Newspaper of Evening Star, June 30, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 30, 1860 Page 2
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i, _ THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY J?*e 30, 1-60 Spirit ! the n?ral>| Pre*#. Tb? Comntttwlto*. in r?nl? to the alterations of uui dui ii me journals inqanuon uniyidr iu?, by the omss.ori of a resolution complimentary to President Buchanan and approving of bis principles and policy, tbe true National Democratic Convention who nominated Breckinridge and l.ane df.??gn?d to pass over, without such approval, bis personal and public merits and tbe distinguishing vessurea ana character of his Administration, they are grossly mistaken. We have reason to know that the omlaion was simply an inadvertence; and that there never was a moment during tbe brief and hurried session held at the Maryland Institute when such a resolution would not bave been enthusiastically and unanimously adopted. The omission, we bave reason to know, is exclusively to be attributed to the sreneral excite meat of the occasion. and the hutc in which the member* rushed on to fiuish the work of nominating candidate* before the last day of the week ahould ciote upon their proceedings." The Imtelhgeme'r discusses favorably the treaties of the United States with Oriental nations. d/~ The Benicla Boy is expected at New York t?-day per steamer Adriatic. The B B may eclipse the G. E. His friends and the patrons of P R are already making preparations to give him such a reception as befits the "Champion of the World." v Tint Gbkat Eastbri* entered the North River, at New York, on Thursday afternoon, and was es<*orted up the bay by a flotilla of (team tugs, yachts and small craft, and was received by salutes from the forts and (hipping, and the cheers of an immense concourse of people, who thronged the Battery, the housetops, and the wharves along the river She reached her dock at the foot of Hammond street about six o'clock in the evening, where it is estimated she has already been seen by over a half a million people. PMMial* Hon Pierre Soule, of La.; Judge Russell, of N Y . and ex-Uov. Pratt, of Md . are at Willirds . Dr. Le Vert, the husbaud of Madame Le Vert, Is dangerously 111 at Bladon Springs. La , with erysiptaas. Senator Clinginan, of N C ; Senator Latham, of Cal ; Mayor Swann, of Baltimore, J. W. Garrett. Ksq.. President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, are stopping at the St. Nicholas Hotel. N Y Hou. \V. W . Cochran, from Washmil l)-?1? # A' ? , orwii, m me steamsnip Kangaroo, are "topping at tbe Everett House >Ir D?n;ltk'i Letter ( Acceptance Waimimtos, June 'j9, l6r>0 Gentlemen ?In accordance with the verbal assurance which I gave vou when you placed in my hands toe authentic evidence of my nomination for tbe Presidency bv the National Convention of the democratic party, I now send you my formal acceptance. I pon ? careful examination of the platform of principles adopted at Charleston and reaffirmed at Baltimore, with an additional resolution, which Is in perfe< t harmony with the others. I find it to be a faithful embodiment of the tiine honored principles of the democratic party, as tbe same now proclaimed and understood ny all parti** in the presidential contests of 1*4?. 18oSi, and 1"\>6 I pon looking into the proceedings of the Con??ntSnn r ^ U1BV, I UilU that tue iiomi 'iatlon was made with great unanimity in the pretence and with the concurrence of more than two-thirds of the whole number of delegates, and in exact accordance with the long i established usages of the party. My indelible purpose not to be a candidate, nor accept the nomination in any contingency except as the regular nominee cf the National democratic party, and in that case only upon condi- i t'ons that the usages as well as the principles of ( the party should be strictly adhered to, had been proclaimed for a long time and become well 1 known to the country Tn?se conditions having < all been complied with by the free and voluntary ( action of the democratic masses and their faithful representatives, without any agency, interference or procurement on my pert, I feel bound, in honor oun iu aiccfjl Ul? nomination. ] In taking this step I am not unmindful of tbe | reaponsibilitieslt imposes.butin a firm reliance on I>i vine Providence. 1 have faith tbat the people ' w'.li comprehend the true nature of the inue in- 1 volved and eventually maintain the right. The peace cf tbe rountry and tbe Perpetuity of the J Union have been put in jeopardy by attempts to interfere with and control the domestic affairs of the people in the Territories through the agency ' of tbe fr-dtral govtrnment. If the power and < duty of federal interference be conceded, two hos- ] tlle'part a must be the inevitable result. The one lufi tmin^ tu- passions and ambition of the North, and the other of tbe South ; and each struggling 1 to use tbe federal power and authority for the ag- 1 grandixemtnt of its own section at tbe expense- ( ?f tbe equal rights of tbe other, and in derogation of tti< se fundamental principles of self-government wbich were firmly established in this I country by tbe American revolution as the basis of oiir'eutire republican system During the memorable j?riod in our political hlitufV. wLen the *?1 1 j - v* icuciai iflw?rvfntion upon the subject of slavery in the Territories well-nigh precipitated the country Into revolution, tne northern interventionists, demanding the Wilmot proviso for the prohibition of slavery, and the southern interventionists, then few in number and without a single representative in either House of Congress, insisting upon congres loi al legislation for the protection of slavery, in opposition to the wishes of the people in either ? ase, it will be rememl>ered that it required all th?- wisdom, power and influence of a Clay and a Webster ai.d a Cass, supported by conservative and patriotic uien, whig and democratic, of that day. to devise and carry out a line of policy which would restore peace to the country and stability to the I'nion The essential living principle of that policy as applied in the lf?itl?inn ?r I'^i * ' . ? v. . -XV, naaajju IH'W IS, nra-intcTtenUQH by Con^rets iritk slavery in th? Territories Th'j fair application of this just and quitaule j>rinciplt restored harmony and fraternity to a distracted country. If we row depart from that wise and just policy which produced tnese happy results. and permit the country to be again distracted, if not precipitated into revolution by a sectional content betwee n pro-slavery and anti-slavery interventionists, where shall we look for another Clay, another Webster, or another Cass, to pilot the ship of State over the breakers into the Laveu of pea' e and safetv? The Federal Union must be preserved. The ContUtntion must be maintained inviolate in ail ?ts parts Every right guaranteed by the Constitution must be protected bylaw in al! cases where legislation is necessary to its enjoyment. The judicial Drovide/t i>. ?h-i-~.? r _ - - _ _ ... -v. UIBII lUti I'll . mutt tie sustained. and it* de-.Uious implicitly ?beyed and faithfully executed The laws must be administered and tbe constitutional authorities upheld, aud all unlawful resistance suppressed. Ttese things must all be done with flrmufss, Impartiality and fidelity, if we expect to enjov ind transmit, unimpaired, to our posterity, tbat bleast-d inheritance which we have received in trust from the patriots aud lages of the Revolution With sincere thanks for the kind and agreeable manner in which you have made known to me tbe action of tbe Convention, I have the honor to be. ?ery respectfully, your friend and fellow-citizen, S A Douglas. Hob W H. Ludlow, of N Y : K P Dick, of N. 0 ; K C. Wickiitte, of La , aud others of the committee. IvV> RKV. CHARLKS H. IKKI1SE wil' pr.ach !L? m tn? W.