Newspaper of Evening Star, July 5, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 5, 1860 Page 1
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Orbcnincj Star. Vet. XVI WASHINGTON. D. C., THURSDAY. JULY 5, I860. N?. 2.802. I THE EVENING STAR n PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BlILDISGS, Corntr of Pennsylvania avenue audWth itt., BT W. D. WALLACE!. Papers *?rve.| in packages by carriers at |4 a 5ear. or sroenta per month. To mail inbcoriber* the price is ?35? a year, in aticmnte; $2 for aix month*: 91 for three month*: *nrt fnr ! > ??.? three months at the rate of 12 oent? & week. Sin?le oopi*?.oubcsxt; la wrappers, two ckjit*. JJ^Anvic*Ti^c**>T*?honlcl be sent to tha office Injure 12 o'oioc k m ; otherwise they ma; not appear until tie next daj. t}EOR<*ETO\V>i CORPORATION AFFAIRS. Corrtti'ondcnre of The Star. Gkursktowx. 1>. C., July 2. 1HJ0. At the meeting of the Board of Common Conn* ?-il on Friday evening last, all the members were }>rc?ent except Mr McCobb. A communication from the Recorder in a newer 1" the resolution of inquiry of 31st of May last, was read, in which be state* that an inspection and measurement of lumber is required here, no matter how often it has been measured elsewhere: temporarily laid on the table. Toe petition of Noble Hurdle complaining of the high rate of assessment of bit lot on High atreet; and tbe petition of Wm H Chainberlalu for a remission of a flne imposed upon bis son, a minor, for running with a hose carriage, were referred to grievances committee * *_ _ # t f ? i*r * * * * auluuih* t>i .iiran. 11 ui n ininy, A n J'ickrell. and Wm H. Godey of the Board of Appeals (#ls each,) were referred to claim* committee Resolutions authorizing the Clerk to draw from the U. !* Treasury appropriated by Congress; authorizing the Mayor to close the bridge on the east side of the Market-house; in favor of Jt* F. Birch; authorizing the Clerk to pay or accept orders of the Commissioners of Streets; creating a new stall at the Alaiket-house; and providing for the construction of an arch on High street, were severally passed (The first named, and two last named resolutions passed the Board of Aldermen ) A message of the Mayor asking f<>r tbe repair of that part of Potouiac street contiguous to the ? * I?l-l 1-1 J At- ? t * * .luai urmgr, was iuia on me iaoie. \ message "f the Mayor's enclosing the remonstrance of Airs M ary Ann Clark against exorbitant taxation, and censuring the Assessors, was yeftrred to the committer on grievances Mr Fearton asked that the grievance committee be discharged from the further consideration of the petition of Mrs Williamson, which wr.s opposed by Mr Hill, who called for the aves and nors, and the committee wni discharged l?y the following vote Vea??Messrs Dodge, Dunlop. Fearson, King, Plckrell, r?take, and Williams??. Nays?Messrs Hill and Tennev? A rtsolutiou authorizing tiie sum of m.'ViO obtained from Congress, to be us?-d in paving tb* coiAra< tor for dredging the channel of the Poto- ; mar. was passed >ome tune since Mr. King introduced an ordinance for an iucre3<e of revenue, which provides for a graduation of the prices paid for licenses by merchants and dealers generally, according to th*? mnnnnt nf thoir tt<v? lr in At the last meeting Mr Dodge, from the committee of way* and means, reported a substitute, which provides for an Increase of M per cent on the present rates, and exempts those trading on a capital of less than &3<>, which being under consideration Mr Kearson thought 50 per cent, rather too strong Mr Dunlop thought It was not wise to make the proposed increase. Property holders complain of the heavy taxation, and you propose to throw the burthen ou business men Mr King would have to vot? against th>- substitute, as he considered an indiscriminate Increase injurious He cited instances where merchants doing an extensive business now pay less than small traders, and said his bill was based upon the system of Washington city, wnich is on equitable principles, the tax being according to amount of capital. Mr Teuuev was in favor of an increase on ac. couiit of the depletion of the treasury, and would vote for the substitute of the ways and means committee scouer thau none, but thought the origin;l bill was better, being b*sed on equitable principle. He cited instances of the Inequality of the present system. Mr l>odge reported the substitute in accordance with the wishes of a majority of the committee, but cared little about it. Mr. Dunlop thought Mr. King's bill best, but thought taxation w?i? already too onerous, and wc Lad better practise economy, and stop getting in ?i?-bt. .Mr King said there was no money in the treasury on account of the extraordinary expens<-s for r*-f^1rs of bridges. Ac . this year Afitrr further discussion, Mr Dodge withdrew tL? sntactitute, ami the original ordinance was jw<1. Toe ordinance In relation to tb?- sinking fund yuan passed. It provide*: 1st. For the election on the 1st of July, and annually (on the l?t of April) thereafter, of three of the Commissioners. wbo. with tbe Mayor, shall constitute an executive committee, and have power to transact all business. three members to make a quorum; 2d. For no traurfcr of stork except by order of the Corpojation. said order to he signed by the Mayor and executive committee; :id For investment of all accruing Interest In Virginia State stocks, Ac; 4th. For the withdrawal and destruction, In presence of tbe committee, of the due bills now in circulation, and a new issue of ?5 notes, with such changes in the plate as the executive committee deem expedient; .3th. For the semi-annual report, on the 1st of April and Octol?er, from the clerk of the commiiBiioners, to be aubmitted to the Corporation at tbe next subsequent meetings of the boards. Tbe conference committee on the police ordinance conid not agre#. and a new committee was npposniea, as swicu 111 our leueroi r?:\xuruuy. A message was received from the Aldermen dating that they had agreed to adjourn sine rite oil Friday. July Gth, consideration of which was postpoued until the next (netting. Mr Stake, who had Introduced a resolution making an appropriation of $25. payable to order of Capt. Holfingswortb, of the Potomac Light Infantry, to aasi&tln defraying the expense of tiring a national salute on the approaching anniversary of'.cau independence, aaid that he desired to ?nrm up the patriotism of gentlemen by showing tribute to such a day as ho American citizen should ever forget He was one of that class, and would not hesitate at what some would call a useless expense after the powder was