Newspaper of Evening Star, June 30, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 30, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. (Fob th* Stab. T# ntM Ella T. kir Blrtfeday, 1MO. "FagaoM>antur anni; n?c pietas moram Mugueti slanti seaectae Afferet. indoauta?que morti."? Hotter. M?) life for thee, my youthful friend, 8 < one bright summer's day. without a cloud to hide ita sun Or chase its joys air ay. May guard,an angels guide thy feet In virtoe't loveliest ways. Til thou halt reach a happier itate. To joi a oar Saviour's praise. And soft as falls the silken shade Let exrer* sorrow be. That frier. or care, or hope delayed. May ever cast on thee. An.) mat', ?.'iAm thin* hnnri nvai As music from the itriif Of woodland lyre, while o'er it st:ay The f.?trant airs of spring. And let each iojr be pure and bright As daws on infknt flowers. And tender theme* or dear delight Still cheer thy pensive hours. And a* a soft, melodious lay Dies on the still of even, May thy sweet spirit pan away And mingle into heaven. Roxbo. How Coroasss Elects the Pbesidest a>d Vice Pbesidb*t?It may be useful just about tbts time to reproduce the statement which the approach 01 a presidential election makes opportune every four years. The House of Representatives has nothing whatever to do with the election of Vice President, nor the Senate with the election of a President. The powers of each body are distinct and entirely Independent of the other. If no President be chosen by the electors, the House of Representatives may choose the President, their choice being restricted to the persons having the highest numbers not ex eeding three on the list of those voted for for President. I 1# XT i II- : J ? ? u > v ? itc-r imucui ur cuuKa oy me electors, the Senate shall cbooae a Vice-President from the two highest numbers on tbe list of those voted for President. If the House fails to elect a President before the 4th of March next following-then the Vice-President, whether elected by the electors or by the Senate shall act as President. The rule or manner of voting under which the Senate c Looses a Vice President is exactly the reverse of that of the House in choosing a President?each being the reverse of the general principle or bas:a upon which the respective bodies are organized The House, representing tbe peo pie, ana ordinarily voting per capita, vote for President by the State*, the representation front aeh State having one vote, and a majority of all the State* being neoess *ry to a choice. The Senate, representing the States?in theory, at least, and the manner of electing Senators?votes for President p*r capita, each Senator being entitled to a vote, and a majority of ail the Senators being neeesaary to a choice. Aia-TieiiT Covpaktmests.?Their value is Illustrated by the cruise of the steamship ChamDion Hani tUA-W? i.?* *?* * , ?r> . h?,ki j in urivra iroiu Mti h rancii O. via the Strait* of Magellan. As tbe Champion wai coming through tbe Strait* tbe struck a ruck?not laid down lu tbe chart?and stove a hole in her bows seven feet long by eight inches wide The question was, whether to lay for repairs among the Patagouiaii* or take tbe risk of ihe homeward trip in that condition. The derision was to proce?l; and, by virtue of her air-tight compartments, she arrived at New York as if nothing had happened. U7-On Wed nes da v even i ng a large, enthusi astic and earnest meeting of tbe democracy of Frederic k county, was held at Frederick city to ratify the nomination of Breckinridge and Laoe. Speeches were made by Bridlev T Johnson, F.sq., Ex-Gov-ernor E Louis Lowe and John Ritchie, Esq . niuurii u# me nomination. Col. Wm P Mauls- I by followed in a speech in opposition to these gentlemen |TT Elder George, Freewill Baptist Minister. residing in Francouia, N. H , was instantly killed hv lightning Tuesday, near Franconia village. Ills body was badly mangled. Tbe tluid fractured bis skull, tore off part of one ear, and broke his spine in several places. He was riding on horseback at the time, ard the casualty was so Instantaneous tbat his horse fell deaa with him without changing their relative positions. U J~ Fashionable circles in New York are all in buzz over another fashionable wedding tocouie oft next week The bridegroom it Hon Mr. Garnett. M. C , from Virginia, and Uie bride, MiM Stevens, of Castle Point, the eventual beireas of the greater portion of the vast Stevens estates in that State and New Jersey. Cy" The Loudoun (Va ) Agricultural Society bas published its list of premiums for the fair to be held at Leeaburg, on the 5tb. 6th, and 7th day* of September next. They are said to be very liberal. All the judges and marshals have been appointed for the occasion. |?7" The name and site of the post office at Republican Mills, Fairfax county. Va . is changed to Thornton'* Depot, on the Alexandria, l^oudoun and Hampshire Railro??l w? u "" ? ?? u<. ii. a uuruvuu appointed postmaster, vice John Powell. A little ton of Dr M. C. Kenney died in Lacrove, U'ii , of hydrophobia He was bitten by a dog about five weeks ago, but nothing serious was apprehended until symptoms of thatterrible disease were developed. fp-Col Lander's road expedition has arrived in Honeylake Valley. Col. L , with a company of men, intends to proceed immediately to the oat of war jr^Jn the case of the New York alleged slavfr Falmouth the graud jury have ignored the bill of Indictment {J7" Hob Kdwrard Everett la to be the orator the day at Boa ton on the tth of July There will be a dinner on the occasion at Faneuel Hall. AKRIVAL8 AT THE HOTELS W1LLARDS' HOTEU?J Handerburi, NY; G Burnh&m and iady, O; Mm Allen. Miaa Wantera, ?o; >lic? Franklin, do; W Franklin, do; P Frank lin, do; 8 G Lotj, Ga; J W Le Kavorer, M?at; B f Henderaon. Pa;M K Morale, NV; Rev J Pindell, Ma<a. Mr ar.d Mra Hardnea and dauihter, do; Capt llitohali and daughter, i>0;0 8 Taylor, do; F XV Coleman, Va;A fhowpaon, NJ; D H 11 id ry and ]<wiy, Oa; Mtaa Graham, do: P 9oole,La;C BienveneT, <lo; J Ad Haimcourt, do; T P Ba?ley and lady, Pa; J Thompson, do: j udge R unell. do; H H Pattie, Rl; Mra W E; R D WiawalT, 111; W L Paiper. Pa; ex-fior Pratt, Md; F Hug*', NY;T P Hunar.Md; W Ho?er,do; W HKar.Ala; Miaa M H Ker, do: Miaa B Kay, d?; Miaa M Baa oin. do; C ? laiy. N Vi; A Betta and la^y, Maas; G Ba'ta, do; H Cock burn, NY. NATION\L HOTUU-R A Noma, M Battia by. R (, Btddle, Pa; A Hulearj. Dr W M Hlliear* John Simp?on, H L Harnncton. D P Patterson, VV Hri(|, Mdj Mni Staart, A OverhaZt.G Airhart.J W .mwa-n.j -j Mi<r, j t? Minor and lady. J Moore and lady, Mim Moor#. Mis* Smith, Va; K Gngg, VV Lion, 1.1; Dr CaaDinan J Srr.a ley. Miiidmi! lay. NY; L Whsat, Arki T Flint and fy,J Reynold ana !y, Ga. BKOWN8' HOTEL.?J Bringham, W Single. J Pt?Ter, Va- W Mcf ean, B C"lb, Md; t Turner. J V&?ier, J P Hole, M Morris, Tex; A Barton and Ij |V|ia?. A J*t?an, Ga; Mra W Mines, H A Fatten, HI; H K Hoffinar and tain, Va; O IVKilev, J O'Ktl?y, Ala, U Sundiace, J Sandidge, BG ft Hall aud fam, J a id well. G Miller, Pa: A Barbour, Va; H D Peliuer, W Duncan. Ala; J J Powers, Tenn; K H Boyd, Va; W Martin, Mr Cuminings, O K!RK\VOODH?