Newspaper of Evening Star, 2 Temmuz 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 2 Temmuz 1860 Page 1
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F r ? 9 I /\ < A. ^ jT ^ ' A % ^ J ' ????^?^p?????????? ==qpe==s9f^= _ * S?>T 1 ' ' ^ "^ l Q W XVI WASHINGTON. D. C., MONDAY, JULY 2, 1860. N?. 2.800. . . . . i ) ' L - - j _ .... Tin TVn 1TIITM fl! -- .. I THE-EVE.NINti STAR i8 . - ..v , i. P UBL1SHED E VER Y A FTERNO&N\ v? ;-.<*ways Excepted?) :1Z:S TillC STAR KILMIIOt. ' -~ Omrmtr of Pennsylvania avenue and 11/A sf.~ {.. *.,j ,^.T i - -'* ? ; Paper* eery#d in paokace* bT carriers at $i a Ct,rlt* WUffath. Tu m&il anbscribera U%aru? ia 9x&++mr, i* <*d **<*, 92 for eix BMMttaafl f<)r th??e months* aad -i6r led* than tkrtmmthi at Che rata of 12 b*nt*a<V*?k. ! Single *?p c **t; lit rappeta, twocmt*! i f!7*?vn*i?t?nmaho4ld tasoattothe office Mlar* Wo'oloflta;?ibervii* th??iac? aotffcppear i j -;wl -r v ^ ^ *?!?.rs | A ROMA1CE ' T|^f>tber of General Bradgpcfc wJ * man H OMapetont fortune. On hi ? death he left no le* tkan a thonstfnd pounds a.* a-proviji ?n for hWTfwo daughters, and prdbably a much larger Mint* his only-son, Edward Hr*dd<-ck *h?? of th4 daughters died evly, afeid her efftfefr,' Fanny $raddock, became po?yied of fcer.#hare of the father s legacy Goldsmith, la ki* life of Bean Nash. ha? toH the rdniantic ,of Faaoj, under the same of "Miss qV?rl* S." witix his sweetness of n^rratWe aod-gantle (radae** of sympathy. Sji-a was d<b*<%aded, he says, from on# of tbe be^t fainilTo^iiC\he kingdom, and vw left a targe for ene open hdr sister's decease. Whatever the finHltt tlu.At rt/wM A# *-i? - ? 1 __ . y.. v 1, V vfHitf * < 'UVV I ? C Ul WIVy III mr ill n?i eeUbrfc:e l painter imagine of beauty, was excelled in the perfections of this young lady. Sa? w?* -caluMUy gay, genemns t?? I fault, jr Pastured to the highest d?*gre?, affable in ?<onv?rmation; and some of her letter* and other veilings, as well in verse aj in prose, weuld hare nnne among those of the most celebrated wita of this or any other age hid they been puhttshed IJ?t Ae,e qualifications were marked by an othot, which lessened the value of them all; she was imprudent?" by which," s*ys the philosopher, "I mean she had no knowledge of the u3e of m<>ney " She was arrived at the age br'nineteen, when the crowd of her lovers aud the continual repetition of new flattery bad taught her that #ba?ould- never be foe* ?-ikeu and never poor. "Young ladies are very apt to expect." wisely m9rtlia?a Goldsmith, itf m VV AAr *4 ? - * - - ? * ? - vvimu iuk rvuHom us '? * passage IB J he Vtomr efWakefield, " ewrtaiaty of sncdees from a number of lovers, and yet I have never ;ee^? a girl courted by a hundred, lovers, tfcai foubd a husband ib any. Befo'ffc bet (Jholde Is fiwsd, she has either lost her reputation or her good sense, and the loss of either i? sufficient to consign her to perpetual virginity." <0 Among the number of this young lady's lov(F ere was a handsome, good-natured, easy sort of follow, ot whose name we Qan learn nut bag beyond its initial, ' ?>." Practically, it appears, be followed the dictate* of every new,P*t pa^iou. lie loved Fanny Braddock,. and. Fanny loved him. The vices of man ((Jojd-* smith gently terms theia imprudences,") 4oon ruined bun, and be w*d thrown into prison for debt. Fatrtiy Btaddwe*. with tfce disinterested Vpunr and fovety wotnam1. waf resolutely bent on freeing him. and racrifioing her wh jle fortune in relieving her love from his utilisations to his creditors, and thus restored hi m t/1 liburt V S intUlJ i\f - __ -j ?- ? ? -w i a w? in friendship or affection, only studied to-avoid a cr<;diter hie never cpuld repay,-for "though Ontli favors produce Rood will, great-one* deJtr&y friendship," said **old#mith, who eo<t]9 only uuer maxima worthy hi Solomon, while he lived as riotously a* the Prodigal Son. Poor Fanny, however, *is ruined in reputation w?U v in fortune, by this profuse generuaky to her uagrafeful lover. Beau .Vub. tben meeting with her among some of bis friend* in London, pr?railed oq hv to go with him to Bath, where the Beau, fee tag paramount in power, might introduce her to'the beW tont>-iny, and leave it to her . merit to <fc? the fe*L People of distinction courted her aor^uaijitaneA antl-?ttWif to tiieerfr he^ with the wucial enjoyinerta and fashionable frfvpJUlfee d# Xbe placo. t. - . ' - 7 ' * * * bui i was apparent mat sauted melajitf&eyty hi! taken pum?ei?B of her BMfrd, and 0he m ved along with, hat wm nof of, "the gaj throng. *Ve?h !<>? of. lore, lb* of for^ne, low it friend*, end lees of health. aha wa* finally induced, a? a mere refuge from hef Own ?itacae'i?e?. to yield to the invitation of a dame Lindaey, who desired V) 8oout?ty Bfooh beauty a# an. additional temptation to throe who rworted to her gambling rp?jn_ Although I?i?i'i-,ey,5inTif|riH??p.p?niiy Kraddeek i* not believed tr> haro fceen fair.teji vth.any'bthef'Tire ttian that of presiding ify the hazard table for the advantage of p)her*.. .-ihe could not long, however, endurethw di?grif**. and pr#ferrea the humbl* condition of housekeeper. in a gentleman'? Qunily, to which her pove*ry now reduced her Here ahe remained " myt .sad, but faithfnl to her duty. The gentlemun with whom the lived now w??t :p to London with bid wife, leaving the children and the hou*e to h?r cur# When hearts expected to return. Fanny after the discharge of tier daity dutj, went into the dining-room ?? ! ijrote these lint* npon one of the window psnes: ' . < > b, D*?U).' tbou pleasing end of huroaa woe. r be.; cure for life, tbou greaU-at good below! . . Still nnv'?t tbou ity the reward and the slave ^ tnrt thy *oft slumbers only Mean the bra** " "" me visitor* coming in she entertained tbetta efieerfolly, an<? on their goisg ovt. nhe went to the library, wherq she had ordered ?uppej. J!?re 41 i?he spent the remaining hours pre ceding bed-time in dandling two of Hr. Wood's ^be gentleman in who#e family she lived) chilj ? ? ? r_ ? ? ?i ?