Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1860 Page 4
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c THE EVENING STAR? TIB FOURTH Of Jt'LT. The swiftly rollinc tH'i acain Our nation's natal day brings rouad; SOn ?v?ry hill, o'er every plain, Let Freedom's iotoui notes r?eoun<', Ring oat in loudest p?*ls. ye belU, Ye cannons speak in thunder's tons, Till every tongue the anthem swl s. And aH rejoioe, from ??ne to *one. &?>n as the risin* sun proclaims Morn's advent to the waitine land, From every h?art. in Freedom's name, l,et ? n* of joy and pra se ascend. Sine out %ourloode?t peals ye Mil, l e cannons spsak in thunder's tone, Ti 1 every toncue tne antiieni swells, And a!l reioice. frosn aonc to Cone. you owned thia ranch? ~ A About two vears Are you married* A. No. ?J. Why don.t you *eta wife* A. None of your d n business I Do you sell whiskey? A Ves. t|. How much a drink.' A. Fifteen cents. As A>~ecdotb A>oct Pba\lr*?We have beard some prayers which were designed to ett-ot the heart rather than to reach Henveu The following characteristic anecdote of John Kaudolph It a keen rebuke of the practice: In one of hit spells of repeutauce and sickneaa. lie was visited by a minister, who at hts request, prayed for him. The minister began on this w1sj: Lord, our friend U sick. Thou know<*s: bow generous be was to the poor, and what eminent services he has rendered to bis country, and bow he is among the honored and great men of tb? earth?" "tftop, st?p." said tlie iinpatient Rfln/tnlr>H Mmb. * 1- - fU| uu llivir VI QUI U IU1U, CIK lac l_jC>f Q will damn us both." 0I7~Tbesunri*ingeditor of theLvnchburj; Virgin lau, baa a feeling address to hit> friends and ttiute of tbat paper, ia cionsequeuce of late distressing and unhappy affair, which has resulted in tLe death of one brother and tb" d?|*rst?' wounding of another He says: ->L?t all lea n from thi* terrible event the importance of restraining even the'rems nder of wratu.' and be iugm ore forebearing toward their fellow-men. This lesson ha* been deeply engraved, as u ihan iron pen, on the heart of the editor." CZ7" Dr. Charles Mai key, the poet and editor of the Ill':?trated News, has seceded from that paper wstb Mr. Little, and in conjunction they are about to start the ' New London Review." a weekly paper something after the style of the "Saturday Review,' witti an admixture of poetry and fiction. Among the passengers in the Adriatic !s Lady Franklin, the widow of the great Arcti< navigator, whose heroic efl'orts in behalf of her kniKa n/l ' " ? 1 *" ,.u".ku urr ucw creali upon humanity. and sounded the depths of wtfeiy devotion Lady Franklin is to be the guest of Mr. Henry Grlmnell. Gas. Ca*? at Homk ?Gen. Cass, Secretary of Stat*. arrived In thiscityoa Wednesday evening He is to remain at Detroit, we understand, several weeks. While here. Gen. Cass will o-ctipy tbe bouse of bis daughter. Mrs. Contteld.?Detroit Advertiser. Tuk Akaium Horsks.?The Arabian horses preseutel to Gov. Seward, will after tbeir arrival oe left to recruit upon the farm of Hon (iary V Hackett at Senaca rails. Two other horses have beien purchased, one for the Hon Simon Cameron and the other for Mr. Walsh, of Harrisburg, Fa. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTBIjS. NATIONAL HOTEL.?R F'ajne, T Far-*, L "Wbitelejr. G Cinr and ljr. Mrs Henry, Mr* Abbott and daughter, G Norris, t. Andernoo, Md; J ?-'Brtiss, Mi??: L Fanjborn, Thompson. W C F<>ro?, Mwi; L. Janin, l,a; J B House. J Lak?. * Collin l~l.itr ? ' - ' _...?,i?, .? vionvni* i* i; u i.inn*OT ami lur, Vt: ?; I aiighorn, C Harria. S 9h'?, J Cheno witii. A Boyeo and ia-ly, J ThoriM, \V" Thomas. V?j Mr? Anderaon. Miss Beard, l. Am1?rt<ju, K*r; J Reily. Mo; J Nelaon, A Bruuaaee.u and faca, L\; J Charlton. Pa. BROWNS' HOTKL.-J Nudy, Ala; DJ Hnit took. Va; H Hivw?onfSComfort, fa; L?r J tawke , Tenn: VV Ba'<y. E f Ma?un, J Haruhorne, Kl ? Arnold, Ga; H M Street, Ter n; VV A Uainea, a" W K ajkca and ly. M * McCoj, Mim; \V n fit* wUd, K li Mc^neradn aid fam, MiJ; r S Fencer, Tena; Dr J Hill Va; J Wi-Uon, NC; J 0 brownr, N V ; K 5hfb fa; J R Powel, Ala. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?W J Edw*n!.-: G M Borkna t, M K M irali. NY; A O Pait*n. Mra A E icm, Copt Van Vieit, USA; K Taylor, NY; J T Jamc* a/i<1 Ijr, Va; W Hali. Kl: J i hurn*on, H b V io!ef ard iy, Va, J Risk, W Kamdin, USN; EH foat, Md, WASHINGTON HOUSE -T Ro^an, Taxai; F Sehley, Halto. C il >fidd.eton, NY; SWil'iamB Pn>ia>*?,pnta; N Jonea and !ady, Tenn; J C->x aod lady. Ca.; \ Myliett, O; C Sau'idera, NY; Z Zu?rey and lady, O. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fftou thk United States. Suamrrt. Len*>?. For. Days. Aaia. ? New York...Liverpool July 4 York ...New York... Bremen July 7 Kan?aroo? New York. ..Liverpool Juiy 1 Europa.......Boston. laverpoo! Ju y II Adriatio york. -Havre Jay 14 ? , ? or*... namnurr,..._Juiy 16 Perai&.._?. New Y?rk... Liverpool ,?J"lv Is Etna New York...Laverpool ..July ! > uoiden Fleeoe. Jlew York na)way_? July 1!? Falt??.. ...Jjew York-.Havre...?. July 21 Arabia... ? .-Bofton .Liverpool....July 2* Van4erbilt.?--.New York.. Havre. July 38 From Europe AncJo Saxon Liverpool. ...Portland June an Tden Heece. Galw*y.._. New \ ork.. .June 23 Persia..? Liverpool?New York...June23 Etna Li?*r?o??l New York. ..June 26 Peltoa - . South >?oa..New York...June27 Pale*tine .Liverpool ...Quebec ..... June 27 Arabia .Liverpool ...Boston. June30 Araxo..? Sout.'i'pton .New S'ork.. July 4 Havana -. Sonth'pton .New York...July 4 jnra..^..., Liverpool.. New York . July 1? The Havana mail atramers leave New York on ...... ?, ?ui, wui. ?iia ??n oi won month, ud Ctortekton on theun ami Wtb. The California wail leave New York on he *th a?>d aoth <>f? ?' month.* NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINE. s Tha Steamer MOUNT VKKNON will lea*? A.JUUitt and vVumi.iUid lot new fT-frfi York EVERY WhDaf.fcd A Y. at fftf 0 olock p- ib.. And New \ otk (or Wsih tnrton every Saturday.at3 <>'ciook p. in. ruwn(?ri can join tft? e hi pat Alexandria at any bmK i?efore tno boar or the tkaraM,*a departure. N. B.?In the event of the affwun'ra ina.ulity to eroaalhe bar in oonaoqaMceof low water, aJl gooda will be promptly lightered to and from the etearoer tb* undersigned. For freight or vaaeaie appJr to MORGAN'* ftHINEHART, MO W.MATtr Western Wharvea. Regular steamT^ackkt link be rwKhN BALTIMORE AND JP"?