Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: i TUESDAY July 3, 1*60. ' Spirit ( the Mtrniif Press. I The C<m*tu*tum reviews the political history of Mr. Douglas and Mr Johnson, contending that mch has occupied opposite extremes on the slavery ' question. The same paper denies most unequivocally a statement of the Providence (R. I ) Pout that Secretaries Floyd and Toucey are in favor of Douglas The InielligtnetT, in view of the approaching national anniversary, lndulg* s in " Revolutionary Reminiscence* *' C~?" Four of the democratic papers In New Himptb'rn will support Breckinridge, to wit:? The Portsmouth tiaiette. Dover Sentinel, Concord Standard, and Manchester Democrat. IET The Great Eastern wai to be opened to the public to-day. at oue dollar per head. Two other crew hare lost their lives since her arrival, one by falling overboard, and the other by falling through the wheel-house NMMli Capt Van Vliet, U. 8. A, la at Kirk woods' Senator Douglas (says the Hartford Times) Is on his way North, and ft Is said he will stop a w?-ek or more at the Sachem's Head, in Guilford, ?;onu a cooi ana popular sea-stae resori. n is also reported that General Lane, the national democratic candidate for Vice President, is booked for the same hotel, as are also Col. Orr. of ^outh Carolina, Hon. Krastsis Corning, of New York, ltd others. Thk Powkk ov Mmiciss over Disease ? We know of no better illustration of this fact than the wonderful etl'ects of the Oxygenated Bitters, in eradicating from the human system dyspepsia and all functional diseases of the stomach, and restoring impaired digestion it is no new remedy. Ten years of trial by the public has estab itshed it as'a standard medicine ; and no f :mily in the country should be without it as a sate and sure remedy with both sexes in all aires. In our large cities it has t*fi> much used by the regular pb ysicians, and is indorsed by borne of the strong?*t certificates from well-known individuals. For ale by all the druggists? Weekly Nvrellette . Spaldixo's Pkkparkd Glub, tbe same that Van Araburgh glued his lion together with, is doing wouders hereabouts A boy up town glued his play wagon together '-wrong side up." and the glue dia its duty so well, that the wagon had to be brokeu again before it could be made right. Springjitl't Republican. 1Smith Krve, of Peoria. Illinois was fitally shot, on the JUth, by Charles Carroll. The two bad had a dispute regarding the settlement of their accounts ID""Enoch Bartlett. the noted horticulturist of Massachusetts, from whuiu a celebrated varietv of pears was named, died at hit residence in ox oury, on tbe -i5th, at tbe age of al years CI^The chest and left arm of a human bodv and a part of the abdomen were found on the wedged In between the rocks opposite the American Falls. Niagara. The remains were much decomposed They were probably those- of a boy. if~7? .Mr Geo D. Canale who has been appoint ed oy the President as Consular Agent at the port of Patras In Western Greece is a Greek by birth Tbe Boston Journal states that he* Is a master of the Kngiish language and that he has gained quite a reputation by his translation of ??reek poetry. |?7~The Auburn Advertiser, of the-Md, hints at tbe suspected elopement of a gentleman who has stood high in social circle in that city. He left Auburn two weeks ago. and haa not beeu beard from since. A widow lady, quite attractive and beautiful, is also missing, and it is surmlfceri that fK?- Iwn k ? Mv . .. v auun ?UU?* OVIIICIU I Il?* IU WCIl other's whereabouts JIT? John Biyhams, an employee in a brick yard near Detroit, absconded on the 21st, taking with b:m uot only Mrs. Kiley. the wife of a fellow-workman, but her child and mother. Mr. Riley pursued the fugitive* until be learned that they had taken the Toledo cars at Grand J unction, on their way to Scranton, Penn , when he philosophically returned to his deserted home Mixixg Flcrrt i* Caxada.?A copper mine, said to be of exceeding richness, has been discovered at Acton, O ?., on the Grand Trunk Kail Koad, and the inhabitants In the vicinity ar? wild with the excitement of expected wealth. The ore 1? said to contain about sixty percent, of pure copper; and the mine has been opened within twenty rods of the railroad, and Is forwarded to Boston in a crude state. ATTENTION,. OI.D GI ARD. The ex incujKcri oi i;ie w ashington l,uiit infantry intending to visit Fort Washington, will be punctual in assembling ( as por resolution i at the lx>at, foot of Eleventh street, on the morning ol the 4th inst., at 8 o'clock. By order. It* rV-*=?PHEMX BUILDING ASSOCIATION iJJf W ednesday being the 4th of July, the rsgn- I !ar mon'hijr meeting will be held at IVmpeiance Wall on THURSDAY" EVENI NG, at h o'clock. j> 3 it T. M. Hanson, sec. (Y^=?TIIE THIRD ANNUAL COMMENCE 11 Sf merit of Go?zai;a College will be held at trie Sm thsonian, on T H U R S D A Y E V ENING,the5tn instant, at 8 o'clock. The public aie invited. jy 8 A' C. H. STONESTR EET, Pres't. (Vy-HKLL ANI) EVERETT.?There will Ima meeting of the friends of Be l and Everett oil i'HURSUA\ EVENING next, the .V.h in*t., rt Temperance Hall, at 8 o'clock, for the pu ? ! completing the organization oftiie Centra! lieltanil Everett C.nb. All persona friendly to the cause are invited to cume forward and take part in th? organization of the Club. Several able advocates of tne cause will be present to address the meeting. je 3A5 2t fY"^*SEVENTH WARD.?The regular monthly LL_3 me-ting fir July, of the Young Men's D-iuocratic Club will be held THIS (Tuesday > EVENING. Officers will be elected. Br order of the Pifisiaimt " = 11 (Y"** NOT ICE.?.Members of the Lizht Infantry LL5 Battalion. ComMUM A, B. and C, wiio in tend visitimc Ko t Washington during the encnnip merit. wiU call at Lieut II. C. Purdy's store and obtain return tickets. By order of jy 2 F.DW. TOWERS, ({nartermaHter. FOR HIRE-A COLORED GIRL, (ulave,) lb ) ears old, suitable for uhaiutwrinaid or iiurxr. 1 nquire of Dr. NE\VMAN, No. 7b K st, went of the_Clrcl?. jy 3-3t* FOR PHILADELPHIA.?The ateamer James Jerome. Captain Jerome, ha* ar- * rived an?! will receive freight lor the^^4?^Q^ ?!> port, to sail on Fnday morn ?n?. Apply to _Jyf?K5 HYDE k DAVIDSON. C-'HAMl'A'iNE TRAPPED j AND WOMAN PUNCH. The above delicious beverages wil. be >erve<l up daili fur lue remainder of the season, and?in order to ensure prompt attention and ratitlaction to my fru'nds am) thfr publio-ON THE EVENING OF THF. POI'RTfi Tk.>? - . ..v CMIIUH win ai?v 00 th'own op>-n lor visitors uii this occatiou. C. OAUTlER. Pa. ?v., 1' i Intel.) Betwwyn IJ'h ai.d 13th i?ts. LM K E, F I K K. r POTOMAC WATER. I an sUll encated in the PLl/ Alill.NO and GAS FITTING Bl>lNE*S>at my old aland in Philharmonic Hall. The advantage <>f bavin* a pi ?ntiful "apply of wat^r wa? r*adn? observed at the fir*of t <>sierday. as i am well sati fied I should havr b?t n ur:i?d out but fur the bountiful supply upor m< premise* and th*t of my neighbors All orders for the introduction of WaUr and Gas vtU be prompt'j attended to. Term* an reasona hie as any plumber in the city. jy a C. SNYPE*. N[ No. 663 1 OTICE OF 1 HE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OKk'irK PBliM Ul'i uow ?"