>L*E-M Pi on, Mex: J Bred well. Me; J P Magi I, Md; T Fuller, DC; H Huatrn a'.vi fam, Mrs M Kyle,Tex. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS From the United States. fSttmmun. Lear?. Ar. Daws. N larara Boston. Li ver pool. ...June ?7 C. Washington. New York. ..Liverpool June an Illinois New York...Havre . June90 Hammouia ......New York. ..Hamburg Juiy 1 Asia ._New York Liver pool July 4 (Mew York ?New York.. Bremen July 7 Kangar6?.New York. ..Liverpool. ...July 7 Euros* Boston Liverpool....Juiy II Adriatic New York ???* Tewtouia ...New York...H&mbnrr.?July 16 Persia.? New York. Liverpool ...JnN 18 Etna?.. N*? York...Liverpool ..July 19 Gonien Fleeoe. .New York...Galway___Jaly 19 F?ly>" ? New York ...Havre...... July 21 Arabl*..... B ton. Liverpool....inly 25 V*uderbilt.__..New Vork... Havre July & From Eubopk Ad'ialic. Soeth'pton .New York.. Jane so AmIo Buoa Liverpool Port'&nd J una?' trolden Fleece. Gaiway New ) ork... Jone tt Persia.......... Liverpool New York. ..JuneS3 Ktoa .Liverpool New York. Jane SB 'ulton south pton. New York.. .June 77 Palestine Liverpool . .Uaebee June 21 Arabia.... Liverpool Boston Junes' Ara?<> aoutb'pton_New Vork.. Ju!y 4 South'pton-New Yom ..July 4 Jura Liverpool New York ..July 10 I . U- - * - . >? n?vtua idw; iKM?ri !? ? New York on tn* *i. <2th, i?tu. and 27th of wok nonth, and Charle?U?n ?c me ?tfc and 19th. The Cki' luniit mail l<tn New York on he Sth ainl A>ta of xaflt mouth. IMPORTANT TO ROUSEkKEPERS. . K. R. DL*KL:E Jt CO.'S ^BbOLUTKL^ySWERrl^TLY PURS. bet frumad from free b 8pio?e, uieoted and cleaned bl tit lor tit* par* <>ee without referenoe to -v They are packed in tinfoil, (lia^ with pa??r,) to prevent injerj by keepic*, and are fall weight, whi;e u>* ordinary gmand Spioee ar? almoat invariably short. We warrant MaaUMtared oaij hj _ ~ .?i STJ? ,,ltXJd fjb?Jl!*DXX^ALE!! ft oUu?;M fct tb? ^aTSTn6 ToV^YtyW' >? ? If WMb'p Prwvarr, oome/*mjurt*. MISCELLANEOUS. the oa?fsaf%,fla&LOcTLsme. ??tfctsWlttB ICO*. ? Odton Hall Clrtktn* Roomt S* lwdid Sprim Rultoi with Cmm. S"M >'"527WBl&>ELD*1cft.-? K1W, DreM '""^J'w'ESE^fFfcLD * CO.'S MUM B?~J^jyaaWVLD-* CO.'S. Ban new 8niU for youni men. Bu?iue?? Suit* fur middle um Busidm* i*aita for ?Ti mm. At WlKSENFELb ft CO.'S. Dre?a Smta for v*ddiaf?, Dre?? t*uiU for MrtiM, Dreca Suit? lor best wear. At W1ESEMFELD ft CO.'S. Coats by the thousand, Puti by the thouwnd, Vesta by the thousand. At WIESENF'ELD * CO.'S. Boy's clothing for the yonngeat, Boy's clothing for ail size*, Boy's olethine for larger boya. At WIE8ENEELD 4 CO. 8 Cheaper than the oheaeest. Finer than the finest. Better than the beat. Are t> e sftrments At W1E8ENFELD k CO.'S. Save your moner. u A very few dollars Will give you a splendid outfit for summer. If you oall At WIESENFELD Jt CO.'8, ay 17-Tu&3tf Cor. Pa. av. and 4X ?t. jyjAY 10TH, 1860. OPENING Of TH* SEASON. MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE. Our Grooera and Citizens will please Bear in Mind that The Season for this MOST HEALTHFUL AND PURE BEVERAGE Is Now Open. The Agent in Baltimore Has Received A Large Stock And will be happy to reoeive the ordera of his Washington Friends. Quality (ruarauteed Strictly Pure. jas. modonnell, General Arent, ma W-T-T.A?-tr Baltimore. I No. 659 1 By the president of the united STATES In pursuance of law, I, James Buchanan. President of the United States of America, do hereby declare and make known that publ'c fales will be held at the under-mentioned Land Offioes in the Territory of Kansas at the periods hereinafter designated. to wit: At the Land Office at Jcsctio* Citt .commencing on Mor day, the 6th day of Au;mt next, tor the di?po?al of the public I anas within the following township*, viz; South o/ tkt bast line wui east 4f the sixth principal meridian. The parts of township 1 outside of the Indian reservation. and townshi pa 2 3, 4, and 5, of range 8 The parts of township 1 outside of the Indian reservation, and townships 2,3, 4. and % of rangej? The parts of township I outside of the Indian reservation, and townships 2, 3, 4, and 5. of range 6 The parts of township I outside of the Indiaa re serv ation. anil townships 2, 3. 4. and 5, of range 5 The parts of townahip I outside of the Ir.dian reservation. and townships 2.3, 4, and ft, of range 4 Townships 1, 2,3, 4, and 5, of ranc* 3, Townsbipi 1,2, S, 4. and S. of range 2 Townships 1,2.3 4 and 5, of range 1. A* the Land Office at Jc.nction CiTY.commen cms on Monday ,ith?2iith day of August next, for the disposal ol the publio lauds within the following towi.ships, viz: South of the base line and east of the sixth principal meridian. Townships 6, is, 16, and 17, of range 4 Towbships 6,7. 15. 16, and 17, of range 3 Townships 6, 7,8, 9, 10, 11,12.13, 14,15,16, and 17 of range 2 Townships 6,7, 8.9,10,11,12,13,14,15 16, and 17, of sange I. At the I.and O(B-te at JrscTio* City, commencing on Mondav, the l<>th of September next, for the disposal of the public lands within the following towships, vi*: South of the base lint and taut of th* sixth principal meridian. The p\rts of township 18 outside of the Indian reservation, and townships i9, 30, 21 and 22, of range 8. ToWnshlDS 18. 19. 