Newspaper of Evening Star, June 30, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 30, 1860 Page 1
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M # i i $ ktimg ?>tar. V?. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. JUNE 30. 1860. N?. 2.299. THE EVENING STAR | f PUBLISHED E VER Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BlILDINGS, Corner of Pennsylvania avenue andWth BT W. D. W ALL AC II. Papera served in package* by camera at f* a year, <>r 37 cent* per month To mail snbaoribers tbe pnoe la $3yy * year, m advance. $2 for aix n 91 for thre? month*; and for iaaa than t-.ree ir.ontfia at the rata of 12oenU a week. Single copies, on cnti m wrap per a, two czhtb. |[ f ADVKRTMIMINTI ihnn'H h* aant ?/* ? K* - ?? ?? ? - ?1? CUV WHIUC beio.-e 12 o'o.ook m ; otherwim they may not appear until tl e next day. THE E.1D OF A WOMAN'S ( APRKE8. A L*rf Story. Men are never so awkward, never so ungraceful, never so disagreeable as when tbej are making love. A friend is a luxury, a husband ditto, I suppose, but that intermittent cla^s of human beings denominated lovers are terrible bore* It does very well for women to blush and look flustered now and then when occasion makes it desirable; but to see a man with hi.- face a.- red as a ripe cherry, and a real pNrcel of strong-mindedness, self-reliance, and ma.?culine dignity, done np in broadcloth and starched linen, quaking from the top of his shirt collar, hi* mouth awry, and his tongue ? ' ? ixicv^u iuiu nioTuisiiinf, in me vain attempt to say something sweet?0 gracious !" So said saucy Sophie Lynn aloud to herself, a.-she sat swinging backwards and forwards before the window, half buried in the cushions at luxuriant arm-chair, and playing with a delicate ivory fan which lay upon her lap. i It also seems so strange, not to say tireI ?<>uie," she continued. with a running.musical laugh, "after one has waltzed and sung.quoted poetry and talked nonsense with anybody till <>ne is puzzled to know which one of the two is most heartless, one's self or one's companion, to hear him come down plump on the subject of matrimony, as though that was the legitimate result of every such insipid acquaintance' For my part I never had a lover (here Sophie fluttered her fan and looked pleased, for she bad more than one) that I wasn't sick of after he proposed There ?u Captain Morris?I thought him the handsomest man in the whole circle of my acquaintance, until he went on I w ? m * B ' ~ ' ni? Knees 10 me, and swore ho should die if I didn't take pity on him. Somehow he always looked like a fright to me afterwards. Then there wm Dr.Wilkins?he was really agreeable and people said very learned. I was delighted with him for a time, but he spoiled it all with that offer of his?what loagwinded adjectives ! and how the poor fellow blushed, puffed, and perspired! lie called mean 'adorable creature,' and hiccoughed in the middle of'adorable.' Horrors' I have hated him ever since. Then there was a " Here Sophie started She heard the doorbell ring With a nervous spring she stood before the mirror, smoothing down her brown hair with a taste truly comical. " It won't do to seem interested," she said, as she took a finishing survey of her person in the glass, and shook out. with her plump jew eiea lingers, tne folds of her airy muslin dresf. The moment afterwards, when a servant entered to announce Mr. Ilarry Ainslee, she was back to her old seat by the window, rocking and playing with her fan. apparently as unconcerned and listless as though that name had not sent a quicker thrill to her heart, or the betraying crimson all over her pretty face "Tell him I will be down presently,'" she said. The girl disappeared, and Sophie flung open the window, that the cool, fresh air might fan away the extra posinesa from her complexion. Then she went again to the mirror, and after composing her bright, eager, happy face into an expression of demurene;<s. descended to the parlor. A smile broke over the features, and she reached out both hands to the guest; but, as if suddenly recollecting herself^ she drew them back again, and with a formal bow of recognition. she passed him and seated herself in a further corner of the room. It was very evident that something was ___c u:-. ~i??i- * * rrvug who LTupDin, losi ?ne D&ct innde up npr mind either not to be pleaded, or not to please. Could it be that she had foreseen what was coming * that a presentment of that visit and its result had dictated the merry speeches in her chamber ' Be that a.s it may, a half hour hal not elapsed before Harry Ainslee's hand and fortune, (though the latter, by the way, was notaing wonderful,) *vere in the same place where Capt. Morris' and Dr. Wilkins' had been before them. The first man that I ever heard say such things without making a fool of himself.'' mut tered Sophie, emphatically. from behind her fan. as she sat blushing and evidently gratified, yet without deigning any reply to the gallant, straightforward speech in which her lover had risked his all of hope. lie < ught to do pennance for the pretty way he mantles his tongue. He's altogether t o calm to suit me."' And Sophie rhook her rurly head meaningly, holding her fan before her for a screen. Did she forget what she had been saying ' I wonder if 1 could snore the way old uncle Jone* used to in church ?" she soliloquised. " Wouldn't it be fun?and wouldn't it plague Harry if he thought I hid been asleep while he was talkincr V ~ o S>phie's blue eyes danced with suppressed merriment a* she gave two or three heavy breathings, and followed them up with a nasal explosion worthy of an orthodox deacon It was well done?and theatrically done?and po< r Harry sprang bolt upright, surprised, mortified, chagrined Human nature oould stand it no longer, and Sophie gave ven to her mirth in a burst of triumphant laughter. V-o-u little witch ? you mischief?you spirit of evil ;'' exclaimed the reviled Harry he spang to her side and caught her by the arm with a grip that made her scream, " you deserve a shaking for your behavior !" Then lowering his voice, he added gravely : Will you never have done tormsntin? ' If you love we can 70a not be generous enough to tell me so; and if you do not, am I not at f least worthy of a candid refusal ?" Words sprang to Sophie's lips that would hive done credit to her womanly nature, for the whole depths of her being were stirred and drawn towards him as they never before . Lad been toward* any roan. liut she could not quite give up her railery then She would go one step further from him ere she laid her hand in his and told him he was dearer than all the world beside. So ehe checked the tender response that trembled ou her tongue, and flinging off bis grasp, with a mocking gesture and a ringing laugh, danced across the room to the piano. >he seated herself, she ran her fingers