Newspaper of Evening Star, July 5, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 5, 1860 Page 2
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m THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THI RSDAY July 3, 1^0 ftptrit ( tbr .tl*rninc TrrM. UP* At ft meeting of tiie o racial and other 11,embers of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Kent couatv, held at Chestertown. Md . on the *J6th, the action of the late General Conference and the sentiments of the new chapter Introduced by that body into the discipline, relating to the subject of slavery, was promptly and unanimously repudiated and declared to be of such a character tliat the meeting would not submit to it. An Eastern Shore Methodist Convention was recommended to be held on the 21th Ocm Rreom Army.?The total strength of the I'llited Statea army on the 1st of July was as follows: 1R.607?apportioned thus?two regiments of cavalry, 10 companies each; two of dragoons, 10 compauies each; one regiment of mounted riflemen, 10 companies; four regiment* of artillery, 1-J companies each; and ten regiments of Infantry, 10 companies ea^h; besides IsO cavalry dragoon*, *214 artillery, 360 infantry, and 330 other officers, averaging one officer to every 13 men Ptr??ntl. Mr. Greenwood, the Commissioner of Indian Affair*. i? absent in Arkamtas Maj A H Bowman and Lt. A F liond, > S A i Col. 1) Towrawsky, Russian Army, are at the National. Mr Breckinridge i? very toon to leave for California with Senator Latham, proposing to pass the summer on the pacitic coast. He lind made arrangements for this trip before his nomi nation The recovery of the inestimable wife of Gov T Holllday Hicks, of Maryland, who has been 111 for some time with consumption, is re?ard?d a? beyond hope, and that her death is vurly expected From California, Ac ?Buttertleld s overland mail coarh, with San Francisc o mai! dates to June 11th, aud via the Vizalia telegraph statiou tn the 15th lilt hai The nomination of Lincoln by tbe Chicago convention was well received by tbe republicans' who fired a sal'ite of guns in honor of It Siace the Indians fled bevond reach of Hayes, volunteers all apprehensions of further troubles from them iu the Washoe mines had vanished Regular troops will be stationed near tbe Pyramid Lake and other place? where they can best protect the settlements Tbe company who went through on tbe pony expres* route except to obtain a sufficient force from tbe Uuited State. troo)>snow at CatppFl'iyd t? keeo the route free from danger after It Is once iliiarea and tbe stations re-established. The weather was warm and pleasant on the eastern side of the mountains Judge Terry's trial has been removed to Marion county, indicating his acquittal. The miner* arc returning to work in the placers which tbe Indian disturbers caused them to abandon. Ou Walker river and in the Monroe lake region the Indians are Peaceable A stage was robbed by highwaymen on the Oth of June, near Chlco. in Butte county, of S15,'"J0 in transit express. Honolulu dates to the '24th May have been reoJ.ul TV. * a uo jopaurw iieamfr uonaenmarrat), from r*an Francisco, touched at Honolulu on the -\>d, cq the way home The markets were very dull. rvitu.4 'ifwnn dates to the Mb of May announce that the result of tae ei?-t,n...i ...... v...v ? ful The probabilities were that l.ogan was elected to Congress No opinion could be formed as to the Legislature. Two democrats were elected in Monltnomah county, where the republicans had some hopes LatkS riOM Japan" ?Political Ajfair? <tnrf Indications ?The New York Times has correspondence from Kan&gawa to the25th April. wbich wives such an idea of the condition of alt iir* there as will serve to allay somewhat the fe-?r< which have been excited by the reports which have previously reached us l b* difficulties h;?ve been undoubtedly instigated by the Prinze of Mito, who aspires to his throne, and who alnm: _ waa waii.suea irotu Jeaao i<> bit own Principality, for having beenengaged in n smilar fettempt against the reigning Prince. TL?* :??*??Hiuation of the two Dutch tea captain* was brouded in mystery until the attack was mad?on the Prince Regent, when the motive? which prompted that deed was made more apparent. The intention wa* probably to involve the government in a difficulty with tne foreigners, during which Aiito could make nu attempt to obtain |>oMeMion of the throne Circumstances, howev r. wem to indicate that the American resident* w??re to be exempted from massacre by his emiw.*irl?? The Prince Regent, although not killed immed:ately, is known to have died from the rfferts of bia wound*; and another person has been installed who wa* understood to be friendly to foreigners No further apprehensions were felt, as this iast [ act of Prince Mito would undoubtedty, It Was thought, result in his death. irr" Rev. John Sanderson, of Norfolk county, W, haa paid his negroes the present season $550 for corn raised for their own benefit on hit farm. One negro earned f 156. ft?" The construction of the new suspension bridge at Wheeling is going forward as raj ldlya* the work will allow. rV-^?GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D. C , July. iLjj 188;'.?The Annual Coniniencein?-iil of Georgetown College will take place onTUESDA Y, tii- l?> h ef J uly, at 9 o'clock a. m The public aW-n?e of These* in Mora! philosophy. b* the G'aUuatmg Class, will be h<ld on the pr<?et*Jiuj. day at 4* o'clock p. in. Tie parent* oi the ktudontr and fnenda of the in titsliou are invited to attend. jy3T.SA.MJt JOHN EARLY.S. J.. Pres. || y PHE.NIX BUILDING ASSOCIATION|L -t \V< doesda) I>eiug the 4th of J uljr, tha reguKrmon'hlT meeting will be held at Temperance Hall on THURSDAY EVENING.a'8o'clock, jy a at T. M. HANSON, Sec. rry- rnE THIRD ANNI*A1. C< MMENCE! L 3 ment of Gonzata Collect) will bt> held at the 8:n thsouiau, on T H U R S D A Y E V ENlNG, the 5th in?ta?t, at 8 o'clock- The public a e IWlftiB jy3 *t* C. H. STONESTRELT. I'res't. (YW?BELL AND EVERETT.-Ihere w.ll InI L Sf a meeting of the friends of B-? I and Kv- ret I on THURSDAY EVEN I NG next, the 3'h in?t., 11 Temperance Hall, at M u'olock, for the pupo?c ol i completing the urbanization ol tlie Central liell and Everett t, ub. All persou.-. friendly to tli- c?u>? are invited to oonie forward and Uikt- part in the organization of the Club. Several *U? 1 ?? *'?' _ ?v.v w?t nica U1 th?c?mw> will be preaenttv aJJrej# the lutein je 545 n W A.BATCHEU*?> INIMITABLE HAIR ? DYE. Fo* Bale at biBBa a Haik Stobe, ? Pm h. Avtnue, tutu-urn Yitk and IStk St*. Where LadiM ran alao have it applied if <l?