Newspaper of Evening Star, June 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 30, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. The Aduhe?* or Robxxt Ovld, ? q , itrom the Auk*i ofColcmsias Collsoe on Tn*ti4ay viming tact, was founded upon a letter attributed to Lord Macauley, written to Mr. H. S. Randal', the American historian of Jefferson, upon the aubject ?f Government. In his preliminary n* marks, tbe *penk?*r alluded to the subject of this letter, characterizing it as one fall of warning and affording text for profound and anxious reflection. Lord Macaulev is no me:in authority bo man In o r century ha* more profonndfy studied the theory and practical working of consr.tuttor* He baa chronicled with admiration every pi>r'^ar advtnre In his own government, ewr fight of t:?e people wrung from reluctant power Neither the man nor hi* opinions can be vh *t!ed down the wind with a sneer, nor angry personalties. nor vehement recriminating attacks upon tlie form of government of his own country, break the forre of his words. He mu?t he answered by grave and solemn argument If be be rgbt, no people are aa much interested Ih the d'scovery as we If no? to u?. it is a matter of life and death to ourcbi idren an?l onr children1* children Next after the truth on which the eternal welfare of man depends, nothing can be ao % important as tlr. j solemn subjei t. whic h involves no* only the study of those charters i u which your rights and duties are defined, but also of man, bis nature, his. rights, his duties, the good and evil that re in him. his reason, infirmities, vices, his phvslfal. intellectual, and moral canaeltlj* win'* It la the momentous question, whatever may he the form of government, whether freedom can exist where majorities recogni/e only rights and not dutiea Octrrnment la decreed of fiod, and the decree la enforced by a aanrtlon ao cogent, that the race of man must periah If It be not obeyed But who shall exercise the powers of government, and what shall be the mode and mensure of their authority, are mattera which He leaves to man to decide for himself. That he exercise care to decide wisely is a duty which he owes, not more to himself than to others, and most of all to his Maker. No pa'Ucular form of iiovernment is of divine appointment; but it ia the decree of Heaven, stamped in the nature of man, that government of some sort there shall be; as Prof Lieber says "Government of some sort ia aboriginal with man; It ia no voluntary association; no contrivance of art; no invention of suffering; no work of contract by indiv'.duala who previously li?ed out of It; no nereaaarv *vil- no ill humanity which will be cured bv time and civilization; no accidental thing: no institution above, and se j>ar*te form of society; it la a form and faculty of mankind. It Is the glory of nisn " Government nr.'it necessarily conform itself to circumstances, and to changes in the condition and character of th* people. It is to their adaptation to the character, habits, and wants of the people that the be*t institutions owe all their value It is impossible that tbe same government which is best for a horde of poor and Ignorant barbarians, can he best for an enll"hteued, refined, and prosperous community The goviV* IKA ? m * ...... ... ~H,vu ?u? I/ITXBIIVUB l OIia'tlOIl OI ieudal kingdoms made indispensable to their safety, would at this day suit no nation uuder the sun Kven the government of the Kiug. Lords, and Comrnans of Euglind, as it stood tu the reiifn of the Third Edward, could uot now be endured for a day bv the English people. To spt-ak of any form of government therefore, as b*ing abstrjrtedly the best, is only to utter folly The best form of government for one people or one a^e, may be the very worst for auother people or another age Even when a government is once formed, suitable tr the conditions of a people, it the nart of wisdom t? m?k? '? - *? 4 _ ? ? -??? wutv; nt fcO i UC subsequent changes of society. The government of England I >r more than 500 years, has been a jUnduie illustration of the truth of this. Teat policy Las wa n aud Hjja'n saved her from the terrors of political and social revolutions It is also undeniably true that most if not all thes* her constitution were purchased by her own people The Inviolability of property has been toe lever of her liberties Concessions, grants, charters, liberties, all were bought by advances of money. The retention hi the bands of the representatives of the people of the power of uuuuu, mm uer iroui despotism. France, on tbe otter band, by denying concessions, and Insisting upon a form of government totally unskilled t*> the condition of a people living in tbe blaze of civilization, precipitated herself into her memorable revolution Time, attended in iU progress by civilization and refinement, had cLauged the individual Frenchman, but had paMed on without touching the organization of the government. The stern feudalism of Charletiia^ue ex sted in giariug contrast with the literature of the times of Louis XIV. The speaker then went on to speak of tbe exactions of tbe King and nobles to pamper the lazy pomp of a corrupt Court, of their failure to afford protection or guidance to the people; of the spiritual teachers of tbote time* degenerating religion into a ceremonial?"a repetition in the cathedral of tbe tiantnmitne of th? thmtwi''? _ | W -Oiiu V/* lUCi X own disbelief in and failure to practice what they taught, while they forgot not to receive the wages whtch were wrung from the bony band of penury and waat; of the noblesse, who. not content with exemption from burthensome taxation, rioted in the immunities of an old feudalism until, stripped of thetr estates by tbeir extravagaucies, ttev fell back upon the largesses of a corrupt Court, whose extortions equalled their own excesses Thus the Government became a rank, glaring imposture?a machinery of fraud, hypocrisy and cruelty. For centurits had these abuses iit-en carried on, and sovereign and nobles bf*n heaping up wrath against the day of wrath, which it length came in the mightyrushinv wind and e^rthqu:?k'*. wnlch swept not only along the roofs and oatii?-:uents of the imperial fabric, but rent >-aiiiid~r ita foundations ana scattered abroad Its Lat-d materials. The truth was again proclaimed. that? ' There la a point In misery. wLicli. making the oppressed man Regardless of Ma own fate, make* him, too, I Lord of the oppressor." There mmt l>e conformity between government an<l society The revolutions of States have generally been but the violent exhibitions of the action of this great law. Government and society are ao lntim iWy connected that the former is ?rer made responsible for the latter. If society has its esger and pressing wants, government must mee* them, or if tt fail* to do so, from want of power or disposition, it Is made the ODen I f point of attack, and the work of demolition'begins there. Government is not the noble aqu? luct that plants its firm feet beneath the to rent and stride* the waV-rs like a master, defying their rage; it is rather the frail bark that g..e's forth "to play familiar with old ocean's hoary locks,"' and is wrecked when the tempest Is abroad While, as republicans and believers in the theory of free ^governments, wr *rv ready to recognize the truth of what 1 have advance!, when applied to despotisnift and even monarchal governtnruts, we s^cm t > l?e singularly averse ti> their application to free constitutions There never was a more terrible or fetal mistake In a country where much land is unappropriated, the task* of government are few and simple, and of easy exec utiou When, bowcver. the vast domain has become appro:.nail ted and peopled, then the political actiuu of ^ov __ -.n<4 k. ? ?: - J # - rrnuinifc itm. auu wjsuuui Oi 1X8 HrlICiUr<f I and administration is put to the test. All ?xpef riruce has shown that the more powerful class will sacrifice the interest* of the weaker whenever 1U owa can be advanced by doin^ so. if there toe a more numerous class than ail others, and tuere is a?