gracefatly over the key*, and broke out in a wild, brilliant defiant song that made her listener s ears tingle as he stood watching her, and choking oack the indignant words that came crowding to his lips for utturance ' Sophie, listen to me!" he said at length as he paused from sneer exhaustion. " Is it generous?is it jus', to trifle with me so?to turn into ridicule the emotion of a heart that cffers to you the most reverent affections ? I have loved you because beneath this volatile surface character of yours. I thought I saw truthfulness and simplicity, purity of soul and a warm current of tender, womanly feeling!1, that would bathe with blessings the whole life of bim whose hand was so fortunate a' to tou'-h its secret springs You are an heiress, and I only a poor student; but if that ii? the reason why you treat me so scornfully, you are less the noble woman than I thought you.'" Sophie's head was averted, and a suspicious mouture glistened in her eyes as Harry ceas?d speaking. Ah ! why is it that we sometimes hold our highest happiness so lightly?carry : a - T i? ?- ? *- - * * ' lDg ii c?r?iQHsij in our annas, as inougn u were but drou, staking it all upon an idle caprice7 When she turned her countenance towards hiia again, the Mine mocking light wu in her eyes, the tame coquettish smile breathed from her red lipa. "Speaking of heiresses, "said Sophie, "there is Hel len Mjrtle, whoae father is worth twice as much aa mine Perhaps you had better transfer your attention to h ir, Mr Ainslee The difference in oar dowerie< would no doubt b? quite an inducement, r? d possibly she might consider your caaa mor e seriously than I haye done." Lik? an inraltad prince, Harry Ainslee stood up her?the hot, fiery, indignant blood dashed in a fierce current over his ftce?hia arms eroded tightly upon his hreast as if to k??p bis heart from bunting with uprising indignation, hi* lip* compressed, and his aark *y? flashing fe^e, cruel Sophia! You I trespassed upon his forbearance one little step farther than you would have dared, had jou known his proud and sensitive nature. Not till he had gone?gone without a single word of expostulation, leaving only a grave good-bye, and the memory of his pale face to plead for him?did the thoughtless girl wake to a realization of what she had done. Then a quick, terrible fear shot through her heart, and she would have given every curl on her brown head to have had him beside her one short moment longer. ' Pshaw! what am I afraid #f' He will be back again in twenty-four hours, and as importunate as ever," she muttered to herself, as the street door closed after him ; yet a sigh that was half a sob, followed the words, and could Harrv have seen the beautiful nair of eyes that watched him so eagerly a* he went down the long street, or the bright tace thai leaned way out through the parted blinds witL such * wistful look as he disappeared, it might have been his tarn to triumph. In spite of Sophie's prophecy, twenty-four hour# did not bring back Harry. Days matured into weeks, and still he did not come, nor in all that time did she see him. And now she began to think herself quite a martyr, and acted accordingly In fact, she did as almost any heroine would have done under the circumstances?grew pale and interesting Mariana began to suggest delicacies to tempt Sophie's palate. "The poor dear child was getting so thin '' In vain Sophie pretested that she had no appetite. t - - - id vmn papa ooug&t dainty gift* and piled up costly dresses before his pet A faint smile or abstracted ''thank you" was hid only recompense. If sister Kate suggested that Harry'a absence was in any way connected with her altered demeanor. Sophie would toss her ringleted head with an air of supreme indifference, and go away and cry over it, hours at a time. Everybody thought something was the matter with Sophie. Sophie among tne rest. Her suspense and penitence became insupportable at last. Sister Kate, who had come so near the solution of the mystery, should know all?so said Snnhi? -u- -?,J - g, ? M. VI uapa OUC UUUIU I advise her what to do, for to give Harry up forever seemed every day more and more of an impossibility. ' Will you come into the garden with me, Kate?" she asked, in a trembling voice, of her sister one day, about a month after her trouble with Harry: -'I have something of importance to tell you." ' Go away darling, and I will be with you in a few moments," replied Kate, casting a searching glance at Sophie's flushed cheek and swollen eyes. Running swiftly along the garden paths, as if from fear of pursuit, Sophie turned aside into her fuvorite arbor, and. flinging herself down on a low seat, buried her head among the cool vines, and gave herself up to paroxysm of passionate grief. Soon she heard one approaching, ana an arm was twined tenderly about her wni?f onH 1.--J i-sj - mivi ? naitu uanu W ft? IfliU caressingly on her drooped head. "0. Kate, Kate!" she cried in the agony of her repentance, "I am perfectly wretched?you don't know why, though you have coine very near guessing two or three times. Harry and I ? Here a convulsive, sob interrupted her, and the hand upon her head passed over her disordered curls with a gentle soothiDg motion. ' Hurry and I ?another ?ob?quarreled two or three weeks ago. I was willful and rude, just as it was natural for me to be, and he got angry. I don't think he is going to forgive, for he hasn't been here since." Sophie felt herself drawn in a closer embrace, and was sure Kate pitied her. 4'I would not have owned it t<? anybody if it had not been iust as it is." ahe cimtiniieH mK bing her little white hands into her eyes; "but I think I love him almost as I do you and father and mother." A kiss dropped on Sophie's glossy head, and tighter was she held. She wondered that Kate wi?s so silent, but still kept her face hidden in the Tines. "He asked me to be his wife," she continued, ' asked me as nobody else ever did?in sucb a manly way that he made me feel as though I ought to have been the one to plead instead of him. I could not bear that, and It answered him as I should not. lie thought it was because he was poor and I was rich; and all the time I was thiuking I would rather live in a cottage with him than in the grandest in the world with any other man, only I was too proud to tell him so to his face What can I do? Tell me, Kate, you are much better than I am. and you never get into trouble. I am sure I shall die if YOU don't."' And rxmr Snntiio -- - "I MM "Look up dear, and I'll tell you.'' Sophie did look up with a start, and the next moment, with a little scream, leaped into the arms?not of sister Kate, but of Harry Ainslee. | Sophie declares to this day that she ha.