burnt. Considering the position we now occupy as a nation, we should celebrate the day in a becoming niinner, and show that we are not dead, or have not lost our patriotism l'bis company of young men was au excelleut one, an ornament to the town, the only one we have, and were liable to be called on by tne authorities 111 time of trouble, and they would ot>ey the call. A* the representative* of the people we ou^ht to make this appropriation, and be wai certain It would give satisfaction to the people at large. In reply to a question of Mr Fearson, Mr Stake stated that two horses would have to be sent to the Navy-Y ard for a annuo, and powder bought, all at an expensedouble the amount named, bat the company proposed to pay the balance themselves. Mr.Tenney ?The gentleman's patriotism ought to have prompted him earlier In the evening. The Aldermen have now adjourned Mr King ?And the lobby Is empty. Mr. Tenney said he recollected the time here when an old citnen, Mr. T. K Wilson, every Kourtb vl July morning, used at his own expense o erects pole and have his Hag flying to the breeae ! r U rmi H*nt K Vilr tr Artr An*> t UC I VMV Mr Tenney ?No, sir ; it wu not a hickory ling. Tbe pole inay have been of hickory I was myself a hickory man at that time. The Hoard oFAldermen baa now adjourned, ;u?d it ia uo uae to pass th? resolution here. Mr StaVe aaid he assumed that there was aa nui h patriotism to the bosoms of the old gentlemen down sUira aa animates us young Americana. and if we pass it, the company will make their arrangements accordingly. Let us ahow tbat there is some patriotism left. Mr King would have to dlffrr with Lis friend over the wnjr. We have no money In the treas ury, and be would have to put his foot on this revolution Mr. Fearson (with animation).?1 go iu for this resolution My father was a soldier iu tbs revolutionary war and fought for liberty This glorious dav. the Fourth of Julv. which old John Adams said every persou in all time should < elebat* bv tiring of cannoa, ringing of bells, burning bouttres dan<!ng. and bugging and kissing (your wife [Lan^bter ] Yen, air; anybody who wasn't able to do anything else should kiss Lis wife i Reuewed laughter J It is a great day. * air. tiili ahull Vmi I will pay the expense myself If this <orj>oratioii Is t<>o ui^gardltr. yes, air, too miKgartlly to make such au appropriation astbls, 1 will draw a check for the amount and pay It all myself. y !Mr Hill said be would vote fur the resolution Mr Dunlop. with reicret. would vote against it I* oasidering tUe state ot the treasury. The amount was small, but it was wrong in principle. He voted against the appropriation for the aid February f?>r the same reasons Mr Fearaon said that they could vote for lot a drunken spree, and insun-rd one rase on to at occasion (tn* l.oag Hridg* excursion) of a ?l stln^uisbvd gentleman who objected to being put Into a carriage at the coacb stand here l>e'uJ'jT w.iut U> be hauled over tt?e l-ong "jinking be was on the other side of the Irrrisr; and the cam of Mother geutleman wUo P)-rose Led a Ttnnoaaee member la u eioiwd manner with the word* "I esteem you. sir. I esteem vour State, sir , one of the glorious old thirteen that signed the Declaration of Independence *' After further remarks by Mr Fenrson, Mr. Stake eulogized the Potomac Light Infantry, speaking of Its members in complimentary term#, and spoke of his exertions to get an appropriation for them on occasion of the inauguration of the Washington equestrian statue, lie hoped to see a unanimous vote. Mr Tenney would explain his vote He voted aijaliist th? appropriation on the ."id of February because it was a Washington affiir. This was a Georgetown measure, and he would support it. Mr. Fearson said that was his position too. The President (Mr Pickrell) said the town waa too poor He would have to content himself as the gentleman recommended, kiuinw hi> Mr Fearson called for the aves and noes on the passage of the resolution, and It passed by the following vote: Yea*?Messrs. Oodge, Fearson, Hill. Stake. Tenney. and Williams?fi Nays?Messrs. Dunlop, King, and Pickrell?fl. And the Board adjourned OFKRATION3 OF THK PATENT OFFICK.?The following Is a list of patents issued from lT. 9 Patent Office for the week ending June '26, 1S60?each bearing that date: I'eter V. Allen, of Knox, N. V?For improved washing-machine. H. H Angell, of Clermont. Iowa.?For improvement,in unloading hay. Moses S Beach, of Brooklyn. N. V.?For printing press. Levi A Beardsley. ?>f J*outh Edmeston. N. V. For machine for removing bark from willows, Ac.. Charles C. Bier. of New Orleans, La ?Kor Improved iron tie for cotton bales Caleb Bond, of Richmond, Ind?For improvement in water wheels. N. W. Bonney, of Victoria, Texas?For im|>roved bolt for doors E. \V. Brettell, of Newark, N. J ?For Improved lock. R M- Brooks, ?<f Greenville. Ga.?For tmnrn??. merit hi cultivation. \V. \V. fiursoii, of Yates. Ill?For improvement in grain binders Joshua F. Cameron, of Livingston county, Mo For improvement in cultivator* John Champiin, of Fast Middleburg, Vt.?For im|>rovemeiit in water elevators James Charlton, of Allegheny, Pa.?For improvement in (.ulti vators F. D Clark, of Karlville,<N Y ?For improvement in mills James M. Cobb, of Jackson. Tenn.?For improvement in cotton scrapers James >1. Cobb, of Jackson, Tenn ?For tm uroveuieiii in piougns. Celadon L. Daboll. of New London, Conn.? For improvement in fog alarms Win. A. Croweli,of Salisbury, Conn ?For improvement in spring balances Wm Dixon, of Chicago, 111.?For improvement in loading hay Wm. C. Drum, of Bellevernon, Pa.?For improvement in feed water heaters for attain boilers Josiab P. Fuller, of New York, N. V.?For improved garter. b. V Foote, of New York, N Y?For watchchniu hook () F Fitch, of Morristown, lnd ?For improvement in cultivators. Wm. C. Fisher, of Charlestown, Mass?For improvement in bolt for ctnr? ihuH?r> /. P. Fisher, of Rochester. N. Y.?For Improvement la iron bridge. D. F. Elmer, of Haydenville, Maw ? For watch-key and guard bar Davis Dutcher, of Blue Grass. Iowa ?For improvement in corn planter* Daniel N . Dunzark, of Salem. Mas*?For chisel for opening botes F N. Du Boia, of Chicago, 111 ?For improvement in machine for crushing quartz. James W. Gaines. of Mebrose, Texaa ?For improvement in mill-stone dress James E A. Gibba, of Mill Point, Va?For improvement in sewing machine* f I t 1. * *' * * ? ? "* ?. > orrcimu^u, hi .