-r-r.. U?I. . i vuurotilKlmt Wm d JO MORROW MOftM.NO atll au.i ai )> uoon at & o'clock. It* ry-g?s?T. ALOY8IU8.-TO-MORROW at mm IJof Or. CtamiiAa, of New York, will preach, %U i at ve?per? Fatmkb Magcibk will lecture. It* rrv CRIi'KKT.?The in#mt>er? o| the \Va*h ng1.1 _3 ton Cricket Club wi 1 ple*?e m-*t oo tn?-ir pis* found on MONDAY AFTEKNOON. at i o' engage in a match game. Thi? being ?ur h Id day m 'rubir* ar? requested and expectad to b* punctual in their attendance. B> .*?ler of the Committee je 3D I- W. CADM AN, Sec. r/6?.Uti>IC'AL SOCIETY.?'The aeiui amiual IL t u.eeting of the Medical Society of the District of ' olurotia will be held at the Waaluugton Infirmary, on MONDAY, July 2, at 12 m. \\ V. LIPP'TT. M n r Recording Secretary. rKs- VOLNU CATHOl ICS* FRIP.ND !*OCI ^ ETY.?Th? moiithiv meeting of tins Mocietv will ><* b?-M at M Dominica's Church on MUXl'AY Oti' at 5 p. in. .M'mijeraarf particularly re<ju??t d to att '4 this wetting, a* of the utinort impu tance t?? the Society witlftepreaanted for their iH>nM<le at.on. by order of the WMaident. je j&-il P. J. McitNRY, kec. Sec. rr^? NOTICE. THE RAFFLE OF THE IL* A1L'?ICAL BOX-J.NO. RUL1NSKI A Lo. give no*ice to thvM who have chances in the Teh at <1 Muaicrn Box.that ha rattle ill take pla-eouSATL ROAY EVENING.the90th inrt , at h o'clock, at the Eur. -p. an Hotel, corner of Fa. a vac ue and Eleventh *t eet, (over Metxerott'a Mui ic Ht re, > provH"<l ail the cha- o*a mr< pai.l .'or f* form that time. They can bapaid for *irher at the .i?w#li> Moi of Kuitneki k. Co.. or at the European "MrtouKm * co. the Republican press to tbe effect that "the Convention* which were recently held at Baltimore adjonraed without an endorsement, by either, of the Administration of Mr. Buchanan," aaya: 'Theae acrlbblera must have been grievoualy at a loaa for matter of defamation when they exult over the astouuding fact that the Douglas faction did not endorse Mr. Buchanan! What rational t>eir.g ever exper ted that they would? And who rared a pinch of situfT whether they did or did ?? f) - ? - ? ? 1 * WASHINGTON NKWI AND GOSSIP. Soxvthiso Usifcl as W*li as New.?Nothing affords us greater pleasure than to note useful Improvements In the arts as ttaoy comesucceasi vely under our observation, and more especially where they appertain to the noblest of all arts practised by civilized inan?agriculture?which ia at the buis of onr national prosperity, as of that of all other great nations, or nations that hare been great in their day and generation. We have, in person, seen the rise and progrea of almost all the mechanical improvements appertaining to agriculture that have done so much for this country ; for since our manhood they have almo?t totally changed the methods and modes of the farmer in arriving at results that have been his sole aim, as it were, since Virgil wrote in praise of his trnly ennobling calling. During our boyhood agricultural implements in thiscountry were comparatively little advanced beyond what they had been for a century before. The rudest threshing machine wan then to be found in no farmer'* poaaeMion, and a machine-reaper was a thing undreamed of. A drain-plow had not then been conceived, nor had any other corn-planter Jh in the husbandman's hand, entered into any one's imagination. Could a farmer only versed in the use of the implements in vogue but a brief quarter of a century since be found now. and shown the results achieved by the improved f.irm machinery of this era, he would doubt the evidence of his seises. Indeed we may safely say that such im. provements nnwin usein this country have trebled the availability of the farmer's labor in that time. That is to say. with the tools and machinery of iu? litre*, a larin laborer can accomplish three times as much work in nearly every branch of his catling, as his ffether could with those In use twenty-flve years ago. We know, for instance, that by the use of cutting and grluding machinery In preparing every description of stock feed, we actually save very nearly one-balf the provender required to feed a larga stock before resorting to the use of such mechanical assistance; and k*?ep the stock?horses, horned stock, sheen anil hooi?in much hotter Condition than before. This ia no theory with us, but the result of careful experiments and compar> atlvely l?ng practice in fetdiug uncut hay, straw, blades, stalks and roots, and unground corn and oats, and, subsequently, in feeding the former cut and torn to shreds, and the latter invariably thoroughly ground?the work of preparing it being done principally in rainy weather, when farm laborers' time usually hangs heavily upon their bands, and the power uecessary to drive the machinery?the farm horses?otherwise stand eating their heads nff Thus, with food properly pre pared, we can keep two horses, steers, sheep or K/ttva % wlntu* i ?'? "* ?*'?? -?V. u\--o, lut u -ami, " ?u uiv. oumc ui luuu that it was formerly necessary for us to accord to one?and keep them !n better condition Into the bargain. We are led Into this train of reflection by examining closely a portable fence now being exhibited by the patentee, Mr. Charles Vandemark, of Oak's Corners, Ontario county, New York, In the open spate on Pennsylvania avenue near Seventh street. The farmer ac&ustomed to estimate the expense of fencing will, on seeing it, readily comprehend a great many advantages it possesses over any other farm fence now in general use Thus, he will, at a glance, perceive that it does away with any necessity for a single post, and requires in its construction but a trifle more fencing plank than if posts were used, and really no more nails than are in uia*iug an oral nary post ana plank fence. Next, that any single farin hand can build *>t it twice as much fence per diem as two men cau build if digging pest holes and setting fence posts. Again, that all the work may be done undtr cover on rainy days. Next, again, that as its every upright may be set upon a stone, this fence need touch the soil nowhere; which 1 must double its durability. Again, it answers as well set in straight line as xigzag or curved, and is as sure defense against unruly cattle as a post snd plank fence can