*ircd. A, full M'oruneBt of TOILET AKTICLF.S tfliy. ijs '? Ma DON NELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! MeDONNELL'8 CATAWBA C1NQER WINE! MeDONNELI/a CATAWBA GINGER WINE! TV* Dtlicioui Summer Btveragi. The Haalthfal and Tomo Properaitiea The CoHshtutrm descants npon the reception by the people and press of the National Democratic nonii nation a, and upon the "regularity of the Douglas Convention." The Imttlligenrer treats at length upon "Independence Day." ITT" Judge Hetts. of New York, has granted an Injunction to prevent levying on Mr. Fowler's bond?meti. but has ordered them to give bonds to abide the judgment of the court. Two issues will be tried?one of fact, and the other of law. a to any concealment that M r. Fowler was a defaulter, by the Post Ofiice Department at the time of tkeex?cution of tbe bond. ' Of whiota lit now wr 11 known aid I'mfaraaliy Admitted Throughout the Union. Ia Now For Snln in Wuhinitui bT Jon. W. Dnvu, ?th nod E *t>. J. V. Coburn, ktth nod H ?ta. Ju E. O'Brien,Mi. nnd I eta. Wm A. Brown, ISth nud F *U. W. 9. Jonee, Ma*>neW?eettanv. nnd 3d d. Pater Monngknn. Naw Jeraey nv. *-d 0 at. T. Cognn. Pa. nv. nnd Mb at Jna. fllnh, 11U at. P. M Una*, Pn. nvannn. Ei, n. w aiu 4 Co., f?. ftvcnu*. Henry C. P?rdj, Pft- arwali?. B. H?y??, 4tfc H ?t?. Goor(? W. OroM. ??orf*towi. II. C. H. L. G?org?tow?, P. C. J AS. MoUONNEI'L, * r | * A ' WASHIMGTOX XIWI AMD GOSSIP. DoroLA?T?m th* ?orth ?The fact that Donglasism has already collapsed?still born aa it were-at the South,was clearly proved by the abortion of a Douglas ratification meeting that rame off In this city on the evening before last Though rockets were let off in profusion from the gathering point, and a tine band of mnaic was kept tooting as for dear life for two hour*, a sufficient crowd to justify the opening of the meeting?some three hnndred men, women, and little boys?did not collect until an hour after the advertised time The successive arrival of the ward Douglas Clubs, with music at the head of each, only served to render more glaringly apparent that this latitude is too far South for 1) 's phaze of abol!> *ion politics to flourish herf; for the procession of neither of them embraced more than flftv men, and as many juvenile followers of the music. We listened for an hour or so to the harangue of their orator first put forward, and heard not a single shout of approbation of the speaker's views and sentiments?not one. On the whole, as a political demonstration. It fell far short of that Involved in the Republican party's late Washington city rati- j flcatlon mating, though it is notorious that with the exception of person* employed under the House of Representative*, that party does not number perhaps three hundred in all among the resident citizens of the Federal Metropolis. Never was the fable of the mountain in labor" more fully exemplilled than by the result* of this meeting. It had been boastfully declared that the people of this District approved the heretical doctrines of Mr. Douglas, a* also his ambitious pretension* to the Presidency. To confirm thene claims, his friends called the meeting, and resorted to all the usual artitices to secure a lar^e attendance. Distinguished speakers were annnilliroH m ncir nl* i /1ie/tAiisa^ WHIIVVU) muniV) UOI liTltriC T A |>ia Mlt U < \? I I enlivening alr?, such as "Hail to the Chieftain."' and the jjas lights d-tsbed brilliantly. Alas, for human hopes' After all these laborious tforts the faithful would not respond In numbers, asalike in enthusiasm, the met tiny was a complete and mortifying failure. The Rational Intellig>nrtT. whtrh always leans to mercy, quietly says "it was respectable in numbers'" In point of fa^t if the friends of Bell and Hreckinrldge had withdrawn the meeting would have dwind'ed down to less than a mere ward meeting. Tbe "able speakers" found reason* to l>? absent, and the managers were compelled to invoke tbe services of the ubiquitous Mr Schnabel, not unknown to fame, tyr S. spoke at great length about everything except the matters in issue. The apology, however, tha? there was a la< k of speakers, and therefore that Mr S must speak ou, hud at le-tst the merit of truth. As the patient seemed to be a very sick man, the managers deemed it advisable to call in Dr. Culver, who proceeded to administer his drugs-political with great vigor; but whether It was that the drugs were }>oisonous, or the constitution of the patient too enfeebltd to bear up. It Is certain that sperdy death soon followed. It is rumored that a po?t mortem was held by our excellent friend, the Doctor, and that he reports that the disease was of a very novel and malignant character. The Doctor calls it "sqna?t-r sovereignty,'' but is confident It will nctspread, a id that It will end with the present unfortunate case. The Washington Water Works ?On all sid^s we ar?- l>eset with questions from persons eager to know when active operations upon the Washington water works will be reraoied?the question uf most positive, palpable and general Interest to every property holder and business man in the District of Columbia Just now. We candidly answer that we take it for granted thai President Buchanan (who during his long public career has shown himself th*- never-failing friend of th* District's best interests) will permit as little time as |>r>ssil>I?* to elapse ere the resumption of the work upon the enterprise, despite the clause in the appropriation paragraph which was irtenrt^>s4 a%i?? ?>' 1 1 ? - ? 1 Iiinvimw w.n ?UC rnllirni U|?ji"5IklUll l?J HIS infllUH i lu tlie Hoti?e of Representative* To hundred*, II noi iu?.?.? j- Hij. question ! one of bread?to the mechanics and laborers anil their families, assembled at this point by the tiovernment to labor on Its works In the Federal Metropolis We learu that the mechanics and laborer* above referred to, are now preparing a memorial to tbe President setting fortb their urgent necessities. and earnestly iiryinj? him to cause the work upon the aqueduct to lie speedily recommenced. Thk Importa.mi ? or tiif Potoma< Watfi wofk? was aptly illustrated, indeed,In the quick suppression of the recent tire ill Plillhfirn.nfil. IIall But for the use of the lire ping* in the vicinity of the inters?-< Hon* of Pennsylvania avfnu<* and F.leventh and Twelfth streets, though the fire occurred it mid-day, nothing could Lave I saved a large amount of property belonging to many Individuals from otherwise certain d>?trnction. On this occasion the damage done by the fire was coniinrd to tU< iuj ;ry of the hall to a.i extent requiring an expenditure of perhaps ?.">< 0 or for Its repair, and froni %50 to $100 injury to the Srtr olltce premises, and the destruction ?>f a pl^no, the property of Mr Metrerott, worth ?>-ji The Statioseby Comr*i t? ?The contracts for the supply of the stationery (for the >ear ending June 3(1. 