>ew 1OTK, IX. ) ?! or improvement in pegging machines Thos. Grundy. of Hoston. Mass?For improvement in water closet Daniel Uuptail, of Elgin, 111?For improvement in raking attachment for harvesters. Klias J. Hale, of Foxcroft, Me.?For improvement in lamp* John Hamlvn, of Bellevne, Mich.?For Improvement iu stump extractor. Henry Harder, of Delhi, Iowa ?For Improvement in setting type. Henry M. Hartshorn, of Maiden, Mass.?For proved car|>et stretcher James Hathan,of Philadelphia, Fa.?For improved carpenters' square. IJ 1 I? -? " ? ? ranij i, mynri, ni iveenr. (1. H.?IW improved coupling for shafting. Oeo J Hill, of Huffalo, V? For dating machine. J.J. Howell, of New Vork, N Y.?For flree^cnpe. J W. Houehtelin, of DeQuvin, 111.?For improvement In bran dusters <ieorge C. Howard, of Phildelphia, Pa.?For printing press J. C Howells, of Madison, Wis.?For improved nozzle for fire-engine* A. P Hutchinson, of Pembroke, N H ?For improvement in attaching wbitflftrees to ulelglw Walter H . Jenifer, of Baltimore, Md.?For improved military saddle. TllOS J J oil V. Of Olean. Ind For imn?v?p. me:it in loading bay. Geo. Juengst, of New York, N. Y ?For Improvement In shuttles for sewing machines Tbos Kinghorn and Kobt Kinghorn, of Morgan, O?For improvement in cultivator* Kimball P Kidder, of Burlington, Vt.?For improvement in bee-hives. Geo. l,avally, jr , of Cbamplain, N. Y ?For improvement in coupling for railroad cars. O. I. I.awion, of Sew York. N. Y., assignor to New York Car and steamboat Gas Company.? For improvement in portable gas bolder* John 1-ee, of Bolivar, O.?For improvement in post-bole digger. \Vm. H. Letterman, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in deaulpbiirlziug ores and coal. VVm Lewis and VVm. H Lewis, of New York, N Y.?For improvement in pbotograpbic hatha Austin Leyden, of Atlanta, Ga.?For improvement in sewing machines. Leon Londinsky, of New York, N. Y.?For im]>roved mode of binding cap fronts. D W M Lower. of Albia, Iowa.?For Improvement In seeding machines NYm.McCord, of ising-Sing, N. Y.?For fireescape, Robt McCormick, of Greenville, Va?For Improved machine for stoning fruits John McCullock, of San Francisco, Cal?For improved process for treating ores of gold, silver ana copper. James \V McLean and A. Guminir, of Indianapolis. Ind ? For improvement in lath machines David M Meflord, of Jettertoiivllle, Ind ?For improvement fn corn buskers Geo E. Mills, of New York, N. Y.?For improved amalgamator. T. 8 Mills, of Iberia, O.?For improvement in corn planters. Get r^e A Mitchell, of Turner, Me.?For im] r >ved machine for cutting blanks for shoe tip*. A rtf Tnrnx M " * ? p, - -- - ... . I V. a iut-.?I UI i III proved machine for swaging shoe tips. Wm P. Mitchell, of Baltimore, Md ?For improvement In hemming atta* Lmtuti for sewing iMchliin Stephen A. Morgan and Curtia C Morgan, of Auburn, N V.?For Improvement in barrowa. Levi Morris, of Woodbury, 111?For Improvement In corn planter* John A Naylor, of Rabway, N J.?For Improvement iu adjustable carriage seat. Ca-iiir Newman, of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement in machines for making hoop skirts John Ollis. of Bloomlnuton, 111 ?For Improvement in automatic rakes for harvesters. Audrew Overeud, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For machiue for wetting paper Benjimln Owen, of Dayton, O ?For lmprovemant in cotton-seed pUnters N.ithan l'arrlsb, of Galesburg, Mich , assignor t lie r e B Peters, of same place.?Foi Improvement iu stump extractor. John XV Patten and Griffith P Terry, of A1 bany, N.Y.?For Are eacape. Jamta tf Pm-yer. of s*t Louia, Mo.?For math! n*- for acouriug type. John (J Perry, of South K lug a ton, R.I?For Improved asuaage filler. Ludlow Pleraon, of Jefferaonville, Ind.?For improvement In making eave trougba A. D Pnrlnton, of Dover, N. H ?For Improved hat rush loo. Tnomai H Qntck, of New Vork, N. V?For Improved machine for rutting augar J J Reevea, of Sulphur Springa, Texaa ?For imdteal compound John Rix and John 8 Shaw, of Springfield, i Mo ?For Improvement In rotary ongioes. > C bar lea Seltman. of WMfeiagton, D. C?For II tmpruved abutter operator. J .W Shipp and C.W. Crenshaw, of l,aGrange. Tenn ?For improvement in ploughs Charles W. Smith, of F.vans, N. Y.?For Improvement in window blinds. Hervev Sloan, of Franklin, Ind ?For improvement in seed planters. , O M. Stlllmau, of Stoningtcn, Conn ?For Improvements in air engines. John Sweeney, of Chicago, 111 ?For improved tobacco press William A. Suddith and John F. Suddith, of Charlestown, Va.?For improvement in cottonseed planters Joseph Sutter, of New York, N Y ?For improvement in s?>??dtng machines. Alva B. Taylor, or Newark, N. J ?For printing press C.A Taylor, of Chicago, 111 ?For improved bonnet bo* Richard Taylor and Rensselaer Sp ague, of Prairie City, 111 ?For improvement in -"orn planters. James Thierrv <\t iWfnit *.??-?- ? ' ? , , ^, in ii u ?r i?r miprovem?nt for regulating the exhaust of iteam engines John T.Thompson, of Jackson, Tenn ?For improvement in ploughs Fr. Toggenburger, of Chicago. Ill ? For Improvement in sewintr machines Albert Tracy, of 1". S. Army.?For improved folding furniture. Gregor Prinks, of Jersey City, N J ?For improved window curtain sliie Henry C. Velie, of 1'oughkeepsie. N. Y.?For improvement in mills George Walker, of Philadelphia, l'a?For improvement in vapor lumps Alonzo Warren and E Damon, jr , of Boston, Mass?For improvement in dyuamometers David Warren, of Gettysburg, Pa.?For improvement in seed planters George Wheeler, of New York, N Y ?For improved boot jack William Wickersham, of Boston, Mass?For i m - ? ? iiaii-cuiiuig macmne. John M. Williams, of GreeRville, Oa?For improvement in cultivators R. 8 Williams, of Bardstown, Ga ? For improvement in ploughs Thomas Wilson, of Winterset, Iowa ?For improvement in set-ding machines K. M Woodward and James K Woodward, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in railroad station indicators L B Woolfolk, of Nashville, Tenn ?For improvement in steam ploughs. William Workman, of Ripon, Wis ?For improvement in seeding machines. George O Wright, of Leroy, Ohio?For improvement In cutting and coring apples \* - -- .,..iau i uuug. oi rayelteville, Mo?For improvement in seed planters Henry R1 Zimmerman, of Washington, D. C For improved hinge. Daniel C Colly, of Newport. N H . assignor to bimstlf and James P I'pham. of Clareinout, N 11 ?For improvement in harrows Solomon <io?lfrev. Lor^n Barnes. Henry Bhsh, and Solomon S. Smith, of North Fairfield, Ohio. For improvement in stills Joseph Ottner, of New Britain, Conn , assignor to P. and F. Corbin, of same place.?For improved lifting handles Samuel S Sherwood, of New York, \. Y , assignor to hims?lf and Alexander Douglas, of same place.?For improvement in skeleton skirts T. C. Simonton, of Paterson, N J . assignor to De (irjisse B Fowler ?f " - . j v. cuuic ? 