Newspaper of Evening Star, July 2, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 2, 1860 Page 4
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Y _ THE EVENING STAR. All rom tk* Uxios ?Whatever diversity of Opinion there may be among the fonr Presidential candidates aa to slavery and tbe power of Congress over It, they are all united on one point? ?very one Is in favor of the Union. The accepting speeches and letters of each of the candidates Drove each man to be verv sound on this question. .Mi^ Breckinridge aavs 'we intend to strengthen ana lengthen tbe Union '' Mr. Douglas says "the vi**b must be preserved.''and through the Douglas party Mr Lincoln savs he will "co-operite for the succees of principles declared by the Convention?tb". .nviolabillty of the Constitution and perpetual Union" Mr Bell says bis efforts wlU be "directed to tbe promotion of all the great objects for which the Governnnent was Inttltuted, nut m?, r osrw^it IT.. v rung yei ror ettner or them to aestroy, If they vrer? so disposed ?Ledger. iE7""rhe mean# in use by the degraded King of Naples for torturing suspected person* among b s Jbjecta, m described by the London Timet, are moat revolting One person, for merely carrying a letter in cipher, waa placed in a sack and kept beneath the water until he bad lost consciousness three times. The thumb-screw was used to extort confessions, aad also an instrumeat called the tourniquet, which was applied to the head, which makes the eyes start forth and almost drop. Pont llo, a Lieutenant of Manlarsler, invented an arm chair, in whichfthe victim is seated on a sort of gridtron. under which is a pan of c<al Another was to tie the bead of the victim between his legs, and leave him la that position until be confessed Another instrument was tlie slbini, or ' ingelic instrument." in which by turning a screw, the limbs of a victim are crushed. On one occasion a man was suspended in the air, bis arms being tied to one wall and bis legs to another and in that position an otficerof the police Jumped upon him and beat him. \lJ~ II Fischieto, the Punch of Turin, has a cut which indicates the tone of feelling in that quarter, and the hopes of the Italians. It represents the King of Naples with a very badle,j?' Sicily;" he ha* called in the doctors, who are the four principal p< wers that signed the treaty in 1815. Bombi makes a rueful face and exclaims -'well, 1 know the lwr must be ?mnnt?t?<t i .f- .. ? ?/? I II UOl the body may Be saved;" at which a learned doctor, with a tremendous shirt frill?Lord John Russell, one of the four?shakes his head and remarks, "Impossible1 the msladv is too deeply seated, and pervades the whole frame " |?7"lt is reported from Boston thit the ship Xttty Simson. of New York, from Macao for Havana, with 3o0 coolies on board, put into Table Bay, Cape Town, May 3d, for water and refreshments March 3, the coolies attempted to take the ship, but were driven below, one beinj; shot dead and several wsunded. The ringleaders of the outbreak subsequently received fifty to one hundred lashes, and were secured in irons. irr Mr R F McGinty, the Sheriff of Jefferson county, Miss . was robbed of SlO.Uft) in Virks. ougn, on the 11th, while^ In a room at the Washington Hotel A* soon as he had dscovertd bis loss be attempted to commit suicide t>y taking la u dan am, but friends interfered, and prevented the accomplishment of his design. \Vr Mrs. Rachel T Medkerk. a teacher in a district school in Cincinnati, has been presented by the citizens with a gold hunting watch and chain, valued at Slii5, and the freedom of twenty railroad lines, as a reward for her bravery in preventing the children under her care from rusLing Into the street during tbe terrible tornado whkh swept over the city tome weeks ago. Cacsb and KrrtcT.?The New York Express says : '-The effects of the Sicilian insurrection are beginning to tell In the market Brimstone, simac, oranges and lemons and other Sicilian and Neapolitan produce have risen from live to twenty per cent since the first landing of Garibaldi, There is as vet no prospect of a turn in the market in favor of buyers." \rr An excellent opportunity to purchase diamonds may be found Dy visiting Constantinople; it Is stated in a letter from that city that owinu to ?K- <11-* .-o uimna woicu dow prevails, a general sate of these stones is making by Turkish families, and that the consequ<yice is a depreciation of 10 per cent, in the genu. Jj" When a friend once told Plato what scatious stories his enemies had propagated concerning him?"1 will live so, replied the philosopher, "that nobody shall believe them '' \jj- A I Richardson, of Old Town. Me., was intiantly4nlled, and Benjamin Whipple fatally Injured.' by a premature explosion of a cannon at a Douglas jubilee. iT^'-Porttr," asked an old lady of an Irish railway porter, --when does the nine o'clock train leave' "Sixty minutes post eight, mum." was Mike s reply. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL.?J Dawson, Miss; L Wh> ting, Md; W baines, Ark; R M Ki patricn, La; J Partridge, NY; C H Bassett.Ct; II Ha l and la?iy, "J enajA *J Bringhurst, La.; H Lt>e, Pa; W fhrlai, A ?, R Wharton,Tenu; StG l'nok*r, Vs; M Brinr iu. La, W MoLeod ana ly, SC; A R Uoteier, Vs; T Nio?7, La; Gen T N Wan' and 1? T-? i i . ? - i m i?| Whitney, Md; Miss A Steinburger, Miss Stein barger, Miss M Hamilton, L Caperton and dangh tar, Miss S Chapman. Mm H Kcnold, Vo; Mux L Gernam, S Bucker and ly, Pa; C Kpping, tia; T W >Yalker, NY;J Jenkin, L4k; \V Garrett, CA; T B J'? rnett. Del; L R Stone, C Oakfor t au<1 It, La; 7. Offutt, Va; P Patton, NY; K Nichols and ly, Tex; Mrt Lu*h. La; E Jones, Mis?; Mrs Dennon and ohild.Ala; G Williams, Ind; RS Saunders and ly, Ala; E Fish, J Merrill, Ark. NATIONAL HOTEL.?C Mudell, B WiliiaTU, B Was', t) *; rt Beales. T Wilson and son, R McFeeters.J Parmies, J Coleman. B Carpenter, F J ?i?bo't. B Burn, N Y; N Potter. 