Newspaper of Evening Star, July 6, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 6, 1860 Page 2
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b ~ 9 ' THE EVENING STAR. Washington oitt: FRIDAY J?Iy ?? 1W ID" That valuable and popular family journal, the Wiiklt St*.*, full aa usual of Metropolitan mwi and goaaip, and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced in Ka Interesting contents are the following article*. &SS2S1; The End of m Woman't Cmpruts?a tort ftory; 7\* Mffterioms Murder?one night'f ex perience %n London; Inderen'y m Dress; A June Show?r?a poem; A Romance of the Revolution; A Butl, tqUe on tke Sensation Stories of the Day; The Wife of John Adams; A Contented Life?a poem; Artemus Ward and the Octoroon; Arckhishop Hughrt and the Sew York City Inspector; Catharine II of Russia; " Were I but his own Wife,s?a poetic gem; A Rich pitch, Victoria's Morality; Ventiltte the Shop; Jenny Lissd's Rebuke of a Stupid Old Duke; Henry Wmrd Beeeher on Eating, tfc ; The Newspaper Editor; Good Advice to Young Women; Noble Sentiments; Chinese Salutations; Kind Words; A Trifling Difference; Tke WeUton and Matthews Murders in New York; Escape from Lynching, Letter from Senator .VKr/oV LT 1- ? -' ~ ??? j n'br?v*#nv^' ?/M? <U I"9p?j " r?nmy" and 4?j Love-Letters; AU fat the Union, Adroit Swindler; Slack Rope Performances by a K?t,Arriral of the S: earn* hip Great Eastern at A'??r York?detnils of the voyage?Ker sea-going qualities demonstrated, fe ; The Burning of the Steamer Ben Lewis on the Mississippi River; Hotr Congress Eleets the President and Vict President; A Catholic Priest Burnt to Death; Death ofU. P. R. James; Operation* if the Patent Office; Proceedings of the Otmtnal and Police Courts; ' Commencement Exercises" of St. Vincent's Seminary; "Closing Exercises'1 of the Union Female Academy; "Anniversary Exercises'' of Lafayette Institute; ' Closing Exercises" of the Metropolitan Collegiate Insritnte; Meeting of the Jackson Democratic Association? the meeting divided between Breckinridge and Douglas, and brtaki up in a row?personal altercation between the President of the Associa Ho* and a member; Douglas Ratification Meeting; Mr Douglas's Letter of Acceptance; Official Proceedings of the Sational Executive Committees; The Address of Robert Ould, Esq , Be/ore the Alumni of Columbian College; Complimentary Supper to Albert Pike, Esq ; Election of Officers of Odd Fellows' Encampments and Lodges; Imitating Solomon Xorthrup, All about a Watch; Incendiary Fire; Fire wear Home; The new Cotfut, Effects if tie Late Storm, Breckinridge and Lane Organization; The Fourth of July Celebrations, Omr -Hi,-?- u " " ? <T.v?r-?|?u, rcn?amynco and AtO OratKlB Correspondence; Eccentricities of the Season; Something Useful as well as Sete; Tke Baltimore Police; The Proposed Op pout ton to the Republican Party in yew York; Scratching on tke Lids of their Cojfins; Taking Water, Dovglasism ?? the South; The Washington Water Works, Department yews; Editorials; Washington Hews and Oossif; Local Intelligence, fc., fc.; Late yews, foreign and domestic, by mail and telegraph, Interesting Personal Items; And a great variety of choice literary articles, both yroso and poetry, too numerous to mention. This 1b just tbe paper above all others for persons sojourning in tbe National Metropolis to end to tbeir friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or SI io per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit ! the Mtrniai Press. The Conittfutio* urge* upon the consideration of the New Jersey democracy the peculiar claims of Mr Breckinridge, In their coming State Convention for the nomination of an electoral ticket. The Intelligence sympathizes with the 1'honest democratic masses" throughout the country, In the "Political Embarrassments'' arising from the action of the recent Baltimore Conventions. New Publications " Letters of Alexander Von Humboldt to Vara hagan Van Ense, from 18tT7 to ls56 ; with extract' from Varnhagan's diaries and letters of Varnhagan and others to Humboldt Translated by Frederick Kapp. New York : Published by Rudd A Carlton, 130 Grand st. la<Ht"?a welcome addition to our library, Indeed In point of positive utility as a contributor of valuable knowledge to me world'* stock or it, Humboldt wu really tbe greatest man of tbe nineteenth century?soclety having been most indebted to him for its progress of the last half century In the acquisition of practical Information concerning the physical sciences. He was not only by long odds the most learned man of the nineteenth century, and perhaps its most useful man, but the friend and intimate of men in every walk in life who contributed to man's advancement, intellectually or socially. Despising the friendship not even of the most bumble laborer in the cause of learning or progress, he was equally the friend, companion and adviser of many of the crowned heads of Europe who appreciated the responsibilities of the several trusts of power devolved upon them by circumstances. He wu thus equally a* well posted in what may be termed tbe society cf tbe times, as in the nt tH- ..n_?? * w ?V viuumillllUK Ul* best private library In Europe The private thought* and view* of such a man, upon matter* occupying hit mind from day to day, therefore, muit necessarily possess absorbing Interest to the public. These letters, translated by Kapp, are LI* correspondence with his roost Intimate friend for nearly half a century; the man fa" hloned, men. tally, perhaps most after his own order. It has been objected to this book, that it strip* Humboldt's memory of the charm that he was not frail?human?like other men, with which a grateful public on both sides of the Atlantic had almost come to regard his character. That 1* to ay, that be was without the pastions, prejudices, aid weaknesses, more or less of which have varrtftfl in * ??? 