2*1- J1 *.nH rmmmm ** Township# 'i, 19, J", 21 and Tt, of range 6. Township* 18.19, at, 21 and 22, of range 5. Townships 1", 19, 2?, 2' and 22, of raage 4. . Townships 18. <9and an, of ranges. Townships 18,19 aLd 2?. of range 2. Townships 18, 19 and 20, of range 1. At the Land Offise at Fort Pcott, commencing on Monda*. the 13'h da? of August next, for the disposal of the pubuo lands within the following townships, vis: South of the bat* line and tut of the sixth principal m'rinian The parts of township 23 outside of the Indian reservation, of ranges 10,11. .2,13, 14,15,16,17,18, 19,2?, 21 and <2. The parts if townships 23,24 and 25 outside of the Indian reservation, of ranges. Townships 21.24 and 25, of range 7. Townships 23, 24 and 2<, of range 6. Townships 2*. ?4 and 21, of range 5. unirai oyyiopi imeu HT H* IOT 1116 nit Ot SOhOOlS, miitir*. Indian. and other purpoaea, will be ex clu't*n from the nalea The offering of th* abovelands will be commenced on the <lava appoint**!, and will proceed in the order in which the* are advertised until the whole ahall have l>eeii offered and the *%lea thua ol< s?d; but no aale ahail be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be par mitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this twentieth day of April, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred ami alxty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos 8. Wilson, ^ommisiioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRK-KMPITION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre -emption to any or the lands within the townships or parts of townships above enumerated is r*quired to e?tablish the tam* to the s&t'sfaction of the register and receiver of the proper Land Office, and n>ake payment the-efor as soon as practicable after seeing t i > notice, anil before the day appointed f>r this commencement of the public sale or the lands emnrsaing 'he tract claimed; nthei wise, su"h claim will be forfeited. JOS. S. 1LSON, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. Not*.?Under the refutations of the department, m heretofore and now existing, no payment oan tie made for advertiaing proclamation* except to auch Bubliaherx as Are socially authorized to publiah by ie Commissioner of the General Land Office. ap 28-wlSw N[No. 662.1 OTIC"! OF TriK KfcMOVAL OF THE ANI> OPFICF. FROM CAM BMDGE TO "SUNRISE CITY," IN THK STA I E OF MINNESOTA. . t u In Aceordanoe with the provisiona of the act of Comcrcia entitled ' An Act authorizinc ohan*ea in tliA nf I " ? 1 " _ ... w?? v> u?m?i v/iuuci, appruvpQ 1*1 iron 3Q, 1PM, it ia hereby declared and mvio known that the office for the sale or publio lands at C a m bb irok, in the State of Missmota will be removed toScifrisb itt, in naiu ?><ate, at as early a period as prneti'abU. Further nntio* as to the precise time of closing the oftc4 at Cambridge preparatory tn its removal, and of its opening f >r bu'ine?? at Sunrise City, will beciven by the Kefist^i and Receiver of the L,aLd Owtriat. O ven nrder my hand, at the city of Washington, this 30th day of Mav, A. D. I860. By order ot the Pr??ident: JOS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Oftoe. je 2-w6w NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINK. Tha Steamer MOUNT VERNON will l?n Alexandria and Washington for New ***** vtHV WfcDNEBDAY. at o'olook f. m., Md New York for Wuh^Wh n ?ton every Saturday, atS o'cKxiks. ?. . PaMeMer* can join the ship at Alexandria at auv time before the hoar of the steamer's departure. ?r5L' ?? ?n ?nt of the staamers inability to Daily stage link between wahii INOTUN CITY AND AR t uZq.t9P j"lML - - with the Loudoun and Hampshire flrayVga* Railroad, leave Washington at 6>, o'"ock a m Fare SO cants, pta^e office at Matin's Franklin ptftl, oornor of Euhth and D sts. john h. kelchner. Prop's. Wpu fixtures. 2r\SJRK*1 n,?tor?. and are daily receinns. OAS riAi UAAaoi entirely New Patternnand Design* atSftAffBEa- 1U'* lo#nrthing heretofore i Vt^L WeinviteciUxens general U.t?.oajl ai~ ?xamine our stock of 6u and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the best elected stock in Washington. "" All Work in the above Tine intrusted to our oare will be promptly attended to. ?, i?r MYERS * MsGHAN. 3T? 1> street. A. . rJLKL,'Pw PJNE LUMBER. " tLL Descriptions of tke abore Lumber, for 0ARD8 Aa4FLOORING fdresaed or undreeaed) I naked ejr?et from the southern mills h? 4?J?Z * h. me*"zark: f^^^ssr^'T^ES ulv?r, 330 Pa. avenue, j? gg % ? 1 vm ii"i>* -*"-'***0',i 4 >. , . j** | f+ute.-' TKAVKLEKS' DIRECTORY. Cha5qi or Hock*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, UW, train* will run m follow*: 1 ^eave \Va?hington at 6 V and 7.4<> a. m. . -?eare Washington at 3.20 and 5 JO p. m. )n Sunday at 3 9) p. m. j?ti Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. ^eare Baltimore at 3.15 and 4JO p. m. On banday at 4 35 a. m. Passenger* for the Ea*t will take train* at 6J0 mm! 7.4" a. m and 3 30 p m. For the Weet at 7.40 a. m. and 329 p. ro. For Annapoli* at 7.40 a m and 3.30 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening theSJO p. m. train go?a to Philadelphia only. ie 13-d T H. PARSONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS 1ST TSZIBII DAY* WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAI^R^^^Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and, Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! ______ ? MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphis by Rail.thenoe bv First olass Paoketa to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE * Montgomery by Rail.thenoe to Mobile by First olass Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?StrNPAYS IHCLCDM), Lrsrc Wnhin|tH at 6 a m and 6 p bi. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave? her wli&rt foot of Seventh street at 6K a. m. and p. m. snd connect* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwe?t. Offioe?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. HAGS AGE CHKCRP.D THROUOH TO KZW ORLKARN Lynohburg $3 .?? Memphis f ^ 00 Bristol Atlanta 2S no Rnoxville M_.i00t> Macon 2*00 Chattanooga 24 00 Columbus 31 50 Dalton..,. ,_.24oo Montgomery 3? 00 Huntsville 27ii0| ) viaM?mphiM2 50 Grand J u notion ~._?30 ??|N.O.S viaH. Jnno. .42 50 Nashville _?.25 fir* I \ via Mobile.. .