Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1860 Page 3
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a ?? L OCA I, NEW ft., LJ" IW* Til 8tU U prmiod on tks /???? tuam m? ??* tamtk / Baltimore, its *dition it m Imrgt at to rsftnrs u to h put 10 frus at an tmrlf hour; Advtrtuommtt, tktrtfort, tktmld bt ttnt in btfmrt JWl o'clock, m.; otkorwxtt tktf ma%r not ????* antil Ik* nt7t d*9 NoTTm,?Dirtnri of Cotwmbia Adrrrtiitnunti Baltimokk 80a ?r? rtttivtd M forwardtd from Thb ?T?* ?!0fcs. Crrt Uoc*cil?, July 4 ? Board of AhUrmtn.? The board met at the usual hour, Preaideut Dove In the Chair. A ^oramunlratlon wo received from the Trntler* of the Public Schools, inviting the members of the board to attend the annual examinations of th#? w.hnnic 4a H? KaIA ' * .... ? ^ wv uviu uuim^ luc piCSCHi month; accepted. t Also, a communication from the Mayor, transmitting the following nominations : roLici orricKR't. Fin* ikw, W hi. D. Serrin, Ju F Kdvtanh, John MeDermott 6?.eud Ward?Wm. H. Fanning. Joifph Wllliawua, C bar Irs G. Eckloff, Jant^s Ginmty. Third \V<trd-iimn H Suit, Patrick Gormley, >Vm l?. Rom, Jacob F. King. Fonrtb Ward?B F. Wataon. Henry Yeatman, John F Carter. Benj D. Klopfer. F'.fth Ward-Jacob Ash, II C. Harrow, C. W Arnold, George Donaldson 8lxtb Ward?F. S. Kdelin, J. S Smith XeT'iUti Ward?J M. Lloyd, J A- Gill, J. Beitr.HI 8. N. Chipley. sight rotlcr John M. Thornton. John Kidwell, John W. Caouir*. F. Scbaffer. James H. Irwin, William He Lain. John Karnes. J F Lewis. John brow* *-r?, M Fit&gerald, M McNam*r?, Wm.O'Neal, t?. Handy, \Vm Rahbitt. Peter Kraft, Alfred Hennln", John Flaherty, Richard Evans, Robert 11 il n? u ... Hoinx-a, u?v. in. 1 UUIU^VUU. KiTKMIII. First Wud-Wllllaa Barr, Dant?4 !,inkirrs Second Ward?Roger A damson ^ .Michael HUtiI. Third Ward?John Scb'te, J. Ritthmueller. Fourth Ward?F. Hutchins, Henry Buscher. Fifth Ward?Wm. T. Btifotd. Sixth Ward? James Curtain. Seventh Ward?Geo. N. Adatns COMMISSIONERS OF IMPROVEMENTS. Fir*t District?Jos K Rawlin^s. Second District?Richard B Owens Third District?Steuben Coster. Fourth District?Samuel S. Taylor. WARD APOTHECARIES. First Ward?David G Rid^cley Second Ward ?S. Calvert Ford. Third Ward?V. Haruaugh. Fourth Ward?S. R. Sylvester. Fifth Ward? J.KOft B. Gardner Si*th Ward?James D. O'Dcnadl. Seventh Ward?Charles Allen. inspector or OAs meters. Charles W. Cunningham IMSPtCJollS ASt> MSA*tRER? OK LIMBER. Peter Gallant, Wm. Douglass. Samuel B. Beyer, Sylvester F. Gates. Benjamin Beau. BOARD Ot HEALTH. Fir*? W?rd?Philip C. Davis, J B H. Smith. >*ecou?i Ward?R. K. Stone, J. E Dunawin. TUir'i Ward?1*. M. Martin, Saml Cole Fourth W?.r4?Dr. Tboa F. Maury.Rich'd Barry. Fifth Ward?(ieo. McO#y. J. P. Insole. AntU Ward? \ S Walsh. John D. Brandt. Seventh Ward? Dr J a*, fc. Morgan. Win li. Flood MARKfcTtOMMHSlOSERS. Centre Market?Wm K Spalding, W. Latham, b L Jacfamt. Eastern Market?Alex. F. BuHy, , Jan Marrrcan. Wes4em Market?Wm Brourn, ^ndrfWtteTroll Northern Marktt?J. F Divine, ;? lioiuud SCPKRl^TX.N'DENTS Of SWKlFi. Firat and Second Wards?Win Lucas. Third and Fourth Wards?W. A. Robertson. Fifth Ward?J T. Neal Sixth Ward?J?s R Wood Seveuth Ward?Wm H Hook All of which were duly referred to the appro< nnnniII? TtTlTlO^S. Of Jas Towies.for < ompensation, remonstrance of Jofau Wilson and other?, a^ai u*t tbe confirmation of Wm Higgles as measurer of wood; of Jobii F. W olf, f -r remuneration for property destroyed the night after tbe election; of Kugeue Sweeny, for remission of a tine. All of which were duly referred. COMM1TTEK REPORTS. Bill for th? relief of F. Denaisey, passed. Bill to prescribe regulations and limitations for the collection of taxes imposed upon goods and chattels and personal effects in the city of Washington; ordered to be published with tlie proceedings of tbe board, and made the special order for next Monday Mr. Brown reported back the nominations for Corporation Attorney. Commissioner of Health,' Tax Clerk. Book-keeper, and Measenger. u.ade last Monday evening. recommend lag their confirmaUoa; andtbey were accordingly confirmed Mr Sf-roaies. on leave, preaentea the remonstrate of Win. Water* and others against the unflriuation of Joaiah Beitzell as police officer f?r thf Teritk District; referred Mr U'liiaington reported from police cominitU*. the Mayor's aoiuluations made at the l<?st ineetiug of tbe Board, for Clerk* and Assistant Clerks of the several markets, recommending their confirmation, which was done. Mr Duunington, also, from same committee. , r? .xjruru UK* tur uum: uauons lor roller Aia^lStrrtea. *Jid they wcrt all conflrmtd save tout of Tliomai O. l)oi n. Ksq . as Magistrate to attend the euard-hous- daily, which wm rejected by a)e-? 7, hues 5. blank i. Ah#, the nominations for Inspectors and Mensiirets of Orain. Bran, etc . which were confirmed Also, from same committee, the nomination for ^-rtler of Weights and Measure*, Inspector of Fire Apparatus, Inspector of Tobacco, and Inspector of Flour and Salted Provisions. These were all confirmed save that of John E. Demen* fc?r Inspector of Tobacco, which wa? referred *Mck to the police committee, ou acconut of certain charges preferred .igainst the nominee in a communication to the Board by the lessee of the Corporation tobacco warehouse Also, the nominations for Wood and Coal Measnrefs, whiefa were all confirmed. .-nr. Bcuuiin, un imic, liuroaurea a resolution requesting the Chief of Police to Inform the Board how utauy special policemen were employed to preserve order at ttie late election, report their name*, and how much they were paid; passed Mr Magruder, from the committee to whom was referred the Mayor'a nominations for Ward Phytlcians. reported the same back to the Hoard and recomnieiided their confirmation; confirmed. Mr Bohrer, from Asylum committee, reported >>ack the ,\l?yor's nominations for I utendaiit, Physician, Commissioners, Secretary to Commissioners, and resident student of the Washington Asylum, recommending their confirmation; confirmed. '* Mr. Fi*her. from drainage committee, to whom was referred the Mayor's nomination for Water Registrar, "recommending a confirmation; confirmed ' . Abo, that for Water Purveyor; also confirmed. ? Will to lay a water main in D street nor to. from Hi rat fa) $?eoad streets. and along Firat street west to K street north; passed H>ll to lav a water main In 1 street north, from Tenth to lllevmth streeta west; passed Joint reaalutiou In relation to the erection of Miewalk tire-plugs; passed. Bilk to supply a detlcleney in the appropriation to construct a stencU trap on the south aide of square No 285; passed Joint resolution authorizing the Major to enclose th? pipe vard and new Central (juard-house vi ; lb a suitable brick wall; pawed Kill making an appropriation to pay certain Interest due on the bonds of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad, guaranteed by the Corporation of Washington; passed. * Bill to truu and gravel Fourteenth street west from F to G streets north, and from H street to New York avenue; passed. The nominations for commissioners of the eaite/n and western Motions of the canal were reported, and. on recommendation, wrre confirmed The bill imposing taxes for the year l-<6U was returned to the Board of Aldermen froin th< lower board, with an amendment fixing the rate of taxation at &> per cent, 10 per cent of which to in- devoted to public school purposes; concurred 111 Af?4 |h? bill D&Med Bill for the rePief of Jshn K. Reeside; phased. Substitute for the bill to bike up and relav tb* pivementand the ??ley In sqn?re??3; passed. Bill dirt* tinjj the publication of a list of Persons entitled to be supplied with water, passea Adjouri*d. . ( mtnon Board met at the usual 4our. the President in the chair. A communication from the Mayor, transmitting tbe report of tbe Water Registrar for tju; uion'hs ?f May and J line was recei ved and referred The t Dort showed the reeelnts for the monlli of M>v dtnounU-d to S?fc!4 34. and for June #3?M V communication from DrlronMdes. chairman f Uir i-ommiUee of arran^emeuts for public ?"hor?l enaini nations. w<t? received, inviting the hoard to attend Un exanu nations and distributions of premieu>s to the several schools, to take place ? the !