41 , ? v. Lvmm ut^icr iue sentiments and character of every man yet born of woman That it proves him to have been an atheist in his private sentiments concerning religion, and srnteotioualy bitter. If not vituperatively sarcastic in his conldential expressions concerning more or' Itm persons, to not a few of whom, the world well know, be was greatly indebted fur patronage, fhvors and act, of personal liberality and kindneas that contributed greatly to secure for him the remarkable series of ''opportunities" that enabled him to be so useful to his race, and thus to become so deservedly renowned We cannot accept the pinion of those who reason thus; not appreciating any substantial reason why the world should not at length learn that Humboldt, besides being the greatest man of the. century, was slso its most astute?successful?courtier, and further, that though a persistent and very effect! ve inculcator of the better philosophy of Christianity for th? of its best-of-all-lnlluencee ou the Individual kunu mind and society at large, he hiinaelf rejected lta Immutable truth*. However much we may mourn over the fact, we cannot perceive why a knowledge of it had best have been kept from the world The truth In this connection only goes to add still another proof that perfection of character is now, as always, denied to any mere humanity?thaUinen are not gods His d.tughter, who is responsible for the promulgation of this correspondence, avows that she mikes it public, becanaa she would not have the world know him for other than he really was a aentlinent that accords wall, Indeed, with the aclentllc labors and the publications of his long life, If not with the persistent policy of prudence with referenoe to the promulgation of his religious opinions, and his * * ? ?it?? vi mm ana lUclr icti, which nitrktd bis Ion* *?d *o active and eventful life. We also thauk the same publishing house, and Wssbluffton bookaellera, for a copy of the "Kelly's and O'Kelly'r" a novel, by Anthony Trollop*-, whose light work* are amoug the most agreeable of the times, as we have repeatedly bad occasion to say of late And for ? Haw/k'sview," by Holme Lee, author of '-Against W Ind and Tide,"' 4c., 4c., we are Indebted to flic publishers, W A- Townsend 4 Co. (New/ York, I860.) 4nd J31anrhard 4 Mohan, of t'jls city This left Is ii exceedingly Interesting work of flctlqn, inculcating, as it doos, right principles and rtttncd I taste. with rv? ?ld" .* . ? | i ? 'S4T* r 4T- arw, 1fl1> v<WASHINGTON NBWB AND GOSSIP. PopctA* Irxxn Resokts.?The Warrenton White Sulphur Springs and Point Look-out evidently bid fair to be resorted to by large number* of our fellow-citixena this summer. The former is now the aole property of Mr. Hudglns, of Virginia, a gentleman of wealth, remarkable enterprise, and great fame for bia knowledge of how to lire well and agreeably. He keep* the Spring* this season himself, and will doubtless strain every nerve to restore to the establishment its fume as one of tbe finest watering place* in the whole I nion, which, all know. It enjoyed twenty yean ago. The building*, now aa tben, continue to be tbe best for such a purpose in the United States, perhaps. Our young fellow-citizen. Mr. Logan O.Smith, under whose auspices Point Look-out has recently been opened, is really one of the best hotel keepers in tbe Union?never falling to give entire satisfaction to his guests. There are said to Ite already some hundreds there, front Maryland and Virginia principally, luxuriating upon the good things for tbe inner man afforded by the generous Chesapeake and Potomac, than which no other hay and river to the world afford so great a variety of delicacies apropos for the season. The air and YmtHincr there ?i nsiifnksi *" ft ?hviv ?i v uuaui^itacu ir J * uvwc ui oil y ?C<I* aide summer resort. Our reports from Point Look-out tell us that lta guesta are having a glorious time oo't. ThkGk*kral Land Offick.?YVe apprehend that tbe concerns of thia important branch of the Government's business at this point were never in so aatiafactory a condition as at present. That is to say, the details of tha duties of every clerical desk in It have been brought up to date, and ita every account with ita agents at distant pointa are now invariably squared monthly; by wblch means the state of its finances are to be ascertained at a t/lanrP inH *11 nf m*r?ir n , v? wbhj viuviai VUIIC?pVJ?UCIIlB are couipelled to keep no larger balances In their hands than the law allows; a very desirable insurance against such defalcations on their part as have not (infrequently occurred in the history of the conduct of the bureau s business In former years 80 much for placing at its head its present commissi oner. Mr Joseph S. Wilson, who, man and boy. has spent a lifetime In its service, which he entered as, perhaps, its lowest messenger, to become, step by step, at scarce middle age, the head and front of its affairs. Transfer or Govit.ixiifT Bitkkac* ? On Monday next, those employed in the Pension Bureau are to remove from their old quarters in the fourth story of Winder's building to the n ?rth wing of the Patent Office, which has just been completed, and comfortably lltted up for the Bureau. There are about seventy clerks con- I I1Wwith thi? HpnaHmcnf *\t ~ ? * I - - - .... -vfo..?iWVUt VI *UC UUVCIIillJCIIl, and they will occupy twenty rooms?ten on the first and ten on the second floor. The rooms of the Commissioner and Chief Clerk, which are opposite each other, have been tastefully and elegantly arranged The Census Bureau will likewise occupy rooms in this end of the building. The officers of the Li^ht house Board have also been transferred from the third story of Winder's building to suitable apartments In the Treasury Extension. The New Fkkmch Minister ?On the fourth instant Mr Henry Mercer was introduced to the President by the acting Secretary of State, and delivered his credentials as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of his Majesty the Emperor of the French to this f;ovpri.m?n? ti,. date of bis presentation could not fail to call up Interesting associations, which, we are not surprised to learn, were happily alluded to by the President In the remarks which he made on the occasion ? Tm Pacific Mail* ?1? i?s stated that the Gov. ernment Is considering measures whereby the California mails may be transported by naval steamers As the weight of Pacific mail matter is a ton and a half for each day of the year, the Idea of Its transportation across the continent by land seems impossible It is said that the Panama Railroad Company and the Pacific Mail Steam[ ship Company will co-operate with the Govern- | mem steamers between New York and Panama Appoistmkwt of Chikf Justice foe Utah.? John F. Kinney has been appointed Chiel Justice for the Territory of Utah, vice Judge Eckels, resigned. Pifmui. Hon R W. Johnson, Ark., is at Brown's. * General Line has formally accepted the [ nomination for the Vice Presidency. Minister Appleton is to take passage in the Adriatic on the Htn, for St. Petersburgh j Secretary Floyd will repair to Old Point shortly for