-: never forgiven either of them, though she has been Mrs. Ainslee two years. ii | The Bcrsinq of the Steamer Bex Lewis i os the Mississippi River ?A Fafstnger's State ment.?Mr. H. H. Harrison, of Lexington, Missouri, took pasaage on the lien Lewis at Memphis for St Louis. He says: About one o'clock on Monday morning, shortly after backing out from Cairo and sailing around a sand bar, I bad stepped out on the boiler rlwir and had gone upon the steps leading to the lower deck, when suddenly I was brought to a pauw by a loud report as If a cannon had been tired off liigh and under me. the dead silence and the darkness of the surrounding scene making the thing far more startling. Tiut I had no time to think nor ability to act, for 1 felt myself whirled helplessly up into the air, and then 1 knew the boat baa exploded her boiler or her boilers. I fell near to where 1 bad been standing, and 1 saw that all the boat seemed to be a broken and tumbling man, for a part of the woodwork of the cabin, the chimneys, and the heavy bell came in a confused mass, falling right over ir.e, but luckily some beams or sticks lay right athwart me, keep lug me from being killed However, as it was, I got so pressed that I could hardly draw a breath. After a little while I worked myself out, and heard continued cries of " Oh, God!" 4,Oh, God uttered in such an agonizing tone that I 1J A 1- -1 _ V- - * A' ' ? ? * ^ bjuiu nut ucii> tfiiijj auecifa dv (qe invocation!. 1 thought that these cries were from the firemen. When I got out.and could look about, what wai once the cabin seemed to be now down to tbe lttvel of the boilers In a few moments a body of flame rolled over tbe larboard side, extended and enwrapped tbe wbeelbouse, and tben that fell in. Some deck bauds then came and helped me to thrust three stage planks over tbe side, and we tied the ends of them to the guard of the boat. I saw nobody but the first clerk of the boat. Mr Marshall, coming out of the cabin; be was scalded aud In a t>ad plight. He lumped overboard to escape tbe heat, got hold of one of the stages, and h Id on until taken ottby askiff The skiff played around cautiously for some time, and tben came up and took off Marshall, myself, and several deck hands. I was told, but don't know how true it is, that this gentleman bad two daughters on hoard, who wpk Inst Mw rutrtnwr tnM h? saw them standing on the boat frantically screaming, join bands, and jump overboard The lota of life ia variously stated by different p< rsons. some of tbem placing it at quite a high figure, but the latest accounts from Cairo state it at twenty killed and misalng, and about as many more wounded, some of whom cannot survive Amongst the font is Cap Holmes .Sanson, who w.<? In command of the unfortunate steamer Some fifty or sixty were saved. The wounded were taken to Cairo, where they were humanely provided for. A Catholic Pkikst to Death.?The Rev. Dr. Patrick McMenomv, a well known Catholic clergyman in New York City, was accidently burned to death In hi* chamber on Sunday last. The deceased was subject to epileptic fits, and ita supposed that while sitting over bis a I *-1? * ?a ? - - - - uuuu uc wii ivrwiru in a ni, overturning toe lamp and setting lire to bis books and paper* The flamea communicated with tbe furniture la tbe room, tbe firemen repaired to tbe apot and speedily extinguished them, not however in time to save tbe unfortunate gentleman ? life. IT^Tbe barn belonging to Speaker Hennlgton at Newark, N. J , was burned on Sunday. A favorite horse and two carriage* were also digcroyea. [after tea yeare' iij triifio, *r*D FLIDUI Ol'l RCFCTAtlOS rOR THI rtTLriLMlnT or WHAT W Hill DBCLAR1 Ir. tlmoit e?ery inetanee where tfte in/ant ? ealTerInf from pain and eihaaetioo, relief will be foand inlfteen r twenty minatee afttr the eyrap it adminietertd. Thia Talaabla preparation it the preecriptian af ana af tha matt lirtHiBNCBD and $BlLrOL RUIlll in Nav England, an4tin baan need with .'i'ls rjiLins ivccbsi id THOUSANDS OF CASES. ll net only relie*ee tha child frem pain, bat lurifaratee tha elamach and bowele, carracta acidity, and fivaa taoa and energy to tha arhola eyetem. It will almaat inetanlly relieve Gfupisa in the Bowkls and Wind Colic, and oTarcoma cocTBleiena, which, if not epeedil* ramadiad and Id death. Wa believe It tba BBIT AIDftlllT rim-1 for ID V in tha wOl LD in all caaaa of bts- children! , irtTIRT and DlAB i IHdi lit CHIL TKKTMIKO DBBN, whathar ll arieee from teething! 1 or from an* othai caaaa. WewoaMe^yto every mother who haa a caild aaf fanny from any of theforegaing complainta?do ItOT lit tour rn iji dic is, Nor thi prejudices of othiii, atand between yoar>eaf erinff child and Uia rtlitf that will bt icr*?yee, illoll'tilt lltr 1?to follow tha Otl of th medicine, if tiirely u?ei Foil direction tor ueing will a company aaeh bottle None renoine anieee tht fac-tiniila CORTia ft PERKINS,New York, ia on the aateide wreppe oid by Drargiete ihroafboat tha world. Principal OlEca, No. II Cedar Strait, N. T. Pnca at It 25 Canta tar Bottle. aa 11-4AwIt m?es. HAY and COA!. SCALKS erected in any part of the District or adjoining counties. Ail Scales are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BU8EY fc BARNARD, Deal* in Agricultural Implements, je8-2m Bridge street 2 doors wefet of Hirh. RANDKLL. OPTICIAN, Wo. 129 Bridr* St., (itortttvwn, Has constantly on hand a large assortment of Frenoh Near-signted. Periscopio, Col- r?i ored, and al'. other SPECTACLES, the b??t ?ua.ity. in gold, silver, steel.and Germ&c ilvor frame*. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and new : asses set in them to ordar. no 19-ly OS*. F. BIRCH, IT.V DER TA KER, Cor. Brxdtf and Jtftrson its , Gforxetown. Havint given my personal attention to this branoh of my business, 1 ain prepared to/ ? attend to all calls with promptness Persons fronr a distance can be sup ^ plied at a 'ew minutes' notice as 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS always <>n hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d?ad from the old to the new burial grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ao W-fim MASSEY, COLLINS A; COJ PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantly receiving fresh supples oftheabovedelightful beverage, and invite all persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agents, fe ? 47 Orw*n St.. Georgetown. WOOD AND COAL. O O D AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the city, at the lowest possible rates. T J. A W. M. GALT, Office 2*2 Pa. av.t between 11th and sts . ma 17 tf north side. The subscriber having on hand an extensive stock of FUEL, is preparod to sell at a very low figure for cash. WOOD Sawed and Split any size. Call and see for yourself. R. \V. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, wiae. at Irom tU cents to .J6, Damask and Satin l,ain>>?. from 50 cent* to 92, Extra [ich Embroidered Tapestry, a new anicle for curtains, richer than brocatels,' Reps and Turkey Cloths, in embroidered pattern* and by the vard, at astonishingly low prices, Also, superb Emb-oidered Lace and Muslin UnderCurtains. at from 12k cents to $3 p*r yard, And all the Cornices, Side Bands beautifully representing flowers an<l fruits, with rich Centre and Side Cords, and Tassels and Gimps to match In consequence of the advanced staxe of the season. we have determined to run off any of th? at>ove Roods at iust about the first cost, and at pnocs warranted to be less than the same can bs had elsewhere. All goods sold to go to a distance will be carefully packed for transportation and sent off free of extra cost. _je 18-10teo CLASETT tc DODSON. THEON VoY l'LACE ^^U^SUIT THE TIMES. HARVEV8 Fish and Oyster Expreas, arriving daily from the North and South with the following delicacies: FRESH SALMON, CODFISH, MACKKREL, SHEEPHEAD, HALIBUT, TROUT, SEA BASS, HOG F1&H, SPOTS, BLACK FISH, TAILORS. BLUE FISH. LOBSTERS, HARD and SOFT CRABS, CLAMS, Ac. A rid_a constant supplyof Florida Reef GREEN Tl K 11.b. and those tine large Lynnliaven Hay SPICED OYSTERS All person* will find it to their advantage to give me a call before govig to market. aa 1 have every facility to sell lower than can be had in the>city. Atl order* thankfully received ami promptly deli vered to any part of the city free of oharge. Depot?381 C street, between 10th and 11th. Je ft lm T. M. HARVEY. Agent fVJPONT'8 GUNPOWDER, Lf For sale at manalaotiirera arioe?, by JOHN J. B06UE, Georgetown. D. O,, Sole Agency for the District qf Columbia. A large aapply, embracing every variety, always on hand, ?nd delivered free to all parta of the Diat let. Order* oaa also be left at theoAoe of Adama' Kxtrw Comaanr. Waahinatnn. D. O. fe .Vlawlv FOR SALE?A very superior aorrel MARE. 81? ia sound,kind, gente, work? well c\ anywhere, anl will stand without hitching 1 XT* Pnoe #60 Inpuire of Dr. NEWMAN, K ?t. went of the Cirole. Je ?-? > 460 SerenU) it, between E and P. a? C-ta GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS P(?R HARPKRS FRRY.?CHANOE OF I DAYb.?Oil and ait??r July 2.186<>. jrw . y??? tpamer A NTEI.OPE, Capt. " f j tL > J. W is u.?,carrying the United St*tes^^"i^BB? fftve Georgetown EVKRY WO\DAV WtiDNMDAY and TRIDAY, at 7a. irw, and retlirn Al>rv Tk..,..!- ' 1 - t v? f Mvoumt , a uui nuaj onu iNn umny, N. B ?The Antelope will run as before until the above date. je 5-2m* I JUST RECEIVED, IOU BBI.* WHISKY, (assorted.) 1W> do. HERRING ?"d AI.EWIVES, 25 uo. KEFINED SUGARS, In l.hds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbln.< Bayfield) WHITE FI - H, 25 Imies prune Eastorn CH EESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGI E, jo 8 Georgetown, D C. A~GENCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN GEORGETOWN. The underpinned have been appointed Agents for the ?ale of the above celebrated and we i known PI.ATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fui! supply oontt&ntljr on hand and for sale at lowest A MBit WINSLOW, N Ex??rienoed Nar?e and Fwnale Phyiiolan. >r*?nU to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP. F?r Children Teething, Whlab fraatly facillutta tba praaaaa af teething, he aeftaalaf iha Hni, radaeine all mlaiaaiatin?will allay ALL rAII? and apaaraodic actian, aod la SURE TO REO ULATE THE BOWELS. Dapaod apeo It, mother*, It will fi?a ratt ta yearatWea, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa ha?a pat ap and told tbia articla far a?* r tan yeart. and [ caw at, ifr conrioBRca arc teuth of it.whatwe ba?* na?ar b**u abl* ta aay af any 0TM1B Madieina? Klflt MRS. Ma* it failid,IN l a tl!t?li l?- itaifcl to bfracT a CDKI, WIJI8LOH 9 whan timely aaad Na*ar did *a know innTuua u inatanee of dia aliafaetlan by any on* who aaad it. On the cantrary.allara SYRDP, delifhtad with Ita oriRATioia*, and J*r?ah in tana* of highaat commendation af ita magical (facta and raadleal Tirtl? Vl araak in Ma mattar ? ??>* ? "" " it if> p. r.. corner oi fourteenth and C sta. |Vf KM HERS OP CON61BM 1*1 ?ND OTHERS \\ ho are soon to return to their homes, and who would add to the comfort ai.d beauty of I heir houses; are respectfully invited to our warehouse. Pennsylvania avenue. Market >pace. No. 4. third door east o! Ninth street, where they may find afull and com* plete assortment of? Elegant Wilton Velvet Carpetmgs, from $1.25 to $1.75 per yard, Rich English Brussels do. at from 90 cts. tJ $1 10, Rich Imperial Three-ply, (2>? lbs. to the yard,) at from oents to Si.10, Splendid r^al imported Double Ingram do., W to 80c. Very good do. do. do. at40to60c., Also, all widths twilled a-d plain Venetian do., for halls and passages, 25 to 75 ccnts. Also, elegant wide Oilcloths, for rooms, halls, passages, steps, Ac., which we cut out to order. Also, new st>le Cnaoa and Canton Mattings, Kich and extensive variety of Velvet and Brussels Rugs and Druggots, in borders and by the yard. Door Mats ip gr at variety v _ i*up?*rior a, u very crieap All l>men J*heetines, Real Sllicia 'I utile l)amask?, froni?> 4 to 12 4 wide, Table Cloths in all sizes,8-4 by 8-410 12-4 hy ^4-4, Napkins to match. Also, Towellings, Toilet Quilt*, and other Toilet Goods, in pleasing and great abundance, very cheap. CURTAIN MATERIALS. Oar stock of rich and appropriate materials for Curtains is not to be surpassed, in point of elogauue, variety, and reasouableness of price, any where. We haveElegant Sat in Brocatels, which are nearly 2 yards ! AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoGUIRE * RO? Auctioneer#. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF FURNITURE AND 1 KriTBCTS OT TBI "U5IT?D?TATE#'' HOTEL, kVAMixaros-On MONoA^ MORNING, Jmy Kh. tommencing at 10o olocl, and continuing from lay to day until the whole i# di#p"#'d of, b? virtao ilateed of trsat duly executed and recorded in jib* J. A. 8. No. 197, folio# 191, to., one of the knd record# for Washington ooonty, the under limid ill trmliM ?i<l Mil *11 ?K? Piifnili.?? of Che United States Hotel, oomprising iboil one hundred parlors and chambers, viz: / rj superior and i.ear.y new Rosewood t'hiokeritf seven ootave Pianoforte, Cover, and Stool, Lars and handsome Frenoh plate Mantel Mirrors, Gaa^htndellers, brackets and fixtures throurhout, Ean4some Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Furnitire, finished in brooatelle, plu^h, and hair ebth, ilarkle t?p centre, sofa, and side Tables. \ \\ hatoot. fanor Chairs and Tablaa, walmt Writing Doska and Bookcases, Hfcndisme Velvet and Brussels Carpets, Oilcloth, Kiss. Ingrain Carpets, Gilt fame Man el Mirrors. Vases and Ornamerts. BrocAelle and Laoe Curtains, Cornice and Fixtu?s, Rosetood, Walnut and Walnut Bedsteads, Dressnc Bureaus, Wash*taiids, and Wardrobes, Foath.r Beus. Bolsters, and Pillows, Toilet 9et?, t'urlet hai'and husk Mattresses, Biankita. Con.fortM. And r!nniitArn?n?? in l?r?? ?u.ntiti?s. L^rte quantities Bed and Table