'late.*?rur l ni proveinent in filters. James L Smith, of Neoga, 111., assignor to himself and James Sloan, of ssme place ? For improvement in corn-planters Arthur \V. Sweeny, or Washington, D assignor to himself and Charles N Tyler, of same place.? For Improvement In hinges Josiah Turner and Thomas IV Smith, of Sunapee, N II .assignors to themselves and Kdniund Burke, of Newport, N. H ?For Improvement in ril1t1vj*tnr Joshua Turner, of Cambridgeport. Mass . assignor to himself and Francis Olid, of Dedbam, Mass?For improvement in plane-iron sharpeners Milton D Whipple, of Charleston, Mass., as signor to the Whipple File Company.?For Improvement in manufacture of Hies. Joseph A. Smith, of Fond du Lac, Wis., and i / ? - - - ? immo v?r>"?. oi o^fctleld, Wit , administrators of the estate of L. M. Orvls, (deceased.) for printing press Reissttt *.?S?ligman Kakeles. of New York, N Y.?For improvement in flued lenses. Thomas Mitchell, of l.ansinghurgh, N. V ? For improved machine for finishing hair-brush handles. Cfpsar Newman, of New York, N Y?For Improvement in skeletou skirts. Additional Improve mints.? B B Briggs, of Sharon. O.?For improvement In apparatus for laying drain file Daniel Jones, of Boston, Mass ?For improved | 8 teen in' ani?ratn? John 11 Shrote, of Baitiuiere, Md?For improvement in rnttinjj and panning rake*. Klisha M Umitb, of Indianapolis, Ind., assignor to himself anil Klbftdgc O. Alayhrw, of Shelbyville, Ind.?For improvement in molding machines. A MRS. WINSLOW, N Eipenenoed Nurse and Female Physleian, presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Fsr Children Teething, Whlth frailly ficlhtMti tht prion *f Utlblof, kr IDf tht IlilCIM >11 " " " ' ril!? aiid puictuic ?cu?n, and ia SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapaud apau it, mathara, it will gi?a raat la yaaraalaaa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YODR INFANTS Wa ha*? put ap und aold thia articla for a?ar tan yaara, and ?at, i!? coiFmnci as D truth of it, wb&l wa ha?a navar baan abla tai aay of any OTHBR Ma.hcint? * BV BR MRS.* A imaLB I!*- ,WIK.. ITiHCl TO BFT BCT A CI' BB, WIHSLOW S vhtu tiroaly aaad Narardid wa knaw UWiTMIWa an inatanea of diaaauafacuai. by any 1 wa who aaad n. Oo tha cantriry.allara SYRUP, dalirbtad with ita orBRATIons, and Jajaak ir . rmi af bifhaat enrnmaudatioii af ita magical affacta and madital nrtiaa Wa apank in .iia roattar " WHAT W* DO BKOW," aftartao yaara' aipanauca, A"?D FLIuol ot'B BBPUTATIOS FOR TUB FULFILM BUT OF WHAT W t H BB B OBCLARB. In aim oat arary inatanea wbara tna infant la aafarfrom pain and aibaaatioa, raliaf will ba found iatfiaan ar twanty minataa aftar tba ayrap la admuuatarad. Thia tiiaabla praparauon la tha praacriptton af ana af tba mail I1PIKII!ICID u d iliLirL ri<h? ??? ? -- ? ?? ? -? mi ntw j>nr land, udbu baan u??d with situ riiLiitQ auccass la THOUSANDS OF CASES. It a*t aniy rallaaaa th? child fram pain, but Invifarataa tha atamsch and bawaia, corracta acidity, and ftaaa tana and anarfy ta tha wbala ayatam. It will alinaat inatantly raliata gbirine in thk Bowili and Wind Colic, aodavarcoma cou?nlatau?, which, if not anaadW* ramadiad and iu daath. War baliaaa ittha HIT AND ft'RBIT RBM-I FOK BDY in tha WORLD in all caaaa af DTI- CHILDREN INTIU and D1A? RMOEA IN CHIL- j??f|{|^Q DRIN, whathar it ari.aa fcannaalhlnjJ or from au? ?har eaaaa. Wa woald i aj to a vary mothar who haa a child aaf fanny from any of tba foragrainff complainta? DO NOT LIT TOUR rRBJUDICXf, HOR THI PRBJI DIC IS Ol OTHERS, atand batwaan yaaaaafarinf child and tha raliaf that will ba SCRB?yaa, ABSOLUTELY IL'RB?to follow tha a>a of th madicina, if tirraly oaad. Pall dirtetiora for aaing will a aampuiy aach bottla Nona vanaina anlaaa tha fac-aimila CCRTll * PERKINS, Naw York, ia an tba aataida wrappa rid by Driirriats ihrourhoat tba warld. Principal O.Tea. Ha. ItCadar Htraat, N. T. Priea anl? U Canta par Battia. aa 11-dftwlr I7?A1RBANK*S SCALE*! r FAIRBANK'S SCALES'! The Standard Scales of the United States. CO UN TEK And P L ATPOg M S.C A L B na l uiMb and UATTLiti SUAUE8, HOPPER or GRAIN SCALES, beams and WEIGHTS, market scai es, DRUGGISTS' scales, rank scales, ? . ? coin detector scales, macco scales, TER BALANCES, tc., Ao., at factory prioea. J. P. BARTHOLO W, I iel6-eolm aoleagent, Seventh at., near Canal. yy HAT IS SODA WATER.' Simply Pure Water . impregnated with Carbonic Acid Gas. The Soda Water ia known by it* agreeable pun gent taote, by it* ahghtly exhilarating qualities, and by its bubbliim and *?MntilU?i<.i> These properties are strikiugly exhibited at a low temperature. It should leave uo uupluasaut ta?te, and should be entirely iutiocuous. The public are requested to call and judge fjr themselves J. WILEV 4 CO., DRUGGISTS AND CHEMISTS, No. 500 Pennsylvania ? venue, je 1-eolm* St. Charles Hotel. PRIME COST.-Organdie, Jaoonet, Barege, Grenadine, and Silk Robes, from two to mu? UoinoM. at first oost. We will from this dav forward nir? ?.?' took of the ?bo*e good ? at coat; bo more will a-k-d for any ofthein. We have goi e tbrouji < or Dree* Good* and ma>keddovn must of thin kind of goodi; and we raepeotfullv aoiioitaHin want <>f rioft i>ra?? flood*, at very low prtc?a, to ao ex *T?^^0f 0lir "taYLORJk HUTCH1 W>N._ 1,V)R 8ALE?A BAY HORSE ; food nndar ?a<l die or liar nova : wold for VUt of u?e ; eaa I* mb at BIRCH'S Stable. J? 19 tf AUCTION SALES. By ?. C. McUUlRE A CO.. Auctioneer*. Trustees sale ok very vali abi.k RkaI. fc.srATK on THK COKXIE of "HVKNTll and E JTRKT'i.-By rirtue of a decree of tn? ?" i r cuit Com t of tk* District of Coinmi la. p ?.*? <! in two cause* in which Stat nam. Smithtou A Co.,aid Austin Sheriran, respective.y, w oompla' nsni*. ml John F. and otner* arV defendants. the undersigned wi i sell at pnhlio auction, to the hichest bidder, on THURSDAY. the 12th da? ofJuif, I860, at 6 o'cWk k p. m., upon th? premu^i. Lot No. 8. in Square No. 45G, in the oity ol Washington. D. C .fronting 50 feet 11 inches on E street north, and 75 feet on Seventh street west. This well known property is situated on the northeast comer of P, and Savenfh street*. opposite the General Post Otfice. tuvl is one of the ve y t?