* _ __ . ?v*?* m v *-*<jva v r A Ij'>5 OP ST CROIX, IN THE SIA1E OF WIS cr.>?8iN. In aooordanoe with the provisions of the act 01 Cong rree entitled "an a*t authorizing changes iu the location of land ottoes," approved March 3d IttS, it la hereby drc'aed and mad" known that the ?Im lor the sale of pablio lands at Hudsoji, in the Htate of Wiaoonain, will be removed to Falls or 1 St Caoix, ineaid State, at as larly a period a> prattitabU. Farther aotice a* to the precise time of o!oainc the oflioe at Hadaon. preparatory to removal and ol its opening lor business at PaH? ol St. Ceo x, will be given by the Regi ter and Receiver lor the land dutrict. b iven under uiy bAd, at the City of Washington, thia thirtieth day of Jure, A. D., 1?0. By ord?r of the President: ? JOS. 8. WI'SON, Commiaaioner of the general Land OAao. I'llttdw CRYSTAL SPRINGS. t HK above Springs are now on?n to r~.? _ ? O *1*' iters mtj a-e rniWs irom Washington, Fourteen tii street and Fine; Branoh road. , Family p*-?iea *ishing to spend the 4th o( July . in its b??utifal shaded oiiesnat groves. aiid enjoy , the oonnt y air, and partake of the oooi wateiH , from fare diff rei.t aprtucs, or apeud a < aj in angling V yards Irom ihe Spring* at the Falls of Rock t roek, aeder the shad* of large oaks, are . partiou ar jr invited to i's p|ea*ur< s. L>inner ai d meala ? ill he s> rved up at ail times, . at the hoa*e or the springs, Confectionary and loe . t rt?" at oity erioaa. jj i it* bOWEi-L^BRIDGET A CO. j FLIES- FI .VlOf QF1TOES. MOWNflTOF.S! Procure aoine Flv Paper at MOOKK'S We?t Kad Drug Store, Kach e<w?*t will oa'cti 2 ?" Kick. . 1 contains no po?so i. nor doaa it draw ih*>n like ii.o?t preparation* of the kind. It catches Meaqui*OAClIES, ANTS AND MOTHS. Ac. " Use Moore's Insect KxWminatoc. It is war ^Rfc-Su- ' f WASHINGTON RtWI AND GOSSIP. No Paper To-morrow?In order to give our < Ittle army of employees an opportunity to enjoy ind celebrate " the Glorlo is Fourth," a* well as >nt of respect for " the day We celebrate," no ( p per will be iiaued from thl? office to-morrow j The Fikk Woans To morrow Evemmj.?We 1 ire authorize by Mcjor Ramsey to state that a 1 pyrotechnic display, si milar to that of last year, 1 will be given to-morrow evening, the tth in*t., , from the same place?Monument Square 1 The Pkpposko J use now of the Opposition to thr Rrpitbi.ican Partt in Nkw Vork is by no means a hopeless scheme, Jf we may be per- i milted to draw reasonable conclusions from the 1 tone of the Tribun* on the subject That journal evince*uneasiness about It amounting to paliable trepidation, In it* efforts to poob-poob it out of the minds 6f those interested in It* speedy consummation. The plan is. in few words, to form aa amalgamation electoral ticket of friends and supporters of Breckinridge, Bell, and Douglas, in proportion, as near as may be. to the estimated relative strength of the three parties in the State; with the understanding that, if elected, the whole of its members shall, in casting New York's electoral vote, throw it for whichever of the three by giving it to whom Lincoln's election may be defeated. It is by no means improbable that the electoral vote of the State inl^bt be divided out among the three, thus effecting the object of the combination That is. to nrevent Lincoln's elec ? ? I tlon by the people; devolving the final choice on Congress. If the supporters of Breckinridge, LieU, and Douglas, la New York, will unite against the Republican party as proposed, It is well known that they can carry such a ticket by from 60,WO to IIKUHM) majority. Hence the Tril/iiHt's so manifest tribulation on the subject. If such a combination can be made in New York, we believe the example will surely be followed iti every non-sliveholding State wherein it may possibly be the means of defeating the Lincoln electoral ticket. As it is regarded by every anti-Republican politician with an ounce of brains a? offering the surest plan of compassing Lincoln's defeat, it strikes us as being likely very shortly to be consummated. As for the slavehiding States, no such combination is necessary la either of them; for It is already manifest that the Democracy of all of them will so unite upon Breckinridge and Lane as to give them a triumphant majority everywhere south of Mason's and Dixon's line. SCRATCISJSG OS THE Ll D* OF THEIR COFFINS.? The politically dead and long since buritd of the South, seem to have been suddenly smitten with th?> 011(7714*91 nntlnn Vi 11 fh.. A..*. I ? hand, such a scratching and thumping on the lids of their cotttns do they keep up. While all the recent Douglasltes of every Southern State wbo have political vitality enough in them to keep their noses above water for the nonce are already shrewdly protesting their devotion to the fortunes of Breckinridge and Lane, they are shouting out for Douglas,evidently as being their only straw within clutching distance; for they realize as well as all others do. that unless they can manage to compass the overturow of the regular organization of the Democratic party in their respective .States, thev may scratch and thump on the lids of their coffins from June to eternity, in vain. From Mr. Robert J. Brent In Maryland, to Mr. Isaac E. Morse In Louisiana, and Mr. Solon Borland, now in Memphis, Tennessee. Including Mr. Herschel V. Johnson, (the ultraisin of whose intense animosity to every Northern Democrat so disgusted the people of Georgia that they some time since laid him under the turf-political with few regrets,) not a man is tbere In any Southern State whose name ha* ever been heard of out of his county in connection with politics who adheres to Douglas, except long since dead, buried and (politically) d?d customers?notorious enemies of the regular party organization in their resjiective States. In every contest of late years the Democracy have had to cintend against their bitter, secret, or open opposition to 1U candidates, and have had no difficulty whatever in electing them notwithstanding. So, we see no reason to anticipate that their Douglasism will strengthen the prospects of the Bell and Everett ticket anywhere in the South, to the extent of endangering the triumph of the Breckinridge and Lane ticket in any slaveholding State, unless it may lie Missouri, of whose political condition wt are not as yet sufficiently informed to justify ii? iii expressing a decided opinion with reference to it. Taking Watkr ? It is understood that even Mr. Cllngman, of N. C., has taken water"? abjured Douglaslsm in a letter to his eonstltuents Kvery other Democratic inenilivr of either Hons# of Congress, from a slaveholding State, save two from Mlnonri, ii known to have hastened to define his position orally or in writing, against Douglas?every one; though not a few of them were among thoi"- who worked most mischief