Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1860 Page 1
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0 firming ^kr. ~ ? V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C., TUESDAY. JULY 3. 1860. N". 2.301. - I I THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THK STAR BULDIKGS, Corner oj Pcmntylvania avenue and llfA $t.} W. D. WALLACII. Pap?ra >erved in paekacM by o?rri*r? at f4 a year, or 37 o?nU per month. To mail ubMribw? the pTice IS $35 aymr, t* advance; 92 for six nu>Dtk?; #1 for three month*; sad for lew than three month* at the rate of!2 oenU a week. Single eopiet. out c**t; in vr&tp*"? two ciht*. irrABrnruM?*.'^'-1 * 1 - -?. -WW n HVUJU iro BCUI Ul lllf OIHCO betore 12 o'ojoo* m ; otter viae they may sot MtiiUtlWttoy. WATtRIIG PLACE CORRESPONDENCE "Whit* Si Lrnrn Pprisos, ? flr.ceubrier Co., Va., June 28, ISftO { Ed,tor Star: In my third letter I desire to gi'*.# your render? aome of the statistic of this ?stabri?hinent, particularly with reference to the radieal revolution inaugurated and carried ouf in the interior arrangement* of thi.? colo*nal hotel; and I am the more inducod to do th?* on account of tome complaint* that came to my ears before seeking this pleasant mountain home, touching the in.'ide management for 1*5?, which. I judge, were not wholly groundless. And here let me remark that the Writer hv *een Saratoga, in a kahitit* of Kmport, and deera himself competent to judge <>f hotels and watering places. And I am inclined to the opinion that the fan It last season wan not so much in the quality and quantity M supplies furnished, as in a somewhat defective cHisttit; but more especially in the too wxteusive and varied responsibilities and duties devolved upon a smaller force of managers and supervisors than the requirements nd patronage of this gigantic concern demanded. That this has heen amply remedied. tf tkinU ny.ii ill BAA vm ?*? "?? " C * IUI1JIV JI'UI I raucia ff ill 1?? IUJ r j jtif* r 111 *)ie organization for I860; and we may he assurea that the present system here is an earnest presage that this institution is now " founded on a rock,'' and that with a rigid adherence to the strict discipline and drill now in force, the liberal and munificent direction of this fortification may look forward to a future of prosperity and success for their benutiful retreat. The new inside superintendent, or hotelkeeper, was selected, as I understand, after a careful inquiry, and comes endorsed by testimonials of character, political antecedent*, and capacity and experience in his vocation from distinguished citizens, officials, and hotel ^lupuoiurs. iuciv avr aieu m ocure or mure <>f assistants, male and female, and their clocklike performance of duty, whether as chief and sub-managers of the enormous dininghall. in the valetudinary for invalid.*, or u caterers and conductor* of the culinary branch, is most admirable; and must present a happy oootrast to last summer, when one man had sole charge of nesr 2t)0 servants. The eititine for this year embraces a bevy of French art sts, from the best hotels in your city and Baltimore, and their handiwork is visible in those splendid suups, whose appetising odors ealute the senses even before the sound of the horrid, yet welcome gong, avant-couriers of well-ordered roasts, and followed bj a neat array of pastry, ail combining to prolong our stay at the dining-board, and put in jeopardy the efficiency and power of one's gastric mechanism. The inducements for resort to these mountain springs. I regard as numerous. Like all institutions of the kind, these claim to be a grand curative for the complex legacy of ills bequeathed to mankind by Pandora's last will and testament. My own experience and ob serration have been limited; but I am confident that in humors and cutaneou? diseases, in rheumatism and neuralgia affeotions, and as a purifier and corrective of the vital currents. the specific of these highly-charged sulphuric waters is strongly remedial. lint th^rA nn virtue in tVia4a minor*] waters, there is enough in the scenery of those great Southern mountain ranges, in their invigorating. energising air, to attract hither the health and the pleasure-seeker, alike from the pine-clad plains that skirt the Penobscot and Kennebec, and the torpid and sultry vallie? of the Rio Qrande, from the prairies of the <?reat West, and the bayous and torrid heats of the farthest South. And the ponderous Register? of past years in the office here, with their repleted pages of thousands on thousands of arrivals from every State in the Union, but especially from the sunny South, whose planters and professional men, Whose politicians and statesmen, whose high officials and thriving men of trade, whose refined and beautiful women, perform their I _ ? " it . ? __ . annual pilgrimage up inose great inouniain <sl?>pea. and throne these rallied, attest the fact that the White Sulphur Springs of the Old Dominion have attained a celebrity and achieved a Mfcoes* second to no kindred institution on this continent. TELL-iAXKn. Interesting frein Japan ? T hr Late Trenblet ! that Caantry. A correspondent of the Neir York Tribune? writing from Kanngawa, Japan, April 2, gives the particular? of the recent attempt upon the life of Prince Gotiano, the recent who administer* the government till the Lmperor, a youth of IS, arrives of age. The regent wm beset V xt mm armaii rt a rf v aajanl an/i aorir.nalf 19 J uu niuivu r J t u VT. v? aim rvuvupij wounded, though it is not certain that he died. The deed is Drought home to Prince Mito. whose soldiers the assailants were. Mito id one of the three titular brother? of the Emperor, from whose families the royal succession is maintained bj selection. On the death of the late Emperor a year and a half since, Mito was aspirant to the throne. A young Prince of the house of Kinsin, however, was tbe chosen one of the Daimios. Nor was Mito it much as honored with the post of Regent during the young Emperor's minority. ?uch was Mito'a attitude toward the government thus formed, that a year since, Mito was forced to resign hia honors and pretensions to the crown in favor of his son. Since that time he ha* been the unceasing enemy of the present tiovernment, and what ia especially unfortunate, he has been tbe powerful opponent of tfa? new foreign relations of the Empire. Just _ _ ** ?_ 4. . a . 