3 VViuppia, Rl; C Beasten, L>tl; J Brunett, Miss Payne, 3 Sha!!orosa, A Young, Pa; O Durant, R Magrsw, Mrs lJronogvull. L Whiteley, T L.avsil'n and fy, Miss Smith- H Freoah and ly, M !; J Kurr, B Annis, Mr TVylor, I.a, Miss Rodes, J Rodes,*} Light, JCo:? ?Ian and ly, Va; J Aid's, J Read, J Huavon. Ma?s Chaster aud ly. S Twslors and ly, J Watkins and t.Ala; W Haz-n.Tenn; S Williams, China; TO' Sullivan, W Glover, C Tyler, DC; W F Haus a. d ly, NC; E Caibouo, SC; W Barnes and ly, T Wal tar. A Huli, C Reese. Ga: KIRK WOOD HOLSE.-J Frampton ank ly. N Y; B Norman. J Faatlierton. Mu>: ? m?? ?- " n&ii&ner and brother, Va; C Wall. La; \V flay J Joh'.ston, NY;S Arnold, RI; O Hopkins, NY; K G Mmou, RI; C J Pennington, Md; H Woodley, NY; D C Gordon, Miss. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS From the United States. Sttamert. Leave. for. Days. Niuars Boston. Liverpool J une27 C asaington. New V'ork Liverpool. ...June 30 llinois New York ..Havr* June#) Hammonia -New York .Hamburg.... J my 1 Asia ?New York...Liverpool Jul/ 4 New York..?.New York...Kremeu July 7 Kangaroo New York ..Liverpool July 7 Earopa..__ ? .-.Boston.Liverpool J my 11 tdriatio New York...Havre July 14 Mitoma .. ?- .Now York..,Hambnrr, .July 16 er<ia .New York.. .Liverpool ...J?l* II fctua.. New York...Liverpool ..July 19 Gt/iden F'imm.. New York... Ga way July 1? F"if"n N?w York- Havre. July 21 Arabia Boston Liverpool July 25 VauUerbilt.?-.. .New York-. Havre .......July J From Europe Ad'ifttio. ...... South'pton .New York.. June20 A < o nainn. ?Liverpool Port ami June20 6. U*n BUm* '-'I " new > Uf K...J I1M 23 Pereia.^.? ...? .Liverpool New York. ..JaneSB Etna . .Liverpool New York . June 26 F niton South pton.. .New York.. .June ?T Paieetine Liverpool ...Quebec June27 Arabia Liverpool... .tfoaton June 30 ?rwu ?.. South'ptou? New Vork.. Jtly 4 artria South'pton .New Yor*...July 4 Jura Liverpool....New York...July 10 Til* Havana mail steamer* leave New York on the 3d. !2th, nth, and ?7th of eaoh month, and Charleston ou the 4th and 19th. The California mail ?r?*? ???*? leave New York on 5th and fcth of month. ROY4L HAVANA mTTifiv ? na meat Drawing of the Royal H?T*ni, L?t Wj, eoodnoted by the Spanish Government, modei tne npermsioo o( the Captain ?eceral of to >& will tu? ptaoa at Havana on TUESDAY, Jm 17, 1K0. MORTSO y UMEHO 6K ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZK fI00,00?. 1 eriM of tlOMOOl SO prises ot fl.'** 1 do so^W'l m do ... ano 1 do ao.irtl iss do ?w 1 do ?M*? auapprox. t,30r i do IB ALL PRIZKS. W hole Tickets. 9'JO? Ht!m, 110? Quarters, ?1. Pritsa oMhed aI si?ht at ft per oeot. discount. Bills vu all solvent Bulla taken at par. A >lr?wiD( wili he forwarded a* soon u the reaalt beoom?e Uovn. An order*for schemes or tiokets to be addreued to DON RODRIGUEZ, lean u ^arwof City Poet. Charleston. 8. C. B""I7HN;8 LIBRARY SERIES, INCLUDING the H'aa jard, <%* !".?]. Antiqaariaa. lilastrat?d, t?oi?; tifco. PhiMogiral, Ecclesiastical and Bnt>?b 'lassie Lih'arie^ A. ~0 *"* " "wnflarcl W.Kki a^aratelj printed ao<J at l-W prieee New ?.,rk? ae added to the e-wir. ?T?rT mo-tb Any ?o .me ma* be ha-1 ?> ar*t I , aa1 back To'nm-? can JSjfc. ?UppHe?L Tb- uompl-u **rl*rkBf lpVnd by Metropolitan 33* Pa ir., W. 9th *i3rith j?y S*?laagetiU for i ^ PK.RFKCT, NEW. ROSKWQop 91 # eaee. iro .-fram*, beaotifal tone PI ami) offered for #ti3, fo. a few ?ay?, at JOHN F. Eu LlW, SN Pa. ar PlAMJ- FOR 'NT, from half a dollar to Pir nooth. Aim, great bargain* in JJeoond-band WWH jen |~?HJCKfcJUNG k SONS' SUPERB PIANOS, l?*jtOT "^JoIlN r. CLUB'S. IN Pa. a?. w U11J 1U| IUC lUaiUK-UOU^C VI VU5 Constitution and the L'nion ngainst all Impairing iufluencet and tendencies.'' Here are four dl?t!ngulshed ^, repr^'ntin^ fnry ?hade of political opinion In the country, all tealou?ly devoted to the preservation of the l'nion. Under these assurance* the people mini f?el perfectly aay in their mlnda in retard to the future of the eountry, 1*0 matter how the election ma* turn. The fact that they all defer to the Union ??ntiment ?f the country proves that the Union Is a little too MISCELLANEOUS. CANAL BARROWS! BARR0W8;; 8TOR K TRUCKS. PLATFORM TRl'CKS, HAND CARTS, COUNTER and PLATFORM SCALES, AXES and HATCHETS, WOO" HORSES and SAWS. KNIFE CLEANERS, CUR R Y COMBS and CARDS, HAMES. TRACES, Ao . Ac. At 25 ret cnt. less th^n tke u^ttnl prtces . J. P. BARTHOLOW. SUGAR MILLS! SUGAR MILLS!! For Grinding Sugar, . At Factor* Prices. . ? i. P. BARTHOLOW, j? lfi-eogw Seventh at., near Canal Bridge. JUfi INTERIOR ** <q/> 4;OD DECORATIONS. 4oO ^7>DOW SHADES or PAPERHANGINGS will find at So. 4S6 Sev^nti ?t, a good assortment of GOLD-BAND WINDOW SHADES, GOLD and COMMON PAPERS, FIREBOARD PRINTS. PICTI'RE CORI)an<i TASSELS, SHADE HOLLAND*, * ., winch will lie sold to cash or punctual customers at reduced prices. A few remnants of low-priced Glazed Papers, each sufficient to paper an ordinary room, which will be told a fourth less than the usual price. Thankful for continued confidence and patronac*, those indebted will have their accounts render^pri or *o July let. A prompt settlement will confer an additional favor. J. M * RKRITER. No. 4?6 Seventh street, je23 lw* 8 door* al>ove Odd Fellows' Hall. yy HAT IS SODA WATER? Simply Pare Water impregnated with Carbonic Acid Gas. The Soda Water is known by its agreeable. punKent taste, by its slightly exhilarating qualities, and by its bubbling and scintillation. - ---- j. ?.?r? wi v ?-v? lauifcij ? aim m vcn.? m a iuw temperature. It should leave no unpleasaut taste, and should be entirety im ocuous. The public are requasted to call and judge for themselves J. wiley 4 co., DRUGGISTS A*D CHEMISTS. No. 500 Pcnnsylvana Avenue, je 1-eolm* St. Charles Hotel. PRiMfc. COS 1'.?Organdie, Jaoonet, Berege, Grenadine, and Silk Robes, from two to nine fl^uncs, a: first oost. from this day forward offer our entire stook of the above good ? at coat; no more will be a^kfd for any ofthem. We have goi e through our Dress Roods and marked down most of this Kind of goods; and we respectfully solicit all in want of not Dress Hoods, *t very iow prices, to an examination of our stock. j*?7-eo?t Taylor & hutchison. 