1861.) for the use of the Executive Departments in thi? city, have l>een awarded as follows, tie : Interior D*-partim nt?First clan*. iwludinj^all p p?-r articles, awarded to Mr. C 11 Anderson,<f S vcuth ?t . Washington city Second cl ?. to IUan<bard A Mohun?all mlsci llaneoos articlesThird < lass?parchment a;id parchment paper? awarded to J.:? M Wllco* 4: Co . Philadelphia War and Navy Departments ? All claret awarded to Blanchard A Mobun. of this city. Treasury Department?All classes awarded to I'bilp A Solomons, of this city.* I.and Office Rkti * <? ?We understand that important steps have l?een taken by the Department of the Interior to cause the receivers of the land rffii es throughout the I'liited States to reader their returns in time fur the Commissioner of the General [.and Office to adjust them within a fortnight after the expiration of each mouth A failure to render their accounts, quarterly and monthly, is to he considered a dereliction of duty, to be repr'-seiitf.d to the superior officer for prompt Action in the premises. Thb Mi3!Mo3 to Gi atbmala ?It was recently stated that the Senate Committee ou Foreign Relations bad not even reported baik. for action, the nomination of Mr. Churchwell, of Teim .as Minister to Guatemala. The reason now assigned for tb:.s is that Mr. Churchwell bad declined the imxilnliiKKt *I'K" ? ? -|py?? ? * uc HliniUII im BUI I VdCARl. II does not appear to Ikj very Inviting, <ut two Mini?tera to that Republic Lave du?l within the last three yean. Thk Causes Burkac?Elegant accommodations have been prepared for the Census Bureau, in the new south wing of the Department of the Interor No force in addition to the Superintendent (Mr. Kennedy) and the Book-keeper ha a yet been employed. No return* have been received. C^IBB'S HAIR AND PFRPUMKRY STORK, I Penn. A<"'nut,bet'oe-n U'tA and 1 'ilh Sts. LADIES' WlliS. HALF WIGS, BRAIDS and OU R i.S alwaj u on liand,f>r made to order in 'ha beat styles. Alto, Haw Work rep&i ed or taken in jjS-lj F'OR SALE-TWO HORSES?one, a Canadian, _ trots Jus intie in 3)6 minutes ; will Im? rv oiu tow lor oMli, or would take a light ri prri? or baket'i wa^on in part tiajo. quire at No. <13 Tliirteentu wt, wcit of M *tr>'ft north. jj 5 3t* PURE SODA WATER. CALL AND TRY THE BEST IN THE CITY, AT J. R. Major'* Drug Store, if 5 6t* Ootsu 7t? A H 9t?. pAlQUIER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. Th??? S|'iaR?? >? mile* ??tt of WMhinftor ? it o..jw ?p-n for tli?* reception ?1 viritora. M . ? A i ne ui/noriMf. Having rvAcnme the pur fcmf chwr,* II mak? every ffnrt. witfc oow ll'?" T fon ' ' ? 10 formertepuuT K AT??-ao i snta per meal; fl ,S? p?r day; #3 Per w-?k;f?? p#r month; ??> for 2 monttji; 5ia'i *{L\?tT ? "nder 12 *??' and colored ?#r' WTai,U thre* lwurth.; " 5-,ft ROB'T HUDOIN. Th* Waltoh a-xd Matth*w? Mtism ? Ad liilimal Particulars.?Tht Po?t of Tuesday eveniuff uv': About 5 o'clock fMterday evening. Mr \V iii Betu.who reiirte?at Cat- boqu'e. Long Island, came to the Tom I* in company with Charier Jefferd*. in quest of a magistrate None being tkere, he visited the otfl< e of Comptroller Haws, with whom be bad some acquai ntance, but found him oat. He then repaired to the house of J tide* Otl)orne. who. Instead of committing Jetferd?. directed Mr BetU to keep him in <harge till rcorn> ill?, and then to bring him to the Toinbt. Mr. BetU accordingly went with him to the Laf&rue Hons. , and remained there till mormng.wh^n he . 1.2 A l : l A l A J.. . / ? ... L* m ? pir ? ? uiiii in mr 1 uiiouy in wm? **r r\in^. 01 in*' Toml>s Police Court, to be detained till thi arrival of the magistrate Mr. Betts yesterday encountered young JeTerds sitting In the hotel, and entered into conversation with him; in the course of which the latter stated that he Lad noticed that he wii charted with Itn plication in the murder of Mr Walton and Mr. Matthew*. He added, that he had thought seriously of surrendering himself. and had written to Coroner Jar kinan to inform him where he wai, and ask him to come and arrest him Charles Jefl'erds, suspected of Itcing the assassin. It is stated, bore the reputation, while engaged as clerk at the post office, of bein? quarrelsome, and used to carry a pistol, which his fellow-clerks say can b* identified The pistol employed in the murder is a Hve-barrelled revolver, and is inscribed 'No 4,437, Adams's Revolving Arms Co., New Vork Manufactured by the Massachusetts Arms Co., Chlcopee Falls, Mass." It does not resemble the weapon which has been seen in the possession of Mrs Walton As yonng Jetferds is now in custody, hi* agency in the crime, it may be presumed, will soon !>e made public. The difficulties which are sup(>?9ed to have led fit tKSc troiro/l I- *41 Hi n SukiAAt t <>An*ao1 ?" tmo mo^vwj oic ?ur ??n'jn:? *'i ^riirr??i sion. The marriage of Mr and Mrs. Walton took place In October. 1H58. Mr. Walton wan then arranging to retire from business. but ujxin the development of bin family troubles, he a^ain extended hi# transactions. It is stated that Mrs Walton ij-ent tliewinter In Washington <i?a lobby agent, and was remarkably successful in that capacity. Her husband had taken pains to collect farts in connection with this matter, and Lad employed detectives to watch her in this city, so that he judged that he had obtained sufficient evidence to warrant proceedings for a divorce. On Saturday he had held an interne*' with h s 1 iwyer upon the subject, and fixed upon Monday Ui complete the application K*cape from Lyxchiho.?The captain of the s'eamer Bay City, Who refused to attempt tl.c rescue of the unfortunate nasscn'rer* nf the Hon Lewis, after her explosion, titi* just escaped from tbe populate, who were justly incensed at his baseness. The St. Louis Democrat of JuneVMith says: ' The steamer Hay City arrived last Tuesday at Quarantine, where her captain was met by yentlemen from St Louis, who apprised him that ;n consequence of the state of public opinion caused by the statements of hisconduct at the catastrophe of the Ben Lewis, it would be better for him not to appear here On this hint, the Captain, with h e funity, effected a lauding at Columbia, Illinois, and them e took a carriage to the nearest railroad station by the way for Pittsburg. The Bay City was just in at Cairo when the Ben Lewis wh? coining out, and as the former was making past, the explosion took place. The mate, the captain's wife and his sister in law, all implored the captain to go to the relief of the sufferers, but he declined for the reason that the step would endanger the safety ?>f bis ve*s>el and freight, and also of the insurance " JO* A subscriber, writing to us from New Orleans, says that the news of the nomination of Breckinridge and Lane is highly gratif.intr to the democracy of Louisiana Re says there will be three electoral tickets, but Douglas will not carry a parish in the State against either Breckinridge or Bell?N. V Day Book. fH7" NVe have no doubt that a very decided majority of the voters of this State prefer the eiectiou of Mr Breckinridge.?Dortr Drlawarfan. PKKSON A 11. 