**;?ued by the constitution of the government t.* ta.?t clw a weight and authority proportioned to its numbers, wnat is it but an absolute surrender of aIt power into its hands? In other forms of government that class is denied the power?It can only reach it through the horrors of successful revolution?in ours, the ballot-box saves the necessity of a resort to so terrible an alternative. The more numerous class, whatever It may be, w.<nU fn-1 it far more convenient and ( rtalnlv far safer to redxes* a fanned grievance, or perpetrate * wrong through tbe ballot box. than to resort to the revolutionary pike. The security of such a proceeding would lead to its frequent repetition One would be but the precursor of a greater, until the plundered minority would seek Its refuge beneath the |>rotectiou of the strong arm of despotism If the machinery of a free government be but a contrivance for ascertaining the wishes of the majority, what Is the result when that majority goaded by want or impelled by criminal lusts, are bent on robbery T W hat Is tbe ballot box tlieu. but the instrument of wrong T W Uen the popular heart becomes corrupt?when duty Is considered a word of imposture and cousc ence a bugbear?when u,e barr er of scruple is rudely torn away, the ballot-box itself become* ik* WI>- ?nan#? ftf tvraniiw ^-- ?? ft"" ? -/-?? ? J . a UCT CJT VI kid U will be Hung on the property, ??<? the hand of destruction ua the law which in Wtter days protected It. and every element of o^, f aud greatueas will be at the mercy 0f a brutal force, governed by no consideration 0f duty paral ted by no fear of punlahment, aud shocked at no enormity of Injustice. When doetrloes ha??t<l upon fraud are embraced and theti voltes elevated la to popular idols then the government Iteelf becomes turned Into an instrument to haalen on aerials which beginning to a dissolution of the restraints of virtue, terminate* In the destruction i f the barriers of law There is nothlug so ruthieas, nothing so dead, alike to conscience and shame, as a licentloaa majority unrestrained by authority. Yct 1 have not denied, and do not deny, man's right to self-government, nor his capacitv The only protection of society against Its own suicidal tendencies, la in the discipline of ite *>.<4 # K. /Ilany^ a OCari V/iiuic auu ?uc uivpwiuvu MI ciiiuc ujuii be checked; ?tbe omnipotent control over the human beart must be creited, and conscience must be made tbe universal peventstive. In default of this tbe ballot-box Is no savior Better tar than that, tbe sleru schoolmaster's rule, '-thou fc.\ shalt" and "thou shalt not,-' anything, rather 0?.m allow tbe poor, starving, corrupt, ignorant millions to rush into suicide? anything, rather than suffer them to Wot out civilisation Better fttr. ev?n, that they should rush into despotism, tot In tbat there Is some tort of discipline, and for toe corrupt and depraved the discipline of the task master is better than none We are certainly not far rtzneved from truth when we assert that jtwt In proportion as tb?rc It an absence of anlf* restraint In the individual or lu masses. In the same degree is there tbe propriety and necessity of extern 1 coercion. If republicanism or any other t ieory of government is inconsistent with this truth, to that extent is it an error. And if in our own times, in view of the licentious turbulence that seems to have seised upon our people, there is a necessity for further restraints and additional authority, we are false to the character of freemen, unless we impose them. Without this self-restraint ?without this moral discipline. 1 know of no way of avoiding the calamities which Macauley iwcuuun. i? ii not ine vice of onr own age and the Bin of our people, that there la a wide spreed and almost univeraal disregard of wbclt ome authority ? Conscience and scruple are laughed at as abstractions, wben Invoked. A lending print in the city of New York only the other day charged upon Its own political friends in tbe legislature'that it was the most corrupt body of rum that had ever met together in any age or any country. And it seems that the charge is about to be proved. How refreshing to turn from mich a spectacle to the proud vet true boast of one of Virginia's noblest sons, In speaking of the career of that Slate under tbe old Constitution, that --during fifty yean;, not only did no Instance occur, but no charge was ever made, no suspicion entertained. of one single act of corruption In any officer in legislative, executive or judicial station; that no poor man had ever been oppressed with impunity; no rich man exalted on the mere strength of wealth alon??- ?n<t th*? , ?U*? WUiUIVlIVUf I n-> faction, no animosities had ever arisen in the c >mmonwealth." Oh ! if I had the Ezeklel power to breathe upon the dead bones of our virtuous re* and bid them live, what warnings and app*als they would utter in our ears. We have ba kslidrien from the fajth of our fathers, we have 1 st the high tone of their virtues, and have deputed from the wisdom of their teachings. The g'xUess love of gold has seized upon the energies of the country and prostituted them to Its purposes Corrupt mammon is the shrine before which the nation Is l>owing?the golden calf elevated Into an idolatrous worship. The whole age has ltecome one of pecuniary profit and loss? nil is motion, whirl, contention and speculation. ''Roguery sits in high-cushioned lordliness." as if rather to display its unseemly front The body surrounded by extravagance and clothed In the uonp of "purple and fine linen." is made a Dives, while the Immortal soul is lying in Lazarus' rags, neglected and uncared for And is tbere no escape? Are there 110 means designed by an overruling Providence to avert the destruction of nations? Arethevall to be like'l ime's progeny, to be devoured in a Saturn banquet by thr power that gave them being' la it an irreverable decree, containing and controlling all things within its chain of adamant, a de ay and death as sure a* a rise and progress1 Are there ever to be fettering masses of corruption in everv civilized sot iety, whose malignant vapors shall steam up to Heaven, and cull down its vengeance? If there be firm ground anywhere, it is here, embracing a moral that should be sounded from the hills and on the housetops," that not in mere material progress, not in the subjectiou of an innate and inanimate agency to the will of man, not in commerce or railways, not in ballot-boxes or elections, but in th" uncompromising morality* of a people, in their virtue, In their discipline, in their subjection to restraint, is their hope toes cape the fate that has stricken to the dust the fairest fabrics ra;sed by the sous of Adam, who for tlx thousand years have iu sletplese efforts been doing. and devising, and discovering, and warrinn against the empire of might and found out but this To you that are just entering upon a public career 1 must sav that 1 am well aware that the ft?