1 year previous 10 mis msi auacK, on ine wmt day of the year?one of the great annual holidays?the Regent's norimon wa* fired into The assailant at that time was a follower of Mito, and, according to pome account*, it was this transaction that culminated in Mito'* ditgraco The common popular rumor* are that the late Emperor died by poison. given at the instigation or Mito. and that the late burning of the palace was hi* disabolica! detign as well Mito hai fled to his large estates; he is powerful in men and means, and whether he will openly raise tbe standard of rerolt, making bis rallying cry equally hostile to tbe present dynasty aud to all foreign relations, we wait thoughtfully, anxiously to see. The Minister* rJt CtaU *a<a?irm thu fnraiorft mnrA^ntfttivaa tkiit this bfiil does not affect foreign affairs, but, with Mito's antecedent*, this ia not no clear. Every foreifrier jou meet wears his pistol openly, and. eating or sleeping, never trusts him*elf far from it. There have been alarms and panics of all Hurts. One day a fleet ef anned^oati. another, a band of armed men, were approaching to cut off the young settlement! Bat these panics hare subsided; and. whatever the ganger may be. all have learned to look at it calmly, and to adopt the homely philosophy that "It's do ase to be frightened before the time come*." We have thi* security at leaat?and it ia not a small one?that the government, in defending iteelf against Mito, protects foreign interests as well. A coup <1 a > > it iaatnlf fnA t ? r ai ? n Ant I. UC IUBIU o iuci iuw i sviu^uicuv ? hardly possible." At the present time there if not a man-of-war in port ; the Kuaciau corvette left the morning of the day the Regent wil attacked There are few vessels of any klv?i In the harbor, and oar reliance i? the protection of thr Japanese fiorernmeut,rather than that of foreign guns, or any ir.ode of ?*cape. A Niw CaTHOLic^itfThf NfwYoi Henld *av? It ta stated by parties well posted ia Catholic affitrs. that a new bisboorir Is to he established la Wrttrhtto county, thus further aubdividlng the eitenalve are of Arrhblabop Ho*hea. Tbe bull or reacrlpt far tbe r.onoeeratt- a for the new prelate baa not yet arrived from Rome, but la exprc. ted In a few day a Several eminent prlt Ma ava pokrn of In connection with tfcla ditrnlty??i;e moat prominent name* being the venerable Ar h4? w? McCarroa, Rev. Dr. MorUrty, Rev W, 4?inn of Rt Peter'a church, In Barclay at; Rev. JjuRh T Brady, of St. Ann'a. Aator Piare; R*v McCluaky, of the Church of tbe Nativity. .,11/7 The youngeat daughter of Mario aad Grlat died la Brighton, BagUnd. ob tbe L6th I Mat. ***', ?U i ti I A Yti<( a ad Bmtifil Heireae, War til Half Mtlliea, Kau Awajr with her Maaic Teacher. A day or two since a beautiful and accomC bed lady, one of the reigning belles of isville. Kentucky, and a member of the beam mande, appeared bore at the Spencer House with a middle aged gentleman of German extraction, a well known music teacher in that city. They were traveling companions, it was evident; btlt the extreme affection they manifested for each other indicated a cloaer relationship than the disparity of their circumstances seemed to admit The only daughter and heiress of a druggist in Louisville, worth at least half a million, the was possessed of youth, beauty, culture, accoinnlishment. anH th? "'??? t m j ^ ?v v i VUUVIUVUV and elegance of mind and manner that render position brilliant and oircumstances poetical He was a very good natared and amiable person. bat without fortune, a professor of music, by which honorable though not lucrative calling he had supported himself comfortably in the city of his adoption. Without apparent personal attractions, and in his fortieth year, it was hardly to be supposed hp could so captivate the fancy or intoxicate the senses of a young and romantic gifl as to induce her to see in him the ideal hero in which fem'nine hearts at eighteen usually drcain, until fact and reason arouse them to the practical inexorabilities of life. But so it was. He bad been her music teacher, and by that mysterious erotism which, either from the peouliar eloquence of the man or the peculiar weakness of the woman, effects miracle*, he won her heart, and made her completely his. Her romance, which ordinarily would hare ejected him m her lover transmuted by a flash of sentiment, rendered him the marvelous proper man, destined to win and wear her. If he was poor, so much tha better, for she waa ric' ; if he was not handsome, his heart wasguou, and that outweighed all beauty; if his profession was humble, was it not the province of love to lift him to equality with kings' Ther, she thought of "Jane Eyre,' the noble, suffering, and peculiar Jane, and her stern, stranne "Rochester" wi?K withered limbs and sightless orbs?and the heiress was conquered by the woman. The beloved, petted, spoiled daughter, reared in the midst of luxury, forgot all but him who had filled her soul with a divine emotion, aud she place] her hand in his for guidance through the world. One morning at early dawn the fair girl was missing, and a note informed her parents of the step she had taken. They were mortified and grieved, of <^urse; but they had no remedy. The bird had flown; they could not call her back without her mate; and they wished her matele**, or not at all. The elopement created a sensation in LouisTill* and caused as much surprise as indignation among many of the young gallants there who had aspired to her love. But the agony mint ormn tk. ??:'--1 ' 1 u u >n>ui, uilllt'U US oioseiy as law and priest can make them, are now en route to Europe.?Cincinnati PrestSnnF.wn Trick ok a London Fkmalb Thikf. The London thieves are quite as sharp, but rarely as successful as their brethren in this country One morning recently, a woman who called herself Clara Jones, went t? a linen draper's shop, in the English city, and chose a quantity of silk, lace, and velvet, desiring to nave the parcel and bill sent to her address One of the salesmen took the goods to the place assigned, and was received by Clara in the ilrnwinff.rnt.m <5Vin /> ?? ' - 1?1 " Q .V - . ? II v vaiuo VUl "1 ft l""'l ~ room adjoining, nnd said that the lady who desired the wares, being temporarily an invalid, and confined to her bed it the next room, wished to hare the lace carried in for her inspection. The salesman hesitated a moment, but finally gave up the articles, and the woman retired. When she had gone in he heard a voice in the bed-room say, in the plaintive tones supposed to be peculiar to feminine invalids. -'I must seethe silks." So Clara returmd to the drawing-room, and succeeded in carrying in the silks. The young man again heard two voices in consultation.and also saw through the partly open door what appeared to ne thf? fimiro n? irn?n?n J v v? ? nVUJ?Ii VUMICIOU U f I 111 HI t? bed. This lulled his suspicions, and when the well woman came out the third time to take in the velvets, he, with comparative cheerfulness, allowed them to go out of his keeping. Then the door was shut. Then the young man waited, and hoped, and became very tired. Then he called in the landlady. The landlady knew nothing about Alias Clara Jones or her mistress; the former bad but that morning hired the apartments. lie then invaded the privacy of the invalid's room, and found no invalid, only a clumsily-made dummy; laces, silks, velvets. Clara Jones and all u.j rrl 1.