Newspaper of Evening Star, July 2, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 2, 1860 Page 3
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% LOCAL NEWS. A Fibk Nia* Hoas ?To-day just bfftre 12 o'clock, a fire wu discovered breaking out frota under the ?u?lng in Philharmonic Hall, lmme diatcly adjoining the Star office and In a few momenta the flame* were pouting forth from the front wlndow* of the building. Our composing room, whlch^) separated from the Hall by only a ingle brick partition, with window* in it, wa* immediately filled with smoke, on account of which and the heat, our gallant workmen were compelled to retire, taking with them the un ttaUht-d forms of the paper, the live matter on the nlleys. and some of tbe most valuable materials that th?y could lay their hands on. The alarm was given, and In a few moments tbe Franklin Fire Company was on the ground and at work The flames spread rapidly through the wail, but the activity of tbe firemen and tde |r>>entif'il supply of wateT saved the mrrn building In a damaged condition, and secured the Star otfice, the Knropean Hotel, Mrs Ai<lrr's confectii>oery es'*blisb?i?ent and ot! er valuable property adjoining from impending destruction. We nave never setn lr?men work with more energy and cbeerfnlaen than on this oceaeion In the midst of fire and smoke, and while streams of water were pouring npon them from every direction, they stood to their apparatus and worked without <* <joplaint until the List spark was extinguished. M A itamaiM ?'n? ? <>?* J * ? ?- ? 4<v uvhhu^v. v* i'ii| uivuicui wai aunc vo uur otfi'-e; and for this we are especially indebted to the Perseverance and Franklin companies?the Ur*t-nam?*d company having ita ho*? in tlie office, and operating there from the time of ita appearance on the ground; and the member* of the latter rendering efficient assistance wherever required, although their especial attention was directed to the property adjoining The Hook and Ladder Company wss alto on the ground and rendered valuable assistance. In the absence of the proprietor wetake pleasure in returning our sincere thanks to the liremen for tiieir valuable services, by which we are enabled to lasiie the St?r to-day as usual, and tit the citizens for their efficient aid in securing as far as possible our material, books, and machinery from injury by water. THR ORIGIN OF THK FIRS This morning Mr. Metzerott, lessee of Philharmonic Hall, gave permission to a gentleman, a school teacher, to enter the hall and take there from a number of benches for a temporary purpose A number of boys were in ana out of the nail during half an hour, and shortly afterwards the lessee went into the hall and discovered the tire proceeding from underneath the stage. He ran back for a bucket full of water, but when he returned the flames and smoke had so increased *s to render his uiiaided efforts to extinguish the lire fruitless Two Hue pianos were in the Hall, one of which was saved, but the othtr, worth about was entirely ruined, between the flame* aad the water. The damage to the Hall will not m>u?K ^ ?* _*.? _ ? 1 * ? ?.<> ifctvuu me unirucuon oi ine inkrior walls and ceiling, and the stage and scats, which are so charred as to be of no value whatever. Light Ixfahtiu Battalion ?This morning companies A and B of the Washington Light Infantry. Captains Towers and Dubant, paraded under command of Major J. Y. Davis, accomjKinied by the Marine Baud, uitder the lead of Prof to embark for Fort Washington, where hey will remain till the evening of the fourtu I be parade this morning was not hi the full Vr-iuth of the r orps, and the party which left this morning may be considered the advance guard, as the remainder of the battalion will go to the Fori to morrow The companies were out In full uniform, with all the equipments neccssary for tat txci r?lon The time will be spent profitably xs well as pleasautly at the Fort. The battalion will have a tine opportunity for drill, and their quests will take pleasure in wiln?Minu ?K? i>?c I taliou revolutions, as well as in the hospitality of tbe corps A Glee Club, composed of members uf tbe corps, under the lead of Mr Moruau, an lccinpl.thed vocalist,will also add to the pleasure o tie trip From tbe account of the (Quartermaster. Kdw'd Towers,who is acting in a triple capacity, it is easy to perceive that the Army regulation of rations i? uot observed by the corps?tbe members being determined to have plenty, and that of tbe hams bacon. (5 rounds beef, 6 roasts beef 'Si pounds bologna, 10 pounds tongues, 25 pounds cbeese, 1**1 hends cabbage, 1 bushel onions. 2 do. ring beans, IU bunches beets, (iO do. rad.sues. > bushels new potatoes, 220 assorted bread, 25 pounds crackers, 150 pies, 10 ten-|>ound cakes, 6 ten-pound sponge cakes, 46 gallons cream ale. This is for the general supply of the corps. The Quartermaster determined, for the safety of tbe corps, mat no spirituous liquors should come in V.t. fort. For the ofllrert were provided baskets <:L-tuipagn<. CAM aeyars, 12 ten-lb. pound e.akes. 4 teii-pound sponge cakes. With such a bill of fare there can be no doubt of a merry tlrne. Criminal Cot7*r ?After our report closed on Saturday, James Muntx was t ied for an assault and battery on WlUia.uC. Newton, and found guilty by the jury. He was sentenced to pay a fine of *6 and costs. M*rtin King was tried on a charge of larceny of ten ;amr cocks, valued at ?! ea<h, from \Vm. a. Kennedy. Verdict of acquittal. F.dward Hiul?y (colored) wis then tried in two ? uses for ?te!iling silvrr money and a pistol from Henry W Martin. Verdict of {/uilty as indicted in hot)' cases and sentenced In all to three years in t .e peuitentiary. \Vb Rutlc* iralowd) ?? t?i?l f..? ? valued at ?1<> from Bernard McGee, in tieorgetown, and acquitted by the jury. Rooert Costelio was tried for an alleged assault ?ud lottery, and convicted Sentenced to pay a line of and costs. Marion Ward, convicted in two case? of grand larceny, war. sentenced In all to four years in the penitentiary. John Conner. convicUd a few days ago of a violent aesault and battery on Mr. Shea, in the First Ward, was sentenced to eighteen months in Jail. 1W?y ?The Court took np the case of the United Statu a<jt. Louisa flowen. (free negro,) for stealing sundry articles from Kintira Wilton After the examination of thecase wascominenced. It was asc-rtained that the indictment was improj>erly laid, in that it charged the theft to have t>een committed against Kimira Milton. So the jury were instruct**! to render no verdict. The Court then took op the case of the United t.a agt. Tobias Clark. (fiW negro,) for stealing seven razors from Charles Posey. A Commotio* axiims the Gfakd~mxx ?We learn that yesterday morning nine of the police received neatly prepared communications from the Mayor, commonly known as "yaller kivers,;' Which contained the information that their farm ut g-rvice bad expired The intelligence caus? d a vt-ry apparent elongation of the countenances of tome who were thus notified. and anioi g ttios? wiiu bad not received tbem, but knew the/ were better entitled to the honor than some of those who bad. there was a general expansion of the visual organs. The fallowing list of the dismissed was given by one of their friends?watchmen Augermann, Ta<jj. Stone. Hem pier. Rooney,' Maioue. Harp?r. Hayzel, Hilton, and I^acey. The cause of the dismissal was said to be in anire cases the primary election for the wrong candidate. In other cases there is uo reason as ei^ned It ;jocs very hard with some of the decapitated A gentleman tendered his avmnatlnr to one, and the sympathy came near proving fatal to the ex-gutrd, who exclaimed, " Ob, misser, 1 dink ?o hard pout daaa man I vork dinga for him. All de dime I vork much 1 go todi* man; 1 go to dat man, 1 say 4 Come, you vote Berrlt dlcket.' 