*t t>u"iress oontions in the city of Washington. The improvement* oousistof t"ree three ?tory houses on E street, including the drug store on the oorn*r - l . . , ? ivii-guiij nm> i!ic on ?ev am street. The property wi 1 be s?!d in sepaiate parcel#. according t?the improvements. Terms of ea e: One third of the purchase money to l<e paid iu cash, and the residue in two equ?l instalments, in six and twelve months from the day of sa e; the deferred payments to hear interest, and to be scoured by the notes or t>or.ds of the purcha ser or purchaser*, with a surety or snretiesto be approved by the Trustees Should the terms of sale not be complied with witfcin six da> s after the day of sale, the Trustees reserves the right to re sell the propert*,at the risk and expanse of the de faulting purchaser, a'ter five da> s notice. All conveyances at the cost of the purohas?r. C. INGl.K. / Trustee* A. AUSTIN SMITH.< ru?tc?8i je 11-6tawAds J. C. Mc6L'lRK A CO , Auos. Hy J. C. VtSUIIC A CO . Auctioneers C^HA.NOKRV SALK OF VALUABLE IM / provkd a."?d lisiMraoviD Rkal Fstatk ? By virtue ol a decree of theO'rcuit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, pnesed in the c*use wtiere-n | Itr U-1L * - ?* oo-HUll I'nlllO U WHIUIlg HDUbeS Th? sale of the lot* in square No. 7ftS will take place on TUKSDA Y, the 1< tl? dat <>f J u!y, 1S6"; ot the lot in square So. 6*2 on TH l' R SUA V, the J2th <1a> of July, I860; ol square north ol equa.-e "No.t.42 'ii FRIDAY, the 18th day of Jnlf, iHbO; of i.ita in square No. 894. on MON DAY, the i?ith <)ay >4 Juiv, '86"; of the lots in square .im, with the improvenenta, on TUlv8DA\ , the !7t!i day ol Ju ,, 18*". The sales will con mer.ce at (> o'olock p. n?..on the days alw>ve specified, on the respective premi ses, and the property will he so,d in eucli parcls or lot* as mav suit purchasers. Terms of sale : One third cash ; and the halano* in ti, i2 and 18 months, secured hv the purchaser's not -s, hearing interest from the da* of *ale, wi'li security to h ? approved l?y the trustee and if not oompiied with in five days after the sii e of proper | ty, the terms of which are not oonipliad with, will he resold, upon one week's notice, at the ri?k *nd expense o! tne defaulting purchaser. Upon the full payment of the purchase money and interest, an<i not before, the trustee will convey the property to the respective purchasers in tee snnplo. Alt conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser*. CHAS 9. WAU.ACH, Tri stee. J. C. McUt lRK A. CO , Aucts. je It Stawt Jul* 1? \1 ARSHAL'S S*LE ?In virtue of two writs of ? - ? vwmi b n| VUO A/ 1BVI Ibfc U| V>* ?1 II IJI Ul ftl I'T th# county of Washington, and to me directed.! will expo?? to puhiio sale, for caeh, in f>ont of the oourt house door of said count*, on MONDAY, the9th day of July next. ISA.', at 12 o'clock m.. the following property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to Lot No. l,iu Square No 618, in the city ol Washington, L) C , together with ail and smgu ar the improvement* tnereon, seized and levied upon as the properly of Andrew Roth well, and will be fold to satisfy Judicia s Noi. 2'4 aid 215, to October term 185?, in favor of 1' fc Kinsman. W. SELDEN, U. S. Marshal for the District ot Columbia, je 13 dt? By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE Or A FRAME HOUSE AND LOT AT Auction ON NllTI ST. Wlir.By virtue of a dee?l ot trust from <Jeo. H. Gates and wife, du y reooided to the subscribe,-, 1 will se.l,? n MONDAY, th* ISth day of July nex', >8ft', at ft o'clock p m , part of l<ot 3. in ^quaieSH, being a:.U lying in the city of VV ashington, c xiuifiiciiije lor the tame at the southwest corner of Lot No .1. Vk for ABO lH Ai H rnnntn? ?metW /?n kj* V..tU ?....< ? ? m i uiiuiiif, III'UII Ull IMC- I1UT7 UJ illlibll street west 25 fert. thence east 99 feet 4 inches, thence south 25 leot, thence veit 9? fe?t 4 inches to the plac if bfginr ine t>?: ;ifc *aid partof Lot fronting oa the iast sido of t-.aid .>'i;th street, and >u:g twtween l* ami Q street* uorth, with the lmrroiemenu thereon. consisting of a two story Frame House with hack building. Terns: One-third cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, purchaser to give notes bearing nitcre?t from th? day of sale, a deed given and a (J?(xi of trust taken. All oonveyarcing at the oost of the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with within three dajs from the <lay of sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property on five <la< s' puMic nouoe in the Kvening Star, at tlie risk and e st of the defaulting purchaser JAMKS W. COOMBS. Trustee. je22-eota A. GRhKN. Anct GEORGETOWN ADVERT MTS For harpkrs fkrry.-changb of da Y?\?On and alter J uty 2,18^0, .JT***. the steamer ANTKLOFE, Capt. I * . * i j iltjs mo v nifctru r-v* cc~ rc ?? mail, wd! leave Georgetown KVKRY MONDAY, | WEDNESDAY and FRID\Y,at7ft. ni., and re turn every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. tV B ?Tiie Antelope will ruu as before until the above date. je 5-2m* 1 tn Jl-RECEIVED, IOW BBLS. WHISKY, (aborted,> 190 do. HERRING and ALEWIVES. iS ao. KEFINED SUGARS, IQhhda. PORTO RICO SI'GARS, 6 1,1.1 s. ( Bay field) WHITE FI-H, Uf> boxes pome Ea*ternCHEESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOG IE. je 8 Georgetown. D. C. Agency for fairbank-s scales in georgetown. The undersigned have been appointed Agents for the *aie of trie above celebrated and we i known platform and coi nter scales. a fu rupply oonntantly on hand and for sale at liferent t ate*. U IV ? nil enii S^il t'O ?" ? .?? .> ??u x/vri&u cv/iiuoo oinjvtw in ftii) pan of the District or adjoining counties. AU Scales are warranted durable, accurate, and to givo satisfae'ion BU8EY * BARN'ARI), Dealers in Agricultural Implements. je8 jm Bridge street i door* w??t of Huh RAM DELL. OPTICIAN, No. 14? Bridt* it., (iiorgtttwn, Hm ooust&utlT oo hand a large assortment of Frenoh Noar sighted, Penscopio. Colored, and aT. other SPKOTACLtjk, ol ^ trie best ^ua.ity. in cold, silver, steel, and German silver frames. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and new it.agues set m them to order. no l>-lr JO*. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cot. Bridge and Jifenon tti., Gtortetoten.. nsving given inr personal attention to this feianoh j of mj liuHinc??, 1 am prepared < >?.? _ attend to all call* with pr? luptuess te&Mp Par?ons from a distance oan Desupplied at a 'ew minute*' notiua. as 1 have a large assortment of C? ?FFI N'S a wars on ban 1. Paiticu ar attention paid to the removal of the d-ad from the old to tie new burial (rounds. Hear gen and Horn** for hire. ap 'O-fitn MASHEY.COLI.INS A. CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE-We are oonstantly receiving fresh supplies of theaboved?lichlful leverage. and invite all persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. ARMY ft SH1NN, Agents, f?' 5T Green st.. Georgetown. wood atstd^oae VV ? O D ?? AND COAL Deliver*)! to all parts of the oity, at the lowest possible rates. T J. A W. M. GAI.T, Office iSi Ta. av? between Uth and 12th sts , ma 17-tf north mde. THE 8UB8CRIBKR HAVING ON HAND an extensive stock of KliKL, it prepared to sail at a verj low figure for oath WOuD 5awed and Split any sue. Call and see for jroarself. R.W.BATES. _ Wood and Cn?l D~0?r, m? 15 8. K. oorner of Fourteenth and C at*. A Lit A XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! The purest and rami wkoi?