Linen, nearly nev, Dinini Tables, oak Dining Chairs, Freno: and stone china Dinner, Deiert, and Tea Wire, Tah'eCutlerv, Silver-plated Ware. Castors, Chafing Dishes, Waiters ColTee ana T*a Urns, Bar C>unt*r and Fixture*, l iquors and Cigars. Iron Srf*, Desks, and Office Furniture, &o., Togetlerl wi th a large quantity of Household Effects ootneo?asary to enumerate Terns: ?50 and under cash; over thatamousta credit <f iand 4 months,for f&tiefaotonly endorsed notes, >earing internet WM. A. BROWNING, Tru^?ee. e 27-i J. c. MoGUIRK St co. Auots. By'. C. MoGUlRE A CO., Auctioneers. Truvtees sale of very valuable Kml Estate on the corner of seventh and E streets ?Bt virtue ofa decree of the 'ircuitCai t of the District of Columbia, passed in two oaiaes in ? hich Statham. Smithson A Co.,and Austin Sherman, respectively, are complainants, and Join F. Callan and others are defendants, the underlined wi'l sell at public auction, to the highest hidcer, on TH URSDAY, the 12th da of July, I860, at? o'clork p. m., upon th* premises. Lot No. 8. in Square No. 456, in the city of Washington. D. O , fonting59 feet. 11 inches on E street north, and 75 feet <>n Seventh street west. This well known property is situated on the northowt oorner of K and Seventh sire^ts. opposite the tfeieral Post Office, an?t it one of the ve y best hu?i' ew looations in the city of Washington. The improvements consist of t' ree three story houses on K sfeet, including the drug store on the corner of Sev?th, and a two-story buil'ing on Seventh street. The property wi I be s?ld in ? pai&te parcels, according to the impro'. ements. Termiofsate: One third of the purchase money to be pad in cash,and the residue in two equ?l instalmens, in six and twelve months fr*m the day of sale; he deferred payments to bear interest, and to be seiured by the "notes or bond* of the purcha Her or purchasers, with & surety or auretiea to be approval by the Trustees. Should the ti*rma of Bale notte complied with within six data after the day of sile, the Truateea reserves the right to re ael' the the riak and expense of the de fruiting purchaser, a'ter five day's notice. Ail oonveyaioes at the oost of the purchaser. C. INGLE, ( Trinities A. AUSTIN SMITH.\ lru"ees je 11 6t?w?ds J. C. MoBUIRE k. CO , Auos. MARSHAL'S SALE ?In virtue of two writs of fieri .acias, issued from the Clerk's office of theCirouit Court of the District of Columbia, tor theoountyof Washington, and to me directed. I will eapost to puolic sa'e, for cash, in front of the court hous* door of said oour.t*, on MONDAY, the 9th day of July ne*t, I860, at 12 o'clock m., the following property, to wit: All defendant's n?ht, title, claim and interest id and to Lot No. 1, in Square No.618. in the eitr o? Wmhimtnii li c together with all and singular the improvements tberr-nn, ac-iied and levied upon at the property of Andrew Rotnwell, and will be Fold to Batiafy Ju(lioiis Nob 2'4 and 215, to October term 18S9, in favoTof Phelps & Kingman. W. 9ELDEN, I'. 9. Marshal for the District of Columbia, jo 13 Chs AIAR8H A I. 8SALE.?In virtue ti a writ of fi*ri i"l faciaa issued from the Clerk's otfioe of the Circuit Court of ?he Distiiot of Columbia, Tor the county cf Washington, and to ino directed. 1 will expose to public s*le, for cash, in front of ih? court house doar of said ooun'y, on MONDAY, the ?th day of J uiy n*xt, I860 at 12 o'clock m , the folio wi ng deaoribed property, to wit: All defendant*! right, title, o!a>n> and interest in and to Lot No 5, in Square No..1"W,in the oity of Waihing'or, D. t"., together with all and'ar the improvement* therem, aeized and levi-d upon as the prooerty of J no. C, Nicholas, ai.d will be sold to satisfy Judi cials 9jo, 126, to May term 1*60, in favor oi A.aud P. A Richards. W 8EL0EN. U. S. Marshal for the District of Columbia je 13 dts By J. C. WoGlJIRE A. CO . Auctioneers C CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IM j proved and Unimproved Real Kstatk.? By virtue of a decree of tho C rouit Court of the Dis tnot of Columbia, p^ss^tl in the c*u&e where.u Frederick W .Selhausen and Charles Miuies anC other*, executors and heirs at law and rievtsse* of Bonavrutura Sshad, deceased, aro defendants. the rubsortber will sell, a: public s* e, the followmK valuable real estate In Washington city : Lots Noa 9.10,11 and 12, in square No 785, tin the corner of north B and Third street* #a?t, fronting l.vj feet 2)$ inches on north B street aud 12$ feet 2% on Third street fact. Lot No. H, in square ^>o. 642, fronti f 119 foet on Delaware avenue, by its feet 10 inches on aouth O street. The whole of square north of square No. 642, fronting 208 feet 8 inohes on Virgiuia avenue, 217 W?t on aoath F street, si feet 5 lnohes on Delaware avenue, and 19 feet 6 inohe? on Half street west. l*oU noi, I. 2,3,4, 5,6, 7, ?, 9,10, 11. 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, in square No 8<*4, comprising the whole square and fronting 248 feet 2 inches on nort I> street, 248 feet 2 inches on north C street, 35" feet on Eighth street east, aud 350 feet on Seventh street east. And LoU Nos. 8,9, and 10, in square No. 564, fronting 30 feet each on south F street. between First aud Second street* west, by 100 feet deep, with the improvements, whtoh o >nsist of four wcl! built two-itory frame dwelling houses Taesaie of the lot* in square No. 785 will take plaoe on TU ESDAY, the loth day of July, 1R6<>; of the lot in square No. 6*2 on THURSDAY, tlio 12th day of July. 1*60; ol square north of tquare No t>42 on FRIDAY, the ISth day of July,lH6.'; of lots in square No. 894, on MON DAY. the 16th day of J ui>, 1860; of the lots in square 5B4, with the miproveinerts, on TUESDAY , the I7ih day oi July, 186<'. The sales will oon at 6 o'clook p. n..,on the days above specified. <>n the respective premi net, ana ine property will he ao<d in auoh parcels or lot* as may suit purchasers. Terms of sale : One-third cash ; and the hal?nce in ti, >2 and 18 month*, secured hv the purchasei'? not -*, bearing interest from the da* of tale, with aeourity to be approved by the truatee an l if not oomplind with in five day* after the ?a e of proper ty. tne terms of which are not ooinplied with, will Ke resold. upon one week's no'ioe, at ?he ri?k end expense of the defaulting purchaser. L' pon the full payment ot the purohase money and interest, and not before, the trustee will convey the property to the respective purchasers in fee simple. Ail conveyancing at the expense of the purchasers. CHAs 8. WALLACH, Jrnafew. I P U?i:l!ID L' ?. .Wi ? v? iuw v a> AHUII. jell-StawtJalj 17 BARGAINS! BARGAINS !! GREAT BARGAINS!" Seventh street, acknowledged to be th? oh ap?