Newspaper of Evening Star, July 2, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 2, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CUT: MONDAY July ' *. ?*^?? Kpirtt of thf Morning Prf??. The (Vid(i(?Iim nr>ir? what it term? the "Dia. Kuceful Outrage'" recently committed by the Michigan Democratic State Conventian, at Detroit, in tabling the matlon to Invite Secretary Vaw, wiio waa in city, to attend the Convention. The aame |>a;>er romnfnti r>n the failure of the Hoard Committer ?o luini the or their appoiauueu; The is devoted to news and miscellany. fry The U. S. steamship Niagara, with the Japanese Embassy on board, w* nt t<? ara from JVew York on Saturday. JT^ !*inre the adjournment of the Massachusetts Legislature, and the cows have gone to grass, the cattle disease, the Boston Transcript says, ha> suddenly disappeared in Massachusetts. \l/~ With the 1st of July Inst., under the lettings of April last, all the nrall service in Maryland, District of Columbia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio, goes into o(>eration, ?n 1,500 routes. the Bingbampton Democrat the Hon Daniel S. Dickinson declares himself for Breckinridge and Lane. '-The majority of the New York delegation.'' he says, ' held the balance of power in the National Convention under the unit rule, and could Lave saved and unitfd tbe party they have so wantonly and wickedly divided and destroyed The responsibility is on them, and the shame U tbHrs. They will be held to an accountability which we believe will not be wholly 1(8* on them, and which will furnish a wholesome lesson to political jobbers and managers general ly ' The Great Eastkkn.?Many thousands of people have visited the foot <>f Hammond street. N. Y., to see the tJreat Eastern She will not be open for inspection until Tuesday, the work of cleaning up toeing indispensable. Tbe Kxpress states that all around the vicinity of the ship numerous grog shops are springing up. and the number promise* to be verv great One man pays foW a week for the privilege of locating a lager beer saloon near the ship, and others pay from fifty dollars a week upward for the same privilege Tanning-bear shows and other curl osities promise to relieve the people of their extra sixpences |?7~ On Thursday, the live prinres of the .la pauese Hmbas&y wire present a? the rcremony of a wedding tn Grace Churrh, N V. They were In full and a briUUut crowd of invited guests fill?d the body of the fhurcL The princes bid *fpre-?td a wish toiec three things espe? laily before leaving the city?a funeral, a law suit, and a wedding The funeral and a court of law were of easy accomplishment, but a wed ding of the ttr?t claw within the gorgeous light cf Grace Church. doe* not come off every day, nd tbc Kmtaxsy was in danger of uoiii;; to sea w ithout having wituessrd tjat interesting s| ectacle. The Kxpr*-sa says : We believe thi> is the iirst occa&ion 011 which the Kunbassy has entered a place of religious worship in America They express* -1 themselves surprised and delighted by the beauty of the church, and su'd that America whs a happy country to possess such buildings, where so many beautiful ladles could be seen together. T .ey re:; :rded tLit great window behind the altar with per.diar admiration and altogether entervd witl some thing of enthusiasm into the whole see: e." fHMUl. Vmong the paaaenger* arrlv-d by the . nulnp llurupa are Nathaniel Hawthorne ami Mrs. Ptowe and family. Mr J B <?ouiJh. delivered the fir*t of a rles of fart-well lecture* i;i KxW Hall, l.ondon, on the 11th ult Geu. Shields is afaying in San Antonio Texas, the wouud which he received in Mexico has reaulted in a weakuess tf the lunga. which m?kes it necessary for him to seek a mild climate (ien Houston is at C?dar I'oint, Texas The Houston Telegraph chronicle* hit pam^e through that city, and dts-r;bes him graphicatly as dressed in a yel'ow vest and turkey tail fan. New C<>r.ftEBrBiT? ?Counterfeit hills ou a general plate ns*-d by a larjje number of banks in .New Kn^land. have made their appearance in Boaton, over S5.UWJ having been nreaentert at various banking houses on the Presf n!t Lank Lowell, and Newton Bank. Newton They have for a vi^n^tte a spread eat^le, with canal locks and rail cars In the distance. and the numerals ? inr?v oil each sideof the vignette It issupposed the counterfeit* are made In Canada. |JJ"The Supreme Court of the State of New York, have issued a perpetual lujunct'on against Katon and Jenkins for counterfeiting Ayer's Cathartic Pills, holdlnc them rcspor s'Me for the t ruel imposition ia what they L.?ve done and restraining them from further like injury to the public. If any class of our people more than another ii'-eds the interposition of law to shield them from imposture, It is the sirk end Buttering who are unable to protect themselves. A remedy so universally employed as Ayer's Pills by all classes, both to enre and prevent disease, should, as it doe?, have every security the law can ail'ord It. from counterfeit and imitation.?Cabinet. V.% J. ? ijifitnctiu'iy. From C<iifor*ia. A c ?The overland mail of the *'b ?f June, with telegraphic advice* of the 9th. lias arrived at Springfield Nothing definite had been done about restoring the Pony F.xpress route. There had been no more lighting between Col. Hay* and the Indian* A dispatch from Cant Steuart, commanding the force* at Carson Valley, states that the hostile Indian* bad probably all lied beyond the reai h of the troop*. Kx-Seiiator Hann died at San Francisco on the #th, of congestive chill*, the effect of disease contracted on the voyrtge from Washington. The contribution of San Fraucisco for furnishing snj.plie* for Col. llaya' troopa amounted to *4,UM) The full iist of persons killed by the Indians in Carson Valley numbers eighty Tue I'ouey' Fxprtsa which left on the 2.?tb returned to Carbon Valley Judge Terry, who is under indictment for killing Senator Krcdf rick, h^s applied for a change Of VMI1P tffniu.H ??? * 4 * . .. p,?vHii?k mat uc taiiiioi ooiain ?i fair trial at Sun Franciaco. Four ships had arrived from China, bringing 1 .jU' paasengers Important mineral d s< overles are reported in K'atulth county. Partial returns from O; .'on have been received Jh< ks?ii county give# Sliiel, dcmc< rat. for Coi?r-M. Logan, republican. 4?i? 'I lie entire d? mocratic let>iilaUTP ticket Ucbtwn. Jos'-pbine county gives !*bie^ and Logan 137 Logan gain* in JoaephiTO H*) over last year, when he was defeated by 16 majority TLe returns indicate the possibility of a legislature being chosen that will elect two republican J*enators. !