*om? Aim in thi??itj ia 4^'^6n^,K;^4?7ir11 i* *-1t Walk's Brrvwr. oorntr K todiTUi at*. i"jo-ici ? .ccianinenucump Mr&nl &n?l Charles M&des and otners. executors and neirs at lavr and doviiwii of Bonaven'.ura Schad, deceased. are de fen'lar.ts. the *ut>soriber will seU. at | ubiic sat-. tlie following valuable real estate in V\ anhincton city Lots Nob 9.1??, II and 12, in square "Mo 7*t, on Uih oorner of north B ai;d Tnird ft reel? t a-tt, fronunK 1 ^ feet ?'}* inches on north B street aud IZi feet iS on ThKd street east. Lot No. 9, m equare No. t>U, front! ( 119 f>?et on Delaware ait-iiitc. hy 33 feet 1? inches on s- ut'i G atr>w?t. The whole of pquare north n( sq lare No. Mi. frortine 2t} feet 8 niche* on Virciuia avenue, 2i7 reft on south F street, 91 feet 5 inches en IK! a ware avenue, and 19 feet * innhe* nn Lots Nos. 1. 2,3,4, 5,6, 7,8,9. !' , M, 12. 13, 14. 15, and l?, in square No. ^4, compminic tlie whoie square and fronting 248 feet 2 luohes on nort" I? street, 248 tcet 2 inches on north C *treet. >y fer>t on Kuhth street ea*t, and 35" feet onSeventh street east. And Lo'b Nog. 8,9, and !?, in rquare "<0. S81, fronting 3f> feet ea-.h on south F s'reet. bet we* n First and Second streets west, l?v "?>fe?t(ieep with the improvement*, which c 'nsist of f>ur well built .. < j? SUMMER RESORTS. C ARLISLE | Th?? favont# r?#ort for W lltTK ULPH.R g?? SFR I KGB, Mountain Air. Iuvif<?-a Cl'MBKRI AM. CO, vv'el V^SiatoSl^SSl Fenns*l\-ania. 't-Kxl ?oci*ty and a Good TaM#. Accommodatio!(f FoB F?>r partieuara Mud 300 Tor Circular. OWKN.-. CI.KNDKN TEKMS LOW. | IN A VISftCHKR. j?? ? low 1 Carlisle Svmts. Pa. *V A-ni.Xi i??rx *? C I T V GARDEN. FR\Sf LOEKPl.KR. Proprietor. AVw Yttrk arrPMt, btticim lif and 24 ?!.?. In c*!!irg the attention of the p?f>i?t?> mi grounds I would lUte that fvrt arrangement ha* A , , A t>e*n n:ade to make thi? ''Ketreat" morfW r^S attractive every dat. Monday* the 6?r .LLJbLX dens are ?-pei; t?> the public tree >>f charge?a oone. rt given l>? a seiect band. Thosedesiring to01 joy the dance and w*!t* ? i I find the w'nin in oomplete orde-to render pleasure to ail. Or1 o?h?r >la*? tie proprietor w:il cheerfully grant the u-e of 'h? (rounds {or cchool or other Pic Nic Pa ties with out charge. tor tiio amusement of children h* ha* introduced a number of lit'ie games, never liefore seei. in t; is oit?, and calculated at the fame time to amuse the "old folks..N. B.? Attached is mT Bottling KrtaMii'hni nt, > I- ^ ? - < - ? - - - ?ml niluiurF ?U W Hippiln! WITH Mlf qllflttllTJ tt their 'oaiuetioe, of that healthful drink. LAG I-R BKKK, upon abort notice. je 15 tin \IOINTAIN TOP HOI SK. l"l CoBmt, V?. Thm well known and favorite p ace aumnn resort is a;ram < p-,n for the reception "fA . , A visitors un er the management of its for VjTSkV iner proprietor. 'frj [ It is situated on the top of the K u*? R i<l*e n,. u : tains at Kocaholi lisp. u<' mi ks west of Richmond, Va.; the Vugina < entral Hii ro*.t pacing uno?*r the h"uu? through the B ue K irige Tjinnel. The e: eratod situation.t>eautifu: riew?.mountain scenery, a-dth" constant a d r freshing re?xe?,msk^ it one of th? tn->st delightful p ace* of summer re?>nrt in \V ettTii Virginia. There is also convenient a spring of pure ohal) t>eate water. Visitors to the Moni tain Top House wii' ocne via Virginia Cent a Kailroad to Afron i)?p<>t. near the eastern porta of the Blue Ridge Tunnel, where a hack-wi'l a way# be in attendance to conve? (one mile) to the mountain top It is a'wa?? best for persons to write several day* l<eforeha* d. Terms p?r month; 9* per week; ?l.*>per (Jjlf- SArr*llts 1 ftn/1 ftiillHeflfi in <4ar lO .t- ^ proprietor thre* days notice. Me\ k tr? served at *11 hours, and Rwf.esh furnished at cit* prices Offiori wil: attend at all tim?? fn' the pres?>rva tiou of good order, a d no pains wi.l be spared to Kive tatiff&ctiun to a'i visitors. JOSEPH EHRliANNTlni'T i? 3 eotf Proprietor WHITE SULPHUR UPRINUS (jRKFr.BRlKK C >C.>TT. V* Thia long established watering p|*c? *?i opened for the reception of visitors on the 15th ol^ . . A M^ny new and important arrmngetnentslfj^^j have been made amoe latt reason in thi? larg tabli'lim^u!. and !io effort# will be (pared to make th* guest* comfortable. Persona can reach these >prip?? by t he Orarpe ar,d Alexandria Railroad fiom Washington; by the Virginia Centra' Rai road from Richmond: or by the Virginia a'd Tennessee Railrovl fr m the South and Southwest via Lynoliburg ar.d Char lotlesvule, with oniv 9' iniles ?ta?" travel J EH E.MlA11 MORTON, President. J. HUMPHREYS, General Superintendent. j?12-dtJBly 15 \1 SALT WATER BATHING. iTI ARSIIALL'S PAVILION. < Moore'a Lardiug 'wi I tie open for tne reception of vtai * . . A or. t>.. i??. ..r tiT.- " -u... VI ??< **. 1 ' IB "' .IBII'IU Yj. JBT reso-1 for thoee ?*e?.iri? health and p es* f J''**5 I ure, is uuexoeiie<5 by any place of the kind ou the Potomac river It is situated ah ut one hundred miit'i from Washington immediately on the I'otoin*o, and in lull view ?'f he C h"?ar *ak e tfay. an.i famous for fine <)> ft -r<>. Soft Crabs, Sheepheaii, and other Fish. and ea*i!y accessible b the steam hoatsplyine between Wa*hiugton. Haltim re aa : Norfolk, [tie underpinned has ma. e addi 1 improvement* :?i his !Jath House* ai.d mar.y ?.ther improvements to the comfort and enjoyment of m# gu-sts. The Bathing cannot lie surpassed. Sp enaid An<ling and p enty of Fishing and Sai ir.g Boats free of charge. He has spared no e*pens~> in pro viding a good Cotil'on Hand or in laying in his t'>ek of choice Wines, Liquors.Segarn, Ac. And for th->?e who wish to avoid extreme faihion and U) seek a retired p aoe wh-ire they can make them?'"ve? at home, there is uot a m >re pleasant piaoe in the I'aiU-d States. The proprietor pie^g's tains ;f t' at nothing shall be left undone on hi* part t> rend r t'lem bo. TerjM for board: #1 .iO v r dav. lete than * week; f ir & longer tune, $1.25 per ay; fo?