-ld to which I have invited your efforts is not attractive to young ambition Yet for all that it is the post of duty. All the 'jualities of the fiithfui and heroic aoldjermav bed'splayed ther> . Your srvice in it will be the most precious legacy you can leave to those who are -'bone of your bone, and flesh of your flesh.'' If no honors _ i l ? ? sMuuia ciusier around your brow during life, ycu at least can depart to your father ? without i ?tain. and with the proud consciousness that you have achieved the highest glory of man in the fearless performance of the duty which Gi d has set before you. To die in such a causc with your armor on is itself a crown of honor. Orncus Klictkd ?The ditferent Encampments and Lodges. I. O. O F , tn the District of Columbia, have elected their otlioers for the six months' term beginning on the.1st of July, as follows, and they will be installed during next week: Columbian Encampment.?C. W. Ilawes, C. P ; John H. Keiss. H. P ; Wm. Warder, S. \V ; Wm R McLean. S ; John A Moulden, T ; D. P Hickling. J W Magenenu Encampment?F. Frosperi. C P.: S A H McKim, HP; Wm F. Steele. S W; Jos S. Tucker, S.; Geo. Brown. T ; William H<>dge, J. W Ridgely Encampment?Chas. Leninan, C. P ; A. F. Hinea. H P; S. Dohna, S. W ; B. A Kiiider, S ; Ed. Edwarda, T.; R. M. Sutton, 1 J. \V, Mount N>bo Encampment?Henry Trine. C. P ; E W H?rtd*n 11 P ; Robt. Slsltcht, 8. W ; John F Havener, S ; Jas Skirving, T ; John T Given, J. W. LODGES. Central Lodge.?John Borland, N.G.; John A. Borland, V G ; Wm. Scott, F. S.; F. B Lord, jr., R . S ; M. Johnson, T. Washington Lodge?E. J. Klopfer. N. G; John T Given, V. G ; John T Suter, F. S ; J. P M nk'??n R SI ????' - ? . . y ^ viiu erwiwru. ir , 1 . Eastern Lodge ?J. I) Hutton, S. G.; John H Bird. V G ; Jobn Imrle, F. 8 ; P. M. Pearson, R. 9 ; G 9 Hepburn. T. Harmony Lodge.?Win. T Scott, N G ; Chas. XV. O'Neill, V. G ; Fred Prosperl, R. S , J no T Phelps. F 9 ; Win. Voting. T. Columbia Lodge.?Ja? D., N. G ; Geo. \V. Calvert. V. G ; Iletsry Tflne, F. 9 ; John A. Moulden, R 8.; David howble, T. Union Lodne?Jas 1). Pennington. N.G ; W. R. Speiden, V. G ; 9 A. H McKim, F. 8 ; lieorg'- Brown, R. 9 ; Wm. F Steel. T Friendship Lodge?Thos Oliver, N. G ; John Bovd, V. G.; Win. Worth, F. 9 ; 9. E. Djuglss, R. 9 ; Geo J. Johnson, T. Covenant Lodge. (Uc?rg?-towii )?John Fowler, N.G; Joseph T. Walker, V. G ; Wm. Warll, R S.; J T. Bangs. F 9.; Jas F. Rldgway, T. Beacon Lodge.?W. E Waters, .N G ; James Croggtn,V. b.; W. A Franklin, F. H.; L. B Allyii, R 8.; L Mlddleton. T. I /vl i/o ? f U IV?ul# v " ^ g ? ?- ?? '? il U j u?o. R Cooksey, V. G ; Geo. H. Fayinan, F. S.; W J Brown, R 9 ; T. G Ford, T Excelsior Lodge ?John C. Shafer, N.G ; Silas H. Moore, V G.; C. P. Brown, F. S ; Wn?. Cooper, R 9.; R. B. Donaldson, T. Mechanics' Lodge, (Georgetown )?William Walker, N G ; Win H Wheatley, V G ; Alfred C. Prather, R. S.; John Garrett, F. S; John Paxson. T. Oriental Lodge?Louis Braemer, N. G.; Ph. Decker, V. <? ; George Rennecker. R. S ; F. .bwlerlng. F. 8.; Wm. Petersen, 1*. Complimentary ScrPKR?During his recent vlsU to this city, Albert Pike. Esq., the Sovereign tiranfl I ninwlnr I nf :?4 1 * f ? - ?i .ut .iui;ieiii a LIU Accepted Scottlih Rite of Freemasonry for the southern jurisdiction of the L'nited SUtes. instituted a Grand C?>n*i*tory of sublime prince* of the royal secret, ifcid decree of that rite, for the District of Columbia wLlrh was organized by the choice of the following officers: George C Whiting. Sovrrei^n lirand Commander; John G F. HolsJon, Deputy Grand Commander; Christopher lugle, First Lieut Commander; B-n Perley Poore, Second Lieut Commander; Wiu D Haley, Minister of State; G A.Schwarzman, Grand Chancellor; S. T. Shugert, Grand Treasurer; Wm. G Parkhurst. Grand Secretary; Kzra L Stevens, Grand Muter of Ceremonies; J. W. Nairn, Grand Hospitaller; A. Van Camp, Grand Engineer; P P Pitchlyn, Grand Standard Bearer; G . A Hall, Grand Captain of the Guard*. Tbe Grand Consistory, belli,: desirous of showing in an appropriate manner their regard and esteem for their illustrious Brother Pike, who has devoted himself with great zeal and ability to an _ B 1 J-?l -* AW- * * ' ?... ciiiciuaiiuii 01 iut- principles ana pblisopby of masonry, tendered blai a complimentary supper, which auly came off on Thursday evening, 28th Instant,the residence of Dr. Van Camp. After discussing the viands whl'.-h had been bountifully Crovided by the committee of arrangements, the ealth of their distinguished guest was proposed by one of the officers of the Consistory, to which Brother Pike responded in au exceedingly felicitous manner. A number of other toasts were drank and responses made, which were well worthy of special notice, did the limits of this article permit. Suffice It to say that the occasion was one long to be remembered by all who were present, and we trust that the grand body which has been inaugurated under such happy auspice*, may be the means of great usefulness in our community. _________ Tub Prombnadb Concerts ox Si mmy ?Mr. Editor : Allow one of your lady readers to make a few remarks in relatiou to having music at the Capitol grounds on Sunday instead of Saturday, in order to give the "working class" an opporM1. . aw *_ ..0 si. - a? a lutlliy to enjoy iuc uiunc 01 iuc marine nana Why, Mr. hditor, the idea is " perfectly awful " <i?d baa Klv'en us all six days out of seven. and uwxt assuredly we ou/bt to devote one day out of tL? ?even to Htm. laborers, or not, we all owe that day to liod, and ought to spend it in reading religlou* works, and the Bible And if the President or ibe Secretary of War command the marines to (l-tyon Sunday, I say (and so do all Christians) tbat it will t>e aa everlasting disgrace to the city of Washington, and also to the name Washington was a religious mau,aud if be knew bow wicked the people were Koing to be 1 doubt whether he would have allowed the city to have b? n named after him. Besides, what time will the marines have to reat and go to church Remember, they have to go when called, and therefore they do not get time to reat during the we*k; so it would be a great sbame If they heve to work seven days instead of alx. Please Mr. Editor, do mil you can to pat down the feeling of breaking the Sabbath day, and by doing so you will oblige Oiior tour Lady Kkadkrs WasHiJMTOX, JuueA), 1360. Thr Lojk? Brims, we understand, will be completely repaired and opened to the public thla (Saturday) evening. I School C?tw?atto*s ns nt Fow*t*.?We ; auppoae the Fourth of July will on thla occasion be aa generally observed by the various Sabbath S-hoois of the city in the way of ptc-nica, Ac , at one or the other of the many pleasant grove* aurrounding the city, aa heretofore; but tbua far we have only heard of tbe following aa having made any definite arrangemeuta in regard to auch : Berry's extensive and delightful grova haa alwava been a favorite resort on auch occasiona. and thla time aeema to have lost noneof ita popularity. We heer of three school* that bave already determined to apend the dav In different portions of it. That of the Assembly's Church, Wesley Chapel, and Fourth Presbyterian Church. la the morning about 11 o'clock, tbe school of the Aaaemblv'a Church will m?i amnnd stace to listen to tfie reading of the Declaration of Independence by Mr. Wm. H Hoover, Washington's Farewell Address by H. Clay Steer, and the delivery of an oration by Mr. \Vm. F. Given, after which the school will unite in singing that national and stirring air, "The Star Spangled Banner." That of NVealey Chapel will in all probability observe similar exercises, though we have not heard of the particular arrangements At that of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, the Declaration of Independence will be read by Master R H P Denliarn, and a brief address delivered by Mr Thomas S. Shepherd, with other appropriate exercises The Western Presbyterian Church school has been invited by Mr. Green, at present residing on the beautiful and capacious urounds formerly possessed by the late General Van Ness, to tpend the day at that delightful SDot The Invititinn will in all probability (if'it baa not already) be accepted. Incs*i>iary Firs?About 8 o'clock last night. t*ro men were seen to jump from a window of one of tbree newly-finished, unoccupied two-story brick houses owned by Mr. John Reed, situated in Eleventh street west, between O and P itreets north A few minutes later a tire burst out of the house, which spead so rapidly that in a few momenta it rnmmnni/?