275 ALLEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, P***A. AVKStTK, Between loth and 11th streets. jej9_ a v a i.f 1ht a v d l' tb l' . 'p _ ? ...uvw a 4?i? I? U i 1% U n I , /a. On An*iostan Island, Opposite Georgetown and Washington The subscribers havi.ig leased for a ?erm of years thia beautiful and romantic spot, opeifU A . . A it for the accommodation of the punlio on YlvTffc the31 st day of May, 18H0. For beauty scenery, de11khtfu 1 promenades, fishing, to , i#sidesi.s auperior is un*urpa6sed in the Union. The House is largeand commodious, having tx>en entirely renovated It has a large Dancing Saloon attached to the house, bes.dett Pining an 1 Dressing Rouma for both ladies and gentlemen la addition splendid Arbors detac ed from the build nts. Parties, Families and Individuals will find it a roost desitable p'aoe to pass the sultry days of sum mer, as every attention will be guarantied by tiie proprietors. The itrictest police arrangements II l.?i -1 = " * ... ?v vuivi vwuf ouu |?*?i? bl 41 UIBOUHMOmS Will 00 prohibited The Larder will be found to oont&in &li the da;icacies ot the season at all times. The par will be furnished with the choicsst Liquor* and ** in?s and the fm-'st f*agar?. S ?cietieg, tMinday Schools, Clubs a-.d Military Companies will find this the most desirable resort near the metropolis for spending a p.oasant and or de'JydaT. lO'Cbi'dren unaccompanied by their parents or guardians will tie excluded from the grounis. Gunning and dogs prohibited. 117" Boats will leave trie loot of High street, Georgetown, and G street, Washington, hourly, from 8 o olook a. m. ti 112 p. m , daily Persons preferring a pieasant wa k can reach the Island via the Aqueduct. We solicit the publio to judge for themselves, and feel assured oi giving satisfaction. je 9 eotf JACOB W. POWER* ft CO. (V\RD S*PKCIAI>.?Those of our customors and J friends who have bills with in are >espectfuliy notified t rut they are all made off, and if any prefer not t;i have them sent in they will piea&e call at our ?1? .i...: *' ' um uuitui mo present ween ana sot th?m. a* after that time we shall render every account ou our bo<ks,&:d we earnesfy request an early nettle mer.t of the Mine aa *oon as possible. Proupt pay m*nts alone will enable us to serve our patron* upon the beat terms. J. W. COLLKY A COje 21^'"t 523 Seventh >t . above Pa. av. tjiRENCH LACK MANTLES AND POINTS Para'ols, aJun Slivi?*, an<l (Sua Umbrellas, Thread, Valencine?,Swi*?and Cairbric Edging*, Honiton. Guypu e, and Frenoh worked Collars, Linen.a Cambric, Swiss and ThravJ S*ts, Colored Taritpi *, t'wi**, Cambrio. Jaoonett, Mull, i\ansoi k and Plai<1 Nansook Munlins, H"i-er\, Glov ?s, Uauatle'U, iilaok ?ilk Mitta.fce. Ffrsale low b? j?27 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. SELLING OFF, SELLING OFF. BLACK LACE MANTIA'.AS, BLACK LACE SHAWLS, BLACK LACE POINTS, PLAIN BLACK *ILK MANTILLAS. All at greatly reduced prioe* in order to reduoe oar large stock. ITT ^adies may expect bargain* if they will call e*rTV, as we have determined to *ell off our whole stock this season. ^ . j. w . i/UUL<r.) ft tju.i ?e 2fi 5t No. Sti.T Seventh *t . above P*. *v NEW STYLES OF RICH JEWELRY -H.O. HOOD hu just opened a larr stuck, which he will "!l>r at very tow rate* Therefore those that are wishinr to carry home anything in hia line m present*, will do well to call and examine hie took at .138 Pa. avenue. je 22 IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DUR!UiE& CO.'S SELECT BFICES. Goaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat (round from fresh dpioes, seUctod and oloaued by us expressly for the purpose without referenoe to ooat. They are be&uiifkilly packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are fell weight, while the ordinary ground Spioes are almost invariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength and richness of fla.vor. BEYOND Af-L COMPARISON, u & ainale trial Will abundantly prove. Manufactured only t>j E. R. DURKEE * CO., fa 1M Pearl st.. N'tw York. NfcW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINE. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Alexandria and Waahinaton for New Yorlt EVERY WEDNESDAY, at o'olock p. m., and New York for Waah--^^^^^ ington every Saturday, at 3 o'olock p. m. Paaaengera oan join the ahip at Alexandria at any tine before the hour of the ateamer'a departure. N. B.?In the event of the ateamera inability to oroaa the bar in oonaequenoe of low water, all gooda will be promptly lightered to and from the ateamer by the anderaigned. For freight or passage apply to MORGAN i RHINEHART, oc t?-H.MATtr Wwntorn Whurvea. DAILY MTAGE LINK BETWEEN WASHINGTON CITY AND AR IJNGTON Mlf.l.S ?riHWi * with th? Loudoun ami IIampshirejE5SV^if^ Railroad, leave Washinnton at a% o'clock a. m. Fare 5" cents. Maee office at .Ma tin's Franklin Hotel, corner of Eighth an<1 U ?ts. jeS-lnt* JOH\ H. KKLCHNER. Prop'f. R NOTICE! KGULAR STEAM PACKET LINK BETVVKKN BALTiJViORE AND JT* WASHINGTON.-Leave Commeree at. wharf, Baltimore, as fol.Wacmxamam Diamond Stat*, every WEDNESDAY, at 6 p. m. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at6 p. m. lyeavo K iley'# Wfaar^at the foot of Uth street Washing^ n, as follow*: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at 6. Diamojcd Statk, every FRI DA Y, aboutl2 m. For freight, &o.. appW to THOS. W. RILEY, A*ent, ivuoj yy the Toot of m 16-TA Tfiin Uth st . Washington W^m GAS FIXTUR E S . E Havs in stors, and are .lady receiving, 0AS FIXTURKSnTentirely New Pattern* and Deaigna an<l Finish, no per lor in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite oitixena general It to call aud examine our atook of Gas and Water Fixturea, feeling confident that we have the beat selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to our care will be promptly attended to. MYERS A McGHAN. mar 5-tf 37? D street. A YELLOW PINE LUMBER. /*LL Descriptions of the above Lumber, foi building purposes, embraointSOL' A R E, HEWN TIMBER. 