be; as. set up as it may be, it cannot be overturned; for while as great a force is iictnui) iu urea*, it uuwu us i? requisite io ureas iown a po?t and plank fence, no force lhat cattle ;an bring to bear upon it can possibly overturn a panel of it, each one of them being so interlocked I with the other, and yet so simple iu their arrangement, as that two boys of fourteen may set up or remove in a day miles on miles of the previously i prepared panels, the preparation of which requires perhaps little more than half the time requisite to iig ordinary post holes and set posts in them for is much fence. r* 1 1: - # t - ? ?v * - ? - * * - um u'-iiti is max iuis improvement Will reiuce the rout of the lumber required to make a* | iflective a fence with post, at least one-third?tae labor required to make the fence one-half, and will nearly double its durability; beside* greatly reducing the quantity of cross-fencing now ordinarily necessary on the farm. As, being portable and Instantly fl*able. its position can be shifted at will with the smallest conceivable labor. We [?ive the inventor and patantee great credit for bis i Improvement, because satisfied that it Is destined to save the agricultural interest of the country perhaps an aggregate of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, as insignificant an affair as it may teem to be in the eyes of the uninitiated in the economy of the farm. Officers Appointed to Exhibit Specimens of American Arms to the Tycoon.?Lieut. Col. Ripley, who ha* been appointed on the part of the Army to accompany the Japanese Embassy home, is to deliver specimens of various arms sent by this Government as presents to bis Majesty the Tycoon. Before returning to this country, he is to visit Europe and examine, at leisure, the chief arsenals in every country. Lieut. H. A. Wise, as we stated yesterday, has been appointed on the of vl?.. 1 ' 1-- j? paik v* iuc i?a*j w/ pcriiinu a bi tin i<ir uuiy. Miss Lams'* Reception, at the Executive Mansion, this morning, being the last of the season, was fully attended by thoae in fashionable life still remaining in the city." The fair hostess was in her customary good health and spirits, and received her numerous friends in the moat cordial manner. The President, ajso, "was about." and as usual, added to the pleasure of the occasion by his peculiar agreeablem ss. Appointment or a Chaplain ?The Rev Geo. \V. Dorrance, of this city, has been appointed and confirmed as Chaplain in the U. 8. Navy, viee Peter G. Clark, of Connecticut, deceased. The Weather.?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer l?an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithaonlan institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. June *??, lbtfo New York, N. Y cloudy, warm Baltimore. Md clear, warm. Washington, L>. C clear, wind t* RW hoioud, Va clear. Petersburg Va. sultry. Norfolk, Va cloudy, 86?. Lynchburg, Va clear, sJK". Wythevilfe, Va clear, trt3. Bristol, Ten it clear, 74?. Knoxville, Tenn clear, *8?. Chattanooga, Tenn clear, 75?. Riilei^li, N C? ?clear. Wilrrun^ton, N. C cloudy, hot. Columbia, 8. C clear, hot. Charleston. 8. C clear. August* (,i clear, MP. rvivaaiiau, ui clear, 85?, windN Macou. (ia.. clear, warm. Columbua, 6a..... ..clear, warm. Atlanta, U* clear, 7S?. Montgomery, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala clear, warm. New Orleana, La clear, . FROM THE WEST. Frederick, Md clear, warm. Hageratown, Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md clear, warm. Grafton, Va clear, warm. Wheeling, Va clear, warm. Parkeraburg, Va clear, warm. Cincinnati, O cloudy, very hot. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. iu , (corrected for temperature,) at noon, 29.777. Thermometer at 7 a m., 79'; at noon. t*A Maximum during *4 hours ending V a. m. today, Vi ; minimum 75'. PIANOP?for Bobool Exhibitions, PIoNIm.8?rcn*d ?, or family us*?FoK RE T for day, i" "" "" "SfflBTrKLS.'Vo. iv?. S NOTICE. (MPSON HOUSE. Cover Tenth street and Penn. avmu?, on ami alter ?t July, will b# ol??'d u Ui 1st September, iu the luteriui it willbetliorouchjy renovated. je SO-3t WM. 8. SIMPSON, Proprietor. t Official Praeetdiaga ?f the IVtUutl Executive lemmitteea. Dkmch-katic National Ezkcctivi Committie?The National Democratic Committee appointed by tbe National Democratic Convention which met at the Maryland Inctttute. Baltimore, on tbe 23d of Jnne, 1S6U, conalating of one repre Bcn?s?i tc it uiii ratu owtc, uuii tcuru at >? iiuhib Hotel, on Monday last, and remained in session three day* The following gentlemen were selected aa per maaent officer* or tbe committee for the enasing four years: Wm. H Clark. Halifax. C H., Vif ginia, chairman. M. W. Cluskey, Washington D. C.; 8. P Hill, Yanceyville, N C : and Freak 11a Steele. St Paul's Minn , secretaries The committee.among other resolutions.adopte* the following: Respired, That in such States as have at thk time no National Democratic organization baael. upon the platform adopted by the regular Nation* Democratic Convention held at the Maryland Ir> stitute at Baltimore on Saturday, the Tfcld div rf Jutie, 1^60. the several members of this commit tee for such States are hereby recommended t? take such steps for an Immediate organization d tbe National Democracy of their respective 8tat? aa shall, in their opinion, be most conducive t> th*t object. Tbe following Resident Executive Comnittc wai appointedHon. I. I. Stevene, Orcgoi, Chairman: Hon B. W Johnaon, Ark.: Hoi. r Mar rv * _ aa i _ r* r _ _ f\ **-? ? * jeurratiu lsivis, iiiiHj nun jew u. onp, Ind.; Hon. Tbot B. Florence, I'a.; Hon. W. Hughe*, Md ; Hon. John W. Steveitoi, Ky.; Hon. John R Thornton, N. J.; Hon K I. Meek, Ala ; Augustus Scbell, Esq , N. Y; Isajc H Wright, Esq . Mass ; Hon. J. G Berret, f. C ; Wm Flinn. Esq., D. C.; Walter Lenoc, > C ; M W Cluskey. I) C., Resident Secretary; Geo. W. Riggt. D. C., Treasurer. The committee, after making efficient arunpements for the vlsllant prosecution of the cmvus by the Executive CoinmitUe selected, adjoirird to meet in Washington on the 1st of Jatua y, I.H64; subject, however, to a previous call ky the chairman, or any live members thereof The Executive Committee have taken ihe rooms iMo. 133 National Hotel, for the prosecution of their work. Douglas National Exkcciivi CoMMrmtE ? This committee m?t at the National Hotel in this city, on Tuetdiy laat. It was appointed by the Dcujlaa Convention at Baltimore, and caiaistacf the following gentlemen: Sylvanus R . layman. Me ; AlptaeusF 9iow, N. H ; Charlea (j Kaatman, Vt ; Fred CJ Prince, Masa.; Jacob Babbitt, R. 1.; Wm. F. Onverae, Conn ; Auguste Belmont, N. V ; Jacob >an Nosdaie, N J ; Richard Haldeman, Pa.; Th>maa M . Lannahan. Md ; John A. Harman. Va ; Robert l." ni/.lr V* n . IU?. D A **t nr u. i/ica, ^ . v>., ?t tu. ij. uauiuni. Aid j ? . ? . Moore, F1*J Oatley H Bynum, Ala ; Tto?. Cottman, La ; Thot. Flournoy. Ark ; Jas Craig. Mo ; C. Knox Walker, Tenn.; Henry C. Harrion, Ky ; Hugh J. Jewett, Ohio; H. W. Harringt>n, Ind ; Murray McConnell, 111: Benj. Follett Mich.j John K Sharpstein, Wis.; Wm H Merrick, Iowa; Henry H Sibley, Minn ; Jas. A. AfcDougal. Cal. The committee was organized on Tipsday, by the choice of Auguste Belmont, of New York. a? chairman, and Thomas Cottman of Lousiana. K O. Prince of Mass . John A. Harrnan of Va , and Hugh J. Jewett of Ohio, as secretaries. llie Executive Committee consists tf Messrs Belmont of N. V., Jewett of Ohio, Dick of N C . (Converse of Conn . Haldeman of Pa , Cottman of La., and Follett of Mich..with power o substitution. The following resolutions were adopt-d: Resolctd, That Mr Montgomery of Pa., Geu. T n.n?? ?.. '' ?