^4? i 1 _ i ? . lian gwuo. tun nucr nan piayea a double game in more Miisej thun one; and had retired with her plunder. She was not to go unwhipped of justice long, however, for. trying to aitpose of her staff to a pawnbroker she was taken into custody, and had a second interview with the salesman across the room of a police coart. Adkoit Swisdlke ? A man calling himself E. R Miller, aud hailing from Manchester, Calvert county, Md , came to this town tome 10 or 12 days since, with the ostensible purpose of buying out one of the merchants and of establishing himself in business bere He had deposited a check for 810 on a Baltimore bank, for collection at the Monticello Bank.which was promptly paid by the K-...V i? u.ii;. ? ti.. ?? 1 < 1 v?i>* 111 iiiuic. iic vurn n^rrru 10 purcoasf of Mr A. H Clevelane hi* stock f ^ckx1?, and an inventory wu Ukeu and completed on Saturday, and he waa to have taken possession on Monday last. In the meantime he bad lodged two checks of #400 each with the Monfieello Bank, and two of ftiOO each with the Farmers' Bank, payable in Baltimore On Saturday night he purchased a gold watch for S135. of Mr J W . 1,1 pop, giving hiin a check on the Farmers' Bank for the same, which was paid after its endorsement by L.; he then drew *4o<? from the Monticello Bank, as his Baltimore checks had been entered to his credit i by Mr Flannagan, the cashier; and on Monday morning he hired a horse of Barksdale & Fretwell, and took himself off to parta unknown The 4 L- i ? ?- ? - cuecsa woica ne n;iu acr>osiie<i in oar banks were forgeries, ? they havr been returned protested. As tbe wires on tbe Alexandria and Richmond t ilegrapha were cut below town ou Sunday night, it ia probable this adroit forgtr and swindler cm thrm himself, to give him time to get out of th?* reach of the officers of the law.?CAnrlotttsrillr. (7a ) JrfffTiomian. St.ack Ror* Pkbformajicr bt a Rat ?Rata are somewhat proverbial for their natural Instinct, which often manifesta ltaeif In ezpedienta resorted toby tbem for ielf-preaervHtion. We were witnm pf an instance of thla a day or two aince. Dick, our family cat, bad cauubt a rat. and in it> *trugglea for liberty and dear life the latter animal escaped up a post 011 which waa ?U etched a clothe* line. Out upon this tbe fugitive walked, a la Blondln Hid De Lave, till be had reached what be doubtless considered a safe distance from his pursuer, where he paused to await tbe issue, watching, with distended orbs, bis enemy, the eat Tbe latter, meanwhile, bad lost no time in pursuing his prey, and, having reached tbe top of the poet, attempted to imitate his ratshlp in bis siack-repe performances. But finding this impossible, be descended to the ground, and after pausing for a moment watching his prey, he apparently became bewildered at the strange turn mutters had taken, and returned to watch tbe bole from whence the rat bad emerged This was the rat * opportunity, and seising upon It be defended to the ground and made good Jilt escape. Redemption or TaiAsrai Note*.?The lojn authorised by Congress for the redemption of Treasury note* will be Issued as they may he paid in, being restricted to that object only. Between ?7.0W,?A and 98,000,000 of Treasury notes have tllen due recently, and been re-Usued Over 82.0fl0,U?> arc p;\ased due, but draw Interest under the law. and: r<? probably be 14 for Invest meat The rematsder of ta? #5.0(10.0110 will mature during the present year When these note* are actually P iid In for public daes, the Secretory puU them out again, bearing i per cent. Intersrt, at par, but parties holding thoee at f> per cent and asking a re-issue an allowed to fear* the seine rate of infer !?at continue :n>:? u I 'Jttttini Anns, winilow, N Exyeriraoed Nuree and Female PhyatoUa. preaenta to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUi'. Far Childrea Teethla*, Wklak ftaatljr fceilftataa th? ertetM af t??vfcio(, k? mAmlof tba ram*, ridaeinf all intamaauaa?vill allay ALL paik and (pafoaadtc aetiM, and to SURE TO REQVLATE THE BOWELS. Dep?ad ip*n it, matkara, it will fi?? raat t? jraarialro, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W bar* pat ap md id thto aniela far ?*?r tan y?an, and CAR IAT, IS CONflDBRCB AND TUCTH of tt, what w? blfl aavar kaaa akla u iaay ?f any othii Mtdieifl*? kbtir MRS *a? it failbd.IH a iiiklb in- ataiea t* arrBCT a criB, WIHSLUW'S *k? timaly aaad Ni'iidid va knew innTllino an inatane* af dia aito/actiM by a?j an* who aaad It. (>? lb* contrary, all aral BVRI'P, Idikfhud with ita oritiTlom, Mdl . lapaal to ttrrat of hifhaat eommandalian af ita roafical afacu and raadical maaa. w? apaak in ,hia m*ttar ? what wi do know," ulir tin yaara' atpariaoea, ?H0 plbd0b oub bbputatiott fob thi fflrilmiwt of what wi hbbb dlclaR 1. In atmoai a?ary iiiaunta whara iht infant ii a a faring from pain and aihaaation, raliaf will ba foand in fftaaa r twanty mmataa afur tha ayrap it adrainiatarad. Thta valaabla praparation ta tha praacription af ana af tha aaaat lirniinclD and aBlLFCL NURtBt in Naw Boaland, and ha? feaan aaad with RBTBB-rAiLifta idccki [a THOUSANDS OF CASES. It Bat anly rallaraa tba child fram pain, bat Innforataa tha atarr^rh and bawaia, corracta acidr.y.and jiraa tana and anarf y t* tba whala ajatam. It will almaat inatantlj raliara G*ifin? is thi Bowils akd Wind Colic, and aaarconta eaoaalaiana, which, if net aptadtlr ramadiad and in daath. Wa." _ baliava it tha hit ard iur BIT r BM- FOR BDT in tba world in all eaaaa of dti- CHILDREN BriTBRT and diaR rn<xa in cmil- TEETHING dr**> whathar It anaaa fram tatthinf 1 or from ana othai eaaaa. Wa aatlii ut to ararr inothar who haa a child ??f f*mif from *ny of tba forafamg cumplainta?DO NOT LIT oca prbjudicbi, koi THI prejudice* or otmbri, atand bdwiiii j??i??yff?rin( child and th* r?li?f that will b* iurb?jaa, iHOll'tbli itrb?to follow Ui? nit of th aadieina, if tirraly a?ad. Tuli dirtciior.a for ctmf will a anvpanr aach hottla. Noi.a rmam anlaaa tba fac-ataila CC'RTIB * PERKINS.Ntw York, iaan tba aalaida wrappa Bo id by Draw; lata throughout tha world. Principal Omea. No. II Cadar Biraat, M. T. Prl<a on It 18 Canu par Battia. aall-dBwl? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Fur harpkrs fkrry.?change op DAYS.?On ami Mtor July 2,lfWi, JP?. tli? nt-ainflr ANTKLOHK, Capt. I \JU n a ? - : ? I ? ' ' " r . -- Rbb?,CAI f J Illg tnO |> mail.wrtl vave*Georgetown EVKRV MONDAY, W EDN KSjJAV and FRIDAY, at 7 a. tn., arid return evr-r* Tuesday. Thurmlfty and Saturday. IN. B ?The Antelope will run as before uf.til the above date. je ft-Zm* 1 ?A JUST received, l.ilf BBLS. WHISKY, (assorted.) lan d<?. IIERRING a d AI. E WIV ES. ?