1 pit dirty vote, and den I be durned out! Oh,dis istoo bad ! too badSome of the decapitated are lu Independent circumstance*, lived well, and were cood citlzena before thev were ttrat appointed or Mayor Magruder, and were ^ood and efficient officer* under that administration. " The Yoo*? Ladibs' I3stitct?,'' of which Charles H Norton, A. M , 1* principal, cloaed its twelfth year oa Thursday morning, with appronrtatr and verv inUmtliii ?hi.k . ? ??? un<u wrrr bridal the school, No 30 Four-and-a-hilf atre-t in the presence of the patron* and invited friends of the Institute The ezercises consisted of th?readin^ of composition* and performance* in ui laic by the young ladie*, several of whom, thoit^li quite young, showed high cultivation We were especially pleased with a composition on the Beuuties of Nature, by Miss Mary F Poor, and a swe-t song. -Kver of rhee," by Mi?s Mary 8 Oi-nnell Prizes were awarded to the scholars who bad excel.'d in their studies First prize to Ml?s !*n$:e K In^l?; second to Misses Cassie M . Mary J , and Kate A. Feiinall, of the senior department. n iddle department. Unit prize U> Miss Kate L DuuuinL'tou, second to Miss M. K Todd The priucipal theu, with appropriate remarks, tendered diplomas to the ^raauates. I : Thi nr-mc given by the Gracc Cb1:r h Sundav School, at Arlington Spring*, on Friday last, was tUe u oat plraaaut one It baa been our good fortune to attend for aome time. The ladita were handaotue aod agreeable, the gentlemen gallant and aoc ?b e, and the proprietor of the Springm libera: and accommodating The paaaengrra recommend the Firing Cloud to all partlee anticipating giving ?lc-olcs, ea peel ally when the tide la low at the our they wiah to return. Tbe boat, with about four hundred, left Arlington at 11 o'clock p a., and fallowing the channel arrived at Kleveuth treet wharf about 1. An latereatlug eplaode In thia plc-nlc waa the baptism of a child of Mr. Beveridge, the proprietor of tbe Spring, bv the Rev Mr. Holmead, the paetor of the pic-niclng church Mail Aobmt Appointed?Jamea Elliot baa b-*u appointed a mail meaaenger *t Falls Church, Va.. on the Alexandria, Loudon, and Hamnahire railroad 1 miiTiiiMin of tbe exconion trip to Riymunt in the flat and commodious steamer The?Ui Colyer on the 4th sf July. Remember laat boat Wvm Glymoot ?l It) o'clock p. m> h Rilioiocs ?Yesterday moraiag there was a general expectation of rain that prevenU-4 a Urge attendance at the churches during tbe morning service. About tbe time of assembling, the expected rata came, accompanied with thunder, lightning, and hard wind, effectually preventing service at some of the churches. Foundry Ckapel.?At tl o'clock a. m . Dr. Edwards preached from Malachl, 3 17?" And they shall be mine salth the f.ord of hosts in that day when I ahall make up my jewels H?? commenced by saying that there is perhaps no word in our language which c onveys the idea of worth and beauty more strikingly than the word jewel The precious stone whirh the word represents affords tbe greatest pleasure and delight on tbe crown or coffers of royalty; hence, when used figuratively, it conveys the highest idea of estimation Tnere are those in tbe world whom eAnri V. t ? " * v? i i? am uia jewels, ana wDO enjoy tils special favor, and who. at he inform* ni. (hall hereafter be taken care of It la, therefore, a question of great moment to all of us, "Who are God's jewels ? and what attributes constitute a chafactef upon which God set* such a value V' Intheeyea of men name and blood constitute a jewel Hut often what seems greatest In the ontr.tnn nf m*n It an abomination toUod.nnd it it thus In this ca?e; for the attribn et wbicb, in the eye of God, eorstitute such a character are within thr man, and relate to and affect the ttate of the heart. ; Then, to antwer ttiequestion, " What constitute? a jewel with Ood?" we can refer to the connection in which the text It used, and And that obedience to liod* piety, an effort for mutual education. and the like Chriitlan virtue*, all go to make up one lovely, amiable, and attractive character, which, from the brilliance, lustre and glofry with which it tparklet, hat the high eulogium of a jewel pronounced unoii it by God Then, again, the expresalon, " Wwa I come to make up my jewelt."' evidently conveys, at well at confirm!. the idea taught in all Scripture that there it a day coming in which God will draw a dividing line between the wicked and his jewelt Here the wicked and good are all confounded and mixed together; but in that day, when God thall drive the chatt'from the wheat. min? Mrh/im we consider jewels will be found among t be chatf. and many whom we consider chaff wlD be found among the wheat, for God does not see as we see. He then spoke of Job's being a jewel, and closed his Interesting discourse by the exhortation jfrti-e to become jtieels. Trinity Church ?In the morning, the Kev Dr Butler (rector) discoursed from Psalms. 13 5.8 41 My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and mjr mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips " ' When 1 remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches " All, he thought, recognized in the life of man two distinct types of true religious character. In both, there was religious principle and belief and religious feeling; bnt in the one religions princi pie is >!. 1? - uun uianru characteristic, and in the other religious feeling The language of the one was. "Though be slay me. vet will I trust him;" the other was the language of the text. Mauv Christiana had also observed how these two element* of a true religion had varied at different times in their own experier.c . Sometimes tbev had been conscious of holding fast to their religious principle and belief with an mi relaxing grasp, while they had painfully felt ths want of warm and religious aucttikina ai omer time*, while their religious 1 belief and principle had remained in all its strength, they had also had their h*?art? doubly warmed, interested and blessed in the truths of the Word, and 011 which they had acted from a ?e ise of duty. The latter they considered to be the higher style of a Christian life, as thty knew it to 1ms the happier. It was this for which they Wjuld strive; the want of it which they mourned Man should strive to contemplate the truths of God, and the representations of Jesus and Heaven, just as they are revealed In his llolv Word It was not the cultivated minds which stripped from spiritual truths the ac<: om pint men ts nf the Divine Word, isolated, abstracted them, and strove by Intense meditation to grasp and hold them, that must enjoyed communion with God. and the sweet meditations from Heaven No; It w.:s the souls of little children, and of simple ones life- ?wnJ? - - I vuiiumi, ncn in laiitt, and heirs of the kingdom, which could adopt the language of David, j <t? recorded in the text. Asylum?In the afternoon Rev. J. M or sell, D I D . preached front St. John, 13 8: "Jesus answered bint, if 1 wash thee not thou hast no part with me." The words of our Savior are truths He is Incapable of speaking else than truth. He lias taught us in His wora that unless we observe His commandments we can have no part with Him, and if we have no part with Hiut where must our lot be cast. Jesus is the great fountain, and we are implored to seek this fountain that we may be washed. He has power to cleanse us from our sins and give us clean hearts, that we may walk in the way of holiness, and at last, after we have served His righteous will on earth, He his power to take us to himself that we may enjoy the happiness of eternity. Then is it not our duty to seek this fountain and obtain lif* ?t?n?i Th.'