the benefit of bis health Lorrl Lyons | Is going to Canada t? receive the Prince of Wales At the recent commencement of Hobart College, New York, the degree of I) I) was conferred upon Rev Charles if. Hall of th? Church of Epiphany in this city. HT-Some Yankee up North has invented a luaruine lor miming cows. We are Indebted to Calvin Bobn, print publisher, for a few copies of a beautiful series of miniature views of Washington-city buildings, Ac , entitled ' Rose of Washington.'1 C~r Mr. Varley, the Electrician of tbe Atlantic Telegraph Company, cam': passenger in the sttamer Golden Fleece. His errand 1* to raise tb?? end of the Atlantic cable, and remove its landing place. As also to remedy any defeats found in the cable itself. ID"The advices from Europe lead us to the belief that there will be a large demand for breadstufTsduring the coming year. The season has been so wet and cold in England that a deficiency of at least four million quarters is already estimated as certain, while the supply in tbe markets of the United Kingdom of Great Britain is less by about one million six hundred thnmuM ,u? .. uui ?v > o tuau 1 i?t year at the same date. Yx?I.(1. O F.?MOUNT NKBO KNCAMP1 ? MKNT, No. 8?Patriarchs arc re<i>ie*t?d to b? punctual in their at endanoe at a sp'-cmi meetitie of Mount Nei>o inpnient to l>e he held THIS Friday) EV.FNING, at 8 o'clock. The officer* ele't Will l>e installed and otlier t'lisinea* of loipor t^nce transacted. J C. C NVHAI.KV.C.F. THOfr. RICH. Sc itio. it* F1 K I II WARD ?All per*ou* fa?or?l.le to I ^ tlie election of B*erkmrid*?* ami Lair*, the nominees of th? Na ional Democratic Convention, are respectfully invi?<d to ine?-t at the Old Capitnl, corner of north A and First fit. east, Capitol Hill, on SATl RDAS' KVENING,7th inst.,at3o clock. jy 6-2t rv--y=-G RAND DBMOC RATIO RALLY Lk5 TO RATIFY THE NOMINATION* OF THE 4 TRI'E NATIONAL DEMOCRACY. BRECKINRIDGK AND LANfc. " Com* as the wa?ee couie when uaiiea are etr,in4e<l. Come a* ihc wiude come when lureiu are rei^M, Coue aa freemen come wlieu there la a Unioi^K) a*?e, t'olni -A* tru? ? *'" 1 * _ a- _ ~? >i?s ?iruug nctru ami brave " The frieDds of BRKCKI\RHXiE ami LANE | aro reuu>Mte<l t<? m??i in G anil Mao Mee'ing in front..! the City Hall on MONDAY EVENING, J uly 9th, at 8 o clock. Tne foliowirg distinguished gontiemea are invited and expected to address tljo mooting : Hon. Dau'l S. Dickinson, Hon. I. I. -tevens, Hon. Henry A Wise, Hon Lansing S out, Hon. ' Louis Lowe, Robert Ould, E*q , H?n JelT'rs n Davis, Walter Lenox. Esq , Hon L. T. Wiffall, J M. Carlisle, Esq , Hon. A. B. Meek, M. W. Cluskey, Esq. Hon. II .Marshal], Breckinridge a Lane Clubs of the different | Wa d? wiil fo in i*i procyseion a .d march to the | iweuug. wrh banners (lying and drums bf?a ijg. Tli- l)eni >c aoy of Georgetown and Alcxa 'dria, f'tendly to the cause of our men and tfi aiures, are cordially invited. The Laiios, whose p esence lends a charm to ve<y scene, will please attend | Bv ordor of the Committee of Arrangement*. jy ? at* 1 L'OR SALE?Twoyoung and valuable HORSES \ {6 and 7 years ol J. sola lor nn fi?. ,lt_nn lurtiier nee for them, by chnnse of bumtieaa. The in%y l>e seen, and inforniation^^-"had. Iijr applying to R. B. CLARK. 3J7 Fon>--an<la-)ialf ?t. iy < Iw* I^HK PHILOSOPHY OF COMMON LIFE, by ueorie H-nr? Lew**, anthor of Life or n.>-tne. &o., fce., 3 volumes: prioe?2. Theseoond jo?t r?ad? ard soli separate]?. The Mount Vernon Pavers, by Edward Everett; 1 vo.nmr; prioe $1 36. I-or tale by BLANCHARD A MOHl'N, j? 6 oorner Eleventh st and Pa. av. THK9VV1) HILL8 OF Jl'TlJlND, By Hans bus ian Anderson; pnee 75 eents. iMttob.ographioal ReoelWetions, by the late Chfrrioe Mob. rt Leslie, R. A , edited with a prefat >ry esay on Lm t* ae an artut, and selections fr ? ? lit oorreapondenoe, by foin i ay lor, Esq., Vit'i pur rait: enoe 91.-6. Just pu i shed ani for sale at PHiLP A SOl.OMON'8 Metropolitan Bookstore, 33a Peaa av.. iy between Kb and loth su. ' GEORGETOWN. Ctmiy?4?tt ?f Tk* Stmt 610MIT0VR, July 6, 1900 In the senior male department of the Georgetown school, Mr. Henry Craig teacher, there ire 47 pupils enrolled, with an average attendance of 43 Tne branches taught are those usually studied in grammar schools. At the examination yectTdav afternoon, they presented a very commendable appearance, a majority of them being tlijr and intelligent looking boys Classes in astraiomy, philosophy, historv. grammar, geograply, reading, writing, and arithmetic, were severely examined, and the result was alike creditable to teacher and scholars. We were particulaily pleased with the prompt manner in which quationa in astronomy, geography, and natural philosophy were answerea, and at the unvarvirg correctness of the responses to questions in relitton to the mode of electing President and Vice President of the United State*, and other "Coistitutional" provisions A lady from Baltimore a graduate of the High School in that city, who was present, says the pupils here compare very favorably in their examination with those In that institution. There was only one circumaunre to regret on this interesting occasion, and that was the absence of so many who ought to have teen present. Of seven Guardians of the Georgetiwn school, two only were in attendance?Messrs Beall and Ma?ee. Walter S Coxe, Esq., of the Board of Aldermen, wai the ??le ruifcimtiJi ? (betides Mr. Beall) of our city father! Re*. Mr. Robjr, of the Methodist Protestant Church, represented the clergy; and of the parents of the pupils and the citizens generally, but few were present. Why is this? If our school system it a good one. show some Interest In it; if it is a bad one improve it, or abolish it After the nnremitting labors of one whole year, it is very discouraging to teachers and children to And such apathy in those who ought to be most interested (n their progress The pretence of friendt ttlinulatea and encourages them. At the conclusion of the examination, Mi. Beall addressed the acholart in terms of commentation as to their general profli I -ncy in the studiei they had pursued during the year, but thought they did not read as well as they ought, after t6e suggestions he had made to tb'eiu some time since in relation to that acquirement. He then Introduced to them the Rev. Mr Roby, who closed the exercises and ditmitseil the school with benediction. We Lad almost forgotten to state that thatj^ood aim persevering ineua or education (.Mr. Hyde) was present On Wednesday night last, at a late hour, Police Officers Drill and Kebinson discovered smoke issuing from the small frame house on Potomac st , directly opposite the cotton factory. It Is used for storing waste cotton, Ac , from that building; and on examination by the officers was found to be on flre. With the help of the watchman from the factory, and one or two other*, the flames were quickly and quietly subdued, or the consequences maght have been serious The cause of the fire was not ascertained, but it was probably a casr of spontaneous combustion. j There was a harmonious meeting of the Democratic Association last evening. which vr.