*m, ttwmsuu lost) to turn from the '.?th of the preac-ut mosth to the MU; laid on the table. SIM.* AJIL) PCTITlOrrs lSTBODVCKD. mil making appropriation to trim and gravel n sir re* north, from Third street west to Tiber ? eek. a>?d for other purposes; referred. Hill redu< nit: and regulating the fees of the Collector <4 Taxes; referred Petit*on of J R Johnson, .iskintr the ere. tiou o( a ?Led on the north side of tiie .Northern Market-house IL.L.B IBrVlTRU Hill authorizing curbstone u? lie Mt ud footway pav# d om tbr south front of Mjwtre f<7?; passed Hal tor setting the c u* baton* > and paving snndry squares; passed r*t<i??kk or >ii.u> The bill . oneerniaff toe old aaaesameii! law*, vltrti bad t>een referred to ?oinuiltw on nuttn t*brd .naiae*>.w*s luitfnrrd tw ways md means committee Bill for the erection ??f a bridge over the canal, near Vir-jmu avenue, Uanatemd from same vum Iwe to < omioiree aa canak. > " In Jim for Ok jmucUsv of <*mUIu Ikra piu^s, treatVMS from same cwuMn to toe samuUfe* eu drainage and distribution of water ?1 Rill for the relief of lunrt Pleteher, lifcewl?e transferred to Impreremerita committee _,/ - RKSOLCTION*. "* Mr Jonea oflVred the following rcaolntiona. which were naaaad: Reftrfd. That the Mayor be nd ho la hereby, authorized to anticipate the revenue^ o/ the Corporation to the amount of Ave tfcouatad dollar*, to mett the appropriation mad' for dredging the we?i channel of the Potomac river. Rt <plTe</, That the f ommlttee on public t^booU be, and they are her?bv, directed to wcerUiin the approximate number of children excluded from 4V... n_l.ll. ? V 1- # *' - - * * ?? U9 The motion of Mr. Kasby prevailed, and the section was then passed Sections 4th, 5th, Oth, and *th were passed without amendment Air Jones moved to amend the Sth section, relative to discount laws, by striking out the fibres ' 10'Tand "6" and inserting "5" and ''3;" amendment agreed to. and section passed Mr. Ober moved to strike out the figure l,9" In the 9th section, which refers to school taxes, and insert '10," Mr Borrows moved to amend the amendment by inserting "5;" not agreed to. The motion of Mr Ober then prevailed, and the section was passed. The remaining sections were passed without amendment, when the bill was read as a whole I the third time and passed as ameaded The Board then took up the bill making appropriation for the general expenses of the Corporation for the year 1">60. Mr. Kdmonstan moved to strike out that sec I tton faaking appropriation for the payment of I the Floor Intnoitnf Ruled out of order by the Chair, upon the ground that it wu .in ottlce established by law and tha office would have tirst to be abolished before the pay could be stricken out The bill was then pasied; after which the Board adjourned. Fffk'-t* <?f x?k Storm ?Sunday Ihe wind and l _;htning were very severe In the eastern ?f< tion of the city. At the Waahiuatou Asylum the handsome trees in the front garden. soma i f them very stout, were twistetl off near the ground Twelve ot fourteen were thus destroyed The ut rjff w*s scattered all over the farm and heavy heap* Were carried down to the Branch, a distance of several hundred yards. Two valuable cows, one the property of Mrs McFadden. a widow lady, living near the Asylum, the otner belonging to the intendant of the Asylum, were struck by lightning and killed Thu storm w?? vry severe iu that section. On the river the ind vquite furious, dashing the small craft about in a manner that caused fears f?r the security of the moorings Large quantities of timber -tnd wood wer* ? ? ' 1 1'* - v u ?iviai tai 1UI1B LlHilllll^S S me wonderful stories are told, for which we have no sufficient voucher*, inch as that a man walking on a bridge with his umbrella hoisted, was * au"ht in the gale, and he ( lung to his umbrella. the frame of which was so strong that the powerful gale, by n.eansof it, pulled him through the rail of the bridge and over into tb>* river I'he man, we are told, escaped by hard swimming, but what becameof that umbrella we have not heard. The schooner Dtlaware, C#pt Gatton, of Britton's Ray, had a mast shivered by lightning and her deck torn as she lay at \Vifllams A Jolly's wharf, foot of Fourth street east. The electri' fluid passed down the mast through the deck, and esoajM-d through the side of the schooner, a little above the water-line Capt (iatton was llfhtlf injured la one arm .No other damage of account was done. Consignees per stealer Montlcello, from New York to Washington, July 3, lb60:?J. W.Allen. Alexander A Cook. J. P. Bartholow. Barbour A Semmea. C W. Boteler A Son, W Bryan, S Bacon, W W Corcoran, Corollng A Bro . Col. H K Craig, R S T Clnell, R. S. Chilton. & I>'dson. C. \V . Cunningham. C unpbell A: Sen, 11 F DeBow, \V. T Dove, I). Knulish Ac Son, J Parvin, S. C Ford, il Fa<;an, G. S Fife C S Fowler A Co., R 11 Giltett, M \V. Gait. J Hickey, S 1' Hoover. J. \V ll.irrlsou, Ho<*. Bro A Co.. Hyde At Davidson, Kdward Hall. Jacknon, Bro A Co , Johnson, Frv * Co.. J I, Kidw. ll, Kin" A. Burchell. K M I.inth!rtim. J F I.owrlng,\V H A O II .Morrison. W.Marshall. J \V Miller, VV McLain. \\ \ H Ma nek. T \V Miller 11 J Al? l>aii"llin. Murray A S-tnmes. Moore A CiMell, J. \V. Nairn. B J Neale. II 1. Ofntt. H C Tardy, GAT Parker A Co . S B arris, W.K Kilev. \V. G. Kedstrake, G D B mvy, W. D Shepherd, PS, G W . A J W . Sotheron, I,. H A G. C. Schneider, Jacob Scheitly, J S Savage, Smoot A Burroughs, Franek Taylor, Tenney A Co J. W Thorn j>son A Co., Taylor A Maury. Thompson A Hannaii, G.M Wight. James Wallace, J . BWiUcu, JCAH A Willard. The steamer arrived tbla mornintr. ntr> sMmh The Promenade Cokckuts ox Sc*da.t ? Mr Editor: Your lady reader, wbow remark in retrard to Suudav Promenade Concerts appeared in the Star of last Siturday evening, expressed a ?entiment which ought to characterise ever/ civil ized citizen of the present day. The idea of havlhg promenade concerts on tbe Sabbath just for a few laboring cliases, is indeed ' too horrible to contemplate ' in tliia age of Christianity, and the day tbat tlrat u?hera in these wished for Sunday Promenade Concerts will proclaim the painful fact that Washington city has taken at least one