^. were concluded by the Rev. Mr. Whittle, of St Louis, who endeavored to induce the inmate* to ponder well tbe truthi that had been presented to them, and tone fp-edily to Jeans, who had promised rest to the weary. The services throughout were very impressive and several Seemed greatly afflicted. The committee of the Voting .Men's Christian Association distributed tracts. M'thodist Protestant Church, (Ninth strut )? Rev. P L. Wilson, the pastor, nreached In the morning from the text of Exoaus SI.II: "My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest *' In the evening, from 1st Timothy, II: "Which is our hope*" The discourse wns a comparison of the christian hf?pe with the hope of the worldling and Intldrl. It was brief, impressive, and appropriate to the occasion?the administration ul communion, which followed the discourse. A number of visitor*, tueinlier* of sister denominations and churches, united with the congregation iu this solemn service. * East Washington M P. Church?Rev. W T. Dumrn, pastor, nreached an earnest and impressive discourse from the 73d Psalm, 24th verse? "Thou shalt guide me with thy couusel, and afterward* receive me to glory " What counsel shall we seek' Shall u/e ? ?l ? . ? . ? viuuci irvm me will del, or from ancient philosopher* who endeavored to explain the mysieriea of Hod? Do these afford consolation to a dying man .Nay ! let us rather aeek counsel from the God of all, who has promised to instruc t and teach us in the way we should go, and at last receive us into His glory. Union Prayer Meeting at 1 Vaugk Chapel.?The Sunday afternoon prayer meeting at this church, | under the Young Men's Christian Association,' waa well attended yesterday. It w.ffc led by Mr W Iglit, and pravera were ottered l?y Messrs Thornton. McKnew. Hutchinaon and Zimmerman. A requeat was presented, and an address made, by Mr Chase. Particular interest seems manifested here. During this week there are to be a series of protracted meetings every evening at H o'clock M E. Church South ?The aervice of the day was conducted by the pastor. Rev. Jos A. Proc-' tor, who preached in the morning from Romans. 4 25?"\V ho was delivered for our ottensea, and was raised again for our juatitlcation " At night, be preached a very lntereating discourse from Ronun', 10.10?"For with the heart man believeth unto rigtiteouanesa, and with the luouth confession is made unto salvation." Attembly't (Presbyterian) Church ?Rev. A G. Carothers, the pastor,couducted the services. The sermon of the morning waa hinted upon the text >f liaiau 6.J, 1.6; and at night. 1st Corinthians, L?, 25. Tiif. Rivkk ?The Bridge assumes a more lively appearance since the resumption of travel between the two shores of the Potomac The repairs of the late damage to that structure have been well and skiUfxlly repaired under the superintendance of Commissioner Blake. At the various coal wharves the dealers are all busily engaged In receiving and bestowing their suppiles of fuel for the next winter'* trade. At Harvey A Co.'s wharf the daual steamer 8 Seymour, from Philadelphia, Is discharging a cargo of 214 tons of flue coal for the proprietors At Riley's wharf this morning arrivrd steamer Columbia, from Baltimore, bringing freights for the following Washington dealers: C. Stott, B J. Neale, J V. Coburn, l<ewman it Bro , Murray A Semoiea, Barbour A genomes, K F. Queen, 0. A T Parker A Co , J. N York, C. Allen, A. Hancock, 8t. Vincent Female Seminary At 11 o'clock a. m the battalion of Washington Light Infantry embarked nn ?._ ?? , ? ?4 tuc uiic ncaincr Phenix, Capt Rvther. at the Eleventh street wharf, for rort Washington, where they propose to hold an encampment for a few daya. Tin Closi'mq Exercise* of the Prescctt High School took place on Friday morning. An examination of two days gave the moat satisfactory evidence of thorough and accurate training. At the close on Friday, the principal, Mr. A. C. Richards, distributed a number of premiums to the moat meritorious pupils in coixiuct and deportment. Indeed, from our observation, It would r em impossible to make any distinction in conduct unong boys, all of whom manifeated auch an obliging and genUeinanly disposition Mr. Kicharda may well flatter himself in having spent a year with so much success. A Heroic Act ?Last Friday, a little boy felt overboard at the Southern mall steamboat wharf, aid while the grown men who were by, were consulting how to act, a lad not twelve years of age, named George Havener, plunged overboard siid succeeded in saving the drowning lad He exhibited a degree of skill much beyond his aire. tf? went behind the drowning boy and pushed him up toward* a plank, which he wised with one hand, and with the other paddled hla prize safely to the shore Such an act will be placed to his credit for the balance of his life. A Pikscsiftio* How to Bet Razors.?Go to hardware store and boy a whole bundle of razors?be careful not to give more than 91 for the bundle?and you will be sure to obtain nt least one good one. Pabtim wishing n pleasant place for holding ptc-nicswtll no doubt And the Crystal Springs, advertised la another column, a delightful plain, and the proprietor* (Mrssrt. Higgles*, Bridget) my accoaunodntl ng. I Th* New Co***.?The comet Is now clearly I discernible by tae naked eye a few deerers above the northwestern horizon About P o'clock p m is probably the beat time for otverratlom. though this new celestial visiter it so thicklv enveloped tn mist that It does not look very brilliant. Mr fofford, of the Cambridge Observatory, communicates to the Boston Advertiser the following parabolic elements of the comet, from which it ' appears that its futur*- course through the evening sky will be very much the same as of the eel h ratail Munut A# (Iaow*! Tkl> - A v vi n:\? vxnuv? vi L'vuu 11 I ill* HTW UUilin ! on twhat remarkable for its near approach to the an. when in perihelion. on the IStb ult., being less titan twenty-seve i millions of miles As the element* have no resemb'ance to thos- of any recorded comet, it may be concluded that it has never before been observed: "Sufficient observations hare been made at the Observatory of Harvard College to determine the elements of that body. I have obtaintd them ai follows; Perihelion Passage June 15. 