<6 oo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 800 MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other liae? the Lynchburg Extension being now oompleted, aa alao the Miaaiaaippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Firat oiaaa Sleeping Care! !To New Orleans 73 Hours. Memehia..? do* Montgomery S3 do. N ashvil le .46 do. irTThe U.S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are t&keu over this New Line. Ticket* can be obtained at the Sooth Western Offioe, corner ofSixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following pointsLjnotiliur*. Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. iluutsville. Grand Junction, Macon. Nashville, Dal ton, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. ITT" THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRG1MA SPRIXUS. IE7"Oinnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the office at b a. m. and 6 p. in. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket Agent, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth st. and Pa. THE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of jp*k February. 186ft. Will leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and^ "** FK1DAY, at6 o'olock a. in.,and ALEXANDRIA athaif-pa*t6 o'clook. for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return trips, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY', at 5 o'olook a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ag't. Alexandria. Je A PFQR NEW YORK. ASBAGE.^lNC^UmNG ^KALS AND The New Yorx and Virginia Screw Steamship Company's new and elegant steamship MOUNT VERNON, Capt.T.C. Smith, win leave tne uorrpacy s irepo;, w tern Wharves, at ll*o'olocka. m-every WEDNESDAY, and the Company'! Depot, at Alexandria, at S o'clock p. m. same Jar. Passengers from Washington and Georgetow? can take the oofl-ches oonn*oting with Alexandria teamboats or railroad, whioh leave the oo river ot ??itr*oet and Pa* avenue hourly, or they can leavs on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 'olook a. m. State rooms can be engaged on application t? Messrs. Morgan A Rhinenart, Western Wharves Freight will be received up to the hours of depar (?7* Insurance will be effected on all goods by thlsline at the oftoe of the Company at K per oent premium. The accommodations for passengers by this lins are in every respect first-o ass, and every effort wil be made to render this communication with New York An agreeable and bea.thful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE A CO., Agents, A.exandria. HTB. CROMWELL * CO., eS-ly 8? West st.. oorner Albany,New York. DENTISTRY. LOOMI8, M. "E., the invantor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TKF.TH, atS jpca tenda personally at his offioe in this oity. Mm Many per Bona can wear these teeth who^t*CD3 oannot wear othera, and no peraon can wear othera who eannot wear these. Peraona oallinc at my office oan be aoeommodated with any style and pnoe of Teeth they mar desire; bat to thoae who are partioularand wish tne purest, oleanest, atrongeat, and moat perfect denture that art oan produoe, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Room i in thia olty?No. 338 Pa. arenne, be tweet 9th and 10th sU. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadel Mia oo 1-It D DENTISTRY. E. HILLS, after a^raotioa! teat of two yeara, isbii iiiai iiq can wiin oonna?nc? rMOin-jMa^ mend the Cheoplaetio Proo?? for lnaerttngjfp^y atifioi*l teeth It hu the advantage# or*** * etrencth, beaatr.o!a?nlines?,and cheapnea*. Fall upper sets inserted for ?. Partial in proportion. Offioe 306 Pa. arenne. ee T_ |PKMANTsijjpsoj^ PMNOIXMHM WH JSK KMj^WSKE^j We offer for sale the above standard brand of fine Cneper-Distilled-Malted Rje Whisky, in barrels ana naif-barrels. As it is of our own distil ia tion, aod highly improved by are, we oonfruently recommend it as the PuassT and best Whisky that oan possibly be distilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest stock of Fine Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN ft; SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Schuylkill river, Phila. Offloes?96 Wall street, New York ; and 109 Sodth Front street. Philadelphia mar 2?jly J^O~OK OUTFOR PA I N T No. aia seveUth street. Four Door* South of Odd Fellows' Hull. H. W. HAMILTON has opened a PAINT SHOPand PAIN T STOREon the New York plan, where oan always be found PAINTS, .OILS, ( LASS, HRrsHHS, 4c., 4c.,at wholesale and retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE, Asd Ruckkts with Brushes to Loan! N. B.?Particular attention p;ud to House, Sign. Ornamental Painting and (training. Mai nod and Enamelled Glass of all kinds alwavs on hand, or furnished at short notioe. He warrants satisfaction in all work entruxtfd to his care, and is oonfidant that he can do work as cheap, if not cheaper, than anr other establishment in this city. Give him a oatl. Don't forget the number?it is ftltf Seventh nrwi. ma lu-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. 117A3H1NGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ~ ? D Strfft, Hetictn 9(4 and 10t4 Struts. We have juat finished a of firat e'.aaa CARRIAGES, auch aa Litkt Fane*. ?.a. Wagons, Parle PhtatfHS. Family Car-MKMP. riafei) <md B utttes, which we will Mil at 1 l a ver? amali profit. Being practical meohanioa in different branohea of the buiirvM, we flatter ourselvea that we know the atylaa and quality of work thatwi'l five satisfaction, oombimng lifhtoesa, oomfort and duralalitTRepairlng promptly and carefully attended to at WfCoaohroakera, eaooeeeora to Wa T. Hook, CBICKERING A SONS' WORT D WIDE fame PIANOS, for Ml* only at JOHN P. EL LI*'S, 306 Pa. av?nae, between 9th and 10th ate a ,w new jr t*rm J. "" ?7 lae a*' ^ or -on"?. b?rtiiin in ?weond- h?nd Pi?no<. j?a iJ&SMX'Ki? # MEDI0INB8. W PURIFY THE BLOOD. (TH Corrupt, dianrd?red or vibaUd blood,yoa muat be aiok all over. It may her el ??t 10 pimplee or aorea, or in aome aotive dieeaee, or it maj mere!? keep yon Uatleee, Depressed and go<?d for notkieg. But yon eannnt bare good health while your blood , M impure. AYKR'8 8?RSa PAKILLA purgee out tkeee mpuntiaa and atimalataa the orgaaa of life into vicoroua notion, reatoring