3EAY9. JOIST. PLANK. WIDF BOARDS .and FLOORING (dresaed or undressed) niDished dtreot from the southern mills b* JOY A METCALP, TO Smith's Wharf 4?t Stt> norn*r Pratt St.. Rattlmore. Md f^ESE ARCHES, TRAVELS AND MISSION" ?? I?ry i trtor unnng an ?y?ar*' racidar 00 in Eiaft^rn Africa to ,by R?t Dr. J. L?wU Krapt with an Appendix reepectini the Mncw Cuppjd Mountains of Eaotarn Africa, the Sontcea of the Nile, tin La>cu&?e and Literature of AbTftmia and Eaatern Afr.oa, 4o , by E. J. RireuFtein, K R O.8.. 1 toI OiOts; prioe ft I 35 Pai 11 Tom Brown at Oxford: frioe 12 jnt"For ?ale by BUNCHARD * MOHUN, lew Pa. %y and Eleventh atroat. A L K'XX ALE AND XXX ALB!! KRY. Thia Ale is mad* from malt and hoaa only. a;,d oannot fail to jive entire aati*faot:on la eon ?um'r?. 0 COLINEAU, Proprietor of the '? l-1? WmM, Rmrtn mmar V r>rl9Tth SO. HOOD haa now on hand a vary larre "took of ftna atandard SILVER WARE, s^jffSsw i TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. SSMIHH Chansk or ifouxs. ON AND AFTKR WKDNfc8DAY, JuneWth, 1S6<>, train* will ran aefollove: Leave Waahiagton at 6 30 and 7.<n a. m. Leave Washing ton at SJO and 5 JO p. m. On Monday at 3 30 p. m. T .mv? Hft'timnrA At 1 9^ inH fi if) a **? Leave Baitimore at 3.15 and 4.3ft p. in. On bandar at 4 25 a. m. PasMagen for the Ea?t will take train* at 6J0 and 7.4i> a. m and 3 30 p m. For the Went at 7.4" a. in. and S.? p. rn. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m and 320 p. in. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. in. On Saturday evening the3.20 p. m. train i?m to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS*. Agent. NEW ORLEAN9 IN TBRBll DA.YB WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, VIA Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO r.VMOH RI'RR Virginia and Tennessee. East 'Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashmlle and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTS" ROUTE: Memphis by Rvl.thenoe br First olass Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery bj Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Piratolast Packets. Mohile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRA1N8?Sukdats Iwclcdbp, Leave Washington at 6 a m and 6 p m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whart foot 01 seventh street at 6* a. m. and 6* p. m. and connects at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwest, Ofliofr?Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth it. BAG0AGE CHECKED THROUGH TO NBW 0RLKAH1. Lynciibur*?_....39 50 Memphia #31 00 BrietoL.? ?150> Atlanta. .2R oo Knoxville ? .-.-.5O0U Macon.. 28 00 Chattanooga 24 tw> Columbus 31 50 Daiton _. 24 oo Montgomery .3S 00 Hunteville .27 oo ) via Memphia.42 50 Grand J unction.__9>oo N.O.> viatt. Jnno 42 50 Nashville ?? 25 501 N via Mobile .46 oo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 800 MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Mae?the Lynehbnr* Extension being now completed, as also the Mississippi central making it tne QUICK EST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It ia provided with Firat o'aaa Sleeping Cara! !To New Orleans ? ..78 Hour*. Memphia .54 do* Montgomery ?....-....53 do. Nashville ?..46 do. C7*The U. 8 MAIl/and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickcts can be obtained at the South Western Office, comer of Siith street and Pennsylvania avenue, to tho following points: LjnoMiurg, Bn?tol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chatfanoora. Hantsville, Grand Junction, Macon, Naahvilie, Dalton, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. ITT" THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Omnibuses and iiaggage Wagons leave the office at 6 a m. and 6 p. in. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket Agent, _ina 23-tr Corner Sixth st.and Pa. ?t. The steamf.r jas. guy will rerume her trips on tuesday, 21st of >1 ' . February. 1m60. Will leave wasii INOTON evert tuesday and**?"* friday, at 6 o'clock a.m..and a r.kxandr ia at half-past 6 o'clock, for Ct'rrlom AN and the intermediate Landings. On her return trips, she will l-ave C! rrioman every wednesday and saturday, at 5 o'clock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOU8H. A?'t, Alexandria. fejjo PFOR NEW YORK. ASSAGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. ?7.60. The New York and Virginia ?crew t*teams hi f r.nmmnt'i now itnH nUrant itMinaiii* a r. * > MODNT VERNON, Capt.T.C. Smith, will leave the Company's Depot, Wes tern Wharves,atll'o'oiocka. w.every WEDNESDAY', and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3o'clock p. m. same daj. Passengers from Washington and 6eorgetowi oan take the coaches oonnecting with Alexandria st*amt>oat? or railroad, which leave the corner ol 7th st/eet and Pa, irense hourly, or they oan leava on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 'dock a. m. State rooms oan be encased on application U .Messrs. Morean & Rhinehart. Western Wharves Freight will be received up to the hours of cepar tore. IE7" Insnranoe will be effected on all goods bj thisline at the oMoe of the Company at K per oeni premium. The aocommodationa for paaaengera by thia lint are in every respect firat-c aas, and every effort wil be made to render thia communication with New York An agreeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE * CO., Agents, Alexandria. u u ronuu/LM r ft- nn ** v/ifcvm uuu w- v\/.| el-ly WMtit.oornerAlbany.NewYork. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D.. the inventor and patents* of the MINERAL PLATK TEETH, all tends personally at hie offioe in this city. HaBlBf Many persons oan wear these teeth who**"-"-' cannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who cannot wear these. Porsons oallinjatmy offioe oan be aooommodated with any style and pnoe of Teeth they ma; desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33C Pa. arenne, hetwoea 9th and 10th sU. Also, 90T Aroh street, Philadel phis. oc I-It l"l_ .DENTISTRY. i^k. H1L.L.S, after a practical te?t of two yeri, feele that he can with confidence rwmn-^j^ mend the Cheop!a?tio Prooets for insertinKmflMf artificial teeth It ban the advantages or** itrength, beauty, oleaulinew, and oheapneM. Fa! noser ?et? inserted for 096. Partial in proportion. OAoe 306 Pa. arenas. ?