lnn? downward step toward demoralization. Our creator has expressly forbidden our indul^inx In Idle selliab pleasure 011 the seventh day, and when we come to break this commandment so coolly, 1 think we should renounce all claim to the name of Christians But. Mr Kditor, If inch a feeling toward breaking the SaMwth be gaining headway, 1 hope you will use all the influence in your power to put it down. You hive the sentiments of vonr lady readers In regard to the subject and also the sentiments of many.citizens expressed by a Lover or Morals. Criminal Court.? Yesterday, Tobias Clark (colored was tried on two charges of larceny, and acquitted on both Benjamin Mortimer, charged with an assault and battery, submitted his case, and was sentenced to six weeks in jail and a line of S3. Bernard Donnelly, late Auxiliary Guard, who. a few days ago, submitted his case of assault and battery upon Daniel Stewart to the court, was tn thr#**? nmntK? in i?U - 44 ? AA" ' ?in jun uuu a iiIIC U1 and costs. To-day ?The case of the United State* agt. Edmund Freuch, charged with embezzlement.wblcb was set for trial this morning, was postponed until Thursday next on account of the absence of a material witnesa for tbe defense. The court the a took up tbe case of the United States agt Win. Mattlngly, in wbich tbe defendant was accused of voting Illegally at the Ute election in Georgetown. The case was pending when oar report closed Rbkckixkidgk and Oruamizatiox.?On 1 st evening the Krntuckians sojourning in Wubingtonmet for the purpose of organizing an ?sso iaticii to aid t? the election of the candidates of the National iWmocratic party?Breckinridge and Laoe. The association will be known as "The Kentucky Breckinridge and l^ane Club of Washington City " Tbe following named gentlemen were chosen officers, *i?: Col. I) R ?l<-!tair, president; J. N. Oliver, *ic? president; 1*1 .1 t t ii... m ^ I uii I Ainu, uruurerj J . . BDepperd.' recording secretarv, aid Ju C. Currie, corresponding s-tretery. Tha meeting waa largely attended, and tbe proceeding were marked wllh spirit and unanimity, each pledging hlinaelfto uae all fair and honorable means in bis power to aid in tbe election of the candidates named. \villabd*' Hotel ?After a season of uhpreaedi-nted activity, during which tbeir extensive bouse was occupied tnroughoat with guests. the VV iltarda have taken advantage of tbe sultry seaam to close, re fit and arrangefor the accommodation of their patrons when they aball begin to ret iru to tbe Metropolis in the fall. Tbia temporary suspension will afford the boat of employees, who h-iwa been constantly employed day ami night Inr diuiim it* opportunity for rerreatloa which they will'properly appreciate. Misaisa ?An old geutleinan named Lawren on, etnpiojea i?* mr urorje jumjlor, w ? carR?nter at Kendall Urern, snddenly disappeared on hi* work yesterday, and ha* not sln<e been heard of. He Lett cuiiipltliiiug of belag ?ick, aod tills, combined with tUo laot that he la a remarkably ftUtdy aud iadnstrious man, have exi rtted ffl*n onibr port of *l? friendi of Lis well Mag. u,r t " ivr iw waul 01 nuMDir accommodation, a sufficient number of teacbera, and the coat of providing the name, and report by bill or other wlae. Mr. F.asbv introduced the following which waa pawd Htflrtd, That the committee of war* and means be, and they are hereby, directed to ucertain what, if any. additional Initiation It required to enable the City Collector to collect the takec levied on peraonal property, and report by bill or otherwise. Mr Mead introduced the following; which wax paased: Kr.<o/r?rf, That the Surveyor be renueafed to furuiah thia Board with a statement of the coat to repair the wall on the west aide of the creek, at the iiiteiaection of Second atreet with Pennsylvania aveuue. THK TAX fcILL The board then took up the bill from the Upper board, Intpoafnjj taxea for the year l*flO. Mr Eaaoy moved to amend the trat section of the bill- Whkii nrnnnc*>a w* ' "" * on every f 100 of real aud personal property, striking out 60 cents and inserting 50. The amendment was lost by a vote of 11 naj s to 10 yeas. Mr. Ober then moved to amend by striking out HO and inserting 55; agreed to by a vote of 15 yeas . to ? nays Tue Jd section was agreed to without amendment. The Id section being read, Mr Kasbv moved to strike out the amount imposed by the bUi, as tax upon assessed amount or capital, and insert "5o ' * Mr Edinundson moved to amend the amendtnsiit by inserting ?>5."' instead of "flo," which M**ttxg qr TO* ixncirm D*hoc*aTtc A*?o" cunon.?and Finai JfcssMktion?Tke Mtrtihg Divided btUcft* Do%gla? mud BrtciinruJff, amd bttmk* *f> m ? 'o"'~Ptrfonni AUeruunm betntmnikt Prrtniint of tk* Asiott+titm and n mtribtr ? Pursuant to anBttii?eeit>?iit, the memb' rs of the Jtckson Democratic Association assembled 1b large numbers last night. at Coombs Hall, for the purpose of electing Dew officer*. A few minutes alter S. the meetiuu was called to order bytbe President, Mr. Katcliife. After a few remarks relative to his authority to call the meeting together, he said: With regard to myself, I will only say what it universally known In this Hty, that I have always rallied Under the banner of Breckinridge and Lane. [Applause J 1 have rallied under that ban ner. raiif i nna inscribed npon Its folds (he equality of right. East and Wdt, North and fouth. [Applause.] I Lave rallied under tbat banner, because In fay judgment It fritters away no part of the Constitution; because it preserves that glorious instrument as It waft banded down to ua by Jefferson and others [Applause ] Gentlemen. It is not an unusual thing for a man when fighting a common foe, to turn and strike down even his friends. It Is psinful when the storm bas pa&sed away to consider the destructive consequences resulting from tbe fight; but in order to preserve liberty, it may be necessary even to strike down members of onr own family, however dear they may be Though the sacrifice may be revolting to the heart, stiil, we but sacrifice to the good of tbe common cawsc in whieh we are engaged as patriots I see here, gentlemen, a Constitution under which democratic victories have been gained time and again 1 see K assailed 1 know hot gentlemen, the motives by which those who originated thess difficulties may be actuated; but I do know, and speik itfroin my heart, that hundreds and thou anas or vou, who are rallying under what we conceive to be a false banner, are influenced by as pure and patriotic motives as I am; but you are laboring under a misapprehension, in my judgment Now let us compare notes together, and see wbo is right and who is wrong If then we cannot agree, I say again let us part, not forever, but with the hope that we shall be*eunlted again Gentlemen, 1 claim this?I claim it In the name of my common country and the Constitution, that no man, whether North or South. Kast or West, has rights in any }>artof the L'nlou, that I do not possess. Mr. Jno. F. Ennis.?Mr. President, I do not think, sir? The President.?I will hear you presently. Mr F.nnU?1?