#M wifK *K<? ???? w ..... ... .... .v % "vv* mtu >uv v/? u^l ?wu houin. and all three of them were rapidly destroyed bv the flimti It also communicated to five two-story frames adjoining on the south, own'd by Mr C. F K Richardson, and occupied by Messrs. Smith, Crow, 8>'hafield, Williams, and Clemei.ts, severally; and spreading with great rapidity, soon threatened their entire destruction; but the efforts of the several lire companies confined its ravages principally to the upp?r stories, with one or two exceptions, though the buildings were all very much damaged by the destruction of windows, doors, etc . and the #>ntir?* mw t? practically speaking, a wreck. Mr Reed is Insured for 81,HO lu the North American Company, and loses over and above that amount some 81X10. Mr. Richardson loses some 81,200 over and above an insurance of $2,500 in the Mutual Company. The only water available, beyond that taken in buckets from a pump near by, was a limited supply from an adjacent brick yard, which was soon exhausted, and the engines in consequence rendered useless The severest loss is sustained by the occupants, who lost nt-ariy everything they had except the clothes on their backs, the heat being no Intense as to prevent any successful effort at saving their goods Imitatiki* Solomon Northrup?Citizens of the District will easily perceive the similarity between tbe following case and that of the author of "Fourteen Years fii Slavery." Mr. J. Frizzell yesterday noticed the strange conduct of two white and a colored man who were lurking about in the country around tke Chain Bridge, and suspected them of tampering with slaves He made an nrrangc-roent by which be succeeded in capturing all three. al>out three miles from the bridge; but one (Win. Beniamin, who it appears is the principal,) broke loose, and escaped Fred. Axter (white) and the negro (George Armstrong) were secured and brought to Washington The bearing of the two indicated their northern training and education. The negro claimed to be a native of JeftVrson county, NY; said he came passenger in a propeller to Baltimore, and had allowed Lis two companions to otter him for sile in Baltimore and near Beltsville; claims to be free born. He is certainly an educated darkey, lu bis dis 1 j i? *-? * * - - - - * * euwc ut nuuiu uc va?t-u ior a iong*uoat tiana in his working clothes He replied to the question, "Wby did you want to be sold?" that where he came from, it was difficult for a colored man to live from hand to mouth, and the little he had seen Induced bim to wish for a life in the South; he would be glad of the change ' His comrade (Axter) was perfectly mute, neither speaking nor beinx spoken to The negro wai the spokesman, and was as communicative as could be desired. He is a stout black fellow; young, apparently not much over *21; has a slight cast in his eyes, and wou d make a line hand in any field. His answers were all regarded as designed to mislead his captors, who suspect tbat be and his party are connected with the underground railroad Justice Donti committed both to jail toawiita further hearing. Criminal Court?After our report closed yesterday, Elizabeth Davis (colored) was tried in two cases for larceny in stealing articles from Sidney and Henry DeCamp, and convicted She 11/4 BOH /?*?/>??! *' " " w ciguurtru mourns in the county jail. Charles Peres (Mexican) was tried on a charge of grand larceny, in stealing a number of gold coin* from James VV . Brown. The jury found a verdict of guilty, and he was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary. To-4ny.~The case of the United Stitesagt. Jas. Mnntz. for assault and battery on William C. Newton, was tried The jury had not returned a verdict when our report closed. The court then took up the case of the United States agt. Martin Kin?, for the larceny of chickens of the value of *10. This case was pending when our rej?ort closed. Carrying Matters too Far?Yesterday, J no. Schmidt was rearrested for assaulting and beating Augusta Schmidt, his wife. It appeared that after giving security in the case we mentioned, he returned to the house where his wife resides and repeated the assault Justice Johnson immediately committed him; and detective officer Parham was on the way to jail with him, wb"n, meeting a friend, the prisoner gave the required bail. Mrs Klotsbach made oath that she wa* that Mn. Schmidt would set fire to her property. Her frars were based on the declaration of Mrs. Schmidt, that rather than let her husband have her furniture she would burn it up The peace bond was not required in this case. Mrs. Schmidt accused Mrs Klotsbach of profanity in the street. A warrant was issued and the ca?e taken before Squire Donn. who ordered her to pay ?1.94 line and cost* The parties all live iu the same house. Mrs Klotsbach is Mrs. Schmidt's landlady. A Plka for a Fourth-of-Jci.y Cklibratiox. Mr Editor : Are we to have no public celebration on our National Anniversary?no oration, no public reading of the Declaration of Independence? no military parade.' Why is this so' You, as well as myself, who have lived our whole lifetime in this our native city, and have witnessed in other days the celebration of our National Birthday with so much display and so much eclat, must feel mortified that tLat day will pass away almost without the tiring of a gun The influence of the Star is very great, as you well know Make the suggestion, and my word for it the old-line city boys will be up ana doing It is not too late. Let us have an oration, let the immortal Declaration be read, and let us give three-times-three cheers for our growing city and our country. A W asiiikqtonia.V ingtonlans about to make summer tours, and requiring a new fit out in the war of trunk*, traveling bags, valises, 4c., to call at Topham's, Seventh afreet, between D and E, ere purchasing elsewhere. His goods are all manufactured here, of the very best materials, and lu a style unexcelled in thia country. Indeed the superiority of his work is a matter of which our city may well be proud. Ths Awmiiss.