11 h. 5m. p. m at Washington Perihelion Distance 0.2875 Longitude of Perihelion lfio* 3S 44 Ase. Node hs* II' Inclination 70' 21' ' These elements show conclusively that ti.e present object is not the'Comet of Charles V .' They have also given the means of predicting the course whtch it will pursue among the stars. It will go southward, and still keep in advance of the sun until it disappears in the south ; while it recedes from the sun it will approach the earth, and will be conspicuously visible, at least with very small telescopes. After the next full moon it will still be visible to the naked eye. Mr II. P. TnHU /tKa \ * 1- ' -? _ _ ^ i i mi 11 i i 11 rj uoa ?uo compuiea element*, which agree with the above.'' The c^met It now north of L'rsa Major The Promenade Concerts ox Sunday ?Mr. Editor: I confess to having been koinewhit startled upon reading, aome day* ago, a communication In which "Americanm ' suggest* that one of the semi-weekly promenade concert* should be held on Sunday instead of Saturday evenings, as at present, whilst occupying a leisure moment recently In pondering upo 1 the matter. 1 was rellevfd of some very serious doubts as to the propriety of that species of Sunday amusements by an esteemed friend, who happened in at the moment, and I Who, upon my introducing the subject of my | thoughts as the basis of conversation, entered into the discussion^ fevery conversation with him, [ allow me to say, takes the form of a discussion.) with a rim which swept away Immediately all the untenable objections which had presented th?m iwivr? vo iiiv nnna. i nere is, bowever, one serious difficulty still reati ng with me which the argument* of my enthusiastic friend filled to remove. That objection I-beg to submit in the form of a query : Would it not be well to inquire of the men who blow the big horns, and the small hurm. and the intermediate sized horns, which, when all blow together, make such a delightful "concord of sweet sounds," how they would like to be compelled to devote a considerable part of what is to them, as well as every other working man, a day of rest, to tooting away on the aforesaid horns for the especial gratittcation of the hosts of "American!," "True Sabbat iriai.s,'* and "Laboring Men," who would. 110 doubt, attest the jHjpularity of the change by their attendance Now. it is not my purpose in submitting this objection to place a stumbling block In the mighty "march of progress,'" <>r the advancement of "equal rights," but simply with the desire to have it satisfai torl y answered; for F confess, Mr Editor, that I am ready to partiiij>ate in the "fun of the thing" which would follow the change, if I can be con vinceu mai "wnai is run for the b> y ' may not be death to thefrogs " Blower. Potomac Watkr ?A writer in a morning paper say*: "The heats of tbe last few days have produced the usual increase in the use of water, and many ?f our citizens who have at great expense iutroduced the water pipes into their baths and c hambers, after enjoying the luxury of an ample supply during the winter and spring, now ttud the water refusing to flow in the upi>er stories of their houses W itb what a dismal fueling the lord of tbe mansion, endeavoflng to get a mofning nap, tormented with heat ana Hies, hears the announcement from his better half that the water won't run. What's the matter? He now realizes the truth of Judge Hali burton's saying, that a luxury once habitual becomes a necessity. As there is understood to be an ample supply cf water still remaining in the receiving reservoir, the laying down of the thirty-inch pipes which have eucumber?ad K street for the past yrar would, we suppose, at once give a full head of water in all those houses lately deprived of it. The con tractor has been here anxious to begin the work and complete bis contract, in which be has ai* reaay sunerefl rrom the delay of a whole year. The laborers and mechanics, after a long wintef and spring of scant employment, look anxiously for the orders which will enable them to earn a hare of the liberal appropriation made by Congress and the Executive for the completion of the water works It is to be hoped that those having the authority will not much longer delay the orders necessaryforthecommencementofthis inuch-needed and most beneficent work.M Satcbday Nwht and thk Police ?There was something for the police to do Saturday night. Whiskey was greatly In demand, and con e quently quarrels and fights were frequent; and to tf elr credit we learned that they did do somethings They made a descent upon a house in the Fourth Ward and conveyed a number of the inmates to the guardhouse, and obliged ihem to contribute to the Corporation treasury various amounts in the shape of fines and costs. A party got into a fight on Seventh street, which caused their arrest, and they, too, were conveyed to the guardhouse apd disposed of according to law Nothing of serious character occurred, the cm* g being mostly . of a petty character, the punishment of which is Intended to prevent worse oflenses Tit* Fauquier White Sclphcr Spri.xos ? We are informed that an arrangement ba* been made between Mr Harbour, President of the Oranceand Alexandria Railroad. ai;d Mr Hudgin proprietor of the Warrenton Spring*. bv wnich the business men of Alexandria aud the District, who cannot leave permanently with their fimlli?? for tho?e Spring#, will be permitted to visit them from time to time, on a "round ticket"?! e., to j pay coming up, but to return free, on the certifl- ' cateof.Mr 11. It Arrkrtkd ?Patrick Martin was arrested last week by officer Nash, 011 a warrant Issued by Justice Johnson, charging htm with burglariously entering the dwelling of David \V. Bates, on the night of the 26th innt This Ik the case of the man . cifmbing Into the bed-rooin of two voung ladies | while they were asleep, and will no doubt contain some rare features The case was ruled for trial on Thursday next, and the defendant gave security for a hearing then. CoXTRTBCTtOS* TO COLUMBIAN COLLEGE.?ReV I R. Elton. D. D..of Exeter. Entrl?n?l l>?. V. i _ _ , . , ? , ?'? V-?MI ?l I li* I uted to this institution the sum of P2M). to con ! titute a permanent fund for prize medals to tie ! given for excellence in the Greek and Latin lan- ; guages, and L. I). (iale, M. D., of Washington, D C, a similar sum, to constitute a permanent fund for prize medals for excellence in natural sciences. The Heat.?Last week, the merhaulcs and laborers who are employed on works exposed to tie sun suffered Intens-ly. Quite a number of men who never ifave up for tbe heat before, were obliged to yield and suspend their labors after a half day. We have heard of no verv serious sickness occasioned by the heat among tbe workmen; doubtless they are cautious and use means to avoid It. At a meeting of the Kdward Kverett Literary Association, on last Thursday evening, the following selection of officers for the ensuing quarter nu. luwc.?? itimcui, j. tiir.nn miUHj; Vice President, Z. W. Cromwell; Recording secretary, Tlios 8 Shepherd; Financial Secretary, W. J. Frlzzell; Treasurer, Dr. Fenwick; Librarian, Wilson Stewart. Real Estate ? Last week. A. Green, auctioneer, told the new three story brick houae in Klbbey'a aubdivision of square 571, on Second street west, between D and V, north, for #3.100, to C. Brumldl. Alio, part of lots 1 and 2, in square 350, for 45 cents per foot, to F. Volk; and lot 5. in quare 263, to John Pettibone. Da. woolfsoiv respectfully begs leave to inform his friend* and the public that