*an Bias, Mexico, dates of the 1.1th state that twp Kiiwlish men-of-war Lad landxl [tortious of their crews and taken possession of the place, and wt?? holding it against the Liberals. The acting Governor snd custom house officers had granted an officer from a British man-of-war the privilege f taking a Mexican schooner arid putting an English crew on board for the purpose of smuggling silver np the coast. TWer.t? men, well armed, lefi S?an Francisco on the 9th, for Carson City, escorting the Pony Express They will proceed to meet the expresres i>y the way, reestablishing the route, and leaving men and animals at the stations. The Indians have ffnm "Ml 1 -1? mm, wnuout givinu n. Ut. Mid tbe volulitter* called out to punish them will disband |p>* A few nights since an armed party of twelve persons obut.rd entrance br stratagem to th?dwelling of John Brown, jr., Ashtabula county. Dbin. and tr ade an nttempt to rarTy bun oft it row ii and bis friends succetded lu beating oft' tbe nttai-s SfTHF JACKSON DKMOCRATIO A"?SO f cMi.r, wi, iin?-t THIS EVENING. July stth?h*!!of Mi. Micha-1 ? oombs, soutn ?id>? of Pa avenue, a lewdiors below Tefitli ktre* t, at v o clock. It DA Vl. RATCLIFFK. President. nr"^P t*K KVl'H aKD.-Thc renuivr m"- 'h \ 11 tne< tinf f"r Jul* ?r the Vrun< M u'a D ui "i'l? * n) h-iU TO-MORRO ' i Tuu? t t- VKNLNG. O?o rs will batsk-cted. jw'f* "" , ' PBB81DEXT. nry=?NuTli,'K.? Member* oi the Lilht Jniaiit.j yj? Hatt?!i<n. Companies At B. an<7 c, who in fiM P?? t Washington during tHe ei.caiiip infct ?ili eel! at Lieut H.C. Purdy'a store and ?[>Uiu r tarn ticket . By order or If 2 KDW- TOWERH,CjuartsrB.a?t?r. IY"?5- CRITKET.- The meinbera oi the Wash n< I t 9 ton Cricket Club wi J please ni'et on th it p!ar ground on MONDAY AFTERNOON. a> 4 o'clock.tu engage m a mean game. Thi feeing our ft id day m nVri are requited and exprcted - to be punctual in their attendacoe. B> order of the Committee mV? W. C ADM AN, See. * ? WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Thi Baltimore Polici.? Among the raest noteworthy matter# that attrncted universal attent on week before last in Baltimore, wa* theextraor dinary reform that ha# been effected In the Police of that #o recently shockingly misgoverned city. It. it* so proper separation whollr from politics on the one hand, and from ^rog-shup awociation* on the other The force, or a considerable portion of it, was constantly under tbe eyes of the membere of the Convention and its attendant* from elsewhere* who with one accord pronounced it to be th? most etllcient and at the same time most qniet and respectable Police force now employed In an American city. Every memWr of the body whom we saw during the week was at all times as cleanly as though just out of a bandbox N ot one of them was heard to speak either a noisy sentence or a word more than was absolutely necessary for the proper discharge of his duty. Nor was any one of them seen within the portais of a bar-room during th? week Their unobtrusive presence, yet constant vigilance everywhere and at all times, proved sntfi'-ient to preserve the peace, notwithstanding tbe thousands of excitcd strangers stirrnnn/4i nrr V.<ir?i W a ont? Wn4 ? ?>' ?" 1? *? vuiiuiii^ *u^ hi . m c au? vui a si iigic uu^ai necessary in or around the crowd, from Monday morning until Saturday night; and that was made ?o noiselessly and promptly as that the dense crowd ten feet off knew not the fact thata drunken man. inclined to annoy those near him.was being taken to the station-house. The secret of this remarkable change?for two months ago the Baltimore Police was perhaps the worst in the country, and the Baltimore rabble the most ungovernable? is the result of two circumstances First, of the displacement of Judge Stump, whose administration of the city's laws was but flagrant encouragement of rowdy license, and the appointment of Judge Bond, a stern and unflinching olflcial, in his stead ; and next, the divorcement of Baltimore's Police from politics and the uroir shoes. Under the new rules for the government of the force, for a policeman to enter a l>ar-room of any degree, except to preserve the peace being actually violated, or in absolute search of some offender, is punishable with instant dismissal; which is also the punishment of any member of the force seen in any degree under the influence of liquor. The force now hold their places during good behavior, and being appointed wholly without reference to their politics, pledge themselves to have no con Recti on and to abstain wholly from interference with politics Clean white gloves it an item of the uniform they are compelled to wear, so as to keep their hands out of th?-ir pockets; a lazy, lialing practice (that of slutting them in thelr pantaloons pockets) they cannot indulge In conveniently when thus gloved Thk Oriental Th k at tic#.?Among the arts passed by the late session of t'on^ress. was one to carry into ettect certain stipulations In the treaties between the I nited States and China, Japan, Slam, Turkey, Persia, Tripoli. Tunis. Morocco and M us< at, and by which our laws, in criminal and civil matters, are extended over American citizens in those countries; also the common law, including equity and admiralty. Ministers and Consuls have full judicial powers, and < an punish according to tue magnitude of the oft'eiisc. The I'rtsident is authorised to up|>oint seven Marshals to execute processes, one in Jajian, four in China, one in Siam, and one in Turkey. Murder and insurrection, or rebellion ai/ainst the !rov?rnmeiit O O ? of either of said countries, with intent to subvert tlj" same, arc made capital offenses, punishable with death Our consult or commercial agents on islands not Inhabited by any civilized people, or whom we have not recognised t>y treaty, are also empowered to exercise judicial functions over American citizens Tut Pklf-ktlisg Ksvelopk ? We understand that the new, self-ruling stamped envelope,which was placed on sale during the last year by way of experiment, has be?n [Hrii.aisently adopted by the Post office Department. It will hereafter be supAKa ? ? * > ' ? ? put u iu iu\. m uouiiaokcia, uu ir^ut'Oi, (UIU Will O'i so'.d at the following rates: For a single package, the same price as the old; when more than one package li taken, an advance of 2 will per hundred envelopes upon the s&les of the old The second edition, It is said, will be u decided Improvement upon the first, and wlii be the most substantial as well as one <>f the most beautiful letter envelo[>es in the