* audico i . t ian ui wiiii y lvirrtwrB. raij ox i%i() < Vallandigham of Ohio, Rust of Ark . MiClernand of 111 . Taylor of La.. Larrabee of \Vis Banks of Va., be and thev are hereby appointed tie resident committee of the National Democratic Committee. Rttolced, That the resident commltee be requested to prepare an address to the leniocrai-y of the country, giving a true history tothe character and proceedings of the National Lemocratic Convention held at Charleston and Baltimore, and the secessions therefrom. Kc*olvetl, Thut the crisis demanding that the organization of the Democratic part? shall be preserv?d intact against ojien as wel! awe:ret ene uiie* of ttie Constitution and the Cilon, it is therefore recommended to the several ftate committee* that they take measure! to secure the adoption of an electoral ticket in thel respective States pledged to the unequivocal support of the nominees of the National Democrat*- Convention?Stephen A. Douglas and Hersck.'l V. Johnion. Hf.iolcrd, That if any State comttittee shall omit to take the proper steps for secuing such an electoral ticket, tnen the member of tils committee In that State is hereby author: ?ed, aJtber in conjunction with members of the State committee Dr by bis own act, to take such action as be may deem necessary and proper for that purpose. Bargains in pianos that uv? b?t little used, nanus for lure. %t 26 oeu * 10 $8 j.-month. JOHN f KL.LJS, jp 306 Pa. avtnoe. W NECTAR CREAM SIRUP, ith Other choice t*lHUPS, wi?h par?, cool ind hDirklint SODA WaTER, can b< ?<w at M "ORB'S j* 30 2w W?ft End Prut Store. Rowe's oriental balsam, A CCRE FoR baldness ani) headache Thin new discovery hnn produced astonishing results iii curing Ualdr.ess and stopping tn? hair |rom raliiim off. It removes da>>diun and all eruptions i>t the skin ; a certain cure for headache, and a de lightfu! va?!i ami peffume. Price 5?c nts. For sale l>y iStim A Palme.-, cha* M?r, L. M. ?mith. J Schwartze,and Kidwell A I.aurtnce. jf 1 w* BOH.vs LIBRARY skrik8, including the S'andaro, Classi^l. Antiquarian, Illnatrat"i, r-cie'tfio, Philological, Ecclesiastical and Br t'*h CiAsaio Lihraries. A ?mif a of S'andard Works accurately printed an I at low prioe? >?w works are auded to the s -nes every mor<th. Any vo ume may he had aepar-.t'-lr, an l back vohim?s can t>? alwavs supplied. Tha complete series kept constantly on hand hy PH1LP A SOLOMON, Metropolitan Bookstore, 332 Pa. av? bet. 9th and 10th sts. je? S^'e agents for Laurence's ^tiUioaerT. fr HOVAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 1 HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oondnoted by the Spanish Government, nnder the supervision of the Captain General of Caha. will take place at Havana on TUESDAY, JrLT 17. I860. SOHTRO NUMEHO 6?9 ORDIKARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE $ 100,000. 1 prise of ?...910ft,into SOpriseaoC.?-..fl.WB 1 do 60,?"0ft 60 do 5*?0 1 do 30,000 153 do ? 4"0 I do 20,ono swapprox. ?400 1 do 10/100 IN ALL PHIZES. Whole Tioketa. i20-H*l??ii. mft_Unart?r? mt, Prises cashed at eight at * per oent discount Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded as toon aa the re-alt becomes known. All orders for scheme* or tickets to be addressed tu DON RODRIGUEZ, jean tr Care of City Post. Charleston. 8. C. 1~.MRF.WOH KS, FIREWORKS H.-sJquarter* f>r KIRK CRACKERS, TuRPEOOES, ROCKETS, ROMAN CANDI.ES, WHEELS, CHINA FLYERS. BENGOLA LIGHTS. TABLE ROCKE I'c, Ac., whol^rale and retail. is fit at LAM MO.N PS. Seventh tt. |_|A KPER'^M AGAZ? N K, IftCE^-TS, 15cf<iit?i. _ >W VWM?<-J - ?? U' I1ID) IlJ >?f* f f CJ oenU, l.Soents?payable in ad v&uoe Calami pay for Aiuutt r<uinl>er. K. F Hibbard's well-known CIRCASSIAN B * I.M, the incut remarkable Ir aler hi the world, for ?al-*. See bills. A. HIJ^TER. je a) 18t' Under \Vii!arUa'. Qto SOMETHING NEW OIU OlO UKDER THE SUN. OlO AT C. WOOWARD'S LACLE STOVE UOITSE ' I have juKt received from the manufacturer* au asbortnarnt of PATENT FLEXIBLE ROLLER SKATES, (the hrst that ha* been offered for sal? in the Dih trict.) nometbiiiK entire!* new. and far ?im?rinr au>thiu( heretofore invented in tlie way of $lcaU?ti, requiring for the health ui exercise of slcauti* no ic<. ar?> easily inauaretl. and ?uitalil? for parlorN, hall*, dining-rooms. pavement*, or any other place where there in a smooth surface. They are truly a most wonderful and valuable invention. Don't fail to call and thorn. at C. WOODWARD'S. Eazle Move House, je 29 3t No. 318 Pa. av., Ix*t. 10th aud 11th st?. ENOINEFira OFFICK, Alk.xamdeia, June 26, I860. MANAH9A8 G\r Ka1LKV)AD. 8 \ HUNDRED MEN WANTED on the line of this road from Mt. .'aokson 'o Hariiioulturg. W&X^fl il &dm: hi aH A in r.ap wmr.tW , r- ...? i?. i ui niiurmation, Ao.. inquire of WM- 8. FEWELL,Cumpany'a Offioe, Alexandria. M dtj>a?.HtwAugtlitwS >. O NOTICE. UK Hill* for the p?t*t half year liav; ail l*>ou made ?<fl to date. Am many as eau make it convenient will confer on u? a lavor hy calling at our deck fur aooounU, which, if n?-t iak"n away prior to the 25tii initant. will Iro Hent to all for whom intended, without diitoriiuination. We re?peutfu:ly urge that there will be a more than utuai ell'ort made on the part of our credit customer* to kettle up. jea-dtjyl Cl.AQKTT * DO PEON HAM MACK'S RESTAURANT, \ No. #02 P*. Ateju'k SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Gentlcmeu taking their ine?Js out will always tind clean and airy dintng-rooiua, uent?ei and attentive wau?r*, and mwli ready from 6 a m.tuUp in. My eharcea during the summer will be quite mod era'e. Club* of gentlemen can dine or breakfast to ether. I tiava several neatly furnished Rooms, which I will rent to reaponaitile jjent emen at alow rat* Gentlemen having rooms id thia vioinity will 1 find th a the moat oouv nirnt ami pleeaant house lor takin* th-ir meal*. My bar, at u?ual ia well stocked with the most celebrated brands of Champa, lies and Brandies, and my larder ua n t be ?ur pa*??d. it equaled, in thia country. My personal "gSX 'i^^WKRW 0 EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. THO! FOK ARLINGTON ! HK GEO ROE WASHINGTON MONUMENTAL ASSOCIATION would respectfullyannounce to the public that they will give a grand Fourth of July Celebration, At ARLINGTON SPRING. The Association pledge themse!ve* that go?d order will be presorred. They mm guaantee for their visitors every comfort and pleasure. No *xertioo on their p*rt Will l>e pared to make it agree able to all who na> favor them with their presenoe. WITHERS' FULL BRASS BAND. <47 Pise**.) WITHERS' STRING A WIND ORCHESTER . And the MONUMENTAL GLEE CLVB Are to he among the attractions. Federal Salute at Sunrise?Half hour fiun* during the day?A National Salute at Sunset?and Firevnrka in t h a oi*nviin? ,T"* ? ? VIVlHIlllk ? I" ????? 