-We learn that the stolen awnings mentioned in the Star yesterday, or a portion of them, were discovered In the public grounds south of the canal. Doubtless the thieves became alarmed, and placed them there in order to av? rt suspicion from the right quarter. Efforts are making to detect the thieves. Fatbik O'Tools?Thousands of the Star's readers, we kuow well, will learn with heartfelt Ceasure that Archbishop Hughes has placed the te beloved pastor of Si. Patrick's, In this city, tue Rev. Father Timothy E. O'Toole. in charge of the Church of the Nativity, la the Secoad veuue, New York city, one of the most important charges of The Church in the dloceee d New York. riSH, utstkrs, Crabs, See ? Harvey, on C street, opposite the Theater, continue! in dally receipt of all the delicacies of tbe season that are obtainable from salt or fresh water from Lake Superior to tbe Atlantic, :<nd from the St. Lawrence to Key West. Yesterday, we saw In his establishment in line preservation, fresh salmon, cod, mackerel, halibut, sheepshead. perch, sea bass, trout, flounders? rockbih. soft and hard crabs, lobsters, and pickled oysters His prices, considering the expense of gathering sucn luxuries together here, are very reasonable. As matters now stand It is Impossible to set a fine dinner in Washington without drawing on his establishment. A WiiNiiG To Bathkx?.?Thursday night. a uumlier of iuveniles, white and colored, wre bathing at the Sycamore beach, and one of tbe colored boys was accidentally drowned The body was recovered, and, after tbe usual inquest, was turned over to the friends of tbe deceased for burial. Bathers who are expert swimmers should be cautious, and those ffi.a are but learners should confine themselves to the shallows. diparttrmk or thi Jafasxsi.?The Orientals have not only left our shores and many weeping ? * - " f uaiucus ucuiiju wucui, uui aiso a variety oi their handsome ware*, coin, &c., for sale bv C handle**, card writer, at Willards?, who will positively close bis sales iu Washington at ten o'clock tonight, among other things, a handsome Japanese wulte grenadine embroidered vest pattern. Make a note of it ye matrimouially inclined young men Travklikg Tkuxks, Ac.?We advise Wash 4 _ _ ^ . . iTxrnrn of J tar Cmmatto;* at Ammmm. The "George Washington Monumenal Asao ria ion" having deaigoated Arli z'oa Spring for . t ieir eelebra ion of the F->ur h of JuIt, have made the most arnpla arrangemonU for a uaj of aralt ^od pleasure ?o their cues . and upon a scale of unnsn a' u.agnifice ice The apiing and shade* of Arling; I'm, with thair thousand historical reminiscence*, will resound with plaasu e. The day wii! pass id ao a< <w-able reunion of "fair women ami b are men;" a ?d if ii tinore than a "thmisa d hea.t* Ix-at uierriIj" i; will not be ihe fault of the Associa ion Thia National jubilee will be cracod by the gay, the grave, the glittenug of Fashioa and the appioving miles of innocence. .... vaiu.a v* tiivso who wouiu join iae ni^rry dance i;)ive not been neglects!. aim the patriotic will be duly attended to. Wither* full band of27 piece* will discourse ma-tiaJ music and N'atioi al ai s, and a full string a ad wiod o cheater will inilica e the movement of the "light fantastic toe" A day of pleasure to all classes is confidently anticipate! A Federal salute will announce the rising of the Su >,aud a National salute will indicate his disappearance behind the Western hills. Half h^urN guns will be continued throughout the day A' dark a display of Fire Works will be given, and visitors will also be enabled to witness the g.and Fire Works at Monument Park, directly opposite The Monumental Glee Club will va-y and give life to the pleasures of the day bv a seiies of pa nolle and miscellaneous songs; and. in shor , no hing has been omi ted which aca eful and experienced committee eouId bring to mind, to make the day on* of aualloyed pleasure to all present. The st ioteet o<der and decorum will be preserved by an efficient polioe force. Them d??s of conveyance to Arlington will be numerous; a line of s a<eswill run hourly T om the 3 -rnerof eventh and Pa av, commencing at 8 a in. The . earner Geo. W. Riggs will leave Fourteenth treet bridge every h ur, commencing at the same ime, and steamer Flving Cloud front iheOeoige ??i, Ai|ueuuci win aino rnak'e nouriv trip*. The commitfe wo Id add that ilia' the Long bridge will he pas able to ea ria?es af er to day, ind no one who wishes to pay a living visit to the (rounds in his ovi conveyance need apprehend any (iMtfUction. It" Dr. WooLr*os respectfully begs leave to inform Its fnehds and the public that he will leave h -re < n l?s professional summer touron the 10th of July irxt. All persona his services or sp eta ces will please call on or before the above datn. at hu establishment. No. 244 Penn. avenue, betw.*?n 11th and 13th streets. je 3J-3t* MARRIED. On the 28th June, by Rev. Dr. Finckel, Mr. HEXR V KRKIDF. R. to Misa J O H A N X E l'T A FtEUXD, of this city. * UlEUt On the 30th of June, at 1 o'clock & m., Mrs. ANN JCN ES, wile of Mr Isaac Jones, in the 76th year of ier a<e, and for 30 vears a resident of Fredericks!tu-g. V*. The friends of the family are reypectfu ly invited to attend her lunoral, on to-morrow ^Sunday,) at 3 o'clock p. m.,from their residence, No. 273 C st. north, near the Theater. * On the 30?h June MINNIE JEANNETTEyounge?t child of B. F. and Hannah Morris, aged 5 months The funeral will take place on Suuday, at 4 o'c'k, from the residence of its grandmother, 514 Massachusetts av. * On the 29th June,at9>? o'clock a. m.,Mrs. MARY CAROLINE, wife of Mr. Samuel Warner, aied 36 years. 4 month .and 12 days O, mother dear, since you are gone Unto vour long, l\6t home. And left us?your dear ohildren? In sorrow to think on The many years that you have npsiit Aiia latx'red lor our sakes, To make us happy .?after you Our hearts might surely break ; But since it's so short we must go, And part our doare*t friends. To the Most High, with heartfelt 6!gh. Thy ireul we recommend. Dear mother, amerl! The friends and relatives are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, to-morrow (Sunday* afternoon, at 2 o'clock, lrom th? residence of her hus band, on Virginia av . between 10th and 11th sta. ' east. * iJ LIST OF LETTISH8 tifcMAINING in the Post Ofho*. Washington City, D. C., June ?>, 186", [Ordered to be inserted in the Evening Sta.r, it being the newspaper having the largest circulation of any daily paper pubi.shed in Washington.] CjT All persons applying for letters in the follow ingTist, will please ear thev are advkktisid. LADIES' LIST. Anderson, Mr* C Ciw?th*Air,Mi??CH McPiitrion, Mist M Abbott, Mi?? Kate Oumhsr, Lottey 2 O'Dey, Mr* Alien, Mrs C M Garner, Mi?? Jessie Ottoru, Mm A I. Ashburn, Mrs H S Holt, Mrs A R Patterson, Win >l L Blunt, Mr* E K Hebron, Miss Rs'ei Page, Mui M?ry Ball. Mr* B 8 Horf m, Mary Read, Mrs E Brovn, Mr* Jno M Harri?m, Wis*AM* Ryan, Mi** Mary Bail, Mr* f A H umItou.Miss M'y Redmond, Marr Brandt, Mr* R Herbert,M^r/E lie Robin?ou, Mrs Mary Budd, Mrs M W Highland, Mist E Randall, J Burnett, Mr* A S Harper,Mis*M'v E Ridd e, Mrs Francis Butter. Mrs M T Hardin^.Mis*Ma'* HnmK Mi?. R o Btldwin, Miss N K Hurley^ MrsMaryJ Scott, Mrs >1 J Berry, Mr* M Hanuy, Miss Smith, Mrs A.1ue9? I Biakeiy, Miss L Heury, Am.uula Smith, Miss LiuicC Barnaclo, Mrs C Jeffrees. Mary T 2 Sue-then, Mrs B irtlett,Miss 8*iiie Jeter, Mrs R C 8tr?dley, Mrs Bjker, Miss Anu P J tckson, Mary 8tlls>u, Mrs W J Clark, Miss Martha Johnson, Mrs Jot 8efton. Miss Ange la Coie, Mrs Dr Geo Jones, Mrs L P Suadutii, Mrs U M Ciark, M?ss S ? Jenkins, Louisa Stephens, Mrs M A Cowiiit Mary Jane Kr tn, Ann Thompson, Mrs A ? Carter, Marv Ellen King, Miss Mary A Torpid, Mrs S E CsMcrss, Mrs S'au Keyser, Miss Mary Tolson, M rs J E Crawford, MrsC*te Kennedy, Mrs J E Wright, Mrs 8 K Compton, Miss L Keith, Mies Rosa Waist , Miss Jane Ctrreil, Miss Vir'a Lung, Mrs M E Winston, Hurrah Cocker, Miss Jane Lane, Mis* Auua H Whitney. Mrs G Duv.itl, Mrs Lee, Miss EUeu Witts, Mrs K Emerson, Mrs A D Ltn.uel, MissBetlie White, Miss Susan Elmore, MissM'yA Lonis, Miss Caddie Wiiliatrs, Miss 8 W Fryi, Miss M J Lister, Mrs C V Wharton, T G Fleurrie, Mrs Mack, H-inn ora Williams, MC Kittgerald, Mrs 8 J Motfitt, Misa fiussu Wilsou, Miss R M Gre?n, Miss Mary Muione, Miss Wyman, M f Greeu,Mrs HelenM Melvill, Miss Anna Young, Mrs H A Gnffiu, Mrs Muiliken, E Yoaag, Miss M B Griflin, Miss Jane McCarthy, Miss H Young, Mrs 5 A Gillett, Mrs Louisa Maxwell, Miss M GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Avert, W F Pridley, A M?I Morau & Co Arthur, Thos Giles, Win McCiok, Judge?3 Armstrong. Silts?2 Gibson,CaptW M 2 Moore, 0 AlOanr, Jno F Gibson, Lt Win Moore, C C Arnold, H Grimes, Wm Mann, C G Armstrong, Henry Gibson, W H McLnn, A M Anton,Gustou GUtlsd^o, Tbos Marsn til, A C?3 Arerrtt, Edward Griffin, J W Nic*io.son, DiTbosA Anolus, A Gundy, Thos S Nixon, South A Co t?ucaner, Li ? r uimmd, r-t Nrpbutb, i'L B?ne?, Win Ony, N A Newman. Geo H Bljtbe, W A Gree?beck, Mr Nichols, F L B?rker, Thoa Gregg, J;t? M Netlf, C L Bourke.Thof Greene, Jaa A Nicholdi, C H Burth, 8ainl Giffing, Jno O'Hullivan, M Bent, Lt 8 Gil m, Jno R Uij ki-I J B F Borche, R W?? Guernsey, A A O'Douohue, Jno B <11 infra*, Peter Groes, Geo W Phillip*, W F Bennett, N 8?2 Green, ?