- v < - 4i^u xu iyiuup; iuooeo iu uvr ciiauin^x ?ne weat rnto the nursery tA t*ke leave of ab< ther child as it lay sleeping in the cradle, "truck by the innoeence of the little babe # !ooks, and the consciousness of bar mediated guilt, she cobM not avoid bursting into tears and hugging it in her arms, fibe then bado the old itervaota-*' " good night," for the first titae she had ever done ?o, aftd win* to bed as usual.; , It u probable she soon unit ted her bed. S4e then dressed herself in clean liner mod white garuusuta of every kind, like a bridesmaid. Ifer gvwtj she pinned over her breast, just as a unrso pins the awaddling clothf" of an infaqf She then took a pink silk girdle and lengthened it with another made of gold threafl, she made a noose at one end, and tied three kjW.vt a small'distance from ra?*h other. She naw.aat down to read that passage in Arioso's ' Orlando Furioao.' where Olympia 11 abandoned bj her bosom friend and ruined m -* a _ j f * i ? - - nintj?iaia tuiae ner noos, sue aru?e, took the ginflq. the bad prepared, and tblowing tne ?ad -of the girdle over the cloaet dv<or, attempted to banc herself. Tbe girdle, however, broke with her weight, and she fell with each a noUe that the workman, who waa peeling the night in the bonse, wu awakened tie, nevecthele<Mv thinking" no more of it, turned over m4 west to eieep again. She now made another attempt with a stronger girdle, and **Joeeded Her aid maid, ne*t 4i?*rwig, waited a* usual the riagieg of tne bell, and protrnufd her patience b^r after hou^i lill two o'efook in tne afternoon, when tl,. .? I ?-4V .? ? " ?wi ?? ??" - ifiiit* Bni?xing' tit coon tfctuttgb a window, found their unfortunate rn ilriM still hanging, and quite cold itiath Wtba iMtantfe history of Fanny Brad-, dock, foe the DMt part mm related by Goldsmith 'Hundreds in life, "say* he, "lamented her fata. Be* brother, when be heard of it, < remarked 'Poor Fanny1 I nlwdys thought .lbe -would jHsj nil she would be'foroqd to tuck 'barself up Horace Walpole might writ say, 'Braddook it very Iroquois ia disposition .! jT'Tto Hew Yp& are a?* yet dope dlpjfiblM tbe magniAc?nt entertainment pto fe? the Jafeaear at the Mew York Mrtnmo IMaa Hotel. snWasttr'tbc whale of filMt's Tbeatr*, adjoinliut, and "bat* of tbelarc* d fort fig ' Wlr, and toth of the spacious gardens, and tu the lobbies. parlor*, bakoniee^and^jrideroonis of i tbewaa*;'jfjw^lecenitlona were exteaelvtani IptVr and the gueets ktawed to apMneusu^ dhytaif . Wb?a the chief meaJtte I 1 mA Um shortest cnarM fbt Sydney, CM* BrtUrwkm, after coaling ud taking ptkK for tbe (tralte of BeUr I ale. tbevmet will t fiBftttUSjUSTssw* ' I - -. S^i!! If* ' ' I*'' T> * if ;t?j i. it ? ' *?? a>f *? ? ,it A-? ? : ? >? ' * ^ ? iff** v f^ v r" *** 'Miff v ? a? WW WW ?? M. W tt>9- i Mr Dod^je is a good ?(); he pays hi* taxes,; {>ays the minister for preaching and prayibgj or him, and for chrktening th?* ehildrea; be* pays the baker and the botcher Ifoerally, and! buys the "cunningest"'.litHe gaiters for little; May, which rejokea the heart of Mrs. Dodgevery greatly. Mm. Dodge ?nntf down in the morning with such pretty wrapper*; the chil-i dren are all starohed and ironed? we mean their apron*, trowsers. petticoats, frocks, and* jackets, of course, not Che living akin of thei ! poor things?till they set o?t ltka spinning tops. Then the coffee is so good, the rolls ar? so nice that etetybody ?ays Mr. Dodjje is the happiest man. alive. Of eo?r?e he is. Why should not Mr. Dodg? b* a happy man? Mrs. Dodge does not .scold or fret; she does not talk about the coal, nor th? work nnr tKo n<u>lf Tf *?- * L , .mw ^v\/a. it VUO UUIU ill Ufl UC told, she does not t&lk at all. The highest exerciH? of eloquent* in which she wax ever known to indulge was in exhibiting a black spot upon one corner of the forehead of the baby, ?leven months old. who, with the spiring propensities of Young America, had crcpt up stairs jlo^ly, by (he side of the bannisters, while the nurse was trying oa her mistress's bonnet before the looking-glass. Mrs. Dodge told, in virid words, her emotions, as she heard the small, soft brain of her child bump, bump, from stair to staU, expecting to find it at the foot, nothing but a mass of jwlly; then how aha ran and nirkml Kim nn anJ how black he was in the face, and how she seat the nurse tramping and how she sat down t the foot'of the stairs and criad as if she would sever stop crying. When Mrs Dodge had exhausted her senaibjlitirs and rhetoric, both at the same time, she tabaide'd into plain Mrs. Dodge, with the plean apron and orderly household Mr. Dodge read his newspaper, aipped his coffee, and ejaculated inwardly "lam the happiest man alive;" m he did so he beared a deep sigh, r; * i i-'" Mr Dodge did not know why he sighed He had nothing of which to complain. All his domestic surroundings were just a.* they should }e; positiVeft S00^ Mrs. Dodge, thp chilren,\he taole, the house, all were the very ' best of her kind. And Mr Dodge knew it all anil felt it, and returned thanks duly for it, and vet he could not h?ln > -:-L : -W.J/ a UIV1VUUU atgll 111 view of all these blessings. Nut that the rfgh was at all prophetic, like that of tbe Moor, wh<>?e cap was overflowing with it5 breakerbriin of happiness, and he exclaims: ,v, '.-If it were now to die v*K*rere new to be moat happy, for my soul iUA h>*r content so absolute, tUat not '.-AjioUier comfort llle to this sueceeda In unknown fate." Dodge's sigh proceeded from no such co?sgipnaoew, bat rather from a sense of vacaney, M if he had a great spare chamber in his heart, which miirht hev?r r>? fn i?K?i . -va wv UIOIICU Then h? young Mr Hubbard, the ear?j with hi* pretty wife, standing hy ?v wtsflap? of the ?mall house opposite, where wa.? a ro5?htree and a geranium in full bloom. The] little tidy wife (.<he did not u^e near as much1 staxcb ??Mri. Dodge) was reading somethiqgj frftm the newspaper with her band upon her4 jMsbandht sh?>alder, and' Mr. Podge saw that ?*& irrre animated.. Wfyensbe bad done; reading they talked together, ami laughed, and both seemed greatly in concert) and then; tbtere was a movement a? the husband went toward the door, that sat4 just a? plain as any ?ord? kfcy," and Mr. Hubbard went out with! a bdfcnd ''How bright and strong and hanpy yoeng Mr. Hubbard seems," thought Mr. i?odge. It wll tery plain Mr. Ilubbard went oat with-a-ki** and not wkh a nigh. Mr. Hnbbard, J - ? o>a m ih*? who tmik ?n+ tbia^v in) itber wordj, Mtf Ifubhard had id??i U Mr brain, and Mr. Ifabbaad wont ?