> do. REFINED SI GARS, Mhhds. PORTO RICO SIGARS, 6 bbls.l Bayfield > WHITK Fi - H, 2."> boxeg prime Eastern CIIEKSE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGUE, je 8 Georgetown, d c. Agency for Fairbanks scales in GEORGETOWN. The nndersigned have been appointed Agents for the rale of the above c*l<?brated and wen known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu.! supply constantly on hand and for sale at lowest Ta?e?. H\V and COAL SCA LES erected in any part of the District or adj aninz counties. All Scales are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY k. BARNARD. Dealer* in Agricultural Implements, je#-2m Bridge street 2 doors west of Hiih. C RAN DELL, OPTICIAy. No. W* Sridir* ft., (itortttrwn. Has oorstantly on hand a targe assortment of Frenoh Near-signted, Penscopio, - f-v n , ored, and ar. other 9PECTA<TLh,8, oV^Jr' the heat qaaaty. in sold, silver, steel, and Germat silver frames. N. R. Old Fraines Repaired and new & asses setin thamto order. no lt-1? JO!#. K. IIIROH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridge and Jefferson els., Ueorfttote*. Having given hit persona! attention to this lirancb of my business, 1 am prepared to .? . attend to all oalls with promptness Persons from adistanoe can t>esop- ^ plied at a rew minutes' notice, as I h?ve a Inrge assortment of CoFFlN'S ftlwava on hand. Particular attention paid to the r?m"*al of the 4< ad from the oid to the new buna! grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap 10-6m MA89KY, COLLINS A. CO.'S PHILADKL 111 PHIA DRAUGHT AI,E.~Weareoon?tanUj receiving fresh supplies of the abovedelightfal beverage, and invite all persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agents, fe 67 Green St.. Georgetown, WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all part* of tiie oity, at the lowest possible rates. T J A W. M. GALT, Office Pa. av., between 11th and 12th nt? . mal7-tf north i<f? THE SUBSCRIBKR HAVING ON HANI) an extensive stock of FUEL, is prepared to ?ell at a very low figure for cash WOOD Sawed and Split any size. Call and see for rourieX H. W. BATES, WwkI and Coal Dea'er. ma 15 S. K. corner of Fourteenth and C ?ts. Members of congress ND OTHERS Who are soon to return to their homes. and vho would ad<l to the comfort ai d beauty of i heir houses, are respectfully invited to oai warehouse. Pennsylvania avenue. Market Space, No. 4. third door ea*c of Ninth street, where they ma> find a full and complete assortment of? Elegant Wilton Velvot Carpeting*, from. ? 1.25 to ?1.75 per yard, Rich English Brussels do. at from 90 cts. t > 01 10, Kioti imperial Three-ply, (2>i lbs. to the yard,) at from K7H cents to gl.10, Splendid real imported Double Ingrain do., 70 to 80c. Very good do. do do. at40to60c.. Also, a!! w <Hhs twilled a d plain Venetiau do., for halls and passages, 2> to 75 cents. Also. elegant wide Oilcloths, for rooms, halls, passages. step*, Ac., which we cut out to order, Also, new style Cocoa and Canton Mattings, hicli and extensive variety of Velvet atul Brussels Runs and Druggets, in borders and by the jard. Door Mats in gr< at variety. Superior a d very cheap All Linen Sheetings, Real Silieia I able Damask*, from b 4 to 12 4 wide, Table Cloths ie all i<ize.?,8-4 by 8-4 to 12-4 by 24-4, Napkins to match, j Also. ToweliingK, Toilet Quilts, and other Toilet Goods, in pleasing and great abundance, vefy chcap. CI'R'EAlN M ATKRIAL9. Our.stock of rich and appropriate materials for Curtains is not to be surpassed, in point of elegance, variety, and reasonableness of price, any w&ere. VVe have? EIe?snt Satin BrocateU, whi^h are nearly 2 yards vide, at from 62 cent* to .f rt. Damask and Satin I,am-*. from cents to .$2. Extra rich Embroidered Tapestrv, a new ar.iclo for curtain*, richer than brocatels. Reps and Turkey Clo'hx. in embr?>?dere<! patterns and by theyard, at astonishingly low prices, Also, superb Embioidered |,ace and Muslin l'nde*Curtains, at from cents to .?3 p?r yard. And all the cornices, Side Rands beautifully representing flowers and fruits, with rich Centre and Side Cords, and Tassels and Gimps to match I in oonnequence or the advanced Ktage of the season, we have determined to run off any of the ahovo good* at iuBt about the first cost, ami atone* warranted to be less than the *ann can ltd had elsewhere. AH goods sold to ro to a ili.itance will be carefully packed for transportation and sent off free of extra oost. JelB-lOteo _ CLASETT A DODSON. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HK Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tery, oondnoted by tha Spanish Government, utidei the supervision of the Csptaiu General of Cuba, wtl! tate plaoa at Havana on TUESDAY, July 17. 1880. SORTEQ NUMKRO 6? ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE lOO.OOO. 1 arise 100,ooo SO prisee o? f 1.0*0 1 do 60,000 GO do .. m 1 do *>,000 153 do 400 I do ? 30,000 SO a^prox. 1,900 t do - 10,000 IN ALL ?9? PRIZES. Whole Tickets, DO-HtivM, f 10?Quarters, ft. Prime* cashed at sight at * ?er oent. disoonnt. UilB on all solvent Banka taken at par. A drawing will he forwarded aa soon aa the resell beeomee known. All order* for eoberoee ortioketato be addressed to _ _ ROURIOUKZ, j?au it 'woi t/ity rot. UlMwrlwton. 1. C. DMA 11. Y STAGE 1,IN? BETWEEN WASHINGTON CITY AND AR LINGTON MILLS, eonnfetni|l||pr^^{ with the Loudoun and H?mp?hira w Railroad, leave Washington at 6fc o'eiock a. mi. Fare 60 cent*. *taje office at Ma.tin'* Franklin H<>t?l, corner of Eighth and D it*. jefrW JOHN H. KF.LCHNF.R, Prop'f. * .L K! A * XX ALB AND XXX ALB!! Til* pnrMt and moat whoieaome Ala in thia ait? i? Uf to obtained at Um WASHINGTON BREWERY. Thia Ala lamade from maJtaad tuinMir l/OR SALE?A BAY HORSE : food under ?d SJ&MWtiSSr ""Wf , S.J \ ' . <-.; : ' AUCTION SALES. By J. c. MeGUIKE A TO.. Auctioneers. T^RUSTEE S? SALE OF FURNITURE AND A Kfpetts or ih? "Usit.u Sta.t*?" Hot?l, Washington ? On MONDAY MuRNlNG, Ju y Mb. onmmencmt at lOo o ool. ami ooutinuing fr??Tn day to day until the whole it di?p"S*d of, bf virtu* of a deed of trust duly executed and recorded in Liber J. A. 8. Mo. 197, folio* 191, Ao , one ol the land reoords for Washinitoi oounty, the under lined, a* trustee, wnl sell all the Furnitm a a .d Knots of the United States Hotel, omnpnaing about one hundred parlors and ohanibers. vir Very superior and i>rsr y new Rosewood t'liwkerm? seven iioavt pianoforte. Cover, and Sto-d. nbanapwHMr rencn plate Mantel Mirrors, Gas Cb%?deliers, bracket* and fixture# throughout. Handsome Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Furniture, finished in brocatelle, p i.?h, and hair oioth. Marble top centra, sofa, ard-side Tah>s. Walnut Wh%tiii>t, fancy Chairs and Tables, Walnut Writing i>?sks and Kookoasea, Handsome Velvet and Brussels Carpets, ('/oioth, Hues. Ingrain Carpets, Oilt frame Man el Mirrors, Vaeee and Oi ., ii.