market. ? Sksator Critteskk.m said to be for BrkckixRiixiK asd IiA.nk ?It is rumored in political circles here that the Hon J J. Crittenden has declared bis Intention of supporting Breckii;ridg>; I and Lane. The reason assigned by the venerable statesman for such action Is said to be, that the National Union Convention would have selected .Mr. Breckinridge ns their nominee, if they hid supposed that the National Democratic Convention would have made the same choice; and that all they desired was a conservative, national, honest man, all of which requisites he think* Mr Breckinridge possesses Posts at which Assistant ^chghoss havk bkkk Assigned.?The following Assistant Surgeon* Lave been assigned to duty at the respective p >'U mentioned below : W.J. Strain, at Baton Rouge Barracks, La.; U Peri n. at Newport Farrsek*Ky; K W.Johns, at New Mexico; Andrew J Foard, at Baton R> uge, La ; Roberts Barttolo, at Fort Laramie; Warren Web?t?r, at F'ort Lamed; John Vansant. ?j at the Department of Oregon; C. C. Byrne, at Camo Verde, Texas; A M. Fauntleroy, at Fort Columbus, New York Harbor The Indian Treaties recently ratified by the Senate were those with th? Sacs arid Foxes of the Mississippi, the Kansas or Kaw lndiane, and the Delaware Indians, all residing in Kansiis The treaties with the two tlrst-named tribes provide for the allotment of lands to the members of the respective tribes in severalty, and the sale of the surplus lands after the allotments have been ?X .1 11... ? ?? 1- ... - u>?ui, iuc piuntus ui bucu saie 10 DC appucC for the benefit of the said Indiana. ' 1 Th* \vsjlthkk.?The following report of the* | weather for the morning is made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock. J i ns rso, IhflO New York, N. Y ch ar, warm. Washington, I>. C clear, wind SW Petersburg, Va clear, warm. Norfolk, Va rlear, Ti>? Lynchburg, Va clear, warm. I Wvthevillr, Va rlear. warm. Bristol. Trim clear. warm. Knoxville, Tenn clear. w;irm. Cbattanrwnra. Tenn clear, warm. Raleigh, N C clear, 82". Wilmington, N. C clear, fcot. Columbia, S. C clear, hot. Charleston. S. C clear, pleasant. Augusta. Ga clear, hot. Savannah, Ga clear. Macon. Ga. clear. Columbus, Ga clear, warm Moiugouwy, Aia clear, warm. Mobile. Ala clear, so". New Orleans, La clear, ?y?. raoa thk wm. Frederick, Md raining, warm. Hagerstowu. Md very warm Ctunbtrlan^_Md very warm. Grafton, Va^ very warm Wheeling, Va very warm 1'arkersburg, Va very warm. Cincinnati, O very warin. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected for i ? t-m. -? >" , Vf / av 11WII. * Thermometer at 7 a m., 79'; at noon. W7?. Maximum during *24 hours ending 9 a. in. tod*y, MJi'i minimum 74'. CRYSTAL SPRING*. HF above Sprites are cow open to receive visi itora-they a'? mil * from Washington, Fourteeuth street ami fnej Branca road. Family pa lies wifhing t?> ipend ti e 4th of July in its b mUful shade I oln sunt grovi ?. and enjoy the oi unt y ur, and partake of the c?h>I wtleii from live c iff rer.t rpi ings. o' apt-no a ay in angllog W. yarcs from ?he Spring* at the Kalis ?>' 1 R<ck r?ek, aider the Rhade of large oakt, are | partiouiany invited to i*s piearuos. I Dinner and meals v ill be served up at all times, at the bou?e or the springs, t'onfectionery and loe * re*? at city pri -e*. _ 1 * a.. * w ' ? nuwK' BKILGET k CO. l^^tQUlKR NVHITK SULPHUR SPRINGS. Th^ee Sprin?e?So mii?? w?t of Washington-i? n<lw op -n for tn? reception of viaitora. A . ? A Tj?? aul^ontor. having h*com?* the pur- VcS^V oha.vr. will inaks evi*r> elf ??, villi comp < tefct aoiatauti, to regain their former roputa ti n. Rati* ?51c?anU par meal; Si J?t per da; ; $9 per week ; f 30 p?r c*l?udar month ; 45) Cor i tnonilis ; eniiilreri onsr 2 ami tinrW 12 yea ami c lurad ??rvant* Kali prioe ; white neivants three fourths; koraeajoeenta per day. Direct Warrenton Springs. It ROB T HUDGIN. Our Rio Qrtiilr Correspondente. Brown Willi. June 22, 1*60. Tws Condition or Tint Ri<i Gramie Front;**? I>[*a*trih? Condition or .v.kktlii-h k There ?The Peoposep Removal or the Poist Isabk; CoKTOM-HorsE. 4c. Dmr Star Could you but see the state of perfect tranquility which our city and country around enjoy at present, you would imagine that it had ever been ?o The strife and anxiety of a few months past are well nigh forgotten, and ucarlv all bavr turned to their former occupations with the fond hope of never being disturbed again by a similar outbreak. The lossea sustained by our citizens in the Cortinas war are not yet retrieved by any means for every one lost something. or imagines that he did; but. taking a view of the general aspect of our frontier, the only change perceptible is in the backward state of our agriculture. That, indeed, is deplorable. Those of our farmers who sought personal safety in this city from the bands of the m trauders. have not yet reassured themselves sufflciently to return to their labors in the country; and those who took refuge on the Mexican side are prevented from doing so by a fear of being charged by our authorities with complicity in the late disturbances; although, it must be sa d. that many of them have a reason to fear an investigation of thHr ronduct for the last six mouths This ruinous state of our farmintr districts is likely to continue for many months to come; despondency has settled upon many, and all seem to think that they will yet l?e disturbed should they again take up their hornet along the river. Of course these fears are ill-founded, for notwithstanding many assertions to the contrary and several rumors which appear to havegained r redence abroad, we positively know that Cortina* baa abandoned the frontier; tbat the Mexican authorities are keepiug a vigilant eye to prevent any invasion from that country to this; and lastly, that the bandit chief cannot but have abandoned all idea of further incursions on our soil when even his most sanguine desperadoes have, It is said, acknowledged him unworthy of being their leader Vet our prophets say " The dawn is overcast, the morning low'rs, And heavily in clouds brings on the day. The ureat. the important day, big with the fate Of * * * the Kin Grande Velfry." ?0, if the future is believed to bring 011 events most wonderful for our frontier, 1 am willing all should be allowed to hope and obtain nothing; to fear, and tind they cou d have hoped. On the other hand, our commerce Is in a flourishing condition The importations into this district of goods and merchandise, to be exported to the neighboring Republic have been greater since January last than have ever been known to be