>ut to hi* work with hi* heart) refreshed with a lively atfoetiop,' not a dead habit of life, ahd with some lovely* aspiration doing its beautiful work to his whole nature. Sirs Hubbard was * like woman, whose thoughts came and went with the vivid-i ireis of a kaleidoscope, and who#e pretty facias lent a charm to all she said or did. She had flways something bright and new about her, a rose in her hair, a trim boddioe, a scrap! from a book, or some harmless bit of gosiip that made them laugh, and yet did no harm to* indeed, Mr. Hubbard ha* no barn of a. room in his heart, for his bright, cheery wife dusted out every cobweb with her lively way-> ' mmA filled every oorner; now with a vase of bttnUful flowers, bow a bust of some old grand; IRtrWr, now a statuette of beauty, and now! light , now shadow, for her thoughts and seoti-i uieat4 were wide awake, and her husband was a loving appreciator of all th?ir beauty. , i Stiff aprons, and nice trowders, and pretty morning dresses, and good coilee, light rolls, are alt excellent in their way, but somehow, tley leave room for sighing, while a bright, ehatty wife, who think.- her own way, ami kitotrs how to think with you also, fills tbe heart so full It has no room for sighing. Besides all this, your bright ohatty wife; knows how to plan for a thousand little com-! forts uothought of by the orthodoxlv nn?i?a _ . - T -r-V rm W** wife, whose thoughts never go on aDy explora: tion beyond the ironing table, the oookstove, and parlor lounge Depend apwn it, a womaa with a thought now ana then working in fce^ brain, stirring and aspiring, is the one with the sweetest smile and the tenderest kiss. Commend us to woman who writes a scrap of poetry now and then. She is the one , To make sunshine In a shady plaeeJ' i She will take tb? oddest old things and give them a touch and a turn quite irresistible, Your rickety table and wheezy arm-ohair will get a sort of brightness and comfort from he> ready fingers by which your learning will all be made ea^yand your aohing back be better ''moUilea* than, by ?ny ''ointment!'* Why she will put -ft x*?e here and a tassel there, which will make your room look exf fraragantly .h*nd?om?, when, after *11, thi cost was little or nothing. Never be afraid or a woman of taste and ideas: she is the ti*a Cooruelu i ll!" I > H?'l. | >: j Cimu 6UUt*tioxs The salutation bet tween two Cfciaamen when they meet, coneisti in each clasping add shaking his own haod^ instead of each others, and bowing vary pro fewndlr.'alaaoftt lottos ground, several Vis^esi A nae?tiAnf?u>re comtoou than "Ho* do yo? do?"?is, 'Have you eaten sine?" This .being tfce great artiefas of food throocheiit the1 enpire. and forming the fehief and indispensable part of every meal?it is taken for gran ted thai if ytm have "eaten rill" jr?n Jtf SuisUe. require# that in conversation each auuid compliment the other and every thing belonging to Mm. Hi the most laudatory sty]a; J " - -I. J?. -^1# ?;?*: - ve r .r U4U, ueurac4?ia uuunu wiui hi pertaining t|) him. lo the lowest powible point. The following to no exaggeration, thongh noi the preci* wertel " ' T ' , " . [ V^Thalu yonr honorable, name'" . j ' My insigntieaut appellatifll is Wrong." j ' "WWt4 U yoor magnificent palice*" "My ebntomptib)* But U At Sacban " , i "How many at* yoar iilustriona children?'] "My rilt, Worthless bra ta are five." Viow ia 11m health of Jfoar digtiftguUbnd s pause?" r - ! i l;_ "Mt mean, good-for-nothing old woman U >WflHi' ' * i? - 'V- '? i* - ? ' " f ' ' li <1 i.l. ii !> j lT^Tte Jrentoft fN i ) True American, in the State were, prevlou* to the determination hf the BalMroore Convention more favorable to Mr. f&SSgUXBKSWf* jf JET A Mr* Coleman. living now CookwilU, Mim. , ?u struck by UvMalag.^od k*r kn4 uin entirely from ker botf. C * ' ?:> I ss^ssm^-f t '. ul 4* ? ? ?.< . J-. * m* ' t i.- .? >.- W ! # *a 1*1 e.i? *1 i . j, r. r | ?'l. ? *? ? j | ?** im<1 ?*.- L . miis* wins low, If ExperlatioAd Nurse and Female PhyaiotMU pre?<*nt? to the attention of mothers. wr SOOTHING SYRUP. P*r CkIMm Teething. ' Wfcltk ft?sij feciliutMi U? pr*??M ' u*U>hif( by mAm* '?ng th? nmi, r?d*cio( all inJunm?u*o?wUl *l?y ALL ' fAlir nl ?fm?dit *eo*o, and U SVKXT&tHEQULATE THE BOWELS , 0?p??< m$m it,li will jtn rett u u4 RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS | Wikn pitipui thi??rtiel? for ???r tin ? < I cab 14 t , in ronFioisti 4*d tutth of it, whAt wo h**o noT?r boon oklo 10 ?i?T M OTflBB Modielno?fO?T?R MRS Mil IT F4lLID,l(l * iirtli ?TAf?C? TO ?* r?CT a CCII, WlHsLOW'S ?hu umol? aood No*ordid wo know (IlllVuIiril u> ioatbne* of dt? *u?wette by *ny i ninw en* who Mod It- 04 . thj c?onrr. tiloro SYRUP, dolirti-.od wlin iu oFtmriWii, i?d. JeLtee ib tttm of bifhool totBaaodotion of itf ir^icni oBocto Aftd atdicol Tirini Wo opoik in J>io ittrtor *' what wi DO mow," aftorton fipffuct, ?*D Ptingioqii liri'TiTion rod the lpilmB5T or what wi him oaclari In aIbooi o?ory utotunco whoro tho tirfcnt 10 oufforIq( 'rom p\|n at d ?ih?uo-ior, roliof will bo foar.d in Iftoa ot twtniy niftiatoa *ftor ;h? mir i* admimotorod. TV? vulBAblw projwmtion * tho proscription of ooo of tho moot lirilillfCID <n4 sltLri'L nuitl in Now En?I Aad, aad h?o Won aood with lit its ivccill fa THOUSANDS OF CASES. It mi mIw valiataa (ha w?. u-.-... ?? aifd bavala, carraeta ai-id'.ty, and ji??T":an? and anargy wtha wh*la ayatam It will almaat maundy raliaaa ORIPISO IN THK BOWKLS AMD WlND COLIC, and avareoma e?n??lalana, ?Meh, if not apaadilr ramadiad and in daatfc. Wa' " ' 1 ' italic** ft tha ?* tKDiumiTKiM- FOR iDTin ibawoiLD a all eaaaa af D*?- CUiLDKEN INTIHTind DIU RMA i? CIHL TERTHlne. ?*". wbaaha* ft utaaafram taaUiiof or from an? othar cauaa. Wa toaH ai; to. a*ary uioitiai who baa a child a?ffanny from any of tba foragamc complaints? DO HOT LIT Tori PREJUDICES, HOD THI PREJUDICES OP OTHHl, Uud bltwatn y?ar?aff#rirf cljild an-1 tba raltaf that will ba ICEE?yta, iliOLVTtLT SURE?to follow tha nta of th madiehia, if tiiraly aaad. Fall tlirteiwt.a far naing villa eoraj>ai r aaeh bottia. Nona ?auana-anlaaa tha fae-aiintla CORTlft ft PKRK1NS, Nsw Tork, u on tha avlaida wrappa fold hy Drag(fiata throsfhcat tba vartd. Principal OHci. No. II C?d?r Strati, H. T. frill Ntf U Cntl pu Ituii. M INtvb i ??? ? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For harpfr's f*rry.