* 1 - * ?.javumv uic, ah , wui i regard idc Preside:it as much amenable to the law* of this society as myself or any other member, 1 wish, sir, to present a point 01 order. I am as ready now to eo into the discussion of the merits of tUe two candidates for the President as at any other time; but. sir, 1 hold, and make the point of order. that the tirst business properly before the meeting is the calling of tbe roll and the reading of the minutes; and that all speeches at this time are out of order. A Voice.?Mr. Pnsident, I move that Mr Jonah D Hoover act aa secretary protemof the meeting, as the secretary (Mr. Closky) is absent. [Applause ] The President.?Gentlemen, when interrupted 1 was giving you the reason why we should unite nnd a? the same time stating iny position, so that I might not deal unfairly with you. I think it is proper that I xhould let yon be informed as to niv hluftiAM llhU'uU"? ? * 1 1 __ .. . ro nas ueen mad#' to my proceeding, I will nut say anything further On motion. Mr. Hoover was chosen secretary pro tern. A Voice 1 hope the calllug of the roll will be proceeded with. Another Voice.?1 move to dispense with the calling of the roll The question was put on the motion to dispense with the calling of the roll, when the Chair decided it to be agreed to [There was considerable confusion existing at the time the question was taken, which prevenUd the members from knowing what, was &olng on: and this accounts for thf* dissatisfaction that was subsequently manifested in regard to the decision Mr. John J Mulloy?Mr President, 1 liope that the motion to dispense with tlie calling of tue roll will not prevail. I would like to bear the roll called, if for no other purpose, simply to discover who are here who were members of the old Jar kson Democratic Association. Mr. Wm. H Hop*.?Mr. President, I object to the geutlelliau participating in the proceedings of this meeting. He has avowed himstlf a I coin man?he is .1 republican. [BwimMm.] Mr. Mulloy.?I do not wish my friend to put words into my mouth. The 1*resident.?The gentleman (Mr. M.) has the floor. A man who has lived upon the suffrages <>f the democratic party his wbot?* lifetime should have a right to speak I am a democrat, have been one for thirty years, [applause.] and will continue t? he as long as lift- xuduro f Heuewwi ap|ii?u??- ] Permit me to say, sir, tbat 1 . should like to bear the roll of the <r.gin?l members of the old Jackson Democratic Association called a>evt-rai Voices?Put the question again. The President?I put the question, and, supposing the ayes to have it, so decided. Air. Drury, (addressing himself to Mr Mulloy )?The gentleman seems to be laboring under a m sapprehenslon. Mr Mulloy.?In what respect, sir. Mr. L>rury ?The Chair naa decided that the calling of th? roll has been dispensed with. Mr. Mulloy.?Kxai:tly. i renew the motion. I tbat 1 may know who of the original members of I this Association are prun-nt Tbe l'resideut.?That motion s out of order Several Volet;*?Let the minutes Ik- read. Other Voire* ?No; let tbe roll be called Tbe minutes were read by the SecretaryMr. Hammond ?1 ho{>e tbe Secretary will read the name* of tlnne [arsons who were received .1* members at the last meeting. The. Secretary read the ii?t Mr. Hammond.?Mr l'r'*sldent, 1 *ee that a larye number of names mentioned upon the list just read | Mr. Holland ?Mr. President, I beg leave to *ay to my esteemed friend (Mr Hammond) thit 1 do uot think he is a member of this Association; aud certainly not a member of the democratic party. 1 do not want to see any gentleman participating in the proceedings of this body, unless it Is evident he is a democrat [That's riirht) He voted against our candidate at the recent Mayoralty election, to my certain knowledge. (Ad piause J vv ny tie coines here to participate *in a democratic meeting I don't know. A Voice ?Mr. President, I move that no man who voted against Col Berret be allowed to participate in these proceedings. [Applause J The President ?I would ask tue gentleman !f he is a member of this association ? Mr. Hammond ?1 have been, sir, for many years, but Mr Hammond ?Tlds gentleman {Mr. Holland) has made an insinuation thatl am not a legitimate democrat. I have been a worker iu the school of democracy when that gentleman was dormant? {applause}?until he received the benrtit of a pusillanimous office. The President ?I would say for Information . that if the gentleman appears to be a member of the association we can at this time take no action in the matter. Mr. Cook ?We can only expel him. The President ? As there is nothing before the meeting, the Chair is ready to receive any propo- I sition Mr. Wolfe.?I have a resolution, ?ir, which 1 with to offer, and upon the passage of which i demand the previous question. The President?Mr. Wolfe offers the following resolution. The Secretary will read it. The Secretary read the preamble and resolution, as follows; Whereas, The National Democratic party in Convention assembled at Baltimore, did nominate the Hon John C. Breckinridge, of Ky . and the Hon. Joseph Lane, of Oregon, for President and Vice President of tbe United States; be it , therefore Ktsolval, That the Jackson Democratic Associ- I ition of Washington do cordtally ratify said nomillation [Applause] The President.?Gentltmen, upon the passage of this resolution the previous question lias beeu called. Mr. Ennis ?1 rise to a point of order, sir. Mr. Wolfe ?Mr. PresidentMr Ennis?There will be no difficulty sir; the issue has to be met, and we do not shrink from It: but mv flhiwt In rl?ln? ?( ? >! t _ .? , ? ?mi? ?u11v km w make a point of order I will state 1t as briefly iu possible. It It this: the next business, after golug through with the reading of the minutes,] i? unfinished business; and under that head comes . up the election of officers. The President.?That order was called, sir; there Is bo unfinished business Mr. Knnis?The resolution that 1 offered at the | last meetinu, to go into the election of officers is tbe unfinished business of this association. The President ?Vou cannot go into the election of officers to-night. Mr. Enuis ? 1 say, sir, that ths election of officers is the unfinished business. s* The President.?That order ?f business was tailed, sir, and no response being made, I tben called to the gentleman for propositions, when the gentleman offered his resolution. ss- C > ?(.? * ' I-* **- ? - ? - ? - mi. cuiuia ?i iiwiM iuai uiinnisned business it now in order. I did not, u 1 know man/ other* did not, hear you call for that order at all. The President.?The gentleman ia out of order. It wascalled; aud if the gentleman didn't It from the confualon It was his own fault. Mr. D?ury ?Mr. President, 1 have a substitute for that resolution Mr Wolfe?It ia out of order, the previous question having been demanded on my resolution. The President?The Chair would state th?* Siuestlon now before the meeting is, "shall tberail or the previous question be sustained.'' The Chair then put tbe question, when he decided the ayes to have it. Iff. Mutiny, (excitedly )?That vote was not Men fairly; you can't g*g me. Ttie {'resident ?The questien la now upon the adoption of the resolution Mr. Drury ?I have the fteor; I think I have Mtoit reeegulied by the Chair " | [A slight confusion, the precise nature of which uown, men I can entertain; but not otherwise. Mr. Mullov ?l"p?