^ W A S H I N O T O N.-Leare Com > w>a at. wharf, Baltimore, a* fof 1 >wa: diamosr Stat*. ev*rj W k [?N EHDA Y, at 8 a. in. I'OLVIJUA, ev-ry SATURDAY. at? m. > wnarLattke foot of lftk atreet Waahinit- 1.U fol uwT; ColvmVT every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at*. Di^mo^d Stat*, every FRIDAY.aboatUm. I ?r treigUt, 40r,?PPiT to *H08. W. RILEY, A*eot, . Riley'e Wharf,at thef?H)t of m K-T?TWw< 11th nt . Wimhinaton _ BOHN'S LIBRAKY SERIFS, INCLUDING the 8 anfiartf.'MaMical. Antiquarian, Iiluatr*t*d, i*oter>tifio. Phi'eloBioal, Ecoleeiaatioal and Brit'?t? < )tMo Lib'?ri<*? A a^rtee of Standard Works accurately printed ?id at low price* New works *'? added to tne eer<ee ev-ry montk Any volume may be haJ aepareV*l? , an 1 back ?o um-? oao be alwaya supplied. Th- cwutaldte eerie* k<*Pt constantly on hand by PH1LP * SOLOMON, Metropolitan Bookstore, . S3U Pa- av.. W. ? _ iv?u mi.9. i*m l,aaf?'' WlatinacTy. fAiD SPFCIAI?Tho?e <*f oar ovatwnnr? aiH V' fri?o<l? wh? uava hjl'# vitn n? urn e?p>'<:IMS i.o ifi- d 'W*t ike; / all made off. and if an? prtder no to b~rt> theia will ia the* wi.l p.raMoafl at our c?*k ouri'.n tbe ?rea.?t week and (K thf?, a* after tfca' noie we anal! r?r d?r every aoaoaai ua ear bo ks. w< ? #?r???t * rtqu^t an earlj ?ett - merit >?f the ??me a* loon a* posuble. P?<> pt pay m nu a'yno will fuab.? u* to iwTt our ?au<>n? u?< n th# ^Aat tnrm?. P J W. POLLKY Jt CO. )e i'ii y.e -ntn -t fctxiTr Ha e\r. rpHE OPKT A HAT.Jnit *rri\*l, by exprtw. M^INKR HATB and CAPS in abnndanoe, at 1U' nW!*7RrNK ?, at ?M!Tir*. N 4?o )t?f nth rt . f?p?' '?? Po?? Q#?e s \ ** 1 f^ACK>*lMfc A BOKO' BtffcMtf flAtMOB, I V?T "-Uiiir.BLurfcM.1*.^ | * ... i MO M' ,, , .? jum wH 1 J#et orate ra the mighty deed* And fame our fa'tiers win. proclaim. Till every heart th?? leaaon h?ed*. Andburn* to emulate rh*ir fame. Ring out >our loudest p^a;g, ye bells, Yecannon*apeak in [bunder'* tone. Till erery t.tne the authein swell*. And all rejoice from rone to z->ne With bonfires light the duskr eve, And let rllumination* gram!, J'iuok from (Mrk night a shoit reprieve. A ad lightly" blue o'er all the fajid. Rin< out your lomleat peels, ye hells. Ve cannon* speak iu thunder's t?<ne. Till ev^ry tongue the an'hein swells, And a?l rejoice, froiu lone to zone. Truant well this precious heritage, Spread Freedom wide, f.oin shorn to ahoro. Transmit the boon from aje to age. Bid thia day live forever.more. Th-n ring your loudest p^als, ye bell*, 1 ye cannon* in thunflor's tone, Till every voire the anth*m strelN, And all rejoice, from zone to zone. C7"The ruth to Pike'a Peik t? K'reat. and thousaods are Kolnt; out only to be disappointed Tbe ranch me a on the route ate bored bavond en durance mr question*, and one at Fremont Springs has adopted this shrewd device to s**e trouble: R"id ?Don't ask any questions for pity's sake, fcr here are the answers, Question. How far Is It to Denver' Answer Eightr-four miles Q How far to Cottonwood Spings.' A. Two miles and a half. Q Can we get any wood there' A Not a d??u bit. Q. How do you like llvlnsr here* A. Well enough. (J. How loo* ta?f MISCELLANEOUS. T"E c Wm.}'JUSS ftttSfflW CM o#!r b? found at WIESfiNPELD k CO *?, Q4*?n H*ll Clothing Roomi Splendid Sprine Rac'ans with Capea. Splendid Spring v?veroo?t? for a few dollars, At WlESENFELD k CO.*8 Elecant Drees S*iia. atJowest rates, kt WlESENFELD k CO.'S B ?utiful Busiaeas ^uUb, at ttiflicz ooat. At WlESENFELD k CO.'S. iiusinetR Smits for 701101 men, Business Suits for middle ages Business >uits lor all ares. At WlEs*ENFEL.b k CO.'S. Dreis Suits for veddiugs. Drees Suits for cnrties. Dress Suits lor host wear, At WIESKNFKLD A CO.'S. Coats by the thousand, Panta by the thouBand, Vesta by the thousand. At WIE9ENFKLD A CO.'g. Boy'a olothin* for the vouuKeat, Boy'a olothinc for all sizes, Boy'a cloth>nr for larger bova. At W1ESENEEL.1) i CO. 8 Cheaper than the cheapest, Rner than the nneit, better than the beat, Ara t- e carmenta At W1KSENFKL.D & CO.'S. Save your money, a* A very few dollar* Will cive you a splendid outfit for summer. If yon call At WIESENFELD ft ro.'S, ap 17-Tn%9tf Onr. Pa. av and at. ivi A\c 10TH, 1960. if* ? OPENING OF THS SEASON. MoDONN ELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE. Our GrooerB and Citizens will plpsao Hear in Mind that Th? Seamm for tins MOST IEvLTHFUL AND PURE BEVERAGE Is Now Open. The Agent in Baltimore litis Recenel A Large Stock And will be happy to receive the orders of his Washington Friends. Quality UuaranitfJ Strictly rure. jas. McDonnell. General Agent, iiny us, wiui me c 'Ii.racior nil:".' mul lln > a' when packnd, and wei<ht, nu-l thali ?! ? b-< brnn<t?d on th? Dong stave with tne letter U. or i\, as the oae? may be. The and P"rk wil, unless otherwise directed by the Chi i of this Kbreau, b? inspected by the itup ot ng rfioera at tno respective Navy Yard > afur?taid. oy hiidj "iwinuinipeffiornf sa ted Kuviiioia," who wilt bo selected by tbe respective o minmding "ffioers: but their charges for suoh taapecfo.1 mast be pain oy Lio respective oon raetora. who most mewi.- have the barrels put in gwod hippin; order, to the oVue faction of the ooiiMiianaajt-1 of the reep-^ctive Nav? \ aula a.oreHiid. after li^pectiou and at their own expeute Two or more approved ?ureUra in a Mim equa' to one half the est mated a.nount of the 0"ntrAct will be r> quired, and twent; per oJi.tuin in addition #ill bi withheld froti <h- amount ol r&cli parumntto be mad-", a< collateral security for the due and faithful performance of the reup otive cojiraot*. winch will ou no account b ?paid un?i. th? o >tlraoU are compii-d with in all reepects; arul is to be fixieit a to the United Statew in ?lie event o! failure to com fleteth" de'ivtri?s within the pr<;ao:ihed period, n case of failure onth?pirt of the octractor to reliver all or any o| the u??l and pork above men t.on'^a. oi lite qua'lty and Rt the t'.me Ridpi&cB above piovUrd, ine oohtras^or * ill lurfcu and pay United 9tit.*s as hquida'ed d.imanes.a ?uin ot' m n?? equal to twice tr.? amount of me cout aot prioi t<> be |?ai 1 in case of the no run! delivery th-rfo. ; wlll-li I qunlated datnag * i:iiy b- re;oktr d from time to tune \i ih j mc uf. I a/meat will b* nra <e by the Lintel fvat- s at the pin. d* above p o fie*! (excepting tne twenty per ountuui to b? witnhold un'il tn?* completion of the contract at befor* stated,> after the eaid beef and pork sha ! have beer inspected and reoe.vivl. and Mils fo the tame ?!)