* [jiEEHAN ? SIMPSOK'5 imacnolimmagnoliA .\wmSKK\A>VlHSKEV/: Wo offer for utile the above standard brand of fine Cupper Distilled Maltm* Kje Whisky, m bar rels ana Lalf-harreis A* it is of our own distills tion.and highly improved by age, we ooufriei.tly recommend it as the fcei'i and best Whisky that oan possibly he distilled. We also offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest st ick of Fine Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN ft SIMPSON, Phflenix Distillery, on the Schuylkill river, Phila. Offloes? 96 Wall street. New York : and 109 So itli Front street. Philadelphia. mar 29-ly J^O O K Ol' T "Foil PAINTNo. 412 SEVENTH STREET, Four Doors South of Odd Ftllow*' Hall. H. W. HAVIIITOM ku ?!?? SHOP and FAINT STORE on tile New York plan, where can alwajs be found PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, BRUSHES, *c? Ac.,at wholesale and reUl1' MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE, And Bdcrkts with Brushes to Loah ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to House, Sign, Ornamental Painting and Graining. Stained and Enamelled Itlass of all kinds alwavs on hand, or fiirniMhed at ahort notioa. He warrants satisfaction in a'l wo k entrusted to his care, and is con fid-nt that he can do work as chran, if not cheaper, than anv other establishment in this city. Give him a call, lion't forget the number?it is 614 Seventh street. ma 10-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. mrmj JtkJUl 1*U H/ll UARKIAUn I" At) J I K Y? D Strut, between 9th and 10tk Strict*. We have juat finished a number of fr?t olui CARRIAGES, ?uoh aa Litkt Fane*. ?,C3 Vafon*, P*rfc Pkentons. Family C*r-YgE9U9i riates, ami Bur net, which we will sell atJK-~-. ? . a ver small profit. Beinc prn.ct.caJ nioohanioa in different branches of the bnaineaa, we flatter ourtel vea that we know the aty lee and quail'/of work that wji| five satiafaction, aombimnc lishtaeaa, oomfort and dnrabiiiTHeparin* promptly and oar efally Attended to at tbe ahorteer n< tio* and moat reasonable oharcea. WALTER, KARMANN it BOPP, OoachMakera, aaoceaaora to Wu. T. Hook. ap 27-dty CBICKERING * SONS' WOU D WIDE fame PIANOS, for sale only %* JOHN P. EL LI"'S, *0? Pa. avenue. between 9th and 10th ?U Alao, Pian<>a for hire by the da;, week, or month, upon eaay terms.. Great hanaina ia aeooad hand Pianoi. jag p MEDICINES. W PURIFY THE BLOOD. (TH Cornpt, dis<>rde red or vitiatrd blood, roe matt be siok Ail over. It m; bant ont m pimples or aoree, or in aome act ire diMue, or it Mr mere1? keep yon li atlas*, depressed and good for nothing. Bat yon cannot have good health while roar blood is impure. AVER'S S *RSa pak lLLA purges int these ropnritiee ai d stimulates the organs of life irto vigorous action, restoring the health aud expo1 liny duiaea. Hence it rapidly oaree a variety ot ooiuplainti which are caused by imparity of tte blood; iu h aa Soruful* (or Kiags k.?ii,) To mors, t leers. Soree, Eruptions, Pimples, Blothea. Biles. 8t Anthony's Fire, Roee or Erysipelas. Tatter or Salt Kheum, Soaiu Head. Ringworm, Canoer or Cancerous Tnmora, Sore Eyes. Female Disease*, apoh as Retention, Irregularity, Suppression, hitss Sterility, Syphilis or Venereal Diseases, fe'JSI Complaint and Heart Diaeaaes. Try AVER S SAK?A Pa R1 LLA , and se? for yonrse f the surprising activity with which it cleanses the biood and cures the disorders. AVER'S CHERRY PECTORALiaeoanirer sally known to snrpaaa every other remedy for tne oure of Coughs, Colds, Influensa, Hoarseness, C oup. Bronchitis, Incipient Consumption, and for inv rvuei 01 uonauinpu** rUMU In atl vvnoed itHM of the die. as*, that it la uaeleea here to re count the evidence of its virtue. The world knowa them. AVER'S CATHARTIC PILLS-for Coetiveneea, i>yapep-ia. Indigeetion. Dyaesterj, Foul Stomaou. Jaundioe. Headaohe, Heartburn, Pile?. K heuruatism, Dropey, Watmi. and in ahort for all the purpose* of a purgative medioine Prepared by J. C. AVtR A CO., Lowell. Mass , and aold bj all Druggiats everywhere, je 21 -eolm TCT? C^a -A. "A". m HrmWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For ail Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY CELEBRATED Th* Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through all oaaea where Opium waa ever uaed to that of l>?liriajn Tremens, ami the oommon chief oauae of LOt*8 OF 8LF.KP. The Tolu Anodyne, though oontaininjc not a partioieof Opium, produoea ail the requuementa of, and may t># used ir all oases wherever Opium waa aed without pro'aciug anything hut Cures, and 1V1VII1K mr pain-ui in n prnronj wiomi are. The Universal Couch Rcm?dy, (treed from all the oommon obieotion of cough Remedies, which rodaoe nausea or prostration,) may he considered th> oommon enemy to til Tliroat and Lung Cnmplainta. and used with perfect impunity Asking all tn court from proprietor* or friends the mort severe investigation of both Remedies, and readme of onr punphiets to be lound with all dealers, aid more particularly to purohase only of thoaa who can be depended upon, we wait in oocfidenoe tha decisions of Patients and Phyaioiana. "Pxioea within reach of a 1 " GENERAL AOXRTS. J. W. Hbisewkll & Co., 7 and 8. Commercial VVharf, BostoD, Uko. HcxmwklLi 145 Water St., New York, 1;n<ler tha specal supervision of JOHN L. HUNN E\TELL, Chemist and Pharmaceutic. Boston, Mats., whose signature oovera the oo ks of the genuine only, and to whom addreaa all communications. SHoid by all respectable dealera everywhere, and all the Druggiats in Washington and Georgetown. inar 28 eo.r Helmbold'g Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" ^COMPOUND FI.U!