be will leave here < n hi* professional summer tour on the 10th of July noxt. All persona requir n* hiw services or sp otacle* will please call on or before the altove dat*. at his establishment. No. 2U Penn. avenue, Iwtween 12th an<l 13th streets. Thk Jackson Democratic Association of this city, it will be Men by an announcement in *n. other column, will have a meeting this evening at Coomb*' Hall, Pennsylvania avenue, near Tenth street. A spicy time is anticipated by the knowing ones. Narrow Escapk.?On Saturday a young man, a Baltimorean, while at work on Corcoran'* building fell from the scaffold, a distance of 25 feet, to the floor. Fortunately, the force of the fall was broken by some intervening objects, and he escaped serious injury, If not certain death. Thi Dlrictors or thi Gas Light Company have declared the usual ifmijnniui j . * hvr per C?nt on the five hundred thounand dollar* (nil invested in tbe manufacture and dist ib ition of gas) of the company, parable to stockholders at its office, oa and after Monday, tbe 16th inst. ? . I Polio Art Alas.?Btfort Justice Clark ? Wm. Fisk and John McDonnell, two hack men. were charged with dinecderly conduct tn the street in front of Willards1 Hotel. They were each fined |lud|lMc?ih. Til ComtisiTioi of tbe New York Avenue Cbarch had divine service ia tbe lecture room of tbe church, for ths first time, ymtar day. fax bpmbik at marriage licenses issued in the Couutv cUrlf'i office during thf month of | I t V V w Tn Amobht or Flov* Impeded In this city for the quarter ending 3uth Juue, was 1,313 barrel*. This mikn the whole number of barrels from let July, 1839. to 30th June, 1MU, inclusive. 11,066. t*TOM?rn The doebt witri which an ott deceived community apt to lo.k upou ail meoioal pr-pn>atto.i?. has long wine h en completely vanquished I'jr tiie triumphant, univ r?ai and inva table success of Ho*teUti'$ Stwr.nck Bitttrt, Thtiretioct in all disorders of the'*i ;estive orean* are lo: mir?<-ide?.?, (>ecau*e t in ar?i the necessary reauit of certain medical proportion never heretofore combined in one prepare tor, but they are nevertheless tatoui'htag. A*-d per>o:n who deemed themselves rast h?lp from in-dt me, declare (to use the w>rd* of a correap n lent) thai the Buters >6 mi to have given them a ew >ase of life. I n<juestionnbly the h ajority of dangerous diseases are the off spring of dyspepsia and for thi? complaint, as well a* the maladn-s out of it, there is iiothm? in the world ike Ho*utttr't Stomach Rittfn. whioh la now so'd by all druggists throughout the world. jj 2-io9t Wriv CH?imv Balsam. The following is worth' the attest on ot all who are interested for themselves or fri"n<I* : litrM'lTTI. Ind . Jul; 31. 18S4. Dmr Sir : I waa attacked, altout five months ago, with a severe co;d. which set l>>d on lungs, and doctors (the moat respectable in tlrs city > said that I had inflammation or consumption of the lung a. and, after exh&ustinx their skill without r*l of to me, pronounced mi case incurable. 1 commenced taking Or. Wistmr t Balsam of Wild Ck'*ry about six weeks ago, and in four days I was able to walk all over the house, and am now a well man. Yours respectfully, Geobke Hoovks. Above 1 hand y<?u a plain statement from George Hoover, of this city, who is well known, havinc lived hero some twenty years. The doctors attended him some three months, and gave him up to die; but Wis'.ar's Bal.sam cured hun. ^ D. R. \V. W ilstack. Druggist. Jjifayette, Ind. None genuine unless signed I. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by 8. \V. Fowle A Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Oilman, 8. C. Ford, jr., S. B Waite, O. Stott. John Scfywarxe, Nairn A Palmer. Wash ington; aud by dealers everywhere. je Z7-lw,r Soothiko and There is no preparation in existence which has su.?h a soothing etTeet in cases of nervous excitement as Ho^ttiur's S'omark Bittrrs. Although the fame uf this renowned invito, ant rests mainly on i s astonishing cures of Dyspepsia, Liv?r Complaint, and intostinal diso ders, it is equally efficacious in nerrou* complaint. Thoufamis ol'ladies resort to it as a remedy f.>r hysteria, fluttering of the heart, nervous iiradaohe, vertigo general debility and all peculiar distu bances aun derangements to which, an a s-x, they a-e subject. It cheers and light ns the depressed mental powers well as strengthen the body, and its use i never followed .as is the case wh rc oidinar* tonics are administered, by any unpleasant reaction. For sale by Druggists and dealers generally eve rywhere. je 25-eo3t Mas. Win alow, an experienced nnrseaod female phi sic^an. has a ,Vyxitn? Syrup/or Ckxiden T'*i\ mi, wiwcn srrriiif laoiuraies me prooess ofteething by softening the sum*, reducing all inflammationwill allay all pain, and is cure to r?cnlats the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves. and relief and health to four in/ants. Perfectly safe in all case*. See advertisement id another column. oell-ly Lyox's Magnetic Insect Powder Exterminates Bed Bugs, Roaches. Ticks, Ants, Garden insects, Ac. It coh ta t n s no Potton Lyon's Maqxetic Fills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap9 3m The bksom or destruction is the fatality among our younz and middle-aged to u: Julge. in excess ana debasing habits. Those who are yearning for some influence to dispel the growing evil, -hould read h'ra<lt}i,or Phy*tolo*.r*l K?.w?rcJU>." It delin> at*>s in it rid colors (for it is bcautifull* illus trated i the causes and efTectt ol lo<-a! a-.d vital disease and decay. pointing out the only sure ><y.ty ra/i't?read the advertisement of " Tritftmir, in anotiier column. Sold by Dr. Barrow. 194 Bleecher street, N. V. Prioe 25 cents. Sent free everywhere. Sold also by S. Calvert Ford, jr., Washington, D.C. ma 7-lm Mkykr'* Miracclocs Vkkxin Dsstbovkk. the oldest ami best mined} Known lor exterminat lng R*ts and Mic", Coclcroachesj Bugs. Ants, Miiequitoes, Fleas, Moths,Giain W orms and Gardon Insects. JJjr~ Priiici5>*! Depot, 61*2 Broadway, N. Y. toia r>y all Druggists every where. ma 18 3m JJarht's Tkicophbrous ii the heat and cheapest article for Dressing. Beau tifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. mar 12-6m Homeopathic Rkmkdiks All of Dr. Humphreys it Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 5') cents each. Also, in ca^es, containing )>> vial*, from $4 to each, v^ith l>ook of full directions. For ssie ny Z. D. Oilman. 340 Pa. avenue, wliolesale and retail agent: \V. A Fitzgerald, 353 north F street: also by F. II. Winter, north corner of K street and Vnrmoiit avenue. Also, Pond * Extract of WiffA yyW,for istsnsU and external inflammations of on KiuuB, ouiu ai auovo. mR 9- ly To Consumptive*. Qneru't Cod Liver Oil Jelly. This great ?peoific tor Consumption (ant superceding alt others in its curative effects upon those afflicted with tuneroular disease*. Prepared upon lunhiy scientific principles of the pure oij, and rohbed of the nauseous taste of the pjain article, it la received into the stomvh in its jellified form, without mastication, and is gradually dissolved and digested, parsing into th? email intestines drop l>y drop, xitppiyinc the wastes of the body by ita nutricious properties, and thus assisting and .ustiuing nature in overcoming the disease . Approved by the New York Academy ot Medioine, and recommended bT the faculty everywhere, this preparation is confidently offered an a remedy for Consumption and a>i Scrofulous affections Sold by Charles Stott. Washington, and by all respectable druggists. Pnoe $1 per bottle Pinfold, Parker k. Mown, No. 15 Bookman street, New Yorkt roar 16 9m Wholesale Agents. P*:?!f!