> per month. Persons wishing to wldrw the ->r> prietor will direct to Ijeonardlown. St county. Mil. je8 2m R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. THKOSK"r,;ACB sfif ^jklysVlT THE TIMES tEFS. HARVEY'S Fish and Orator Ex press, arriving daily from the North and South with the following delicacies: FKEAH Mi.MON, CODFISH. MACKEREL, SHEEPkKAD, HALIBUT, TROIT. SEA BASS, HOG FISH, SPOTS, BLACK FI5*H, TAILORS. BLUE FISH. LOBSTERS, HARD and SOFT CRAB-*. CLAMS. Ac. And a constant supply of Florida Reef GREEN' TURTLE, and ?ho?e fin* Urite L) tin ha ven Bay SPICED OY r^TERS All persons will find it to their vl vantage to give me a call before going to market. as I liave every facility to sell lower than can be had in the city. All orders thankfully received and promptly de uvermi in mi\ pari ol me city tree or charge. Depol-4?l C street, between 10lh and 11th. jelSIm T. ,M. HARVEY. Agent. BARGAINS! BARGAINS !! GRKAT BARGAINS!!! Seventh street, acknowledged Ut bo tins ch ?pe*t and best place to buy Clothing. Furnishing Moods, Hatr. and Caps. Owing to the scarcity of nioiiet, SMITH. No. 460 Seventh st., opposite tlie I'ost < hats determined to sell his k<hMs I.S per cei.t. leu- than any other house in towu. Drop in an<1 our new ->upply of Spring and Summer <?oods, at astonishing low price* N. B. Just received dozen of 10 cent NKCK TIES. JJjT" If >?" wish to keep oo !. drt>p inand buy one of our thin Summer C<>ats. or t ?io Patent K " versible Summer Coat, at SMITH'S, No. 400 Seventh st., opposite l'o?t Office. |LT A large lot of fane (tents' Shirts and Collars ?t very low pri ?j?, at No. 46W Seventn st, opposite Pont Office. in? Ti,??ii.un t,. v-.!- ?- - w, . 10, I ?ir I ir. AUIPM I fr ail ] airport* of Neck Tie*, at one-hall the usual prior*, at SM .TH'S. No. 4fl0 Seventh at. ie M-la L' K A N C 1 S HARPER, r HATING OPENED K FAMILY GROCKRY AND FEEDSTORE, Comer ?/ Arte York arraw and Ttrntk ?*rr?/, Respectfully solicit* the patronage of thoee who inav (>e in want of any article in the aiiure line. ilia endeavors slialll*? to piras??, and by a strict attei. tion to the want* of the public, he hope* to uient a hare of their patronage. Hi* took consults of every article usually to I e found ia a first cias* Family tiiooery and Feod Store. ma O-tf jj> WILLI A M BRADLEY BLGS~TO I>. inform the public and his fii'-iuU that iie ha* on hand a large ?tock of M*rMe Mar>tH*. qr ite a new *t?le. A1m? Mouuiucnt Ihal SunfK. ra! e ! T..n. A.. i? i?- ??? ?- - - ? r , w ? uiv II n* W UI"fU>e ITU p I*' > T<? suit tit* tim^v Aleo, Brown Su?f wt-wtMith k?-|t t on hand. PiuinLiera' woik prompt!* attend! t<?. ma ja-3meo Pa. av.. bet. 18ti. and I9th ?t?. ? 1 "7 C-A PKRfKCT, NEW. RDBE\V( QD'3 1 I ? o*ip. iron-frame, beautiful t"'?e PI A NO 'Hind for |<TS, for ? fev wri. ?l JOHN F. fci LIS'**, *?>6 P?.?T PIANOS FOR RFNT, from half a dolla- to t? per month. Alao, great bargain* in Swrd ha-il Piaroa j i.7 1 CA STANDARD Ht ACK TF.A. ?>U CHKbTS STANDARD Bl.AOK TF.A Hava baan reoetTM. Thia t?a ta ezoellent- pno* 60 ornti or pound fcy ehett or otherwiae. We fear oir atit lot wul ooat ua more mooer. _ _ KIS9 * Bl'RCHELl.. r? aor. MfWwtH *t. arwt V#rmmt?T __ NOTICE. nr? d of houa*h >ld rffect??aa I sfeai ? i #24m RUDOLPH BUCR^V. of &<?-, t.a'f price, fur white nervanU a !ittle mure than naif price will be oha-ced i?7 Miim F. F. LIPSCOMB. PINKY POINT PAVII,LION WILL Ol EN f t the reception of visitors on theA . . a tttli <.f Juue Inconsequence of m? al> y s^no** lor sev?'?! mon'he. Mrs. Dix wil' -* take ctiarc? of the inaiiacnirient of the Pbt>iioh suited b> my son. Tlios. H. Dix. Board per w ee S: hoard p?r month i*> 13 eolin' vV. W PIX, PropiiHw* i ' KKKN SPK.NK *Ji PAVILION. Ntar tA? Old /ro* Foundry and <m!? kalf a mlit by land from the O.umbuf Sand in Gturittofn. The 'adies and ?ertlen en of Wa?lu??ton aid Georgetown are respectfully informed A . . A that tin . beautiful p *o*. on ?nc I'omi-'ry y Branch, ir now hanUMiniM'T fitted up f"f A-"r* ' the recoption of t le-Nic Partiea and <>tl?er \ muua. There are nuitierona apr.ugH of the purest ?ater and a oonetant nhade throughout the da?. The-e 14 a iarte saloon tor dancine. with dres?mc room a'ticued, aii'l shac!> wa. ks and aeati throu&uout the ground*. SchooU, s-ooi'-tir*. Clubs and Social Partie* <*an oltam Hat delightful place for Piu Nic? without charge for thegrnanda <*r paMlion bv kirinc tn? THE WEEKLY STAR Thia exrellaot Family utf Neva 'fcicu.# a ?r*at#r variety of intereetia* raadlnt trian 04r )<+ f???r?4 in any other?u yab'itbad <m Haturda* moraine. Truf?C<i??. mbU. m *4mmrt. {iint-" <v?p?. j*r annum ?.#1 t? hvtPifiM ..... S e? Ten copiea . * ?n OlflM l>? H* ii*?oritiiic in eleha raieed among neighbors witn-Mit tti* intaM*nMon of a mail a**it.aa wl" I B J' Mr ??til nf Tk* W1 i - c - - ?.1 *? a?ve<l. It inrartaM* con'ain* the *%*?>? inctnn Nf*?" that mii made TV Krtmtmt Stm wrcaiata <> caner*1 ? throathoat the ooaatry. ([ ^J'lrif'e eopiea i ib wr%pp*ra> m? h# prunvrad at tnacounter, iinm-Ciate;* after the iM?'of the paper. IVice-THRKE CKNT? \'.y P oa t maa I a .r> who Ml aa afauU will ba ailaai d a aoinmia?ion of cent* _ FOR SALE AND RENT. |?Oft K?.\T- A tw.-ator* RRU K HOT8R.4B r Miaaoun avrmi-?No. 40 r oeae?aioaairen on the !at of Jul* next. Apply to l> A. >V ATTKR STOV \'?. iw< Wacom; atreat Hat. or ,\>|O Ha<euUi a'.-aet wr?t je 7-eolm* | t'MKOH I'AHI.K RUOMK with or without ~ ttoasd. can Ite ol taiuotl, or. m<*1erale teruta. at tvr' I". a'., txtweep Sthanrlrtth. Tai ie Roard* a ?->?K B.KV1 Hoard ie |? ??? L HK K i:\l-Tnree KKICK HOI *K!*-oii# oa a T?r?' !lh atre?-t, b-tareen C ami I) ; ona oa tha corner of Twciftli and II ata. ; and one on H. l>a Tareen |?th ar:H ISth ata. Inquire of JAMF.N W. MARKER, on II atraet. Mawn 11th an<l iJth. No. I J-. ? * : tT-OR * FNT -A thro* at r, FKAMF ROUP*, i?ii Kl*v*itti brtwwii I tad k Irani * of M. *?NVI>KH. at it<* P!nm!> nc ?'.d <>m Fitt nc K-t\h i?hm?nt of C. Snyder, n**t door to th# S*r Oft? WW tf l.'dR SAI.K Bet?-*?>n 7 and * acrea of I.AN P. I par *' < 1.1 <<u tli' I'.atik H".iJ 7 hut, 4 mil"- f "in \Va* hituton?ft beautiful building ?ite. Of wHi lo^ntwl lor ? market canl-n Applr at V. H Acne) iiioefc. 'oriMr NivrnUtml F W uh lngton. _j* 19 lni* R I. N I I :i?* tmw ?t.T> ami I'tMmrn' RKIt'K llO|'?K(?mw officii * reet ?m ? i< I ?tr"?*t i > th.oflf * 4 <a re from t > ?? I'at -n? mi 1 ( ill i' >-t i ttil<-?* >?Iwim i ll* n| tlie lineal and kralllnnl l? ationa iu the ait* It m arran?o<t f<>i a M"T?* anil 'aeilinr: ha? a 1*4'' ow rtHalwrf. Will till it a linker or ronf-'etionor. I'mmtiuin ci v.-u on tli-Din ui*t. For t?rina. Ac . apply to <iKO. J SKI FKKRLK.fttiirkwa, Brother A Co . S.Vt r? avenue. )? iMf I^iiK RKM' Direo fcriit cla?? And recent.? Inn l lltM *? .?*. four atone* Inch each. h*n>1 . ,...aU <. i - I?.? .?II?. ' * - I t ;?*7XI . n:iv Kip; Ail %TTT* nii^J^^Tl 1 TT1 pTOVP m?*nt?, *u?h %? wat-r. ?**. 