-change of days.?oa and alter July 2,i?6i?. the steamer ANTKLOPK, Capt. J. W ELL?,o*rryinn the Umted mail, yHI ra"? lieorgrtown EVirJIY MlJNDA Y, WED& KSDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. ia.and rftMirn eV?Tv Ciietda*.,Thursday and Satunla*. N. B ?The Antelope will run as before until the jiIiovb date. je 5-2m* ? ?r\ H'."" ? ... Kll JUB1 RMJMVBl), ! I*)U BBLS Whisky, (assorted.) 1#? do. HERRING a cl ALEWIVES, ; 25 do. MKKINKI) SUGARS. Whhde. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bhU. (Bayfield > WHITE FI H, 2j boxen mif EiistariiCHKESH. For sale low bj JOHN J. BOGUE. i jc 3 Georgetown, d C. VGKNCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN! A GEORGETOWN. ' ! The undersigned have been appointed Agents for the ?aJe (W toe above oelebratwl and we i known I PLATFORM ?od COUNTER SCALES. A fu.! apply ooiAtaiitly on hand and for sale at loweet i >a*et. HAY and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the Distriot or adj-nnln* osunties. Ail Scales are warranted durable, acourate, aad toKire.at18facn..nBU8^Y ^ baR>,aRD | DnnUri in A rrinnltufRl I je g-2m Bridge doom w??t. of Huh. CRANDKLL. OPTICIAN, JYe. 189 ? rid ft rt., (itorrttvwn, j Hu oonstAntlT on han<l a large uionraent of Frenoh Nafcr-aignted, PeriacoaH*. Col - <-, g?% orad, a;*i aT. other SPECTACLES*, the l^t ?ua?ity. iBjoict. aiirer. ?t??l,and German ilvAr framea. N> B. Old F'amet Repaired and new 1 aaaea >et in them to order. no ll-lr JOS. F. UIRCJH, UypSRTULEIL, Cor. /?t4fre nn<f tf> , G"rr*'tmim. Having given inr persona, attention to thia branoh of my bu*mes?, I am prepared to/ ? . attend to aM oaUa with pr>?hptneea Persona from adiatarmeoan be a up plied at a 'aw nwaiit**4 notice, a* I have a large aaoriment of CoFF IN S alwaya on hand. Particular att?ntior> paid to the remora! of the d*ad from the old to the new burial ground*. fraaraaa and Horarm for hire. ap lfi-ffm If A89BY. COl.tJlft A r>n ??* pun . . _ , . , v? V< W I til t -? g#1 -i 1T1 PlflA DRAUGHT A LK--\Ve arp oowstaiitij reoeirtnpc frech auppliee of th*a^'Ove delightful t>ever&cr, ?.r.<1 invite a'! prraont who want 4 par* an-, adulterated Ale. to five it a triaL ARNY A 8HIN.N, AjenU. fft* 47 ?r??n ??.. 6AOT(?towiu , WOOD AND COAL. ?? . WOOD A N T> COAL De!iv*r??l to all part* of tho city, at the loirest po*Hit)ie rate*. T J A W. M. OALT, O(fio'? Pa. av., between 11th an<l 12th ?t? . ma 17-tf north HIM. i THK SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HANI) an extensive *tock of FUEL, is prepared t<> ell at * ver? low figure f>?r cash Woof) :"*w*<l and any ?ixe. Call aud #ne f?r yonrnelf. R. W. BATES, ' Wood and Coai Dealer, ma 15 S. F. oorner of Fourteenth and C eta. CT/a thkonlvTM.ACK " ^ ^J^A'SUIT THE TIMES ** HARVEY'S Fish and Oyster E* fcreee, arriving daily from the Northaml South with lit? followius delicacies : FRESH SAi.MON, CODFISH, MACKKREL, SHKEPHKAD, HALIBUT, TROUT, SKA BASt? HOG FISH, SPOTS, BLACK FI<H, TAILORS. BLUE FISH. LOBSTERS, ii * n >> ? ? nnnu ana sun' CKAtfS. And ft conbt&nt xupply of Florida Roof GRKF.N TVRTLE, and tho*e fine l*r(to l.yimhavrn Buy SPICED OYSTERS All persons mill find it to thei*advaQtafc0to*iv?ui* ft oft 11 bttl'irn k<?fik to market. a? 1 have every fao.lity tu sell lower than Mil be hftd in the city. All order# thankfully reoeived and promptly delivered to any p'wt of t ke city frc*e ot c ha run. Depot?*481 C ?tr-M!t, between UHb and lith. jo 15 lin T. A. HARVEY, Agent. AlRBANKSSC \LE-7 T FAIRBANK'8 SCALES'! The Standard Scales of the United States. COUNTER and FLATFORM SCAJLBS.I SAM&'?VfiRAiv"chS MUr "ull OF u KAlii BEAMS and WENiHTS, MA.RKKT SCA',E:*. DRUGGIST*' SCALES, BANK SCALK9. 3 COIN JJ8TF.C I"'?K SCALE*, xO#4CCCJl 8UAL8S? LETTER BALANCES, Aa., Ac.,at factory prioea. J. P. BARTHOLO W, ie 16-eo lm sole agent, Sevarth it., near Canal. "GbY AND MOSUUITQ TIME ?Thoae wh? h\F wonklpref r ta ?l?ap without' di?turbano? are mforoMd tfat wa have in U?o* for them a neat, oheap. aoti baaatifuT artioio of MLT ARCH *.3 andlliN W tu bt biinf ow U?ir faedi fr in winch to au?p-*nd neta la fit time and carUiaa in arist r. They will ba found vary arnamantai a<>d aonvanient, 1 liaoirtaint or natoan ba Hanr in ona minute. We hava also, a full aupDly of all ku.d of Pi X K, BLUE. YBLLOW and WHITE NETS fw had., oha< U*har*. #a* fcxtuma, picture framaa. *<i. , Al?a, a riah variety of malarial* ftn ?uimner oow . ruga for parlor ata.vary oiieaa. r , OLAt? ET r * DOfiktN, i. i. Daalera in all kindcof ... carpstixq. curtai* materials, AND OTHER FURNITURE DRY GOODS, jaH-aott Pa. av . Market Spaoa. No <. PREPARE FOR WINTtRJ ^67 '* I am prepared with an experienced corpt Ofwvrkiftanjui put inqojnj^leteoriler FURN ACKS, FEl N - "i*s.or L.ATKOHKS, RANGES, SKATES, Mil COOKING' STO VKr* promptly and It moderate prio*H. B?il your order* at one* to J AS. SKIRVINS'S Washin?ton Stov# I>nor, J? l?**pat flat,) fl?T fcmth side Pa av. |MENTLEMRN, ** , ;? KEEP COOL ! 36 Uoaoa 6GNTK SUMMER CRAVATS awl ? , - NECKTIES, Only UK otnU each, * ,JJ ust reo?ived at >e 27 eo3t MAXWELL'S,Sill* Pa. av. ND WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO U? inform the public ana his friead* that He ha* on hand a large stock of Marble Mantel*, uuite a new ?tyle. Aleo Monument Head Stone*.Table Tops .Ac., which he has to dispose of at prtaes to suit the times. Also, Brown Stone constantly k<?| t on hand . Wsrrahers* work promptly attended to. KMin^niSB Pa. av., fc?Cl?k aad wu. ipHS OBjaRA Hat, Just airhnd, by ?Mr?w, " HATSAnd C APS ia abanUance, at TR^wrVfltt#fc4, at SMITH'S, N 4?0 Owutii ?t-. o?aw?te """ n*?*. ^ CH>R SA1JK?A very superior sorrel MARE, r .Bk? ui suuud.kind. (entie, works well gy ??'?? ( i ik! m !-?> *i i.i .J .? j*? 1 h - AVtd ' L . J M. AUCTION SALES. By J. C. Molil lRfc * CO.. Auetii)L?ra. TR^STEK'S SALK OF FL'RNITURK AND _* ErjracTs or ihi"1'mi>b Stat**" P^tiL, Wasu^qtos ?On MO> l?A Y MUKNIN9, Jay !*'h o< at 10o otooi. ndoontinntnr from :day to day nut:l the whole i* dt?p-?e?d of, hf virtae of a deed of trast duly exMutnl attd recorded ju UberJ.A 8. No. 1/7, folios IB!, Ac, one uI U? and records for Washington county, the u nil or signed, M trustee, wi.l sail all the Furniture and Fffeota of the United States Hot*), eomprieing abont ote hundred parlors and chambers, vie: jVery superior ami near y ne* Roeewood ? maker 1 tnt aeven ooave Pianoforte, Cover, and SJto'l, l.arc? aud hanosome Franoh plats Mantel Mirrors, Gas OhiBdeaers, brackets anil fixtures ui/ochout, Handsome Walnut and Mahogany Park>r Furniture, finished in brooatelle, flush, and hair ototh, Marble ftp Centre, sofa, and side Tables. t?f_? a m*Va_-?