before in any eight mouths of the year. Owing, however, to the institution of the Zoni Lil>re." or the privilege of entering goods free of duty at Matamoras. and the otlier Mexican ports on the line, the retail trade?to the < rest <if mir local iuterest?has bee'i drawn thither, or, rather, it hits remained there; for it was mostly by the petty buyer* ?'f the towns on the opposite shore that tl<e retail trade of those on our own shore was carried on. But "it in written" that, despite mishaps and disadvantages. Brownsville Is bound to tlourlsh and l?e the emporium of the Southwest; and certainly if it never reaches that dizzy hight of our ambition, it will not be because our citizens do not endeavor to make it so by all practicable means, or because labor and industry amung us are at an ebb. Great anxiety ts manifested by our merchants to l?3arn the thorough issue of the efforts being made by our Western r< p-eientatlon in Congress, and other persons in your city, to yet a bill pafs-d for the removal of the custom-house from Point Isabel, where it is now situated, to this place This is something which ought to be done at once. A lack of time precludes me from demonstrating the many tangible reasons that demand its immediate execution In my next I may treat the subject mere in detail Our Government will not forget that bv this measure a large community is to be benefited. or rather the frontier at large, and that. 5?^? : mr on i>n *-C - ? I-- - - ? --I- ? iuc mil a i 111 ui .'"HO J'UJ'ff 11 *Uprcttm I'jr, the greatest good is for the greatest nuiuber. Yours, ever, Frontiersman Kxcuse haste. From Enrope. Liverpool advices of the 'Jbth of June have been receive*! by the steamships Anglo Saxon and the Adriatic. Ilerntndid not come passenger by the Adriatic He cornea by the Vanderbilt The Baden conference ended on the 17th French and Prussian journals declare tLat the peace of Kurope shall be consolidated, and all become quiet. Accounts from Sicily state that (iaribald'. was organizing for an effort on the main land One of the steamers captured by the Neapolitans carried the American tlag. Mr. Mercier, the new French Ambassador, came by the Adriatic. The church rate abolition bill had been thrown out of the House of Lords bv a great majority Mr James called attention to the enlistment now going on in Ireland to furniah the Pope with troo|? in Italy, and asktd the Government what measures they intended to adopt, as there was abundant evidence to support a prosecution under the foreign enlistment net Tbe loan of ? 1*2.000,<NJU of the French railway obligations would l>e introduced in market during this month. The Emperor Napoleon returned to Paris on the l-tb from the Baden conference. The German Princes were unanimous at the preliminary conference on the questions referring to the relations <;f the foreign jlowers Napoleon repeated his peaceful assurances at the interview with tbe Prince of Prussia, which was most cordial. lie did not allude to the qu? otions regarding the German policy of the Italian question Sw ilzerland protests against the cession of northern Savoy to France. The two steamers captured by the \<^apnlitan squadron displayed the Sardinian and American Hags They contained twenty-five thousand rnus Kt is, iniriy-iwo raniion, ami two million pounds of powder. A loo considerable sperie Kigbt hundred armed passengers were made prisoners, and everything wasconvyed to (iaeta. The Sardinian minister demanded restitution, and the Knglish Kinbassador supported the demand, the vesarls and men having bad passport* to Malta. The concentration of the Piedmoutese army in Ferrara is conlirmed 1'aris, June 21.?The Opinione National received a second warning for publishing Victor Hugo's speech, roiitaining a violent appeal to revolutionary partisans. Thirty villages have been burnt on Mount Lebanon. Mazziui has not gone to Sicily, as reported. !?/" Mayor Lincoln, of Boston, has been invited r. U>tlh> in ?l>~ l?.l -? . .? ?tv? % iuc 1 liilLC UA ?? dir? 11 IS said that the City Council of Boston will be the j/u^sts of the Montreal authorities during the ?tay of the Priuce in that city F!?! IKS. PI.IKS ' 1 MO: QUITOKS, MOSQUITOES! I'rocuro Rome Flv Pi*p?r at MOORK'S West Hud Drug Store. Kiwh n^t will m'eh 2 (M tli-'s. I? contains no poj*?? i, nor i|oe< it <lr??w the n iik^ most pri partitions of th? kind. It catches Mosquitoes al-'>. bOACIIKS, ANTS AND MOTHS An. I'so Moure'* Insect Exterminator. It is warranted. il'ns'd according to directions, to clear vonr prcu.ises ol'any insect that crawls. PricoSB, !/> ami 50 cents. 1 Try these ai tides, and you will convinced, gold only at MOORK'S jv 2 fit West Knd Dm; Store, H3 I'a. av. rp NOTICKI HKSsl?orWlM>, I.U<I OR?, *c., the entire stuck <;f .Messrs. IU< iitonA- l.cacli.advcmsc ? to t? k? plac ' Tuesday, July ii, is postponed until t-riday,fith in*!.., same hour. In thin *l?>ck i? embraced nnny choice Mvl<Mras, piidHie ries f \V< Uh's and armonv* aiul.?U?cr fivo. ite li'iiaiU.a large collection of Red and Wi ite Wiiiesofth" roost ce|e|?rat?l housesof bn^ope.'ogeth?r with a large stock of Clcmparne in tsr< at va-iety as wll as ?np?rior O'd R>? Whi*kv, Cognac Brandy. Holland (im.Olt Accomac P-nch and Ap'deHrandy Ac Alto, a large a 1*0 tin>*nt of fine Havana Clears. Preserves. Pickle*. Sauces, A a. All of which i*f>o.*itively to Ix) sold to olo<>e the concern. J .NO. V.. LEACH. Survivine I'a tier, jy 2-d J C. M'-GI IRK & CO., Auots. ||AVK YOUR HOME COOL, AIRV AM) STOKE ASD*W*SDOH AWNISQS. The iinde *i*ned respectfully inform* t':e public th 'he-naltf s * wnin*s and V?-ra idahsofOil dyed S*trip (I L)m W fast color. Aiut in kfcp the fl sand liio-qiulO'-s from jour lieds is prepared to put up in a moment's notice admirable MOSWLI IO CANOl'IKJt. These <vanopios i:av* man> advantage-* nv#' any other* in ? ? *. Their aie <;ao in appearance, more spacious and airv, ea?il> aljti t. d loan? b-dstead, u.d very mnpif in construct un. 'I hey are not in the wav ol iiTunsini the l>ed: do rot *<*ar or itjuro the lwtd<-t*'ad in the least; in short tliey coinb-ne tl??? greatest elegance with durat>ilit> aiid simplicity. The*e caiopie* a'efar superior to thos* made by mearfs of ring* in the cailinic, as they are largeraml mo e ai y at the top; also the bed ina* be removed to any part of the room with convenience GEO. WILI.NF.R, jy 2-3t* (Int.) Upholater. 46* Ninth atr<? t. W NECTAR CREAM SIKt P, ITH (*ti er n^ino" SI HUPS. with purv oo<>l and rparklins SODA WaTKK,o? i be had at MOOKK'S je 3' 2w Wi?it Knd Drug if tor*. I/MR K WORKS,FIREWORKS !