-ooaieiie and Laoe Curtain*, Cornice at.d Fixtucee. Rosewood. Walnut and Walnut He<l: * Dressing bureaus, \Vash?tands. an.' V. ardrobe*. Feather Beds, bolsters, and Pillows, 1 .ulet Sets, lurled hair and husk Mattresses, Biankets, Cniuforta, and Counterpanes in !arg? quantities. Large quantities b*d and Table Lireu. nearly new, Fiuing Tables, oak Dining Chairs, rench and stone china Dinner, Desert, and Tea Ware, Tahie Cutlery, Sil'er-plated Ware. Caifors, Chafing Dishes, Waiters, Coffee and T*a Urns, Bar Counter and Fixtures. I .iquors and Cigars, Iron Saf?, Desks, and Office Furniture, * e.. Together! with a large q uantity of Effect* not necessary to enumerate Terms: #50 and under cash; over that amour t a credit ofsand 4 months, for satisfactorily o:. lorsetl notes, bearing interest WM. A. BROWNING, Tro?'?? e 27-d J. C. Mo'tll KK * CO. A nets. Bt i. C. MoGUlRE A CO., Auctioneers. Trustee s sale op very valuable Real Estate os thk corner or -kvkntii i\T) K iTIVITt ?M w virtxA ..4 i .. _ v f ? ^ va a u wi vvi vi Hif ' I cult Cou t of the Dittnot of (Joluin i\. pa ?*.*<! in two oau*e<i in ? hiob Statimm. Snuthton & Co.,and Austin Sherman, respectively, co-i.pla' lAiit*. and John F. Cai'.an and o'her* s# defendants. the undersigned wH sell at ooblio auction, to the hi-.:i. e*t bidder, on THURSDAY, the lifth da of J uly, I860, at 6 o'olo- k p. in., upon th* premise*, Lot N . j 8. in Square No. 456, in the oitj of Washington. D. O., fr.?ntin<58 fe<"t U inches on E stieet noith, , and 75 fe*t ?nSeventh street wrst. This well known property m situated on th> northeast o?>rner of K and Seventh ?tre ta oppoi-ite the iteneral Post Office. *n?i is one of the ve y MM , in-! mo n/uaii??rH in me cut oi w h8mn?:', n1 i ft-1 I iruprovemeat* oonsistof t' rM three et..ry i.?>u?e* on K street, inciit liiig th* drug store ol. tli? < irn^r <f Seventh, And a two-story null tug on S v i.: . treat. The property wi ! he sold sn eepi ate par j ceis, according t > the iropro' ements. Terms of sa e: On# third oT the purchase in ?!#? to l>e paid m o*eh,and tht residue in two equ?l in- { atalmenlH, in nix and twelve n oiitlis from tiinday of tale; the deferred payments to bear interest, and , to he secured by the notes or bonds of the puicha ser or purnhasers, with a surety or suretie* t<> be { approved by the Trustee#. Should the terms of sale not ?>e complied with within six days afUr the , day of sale, the Trustees reserves the right to re n?-P the propert* ,at the risk and expense of the de , fanlting purchaser, a'ter five da)'a notioe. A.I t conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. C.IN6LK. i Trustee* A. AUSTIN SMITH,\ 1 ru,u?e" J jell St&w&ds J. C. McfrlJIKE A Ct? . Aucs. By J. C. MoGUIRJS * CO . Auctioneers Chancery hale of valuable im PROVED AND UNIMPROVED K"KAL E?TATR.?By ( virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of the Dis tftct ?f Coiut bis. passed in the cxuae where n Pr?derick W.Selhausen isoomp aioantand Charge* Mades and otnera. executors and ueirs at law and , devisees of Bonaventura Schad. deceased, are de- ' fendants. the subscriber will sell, at public sale.the following vn uab e rati estate in W ashincton oity : Lota Sos 9. 1<>. 11 and 12. in square No 7K5, ontiie corner of nort'j B and Third streets fast, fronting 157 feet 2K inches on north B street and 1Z% loot on Third street ea?t. Lot No. ft, in square No. 642, fror.ti'if 119 feet on Delaware cu'enae, by S3 feet JO inches on auuth G str*?t. The whole of square north of square No. 642, . fronting 2fRfeet8 m?K?? on Vir?n.i? *> * _ ^ * .. n>>i>u> < < ouac, ? l \ reeton south F street. !?I feet 5 i nones on Delaware i avenue, and 19 faet 6 motie* on Half street w?et. I.ots Nos. 1. 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, 8.9, ju. II, I*, IS, 14, IS, acd 16, in square No. 8<M, compr.Mne the whole j square and fronting 248 feet 2 u.ches uii nort"? D street, 24* feot 2 inches on north C street, 35" feet on Eighth street east, and 35 > feet on Saveath street east. And Lo's Nos. 8,9, and in, In square No. 584, J froniinK feet ea.h on south F street, between First and Second streets we*t, by 10nfe?tde?p with , the improvements, which consist of four well built j two-stor? frame dwelling houses ? Th* sale of the lot* in square No. TV> will take J place on Tli KSDA Y, the 1- tti day of Juiy, 1H6"; of the lotin square No. 6?2 on THURSDAY', the 12th , day of July, MGO; ol square north oi square No. 642 , on FRI Da Y, the ISth day of Jnly, 1K6?!; of lots in square No. RM, on MON DAY, the 16th day of July, ' 186ft; of the lots in square 364, with the improvements, on TU E8DA\ , the 17ih day ol July, IKO. The sales will con mer.ce at6 o'olock p.m..on < the days above specified, on the respective premi 1 tea, and the property will be ao.d in suoti r-?rcels or ' lot* as mav purchay's. Terms of eaie: One third cash ; and the balance t in 6, )2 acd 18 months, secured bv the purchaser's i notes, bearing interest from the day of sale, with n?3uruy w> ne approve*! Dy the trustee ana if not , complied with in five day* after the *a e of proper , ty, tne teims of which are not oc in plied with, will K? reso'd. upon one week*# Mrtiw. at 'he ri-k ?nd expense of the defaulting purchaser. I p<>n the fall pajiment of the purohaae money and Interest, and not before, the trustee will convey the property to the respective purchasers in fee simple. All oonveyaiicinc at the expense of the purchasers. CHAS S. WAI.LACH, Trustee. J. C. MoGUIRK A CO., Aucta. jell StawtJul* 17 \f ARSHAI.'S SA LE ?In virtue of two writs of < lTl fieri (aoias, issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the i>istrict of Columbia, tor th<? oounty of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to pub ic sale, for cash, in front of tho oourt house door of said oount*. on MONDAY, a?u Am - I..1 * *L 1 i mr ?vii uoj ui j uiy or IOW IX O O OCI 111. * 1116 followiuf property, to wit: All defendant'^ right. | title, claim and interest in and to Lot No. I, in Square No 611, in the city of Washington, I> C, together wi'h all and aincu'ar the improvements i thereon, s. lxml and levied ueon aa the propei ty of Andrew Rothwell, and will be sold to satisfy Jb dioia s Nos 214 and 215, to October term 185B, in favor of Phelps & Kingman. W 8GLDEN U. S. Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia, je U dU MARSHAL 3SALE.?In virtue ui <t writs: fieri facias iasued from the Clerk's office of tfee Circuit i;ourt of the District of Columbia, for the rninitT of W&tibinttnn. unrl t<? ma r1? I J - - .? ? n ?? . i ? n ?' !? *? *? ? *"W "VH * W 111 ' expose to publie nwle, (or cwh. in front of Uie court 1 house door of Mid oonntv. on MONDAY. tha wth { day of July n?xt, I860 at 12 o'olock m , the following described property, to wit: All defendant'! right, title, ol??in and interest in aird to L?nt No S, in Square No. W5,in the oity of Washington, D. C., together with all an* ?infu'.ar the improvement* thereon, seised aud levi-d upon as the property of J ?o. C. Nicholas, and will be eold to satisfy Judi oia's No. 1^5, to May term lbdD, in favor oi A.ajd F. A. Riohards. \V BKLDKN. U. 8. Marshal lor the Diatnot of Columbia Je 13 dts By ?. ORF.EN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A FKAME HOUSE a*d Lor at Auctioh 05 Ni*i% St. wk*t.? Bf virtue of a deert of trnst from <?eo. II. (Jute* and wife, du?y rp<M rt?d to the ulmoril er, I wil ? - 1, n S? < Kl I . . *' ?- ? * - * " ini<n ua i, in' i-iin oar 01 juij nex', 'r&>, at 6 oYlnok p in , part of Lot 3. in fquare^OT, being and Sine lu 'he ofty of Washington, c mni'Dci-i* (or e tain? at the aouthwest aorn?r of hot No. 3. orenaid. a< d runnm* north on the line of Ninth street weat 25 feet, theuoe ea?t Kt feet 4mohe*l th-Mioe south 25 feet, thenoe west 9"> f**t 4 inohea to the p!ao* of bfgini Ing bemgaaid part i f Lot fronting on the east aide of said Ninth etreel, and lying d< t * pt: P aiid Q streets north, with the improve meut* thereon, oora'sting of a two atary Frame House with back building. 'fe rra: <'ne-third oash; balanoe in 6 and 12 months, puiehaser to give n >U?* beariag inter? t from th* day or aale. a deed given ana a de^<1 of trust taken. All coiivevancim at Ik* ?.m i.f I purchaser. If the term* of aale are not oomphed with within three day from tbe (lay of aale the trnatee rweivn the right to raeali the property <-n five da* a' puhltr no i^e iu the Evening s*tar, at the risk an<1 ooatcf the defaulting purobater JAMES W. COOMBS*. Trnatee. jeO-eota A. BRKKN. Au-:t OAS fiTf?| KB. E Have in atom, and are daily receiving. 9AS FIXTUhSS of entirety New Pattern* and 0<-usaa and Finish, aupcrior in at>le to an) thing heretofore I onereo in this market. We invite citnena general It to ok!I ami examine our stock of Gm ami Water Fixture*, fe^iar confident that we have the l*>?t selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to our oare Will *>e promptly attended to. MYERS * MaGHAN. roar Mf 37 ? I) street. B| AGON * RAVEN'S AND STKHWAY k SONS' unrival'ed PIANO F??KTc.S i ^ of all "tries and sue*. Alao, several oflRWEl nther makes, for tal? ?t rao*ory srioes, at*l? *f ? the aole a?ency. M KTZKROTT"S Music Store. a^AAful.Ka.r /I ? A?4? -1? j>23 ' "* P* A YBLLOW FJNB LL'MBKR. ALL. Description* of tfe? g^Kivf I.umSer.^foj riM^^V^bJ(SaW!>L4Wf. widf BOARDS And FLOORING (drwMifor ulnwid) nis:xa?4 direct from the oathern m?i:* by SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE I TU favorite r?wrt for WHITE IILfHlR ??? IPRIN8S. Moaciun Air. [uTiro'i CUM RKR LAN l> CO . V(?5?l PrTM'ylvmtn. Society and a Good Accovsoditioxi foi *?or fvticilk'i tsud 300 for Circular. OWKN-. CI F.NDEN TERMS LOW. IN A VIS^CHKR, je ? l'?w Carlifit SrrtmMt, P*. WASHINGTON CITY OARDKN. KRNSr LOEFFi.KR, Proprietor. %T 1' 4- - - * nnc i arm urmut. ornctm If I am I id lit. Incailint the attention ol u>e publietn my ?rounds I would slAte that every arranicn, 'lit ha> A . . b*?n made to mate this "Ketreat" nior?f|?MV attractive every day. Monday* the 6tr-lLflii den* are open to the publio iree of charje?a couo rt siven by a select hand. Those deai'inc toerjny the danoe aod wait* wi I iad the a&jfot; n ootnpiet* order to render pleasu, e to ail. i)*> oth?r day* the proprietor will cheerfully c'aiit th? n?e of the round* for sohool or other Pio Nio Paitiea with out oh&r;e. V or the amusement o'children he ha* introduced a numher of lit*ie fames, never hefore seen in this, aad e&.cu ated at the same tiuie to amuse the "old folks " IV H.?Att^hed is my BMtlinc Kstabliahm nt. aid lauuiip* oaa he supplied witti a-? quantity at thoir ~r ._IJ i.? ?.oiuouwi *?i inai i-rn iniai urics? A' f II iiEEK, upon short notioe. j? M 3m WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS GKKKMIKIEK Cot*TT. V*. This lone established watering p. '-oe ?sk opened for the reception of visitors on the 15th u' A - . A m?t. fn|Y Al?ny new and important arranKfttnentr^iJHLX ha- e l?ero inM? kii ce last tearon m ilur i? ?.?tai>!i*hm> nt. ar<d no eflorta wilt hetpar<d to ir .\k" th-* pnest" comfor'ftMe. I'eraor.s can reach UK*** S'prinrs l?jr t he Orarf? and AVxandria Kair a<l from \VasMn?t?ti. I') : VirR<ma Cent al Kai road from Kfchmord: or t > the Virginia a-d I t*unefcc-ee Raima*} Jr* in 'he S.iith ami Southwest v;a Lyncht>ur* a d Cba lottes villa, with on'* "?? itii'm e'a-" ?-ave'. JKHKMJaH MORTON. President. J. HUMPHKF.VS. Qene-ai Snperirtenden*. i*l?-dtJniy IS T| SAlT WATKR BATHING. MARSHALL'S PAVILION'. fandli.(l wi I t>-? p.n for the re<v ption of vi?i J . . a tor* on the i itii of June. 'I is <ie tgii'fai r A?r*rt frr ??a.ilr t ?> f Kflallk - 1 "" ' _ .v. ..v?v n ?< K Hvnun Oil'' AUHa4) ore, i* ur.f xoelled li> ar.y p'aoe of tne kir<t o-:' th'> Potomac river It ia n utted a* ut "i.c hundred mi m Tr"m Washington imm?<!iate y on 'he PoUtOMO, and in lu'l vi?-w "f 'he Ch^flap ^ake H+\. H.d fjunnn [o- fin- U??t r?. Soft ?;raim. Sne<?pri<>ad, Mill other Fish, and ca lly aice*? t.Ie l> the *:--aiij ^oat< plymc hstti^B Washington, Hal tin re a;, Norfolk. The umWouned tia* ma >e attdri n* improvement* in hn Hat1 IIoiin'w and ttia.j ?> improvemccU ti> tli^oomf 'rtt'd (>r:.>?infr,' f ' * <u* kt4. The oannot Ix1 mipawd. >*.*?iid A :ic'4ug and ? PtitivfFiikuw au<i Hai'iug Hoal* Tf** of 'hart*'. r?kM ?p\rM no fjwnn" i pro ri<iinc a go..<i Cotii on Hand or iu :aur.g in h;t at >e* of ob*W'?> \V.n-?." ?.Secar?. .tr' for ib ? wi'M wuh to fa,.-' > > *'idt * rrtirtnl P aoe wnere thaj can th*ni?-r?*? at tio^ne, there I* Lot a ui'?r? p,ea?..n.t p ae > in the lintt ?! Th- proprietor pe''*?* Inn.-* .fen P"th u sh* I b* eft undone nil hi* pari t rend'* t .em to. Term- :or t. >arii: #1 .? p i^i than a v"*: f >r n Vr_--r tim-. pT < ay; Jy1 [>?r month. Person* to aridr ** th- rro pr.etor ?i 1 direct to ;-&r<itown. fct .Var?'. joint* . Md. je8 .'m K. J. MARSHALL, Proprte* It Tin:ONLY PLA^i" ^ rtl l T T U K TIME S. HARVEY'S Fi?h and Ov?ter Ekpr?w. arnvint d?i:y from the North and South with the following delicacies: FRESH SALMON, CODFISH. MACKEREL, SHEEPHEAD, HALIBUT. TROUT, SEA U ASS, HOG FISH, SPOTS, BLACK Fl-H, TAILORS. BLUE FISH. LOBSTERS. HARD and SOFT CRABS, CLAMS, fto. And a constant *upp!