-e>t and best place to buy Clothing, Furnishing Woods, Hat* and Caps. Owing to the scarcity of money, SMITH, No. 460 Seventh st.t opposite the Po?t Office, has (letermine<i to well his good* 15 per cent, lent than any other house in town. Drop in and *ee our new supply of Spring and Summer Goods, at astonishing low prices N. B. Just received 50 dozen of 10 oent NECK TIES. trr If you wish to keep cool, drop in and buy one of onr thin Summer Coats, or the Patent Reversible Smnnier Coat, at SMI TIPS, No. 460 Seventh st., opposite Post Office. II ^ A larire lot of fine flcnti' Skirta *ml a?*v?ry low prices, at No. 4bo Seventh st., opposite Post Ornoe. The Ribbon Tie, Yale Tie, Aurora Tie.and alfsorts of Neck Ties, at one-half the usual prices, at SM TH'J*. No. 4?iO Seventh st. je 14-1 in I. 91. SUVGEK & CO. GREAT REDUCTION Is Pktcbs of * SEWING MACHINES S The Machines are acknowledged the best in use, for family sewing and manufacturing purposes. Family Machine ? 540 Letter A I for family or light manufactur in? purposed ?sn SiU|{6r No. 1* *i ?-? ?*? ?* t i i.i * * #90 Singer No. a .. .....flilOO Twist, Needle*, Cotton, Oil, Ao. WM. H.GLOTER, No. SSS PlXMaTLV^'TK Av., je 20-1 m Under National Hotel. BACON * RAVEN'S AND BTFl>'WAY k. SONS' annulled PIANO Fi?RTc.S_- m . of all MtylM and aiaea. Alao, a?-verai nffBRa other maioa, for sal? ? t factor* price*, at??* *? ' the aole agency, M KTZ ROlT'S Wuaio Store. Several aeoond-hand Piano* ia beat order, oheap. je 23 FOR SALE-ABAY HOR*E: food under?addie or barneaa ; aold for waai of uae: caa tx aeen at BIRCH'S Stable. je 19 tf SUMMER RESORTS. (ARLISLK I The favorite roeort for WHIT. .ILPHCR SPRINGS, Mountain Air. IiiTiior* CUM HER LAND CO, wfii Pennsylvania. Good Society and a Good . Table. Accommodation *o* por urtioulart send 300 Tor Circular. OWENts Cl.ENDEN TERMS LOW. IN k VIS8CHER, je ? lOw Car lis U Smrtnts, Pa. WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFF1 KR. Proprietor. jWte IV* avenue, betwte* 1st and id ttt. ' I n c&IMdc the attention of the public to my (trounde 1 would ?tate that every arrangement ha> A . . A be*a made to ma?e this "Retreat" iDoreyrXAV attiaotiveevery -far. MoDdat? the bn; Uisl den* are open to th^ public tree of charge?a ooucrt riven by a select band. Those desiring to enjoy the dance and wait* *1 1 bud the saloon in eompiete order to render pleA?u>e to all. Or othf-r days the proprietor will cheerfully grant th? u*e of the (rounds (or school or other I'lo Nio Pa. ties without charge. For the amusement of child? en he ha? introduced a number of lit'le games, never before seen in this oitr. and calou.ated at the eaine time to amuse the "eld folks.'' 1*. B.?Attached is my Bottling EstaMishm-nt, and families can be supplied with any quantity at their resiaenoe. of Uat healthful drink. LAGhR BEER, upon short notice. je 15 3m f^REEN"SPRING" *jr paviuon. Ntar tkr Old Iron foundry find only half a mile by land from the Omnibus Stand '* Georgetown. Th? 1.^4.^. i ?i m-JJ? ? ?1 uv <aui<7Q aim cn ui ?? ?iu Georgetown ?re respectfully mlormed A . , A that this beautiful piac-*, on ?ne Foundry V'vTBky Branch, is now handsomely fitted up forJjlJQ^l, the reception of t- io-Nio Parties and other * uitor*. There are numerous spr ngs of the purest * ater and a constant shade throughout the da*. Tneie u a large saloon tor dancius. with dressing room a'tiohed, and *hady walks aud seats throughout the grounds. Sohools, { oei'ties. Ciobe and Social Parti** nsn obtain tru deiightfu place for Pio Nie? without charge for the grounds or pavilion by giving tae proprietor three days notice. Meals ar? served at "11 hours, and Refreshments furnished at oit* prices Officers wili attei d at all times for the praserva t.on of good order, a d no pains wi 1 be spared to give satisfaction to all visitor*. I f k v L' D Li rui? if i WIL"l?OrviT?r rfvctii II UIIIV.UA I nuu A I je'8 potf ProfriHot. MOUNTAIN TOP HOUSE, i* Acgcsta Covnty, Vi. This well known and favorite p'ace < f eun?m*r wort is aca n open for the reception of A . . k visitors un ?r the managonient of its fbr t |l V mer proprietor. * 1 It la situated on the top of the H up Ridge monii taiua at hDosfi^h (iap, Uu miles wostol Richmond. Va.; the Virtii la ? ei:tra! Railroad passing nn?1?r the house through the B tie K ldge Tunnel. The elevated view*.mountainscenery, a d the constant and refreshing ' reeses, make it one of tli" m"?t delightful place* of summer reeort in Weht^rn Virginia. There is also convenient a spring of pure oftftlybeate wat?r. Vi?it<>r?to the Moui tain Top House will oome la Virginia Cent-a: Kailroad to AfYon Dep'?t, near the eastern por'a of the Blue Ridge Tunnel, where a W./.L- ?i i - k n navn ? i mnare uc iu ckiwcu iauU~ tu OUH> oy 1 UI1C mile) to the mountain top It is a way* beet for poisons to write several days beforehand. Term*: p*r month; fs per week; S'^per day. Servants (black I a^d ohifdr?n under 12 yea's of ate, ha'f price: for whit* servants a little more than half price will be chained je 7 eolm F. F. LIPSCOMB. WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. " Grekmbrikr Cocjstt, "a. This long eptablished watering piao-? was opened for the reception of visitors on the 15th of A ? . A May. Vc?f M*ny new and important arrangements 1|JklL have been made !a*t season in this iaige r> tablishmfnt. and no efforts will be spared to make the guests oomfortab'.e. Persons can reach tnese feprinrs by t he Orarge and Alexandria Rai read from Washington; by the Virginia Central Rai'road from Riohmond; or ?>y the Virginia a-d lennenseo Railroad fr-m the South and Southwest via Lynchburg ar.d Char Iottesville, with on'y 30 milea star* travel JfcK KXliB MORTON, President J. HUMPH KEY!*. General Superintendent. j* 12-dtJaly 15 lYI SALT WATKR BATHING. 1*1AR9H ALL'S PAVILION. (Moore's Land :?g IwH be open for the reo-ption of vni-A^ A torn on the 13th of June. Thu <ii?.uth'fulTjflft y leso't for those Reeking health and plea* I1"1* 1 ure, is unexoelled b* any place of tne kind on the Potomac river Ills situated ab< ut one hundred miles from Washington immediately on the Potomso, and in lull view of ?he C h??a p ??k e Bay. and famous for fin* Oysters, Soft Crabs, sheephead, and other Fieh. and ea?ily accessible b the steam boats plying between Washington, Baltic re ati.i Norfolk. The undersigned has ina .e addri o.a! improvement" iu Hs Bat* House* ar.d many other improvements to the oomf.>rt and enjoyment of his 511 u-ste. The Bathing cannot be surpassed, ?pien?n.!ln..r^. ?.? ..fL'-l * ..... *?!.* > ?!