'IIU1 * IC W of the National Fireworks at the Monuimnt. All the deleaaoiea of the season will he nerved up for dinner ami supper. The best quality o? refresh ments at city prices. C?*V*ta*cks?From the corner of7th ?t. hourly, by states. cuiiimencinK at 8 a. ni.; fare 15 cts. From 14th st. bridge hourly, by the steamer George \V. Riggs; fare lOcts From the Georg'town Aque duct hourly, by the steamer Flying Cloud; fare 15 cts.. for the round trip. Admission to thk Ghocxds? Cards to Gentlemen .50 cents ; Ladies, Children and Servants free. By order je 3? 3t COM. OF arrangements Excursion tr ip to glymont o* july FOURTH. The Steamer THOMAS COLLYER will make two trip* to Glymont Pavilion July h 4th. leaving her wharf, foot of Sev-^fc*^*~jgft? enthat.,at8 o'clock, Alexandria at "**1 l?* fl1, o'clock a. m.t and will leave Washington at 1 o clock, Alexandria at 1.'? o'clock p.m., and will return in time to witness the fireworks. There will be a string hand of music in attendance. Refreshments will t>e furnished by tqe Proprietors, Messrs. Jones A Miller.^ itouna trip ucneis irora waMMgMn 75 cents, from Alexandria60 cents ; chilaieu uuder U years of half-price. Tickets sold at the boat. Omnibuses will leave the corner of Pa. avenue and Sevrnth st at hall-past7o'olock and quarter liefore 8 and half-past 12 and quarter before 1 o'clk, for the boat. After the boat returns she will lay over at her wharf until aftor the close of the firework" for the accommodation of the cit>zen> of Alexandria. jeZKtd ?AM'I, BAKER, Capt. P <? L* R T H OF JULY. EXTR AOR DINAR Y~EXClRSION TRIP from Washington to Hew York, and ri.tirn. Via Baltimore and Washington Branch Railroad, Philadelphia, Wilmington am! Ba timore Railroad, Camden and Amboy Railioad, and New Jersey Railroad Steamer*, accompanied by the FULL BAND or thk INDEPENDENT BLUES OF BALTIMORE. TICKETS FOR THE~~ROUND TRIP ONLY SEVK.N DOLLARS I With a view of enabling the citizens of Washlueton and vicinit* to behold the GREAT EASTERN STEAMSHIP as well a* to visit the Metropolis ol America, on our National Annive. aarjr, arrangement* have l>?en effected with the above Well-known line* to run a SPECIAL EXPRESS TRAIN offimt-clans Passenger Cars, including a Car exclusively lor Ladies and Families, from Washington to South Ainl>oy, where they will take one of th? N. J. R. R. Line of sp endid SteMners for New York. rf'ESDAY EVENING, July 3d, leave W'mlimgum at :i ?" p. in.. Bait more, ft 7 o'clock p.m., and proceed to Philadelphia, arriving the e lit. !1 p. m., where the Excursionists will be tra sferred from the Depot free of charge, to the elo^ant Pa seuger Cars of the Camden and Amboy R R. lor Vinbojr, arriving there at 3 o'clock a. m., will em bark on one of the Company's splendid Stwatnes, iiituukii ria^ou ibihiu cuuuu i'j ua>ii?iii, arriving at New York at5a in. Returning?wi I leave Pier No. *2 N. R., New York, at )0o clock p. in., of the Fourth. iintuediatAly on the termination of the M?g niticnt Display of Firewo'k* at the City Hall Pant, whioh will i-onclude at 9>, p in: reach Philadelphia a. m . Baiti more ba. m.\ and Washington 10 a. 111., on the iijo. niiik ?fth 5th. Tw'keth are poMtively limited to from Wa-kin?t"ji. a-e now ready, ami van l>o procured at the Adams' Kxprens Oflioe. and at the itepot of th?< B. Ac O. R. R , vV ashington. je J8 U H"0! FOR THK GRAND MILITARY KN CAY1P.Y1KNT at fort Washington, The safe and commodious cteamer PHKNIX, Captain Ryth*r. havin* t>een c artered bjr tite WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY' BAT TALION to run to the Fort on the ad. M and 4th of July, will leave Washington, < loot of Klrventh nt ,) touching at Alexandria going and returning, a* follows vi* Monday, 2(1, leave Washington 12 noon; leavs the Fort 3 p. m. Tuemtay, 31. leave Washington at 9 a. rn , 2 an-! b p. m. Wednesday, 4th, at 8 and 11K > ni,. and 2V?, 5 and 8 p. m. On the 3d and 4th the la.-it trip up, leave the Fort at II at night. Round trip tickets 5>> cent*, to !>e hail on the wha-f. No mon<*y collected on tae l>oat. Per order of the Committee NOTICE 1* HEREBY GIVEN That no strainer, nail, or other Uoats will he permitted to iand at the Fort during the encampment, excpt the steamer eneag d. ; _ tvi o,? r* ? n t' m t * t > n /> - ju in-a'r tj. a. ii ^ i n nit , vspj. JULY THE FOURTH ! u R A N D PIC NIC Of the Georgetown Benevolent Association, For the BENEFIT OP THE PC OR, The best Pic Nie of the season will !>e given at ANALOsTAN ISLAND. VVKD h. NKSDA^ , July 4th, (or the beneht^^AlStasjj^ of the poor. The Association pledge themselves that good order will be preserved. They a'so guarantee t > ,their visitor* everv comf.>rt and pleasure. Nit exertion on their part will le- spared to make it atreeahlo to ail who may favor them with their presence. The Declaration of Independence will Ik* rea 1 by a ineml>cr of th? Association. An oration will lie delivered by a distinguished {MtlanM. There will be several R&lloon Ascension* during the alternoon, and a splendid display of Fireworks on the ground* m the evening. Visitors will also have one of the l?est views of the National Firework*?the Moiunneut U rounds beinn in full view from th9 island. The Holt tlill t- and hM Iiwii entiKOtl. All the delic?'ie? of the >a?on will be ?er ved up for dinuer arid supper. The best qualitv of Refr??hiuen:? at city prices. The bt nui packet liKKAt.u will leav- Hun ?t. and the Western Wharves evory hv? minutes dining the day, free of charge. This Pic N ic being solely for a charitaltle purpose, all are earnestly requested to patronize it. Tick ts : I.alies and Gents ?>aih 25 eta.; Children 10 ct*.; to b-> p ocured of the Committee and at the boat 011 the day. jo 28 5t* THK LADIES' MITE SOCIETY, ifOmah Chapel, will give a MOON- -IE* * I.HJHT KXCI RSION to INDIAN HEAD on Jl'LY Ui> mi*lliM Tiie steamer Phkmx iiaa heeu chartered Fine music wi I accompany tlieiu. Leaving her wharl. Eleventh st.. at K o'clock p. in. ?icket*, gentlomeu.'.Vii cents ; ladies, 25 cts.: children, L'S fts je Jh-bt C^KAND FOURTH 'F JULYEXCL'RSlON I TO PinAV Pnint Pninf T nnlr-flnf mm ?MWJ * VAMV MVVa'VUlf) Norfolk, and Portsmouth. The Kim, Sare and t'cnmodious Steamer B\L TIMORk,Capt ciiaklk- k Mit ( hkll, bavin* been thoroughly overhkuieo a:id fitted >'p to the "o*t ?ub-?"-*axa*"B Mtautiai luMiiier with one hundred berth* aud fuerteeu state room*, will lie plao-d regularly on the line he'ween Washington a d Norfolk. mekinc two trip* a week. Ttu* daairab e a <d delirhUiil eunmipr rcute will ooinmenoe on Tuesday, the 3>1 ot July, with an excursion to the above named plaoe. The steamer Baltimore will leave her t>erth foot ofhtli street ou TUtSDA , 3d of Ju!y, at 7 o'elook f n-.,?rsi'iux at Old Poiiit early nest morning, hull tit Marfnlfc ai,/l ?L? r. uuvi i ui Muiuubii, wiicre slie will remain until 3 o m , of the 4th. Returning sh? will touoii at Old Point to enable the paa?euger?