_ * - ? ? vrfttnoi tv mnmi, isiio; i nairtliifl 1 Walnut Writing L)?sk? and Hookc&<ea, Handsome Veivet ana Brm?ol* Carpet*. Oiloloth, } Kurk. Ingrain Carpet*, (Gilt frame Man el Mirror*. Vaa#? acil Ornamei.t*, Urooatella and Lane Curtair?, Cornloe and Fix tnm, Rnaewnod, Walnut And Walnut Hedateaia, Drnatioc Bureau*. VY a*h?t\uJ?, and Wardrobe, Feather Beds. Holster*, ar J f lluws, Toilet J?eU, Curled hair and hu?k >latrre?*e?, Banket., Cou.forU, ar.d Counterpanes in iarfce puKtiN, Large quantities Bed aid Table Linen, nearly new, Dininc TaMea. oak Dir.inr Chair*. Freuoh and stono china Dinner, Desert, and Tea _ Wan., Tah'e cutler?, 8i!?er-plat?d Wi?, Caetnra, Chafing Diahe*, Waiter* Cofleeand Tea Urn*, ; Har Counter a<td Fixtaree, I i^uor* and Cigar*. Iron Haf', Decks, ajiU Office Furniture, *.c., Together* with a large quautity of Household E fleet i not necessary tw enumerate Term*: #5? and under cash; over that amount a orruii 01 lam ? n?omn*,i?r aatieiaotoruy endoraeu i.otoe. bearing interest WMk A- BROWNING, Traa'ee. e?-d J< C. Mo*>L'lKK * CO . Auete. By C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. Trustee s sale of very valuable Real tmatk os th? corxsh or - kv**th and E By *>rtue of a decree of tk*? Proust Coo t of the Disbrwt of Oolnro la, paaead mi two ouum ia ? hioh Stathaw. Smithsuu 4 Ce.,aiMi auiuo snerw&n. respectively, a^s oompiainaoU. i And John F. Cailan and o'hers w&t delendatte^ the , undersigned wi 1 seil at public taction, to the hubem bidder, on THURSDAY, the 12th da of Jul)., i860, at 6 o'olo' ki.m., upon lb- premu> , Lot INn. , 8 in Square No. 456, in the city o( Washington. I i). C , S6 fe?*t 11 inches <?e E street &oTth, and 75 feet on seventh st.eei w-st This we*1 known property is situated on the j northeast corner of ^ ana Seventh streets, opposite i the General Post Office, and is one of the ve y t>??t bu*i' ess locations in the city o( Washington. The ; improvement* consist of f ree three story hou*es , on K street, inc-utmg the^rug store on the corner of Seventh, and a twu-htyiy bull tag ua S?v utk street. The properly wi I be s?!d in stpa'aie par eels, acoordiiiR t > the impro ements. Terms of sa e: One third of the purchase m^ney to be paid in cash,and the residue in two equ?l in-1 sta.meets, in ?ix and tweive month* from the day of Mile; the deferred payments to beer interest, and . to be seoured by the notes or bonds of the purot? ser or purchasers, with a surety or sureties to b* approved t>y the Trnsteee. Should the terms of sale not r>e complied with within six days sft> r the day of sale, the Tru*tees reserve* the right to re set' the property, at the nsk&sd expense of the de ' fn.u111nk purchaser, a'ter five da> s notise. A.l. conveyances at the cost of the pmohaser. C. INGt.E, ( TrmtMii A. AUSTIN SMITH,{ rrugte?B jell Staw&ds J. C MoCUIRK A CO , A?os. !Y|ARSHAL'?^SALL ?In virtue of two writs of i?l fieri laciaa. issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of Uie District of Colembia. for tU^CK>Ulit> of Washington, aud to m; directed. I wi 1 to pablio for cash, in ftont of the oo irt house door of said count', on MONDAY, th>-?th day of July next.) 0(> at 12 o'c'ock m.,the foli"Winf property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to Lot No. 1, in Square No 618, in the <"Uy ot Washington, l> C . to)ceth"r wim a',1 ana sincu ar the improvements tuereon, seized and levied upon a* the property of Andrew Rotnwell, and will (hi sold to satis*? Jodicia a Nos. 2'4 and 215, to October terra 1*59, in favor of Phelps A Kingman. W. SKI.DEN, V. S. Marsha, for the District of Oo.uintjia, je 13 dt* ___ _ _ MAR!1!! A I, JiBALE.?in virtue - f a writ n. 6?ri faotaa issued from the Clerk's ofiooof tM Cir ouit Court <<f 'lie Uiswiot of Coluiub:*, fvC *be county of Washington, auito me directed. J wi I i expose to pnl lio ?a)e, for cash. in frynt of the court house door of *aid bounty, on MONDAY, the ftu day of Juiy n**t, 1K0" at lSo'olock m , thefoHowing described property, to wit: Aii defendant's right, title, ol?'n> and interest la and t# l,ot No 5, in Square No..1W5,in the city of V/a>uion'oi>. X>. ( tnrtther with all an' ?ia*u ar tna iinproveiua.its thereon, seized and levi< d upon a? the property of J> o. C, Nicholas, and wil! be m,'d to satisfy Ju-!i cia>s No, 125, to M?y term 1H0", ?n favor 01 A. and F. A. ftwizards. W 8BLOEN U- 3. Marshal lor the L; strict oi Columbia jq 18-dU Br A GREt'J, Auctioneer. TWO-STORY AND ATT:C FRAMR Hotj^b AND l-OT AT THKCOHrKR OF Fot*-AND A-lfALF A.NP SOUTH li !?T* , 1-LAJID, AT A TCI lOW.?I M? i'HL~K!*l>\\ . tiie alk day ?>f July. ISO) 1 Miail tell, in front oi the premi*e?, at S o'clock p. in., the tol lowing named valuable prypeity, vi; : I'art Lot No. 1ft, in fonaro No. 5^8, with the improvement*, wh:r-(i ?on?ist of a good t*o story and attio Frame Mcnse, oo&UMning ?N it a riiomi. This property la situaiud at t&e oorner of Four and a-ua f an-i aou'h <i ^treetd. Terms: Oua-founh cash; ba an?.? in 6 li and 18 month*, for noies b annj uttered from d*j of ?*1'. A d?ed given ar.d a Coed cf trust taken. Alt fon ve>ancwig at tr?e oost of the puroha?er f of th? purchase money to be paid when the propert* is knocked off Shoud that at:aHintnet be pat4 d?*u the property wil. ne thei and there put up again and ?old to the n#xt highest bidder, who shit, pay ni-? If the whole term* are not corrpl'.fd with in five days, the grope ty w;ll be esoi<i at iherixk and ooot of the defaulting pui chaser, by advert, nm such resale three times in the National intellicenoer. SARAH M ANDERSON. Devisee under the wul of JOS. T KV.VNH. j9 '3 2iwAds A. GREKN. Auot. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE's sale of A frame HOUSE ahd Lot xt Atfejrojt 05 Nixtii St. wist.? By virtu# of a deed of trnit from Geo H Oat^a and wife, du y reooid?d to tfca aiib?erit>e-, I wit se 1, n m< >N Da y, th * Hth iim wf jei * * , ?