1A CARD. TAKE This method of retumnu < *> sincere thanks to the firemen and citiz-ns of Waltl.iiiKtoii. and more particularly the Franklin Fire Company, (at the fi r?> of the 2d instant, in I'iiilharmoiiic Haii.t for their praiseworthy, energetic ami Micee-iuiul endeavors in -uppren?ing the flames aiui rescuing from ruin ink printing e?i,il>iixhiuent. jyS-2t K . A WATK18. MR. EDWARD I'MPHRKY ia po longer a inemUtr of the United Cluh, having l>een ex peiled for misdemeanor. By order of the jy 3 2t* CU B. I TO THE l?l'BIJC. I HEREBY Fo e^-am all person* from contracting ar otherviae trannaoting hiiKinean with J. J. j\n g#M III I 11*5 . f fi , I [ | of .4 r toj .% Qllllid (formerly publnhersof the nocWville Journal,) a* no on oil Iw in m ti I otn lh? ilatoof thu notice, and i w 111 imm i <-ri'-iuoiiHiiMi* lor Mi* uents or conr.ra.-ima-l ? by hi in. J AS. A. OIBIIS. _Ko<-kviH-. July nt. l.rtn. i> 3-3T mobhk'k, thfoseat astroi.iv m?T ?Ntt DnnjFin, ju^t from Europt.?Thin highly Kifirtl anil intelligent lady can be consulted on the I'ant, Present awl Future Events. Call at No.-JOA Twenty second street, betwoen H and 1, Washington. jei9lm* EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, &c. UOON 171 G H T K \ t I K > I O N <i I. Y M O N T*P A V I L I ? N. Tl'KSlMY, July 10. Tlio steamer I'hf* x has been chartere I to fonvey an excursion par?y to Glymont on Tuenday, Jul* Mh. under the^^*^g^?|Mj iii?- a^eti Out of th<> un<1e' signed Kx-*""'**' eculiveC mmitte*. A limited number of tickets for >ale, which inay bo had on application to ?n> mem!?er of the ('nniinitiM> Outnihuoex will |fav? the Northern Liberties' Market and 7th *t. nn<1 I'r. avenue at a qnaiter In fore Ho'clock, fo?>ot with tiie hi at. whi^h will leave tin- wharf at the foot of lift nt at ^o'clock p. m. Ticket* 91 admitting a e^ntlpinan and ladse*. Comtnittre. O. H<>?well, H S. Donaldson. R.H.'iraham. Jo* L. IVarson, _ Ja* K. Johnson. jy *> 5t AP 1 C NIC ro* thk BKNEFIT OF THE POOR Will l?e given hjr the Society of St. Vincent of Paul, .4 J ANALOSTAS ISl.AXD. On MONDAY, Jn,y la. Profesaor Euput?'? Citizen*' Baud ha? t*>eu en! ga^ed for the occasion. ' ** ^ i ilovs will run eonntantly during i1 the day from the Stone House \V. (foot of G at., Washington.) and thedock foot of Hijjh ?t., Georgetown. No charge for ferriage, | k<> nx or returning. Oettlein^ii'* tickets 5(? cent*; ladies' tickets | cents ; children's tickets 10 cents. Tickets can be t d at tne ucual places, and from ui'Miibers <*1 the Society? Richard H. ( q , Joueii. Esq.. Capt. J- I*. <iare?tre. H'-nrj Koohat. i?#q.. l.ieut. J, C. Ivea, 1j. Vivmi. Esq.." N x-holaa t allan. Fiiq , John Saul, Kaq., Th- ?. Feran, K^q.. Win. Kellv, Esq., J . "arfoll Brent. hrq,, 1. H Knolt. Khq , P. C. Howie, Esq.. 1*. Gallant, Esq., Gr?.;oi'\ Km.ia, Win A. Brown, fcsq , Wiii. R*an, E>*q.. P. Jordan. Ksa . .1. D. H?|Kn, Oco. Harvey, Ksq , M.T. Mc.Miihwn. K?q., I. R Murinn, E^u., R F 0'H?*irn?, E?q., Tlio?. Williams, fc^q.. Win. f,. Newton. E.-sq , L. J. Draper, E*q , F.iIwar<I l>??iaii, E*i., J' h" Chapn.a , Hnj., John T. Mvw?. Ktq., M. Fitzgerald, E<?q , TiioM. t'<*f:an, E*u , Joe. Reefer, Esu H. Tumblety, E*q., Victor Becker, Km.. * J 13. F. Crown, Esq., J as. Fitzpatrick. E?q. j> &-t<l rpHE STEAMER FLYING CLOUD HAVING I undergone a thorough axamina * tior. by the gover inent i< ureotor, is^^?e?w^2 now ready for Excursions to the"**" " Ureet Fail" or to fttiy points ou the river not ever 2*? miles distant She will run to A'lington from Four eenth street, or any wh<rf in Washington at 2?) oents for tne round trip, Ar 13 oents for the untie trip, or froi" Georgt town, bv way of thecana',(or 15 oents round trip; 10 cents single trip. Kxcursions to the lutan* Asylum every WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, >Urting from Georgetown at 12 o'olock in , and stopping at Stone Mill Wharf and othfr wharves in VVftihingtOQi io u to r^ach the Asylum by I o'olock. |V4| trim 1MUM MAnon w* J, ~ iuuv/n rj, rroprietor. Tnotick. IIR UNION FIRE COMPANY intend giving an EXCURSION fo GLYMONT Jf? ? on MON i)*Y, July 16. Particulari^Lj^JSgBr^* in future advertisemei.t. ^mimamawaCM By order of je lM*eo?w THE COMMITTEE. AMUSKMiSNTS. NOTHKR GRAND DISTRIBUTION"" or BEAUTIFUL AND COSTLY PRESENTS. On FRIDAY EVENING, July 6th. TWENTY-FIVE M~AONIFICENT GIFT* Will he Riven to the patron* of the lar-famed Thio<lon's Museum of Art-. Among the sift* ar"t?<>id an?? Silver Watche*. Silver-plated Cake ami Card Packet*, beautiful Caaturi, Gold Brooches, Bracelet!, Bijoute ie, Jko. AH the almre article* have lieen purchased at Seinkinn' Jewelry Store, Pa. venue, where t ie pregont* may he seen, and ticketa may alao be hM Admission 2* ota A - - - - #J ?_ I J FREE CONCERT*! IjRNST LOKFFLFH, New York >ir,nmr, btrMvm and 2d Urutt, would re?oeotfiill> IBf* U.t4 U. th* public that A OO.VJKRT o'MM# 9K1.KCT #il) t>e given ever? MON ?S* 1)A V *od THURSDAY EVENINGS dnrntthe seanon. at hia Pavilion. e??min?ncinic at 6 o'clock ar.d ending at 10 p. in. Previous to the C'W0?rt. the Saloon ia open to those desiring to while away a few hours in the naay danoi. M'k I'RKAM. WAT^R ICES, and every oeac.iption of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oitj riocp? - KarUea desiring the Gardens for Pio Nio pur oars, are requested to (its a day or two notice, js 18 Sin / LOST AND FOUND. FOUND?On the 4th.a run SILVER E8CAFEMKWT WATCH, Inquire at 4??6 Krtrwt, between 5?h and 6th ?ts. i) 5 St* \f ONEV Pl'RSE POI ND RATIIKR MYJ*1*1 Wrioaeiv in a g^ntleniaa's pockrt. oontamiiit nmewonev. The owner can *et it at TAYI.OR A MAURVS. _ lt*_ C R EW A R D-lftrayw) or ito!f n. on the <Mth '? ' ultim" a Hack c< >\V, > Iioto? > ? , h grfij| a wbit? apot in trout; Ixitli ear* ?plit; w!iite?k*f^ on the tielb : a!*o, white tail. Th?> reward wil! t>e Kiveii to any one returninc h?r to rivmu such information as will I?ad to her recovcrjn T. ROSEN ROf'SH. It* Near Georgetown P'>"rh"tt?* | R K\V A R D.?Stra\e<1. on Moudat ntorniiic. V"* July * iaree iwown XtTloniKllinilA^j DOG, with white lore feet and t>rra*t face partJv white; l>osHv tail, tipped with * whit?; iiaic on the t-ack a- d hind I'** \er> lone an<! thick : aho'it one year old. The above reward will l>e |>aid to anyone returninc the ??me to Ki IRKRT A HATTHEWO,No.JilUia* av.. t.