>to witue-11 thegiacddisplaj of Fire Work r, after whioh she will iea?e and arrive at WMlnngton at II o'clock on Thursday, the jth. Fare for the round trip including meals? To Marshall Pavillion $3.00 To Pmey Point - 3.00 To Point Look-Out 3 00 Old i'oint, Norfolk and Portsmouth 6 00 The Baltimore will oommeroe er regular trips on Monday, 8th of July, leaving Washington on Monday* and Thursday*, and Norfolk on Tu*i days and Fridays. For further information apply on hoard to ."apt Cha-l** K. Mitchell, or at the Company's Ofli je. No. 378 Penn. a?enu , oorner of feth street, under the National Hotel. GEO. E MATTINGLY, General Tloket A se.jt Potomac Steamboat Co. ie26 dtjii3 {Intel and Alex. Gaxette 1 rr NOTICE. i HK UNION FIRK COM PAN Y int?nd giving an KXCl RflON TO GLYMONT jr? * on MoNiiO*. July IK Particulars iu future advertisemoi.t. Br oilier of Jie 18^21 ft.eo?w THE CQMM1TTEE. 1VR V GOO DS~ II 1_ a DRY GOOD8! jiavuit purohftbod &t r6duc6d ptiook tho ST( >rir OF DRv'gO.jIW, .n .tore NJ. MI sSventh^t foriiiarljr ?ccupied l>? II L. Newton, Esq., I shaii op?>n oni Moudty,.July ai, and contiuue to eell th<< entire vtook at private ra e, eonsi.tine of ? FANCY SI I.K K < H KS, P ANC V OR kSH sii icq Bl'ACK 81 I.K DRKt^'ooiiDa JfSr^,1LKS' CLOTHS, CASSlMt- RES. Pl.AVNKi rt EMBRuIUERIES. H08lfeRIE?, ' '^iOOD*' * assortment of DOMESTIC r?!l ?" a a. i , - wi ton. miu Kit uargaina. je? 4t H. EGAN. A SPECIAL NOTICE l.L Persona iudetit'*! to ma Are reap*otf>iUy And eArneatiy requested to oaI; and -ettle their Account* on or before the fir t of ibe oowiug month. m> a? to enable me to ooniiiue 'o pe> the owh for Pu nture which f rtuni leAvmg the city, or othore, may wuh R. BUCHLV. Dealer m Nt*> a ml Second-Kami Furnuurr je 36-8t 498 Seventh, betweeu G And H eta. 4 DOW*! DOW WE HAVE THIS DAY MARKED DOW OUR LARGE AND MAGNIFICENT STOCK ? Deslens of DRESS GOODS. MANTILLAS, L JOCKEY HATS We do not desire to impose upon the creduli or lest than cost, but would uy that we will sell ai former prices. GREAT BARGAINS may be expected, as make room for Fall supplies. If those who sre in wsnt of SI MMER GOO ottering theiu f ir below tile original prices R. BR1CE 1 IN THE ADJOININ< We have large Stock of CARPETING, Mi and TRUNKS, whlcb we are telling f*r below fort U7?REMEMBER?We have but ONE PR J une ?-3t WANTS. I WANTED IMMFWATELY-A itood CAR RIAGF. PAINTER. Applf to JOHN M. \<>( Nu. Carriage Maker, 404 l'a avecue, near II- I WAN'TF.D-A hr?t-?lMi HAND,? fwmm at fancy cake taking mud ice nreatn making, with reference. Appl* imtnediatol) at 4 36 Seventh *t., between G andH. It* ^ETANTED?Bt a respectable young woman, a ?? SITUATION as housekeeper. I* competent to take charge of children. She l.a.? no obj-ctiors to travel I* willing to make herself useful. Ad^9. Star Qflic-. It* \LT AN TED?A PLAIN SF.WER TO HIRE ?? b. the we#, and a jrouns Woman a* holp.iu a small faini'v, who wilt be able and willinc to work. Apply at "*49 Thirteenth street, corner of Massachusetts avenue. It* |I*ANTED-By a smart, active hot, twelve tear* of a<e, (American and an orphan.) a PEACE wh?'P? he can make himself useful to hi* etnp'ojr?r l? *ot afraid of work. Pleas* addr?ss James," at this office. je 2< 2t* WAVTK D?To attend upon an invalid rertlenia'i. a WOMAN of experience aud skill a< a nurse. Oul> those who can itriux a good p-commendation n<*cd apply. Inquire of Dr. THOMAS R, F st., between 13th and Hth sts. je 29-.1t* WWTKD To ITRCHASK OR RENT-A medlU'n-mz <1 ttOl'SE. in the ii?,uhi.orh ??d l??tweeii f*eve:itu and Fourteenth streets ?-est an 1 Pa. a<-"niM and U st. north. Address "Hon* " Star Office. je/-?t 1(14 EI.EVKTH JST.-THK WASHINGTON -HJ + ANDCENFRAI. EMPI.OVMENT OFFICE-? G *??d Cook* waated. ChaTil>errnaid? and Traveling Servants, bo h n ale and female. sneak - ing French and Spanish la<gua>;e*. AU<>. r'nrm and Garden Hanis. Two Kwii'l1* S ?v?-* wanted lor private Jamilies. H- IcIh ?iipplt*-d. je Z> 3t' C. LEONARD. Proprietor. WANTED IMMEDIATEEV-* H<>u?7k^P?7, with good reference. to go 111 the eou- try. Al?o, several goodpl~in< ook?,Chn.;l> d Nurse*. white and colore*, for lowji *nd country. AI?o, six good Farm Han<l?, wi*h t;oud reference, inay applv at th* I ion Int lh;ence and H<>u*e A ' ncy Olfi'", \o. ltf l,oui tai.a avenue, tictween i,1* aii't tiv li !?t.<., ODP'-Mt*? fit* flail ?quar?*. j-?^-3t? "DUNCAN' A CAMP. Proprs. W A NTED?T" have every txniy know that tbey can fird a Fine and Well aelccted Stock of CLOTHING and FUR N,SUING GOODS at tue PEOPLE'S CLOTHING S I OKK. No. 460 Seventh ?t . opposite Pout Offioe Department. ap6 3ir, \\T ANTED.?Every one to know that SMITH, " Seventh st. charges fair prices for his G<Hid?. Go to SMITH'S, Sevanta et., to get jour HATS and CAPS. ap6 3m personal! 4 I a a. a a ? l? < , n n a *? ? ? m .a un .11 r, ;>i imnnr., ihkuvhii a ? t t <> r ?1" Gl<T 111) D< ( Tlttl, jU-t/'OM ?'urnp'..~T"tt highly kift (J mid intelligent :a*i> can ( ? consults on the'*a?t. Present and Future E rente. C*il at No. WO.j Twenty-aeoond alreet, b?**weei. H *nd I, Waahington. je*9 'in* ~ LOST AND FOUND] IOST-On Wednesday night la?t. a HAIR j BRACELET, wth c a-p containing hM'; rf little value ?"scep* to thJ owner; aupT>ot>e?1 to be lost on Ninth, t?evei th, or K atre?t?. The finder will rorei p the t!ia k? of the owner by leaving it at N'o. 3H7 Ninth rtr^rt. It* IOST-OnthsJItli l a ant.asma.i MEMORAN-i M M BOOK. containing aecom ta with p<raona and the Washington an<T Alexandria Kxpreaa; also, bill a.-amxt T H Millwell, of Alexandria. Any one ict.iruiiig it to tut*will l?e amiably rewards!. je 3n-3t TAKEN up. on th? 29th instant, a !a-ge red COW. witli her Calf. The owht ii request^! to <;?>ine forttnl, pr-?ve property. pa\ chargei-. am', take her awav. AaJta J. THOMSON, joy 3t* CornT of 14th and P ?t?. TAKEN UP?On the 28th ins an',a small hrindle CO W. with ar* "ropp*!, and <.th?r win miirkod. Tli* owner i? request d tomip come for ward, prove property. an?l take her Jba&M away. j? ^9 at* SAMUEL LA NO LEY. tin REWARD FOR THE CONVICTION 1" nl th? person who carried olf my men "Lare^t ?? d Bookstore in the South, Morrison'* 4 nitio to Washington. Guide to Patent Office." 81?? f >rtlie (erFot: w ho cut and ?tole the Side-pieces of my Awning; )jf In lor the thief who hfole t?i- 22<1 volume of Rarin'n Mittun <>! KndiinH lhn? d??tro. mr lli? set of3' volumes, alto, volume 3 of I'nivrwl History: I volume Dict'm.are Auglne* l.'Francai*. Boniface; volume 1 Chandler'* Travel* in Asia Minor Greece; a Sun containing Morrison * \ i?*w of Washington. Colore*!; a siual Lvtdfctx Painting in Oil; 1 volume S:r l.eolme J^;.?