& > b< 6 o'clook p 111, part of Lot 3 iu "qua-e I ems a :d lying iii 'he city of Washington, oommencinc lor the >aine at the southwert oorn?r of Lot Nu*:J. aforesaid, ai d rannm* north on thft line of Ninth street west 26 feet, thenoe east 99 (ret 4 inches, tkenoe south 29 leet, theno* west W fe?t 4 inohea to the pleoe of b*-* 1 a1 inn being said pari of Let front-* iag ou the ea?t side of c.aid Ninth street, aad lying between P and Q streets north, witti the improvements thereon, oonxating of a two story Frame House with back building. Te ire: <>ae-third oa?h; b?l\uoe in 6 and It nri'intlia, purchaser to give notes bearing interest from th? day of sale, a deed given and a deed of truht takeu. All oonveyancing at tke oosi of the niirnnaaa* If the term* of a%le are not oomphed with wjtMi three days from tn? day of s\le the trustee reserve# the right to recall the propmty on five da> a' puWi# no i*e rn the Evening Mar, at the nek and o at of the defaeltin# p?urrha*er JAA1ES W K>OMBS.TnwW. jeX-eota A. GREfcN. A?ct Bargains: bah gains n. GREAT BARGAINS!!! Seventh street, acknowledged to be die ah *pe*t and beet place to buy Clothing, Furnistune * ood?, Hauand Capa. Owing to the scarcity of money. SMITH, No. 460 Seventh opposite the Po4 Office, has determined to sell hia goods 15 per o*i.l lesa than any othar bouse in town. Drop m and see our new aupply of Spring and trimmer (soodx, at axtonuhi-g low pricea 1 V H. Jiutt received fi" dozen of 10 oent NECK T1KS.. If yoo wish to .keep oocl. drop inanl buy one of onr thin Saminer Cp*U1or the Patent R?versibl* Summer Coat, at SMlTn'S, No. 460 Sew nth at., opposite Post Office. irr A l*r*e lot of fiue GentV Shirts and Collar* at very low pri ea, at No. 46u Seventh at , ofpoaite Poyt Om*, QT The Ribbon Tie, Yale Tie. Aerora Tie.and allTort^of_N?ck Ti*Sj at one^halfthe usual pnoes. iii rsffi i ii ?, mo. 4t?n seventh it. j? 14-lin I. M. ?IH6Eft it CO. (1KEAT REDUCTION I* Pkicm or 1' 1 , ?, SEWING MACHINES! j ? * i ?i . i ! ; Th? Atoehame* ar* *?knowlwtf#d th? htwt tn naft. for fa ?jly mwim and manufacturing poijomi., Family MmI??>. - 840 Letter A tfor faintly <nr Itglit manufacturing Nrmnl.. ?.. .7..... fg , ty ng?r No. t. V\A.-..i.. Jtt . Xiig?r No- * J rv L:. - two TVuK,N?*dl?a, Cotton, Oil, Ac. WM, H. GLOVER, M. Mil i - : ? f'ndwr National Ho^lj of ill ntylM and aut*n. A'ao, I'Trril oltiKl other itmin, for Ml* faa*erv trioca, it'll It ? th# a?>le Kiatf, IUETZ,<ioTT,8 Mvaio SUM. 4 AcveraJ aecood-hanti PUaoa im beat tfrder, Omm.1 ) ?'"> > ' 1'a?s? ^ t -* ?* 1 fi-* .* ?*" t v * ? ' .* ci> *1 *r. A i # **? ft ti>a*! "tfI it SUMMER REPORTS. CARLI8LK Tfr* f??nru<< r*?nrt for WHrTE arLrmR j?* j,?. M Kg K?l fea, I .nrs* *Ad CI M3ERI.ANO CO. \vSll Vent utrd Koomi. FflUM|r(Mm& ^ocwtfind a Uoo? i r&fci*. | Accommodation ro* F\,r p*mo*:?rt nd 31)0 ' or Ciren?*r. OWKNp, Oi KNDfcN TERMS LOW. . l> kVtfj'ClER, | je ? !('* Catiifit Pit. WASHINGTON CITY 0 A R 0 *5 N . K*\!?r I.MRFVi KB ?>pn?n?*?r X<w York aveutu, U( and ^4 ??. Ineallirr the attertH- ioftiie pahlio n y froanda 1 voiitl state that every arran*eni-nt ha A - . be*n 11.vie to make thu ''RetreM" mo-> attractive svm dar. Moida?* the <>?' i?JLL den* are open to the public tree of ehaxf e?a couo rl civet, bj a select land. Th<?aede?i injrtoerjrty th? danoe and wa ta vi I find the *-<>>? in r?inpi**te order to rentier pt*a?ue to all. \> > oth* r dav? the proprietor wtil cheerful!* *"?c( *h'" u** grounds for school ?r other fro Nic Pa tiea without oharce. l*or the amusement of children he ha* introduced a namber of lit*le games, never before aeeti in this rr.t?, and calculated at the a&me tint* K> aiuus* the "old folk*." N B.~Attached i? my Bo^tim* Kstablishmnt, and lamiliea can he supplied with as* quantity at uieir reticence, oj tnat healthful drink. L.A<>^K BEFR, upon short notice. j? 15 |^.REEN SPRING" ** PAVIMON, tkt OH lrtm Fvwmdry inA onl* kmif * mile 4? land from th* Omnibus Stand n Gfomttotcn The ladies and genttan en of W^kiKton ard Georgetown *re respnc: fully miorwed A . . A. that this beautiful, on the houn rj w Branch, is now handsome ? fitted up fo> XLJD_L the reoeptma of tn-Nio Parties and otter t taiuxs There are r.uinerou* spr.ngs vf the purest ?ater ana a oon?tant shade throughout the d* *. There ie a targe saloon tor dancim, with dree i n rnow t'tioAtil, aud shadj ua.ks and et-au throughout the (rounds. JWoois,?o?Kties. Clubs aa<1 Poeial Partie? oan ohtai" trie delightful place iur Pic .Nioa without charge f.?r the gr uuds < r pavi.ion by giving t . proprietor th re da?* notice. Meale are eervtxl at *11 hoars. and Ksf.eehm?n'? furnished at cit? pr ce* Ofto rswil atterdatsl) 'iinee for the p*eeerva tion of gor>d ord >r. a d nc M tii wi.l he spared to give satisfaction to % > v ?itor?. JOSEPH EHRMANNTROCT. je' 3 eotf . Proprietor. Mountain top hoc?f, Arersti CoexiT, V*. This well known and favorite p ace <f summer r?*ort it again open fur >ii? reception o/A. . A vi-it.irs un er the < f T* for w*r proprietor. It l* aitu&ted on the tup of tha H u R i<1?o auwHi tains at Ki-ciifl-h Gap. '.C mt'fn w??tof R hm n>! V*.; the Vif-n !? *i.t?al Railroad pa?amr mri?J>t tije house tO'< u*h tUe B u? Md|?Tu iii'i. I h? e evate.1 &:tuat.oii,beaiit'fu views,fii<>ui:t&ii< s ? a- d un constant a>:d f<-eahing make it yM ot th<> nr'at deUahtfui p ac*? of sunnj* r ti'-ott in Weft- rn Virgio-a. There ta alao oonTeuieni a aprin* of pure onalyt-eate wat?r. Viaitora to tha Monctatn Top Houm will come la Virgmift Ce-.t a Kaiiroadto \ D?*P"t. ne*r th* eastern po^'a of the B!b* H id(t* Tunnel, wh?re a hack wi 1 a.wayt b* in a>len lacft* to aoav?y tone mile) to the mountain top It la a way* brt>t for peranna to write aevera! day* beforelia*d. l erin*: $2f> p'r iaontii; fr. per week. #i.y per da>. Servant* (llatk) a- <2 ciuldr*a ur.der '2 j?*a a of ace, half price: for white servants & litt'e more tha.n half price will be ci.a aod je 7 ?v>It. F- F. L1P3COM ?L m\k:v piii xt pivii i inn ifu i ""^?i ? m . .. w wn? i n iiiiii * ? i f ft l UIj V/ Ltl I f r the recption of visitors on thfl . . A 2jtUofJuu? In go:.* quei.a; of my M> TlfWf senoe (or Mv?r?l month*. Ml*. Dix wil'^?j5Ll take char** of the mmim ect of tne I'*t mo.i sutod In wy x>u, Tno* H. ihx. Hoard p*r vnI' 58; hoard per mouth $2B je 13-eoltn^ VV. W Df X, Proprietor* Wmm HiTE SULPHUR SPRING? Grkknbrick CiOHTT. v*. Thia long establi*hed waUTiu* pUc<* ?&? opened for tne reception of visitor* on the 15th ofj^i, M*nj new and important &rrancernei.t* have oe'n made *mce la?t t'aecn in thi- :a ^?tabi*hm*nt. amf no effort* ? u t>e ?pared to make Uie cu?