-\? rather siimly attended After the transaction of the ordinary business, there was an adjournment for two weeks. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For otktr Gtorgttmen advertifments see first TnK* ffOR NEW YORK.?The packet schooners Arctic and Hamilton, will commence loadine for the above port on MONDAY^ next, 9th inst. For freight apply to McCUBB * PODGE, I 63 Water street. P CLOCK REPAIRING. ' LOCKS Carelully cleaned and -epaired. ami tiie I striking part proper.* adiust-'d by J. A. WATSON, 59 Bridge st , Georgetown, L). A lar?e stock of Clocks always on sale at a moderate charge to the bnyer jy 6 3t* STRAYED AWAY, al>out the middle of Jure last, a small rod CO W,with wido horns,gdrnM short nook ; a white l>a<, with small teat*, and no other white marks ainji-t iier Aiit&As nna r t, ^ I iviuiiiiiiK itvi wu mo suDBuriuer. or giving ft information Dy which she mai be found, will be suitably rewarded. HIRAM (iRAY. jy 6 3t Corner Montgomery and Olive st', ffOR RENT?The SToRE ROOM an<7 Cellars | ? f the house No. 38 east side Market Space, adjoining the sto~eof Mr. J.J. Bogue. The roum is about JO by S> feet; htted up with bins, counter and shelving, and has been useif man) years as a grocery. The celiarH dry and exten.dmg the whole depth of the store For terms inquire on the premise*, j> .Veo3l Mrs. MAR Y BOGI E. F FIREWORKS. IREWORKS, Kockets, Roman Candles, Triangles, Balloons, Mines. Fire f'racsers. Torpedoes, Pigeons, Blue Lights, Saxon Wheels, Pin Wheels, Flags, wholesale and retail, at MISS THOMAS'S, _jy S-3t High street. Georgetown. 'P BOOKS FOR PREMIUMS I HE Attention of teachers and guardian? is invited to a very fine assortment of New Publications by popular authors, suitable for premium*, at reduce/prices at MISS THOMAS'S jy 3 Jt Book and Fancy Store. Oflft FISH! FISH!! <?UU BARRELS Prime new EASTERN HER ING. 5" tarrels No. 1 LABRADOR HERRING. 25 half-bids do. do. do. Now landing per brig E. Doane, and for tale in lots to suit customers. HARTLEY at BRO., jy2-4t 99 and 101 Water St., Georgetown. ( V/iTU'l' i iv/ n. I-ilHENSES.?All persons whose Licences from the Corporation of Geo getown expire on the Jf'th inst., are hereby notified promptly to renew the name, otherwise the) will subject themselves to a fine, ami the law i? comptiUo \ upon th? p'<?per ??f fibers < ! the Corporation to enfo oe said hu? a-a.nst all delinquents. je28 3t*wtjy 10 W.M. LAIRD, Clerk. L SEWING MACHINES ADIES Are nsuested to call at the agenoT. Mrs. J RVIS'8 TRIMMING STORK. 101 Bridge street, Georgetown, and examine the 1* si family **k\VING MACHINES in use. \ijs: La^ld, Webster A Co.'s Imp'oved Tight-Strtch *ta ehine, and Harris's Boud>>n Sewm* Machine. Price if 4" to #7^. je 5-?olm OFOR HARPER S FERRY. N And after July 3d, 1P0O, the steamer I,. J, Brcngle, Captain W. II. Ritter, will ?" ^ leave Georgetown EVERY TIES fn fcf T DAY. THURSDAY, and SATIR - 11 " DAY. at 7 o'clock a in., aird return every alternate day,at 6 o'clock a m. On the Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shoplierdxtown. je 21 3m PERSONAL. I A CARD.~ I TAKE This method of returning my sincere thanks to the hreiueji end citizens <>[ Washington, ?nu more particularly llie frnnmin rire I'omwnr, (at tli-* fire of the M instant, in Philharmonic Hall,) for their praiseworthy, energetic ami auceessful endeavors in suppressing tin' Names ami reselling fron ruin my printing establishment. _Jy 5 2t RA WATKRS. I TO THE PUBLIC. HKREBY Fo ewaru ail persons from contr.vtin< or otherwise transact mi: business with J. J. Angel in the nauio <>f ihe firm of Angel ?. Gibbs, (formerly publishers of the Rock villa Journal,) as no such hriii exist* f om the date of this notice, ami I will not !k? responsible for any d ibts or contracts mad'by him. J AS. A. GIBBS. Rock villa, July al. 1860. iy 3 3t* Madamk morrice, thkGbkat astrolooist and O'CiBtes. ju?t/rom E*rof.? T>ia highly gift <1 and intelligent lady can be consulted on the I'aat, Present arid Future Events. Call at No. 203 Twenty-second street, between H and 1, Washington. je<9 un* fMBB'S HAIR AND PK R FUW ERV STORE, Vl Penn. Avenue, between 12>h and ISM St$. LADIES' WIGS. HALF WIGS, BRAIDS and CL R i-S always on hand, or made to order in the best atyles. Alto, Hair Work repaired or taken in exonange. jy 5-ly I D C A O TlIT/v ' r v/iv .iniirj? t ?? II nun^r.^-oiio, 11 ?'jwnn, troU ni> mile in minutes; will t* r\ bold low for cash, or would take a light expremt or b*ker'ft wagon in part traj*. quire at No. ?13 Thirteenth ?>t, west of M iitreet north. jy 5 3t* ^AUQUIER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. The?e Spring*?60 mile* weat of Waahinctu*?ia now open for the reception of visitora. f . . The aubsor iber. having beomne the par VCsty ohuer, wl! make every effort with com potent ai*i?tan<a, to retain their former repuu* tion f at*??SO eenta per meal; per day; $9 p*r week; (91 per oalendar month; 9 5 for 2 mnrtV; children overhand nnder ISjrea'tand oolorrd "rvantc half prioe; white eervioti three fourth*; horaea I/O cent# per day Dirnot Warreuton bpringa jr 5 lit ROB'T HUDOrN. Rowers oriental balsam, A Clrk rii? BALDNESS AND HEADA^HK This new lliKUivnri nrtuinn <1 ?'-l; ? ? t J ..?? |?? w ?ctvui?|| | i.K I f?Milt* in curing bald atuppiiiK th?* kan F'?>in falling off. It remove* dandruff and all rupti?>na of the akin ; a pertain oure for h<*a<taoh?, iu <1a de lifhtful wash ami perfume Tricofino uta. Furaale lijr toeaar*. Nairn & i'alme', t'haa 8tott, L. M Smith. J Schwartxo,aud Kidwell A Laurauce. Je30 lw? Em KGINELK'8 OFFICE. Alkxakihia. June ? i860. MANAPSA8 OAf KAILROAE 8 X HUNDRED MEN WANTEDoa the line of this road from Mt. Jackson to Harnsoubu g Wac-?s SI a day; tward f 10 per m?"th Tor information, lo., luquire of VV M. 8. FEWEL.L, Coinpan)'a Office, Alexandria. jea dtJT?n.'atwABtAlatw8*y. LINGTON MILLS. ooun*atini mmMfcjQjf with the Loudoun and H*ra??hir? wnr>??F* Railroad. Icara Wuhinrtnr ?? KL "' ?'