to the Democratic part? by doing their best to deceive Dougl.s and his plundermongering "tail" into the impression that he liad substantial strength at the South Had that foolish ides not lion tixed. thus, upon their minds. Douglas and his managing council would have been slow, indeed, to work the mischief they perpetrated at Charleston and Baltimore. The public at large who know how to construe personal manifestoes of popularity?hunting public men?will of course regard the death-bed repentance of the southern Douglasites (secret and avowed) as being simply so many pleas for their owu continuance in public life There are dozens of them thus standing on the brink of political graves they have industriously dug for themselves, which it will be well for the country that they should be made to till. if but to rid the council* of the Union of much of the overload of the selfishness, intrigue and deina^oguWm that have done moat to injure the itmding of the Democratic party in the estimation of those who do not follow politics as a trade?the moat pestiferous trade in existence, so far as the general public interest is concerned. personalT MrTEDWARD UMPHREY is no longer i niciulvr of tne United Club, having been expelled for misdemeanor. By ordor of the j v 3 A' CLI B. 1 NOTICE. BEG Leave to tender my thank* to the citizens and firemen parti eularly for their efforts in caving my good# from the fit a of >esterday. < . SNYDER. It Plumber. PkilKirm..-.- u-n , . w.a..ta> IIIUUIV nail. (CAUTION.?Ttf sale advertise*! above under a J fi. fa , la to take placs nut beoauae the menta need be ta.ufied, a* 1 am prepa-ed to hln.w. 1 ahali re?i?t any ait'inpt to turn in* out of the < al>ove property, and will ahow h w ?aid judgment waa obtained I h'>pe the publio will hot become a ' party to Much a transaction by bidding. Mr*. MASY nilOHOI.AS. jy2 4'* O a reef. be?w id and 3d. Inland 1 TO THE PUBLIC. " ' HF.RKBY Fo ewam ail peraona from contract- J in? or oth?rwiae tran*actirig buMneaa with J. J. ( Ansel in the name t f .he firm of Ang?l <fc Clbb?, | iformerlv publiahera of the Rookville Journal,) a* no ?uch firm exist* f oin the date of this notice, and 1 will not be roaponsible for any debt* or contiacta inai by him. J AS. A. GIBBS Rockville, July 3d. 18W. iy 3-3f [YfADAMK MORKICR, The UutT Astroi.o- ' 1?? l,l'T AMI I" CtRf?Si JK>(/rl>W EuTttp*.? Tfci? I highly cift-U and intelligent lady can be conaultrd on th? Pa?t, Preset a?d Futnre Eveut*. Call at : No. *i05 Tweuty -Moood street, between H and I, . Washington. I Havk you* homk cool, airy and < PLKAsANT. 1 STORE AN1) W,NUOW AWNINHS. I The and*-signed respectfully inform* the public I th tt he makra Awning* and Veraudalis of Oil dyed Strip d Duck iatt color. And to keen the fl 8 and : motquitO' from your h??d* is prepared to put up in a ] ineuient'g notice a<lmiral>l>' I wosqi l 10 CANOPIKS". TheMt c&nopie* tiave man) advanta<ea ovc any others in iisf. Tee* aie graceful in appearance, , nore (paciouB and airjr, easily adjuntftl to any IP<1- { it-ad. ?ud very aimple in construct on. 1 hey are r lllkt ? * W" mmm? ? *' * Iu wm UI nrraiiKiilg HIP lw<0; <lo not scar or I rjjure the lted?t<-Rd in the least; in short they com- j >tne the greatest elegance With durability and aim- j Mie.ity. Those on'iopirt* are far aup?ri<n to tho.<? made In nea'us of ring* in the ceiling. at the ? are larger and ] wo e m > at iho t ip; also th?-. l?*d mat he removed 1 o an; part of the room with convenience UEO. Wll.l.NFR, jy 3-3t* (Int.) Upholster, 46? Ninth street. ? WO O D~! I WOOD!! , WOOD!!! ' STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the lowest H>?*il>le prion. | % . T. J. k. W M. GALT, ' 3*9 Pa, av.. between llt)i and 12th sts.. mn-Xt f vi p north nde. 4 -r> rt . i ? - GEORGETOWN. Osobsitown. Julf 3, 1WO. Can von elve us anr Information through th? olaient of ?b?? Star m to fat* of th? approprtaioa for tlie completion of the wat?-r worktt \V> i?ve daiUr lotercwirse with the busimss men and >thers of Washington and Georgetown. and find he most Intense anxiety pervading all clawes. to egard to that work, not as to who will superi*. tend it. for though all fee 1 that to he an important fiiatter, it is really insignificant when compared with that momentous question. Will ttae money be expanded and the work completed this season? \ satisfa< tory aniwer to this is of vast importance not only to the people of the District, but to the (iovernment as well, if economy is an object We wfll state, as briefly as possible. some of the reasons why, in our opinion, the work shou'd be completed at as early a day as possible. 1 The corporate authorities of our two cities have, in anticip?tioaof its early completion, taken measures to confer it* benefits 011 the citizens, by proper plans for general distribntioa -Our system has l?een in active and ettleient opemtlor for more than a year past; that of Washington is now being carried out. Our citizens, who have to l?ear the expense of laying the nnins.*and who have been at further expense iu introducing the water into their housrs. and providing the necessary fixtures, find now. when it is most wanted, a great scarcity, and In some sections of our city, at a moaeraie eievauon,arciieprlved 01 ji altogether through the day, and ctn only draw at uiuht, when the supply maim to Government buildings are shut off. What wai at tlrst a luxury is now a neceMity. and we are in constant dread of baying our supply stopped altogether, which would be detrimental not only to the comfort but to the health of our community. In case of (Ire, too, we have not the same sense of security as if we knew the supplv was ample il. It will be remembered that the water beram<v?-ry offensive and unwholesome last spring from the growth of infusoria on the surface of the receiving reservoir The same evil will probably exist in the autumn, and may endanger the health of all who us;* the water. With the reaervoirs all complete and full it may be remedied, and the water will be much purer than at present. :i. \\ e cave never before, in the working season here, known such hard times for working men, or seen so many mechanics and laborers seeking employment. Unparalleled destitution would h^ve exisUd next winter if no appropriations had been mndr; and the stoppage of any work which these men have i>een looking forward to with feverish pnxiety will be a death blow t<\their hopes, and a seriousioss to our business men 1. The disadvantages of leaving an important work in an unfinished state, and the losses incurred tlierebv. are so palpable that it is unnecessary to recite them here, nut we hazard nothing by saying that the Government has already lost thousands of dollars by delay in carrying on this work In view of the facts stated, will the President annul the appropriation, as it is conceded he may do' So important is the question tint our citi7.?ns would Lave taken some action in the matter ere this if it bad not been they have such faith in the magnanimity of the President and