*u omnfor'aU.*Per*or.s can reach tl?e*? fcprinr* l.y t h? Orarte' ainl Alexandria Karr<<ad from \Va?hinnton: by theVirpima l'?nt a Kai r??4 fro?? Klohnioixi. or t the Virgiiu* a-d l enuessee R? hro%d ir-m ihe, South and Southw.-?t via Lynchburr ard Char lottes - i,ie, wuh on'jr *' m:le* *'a * t avel MORTON, Provident J. HUMPH *EVS. Qenefi Supptintepdent. je lJ-dtJuly 15 Ill ?At.l ??4 1>K iiAIHwNO. [ IaRPHaLL'9 PAVILION.Tkiw.rt'i I.and-i tcglwi I be rtc<*ti for the re? ptioti ?I vin M ?_ A u>r? on the 13th of June. Tbi? ?'?''*h f"'TfcafcT' teso-t for thus? s?*kinf h?aUh Mid p e?* iO&l ur?. is unexcelled <? any plae^ of the !fi ri ?TontfP-J Potou<ao river It is si'uated ah ut <-i e hui.Ur?d mi ea frcm Washington imiuediataJy ou 'he Po"??n* o, asd in Iml vi?w <{ ?he C!h,*?p "ak H*y. I Ail fam ti* fo hn??0*rt *r?. flofi' ;rahn. t*.ieeph?ad.' a-i'i ether Fijb. and ea ilf ao'iess'ble b tne it'in *?oats plying between >V mhinfton. Kaltl-n re au ' Norfolk. The underMfn*il has ma e adiii i ha!] improvement* in 1 is Bat" House" ar.d many ether; improvements to the oninf rt ai.d ?. joy went nf n i guests. The Bathibit cannot be surpivBs^j. *-p -n, dft .\rjfli?f and P < f Ki?hir>? and 9ai in* Boats free ol oharge. He has spared ut* ejipeus-* iw pro 1 vidinc a food Cotiio? tiaad orio latirg ic his stock of nhoioo Win's. i^i?ji?0'S.JV-r8T?.4tc..?n<lfo'- th->? . who vnh to avoid t-x'rem# fashion and to seek a retired p aoe whar? they cau inise th?ins?'ve? at) ( home, tnere i* n?t a m"r? peasant p'ace in the Vni- , t.d States. The proprietor pledges hnns ift"a nothing sha'l be ieft u.n-i<wie on Jus part t >__rend rj a loin v?< j r* 'in icir l>* 'MO I 5' P '** liiau * w?Ak; f ir ? Uiutrr tiids. I.Jf) per' *j; tail per month. Person* w whins to iJjr St the To prtetor ?il direct xo L.eonardtown, bt Mar.1* < oountr. Md. je I! 2m R. J. MARSH AL.f.? Proprietor FoTN r L.OOKOLT UK Undersigned, lone at.d weil known to thai tra vel iuc public as a propri<?tor of tne Cii) A. . ' Hotel, Alexandria, va., and tbe Lnited Stat-i Hotel in Washi gtoi eit*. leas?d for a term of jears the ma*nficrnt b?? si ?* ' Paviiion & d the numerous oottace* connected witW it. recently eraetad at Point L.ookoat, ttie point of * lu&ctior of the Potomac with Cti?*sap?aKe Bai.anit nftvin* furnished them in a st?!e equal to that of any other waterlog place in tbe United Si*t??. wfl< open the establishment on tbe l^tU <ia? of June aex^ i for the reception oi visitors, his arrangement* ben ili sufficient for tbe comfortable aocommoditinu , of at least 75" g uests. ( Point Lookout Iteside* Nn? de*?rvad!y the most , famou* p ace in al! America for fine 0?ster? Hob F ?h. Soft Gta>>*. 9 eeph ad, Mackerel, and all other salt water laxnrtee pi'?e?a?es finer fa<nHti?J lor Mirl Uathin* than eveu Oat* May, whi.a t? 4 h.voY courtry immediately adjomini it?including , tfa?i DnvM, Partridge and Wwodoook t*biK>tihi. 4.0., Ac..?offer a<3vanU?e? t.-nether tup?ii<.?r j f tnoae of any other watering alaoeon thiarontineut4 She Water View* from the pa.illion and from a t I* oottagea are extanaiv*, varied, and etiauniLc. The health ot tha paint n unexcelled ay that of mountain r?(iona< and the aocaaa to it by itea??? from Baltimore. \Vaahip*tor, Norfo k. and Richmot-.u, will probably be daily to and fr<m eaob of tnoae citie*. He ha* spared no expenae in provtd* , ing a fine Bdnd, Oarriagea. Ho'?w, Plea* tire B>>a'?. A o . for hira, or n Hoeim* hia ee!lar? with the be4 i Winn*. Liquor*. Its in aArt hia patrr>r? will find at thai# ooretaaiy! every luxury and oftntarf obtainable at any utfter A merioau waterin# p.aoa Hi* terma for boatl. by tlie da?. waafc, or month, , for individual or lamtRaa. wiJl ha reasonable. ! ina23 JUuly 1 LOGAN O SMITH. ( PURE OLD RVK WHIPIO'.-Oa hand aavwa brand of Port OldRyaTTM ky, Loppar theUilad. made by the moat refiwh <hatill?ra in fet.c. ' !vani&, Mary .aad?sd Virginia, warranted p?m Alao, Impart ad HraniUra, Hannaaay. Otard. Dapu* ?? Co., Julea R 'Waa, Ao. A )ao? P??teh a?d Ali i ?rarwfyfc pura Hollan? 6ln,^.oli Jaaaaioa V/iuia n uiny muu n idm u' e??'J W10tJT. fcl 1 OK standard brands A, oboioe lot or Cirars and To? haoco. Y*?rVO * BEPH ART, Aient#, M 14-ly P? ?M T?th ?U I? R A. J* <?i * UUPER. *" t FAMILY GB^:fv'mDI^;DSTORE,} Cornrr */**? ,T?* *r nw nnd TtHtk \trul. ! , Respectful lv sn31efU the pa< -onaj* of thne* who ma* l>? m of any Mul* i* th? *?ot? W. Hife endeavors shall be toaieaa*,aiMl by a etoiat attention to the wants of the puLTte, he hope# to merit a share of their patronage. His took ?en?istsof every artiele niaallr to m foand ia a irst-class Family Grocery and Feed Store. - . wan-tf ni po^-rs buitfowder; r U ioFajiT^a8g'?SS^I>tTc,. Soi* if?m far lis JMttrw ?f Wswhi. oAiHN'Jf&rSWOT^.T.fc'^, t lot. Ordeteeanaleu be ^atttooftterfMMr fayrwi CiiMrTlw^iidH. D. <r fcam^lt d.t. been r?neiveo. TnisJaa uegonUeg*; yi?> **"?* ?<***5TT ma 1* - awv. Fifteenth et- and v?r?st a?J P*MONB Deett asgsu, iin( o? having a '? - W. . MSTZBEOTIt I 0k / i-' I THE WEEKLY STAR ?? T*i? FMitty aa* Mm MuAtr I frr?ti?r of iturMkn tuac can b* fnaaJ fn ut of*?? -m h^M ? HaturUar m< rnir(. Skaa.aowft.p* ?? * f i*e ?' pi*? ?_ ..... ? a * T? - ... .. ? ? I Tv^Lt) oofwa.., < .. ..? - ??? 1A ii Bt U KtMC iam oMchbon wii*..?t iiio ictorvan i -i of a a????.a? yul tv? >r pm cxmt of T\* .*< ? ha MTtsi. it iBr?>" aaatao* w? ?a?fciMWi? ,?? ia%i i.m Tk? Kmtmtmt Itar ?traa>a>? throat host lia 0<tiiu? i i? wrafP**?) o*r, bt prn??r?* M U ? 0o??U*. tirim uial?? aft-r tt# IMtl* of ? frio?? X U RKK CRNTB |rr ?T? who tM M M*?U Wlti b* tl' Iu?i4 tonnmio mn ?* t' ?*ntt, FOR SALE AND RENT. FOB 9ALB-A?m11PARM af?a?>?a, ?t?r? at III* L.I1U' Ka<.?. U>>M tMHWlMkrv?*tljiuf-hoaae. e<>m k"?w rtaM?. t?: ?oY fene?4 and vat*r*d ; within fnar mi'M (**a*fcla?tor ; U aor?? in t ????t? tont ? m? v?o? deDM. bautf P*rfjptii MlJij Myl aott ronuu?tl ly ritnatM , exc?lknt Ithtr* Ml MflM M|M yf M r MlAkRIOTT. bridc? B-Uy. d OM K< >KTA Hl>. wUh or without * - rM In *1 M^frMr tormi at 4*?6 K , U tw?wi ftthandCth Tali' Bwa Jar# n corxmra !*??,-? wirS ??? ' Rna-"1. *" * I. OK RK ?-|--Thr?* KKfO* rfTNt> *-??>*? I Twflllti ttr*K. C a?4 Dt ? * u* tk? oornar of Tw-irth and H ?U. ; and H. b* I' and P<n, *v?i,n?, urd" th? ( hiIaW# f r a nalooi; oitar tor# F?w information ibaoire atthe H?.t?I ma- 3D LH>B RENT-TfcaTiRST FUHtk of Ui? t?utd JT nit mm ediate y opposite the ??tt win? o| tte <?ity Ha rt-?ently oocopiad by Chae S. Wa.act km an otfcce. tb* froat room in IM aea?