<lw*rd T Pmon, Jim F Brown k Co, Luuu Gunnell.C D Parker, Jog H? 2 Brown, J B Green, CH Putnam, H 8 Bontx, Jno Garnett, Dr A S Parker, Geo T Brown, Jas Gier, Auton Patriot, G W Bailey, Jno M Hampton. Wade?3 Porter, B H Banke id, J P Howe.jr, W J Kicbard*ot?, W L Barron, Jut net Huckiej, W B Richmond, W W Boswell, Jno Hudson, Robtrstson, W Bobson, Jno Hvuston, Maml Ross, W 8 Bru'nit^m, J 8 Harding, R N Riddle, W O Brown & Johuion Hoimau, Rev R Kejruuld*, 8 H Bugle, Jno HyUr, I) Feter ReueiQ, Gen N 8?4 Beujaiuiu, Joe Horan, Phillip Ruyall, Lt Beckee, jno HuuUimu, L O Reed, James B, H H iwks, Col J A Reily, Or J j? R Bigley.HB Higb*e,J8 Rodjc.e, Juo Bejrdiljr, Henry H?rri?o i, Ur J F?2 Render, Juo B Brower, Geo Harru, J Geo Rodger*, GW?i Baker, Geo W Howard, Jno C Rotiir, E Baker, Geo L?2 Hobday, Ju?E Rom, E Brett, f* Hambleion, Dr J P Reedy, D?nl Bryan, E B Hollran, Juo Rand, U E < Beckett, CG Hartetteue, H I Read, C W ' Burton,C Harding, Geo Rite <t family, B Cromelian, R?3 Herrmau, G F Btiarp, Lt W iu Carlin, W H Henrv, Frank Snath, Win i Cr ofnrrf |> wp u irh 11 ?... l. d..l? Cole, Wm H iger, K A Htic, Furirr Clayton, W P Heaton, K R Scheckrl, P C CoIe.ThoeW Ho?<rii,l)r Swaru, Nich Crane, Siepbeo Hebb, LiCD Scrop, Moutg'y L Cut tie, Put Hum, C P ttivu^en, Luuti Cheldrea, Pirrn H jicomb, B L Stephens L G Co* per, Pulaeki Hadden.Aruieirong S.i.ttli, Jainee G Colliton, Heudereou, Ale* Steel. Jno R?2 Curry, U? en HuUiuk. Au;utl Steeper, Jou.i H? 1 C??tirueto, L Herbert, Arthur Shr<pahirc, J Co*, J Warren?2 Hood, Abner T Schmidt, J F L Cockrell, J H Jono, Dc W S 6 mdereuU, J*e J Cannon, Jainee Inrrah.iui, W 1' 8ieel, Nelaou Chieiuau, Joe ? Joiu>. W K Smith, Henry Cochrane, J W?5 Jamison, Thoe 8 Smallwood, li T Craaly, Judge J I' JuJd, Jciiu t? Campbell, J li Johnaon.H V?2 Saunders, F W Campbell, J W Joeit, K K Schwerdtlerer, I' Christopher, J M Johnson, Cor?3 Schroder, r Chandler, J H Jonee, Clsas Sutherland, K Capper, Joe Jtcoway, B 1?2 Stockdale, K S Caldwell, J H Jonee. A W Uhaude, ? W Curt iiu, J as R N Jauiieon, A B?4 Schielner, EJ?d Cady, H 11?it Kallahan, Win Sullivan, Eugene Curtie, H Z Keyes, Jno Sieadmau, Chae Cuiidj, Geo II Kayeer, Joe A Sposaer, Ch Cutler, GW Kchi, Jno V S lij, Cki Courtuer, Geo Hearing, E 8 Stewart, C E C'llley. Li G Kingston EK Stuart, Cli te Kdwird 1.?t i-.lil.trd . Win M..nw <*. H (thill, Ke v Dr Ligfitt, W in Shelly, B Y Ctmplxll, D B Lowe, William Kn.iU, B F C ,rrtl, C L >ud, Tho? Murleis Ale* Cu.piuj-U.UeoAA 3 Lee. 3 S?4 Ktebbmt, A U C ilvtu, A K L*wreucc, Altemu Tod J, W LI Donnelly, Juu J Line, M A Tucker, Win Duwut..*, W H Lynch, J M Thuu.uion, T Da?u, W H Lee, J P Tbo,UJ?. 8 B-3 Da urea, Dr Kichd Lvuge.Jno TilrliniMi, R L?3 l)al?, John P Lnlbrell, J H T utile, 1' S Dudiy, Juo ti Lonrdon, G?3 Tiylor, O Dougherty, C?pi J Lii.d..*, E?3 Thompson, C U Da?id?on, J W?3 Lee, Lh?, Turner, C.ipi?3 Davenport, J?e Leimuun, Allen UU.CarIM Davall, Henry M ituugly, Win A Vaunt, B Dedlat, (iiu M Mauatou, Wm B Von Mchuiidt, A W Detbr.GeoH Mn loonier/, W inlVl Vani u.ilt, N H Du?.<ll, F Matter, W R Van Biwurk, Tho? Dawee, E McNair, Win Wallace, W A Dour l.>a, E L Marten, W J Wwd, W J Doub'eda r, Cap:. A Marten, TImm Webb, W H IWr. A 11 MjM.tLlviditre Wiliuii,, TIim i ' Enrtuh, W' U M.ieoii, Stephen O White, K H Elliot, Mr Mn or, R 1 Webb, PoUwd Evane, O W Muth, P O Wrb.ier, N Eraiie, JuoC Pit WoodhiJI, Mr Edtnouda, J r?7 Murpfcy, Li P M WiUou, Li Jik> M Edcut, Li J B >le M Woudbcld.JP Edwotietou, lito Muller, Ludwig WrirUi, J O , I'?u,C?i1 Med ry.LouU w,l"w, J w ! I* ir.g, Dr Mo m, J ) Wovlford, J I. P r?ui, W L Mi.le, J no Wilktae, ) H Praucu, Tho* Moore, Joo Welch, Geo h Kr) e, 1 hot B J Moore, Jam** Wh?..iut,. Lt P Pteuken, r T Meeki, J W Wilco*. Dr PiUff *nld, Pit M.abry, J H Wolff, D?i?l Penned, l> Miller, Joo m Wheeler, ch Frtiae, juoo McCouuell, J B?U u Ph, I>r John L MaUie we, J w Waile, C w Pruklin, Uuc Mauy, a j no Whitney, a W - u i. ir. , i- un v i A rowir, n u , *a i aowu, n u?? Karraad, K !, H Yo.lj.TD*-4 Foi?r,Danl Miller, Ueo W Ymm, J.ckaoa , Parr tit, D A McCook, Edwd Yw>, H H-% Faxon, C O Macabt, Edward Touug, B.ruard MISCELLANEOUS -O JLT.; W.?ku>ft<w UuUutucr bliM?*; N?uo?a< E*teuuv? Coinwiuaa Co?i..rtuuou..| Unlua Party; ipoiHccirr; W. P. R.; Ball * Kumt t'laiimn-t; Praaidaai N?w England la. Co. r, ETLntm uvn m all caui m Pair aid. Jane30 WM . JONES, P. M. t flf iff 1 ? GEORGETOWN. , Cmruftmimm ?f Tkt Stmr Giomitowj, June 30, tMO. At a meeting of our City Council* last evening a resolution allowing Mr Richard 9 Cox to erect a stall at the north end of the market-houae, on hit paying to the Clerk the same sum as that paid by Mr Busey for stand No I; and a resolution providing for the construction of an arch on High street, passed both boards, as also did a resolution authorizing the Clerk of this Corporation to draw frcm the Treasury of the United States ths amount of *4.900 appropriated bv Congress to pay the loan for building the Little falls bridge The upper board agreed when they adjourn on Friday. July 6th. it be until the first Mondav Id December next; but the lower board postponed Its consideration until the next meeting. Tbe committee of conference on the police bill filled to agree, and the president of the Ko*rd of Common Council appointed on a new conference committee Messrs Stake, Williams, and Jenny. Tbe original ordinance introduced by Mr King providing for an Increase of revenue bv raiting tbe rates paid for licenses, after considerable diacuvion. passed the Board of Common Council; as also did the resolution in relation to the sinking fund, and a resolution to use tbe amount of S4 flu), obtained from Government, In paying the contnrtnr for Ar+Atri ntr They also paaard a resolution making an appropriation of 9*25. to be paid to order of Capt McH. Hollingsworth, commander of the Potomac Light Infantry, to assist in defraying the expense of tiring a national saiute ou the approaching anniversary of American independence: but at too late an hour to be acted on by the other board, as they had adjourned While It was undrr consideration, patriotic speeches were made by Mes-.ri. Pearson and **take. which, with other matter* of Interest will be embraced in our regular report. Au accident occurred here yesterday morning, about 9 o'clock, by which one man was killed and two were injured. The contractors for the improvement of High street, Messrs Cook Jt O'Day. bad several men employed in excavating a bait* of earth on Frederick street. when It fell burying Mr Cook and his men to the Lips and oije man entirely beneath it They were reacurd as toon as possible, and Or Snvder was soon unon the ground rendering what assistance be could to thesutl''rers Mr Cook had bis legs badly crushed. but no boues were broken. One of the men's injuries were slight, but the other?a young man named Kearnev?was so badly crushed about the body and bead that he only survived an hour or two. in spit? of all that medical skill aid science could do for bis relief. A minister