tha heaith and expelin* aiecaae. Hence it rabidly ourra a variety "t ooinplaints which ara caused by imparity of the Wood ; au h aa Scrofula (or King* r.vil.J Tnmora, Uloera, Soree, Kruptiona, Pimple*. Blothea, Bilaa, 5t Anthony'a Fira, Boaeor Kryaipelae. Tetter or gait Kneuin. Scald Head. Ringworm, Canoer or Canoeroua Tumor*, Sore Kyee. Female Diaeaaea, auohaa Retention, Irregularity, Supareaaiou, >\ hi tea. Sterility, Syphi.iaor Venereal Diaeaaea, feiTor vompiaim ana Heart Uiimim. Try A^ ER'S SAR&APARILLA.and see for yonreeifthe surprising activity with whioh it oltanae* the Mood and caret the diaordars. AYKR'S CHKRRY PECTORAL i??oaniver*?Uy known to snrpass every other remedy for tae oure of Couths, Colds, Influensa. Hoarseness. Cioup. Bronchitis, Incipient Consumption, and for the relief of Conanmptiv* Patients in advanced tare* of the disi ase, that it U useless hare to re cnnnt the evidence of ita virtue. The world knows AVER*? CATHARTIC PILLS-for Coetiveneaa. Dyspepsia, Indigestion. Dyaeatery, Foul Stomach, Jaundice. Headache, Heartburn, Piles. Rheumatism, Oropay, Worma.and in ahort for all the purposes or a purgative medicine. Prepared by J. C. AYER 4t CO., Lowell. Maas , and sold by all Druggists everywhere, je 21 -eoi? XT- O. Jt.~i.rn db I'm A. IiriVffEWELl/S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaint*, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWKLL'S JUSTLY CILCBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through all ease* whor? Opium van ever nurd to that of Delirium Tremens, and the oommon chief oauae of Disease LOSS OF SLEEP. The Tolu Anodyne, though containing not a particle of Opium, produoes all the requirement* of, and may be used in all oaseH wherever Opium was usnd withnni pro^ncing Anything hut Cures, and leaving the patient in a perfectly natural ate. The Universal Cough Remedy, (freed fn>m all the common obiection of <?ongh Remedies, which produce nausea or prostration,) may he considered the common enemy to ail Throat and Lung Complaints. and used with perfect impunity. Asking all to oourt from proprietors or friends the most severe investigation ofl>oth Remedies.and readme of our pamphlets to be lonnd with all dealers, ana more particularly to purchase onlv of those who oan be depended upon, we wait in confidence the decisions of Patients and Phtsicians. "Price* within ranch T>f a 1" okxkkax agents. J. W. Hunnkwkll a Co., 7 and 8. Commercial Wharf. Bo?ton, Gko. Hi'sxkwill, 144 Water st^ New York, Under the special supervision of JOHN L. HUNNKWELh,Chemist and Pharmaceutist, Boston, Mass., whose signature overs the oo ksofthe genuine only, ana to whom address all oommum- I oations. sold br all respectable dealers everywhere, and all the DruirffisU in Washington and Georcetown. I mar 26 eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. 44 HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT HUCHU, A Positive and Specific Kerned t For Diseases orthe BuADDKR, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL,?nd DROP3ICAL ELLINGS. This Medicine the power of Digestion, and excites the AB:*0? BENTS into healthy action,by which the WATERY OR CALCEROUS deposition!, act* all UNN ATUR A I. ENLARGEMENTS* are reduced, a* well as PAIN aud INFLAMMATION, ardris good for MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT RIJCHU. For WeaksetcM Arising from Exoeases, Habits of Dissipation, Early Indiscretion or Abuse, Attended with tke foUetring Symptoms :? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disoase, Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision. Pain in the Back, Universal Lassitude of the Musouiar Statem, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body. Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoe, PALLID COUNTENANCE. These iTmptoms, if allowed to go on, whioh this me<lic'ii^ invariably retnovs, soon follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, In Onk or Which tiik Patient mat Expibr. Whooan sa* that they are not frequently followed I by thos-< "DIREFUL lMBEASKR." 1 INSANITY A NT) CONSUMPTION." Many are ?w*r? ?.f tne o%im* oi th??ir sutfenne, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RECORpSOF THE INSANh ASYLFMS t An l the Mtlnnthnly Death.* 6y Conmmrtion Bear amp> witness to the truth of the aneertton, THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEARSEJ*3 Requires the aid of medicine to strengthen And luviforat* th? Syetom, W*tc4 Hklmbold's EXTRACT BUCHU mrariabtydo**. A TRIAL WILL CO!IV?C* THX MOST KPTICAL. FEMALES?FEMALES?FK MAT ES. OLD OK YOUN'f, SINGLE. MAKHIKD, ON CONTEMPLATING MAR HI AVE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extraot Huihu i? unequalled by a n r nt K?r mm i * "" u *' *m\*j v?iiwi i 4 f?n in v/ltp'm'SIB it IXOlCIlilUIl Irregu.a'ity, Painfuiness, or Suppression of Cub toinarjr Evacuations, Ulcerated or Scirrhous state of the Uterus, L?uoorrh<pa or Whites, Sterilluy, aiyl for a 1 complaints incident to the * x whether , arising from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in th? DECLINE OR CHANCE OF LIFE. ske symptom* above. NO FAMILY SHOl'uU Bf. WITHOUT IT T"Jt' no mor* Balsam, Merrvry, or unpl>asant Medteint for tm?.*r.sani nnA Da-ttrou* Lnstasti. HELM HOLD'S KXTRACT BUCHU cure* SECRET DISEASES In all their States. At little; Little or noohaucnin Diet: No inoonvenienoe; And no Errorvrf. It ~ause? a frequent desire am give* strength to Urinate, thereof Removing t>l?etruotions. Presenting and ouring Strictures of the Urethra, Allaying Pain and Inflammation, bo frequent >n the class of diseases and expelling alt toifonom Distas'd. and warn ohI Mailer. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who have been the victims oe quacks. and who hav- paid A*?? yfttt to be cured in a short time, have found th-y were deoeived. and that the has, bj the uh of "powerful a?TKiNoKNTi," been dried up in the system, to break out in an a*eravated form, and PERHAPS AFTEK MARRIAGE. Use Hel*bolb'? Fxtxact UccHufor all affections and disease* of the URINARY ORGANS. Whether existin* in MAi.E OR FEMALK. From whatever cau?e originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diseases of tnese organs require the aid ola Dimrtti ! HELMBOLfi'S EX TRACT BUCHU IS THE bREAT DIURETIC. . I And is certain to have the desired effect in all Diseases f-OR WHICH IT IS RECOMMENDED. Evidence of ike most reliable and re sponsible ckarter will accompany the medicines CERTIFICATES* <"F CURES. brum H to 3D years' standing. With Namk* mows to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price SI 00 per battle, or ill far S3.00. Delivered to any Address, securely packed fr < | oSservatmn.