* I.ife. a large folio volnme heavy. Information eohci'ed of a Gold Five I' anc Piece Napo eon. Spanish Silver Dollar, 1815, Ferdinand; F.r.n.ish Florin. Ji, of a? itt'liaji, in old Kngli*h l*tter?. taken l>v entering the hack window. Also, inforntation of %I7 contained in a paorM* with paper* and Itook. Kent to ine in Raitimore b> Ada Kxpreii* Company. Competition in trade is good .hut eending anony inou? letter* to an innocent .\lajo'. tea in* down awning*, *ign*. Ao., *tealing h ok* to destroy nets, is not praise wottliy. Inconsequence B'^ks cionineotrcheap. AI.FRkD HFNTKR. je29 St* tinder Willard*' Hotel. foiTsaTe and re\t~ [For otker "For Salt ttut Rent" adrertisewunts, see first page ] <TORK ROOM FOR RENT-On .outhk ea?t oorue' > { Pent. *v*uu?? and T?rtth struct. he etofore used ai a pr<>oerr App'y at t-e rooni or of J AS. K MALI Ha ^ , City ?'? i. je ?>-tf fpOR RKNT-A tlirw xtorf HRICK HOI SR. i'ii Tilt lith *tre?t. t?etw en \i-w Yo-k avenue anil ii ?ti?et. oppomte S*i.ator Bright s. Inquire n?xt d?H?r at \'u. 4 ? 3"' 3t FOR rkxt--a new two ?U?rjr HKH'K HOUSK, cut i.ii' g five monii Oa\ an?1 water in vf?rj room a id punip *f ? <tter hi the yard, situated on K ?treet, near W * t Mark t Rciit *li5o p?*r in" GEO. A. LANK, I-eater in Hut'er,* ami Center Sla-kf>t?. Akakk chance for a homk.-KuhtThve aeroa of hig> I) improved I .and. mix mile* Tom v-iitiRKlon, on which tii?M * tandaoine o tiajeand a'l ueu>*iii?ary out building*, ever? vanity ? f lruit ami *pl<?ndid wate',<-an be boui; t l"w, with or without <rowinf cropland powhkion given immediately if desired. Addre** A H. C., A BM' drift, V*. je30 3t* KKNT-HOI SK .No. 4"?.? Maa.-achu.etU venue. lietween llth and l?.th t.t?., containing nix room*, and provided with gas and wnt-?r. Address C. F. II., Box 1. ;tar Office. je JS 3t* FOR RKNT-A ROOM, amiable for a at re of any kird.on the uorner of Fourtoeuth and I fcts. Inquire within. in MR* WAT K*? ^ ? >. ? ?s I l ift IJ |\ f?jH>R RKNT-Two FKAMK COTTAGE HOtSJ;!?, ?itnat?Hl on M&atacliu>ett? av> uu? and 15<h st., MHituiiui ?> rooms each. Rent *10 per month. Fur particulars apply on the premises, je amt LP OR SALE OR RENT?A i\-story FRAME r HOl"J>E, No. "ill Fourth ?t. w >t, containing parlor, diniiu-rooin. kitcheu and fiv? t>?d-rooiu?. all private, with p&ao&ge and sui* alley ; j?mt thoroughly pumUxl Ao. Inquire at V* 484 Ma**achu ettis avenue. Rent $U*s per uionth. je38 3t* A mm'VALUABLE >ARM FOR SALE iu lViaoe George's o anty, situated about 1 mile from Btadeusburg, 1>* from the Agricultural College, and 6 from Washinetnn. It oont&ins 56 acres; 9 acres in Pine and Oak Timber. It is under a good fence, and is in a high state of cultivation. A or-M ard of Peaches, Apples, and a variety of other i., ^-4- ./ r?o. * I kiuua ui iiuik cirawiteniea and Aaparacua in abuu lanoe. it ia on the east aide ?f the Baltimore ?u<i Washington Railroad, on the Abingtou road, adjoining Col. Carter aud Lawyer Stevens. It haa on it a small Home ooutalnin* four rooma. Spring and Spring Houae. and other outbu:ldirca Peraona desiring to purchase will pleaae call on the premises. or at stand No. 370 .?*<ter Vif.n. J*?-lw? MR?. MDRHMKR. Fm OR RKNT-PI RMSHEO ROOMS-Lwlglnc Roonm and Parlors?on moderate t?rius. a? Al'i Twelfth at , next door but one to tin- Kirkw???d House. je? M _ OR RHNT-ln (j urwtuwn, the <JMir*Ue BRICK DWELl.INu, two-?tor> aud Uackhuilding, situated ?n First street, between High and Potomac, now in tue oocupa?i\ ?>f V P ? au Bine. E?u. PoiiMKioii civaii niiniiHlifttoly. Awl* I to THO.Mas KNOWlTE", corner Bridge ei. and Market Space, Georgetown. OR RENT-Two dutiful new BRICK HOU8. S.on Eighth ?t.?*t w?t, between M aiul N street* iu?'th, Wf*t nJe. App y t.> MAR V C HAISLIP, No. ?e*l Vntu ?tre*t wnt.ur Dr. KKAOBKY, No. 339 Pa. avenue, betweai. ?ih and loth Btreeta. !? 12 Sw* ELL1NO OFF.iO CLo?h BLrM\r?.JOHN' K. MORGAN woull ro?poct-_^? fullv inlUrm Kia AlIltOIUArs aJ Hia?A.?.-.,.l* f Mt'J "* ~T ?...i--. WIHIUU WH 1 wty generally. that he ha< conelu w*: tor ! olo->a nia buaine??, and in orderto do ?> m PW a od a* will "ffer hi# entire took < f hi* own make BwOTS and SHOES at oont for oa*h, and hit other cooda at almost any once. To tho?e in v ant of reliable ?o h1? for wear, f woui<l , me a pall and yon will not he disappointed. Aa I am about to cioee my busine**, all accounts 1 Jn my booka will be renlored on or befor* the 1 t of uly. wheu I hope they will be re?..n4*?j toproniptIjr. that 4 may meet with prompUiea* the oblua tioua due by uie. _ J. R. AlORUAN. | ) 14 No-303 ~ uer pricee. ICE, marked la plain figures R. BRICK IIALL, Not 373 and 37* SEVENTH STREET A POTION 8ALE8. For other A urtt?n Sain, s*t first Bt A. GREEN, Auctioneer, LARGK AND ATTRACIIVK8AI.KOF DRY Good* at Avctiom ?1 efcall xmrnmi on WEDNESDAY. the mti nut , at 10 o'dotla. in., and onntmae daily until ail is ?otd, at store No 3?3 Penu. avoi;B?, south de. Iftwem ?U and Ttit air ml*, t > seil Ut? entire atock of Drj Uonda, a<i of? Cloths. Ca?sin?er?, Veatings* Towels, J?ai<? Linen ami Cotton Pants Ptnff, De Lain*. Lawna. <ire> Goiida, Berate aix! Silk Kolm, J dl.. m.?a i)..... a i i rviv^onw auu t> i *?w ii r'lir^mnjk" *** k hiimi???( riah Unwii KnbrwdtriM flonwi*, Hta?k Laoe Shawla a??l taai.U.iaa, Unterthiru ud Dr?w?ri, Linea Bomm Stiirts, Linen Shirt Frniit?. And ir.tnj o-it-r C.>?<U t.... ' At tke tm.dinr la to N Utni 4?Wti U?MUr? took msit be sold wit'. ?>ut rwrw. r*rm? Ai s-'ti* i: * } >' A t ov?r aTount a credit of ?aml *> <l*y?. w tu approved Mdnno<l beariug iutete?t |r-m o?? < ! ja 23 d A. ORKEN. Anot ITTTHK ABOVE TtLK II* Pot?TP<?>Kl? in conaequenoe of not b inc ratty, un i! THl R> 1 DA V . the 88th lust., umc hour j?27d A .liRKFVAM J By J. C. Motil'IKt. A C(l . I Wt'PKRKiR KOPKWOOUSEVKN IK TAVK PlANOFO&TK. FCKMTCat. AM> Hi-VkHl.tU Kff*ct? at Piblic Annos.-dii MU>OA\ M BMNto. Jnljlt ?t l?uV <?k, ll th? riHii4?i,r? of H?n. L J 0?rtre 1 4A K i-tr.ei, Mw ?? Sixth and Seventh aire t?, we thai I +*' all h.a Ko nit'Tean Hoaaeho.d t f{ ctr.c n o inn* - Saeerior ^eveu octave 1'iuu K <M*e, ' t UtinM Bro tiers. Suite01 aoh<l Roaewood Parlor Vumitu'e. t> lalwd inCri-neoo Broral*,, m>un?ta.e ?*t tW" Sk.?*. two ArwChki'o.aud ill Parlor Chatra, Threa haudeoir)* We nut tiatn >?*. Marble-top Outre, fola, au 1 B<^urt Table*. Ruah-eeat Reception ar.<! V*noT ? haira. ^ Mantel Va?c, t"ar<i K<wi>rf. a>*d On.aT. mta. Handi?mt ll t'aii-'int* an.! f' ? a? ni?, Walnut Hat Tree. Walnut Ha l Chara, Three pi) and Venetian t'arpete. Oi!e:oth. Malr>riMijr KideU>ard, I- \tenauiu 1 China- t?l%ae. and tfrooker? War*. Cast"?? U'uni*, Oak Ihninc CJiaira Rcokera, | Walnut J*w-? Ltnd Bedatead. Wa??lr?tbe. Marwe t?^)reaa<Uk- Bureau "ml Watk?ttrd l>ttac? ' et.Co'tate Bedstead', Hair rod Huak Ma'treto*. B<> I at is aiid I illowa. i .00* ing iiiuiet, To' lot !*et?, * e , Together with a general aes-.-rttnect o( Kitchen requisite* Term--. and ur.der cash: over that mir * credit of 6" ami ^da**. for satisfactorily et.dorstu note*, bearing m'e'es! i'2t d J. <\ ?eSl lRK ? CO.. *Uc'?. By A. OKKKN. Auctioneer. V'EW THKKK STOK\ HKt? K HOI HE a.s? i* or at Ac< rio.v?Ou Tl KfJJAV. Jut 1 shall sell la trout ot the preiirsr*. att> o o <-ok f, in , t?