>(M lory and the third C'-or of theaanie bwildina. For terma apply to RICHARD WALLACHT^o. t t?a??i?na avatinw. Jtlltf SENATORS, MEMBERS OF CONeREfWTwo apleadid aiiitoe of ROOMS, oitftntly nrwin?l, will l*? I'-utejj during tM aeaauia of C'oatrees, in the moat aeeirable locality in tm? ouy. Hwing within on* Or two of Brown S ari Sati<???t Hotela. Thoae in poreuU of aaeh Room will do we!! to make ear v appioatioa at No. M( 4th rtrfct MWMr D eireet and Pa ar, da *-tl L'OR SALE?A mo?ttir?-iton Itrtek HOUSE. F on Sd atr?*t. betwaen D aid E atreeta. in Ki?bey'a Snhdiviaion. The above property will bo old or eaajr torina. Prioe made Iftown by in* air in* of H. \V HAMILTON A CO.. No. ?6S Itk at^e-t oppoaite Ceutre Market. Title perfect fe7-tf r_ ; - - EDUCATIONAL. (commercial COLLEGE. J vO. ?T., Oppotit' tkt Oentrml f?<( <JjU<, Washing fu Cfttf. Armorun f*y?teii> of ftaf mfcnahip, BootkeMioc. M"re&r.tiie Forma fto<t C*Vu.%tiona C<H r???poi.d#ne*. Kills of Fxehtnie. Current W1)a. 8*1**, ?rt? m?r un AnttMnoCto fry A r "T>A: tXotj ClMt for Ho? a. iiT Lid<e* will be instructed in lu iwii wbjr Room* r*p*ti from It . to 1* p. at. For Urw ap?? at th* Konmi. mo WM W VfMHO ? CO. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. I Ni* AiKMiniiir. Thin well known km! p"p?i?r ?wmin*ry. whJOfc lit* It**n do i>uoom fail ?mj?r tM entir* oaf* of Mra '/. Ricl>?rda tw more lUn iw '?. will 6? on the firnt Morwlfcj in September n-xt. urwl-r the 'inite<l *n??rri?ion ?>i<1 inunction of Mr. fcnd Mr?. Z RICH ? in th* wHl arr*nr?<l fend <1W fM fully i r*te?l I'nion HmlTlint- For r-e't't u?*ra. ?<* eirrnl^rw at *11 the" Kootttofw m?? rf \* MRS? MCC??K ICR'S SCHOOL. MRS MrCORMICR dwm to lafarai hot friendaand the peM?? t?oer?l*y that ape will rtnmm in* n?t|*i "f bor Rofcool on the let M< odmr ta Soytimber BtxU "The coerce of atndy pnraeed wt)1 o?i?fr)MaU tfce r?>icne? reeuidte to m tkoroerh fiuM MM rion. In motion to bar day avfeotara the to daairwaa Of eoeivnn into her .?mi!i r. f*wp?pil? ** board \cw11 'om "> to U ?e*r? who wit. M nadar bar tm maduit car* aad oftralfkL H?; arra UlCailiauU fur (M kMOUutotlM 1*4 Jo# oare of pupil* hare Ixci run derail* iaoraaari tid ?>?herw:ae improved. Those :b *v*ahinitOB leairinf particular information with referwnee to i??r nh<K?t may apply v) w. D WaHaeh. Mitor UH* 8U*r. For t-rra? an?l fartner paUaalar* apply at km eai-'a ee? No. It Camercn atraet. Alaaaodna. va ? t -tf T R UNKS^BCM )T8 AN1DSH0K8. 1_HAV>~7UI?I KKCUVRO a NKW ?I P p j o[Gat ?' boa F-e eh Caif s*fcim Dreea^^h* Koota aud Gaiur?, P%t-n* i eat liar as.'BHI njoth ?aiter?. Calf Skin Patent l.e?th?r kDl Lasting Shoea Vao. an ejtt?n?ive* ?*eb "f P? a'an* OMidre- ?. .atfiee'a"?1 Wh??* lio ta and Shoea. ali of which I a-n aelhag at at > seeding y low prioea. j. W<> *KNTHa 1.. ma IS eo S < oora vr D ^rttt UUUIS A>I> TT? PVIT TIB W TIW Fi8* W? ?r? now manufacta- ins al kuida of BOOTS And 8HOKH, and ooi flADtlf r?MTi?( n;pp ? of *\s'?>rii mad- work of rvNt IBI ?c'iptio", mad* ?*p-?ssy taortla' and wil'f ! tie sold at a maoh *w*r?rr<?thaii has *>? <" heretofore charged in this ait; for mueh inferior irtatlM. Parsons la want of Ki.ota and Pboas of m?rr or oity madp work, will always fend sj<??>d aMOrtmaot it store and at the lowest pri"?s Give us a oalL 7;Rf*n* 4 uto, ayA-y Ml P'- wr'tra-ie j^OUTH ER\ TRUNK MAN UFA rjO|T7 Opr**itt Ot>4 FrUetrt' Hull. f? i(?r:c?,7 u ' TraveiTa wi,. a??a? t]!ptr int. trvt 6 extjaiainf mr TRl'NK?. VAI.ICK- ftp .Mhre par shaOn* ?lsew? re Aa I u?e so-* hat itifWlW hast iaat?>i tai thr market atftvOa Br.<i ?in^??^?^*i the i>?st worka<at. I eat oont.kK ? iminiimsJ my work to br* aapanor ui Str*n^.k a*d i)wrat*i?<? le Trunks Uiat are made ir.?U>^em?s a?i sold bora. lv vfs& wr/a&p. "kvxtt *^1 "WSrSWMB!? 3& ??. ?*. town,'or AlMMm. for Nom'i M*?br?toi FAMILY REVVING MACHJNn* ^ J*1* " 4A*r??. TP-*** * Aurk^iVi *?u f*[? r<j^i I lg>i?w? iup*rui? e*6?eJ*N*fce< Ooleww, 2S pfoo^t Willi# Co?o^i4 Kiinnf|A? Hmofi *** f?m~4 tad TAYLO, * MirtomiPQU U&LTtMMf un IMUtAMOl (XWn, r> i uHNHiiir ta? - Jam I. jPom.i.Mwt7r? .<k??fc.wwnL:- . ' :" " . 2?VW?5 &mV Omrtplm pMnklMta mi to nbt%ty< M 1#* Omp*n*'? Axepoi for th? Qaitrtet of CmH% A K* no. ff&S-i?5 2 ?. ?si's q?'Aaji nnt>? B^;? nh puj*c?5S' r _igK aF PUWO?.^>**Af*A*Qjji*i9-?****~ lH ItC 4 nr'?i um and )3<ti ?(?. In^uir* of JAMS^ w. H \RKKR. on I! ?t iH t. bolwwe IlUi Mm! 1* , Mo. 4** F" OR PKNT-A thw- rtory PRAWK. BornK. VII Kim Uilt'm.kMVt-tilHl i fciant* ( M. SNVmj-.R ?t th* fluib %t *>1 U?? TiU n? K nt I C. fi yd*r, r,?*t door to Q?f* _ MMtf I^OR ?\I4?- *rrm ? UM0, iMr wmwI.) cm thr P.*nk R>>?4 <7 h oi ? ?H 4 lulls* frcni \\ ?nhlii(t4>r.? beaututti | ?U, of tr"ll for ?n.*'krt g?r<}?a Appl? ' *!??. * A<rae) Uluck.NrMt 8*mU Mi t ?*? W*rtiiftoa. i* b-Ib* L'UR R K > T-Tlw t*u?efii*ot ? HRICk HOl>K com?r of >*ii h r?H *i>ii * ><1 F a'roet north. one aqnar* from th# l'at-nt and Cltv Port Otfieea? being <-n? <>( the 6n*ai an<1 Health lent U> ation* in tite citj It is arran red f.?r n ?htrt soil dweljiu^, hu a )*k~ or?o Will ault a hwker 6r eonf^etrner. I'lmmio"Kt v? (Hi th- >lth inot For tofwi, Ae , applr U) tibO J. Jackson, tt Co. *1? F* avenue. Je if-tf L'OR Rt^T?Thr*? fir?t dt Md r o*t'lf F bmlt HOI>ifc? font atone* high ea->h. h?M omeO fct.i?ih*?l and living ail th* modtrnim^ror*mentr. inch a> vftl r.^ti. t c.. id one of the re j fin?rt location* n th" ?ity-on the eo?t>er ^ Tlitr* rtrert a ?d .Mmna'i arenne. <tf>p<?ei te IM t'apiU>1 yrpuiuls Any i?e wi?htng to rent a fine dwelling wil! find thi? a favoraK> e oppctnnit*. ?? I < *tir? to rent them imniodiat?i> . a ?t wwl rmit thew io*. lo<imr?af P. W BROWNING. . JpMf_ L'OR fALK-A (J**' hargaia, fou' arr*< of wal iinp'o^l i.AN D. well ?^<l f'?r a market ?a 1*n. with new dwrllinc house wi>h foot and kitchen; well of fine water is the ?ad ; nader _<>.?i f nrina. aa?1 w?< he a?*t l?-w or aichanced for oitv proPew l), a?<1 on irKMWat* t*rin? 'I h* la d ia at Ball'* Cro*s two an<l a half mile* f^oiw GeOTfrtown, and in Alexandria eounti. Va Apply >o V F. CoR W i.TT. over l auk of M aauiacloa. ma'2 t? L'Uk t4h. Nl A sii.a. r? I Uk k. c -r. er ul Mk at.

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