-H??d*aartArs < tor FIRE CRACKERS, TORPEDOES. ROCKETS. ROMAN CANDLES. WHEEL?, CHINA Fl.VERS. BFNGOLA LIGHTS. TABLE ROCKE i>, A o., whol?*a!? and retail it at je39 St LAM MOND'8. 8?v<?nt|mt. ROWE*8 ORIENTAL BALSAM. A CCRKr?v BALDNESS AND HEADACHE Thi? new discovery has produced a*toni?hing rr ult4 if raring baldr eai iind ?toppinr th* hair loot ratlin* off. It romiivm dandruff aiin all eruption* tFTrh<> tikin ; a certain our# for headach*. ai d a de liglitful wash and perfume PriroSiio ntc. For gale bjr < e*sr?. Nairn k I'aliner, chas Mutt. L. M. Smith. J Schwartie, and Kidwell It Laurence. TjeW lw* EXCURSIONS, nc NICS, Ac. THO: FOR G UY MONT~ HE NATIONAL ('LI B \V. u>d re.^eetfullr announce to th* pnblia that the* will ^ *m? a (.RAM) M(H).sLli lirfi?^^ EXCCRSJON TUESDAY. Jctv 10. B* ord?>r. It* COMMITTEE. 4 PIC NIC ON THE FOURTH OF JULY f\ near Ge -rgetown. at GR EEN >PRI\?. PAVILION tine ' f F. Ehrmaiuitraut.i Tine P \ic prwy*y* will l.c iiHd lor the 'outfit of Tr iiTT* l Mire!: . } (if orsetown. It will commence at J? o'clock a. m. Gent emeu pav for ticket* 5o cunt*; ladiee Zi cent* ; ? I- U l(> Aanta | v 1 ?f VMHUini tv ' ?" J . ? 1' 11 k7ST K A MKR PHENIX Will makeajrand 1 MOON! II.HT KXtMRSION JT? t. K)KT WASHINGTON, Tl'ESDAY. theSrida? of JmIv. for^^*^^^ 1 the Jwcoininodstion "f families. No ardent cpi'it* sold on the l>oat or at the Fort. I,eav? Eleventh st at 8o'c ock a.m. Retiming, lenve the Fort It o'clock at nuht. Round trip 5?> cents ; children half price. jy 2-2t* K_A R VTHF.R Cupt i * Fdl RTIl OF JI I.Y. " IRANI) CELEBRATION AT COLUMBIA SPRINGS. The Proprietor of this cool an?l pleasant retreat respectfully announces that lie ha? ^ made extensive arrangement* t< celebrate the 4th of July in a ttecom-J2Zi2'S _ in* manner at hm establishment. Every etfoitwill l>e made to atf'ord visitors to the Springs a day of real pleasure. A fine band of music will l?e in attendance. Admitta.-/>d ndi>?? "j'y'Jgt* 1HHS. FAHEY. HO! FOK ARLINGTON! I UK RKOKO K WASHINGTON MONUMENTAL ASSOCIATION w.Mjid -if"""*, respectfully announce to ttie put>lic^^?22S^^C that they will give a grand Fourth of July Celebration, At ARLlMiTOX SPRING. Tiie Association p e.ts#> ihrniwIi'M tnat good order will be prexerved. The* also guarantee for their visitors every comfort aiid pleasure. No exertion on t !ir>ir part will !>c spare.! to make it agree a le to al. who may l.ivoi lliein with thetr p'esence. WITHERS' Fl iTlT 15RASS BAND. (' i7 f'lECE?,> WITHERS' STRING A WIND ORCHESTER, And the MONUMENTAL GLEE CU B Are to he among the attraction*. Federal Salute at. Sunrise? Half hour Guns during the day?A National Sainte ar Sunset?and ^ irework* in the evening ; besides a Beautiful Yiew ol tlio ;\ationai nreworke at the .Mounment. All the delecacies of the season will be serve<l up for dinner and supper. The liest quality ol refresh meats at city prices. Cowryavks?From the corner of7tli st. hourly. t>\ states. cnminem-iug at s a. m.; fare I j i t*. From 14th lit. bridge|\. |iy t!l(, 8tea>iier George VV. Rikk" ; fare l<?cts From the Georgetown Aqne dtict hourly, by the steamer Flying Cloud ; laie 13 cts., for the round trip. Admiksiosi to the 6RocsDs?Card* to (jrntl? tneu 50 cent*: Ladies, Children and Servants Ire?. By order je-mat COM. OF AR R ANQFMKNTS F^XCl R8ION TRIPTOGI.V*WNT?.> Jl LA a FOURTH. The Steamer THOMAS COM.Y KR w i make two trips to Glyinont Pavilion July ll " . 4th. leaving her wharf. foot of Sev"-_fc^?f?t eutji "t.. at fj o'clock. Alexandria at^**ri* 1 , l R', o'clock a. hi., and will leave Washtnjton a* 1 <ri-lock. Alexandria at l'? o'clock p. in.. giving til"*'* who return hi the c\ i-nnic It it an nnnirtiim t\ to witness the f?rework?. The l ??t l? * lemiii tlip P?viTin* at ino'dxck p in. There will t?c a otrine i?an<l of hi attend ance. i - i;i.l refreshments furnish"*! in ti.e .- iiiiptu "- (uanncr l?y the Proprietors. \|e?*rs Junm A Miller. Koiuxl trip tickets from \\ as-hint'ton 7.S ?piits. from A exaii li iai?i cents ; children uii'te !?! \eai* of half-prit^*. Tickets wild at the boat. ((nimbuses will leav?> the corner of Pa. avenue ami >"vinlti ?t at half past 1 o'clock Hi\art> r hefore a ar:<) half pa?t lj anit quarter lief >re \ o'cik, lor the boat. p.e JM<I 8AM'l. BAKER,Capt. P O I R T II o F J U L Y . EXTRAORDINARY EXCURSION TRIP PROM Washington (o Sfew York, AMD RETI'RN. Via Baltimore and Washington Hran-''> Railroad, I'm -vl?'i|. ih. \Viliriiiut'>n and Ba timoro Rait road, Camden mid Amliov Railroad. and New .ler?ev Railroad Steamers. kncompuM by the FULL BAND of TUB INDEPENDENT BLUES OF BALTIMORE. TICKETS FOR THE~ROUND TRIP ONLY SEVEN DOLLARS I With & view of enabling the oitizens of Washington and vi-init* to )>?hold the (iRKAT EASTERN STEAMSHIP a* well a? t'> \ 11*11 the Metropolis of America, on our \a'i<in;i: Anni veisarj arrangements have lieen p|1 ;ted with the aliove well-known inee to run a SPECIAL EXPRESS TRAIN nffir?t-clM Fastens. ' Car*. ii.i lu'Uiii a Cai <-*i-1ubuol? lor La-'ie* an<1 Fntiitlii*-. from \\ a<hin?tu:. to ut)i Amlio*, where thev w; 11 take one of th* N J. R. R. Line of *p en'lid Stesni tin for New York. ri'ESDA Y EVENI vO, Jul> Id.leave Washington at 3 J-i p m.. Bait more, - t 7 o'clock p. in., and procoed to Philadelphia, arrmiu the est 11 p. in., where the Excursionists wii !>e tra sfe-rcd from the D-'pot froe ofcl.argi', to the i levant Pa eagerCar*of Um Camden a-_d AiiiIhj* R R. lor AmtM'jr, arriving mere at 3o clock a. in.. ? i 1 em Urk on nu? of t.i" Company 'h ?pl>-ii<ti<l Stemne-n, pa?-!riC through Sta'?'ii li-hiirl >011 lid daliglit. amvineat New * ork at 5 a ni._ wi 1 Itan 1'i-t No. 8 \ R, New Vorlc, at lit o clock p. in., ?>l the Fourth, imm- <1 ateh un the termination ?>f tlin M gnihcnt D *pla? of Pir-'Wo'k'i at the Citv Hall Park. winch will < '<>:, c'n?te at 'Mi p in; Philadelphia 2 a. in , Haiti mor< < a. in., ami \Vast,i!:fit'>n I'i a in.. <>n tin- ino nuraiU M, Tickets are positively limited to 1<*> from Wa-hm -t"ii.a "-ikiw p a Iv ami'-an l?? nro ureil a tti? Adams* Kxpr> ?> Ortiee, and at the Depot of t):e B. AO R. H , W ashing ton. jsra U JITI.Y THK FOI'RTII! It R A N D PIC NIC Or the Georgetown Benevolent Association, For the BEXEFIT OF THE P OR, The best Pic Nic of the season will be Riven at anm.ostan island, wed ,.rr?**. NF.SDAY , July 4tii, lor the lienefat gL' i of the poor. The As.sooiation pledge themselves that ?.ooil order will Ixj proservwl. Tli<'> also guarantee t> their visitorsartrroomfrrt arid?l??in_ v ?