_D EXTRACT BUCHU. A rosiuve anil !*p?oifie Remedr For Diseases ol the BLADDER. KIDNKYS, GRAVKL, and DROPSICAL SWRLLING?. This Medicine increase* thn power of Digestion, and excit** th? AB*0?HK>TS into health* action. by which the WATFRY OR CALCEROl'S d"position*, and all li NN ATI'R AI KNLAKGKMENTS are reduced, an well a* PAIN and 1NFLAM VI ATI ON . a^daa ?ood for MEN, WOMEN, OK CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT RCCHU. For Weaknesses Arising from Excesses, Habits of Diaaipation, Early Indiaoretion or Abuse, Attended tritk the following Sy/mptomt Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, eitnn?sa of Vision. Pain in the Back, niver?al Laasitude of the Muscular System, Hot Hands, Flashing of the Body. Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions on tlie Face, PALLID COUNTENANCE. These symptom*, if allowed te go on. which this med;cin? mvariaMv remov?i, t??m fo'l^w* IMPOTHNCY. FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, Ik Osb of Which the Patieht mat Ex pike. Who can sav tnat they are not frequently followed by those'^DI REFUL jUlSEASEg " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are sw*r? of the cause o' their suffering, BUT NQNE WILL CONPESS. THE RKUlRUSdF THK INMNh ASVUM8 Anil the M'lnncholy l>*atk* by Consumption Be*r impl? wit.if-> t<) the truth of the assertion. THE CONS riTUTION <?NCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Require* the aid of medicine to strengthen Ami Invigorate the Hyatom, Which Hklmbold's EXTRACT BUCHU invntiablvdo**. k. TRIAL WILL CONVStK THK MOST IIVTIML. FEMAl ES-FE MAI- ES?FEM AI ES. OLD OH YOUNG, SINGLE, MARHIKD, ON CONTEMPLATING MARK I AGE IN MANY AFFECTIONS r&CUMARTO FEMALES, the extract Buchu is unequalled hj any oth?r remedy, as in Chlorosis or Ketention Irregularity, PamTulneaa, or Suppression of Cua toiriar* Evaouationa, I'ioerated or fcirrhmis state of the Uterus, Leucorrhcea or Whitea, Sterillitj, and for a 1 oomplainta incident to the a x whether ...... r-? i > - ?-l:' ' ^ r?? ionic uuiii luuiiiuiofciuui nauiiB oi UlfiFl piUOD, or m the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. SIX ?\mptom* above. NO FAMILY 8HOUL.1I Bfc. WITHOUT IT Tnk' ho more Balfam, Mercury, or unpl>asant Mtiir'Ht fir unp tntant an4 Dn^trrout Innate*. II ELM HOLD'S KXTRACT BUCHL evin SECRET DISEASES In a1! their Sla.ce". At little expense; Little or no ohan*e in Diet.; No inoonvecience; And no ErpofUTf. It rADRe? a frequent demr* aa (ire* strength to Urinate, there ,y Removing Obetrnotiona. Preventing an i ouring Strioturea of the Urethra. Alla> Pain and Inflammation, an frequent n the oi*u? of disease o. an 1 expWling toisonous lhseas"t. nnd worn out Ma'ter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS Will) HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM* OF QUACK*. and who hav* paid k'trvyftit to t?e oureu in a short time, hav* found th v were deceived, and that the ' POISON" hat, by the u?e of"puwEim astringents," been dried up in the system. to hrea.k ^MSlpfl'ffEVilARRUOK. Die Pblmbold's Fxtbact BucHcfor allaffeo?d OROAN8. Wh?Uier Mi?tll*lB OR FEMALB From -?VlOw"LONc'srX"Dr-iu0 ?' 19 THE OHEAT DIURETIC. And is oertAin to have the (Wired effect in ?M In?6M6i FOR WHICH IT Is* RKCOMMl-NDED. Evidence of the most reliable and responsible charter will accompany the m**'ic1 certificates ? f cures. from i to 2? years' standing, With Namks mows to science and fame. _ p.l... ci An -? w_..i - *? m m cv? v* "? fCI I'V Itl vr III l?r 9*' uu Delivered to any Addr*aa, securely packed fr observation. DKBCKIBR SYMPTOMS IS ALL CoMMCIHCATIOI?? (are* Guaranteed! Advice Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeare.1 More me, an Alderman of theoity ofFhi adelphia.H. T. H elm roi.d.who being duly sworn, doth aay. hia preparations no tain i>o narootic, no mercury. or oher luiurioni drugs, but are purely vr|?tal>l?. H. T. HKl.MBOLD. 8?mn and subscribed before me. thia 23d day of November. 1854 WM P. HIBKFRD, A dermnn. Ninth atreet, above R *ee, Phila. Address letter* for information in oonfidenoe to H. T HKLMBOLD, Chemist. Depot, 104 South T???th at. bet Cheanat, Phi a. HKW4RK fiP cniiVTiBiMfi'~ ANn UNPRINCiPLfcb' DEALERS. Who endcaxor to ditpnHe * or thkik owk" and ' oihf.e" aa11clu oa thb befutation attained Helmhold'f Genuine Preparations, Extract Baohu, * M Si rimrillt. 44 Improved Rom WlU. Sold by 8. b. Wait*, Seventh street, and 3. c Forp.Jx, ooruer Penn. avenue and Eleventh treet, ANb ALL DRVGOISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELM HOLD'S. TARE NO OTHER. Cat out the advertisement and tend tor It AND AVOID IMPOSITION ANDEXPORURE. ap i eolv VVashington (FIRE) INSURANCE COMPANY. Avenue and Tenth Strut. J.~o7 MbGUIRE, President. G. D. HANSON. SeoretArt. maT-aotr |4 OWE'J*_IMPROVED WEI6HINGSCALEB ** i new Soalee are ottered to the eabhc ae the moet maple, durable, and reliab.e eoafeeerer ??t ia nee. P}retolaj? premium* have been a warded then 37 the UnitedStateeFairand Virginia A*-icu.tura. Virginia 8?*te AgneaUoralFair: PraniltB Institute Fair, Panae*hraaia; New York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, to., io. In every oaee where exhibited they oave received f rat elaee prenuama Kot ea e at ftft Loumaa avaaie, Depot of Stller'e Itni l " K* C. PATTISON. Agent. EMBERS OF CONGRRS8 AMD OTHERS about leaving the city ehonld call exam'ne our great nook of Pianos frornHM^HI Chiotering k. Hone' great faotory, ae alao??? w ? a nember of good eeoind-hand. neany new Piano*, Meiodeone, Guitare. Pjetae. Violin*, ttaajoe, TainA??rd. je XI *06 Pa. av., bat. 9th and into eta. WAMINgT^EmN. SSSV)t^ MiaOELLANBOUB. / / SC050KT V v\ [^<9 dispatch: ^ | \y**T Safe Ihe^ Pieces! At *eeid*ni < will fcoppm, rr?? m w*ll rmimJid fmmil%?