> of Florida Reef GREEN TURTLE, and th<r*e fin<* Ur*e Lynnhaven Bm> ?PICED OYSTERS a il peraoiis w ill find it to iheiradvantareto jrive iijc a<-a.I beTore gortik to n?ar tet. a* I have ev r? facility to ?ell lower than can y? had in the city. All oriler? tliRnkfulh teneivml kn<l promptly de irered to anv part of tne city free of eharre. Depot?2?1 C ?treet, between 10th an<1 llth. Jo 15 Inn T. M. HARVEY. Agent. m r? " ? ? IIIUAIAJ: BAKUAI.NS :: I) GREAT BARGAINS!!! Seventh atreet, acknowledged to be the ch apeet umI bast place to bay Clothing Furni?hing Hood*, hat* and Cap*. Owing to tji<> >ea- -,t\ of ino;.-*. MITH, S'n. 460 ScvenU *t.. opposite the l'o<t llfiee. ha? determined to soli hi? goodx 15 per cei*t. e-s tlian any other liouae in town. Drop in and tee >ur neV supply of Spring aud Summer Good*, at tutor.nhl> ft !.<w p-icen N. H. Just received St dozen of 10 eent NECK nts. C7" If TOO wish to keen iwl ?lrr>? ,.-.1 l - r ., - -. inij rnc uf <>uf thin Summer C'?at.s, or the Patent Ri',er>ible Summer Coat. at SMITH'S, No. 460 Sev>nth *t., opponte Punt Office. A larg? lot of tir.e ijjut*' Shirts and Collars it very low priccs. at No. 0>U Seventh st , oppoutrt Post Oinoe. JO" The Ribbon Tie. Val* Tie, Aurora Tie.and ill sorts of S't?ck Tie*, at one-hall the usual prices, itSM TH'S, No. 4*>ri Seventh ?t. jeU-lm 1. n. SL1GEK &, CO. GREAT REDUCTION Is Prices or SEWING MACHINES! Th'* Maohine* are acknowledged the be?? in use. Tor fatnly sewinc and manufacturing purpose*. Family Macutue ? Letter A (for family or light mauufaoturnu purposes) r?i uKcr - $90 Siugcr No. a $100 Twist, Needles, Cottou, Oil, Ac. WM. H.GLOl'ER, No. 3SS Pixnniv^u Av.. je jft-1 in 1'nrtwr National Hotel. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. K. R. DURKEE A CO.'S SBXJXIOT 8PIOB8. Guarauteed Dot only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat ground from fresh Spices, selected ana deaned by us e*p"P?*;j for the purtoM without reference Lj oust. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, [lined with paper.) to prevent injur* by keeping, and are loll weirht, while the ordinary ground Spices are almost invariably short. Vve warrant them, in point ot strength and richness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, as a sinn* triai will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by n. n. (Ftnikbr K CU., f? IS if.M 1*1 p??rl at.. Niw ? ork. Pl'KK OLD RVK WHISK V.?On hand aevera brand* of Pur* Old Rye Wht ky. Copper Diatiil*d. made by the moat reiiab e dutnieia ir P*r>amlvania, Maryland and Vircinia, warranted pare, Aleo. imported Hrandiea, Henneaay, Otard, Dupuy ? Co.. Jalea K?bina, Ao. Alao, Peach a?.d Arpje Brandy, pure Holland Bin, oH Jamaica and TU. Cm* Hum, aud Winea of 'very vaue?y,ali ot standard brati'*a A choice lot of Cigar* aud Tobacco. YOUNG A KEPHART. Aeent#, n.p M-W 2*9 Pa a*.. betw.sth aoo loth ?t?. L1 K A N C I H HAKPKR, I H*ViS?; OPKNKI' * FAMILY GROCKRY AND FKKD STORK, ('vthst cj \ete York ar mut rmJ 7WA street. Respectfully aolieita the aatroirtme of th?ae who m JAv ItO 1II tr?nt nf am ?L--i^??i?? " . ? mtibic 111 mroiMvr hup. n I en<l"avora shall b* to ami by a atrict attrn tioji to the wanta of the public, he hopes tonierita share of their patronage. His tock consist* o| ever; articl" usuallr to be found ia a fcrst claa* Farailv Grocery and Feed gtoi?. ma 17-tf L'RENCH LACK MANTLK* AND POINTS* F Para?ola, tf uu Sh *d?s, and l*uu Un?'>r"Has. Thread. VaVucinea. swis? and Catrbric Kdginca, H?uiton. Mujpu e. ana 1'renoii woik?d Ceilaia, L'n?n.a <""*nr rto, 9w'a? aud Thrjfcd ?"ta. Colored TvIUm a. fwiaa, Can M?. Jncimett. Mali, NaD?o -k a?d p ?i?i Nana-.ok M^altrn. 11 i ter*, ()?> a, Oauitla ta. Blaok r*||fc Mitts, to, Fo male low by je27 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. CI"*; -A PKRFKPT, NEW. ROSK U'L'OD J! I ' OAse, iror-frAmr, bt4u.tifit't>oe I't-uNO offered frr *'"5, for a few JOHN ?i.I *,nii p?. av PI A \' *3 FOR R 'NT f,..o 1 .1 .1. ? ? - "T ni<>ritb. Ainu, (ri?t tuvaMa* a S**cvn< u%-?t p-au.g j . >0 ru KVTS ST A > P .?r \c)tTEA Have heeL rnaeiveo. I'* u? jte^llenj^ prior Mi cuta ?<>r p..u ut by etawt or rthcnriM. \v? fmr our naxt *ot ? .It aoit u? u.ore n ?? ?. KING k BI'ROHEI.L, nut 0 mt. Fiftowirt * *n<3 *t. P notice. KRSONtS D*?)iniai housekeeping or baring a urplat of boaask -Id effect* du fco<1 ready sale by oaifiiM at IB? Karmahmg Store, 4*49 TUl atraet, be t ween G Mid B street*, Mat aid*. %? a !>m mifMif.PH BI'PBI-T. A. LA R G K I x>f F or - i t n and AwiM, foreaJa atnaif prioe far on* ?wk oaly, at tha Mi"ma?* W. G. MKTZEROTT T THE WEEKLY STAR Thii umU'B( FMilTUd >?W| Joirttl-Mi' lair, int a irnwr ranrty of interacting raa<linc tkftft ofto bafocnd in My am NatardaT Moraine. Tm?-Ou?, tmrmrtmUf. ? mdrmmct. &af.? par tnuB . ~ #1 ? IiMnr yiM - S p*<MM ? ? B? so^wonbinf 10 elate rmiMd aMong aatghhora with ui ti.a of ? wfti *i*at. a* w: ' b? p To^iT?-d * ?oro?nt of 7>- ?"''n vi?? ? ha ?Md. It invftrtftlMt ?o?l?iM tha *ft?hi*ir?na Neva" that Ui mm Tkt CrMMf Stmr <*r?? W? to g*n*ia '!y tiroaghoat tha ooaatry. CT *'*?! ?* ? iin wr?rr^r?' ou ba jrooarad at utaooantM. imM-diatajr a/W tha laaaa of tka FM". Proa?THRKE CENTft tnr P 'limuin who art m ager.U will b* miUwt?4 > ooron??ion of ? onu. FOR SALE AND RENT. AT PRIVATK J?ALB-Orrr?W# Lmirf.< -m Mcni/mmtrf L'immip. M<t -1 Mi authorised t# dmpoftool ai priva e^kir. in lot* to Milt, a t;a<-' containing US * r?? . f cood land, ?itnat?Ki on th* C. * O. Oti.? . a ini*? from (?dor|-U)wi. L> 'U entire length- and divided l>j the WuhiniUw aanednct. It ha* two landing * ; wftrahout*. atore hoiiM. and other huu, inr* ; w*U woodwd a*d watered ; with a oountv road I ad u to Rn?kri!>. Alao. a tract containing ili acre*. well wood< d and watered. Titie eerfect. Tcrmi :it?era. Applt to THW. N)W|,|^(}. Auction aad CwnmiwiKr Merchant. C?ort?to>n. je i?-eogw MttNTOOMEKY COVNTY P?HI 1*1 e have for a t IKtmot ocr tin drad acres of Land Jjiag on tk* PctoaM, bIIm from Oao'geU'wn. D C. Th? Wulit|t?i A^n uot and ?i?e of tk? fcne?t road* in the ooontj yw? through t hit lard, and the mo>t of it ja e?r*r?i with a*<4 ?? - ' - * -1 - ? WU J HIT- *?>TTT?' P'T linn in WP i . Ol U? ?' ! ? % itr. to BARNARD t HCCKKY. A??t.o?*?f, IJ?ori*tnwB. rtf W ALL A DaRNAK l>. Am tion**"-*. wMtiiMl'Mt m? SI 1J?OR RKNT-A two ?torj BRICK HOl^rTa* Mumnri nrfnn?No. 4<l. rn-en on the Irt of Jilt next. Apply ?o |) A. ? ATTKR STO\, N?. 4?i4 Moconti utrert east, or ISO K?* eutii fTcot weat. je Veolm* rlOMFORTARLF. RCKJM*. with or withoni HtMirJ. can l>- ol taiti??{. on moiWftt* term* ?t 4*M? K ?t.. Iwt? f^-n .St* Mid Ktli. Tal>iA Ku*<t?rir wi?fc cool Konit. IS ?* buK Kh * I'?Thrt* liRtCK on* <?ti Twelffi ImIvwi C ?wl D;on? o? th? corner of Twelfth and H ?t?. ; and oa? wi H. I? tWM>n lJth Mi?i 13th ati. Inquire of JAMK> W '< ARKKR, on II atr*et. Utwmuj UUi Mil 12th No. 4-2S iiiatftf FHOK IKNT?A tbro? story FRAMb HOLBP. on hleva^tli ft-e-t, bftwoeu I tiid K Ii auir* of M. ?NY??tR. At the Klumt.iaj a.