>?. ertioii on their pait will b- spare*} to mak* it agreeable to ail who may favor them with their presence. The Declaration of Independence w.ll be rea<l by a member of the Association. An oration will be delivered by a dixtinzuished gentleman. Tliere will be several Ba'liw>n Ascension* during the a'ternoou, and a splendid display of Fireworks on the ground* in the evening. Visitors will also have one of the h"*t views of the National Fucworks? the .Monument 4i rounds lieiuc in t> II view froin the inland. The Holy II ill and ha? l?een engaged. Ail the delira -ies of the gcawn will be served up for dinuor and supper. Tho I >< -1 <4 >a.;11. of K?-f e>fi?n?nis at ci^ prices. The st ain packet IIiku.ii will leav* Hi^;i't. and the Western \Vliarveecveiy live minute* during the da*. free of charge. Tins I'ie N ie le'iug solely for a uliaritaiile pui pose, all aro earnestly requ-istol to pat^onuso it. Tick tf : I.a lies and Gent* ^aih 25 ct?.; Cliildr n in ct#.; to b> p ocured of thq,Conunittee and at the lioat on the day. j 29 M' rjKAND FOUITt ~F JULY KXCOMION II TO Piiiey Point, Point Look-Out, A rf/*1 lr O ^ \s j. l vs i.<*. * AllU JL U1 tdlilUUtli* The Kin", t*a'e and Co am >di<?u? Steamer B %L T1MOK K. Cupt. Ciusr.K^ K. Mit jr* fe enKL.Lt havme been thoroughly o?erhau ed fitted >>p iu the "^>it mantia! manner wuh one lui thed tierth* and fourteen state room*, will be plac-d regularly on the line between Wa?hin^ton a* d Norfolk. making two trip* a week Tin* deeirabe and delightful summer ronte will oomm*nee on Teaedav, the Sd of July, with an exourr.on to the above n&ned place. The >reamer Baltimore will leave her berth foot t.fnth etreet oa TU10SDA ' ,3d of Ju j, at 7 o'elook p arriving at Old Point *arly nest morning, then proceed to Norfolk and Portsmouth, where she will remain untl3p m , of tne 4th. Returnliik ?h? wilt touch at Old Point to enable the passenger* to wiine** the* ai.d display of Fire Worke, after which she will lea?e aid arrive at Washington at II o c ock on Thursday, the5th Pare for t??* round trip including meals? To Mar*ha!I s Pavillion 9X00 To Piney Point Sim To Point Lrok-Out . ........ SUO Oid Point, Norfolk and PorUmoath 6.on The Baltimore will oomme oe er regu ar tripe on Monday, ?h of Jnly, learinf Washington on ;T|WUUOJ V ?'"! I liBIVIAJI* PI'^FlOiK on Tu*i day" A')d Friday For further n formation apply on board to t'apt Cha 1 K. Mitchell, or at ihe CnmpinT'? Office. No. 373 Pean a* ecu , corner of bth tireet, under the National Hotal. GEO. E MATTINGLY, f??n"Tal Ticket >re:.t ? otn?r?c Steamboat Co. ieW dtji.3 [Intel, and Alex. Gamette ] Q1Q SOMETHING NEW QIQ OlO UNDER THE SUN, OlO C. WOOWARI/S EAGLE STOVE HOUSE! I have ju?t raceim! fronrth* manufacturers an a?<ort in^iit of l PATENT FLEXIBLE ROLLER SKATES, (the first that has b?ea offer**! for sale in the Dia t-ict,? somethins entirely new. and <a.r ?n???rinr in anvt*unx heretofore invented iu the way or Skates, reqiurine fo- the n^aitn n> (-zeroise of tltaua* n? i ex, krt?ea-, \ man wed, and euitabi* for parlors, IikIU, <liui:i?-room?, pavements, or an? other place i where there t* a smooth surface. They are truly a mo?t wonderful and valuable invention. Don't foil to call and aee them, at C. WOODWARD'S, Ka^le Move House, jo 29 3t No. S 58 Pa. ? ., bet. 14th and 11th eU. BM\RGAIN8 IN PIANOS, that hare bm t t little used. riaaos iwr hire, at 3ft oen e to %. i per mouth. JOHN F. BLLW. Vja 3d jo? Pa. araaaa. TREASURER'S Sktnrmt tUt i-nimmt mt hu rrrdtt ?? ik> T+'*.r*~y. ??t and t* thf M'*! tnd tram*.*' -, hf 'Cum 4*mfU h ir? b44n vttwH. bmt tr^-rr f4??? wnraid, and 11 mite, tkt ??WM tff*tw? rr?i?</rr? to turf frmn ^ In vh*t Treasury of the l mt?1 Stat*?, Washington, p. C A*M*ta?jt Tr^aaurer, B"iton. Ma*?aciin?ftu A?t>,s!?i-t I .PMurM, N''w Vi'rk, \fw Vi> i A??mtant Tr**?uw. Pill ad^phia. P*?in?? 1 v??na A?xi?tant i'r?-?-i!:r?>r. l"h*ri^?t. S tith un A - - st*i.t 'I'm t 1 ,\?? o: >an?, lot - ana . \?*iktaut FreB-uri-r. St. I. Mi??< un A *?i?tant Tr? ??,: -?r, Ss Fmnci "v\ Califtrn.a fl itepomtat) at Burta.o. .\r*- Y k t>"p?siTary at Haltimor*, Mar) ami [>'(H??it*ry at Rioliui"n.i. Virginia.... Depositary at Norfolk. Virginia . . Depositary at Wliuiiugton, North 0'aroiina Depositary at Savannah, (iforgia... .... D-p'?it.ary at Alat>ama P9p <aitarr at Naahv-ille,Toniio?M* Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio ... .. . D-p .-^jtry at \ x ? i t l?-*p I.ltari at I.' tllsvi ker t u'kj l>#p<>4itary at <?a v???t<<n, T??x*? . IVp.Kit.arv at Norlolk . Saw\*r> tar) at Ci:>t-n.i<ati M'Leaii' D-poaitary at Littl" R. <"k. Arkan?aa. IlflfwiiiiUri ?t C^hipHiMi. liinoi* D-'positarr at Detroit, Michigan ? Depositary at t >maha Cltv. Nebraska ... ... Depository Hiidion, \\ i ?<v,>n?in I>..po?it*r\ at Oivmpia City. Washington Territory D"*?'sitar* tt'itilahaw, Fl?to..?... Depositary at O>oaha Citv. (Gjtn or* < As*** . ffice "ft he Unitod ?*No* York Mint of the liut-d Stat** .Philadelphia. Pi Branch mint of the United State*.C narhrtte. V C . Biau-h mint of the I'nited Stat-*. I >ahl?tiega. <?a.. Branch mint of the I'mted State*. New orb-ans, La Branch mint of the United State*. San Krancisoo, C&i * Deduct overdraft ? .. Add difference m transfer* Net amount subject to draft... Trillion to Tr?**i?iir> of th# St?l Transfer* or?l?r?d to a Militant l'rrunr?r, Sen JTrainfera ordered to Depositary at Pittaburr, l*i Trarnfera oMorod from AaaiaUuit Trfftaurer, ?' J at) 2-lt DOWH! LOW WK HAVK THIS DA'S MARKKD DOI OI'R LAKGh A N I) MAGMKHKNT STOCK < Dcaiirua of DRKSS uo<>l>S MANTILLA!*, I JULhtn H US. We d;? not desire to ttnpf*^ upon the < redul or lr? tb?n r>*\. I.ut would ?ay that wr will *11 i former wtc? GRKAT BARGAIN? may *>e expr t?-d iiiakp room for Fall ?upplie* If tbo??- who ?rr in want of SI MMF.K (KK otf?-rln^ th^iu fir Ik1?>w li* original prices R. IIRICF I'M Tin: ADJOISIN iv, . i ....o vtrt. k ..r r i w prTivi; m ' ? * iia a lai w?" m v? ' r* ? i i . * , i?i ' and TRT"NKS, wbicta we ar?- hillag far below for U7-RKMEMBER ? We ha?? but ONE PH j unc -jy-ot LOoT AND FOUND. _ t CTRA\ J It ' >R STOLEN < > t < " ultinm. I it << <* 1 -mz il WHiT/. H? with ' sr. A literal rfwanl will tw tivrp to*tijr j?>-^ on<? 'OMiiiiing it t<> IIENKV HI p (QigJligB | PERT. Iltli ht.. near B'>nn<Wrv hue. j? 2 3f rPAKEN t'P. "n the l*t inttwL a arte r?d j 1 COV\ . wi hi whit* fv-o an 1 ?H h rn ' t\M The ownnr in re?|u<*i<t9<l to com* forward,j a* CHAS E RISON^ jf *-Jt* On P et.. Itctw. 14'-n and 15th itt. \KKN I P?On<he JRthnlt . a la^c hrindle and , 1 white ?"OW, wlnre faoe. witn lio'ii-. i The owner i? reqne*t?d to com- forwar p. , , ? pr,.t?'t\ . *"l\ fie' . awav. r*. ANN *irF*. jvi-3t* B rtreet. I?etween ild aud WjJ I()#T-On Saturday mormiis, t! ? J'th June, a _j gold unting i*K WATiIH, with chain Jfek at'a sed. avl *!