?1? ~ 1 __ . w. w UUCft Fare M cents. ">ta*e office at Ma tin'* Franklin Hot'l, corner of EF.htb and U iii. ? jeft-lm* JOHN H. KF.l.CHNER, Prop r. WOOD! woo.. ? STOVE Md KINDLING WOOD, at the lowed possible pnoe. T j ? w M 0ALjt - nT ** :? tj # NEW \VEEKLY_PAPER! On SATURDAY, 14th o* Jclt, Will be issued in New York the Fir?t Number of THE METHODIST, A Wain Paper, or Eiatft Piab. It will aim to be the exponent of Coaserrativ* principles, and will be thoroughly loyml to the Methodift Episcopal Church. While it will discuss with frankness and coarage every subject of interest to theC' urch. it will avoid personal or direct controversy with existing Methodist journals. Upon the subject of Slavery. THE METRODIbT will represent the views expressed by the Kishops l" their late address to the 6enera! Con ference. They are views of the application of Christianity to Slavery; which are believed to be sanctioned ny Apostolic teaching and pra<*t;Oe. It wit! restft all attempta, aa the next Uenerai Conlrronce approach**, t> replunge the Church into controversy, or to make further encroachments upon the provisions of the Discipline in rela ion to Slavery. Inasmuch a* the subject of I.ay Representation has been lormally presented by the General Conference to the people lor consideration. THK M KTHODIST will treatit as a question or inoment tothe denomination, and will open ita columns for ita temperate and loyal discussion. It will represent no party, association, or clique. Ita ample capital has been provided, apart lroiu such combinations, by those who believe that the time has come for a larger, more thoroughly edi'ed and more independent orian of Methodism than its established journals, with their super-abundant official documents a< d other ioriual but uninteresting matter .can possibly be. In fine "Thk Methodist" will be an attempt, U'tamed by abundant rneana froin t?>e people themselves. to aupply their families with an organ which shall compare with the largest and l>est journal* of other d >nomir atioua; which shall command the best literary ability of the Church at home and abroad; which shall represent fully and lo>ally and courageously its denominational interests, a* well as the in'ores's of general Christianity; which shall be rwi n it r*t c?A uritW nruHonnA tv it Hi /Tiitv n/1 !> partisanship amf virulence; amf wluoh mail tie a representative of the great religious interests of the age?a complete family paper, and a decided organ of the Church. It will r*> edited fcy the Rev. G. R. CROOKS*, D. D., and the Rev. JOHN McCLINTOCK, D. D. The latter Correspondiu< Kditor. and at present residing in Pans The Kditors wiil h? as?ist?d by an efficient corps of contributors whose names will bs li?re?fler announced. A thorough, classified outline of tiie news from the leading Christian denomiua'ions, and of foreign religious intelligence will l?e prepared ?>t Prof. A. O. Schem, author of the E"cl?siastical Year Hook." it Trill present also a \\ eeki* Review of the Methodist press and of the Now York ci y religions press. It will have a Weeklr Summa y of missionary news. All the usual departments of | iiwciiii^riiuCf inn .M'MIPJ .?!? *ri, vu* g ncrs Cumnt, Agriculture Scientific, Liteiary and Art Item*. Ac..Ac , will b?* provided. Careful attention wil' also be given to the Youth'* Department, which will Ite under the care of a special Editor. its criticism* qf new publications will t>? prepared with discrimination, so that they may always ie safely relifd upon. TERMS: Two dollars a year; five copieatoon* address twelve cpios to one address ?20; twenty copies to one adorns* $3T>. Subscripnons received for six months at the same rates. Payments inva-iaMy in advance. Liberal terms will he made with adveitisers. Large edttiora, not less than 4'l.isio copies, will be printed of the early numbers, and circulated throuehout the country. Office?Nassau Bank Building, c??rner Nac vi and Beekman street*, New York It L. BANGS, Publisher. EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, &c. j^OTICE TO PLEASVRE^EEKERS" PINEY POINT, POINT L^OE-OrT, OLD POlfiT, NORFOLK AND PORTSMOCTH. The commodious anl awift steamer BALTIMOKE, baling been thoroughly |l k overhauled and lefittad with tiew_fc?<^*?f^ K/il lar a nil niiakinAt h lp n utlll The steamer Phkxix has b*n chartered to convey an 'xourslon par'v to Ulymont ^ on Tuesday. July li<th, under thy f*. - -*rbwa ^ management of the undersigned Ex-"**'***"*3 ecuti ve Committee. A liinitsd number of ticket* for Mile, which may be had on application to an* member of the Committee. J*chrooder a laud ha* been engaged Omnibuses will leav? the Northern I ibertie*' Market and7th st. and Pa. avenue a' a qua ter before 5 o'clock, to oonneot with the boat, which will leave 'he wharf at the foot oflltli st at 5o'clock p. ill. Tickets $1, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committrt. O. Boswell, B 8. Donaldson, R.H.Graham. Jos L. Pearson, J as E. Johnson. jr 5 St_ AP I C NIC FOB THE BENEFIT OF THE POOR Will be given hjr the Society of St Vincent of Paul, At ANALOSTAN ISLAND, On MONDAY, July 16. Professor Esputa's Citiz -ns' Band ha* been engaged for the occasion. ji ftoa's will run cons'antly during the da? from tiie Stone Home W. a , e ? If/' _a i*r L A - * -? ? * - ? 1 cii 17 si., ?? wnninision.i ana me ao<*K loot ol High *t.. Georgetown. No charge for ferriage, eoiiir or returning. , ..... _ Gentlemen's ticket* *> cent*; ladies' tiokfts 2? cents ; children'* ticket* 10 cent*. 'ticket* can be procured at the usual placet, and from iii"mhers ?>f the Society? Richard H.t larke.E-q , S.Jones. E?q? Capt. J P. Gare*tre, Henry Rochat, ii*q., I,it-iit. J. C. Ives, L. Vivan, Esq., NicholasCaiian. Esq , John !*aiil, K*?., Th?>s. Ft-ran, Ei>q? We Kelly, Esq., J. Carroll Brent, Esq., I. H Knott. Esq , 1\ C. Howie. Esq., P. Gallant, Esq., Gresory Eui.i*. e,*q.. Win A. Brown, Erq., Win. Ryan, Et-q.. P. Jordan. Esq , J. D. Hogan. Esq., Geo. Harvey, Ecq., M. T. McMuoii, Ki-q., I. R Morgan, E?q., R F O'Beirn", Esq., Tlio-. Williams, Esq., Win. I.. Newton. Esq , h. J. I)rap-r, Esq , Edward Itolan, Esq.. Joh^CufM ..t^q-. John I*. Myers, Esq., M. Fitxg-rald, Esq , Titos. Cogan, Esq., Jo*. Ke?*fcr. Eso , I. H. Tnniblet*. Esq., Victor Brcknr. E*a., t.. i.- L? - 1 " m *??. i wivwn, t <c?4 ? j ?i. r nzpsiricK. i*M| jy 5-td AMUSEMENTS. A NOTIIt ? GRAND DISTRIBUTION A or BEACTIFl'L AND COSTLY I'RE^KNTS On FRIDAY EVENING. Jnlyfcth. TWENTY-FIVE M~AGNIFIC ENT GIFT!