-tween ?S, and 6th ?t?.. Inland. jj VSt* STKAYF.D OR ST()I.K\-??n theattli ultimo, a root <iz?d WHITK IKHi. ?ith ear. A lil?cral reward will he eiven toany or.n retnrtiinc it to HKARV KIT MMUM 1'KRT. llth ?t.. near Itoundary line. j> St* TAKKM I P. <>n the l*t inrt&nt. a large led COW. w; h w liite Oii-e an! w horn*. The owner i? requested to coin" forward, prove pr<'peit> . pa* charge*, and take her^baak* twa< CH AS. K RISON, 11 2-3t* f >11 P *t.. hetw.Jit'h and I.Mh *t?. 'F* XKK.N I'P?f)n the 2fth ult .a *r<e hrindle and 1 white COW. while face, with horn*. The owner i* re<jne(it'>d t > win,' forward. prove properl* . pay cliai *<?*, and take IhtAi^b away. Mr?. ANN HPF.S. jy i-3t* B atreet, l<etir?eo Ztd and 2:}t #" REWAR I).?Strayed <>r >tolen. on Sunday. 't July lut.adark iron ?rey MARK, r\ year* eld. a1 ut l.? nan.U !ii<h;t.'i f on tne ieit sliouldor. Tkte al?>v? reward' wi!! be riven to an* on* returning her t.> rue. or giving euch information a* will l?a<! t.> i( r reoovorv. JA?*. H. SHREVE. jy 2-3t* Ttli st., I.etvre?>n ii and 1 ats. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For other "For Salt and Kent'" advirtistmtnt*, *e.t first page ] F'OR SALE OR REN'T-1 he tw. rtory liRICK HOI -I,. No. 17'2 I'our and a hull .-treet !>otween Virginia avemia and south E street l\>s se-sion given immediately. App y to MeCl'BM A Djl'ljE? *3 Water st., <?eorgetnwn. jy 5 6<* FOR RENT-Tr.stTe,ira?ilf I?W EuTnO o TwelPh street. l>etxveer. <? and H. containing 8 rooaaa sad large yard ia frrat, with water and )ta<. iuhiibtu o>enpie<l It) 11.11. \ f>i|. I nqture of R. W. BATKS. Agent, at hit wood and coal tard, cm iit of C an<l Fourte>' ?t? i> V-3t * FfoR RKNT-Tii? >Tt>RF ROOM aed Cellar* ? f the hon~e No. 3S ra?' side Market !?pv*. aljoi'inr Vtn uto-e of Mr. J. .1 Koguo. 'I l:e rooin it a!x>iitJo by 9'feet; fitted up wttii l>in?, counter ami shelving. *n<l ha- l?een utsedmanv yearnt> annvir*. The cellar* dry and extending tiie whole il-pth of the ktoro For terms wu uire on the premise*. >> .i e.KJt Mm. M \R V BOGI K. f^OR RFN r-Tlie line FRANK lloisfc known a* ""French Kvaus' House," situr.t'-d on M ?t. nor'h, between !Uh ami l"th ttr?et^. No. >ViO, which 1* oae ol the most ilesiiahle privat" red iences in Washington. Thin h ni?e i* (urronodcl by fruit iinrt ?imj trril iiiiiulxTc ol currant Initios nf v?ri uk kinds, ami tine lia'te. trees, witn H<?t feet of C uund. all waii'd in Apply to J. C. COOK, F.ishth t. b<-twe-n 1) and K. jy 5 lw" C-'OlNTR V KKS1PKNCK I ORHALK.-Tkr.e * and a half a res of L,a*id situated at Bailey's X r >ads at the intersection of the Co U'ntnan and l^eBghuri; turnpikes, six miles from Washington ar.d 5 turn Al-xarn'ria. The improvements ooiieut of a house. containing 16 rooms. t-a'u. corn h< use. *.i 'h, Ao. The yard is well sr.adrd with tre?*? and has i i it an rxoe |e,.t wetl of water. For furtn r pa'ticulsrii applyon tne premises to WM- 'AV'.VK, ort J NO. DOWLING. Fs*., or A ?. S? Marshal.'* auction rooms. Washing ton. ]). C The altove described property will be sold low for cash, jy ieiijw* l/OR SALF. OR R KNT?< Furni*he?l orl'.f ir1 lushed>- a three-storv BRICK DWKI.I.IN'i. with hir^o. air? ronms. Part of the house would l?e rented to a sma'l, rent.?! family, if de?ir*~t. Apply on the premises. No. 64*i I. *t., betw*?en 4th I wii5tt sis. hMcJ I/OR H K N T-The thr?e story browi. front Hor8K.Nn.S67 N?w York avenue, between l?th and llth ?treet*. north nd*. containing fifteen mom*. Tub b<>u?e in convenient to t!ie paten'Offirn, Trea?ur>, etc.; i* licht"d hy rh* and in "Ten why xintaM" for a Nj.t 'me li'MiKe R sr t moderate. Appi) next door or to A.'i FOWLKR.N*. **t? W inder'g ttnil<l;nc. j) a lw STORE ROOM FOR RENT?*?n the kohU ea?t corner of f'enr. avfnue and Tenth street, hnetoforo u*ed a? a irorery Add f at the room or..fjA?. F. MALI PAY,City Ha l. je 3"-tf AVAI.I Allt.K FARAI FOR ?ALF. :n I'rince G^orne'F cr nr.tjr. situated aU.ut I mile fiom f< ml -*iH*>t?r?r. 1', fr> in the Action.ti.'V and 6 from \Vat>hm~tr,r on'ainin; 1A acw , 9 " I'm- ?u<t U?k Tudlfi. Il u U\l?a a ?, -.ti iPDAA fcioi in ? ? *" .? .n in ? mill "I CUlllMUnn A r?r >i il t.l Heaoiir*, A pp ? . a van- t> of other k'nil-i of f.u t; StravT-n its ar.d III at'iin-iane*. It la cu tii" t-avt hide ? ; ?hr Ha.titr ire an* SVaafcinton Railroad, on the A!>in<tou roat. a ijoinifr ro|. Carter a: il !,iir;?f ?teven?. It ha? n a h v.f.fc i Hon** cni *ainin>r four rn*'fn?. Sprn j a .il Spf.un aixt outtiiiMirrn P*r*<} hiring U> purciiaer wil pi?**e r?ali ?>n lh? pr**m ises, <?r at Kta&ii No. WiO Cei.fer Mark^t. i?_2f ?v* MRS. MuKTIVlKR. VAM M<!-K PAKM. STUCK |.M I'l.h MENl> A FOR iAI K ?>F KVCHAMiK FOR I M I'RoVKI) ( ITV l*R< >i* F.KT V,-Th? (?b?orilifi in eoii*e?ju?nce ??f m? in aM'i'y to f\v? tSat p"-s.. i m ' ! iiu Ka'*i w!i o i it rei^uirt s, ollnrt- it. together With hu #t >ek ul hue tirooit Maret-. Is CoW4, I1 <(8, g) < \k i.'.k r> r? r - unulo *< ? ? v i">. a u . n??w ?n *hp pr?*mts**i, Mtli^r for sv? <>r txctianr* for improved ? it* proptrt>. Tiie Farm coutair" oc?< hniidt?d tid s'Xty KiX * !???. i.~ |. :l'Mln M utfrniirrf Coiutf, .Mnr* n .>1, rt'Htant Ini! f.tini* t?ii , <-n th? f*n>< kvr ? Tu^'pik", *h-- st r*.a ! !c-vin ( tm' of WfMhuuton. I- is <l?eii:?sl tinnec**-.^* t.> ?"::*er iuto * mi rail wcnrtioti of th? Farm. it? eaiuaed no one vnu ? purchase without firof ^ntiue t*i? (H"ini?e?. Any information wi I, iiow?>vrr. 0)1 ' ( fullv M 11 v?*n upot. appi.rntnr to \Y I LI.I A M 'r STF H MS. 32$ K str*. t, tatwaen IStu and 14th. Wa?h iit'oi Cit*. W. I? Wa 'aoh. K? ifor?.fth? S'ar. know* the Farm w*ii an-t wiil acoord full irloriratirn roe n>rrinr it to *ri? Tqiilrfr j-? *?-?r} Wr *NTKI>?"OUKS. ??? 1) I.H: I MKMS, I'APKRS, ?'?1NS. AL'TO?;KAPRS $<- for an autifraph lette' of Gen. Ti?lor. 3', 5tii. 3 ft, J4i.n,D?ith VOiUiMitf Si>'k R?<i*ier wn-tai ALFRKU Hr\TI- R. jei^ Aoim* (Tn<tar Wi' la*da*. FJ'OR RKXT? That n^w a:i<1 wt-li arraiu?d t.inw ' i;R(i'K HOl \ii. i ">.i, un li utrcot. In tw-.oit 1'U.i Mini J'Hi sL-t., Fir?t Wa-tl, :a'?-W occupied li> Mr. Ko-li~i-'>, Ru?-iati Le.atiou. Pt?-?? ?>>ion ki%- ?!! inim??liat-ly. Iiiquireol Mr. SOI'TH K V S. I'ARKK.R nrxt door ra?t. ma 1>'?-eo'l >ftH ?PVT_T-n __ _ - > >/UWUVUU 1 H? rw iJ I\ I V i* F HOL'St- S.on Eighth et eet wett, Iwlwrtu M and N tra^t# iio'th. *ii(c. App ) to MARY C. UAISlilP.Nu. Niut.i street w?Mt. or I)'. | KElSBKY, No. 33ti Pa. avenue. l?etu'oeri "th and l?Jth otretitn. je M 4** P I B L 1 C BATII si HENRY SOHAEFER. B ibkr and Ihis Dkkm>kr, E a/., mar St renin, opyo. Pott Ojfitt I) parltntit, Ht( tittnd up iu connexion with hi* es'ahMsiinmt convenient aosoinciodatioua f<?r affording to h>? cuttonixm hiiJ th? putilic th? luxury of C?)Lll or WARM BATHS at any time duritic hu?>iii>*?-> hours. Hie -hftrg- a will lw? moderate?twenty h\e cents fur a sm*i? hath, or five li*tli? for a dollar wiimu Uckt>t.i fur that number ai c puruiiaaod aii<l panl for in a<lvau<so. Mr. Sclii-ier ta.te?> tins opportunity to inform hn custorue a that tins d^M-ati!