>' .11 co'>! !'*iw?-n Seven- |5M t-enth rt ai.-l BrownV Hot 1 e (! r in *'GuJk unit,, has or on tit" Avenue. A lllxra' !"?a''1 wi!' be 31 vt?n for tii* return of eitnc r>? appl*. iig t<? T. II. CJ1"! N\ at Mrs. Smith's Boar <: Hou?e. No. 391 C ot. n_ fifc T. P E W ARD.?Strayed or stolen, on Sunday, Jn,\ l?t. a dark iron grry MaRE. ' rv t years M. about 15 hanitn hifh; Mi t-red j on the Jell ?! 'ui'ler Trie al>ove reward ** ? 1 will be si " 11 to any one r"'nrnint h"r to tite, or giving km !, li.loii iatiou ah ? 1 . iea I to h r r?oov CM. JAS. H. SHREVE. I jjr 1-St' 7t.ii at.. l?etween H and I it*. f|> REWARD -I.o't on Friday, the .fifth uJt ' an ORDER on t ie i"!?rk ?>! the H^um of cpresentativesfor the 10m of 5 S7.74,for the recovery of which the above reward will be paid. The payment of the ord>r ha* b?en_*t- pped. The r.uu?"r leaving sunn- at me yiar or at the folding room nfthe Hou?e of K '-prcseiitMive? will r*e ive the abov* re? ard. If W. A. GROVKS I 05?T-0? the.-* i i * ant.a*ma; MKMORANLi 1'1'M KCOK, ctMilaliu k \ccoiit t.- with per . "l* n.i : the Washington an?T Alexandria F.zpr<--?: ?!k>, !>i!I T H Sti ijwr!, nf ANxandna. Anr on*-'' it to thin offi.-# will t>e "ir'ahlj rewarded. je : nPAKEN t'P. on the *nh irstant. a larjre r?t i COW. with t er Calf. The owiit i> r?que?ted to come forward, prove proper- pU^ ' tv. |*\ charge*, and take hei ara?. J THOMWS. I je 3" Jt* Corner of Utii and P s\s \ I^AKKN t'P?On the ?th in? ant,a <mall brindl* COW. with 'ar?eropp*l, and other wi#e market. The owner i? re?jiie*t-d to miP J come forward.prove property. and ;ake her^baJM ~je"i9 3t* 8A.MI EI. LANGLKY._ ?in RRWARD FOR TIIK CONVICTION r7l?? of th?> i>ftrso>i who carri ?1 off in* *i*n "l.aritent o <1 Bookstore ill the South. .'Morrison'? <iiiiiie t<> ashing ton. Gm-te to Pat-M.t t )ifice." 91" forttie person who cut mm! atole the Stdf-fiwiof my Awning; !?! f>r the thict who utolot i 'Ml volumeof Raptn's Mistorv of r n?ia':d. thus <le?t-o mi the M?t ol 3' voliiin. : alio, *mIiw S of ( atverbal Hi*- : tor>: I volume UiSv oi:are Annlaes 1,'F ancai-, Bot'ifacf ; volum* 1 Chan'tlT** Travel* in Ai?ia Minor <#r?e<-e; a Hun coi.tai uiiii: Moriii>on * View of Washington, Colored; a >mal L*i.d?cap Painting in Oil; 1 volume Sir Le.<line Jwkiut' 1^, a large fo w? volume hav>.<>.i rolfited of a Hold Five |? anc Pie?e Napo eon. Sfani??i Silvor Dollar, WIS. Ferdinand; F.ngluh Florin, of a ? storing, la old linflisli leii-r*. laketi l>? uw-ring the h&rk window. A No, inloimatton of ?11 wmtamed i > a paclcaee with paper* an-l liook. ?ent to me in Baltimoe by Ada : ' F.xp-e** Company. Cmiip-titi a in tiade m (ood.Wut ?eitdin? an<?n? mou ? letters to an innocent Maiur, tea in* down awniriRH. m (*?, te.tit,aliii(n ok* to d"?tro> *-t?, is not praise wo tin. In con*eau?nc.e lick. hi? int. ufTclieap. " ALFRt.h HINT* R. jp J? 3t' I'nder WillanV Hutfl ~ FORSALE AND REXT\ [For otkn " For Silt nn.i II ?u" a4r?rti*?mr*tg, Kf Jir*t p*g' ] i <TOR? ROOM FOR RENT?On the southputt comer of Penn. avenue and Tenth stf Ml, he<etnfore msed as a grocery. App'y at tM room or of J AS. P. HA LI HAY, City Hat. je??-tl F~~ MJR~ RK NT - Ath ree-stor> BRIC K H( USE. <>n Fift-?*nth *tre >t. hetweti Nrw > ork avenne Mil H <-treet, opposite Sr-i.a'or Brifht a. Inqmrs UPXt door at No. 4 i'3'<3t* ; F|OR RK.NT?A newtwo story BRICK HOUSE, ooul 'ii* k hv? rooiu* Ga^ aiM water iu ?vi* room and pump of * ater in the yard, situated on K street, near W e?t Market. Rent 912 5?? per moi th. GEO. A. LANE, leaier in Hutfw, i jfi) 3t* Nciith ami C> nter MfknU. I a RARE CHANCE FOR A HUME-EiihtV Hi five acre* of highly Improved Land, six mile* from VN axhincton, on which there u a handaoin* <y ttage and all neceaaary out building*, every variety of fruit and ppteudid water, can be bought low, with or withont crowing crops, and possessioa Riven iminnHiaUiK if davir^i a u r> -? ? ? j rt ' V i| Alexandria, Va. je ao X' IVOR RENT-HOUSE No. 474 Mae*ach..?etta avenne, l>etween llth and 13th iu . containing ' six room*, and provided with rae and w?t?r. Ad I draea C. F. II., Bo* 1 , Star Office. j*^3t' | - ? AHYAU'AQLF, FARM FOR S\LE in Pnnoa George's <vmt*, aifuated at-out I mite f <> Biad-*neburg. !>4 from the Atncul?u-al Collage. a:id 6 from NVaahinctou It oon'fcina 5* acre*; acre* m Piar and Oak Tunbar. It la antler a g? <id lenee, and ia w a l.ith state of oaltivatien. A or i.ard o< P^aenaa, a pplea, and a variety of other kind* of fiu t; PUawUtruee ud Aihkii la al/uniaiiof. it ii on tho east aide ml <he Baltimore aiii WasMirten Railroad, on the Abintton road, adjoining Co!. Carter and Lawyer 8tavana. It haa on it a aiuall Hoaaa oen'aiiiinc foar roonie. Spring and Spring Houa-.aid other uuttm KUuca Per a^na desirmr to purchase wi' please <-a] m the premises or at ataud 4N<. 270 < e-' r Var <?C i?>-lw' MHt? &<?R liM KR . I F\m OR SALE OR R K>T?The four story BRICK H01>E. N* 4a*. north aide of I) airee . be twMn SAT?<?IU1 Arul ?? ?1 - ? -?? . ?. w-? u. vavivu iot mio ??11 a luiix nine, or for rau. t<> a koo.1 tenant; or will b? exchanged for prop rty m iiii'M in;*o?iiSfvutfc and Eleventh ?'r<*t',or DanU II ?tr??eU Inquire ore W. BOTELER. 31- Iron Hall )? FOR RENT-Two heautirul new BRICK HOI 8? 8, on Etuh h *t *mI. U-t?r<?u M and N *tro?ta no'th.WMt nda. App'y U> MARY C MAlSLIP.No. *81 N'nti ?trwt wnt.iir Dr, KE*hbkY, No. 339 Pa. imw.twtwmn *h ZJ 10th atroota. j> tf-lt' T? NOINEKK'b OPPICK JOj AuiUMiiJiar M,lHi . x *..... of thia mdKoM Mt. Jackson ?w ? ar laontm j. WaiM AI a da*, b ard t 10 per K?>r ir or JVMbUoa, ? o., tnaair* of \v M ft. FEW ELL. Cow'i8 dUT*U?twAa4*.Utw>'r 1 * ? fTHLY 8TATKMK T. if* JWmwj amA tixumfd ( Mrm4*r 2VA J%n?, ItMn r*> khimiiK ff r?i'J ??inm' <U? frt>?r< If r<"'W fry f*< Serrrtm*y ?f f/U T*?+**rw Dntft* hwiHi. f..r? <tr?*rr Amountond* ?*M not yft Amnant ??pout*. puiil. th?>u<l. j*rt to draiV | SA1AS1&5 fST j fl.VJ?3 < I T? MT * ll?.? ? : I.KUKH IJU??I l*M M *34.?H J5 57J*T ?> iCT.4M IS ' *>.?* SI 7119* * ?JM TS lUffl $< III MS ? M. turn t -r.s* 1.-) it <?ai A3 jr. ti: -m fW.TU <rr 7t: .v ,T4 TW js i 6JI?45 *4.'? (?*? 1 34n"*M*' 41 *r 13 f 4IS *f> .. 71 *H <? I S7 ??' 71.?? ?? .. I i tt t ?s.?m <? , m tm %s ?| si *? ?s , 4.!?!? ?? * .?.>?? w> if .431 74 1 4<JS <* >?**> l<? 1J4 ! 9k>4 16 7? ? 2? I *. ** .> rm, -n 7 *r ?% 1*2? III.W M .. . . . 1,*71 "2 I >*4* HO ,a ?j ....... I?? 4f.t v. W Hf, u SS4 71 W.VT! ID 3JS1* *4 j?i 24 ?.?M lVifW ??.4SfiT ! 9t ?? ? f 1 ?'.*.? 47 H3 t?W 4i> 47 7* ?J .*? 42/ ? 