4c.. in on<< of lh' r? t ftue*t lucatioaa in the ?ity?on th? eorner of Thirl -tre?<t and MiKKonri avenue. ?m<I opposite the Car t<>! friminiU Vn? ?i?? wi<-hinc to rent a fine dwell itic will find ?hi* * favorable opportunity, an I de m re t'> rriit t item i ruined iate|? , and will ten! them low. Inquire of P. W BROWNING. f I ti F^OR A LH?A freat '.a'gain. four aore? of wf unprm ed LAN l>. weli miteil for a market (t?r d?n. uith new dwelling house with four rooma and kitchen ; well of hnt> water ia tha >ard ; under noiMl f* will be sold low or exeiianjcad for cit>j?r<>p?rt? . and on moderate terrnn. Th* land at Ba.l'? <",!>*? R"%<l? two and a half wilae front t?e?>r<eto?-ri. an>t in Alexandria county, Va App t to V. P. ("OR11KTT, over Bank of Vt aa hi act cm ma 12-tf h^OH KKN I'?A snia.i f?TOK h, ooroer of ?th at. and Penn. avenue, ur,d?r the Clarendon Hote , suitable for a )>arber'e saloon or oiiv etore For information ineuire at the Hotel mar & I^OR RKNT?The FIRST FLOOR oftbe baiwl I mc iiniuediateiv oppoaite the weat wmcof the City Hi..,recently ooeupied by Chaa. S. Waiiach as an nlf-ce A 'tie fr.n.t m U?r? thf third flour of the ume btildiu j^or U?mii appiy to RICHARD \V ALLACHTno. S Louisiana avenue. ja IS tf SENATORS, MKMBERS OF CONOREM.? T*' sp.eudid suite* of ROOMS. eecanUvfarniahea. will ire lentad duriug the sess.oK of Con frets, in the moat desiral-le lwoalit; in this city, emu wiliiio oueor two unreiorBrnwn't ai.d Nation? Those in pursuit of snoh Ro<>mi wiii dv wal' to make ear ? application at No. 379 4th street t^etweeo 0 street and Pa. av. de 4-tf I/"OR SALE?A nine three story Brick HOUSE* at 2d street, l>etw-?ii D a&d fc. rtreets, in Kib t-?y's Subdivision. The above propartv will he s<> J on easy terms. Price made kuown l-f msuir. I.:??)f H. W. HAMILTON A CO., No. 46* 7th ftre^' . pposite Centie Market. Tit.s serfect. f*7 tf ' educational! l * o mm k k <1 A iT c o llko e. * o. 47? Sevk'ttii nr., Uppo.itr Iks l.'?a<r?i P?? "* ? **? Arm-man Syt'oin of Penmaiuiur, . M^?ea? til? Forms and Calcu.ationa BatiaMa Cor ret-poiiler", Kill* of F.zehant*. Current Villa. C SwJ*a, Gnu: mar and ft nfhmrtio. JH^A ('rifMat-iry C am for Hoy*. Ladi?? will ix? luetructed in fco* p*nmar slii p. Room* opon from 3 a. m. to 10 p.m. For t*rim applt at th?* Rooms. ma 2?-S'm WW. W VOI'VG A CO. ' Mir. I >n?> KKMAL.K ACADEMY. Nxw At(?iir.niit5T. Thin well known and popular seminary, whin, 'ia- txv'ii so lucoei- ful imdff tlie antir* oere of M ra. Z. KieliartU lor more than ben ?ear*, will be opened on tlie 6r?t Monday in Septniui?er u??xt. under the united si??rn?io? anil initrticlioa of Mr. an<J Mra. Z RICH ARDS. in the well arranged and delight folly I cated I'nion Academy Bnilding. For particular*, nee circular* at all tlie Bookstore# m*a if \i MRS. McCOK e.lCK'S SCHOOL ( lRS. MrCORMlCK deairea to inform bar frierds uid the public ceneral.y that she wi.. renin* the <iu*ie? of her School en the lat Monday iaSeptember next. The course of study pursued will oornpneaal. the branchoa re^uiaite toathorouch Eaj.iak edaoa Hon. In adlftion to her day scholars she ta deairoaa of eoeiviaj: into her family a few pupils aa boarden \r*<l fr>>m to l? rears, who will oe under her im mediate oere and oversight. tier arrangements for tae accommodation a: C 'ue CV pn::ls have l??ei. noni.Jorn ? imnnwil and otherwise improved. Thoae in aahir.rton deamn* particular information witb refarenoe to her ?choo: may app y to W. D. Wallaoh, Editor o the Star. For f>rm? and fortner pardenlarf apply at bar remoaaoo?No. 3* Cameron street, Alexandria. Va. i? r-tf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. II!AVF JUST RECEIVED A NEW HP piy of Gaii*"' fine Frw ch Ca!f !*k>n l>'i<u^A? Hoota and iiaiter*, Patent I.eather an<lBHI Cloth fiaiWa, Calf i?kin. Patent I .father.yWv ami Lasting Shoe* A ;ao, an ejlrieire" lock of B<> ' au?i Children'*. I Jtdiea' and Mia***' Boits arid Sthot a. all of which I a>n aelhnc at ex? oeedingljr low pnoei. J. K09K\THAU 520 8*r?o h street. nt% 15 eo 3 oora above D_street. Boots and sboh* to kit the t1*|j9. We are now manufacturing all kind* of BOOTS and 8HOK!*, and oorstautW reoemn* i^Ai nipp1* of eastt-rn mad# work o' every a* I script!"", made expressly to order, aadwillw Wj be sold at a inoeh lower ?noe than ha* t>een" JHk heretofore obarged in this city for math inlsrim articles. Persona in want of Boots and Shoes of smUtb or city made work, will al*ars find a food assortment m ctoreand at tne lowest prices f>lve us a call. GRIPFt!X & BRO., ap t-r SI 4 Pennsylvania a>W??. SOUTHERN TRUNR MANUFACTORY, 4*9 TtB BTkiatt rM-i F'tlovs' Hall. ITu'tmfMs, D. C. Traveieis win study their interests r>* eilimi IT1 '["KINKS. VAI.rCE* AO ,hef..r> r?r ?I onamne eiaewere as i none mi wiemrfl best materia the market afibr^a Rod ?mpior^"** the b*at workmen, I oaa onktrntlr ren<.?r *rM mif work to he superior in Sir. ??i*ard Pwriifot to Trunk* that are made in other ciUes ami soid here 1 keep constantly on hand. ana make to order < r u one week's uotioe) ever* d*?ori?tien of SOl? I FAT1TFR, IKON FRAME FRENCH DRESS and W'HJD HOI ThONKS; ASHLAND <md other VAT ICES, TRAVELING B t&S; HAR NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, |r., ?v. TMinks. 4o.. K-paired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at abort notice Trunks delivered ic an; part of thaaity, ??orje town, or Alexandria, Ala<>?Acect for llowa'a celebrated FAMILY da 15-tr JA ME? ^ TOPHAM RESEARCH K?. TRAVKLS AND M1MON. ary Lalwtr danntac if hteen y^a-v raaider ca in Eastern Afrioa. Aa . by Rm- lir. J Law is K rapt; wiia an amimu ui? nBOW-VWF" Moat tain* of Ea?t**rn Africa, the Hourcaa of tha Nile, the Lanruaca and Literature of Abtaain a a<id Kaetare Africa, Ac . by E. J. Ra>enetei[i. F R. G. 9.. I to! pno* #1 V> l'at 7 Tom B own at Oxford; Pn ?* H??rt>. Foraalaby BLANCHARDA MOHl'N. ! > J3 Pa a* and Kir nth e treat. GAS F I X T I | KB. E Have ia rtoro, and arc daalv rmiirtif, 9AS FIXTl'R E.V of entirely .\<>w Patters* and fllte? and Finish. *ap?ri<>r in etrle to anything heretofore offered in thl* market. We invitecitimeri* genAraJ 1* to ca.l and examine our ?toek of Ga* and Water Fixture*, feettnj <*?nMent that we bare the boat eleoiwl Htook in Waahinftoa. All Work iu the above Tine intraated to oar o*r? Will l>e prtMMftly atteiiil-^1 t?v MYERS A MeGHAN. mar 5-tf 3?*b*tr?#t AW*. T. DOVE A CO. RE Nov prepared to execute any order* with which the? ma* he favored ir fh? PLUMfclN?, 8A j O* PTE AM FTTTIN# ILr Blorawllhiirwt SrteonMrtl of Pi. BOA R DP aixi FLOORING matinm**) ^3* ?Uggifej. OPKRA HAT, Jmt irri*?l, ?T It ?M

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