Newspaper of Evening Star, July 6, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 6, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. The Ctwtf Rev. J. I. Htrifi It COXrBStlOM 50T TO BB PUBLISHBD. [From the Newark Mercury. June 30 ] W? pabllahed on Saturday a letter from Delvl dare In reference to the oaae which haa attracted ao much public attention. It la now atated tbat Rarden'a coafeoaton ia to be withheld from the puhllt although he ia anxioua that the aame ahou.i go forth, but from aotne cauae known only to hta father and intimate frienda. they have poaitl vely atated that the confemlon ahall not be publlahed. Laat week Harden aaked hla conoael, Meaara. Bhipman 4. Depue. while In hla cell to be preaeat at the execution, aa it would afford him great relief. He waa Indebted to them for the efforta they had made in Uia behalf, aa he waa convinced that Ho peraon could have done more. Already the coffin and ahroud of the condemned have been made. They will be taken to the county jail on the morning of the execution. The coffin la of plain mahogany, with the usual Inscription upon the lid. Laat Tuesday hla father and mother, slater and brother vi?it?-d the cell of the unfortunate to bid him a final farewell They remained with him for seversl hours, during which tiuie they sang and prayed. When about to take their leave, an Indescribable scene of agony took place Young Harden rushed to hia aged mother, ind clasping his arms around her neck, Imprinted kisses upon brr cheeks, and wept bitterly. Tho same scene took place between him and bis sister ard brother, and when b? took his father by the band he said. Good-bye. dear father, we will meet In heaven." As the grated cell was closed, which, as they sup pvnm, wjMriuru voem iorevt r in uw lire, me oia gentlen an turned round, and in a feeble tone aid, "Uood-bye, Jacob, my poor boy," and with tottering steps and heavy hearts the faaiily wended tbeir way homeward. Shortly afterwards, however, the offlelal intelligence of the respite cf the sentence of deeth by the Governor was received by the sheriff, who !mmediately communicated the same to the culprit and his uufortunate parents. In view of this fact his parents, we understand,will continue to visit him up to the morning of his execution. The execution will take place on Friday, at 12 'clock precisely, at the westerly side of the jail vard. The same gallows upon which Carter and Parks were executed for the murder of Parks and Casner, in loH.will be used for this occasion One hundred tickets have been issued nrinci pally to tbe members of the bar, physn ians and representatives of the pre*?. During Harden's Incarceration. Sheriff Sweeny has bwn very kind, furnishing the prisoner with all the delicacies of the season. His body will be delivered over to his friends after the execution The Warren Journal says that Harden appears o b? verv penitent, and expresses-i willingness to die The Sheriff, on Tuesday afternoon, read the death warrant to him fie listened to it with calmness. His execution will positively bt; next Friday. At the request of Harden, tbe choir of thr First Presbyterian Church, at the cloa* of the afternoou services uu Sunday last, sum; two very appropriate hymns in the hall thit leads to the jail. T*. U .. - - r.--. ? u? u".iutaAn l\41L>V A I . ? t Llf? Id T1S COTT CS pondent of the London Times, under date of June 4, states that a council of ministers held at the Tuileries oil the Monday previous, the emperor stated that he had investigated the scheme of the Honduras Inter oceanic Railway, and regarded it as one of great importance. He concluded by referring it particularly to the attention of the Minister for Foreign affairs, M. Thouveoel. A few days after the Minister from Honduras, M . Herran, had an interview with M. Thouvenel, who promised to do his best in support of the en terprise To this intelligence from the London Times weaf able to add, 011 authority ?