>n that I ask for tellers Several Voice# ?Well, give him tellers. Mr. Wolfe.?I call for the vote by yeas and nays The vote being taken by rtca rece, the Chair was unable to decide which way It was carried Mr. Koblnson.?Mr. President, I r s? to a question of order. I want to know by what aatbority tL:s meeting has been called here to-ntght. And to sustain the question of order w hich I intend to make. I ask fur tbe reading of the resolution offered by Mr Knnis. adjourning this Association for a specitif purpose {That s right ] I wish that resolution read to tais meeting, tnat every man may understand ["That's right," and applause 1 The President?I would say to the gentleman thai this is a regular monthly meeting. Mr Robinson.?No, sir. The President?The resolution of Mr Knnis had reference to a specitic time Mr Robinson .?Precisely, sir, you see my point of order That resolution placed this Assoclation The President ?Let me n? *>n. Mr Kobiiuton?It is an r-ojfirio body, it has no vitality; no organization ("That's so "J That r?solution, sir adjourned thir%odv to meet arter a nomination had l>een made at Charleston 1 knew the nomination never would be made at Charleston. *i;d therefore it was 1 gave my support to tbe resolution. Tbe President ?I be" leave to say that my friend (Mr. Robinson) Taunt of order. No one knows better than be does tbe rule* of order, and I hope he will observe them That resolution pro|Mwe<l to proceed to elect officer* at a certain time?that is, after tbe nomination at Charleston Now, no one ever imagined that that resolution was to put an end to the Democratic Association Mr Kobinson.?It has done it, though. [Laughter.] The President (continuing) ?But my Idea Is tbat the time for the holding of the regular monthly meeting having rolled round, we are here in accordance with a provision of our constitution Mr Dodge?Mr President, in order to give us an opportuuitv to come here a little cooler, I move that we now adjourn. ["No, no." "Yes. yes "] The question being taken on the motion, the Chair declared it to be decided in the affirmative and declared the meetiuu adjourned. This decision of the Cnatr caused great excitement A rush was made towards the staee. and cries ror Hrec klnr'rt^e and Douglas rang out from all part* of the hall. The l>ou^la> men declared that the motion to adjourn had been lost, aud called upon .Mr Ratclifte (who had by this time taken his hat and cane, apparently with the purpose of leaving the hall) to return, and again put the question Foremost among these was Mr. Holland, who. addreftftliig Mr Ratclitle in a vehement manner, told him that the reason be thus unfairly adjourned the|uieeting uas because he knew they (the Douglas partv) were largely in the majority, and if the proceedings were conducted falrlj. would pro ce*d to elect otticers of their political aenttmt nts .Mr. RaUJiife. iu an excited manner repelled the imputation that he had been actuated hyanysu'-h motives. Mr. Holland, approaching him with cane In hand, and repeating his assertion, Mr Ratclirt'e branded him as a liar, nnd immediately made towards him at the same tunc brandishing his cane A serious difficulty was for some tune imminent, buttbrough the interposition of friends the parties were separated, and quiet partially restored. Cries were made for Mr Knnis to take the chair That gentleman, after repeated calls, came forward up??i the sta^e. and ur^ed his friends to be calm and dispassionate. "?o one (be said) felt more indignation at the course which had been pursued there by Mr. RatcliSe and others that evening than himself, but still, as the President of the Association bad declared them adjourned, ~ -UtJ- v... At? J ?' -* ??; luciu n'licu) rniiur uy lue uecision, iLCUpUail unfair one Mr. Robinson and Mr Mullovthen made a few remarks, after wbtch those present qaletly dispersed. Lovk and Usfaithfclskss ?Last night, Ofllcer Keese arrested Henry Buete and Ellen Lucas upon the oath of Mrs Buete, who charged that the said Ellen had decoyed ber husband iwav from her. and he leaving her with a family of small children, one au infant, to care for. Her statement before Squire Donn was very affecting She gave tbe history of the woman, and ber em ploytnent In her family as a seamstress. Wben the work there gave out Mrs Buete obtained work for her in various families of her acquaintance. Henry Buete was very affectionate In his attention to her, sufficiently so to excite the jealousy of Mrs. Buete, who discharged ber Buete then followed KUen, and Ellen clu ig to him, until about three mouths ago betook bis departure with her. Ellen came to tbe city and put up at a hotel, and was there found hy Keese. with Buete. Mrs. Buete declared with t>-atint she loved ber husband, and her life was a life of misery since this affair. Squire Donn ordered PHan 4n inu a in ?l?? *? ?- f-j ? *?HV VI aiiu srturu) lur ber future uood behavior. She bad money plenty to pay the line, but the security was ir:i|x>*s' as the Squire would not take her paramour He committed her to the work-house Tor ninety d iva. Buete offered himself as security. "No, air !" said the Squire; "If you had your ileserta vmi would be sent down also." Buete asked what he had done. The Squire replied that the offense was worse than that which sent him 11 the penitentiary. Then came a remark from a former officer of tbe penitentiary that bis wife took Ler children and went to the President, and by ber Importunity pot him releas*l. The audience became excited. and the remarks indicated a full approval of the magistrate's decision as far as be could and did art, and a desire that the faithltss husband be punished The little son of Buete, about 12 years old. shook his linger at his father and exclaim#*) m tV.*? ts>ar* vaIIM) 'Inu/n ' Yoa. villain! you've caused all this " As Ellen was going to the back to start for the farm. the little fellow commenced an attack on bcr, but wm caught in the arm* of an officer and prevented from striking more than one blow Buete, after his K^rn bad departed, askfd if he could not get a dlvOTce. The crowd laughed at biro. and he was told that the divorce law was not made for his especial benefit He went away highly enraged at his misfortune. Cshtki Maur -The market opened this morning with a rather meagre attendaureof dealera. The supply of provisions was of excellent quality, tboogh much below the average of quantity This may be because of the necessity of attention of farmers and gardeners to their farms Rksuxptios or Won on thi Capitol ?Yesterday rooming a large force of workmen, stonesetters, brick-layer*, plasterers, and of other ineroanic&i oraor.iiea were employed on the Cap itol extension. This risumption of work on this and other government buildings will impart satisfaction to many worthy families. Tbk drtpuiho of the Potomac channel is goln* on Buely A Teasel drawing 13,^ feet w:?t?r, lojiilf-d with granite for the Treasury building, passed up easily at low tide, and could have done s j at 14 fret. Robbkky ?I.ast night, the tobacco store corner Of tfdVfhtb and F streets, owned by Mr: Uniev, wa* catered by a thief or thieTw, and a lot of dbhccoand other goods were stolen, amoaatinf la