<l Ou FlU M F,?t*fo'i?hni nt i f C. 8i;y?i?r, noxt door to tH? ?*? Oftf* IWAtttf POF SALK Betwf'n 7 and lOfM ol I.ANI) I ( jmr w " I.1 e? t P *rik R'ful. 7 h at. ai?>u' I ??..'? - from \Va*hin?ton?a bcaatifu! haildtnf nit#, <>r w II !iv-?t-?1 |??r narket ?rd?n &ppl) at No. H Agency Block. cornel MvMU and F ??.. W'??h i Of too. _ K !?! >* I/OR RK>T-TV" t'ueo ntor?-aiKi baeemeet BRICK HOI*S*K romer of sii'h reet vmi H-ui F ?;rnt nortii, one aquare Irtxii the Patent and Cit> P^t Office*? t?ei?* ? m ?>f th? fineat ao-1 h?althi"*t |o aUoiia in thw city It i* arranced for a *t>re an<1 dwcllinr; ha* a bake oven attached. Will atiit a t??k?r or eotfanCl wr. PoanAaion uu th<- I ltii m5t. For Win a. he , apply to GEO J. St-1 FFFR UK, at Jackson, t Co. V.t Pa avennc. )?lt-tf 1/OR KKAT-Thr?* Srat cia and recently ? built foaratoiioa hi?h each. hand tiniahod. an<l having all the modern unprova incnta. kuch as vat'-r, La*. ftc? m ?n? of th" v? * hn?>t loeationa in thositjr?on the corner of Third wt . fWW ' u VI fci.i uu ai . iw.b m twl * . .? . *! ' do niir, s.i'i vl'P*'r I v* Viir \ (ftp t->1 ?r<>nrv1a Ai.? lie wi?Umg to rent a fine dvrii!U will tiii'1 thI? a favoralile*. a* 1 dt>mre to r?Mit tlK?m iiniiiod;ar*if . and ? i!I rent them low. Inquireof P. \V KRrttt'NIXO. jel-tf LH'11 SALL-A f irat l*r(iin, fnur acrtaof f(l t . p I -.! 1. \ V I). well bii it?(1 for a mark* t par il?n. Willi new dwelling hon*e with four rooms and kiicluti ; wei! of fine water i? the vard ; under iiHKl ft-n<*ir<. and will tw *old low or eacbaoced f"' cit) ff'tteily . and on moderate t*rm? The land ? at Ha I'* (Vm* H>al?. two and a haif iniiea from li?<>rr >ti'?ii. and in Alexandria count), Va. Applv to V. I*. COR IJKTT. over Muk of W aahiDstou. ira 12 tf IjV * K K tN I ?A m a i HTOK fc.Ooirer of 6th at. r and I'enn. avenue, under the Clarendon H"tm, icUltlt lur a Urbtr't iaix>n or oi?ar elore For information intclre at the Hotel. ma' ?_ IPOR RK NT?The FiR?T FLOOR ofttMtui,d id( immediately oppoeite the west wiut of the (Jit; tia:.,r*oently occupied br ChU. t*. Wa. anh as an utfioe. Alao the front room in the eeoorid story and the third floor of the Mmt bviidiac, For term? apply to RICHARD WALLACHTno. 4 Loiui?naav?nn?. _ ja 13 tf SENATORS. MEMBER? OF CON6RICMH.? Two apleadid auite* <>f ROOMS, exactlyfhrtuahed, wilt t?e rented dnnnf the aeeaion of Con cr<???. in the moat <>mrahle iooa.ity it this oify. m-iok within one or two HUrM oiB < wi|i and Mauosa HoUl*. Thoee la puranit of mc: h<>?m? wiV, do well to niake early app.ioauon at No. M* 4th street. between D atreet and Pa. a?. de b tf I/'OR S*ALE?A nioe three atory Briok HOUSE. I on 2d atreet, between D and E atreeu, it Rib a'a Subdiviaion. The above property ^ill be I on ra?T terma. Prioe made known by iwair in* of HAMILTON A CO., No. *6* tU street, oppoatte Centre Market. Title perfect. I>T tf EDUCATIONAL. O M M E R OIAL COLLEGE, J No. 47? Seventh *T., (Jppv>it< thf OtnercU Post OJkct, Wa.'kin.i:cm C*iy. Arnvrian Pyatemof Hci>manahip, B <~>oc kaapin*. Meroantt<e Forma acrt Cai'ulationa. BuainaaaCorre?po&?ieno<?, Billa of Exehante, Current Bilia. Conmiaaton Sa'ea, Gran.mar and Arithmetic. iETA Pr?p?r?t.iry Claaa ft?r Boya. |T>- LAtliea will be instructed id fine feuu? IE R.xxna open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For tarna apply at the Rooma. rn* ??-In WM W. VOI NO A CO. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 Ntw AiioeimiiT. This well known^nd popular t?eminary, whjoh na? ???ii so kuooM lu. un<i?r the entire ^areor Nri. Z. Rtenarila (or more than ten vears. will be om*1 on tli* first Morula) in September next. under the united supervision ami instruction of Mr. and Mrs 7. RICH 1 R Itt*. in the weil arranged and deii?ht full* I rated I'nion Academr Buildm*. For partie ulars. see circular* at all the Bookstore*. maS tf \1 MRS. McCOR t lCKti HCHOOL. * I Rt*. McCORMlCK desire* to ir.form Itm friends and the public r*nera!i* that*tae wili nwai the duties of her Hohooi ontlMlit Monday is Bop trailer next. The ooarse of unay pursued will oompnssall U>? d ranches requisite to a thorosfh E14IM mm* Ufa lc addition to ber da? seao a-? she is cesireos of roceinni into ber fkmily a few pupils as bn*roe-i aced from in to l< years, who will t>e ua?r bar tamed iats oar*and overturn. Her arrangements lor th* aoeorrir ocaoot acC due oar* of pupils have boec oor.?.6?-a.. ? ncreae*^ and otherwise improved. Tnoo* id Wuhititpr particular mformatjot w.U. 'efs-eiK* w> hur a^lwiOi ?& !? ! ?A U7 H VAJUAW B A A ttefer. ? For tern* Mid fortner paruoalan apply at km reaidanoo? No. SA Cmmdb ?ti ?C AJasftocria, V&. It f?-tf trunks; boots aniTshoes. I100T8 AND BHOK? TO SUIT TBIS l> nam. Wo aro now manufftctunii* ?]| kind* of BOOT? and SHOKH, and cor?tantTV rm? i nc upplj of eastern mad* work of ever* de enptio1-, mad* express? pooHor, ana willwHJ be aold at a muota lower prioe than liMbM* Pk heretofore charged ia this oity for mob laNrlor artioJea. Peraona ia want of Roote and Skooe of wtm or etty made work, vill al wa?a find a rood laifimt id store and at the invest srtnee (iiw is a sail. GRIFFIN * BEO.. 114 Penney I Elegise. gOUTHERN TEUNE HAN^ACTOET, . Omsite Odd Fallows' Hmll, ITc/4m?m, l> C Travelers will stadv their interests b< e>amia<nc my TRUNK*. VALICES Ac . More par mm chsiii.r elsewera As I ss? none bat tlnHM bast material tbe market affords anJ ths b?*' workmen.! oan o.jLiMeotJj r*o. u.msad my work to t* superior in Simnl ar-d DvraMJstv to Trucks that are made id oth*r oities aad sola Mrs. I k'" f constantly uu hand, aa<: uisks to ?r<i?r um one week's nutios) eyary d?*Mj_pt?os of SOLA il?JJ "(Til ' ? rcTrinU Ac.. R pur*! um) Covarad, laft vorfcmanlike manner, af short notioe. Truck* d<<!iT*"?<? in any part or tha a?ty, Iimb? ?" "J rAM1Lr de U-U JKMW S. rOPMAH, 1A 1 11-4, and 11 4 eup^r Linen Mheeeegs, 1 *!" *? 11 4, wd 17 4 Cotu-a ^h^ tlnft. Rio: ard-on k tVwjV Danbar k. D.-kiiieon and Kark!ie'e*ar*r Prontiaf and Phvtin* Llacba. Toweling* in ran sty, *V*at> r lj as.* and N*him, 1>? nupo'ic makae It>aert?d Cotton*, MP fiw? U*ii at eenta. 2' pi- >-? Whit# and rv?,,>r*d ntMla, Ijmdf*' and ?mm' White Cotton Boca, Wfcit? ' tn ywi**T rwwhnoaiM 9y1mFd inrr r.nd Imeartiria, H. ?' on,i?u?px.ff *fw1 French WoS^ Cv..Ma. f*U! L uibr* MjParaw l? and " *!) Htwlea, *i!k and FrtuA Ia? MuIn, Mlk Mtta. *e. Ao . reoalrad and for a*l? ivV ti| _ JMJ 1 TAYLOW A BUTCBIEOW. A ? WM. T. DOVK A CO.' ... PLUMiiNtf. GaS ub ?tkam FITTIN# D1AHOS.?SKKAT dAKUAJVS-na. K?m? I Truu b??t orim. fu* t~ ???jS5rtssris5ias.'&A vsWWB y >^vftSrigfcir ? . in mm

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