bis good feeling for the people of the District, as expressed heretofore; tnat they cannot be brought to believe that he will, so near the close of his olScial term, do them such an injury. We trust their confidence is well founded There was an exciting race on Bridge street on Sunday evening, ?t>out dark It appears that a man left his horse for a few minutes in front of Murphy's store, near the Circle, in the First Ward of your city. During his absence, an Irishman, who lives in Virginia, near the Litlle Falls bridge, mounted the steed and urged his wav through our street*. The owner discovering hit l??ss, started In pursuit, whip in hand, considerably In the rear, and losing ground rapidly A strap broke, however, near the corner of High street, and the horseman was preclpltat?d to the pavement. The pursuer cinic up before the damage was repaired, but the captor had become sr> attached to the prize that the owner Lad to knock him down several times before Lb was wHling to surrender it. Our friend Hitter's fine steam packet leaves here for Harper's Ferrv on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays of every week, returning on the alternate days. The trip ts a pleasant one, the boiit a good one. the charges reasonable, and the captain polite arid attentive. We have l>een rwjuested to state that the steamer Flying Cloud will not make her usual weekly trip to the Insane Asylum to-morrow, (July 4th.) as she has been engaged to run to Arlington throughout the day Those who want to clebrate the Fourth in a l>eeon>ing and patriotic manner wilt hnv n.?!r , ?J ? fireworks at Miss Thomas' on High street. as she has a very great variety of rockets, romaii candle*. Ac., which will be Mold on reasonable terms Young America will please take notice. S> e the advertisement in another column, which was unavoidably omitted yesterday GEORGETOWN Al) VERT'MTS For other Georgetown a/ivertitements te* first pa-fi DEMOCRACY.?A meeting of the George IL5I town Kemocrotic Association will bs held TlU'RSIiAY, .1th ii.nt., at H o'clock p in It is important tnat all gotxl members attend. .1 OWKXS HKRHY.Sw. K?Ah FJCKRKLI.. I'rc*. n :3 .it FIREWORKS. F IKKWORK^, NiKikf'tii, Kiwian Candles,|Tri annl"*, Balloona, Mm >,Firef'racker*.Torpedoes, 1'ueoiiH, Rlne I.iglits, Saxon Wheels, Fin wheel.-, Fla^-, wholesale ami retail,at MISS THOMAS'S. jy j-af Hish . 'freet. Georgetown. r|i BOOKS FOR PR KM I I'M 9 I UK Attention <>f Uacliers and guardians ia in\ iteil t?> a vcr> line as?oitment of N" ? w Publication* l>y author?, ?uitaidn foi pr?-iiiium?, at. reilnc?l pucfcs at MISS THOMAS'S jy 3 it Boon a: <1 Ftnrv Siorc. ?>l w | FISH! FISH? ?\i\t BARRELS Prime new KASTERN HKR I.Mi, Ml arret* No. I LABRADOR HKR RINK. 25 half-bhls do. <lo. do. \ow lanilini; p?r hri* K. Doane, and for -ale in lot* to anit customers. HARTLEY A BRO., jy 2-4t 09 and 101 Wa'or at., Georgetown. {NOTICE. -*ICEN?KS.?All person* whose Licenses from the Corporation of Ih'o getown expire on the J'Jtli inst., ar?- hereby notltie<l promptly to rftiew the saiiii'. otherwise they will Mibjt-ct th?'ni?elve* to a fine, an I the law m compulno V noon the n.-oner of. noers ol tli? tjorpo: utioii to enfo ce ?ani liue s^atlixt all delinquents. J I- jp, amwtj) in \VM. I,AtRD, Clerk. SEWING MACHINES IjADIES Are requested to cull at t^e agenc*. Mm. J xRVIS'S TKIMMING STORE, 101 Brulce atre*t, Georgetown, and examine tlio b? >t family HEW ING MACHINES in use. \iz: Laiid, Webiter At Co.'a Improved Tijht-St'tch Ma chine, and HaTl?'? Bnudon Sewing Machine. Price #?? to S?i. je 5^*1 m OFOR HARPER S FERRY. N And alter July 3d. !?? ?, th" steamer L. J. Brenele, Captain W. II Ritt?r. will _|l ^ leave Georgetown EVERY TI.'ES DAY. Til l"K "<i?AY, and SATUR-*"1""^ * DAY. at 7 o'clock a rn., and return every alternate dav. at 6 o'clortfc n. m (in n.? >;. ?* .... ?uu illp imill Georgetown the l>o?t will run through to Shepherdstown. je 21 3iu AMUSEMENTS. QDD FELLOWS' HALL. ONE MORF, GOLDEN SHOWER! EVERYBODY SATISFIED' TUF.SDAY EV ENING, July 3, On< More Distribution of bmutiful frotntt TWENTY-FIVE MAGNIFICENT GIFT* Will be Ki-.en to the patrons af the far-famed 1 hio.Ion's .Museum of Art". Anion# the gifts areGold Watches Silver Watches, Silver-platinl Service, Silver-plated Cake aud Card flaskets, (iold Brooches, G. 1<I Bracelets, Bijoute ie, iVc. All the allium articles have lieen purchased at Sfiukins' Jewelry Store, I'd. avoime, whoie th" presents may he seen, and tickets nta> also he had. Admission 25 cts. J* ^ A FOURTH OF JULY. GRAND COTILLON PaRTY wilibejiven *t the POTOMAC HOUSK. on the 4 h of m July As this is on* of the most beautiful JS ind delightful places in the ci y to ?p"nd the/^B lay and evening. I respectfully invite inyW^ friends and the piifdic senerallv to five nie a call. Excellent music all ?lav. JOHN WAKL, jc3? 3t* Potomac llouse, ^ixth 8*., Island. FREE CONCERTS! JRNST LOr'.KFLER, N*ir York arenue, 6ctWrtn l?f nn-t 2d strtfts, Would respectfully AL jtat- to the publio that A CONCERT o.'iJBS 1KLECT MUSIC will be given ever* MON tEF DAY and THURSDAY KVKNINGS dur>ng the jeason, at his Pavilion. iommennm? ?.? ?. ?? ? ? - <? v uivvft iod anditif at 10 p. in- Previous to the Concert, the Saloon m open to thow daeiring to while iwm a few hour* in the ma?y danoe. ICE CREAM. WATER ICES, and every <i??o iption }f CONFECTIONERY alwayt ready at oity prioei. Parties deeirtnt the Garden* for Pie Nie por are re^ueawd to give a day or two notioa. ja IS 3m RO\VE*S ORIENTAL BALSAM, A CCRK FOB BALDNESS AND HEADJ^HF. Tina new discovery h?s prodtic <1 a*toui*hiu(r remits m curing liaid ea?. and stop p in * r.h? hair (join allin?off. It removes dandruff and all eruption* if the akin ; a certain cure for headache, ard a de ightful wash and p<?rfume I'ricc 5ft e nt?. For sale ty ? e??r?. Nairn A. Palni?r, t'haa Stott, L. M smith. J Schwaitze.aml Kid well 4t Laurence. jean lw? [ENGINEER'S* OFFICE. ft* ESwh."!}KSHX" 8 "wbLVSJ*J8 >1 y ?t?rA?K*.litwS?p. Sa?IJS?S^;; ? Sr . 9 - r.f? ,r- * V ^NTHRACITE COAL FOR THE NAVY. nm pi rakt mist, j Burnin of Conitruction, h~v*ipment. mnd > Repairs, July 3, iWr.i sialfn Proposal* for farniahie* Anthr?o.t" Coai tor tftOjNaV , do I vertW 4a r I r ( ihe fi?ca! T?r endta* nth j?o*tK?, recei ved at thts Korean aatilfo'c!?#* the Tat <hv ef July. li?>. t Thea* rrop<>M<s unit tie endorsed "Frtfal a for Antkratti' ComL," that they mar Ve disiincuiskex from >;her fcsin<?sa jet ten Tit "fhr mmt ho for tli? de leery "f is < ? tons, of >3* I bo* and if an additional of i.'