*s.?Persona deeirini Pennies will always find them for ?inh*rtf *t the St*r Office eonnter MARRIED. On the morning of the 2*>th ultimo, at St. A'ovhius Church, liv Rev. Father .\la<u:re, JOHN F. KAIN to MAKY ANN, eldest daughter of Mr. Hugh Rirnan, of Prince George's county. Mil. * (Marlboro* Advocate copy.) On the 2ath June, bv the Rev P. I,, Wilson. Mr* CHAS. 1). PARSONS, 10 Miss MARY NEWMAN. all of this city. DIED, On th? 27th of June, M AR V E. T., wife of Benjamin F. Uakor. in th.? 2fit;i year of lie age. * (llaito. Sun copy.) On the a^th ultimo, NATHANIEL POPE, sen of N. P and E .\I. Causiu, a;e<l 2 joars. rue irienti* <>i tiif lainii* ar? invit-d to attend tl.e funeral ?<?rvico?, this afternoon, at o'clock, at tue Cnapel of Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown. On Wednesday, the ?8th ultimo,'RICHARD WKBM Kit, the voun<e?t son of John R. and 9. M Sothoron, agetf 2 vears and 5 month?. ( BalHi. Weekly Sun oopy.) ~WANTS. WANTED?A GIRL for house-work, and one for kiuhen-work, at Hi Pa. av. It* WANTKD?A GIRI., to do general housework Apply at 4-J5 K ?t . Iftween 6th ami 8th. It WANTKD?A WOMAN, to cook, wash. and ii-on for a small family. Recofauier.dati'>ns required. Apply at 511 K St., between id and al, aoutli side. It' WANTED?A Rood LAUNDRESS. None but ft competent person need apply. Wager ?8 per inontli. Also, a Girl, to do parlor work. Applv to No. 233 1 i-t., Iietween luth and 19th sts. jy k ^t* WANTED-A food SKA MSI REUS. None but a complete perron need a ply. Wave* A"! per m >i th. Alro, a tiirltodo parlor work. Applj to . No -3'< I street, between 18th and 19th streets. JT 2-2t* j A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES* A SITUATION a? washer and iroudr; has no objection to go in the country or to do *eneral hoi*e work. (iood references Kivei:. Apple at No. 491 Eleventh street, corner or K, for three days. It* | WANTED-A PLAIN SEWER TO HIRE b the week, and a youn; Woiiiau as help, in a small latni y. who will lie able and wiIIiuk to j work. Apply at <49 Thirteenth street, corner of, Massachusetts aveuue. It* \JLT ANTED-To attend upon an invalid g?ntle" inai,* WOMAN of experience and skill ax a nurse. Only those who can bring a goo I p-rommeudation n*ed nppiy. Inquire of Dr. THOMAS MILIih R, F st., between 13th and Uth sts. i je?-3l* ' WANTED TO PURCHASE OR RENT-A inediu n-MXtd HOUSE* in the neighi orh od j batw?An Seventh sad Fourteenth utreet* west ami I'a. avnue and H at. north. Addrea# "Hou?~." Star Off)of. je 4 -6t WAN rE??-?OOK8, Ol-D DOCUMENTS. PAPERS, riOI NS, AUTOGR A PHS?#5 for an autograph letter of Gen. Tavlor. 3', 5th. 9th, 3l*t, 34tii, abth Volume* of Nils'* Reenter wanted ALFRED HUNTER, je 89-eolm' Under Willard*'. WANTED?To have everybody know that they oan find a Fine and well aetecied Stock of CLOTHING and FURNiSHING GOODS at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING S i ORE. No. 460 Sevwtt it, otfoiit* Port Oto? Pinitiwau afMa WANTED.?Everyone to know that SMITH, v v Seventh at., oharge* fair prioei for hi* Good*. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh at., to gat yoar HATS and CAPS. *P ' Sin PIANOS?for Sohool Exhibitione, Pio Niea, 8?rtnad-ta, or familj aer?FOR RE >T for day, ?Mk or mouth, op ?n rfMootbl* terma. je 90 JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa.av. notice! IMPSON HOUSE, Cori.?r Tenth atreet and Penu. avrnu*, on and a.'ter 'fct Jul); will be oloard until tat September. la the intern* it will be thorouut lv renovated. je? S WM. 8. SIMPSON, Proprietor^ U ARPER'SMAGAZ N E, 1 # CE> TS, 15oentv mX 15 oenia. I5eenta l&eanta, '5 ornta, 15 oenta, IS cents, I5e?i.ta?pajab!e in ad?anoe Ca 1 aad pay for An&nat nonJbtr. R. F Hibharu's wall-known CIRCASSIAN ^siMsr GEORGETOWN APTERTMT3 For ?tkn GttrgM?m? mdrrrturmtntt m? Jtrrt f?fi II f OEOWOKTOWW SCHOOL-TV* Annual iL? hxanrmmtion of tH? fTtrftl depwtoifui'? of the Georgetown tVhool will take plae* ia thf fo|loviiK order and time?"a.-h exarnination otam-nring at 3 o'clock p. id., in tl>? School-bouse. Montgomery ?t,: Junior KeiuaU Department. Tue?i?j, July S. *emor Mal?* Department. Tnurs<taT. July i Junior >lal* Itoaartnient. Friuy. July senior t wtrale Department Mo?li(, Jul* P Tii? Annuai Exhibition ami Dictibuti n "of Premium* will tak" rlace at Forrest Hall. Wedneadav, Joi* 11th. at 3 o'clock p. m. All interested in tb? can* of education are invited to be pr?*??n?. The Clergy of the town are especially request*! to attend. 30 2t JOHN T. BANGS. S?o> OnA FISH! FISH!! ?UU BARRELS Prime new EASTERN HER INO, 4b barrel* No. 1 L A R R AIH > R HERRING. 25half-bbla do. do. do. Now iandinc per bug E. Doaae. and for sale in lot* to suit customer* HARTLEY ft BRO., Jf 2-4t 99 and l?l Wa'er ?t.. Georgetown. I/ROM BOSTON -Tb- A 1 packet brif, K r Umne. has arrived and i? uow ditcharging her freight. "PpIt t<> dFT> HARTLEY * BROTHER*"* je30 2t 99andlWl Watn *t.. <ieor<t-toira. OFOR HAHtER** FERRY. N And alt*r July ?!. IMin, the steamer U J. Brencie, Captain \V. H. Hitter. will .11^" leave Oeorcetown KVERY tCES f Tm T DAY. THURSDAYS and SATl K DAY. at 7 o'clock a m., and return every alternate day,at6 o'clock a in. On the Satu'da* trip from Geor*et?wu the boat will ran thrcugh to ShepherdBtovn. Je 21 3m AMUSEMENTS. QDO FELLOWS' HALL. ONE MORE OOTDF.N SHOWER! EVERYBODY SATISFIED TUESDAY* EVENING. Jul* 3, Onr Mort Dttirtbui 10m of B'aut Jul f t'sintt' TWENTY-FIVE MAGNIFICENT (jIFr<* Will he?l\en to the patrons af the far famed Thiolon's Muimnof Art*. Amonjj the pi!ts areGoid Watcnes, Silver Watches, Silver-plated Servie*-. 5?ilver-plat-?d Cake and Card Baskets, Gold Brooches, G'jld Bracelet*. Bijouterie, Ac. All the above articles have been aurchased at Setakins* Jewelry S'.ore, Pa. avenue, where the presents may he seen, and tickets may also be had. Admission 25 cts. J 2 A FOURTH OF JUL*. GRAND COTIUUON PaRTV will ho at the POT-'M AC HOI SK on" the'Tii ol *W~ July At tlii* is on? ot tne inott l>cautifttl flK ami delightful placea in the <-if> t -p : i day an.! evening, I re?p*>cU?]ly p.vite m<HB fn?i d? arid the putiiic genera.ijr t<> give me a call. Excellent mueic all da*. JOHN W AKL. je 3' St* Potomac Vlouae. Sixth M UianJ. TH MUSIC. H EI ndersirned b?g* Vaveto inform hit frienda <ind ration* of Washington city. Georgetown 4g?t and A'^xandria. that he ha< jutt organized aUSJ CITIZEN"!