*, aim v run <?l rifllll'^ ?IiU ^IlID^ |}0&18 free of charge. He haa apared ao expense in pro vidi::g a good Cotillon hand or-in laj leg id bia stock of choice Winea, Liquora.Secara, Ac.,and for those who wiah to avoid extreme fashion and to aeek a retired p ace where the? can make themaeivea at home, there la not a m-)re pleasant place in the United Statee. The proprietor p'e-^ea himself that nothing sha'l he left undone on hia part to rend-r t'iem ro. Terms lor hoard: $1 50 p*r da), for lers than a week; f ir a longer time, #1.25 per ay; per month. Persons wishing to address the ?ro prietor wi 1 direct to Leonardtown, St. Karj'i county, Md. je 8 2ro R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. Ti POINT LOOKOUT. HK Undersigned, long and well known to the traveling public a* a proprietor <J the City A . . ^ aivvui, mrASliui Id, T ? ? OliU IIIW L UI IPO Til MB States Hotel id Washi cton citr, hsF^L^BLx leased for a term of years tne magnifioeot l>a* ri Paviion * d the numerous oottages connected with it, recently erected at Point Lookout, the point of jutctioc of the Potomac with Ch?sapeake Bay, and having furnished them in a st?ie equal to that of aii? other watering piaoe in the Un.ted States, will op-'n the establishment on the 12th day of June o^zt for the reoeptioD ot visitors, his arrangements boilg sufficient for the oumfortabie aocommodation of at least 75<> g uest*. Point Lookout, besides h?ing deservedly the roost famou> p'aoe in ali America for fane Oysters. Hoc F ?h. Soft Cra^s, S eeph ad, Mackerel, and all ^ther salt waU-r luxuries pi??s-sres finer faoi'ities for Surf Bathing than even Cape May, while the i>ack couvtry immediately adjoining il?including the Drives, Partridge and Woodoock Shooting. Ac., Ac.,?offer advantage* together, superior of tnose of any other watering olaoe on this continent, Tl.u Wb?a- vr. ?- f >-- in:.? ? ..w .. ?v?. ?iowoii?'IU UlP PUMUIUD ?IJU iroifl fell th? oottaxes ar? extorsive. varied, and or.armine The health of the point is unexcelled r>j that of mountain regions. and the access to it by steamers from Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk, and Riobmond, will probably be daily to ai.d from each of ttios? cities. He has F.pared no expense in providing a fine Band, Carriages. Horse*. Pleasure Boats, A.c . for hire, or n ftockiug his cellars witn the best vVim?i. Liquors, &o In sh-Tt his paSrors will find at thpir command every luxury ard comfort obtainable at any other American waterlog place Hi* terms ior boa d, by the da?, week, or month, for individuals or families, will he reasonable, mas dUuly I LOGAN O. SMITH. JfAlR BANK'S SCALE*! 1 FAIR BANK'S SCALE8'! The Standard Scales of the United Statu COUNTER and PLATFORM SCALR8.I HAY,CO-vLa?d CATTLE SCALES, HOP"KR or GRAIN SCALES. HKaMS and vVEIGHTS. MMIKKT S?CAI E8, DRUGGIST*' SCALES, HaNK SCALES, COIN DBTECTOR SCALES, TOBACCO 8 ALKS, LETTER BALANCES. Ao .Ao., at factory prioea J. P. BARTHOLOW, ie 16-eo ltn sole &K*nt, Stve tn at. near CannJ. 2g^ PRE PARK FORWINTtR. 267 I am prepared with an experienced core* of workman to put incomplete order FURNACES. FEIN Ol'RS, or LATROBES, RANGES, GRATES, and COOKING STOVES promptly and at moderate prices. Send jour ordera at onoe to J AS. SKI R VING'8 Washmcton Stove Depot, ia 1Q Aiifil / 1 -* l ?* : * " jv i 4 wo in n siae i~a av. NO WILLIAM BRADLEY. BEGS TO lJ. inform the public and hi* friends that lie has on hand a large stock of Marble Mantels-uuite a new iityle. A loo Monument Head Stones. Tali e Tops, fcc., which he has to dispose of at pners to suit the times. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. Plumbers' work prompt)? attended to. _ina 22-3meo Pa. ar? bet. 18th and 19th sta. Francis harper, HAV15G OPBSBD A FAMILY GROCERY AND PEED STORE. I'omrr of yew York av-nu* and Tenth >treet. Respectfully solicits the patronage of those who nav be in want of any article in the aborr line. His endeavors shall be to nl?a*?>- ?jm! b? ? ?".? tion to the wants of the public, be hopes to merit a share of their patronage. His lock oonsists or every article usually to be found in a first-class Family Giooery and Peed Store. ma 17-tf P NOTICE. KR80N9 Deoliainc ho?s*keeping or having a sural us of household -fleets can find ready sa'.e by ealftn* at mj Purnishinc Store, 44# 7th street, ba1 tween G ana H streets, east side. %S 2 -vn WPTXU.PH BUOHI.V. A CHEAP Mt'Sig. LARBKJ?ot of Mbsic. Por?tcnaad Ai?eri<v.n, > forsale at half pnoa for oaa week only, at U?e Mai mo Store of ui w. e. metzkrott a I'Bci containing in ?er*. wf.i vooora and watered. Title perfect. Terma liberal. Apr'* to THOJ*. DOWLING. Auction tixl Cuaimiiiltiii Merchant. Georgetown je l?-*u9mr FOR RENT-A two-ator* BRICK HOUSE, on Yliaaouri avenu?No. 40. I'oaaeaiiioiiglyeo on the lat of July next. Appl) U> I). A. W 4lrUSTON. No. 464 Second street Mit, or AM S*enth n'reet went. > 7-eolm* FOR RENT?That new and well arranged thre? atory BRICK HOUSE. N?. IU??U Kml oetwcen Htb andjnth at*., south aide, now occupied l>y Mr. Bo<li?co. Ruaetan Legation. PowiiiM given the let of June Inquire ol Mr. Wll'TRRY P. PARKER next door ea?t. ma 16-cot I \fUNlGOMEKY COUNTY LANll KOR ?I SALE.?We i?ave for aa.e three or four hun dred acrea of Land lying on the P<>tom?c, 8 mitre fr?<m Georgetown. D. C. The Washington A que cuot and one of the hneat roada in the county pee* through this lard, aad the mo-t of it i* covered w th wood and the other portion la eoil of the irat ?vg* lty. Appiy to BARNARD A BUCK KY. Aaotion Georgetown, or WALL A DAItNAK l?. A ? ttoneera. Waahington ma SI eo i,r.?Between 7 ana B acre* ol L,A.>I>. I (i??r? ww?l.i on the Plank Roa?4,i? h ?t. ial?oiit. 4 mile* from Washington?a beautiful bnnding tile, or well located for a market garden Appl* at No 3 Agenoy Block, corner Seventh and F itt.j Waah lagton. ]> 18-lre* ti^OR RK \ T?The three-etory-and-haaement BRICK HOl'SE corner of Six h reet wc?t and F afreet north, one square from the Patent and City Post Olfices?being rno of the fin*** an<l nea!thie?t Jo ation* iu th? city It l* a r ran ted for a store and dwelling; ha* a bak? oven atta?Ha<t IV.II . ..? - - -r I. _? n voiiTie w (\ ll> xi A 1\ U ?? Abuaun, J'U- # Louisiana aveone. ja I3 tf SENATORS, MEMBERS OF CONGREBB.? ?5 Two splendid suites ofROOMS, t e*aittlyj*rnished. will be rented during trie session of Concress, in the most desirable looaity in this city. b^iag within one or two squares of Brown's and National Hotels. Those in pursuit of such Rootrs will do well to make earl? application at No. ST* nth street, between D street and Pa. ay. de ft-tf L^OR SALE?A nice three st^rr Brick HOUBB, r on 3d street, between D and E street*, la Rib bey's Subdivision. The above property will ba sold or easy terms. Price made known f y injuu ing of H. W. HAMILTON k. CO.. No. #*3 Wh street, opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. fe7-tf EDUCATIONAL. Commercial COLLEGE. No. 47? S5VKKTH ST., Oppottle the GtntcU Post Ofite, Wuhtngten Otly. Armonan System of Penmanship, Booskeeptnc, Mercantile Forms and Calculations. Business Correspondence, Bills of Exohante. Current Bills, Commission Sales, Urau.mar and Arithmetic D^A Preparatory Class for Boy*. IP I 101 will l na^mnf aH in f% ni Mnmft.n> hip. to 10 p.m. For term* applT at the Rooms. ma2?-Sm WV. W. YOUNG k CO. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. new abkangcxxxt. This well known pnd popular Seminary, which has been so suooestful under the entire oare of Mrs. z. Richards for more than ten Tears, will be opened on the first Monday in $eptemi>er n?"xt. under the united inpervision and instruction of mr. aad JKri. z. rich * rd8, in the well arranged and dehgbt fully located Union Academy Building. For paraaulars. see circular* at all the Bookstores, matt-tf MMR8. McCOR v, ICR'S SCHOOL. R8. McCORMICK desires to inform her friends and ths public genera!ly that she will rtnia* the duties of her School on tiie lit Monday la S?p Umber next. Theoourss of inidy pursued wi . comprises-, tb* branohee requisite to a thorough English etiuoaUon. In addition to her day scholars. she is desirous of reoeiving into her family a few pupis as boarder* aged from 10 to 14 years, who will be under bar lmmed. ate care and oversight. Her arrangements for tne aooommodatioo ad due care of pupils have been consider ally i Eora?eri and otherwise improved. Those is Washington desiring particular information with reference to her ?chool may apply to W. D. Wallaoh, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner particular* apply at her residence?No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria. Va. It tl-tf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. Boots and shoks to suit thk TIMES. We are now mannfttctonnc all kind* of BOOTS and SHOK8, aud <K>;>st?ntlV reo^i vin* suppl* of Mittrn mtd* work o' ever* d*-MI sonptio", made expressly to order, and willw he sold at a mnch lower shoe than has been" heretofore charged in this city for much inferior article*. Persons In want of Root* ai d Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will always find a food assortment in store and at the lowest prl?*?s Give ns a oa.I. ? * rri it n /t oBi'riii a ni\".t ap *-r 3114 Pennsylvania i'w?? COUTHERN~TRUNK MANUFACTORY, i3 4?9 7TH ST?RST, Oppotitt Odd Fellows' Hall, wi.-hin.gtim. d. C> Travelers will study their interests tv examining my TRUNKS, V A! ICE* &? , before put nm chasina else were As I us* none l>nt tbrg*M* best material the market affords and employ^ *** the b*st workmen, I can oonfelefftiy reoommend my work to be smpericr in Str?s? * awl Ihcrabiht\ to Trunks that are made in other oities and so d here. 1 keep constantly on hand, and make to orler ion one week's notice' every d??cn?tien of soi e leather, ikon frame FRENCH dress and wood box tr0sk3; ashland and otkm J alices ;th ayeling bags; HaK ness: saddles. whips, 4*-, t*. Trunks, Ac., Repaired and Covered, m a work manlike manner, at short notice Trunks delivered in any part of the city, George town, or Alexandria. Also? Agent for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. deiVly JAMFS ?. TQfHAM. 10 i 11-4. and U 4 super Lunen Sheetiafa, 1U -1, 10-4 II ?, and l> 4 Cotton Sheeting*, Riohard on A Sor.s* Durbar A Diokinaon and Bark lie's super Fronting and Shirtmf Ltaens I iivniui[? ID Tit'imj ?".r UI ?i'? ??| i"-r?iw? in) piece ?up?nor iMkn Kleaolted Cottons. imi p >?op? Lava* al UK o*ut* ? p fon Wtnte aod Co.ored Klanne *. I -ltd'**' an<i Miu**' Wliite Cottia How. Whi ? Go* >d* in ww*T. Cambric and Swt?* Fd iag * and lnsertii?a. Honi'on, Guitar* and French Work'd C liar*. San I"mbre la?._Pa'a?< <4 and 4an shade*. Sup~r Silk and r'*doh Laoe Maot e?, * Hooped Sk'rt*. Bilk MiU fto. Ao , received acd for sale low by j* 11 TAY1.QW ? HUTCHISON, PURfc OLD RYK WHISK V.-On hand aerwa hraad- ofPure OldR>eWhi ky,Copper IMatillad. iaa^e by th? *><> ? rehab e di ti ler* P?i a **lraaia, Marylaad a?<t V.r?mia. warranted ear*. A!*o, Imported Hrandtaa, Hr-n<^?i.()t*rd Dupay * Co., Jal** Rohin*, he Also, P">aeb * d Apt'* Brandy, pare Holland dio, old Jarr.aioa acd si, Croix Rum, and Wine* of ewrr Tar??-?y all of taadard bran * A e*o?.?? lot of riear. and T" baooo. you no a rk"h t, , it-iy w* r* ?*.. wb no" n> ~ WM. T. DOVE * CO. RE Nov pr??*r?! to M?e?te ar.y pi*?m witt W PLUMBlfS, 9A* 0 H ^TRAM KITTl.'? CT 8tor# on e?h aU*et * i * 4t*?r? tort* ut Pk, PIANOA??RKAT MAROMN?-?'ne ?o?-iXrFjwB raw, in b*?t <? < ?'. fc f ??y . 3" *" "?EST" ^SWaMr." ** Hi BUii <a? Ul CUIIf-VW uo> . HTf-Ii on th* Uth mst. For t?rm?, 4c . appiy to GEO J Jackson. Brother A Co 3*3 Fa avenue. Jel?-tf f|H)R RENT?Three first o.a s and r'Centiy hiali liOP^ES. four stories hi(th ?aoh. hand sorneiy finished. and having ail the modern improve merits- tucn as water, fa*, to., in one of th? ve y finest locations >n the city?on the cot ner of Third street a id Missouri avenue, and opposite the Caeitol grounds Any "ne wishing to rent a fine dwell n?r will find this a favorable opportunity, as I desire to rent thorn immediate!*. and will rent thena low. Inquire of F. W. BROWNING. _ je l-?f_ F'OR SALE?A great bargain, four agree of we: in>nrnvMl I. A VII *-o!l ?nitM f<?rain.rlrHtBi.f d^n, with new dwe^Ting house with four room# and kitchen ; well of fine water id the yard ; under g'Mtd f none, and will he sold low or exohanred for city prnpertv. and on moderate terma. The iand la at Bail's Cross R<?a<i?. two and a half miles from Geor^^town, and in Alexandria eounty, Va. Apply tw V. P. CORBLTT, over bank of Waahington. ma 12-tf l^OK KEN I?A email M OKE, corner of 6th at. a and Penu. avenue, under the Clarendon Hotel, auitabla for a barber's aaloon or clear atore For information inaujre at the Hotel. mar an ITOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the bjnldr inc immediately opposite the weat wini of the City Ha . rrcentiy ocoupied by Cliaa. 8. wallaoh aa an oSioe. Also the front room in the eeoor.C atory and the third floor of the same batldinc. For u ? n *1 a D r\ il' a i f a O U V- A THE WEEKLY STAR This excellent Pami y and N?wi okrna. ?ooc taining a creator variety of lntereeUnj readme than oan be fovnd id any other-1? pab i?M oa H?Unl?T morning. Tuki-OmA, mr?r?a?/?. u Hing e oofy, per uiM 91 *> F?v j o riee i Xeneoyiee ?* . -.any oo^lM. 15 6P B? ubaorttnng m olaba raiaad imoti aetf hbera Wit* oat the latarr*nM"li ol a TP a Meat. aa w1" be jeroaiTed so per mt of T%4 Wmkh Btmt will Do MT*<1. It invariably contain* the A tthinfi'it Nawa" that hM ir.aia TKt *r-?..?< 5ii? eiroaiat* o generally throngboat ik? aoantry. irT"8la*l# ooaiea (in VTtfMri > oaa be prooarW papier* "Fno^TH K K ^ ?f * 117" Poitmulirf who aot m l|WU Will be allowed * oonimi*?ion of? owiti, _ FOR SALE AND RENT. A T PRIVATE !*Al.K-Pe'i'06/? in /*. Montgomery Count*. Md ?I Am uthonwl to dispose or atari vate eale, ip lota to aait. a tiao? containing IKiaorea ?>f rood land. situated D| t)?e C. * O. Canal, mi 1m from G?orjetow?, I) C.?i?a entire length- and divided by tha \\ a?bin#ton aqueduct, it ha? two lauding* ; a warahouee. etnre houae, and othar hnih in*a; vail wooded aad watered ; with a oonntv road I ading to R -ok n ? i ? . - - ' - - - ?? *

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