-.m# tone u demanded it u tuba ferniaheo on ike terra* and eonditions. The Coal must be ofthe best Btick M"U?t*in or Blackheath, to be designated in the oil r; of sis* suitaliie for naval steamers; clrau: ae;?c:ed > a? to l>e free lrom impurities: uamixed, of whi^h the contractor will lie required to iurniah auob evidence a? may be soUaferU>r>; and t<> he aobteet to such in?p?H*tiiin as to quality ain< quantity as th? Department may direct. The ooa is to t* delivered on t*>ard reinc itt surth ptaee in the port of Philadelphia a* may be dealtuateil b> tiis Department, aud in suob. vuwiities ann at snoh time* ai. in the opinion or ihe De partinent. the exigencies of the service may rc-| n ui re; c>>iiiinenoirrfc Then the vessel is reported ready to #?eeive car*o, furaii-hin* when repaired n?t Iwa th?n-Irtn tons per day, to be distrihat'd to each vesael as nuvy he directed until the load n* is oom plated. in ibe c -?e of taiiere to deliver the Coa1 of the proper qualitj aud at the proper tune aud p.aoe. the Department will reserve 111 tue ooutraot the richtto purchase forthwith, at the contraotvr'a risk, anil expense, that wlnoi may he neceesan to surp'y the deficiency. Anv demurrage or other charge to which the Navy Department may h > sutjeoted frw* de ay in the prompt delivery of the Ooel by the contractor will be deducted from their hill*. t?i _ ... ? i i* ._ I a i l j^i: a a a I no pi inn inix4i m iiii ???" * uBiiirrm ug uixru vkmcIi on th<> term* ami oonditiona ?l* n statod, at lh* contractor's rirIt a::tl expense. Mid without extra oharce of any kind. The offaw, *? required ?>y law, matt be n-wrnpn nied by a written {uar&ctee, nt< ed bjr one or more re sponsible porso is, to the effort that they untie tske tht t the biodsr or l>idd?r? wil , if his or their hid be accept*'I, enter into obltcaumi in such time a* may be p.e*crib?d l>y the ?*cre'aiy ofth* Na\y, with kockI and sufficient sureties tofu nish the *upplies proposed. No proposition will be considered unless aco<>m sanieil by such guarantee. T*o or more sureties, in a sum e^ual to the amoubt specified to !>e p%id, will lie re?)uirrd to sitn theemtraet. a?d 'heir responsibility will he certified 1>t a Vnitnl State* District Jut!ft. Unit"! Stntt.s District At tor at y. Collector, or .Vary j4?re?t. As additional and collateral aeenrity, twenty per cent, will l>e withheld from the (wnonnt of all nav menta, not to be paid, except by authority of the Seo.retarv of the Navy.unt-i th?conUaot alia i have been iu all reapec's complied with; ar<l the remaining eighty per cent. or other amount that may be due on each bill, will, wh-n a proper certificate 11 'urnished by the inspector, and the bill approved bv tieNav* Department, be paid by snch navy agent as the contractor may name within thirty day* after its presentation to him. It will be stipulated io the ror jjaet I hat if defau t be made in delivering the<!oaI of the quality and at the p'ace and time direc. ea t.y the Department, then, and in that ra*e. the contractor and hi* *uretie* will forfeit and pay to tlie United State*, a* 1 iquulated damage*, a *uin of money not exceeding twice the contract pries, which may iw> reoovereu ironi time to time, according to the act oracts of Congiess m that ciso provided. Bidder* who>e proposal* shall be accepted, and none other, will be notified, and a* ear!* a* p aeti cat)le a coot< act will be trantinitted to them. which th? r will be rt quired to exe^nte withtn ie oay* after its receipt at the Post Oflioe or Navy Agetev nauied liy them. Tit* rorm of offer, guaraiUe and certificate is herewith nven. bur til nf Of ft. I for we) of , State n| , hereby acre* to furnish and deliver fifteen tli' u*a .d ton* Aatlnacite tloal for Ktf>aiiie?'ii use at the rate of psr ton, of i,?4? pouu > . aironntiaj to dollars, a>id th* additional quantity ii >iemandr I, the who e in conformity with th" provisions ?u<! tr?rins of 'he advertisement ol the 3d July, from the Nary Department awl h?reto at i>en<iod. Should my (or our) off<?r or bid he aor-ept mi, I (or w<- ) reijue<t Ui he infoimed at , a>,d that the ooLtra?.t may he forwarded to lor signatures an certificate. (Plaea.) (Sicned ) A. B. i Date.) Form of fiNarniMee. We, the undersuned, resident* of . in the S'at? of .and of .in the Slate of . h*r?liy jointly and severally eoveiaut with f ha I * 111 Ufl slfQtA? *?wf * i.. - n - v <?*? !? i, uw '?u <-j l ria? in uot'" HI n foregoing bid of l?s accepted, will within Un days alter the recip: ot the contract at ex-v'ut ? he s%in? with good a'-d eutfiu nt sureties lor the deliverT of the authraoite ?o\I propose I in compliance with the term* of the ail ert sewent of the 3I July. 1W. hereto append"d Mil under wluoh it vu made; and in c?se the said kIi*iI fail to enter into the contract aforesaid we guaranty to ii.alce good the ditprence between the < li>r ofthe said and that which mav be accepted. Witness: (Sinned > C O. (Piaoe.) fc. F' (Date.) i iierebv certify that to the best of my knowl' die and Uelier the above-named guarantors and -? ? are go<>d and sutfisient. (Signature | G H. To hf s>Kn>d bv 'ho UnittH Siaif Ihttrirt Jmrltr. United Stairs District AttorHft.ColUrtor, or iiury AgtHt. jy 3 !aw4w LOST AND FOUND. ~ KKWARD.?Stiayed.on Momlav morning, July 8, a large brown \e*-|onndl%hd^?v_\ DOG. with ? hite fore fe?t and briait^^w face partly white ; bushy tail, tipped witn?^ white; hair oo the back a>d hind 1-gs very long and thick ; about one year old. The shove r?war<f wnl l?e paid r<> anyone returning the name t"? ROBKRT Jr m tTTHUVs v.. U.;?. ... ....... 4,.., ?? i?iu\ a > , urm tt'O am) 6th ats., Island. jjr 3-3t* STRAYKl) OR STUl.KN-On th*aBth ultimo, aeontl ?iz?d WI1ITK HOI>, with u<> lar. A liiHfral ieward will !>? kito any l?? one lAUirnine ii to HKNR\ Kl'I'-t&iUi* j I'KRT, IHh *t., near Roun lar> line. j> 2 3t* rpAKKN I IV M th? 1st in-taut, a larg-' r*4 I COW , with white face and wrtd-horup. Thfl rt?n?r i? n-nuHntwl t(i coiii? for? ard.^Hfc*^^ prove prni>Tt?, pay clmrreK, and take IipiAmJbm Un< CM AS K KISON, jy 2 It* Q> P it,Mir. H'Ji mi 18U ifa. 'I^AKKN '!*?On thi 2Bth ult .a lai <e liriudk'and I white COW. wiiit? I'see, with h m--. g^Tdg Tii6n?ii?r ii< reiiuerl'il to <-.?>iw? loi ward, yWi?? prove property. Mt charge*, and take lurfcA* !ivia>. Mr*. ANN SI IM'.S, 2-Mt* B Hire?*t, l?etween 2M aud 23d & F R K >VARD.-?trayed or Ktnlra. on Sunday. | July Ist.aiiark iron trey M UIK, t /tv i wars i Id. al'out lil hand* hiicli; Mi t-'n-d ok the left iihoiiidnr The al??ve reward^ will l>a ?iven to anv one re'iirnini her to m?. or 1 giving Micli information as will lead to h r rfoverv. JAS. H. SHRKVK, jy2-3t* Tth St., Iwtwt en II and I sts. IOST?On the J^t'i instant,asinall M KM?>RANJ UlIM BOOK, containing aceoui.t* with peri koiih and the Washington and Alexandria Expr?*?; lain, kill a?ain*t T. H Stillwell, of AVxaiultia. Anv one returning it to this office will be suitably rewarded. je >'-3t 'f^AKFV UP. on th*' 29th instant, a large red JL COW. with her Calf. The own?r i> g^ni| j requested to com? forward, prove property, pav charges, and taku her awai. JfcaJka j.thomsoT ; je30 3t* Corner of 14th and P sts FOR SALE AND RENT. I/OR J?ALK OR RF,NT-< Furnished or Unf?rrnulied) a three-ston BRICK DWKLLING. with large, airy roems. I'a/t of tin* lioiixe would be rented to ? sma 1, ?ent??el family. if desired. Applv on the premise#. No. 642 L *t., lietween 4th ami Sth sts. I/OR R K N T?The three-story lirowu front IlOrsK.No. 36T New York avenue, l??twoeu Oth and llth i.tre?'t*, north ude, ountaiaim fifteen room". Tim house is convenient to the 1'atenM *fhee, Treasury, cto.; is liftht ?! l?y *?? ami in everyway ?uitalde f.?r a lx>ardiii< hous" Ro- t moderate. Apply next door or to.A. G FOSTKR,No. 86 Winder's building. W'J'L STORK ROOM FOR R KNT-On the ?onth ea?t comer of Penn. avenue and Tenth itreet, heetoloie used a-, a erocery App'y at the room orofjAS. F. HALI DAY, City Hu t. iewi-rf {fOH RKNT-A th ree-ntorjr BRICK HOUSE, ou Kilt ??nth afreet, hftwm N?