of religion was summoned and administered to bim the last rite* of the church ere bis demise He expired as he was l>eing removed to his home In the First Ward of your city, The immediate cause of bis death was a fracture of the skull It was Ksputa's band, and not Withers', which discoursed such sweet music at the pic-nic on Thursday, at Analostan. The \\ est Georgetown M.E Sabbath School AlftOf ialinn intpnif r\ns& FnnrtK "f l?l" tbat beautiful spot. tbe Valley View Farm, wbere tbe Declaration of Independence will be read, an oration delivered, Ac We Lave no doubt tbe dav will be dulv honored tVe saw a curiosity this morning, being a stalk of our common cabbage on wbicb twenty-one well-dclined and ^ood sized heads were growing It came froai tbe market-garden of Mrs Britt Number of beaf cattle offered at Drover's Rest yesterday 4u0, of wbi6h $>0 were sold at from 75 to S3 62 per 1<?0 pound* gross; 1U0 were driven on to Baltimore; and ltxi remain over. A good supply of sheep and lambs were selling ai trom #2.50 to f3 each GEORGETOWN ADVERT*MTS for olkf (jeorqttoien adverttftmentt ste firtt pag f*?GEOK(?KTOW\ -CHOOL-r he Annual l_3 Examination ol the ? vrsi departments ot the Georgetown Schooi wi.i take place in the f 1lowing o-clt-r and ti ne?each exai; lnation commencing at 3 o'clock p. in., in the Scuool-hoiuc. Mont gotnery st.: r ... ?' i- rv * ? r" * juuiui rcina;o 1 ue.*fl4y? J ui> 5. Senior Male Department, Titurwiav, Jul>5. Junior Mala Department, Friday. July Senior Female i'epartiut, ' M..n fat. July ft. The Annual Exhibition and Di?t il.uti n of Premu m? will lake dace a Forre-t Hall, v\'edne?dat, I Uiy llt'i, at a o'clock p. in. All interested in the cause of education are invite 1 to be present. The Clergy of the tjwn are especially request? i to attend. je JO 2t JOHN T. BANGS. Sec'y y-y-ATTENTION, POT? MAC LIGHT 1NII 9 FANTK\ .?You are hereby ordered to apTlPar at \Oltr A rimtrv *f 7 #,'/?l*./?lr nn t ka IWAM1 > ~ - t (lie 4t!i of July lit xt ip. full summer uniform. ie?-A J McH. HUl,l.l\(jS\VQKTH, Capt. -Y~jr*GKORGETOWN TAX PAVER** WILL save six per cent. ou ttieir General Tax, and five per cen'. on lii'Mr Watei Tax, for the current rear, if paid ou or t?efore the l*t of July jei5-lw CHAB. I). WELCH, Collector tj?ROM BOSTON -Tk* A I pvket ?,rit, B Doane. has arrived and is now ducharg- >.?iug her freight. * pp!* to HARTLEY 4 BROTHKR * je ;*i 21 99 and 101 Water tt.. Georgetown. | NOTICE. LICENSE!*.?All person!* who<e Licenses from the Corporation of Geo getown expire on thejith inst.. are hereby notified promptly to renew the same, otherwise the> will mhjeet themselves to a fcnc, ami the law is compuiso \ upon t'i<* proper officers o| tlie Corpoiatiou to?nfo.ce said fine a?am>tt ail delinquents. jo 28-atawtjy lu WM. LAIRD, Clerk. PFATKNT FREEZER LEA9K Call and examine banner's 1'AT K.N t FIVR MIMTK FREEZER, The b ?t Freezer in use. Operation simp e. Keault certain. For<-aIeby T. A. LAZENBY. )c 'HI Xn. 1H BiMno M.. Ge -rut-town OFOR 'ARPER'S FERRY. X And alter July 3d. lfcfiO, t!i" s>Uainer L. J. Br(?n/le, Captain \V. H. Ritt-r. will _H ' k leave Georgetown EVERY Tl'Ert DAY, THURSDAY, aud 8ATf R-^- ***** DAY. at 7 o'clock a in., and return every alternate day. at 6 o'clock a in. On the Saturday tip fro:n Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdatown. je 21 3m I SEWING machines >ADJKS Are rroue?ted to call at the ftgercT Mr-. J RVIS'S THIMMING STORK, 101 Bridie ?tre t, Georgetown. and examine the l?-?i family ?*KWING MACHINES in uav \iz: Lvld. YVebnter k Co.'a lmp*oved Tuht-St'tch i>a chine, artd Harris's Boudon Sewing Machine. Pno? S?> to $?o. j?5 *olm AMUSEMENTS Hevt of atmosphere one hundred degrees. LAGFR BEER BELOW ZERO. GARDEN MUSIC EVERY MONDAY At SCH NELL'S HOTEL. iVoJ. 304 and 306 K bet. 13(4 and U( tit., near Wilia>ds' Hotel. The nnderngned ?till continue* to inform the public that he 14 op-ning in hi? garden and ar room tlie S ?t I a:;er B*er in the city,and receive* it from tlioiarce?t nrewiue establishment in Finlale'phia IIIH eat I TIE bar i ? aim It minnl with (>. t >r Crab* and a'l of?er delicacies f the sea?on, and done up in fine style, which will be said bjr every one who favor* him witn a call. geokgb schnell, Nos 304 and ?0*? K street. It* l?-tweeii 13th and 14th ctreets. AFOITRTH OF Jl l.Y. GRAND COTILLON PaRTY willbefiven at the POT <MAC MOUSE. on tne 4 |iui Jul) As 'ilia la on* ol the most beautiful JSC and delightful places in the city to ?p<vid day and evennu, I respt-ctlully invite myVUV f i-*i di and the punlic generally to givo me a call. Ejci llfut music all day. JOHN WAKL, jo 30 3t Potomac House, Sixth a'.. Island._ T "music. . II E Uudersifici! legs leave to inform his frienda and patrons <>t \Vat>hiURton city, Georgetown Bb ami Alexandria, that he has last organized aAAJfe CITIZENS' BaN D. and wiUengage to fur-lH* iiisii n .1 iiiiiinwr vi rvniin ?dq nrttSS lakuunicllli which tuay l>- den red lor Parties, Kicurimm. or Fa a<le?. Thin Band has no connection whatever with ihe .Marine Hand, but can be er gaged for an^ hour during t*>e dav or night Returning thankm for for former patronage I still ask it* kin I continuance. jeaat* JOHN E"PUTA. 0D1) FELI.OW8' HALL?9ATURDAY EVENING, June St AMJTHER GOLDEN FREE GIFT' The mana< <ment having been desired by nnmwoua citizens and families to continue the exhibition a few nights " ore, begs to announce that in addition to the exhibition, and to fire additional ze t to the uxiial beautiful and coatly PRKH BNTJ? will be given to tne patrons ofTRloDoN'S MUSEUM OF ARTS on SATURDAY EVE NING. Anions the gifts are splendid Silver Service, Gold and Silver Watches, el-gant Gold Mo aic ami Cameo Jewelry, Ladies'and Gents' Gold Rin^s. Ac. All th< above articlea l>av been pur chased at semkin ' Jewel, y Store, *30 Pa. avenue, where the presents may be seen and tioketa may also be had. Admiasion M> cents. j* 29 nA. MADAME DELARUE g^j^j^iyouid respectfully inform the Ladie*^^p biio ns nut a mionmem 01 Lires* ant Straw Bonnet*, I.aiie?' Riding H&ta. Children'* Fiat* ami Straw Trimming*, Newest ttyles Ribbons, Choioe F #weri in great v&r.ety, trashes, Beltings, Bne Laoes m >> >ve?. Collar*, aud Veils, ciia till/ l?ace Points, French Lace Shawls aod Mantillas of Bournou and Picoolonuni stilus, Einbroideied Skirts, ( ollars. Sleeves, Chemisetts, Handkerchiefs. ? dgings. A.o., S' t? of Collars and Slaevee for mourning, Flut d K utiles, Fancy Nets, and Doua Mafia Gauxe for Veils, Pena Cloth for Druses and Bonnets, Jouvin's (i loves, bilk and Lisle Gauntlets, Filet Mite, Braid Nets, ail oolers, fine Kreaing Fans, SoRpl, I0I16X WM8n,tC. je z7-*t tlM PenniyIvaaia avenue. WOOD aOPpi?K c ? a l 80S Pa. *., Bf rw.m* a*? Urn Bn, Milla^l Wk?rf eoUnrt., ^ ':L > 1 rf.J ' J I w**v? no^'iuuvui WWT pMHPI IVUnm the nominee and dob intervention Thar* wm ! good attendance Wkstfikld, Mm . June* ?Thlrtv-threegun* for Brerkitirld** aod tlxteen for tbe Miaaa:hua>r? delegatlou are Wing flrrd bere thia eeaaiag. Ditkoit. Mich . J una #" ? A large Beatlac wm held this evening to ratify tbc pom natioa of Douglaa and tbe State ticket A aalut* of one hundred gcna wu 11 red Laic*?teb, June ?One hundred ana* were flred bere to dar tn honor of the nomination of Dxtglaa and Jobnaoa Mucbenthualaaai preeaika Coscoed Juoe*" ?Tbe Douglaa demonstration iaat eeealag waa tbe moat artier and eatbuaiaatir ever ut biraaed bere Rumfora Hall waa oeerfl >wed early In the evening and tbe maaaea adjourned to State-Houae square The apeakIng wu kept up till a late hour; the flriag ( caaaoa waa continued till daylight. A biasing Vw Yorker Hmrd Of Niw Cr , Juae V??A atraayr deveiopnieut baa jnat been midf In regard to tbe whereabouta of K. L D>foreat. who waa mtaawd from tbe Metropolitan Hole). New York, on the 17th of January. 