*'B-\ND. and will engage to fur-*3* iu?h a-i* nuinbflf of i>trint and brat-* inntniment* which may be de* red for Partita. Kxevmuni, or Paader. Thia Band ha* ao connection what'*vrr with the Marine Band. Nit can be engaged for any lionr during the dav or meht Returning many thank* for for former patronage I bUil a?k it< kind continuance. j-29 3t* JOHN E?PUTA. f? PKEKCONOtl*! JRNST LOEKFLER, .Vew York artmmf, he1 t'fftm Iff and id ttrettf, wo?id re?pectf<Hly fcgf, itate to the ruhlie that A CONCERT o?4JBi SKLECT will be riwen *?Ter? MON DAV and IHIRSDAY EVENINGS dur ng tne *a?oa. at hi* Pavilion, commencing at 5 * 'clock atd ending at In p.m. Previou* to the tVneert, toe Saloon la open to thoae dMiring to while m? a few huura in the mazy danoe. ICE CREAM. WATKR ICES, and every deacriptioa of CONFECTIONERV alwaya ready at oitj prtoaa, fame* demrinr jhe Ga'de"? for Pie Nio par I puore. ate rr^ucfiwj w |i?p bu.v or IWU liUllOO. j* 18 3 m \f KRIDIAN HILL, 1 1 iMirurttorn of b^undnry 4* /-tmrtemtk 5?i. Having leaae<<l for a term of ye*' th'* beautiful and romant'o ap , I will op?n it for the A . , X Mcom"" dation of the puhuo on the ."31 day of June, 186". For beauty of Rcenery, lie. ig.tlul prmn? nvlea, Ac, it is una'uj j ant in thih vicinity. The h?iiM la nn'* c>nirro liou*, havlug two large dannrg room*, tv-eidea dmiiiK a id dr- a-ing rooms for rw>t>i lull a and c n tl?'ni-*n. In addi ion 1 b*ve erecied a large pavi ion for Pic Nic Partiea. Par'ie*. Families and Individual* wi 1 find it a mnii denrahte place to pasa tne auitry < arc of aumtner. pa*ticu a lr a* the atriot-st order ai.d de e 'mm wfl he enforced and every attention Will be ktt rantifd by the proprietor*. Th? I arder will t>e i ,.un" t contain all the delicacres of tne *e%*nn at all time*. The Bar w'l be furmah'd with the choioeat Liquor* and \Vin< s and the finest Segara. SociMiea, Sunday Sohoola, Cluba ai.d Ml itary will find thit the ino-t deairaMe reaort for spending a p.easant aad orderly ^av. iettStaw2m HhNRV WKI DKN. BOARDING" ^ MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri laoias, issued from the ?:>erk flioe of the Circuit Co?rt of th? i)i?lnot of Columbia, for tue count; of Washington, and t? ine directs. I will expose to public Kale, for each, in f ont of the court house door of sa.d county.on SATI'R "A > , theSSt day of July next. 188), at 13 o'clock m., tiie following property, to wits All d?fenu? i'? right, title, o ami, aud interest, in *?id to * c >r'ain buil ine erected on Lot No six (61 in Square No nine hundralmd forty niae ? JIS) a? laid down in the pistol the city of Washington, served and levied upon as the property of Abel Griggs. %nd w nM soid to satisfy juriicialg No 246, to October terra 1856 in favor of John Pardy. J. D. HOOVER. Late U. S Marshal for the Distriot oi Columbia, j e 38 dts D~ R~Y GOODS, DRY GOODS! Having purchased at reduce*! prioes the STOCK OF DRY GOt'DS in *tore No. 531 S< youth St.. formerly <-ccupi?d l?? H. L. Newton. Esq., I shall op<*n on Monday, July Sri, and oontiuue to sell the entire stock at private ?a e, consisting of FANCY SILK ROBES,PANCY DRhSS SILKS, BLACK SILK DRESS GOODS of all kinds. C LOT HS, C ASS1 %l h R F.S.F I.ANNE LS, KM BROIDERIES, HOSIERIES, Together with a large assortment of DOMESTIC GOODS. Call early and get bargains. i? ? m a wn ? ?j i ? ?' " ui miiiii. A ? SPECIAL NOTICE. iVI.Ii Persona indebted to me are reapACtfullt and earne?t!v requested to call and fettle their acoounta on or before the firtt of Uie coming month, so at to enable me to continue to pa; the caah for Fu'aiturewhich persons leaving the city, or otbara. may wish to dispose of. R. BUCHLY, D*m.ltr t'n Nnt and Second -hand Pumiturt, je 26-fit 43? Seventh, between G and H ata. CELLING OFF TO CLOSE BUSINESS*.? O JOHN R. MORGAN WOUM reapect-^^^ fully inform hia customers, aud the commit nity generally. that ha ha* ooncluded tor ? clo e hia busmesa, and in order to do ao as a un a< possible will i-ffer hia entire a lock of hia , i own make BuOTSand SHOES at coat for ejuh. I and hia other roods at almost any pric*. To t?M in want of reliable goods for wear, 1 would say, (TVI tne a call and you will not be disappointed. Aa i a>n about to oloae my businMa.all aooounta on my books will be rendered on or before the lat of JuIt. when I hone the* will be re*D.>n<i?d to aromot ly. {Hat I may meat with the'oUi*'aI tioaa due by ma. J. ? mOKG41\, No. 1#3 aoatk aide of Pa. a?' j? u bat 9U> aad jgU ata. Wood coal OFFICR 4?a Pa.. A?.,Bitw. 11th akd 13 m 9t*., North Mde. Mill aa I Wharf foot of Serentaaatli at, ma 11-tf Below V'i PepartiMut. | V|/ASU1N0T0N FEMALE 'NSTIiUTfc^f The k?xt Academic Ym will oommaao* on THURt*DA^ , tt?*Dt< inb-r 13th. fattita at ndiug to *01x1 tvir <lau<lit^ri are r <tue ted to <m f?r their name, m Jaly, aa those r?gi>terad at tLat Um* will he more oert&in to aoeara detka Circula< lukt fa. obtained at tb? Institute, N". *4^ G ?tr at- or br idd^iintMri. ELIZV W. SM TH, Princ^iX. Box TO'i Washington, 0.C. je ?- cm* ISPJ.HSC,-;; r . \ \|RS. ROB BINS HAVING TAKKN IHK L 1 Ur(*iadmmBoitiMM koaw on ihirfrtraet west, co ner of Missouri ?vmm, direct!* on.o<i'e the Cnpito! crenn Is,formorlj kn-wii athe Vernrn H"u*e. wh?rc she i* now Brrpnrtu! to a < orumoda'e KmiUuri]?*u with FtlRNIFHKO ROOMS, either with or without BOARL>< combined with r-ft.v coiuforta, Mich as gas, hath, Ac a h-aith) location, a beautiful pro.-pect, and a <ielifh'tul (iimm r re. iilenos, on immediate application. Tfrnn reasonable jy2?2w PERSONAL. Vl Al)AMK MttRKICE, Thf. (jrkat Astkolo1*1 GIST AKft !> juntfrofn Europe.?T*II hirhiy nft d and intelligent :ady cam be conanlUd on the Pact, Present ana Future Event*. Call at No. 205 Twenty -teootd street, t>etweer H and I, Washington. jeIt Ini* VALUABLE FAKM, STOCK- CKoKJt. IMPLEMENTS, Ac * r . FOR SALE OK EXCHANGE FOR I M^Rt ?VE1? C1T * rROf EKT\ ?The b?criber in oona* qn*r.c* of ni< in at>i ''y to girr 1p?r*ob?i" i ? ?'? bt? Fa m wh ? it requires, ofl?r? it, together with bis stork of b e brood Msres. Colta C?wi, Uu|i, growing orop?, implements, Ac. now >1 the prnniv*, either for esle or exchange for im?r?-ved ? it> property. The Farm eontan? one hand ed and *ix is located in Mnntmmi'i} Count*, Maryland, distant tan miles f on Wa?l<inct< n, the Brnokril e Turnpike, he best road leadi' g nut of Washington. It is deemed uno??-?ni-< to ent?-r into a minute description of the Firm, a* >t i* p esjmed no ou<* w< U 4 purchase without fir?t wg.ti'g tie premises. Any information wi 1. howev-r, oheerfuity be given upon arp'ioat on to \V I LI.IA M F, STUtiBS. 3'2'i K street, between 13th and 14th, Washington City. W. U. Wa'iaoh. Editor of the Star, knows the Farmwel! an<l will sooord full information eonc mini it to an* inquirer. je 28 eotf THE LATEST NEW* I TKLKQKAPHIO. | J?4|* i (Im ? rklla4*lpfel?. PiiLtMLmti, July I -AfW tb? Douglas ?1. flr*? ' nifH-n* ti?>ld !>er* I art n al t mn-iiM ufrmblif* proctfdfd to tb* (iir?t4 Hcrt, >?tf arrmadrd Mr Douglas He aid k* coo id ?rt frmla Tram araklku HaatiMa toHDMi M* profound gratlt idr for tbf ron.p 'm?nt Hf b*4 do political spear bes to make during tb? prad u can*-?* ll ?ow rnnatM fer thr proplr to 4rrlM on the great la?uea Praiiilvinia i-llfTft tM [ Ooogrraa can be i>eUrr e?n ployed In developing the great national reaaurees of the cmiatrv than la wasting tlrue In forcing slavery or anil ?a very upon the people A Enable .Kardrr la !lrw tark-Flrn. Nkw Yoti, July I ?Two men naatad J< hn \T . Matbrwa and Jotin Walton, war* nnrder?4 an Saturday by an unknown person Tbe au cni flouring Bill af Oeorge Turgot, tba lalrcac factor* of Menara Burrwi(kik Burlr, and tbe stable of J J Van Pelt, on Ktgbleentt. street, were burnt last nlgbt?Ions(Mi, lnaurad furtll.w* The building .No 4# Broadway, ar eupled by Frank * Hon. C. ?? ataoo *?? ?*eure?. dealers la tia^. cap*. ?*e , waaalao burnt, low 9SU.UWU; Insured. OrBKritlc lf|?lrla|*. U?VK?. June ?