<e r?orth twenty fe t f'cmt of l.ot No. a in Cruttendeu's subdivision of square No. JW, frost i"K on 9th street west, runu'n* ba<.k l*t*#sn ?t and P streets, north, to a mb x a >?, with "he improvements, wh'ch oon*i*t of a new Throe stori Brick Hou?e. containn.c six good oonvocientlv arranged rooms, witii wide passa* s, a a bant m the b*st mauner. by one of the l?>?t workiben ir. this city. The sale wil! t>e wortt.y f any o*>e wishing to purohaee a hue small house in a health* lOOAtloD ' Tarn a: One third ca?h; k anoe in b, 12, D.tad 24 montn?, for notes b-amg interest from day oi ?? A deed given and a deed of trust lakec ja 29 d A. 6KEKN, Auet Bt J. C. MoGl'IRE A CO . Auctioneers Extensive sale of choice wine?. I.ivvor*. Havana Cigarb, Piklxi. Satv r?, PtESIRVBU FKClTh AMD MIAT*. IRON f?AH,*?rpI rior Stork Fixture*, Horkk and Wa#?s, Ar r-> CLo-R th* at sink** o? Hamilton A Leach -On TLESl>A Y MORNING, July S. at 10 o' the store of Hamilton A Lcaon, a lev doors east of the Natioral Hotel, we tha i ?e the entire atook u, trs<1e a d valuable Store KixUires, viz : Juies Mnmm, Fieurde Bouxy. Caroi?a! and Ruble* Champa* ne. Choice Brnwn and Pale London Sherry, imported direct by Harm ton A I each, Vsr? superior Old Port In, Weioh's Madeira, in demijohns and bottles, a ve-t fine aruol*. Msrjc&ux Chateau, Lafitte, Cii'teau Saoville, gi rierre a no pi uamtwrt Ularet Wine*. .in* Hook. Johanr.eai>er? and Moeelle W in**. Varge qnanutv <>i Burtui.^j and -*ti a,?oungar'* linperia', Knox 4 Ale, Canada Cider. Hibtwrt a Brow* Ail*op'a Ala, Frmoh Vinegar, W. if?'a Sohnappa. Larce quantity or Catawl* and other Hi terin oaa -a and on draught. Superwr Old Appia and Pefl^h Hrandie*. \u l>< ?U?? and demijohn*. Fine brandiee. Whitley. Ram and Gin, English and French Pickier, ?aueea. Fru'ts. Jel.ies, Sa:d>neaand Vegetabiea, i ot "I int Oreen Tea* in 6'b caddie*. Olive Oil, Olive*. Tnrt f St*ak, Ca apasn and Ca ipee r-aucea, in fancy iara. Prune*, Kickla mubhroom*, and Potted Mcata. id fan?T jar*. Large jh ?,f choio* Havana Cigar*, of vumn bra. da, Tobaooo, One laice Herring S*afa. nearly new, f><*Bk?, Counter*. Gi*-** C#e #. Cotnter Poa.ea, fiai.d Casks Cojper Mea?ur?-* *p. At i o'clock i* rao>t? One fin* Roan Mare, wall hr ke^o ha o**n, Ki "*?? \\ a<or. and ham?as. T?rma: If* a*:d ur.der ea*b ; over that mn a or*uit of i, Jf. 3and 4 ir.ot.Lha. with loierr at, for n?t*a a\?<? lactoruy ?udoi*ed. fT7~C*,al'Cuee r?Mj on Forfar wxt JOHN L LFAOH. Ntinni rarti?er. jen-d J. C. MoGt'lRK A <_Q .Anet*. Br A.GREEN. Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S J?A'.K OF VALUABLE IMproved Property.?I n let a n) by virtae of ? <1?ed "1 tru*t. > anto a at tne Stti da* of November, A D , 1854. a..d doif f?co'd'd id Liber J A. f . No. km. folios afi . &.c .one cf the and record* *>f Washington oouutj, I). C-, I ?'a.l tell, at tut lie auction, on MuN DA V.Jul) suth.lHNP at ii nV!n?? p. in ,iu front of tbc pcu.ues. the eaatera ha f < ( Lo' T. in Win A. B aJley'iau^d visum of Lot* 7. >, 1' and II. in Square u?mberrd 4%. Said e*>t h? f I/O' I' fni ta IS feet on Maryland a??r,ue, t>et?'*r: 4>? an J 6*h "tweets. ai<d runs back <i h that width tn- depih <T aaid lot to an alley. Term* of aale: One third cash; residue m equal AIT manta &i C U r/1 14 m/.? t he f po~. A? ?? - u with interest secured by a deed of truet on the p ?tn i'P. If the term* of sale are not onmp ied with w thin 5 days, the trustee reserves to bim-elf the nchl to r.*?el' at the oost ano risk of th- W -st purouas*". up- n UwuMi three time* in the National lutei J ii/enoer. A Conveyancing at the expen?? of nurobaser. C AMIKORD Truit*. je28 \V?9tJy 3* __ A. ORfcENjAwi. MAR HA I. SSAI.E ? In virtue of aw it of hen faata?, louml f om the Cierk'a < ftoe of the Ci oi IO art of the District of Co un.b.a, for ttte corn t) of Waslnut ton. and t<> mr directed. 1 will expo e to public sa e lor oash, in front of tbeoouit hou-e door of said county, on 8ATr*L>AY, the 28 h day of J?ly next, 1M at 2 o'olooc m .the fo 1 wing wit: Al defendact's right, title, cam, aad interest in and to a certain dw? Hi r t house erected on Lot eight, (H land asoutb nn et<* n (i? feei l"ur(4j inch's -u K<>t nin?. <?> in ^uare numbered tor?-e bandied and /?r?i in the cit* of \Vaahinc>on D C , >*n?d tad I* tad U(0C m> the pro* rt? of Ju iu? \ and wil t?* o m to nt'iil) Judicial* ho ? to October term l?St, in favor of Jonathan T Wi'br J. D. HOOVER, I -ate U- S. Marshal for uisiriot Colnnhia. jeg-^f MARSHAL'!* SALE.?In virtae of a writ o' fieri laciao. ieened from the C<*rk <\ttoa.of I the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the oocntv of TV??hingt<m. and t?? me directed, I will expose to pablie sa>, fer cash, i? f wnt of the I oou rt houoa door of said oounty, on ?A H K l>A \ , the at1' day of Jaly uext. I**1; ?* jt o'olock m., the foilowiDf property, to wit All defendant right, i title, c'ai*<. aud mtarest, in and to a certain bstldiuc erected on Lot No aix < ? in Pquare No nine hundrel %nd 7ortj ntoegM9)a? laid down in the plat ol the city of \V ashiugton- eetsed and levied neon ac the propertj of Abel Grigcs. and will he old to eatisfy judicials No 2M, to Ootobet term l?t9b in fevor of John Pnrdy. J. D HOOVKR. Late U S Marshal for the Dutnot of Columbia, le JR-dts FLY AND MO8UUIT0 TIMK-Thoae who w? uld prof rio?l<>ep without di?tu-rl*ne* are informed t'-at we have in utoek fur them iwl. cheap, aud (*<aiitilu article of <>ILT ARCHl-.S and RINliS to lie lump uvm th?*i* t>?d> fr ra which to ?u*p-iid ni U Hi fly time and curtain* lu *nt'r. They will b? found vary ornamental ? 4 oonveni lit. '1 he curtain* or net can be hung m one minute. We Itave alto, a Jul! aufpl* of a. I k n.u of f I n K. BLUE \ KLl.OW and \< HlTK N T. f> f*Uda. oka dflier^. > a< fexture*, picture frame*. 4c. Al o a rich variety of material* for tuuiner oov ?fin|?iur |p?iiui wf, v?rj cu?if. CARPKTIXU.CURTAI * MATERIALS. AND OTHER FIRM I IRK PRY G<^t>0*. j? 18-**** Pa. ?? , Mr k< t Sp?o?. No i. OR. 8CHKNCK ~" KG8 Lnv* U) inform hit patient*?and oth*? in tVashiitfton who <na> wi?h to eunault him rrcard to Consumption iu?d u; otb?r Lun<. U'* orWmaeh Diaeaeea-thai huoaoa: weefclT vi.jt. 1 on aooouut or urgent MicMfxn?nU eieew?oro. will ; not take place unUi \Ve4*N?day. Jflf > * * " % ! which day ha will, a* formerly, l?e*t hia roonie. <? fiw doori from 8 B. ilr?| ??!?. wwr ul I L?>ui?iai.a av and 7th at I , , ., , . I IK. 5CHENCH Mm to staU tWt hi* a?U?e?. aa Ji*f?*i?ft>rr. ia mvftriaMi ("?of e !? ?* . owt lor examit.iuc tli? ] ?nncf with kn K uriMairtt, hi* cha j? ?* #3, except ii o*??? t>l ^wrKrti* ?*?? lo sut | gSWOTPeyafigfc M atwn stated. H * -oo*w #PiP?Pf*p *!! DOW*!!! i ? N THE PRICK OF EYKm A.HTICLK 1> f Sf MMKR (.(K)D^ f-nribm. n? ? ti.? luteal ACE POINTS. PARAS?OI>. BONNETS ?a4 tf of onr ruitomfri by ?d*frtii!n([ to *11 at rmi ay article 10* In tltore at a ^real rrdu< ?!<> fr<nn the Mock mu?t 1* . out k,\?\ ?, J US will call, tbejr will be ?oi?y1uc*<1 that w* trr tl ALL. No 3ti SKVENTH STIF.KT G STORK, * 373, lTTING, OIL CLOTH, SHOE?. BOOT*, HAT*

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