* Will be ki en to the patron* of th* far-finil Thi(Mioii'n Museum o! Art-. Among th? ni/ls are Gold and Silver Wat<>he*. Silver-plated Cake an il Car J Ba-ket*. b< atitilul Caatorr, Gold Broochc. , Bracelets, Biiout? m, Ac. All the a!.<>ve article* have l>een purohased at Seinkins' Jewelry Store, l'a. avenue, where the presents ma> l>e aeen, and tickets may alao be had. Admission 25 cts Jy 5 E ^REE CONTKRTS! RN9T LOEFFLER, Netc York artnut, bt, t | ? j .1 J -f ?? ? "i"ii urn vi iirer.if, wvuiu rrspmjujiij state t<> th? publio 'hat A CONNER T ofiflft SELECT MUSIC will he civen everv MUN jV day audThursday evenings danattbe smwd. at hu "aviliou. commencing at S o'clock and ending at in p (n Previous to the Conoert. the Saloon u open to tlioae desiring to while avai a few hours in the masr danoe. ICE CRftAM WATKjL ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY alwaya ready at oity prioes. Parties desiring ttie Gardens for Pio Nio par poses. are repeated to give a day or two aotiee. je 18 3m LOST AND FOUND. A small paper parcel was lost from Gibos' Hair Store. N *. H42 Pa avenue, on Tuewlay, oont'iong a black braid of hair ; supposed to hive'been 'aken by a ady, by mistake. Whoever will return the Mine will oonfrr a favor, and be comeen^te;! for their trouble, if rMuirorl it- ' i x 67 h.~ gYhbs. LOST? On the night of the 4'h, from hoase corner Kif'eeuth and D ata., TWO MAM'8C RIPTS- one a Genealogical Hiatory of the name of Chen?y, (from 1 ,(<&),) and "hour Year*' Journal in W." Alao, a Serap Book, belonging to L. W. Grume-. Any one returning the aame to the ftar Oftioe will oonfer a great favor and reoaive a hand aoine reward. jy 6-3t F6l?ND-Onthe4th,aplainSll.VER ESCAPEMENT watch. Inquire at 4?? E atreet, between A'h and 8th ata. if S ?' RKWARD.?Strayed.on Monday morning, V July 2,?lane brown Newloundland*^_> DOG, with whit) fore feet and br^aat face partly white; fruahy tail, napod with 11 ??^ white; hair on the baek a d hind 1 ca vary long and thick ; about one year old. The abore reward"will be paid io anyone returning the aame tj ROBERT A oATTHKWu.No. 3 Main* av., between IK and 6th ate., f aland. Jy Mt* yv a. batchelor ? inimitable hair Pon 8au at (iih Hm fro**, Pt* *. .it-emu, btiwten Wk aud i3*A Sit. rally. it it I' mici o uiiu intu iiiuvi J | u u t wiii in. Saoed on the ahove r< ute MONDAY,the 9th of uiy, and oontinue during the bathing reaaon, n awing eenti weekly trips, leaving Waehmgion M<?NDA V & and THURSDAYS at 1" o'clock a rr. Re turning will lrav? Norfolk on TlTFSL>AYS and FRIDAYS atSo'oIockp n?., making a!! the ri/t.r landing* going and returning. Far* to Mari'U"?'" $l.?i Pope's Creek Saud* t'oin' 1.5- Bi/vkiatone'c __ 2 Ot t?uar.tico I 6 i Biufl P'int.... Liverpool Point 15 , Pinej Point 2.<*i Bnyd'? Hole JW'Pouit Look odt 2.0M Matthia? Point 2.?'| To Old Point and Norfolk $5, including inea'g. Round trip tiokrt? to Norfolk and Old Point, good for the aAason. 98 Children ander ten teart.anri aervauU.halffa'e. Free colored pTaocs 14 Freigh'a at usual rates ar.a ihuki i>e p'e~aia. The steamer Baltimore being the fattest boat on the Potomac, will convey passengets to Point Look out ia 8 hours, making tlie trip down this beautiful river by daylight. For tiokeuand further inf >rmation apply ou Hoard toCapt. CHAX. E. MITCHELL, or at the Company's nflne, corner Penn avenue an I Sixth Href t, under the National HoUl GEO. E. MATTfNGLY. Genera! Ticket Agent iy6 (Int.) Potomac Steamboat Ccnpar.y. J^| OONLIGHT KXCl'RSIO N O LY MO N T*F A V 1 L I O N, ox TUESDAY, July 10. JI LT ? SELLING O: HAVING ON HAND AT THIS TIME 1 GOODS, from thte dst*. in ordrr to inikf room I offer my entire stock of DRKSH GOODS at rrni, FANCY SILK. BERAGF. and LAWN ROM BFRAGFf* sod LAWNS br the rard. F.nrlh CHALLIES, BF.RAGF DELAlNS MOI SL A large and superior aanrtairnt of Good* mlti Also, about 100 LACE SHAWLS and MAM All of which will most posit irrly be sold at C tryst H.ff.BIRDEl WANTS. W'ANTED? A noo.1 COOK. R??:pr?>no?- r? gill ml. Apply at 333 I ?t. It* WANTEDS SI TCT ATI ON, by a youn? jirf, ?? ai chaiBt*niiai<t or nur*?. luqu.r* .190 S#v?nth lit. It* VVANTKD-By a young w<?inao. a " SiTl' ATION at bur*? or to travel. A<l<lr?M "N'urne." Star Oft**. jy t 2f VlfANTED?By a younj cirl a SITlATIUN a? " nurse or Chamfcrmatd. A?Wr*?? Box No. 9 Star ( U/ANTKD-A SITUATION a* chiW'j nu'ta. ?? no objection t? trav* . b? a Mt, IM l>eat referencea given. Apply No. 30 C st?. mrner I3*fc ?t. if 5 a* WANTKD?lu an apo'hecar? "tore, * VCl'TII who has had one or two years' e*peri.?nie in the Sutines* Addren* "Galen." through Post Office, with name and reference. >v S 3t* WANTED?By a quiet and a d renp^'fctd# yours girl, who ?LH-ak? Knclmh, Freneh. and Ittlllln, nTL'aT1()> a* nnrir or rMn lifriMiil and aeamctress .ltd hair dresser. Her particular wish is to cct a rood home rather than h.*h trairt. Please address Box No. 9. Star Office. jy5 5t WANTED?A whit# WOMAN', to o. ok and take care of a house. Inquire at the Wa*h in* ton R-iom. (formeriy the Howell H*use.? \o. 117 Pa. avenue, between 17 h and Itth sts.. First Ward. To a competent person good wages ? ?ai w ji ? ?iv WrANTFD?To have everybody knowthat the; can find a Fine and \N ei: -eir-cteil 8t**>li of CLOTHING end FLRN.SHIN'G GOOllSatUte PEOPLE'S CLOTHING 8 I OR E. No. ?60 8or enth ?t-, opposite Pout Omo? Department. ap6 Sm WANTED.?Every on* to know that *M1TH, Seventh St., chargea fair prioea for hi* Good*. Go to SMITH'S, Serenta at., to get year HATS and CAPS. ap6 3?i FORSALE A\D ~R ENT~ [For otker liFor Salt and Rmt" adrtrttsnmtnls, see first f*tg? ] PLEASANT ROOMS. w,th HOARD, can be obtained at No. 4*28 Groen'* Row. Cep tol Hill. j, LM)R RENT-HOUSE No. 474 MaauchttNtta 1 avenue, bottreen nth and 12th eoutainia* room*, and provided with.#- ?nd Inuuiro next door, or o( C. F RICHARDSON, at the Northern or Center .Market*. it 6 .Iteo FOH RFA r-On* PRA.MK rOTTAOK HOUSE. contain, la r om>, riinteon Mwrtohusetta S"tw ? n nt.> \ <i vl, For particulars apply on the pr??iri*?>*. Kent 0 per month )< B Jt FOR RKM'-T at ! ? > DWELLING on Twentieth at.. between M and N at;- we*t.eontamm*b rooms. R<-nt *ear Apply on ?t?? pr?-rni*e? or to W M . K ITH F"R F< ?KI> at t.n Alarhl - Wo: E ?t . between 12th and IStli at*, j* fe-2w* 1/<?R RENT A new FRAME HOISE. on ? Pearoe ?t. between New Jera v av and Ki rat at north,cwiitami'ic * roomit an.I c' | ar. with a fin? rard : ?:itar ti'iw r garden in f out Tue ' ?t will tie niS'le imimIi* it?ln? ! a >0 pui-rtua riant For partial is iii'4ulre ol Mr. JOHN WI>EXBOR * . ii"Xt ?'