1*57. and who waa anppoaed to hive b#?*n irmr<(??ra^ A 1-*?? morning bv the cashier of tbe New Haven Bank, signed F,v Deforest and dated Melbourne. April 17th, 1*<>U. Inquiring after bis ba< k dividend*, which besa\sbe baa not drawn for some time |>a?t. He add* tbat be baa given tbe power of attorney to jVlessrs MaiUer. Lord A Quereau, Wall utreet. New York, to enable thetii to re ceiv- hi* dividend* He alss asks a statement of tbe amount *o paid. and tbe priue of tbe stock at tbe lau-st sales A rareful comparison of tbe let ter with other of his manuscript* sbows a striking resemblance throughout, and no doubt Is expressed of tbe K^nuinenr'ss the letter. It comes wj way ui liunaen ina notion Mirki(ii DrHKrttlc ftUtf Dbhoit. J ne 89.?'The Democratic State Convention met here yesterday. and made the follow nomination*: For Governor, John 5* Barrf.of St Jowpta; for Llent Gove-n<*r. M Fenton, of (j^nwc: for Treisnrer. Elou Farntworth. of Wayne; for Auditor General, Wm Pennorsr. of Ottawa; for Serretary of State, Mr FrwU, of Alleuaiiy; for Attorney General.Cha'i?e*y Jualyn. of aahieuaw; for Land Commissioner. (Wmutl S Smith, of Houghton; for Superintendent of Public Instruction. W Sherman, of Caihc'in The motion to Invite Mr Caaa. who la In this city, to attend the Convention, waa tabled A subsequent motion to r?call It w?a voted down. dec isively, as also a resolution endorsing the Ad mi mm rat) on. Keajlutioi a approving the nomt nation of Douglas ai d Johnson were ?-nthu?iaat!cally carried f he rati flection meeting in the evening was largely attended Rrputliria Drn*attratiea< CoxcohD. ?Therepnbl can demonetration to-night. ratifying tbe nomination of Lin coin and Hamlin, is a grand and Imposing affair embracing a torch-light procession, til ami nations 4c. Tbe mass meetlug is held In State Hotter Square, where addresses are beinL' made by Hon ? H Rollins Gov. Goodwin, ex-f??v Colbv, and nth- rs A lt/v_'*tt-r. it is one of the moat enthusiastic political demonstrations ever held In this State. Later front Kuvmum. Arc. New Oblia>>, June Tbe steamship Phil adel.'Lla, from Havana on the :iSth. arrived last nUbt The general news is unimportant. The h?-i'th of Havana was excellent The U. S. war steamer Pocahontas sal la for Vera Cruz to-day. taking thr UWst niaila and important diapatcbes from Washington, which were received thia morning Philadelphia Item*. PniLADtLPH.A. June 28?Jud^e Douglas will arrive here on Saturday nljjht on the way to New York, and will probably rocelve a st-renada after tb? ratlb ation meeting The North American recomn>"T??1s that the Gteit Eastern viait Philadelphia for a abort time, if only ti clear lta?lf of beraaclea with the fresh water of the Delaware. Later tram karapr. Farther Point, June 30?The ateamab'p Anijio Saion. with Liverpool dates to the 21st, pissed here this morning New Yoke, June 30 ?The steamship Adriatic, from Southampton on the 'JUtb, baa been signalled from r-'andv Hook [Up to the usual closing hour no news had been received ?Rep.] Less ! a Galf Scbaener New UtLtAM, June28.?Tbe schooner Arro ?Li_ -a Ol 1 ?. - <aui, i uiiii . i ^ 'Cinmi \i. ;u purl ftUU Wl? Inst on Alicrsue'a reef on the ?tb The pmniK*n and crew were saved, but tbe vessel and cargo are a total low Another Politic*! Mirraem la New Yerlt New Vol* June 31) ?Tbe Moiart Hail L>?mo ratic General Committee recommend a Joint e.*-' t?ral t.cket In misstate. and falling to accomplish this they recommend tbe support of Judge Douglas. Accident at a Deuglaa - ? momtratiea. Manchester. June 5??A I Richardson, of Old Town. Me , was Instantly killed, and Benjr min Whipple fatallv injured, by tbe premature eXf loslon of a cannon at tL,e Douglas jubllae last night. tongessi aal >emtaatien Columbus, Ind , June ? ?Tbe Democrata of tbe third Congressional District of this State have nominated Rev Wm. M. Daly for Congress Resolutions endorsing tbe nomination of Douglas were adopted Df?tk ( Had-uir /.?iKU>k;. Niw York, June 29 ?Madame Zulswskv, sisIt to Koasnth. died in Brooklyn to-day, where be has beeu living for some yean pact. Bultia?r? Mtrktu Baltimore. June JU ?Fionr closed doll and um ounted. Wwi closed dull; sales of 6.(r<U bushels. mostly the nrw rrop; white SI 40aI 00, T'(\ *1.30*1.35 Com closed quiet; white and yellow faaTle. Provisions closed firm. Wkiakv closed dull at 20#e. New Y#rk Harktu. Niw You, June 30 ?Floor la heavy and dull; State #5 -io. fi.-) 35 ; Ohio SS TftaftS 63 ; Southern S5.65a5 95 Wheat i* heavy; Southern wbitefl 60 orn i? heavy; mixed (?5c yellow QOc; white 03c. Pork is quiet Lard Is firm. Whisky 1a steady. Financial. New Yoik, June 3D ?Stocks are dnll and 1 >wer; Chicago and Rock laland 70*; 111. Cen uai shares tttjf; Michigan Southern "%>, New York Pantfil til I . Ua < J Pa U'. 1 . ** - " ill 1. - CI J, J ? VV?i VV. CV&I MSMOK wi|| Mo. 6's84fc. BOARDING. MRS. REILY, having several ltr(r Md Airy Koonii, soliciti a cal iron geuticnKB or fkiui Ilea su kin; pi a?aiit Sanim r Hoard. Trausients also aocoimuolatod A*i Sew Jerse* av . Capitol llill. south aidq. j*a?-ft* k V1RS M. A. BANNER.MAN. having rMMl'r uahon that eligibly I oat U house, No. 44 7 Pa aveuue, south siTe, lietwe-n ad and 4H ?t?-> oau *af?ly otTer tcr.-at iivu<*etuetiU to th<??e desirous of obtaining Board The loe tiou is.conseded to ba ooi of the iiix-et ou M? Avmiui. The Iuomi are well ve-iiilat d.and cau b>> furnished ia suite or singly, at moderate prices lab a boarder# oan also be acoo.miKkiatoa. Traneieut boarders taken by the day or week. ja S-St DUBLIC BATHS. HENRY SCHAEFER. Btiiti a.kd Haik DlBastt. E /., memr Sinsm. off9. Ptt Of** Dtfrnrtmmt. Hat fitted up in conua&i<Mi viin tus ee-ahtiehinetit convenient ae joaimodatiom for affordint la his op*11? 1mq iq? pnmir in" iiinrr of CULL) or WARM BATH# at u? Unn dtinav kHiuw *n#a uck*u for that nimW mm parchaaed aad paid for in advaooe. Mr. Soka?4*r take* thu opportunity to inform hie cukto ne Uiat ttna a?>ia^abfn adailion to hieeetab lithm^nt will in no maanar inUrfare with lua re*aIsrp ofeeaionall>UBin?ee. Onthaooutrary, hehopa? t.? add to h?" pr-aect fkoillUe* for nuurmi prompt ^/Cvrr.ff^rfimuifiSSC5'^ An t l.a*ii--? woo pat. a ia? Utn latjmliae of' uttint or Trimming t!iei own or their children'^ hair, he h-*? to a* that he hap p oir?d?d for them battar ia-io a. in having btt?l u? a a mail room a -d appn pnat <2 it exoiiuirrlf to thair uae. jeH-'w WA CAJtO. E Rf>spe<-tfta'lj kv ii) uwowtpawitto' Uatr rwaaectfre tcouuu aid made of and read* for delivery br thi ?t'> laataat, aad we oocfcfont.y traat that thay w?< ho are pared ta aattie tha aaiua """" "'Vft ..UKV * B?U, _ -SSaSSL fifths M I-Jjfr +ti'r*r9-*0f W ' *a THE LATEST NEWS" TELEOR AF HIC. Ptlliirtl Df?*atUaltmi Philadilph;a. Juu? *# ?Fo' the Douglas rati float.on inciting ta Independenceaquar* oa Ratar dav nipiit. Rcvrrdv Jobman. John Coehmne and Major Heron, of Ixmiaiana. are prom lard ret talM. With Oth? MllifKl iMlrm V-iht IK UndiDg the brlrfneaa of the notice. an enthuaiaa tic niMlfrttatloB li iBtldjMtfd It to iUt?4 en good authority that the lx>uf laaiU* will refoae all overturos on the part of the Brerklnr'.dgara to unite on an electoral ticket, and will demand an expreaaion of preference from the tlarlon ap pointed by the Readlif Conveniloo. and amend the hat if neceaaarv St Lor ia. J uue ? ?At the Douglaa ratiftcation meeting iaat alcbt apcarbea were made br tb? delegate* to the Baltimore Conventla*. Including Gen Clark, who roted for Douglaa only ?a the l..< * ' - *

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