^ _ ijkkcr1bk J?TMPTOM? IN all COMMHKIC*TIOTUP j Care* (iuarantrrd ! Advice Gratis!! : I AFFIDAVIT. Per?ona>'y appeared before me, an Alderman of I the city of Phi a<lelphia,H. T. H el* bold, who being I ilalj sworn, doth nay. his preparation* no ..tain bo n.arcot.o, no mercury, or o tier injurious drura, but are par^lv vegttaole. H. T. HKLMBOLD. Sworn and subscribed before mo, this 23d day of November. 1854 WM P. Ill BHKRD, Aldermn*. Ninth street, above Race, Pbila. Address letters for information in ooufidenoe to H. T. HELM HOLD. Chemist, Depot, 104 South Tenth st, bet Cheeuut. Piu'a. BiWARK OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endra.or to dispone 'or their own" and "other" articles o.i the kefctation attained Helmbold's Genuine Preparations, " Extract Ruohu, ' " Sarsaparilla. " " t Improved Rose Wash, Sold by S. B. Waite, 3'iS Seventh street, and S. C FortvJr, ourner Peun. avenue and Eleventh street. Ayn ALL DRUOOIST3 EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELMBOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. Cut o?.t the advertisement and send lor it. AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE. ap4 eolv WASHINGTON T* (FIRE) INSURANCE COMPANY. Avenue and Tenth Street. J.7T NfcrtJl'IRE, President. O. D. HANSON, S?or?UrT. ma7-eotr H^HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Soaies are otferea to the eubiio as the moat simple, durable, and reliable soaies ever rot is ace. First olaee premiums have been awarded thea bj the United States Pair and Virginia Afionitural Society; Virginia State Acneultural Fair; Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair, Vermout State Fair, Jto., Ao. In every oaee where exhibited they oave received first c.aaesMnap For sa e at Louisiana avenue, Depot of Sliler'a Chilled Iron Safes. de U-tr K* G. PATTISON. Af?L EMBERS OF CONGR K?*B AND OTHERS about lea*inr theoity shou <1 en!: m exam'r.e our great stuck of Pianos from|HBip| Chiekering A Hons'great fcctory, as also??l if ? bo"? {la'av-tv^.v*'ie? >06 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th sU. WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS. Tf ^ Hi 9th Ik, nee doeri North rs.4?e. ? on^mioauy n?M m Kiinon, and >ou?Mini all IM alaakle ^uklitiM of the best cabirrt makers* f' II may be used in the plaoe of ordinary maouag a, being vastly mora adhesirs. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Priet, 86 sects. N. B.?A Brash aoootnpaniss eaok bottle WkoltsAit Dtpot, No. 4" Codar street, New York. Addraaa HENRY C~*PALDIN? * CO.. Hoe No. S.?0?, Nov York. Pat ap for Dealer* in Caaaa containing Foar, Fight,and Twelve Dozen?abeautiful Lithograpb o Show Card aooompacyinc each pack age. K- A single hottla of SPALDING'S FREED GLl E will ht? ten tirues ita ooat annually to every household.^Q1 Sold by all prominent Stationers, Dr tig gists. Hardware and Furniture Dealers, urooers, and Kuinf Mores. Country merchants should make a note of SFAL DING'S PREPARE I* GLUE, when making if their hat. It will ntnid any oliniare. lQ-ly t trkf hA.thri niulvfti'n< I 6> ' 4 0 j/"W?/cr mi ko {tke o.Um? /h*iUt? m> if V"". M rmtUp af Ik< Mrm*ufekrt?,) /r*m 1 ??()0 A Jr* e*+i*r c/my.,prtf-Ki trjP ~9 O < f S ? jw?? nnif kmrm m I ln>. ^ 8|??r : f fcXtTi'EWK-s;:', llMuiiJiWli* tmtrn. It tMTr-Sf X.mC .fjt Ttmmm^lrdkfU, frm i?\ t r P5 W. f 4? fw M ffl tf I y 4 r&i t J ce?jT'l ' K, Bo1b5toprirtor.^ u es-s 3x" > CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS * MOWMlRMr WITH THE SIGNATURE OF y ^ > ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJAIY, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW TO. hOR SALE JN IWASHINGTON BY m& 23 6w HARBOUR i 9EMME9. LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING" LIGHTNING!!! Ih Tim or Pkack, rom Wa! F. UBARRK, Sw(4w*? tomrr of |0(* nnA C *tr., MAUCFACTrBKB or PLATIN A-TlPPhD LIttMINING RODS, Re?jx?ctf\?llj announces to th? puMio of Wmtunr trni ami vioimtT that h? i* propar^i to execute all orders for ereotini? I.ightnng Conductors on the moat rsprovcxi noj^ntifir principle*, cmtrictM o( ?i.~ -i?-. / '? ? i.? fciir* * ni t ?'i nirkvci tr?.C| ??? ?vi j iinnoi akr u-t h;h, i Ail P atina tipp-<i Potr.ta whion are manufactured by me will be ?tarr,|>?<( with ray name. Wrattier Yaiu<a of any deaign made to order. mar 29 Sir P~ARAFFINK Oil., THE CHEAPEST LU1HT KNOWS' We a'e now receiving Paiifltne Oil direot from the workb in weefrn Virginia. The quality of it ia eic<?>ieut, producing a ateady, bri! laut and heautifu Iwht, and more pleasant to th? eyea the.ii/aa 'iglit. Thia Oil i? fre* frniriaJu't?*rat!on,and verv much more economical than mauy of the Coal Oila u?ed at thia time. It i* in no way explosive. He k?-p aiao a Hup ply of the mmt approved tylea of l,ai:ipa, Ac., for burning thia Oil, KING * BUtcilKLL, Agent* for ita tale for the lUatnut of Columbia, Corner f ifteenth at. and Vermont av. <ir?*a.t Kanawha Coal ami Oil Cnmnanw mt 11 T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber bavicf roads addition* to hi Jactory, making it now one of the '.ari^t aJHMlM, id the Diatriot, *h?r# hia faoilitiea forW^^P? man uiactunnx CARRIAGE A LlGHT^^S^KS WAGONS ofail kmda cannot be au_rpassed, an* from nia lonj experience in the >>BsiLeas, he hopes to tive jsnerai a*ti*facUon. AU kindi of Carriages u4 Lai11 wU<>u t*rtn hand. All RKPAlRSnskWydaas.aiidallardarspr***! ly attended to. SeoaBd-kaad Carriages taken in eio&afcfejor ar* net. andrew J. JOYCE, 4 IS *? m* Utk ar2 K sta Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thia divr, emt>racint a.i qua i-af?TTW tiea and sues of Sole I,<??.th?r, Ladies'Rf* jfl Dree* and Packing T uniii. Oar trunk^"1*^ ?al*s room exhilut* at thia time the greatest variety of traveling requisites at moderate pnree. to be lonnd thia aide of N*w York. Aieo, every desorip tion of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET BAG*. SATCHELS, Ac. % (Xj~OWI Trunka repaired or t*ken in exchange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Truck Sale* Room. marll-tl Pa. avenue. PM C. SNYDER. LUMBER AND OAS UTTER. Philhakmoxic Hall, South *itl* of Pa. ar., we.ft of EUftnth *t , Will introduce Water and Gm upon the n.ost favorable term a. . . . _ _ P. 8,-1 have on hand a lot or COOKING STOVES, and aa 1 deaire to eloae thorn oat. will ekl them at ooat for oaah. ma 7 KJMjKCTRO-PHYSIOLOGY AND KI.ECTROJCj The rapeutioa, ahowinc the boat mothoda for the medioal ueea of Eleotrioity, by Alfred C Garratt, M.D.I vol. 8vo.; price $4 The South Side View of Slavery, by Nenetniah Adam*. D. D-. 