> ? Tbe Notional P?morr?rT of this city are Bring one hundred guns ft boaM of tbe nomination of Breckurldfr and Uar Many of tbe moat lull uenttal [trmornli cf tkt? c1tv and all tbe government oCiUil, join In th? celebration Tbe d'-mocatratlon la unexpectedly larte and enthualutlc. HrriiM. J i-ne JP ?Tba Dfrnorrtrv baid a arse and spirited meet nv last nltfbt, to ratify the nnin i natinn itf llnnnlM >i./1 InhnA/Mi Great IUra-rl>?tllM If*n Lt|klalaf. Births, June 30 ? The bouae of Jonathan tioodnou^b, at Brighton,was itrurk by llfMalnr la?t ntgbt. ' ?d be and bis aon were IhUed Hie wrifr v?n* also aerloualy Injured. A ierre gale }>rer*t 'rd here at the tln?e. witb terr?*e ?loleore, demolishing cbimneva. etr MmtmII boat* I* the harbor were Ufsrt. and it ia reported tha* ae? era I lUe* have been loat, but the autamaula lack confirmation I nrrai ?l a I Irrgymaa roTTuvtLi.K. 1'a . J uue 3u ?TUe leatal na of the RfV Jo?e| bV 0'K?*f?. putor of St Patnrke Cburrb. vara tifcen from bta r?a;denc# a?w? to ike train for Philadelphia thia morning for I nu-rment There were at lraat three tbouaand peraMia la tk? funeral proceaaioa. Tbe deceaaed waa eery naach beloved and respected by bia coo|(r(yati?i. aad bta dealb la much regretted by tbe roiiunuaity at Accident at >ew Htiei Ntw Hatch. J uaett ?A aad accident occurred at tbe < loae of tbe Collate r<KitU ta our babor thit afternoon Tw?> aall U?at? were i.jact by tb? bik'b wtud* From one of tbem a Mr* Sperfy, of Xeridfii, waa drowned Her body w?a aooa reovnred. Tbe boat contained nearly a doxea par ton a Han J. H Barrett at St. Laaia St Locis. June aw? Tbe Hoa J K Barrett waa enttiuaiaatirally received by tb? democracy lL>e irrry unain^ mil evening a nr|frr?wa ?'it in ttlradauic. tnd * cluif of W |[iim vu tired in honor of tbe vole In Conireaa tn favor of ti:s retaining the seat claimed by Mr bUlr Political IMtelligeace, New Oilkam, July I ?The friend* of Bell <ud Kv? rMt Id an enthusiastic bore 1 tat night, and appcinted drle^itM to tbe J*tate Convention at Fa'on Kni' It wu resolved that in rase of tbe abaence o?delegate* tbere Mbstitutes abould be appointed. Xkiae fclillcl Po?T txD, June J?.?The Democratic Ccm ?tion p ias'd strong resolutions Indorsing Dougiaa and non-lnt< rventton. After tb< lr adjournment, a 'a-?e Dong as ratification meet ng was held, ana laarews maae Thr Nf? Itmrn Hotlraad lUrk CUf New Volk, July 2.?Judtf<- lii^rsbam, of the Supreme Court of Connecticut, b ? decided that all the over :uued stock of the New Utftu railr.>ad la valid. Mew Tork IHarkru. Niw Yoti Julvi -Floor Is heavy; Statrf3 25a Ohio *j H5; Southern |: &>a6 ?>. NN bent ia hm vv; choice Weat-m wtite fiJO, Corn la very dull and easier Provioto^a are inn and quiet; dim* pork IImIV, prime fll SUa 12 H7 Lard la flrm at IVoKjfc. Wblsky ia held at vM )?. buyers oiler only 21c. Financial. Nr*v York. July i ?Storks are qolet, Chicago aud Kock Iaiand 70%, 111. Central abares 63, lk> ?l . . ?? iciij^aii ^ouiurrn ?*rw I I?1 Central blfcj ''a Coal Co. hi; Mil m4 M1h H, Mo 6'e ?1 . ex interest fI7"The SI Joseph (l.a ) G?z~tt* telU of mint 0/ *mk. found on tbe plantation of Mr. o Hunt, of jefferson county, Miss. It exist to tbe shape of s black, unctuous mineral, snd ttie Ga ipttr ?ays^'*ean be produced, wears told. In tbe i-qnid f.>rm at one c-nt per gallon, and in tbe form of printer's Ink at two cents per pound. Tbe mine Is inexhaustible." IH7"Tlie monument to Uaal Knamv the last of thane who form<d ibe body guard or IVsnhtneton during 'be Revolution, was inaugurated at New btir?h on the 18th Mr. Benson J Leasing was tbe orator of tbe ocoaslon. il r- A Utt^r frnni K #?v WmL Fli _ tft tb? 2tlt J <ine any* -The thrne cargoes of negroea arc get tin* filoog very w-ll: the reduced and attenuated bvd t-avdroptff. and up to this date 1*1) ba?? been buried." |[T The j?-welrv bua'B"* In Attlebore'. Frorldraos and Pawtucket. wblrb are headquarters of the manufacture. Is duller then for many years Several failures have occurred. 1X7" English paper* uy tbat arhet. tbe New stead A bbev estate was offered for aale tbe baa* bidding reached ?l'H .000, when tbe auctioneer announced tbat tbe rea?-rve bid waa ?19u,no. fr^TLe National Democratic Volunteers. ef New York, an important pol t1> ?< origan cation, have er.doracd the nomination of Breckinridge and l.nne.and will bold a ratiBcatlon meeting [X^ Ten veara ago Wiaoonain bad not a mile of railroad conipl. tfd within ber border* Mow nearly one tbouaand mi lei are Uareraed dalr by tbe cara. The eitirerta of Talbot count v. Md .intend holding an indignation meeting at St Mtchael'a on the ?tb Inat ,in relation to the location of oyater b?d warrant! in tbat action. ~CJ~ The Virginia dele-^atea bar* taaoed an addrraa to their co?at;t ient? explaining and jnatlfr ing their action at Baltimore (TT* Thr San Fran laco Bulletin baa been aoed for S40.IIUU damagea for calling a l*?Tyer Squire Dogberry. ICT'The New Yerk rity cenaua taken bare done tbeir work ao badly tbat U.?/ La re got to do It over again. UjTForty-three aharka were cangbt at on* haul In tbe net of tbe Field Krolbera. off Neck Beach, at Madiaoo, Conn , Monday. 25 tb ult |T/"Tbe Blue Sulphur Srlnga, In Greenbrier county. Va , bave l>een purchaatd for the aatai iiabment of a Baptiat College, at f 10.000. BDR. SCHFNCK K'if Leu re to tulo. m patient*?and Other* in Washington who ma* wi?h to oontMit him m r?ca >1 to Consumption and any oth-r l.ang. Liver or ttu>uia"h Di?th*t hit urniai we*?0 nut. on account of urgent an?ax?iB*ata eltewhara, will not takt pla.-* Haul Wrdaaada*. Jul* l'th. on which da? he will. at furtof^J. be at hi* rooms. (a few d??ors from ? H. Waite ? drag atura, coraar of Louittatia av and 7th st-) l>r. SCHKNCK d*>?ir*? to stata that hit adriM, a* haretolo--*. i* invariant Jjreeof chanre, bat for examining tha Ui* with hit fiatriaottaraB. hit cha (c ii fS.axeaM n eaten of portont unable to pa*. Allot l?r. Senenck't Madieina* are for Mkla atSA.M'L B. Wlira's Drug aad Prescrtptioa Stors, at atiore stated. . {* tl *?<t L SEWING MACHINES. A DIES Art rtaatatad to o*ii ?i tW mm man, Mrt. J iRVlSH TalMMiNG hlUKK, l?i B-idce ttre?t, Georgetown, and examla* tht b?*t famitV HEWING MACHINES is aat. tU > Ladd, Webstar k C o "t Inp'oved Tight-St.toh Machine, and Harris's Boadon towing Maehiat. Prioa>?to fT*. taft-eali pUBLIC BATHS. HENRY BCHABFER. Bain m Haia Dimib, i ' ' a??r MteMi, iw. c?(| Ojkl ilyfrtOMlf. flttod up in connexion with ku **>> iai,tim > MOTtUMit ko .'o'inh uiuiuni (or tfordiu to h * rartoroeri and th? puUk th* iu?t of C?)LD ?r WARM BA.TH8 tt it; tint) 4?ruw b?ain*?* I koura. Hi* ckargM will be ninfrfto tw?tr ir> . oenuforft uu>t hfttk. or five faatm for ft?oIW ! wiw ticketo for that uurafror *r? parrit**?<l m><' MMRCBIMM. Mr. ftehiefer tu?a thu opportunity to iifona kia outtome i \iuu thla o?Kahla adfltiioa to huNUb m -r,; will In ao liaaer lat-fff witk kia r?f 1 v.r b?UM Ob Um oouliv; fca kopa ? t add to k?* pr??*r.t facilities lor intiirinc pco?ipt a'tentioa to kn ?umero<a? patroa* m tk* Um* of 8HAVlNfi?fM HAII 1>EK"SI\0. Aad t < (V* vlK> patio is* mm ta tk? ? n'yMw^TnminiBttMroviortimrcihitt H > h*ir,>?B?*a to aay that ke kM p onflwl Hk IM" baty?a??MQMn? ?, i? karmi f tt*H up a a"-*JI I ICX4M aai ?f prvpriat-C It asa.BHTrlj to (Mil SBa. ' JMLiZ __ ? ' W O O D! Tf WOODS WOODS fTOVB and KINDLINO WOOD,tHk?tow?? r. I. * w.?. <our. m <l$* ^ " > "*"" " *

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