold aa containing the qnantitiea respectively ahown on the official? ats. without deductions. The < Serin it of the abore lands will be oommeneed on th* days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which tbs* ?.r* ?<<?? * _ .... ? - ?-w M?vu ubui vno whole ahall have been <.>fl\.-red, end the sale* ihua cloted; but no aale thill be kept open lnnier than tw? fwki, and no private entrV of an* of the land* will be admitted until after the expi.ation of the tw week*. Given onder mi hand, at tbe City of Washington, thi m aixrh dav of April, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and aixty JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos. 8. Wilmh. Commissioner of the General Land Ofioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANT*Every person entitled to the right of pre^uption to any or the lands within the towsahips above en* umeratod la required to establish the aame to tbe aatiafaetiou of the register and receiver of the proper land office, and make paywumt tkrrtfor at so on as practicabU after tkxt nerics, ana be olsinwd: otherwiw seek MlSOELLAKBOUa / ^ / ?00*0KT*\ ( OUPATCM! ^ ^ ^ Save th^Piteii.'^X^ At aeeidmt* will rr** ? w*l'.r*rul+fd fmmilUi, it ia Tory desirable to bar* aomatkiM and oonremect wmr for rapurinc F urnitare, Tor*. Crookery, fto. SPALDING'S PREPARED ALl'B idmu all inoh emergencies. and do houeeboid tu ford to be without it It is always ready and ap to the stioking point, There ia n<> longer a neoee a for limping chairs, splintered veneers, haad.^es s. and broken cradles. It it last tbe arfloie for ootie, shell, and other ornamental work, so popular with ladies of roinemeot and taste. valuable qualities of the bast cabinet makers' else. It ms? Kji in tKa a!?aa 4 ? ? ? *?! ?* r-. ' ? - - ?:r ? whwi ? > being TUti? more adhwvw. - USBFVL Iff ETERY HOUSE.Frit*, SS oenU N. B.?A Brush tooompuiM Mob hottla Wk?U*mU D*m?, No. 4* codar Btraat, N*v York. Addraaa HENRY cTsPALDIN? A COBox No. 3,COO, Nov York. Pat up for Dealara in Caaaa containing Foar, Fight, tod Twfe.v# Doa*n?abaaatifal LiUofrapfc'o Show Card aoo<>nr. pan ring each paokaca. inr A ?mgl? bottle of spalding's prepared glue will save tan times iu oust anoually to everr household.^CIJ Sold by all prominent Stationers, Druggists. Hardware ar.d Kiirnitiim [Won. RinMri- *nA Kancy Store*. Country merchant* thould m*lr? a not* of SPAL DrXWS PREPARED GLVE,wh?n making op their lint. It wi'1 ?tan<l im otunato. f* 10-It \\o\ < lP 'A tfi f V Ub nil M t??**? u wtmumftrtwTfi r*<rm- M t? ' <0 >1 y "?^v/*r aw A? (1*? J*M< Pittdl** U ty,4? railry/lk, )/* ** ji >7 00 . Q*+l*r Mr,prrr+-U Irl rQfCjC "?->*?- ? <" *? ?. s W IRPOtMEMI $%**<? xstt&s/f&ezgit (^5C"T W|l"aUlf'i< lUalt ?m)w. /liifr, " **0 .fjk ,f?rW^M^JImnmuvu^ > ' P#Tj wf U< r?M?ali> ill JbtllUM^ rf Mf* 1 sdsfe ' > g5* S Boln TR^Tp^Te tor. L i?s ! a CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULO BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAOEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS m. -w* wmmrmm m JMHfHEY WITH THE SIGN^UREOF ON THE U^BEL^LL OTHER^ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALY, sole: proprietor J9 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORIL tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY m? 23 6w BARHOUR ft 8F.MMK9. LIGHTNING! UOHTMN6 !! LIGHTNING!!! In Time or Pback, Prfpakkpok Wat! F. UKARHK, S<Mtkw*t torntr of 10(4 and C >t>., MANCfACTrRFR or PLATINA T1PPK1) LIGHTNING RODS, Keaptot'vil^ ar.rtunnoe* to th-? pnMic of iVailunjrtor. and vioinity that he i? p"1 pa red u> ex-out* all ordem for erecting Condnotora on the most approved ^cjer.tific prmeiplee, cuatraeted of the very tteat of materia'a, on very moderate terma. AH Platina Upprd Point* which are manufactured by me will lx> stamped with mj name. Weather Vanca of any deeicn made to order. mar g Sm PARAFFINK OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWS! \V? a'e mi* recnivmi I'aaffine Oil direct from the works in w>*?t?rn Virginia. i oo^ikiiiT < > 11 ii ?t?n?nnni, producing* wan, hril lant and bMutifu' light, and mow p.ewuint to th? than t\* light. Thi'p Oil is fr??? fromarlalteration,and very much more economical than many of the Coal Oils used ?t this time. \rr It is in no way explosive. We kef-D a to a iu?ply of the nmtt approved styles of Lan ps, Ac., f" burning this Oil. KING A UURCHKLL, Agents fur its sale for the Distiict of Columbia, Corner Hfteenth at. and Vermont a*. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma 11 T_-> GARRlAttfctS. HE Subscriber having mwi# additions to hi factory, making it now one or the largeetA^MBLM. in the District, wnere bis faoilttie* forUK^^K leaaulacturm* CARRIAGE A LIGUTJBSSE WAGONS of til kicda oan&ot be aurpaae?d, an* fromnia lonf experience in the baaineaa. he a ope* to lire ganeraJ satisfaction. All kinda of Carri*ce? and LJfkt Wtfou Kept m ^JA*ri' REPAIRS neat 7 d?B?, and all erdars praapt 2^?w?w?r 4 11K ?' mmr ?f IMk Mi Km. Five hundred traveling trunks Arrived thia day, einh'tcini all Muali tie* and aisea of Sole Leather, Ladie*'MMf( Dreaa and Paokinf Trunk*. Our trunk^ "?* aaJea room exhibits at fine time the rr?at*at variety of traveling requisite* at moderate pricaa. to be found thia aide of New York. Alao, ever* coaerip Uon of I-A DIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET BAG1*, SATCHELS, ft.o. fll^Old Trunk* repaired or taken in axohance for nev oaea. wall, STEPHENS ft CO., Trunk Sa ea Room, marSl-tf . PC. SNYDER, lumber and gas fitter, Pbilhabmoitic Hall, South jt'/fj of ?? .. mil mf Klmtmlk ml Will iutruduoe*Waier ai>d Gaa ?pon the nioet fkrTb*Ar * on hand a Jot of COOKING STOVES, and aa I dot ire to oloae them oat. viU oil them at no?t for o?i>. ma 7 "E*LKCTRO-PHYSIOLOGY A.NDEI.ECTRUCj The repevtioa, shoving the beet method* for the niedioa; aeee of Electrioity, by Alfred C Garrett, M.O.I vol. ; prioe #4 ? The South-ttide View of Slavery, by Nehemiah Ads.m?, U. D-, I Tol.ianoe l&oeuU. . Lucille, by Oven MerrdiU, 1 rol., blueand gold; price 7* oerta. _ Part 6 of Tom Brown at Oxford; arioe tf oenta. For eaie by BLANCHARi) 4 MOHL'N, Je 15 Corner of 11th it., and Penn. aye. MRS. SCHOOLCRAFT 8 NEW NOVEL-1*1 The B'aok Oauntleu. a Tale of Plantattoa Life in South Carolina, bj Mri. Henry R schoolcraft, wife of the Indian Iturnntn p??? ' ? Juat published am* toraaleut * ^ PHI LP A SOLOMONS Bookatore, 339 Pa. av., h-t. Kh and l?h at*. Bole A tent a for Laurence'a Celebrated Pomn Stetionen^ jell i.?. e. lama*. e. l aon. L4""- M? * Will ffttttoe in the ki/h*<$onrt o?