*w York aventie and H street. opposite S i.ator Bright ?. Inquire next door at No. 4 X'J. je 3D 3t* fpoR It ENT?A new two story BRICK HOUSE, oont; ini' k five rooiim Ga^ ami water in ever* room a-id puiitii of ? ati*r in the yard, situated on K htre? t, near We<t Market. Rent 4125" per inocth. GEO. A. LANE. l^ealer in Butter, je 3>-3t* North and C? nter Markata. a RARE CIUNCE FOR A HOM E.-Ei*htyr\ five acres of l.ig' ly Improved Land, six umI&k from W ashinitton, on which there is a i>andeoine | c tta*e and all necessary out buildings, every variety f fruit and splendid water, can be bought low, with or withont irrowing crops, and possesion given immediately if desired. Addremi A. H. C., Alexai iliia, Va. je srv 3t* ALI'ABLE FARM FOR SALE u Prmoe George's county, situated ai out 1 nile from Biadensliiirg, )3? irom the Agricnltu* College, and 6 from Washington It contains 58 acres; 9 aorea in Pine and Oak Timber. It la under a good lenoe, and is in a high state of cultivation. A or-?nard of Peaches, Apple?, and a varietr of other kind* of fru.t; FtiawT>er'ie* ard Aspaiatus in abuu lanoe. It is on the east side ?f the Baltimore a ?" WasMogtmi Railroad, <>n the Ahingtob r> ad, adjoining Col. Carter and Lawy ?r Steven*. Ithaa on >t a small House containing four roniu. <uiu fixing noun, una other outbnldints Persons desiring to purchase will il?u? eall on the premise, or at ataiid No. 370 ?*?W>r Market. 38-1 w* MRS. MORTIMKR If ARM FOR 8*LK-I will sell ray Farm in Prince George's county, Md , on reasonable t?rm?,or Mc)?n*e it f<?r property in Waaliia<tnn city. It is lAmt'es f oin Washington and a naif luiw from 8oafK?'? switch on the Washington sad Baltimore Railroad on tlie east aide: i% miles from the Agrtcultuial College. It contain* JWaorea; good buil<hnf?; three mi adows; 75 acre* in jrton; p-ar?hand apple orchaid, grapes and a nrufty of otner kind pffruit; w 11 watered; the aoil t? kind; a grist am) saw mllj witlun / miles; a sohool I mile, aii'i a lir?t rate road leading to Washington. I will sell Farm. Crop. Stock and Farming Lten*u*, and Kive pomession at an* time. If I do not tell at pnvate sale soon 1 will aell ruf at auction sale, as I in end to emu ate to the we at. I w ill aell rery low; title clear. Apply toTHOB. K. DA NT, oa the prom isoa, or to ftlrs. M. B. DAMT, Maryland arorwe, No. i\9 Washington city. jo W-W.FAT?? FOR RENT-Two dutiful new BRICK HOIJ8 8. on Eighth at net weat, betwfoa M Mtd N streets no'th.weat side. Apply to MAfO C HAI8UP.No. Ninth atrfet west.or Dr. KbIbBUY, No. 339 Pa. avonua. M>r*n 9th and loth streets. J? 12 ?w* EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS. Afc CT. AkOfUJir 5MNDAY SCHOOL. ^ rni ncp of jvl\ Tk? chi drei attkiiMfeool will ?m?>inl>le at th? Xhareh at5o'Ho?k in t?m?rn m"*cPe#rt t< Otfcata * ?ll?ri to *? ?>: >n?t .Muni' til-MSB At & <**niav<*n flfMppiicitiion iw ?11 >>| I n?Tefceher* Mu-i<j?or <1aiwi ?i,(?i"l, Oar* will *?veS?r D?foi f>r tin* x ioinit* . f t Kroantl-at * 4# anrlil a m an-i 2 p m. Return. lh* train wi'l arm# iw mnp!? tiino for '.'ieti'<? worl? Fa** in the mr* I" re "t? eash wai. J" Wits for tiif rwadtn'p. Thk stkamf.r PL1ING CLOUD having nnd?i|on? a thoroixti Mawinii- J|*j. tini. by thegover inent it e tor, ih?w r*+<tj for Fxo*r*tt>nt to tireat Far* <>r tr. any point* on Ihe river not ?*v?r 2" mile* (Imtar.t She wi u. toA' i *t i, f rtin Four nth iI mI, or any wharf in Waahiijfton at cent* for tk?* j round trip, or Uoenta for the Kindle trip, or froir MoortMrtWu.fc* w**W?M>omr?a', for roan4 trie; |o <*ent? *inc)e trip. kxcaraioa* to the intaue Aoplun #wj WF.DNESDiV AFTKRNOON. >tvtin| from (roorcet"vn at 12 o'clock m .an>l toppir* at Stone Mi l Wharf ami other wharv-n in \\ nstunft >n, ao a* to r#aeh th* Asylum hj I o'alork. jf 3 eolm JOHN MOOR K, Proprietor. AI'IC NIC CN THF. FOI'RTH OF J( l.\ near G?oricefowii. at GRF.KN -z i,Avii.iovi.'."ii?,i,(i. 4Um~xnt r iMiMimnnTrmit j Tin* "s i.*j m ir will he h?>ld lor the l?eneSt of Tr run iiiirch ??f Georgetown. |t wi'l ^mtnenoe at' o'clock a w. 1 Gent omen pa> for ticket* *? miiU ; ladie? ii cents; children If cent* j> 2-91* I^IIK STEAMER PHENIX Will makeaKraiid 1 MOONi IGHT EXCURSION to PORT WASHINGTON, TUKhDA V. the 3>1 day of j hIv, theaocoinm<<t?t<oaol faimlie*. No ardent spi lt* sold ? th?- Ixwt or a' the Fart. I ,eave Eleventh * at f o'e'nek a.m. R?'tii> nine, leave the Fort I! o'clock at night. Round trip V> cents ; children hall price. jy 2 2t? K A. R'S THER. CapL d* FtH RTH UF jl I.Y. " 'RANP CELEBRATION AT COLUMBIA ?r RINGS. The Proprietor of this cool and pleasant retreat respi*cituu> announce* tha' h* >.* made ext?*u>i ve ar rauceuieiits tcelr hrate the <th of .1 nly i a tteoom-\w} ti? v m * inc manner at hi* establishment. I'viti effort will lie made to atlord visitors to the Springs a da> of real pleasure. A fine hand of music will be in attendance. Admittance 25 cents, jy 2 2t* THOS. FA MKT. Th<?! fojt roN ! hi: geokge Washington monu \l F. \ T A I 4Skiin lTlil\ .... IH ? timr visitor* wrtfr nwjirt laxlllftMir . Ne exertion nn their part will tv spared to make it aereeto ail who may favor tlieiu ? ith their pres eii'f, The Declaration of Independence will l?e rea I l>\ anieinberol th?' *esociatton. An oration will be delivered hjr adistincmshed nen'leman. There will l?e several Hailoon Ascension* during the afternoon, anil a ?pl?-i??1i<t disp!aj of Firework* on the ground* in the evening. Visitors will also have one of the U^st views of the \atiorsl Firework*?the ,M"^nt Grounds being in fi II view from tb?> i?!and. The Holy Hill and U?ii engaged. All thedclics-io* of the season win l*? served u? for dinner and supper. The best q^alitv of Rpfretsiiinonis at city p:i<-es. Th? st ani packet Hpnai.d will leav < Hign *t. and the Western Wharves every ive inmate* daring the daj, frt?e of cliarge. This Pic n ic l>**ihe solely for a rhantalile purpose, all are earnestly requested to patronizx it. Tick t? : l?a<i?s and G-ent* ra-*h 25 cts.; Children 10 cts.; to b p ocured of the Committee and at the boat on the day. j a St* Grand fourth f july excursion to Finey Point, Point Look-Oat, Norfolk, and Portsmouth. The Fin?. 8afe and Comm'Hlloiis M^amer RAL T1MORK. Capt. Chuklk* K Mit ii CHKLL, ha\ in* been thoroughly overhaired and fitted vp ii. the " o*t suh-^"*rVrstantial maimer with one ho a red berth* anl fourteen state rooms, will be plao d regtilariy on the line between Washington a-d Nwf tk. mnkint two trips a week Thi- desirah e a d delimit n summer route will commence on Tuesdar, (he S>< olJuly, with au ezcurs'ou to the abo?e nan.el place. The steamer Baltimore wi!' I??ve her berth f?ni ?iwn arret t on TUli^D ^ , Vl of J a y, a; 7 oVock rl - ??., ?n vmg at'?ld I'oiut arry n???t inorrmg. lien prooeed to Norfolk and PirUir.onth. wtier he will rfinjk'u until 3 a ??i.,ol tne 4'.li. Roturn lug ah* will t.'iict at O.d Point to <-nat>l* tfte pa# aengersto wiine?i thegtabddiaplat of Fir* Worn?, aIter which ahe will l*a*e ar.d artive at Watlunctnn at II o'c oek on Thursday, the.Sth Fare for tha ronnd trip including meala? ?o Marshal a Fanllion. 