- adtiiliou To hise4lat> lishiiifnt will in u.i ti.aniier int 'rfwe wit!i his r**uUr professional busir< s*. Ou tlie co .trary, he hope* t > add to hi* pr< sent facilities for witurin( prompt attention to in* numerous patron. m the line of SHAVING and HAIR DRESSING. And t >tr.e l.adios who pationizs miii in the line of' ulti.i* or Trimming their own ortheir children's | '.air, he b*Rs to i-ay that bo has p ovided lor them liettei accommodations, in having titled up a small iooiii y d apprcpi iateti it exclusively to their use. j? /?-. w Bur. schf.xck E'iH Leave to inform bin patients?and other* in Washington who may wi?h to consult in in in regard to Consumption and auy other Luuc, Lirwr or Stomach Diseases?that In* usual weakly visit, on account of urgent encasements elsewhere, will uot tako place until Wednesday. July 11th, on whioh day he will, as formerly. bo at his rooms, (a few doors fioin S It. Wane's drug store, corner of Louisiana av a'id 7th st.) Dr. SCH KNCK desires to state that hit advice, an heretofore, i? invariably free of charge. i>ut for exatninillK the l^UMCH with hli R t<l>l>nv wrmm ki. elia gif is $3, except u case* of person* un*Me to p.iv. Ail <>t Dr. J*chenck's Medioines are for sale litSav'l I'. W vuk's Dru( and Prescription Store, a'ova ?t?t<*d. jeZl-eo/w WASHINGTON FEMALE INSTITUTE.? ? The next Academic Year will oomtneno* on ! THURSDAY. Se?t?Miib'jr Uth. Parent* .nt n lfm to tend th?ir daughter* are r><|iie>ted tv enter their name* in July, a* those re?n*tered at that timn will i Im more uertaiu lo *?H'iire dntk* Circular* may be olitaiuait at tltu lu>titute, N<*. ft ?tr*?Cof hv ad-tressm* Mr*. K1.1Z \ W. SMiTH, Principal, H"x TO'i Washington. D. C. je Ruwe*? oriental balsam, A Cca? Ton BALDNESS and HEADACHE Thi? new dineorery has produced a^tonishine resuJt* in curing haldne** and stopping the hair from falling o^. Jt removes dandruff and all eruptions of the skin : a certain enre for h< adaehe.aeri a de 1 lkhtful wash and perfume Price 50 c nt?. For sale bjr n?mr<. Nairn A Palmer, t ha* Stott, L. M. Smith. J Schwaitx*, and Kidwell tc Laurence. je 3D 1 w* Engineer's offick. Ai.kx <June 38,18?I. MANAP1A8 <Uf MAll.RiiAn 8 X HU.NDK KU MKiN WAImTKO on the line of Ui? road fr.?in Mu Jacknon i? ?*?rri?onbBr| wag:* A1 a d*r; b ard ?|0 per rmWh. For inform%Uo*|i?.ltMalr0orWM. A. FF.WELL, Cornpan) ' Office, Alexandria. J*g? <1tJyan.l>twA?HcAl?twg^?. LING-kiN ' Mll.U, with tit* Luutioiu;i ai*d Hatip<hirejBBc*SS5 5 rj?'!* WAitiin|tou At 9^o^iock lT m , JOHN H. KeLcHNES. Prof'?. Jl LY aBXiiiiNO o: HAVING ON HAND AT THIS TIME ' GOOD!*. from Ut:? 4at*. tu order t. makr room I ofltet my enttrr stork of GOOI ?*> at a F.\KC V SILK . HER A'iE and LAWN ROM KI R AGES and LAWNS by tbf vard. K<ic>h CH ALLIES, HKRAGE DELAINS MOI'SL A lartrr and anp?-rlor w?->rUiiciit of Good? anlti aim.. alM.iit 100 I.ACE SHAWLS and MA Vf All of which Will n?o*t p *iti velf b* aold at C jrj:,t 1?.W. HI RDE1 AUCTION SALE8. iu .SSI. hn vine a front'?( l< f**1 4>? luohrs > I *tr??et, Tjprir f h?* oorner of Thi'd *re?t con tan. Mot f?et and the improvement*. whi h are % frame boune, Ac. Terms caah. jy S St A. C R EEN. Auct Bt A. GF EEN. Auctioneer. VALUABLE C??ASTI*<* SLOOP or ABOUT 2" TOS? 8CRTHKX. NAMKP G. L,. B?<M'M, A r?"T KAILKK, AT ArcTto>.?Ota W KHM-S l)A Y, l"k iiirt\nt.** ii oVInofc tn , 1 Bha w 1 at Mr. T. \\ . I Ri ?}'? wha'f. the hamN. in* a?-d f*?t Miiinc ?'o?.p G. L. Brt?oin,?-f at?>ot JnMrs Imrtheo. J*h? I- c complete order, well rUc<t and r?-a?ly fcr tit.mediate u?<\ Tense ca-li. E. OA RNER, Capt. )j 3-?< Ad* (Bat Sun.' A. OR EES", Auct. HT A.GREEN. Aiirtmnw. rpRUST?.E*S ??AL-. OF VAIUaBLF I.M 1 raoi Kii I'ritkktn -i i>r ami h> xutue??fa teed'>( truer. aniiK .lav tiir 3ti< <i%? of Norcmb"r. A- 1) , IKM and dm* reeoid'd ir. Li'jer J A.H? No. ?!?. foiio? *?.. Ac , on? of th? lend record* f?f W'nghin*!"' < . I ?^a ! aett, at i|Mm ?> riin Ml lli V I .t i:u ?i * >. ' tm , in froi.t??t t-i" p-?mi*os. tt.e r*?t*r? H I < f o* T. mi Win A. B a<lle?> ?cNl v.nun of *, 1<? an<l II. Hi >anare n-m'- "d tU. r?aidea?* h?tf l,o( I' Iroott ISlMuti M?rjl%i-?l a 'no". t?etwIS an?1 fi'h t'w?< ar,d run-t-a.k *i h ttnf ?rid?h t dep:h "f ! >t to nil &'!?y Term* of nalt*: On* third '*ali: re?idn? in e^ual p*\m*nUi at *i 'i%nri 12 n.ouUi* fr m date of ?*le. with internet secured by a d?ed of truet on the p It tii?* te?-ni? of ?ale a*e n"t eonip i*<l with vthia 5 osf. the trustee rwfrv'ii t?> him?eif the right to r?>a?i at t?ie o.i*t am r.?k of tu* fc ?t purchaser, upon *dv#rti?irii three time* in the Nft'.ioati Inteltwencer. ConvejaiKir.R at the exper??of purchaser C AM'MtSI) TiutlM. j?2S \N AStJy A. ??R KK.N. A?"t. WANTS. IV' A NTED? Hy a younr cirl a SITt'ATION a* ' ' urxe or Chambermaid. Addre?? iinx No. 2 Star Office ? It \v AVTK 1> - AJMTl'ATION a* tra??? in- p.aid, j in b ? >. i 'it* . ** i rf;crn < ? <1 \en. Appij No. SO ?" ?t.. c met 13'i -t. j} i jt* \\r AXTKD?In &u a^o'hecfcry ^<>re. a YOUTH " who lui? hit-* on? urt*n years' exptnenr* in th* taixinr** A Mr?*s' (?al?Mi," through Port Of | fire, with nam* ?jid rrl*tfiice. it 5 St* IVANTKD-B* a qui*t and a>.d re?pi?c;aljle ?? >oufi? iirl, ? ' o -prak~ Koclivh. Fr' and Italian, a SI IT TION a- nur*e or rt aniherniw il nn<t * amfctre** aid hair dre??rr. Her particular ?i?!i m to get a rood horn" rather ?hao huh wa#m. Pi- .ij',.|r<?s? K <x W. v?. Star Oflv e. jy '> i\ \KJ A NTF.I??A white WOMAN*, t.. cook ai.d 1 ?* tnke o*rr-.if i ?it?e. Inquire at th? \Va*h ir.fci n -pv |{ i n.ilorr "li U? ll"??:l II N o. 117 I'i . v??n?ia, bctw^eu it ii and Jftth il>., I'irst I'i i 'uip^t'.'it prison good w?k-?? Will . I ? T. j> 3 .'IT* W, VN I KU \ C-O.I LAl'NDRKSS. Nono l?tt "* >m potent p?r '.tl r eotl app>. \\ a??? *" p r Minitii. .\i?o. a t?irl.t<> do parlor work. Appl* t" V '.*3.1 1 ?V. Vween 13th ami l**th st?. j) 2-^t* VV'\N' I? TO l?|!RCIIA>K OK RK\r A ?? iue<liiiT)--!Z ?! HOL'SK. in ?Ii? n?N<hiK?rh ihI an-l F->urt?*n?ti ?tr?#ta w??t ai*i fa. Si-Mt'if Mitt H st. north. Ail'lreat. "Houf," Star Olf.rt'. ># JR-ft V V AM I* l? ? !'?.? tiar*everybody know that they * can L'<! a Fir.e au-i Well hete?t?d Stock of 'LOTHJNG *n.I ri RN!?HlN? GOODS at the ! PK??Pi.K*S t l.OTHING S ?ORK. No. 4*0 I ?Tith at . opposite I'nut Mff-.oe I)-partrr.pnt. apf Sin \\' ANTED.?Every Vi.f to ksow that hMITH, " Seventh ut . charcoa fair pricea fur hi* Gooda, G? to SMITH'S, J??veutli at., to get your HATS ar.dCAPS. apfi-Sm boarding! \;ks. r?>bhi\s having taken the 1*1 %*%ji I - ? ... - I I IIIIU ?vrr*Jl v. f ?, co'iinr ?>f \[:.s-<?.hi averue,directi> oppo?it? thu Ck; ito: iwniili_hiwil| kunvn a* th* Vert,on H"ii ?' ?!: ' ?n?* 1 - in ? r-?j?A.-??<1 to V On ui.i ?!