.CM?r : or to I'RA.Nt'lS *. (lR(li D Capitol HilL ' ifMAM* rdK SAI.EOR RKN'T -1 hp t woBRICK I IIOI' I.. Ni?2 Four *: ')-%-'?!! street !>< tf'i Viumia h\ nup ?ii.l f-utti K ktr-^t I'oa nf>--,.in i ivm i.n i." 'iat- N Ap;> 1 t,i M',r' BH A. 1) >LHj I". t>3 \\ at*r - . ??fo-??-ti)wn. j* A *'* IT'OR R KNT?T ->t I- a I>v\ F.l.LINU or, & Tw .1 ii ctreet. ;. ? ? " <j % : H. ron'amm* ? roonik aii' 'nrf ?ard in f ' i,t. w.t* ?it?r and tea*, lormerlv occupied h> II. H Yo??, Kcq Inquire of R. W HaTKS A?*-r.t.?t : - wood and ' ?a'd. corner of C and F"urt"?-? th Ku j> fr-3t* FH*OR RFN ' ?The fine FRAMF. H()I>Kkw*n an "'French Evans' Houic," Ituat'*! on M at. north, b*tw?fn 9th and 11 *th street*, .No. SiG, one of tl ? iii..?t dtumli.e p.-ivate rKidtnofi :n Washington T ii li uoe is surrounded b* fruit tr?>?? a?<> treat ni::r.'*?r? ! rurrant !,;.?hes of vi nou? ki>.< ?. an-f hii* m a-'* treos. ? i" i? . <) feet of ( ound. walled in Apply so J. 0. COOK Ei(hih at. h-twe -n D and E. jjr 5 lw* FH^OR S Vl.K OR RENT?<Furni?hed or I nfur I iiiihM)-athrw-itori KRlCK DWEI.I.INO, with large, airv ro?rr,?. Part of the houae won,.! be r?nt?u to a etna I, tenteel family. if tie*ir?l. Apply on the preim#?*, No. 642 L at., between 4th and 5th aU. Jy 3-31* |<"OR .R E N T?The th'ee-utory brown front * ttui ?fc,:vo. *67 ,\sw York avenue. l>e>t*reen lfth *ud 11th ?treet?, north ude. con?anmt fifteen room?. Thi* n?ii*e in corn anient to trie Patent Office. Treasury, eto ; i* light d by g** *im1 in every viv *uttahle f>r a fx-ardin,. hou<* Re-1 moderate. Apply next ?k...r or to A < FOWL.LR. No. ??b Winder'* Building. jy S 1?" ^TORE ROOM FOR R F NT?On the aouthr? mat onrner of Pen*, avenue and Tenth atreet, heretof'-re i!*eo a? a grocery App y at the room or of J Ai?. F. H ALIOA Y, City Pa i. j? **-tf A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALF. in Prince George'a canty, aiiuated ai>out 1 iniie from*. IS !> in the Am .. ui C<> -ege. an 1 6 from Wa?hinetun. oont*in:nc 5-" acre , 9 acres in Pine ar.d Oak Timber. It ia ur.<lerar lenoe, and ia in a bub ktata of oalti^ation A or-M.ard of Peacbe?, Appier, and a variety ot otbar kuidt of Iru:t: ftraw bert lea anl Aipaacua m abunlanoe. It i? on the e*?t aide ??f the Batur.orr VYaarington Rai r?a>i. on the Ahituton road, adjoining Co!. Carter and Lawjer 9tevena Ithaa on tt a ana.! Houne coiita.rinr four ro-ma. Sprint . a i, --- nfiiai n?u>?. BDUOHinuilJIDd rtrioat o* iring to purciiape vi! p fvae cr on the fremiar<?. or at atand No. 270 Cecter .Market. j??-2w? mrs m?.r timkr. |?OR RKNT?Two beautiful new BRICK " IlOt"!*>- S,on Rigtith at ?t west, l.-twon M and N Rt'^ts north, wc?l Mde. App 1 to MARY t HAISLII'. N... a-1 Nii.t-i *tr?- t w??t.or L)r. kk askky, No. 33*2 I'a. avenue, betw?*e:. <*th*;.U liJtn itrwU. je 12-4W* BOARDING. vi rs rohblnft having TaKI n TIIK l?l ar*e aii.1 poiiumi 'intii o.i t hwi.1 treet we*t, co ner ot M ia-ouri aver ue, direoti* opposite tii?'Cap:ti> ?r?-m<li,lorm*'l> kn * Wi st t' ? Vwrimn ll<>u*e, wheiv *he i? now p^par^l to acc ominodate )tentl??in?n with fi'rnishkd roonis, either with or without BOAK1'. combined with n.a .? comfort*, uch at ia>. bath, Ac \ health) i?>.-ation. a l>< autiful pro'peot. am! a l?'igh'tu. ?iinNn*r retidenc?, uu immediate application. T-rina reasonable jv U-Tw celling off to close business.? ^ JOHN K. MtiROAN would rer>pe?t-^^^ fully inform Ins cuwtoiuerB. a~d the ennmiu-BBI nit) ceu?ra!l), tiiat he li*i c<>uciti<i?xl tow ^K1 elo-e hib business. And in order to do no a* on as ponibte will < ITt bin entire stock of hi* uwn nAk' BviOTSand !*HOES at cost lor oa?h, and his o;her tuoiii at almost an; once. To those in ? aiit of reliable (uods for wear. I would say, give mo a call and >ou will not * e disappointed. As i atn about to c.oee hit buAneo. ail accounts oil my looks will be ren3?*r?sd on or before the 1st of J ulj wnen I Lope tiie> will tie re.-D' nded to p "ii.pt1>, that I inar meet with promptness the obliga tiona due by me. J. It. MORGAN, No. 303 south sale of Pa. av.. je 14 bet 9tuan<l loth Flies, f lies : i VtOsQI ITOES, MOSQUITOES! Procure some Fir Paper at MOORE'S Waal End Drug Store. Eajli sheet will catch 2 <W? fli??. li contains no poison, nor <loes it draw the in Ilk* I most preparations of ttM kind. It catchae Mos<uitoee UKO. KOACHES', ANTS AND MOTHS. Ac. I'm Moore's [nsect Kxt^rmiMbir. It ii warranted. if used aocordins to direotiona, to olear your premise* of any insect that or*wis. Prioe V, 9" and 0 oents. i Try theee articles, and you will he convinced.' Sold only at MOORE'S jy Ht West End Drug Store, 113 Pa. av. JMPORTANTTOHOUSEkEEPERB. E. R. PURREE A CO.H Guaranteed not oaly ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat fro tad from frwk Spioee, ? loctad and cleaned br a* expreeaiy for the purpose without reference to ?oet. They are beantifaily packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent lajnr* by kaaptng, | and are law weight, wkiie tfee ordinary croead Bploee are a!most invariably abort. We warrant 'va?asn?L aa a ?iai M triai wiiJ abundantly prove. Mar.ufaotunxl oaly by E. R. DURKEE A COfe IM Pearl St.. Ntw York. 1? I R E,F I R E. f0T0_M_AC-WATE R. i am aim enja*ea in tne rLi; MB1NG and GA? FITTING BUSINESS at my o.datand mPhi!harmonie Hall. The adnout* of harms a pl?utifui aupa'y ofwater was fMi ? ibaervrd at the iraof yeaterday.aa I am well ?atrfi?d I ahou d hare b* burned out but ior the bountiful aupply upor ay arena Ma and th?t of nay n?ighb<>ra All order* for the introduction of Water and Gaa will ba prompt * attended to. Term* aa reaeonabie aa any plaaber in the etty. jy3 C. 8NVDRR POR HIRE-A COLORKD GIR1., (aiara.l K r yeara old, auita)>l-for ohambeririaid or i urae. Inquire of Dr. NEWMAN. No. 76 K ?t w~t of the Cirele. )j 4 ma AwoiitK *t Kmvw* K *iwl ( '. m U AKPER'S It AG A Z" N E ,14 CE^TS Ift eent?. n I5~nta iseentt MaenU, 'So n'a isoeeta.W eent*. liuecta?payable ia ad.anoe Ca I ar-d pay 'Vpuer:??aM tfc, 1?60. FF AT COST! roo LARGE A STOCK OF M MM Kit DRV 'or mporUtloo* of tbf tppM*ckl*K MM, I ?r1U urh u R*, ik RKRAGE9. INS. FOt'LARD { ILK?, iM? for Trawling R?1tr '11.1. A9 tfce rbMpnt goo4? I fci?r mr m>I4 ost rTE, % 351 IfTMll Mwl, Wt I ta4 K ? L auction salks. THIS A FT Etc NOP 1* k TUMUKKOW Br J. C. M?0(JltK * CO. AaaUT* RICB AND HKAl'T FUL I.OT OP iAPAtt i?? tioor>? 4T ArcrioJi?O* ?F TER NOON, J?fy Cth, M 4 o'clock fet tfe* Mftwn rooms. V* th%. I Mil ft mpl?a4l* lot of fMIM W*f r?nt*d J?mo?p c<k>4* nompriaiu* ? Swl?, CwtUniN. I'nbrcl ??. InkiUixt) Pnt'l Porkst Books, Drinking Cups, Wot?i?