value to near 9160, we are iuformed. I Mr. idulloy.?1 call for the yeas aad nays tipon that. Mr Wolfe ?I rise to a point of order The President ?In one moment Mr Drury ?The President has recojfni*ed my rijjht to the floor three times distinctly, therefore If I am entitled to it, I must be heard before any question is put Mr. Ennis?Mr. President, I rise to a point of order, which is, that the point of order having been sustained, the next question before the meeting Is the vote on mv resolution. The President.?The Chair considers the point of the gentleman well taken, and so decides Mr. Drurv ?I appeal trom the decision of the Chair, and wish to state the grounds upon which I make that appeal A Voice ?I call for the yeas and nays upon the appeal Mr Drury?Mr President. I have beeo recognlied aa being entitled to the floor. The gentleman has here itated that the question has been put and the main question ordered. The President ? You heard that, I suppose, announced by the Chaif. Mr Drury?No, sir; I was not. *? I know many others were not, aware of the inain question having been ordered. The President.? Well, 1 will put the question again, as there seems to be some misapprehension. Mr. Mulloy?Upon that 1 demand the yeas and nays A Voice.?The yeas and nays cannot be called. Mr Drury.?If the Chair has not mad* any decision in regard to this matter, then it is in order for me to offVr to off/r my substitute' The President ?Mr Drury, you will permitme to remark, that If the previous question,which we are now about to take the vote upon, be voted # we c oo Id not MCertftttt, fcete occurred lSTttfc rMr I oft* Mil] The President. ? Will g??nt1#nipn Uk- their Mtof If we l?ve the r*.w<t we will preoerv <wd?r. I know * *' * !l Mr Drury?Mr Pr^idept Mr MttlJoy.?They [Hi*' kinrtdge and Lane] Pm n/?t ?*?? ? " w -* mm*?' ~ - " mv* ?uv ifvimiirrv ? ? *ttr- MMIIOC rn ? jxirnr [? f iiat's no," and applause ] Tb? President?Ord*r, geutlemen. The ofli.< cera in attendance will be kind euou^h to take charge of any gentleman that prrsists la creating disorder. k Mr Mulloy.?I am not out of order The President ?Mr Drury bss the floor, gen tUmen. Mr. Drury. I will state to vou the state of the case The call for the previous question on the resolution having been sustained Mr Mulloy, (excitedly )?No, sir; it was not. The President ?Will the gentleman take bis est? It be will not, I will be compelled to call upon the odcera to enforce order The President (resuming )?The call for the pfeViOns question having been Sustained, the question now rectlrs upon the adoption of the rpii i'rt? . -4 ! ?J . J. Ji FoC?TH-OF-JCLT Cltlll 4TIO!?? TO-HMIOW .' AUbong h there ia to be ao mmti 1 public f?lebr? tlon of o'ir National R rtbday In-morrow. In ini I. olty. still our rltliaaa aeem generally determine* I to celehrat* It In aame way We |ji?e below, i ! programme ot the various en orwoaa. Ac . t !j corne olT; a? that ?or rend'm may aeUrt for tbr-m civ** wblrh to participate \f? First, comet Id? rrrat rn lr??rl and itwnhoi esenrslOn U .New York city, to see the (ir?*i Eastern Ac Thla start* at mlnntea past : ; o'rttwk lbft afternoon. A ^rami e*. nrsion to 1*1 n?y Point. Point f/Ock out. Norfolk, and Portsmouth, per steamer Bait! aore. will start from tbe foot of S Ttb street tb < ev?-tiinji at ? o'clock, arriving at Did Point earl) to-morrow morning, and then proce<*diuj( to Nor folk and Portsmouth. wbere she will remain until 3 p. m of tbe 4th Returning she will touch at Old Point to enable tbe pawngers tc witness the prand display of fire works, aft^r which she will leave and arrive at \\ nsblngton at 11 o'clock on Thursday, the->th. For furtbei particulars see ?dverttaetnent The steamer Pheniz will ply during the day between tbe cltv and tlx* grand mil tary cmaiiipment of tbe \V?shinjrtou Lit; lit luLiut/y Battalion at Kort WiuhiBstnn )???>>" *** ' | ? ?T W1 Kleventh street at ^ aud 11 )t a. ui , and "jr\ ..> and *i p in, at Alexandria going and ernniog. rnd leaving the fort on the last trip up at II p in Tbe steamer Thomas Collnr vrlU make two trip# to Glymont Pavilion, leaving the foot of ?t-veuth st at h o'clock a. i?i. and I o ' lock p in , touching at Alexandria and rotniag. and ret'irn at night in tune to witness the ft reworks One of the grand?*t e?lrbration*of tbe day. anywhere. Is expected to take (lice at that popular plve of restart. Arlington t*prinns Tbe George Washington Mouuiuenta Association a?d several otber Clubs are expected to celebrate here, and Withers s entire brass aod str'nt i>and. rons:st: u of 27 pieces. is engaged for tiie ?? ision Tbe proprietor has m:ide tbe meet liberal and ext?n sive arrangements for a ?r\*nAiA ?-1? celebration, and inch will no doubt he r>-ili/ d by those who participate For parti, ulars ?? ?* id vertisement in another column The proprietor of Columbia Springs also announces arrangements for .1 ^ra:,d 1 < [< brniion at bis cool and pleasant retreat See advertisement Sl'NUAY SCHOOL CELEBRATIONS The Sabbatb school of tbe >'. 11 v: 1"?' Lutheran Chur 'h intend spcndi iig tl.e dav at \lr? woods, corner of Moore's lane and Boundar\ street. about a quarter of a mile this *ide of Iter r\'s woods. A pleasant time may l>e atii,. :paWd The Declaration of Independence will be read bv <?eo \V. Blake, an oral.on d^-iivcr?-d t>v Hanson K. Weaver, and patriotic son;;* t>y th? < ? ?'r and company The school will meet at tbe church at 7 o'clock, a m St Aloysius Sunday School will celebrate tbe fourth at Queen's Chap I. The children will assemble at tbe church at 5 o'clock in tbe morning, and march out witb music and banners Mas* [will be said in the chaptl on the arrival of tbe procession. Cars will run from the depot for tbe a< commodation of the parents and friends of tbe pupils who may wish to participate in the euiov (n?nts of the day The Lours of departure are given in the advertisement. Berry's extensive, and delightful grove basalways tK>en a favorlt" resort on *uch occasions .tnd this time seem* to have l<*t none of its popularity | We hear of three * hools that have already determined to spend the day in different portions of it That <>f the Assembly's Church. Wesley Cbapei and Fourth Presbyterian Chnrch In the morn n- about 11 o'cloe k. the school of the Assembly's Church will meet around a st/i^e to listen t<> the reading of the Declaration of Independence b\ Mr W in H. Hoover, Washington's Fareweil Address by H . Clay Steer, and the delivery of an oration by Mr. Wm F Given, after which tb? school will unite 1n singing that national and stirring air. The S'ar Spans-led Banner." That of Wesley Chapel will In all probability observe similar exercises, though we have not I heard of the particular arrangements At that of the Fourth Presyterlan Chnrch, the Declaration of Independence will tie read by I Master K H P. Den bam. and a brief address delivered by Mr. Thomas S.Shepherd. with other apj>ru|?ri<ftie ca( reives. The Weslarn I'm sbyterian Church School baa | been invited by Mr. tireen,at prneut re?!<lin^ on the Ixn'itlfnl m d rapariond gronadi formerly |??f?? ? d by the late ?i?