* <> t ' wit.i Kl'H\blIKP ROOMS, cither with or wifh'Mit BOAR I), romluned with ti.ftNjr o-ujil . k I'M. 1 *h. A - \ h< al'hj l?K-ftU >n, Ki< H'-'ifi pro and a delicti'tul miit.: rr ri'ii l'-iir' . . i applirfttion. T> rm? r?-aftou&lile S-2w | -? ?.? - -4? Havk voi r honk cool, airy an1> I'l.KAsrAXT. STORE AND w.xnoxr awnings. The ur re?pe< t!ulh inform* tlie puMi'* l.i t ho uak ? * wm ?.i?l v. . .t>><l&ita of Oil d> e?l Strip-?I D< k la>t coK>r. A I I" V?ri' tiiefl ? ?n<t iii<> g Mito a f'oin yiMK ii> prepared to put up in ft ineii.eiit'o U"tic a!mi ?M?* I i n' < i\ The*" cHiiopi'^ uv;niu) a<iraitaieii over any nUiffs tn n-?'. I', m ate . ? tul in appraraiio*. ' more ?pit ui. ,tn<l air > . t-H-il) a1 ju?Uxl lo ?11 > b *!?t> vl.? !% > nplem c- ist.uot in, 1 ? ? > n*l ?n>r i:i t i mi a -r?nt mil ?' do not scar or i '.jur^ the l-t- i-l lit th?- ! a >l; r . * iiort th?rj coaibnip t u- cr?*Me.?l f?In*?nc vitii . rui i'it* aii<l ?mip! i ' t?. J'liwboca opie? fa>-supwri 'tn tln>-? male t?? inrtiii ofriii';? iotk*' i nr? larger aid ir.u t* *?i > at tV- t >p; a!-u t it* l?<?d uiiiv be removed Ui an> psrt u| ilr room w.t'i convenience ?KO. Wll.l.NKR. j* ? 3t* ?Int.t L pholfctur, 4H4 Niutn ktrf^t. I. M. SITC^LR S, CO* (iK EAT REPrCTlON j In Prick* or iMUi i it ft nm &rnn f 3EjU1HU JlAllllIYCS : Th? Machines are ackuowWged th? l?ett id use, lor fa-i.ily w wins and iuanul'a?-'uriin purp< -s?. Family Machine {40 0 Letter A t far family or light manufacturing ptirpo?Hl $5n Kinder No. 1 fW Suiger No. *4 fl"? T will, Neetlle?, Cotton, Oil. k?. WM. II. GLOVER, No. 3*9 P*\n?vlvaii * Av., je 2o-liu Lmlor National Hou*l. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next DraviBf el tt* Royal Havana Lot fry, conducted by the Spaiaih Government, under the *up?f viaion of the Captain 6?n*rai of Oaba. will t&?? yinae at Havana tfe TUESDAY, Jnr 17. M? SORTXO yUMERO 089 ORDIMRIU CAPITAL PR1ZK flOO.OOO. 1 ?rt?? of tWMUi to pntee of. l.nw I do WMiw ?8 do Sn# 1 do sn.imn las do ?uo 1 do ao,ono >i apfrox. MOO 1 do IN ALL 999 PRIZES. Whole Tiokcte. SiO-Halrw, #10?Quarters 9*. Prises oashed at sixkt at * par oent diecoant Bill* on ail solvent Bank* taken at par. A drawing will We for warned aa aoon as the raaalt become* known. All orders for schemes or tickets to tje addreoeed to DON RODRIGUEZ, je?? tr Care of Clt? Poet CWlmtmi. ts C. 17LY AND HOMDIfD TIMK-TW?? 1" would fref r to fl**p without di?turli*ao - ara informed that we Lave in stock for tnem a neat. eh??p. and heautifa! article of MLT ARCHKs aud RINGS* to be hunt orar th?ir b*da fr ??n which H? ?u?p*nd n?t? in flj tint# and curtain* in wint r. They will be found vary ornamental and oonvent nL IfceeurUuntor net can be hunc in one tninnt*. We have aWo, a full ?ur ?i? of ail Eu.d of 1M > K, BLUB. YELLOW and WHITE NETS f r W#' chn .Uelier*. >a? fcxturee, picture frame*, Jke. ANa.aneh variety of n atenaU for unmrr ooyeriugt for parlor aU.ver? cunaa. CLAuK1> * DODSON. Dealer* in all kind* of CARPETING. CURTAJ* MATERIALS AND OTHER F^RNIT^RE DRY GQ<>(>8, i??xwt 4. 2g7 PREPARK F<-R WlNTfcR. and C<M>KIM> STOV fcr? promptly arwl at n.<?W Wa*hin?toa X>f? D*H>. je 19-*??6t (In'.) tf?7 aouth ? ?! Pa * SBimflw^MP fc-y uinrr r . Br J. C. MaGGIRB ft CO. AMtMMM*. Rich and kkaft fui. i.ot of Japan k?* tiixipj *t arrtio^ ?<>n KRII?*\ AF TKR.NOO.V juif mh. *i 4 o'e.oct. at U?#> aurti-.o rooms. ? Mall ?*!! * lot of |?nain?> warranted Juinrui gootia comprising Swurili, Contume*. Umbr*l>M, I'lkntAiidn. |*?a'1 Trmvi. 1'oolcet Bo?>k?, Drtnkiti* Cift, (?ohi*U. Rim Di?to*<. Porowhan B?>w ? and flip*. Cup* awl SJinwi. Portfolio*. Haiiru. Vum. I rn?. Fan*. a.-. Together witu a variety of u?eful and or&anten?a articl*? t<?o nutueroti* to ir.euti<>n A' r looda bought at thu kale will li? packed ?e. ou*eir f>y a competent peraon and lortranl per di r ctwr. Term* ca*h. ._j? 5 <1 J. C. MoGFIRE A CO.. Aneta. Br WALL k BARNARD. Amuodwh y'RRKI, COLT AND BUGHV AT AFC^ Tina-On SATURDAY M"RMN(i, 7th in win. [ in (* pinci, we will urn, in iruni 01 ?it. lini room*? On? 9 year old Sorrel Co!t. at>Itati batty horM.ftctl Work* well in any kind of hurneo. Al?J a ,\o top Huccy *i.'l tiara***. Ti-riRR cash. Jy 5 4 WAI.I, A ! 'A WN'ARI), A-icU Kt A. UKKK.N. Auctioneer. L^RAMK Hol'SK AND LOT AT AUCTION r On SATI'R CAY. J?lt 7th I *h*ll aeii.ia front of th? premi?e*, ftt 6 o'clock p n?.. ?ftrt of Lot No. I. tb, UM. PF AT COST! rOO I.ARGK A ST<*K OF M MM f K PR ^ importatloua of U?c approaching f-aaon , I wlU uch aa KS. ih HKRAOKS. IN*. PCTTL tRO *ILK?, ible for Trawling Suite. '11.1. AS, tht rhfapart I Lavr . ?*f ?r>M nur rTE? >* ill ItrrBlk trrrl, bet I u4 ft AUCTION SALKS. THIS AFTKKWOON b Tt*-MOKKOW Ur J. C M**l iKK * Ut aiftioMM . w rocft AT AU^TION.-O* THtP*i)A\ Af TKKNIMtS. Ju i Vh, II i o'rVp*. at tk? Auctioi. K c>ni?. ?r 1. iti ?tiw ? to n?it ? ("or^nrauitn of WMliii?lM tit prr "writ *??>* _ _ l ortiirklioi ol Ai'ltn.' n* <*> ( Stock. T^rma inli. it.l J J Vflfil lllK, * fo.. *?? ?. B? A GRRKN. 'inv?i-KT<iKV AND ATTIC FRANK N?r?t 1 A*P l,OT AT THft? oftxrft or F?t ft *>P A Mill iir AOt'TH li Si* , | UM, At AffllUK ? Oil THl'RSDAk . Uw St* ?1?? of J ?lj, ?*? I ?hft.< #4.. 10 froatnf th? ?' t o'clock p m . th? lot IowId( i?ft<r.o<l tftlnfthl* property. vf* : Part No. io. mi r<?a*ie ><v sm, with tti* imfrar*m?rU, wh'f? ro?>i?t M ft ? * t?< tor? ftr.H ftttic fiftnic M? mi*, ootrtftjfeint ftheat 9 room* This pn>p*rtv i? ftwnftti <1 ftl (M ottim iH Foar suU ft ha f mi aontb G ?? > T?*rir.? : Oft# fmnh oft?h ; )?iftu?t in < II ftrxi l? month*, for note* h ftrinc Irvm dftt of Mtl> A dft*<1 cir*c fctxt a ?<mn1 of trust t?fc?*. All <v>>n ? **y?irw lid MI ? If - ?"?? ? I ? *wr ^n i n Ii?*r r 71 " "| ? p?> arc:*** m<>n?> t? ??e paoi wiier IW property i? Knocked *'<f ?1 t#??t airount n?rt Se f*<d 4ovr. the proaertj wil ik?t aixl tlicw |>ut i.? ** r. and ?o.d U> the next highest bidder. wl?n p?? th? money. If th? whole frrnin ?r? nM mimrlM Willi 11 >* , dfcyi the property *ril! be ' ?>.?! fc* 'her afc MMl ???t ?I the dfnultiiit mcMm', by i4rer1iiiii( ??c t? reM.e three Uaiae in tbe National tuUM !?\RA<IM AXDKR-orf/ Devisee under th? wl.i rf JO*. T V VaN< jelSMw*d? A tiRKKX, A??t. Bt A. GRFKN, A?i?*n?i>i?*r. [AK?E ANP ATTRACTIvr ??ALKOr PR V J Goorm at Arrri'i* ?I (Ml! ?">miieiio? <<11 WICPN A V. tw 1WI1 im ?t H1 o'Maoi ? n . ud ("iniiime dtil; oi.tii til 1* *nid, at store 3*2'< Penn. ??.\th de. hrtwnei, Mb an<i tth t>a* *, t ??. tha enure slw<k of Dry Gfr?1a,c<M> m*tm( of? C o?h?. Ca?*in?er?, Ve?tm*t. Towel . Jcnr>a Linen and 'WiNnt Put> Ptuff. i>e Uid>, Uwni. ??'?o<2f, Hera* ? and Silk Kobe*. Ble*ched ud Brnvn MiAfrtinra and Slurtiiid, I'lih Lmetii. hmbruiderie* H"tierie?, Black Lao* Shawl* and Mantilla*. (Jnderahrrt* and Drawer*. I I I tax ttiiAiiii. tklilrtt I iim m4 |l>i i.T^i arvm- ?i 11 rrinir, \_j1 _*i i r , And tnnoy ?** ? 4><?h1? 1>?i nuni0r?m? to mMtmn As th?