\ 1 ha*e ?c pr 'aentK! to the Navy Avenu, re-(natively duty approved by tae coinnunan'taiita o; the re?p?cttve .M^vy Yards, according to tlie terms of the contract. 1%e part.? of IttrJ to beixeluilfd ici I It particularly 1 iit it mat d t* Ike enframi* to b* aitathnt to the can Iratt. Ptrtons m'tr sttd can obtain tktn? imaj-p.i cation :o ? ufirt. Ki4de?-<> *ii?" proponal* aball be aooept'd (and none oth-vm wlil lie forthwith notified. * nd a* eariy aspractieaM'R'.-ontrart will betraiiamitted to them for execau n, which cou?ract muit be rotuned to tne i.uretu wiUiin ten d%y?, exaiumve oi the time iens ana ieg ranniunne nm! quarter*, aad tho shins and shoulder ci??<1 h. the shoulders 01 mutton and ends of stickifU pi?o?s. arvl fit leant twelve pounds from the ne<-k ei.u of eaafi for* quarter,or th-? pans mai It-<<1 Nui. 1, 2, 3. 4, ai.<l S. on the drawing or delineation of the f?re and Mud quarters of an ox, whica will he atta-hd to at. l for.?. a part of the contract, must he wholly ^xeluded frum >*a?:h f>arrei;aUthe other pieee* are to i?e packed, and irtft'n l of brim <wt iritk a rltarrr. r/iim? hi rmt through with it >ntr and Antfe, la *>< tkr wat a tquttre, neat, an I smooth apfiitanrr., in puoj rf not I'M than titkt puvnd*, n ir more lAam netlrt pound*.tarh. 'I'ne Potk must ha packed from oorn fed. we I fattened hog*. t>Uuglitered between th? hrstdsy of Deo^mhir, H6>, and the first day of.January, and wi iglunj not le?? than two hundred pound* aon, exc.udl> k ?) > head:., jojett, n ck?. sb-Hilders. hams, legs, feet, butts, rumpg, lard, and all r<*fune piwoes ; an?1 must t?-? oiiiJirtiA a .?<itr and knife, in p:eces weighing not las* thin six pounds, nor more* than twelve pounds,e*ch. liotb th* Heef and Po. k must he salted with at liast ODS atSlaU buihtl of 'I'nrlr'a I -1 a ?r May. Key West l*', OnonJ&xa >'t. i !>?' alt; and the Heel must iiavo hye ounces of fine pulverize! saltpetre t>> eaeh barrel, exclusive of piikle. to be mad?- from f e^b water as strong a* alt will make It, iwil must he perfectly bright and sar. Lack barrel must contain full *ni pounds net weight ot beef or pork, and no excess of weight in eitii'jr article will be paid for. Tha baTtls mn?t be entire!? new. and he made of the best seasoned heart of white oak stave* and h'^iogs; the staves to be not less than five-eighth* ot au luch flunk, an 1 tiie headings not I sk than tncee-fo ji tin of an inch thick; tiioy must be threefoartlu hooped ovor, inc'.iidinc the iron hoops, * nn thp best whita oak o- nii'kor j hoops, and ea ti ' arret must have on it tour iron hoops. viz : oue < f one aud a half inon in width on each b.lge, ai.d on? of one and an eighth liioh in width on ea<-h ohime, ar.d each to he one-sixt.ei.tli of an inch itiiak. r.acn barrel muit he ?>| the internal capacity of tlmty two gailon?,and the iron hoops must ho w<'l. paiutc-U with r-nl lead. haoh barrel most l>? branded hy burnivg on its head "Maty Beef," or "iMtvy fork," as the case hm ifl-T T rr 275 ALkB'N XT/* jackson, PLASTERERS, Phsna. Avrsr*, Between loth and 11th a treat* je 19 ^avv bkef and fork for isttl. Navy Dkiaktmknt, ) Bureau of Provisions and t'lu'.hint, . June*3, iwsn. \ Srai.ED Propojai.s, endursod "Proposals lor Beef.'' and 'Vrupwuau fer Pun," ax ths <\-.*e nmj be, wiilbe roceiv?<l al oSbce until 9 o'clock a. m., on WeJiie?tla). tUa l#t uaj of Au<un*. nci', for lurnuhine and'.t' lverins, free of'ail o?t and n?k ?o ths L witei State*, at t e o'lowing \av> Yfiru-: barrels H*\f. Barrels Pork. At Oh.vleitown. Ma'i 2/**' At Brooklyn. N. Y 2,(M) At *io?poit, Va I .Vfi I.OVO 5 5? 5.0?fl I One-h?!f'>f naid Heef and Pone must be delivered I lit PAAU uf ttiH n.ltnp? nam wl v arrt a U. - ... - J . -1 ' -' ? * . ") i the 1st day of April, 1)H ; and the remaining half hy the I at day of June, J-.ol, unir*a earlier deliveries shuu d ber.<juire?J l>y th-*ciiio? minis l-urwi'i. I'ajniant to be made withiu thirtr cajs alter de'iveiy. I B,d.W? must Kp< c:fy their prior* ?eps,raU ly a..d distinctly in sepvate <-ir*r? for th? "eel and lor the Pork, and for each of the place* of delivery, oovericj a: i expenses and all charges. Ihe Beel must be Iro'n wtll-fattsned cattle, slauchfered between th.i 1st day of October, l.KVi. uid thelstd\y?f January 13S1, and weighing nut leasthan six hundred pounds, net weight,each Tne required ior me regular tr%n tnisMoii of tlie mail. A ruovird or ilup! in*te of tho letter informing a hid er of the a#crptance of n'? prop'nal, will b? denied a notification 'hereof, witmn tlio meani'g ol th &ct<if 18 ?, ami iii? bid wi I b< u aje and au rapt' ?j hi conloni'ity with *bi-i undei stand iig. hvery offer made mn*t bo acooinpauifti til rtotad in the aixth amotion of ttn>?ct of Cougroaa m*kini sppr< p-intu>ns (pr the c>a'al rarvice fur |p-*i-'l7. approved U?th vf A vcu> t, 18U>) hy a written gaarv !? *, ?i*ned By one or mo o re.pon-ible tti one, to th i elT-ot that he or they undertake that the i idder or bidder* * ill. it his or their bid b? ao copteJ, eutar into an ohtjgvlou within tc i da: a, with ?? >d and tulbuient aoietie ,, to fmniah the artio e proponed. , Thia jrcaraut** mu?t be aooompanied by the certifioae of th<* Ut-iicd Mat*? Diatriot Judge. I'mud 8ta;ea Diatrict Attorney, or N?vy Agfnt, that the guarantor* are ahie to mak^ ?ood their t uarai tee. No propotnl will l>e uoniideted uuleaa aocompaniec b> ?ti?h rua'antee. ThebidUe:'* came and re<id*noe and the name of eaoh m'tu^er of the firm, where a company offers, wi h the f histian i.amea written in full, Under ?h? joint resolution of Confieaa, ?rprovrd 27ts March, IW, *all hida for aupp iea c?l ?revi cloth nx.and a.nali >toreafor the aaeofthn I reject d at the option of the department. if win bj one not Itimwo a* a manufacturer of orrfnular dealer in, the artio e pr?,po ?d to ho tarnished, whi h fiot. or the reverae. must be diatirc N at*t?<< >n the hid? ? ff r*d " ?< 2C> 'a?4w VKW?T Vt.KS OP RICH JK.WKLRY-H O. MO?>J)ti*a j.iat opeuad a I v?> atook, which he will > S-r at very nw rates Therefore thone that rrd to carry homeai;j'hin* in hii line aa pre?ent*, will do well to aall and examine hia ato 'lr at ?f <* Pa. avenue. je U O. HOOD has now on hond a verv largo n. ?f fi.e a tankard MLVKK WARE, a., of ma own make, thai lie will at-11 aa low m any of the Northern Wares are aoid for, and at the woUmoyiU wamwt ovotrtmng to be aiMdanl aiher. 