*^rrort ud Ar eeaiaat Jackaon, theFederml Court M Pontotoe, the Oourta of the SeTenthTudioial Diatriet ofUBgggKg IACOU REED. * MalWTACTVBB* o? MILITARY CLOTHIR8, 8e?* Sbcond and 8nwi on.. PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CI.OTHW FPU 8At,K HIMw 12,000 ftSS olJPonIToUcr^^^TrMai tor omr ?tnag stock. ti? No. fT ?r^ rt^gSSnrXSfc. fAONT PO?eST TO CALL ON'SMITH. LTNo. 4*0 9*t?oUi aL, to bv j?r CLOT HI ftiT B1KKU> SUTTER IN RALT1MORK.?W* KZV*ZsiSff1* * * ? iTC MKD1C1BB8. D* <llTZS?w LOCK HOtPITU, m,"iT^Ld^Tu^ *** FOR ALL M9KAftK* OF IMPKtDKNCIu LET NO FALSE DELICACY tREtEHT, APPLY IMJKED ATELV. A CVHK WARRANTED, OR IfO CHARVB, IN FROM OSK ro TWO DAYS. (Mhw *< It! k>k, ItmitiM I af iM >hlf? u< fci*44*r. uilhxMrpt. lamot*. ?! IHWrj, Htniw Mt, Py?f ?f t. U<|??i.U> Iftnit,Cm tam rfUui, M^<?u? tfilwlMri T.? i4nyT>*?Hwf?. OiMMM, Omim / Um 4. Ttraa*. *" ? Ikm. L???. i? m * >>? *?M TarriWa h?n<?n uw*| w? Ixlurf laM? af Txtt-ikwi l)rw4hl u4 Daairaeu** PnrutM vfcick n?i? Hutufi uapaauki*. mmd ?eeuiy ton l?4i u4 IM TOIRu HU *p*?ui:? vto Uti MIW ? lit I?UM W *ai?uy TIM, lk*i (mml u4 inwkuii kl? *kic> uawllt ivtifi m la numif ft*** t> in?4i ml T?n| Ma* *fti* mm * all* 4 iaJ**U u4 krillaal Mt?li*Ci, wk* BVtl k*t MIUtK IWMl*( l*UIN VMk U< lha??*r* *f llMMMI * ?*k*4 i* iuui; ik* tt*n ( Iff*. hII vn* Ml *!** ? pwoi|1,|li,fci mmmMm ftaft, baw( * v*r* if ?kr*i*?"? ??*??*r^NP??*?<^4*k<IMy, <?MrmiuM. A* . car *4 i *tw rlac** bMBMir u4ll tk* MM ?f Of. > m?j tallft Ml; (Mill * k? M*? ? * |oU**u 1*4 m*Mm4| i*tf pw lit* afcUl a* * ykj a?an a. urrKji n? t lutTi r?i>Hit iituh, laft kaad Inn >?liinwi km*. a h* lwn taa U* IMM nil DM M *Mr*i Ma* ul mtii ktnin BW ka f*M u4 tM?U INUK ML JUKMTOa. iMkati afik* K?y?l OaU*|a tfiit(MM, Uwhk. mln4 (Nb mi af ik* km *"*i?*f ** la tka Sana] ki?>, 1*4 tk* |mur part af whoa a .ifa kn ka*i> *pau m Dm k?r aiuia of Laadaa, Paria. Pkil?d*ipt>ia and IMtkm, tM if fcctad Nai ?f Uii mm tiwiiirtinf cam kti war* I'll koawn, auf uaaMad culi ringing la lk? kaad aa? mi* wh*n aal**r; graat a*r*aaaoaaa, kamg atar*bad at ?Mm aand*. kaaVfal with fr *.,*..,< Maakiug attaadad Mar aH vnt darangamam af mind, war* carad Iwiacdtalal*. UU PAKT1CSULB NQTICS. Yatng Maa m<l *uian ?? ?i* iu,ar?u ,a*aaa!aaa ky a aruia pracuc* >oda.gad id whaa tlaua-* kabti fraqaaaily laarnaJ frart aril can.faaiaua, af i atkaal, (k* (facta a f which *f? nightly fah a*an wkan |a*i*af, uid if i a< carad, raadar* auruf* in[?a>iklt, ud dmr?f* M awd ltd kad?, akaald ?ppi? i?i.adi?ia!r Ttiaa* ara *am* ?f ik* aad aad atlucM; ificu aradaaad kj Milt kahata afraaik aia I k i>lniu af tha Back aad lliaka, Fata* t? lha llrnd. T>ii n.?a* of flt{t?t, L^a* af Mutual Power, Palpitation af t>?* Uaur>,()*apifay. fc*ro??aa trmaMHty, Daraaf laiaataf tki fttgaaura f aicuar.a, kanani OakUHr, yet warn* af IV.aanp'jM., 4c. MfcNTALLY.?Tn* fa?rfa! *factaaa> tk* and a** laaak w k* dr*ul*d? Lnaa of Matoary, Canfaataai af Id***. Mat r*** aa af Bf.rll*. B?ti Parbadtnga, A ?*r*iar. af t?*r i*'? **.f n,aira*t. La?*af Mitadi.Tuuditf, ale.,ara Miai a/ tk* a?ii* ar* teaad. WBRYOBB DBBlbITT - Tkaacieda ata a*w )a4g* wkai la ifc*<aaa* af thatr dacImiof baaltk, laa.i g tkatr ?