3t? ? ? l?e M ?JWI Z'| I ?J34 H5 * TT? ?< 4.3iH M ] ?*7 ?7 US 7.'VW 41 4?U >2 . f W 41 I n 1 .*? ' inn 73 4.7*7 ?> S Ml 7* ' I.MR IS 13.Ha? ?3 4. ? ' .?? 9? 4X2.SI3 ? 43?* S23 ft' 2?.l >4 M 2Jn.|<M |?. Si.m- mi .... 2T.*V1 ?1 3?.*7 m L VB.XJ ?r. ,v?. <? *! . Mpi ? HH.714S7 17 f2JUAa*i fj **.*72 ft# .. 101.714 67 .S.?M IS St ??' >** lift* ,H#' Hf? .. Wn. Wivhinjton. I>. C. .... mi ran<*Men, Cfcl .... . 4KS.?nn ?i . ... , !.<*?> 4Mt M> ,<wn <? w York, New York _... .. v*>.nr m r*!! DOWN!!! kV\ THE TRICK OF EVERY ARTICLE IN >f M MM KR 0<M?i>s. fnibra< injc all tbr .ACE POINTS, PAK\SOL?> BONNET!* >?4 Ity of our oirtomT* by advt-rtjiinj; U> 1 at 'r?t inv wti< le now in atnr?- e' a ^rni Mu< turn f'vn the !Ho? k m"?l be rl<*rd ? ?! t? alKty daya, to >IW will call, they will ?* . onvinrad that we ar?t II 4LI>. rn ns rn n nth -r*t yt r. STonr, ars. %TTIN<?, OILCL< *TH >H<?! i*. BOOT*4. H AT < in? pricea ICF, i..irked In plain lj;um R. HR ICE H 4LL, Not 37i and 8EVLNTH STUKI.T AUCTION SALES. O For othe' A urttnn Sa/r*. *rt fkrgf page B? J. C. MceiMRE k co. A oetmnrtr* LTRNITI BK **?. HOl'SEHO' D EKKKCTS r At PriLic Ac< On TIl'KRDiV MORMNo. Ju ?, at ?< ? cl< < K. at the raa ri?no<? of tlie Hoi. \\ n Buier. O K + enth ?tr**t. t>?tw*en H and I street*. we aha Mil the Fmn lure and |-,r eu.conipnune ? Maho^anj hair iprmi ?>eat b?f*. l><> Divans. Rock'ri and Parlor Chair*. Plu?h Reehning Chairs. Wa nut V\ Ualuot. Wa.nut feoret%.rj and Bookcase, <iilt fraine Mirror, Walnut Center and Fano* Table*. Window Mia4??, Curtain* and :*hale*. and three lit Carp Ma, Oiloloth* and Rugs. Walnut fcxtena.nn Table, M*hogan* J*ideS<j?**, Oak Chairs. Walnut Hatrack Mahogany anl French Bedsiea d* and Wardrobe* Lk> D m?ii<( Bureau* and Waehstand*, Hair and Husk Mattresses. Bolster* and Pillow*. Blanket*. Comforts, Counterpane*. Slooks, Toilet Sets. Looking S.asses. trav Matting. I^oange, China. Giass. and CnHtkery Ware, Table Cat.err. Cot ikng Stove aim Fixture*. Wire !*afe. Together with the a*ua> quantity of Kitchen Cter . I *rir.? mo ti'"' can ' ?" rn?T hit * credit of < and 90 da**, for M:i*facU>rily endow* Dote*. Hearing iutrre*<. jt t d J_C McGl'IRE A CO . A?ct?. By J. C. MoGL'lRfc A OO . AMtionatr* Extensive sale of choice wine*. UltvVOH' . RlViKA CiOAH*. PlikLt*. KiDCtt, Pke*tkv?n KaciT* ahi> Miaii la<>a r?*n. J?ir* a.o* Stoke Fixtrtis Ho*?r a>p T?? ao-i TIII Bn.M^ o> Hakilt"* A LE*< M.-0? TtE8l>AY MoRM.nG, Jul> i at l'< uWk.f tnf *tore of Hami.toil A L?ach. a I'W door* eaat of ths National Hotel, w Mial: ** ta? entire ?t<w>k in tra>l? a d valuable 6t?rr Fixture, vit: J tie* F.r-ur d* Moutt,Cardii.a! aod Rulnrr Ckaara<B?, Chi-f-e Br>>vc and Pai? l.ondon Sherry, imported direct h? Harm ton A I Much, Vtr> iu^rior O.d Port In bott M, We ch M*<i'ira, n.d-itiyohn* and hotte*,a retf fin* arucl*. Mircauz.**u. Lafitta, C.iat*?n Mwill*, Pt. Pierre and H t Jinil?ert Claret \Vtn??, a *_ _ ? ? rpo i I I 1111 K m*. ? U I .aria;* of Hurcubdt and ?Kll' *Vn.??, Vo>inj?.'i Imjw-ria, Kn-X k M n'? Ai*. Ct'iWt Cl'tur. H.hN il Krovt str.ut. Aii*<>p'? Al*. Fr^noii ViMftr, W. Ifr'* Hoti ;ia ppf, Ur ttaiitit) "f f?Uwk ind oth*r oaa arid ?o dr??cht. 5uf?-rl"T Ulrt Apple A id |'*oh Rmndiri. id t> ttl?* and oi-iiiijotin*. Fm* brand, *?. . P am an.I Om. Knc.ith ?"?l Frrnoh Pick'.?w. S*au??? Km U. Je 1*4. haidin'^ard l,o'. of ?n? ?tr?*>n T'*? in 6'?> cadUira. OIit* oil. Olivia. 1 art f St-ak. Ca apaah and Ga'if>?? Sauo**, ta fancv ia*e Prune*, i iok t .\1 n?hro< im>, p. ::?<1 MraU. r (mci jar?, Lart? lot of choice H?itn\ Cu?n. of v?ri*?? bra: ?1?. To!m?<>, One !? ( Herriii? Saf*. nearly nev, PrSk?. Courier*, Gi?m C?a ? , i oai,'er 9ctiN, 5*UH 'I Ca#k* Copper M?-a ure? ft ?. At ?ii'rwri, i* rm?"T? Ob* fin* Roto *?re, veil t>r. fc*.'o ha * *. Ext--**" W a ur. tnii hun u, T rum: t'td in.df ca?h; n-?r that ?nm * rtxi t of 1,2 SrihI 4 moi.fha. with intarect, tor tc'M n'i>factumj ?ndoirni. fI7?C?*.al?>?ue? rrwdj on Fri .ay next. JOHN fc. LEACH. >i?'Virinc Partner, j* 27-d J.C MeOUIKb A CU.inou. fI7*THK ABOVE BALE l? PN %V<M DA B! V poatpoiiMl mitil ru in A > moKMNG >*h t?<-, Minn boar. JOHN E. LEACH, Pamving Parte*-. iy * d J. C. VotI IKi A O.. Aidk. U . A I- U I'LM AKGKAND ATTRACriVF >AUOF DRY la Good* at Acrrion ?I anal o<immono* on WEuNK'UAV.Urnili iMt.ttlt o'clock a. in . n'1 c n*inn? UriIt unti'i all it *o,J. ?t *tore V? 32 * Pern. aT?iiM?, aouth 4e. l>?twwL Mb and Tik t>w>, tuMli tiKruUrettuokof Dr> Gm4ii?<hi uat of? C.o'h* Ca<tim?ri, Veotmcn. Towel*. Joan* Liiimi an?l <^ottna Panta 9uf, 1>? Lain*, I tvi a. Grej (iuodi, Bera.-r aiivl Silk Robn*. B.?*che<J a:.d Brown Slieetinca and flhirtmi*. lri*h Lilian*. h irbroidwM* Homeric*, Biaok Lace Sl>awle and ManUllav C'nder?hirt? and Draw ere. Linen B<>*m !?hirt*. Lin-n RLirt Fron*a. Ami many o'li?r 6uu4a Uki mmarouk to wartcn. Ar the imiCiiii it to t>* taaaw davi At Mtu* I tock maat be eold w.tiu>?t reeerva. Term*: All nini undri #SP naah . ?Tir that a-?ouit a oredn of *> *nd day*, with a?provau *Mlora?4 no tea, bra.riu< iniere-t trx?i mi <H aaic. if ad A. GREEN. At* C7"THK ABOVE ? POflTfONEU it i4 tot ht int rearf?, an'tl THI'Rp- , OAV,tki<aU IML, MHIf ii?U. ?7)-i _ A. GKF.KN.ABOt. By A. ORKtN. AmUoiimi. N 'iT.TflKWr^I td&WJZ *a: 1 aha] I a?l! in front ol tbe pre;n<?'i at 6 o olook J. .the no'th twenty fa l front of l*>t No. I in Crattri.den'a anNlivuion ofaaaara No. W). front on 9tu atroet VMt, rana'uc l>aek , O an<l P iiraau, north, to a pnb'>? a lav. w ilk tb* iiap'Ovem*ata. wh'eh conaiat <4 a n*w Throe tory Inak H? u??. ruatatniM aix pod c^?biamino tl' arranrad n?o?ua. wiU wide p?at| a. a 4 ban* la the b <*t inaat. by Mia ol tbr Mat vurkaai in tbia pity. The aaia will ba wortLy f aay a? J wiahini to parohaae a f t>? auia'l boaaa ia a baaiikr looaton Tar< a: One thtrd oa?h; Itaianoe in 4, It, H aad M moat ?. far no tea aoariac lakaraat from day o< mJf. A dead given and a 4e?d of traat take* > ? 4 AGRbbN.Aiai Ci ?.tc- art of tba D.t riat ol Co ati.Ua. f?* twa ?? t| of Waitiiaib>a. aatf It me atroeted 1 ''] aipo r to yai lie aa a lor aaab, in Croat of tbe coait bow d <>' ?f #ar< aoanty. oa SAl I BDaS > a ktltnrjllt Mil IM ?l t n'xlnnk an the l? r *lu|itjf?rtj>vit: Al right. titi*. r?m. ?.|J mu:?>t in Uli t? a orta^B 4w? litre fco>i*?rroeto4 on Lot eight, (HtWt aoaU 01' ?Mra t.? f?o. r?nr<?i iMk mi', if? m L nvMbomi li?r~ iMWini ?4 M*lfc tWI) in t1"# ell* of W*. kiu.u.r D C , *f4 to M IiOIuUm < <>?. rt' of J u mi V ?o4l. tad oil to i ; to m i?fy JntUofcV L*JT >? ?<* ? teiw ^ l.*T, UJkrorof Jonntknn T. w? k*r ft linn^i 1 11

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