$, it ia very deeirahi? to bar* eoiae ohea? and ?onretueet way for r?Hini| Farwtare, Toy a, Crookery, A o. IPALDI^I PREPARED ALU meet* all ?noh em^Aaciee. and no boaeeboM aaa afford to be witboat it. It i* aiwava ready and ay to the atioking point. There ia ao loafer a aeeee aity for limping ohaira. splintered rene?re. headleaa dolla. and broken c ran!ea. It If iuat tbe article for i o?oe, abell. aod other ornamei.tal work, eo popakar This admirable preparation Is aeed ?nid. t*>tng o.^mio*;;? be?d in sointion, and ?ow?Mitt(?ii the Suable qua.itie* of the Seat cabinet maker*' clae. may be need in the place of ordinary mnoiiag e, ag Taetty more ad heel re. M USEFUL IN EVERY HOCSK." r-if*, to oents N. 6.?A Brash accompanies each bottle W\*U**l4 D*roi, No. 4* Cedar r reet, New Yoft. Addreaa HKNR V cTsPALDINe A CO- ^ Box No, 1.6M, New Y ork. Pat sp far Deal ere in Caeea containing Foar, ?ifbt.and Twelve Doaen-abeautifel Lithograpn'c Show Card aooompanyinx e*eh package. lET A bottle of HP A J. DIWS PR* PARED GLUE will save tec time# its ooat an Dually to every household .-/"II Sold by all auinuneot stationers Draggieta, Hardware and Furniture Dealers. brooers, and fancy Store*. Country merchant* should make a note of SPAL DlyO'S PREPARED WLl'JP.wben making up th6ir list. It Will Ant rtlimAtA fa lfl ! HI it | t"' 5rt If-Wlr/nf mt b? (Ut Jdr* iPutdlr J ' *^f iY Vt*** ^?g*y<<*? *? ?y<u?.)/"^? Mr J* ?{10 ^tf>k*fin**Qwm:kfofMtr,r*mm'*Jkfj ^ C ' #? ' '*? dfr%d ? < mmi*f ?mmrr ?|<|I<K 9 b > *A? ?*? *? (A? Vmlir* mk'*4~r*. u JJ i?t? WW W f*< ftnft'r tmJ*. /lt>f?iy .fjt ^^>d.)M/LMi.V x-# rpj ^ ' lA? Un*en*$t. ?n Mtd%c%m*l #/ i *S36 ^ <. c//t~~f/*i 1j p! | sol^fg^.4 ~T \ sfr ?:Sm?' ^ * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS NMCWYWHW WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEUUt OTMEfcfARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR is snnniwiiiiAMST NFW TORI I ww vwvin ?m v? w*? iwiiau >OK SALE /.V WMSHISOTOS BY ma 23 6w BARBOUR & 8EMME8. IGHTMNG! LIG H TM.N StT LIGHTNING!!! In Tims or Peace, ruriii rot Warn! P. LaBARRK, SMKtvusl of \Otkand Cm., MANorACTTKEm or P LATIN A-TIPPED UuHIMNG RODS. Reapectig'ly announces to Uie puHic i f ?Va?hin(i ton aud rislaity that he i? prepared to execute ali ! ordera for ereetirf l.irhtninc Oonduct<>ra on the most s-pproved ecjer.tific principle, c natruoted of I the ver* beat of matTia'a, on very m<?derate terma. All Platina tipp 0 P<nuU whiohare manufactured bj me w!*l )>e at&inp?d with my name. Weather Vanrs of any deai?n made to ortt?r. war 29 3?w DARAFF1NE OIL. I TUr rur a D rcr r 7 / i/<r wr m a? ? ?. inc inc/j- ?'j/i i u ill; w /r We a-e now reoeirinK Pn'afta? Oil direot from the works in weat-rn virnnitt The aua.itj orit ia excellent, prodnoint a atea-?y, l>rii lant K!i<! heautifu light, and more pleaaant to th? ej ea than ta< light Thia Oil i? fre? from adulteration,and ver* much more economical than many of the Coal Oils used at thia time. irr- It ia in no way explosive. We It?p aloft a supply of the most approved atyie* of Lamp*, Ac., for burning this OiU KING A HVRCHKLL, Agents for it* sale for the Di?t iotof Columbia, ('nrnar k 1 *, f K *# mm* "?"* - w> * liner IIVII nk. -?IIU * Cflili'lii BT| Great Karawha Coal and Oil Company ma II CARRIAGES. HE Sabeenhar raving made adamoci to iu factory, max mg it now one of the a-rgeet-^Bk* ; in the Diatriot, where hia faoiliUea fo ctCwmr. Qacutaoturine CARRIAGE & WAGONS oi all kin-la oanuot be turpaaaod,ana from iua long experifnoe in ue baaiceaa, he tope* to cire general atiauuitioa. All kind* of Carnagr* ant Light Wagon* kept?? hand. Alt REPAlRSmtir <?<alltr4iTi pre apt ly anende-1 to. Seoond-teb* Carriage* taken in exchange for my enea. 4N?)KEW J. JOYCK, J lltf ' l4tl? tflfl K ?t? | Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thu day. eml-iaoinc ail quai nrv tie* and fixea of jC.'e Leather, I*Uie? Dreea ami Packing T'nnka. Oar trank^"***1 eal?* room exhibita at thi? time the (r*afat variety of traveling re^aiaitea at moderate pnoae. to be loond thu aide of New York. Alao, everv deaonp tion of l.ADIKS' HAT BOXES, VALICES* CAKPKT BAG"*, SATCHELS, &?. Cl^Old Trunk* repaired or taken in exchange for new onea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Salea Room, _ o< ?f > ? -? ?? mm .111.1 r*. avenue. PC. SNYDF.K. LUMBER AND OA8 UTTER. Philharmonic Hall, ' South *id4 if Pa. ?r.. of Elrrtnik * .. Will intn<duot> WiUrudGH upon the nioat favorable terms. P. rt.-I have on hand a lot of COOKING { STOVE?, and aa I deeire to cloae thera oat, will eetl them at ooat for omh. ma 7 l?LECTRO-PHYSIOLOGY ANDEI.ECTRO Hi The rapeut.oa, thovini: the beat iMlhcxli for 1 the medical uses of Electricity, hy Alfred C 6ar- i ratt, M. D , I vol. tvo; priee f? I The Sou? r>ide View of ?:avery, by Nehetniah Adams. D. D-.l vol., erioe"Soenta. Lucille, by Owen Meredith. I vol., blue and (eld; ( ri I'-W IJ wriiM. (art 6 of Tom Brown at Oxford; >no? 12 oer.u. or eale by HLANCHARDi MOHIN, I je 15 Corner ol 11th ?t.. ar.d Penn. art. 1 MRS. SCHOOLCRAFT 8 NEW NOVEL-? The B!aok Gauntlett. a Tale of Plantation ( Life in South Carolina, br Mra. Henry R Sohool- . craft, wife of the Indian Historian Pirioe #US Ju?t published and tor ?a)e at PHI LP * SOLQMON.S Metropolitan Bookstore, 33 i P?.ar^ b<-1. Wrfcod l.*h eU. Sole A cent* for Lanreoce'a Celebrated Foreign BtMiony. )?B i.|.t.uiu&. e. h. mott. i. a. aera*. L""E M0TT * . WU1 pmett? t?the llijfc*C *urtof*?rr#r? aad Ap gfteteaggg fACOB REED. _ J M Awrvirrriti nv MILITARY CLOTHIRS, Bovrmu.iT Cotnn 8kokii ahd Bnvci 9tt^ PHILADELPHIA. M1LITAEV CIX^THT*FPU HAi.P. *??-? 12,000 ASS , thaattention of tha f?iblio to oirl*r|iud wai I w* .?oi*?d ttock of CaMapacue and Craa Appta Cidar, whicn vp intrutM to be pkt* iaioa.ah<) will t? | old on reasonable term* In oriar to bUi roow i lor oar apna? ateok. 6ir? ua a c*Ji ft th? ?? Mo. ?jHiJ oKttfl ?ft3 f 5VW? BMITH aelia kia Gooda Ckaapir than ur otkor Ho km in t?< wUh* Baerb*; butter in bautimobb.-w? eMattU meona of tha ia?r auaalj joa with <r?d? of Batter, van akyoo. W? Mn mm ^^Wm^.owu, aad hom that ap to Ue TteMSCT^BSS* I' * # MKD1UUIK TVft IMMTtR, MJ BUTUMU _ toe* BotPITAJU X/KflMi R*m*4f w tkt ^mt.4 POK ALL WtfKASK? OP IMPBI DKMCK. i.