<rar . kr aanmf tak, p-lt. ntrvmt and tanacaatt'\la?it>j ttugt ? ipfwruca ikMtlkl IfM. CM(t N l^nptdM ( ctHIBfUM DlBkASK* Of 1MPRUDCH<?K Wktn Ik* < Mu|<r*dti>t af fltuui liti kt hu labibtd tbt tttdt af tkat pruafal dniMa.tttM ?A>> bapptui iku tu ili-tfntd hum ( ah**i M ittad af diara*tr* <iun him fra<a appiriuf ta> tboat *b?, frm i litnar iH rat peeubt 1 Ity, can afoat ktfnaad bux Ha Ir tt lot* i>? taalt W ifiwraal >*4 4*Mfamf prattndtrt. ? e. n.r pa kit af trine, tick his ptcnn.rj aabatanct, keep ktaa triiw.f matitk iltn ataotfe, n u Im( at vht mmIIw tti car ke ak luti4, ail in dttpair latet mm Vltk kttltfc tt aurk t?tr kit failuf d.t?ppetr*rrt , er ty tkt Mi (ttnl ptiatc, WtrcTy. batttn tht ctnKitMMt* 1 if ?f'if I af iM? ttmblt diaaeat, tack at Af tenant ?' tkt Heart Thraet, Neat kin.Ac., prtfrtttiif *iU fcifbtlW rapidity. u!> da?-> ra?*a ptriad 'a kit Imdtll ttftriiip by Hniiir| hiaa tt tkat a WM'trtl ceantry frarc vkntWit at tra?altr rttarat XML !0EWe0B1Br^??n^^?^*WK; WEAUM By Kit* (mat u< nutaiti n??m ? eakeaee af tkt mui art tpatdily cared aat fal ritw rtttartd Thtataadt e'tkt Mat ntr'ttt and dak.lM.tad.wka kad Mai ail toft, ka*t ktta laatdMil; rtlit?td All imptdtcDtLtt it MarrMf*. Ptfmtl at Maaiai PlataaIt i cation a. Usat af Preeraau*t Ptati, Mtraaat M|*M| TnaUit| aid W tak a tat at Kikeaauaa it tkt Mat latlM Wad tptttdily cartd ENDouKMcirr or ru rua TIE MAN) TH ilAkiiltartO at Watt inautauaa vttkla I** laat *?*niaai. inr?. *n< Ik a miDtrtu imfwuai fcif ml eftri'.iMii parfarnd Dr Mum. viunnI fct u>* reparian af (bi papar* ui mi; aUir panaai. ?ucaa af wb?cb bi'i initrid ayain ul i|iu kaftn ife* paklic, ka aid** hi* *i*n?ir,( >* a fanuaaaa af charaeiar ul btbty, m a aeatiant gvarama* ta tfe* afliatad |aeSli OR. J. BOVFE DOD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS. Are now be in* used from Main* to the Great l*a,t Lake, ani tne univeraal verdict of all who uee t'-em either m a nt'dic?m or a? a bevera#a. ia thai they are nnau'paaed :n the world. Pr. I d* need them su^oesafuily in hi* practice for B year* before we purchased of him the aole i if ht to tnn.ufactur* and pre*e it them for n> to tne pubic. For the co-eof Incipient Conanmetion, Indiceation. Dy?popaia, Pilee, Nervoua IMiea ea, Fema e Com plaint*, and all oaaea repairing atonic, the* ar? be root) doubt a moet iwa.'aable remedy. Aaide from their medicinal properties they are a pur*, whole Bome and de iKbtiin Bererace. prndaciag al tl>e Pieaaant exhl'"?afllic efferta <>f Br?.r.i1* nr Wim Without their injurious reanlt*. l-et *11 fnenda of hamAnit? and all A>1r<>eatM of temperane* aaaiat ua in auhatitatnc tt(** aalaanla Vegetable Bittora for the mmrrml pvhjmu arm a4mltfrut?4 !? ? ? with whioh the country i? flood**, and taereby #foo' aid In tHkb ahing Diaeaae and Inuukeuaaa from the land. CHaRLR* WIDDIFIKLD ft. CO.. ^ Prooriatora, Wilium atreet. N?* York. J. &CHWARZF. A?oct, Waahincton, D. C. DR. J BOVF.K IK)D8* IMPERIAL OIX ETTTERS. For Diaaa*ea of the Kldnaya. tta?ldera*d I'nnarf Organ*. and aapo?ia;!y lor Female OnatruciSoaa. never fail to care. and are war ran tad to giva aatia fiction. (HARLF* WIDDIFIKLD * CO., Proarietora, 7* William at., New York, JjSCHWAltfcK, j*r it,i waik;D{ton. D. C. Highly important to all: MRS. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. It ia veil known that in the Spring people are more apt to contract iIimu* than at any other period;and it ia equally well-known that the w*i to ward off dmeaae iatwkeep the blood pare, for "all the ilia that f.eeh i? heir to,"ariee from impart ty of the Mood, the main spring of our existence. It i?, therefore. important to aii that the ayaten ahoald he thoroughly cieaneed and purified. aa4 Uua oan be done in toe moat effectual w*j H? oainc MRS ft. COX'S INDIAN T Hi STABLE D JTCOCTION, the beat rerrHy discovered for the cure ofdieeasea of ^ktn, Fry?.~otaa. ^orofu.a. Rlieuma Km, Nervosa Debility. Feveri of different kiada, pepay. Liver Complaint, and all other diaaaaae arising from impurity of the hiood. It baa efteM the moat rema'kahlf ctrea, m o&n he shown t>y nnmeroaa certificate* from peraona of the higbeet r?i>pee'*hility. and ia reoomtneoded t?y all who hfti'A tiai/f it aa tKa a??/^? i ?? ^1- - e of the day. irrit la aoid by ail the Pracfiata of Bi Umor*. and At the roudouoe of the proprietor. is? betwecu Eden rtreet and Centra, arena#. Nonec*nume acleak her nam* ? blown on the bottle and her aea: on the oork. ILr Prioe 91 per hotU?, aix bottle* for ?&. Wkoitsnlt Atrui. It. B T. Cimil. Drnfcwt, Oaortotown. D. C , Wholesale Aaent for the Di? triet. and will auppj tne trade at mj prioet. >ar f7-tr T"UL TKIUEIUA, 1- Itkl, frtiNiW kf Rfl Lutmt Pmitnt ?f LnrUnd mm4 itcarW by Ik* Smis nf ik* KfU ? Pkmt i?cw M Pmru, mud tkt 1* pariai CcUs$* tf JK<4?um, MMSii No. 1 ta iairalaabl* for exhaaatiom, Spermiif rhosa, aiid a. phyaioa! maabthtioa. No. 4 oomp'etelr eradicatoa ail traooa of ttoaa llienearia that'have" been hitherto treated br the aai eouiand pernio.o?a nae ofoopanaaiK oat>eta. No. 3 haa entirely supplanted the knjurioua aae ( mercnrT, thereby insert nj to Ce eufferar epe?iy relief, <f:?jer?in* ail impurities, and rooting oat the ^StlEtfEMAiUNoi.l.tiaod S .are prepared 11 the form of a .usance, deveid of tatte and *iaall, and oan be carried in the waistooat poofceC bold ic Ut eaeee. auO dindW into separate doees.aa adciimeImdin ViImi, La'lemar.d. Hoax. Kiaori, *a. $3 each, or four eases for whioh seres Mj Md IB 97 aaMB, vhereoy thare ia a eavicc o' i?, To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, 194 Blaeofcer street, foar daou below MoDongal treet. New York. Inmeiliately on reoetTiag in mittanc", Dr. Barruw will forward the Tneeeafr to any part of the world, eeearely paekexl. and ad dreeeef aecrrda* to the inetreebons of the writer. Bod^aleo bjr S. CALVERT FORD, Jr^W^wfc IW IMRI IMA AM 4 lAmoif &K2fm&SS*???. om***. Baofca. H 'fHMi, Inatraiaaeu or linf 'dkam their. i fcr-d, ifTispoMC to *ro6t br my H|Tt?i writ* for u private C^nlv oa _ BfEllMA i UKRHOiA -IT* CURE. WiU tam? eLo.otno. ucni, ia awHol MaiVl FOR STAMPINH rSn r A PACKET OP PAPBK U A I AND ENVELOPES ! Nw I TO MATCH, CKARGF * * MlWnyU METROPOLITAN I BOOKSTORE, PHI LP ft SOLOMONS, AfoaU for l^urei.oo'? r*>.*b'*iac L.uwc Payors. MotropoirtM MiUa," Ha. Ha. Ja ??aj ??? Pa-av.. boc Hh aad MR a*. 279 ifiSSHK: 206 UUHUIWKH IT. *6., * 0 1?T? to oaui <>j ma frtfatejai 3? mMi* ffMnlly ?0 ku N?? aaiar WOl*r<Ta Hot*;. }?M II oowttioi witk Mi 3d MfebuahaMbt, *k?rf U ?l. tw Mf?v to r?- . mV*m7 oriantor HHrwrCoaMloa**f

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