*s. R io# J'taties. foro*..*n H"W ? tod Cap*. Cup* ?o4 Smmk. Portfolio*. Hs.teu. VfeM*. I'rrs. Ksns tc , ke Toic^th^r witfc ? vftnotf of ftfed trtitki tuo tnmro?i to ai?nt. <??. A' 1 soo4s bought at this s*.r will t"? pftc??w! r? crlr (<; ? Mni|>?tr:it p*r?iii tiid l<<iw*td <1i r*otiT, Torms oash. ? 5 4 j. C MfeGMRK A CP . Aiots FUTURE DAYS Br J- C. MoGLIKK * CO- Auob^i Trustee i* ?ai>: of n rnitvik and errtct' or tf? "Uhitm' S*t*ti?" f?m, W*?*i>er->r? ?On MON i?A V M< KMN't. Jut Mk. cnwiMLriuf at H'o ( If <>oi ?laj to day until-th- wh?i# i? ?inp <1 nf. t?? vtrta# oftM of trtiet ?lm*xfuw<1 iim) r??orM m lihorj.a 9. No. W, f< lioa 1*1, Ac. on# of lh? land rwonli for Wkrliinitxii fount*. tl.? an<W lined, a* trust##. ?~l i all th- Furtiitur* a id Eff#ot? of th# U?lt#<l St?t#? H< t#l. wmpriaing about nut h?i>dr?<i pa-lora u<l ctiamt?*r?. rt?: V#tt lienor ai<il i ear > new Roaewood ' btek#r lr.f eevtu Pi?u?>f->rt#. Cover. ar.d l*U?*?U I.arc# and liana?'## French a'at# Mai.t#i Mirror*. Cm Oh*?d#l?#rr. h'MtrlfMiri bitir#? tfcrnar h<>?t. Htmlxim* vSa.ii.iit ami .M?ti?(as) t ar tor Fiirnt tur#. finiskiMl in broeaUii*. *.? ' > aid ha it oiotk. m*'m? tof e#ntr#. ar.fa, and aid# Tahi#a. Wa nut W ii*t?i?'t. faie? Cha.rt and Tahi#a, Wainut Wntinf IWka and Ho. Handaom# V#iv#tarxl Bro'*#t? l'ari?*u, Oi eloth. Rues. Incrain Carpet?, Gilt iraaa* Man * Mirror*, V??m ?n<1 Orntmc U Broeateue aoii Lac* Curtain*, Cornice and FhtirM, Roifwood, Walnut end Wannt Hed*?*ai*, Dreaainc bureaus. V\ a?h*la?<U. knd VV?'dr??b?-. Feather Hui. Bu ster*, end fiiiovt. Toiiet >Vt?, CuTed hM' tnd husk M*t'res????, Blanket*. Coii.fort*. aid Cointn^nM m .arc* ?aanttti?*. L^r** qiiantit;?* Bed and Table Linen. nearly new, Dimni C?Mn oak Dime* Chair*. French and stone china Dinner. Desert. and Tea Ware, Tab'* Catler*, Bilker fiated Ware i'ait"n, Ohafcr* Di?hes. Waiters Crffee and T-a I'rns, Bar Co?at*r and Fixtar?e. t^iora an-! Ciaars. Iron Ni , Desk*. and O&o- Furnitare. 4 c.. Tofetheriwith a larcequantity of Household Effrcta aot nee?e*ary 10 Terms: #S?and urtdei oe*h;orer tliat amount a credit of2end 4*, Tor fcau?fa?toril> eudorsM note*, hearing i tern*; WM. A. HROWMMG, Tra.'ee eSP7 d J. C. Mo'tl'IKK A CO . A act*. lit WALL a BARNARD. Aunuoatert SORREL COLT A \ D IIO'-Y AT AfC tip*-Ob PATl'R DAY MORNING. rtk in stett. *t !? o"el??ck. w* wi < *ell, lu front of the auction ">' > One 5 year old Sorrel ColL ?? J?-h buggy 4 ?ork? veil in a^) kmc of harness. Ar <1 a >o ?op Hair' ar,d Term oMti. j 1 id WALI. A ? A UN A?P. Aacte. Ht A. OKKKN, Aiietiopwr, L'RAMF. HOIr!*E AND I.OT AT A'CTION. F On 8ATL*K l?A V, J?i? ?ih 1 aftaJI *U. la front of th" p'vinim, tt 6 o'tivck p ??.. fftrt of Lot No. 9. in Square 551. nn-inr a front of 1* fr-t ?H inch** on I treet, near the ooroer of TlM'tf atreet wect. oon tainini 2.1?-\ feet and the impforerarula. whirU are a frame house, fco. Term* oaah. jyS* A. OEEEN, A act MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE' mcdonnells CATAWBA ?INGF.t WINE? MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINOKR WINE! Tkit D'itctom Summrr K' i Til* Hea.ihfu. | and Tome Prcpenaitiei 1 Of which are now wt|! known in<t I'mrttM. t Admitted Throughout the Uuoa, U^IIH IVI Fiunir I?I?, Ul BVf iur w v?n ticket* for that num!r?r are purchased aui! pmd for in advance. Mr. Sehaeler takea thin opportunity to inform hi* customers that tin* deMrabl* addition U? hie aeta*> Uahment will in no manner int?rf?.r?- with hi* rem Ur ywwwiatlfciwiwwi. On lh#w?Dtr?if, he hope* to add to hi" present lacilitm* lor ia?urm? prompt a'tenUon to hit ii?joi?rou? P*tr<>u? lit tM liar u( SHAVING and HAIR DRKssSING. | And to the l,adi?? who patriw u? him in the line : or > uttinc or Triiuiuinf their own or their children V I hair, Ite l?ifi to ai tUat he ba? p ovided for the" batter aooouiruodaiio-ta, in having fitted up a etnai: room a d appropriated it exc!u?irrly t < their use. jaff- w I. M. 8IJGER &, CO. GREAT HKL)i;CTION In raicce or SEWING MACHINES! I TL. a- ? -* Iiv ra?c?mrp ?r? WIlU'WlMfd t>*?t II) ulf fur fa?i:ily wvitf and manufacturing ^urtowi. Family Machine *40 Letter A (fur family or lie lit nianufaeturme purpo?e?? _.... *? Sm*er No. 1 Singer No. * flee Twnt, Needles, Cotton, Oil, Ac. WM, H. GLOIER, No. 3S* Pb*w?tlvami4 At., j< ?-!? 1'liUer National Hotel. T ROYAL HAVA.1A LOTTKR V. HE Next Ortviui of the Kutk Htvut L?l tery, oondaoted by the Spanish 6orernneDt. nder the ?uperns' on of the Captain General of Ceba. will late plaoe at Havana or TUESDAY, Jolt 17. SOKTKO KUMMKO m OkOlNAMO. CAPITAL PRIZE ! f"fr'~-7,1?E| S"r 1 do SM*A 11M do m 1 do *>.** ?appro*. 1 w HMion i . IN ALL PRIZES. * V* not* TMMU. IM-HiiTM, 9X0 UurtNi, 94. En?aa tuhMl itiuMMtNt dmL 4i*oo?Dt tilt ob all wlTnt Bauka Vak*a at par. A drawiuc will Wfmranitd a anon u Um rwait baoonaa knovn AD order* for aokMsaa or ttokau to ba *Mraaaad o DON ROl/RlSUfcZ. ? ja?D tr (V? i>f Cltr rUrl????i. R. C. r?C?v JIbe ? *^)S jJUrt *" ,-1 f?"r or itiuuLk as .b rf??oD*bi# frwi )aio "oH>^_EL L'fJWi faat. WNKCTA* C2,lilA.,.W!L!,r,a-ra anil f*rkiiiK SODA WaTKI, ? ji yi W ^>t Rod Dfif w?oo ?xr,.??a ?t?9 Pa. A v., BfTW IIt? a?? l?m *r* . Mill u! WiAff foot oj%#vMtgMtfe ?., IT-tf W"TriiNt>l<lWl COUNTR X RESIDENCE rOR ??A LK.-Tkrij ud ft half? rMol L*?m1 IIIMM M ttail'T** X r idl U til* HtnWObM o( U? Co *b M UC umbiri lurnpit**, i.x Miln fro* WiifeiifiH ?d 5 t ow Al' liD^ni. Tww|f?v*wiliMHit kkoiM,?ncttiiiHN Wi<, tat. ?ofi Wu*. Th? j?r?f ip voil si ad'4 villi troos m<" kw I it '*Lt "r*^',l| * p V^Jj/ TRSfr^ ! Now For in Wubin|b? I fcr Jos. W. Davia, t?h and E J. V. Cobarn, '3th and H ata. Ju. C. O'Brien. "Hh arid I ?t?. ' - Wm A. Brown, 13th and F ata. W. f. Jonaa. Maaraohuaettaar. and >1 at. Pat*r Mona*har. ,\e? Jaraa? av. a d 6 at. IT. Cocar, Pa. ar. and SRth at. Jaa. Bligh, lith at. F M Orme. Pa. arenu* K. K. W bit ft Co , Pft ?vfcu<. Heiiry C. Punly. P? aror.ue. R. fifty**. ?"i fti?*1 H at*. Uforc? W.OrBj.lJtori^ion, l>. C. M. L. OffuH, 0?"?rjrtnwr., I). C. JAP. MrOONNEU.. I> 5 *o'm G>in*>l ft c nt. mtinri OHIO B A T H I RENRV 9CHABFER, BtkBii ate Hair Dn?<n. i JT *'*r SartMtk. ?pp?. Pott O&et Dtpartmmn, Hu r.tW, up in ?onn?xion with hi? j oonvrnivnt fto viniiucxlfttiona (or fttfurdiug lo hit cu?tnim?r? ?nd th?* public th* luxury <>t COLD or | WARM BATHS *t any tun* rfurint lnnnthour*. Hmwill ?* nnxl-i?! ?t weot) krr

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