1 vol ,erice 75 oenta. Lucille, by Owen Meredith, 1 vol., htaeand gold; price 7S oenta. Part 6 of Ton Brown at Oxford; price 13 oenta. For aale by BLANCH ARD L MOHUN, je 15 Corner of 11th at., acd Penn. av. MRS. SCHOOLCRAFT'S NKW NOVEL.i"l The Black GaunUea. a Tale of Plantation Life in South Carolina, bj Mra. Henry R Schoolcraft, wife of the Indian Hi atorian- Prioe#t.3S Juat publiahed and for tie at PHI LP A SOLOMON* Metropolitan Bookatore. 339 Pa. a v., het. <Hh and loth ata. Sola Agenta for Laurenoe'a Celebrated Foreign BtMioawy. Ja if i.?. e. una. ?. i. urn. i. k uttt. J_AMAI.MOW*n AILIUW Will fTMtlee i? tha llij^CoBrt o? Errors an4 lr Mail at Jftokaon, tiie Federal Court It Pontotoc, IheCourU of tMSeveua Jnd:c.v o/ Mia^ ?Mi< vtti atUiiu to the CoUMtiaa of ClauM m7?i?<?? ? ta-?f JACOB KKED. NmvrAcmn o? MILITARY CLOTHlNfl, BOfTHlilT CoENXB 8?C01*D 8*MC? $T*., PHILADF^I'HIA. MILITARY C1X?THH FOR SALK. ta?-fca 12.000 .t.? toe mention of Uia to our .area ud wer. a* leoted (took of Champacne and Cn3> Appia Cider, winon we (oarantae to be wt imoe, and wili be old on r?i?onabw. tonni in order to omke rooa for oar apria* ataex. Oiv?u a fel No. IT tirwiu ?L. fiMltSnn ?f}A,8?oiaiii: c|8flSifi\a,i?8fii?i?S.,S STwiW.'w SMITH aallahia fronds OI?M*r tkaa any otk? IMWO <W *> B?l DAKERH' BUTTER IN B ALTINORK.?Wa t? oan at all eeaaona of the year supply n>i witk every fttuie of Buttar Tar* cnoioe. W? lars rm* now aa low aa tan oenta, and Poai that ap to the beet. f..r sound oake. ?!!&!SS7K1!UKS? MISOELULKDOUS. /?y'"'svA / ^ & *ooi?oirr: v, V \ ( ^ *> dispatch: \ ^ ^ X^TSt?e the_Piecci! -K^ fam iltts, it ta totj to hare torn okH* ud Wimint m for r?f?iria| Fami tare, Tort. Croakary.Aa. SPALDING'S PTTLPARRD GLUK raeeU all aaoh etneraeaojee.and no hoaeefcold tU afford to be vithoit it. It ia a!w*?a ready and ay to th? atieking point. There ia do longer a neoeeaitr for limping ehaira.aplintered reneera. beadleee dolla. and broken oradlea. It ia juat U>f article for oone. ahell. and other oraameetaJ wort, ao ^iiar with ladi?? of refinement aori taate. Thia admirable preparation la uaed oold. being . I II I . . . JJ?* MEDICINES. Mm Pumw*4 tk? ?*? fawif. ?< X/?rlMi JlMllif ? lit WmrU. FOR ALL IMSEAftK* OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSK DELICACY FRETRNT. APPLY IMMKD ATKLV. A CURE WARRANTED?, OA NO CHARVE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. at U. hik kiKiuM ?l??iMw*ftkitM(iri *a4 utdMuq Diacbarf**. iifrwHf, mj Dahiluy. HirrmtM, Ln<? L*? eew?t*,ve? im w Umi, MptoiM mtth? . Tn?>W)> OiMMrfk(t<*i Oi44liM>, PiMtM t(U? III ..Tknai, R?l w Mm, iluuMiflli U??i. >? ?> ? *? ! >l>m TimbM r^Nrtira il?w| ft*n. IiMi at T? ??>?tbaa* Drii^ril m4 Duuitu'i Praeciaaa ?W|t r? III Mirnifi mymiHi, u4 twin) tola My u4 >M TOfRO MU Ht ?ha k??i kliMM ifea iiciim af aiMtry THa, Iktl 4rwifi> u< Imwciin *knr in>wll? i?iifi M u miinslt (Till ilimI><I af Tmi| Man af rha Mai ? Utad t&iaoia ?rx! hrilian inullact, ?ha myh< nH'?m ba?a aalraacad latanmf Sanaiaa it* Ifca uaudar* a1 aiiMim a* villi la aaaiaay ifca U*?>f lata, a?T aali vtll nil ? ! AtJUACB HiUlU ritlOH at Tml| Maa iM<?rM(taa? rtiii hamf iviri af phyaiaal *a*kaaa? Hfwlt dahiUty, Aararm'Ui>, A<af?adi.* carad wbf >licii tiiaaalT ln4ai ?ha mm af D? I. My ratlflMaly laaNi la bii hanar as faatiaMa uJ aaatdaaiiy ralf pat hu skill u a pfey n*i*i urricx ki tk'iti rasDcaiciartErr 1 afl hand aid* rung (na Ballliaara airaat. fi? daata h*a Ui nil na< taahaarva aaaaa aad laafeai kailaw mnm imafaiaaa ? ? iiaprBdat ; ?at?ry af pika*a I k? baa itabikad tka aaada af itia pttafcl <?im, it taa 4** M kapfana tkat m> ill-tuaad nu? ?f aii -ir? ar draad ?f I daiarakua fraai PP'7"'f ' ? wka, fra?a adacaiiao aal H raapaeutxlity, caii il?t tafnaod hit Ha fa its lata tka kanda a< if itarar ' ?i.d fi.'nf prata*<lara. who. u.capakla af eannc, tick hu pacuiui; N^uci.ktai him trtlaaf aatitk aAar loantk, ar aa taa( ?a ika aaaailaat fa* caa ka I lataad, and la dtaptir latta ?ia ai;k rail, ad kaattk la aur? I tarliM r>;lin| iliaipyauiuaaa'.; *t ha Ua aaa af that daaifla farni, Marcary. >?n? tka cat>stt*auoai'I trrrjtmrx** rf iMa H tarnbla Iimw. ?ar\ u klMMaa'i-ia latn.Thratt, Haa^ 1 kin.*e.. prorraaamg with frifktfal rapdit*. nil da?i?i rata a I aartad ta hia draadfa] aalatun t; aandi f hia la tkai 1 aiaca'arad caan-.ry Iran wfcoaa baarna na traaalar rataroa. j m joimoiii?':?'w?v ^?ii?'i*iih; Kiiuw ft AVD IMrOTUICT ft By tkta rraaj and inpa?aui raiuacy waaknaaa af ika araaaa I ua apaadiljr carad and f4l ngwr raatarad. ThaaaaaAa aJ tka | bmi n?r?f??'n? *M lit I Ml NMk<t| k??e laaHuul; nlli'H. All imptdtaanta Marmf*. PkfdMl er Mtnud i'u??? k IhI)mi, Lmi ( PmrMtix P?w?r, H?r?*a< Irmtklltoy Traabung and Waakaaeaa* tltiMUK. tlui MifutfM M apaaadily cuii ENDOMEMurr or ras rttai TIF MtMY fHOtlAhlMl cirit >u>ai iutuiMlM vlikli Ika laal aaTinlaan jun, >nd lk? uuntrMi UBf*ri*r; litn Ml ?r*r*urD? fcy Dr. Mmm. v.iumhI ?? t*>? rapcnar* ?f itii ptpiri and mao* *U*r mtmi, u* icm at whrch h??? ?pp*ira 1 i[i;r ud ift r kabrt ikt pak.ic, kaiidn hit aui.ding * fa*(J*a?n af Ibiiuuiul -t-?n,?4 kiluy, ta riMt ptnriii l? la* land |i> la \f DR. J. BOVKK miD*!* IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now being used from MaimIo the 6rM !Wt Lake, an! the universal verdict of all who uae t' em either as a ntud'cin* or a* a b'rtragt. ia that I th?y are uneurpaeed in the world Or. ijode aeed I them in hia practice for 25 year* before I we purchaeed of him the ao:e . if ht to maeataotar* I and preeeut them for aale to the pub ic. For the I cu'? of Incipient Cociiraftion, Indirection, Dye I pepaia. Pilae, Nervoua Oiaea ea. Femae Com I plaibta. and all oaaea ree amnr a tome. th?y are be yond doubt a moat invalu^>le remedy. Aaide from If their medieinal pro^ert eathey are a par*, wkitua aome and denghtiiii Beverage. p'oduoiag al the I peasant exhileratin* elTecU of Brandy or Wine I without their injurioaa reaulta. l-et all friend* of I humanity and all advocate* of temperance aaaiat I ua in anhautainc haee van utile vegetable Bitter* I for the minrral pc sons and ariti'}?rntt4 I with which the conntr) i* flooded, and thereby ef- I feo' ait in tian ?h<n? Dieeaae and Drunkeneea I from the land. A _ CHARLES WIDDIFIELD A CO. I Proprietor*. 7?* Wilium afreet. New York. J. PCHWAIZE A rent, I WaahincUtn. D. C. PR. J BOVK? POM' IMPEKUL KIN BITTEKS, For Diftea?< t of the KMr.ej ?. H adder ai.u I'rint't Orr?n?. arid etpecia < fur Feii k.* Ohetrnotione. never to cure, and are *?r:n t*d to give eatie fiction. CH.\RLE? WIOriFIF.LD * co.. Proprietors, 7** W at.. New Vofk. J. fCHWARZE, je7 ly.r Agent. Washington. D. C. Hiuhly important to all: MRS (VJX'S ISDIA.V VEGETABLE VECOCTION. It ia T?I! known that in the Spring poo pie are more apt to oontraot di*?a*e than at an? other I period; and >t i* eeu*. y we . known that the wa* to war<l off dit?M? u to keep the blrod pare, for "all the iMa that fleah la heir to," arise from impiin I ty of the blood, the m\u, eprine of oar eaibtenoe it u, therefore, important to a I that the ayate* K ahoult! I>e Uiorourh> clear, od and parlied. au<* I this can be done iu the most effectual vat by u?.ni I MLS M. COa'S 1NDIAS Vt- it ETA f>I S DF I* beet ren:?dy diaoovered for the our' of diiteaaea of Skin. Eryaipe.aa. J* Rbeuma I tism. Nervous DeMlity, Fevers of different kmd? i)yspep*y, L:rer Complaint, and all other disease M arising fr<iin imparity of the b ond. Itbaaeffeof-I the moat rema-kabie ourea, as oac be ahova b numerous oeruficatea from persons of the highe. respeotAbility, ai.d is raoonuaMMad bp all *b I have ua*d it aa the moat in valaable remedial a?ei of the day. Hi ifT'ltla aold by a!) the Drucriata of Baltmon and at the raaidanoe of the proprietor. , 1 MRS. M. cox. ; 1?S East Baltimore street, i between E^en atreet and Cential a venae. IJ None t*nnide anlaaa bar name ta blown oa th?V 1 bottle and her seal on tiie oork. I IH/~ Price 91 per bottle, aiz bottlee for $&. V < WkoifinU i(M<. R. S T Ciasat.. Dr?|(lC.I| Georgetown. I). C.. Whotaaale Aicntfor th?Di?4 trie t, ami will auppj the trade at iry price*. | m*r y? tr rpHK ALL BUFFjClENf f MKEK j TKIUKMAK, 1,1,41, froby Hoy<U Lnitrt Pmimt of Emrimmd, ?d[| socmod ty tkr S*m.!> of tkt Etolt dt Pkm, ? at ia *W*fmrit, mmd fie Jmmtii Colin* *f Modttm W. rtMM, No. I is mralnaMe for exhauetioo, Beerm?lor-w rbtea, and all ?kyeiu* uni&M.iUe*. M No. 3 completely "ran catee all tiaoa* of tkoMV dieeatne Uiat have been hitherto treated by the dm i e?ua ar.d pernioi >Bi tie of eopavta and ^abeba. k No. 3 haa entirely eurp.anted the mjarioa* a*? <HI mercury. thereby inaurtng to the aiifwec aaaMy relief, diaperaln* all imparities, **>d rootuif oat the TKiT.^EMA R .Not. l .Hand S,are prepared intfeaft f>rm of a loseue, devoid of taate and Mtati, ate oan be oarned in the waiatooat pooheC Hold ia t>a oaaa*. and divirfcd into aeparate d?ee?,ae adnuaje tared by Yaleeau, Ltilemand. Roax. R oord, Ae. I Pnoe <S each, or foar eaeea for $9 which aave* if 3 vjsa"! ibw; i 194 Bleecfcer street. foar door* below " r rraffl B treet. New York. Immediately on r^oeina* a re I ittaooe. Dr. Burrow will forward the TiMMaar lo any part of the world, aaaaraiv eaabod. >ad md dr**s<?J tocnrdiUf to tfc* ins?ru<-f>of>s of Um writer. Sold al?o b; 8. CALVERT FORD, Jr., Waak- {] l niton, D. C. dt l-ta I C7 ... "W^DLINS QUACKS. ? ACTION !-*Qaaoks;?their Uookm. C?rtl4li, | Bschs, Hospitals, In?trsm?DM or Rincs?shas nm all, and, if dnaaosad to pro it b? a; exports**', write lor my prirate Ci'cuiar ot SPfci^MATOK R HOCA ITS CURK. Wit* stamp M^lossri, a^ dross, in per??rt ml doi-o*. joarlr oifF.. a f*??er stirrer, aierelj rm scr Fiibi Has 1 7 ?. Ctiarisstovn. Mass U !*TAMPIN* y A **ACKKT OF PAPBB klA I A.NU ENVBLOPBC nu TO MATCH. (charge) BOOK*TOBB. , PH1LF A SOLf'MONP, I A( ota for LwrNw* i e^?l'?u4 but PtMTt, I MHropo Majr Ac.. j& ? fmj urn. ET.. W MhudM rt*. 1 279 206 1 mifey Bmi imtii to o?ii too ?tui.u?n ?l lua fria?4j ui toe ?ublto *enei?Jt? to feu New btors, ttadar WlJ l*r<Ta Hot*!, ja?t o^a?i, in oor.i.ei.ot wiU few SgSSsavs: Jg'ssrfc aan> t|M ssytira.1 *.31? at jyv;r ,tt~ Jf M ka fti4 u4 aaauala ituay. ML JOBMVOB, M???n af ika liyu of Bar ????. W?<?. (ntkiH (taa ? ( tko mm wumi c?UifH ? tka (it nai luwt, ud Ik? (Ntur part af ?Vw? lift hu kaaa apoi t m tN kaa lUil of Londar , Paris. Phita Salvia aa4 a*aawt>ara, b?l ?hcu4 NIM of MI Ml tUMatt<. j rare* tax vara at kaava; many imtlad atu. Hiif iu{ la tka kaat an4 a>i Vkan aaiaaa, rraal air*aaai aa? ba>* .larrcod at aa44aa aa?n4a, kaahfaloaaa ?t!> frtqaanl t>taa inf. attan4a" ao?an Ma a* Vllk tmnfanail af iia4. vara cara* IWM4laWlV. TAKE PAKTIObAK WQTICl Taaa( Man arc atkara vac *a?a >i<)?ra? laaaaaitM ka a aanau. pracuca m4al(id la akaa a wa-a kai>?- hi^aaallf Uaraad fran. a?ti wnfariaM, ar at achoat, tka atacia af | wUck ara aiffccty fall aaaa akaa |aanap, n.4 if a*' lara4. raadara aarriifi lapaaibla,u< doatrraa katk ai.o a* a kadr, ahoal4 apply imma4iatal? Tfcaaa ara aaaaa'af tlaa aad and aalucMf ataru ara?aaa4 kf aarit katiu af roa-.h ?: ?oaknaaa aftha Back aa4 llmka, Faina la tka Hul. Diirn a>a af lick'. Una* af Muaiaiaa J Ptvir, P>!puti?' ( liM r-. I >T?|>?r??. IrnuMft- \ [>if Pi. cum, Mnwt. PtMMf, frnmoiti of O.tUBUti , Ac. .MV.VT A LL Y ? T ili>r(? aficuMlM mi?4 tn <* ?! M ? 'I?|4i<-Lmi of Meroery, Ve^fwwi ? Id? , l>? am f Sf trW? K?il Fwt-sdMf*. A ?f StK ,?.?. f I'mrtH, box af ?lit?d?. Timidity, *u , *r? m?i ?f 0>? evil* f*?RKRTOII ntlliilTT -TktuuiMU ? ?'?df vtel It th* e>aa? of tb?ir d?cui>i> f t Mi*| *tit, ptl?, r !"? ui4 i unfllti t^irtoci ikMi ih? tin. cn| k ? ?fir.Ft?fn??f cMicanptiM _ PlSk.Af<E? O*' IMrRCDEWCB

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