33? Pa. avonM. jo? . . ' ,yr.#? i-iiff'fh',' , ?- Tt? j ' Ok-hl < :( ,OT#df Vl i i <J I.ii 2 - * o # TRAVELER9D18EOTORY. 1IHBHH9 Cuamgk or Hov*?. OH AND AFTKR VVKDNfcSDAY, iunelSth, I860, train* wiil run aa follows: Leave Waaningtnn at 6 20 and 7.4" a. m. Leave Washington at 3Jn and 531 p. m. ' On 9un<lay at 3 2n p. in. Leave Baltimore at 4-2S and 8 40 a. m. l.MTd B* timnrn *t S IS and 4.3ft a. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Pamenjers for the F.a*t will take traina at 6J0 and 7.4" a m and 3 2" p in. For the West at 7.4" a. m. and M# p. in. For Annapoha at 7.4rt a'm and p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the 130 p. in. train goea to Philadelphia only. ie 13 d T H. PARDONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN THREE DAY? WITH TBR CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. filS9HE9B9H9BSH Al l. C i II Ulllt'l'l.' Vi> ivmu i\\/ f i iif * ia Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nash ville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and JaeJicson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEM PH7S~" ROUTE: Memphis by Rail.thenoe by First o.asg Paokets to Mew Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile \tj Firsto!asi> Packets. Mo^i.e to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TKAlNS?Sckdats Iscludkd. Leave Washington at 6 a in and 6 p m The Steamer O EOKGE PAGE Imvc her wharf foot of Seventh street at 63*? a. m. and bj% p. m. and ouunecta at Alexandria wttn the Orange aud Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwext, Offioe?Pennsylvania. avenue, oorner of Sixth st, BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH TO SEW 0RLEAH8. L.Tt?ohharp . $9 59 Memphis #31 00 Bristol 15m Atlanta _2R 00 Kooxvilie .... SOOu Maoou 28 oo Chattanooga.. 24 00 Columbus 31 50 Daitor. ...... 2400 Montgomery 31 oo Hur.tsvillo ? .27 oo ) vra MemphiM2 fin Grand Junction 30"0jN.O.> viaH. Jonc 42 50 Nashville ,.2SfiM \ viaMobile. ?> c*? THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 'i00 MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.ine?the bjnohbnrr Extension beinc now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First uiaea Sleeping Cars! i To New Orleans.. T2 Honrs. 'riviir' .. ? 34 do. K) Montgomery -? S3 do. ( Nashville 46 do. lCTThe U.S MAI l/and ADAMS' EXPRESS arei&ken over this Now Line. TickoU oan be obtained at the South Western Oflioe, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, t-? the followir.c points; L>uoHhurs. Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooea. Hjii.isvilio. tirand Junction, \laoon, Naehville, Dalton, Columbus, Montgomery Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. ITT" THROUGH TICKETS TO THE YA RIO US VIRGINIA SP KINGS. ' ^Omnibui>e? and Baccaco Waront leave the oflice at 6 a m. and 6 p. in. JAMES A. EVANS, Tiolcet Agent, ma 2Ttr r.orner Sixth ?t. ard Pa. *v. THE STEAM FR JAS. GUY Will rewinie her trips on TUESDAY, it?t of jr?k Fobruarj. I3t*>. WW) leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and**" FRIDAY, at 6 o'clock a. in.,and AUEXANDRfA at half-past 6 o'clock, for OUR RIOM AN and the intermediate I.*n?1tn?s. Ou her return tripe, the will ] MVP (:rtB!ll\a \ rart U and SA rURUAY. at 5 o'olook a. ra. Lf'CIAN S. PACK, Proprietor. NATH'L BOLSSH. At'U Alexandria. lea PFOR NEW YORK. ASSAOt, INOLlT)'Ne M i: ALB AND STATEROOM'. ?7.40. The New York and Virjiria Screw Steamship Comwar'n new 9x.d elegant gtoam?hip ff?m+ MOUNT VKKNON.CmLT.C. rinnth.o T?T> will ieivve tiie (Jofl'panr'i Depot, W'es-^^^"^^ torn Wharve*,at.ll*.Volot>ka. in ev?rj WKDNE8l)AY. and the Con-.pai i i Depot. ai A.exau< ria. &t s o'clock" p. m. fmjip dat. Pan" enters from Washington and Oeorgetowx can tnlrA the coachee conn?*oting witb MniMdrn utearr'ioats or railioad, whtoh !oar? tho corner of 7wi pt'eet and i'v ?.?eca ? hourly, or thef oan iaars on the steamer from the Weeteru What res at 1] ^clock a. ip. Btnto wom can t>e encaged on application W \le?srs. Morran ft Rhiii"hart. Western Wharret Frsithl vvi ao receive! iip to the hoars of depar 7" Insurance will f.s effected on all foods b> thl* ine at the oSce of tto Compti.y H ff! oeal premium. The accommodations for pane infers by this line are in every re?p<v;t first o *5*. and every effort wi! be mado to rencer ttua oom mo nidation with New Von an ac reeaMe and healthful one. For freirht or passage apply to FOWLE A CO., Acclib, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL * CO., e I 1y 88 West at., corner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY^ |V1 TEETH. l?I* L.QOMI9,M. JL>.. the investor and patentee of the mT:;eral plate teeth, at _ tends personally nt hia office in this oity. MnM pnrsoi;s oar. war.: uiesp teeth who ? cannot woar others, and no pernon cab *(?r other* who cannot wear th?3e. Hereont callinr at mj oflioe oad t-n aooominndateo with any style and prioe of Teeth the; ina* deeire , but tn tnnee wlio are particular and wish tne purest. cle*n*?t, et.ronrcst, anil most p;?rfeot denture thai art can jroduoe. the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. K<?ur>s in this city?No. 336 Pa. a venae, betwee? 9th ami lotii ota. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel phi a. oo l-lt D DENTISTRY. R. HI LI.8. after apr&otioa! teat of tiro yeara, feels that ns can with i in 1 j_ tQApd the Ctieoplaatio Prooeas for insartintMflSf artificial teeth It hae the advantages <trenr?h, beauty,oleaniinoss, and cheapness. Fall 4^er aets irserted for 92*. Partial in proportion * * ifimj g a a vcuun. [PliAN ? SlMPSOt)^ ^OL^^TOLl)\ tMACKQLlMMAGNOLifi V/e offer for tale Kir ?*>ovo (i?ndv'i brand of fii.e Copper T)liti:\tMl Matt**1 Kj? Whisky*_i*1 mu rem ana r.*n-twreii Amtmur u\|r own distii'a tion. au?t highly improve bv>, we j rMommnil it at the rn&E*T Mid be?t Whisk j that oan pouiibiy > ? distilled. Watlto offer our OLD FAMILY RYK WHISKEY, ind other brands, from the largest stock of Fine Whiskies in the Unite I States KB K KA1 AN * S1MP8GN. Phoioix Distillery, on tbe SoliuyAill river, Pbila Offices? Wall street. New York ; and 109 Sojth Front street. Philadelphia. mar 29-If J^OOK OU TFO R PAIN T~ No. S12SF.VKNTH 8TREKT. Four Dor* SoviH of Odd follows' Hall. H. W. nA.MII/rojT~iias opened a PAINT SHOPand PAIN I' ST6k Hon tbe Now York plan, where can alwavs be fouiid PAINTS, OILS. flf.AM RHIlMltKA * - " '< ? , n-r- u-.ti - r- -) wv., ? v., ?' wilUiOBttir BUU retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE, A?i> Bdckkik with isrus*ih* to Loam ! . N. B.?Particular attention paid to IJouee, Sign. Or nam") tal Painting aid Graining. stained ar.d Enamelled Glaus of all kinds always on hand, or fnrni*hed at short notioe. He warrants *ati-<fneti<>u in all wo'k entrust'*! to lus care, and i? <:^ifident that he can do woi k ax cheap, if not cheaper, tlian ;m> other ent.iUli?t.iiieiit hi tins city, (jive hiai a call. Don't forget the numhcr?it la 514 Seventh tret. ma 10-tf PUTTY If DOWN. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORV. D Street, bttxctm 9th and lOrt Stmt*. We have just finished a number of firit claae CARRIAGES, auoh aa Light Fnnrv. -TWig ira?r,?.s Park Phratoni. family Cnr-YSK.Jjff^ rtagrj, and Hutftf, which we will tell at P? Ba ver small profit. Being practical moohanlos In different branches of the hutiness, we flatter ourselves that we krow the atylea and q?ait?y of work that Ml rim faction, combining lightneaa, aornfort and darahi'i ty. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to at .u-ju M w. Coaohntakera, aueceaaora to Win. T. Book, ap 27-dly f BICKERING k. ' PONS' WORLD WIDE Vv faina PIANOS, for aal* only at JOHN F. EL LI**8. Sort Pa. avenue, between 9th and icth ata. Alao. Pianoa Cor hire by the da;, week, or month, upon ww>y terma. <ir?at bar tain a in aeoond hand Piano ?. je3S .U-wt * i ; fli li With Con^*! diX>S?5a blood, yoi I ma?t be?iek all over. It Bar barat oat in pimplaa or aoraa, or In ?otne utm dimw, or it ma? bm?1* keep job liatlaea.depreaeed aad good for not hi n*. Bat ;?aaaaa<H tare good health whiiayoar blond l* impure. AYfcJTS HaRSa PAKILLa pariea out tfceae mparitiM A ml atuuaiatea the organ* of life ioto vicoroua action, reetorm* the hft? th au<l expe' mi.-a*e. Henoe it rapidly put** a variety of complaint* whioh are caae*-<1 hj lmpuntr of the blood ; eu h a? Scrofula (or Ktnaa 'famore, Lloera, s*orea. F.ruption*. Piptpjm. Biothen. Bile*. St Anthony'a Fire. Roae or Krpeipelaa, Tetter or 6w%!t Rheum, !icalu Head. Ringworm, Cancer or anoeroa* Tnroora, Sore Eje*. Female Diaeaaea. enoh aa Retention, Irregularity. Hapareaaion, \V hi tea, Sterility, Syphitiaor Venereal Inaraaea, l.ivf-r l.ofnalaint ami Heurf l)itM?? Tr? A V. RR'S *AR?<APa Rl ula. ar.d ?n? for yotirae t M>? surprising activity with which it cleanse* iM l?.o<*1 and cures the disorder*. AY KR'S CHERRY PECTORAL is ? universally known tw snrpas* everj other remidy Tor the cure of Oonchs, Colds, inflnenea, Hoarseness, C.oup. Bronchitis. Incipient <'-on*?mptif>r>. and for the reliaf of Consumptive Patient* In atfv%nc*4 stages of the die-ase. that it is useless here to re count the evideoca of it* virtue. The world knows them. AVER'S CATHARTIC PfLL*-f<?r Costireness. Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Dvseatery. Konl Stoinacti, Jaur.dio". Headache, Heartburn, Pile*, Rheumatism, Uropny, Worms, and in abort tor all the purpose* of a purgative inedioine. Prepared by J. C. A YhR A CO., Lowell, Mut, and sold by all Druggist* everywhere, je 21 eolm XT. O. R.. db T. A. HUNSEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Con-ivmption. HUNNE\VELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Rfinexly for all Nervous Complaints, p r/tm V aii ra I tkr..n?t> *11 ??.??? / ti A I VUI A w Vu 11?| m ?<? Ml I uv? .1 IM 1 V ngve W U*~l V */|FI UIU waa ever ueed to thatof U*?linuni freinena, aud th# oomnu'n chief cause of l)is?u>e ^ LOSS OF 9LEEP. The Tolu Auodjn", though containing not a par tiolfl of Opium. produoe* all the requirement* of, ind may be used iu?.l oase* whprerer Opium waa ussd without producing anything but Cure*, and Leavingthe patient in a perfectly natural a ate. TheXniveraal Cough Rfmwy, (freed from al. flirt otimmikvi nhiAotinn ttf Ki/>k produce naum or prostration,) may be considered th" common enemy to ul Throat and Lung Complaint*, and used with perfect impunity Asking all tii court from proprietors or friends the muit J severe in vesti ration of both Remedies, and readm* of onr pamphlets to be found with all <1ealers. and more particularly to purchase only of those who can bo depended upon, we wait in oor.fidenoe the decisions of Patients and Phisioiaus. "Pnoes within reac h of all " GKNKKAL ASKNTS. J. W. Hcsskwul <fc Co., 7 and 9. Commercial Wharf. Boston. Geo. Husnewell, 11.5 Water st., New York, * Under the special supervision of JOHN L. HuNaEW ELL, Chemist and Pharmaceutist. Boston, asH , whose signature overs the oo ks of the genuine only, and to whom address all communications. _ _ . Wiilrl It* *11 ?asr>AiifaVi)a <(aa1ara ><( ?-!??>? ?/r c*i i i rs|nuvauiv uvoina u?pi ? w iicir, t?uu Ail the DruggiaU in Washington and Georgetown, mar iti eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. ' HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FI.UID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Poiutivc and Spec16c K*mf>dj For Di?wn?? of B Li A DOER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEi-.aid DROPSICAL SWElXlNGS. Thm Mclieme inorp%?*? the pow?r of Direction, and excit** th<? AB."*t)H BK.NTs into hen'thy a*t II in hv uhixntl.n WtrrUVllU I'll r'LBIIla dVpo?~t11<7n? ,~andal\ 'UNNa'TI' RAr KN|>ARttT;" MENTS are reduoed. a? well us PAIN and IN FI.AMMATION, and at good for men, women, or childres. HEbMBOLD'S EXTRACT HITHU, For We?kne??et Arising from Exoesses, Habits of Diasipatina, Early lodmoretion or Abuse, A'ttwttd uttiK tKt fohovrint Svmptctnt IrdntjMiaition to Exertion, Loe? of Power, I,osK i f Memory, Difficulty of Hr?atbing, Weak Nerve*, Trwibiinf, Iiorn>r of Disease, Wskefiilnee*, Dimn-se of Vision. Pain in the Back, Universal Lassitude of the Mrstem, U .* 11.^4. pi?L: J - w-fc iiauuR) riusuia( ui ino D'Kiy. Drjneae of the Skin, Eruption* or. the Face, I'AliLiD COUNTENANCE. Then* trniptoms, if allowed to ro on. which this me?lio?n-? mvariaMv remov?i, fo 'owe im potency, fatuity, epileptic fits, 11 one or \\ men Tiik I'atikjit may Kipibi \\ h<> can sa? that they ?re not fn queutiy followed by th<i??"mREFi;i, IMSEASEft." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mary are *war? of the cause o' the<r e'jiferint, BUT SOSE Wfl.L CONFESS. THE RECORUSOF THK 1NSANK ASYLUMS And 'ht M'lnnrnolt Death' by C<mmmvtxon Bear ampl* ?stnen to the truth of th? assertion. THI\ CONSTITUTION ONCKAFFBCTED WITH OROANIO WRAKNK88 Requires the atd of luexlicine t<> etrenrthen An<l Inviiorate th* Wkirh hr.i wbold's EXTK AtTT BU*"HL" lat-art tiywth A TKlAt. WILT. rOSVACI THE MOST SKEPTICAL. FF WALES?FEMAI.ES?FEMAI.ES. OLD OK YOUNG. SI SOL It, MARRIED. OS CitNTKMFLATLNU MAkKlAUE. ' IN MANY AFFECTION* I-ECU MA It TO FEMALES. the extraot tincha is urpau?ll?d bj %ny other roinedj, %s in Chlorosis or Retention lrree?I*:itr. Pmnfulnesg, or Suppression ofCne b>n>&rr KymuiIiodi, Ulcerated or trnirrhtftts state of the Uterus. Leuoorrhflr>a or Whites, Sterility, and for ?1 oompliunis incident to the* x whether arininc from Indiscretion, Hfttuta ?f Dissipation, or in the __ DF.CLiyE OR CFIAXUE OF LIFE. ?KK SYMPTOMS ABOVF. NO FAMILY tJMOlJL.U Hfc WITHOFT IT Tik' no mor* Mtrcfry, #r vmpira *'int Mtdir nt fur^nr: ??</ Da* serous if*'.<? vs. IIELMBOLD'S F.XTKACT HUCHL (TREI SECKET DISEASES In all their SK*e?. At little expense; ! Little or no cl.anre in Diet: No inconveiiienoe; Atvl no Erpot*vrt. It ranee* k fr*?uent \m mvw strength to I T o ?.... .?l?* ? ? V ' < um liioi ruj nriuwiUK Wl'HlI UOtlUnB* Preventinfan-l curing Striotur^s ?.f tho Urethra. I Allayirr P?.ic ?n<1 Inanimation. ao frtquect tu? ci*s? of disea*e? n.11 (1 ?*xlirijf all foitonouf lhitas'4. and worn out Mottrr. THOUSANDS UPOy THOUSANDS who have bfkjf thk victik* of sl acks, and who h?v* pum A'o-ryJtei to b?cure<l id a snort time. h*ve found th y were decived, and that the ' POISON" has, 1>); the use of'poWMrn. **TKihGENT*," been dried up in the system, to break out In ?n nrrrftvateii form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use "ki.msold'p kxtract BccHufor ailaffeotjons and disease* of the URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MAi K OR FEMALE. From whatever oau'e originating hud no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Ihseasw* ofUieseorjjuon r<'?uir<? tM? ai < ot iDimrtti HKLMBoLp'S EXTRACTBUCHU IS THK bREAT DIURETIC. And ie certaia to have the desired etfe < in s!l Diaeaaea FOR WHICH IT IS REOOM MHNDED. Ecidw of tkt mo<! reliable and ft sponsible cAarter will icciimD?i>? the iur<linir?k CERTlFlC ATKs> ? F OURKS. From 8 totI uear?' ttimlmt. With Nam** nows to &CIRN?'K AND KAMK. Price 9>1 00 per bottle, or six itr A 00 Delivered to any Address, securely packed fr> observation. Ducribk Symptom# i? all Communication* lirei Guaranteed! Advice GralU !! 1 AFFIDAVIT. Per?ona!!v appeared before ine, an Aldermar of , thecity of Phi ?<1e!ph.a.H.T H elm bold, who hem* i duly ?worn, doth say. his preparations ou tiin no i nar'cot:c. no mercury, or oilier injurious orus?, i but are purely v?efabl?. II. T. H KLM BOLD. I S?prn and subaoribed before nif, this 23d day of I November. IBM UL'M l> UlUUtnn t ? I ? t it */? .-L ucrmun. Ninth ?tre? t, above Race, Phil*. Address letter* for lufurinvtHMi in confidewoe to H. T HKLMBOM). Chaniirt, Depot, 104 t*<>uta Tenth at. 1? t Cixtnui, Phila. BKWARE OF 0??UNTKK.|-EI ft} ANT) UNPRINCIPLED DHALfijf*. Who endea>or to ditpoHa 'or turk own" and **01 HER" ARUCLES OA THE KEPUTATIOS ATTAINED BT Helirhold's Genuine Preparations, " Extract Buohu, " 44 SaraMMilla. *4 44 lnip'OTod Rose Wash. tMd by S. B. Wait*. 5'i<* Seventh street, and 8. C Fork, Jr, corner Pi'nn. arena* and Eleventh str^ot, AND ALL DHrOGlSTS EVKR YWHBKE. A5JK FOR HELM HOLD'.#. TAKE NO of HER. Cut oi.t the a*1verti*e'"?rtand Mi;d tor it. AND AVOID IMPOSlTlONAND EXPOSURE, ap 4 eolT IIT ASHINOTON YY (FIRR? IN9URANCF COMPANY. A'tnat *nd Tenth Street. J. C MbGUIRE, PrMident 1*. D HANBON. Secretary. ina 7-?otr UlMVE'tilMrROVEi) \V EIGHINQ SCALES tl TtisaaSoniaa areoflere?l to the mNi? aa tb? moat aimple. Jur&bta, and reliable mlHnw put in un. Fiiatoiae?pf?niuraB have b??n awarded then* by the yuijod SUtoa Fur and VirgiaiaAg oultnraT pocietf; VirrtiUa State Af rwu^turiJfttu; Fraajdin Institute Paw/Femiaylvania; New \ ori State Fur; Vermont *lAtt Pair, fte.. Ac. lit every oaM where axniiHtod they oave reoeivedfirat olaaa premitma For utuM Louisiana avecuN D?yat of 8iller'a Chi? ed (ruoHut*. 4* l*-l? K- C. PATTIKON. Acwt HfEMftKRS OF CONGRESS AND OTBE*? I"I about lea*inr the city Mould nail t\ W? our jrrai atnok of Pianna fromlMHBR Chie*<<nnc A "ona' great factory, aa al?oW*%" a numhei <?f c.mkI aeoond hand. Dearly new Ptaaoa, MelodfOD',Gu!tara. F'utea. Violin*, Banjo*.Tamborinea, Ac oorde. is, Muaio,?. uaio Pooka, ft a1.A0. J<?HN F ELLIS, j? 21 _ SOB Pa. ar.. bet. <Hh and Jnth at* VV^^iTON/SEWJNe ROOM^ - ' ' *** *?.. two 09QT9 O/ /li 0 '*. O. *OTI? i ithrli ...irn h s^j?j30i(tj"#.' UNisid^ kX] { M8CKLLAJTB0P8. W A J7 ^ lowroMT! V\ V \ f ^ ^ dispatch: ^ f | Site tkr Piecfi! A' ceidr+ti will rr?* i? #?// rsnUaisrf fmmilut, it is vert desirable to have wn >><?> aad oonrerrent w?t for rapairtnf Faraitara, Tor*. Crookery, Ac. PALBI.Ifl'l PKtPARKl HLI'B of*1* a?- ruoh and no ho?s?ho:d can atford to be without it. It is t vtu ready and us to the sticking point. There i* do loafoiknwot ?tjr lor Iimpinc chairs, splintered veneers. howliMi doits, and broken cradlea. It is iast the article far ona, shed, and other ornamertA work, so popular With ladies of refinement aari 'srtThis ndiatmhic ireMmtMn , mad sold, bstsi chwnuofc y h(?ln in aomtjoa, sad a the ralaak'e *ua!:tiw? of the boat flu*. It m?<r ho unH in the plaoe of ordinary maciTate, bntn( rutif more trfkMlT*. M USEFUL IX FtKKr HOUSE." Pritf, Z) Msti. N. B.?A Brush looompMiM ?oh bottle W4oU?oi? D*rot, No, 4- Cedar iUMt, Nov \ art. Addreo* HKNRY cTsPALDtN? A COBoi No. Now Yor*. Pat up for I>ea or* la Oaaoe cnUjr.ini Fo?r, Fight, and Twolro Doaen?a heoattfal LiOiucia+fc o Show Card aooompanyiiu oaoh paokaco. A untie botiie of SPAf-DlM'S PRE PXTiED GLuF will nave ten timee ita oool annually to ererr hoaaol>old.-/~H ??td by an au>minert Stationera. Draggiata. Hard war* and Fare'tare l>ea!era, Urooera, an J Farwy Store*. Conntry m?rch%nt* shmiJd rnUnnnt?of SPAL DING'S rHSPARED tiL CF. vb?o m?kmK ?? thy li?t. It trill *tan<1 >r? c'mat*. fr HMy k. u ^ i ^ || j ' ?fj C ^ S"~*rfl ' ?? *?(!*? nUtrt l***i<rr M?)S; )['}' *i "n^ *11 lfinii)?fc)hj /i j ^ ^ f I ' <*5 III jfr?ll M?fHI|CMIV t?<|f/#l #?*'? tk~u%+0 v*un %!?+**, m ^ jbl^ ! ^ f A* hr^t'f Ml/*. /I ?#?^J * O ^fjk ,VeomuHrt?Ar<i Hi tJi*/krgi J h+tinam tm\ f 3Z' *f\ 'T uu rJltii. a* M^ciUi , < r> ? -<' / M ?mimi.. I ; u- ?oKIEopi-i**or. j * /^St>) / * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS imnirwiiliEr WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LXBKrXLToTHLRS^ARI AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HUALY. SO LE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. hOR SAI.F. IN WASHIXOTON BY ma 2S Cw HARBOUR * SKM.WKf*. f lGHTNlNG! ~~ LIGHTNING!! I i LIG HTNING!!! In Tims or Pum, Pukfakbpo* W?! F. LaHARRK, Sou:k*etfl eomtr of \nikan I C *?