9%M o Piney pwint 3.M? To fo.ct l^-ok-()ut Son Old Point, Norfolk and Portamoatta Tha Baltimore will oommei oe f er regu ar tup? on Monday. 8th of July, leaving Waahmgton oa Mondaya and Thuradaya. and Norfolk on Tu-? day* and Fridara. For farfber information appl* on hoard to Capt Cha-laa H. Mitchell, or at the Company'a Offi ja. No. J7? Penn. aienu , corner ol 6th ktrpe>t, under tha National Hotel. GEO. E MATTINGLY, General Ticket Agent Potomac Steamboat Co. ie 8fi dtj^S | int?l. and Alex Gaxette ] Twm NOTICE. HK UNION FIRE COMPANY intud giving an EXCURSION TO GLYMONT Jr?k on MONDAY July >0. Parttcolara^^4?r? in future advettiaeinent. By order of jeia.?l*eo2w THE COMMITTEE. wintst : j w**** , uutou New* Room. (formerly the H?>w?"!l H 1 * o. 117 Pa. ?v?one, between 17 h and Ittti utm.. First Wanl. To a competent person good waxen j will be givf n. jy 3 3t* tar ANTED-A yoo<l LAFNDRECT. Mow twit ? a competent person need apply. mn < per month. Al?o, a Girl, to do parlor work. ApM? t<> No. tf.'t.T I wt- >?etween ltttli and 19th ?tfc. j> ? ?f . Wm lANTfcD TO PURCHASE OR RKNT-A ? I me^ium-sii-d HOI S?. in the neighnorh o<l I between Seventh and Fourteenth street* west aa<! P*. avenue ami H ?L north. Addrea* "Hou??,'' < Star Oflioe. je*-?t ? WANTED ?To hare everybody know that Uiey cao find a Pli?? and Well Mleeted Block ,J , euth ?t . oppoeite Port Offc* Department- ap6-3m < I Md?CAH? 9#>T?ntli It., to |ft yowr HATS 1 T)1 ANOfl?fm School Exhibitions, Pio Ntoi, J*er- ^ lenad-s. orfuaily RK >T for day. wwtf% ur muuiu , opou rfa.?oa%h.? Urma > * JOIIM F. KI.LtS 306 ||ARPBR 'BMAGAZ'NK. 14CKNT?.UMU . ?fn . ?*nU IS mdu, 'SenU isoenu. if "M ?*1; of, ? NkfcWd'i wll-bHWa CIRCAHHIAN ' {?'? t5J^*-s*tc^vi! AW* * ? w* Vai?T i renpectfullv annonace the pulili that they will ?ive a grand Fourth of July Celebration, At ARLINGTON SPUING. The Amoeiatinn pledge tkem?i>lTM that good order will be preserved. They aJeo naaratrtee for their visitor* ever) couilurt and ?le**uie. No exertion on their part Will lie ?p? r?d to make it acree ahle to all ?*iio may favor thein with their presence. WITHERS' FI LL BRASS BAND. WITHERS STRI.Vi A VvVn D OHCHKSTKF . And the MOM'MKNTAL M.F.K CLl'B Aie to Im? among the attraction*. Paiwtl Salute at ^iinrike?Half hoarfiumt ?}urincr lite day? A National flftlntotl8uH*t-w4 I ire work* in the evening ; l**?Hle?i a BeauMful View ol the National Firework* at the Monument. AM th* delecaceaof the neason will l*> nerval up for dinner and ..npp-'r. Th-' lient quality of refresh m?nt? at city pnues. Cox viTAXCH-From the corner ''f7tli at. hourly. h* sta <"* c mm-neing at Da. in.; fare IS eta. Froni I4tll ?t. Iki l|* Ikiu Iy . I?y the ?*eamer l?eorg?* W. Rut-; fa'i" Ff>in the (i??rc town Vi|U'' duct hourly, (it tiin ?tia;Mr Flying Cloud; lare IS ct* . for the round np. At>mi-*iox to the Citiirjw-Car<U to Gentlemen fr?ce:it* ; l .vlie*. Children and S riant* Iree. Ht order m i' an y COM. OF ARKANOFM E% TS FEXCURSION TRIP TO C, l.Y.MONT J FLY j FOFRTH. The St^iiiT THOMAS rOLt.VKR will ntake (ao tup-to ??!? ; i<? r Pavilion Jn > II h 4tli. leaving n?r wliarf, loot of !*ev enrh st., a* i o'clock, \lexandr a M' ' * IK o'clock a. m., au?l will leave W&ghington a' I o'clock. Alexandria at IS o'clock p. m.. Riving th">ie who ret lira in Ihe evening li a an opportuut t\ to witncan the tireworka. Th?: last 'ioa? leaving tlin Ptv ili"* at M o Heek m. There will I*' a tune lnwd of inn*.'- in attendant. Mt-ain find refreshment* furnish >d in the most xumptuon* manner by the Proprittors, Metiri Jouec & Miller. Hound trip tickets from Washington 7S cents, from Alexandria6?cents , childien under 12 joais of aire half-prie*. TirkcU sold at tie l>oat Omnifont*** will Immw th? corner of Pa. avenne arul Hev nth ?t at hall'-paxt 7 o'clock and quarter t**fore fc and haltpaM 12 and quarter for fine I oVIk, lor the I.oat. je29-ul 8AM'L BAKER, Capt. JULY THE FOURTH. ORANU-PIC NIC Of th# Georgetown Benevolent Association, For the BENEFIT OF THE PrOR. The lx>st Tic Nieof tite kh^oii will I* given at A\Al.O>TA>i ISLAND. WKL? ""1 k NKSDAY, Jul> 4th. for the ?>f the poor. The A?*oci&tiun p! **!k** themiwl ve? that good order *"ill he preterved. Tlw* *'*?) cuti.\at? ? ? t AUCTION SALES. |y/"?r ??A*r StUrn. w? Jirw Pf*By J. C McflflBK * CO. AtrtioMtn 8TOCfc ATAirTK?l?,-0? TBIRMIIAV AF TKRNOON. J?l? ?. at c o'e.?ok. at Um Aiction Rconi, w* nt ir ? M,n# Cor?'>r?ti<?? of ?Va?hnvt.?n ?i> wii Mock. ?r*> ( <'7?nUK'ii of A ?s?>><in? n> r*r r?nt. CWCl , T*rma eaah. jj 3 4 J r MrfPlIK * CO., Aa<*?. 8? A. (ilKKN. AHH????r f\|KW THRKK STORY HRICK H'M ?K ?vr> I ur ?t Antinx-O* Tl kM*A V. J? ? M. I abai! ib Jnmi wl Ifc* pra?ma*a. tliot ?ok p. m . t*? rortri tw*nry f**t f*nm< of Lot Mo. ? m Crattaadaa'a mMitiwo* at a?aar# *a. fr.?M l"? op Hb aUaat *wt, ranniu* t??k W?wn and Patrfy^n, north, to a pat> c a #1, with Ilia ?la n?w Thrw ?t?r? Brick Hou?a. rontaid'qf an t<otS arraocad mnai. wiia wi> waeeg-*.* * ? tha b?ai matin**. ( ? ?b*o< in* vortmii la Ikia Oitj. 'lit* ?i? wi bf ? f Mf nmm wiaking tn parchaa# a fenaama'l i.???aa la a h?a<thr looatioa T<t? a: (>w tbird caah. I?J?iim ib ?. It I*. ? < 24 muRiii*. for o?t#? Sparine iiiUtwbi fr*i*i da? "f aaia A <Ini1 iiwi aid a 4*. d <if tr?t lat A. UREKw, <wt Bt A. URKKN. Aaetionaar. I AR6K AND ATTR ACTIVK tAALKOK WRY * ' tiotitw at Aurrioa ?I aha. o<'loiauoa ?? urL i\ki>.'lii.t\ ik. ??k >t M . 'iOiiM a. n . ??alna*iulf anti! all la aoH, * NU> 3*1 Pnid. ?*?? ?. outh a da ?* m4 ?* t:taw, tj MlUh*uiirr iui?ik u( Dry 0?oaa,o?? VMtmn, _ tnvdi. Jwni uiim tnd (Vim Puti 0tal. Lailil, U*m,Ur?| ?.<*odr. Brrik(i> ?n<l t*i k l?br?, RlatrhM ?nd Bro*ti ?h??? uj? ?n?1 **?mtinf?, |n?h UlllWHi K?brn|.|i"i. > H *vck liU* Rhawla aa<1 Minima*. 1'ndwal.iruw.d Drawer*. Lin** Roaora ^hirt*. |.i??n Hhirt And mn? n h*r (iiN>di M* nanierou* u? MMthm. Aa ib# i-midiac i* t<> * > takau down anUr? ?t"ok mnai b? ???!d * .tii' Ut r*a?rv#. Term*: All umi un?i-f tv <* : ?'* ' Ilia1an.aunt % orodit of *? and W day*. w?th appro*-*-! Bdor*?d aatM. I" aritu mtrrawi I' >?? ?' > ( ?*'?. >?? d A. GREEN. Aiat, irr*THK ABOVE H*[,K III POSTPONED m (Min>^ura?r ?(a<H h*i?< iiadf.iiiil Till Rt* DA S . the 8fUh inat., ?aine hour. A <iKKf.I*. AH" By J. C. Mottl'IRK 4 CO.. Auctioa'ara. f'l RXITl RK ami> HOl'dBHOi D BFFECTI At PrBLie Ar? ti?*.-On Tfll it ? D A \ MOKNINo. Jul* vh. at in .