*T ATO /ALAJT UKL1CACY rREtEWT. APPLY IMMKD AJ^LV. A CUKE WARRANTED. OA WO CHARGE. IN FROM ONE TO TWO DA YE VMtiM tt u? Ittl lirttarM tgn? i ?<ifci Bhin U< ! ?? >, UtttlDBtf DlMt>t|M, tottlHIf, ? Dtfciiu?. Himtww. !>Tifif?rU Bftrm, iTUtu. r?l|>n>tM? ^iktlor T ir.<n?>T???M?|?i Mmi m ?n. iltcinal af iM Inn liw-a M l?i t lldi TimUi (Ktwdtn ariataf ft* Mmry Baku* af Yawh?ttiaaa r>r<i4f> Oaatrkcuva Pr*cti?M ??UfM 4?f M>mi|i iaf?ii?l?, u4 Iwtnf k*u M? u4 MM ronw MEM B>r<i >! t vh? >n?? U? ?III? af MaNfery **M, * 1 dr?? Jfa. U4 4aair?cii?? kafcn wktct ?????. ? mtfi m aa Huini.f fr?>? nc?i ->d? at Mai < ' d>? mm> at Lit*4 t? an a kn!la?( m.cUacl, vka nykl atfcarvaaa k??a aairaa<a4 uoi?,? ???!? *Mt da iha> i?f? aa vU*< la iH?a ika l?ra, aay aab wnk Mil kaa?r-T1? iUlU riuon ? Ta?| Maa ?aaiifl. Maa ?aaIkfi k??f awaraaf akfaiaal *a?laaat, atfutt 4a*UMp, lawn. 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Laaa af Fracraaua* Pawar, Nai-aw Irriiablnta rra>abl?r( a4 Wa-knaaaar Emkaaauaa a' ika Mat faarkp kta4 apaaa4ily car a 4 unoutMurr or tbk rt em TIK MANY fHOVtiMlX carau aiifcia .Ji.niMa alikli ik? iaai aaaautaaa iNfa, aa4 ika i.amaraaa m.panaM ?arj I apara'Kua parfar *4 ky I >r jat.naai . ? ?aaa4 kp 0>a rapiriari af tha papara uif nana atkar paraaaa, aa i'aa at ?*IK> haaa appt ra4 again ?i?4 afaia kafata Ika Mklie, ka ' akuaiu . | ( ui { : maataa af akaraciat aaO raaaaaal ktlity, ta a (aMciaoi fiarattai la ika aaicia4 )at afc-ir Dr. j. bovkh pod's* IMPERIAL WIKE BITTERS. Arc now being us?d from Mum to the brtw !** t Lake. anl the annreraai verdiot <>f ail who a?e t' em either aa i merfiria* or ** k brrtrmjt. ia tbat th-* are anaurpaaed in the world l>r. Dnda aaed liiem auroeaafully in i>i* practioe for ? >i?ri bHorw we punhaaed of him the eoie if ht to menufeeture and present them for sale Ui the For the eu-e of Incipient Conauinatioti, Indication, t>ys pepsia. Pilea, Nerv >us Pier* e?. Fema<* Com plaitt?. and a!! casee "-aamuc a tonic. th-y *r* be yond doubt a moat invaiu^i>le r*?redy. A vide from their medicinal aropertiMthey are a pur*, whot* aome and deiightfui Beverage, produeiag alt the piMUiit rxhi!**'atib( effects of Brandy or Win* without their injurious r?a?l!a. I -? t ail fri*bda of humanity and ail aivooate* of vasiperanoe assist a in aMtwutaior th*ae valuable Vegetable Bitter a for the mtnerml poooa) and m/lt'termt*J .< with which the ooantr; > flooded, aad thereby ?f foo' ai<1 in ban ahing I'iseese and Dmnkeueae from the land. CHARLES WIDDIFIKLD * CO.. Proprietora, 7* William atreet. New ? ork. J. BCHWaRZE Anot, WUhlDftOU, D C. UR. J B(tVRS IHiDi' 1MPEHIAL ?/S ETTTEH8. ForT)iM?*fof tl?e Ki<1n?* . H *.ider n<-?l I'nnAr* and ?tpecr*:ly for FemU* Ouetr?eU?>fc?. never foil to care, And Are warranted to g: ve mur IwUob. chaklko winninRLD 4 co.. t'ropuetnri, 7* Wj.l ni, ?1? ?w York. j ticRWim, 1*7 Ir.r At#nt. Waahiuctoa. D. C. Highly important to all: mhs. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE VECOCTION. It it well known tint in the 8princ people ara more apt to eoutraet diMAae UiAn At Ac? period; And it i? equAl!; well-known ihAt th? ?*? to ?Ard off d:??AM is U< teep the Mo?d pnre. for "a:! the ill* that fleeh u heir to," Ariae from imparl ttofthe bipod, the main spring of our Iti?, therefore, iraportAnt to All tdat ttie #j?t<nn houtd be thorough t oleaneod And parihod. ar.d thi? onn he 4om in the mont effectual wai St usin* M*S M. COX'S INDIAN YKiFTAbLE DE COCTION, lb* be?t r(wot dianov< r??f for tie car? of dieeaee* of ?km. KryeipMA'. 5or?>frJA. R t^mUm, Nervoaa Debilit?, Fevere of ? j*-rMt kind*, r>)*pep*j. Liver Compliant, And Al' "HwrdieeAsee Arming fr un impunity of tha Mood. It NA* e?eet*d the most romaHtaWe our**, ai oat, be ihowp bp nufnerojn oemfcoAtc* from p?raoi,? of the hif haat pipntitiUtT, *" r?oow>tneada4 by All *U n?r?noauuu? mostlc valuable iwrtnlnwl of the day. IP" It is ?ol?l by ail the Drvggists of k tiaor*, and at the rosideuos of the j U" Eut Baiumore^treet, between Kiel, street and Centra> avenae None ctiDiDe onleee her name u Mown on the bottle ar.J b?r seal o?i the oork. 117* Priae 91 per bottle, six bottle* for |i WKohstilt A*mt. R. S. T. Cimvl. Dragfist. Georgetown. D. C., W h" ee*> Agent for the l>i* triot. ? u<i will sup pi tue trade at My priooa. rear Tt-U 'put ALL BVFFIC1ENT TIIEK TR1K3EMAH. 1, S, k I, frl tfl*A by Jtuwi Lttitrt Psmm ?/ ImI?<, mmd luwti ty tk* SmU? of tk* ?Mi<4i?UnMcM 4* Parts mmd tJu Jmrtrta. Cotitgi ?r MUina*. rifluu, No. 1 i* iDTalaablc for exhaustion, Spenrator rhtra, and a . physioa! disao. tie*. No. < o. liip'etely erad>oatee all tmw of th?M diseases that hare bean h ti ?rto treated br the nan eoasand pernieioea nee of oopavia an.; eebeba. No. 3 has entirol* suspla&tad the nu?f ion* use of mereurj, thereby insuring to the saferer speedy rA 1 ft! (tltMrMina * ! ! r.MHS.Ii m.m.A ' * a-.~ JliMAK.Not. l.tud ^rNtrid latb? f>rm of ft loxrncr, itr<?idof tt<U Ml mm ,ud OftO b#rft-rn?d It. ;; r wfti?-tO"*' P"C**t. S .'l ipt.r OM?l. B.l;d divided tblu MMItU di'ftM,M ftdnUEi* torodVr Vft MftD, ljk amftnd. Ri.ftX, Ri?orIT ** Prio?> as ??ftch, or fo?r nim for f? whioh mtm ft. bad in 9TJ Win, whereby there > ft ?fU| of #V To ki |M, Thol??l?fi)4 rMui. of T>r. BAR ROW, 111 BlMok?r?UaM.Mr doori Mot MoDo?fftl ?tr??t. New York. l?medmt*T rooatriM ? r? ltt&noe. Dr. Barrow will forwftrd the TnniMr In ftoj wt of the world. Monro!* pftoked. tad ad jmiil aaeordinc to Uie in?tr?orfion? of the writer. . Bold aleo b* S. CALVERT FORI). Jr- Waa* lUtoft. D. C. ?M? | PA^agagg!isarAa^ o^. writ* for w ?nr?MCir?iivM _ I OKRMO- '. ;-IT8 CL RE. With itfta* enoioeed. art?.< *?, m perfect m?I wa ^IT run ei Aarmv A PACKET OP rAPBft II A I kTiU ENVKLOP1M N 0 I TO MATCH* (CHARGEj mktkopoutan OOOKPTORB. PHI LP A SOLOMON#. _ A,UL * M*i^">y nMj*.^Ae^S?. m sa.r IM P* M.. bat. Kb urf M Ik. 279 ^aSKr"1- 206 . Jsarv. f. _*?. ?? ? sw ?nf ln^* Hot?L Ju? o?jne*', is (xaimio* viU lua ^J^XStSnSA i Mt.-V nk K* h*> kltk?rt/i (?? ?? > ggissfg^ >

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