*rieral Van Neaa. to spend tb? day at that delightful spot. The invitation will in all probability (if it be* not already) be accepted. The Theolooic?i. Sbxikaky, seab Alexandria ?The ordination diacotirae. on Friday, was delivered by the Right Rev Bishop Meade The following candidates for orders were ordained deacons: Francis E Arnold and Thomas H. Cull<*n. of tlxe diocese of Pennsylvania; Jaines H derrick. David I. I,ee. David H Pamiill, and Peter Tinsley. of the dioreae of Virginia: and James K. Ilnmam, of the diocese of New York Mr 1'. Brush, of the dio< ese of Massachusetts. a inembf-r or Hie same class, will be ordain* d iu hit own diocese. Mr Jamen Saul, of Virginia. also a graduate of this year, was ordainvd bv Right Rev. Bishop Meade, on the Uth of May last Rev. John Cosby, ol' the diocese of Virgiuia. deacon, was also orda ned priest. A sermon was delivered before the missionary society of tbe Seminary by Rev. R B Duane, of New Jersey, and another before tbe Alumni, by Rev. Fred S. Wiley, of New York The new buildings? | .Asplnwail, Bohlen, and Meade Halls?will be completed next winter. The iiutnber of students, including a class preparatory to the regular theo { logical course, is sixty-one. Gcard-uousk Cakes.?This rooming Squirt j Dona disposed of two profauity case*, of persons who did not look like they ought to be found there One of them. v.*e understind, was a kind of applicant for a pol'cemair* place. They paid a tl Be a nd costs A tmall boy. who would not mind his father but ran away and k#p: had company, was sent to the farm, at his father s request, as a vagrant Or. W'liniTSfiv rp-inrt -rfuliv * " * ?r? _ . - ,r. m ?- I * ? *7 IU I III''nil hi* 1 lends and tiie put' that he will leave h*rc on Ins professi n?! summer tour on the loth ?>f Jnly next. All pciMini rei|>i r ng his service* or sp> eta ci'*? tri I please call on r l*lure tii** atave dat". at his <!?tat'ii*hin<'i't. >Jo. 244 Fenn. avenue, lietweeo Utfi anl 13th street*. Northern I.ibkrtif* Market will be held this evening, iiulrad of to-morrow morning, on account of to-morrow being the Fourth. (isfit CaTFIsH Chow-dii fok THE ForRTH, AT ''ui't WifHiiioioii Mfwi Rrt"M. Fa. Avert*. Biuvtus i7m ANflSrii Mr-Wii. iw served up in rl*9K?nt stvie for tne public, one of the lar*e*t Catfish ever caught in the Potomac nv?r?ready by 11H a. m. Come runnin,., but i'oh 11*11 own. It* Hostetter** Stomach Bitters.?The donbt witii which an oft ilcceiv<?d community I* apt to look upon al! m -iiical preparations, ha* long ?icoe li en compiOttji* vanqii4?iie<{ t > tne tritrnipaan' universal and inva laMc sin-cos* of Ho.tittv'f S'omnrk Bitter*. Thir effect in all disorder* oi the digestive organ* are not miractUouf, because t :ihi are the nM<#t?iLrv r^cnlt nf 11 a? i properties ii<-v?r heretofore cumbinnl in one preparation, liut th^y are n?verUie!e?? a.-toni<-hin>r. Ag?-d persons who ilet-mrr! themselves past h< Ip Ir'im in<?<1i. me, derla.-o to use the words ol a corresp ndentitha tieHntersse rns to have giv>-Ti them a in w lease ol Iif-' I nquestb>:.abiy th,. n ajor:t> of <laiif?rout flu -asos are the < rf spring ol dtspep Ma a:i?l for this complaint. as wt II a* tl>e maladies out of it, there is nothin; in the world uke Host' ltrr's .ytomach Bitury. wai''ii la uow sold by al druggists throughout the world. jjr 2-eo3t Wild Chrkkt Balsam. The following i? worthv the attent on ol all who are interested for themselves or friends : y ktti. Ind , July 31.1854. Dmr Sir : 1 was att'ickod, ab<>Lt five months ago. with a Hfvere co:d. which set led on my lungs, and doctors (the most r>'tpecta''le in this city i said that 1 liad inflammation or ronsnmrtion of th* lun^s. anil, after exhan*t;ii* their t>k111 without rfl,e( to me, pronounc tl nij case incurable. 1 commenced taking Itr. Wistnr .< Ha!>am of W:14 Ch'rry about six w - ks a*o. an I in four tlays I ?a> able to walk all over the house, and am now a well man. Yours respectfully, Gbokge Hoovcm.. At*>ve 1 haud you a plain statcni?iit from (ieaice Hoover, of this city, who is well known, having liv?d !i?r" -oine t w:-nty .war*. The docto. ia".-uuui him koui ttire.- Month"-;,'an 1 i:nvi: hi.n up toilie; but Wis ar's Balsam cured hiiu. D. R. W. WiLUAct, Drusgist, l.atav* tte, Ind. \<>ne genuine unless signed I. But* on lite wrapper. Prepared by **. W. Fowlc k Co., Boston, and for tale by D. Oilman. S. C. Ford, jr.,S. B Waite, G. SHott, John Schw-arxe, Nairn &. Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere! je 27-lw,r Soot^ijig a*d Bk Acme ?Tli*re is no prxpa a tiou in existence wincii lias such a xootluug etfve: in canes of nervous excitement a* Ho*tuitr'* S'om nrh Bitters. Although the fkms of this renowned invigo ant rests naiaij <*i i s astonishing cures ol DyspepKia, Liver Coiuplaiiit, ml intu? diso ilerx, it is equally efficacious in ne'vou co plaint. Thmi'ands of ladies r'sort to it as a ruim<U? t> liyst 'Ma, ddtterink of the heart, nervous h alaohe, vertigo iener?i debility and all peculiar tliatu b ances ami derangem-nti to which, as a ??x, thay a e Hubj-ct. It cheers and light us the depr*aa<*d mental powers as well as *trei<* then the body, aix! its us? i never followed .as is the case wh reoidinart tnnins ar* *jimini 1 n ?>. .? ?- 1 action. i For sale by Druggist! and dealers centrally ?v? rj where. je 2S-eo3t Mi?. WISILOW, an experienced noreeand female physiemn. lias a SeefA??# t-yrvf Jot Ckudam Trsik- I tnf, which greatly facilitates the process of tcfisint bj Bomaing the sums, renin cm* all iuAiuiitiiatu>nvill aHay *11 pain, acd is sure to regsLAt* the bowels. Depend upon it, nuKUers. it will five rest to yourselves, ar.d reliei and health to your inlaato. Perfect1* s?f? in all cates. See advertisement lb another oolnmn. ooll-ly Lion's Magnetic POWDB . hxtennmates Bed Bugs, Reaches, Ticis, Ant*. tardeu ln?e<*U, Ac. If ae Poi$v Lyos'm Macwktic Piu.* n Are Certain Death to Rnu and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap Mitkk'b M bacclot* Vbbmi* Dnrmvn, tbe oi(te?t aad beet remedy known for exterauaatkl. e???e JlL ? Iki aU??nM n' \V wm'iirfVJ? dt lueecte. pTPri?i??J l)?fot, !? Broadway, N. Y. t55|?* by all |)rui!Mrte everywhere. naU-tm ? al 1 ' 11 11 : THE LATENT NEW8 ; TKLEQK Af 1110. ? ~~ 1 RrfcklarM|* l'H;uuii.rH t, Jilfi ?A luyr and entbesleet ttr mm uicUsg hrid here fc> ?Urht, to ratify I tbe noni 'tnl 'Vi of Hr?-< klnr il^eand l.?ane Hot. 5 Chtrl?? J Inyrmill pm:di4 M'.iWd t>r in 1?*?p< - nc ltat ?>f Vice l'n?l<)>nu aod ftarrctarM* Hfiolutiou Wft? ?t*p()d tkt Clii' rinnat. i<UUorm wltb tbe e*f Wnalorv resolutions i reported by ib? miinrltr rMmiltk* tb* Cb?rl? r ton Convention The resolution# alao 4?cUre tb* Kiont Stmrt Tk-i.. '?" ? ,_r>a < cn; dfCWiatcM w;tb tbe iMM-imal N??biwtpwii, Pa , June 3u ? Tbf Nerrtatowa Rrgiatrr. Ui? old orirn of the IHnorrary of vloiiVoawrr county, in Ite l??ue of tbia wfk, iead? tbe 4HMcnrtl< pew? of PfiMjIfkiHt. to ft modrrito. but Arm article. In fWvor of tbe rlfcUot <>f HrvckinrMp* and Ubr at bent calcnlnted to pwnTTf tbe pesc#, harm on f arid perprtuttjr of tbe laion. ( mproaltr BHwn the I'eaatyleaala D' ?ruty. Ph ; LanvL phi a, J bIv "2 ? A private meet]uv of tbe Democratic ht^le Kxerutlvr Ctfnamltfee fca%e t^r? ed to a aerif* ?f rcaointiona, by a vote of 45 to . re? omaiendhqt tbe democracy of the State u> iiui*e Id lupport of candidate for Governor \iao. to onlt.