> at. ok at tka rw.iltoo* uf th* Hun Win. K.?v?iiUi timt, tx>tvaau H mi i I UretU, w? ahao Mil tha Furni turraod Ft) cU, cninprlamg ? Fin# I'ltnti K<> ( Wood Piano M<k1 Fib* i iano Cutw MatiOkfii.v hair apnu ??at Sofa. i>o Oivaiia. Kookmr and Farl??r Chair*, Flash Reclining Chair*. Walavt W hatutH. Walnut t*eor#t?ry au<i H okaaaa. Uilt Iran* Mir ror. Wklnut Cantor and Fanr* TaHaa, Window Mmlaa. t'uriaia* and Mfcad*?. Hruaa^ia aad thrM pi j Carp<<t?. Oilolotha and Rata. Walnut Fxteuaioo Tabla, M*h"rai ? #id??wiar1. Oak Chaira. Wa<n tit Hatraok. Mako. tany a?H Frrnoh B*<laiaaiia au<1 Wardrolwa. l>o D'Maii.x Buraau* and Wa?hatandi, Hair and Hu*k Mattrraaaa, B?Jfteraand Pillow*. Riaaketa, Corn'orla.?>uuiti#rpaiiea. i/'uuiik uinaw. Straw Matting, i^nnr*. China. <? a?a, and Cro^lrer* War*. TableCiUm*. Cuoikur St"vp iM< t-ixture*. Wire t<a'e. Together with the uvua guauUtj of Kitchen I t?r atla, T?rm? #.,fl and nnder, raeh. ??? that am a wed it of ?' and wd?;i. for Htnltot'<ri>; nidorml note*. Ixarmj inUreai. ]Wd J. C. MettL'IRK ft CO . Aaeta Bt J. C. MnGI'INK ft CO.. AuatioiMm Extensive mlr of caoics winks. 1.1v< om?, Havana Ci .ak-, Pi- klb*. IUw? Pkk?kkved Krut* a>u Meatr, Ikuh i*a?t.Scrr EiorStvbb K urrn-, H<ik?t asd S teoR,l? to cloak tii* BP"i*ie?? o* Hamilton A L?ac?.?On TUKSUA\ MOHNI.Mti, July 3. at S o coo*, at the atore of Hamilton ft Leach, a tew doora om< of the Natiora; Hotel, we Mia ?* the entire etooh in trade a?d vabiat-le More Pixture*. vtg : J ale* Mumm. F ear de Hoaz?. Carcii>ai and Rabtea Cham pagiiP. Ch<'ioe Brown and Pale London J*herr\, imported direct by Hamilton * l.?aoti. V?r? aap?rior Old Port In bottle*. Welch's Madeira, in demuohna and bottlee.a ret* fine article. Marcaui. Chatean. Lafitte, Chateau S^onlla, St. Pierre and *?t Lambert Claret Winea, Sparkling Hoak. johMn?u*r? and Mo* -? ? ina% Uri? quantity of Burguudj and Will WinM, Young*''* Ini^rMlf Knoi a Soa'a K\*, Cknidt Cidar, Hibtoert> Br?w* Stout. Alleop'a A ie, French Vinegar. Wolfr'a Sohnapp*, ^ ? _ Larte quantity of Catawl* and other Hitter*, in oaa and on draught. Superior Old Apple aoO Peach Braadia*. ia bottle* and demijohn*. Fine Hi and Wh<rkr, P urn and Gin. Kncliah an<1 Freneh Piokla*. Sau*ea. Fru'U. JaJne*, &ardin** and Vegetables, Lot of fine Graen Teu in i'ti na<i ' ea. Olive Oil. Oliva*. Turtle Steak. Ca apash and Ca ipee sauce*. in fane? ;a'*. Prune*, fickle Mushroom*, and Pottad Mrat*. in fancy jar*. Large lot of coioa Havana Cigar*, of v?rtoaa f>rai fl?. Tn'-veao, One large Herriug Safe, nea-iy u#w, I) *k*.Counter*. Glaaa C**?r. Counter Sotie*. Stand Caaka. Copper Me? urea A*. At l *'<W(. is rio>rOne fine Roan Mare, well l>r< ke 10 ha ae?*. Ezoreaa \N a<on and Hani-**, Tarnia .a*> ?.?d tinn?r "? -? ?!.? ? - er*u.t >< 1.2 ami(I 4 months, with interest, |<?r not** n"'fMtnnij ?Dii?i ??M(. |I7*Ca;alofue? readj on Friday next ^ JOH\ k. LF.ACH. ^nrvi vint' Part rmr jeK-4 J. C. MoOl 1Kb 4 oo . Aliou. ItTTflE ABOVE SALE IS I N WOIDABIY p..,tp'-u?i m.til FFIDa* Mod. ING. nth ia?i. turn hour. JOHN E. LKACH, Harvivin* P*rto?". if 8 d . . C. *tc . I 11\. <* <?.. Alio ? B? A GKKKK. AvflUMMr. Two-story and attic framk n?r.r AWT I.OT At THKOIMI O* F?>?? Wt A HALF ASP ?orm ti ST? , 1-1.AND. AT Arcn?*.?Oil THI R**tn4?y f-f Jiiljr.lKt 1 ?h*U tall, in front oi the prninieee. at oVirfk p. the to) lowing &a?.ed vaioafcle profit). vis: fan Lot N>?. 1U, in f<|uare >?. &B, with th?imp-nv?inM.U, a men con-ist of a ?< od tw?. tor; and attic F'??? House, oontaininf about * room* This property i? utaat'd at the corner ??f F?*ir avd a ha f an<i nth U e'reeti T.'rm* : 0< e fi.urh ca?li; l-a.auce in ? 12 and I* months, for noifi [i A'int i Merest front day ofialr. a - - -< ' ?? - ? ? ( I> n ? tmu 11 iruai lU'B. All ??? v?<i?!iciii( ?l tuc co?t of th<" wrcMwr $l ??f Urt pure I an* Klutt) to he pun' wli?ii the prop*rt? 1* knocked off 9h?u d that amount not M paid dowi the pro?ertv wil. oe ,h?ii and th*?-e putupu**iu an i aold u> the n?xt Ui(ke*t ln.fder. wir> ?b*. po? th? i*<oi.e?. If the whole term* a** not oomp!i?d with in flru duTt Tti?- prope-1> wilt bo d at the riak and ?.?*t ul Ui? 0*1*41.tint puiona^of, bj advertiMnc aaeh re*?ie liu?e bu?? in tne Nat 'oual lnt?tng?ueer. SARAH M ANDKR*ON, Dfvim under tho will f JO.V T KVANP. j?n8 2?w*rt* A. fttKEW. A??t MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtu* oft writ of I Ian taeia*. i?*<>ed from the C erk ? < *ce of th? Circuit Co?rt of the Dialnet of Cuiumt>i*. for the co: nt? of W?'hir>irt'>uv and torn* diroct-d, I will expoaa to pub'tc ?* . for cwk, in f out of the oourt Ikhik do >r of Mid county. on f?ATl K V. the 28* car of July n<-Xt. 1H6i, at U o'cock m., the fn'lowinf propert , to wil: All d-fie''a ruht. till*, o at? . ai d intercut, in ai.d to t r rtam build mi rrected on Lot No *ti (C iu f?iuor* No nine hundrei ?r.d fort* ui ie u-iix ;*id down mU> plat 01 the city of WmtbMigton. and levied upon %* th<* erop?rty of At-el Gricgr. *n<l will N? old to utiefy jedieiela No 3H,h> October tern. ln4i m hror { John Pudf. J D HOdVEI. I Ate U. 8 Marshal for the Dietriot of Columbia je3X-?lte MAR-HAL SSAl E ?In tirtie of a w it of fear i fhota*. i?'?ed f"iia the Cterk'e ce ol the Ci *!.? 0? ?rt of thf District of Co enibia. tm th* ooii't) ufUMliin(t<>n.Mdt" ?ne dir?o??d. I till eipo e to p>i'4ic aa ei lo< oa>-h. in front of the ooa't h<?M C d^or <? f earl noaaty, on DAY, the in h day of Jaly next. IK tt <1 o'clock ia , the fa 1 ?iu( propeit),to wit: Ai defeooaut'a : iftit. tifcr. cam. aatf ititere?t in and to a crrtai* <iw lUi s hoawerrecteo on Lot e'jht (tuaix t e aoathfti rater a (i? feat f-ur <?> inch i?t bib , ill ia numbered tar?-e headiad aad eeee?t?-eevaa. <Sn> id the eit? of Wa?hmf'on P C.-ailed and .e led oron i* the pi*. rt? of J u ma V i*di, and Vili l?* . '.it? aanafr Jadieiala. >o SA* to Ortobar (Mat 1*57, in Uxor of Jonathan T. W* kfi |.ata U 8 Martha1 for 1 utriet Columhf*. l*V-' ta ^ MITH > the P.aoe to (hit W bPR t N G aiad 9ftUMMFK CLOTHING. ind FuTnWhING^OcTrfeTat SMl^tTf^N* l?0 Horontti mi Smwmx ? %n4 F ?a4p E? NOTICE. ^IMPSON HOI'SK. ( "-iff Tentti ?traat and Peun. arenae.oo aud aJter at Jul> will I* oioatd intll lat Septemtiar. la tin interim it wiU be tiiOf iu(hl) reiMivat'l. . j*?S WM. R. WMIVON. Prape?aior._ 2ELMNT, OFF TO CLOf K Bl Sl>*fc? I ^ JOHN R. MoRt.AN wtmld raafai* ally inform ti? naitunw ?.th? iwawia-MMi lit) *eu?rall,. that ha U?* oaaatadad t#f MJ )lo?e hi* buaineaa. arxi in oritur to d? to M i H>n a? atmhlr will nWfcr hi? airtira atoefcHhia >wn make BiHtTV and 9BOIM si e*??t far eaati. ind hi? ?>?h?r c<xtd? at a'hi<?>t any price. To Uom n ? ant of reliable gu?da for wear. f would aa?, five oa a call and yarn will aot hadiaaapoiatad. ' Aa I am alMMit U> oloae mj k<u?nta??. a , aoooaaU ?n mi booka will be rendered oa or before the lat of k^n I hnriA tW*? aae.ll ka ? i * jr" th all "iay rnr+1 with p-.u.ptnewi thr'ouTfaJom due by km. J R. MORGAN. No. SOS south pi4? IV ?v., J? >4 txt ?t>Mi WMi?U. W O o U A r O A I. OFP1CR. KM Pa. At., Brr w. IJtii **r> l?.? !M?.. Mill tad Wharf loot [ A*r?Dl?*ilk *?? m n-tf M*v V't tVyMtnML jfSilf Wait EmDtii Mor*.

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