* is tu tf Uli?ii down the ?ud'? I stock ?ia?t t>? *oid w lb >?t r -erv# r?rjT.?: All nm* Mi.rt-t $V? i#?b . over 'Jw* ' amount a o red it of W?a.:i.t (jti d?", w !H approve! MdorrM uot??, K'trir>( nt*rwi If-m d*? tif mi*. )? 22 i! A. MRKKN. A net fETTHK ABOVK t?*LK I* POKTP??NM? in ouB'fqunn jc i f !,. ! I? c.* ue'iI THt'l'I)A \ . the aA'Ji iii?t.. ?an ? fc? nr. j?>/T-d A. ??REKN. A??t B? J C. MsUl IRt ft f? . Awtcnwri Extensive ok choi?'e wines U(|Mls H ?r?*? Cii?*a?, Pi ?LKi. B?w?. t.nit Stoic Fi*Tnm-, H<>k?? and aaoa. 41 to rUi-ITHt h(1LT..> 4. l.kACM.?O TlitSuAV MuRM.^G, Jiil) J at I" u'oiuot.a' the ?Tote of h %ini:U*D A l.t-arit. a fow umm r-??t ??f tb*- Nations! Hot?!, * ?!<*. em fH* rT<t?r? ?lock tr*?te ft d vftluft'ie Stwra hlturf, v;? : Jii'et Muiam. F.xur de a>?d C tift hi eft.- i.e. Ch<ioi> Br?wi wxi P?k Loud^ii Sherry. iwportH diiNt lit Hr?!I Uiu A I mcIi. v?r tup rn>' 0>(i Port 11 butt (. Welcii'i n vl'i.i.jvui n s.ift *>?*?,* ?m fin? article, M&rcaai. Ci>at*au. Lafitte, Ctiateev SaariUa, S* Pirrr ?> ft id St Uah.oert Claret W ID**, Spark Hoc Houk J<>ha<ii.e?berc aud Mobile W'ib??, Larue ^nar.titv of BarcuudT and Su!' *iiin, Youc(?{'? Iitip^'ia , Knox it Son'* Ala, Canada Cider. Hih>rt'| Browi S*??ut, Ali?K>r'( Ale. Krriioh Vmerar. WilfVa Sohnappa, Larre quantitt of CatAvlia and other Bittera.m oaa-? %nd on dr?ac'<t. Superior Old Apr'* *"?! P??cfc Brandtee. in hami aeu.ijolni#. Fine Hrandiea, Whiikj. R cm and Qib, Fnghah ?r.d Frenoii Ficalea, ?au?*?. Fra<t4. J*lIim, 9ard:n*eand Vetrut.e*. Lot of tnc (ir**Ti Ten in&t> "Vldiea. 01iv? Oil, Olivea. Turt.a S*t;ak. C* *n?l C? ip*? r**uo**, it (a&cv je'a Pran<*?. 1 ickle Muihmomi, anrt Potted in fan it jara, L*r*e >at >>t ohoie* Havana Cifar*. of rartni brarda, Tobaooo, On? .A.r?* HArri;].* skc. Co?r.t?>i>, b.*n Caa ? , C<?%i.'*f . Uj?1 Ca*ka, Copper Mwure* A At l o'clock ij? hont? C>n# fin* R.*i. tlfcrc, wo.l l>r k?.'? hft KprMi K lion and t|ain-er, T?rma: 9*' at*i under cath ; otw tfent tun-, ? er?uit of 1,2. sand 4*. villi ;m.*r#a?, K?r uot?? eiji-factoriij ?ado!KNI. ftjT'Catiil >cb*? <?n Friday mx' J < H N k. L. FA O H. iv;i>( Partn?>r. j#/?-<1 J. C. MoGl IRK A CO . Aecu. KTHE A BOVF. SALE IS I'N \VO!DABL V . >n?l unti. FFIDai MOR.xlNG.6tli mi . ante h?ur JOHN E. LEACH, SirnriK Partn#? l> 2 d J. C. Me .l IKr. Jl CO? Awu. FUTURE DAYS By J- C. McGUIRE ft CO.. Auctioneers TRISTKK Si 8ALK ??F URMimt AM* KrFKCTs or THI "(JxiTUi S?T*T*s" fern W*?H:\r,in*-<?n MUNiiaV MuBNiMK, Ju ? Ith. o< moieneinc at ifo c one, and e<>atin?<nf fr?n. (1st to ilny m til the whole :? di?p^s?d <>f. I>i virtu* of a (teed tf trust <lu'j ex<vttrd md recorded in Lilwr J. A 8. \t>. 197, fctios 191, Ao, one ut lb# i and reoonls f<>r Washington eoanty, I be ander 1 aic'>ed, as trustee, wi i ae.' al! tbe Furrijnre and fJT'ota of the Tinted **tate? Hotel, c<>nipr?air k attout oi e bnridr-<t par iocs ar.rt rhamhera. eia: , Vers superior and uear % new Roaevood ?'fcir?er itic seven ootare Pianoforte. 0?, aad hU" I.arce and hanusoroe Kreach p.ate Mante. Murir?. Gas Ck'hdeiiers. I. acketsan f.iturea tfcroachoat Har.<lsota? Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Farm ture. finished in broaatelie, p!a?h. and ba.t Mnth. M- . - *> ? -* -+ - " * ? ? "*v ' nr.u Pine 1 i'?l?l. I Waiiiut taney C t>air? aud Ttblet. Walnut Wilting i>*kk? Mid Botkoaaea, Han<Uoiu-> Velvftnud Carpet*. Oiieloth. Kngn. Ingram Oarpeta, tiiltfrtm" \!?u < Hrrwrf, Vmn tn4 Orn>i??r,'? Brix-aflle and I,nrt Curtaina. Cormee and Ku torts, ftoapviHxj, Walnut and Wan,ill Hr4*te?-la, Dream.g bureaus. i\ a?h-l?uU?. and Wai4rubr -. F?a tiier Beoa. B"latera, and P.llova, Toliet 9e??, Curled hv ii<! husk Mat r??w, B ankets Con.firta. and Cum terpanea Ml lira* quantities. L*r?e quantities B'd and Tabic Linen, near * new, O'r.n t TaMea oais Dimhc Ciiaira, ; Frenonand atone china Dinner, itotert, and T< a % War*. TaHit 1.1 erf, Si rr-pihte<1 Ware. Castor*. I Ctiabiif Ui?hea, Wa t- n < < tf?? and TUraa. | Par Coail*ra 11 Fi*? ir???. I iquora and Cnai*. lr.-c L>e?k? a:mi ?>Ac ' Kurni*are. Ac , Together ?rHh?i*rre?iiftutity < f HcueeUoid Efff not neoe??ary t?> riiuaiornti Terms: J5fl?:i4 und*>r OMk; over tki&t ?moi:rt ft credit o] 4 month*, for Muifutonli 4or?*d cotes, fwanni interest M. A. BROWNING, Trwt?. 37-4 i.C. McWIIRh k CO. AMU. MARSHAL'S HAI.K.?Jn vtnue of * wrr ? ' hen lA'n**, i*??>ed from the Clerk'* offoe of the Cir??it C??"t of the District of Columbia. fif th? oounti of Wnkmrliw. ?od t>? me 4irwt*d. I ?n!l eipix* to public ?*Je. f??r o?*h, in f out of the c-urt h?a?? dour of said coonty .on s*T( R ??A V, tne JRt d?* of July next. n*?, ai Uo'?;.?ok ni., ti,? fcillowinf property, to wit: Al! defetaavfa richt. title, c'ai"'. aud interest, ir and t. a o?rt?jp bn.ld I on ixn mo lilltUB .'VA Bin* ' Uundr* I and fort* tuna .<NN?si iaid dowi in tiia . oi thaeitvof Waahoigtou. anjad *o4 i?v\or. fori m the property ..[ A he, tirtgga, and will he K*1 V' J?*iei?Ja No. M, to Ootobdr Urn. 18S6 in fever ofjotlD Purdf. ^ , i. D HOOVE*, r U. 8 Mar*ha! for the Diatne* of Coiaahta 1 > 2fc-dta r M\M1AL 8SALE.?Id virtue ?4? writ of |*f 1?I facuu iituw: froni the Clark' ofcoe of Uw Or I outt Coart of fh? Diatiiot of Colambw, for th? couuty of Wftahinator. ani to im #treated. I will expoeeto paMic aa)f, for oant,. ta froat of U>e coart | hoaaa door of aaid ooaoty. oa MONDlV. >k* Mfe ??j <?i Juiy n?*i. w m 1* (fee fattow > < ? dfescrjhed property, to wit: All UofoidfetiC* ri?bt. title, ola'iii ?iid interMt in fei.' to L*t No S, id 8?Ufere No.WS.ln the oitj of Wttkof***. D. C? together with fell fen** itr.tvlfer the ?> I'Mfeinu thereon. e?ize<J feod i*n-d upon fe* *kfe Jno. C* Niokolfee, fend will be sold to mhnj Jfedr i FthJiSS. 'wfaLM! t. 8. M ferahfe tor tk* D??trirt of OoT?mbife J jf IS du P?AUT10N -Th? ?fel? fedwrtiwd u?d*r V/ i. u% 10 to tfek* flM? r-enfefe* lk?J?d< IMOU uMd he ?fe'uft?1, fe? I fen pr pm^ K> }<-* 1 khfei r**iM feay lo tsre oet of the fehove property, fend wi ?b?w kow afetd ;fe4*w??ct w o Uinfed. I hope the pnbhe vtl feot beooiwe ' pferty to ok fe tr?na?rt)oa by bt4din?. Eliftv hiumu*> jf S M' G k^reeu l>e'w fed fe?4 ad. ifelfenc M~ aR; HAL"SSILK -lc Ttftufe offex;tt <tri |fec ??, ife*u?d f,?> nM Cl?W ?* C? mt l>j|rt ?f tk? Di?trif? uf o. imbn. for tfe* 1 MOM tj uT WIUIbiMI. MM PI ? ?HM?? i win %fO ? ti) MlblM M?. lortMlk, t| fro^l ?f UtftM't kou 4<?or?i MU< o<*?i>tr. <>n ^AIikIU T, tfc? J k o?y of JaJy Mit. 1* it 9o'?io#4 m tfc# lo I ? ir.r rw^rrty.t til Al wownrigf,MM. earn, and ioiar#?t in and f a aortal* a villi i iiaiM*r*vtMu LM?(lMit)aa<t tMatttlMlwi I (I* MM f??M4J .>? 1^4 Mt?, > ) M aaM , ?l*Mr<4 tkr?T h?ndi?4 tnd lli?t; ???<a. <#"> I la taa(iti o< Wa?luai'Mi p C , WMiiirM i*o Lata U. ft. NaraW for IMamat Coiaabfa. /

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