#., M*.M>FACTr*M OF PLATINA tlPPKD LIGHTNING ROD**, Rwp^ctfulj tnnnunt^i to th? pa hive of Wutiini ten *n't virmitj that be is prpparad to all or'.ore lor ere"Tiot l.irhtniog Co*<!uet<>raon the n. .?t X4)proyo<! ao;^ntifi^ prmoipter. o< natruoted of the very b**t of material. on ttt terma. AP Platir.a tipp-d Polntj whiohare manufactured by me will be stamped with my nam*. XVeather Vane# of any tnvle to ortor. mar J*? 3m PARAFFINK OIL. THE CHEAPEST LWHT KNOWS! We?r? n?w r*n?vini[ l'arntfin? Oil direot from the work* in weatrru Virginia. The*'ia-.?* tfitiaaz'" ''-nt. productnf ft .aea^y. iini lant and beatrtifu light, ana rri->r? pleasant u> th? erns than ran luht. Thin Oi in fre* froma-lit toratlor.^nd ver* murh more eoononui'ai than many of tfie Coal Oil* uaed at this time. in" It la in no war cxaloaiv. w?kw; ft-" a ?upp:y <>f the inoat approved Ktjlo# of {.Ampa, Ac..for burning thia Oil. KINO A BIRCHKLl., Agents f<>rit? ?ale for the Diatrict of Colombia, C"'ner t-ifteenth at. end Vermoct av. Great K*na*#ha Coat and Oil Company, ma 11 ~ CARRIAGES. HK Sabaoriber havinc n.v.e add;oona to ki factory, maiir.f it now one oftlte arieft^^AM IB the Distriot, where hi* faciiiDea (<, (Tiaratactunnc OAR R1A6 E A LIGHT^^?ur a nnvu ... V ^ - - 1 'lAVU.'CUi IIUvU OS'll 'll (>? ItfUIIN, MX (torn nia loci experenoe ie the baaiseaa, lo hvpes to cive senera. aatiafacuoc. All kinds of Cvtimm u4 Light Wt(ou kept ? kasd. Ail REPAIRSneattyaene aada-. ard?ra prsmpl lj attended to, .r^^iawwsr 4 M S* ww mf Ulb ui > at* Five hundred traveling trtnks arrived thi* ?i*?,?mhitcun >. ties and sixes of sole Leather, LuiMMffll l>re?e and Packing Trunka. Our trunk ' sai*a room exhibit* at this time the greatest variety of traveling requisites at moderate prices, t-< be found this aid# of New York. Aleo-everv deecnp tioa of ladies' hat boxes, VaLICES, carpet BAti*. satchels. ac. et'old Trunks repaired or takes in exchange for new ones. _ __ wall, stephens a co.. 1 run* naes Room, mar sl-t/ 3'j'j Pa. avenue. Plumber an^V I as Vm't+er, Philharmonic Hall, South fid* of P?. ?r? ??}( q/ EUrtntk it . Will mtroUuoe Water and uas upon the n>oat favorable terms. p. I*,?i have on haod a lot of cooking STOVES, and sc 1 deair* tn alnu a-? ?i" . ?j Wlii t?ll them at ooet for ce.?h. ma 7 ELKCTRO-PHYHOLOGV ANDELECTHOThe rapeutio*. nhpwiaf the method* for the niertic&l naea of Electricity, by Alfred C Garratt, M. D . t vol. 8vo t prioe Si The Jk>Lth Mde Vi?w of Nehemtafc Adair-*. D D., I vol., ?rio?iSo?Dta. Lucille, by Owen Merrdith, 1 vol., bine and cold ; price 75 oenta. Part 6 of Tom Brown at Oxford; prioe 1J oenta. Koraaleby BLANCHARD& MOHUN, je 15 Corner of 11th at.. ami Penn. ave. MRt?. SCHOOLCRAFT ? JTKW NOVEL.The Black Gatauett, a Tale of Plantation Life in AmU Carolina. W Mrs. Heart R HobooIoraft, wife of the Indian m*tonan rnoe?l.? Ju.t S)boM(1N.8 Metropoiitau Bookatore, 332 P?. av., h?t. <*th ud l?th it*. Sole AcecU lor Laurence'* Celebrated Foreign Stationery jel3 I. ?. C. LlKAl.. ?. E. *0T*. f. k. ?IT?1. Will praetioe la the Hyrli CoirtofBrrori and Ar 'gar Ji A COB SEED. Mismcntnoi MILITARY CLOTHIN81 SofTDuiT Cotra Sbcohd ana 8rivri 5ra? PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTH*"FOE ?AI,K ta?-?a 12,000 AS2 the attentloa <y *?Wio U? oar larre and veil ee .?oU><3 "took of ''Jwripti* aad Crab Ante Cider, wkioh we gearaotee to he ??re jaiee, aid will be (Old on reasonable terma In order to BHUe rooai for oar apring stook. Give aa a ca.. at th* k No. IT B^aL iSfiXiri nONT FOrnQiT TO CALL ON SMITH". 5IK|9F^ i *jjt! daKerb; butter in baltimorb.-w. D tukttl! MMOBI ofUMTmj MWli *o? With rerr rr?d? of Bitter. r*n ohoia*. Wa ten iom KllS^-SST"- "" " w i vthdu i**u?# !?* ? *** #l41, ?* uaimia mill rnini.?Tw. rtef*. Mn| war* af afcf ia*l Wk ?*kaaa, "V" wunj. ?Jfan .?**. ? .if *?J* hw? n. , th? lk(M Ik* *<L aaaJ? caaM* ui k>* kanar u gwatlaa*. imw?uf f ?* *?1 II ** orrK:ifct iovtw rmaoKan **!**" . .. I?A ka?? a>4*gmnf twn BtlfliMH ?' *. * Ul IWIM rill Ml M ?* ? ?4 M **'*** i k* pu< u4 mu? ma; M?>?n *f Ul Bay i tftMfMM, ba*4* I**"" Umm mm* ml tk* Mat at Hj r-1 < "c In tk* lltk ** ' * ik* fr**tar part ml ?Imm Ml* tea* kaaa apaai ta *** ***" Mai* ?rf Loodaa. Kn*. Ptii.4* pka * ? *M*tm, ku ** fctud Mm* af lb* aiaai aai* .aakiaf tara* Uat war* *** ta**i, ?*nj lraat>l*4 villi ni flM la laa t*** aa4 .**** vfcaa ui**c f'??i a*r b*w> ?t*ria?< at *?<? ** *awn*?, kMSf?lr?M vNfc fraaaaei biaaktaf. aitaafta* na Maaa wnk <*wnaam af na*. war* ca**4 laaalkWi TAIK Ptirk tkAl NOT1CS. T**t( Ma* ? > ! *tt.*n *? toa?* mani ' **>*** by a an*M praciw * latla.f *0 k *ta> ataaa?a kakn rt*;a*aup fr?r* a?l f m a. * at > (* ? Met) ara i.ii'iIIi f?l< Kit ?h?. I" I?r. mmi K ?> < n?4>n awfM|t > i n< ?aa;r??a Hit !?< ? Mf. a !? !< mpftf Mau ara IM.I a(il>i Mil ill stluilMf afaau ttaM?4 fc? r'y ha Ilia c' taal^ ?>? Waalnaaa rf Ikl lad ul W?ka, Pama rtia Mm4, Dia** aaa ml 9tf> Laaa ? Mvmi it P?? at, ,.i t.a lairr.|lta|<ap<V Nat?aaa l?rmkm , Darxifaniar r' a i gaau? a f a uaM. Sai ata l>a?ili?y ifiuptaaa ->f Oo< auiQ ( *? Ac MV.TrALLT.-T ftarfal ifacua* -hm bI?4 in >?ak M ?a 'Iri^ail-Lna of Mamatf.Caa'aa ?i al I4aaa. ;> ] >aaa mm <Spri. Rtil rarb*4ui?. *<tnia?>fl*?iii Ii.iNi ihi, L*?? ?T Tiroi4l-.y. iu ,a?a lani at t?a a?na 4b. ti n P.K T t? I'BVIklTI ? u w ?' f WW la iha of tbair daclmfef bacilli. >mi>| Uaw ?ifa?. ba Maawf ? *, pal*. nar?aaa and ama naiad. nnpiai ifftuinci tkN! tba ifM. wrfk ? nwtnfwt owkasics or uirtuomcit. Wbin tba imafaidad ?ad infra MU *?ury ? pba?.a?? ba baa imMbad tba aaan af thia pa , <ifai d?aa?aa. u -aa #?a tafftm that a* ili-timad aai.aa af ahai.^4 ? draad af 1ia<-a?ar* daiari bun frarr applying l? ibaaa ?W. f*" arf?*al> ? ai d raapactabiliiy. a an alana bafnawd blm 'alia '"'a lb a bar.da al if?'*rai. i and daaifi.mj praianda *?> ^a?. M?aapabla af caru.* (lob bia paeamar^ iH nuti, .VH *' iniii.f rnaatb a/Tar aonik, ar aa imi( aa iha in>al ,?a< ?aa ba ak tainad. and in daapatr laaaa him with rai?ad knllb ta aurt arar bia failu.f dia?ppainunanl; ar tf tba aaa ** t*>ai daatfla jaiam. Karcar? baaiaa tha canatnaiiaaa, fmi taaaa# UN arrtbla dtaaoaa, a Bob aa Afaauana of ika Htan iV. ' at. Baaa, km.ftc . f rotraaaiof ari;h tnfhifa. rapitfity, ull 4a> Faia a pariad ta bia draadfil by aa ding bia la .'bat aa dwcaaarad cafatrt fran vbaaa boarna aa traaatat rata ^a n*. joiMtonmispv r<?? mkhhc ? iau.