- la aupport of lb* electoral ticket appointed at Reeding. o? the baata thai tbe elect.ira. after the reault in otb?r Stafea :? aecertalt>ed, if the whole rot* w i| rlec* Douclaa to eaat it f??r biiu. or for Breckinridge If it will elect hint, and f neither, than the elector* tan divide the vote* liter their own judgment I'be Chairman of thr Committee la to obtain a pUdiic of the ? wt<"? to* 1 iiiiiff tLit obligation .'rlor to the adoption of the com promt a# la tbe t w .\. Commttee many propoaltiona werr uadc Aiik .ii; otbera. one declaring Mr l>o<n; aa tb?- uoaiiiift ?<f lb*- Demooratu party for Preai d< nt wa? voted do* i A yea 11' uaya 43 Impartial Iraa Mrilr# Reported < aptvre f Hlraiata N>\v Oatf*\? J nl v 2 ?Brazos dn tea to the >th ult . have i?cen r.- < ved j*r ateaiuer Arlzo na. Pr rat? iettera from Monterey and Mataruoraa av* that <Ven Zarajorv commander ot the Mlx>ral?, had defeated and taken tieu Mlranion riM?uer, near Salamanca t?en Kanunew commanding the Matainoraa trooua had h??B ^w? ^ J , ?*ui uca vnui, urn iril war ni^iajr in Nueva Leon and Northern Vl^vo, where efl.rta wbere mako^ In favor of uen Coition fort a return Vbc Arizona brought S75 <?[J0 In apecle l)?i|lai Mrrlia| at New lark* Nnw Yota. Joly4 ?A Douslaa meeting waa held at Tammany Hall to-night About three tliow**nd p?r?on? participated F.x Mayor Tiema in pr?*id?d M.-m dn were ere. ted In the itrwti and a display of firework* added to tbr auimation of tb?- ? ear Senator I'ugb. Mr Marabail. of i tniireair. and other* ?poke Their remarka A-ere dentin latory of the admlrw'rat on Mr l)<?ii?laa 1* ?t the ^ lfth Avmne Hotel, where Le will }>robal>ly be aerenaded to-ntjjht Maria* latrlli|rac. HawirT?* Roam. June 1?Arrived here. Bremen Hr\g Pla;a, fr. m Tr nidad for order* ab p Tw' light. -4 dava fr in Callao, with euano. berk J > Brook man 12o day* from Callao, with ?mnn A r opper-f.tat?-n*d ' hooner, of ihont 'J00 ton* burden, was teen bottom up, about 1? mile* south of Cape Henry. Nrwa from Rattan New JuneJO.?'The acbooner John Taylor has arrived here with Ruatan datea of the'^otb instant Tb?- ceaaion of tbe )aland of Honduras wn unfa vorably looked upon Fifty troops 'iad arrived from Bali re to maintain order Tbe people oKjtv t to the treaty, and it will prob ably be amen ed The Caaadiaa Liae (jriiir. July '2 ?Tbe steamablp Anj(lo S*a*on tint tbrou?h tue *traits of Belle lile. wblchac ounta f<<r ber rapid |taa*ave Tbe Canadian <*eam<ri wll lierea/U-r be d j? on and after Kr1 div< at F rther Po!nt The Palestine. wh1<h nailed fruwt l.iver[>ooi oo the V7tta, la the Best v?*hb> 1 do. here TIip ^nrvrtiki ii Ati.4*tic Citt. July i.?The wreck of theaur"i v i:11' - tjiK?ii?-r Walker la King oil tbl# place \ nK-mitw frotu .New \ ork bu arrived for tbe inirpoaevt pricing a buoy; and an ajtempt will in td^ to raw If tl .iu?tnpt fa. i, tbr ? tr k will U. blown up. l tajlai Batavia, N Vn July 4 ?A large and entbuai< t.( iurtt ii- isst*iiii>i*-d be'e??>amrda* evening to ratify tbe nomination of Doaglaa Fifty gam were fl '?l I'llUictl Intelligence. No*polk. July 4?Tl*e Breckinridge and Lane 'jt lk ?t it meeting Liibwn postponed until after tbe State Convention. Alexandria Mark eta. Albxawdria, Jun J?Kiour? r aislly 96 30a < -xtra *5 T5cfi 12, lupr 94 5<?a5.y> Wheat ?white, fair to good. lJEwSl 46; red fl *ia fl 34 Corn?white .. jejlow roaTTk, mix* A (ifiahTc. R .e T5.?T<k OaU Cora Meal 70a*<(c. p*r biiahel Seeda?Timothy f 2 joans AU; Clover 5n. FUxw?d *1 SUal 4o Prov.aioiis?ButU-r roll. lga-JUe ; Bacon i Or ; Pork f^a 7.40 } Lard lOahSc W hlaky MaSUe Baltiiaere .Market* Haltimoib, July 3 ? Fl?ur clo??d dull and itx.haa^ed WhnJ lua?-d wry duti, with a limited supplv; choice white SI 50: red SI 30a *1 '4k. <5oen < U*?d quiet and aarhm-'ed *bii? mi vfiiow 'i~dT 11 Provs.ona (loerd firm and io? active. Whisky cloaed dull at W>%c New Tark Harketa. N*w Vori, July2 ?Flour to Arm; Mate Si t* -3 3u, Ohio S5T5aS5*<i. Houttaara SS Waft M Wheat? Br:n; So^tiirrn wijit'fl t6 Cor? cloeed lower; mlx?-d (ClHtJ^c Pork ia qulfct Lard to :,riTi Whtaky it dull at 2la21 j?c. Fl?rial. Niw Von. Julv 3 ?f*tork? are better, Cfclea?o and Rock Island 70*.. Cnrab Coal Co 13: 111. iVntml iliarr* f*! ^, iviichl^puj Southern 3D; New <> k C?"iiral -i* . Heading 4u\; Cantoni IK, Va S'GJJl. Mo 0*a 00JK. =g MARRIED, On ttl?28tk Jun<?,*i$i Patrick'? Church* bt th* ii.V \I/ Vi'k 1^.. 1 Al U VVl L' WUll i Lki i. ? ? - - "? . ?> ? ?t H * V *< V 111 9M-0 m* ? *v tfn* HARRIETBARRl Tr. u.f. Of ti.ia c*r- * On UiAttl b* Rev Atxtrear 6 Ca othora. Mi M.VI \\ MoMI i l.l V of < .e-ter county. i'a..,t Mi - > AN* vDV VV. T *V !.<>*. of Fin lax county, V*. < Vir*i?ia paparaoafy,) * On tb? morning of the Kth ultimo, at St. A oyiiu Ck*r? Rev. Kather Ma ojre. J HN F. K * N K to M AK V ANN. el<!e*t daufiktor of Mr. Hnah K e iim, of Prtnr*? George'* oour t? . M<i. * <Mar:harw' Advocate cop*.I : i ? DIED, On Tuesday, tbaf.tti u.i.iuo, at tb? roaidaaoa of in Ktr, JO V K BRAX UlCA.N. Jr., law of v\ eeiin i ii.d <. ji'ut*. Vh in t * ?i ?aa- ol Ma a ;e. F "Jcrui?lHirr cop? ) Ati* in . <?m Uie*l iiikUMit. WILLIE L. WIL*1) ;,o ,1 < 'U.*i oi rtri.n tu. W a no l.iout Thoa. U. b. A., acrnl 11 autUii and SI data III a fane *1 will take ptaeo to morrow. 4th mat., tt Ik.iu.litia tae reai tone* ol hiaaarauta. No. *?i \ow Jam-y av . <*%pitol Hill. Tt*? re auroa %>?<i frinnU* of Uio taoui> ar? inritol to attoml. * ' NOTICE, bK Hale of WI N K^, UJUCOML to., Lha an it Mockaf Ma??ra. Han<itfun& Leach. ad vemaarf i -?? fc? ftae Twoaria*. July 3, is pontp until i^tlrM^.i aainr hoar. y^?Wl M< irmom'i ?i.d other 'V'*-*" l*^f????ll?otirm of Red and WkiU Wi?t* rftj' mm* tfi'kralM Kottnof Kuro^.u* ft??r*Hh ? terfe ?tt?k of C1imhm<m itqmi v?ria*. m vHIUMfriOf O d K < vT Inak >, C?* . rs?i?i#sP?-????'-*??.?? H? c'?of wfeateM poubfrir to ta? aol4 to ?loa? tk* Tr,JS?- *i ttE&fisraft zs*. -I--.- iiumiin?,loav nirrf Ult*. an?i that tbe noniaitiM of Bt?(k1irl4n tn( I I^m it f *1: ti?d to thf rnfwrt id4 uppni ( Uw > Drrii'? rntir party A IrtUrt (rum Wm B Read ?? m4, nrommending ooucllfatlon He speaks at tbe foilj at aa< riflriujj the elrrtloi of Mr Kostee. at an attract dig* met of opiates oa a theory rt ? - ?" r vol. but not paramount i m porta a or He hop?w that milder rounaela will prevail, a ad that tba et??-tor*i vol* of Penaavlrbina amy breaat aaalaat tbe RVpubh' aa, bat for tbe I tram raUr caalldtta oa<">t ?v?ilafete A a aac of nmt roafWoa ocnrrad dum.* the meeting canard by tbe Dougiaa men preaeut giving tbree > beera for Douglaa and interrupting the apeakera <ten l.aneapoka amid much dlffl ulty. e\toHtng tbe character of Br*ektar1dga, adv<? atin? bta elaltna for tba Presidency Wben tbe vote ?m put on tbe raaoiutioua. tbe aava *> as loud as tbe avea Severai of tba crawa areia arreated for disturbing tba meeltn^ , Tkxkton. N J . June ? ?Oaa buadred and tire jjima were flred here this afternoon la honor if ten nominatU* of Breelandreand Laaeby tba National Democratic Convention A Bracklnrid^e and l.ane clttb la being formed and their friends are gola^ lata tbe campaign with tba grea eat vicar and *ar?eatn?st A utmbcr of tt>? lifltl 1IIrt M< alia) ?0 -1*?

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