^m AMD WPOTMCT By Ihla rraai a ad impaiui raiaauy vaabaaaaaf iba amai ara ?aaad? earad and fail vigm raaiatad fbaaaaada a'iba MSI Der?ae??nd dekiltuied, wke k?<! iMt aU k*fl be' hN ImilUttI; riliivil. *U tmpiniistnia i* Mirntfl. WlfHwl ? Mmm PImwI btlMM. Lm af PlMmllr Nvn, ItttM linuWliti Tremt lit.f end WtUsMtM Ksfcaceuaa t(Ui ?aat ImN kkad iftnlili eared cmd>>uemearor tie rasas TBK MANY TaOLIANtM eared nua .i.eLiUKIM VltlA Ik* taw * !> tea it mn, and ike namaraae iwpanaat Sarai aai eparauau performed ky Da Jafc?een, ky tka refer.ere af (fee paper* ard ??a_? aikar pereaae. ixueae ) vliKh ha?a appeared aftu end afaio kefare Ike aafcnt ke aidee kie euiidu.g aa a fenuemeii af ebaraetef aai timw! bllilf. u e aafltian: guarantee la tka eSieied )aa A-lf Dr. j. bovkk IMPERIAL WISE BITTEKS. Are nov being naod from Mtineto the Vrmx ' ?nJ the umvema verdiot of all who m* them either m & mwiiriM or k? % btrrragi. ta tht' tii?; are iciurputd is tnt word &r. Doda nee thwii ati^eaefully in hi* praotioe for is te*ra before we purchased of him tne sole i icht to m&nu&kf tu-e and preaent then, for ?Je to the public. For the Atir? nf I nriB anr Pnriaiimatinf' I nHi? aaliikr hk p?Mia, Pi I*, Ntrroua D ^(v? ??. I- mii?le Com piamu. and ail own repair nc atomo. lh?? ?" t?# ) <>nd doubt a m -at lu a.uaU* ratredj Aaid? from ih?ir medicinal pfmi't.f t>.e? ai?? a pu'6. wh?.ie B"me and <1r irMfii lifUTH,i'. pn? a u* p!ea?ant eihileratinc effecta of Brandy or Win* without their mjurioea reealt*. I-?t all fneada "f humanity and at advocate# "f temperance a?ai?* ua in au:>antui!ir tiM*> va uhi.I# V pkma'. * for the aiwrai p?i.<eN.< and adiii-^attd Lmttr with which the emi.t- ia rioodec, and tberth) ef f?c?ufc 'y aid in han a, r.j l?ieeaee and I?mnleiiM? from the land. charlk* widdipield* co.. I'rftyrlatnri.JH WiliUM* atreet, N*w York. J. pCHWaRZK. Agent. wmtiioftun, d. c. dr. j bovkk dow IMPERIAL Oiy FTTTFKS, For Un a?w afth? Kidney a. Baodw and l'nna.? Harare, and aapaoia :? for* (itntmctK na. n?VAr fa 1 f< on ra a?W aa? ??-J - ? ? f lotion. i HaRLKS W1DDIHKLD * CO,. Proprietors, * * William St.. N ew York, i< pch^ arak( i?7 ly.r Acmt, WMhrnctne. D. C. H^HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! MRS. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. It is well knows til*: id Um hprinf people are mora apt to ooatraot dnw than at ant oCbar r\ ri'id.ud it 11 ; weii-knowa thai ths wa? ward-?f <lis?as? is to keep tbe Mood ptire,?>r "all the ills that flesh is heir to, arise front lmpan tyofthe blood, the main apnug of our eaistenee. ills, therefore, important to ail That the system should he thorough ? clean*?<1 an>1 purifced, and Una cau t>e d. ae in tl.e m>-?t efinotsa. waj t?j ssuic MaS M. COIL'S INDIA* \ FT ABLE DF CpCTION, the l*at reui?dj Jw.i'?'e.' (or the euro of diseases of^km. fc> ft levies, N>rofn!a. Rheama ti?m, Nervoas l>efn<!ty, Fev?;> of d'fferert kiwi*. 1>1* ffi. i^iv*r Complaint. and u otferrdiMMN arising from impurity ?I the N<?n4. it iii? suit remakaM* ci.r?, a* oar, f? uown ' ? EUiriero;?? oertiLoatee fr..i? pfitoc* of the hlghee! r??apeotat<ility, and if reoonitnended by all who h?vf uiwd it m Uif imxtlrrk it,* remedia. acaat of A? dar. inrit la e??M by all the Droroiti of Mhaor*. "3 - u" '-1"" -'"ftisnrcax. 14" East Baltimore atreet, M???n E>1en street and Central *r?m? None ("ntuoe bdIom her nam* la blown on th? bottle and her aaal on the oork. lt^ Pnoe (I per bottle, an bottlaa for #S. Wkol'ralt A/ml. R. P T CmaL, Dmgctet. Georgetown. D. C., Wh?>l?aia A(rntforU?l>ii triot. and wtli aappy the trade at my pnaaa. mar n tr mil ALL n*?inr?ia 1 1 ? " ?TftlCIEMAft, 1, ft, * t, fri'nM bf Roy+l LMtmr Pmttmi af gurlmmd. aU <?MirW hf t*< Mi o/ (4< Ec?i* d* Fkmi larw 4* Part*, mmd ik* lw*i*r*ml Co**t$ Mi*ci. ftfUllA. No. 1 ii invalaabda tor uhMsboc, flpai?1 i rhts. ud all ahj?'c?l diaaWlitioa. | No. a ooircpiet* * er?d.cit?t *1! tiwa of tboM diMUM t hut hvrv N**e Mth?'to tri^tad bt tKe oaa Mtraatod porntcioa* f?f or>p?Ti* and ptbtto. | No. 3 hM onUreif wtynated th? tnjgriuii ?m of norourv, Uiorchr iMihrinf to too aftt?r apoacir roliof, diaporainc imparities, ud roobof oat tbo T?noni of<Ua?*a*. TRiiSHF.MAR.Noa. 1 ?*nd S,*r?fMArad iatfco form of a darwid of Md awiaC. a^4 o&o ho oarriad id tha ??iatr<?t pnofcat. l*owi lb tin otaoa, ajxj Aividk: in?o iMarau do?aa, a* ad oil r ? ?p<! OUN. whereby ther* i# a **iM of K! To tie had. whoia?a.)<- and retail. of Dr. BAR ROW. 104 Bi?Mk*ritr?ot1nTt( dooM be.w M?l)ot|W treat. N?v York. iMMdiW r mi r?*mn ft ra mittftnoe, Dr. Borrow will forward the Tniniiwi to any fart of th? world. ttour* y packed, tad ftddaocordiac tn the lnetractiona of tha writw. Sold alao br 8. CALVERT FORD. Ji, WmI ins ton. DC. ??< CtWINDUNO VUACR*. ARTIO.N Uuoti,-Mi*.r Booka, Cortina, ti uci.l, Hoap uui, loatnuMBfea or Rita ? tAMc fcl'i, ai.o,d.apoaed to proit b? amnriaai, vntafor my pnrat* Cirenlftroft t^fKKM ATURK HiK A ITS CURB. With itaiB* atio m?I? iMim. id p?rf?ct ml ayi*UL|^B!^TT*' CUr'^u ?'"*** FOR 8TAMPIN* , faHuL. A PACKET OF PAPBC ki n I AND KNvKLopBfi JttDICDUB. >Wl^urbieu LOCK BOITITU, HM tk4 MMI Orr??^ >r mW, mU M't Kftrr**. Kr?4f M <*? POB AL1. DI!?KA?*F!* OF 1M I'RCDfr.M'k. LKT NO FA1.SF l>tl ICACY FKFrmT APPLY IM*KD ATELY. A COKE WARRANT*It, Oh \0 CHANGE IN MOM ONE TO TWO VA IS WiakfeMf afifc* ? ?. I. *>? *? * < UM4H, IMtJ .KMt?|M ) .??<;. ?* !> ?,.? KiPMii L< g?- L*? ?i .f U ? fram. WU??*. P? l-tr *a - .1... Tr??i?i p ?f ftifht ? Ui44ikM*, *f (k* Inf Tfcrvt V ?r ?..!. i.?f? ? ?.?eft w t<??.?. I??M Timku w??n ""n I frmm t?>>uti kiu ?f T U.*M ?TM ?< u?? fwrntM Vlt.o rH ??? Ma rnag "< ? ' Mf ? KW< TOtMUt* ?* *? U? *? kt>f ?* .! *? ry VtM, Cfc?i <tH?l U< <MU?k i'?* b,k* ?' lit ! M """ * 1mm t4I rf Yni| MM if ! > MMI t ?* ^ I TO MATCH. CHARGE) ?BOOKSTOEli. a,?u CStii.* r**f. *l|ou<>,. MAI. Mill*,- *?. **y j* ?-?ur i? p?. svZW *u vim***. 279 TJSBSS"' 306 ?? ! * * to mJ! the a*toati*ii fnmtojai inUie j to hi* !>ew hu>r?, Mod or WF WtTs Hotoi, jut oyuad, la opaaaiioa vitk km U aattbliaiaMnt, wk? he WLib* few * r* miwui orMrt tor amponorCanmtMM of Waova lBaiiitifma gggS&EBjgsssg MBgjTg^gay^JpM ?*m*>y i.w . . . ~ >f. I'. ?* ^

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