>f private letters from Paris and London, that Air. Cobden will take the chairmanship of the Honduras Railway Company on the conclusion of hit present mission to France, and that Baron Jas. Rothschild and M. Michel Chevalier, Senator of the Empire, have ben su^ested as directors of the rompuiy by the Emperor. Naval.?The United States steamship Crusader, Lieut Commanding John X. Mattit, 011 June 13th saved the French barque Sotede, with Ave hundred coolies on board, which vessel was la a most precarious position on the Kay Verde rock*, north of Nnevlta*. Capt Matht, with his officers and crew, worked most assiduousthree days In giving succor to the baraue. noi only rescuing her from the perilous situation in which the was placed, but preventing an appalling loss of life The Crusader, on June 20th, afforded assistance to the American barque John Henry, laden with eoal. which was ashore near Nuevitas, and from the 9th to the 25th of June she overhauled 14:) vessels in the old Bahama channel; no slaver* among them Hkavt Damasks Against a Railroad?W C. Nelson, of Monroe county, in a suit just deciA-A t- ?i? " - >u igcnuuiTiur circuit court, recovered damages of the East Tennessee and Georgia railroad to the amount of 811.000 Nelson had hipped thousands of bushels of wheat a few years since, and the testimony showed that the wheat was detained in the several depots of th?* company until it was Injured to some extent, and until the price receded, causing him to los?heavily. As manv as nine of the jurors were for allowing him S25.000, but they finally compromised upon the award of 911.0(10. ID-The following Democratic newspapers in Massachusetts, it is said, will probably support the Breckinridge ticket: Boston Post, Lowell Advertiser, New Bedford Times, Greenfield Democrat, Barnstable Patriot, Salem Advocate. Ess<-i Co'inty Democrat, Lawrence Sentinel, and PittsHeld San ID* Rev. H. W. Bellows preached in Cincin ati on ?h. ->1?K ?' 1"?? > 1 ? > - " ? ..i ut.. m. uc uuiuru ui iue aiicourii was the 'Political depravity of the times " C7" The Norfolk Day Book chronicles the arrival of 200 rats to stock one of the pits there. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL.?A Wade. NC; B B irch and fam.Teun; B MoL Hardest?, Md; C Hvnson. Tex; D Duon. Pa; Dr Dougherty and ly, V?; C K Marshall, Miss; Hon J Mna* and f*'n, L?; M Coy, J John'ton; A HaTi*, J Stan to . Md; J L Look, A ?nnMi. *?: u ** voorntes and ! , lnd; H Huh', Tfx; 8 *Viil:am?, N V; C Myron. T*x; J MaMoff, N* ; T AI?o?, J Paimer. Mi??; C Whaler and ly, Mi?a V Cajuaii.H Caruall, Art: C Taj lor, Mia*; J Ko-ia&n, La; 9 Brent and bod. Mo; A. Jon??, M'?? Harnett, M \Varner, A M Watkmt, Tenn; \\ S H"?burn, A H Boyd, Va: vV Stanabnry. Nn<a M F. SunabarV, W Parrott, *' Wl?i. Mim;8 GuUmo a?d daughter, J Tlibolt J Hooka, T'x; P.MoCaul *'d It, Pa; G Brio*. D Hofh?imer, Mi<?; W K*ble Va; Wharton, Kenti; M 8 McCay, G Sootr, Mdj A Everett. O. T EUia. MP Tat lor and b, Va D Ca'ter, DC; Mr McCam Pa; B Fu'ler, SC; J Wayne* and fam C Taylor, Va; k Hame and ly, Va; Mra F Slanfhtw and ohili, Md; W Walker and ly, Ga; J Ruart, Pa. NATIONAL HOTEL.?J Wboat 1 and. M'; M J Mc Pauley, C Hyatt. C Well*. J nay ton, L Wlut* i??, I Towel 1 and iy. B Johnron, C Washington .G Cof4botoi?<h, J Gawdy. J F-'zpatrick *.d; b Rouerta. H' pki.n. S S'uait, J Har?*r, N Suttee. K8tgort \ Km W Maokej, V a J Burnt and I*. Al: i AQ?rrs ana If, A Am^rnon. T'-nn; J H V\ il oox, Mms; J Kaorr; O Binohara and ly, P Oo*t, K H Johnston, I. Smith C Bian|?r, Pa: l. Oh*rr?b?rhn aa?l Ij. Mr* UIHet, .1 Hatch. J Hokc. J MoDal' N Y; K Soaies, Mia* S-abrook, J JKxell, SC; AOuea! V Dron<*t, W T<>*le? and aistar. ua; J Hanki. W Burkam, J Smith eu<1 fam, O; W Mi lIU ai d fam. Mrs OhiJi and {am. Mo; C Greeuouj s, i'j; 0 MoDonald. DC. KIRKWOOD HOUSE-R?v WG H Jodm M : A L Hootnn. Va: Dr S C MoGef, Md: R A E<1' . J M Smith. Va; C Stoam*, N V : K K Fenonr, Mo'; J I l aW, C Muuie, Mo. \V L Pc w?il, U8N; C Lo g ta sr. WASHINGTON HOUSE ? RQ Howl r*. M ?? Bowling.?" Dnmar, Miss I>um*r. inrt J VVashmgtor, SO; Min Saundor, Thjuiat H Williams, Col..,?k... * ?*ui ?? OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS From the United Statb*. Si?i m'Tf. Leave. Pot. Days. New York..? New York...Bremen July 7 K*n(ar<>? New York ..Liverpool .. Ja y "? Kiropt . Boetoe ..Liverpool Ju y 11 Adn?tio New York...Havre July It T"ut<>ut* N?w York...Hamburg.,.. Ju!y 16 P?rti?..^._^.N?v York...Liverpool ...J ?lv 1# ft New York... Liverpool .J air in olden Fleece. .New York...Ga wjvjt ? July 19 Iton .New York.. .Havre. July 21 Arab**..,.. B"?ton Liverpool Jul? lVanderbilt... ..New York_.Havre July a From Europe Ktna ... . I.iverpool N?w York. Jan* 3b Rlhoii South pton . .New York. . Jmie f) Pal<*??iue |.i vurpool. ..Cunbeo ..... June27 Ai?bia Liverpool Boston Juue9> Af?*u?? Mouth'pton. .New York.. .July 4 Havana. Houth'ptoa -New Yort July 4 Jura Liverpool. ...New York...July M? Th? Haraaa nti! leave New York on the M, 'Am, 17th, and 27th of each month, and Chlrlftftt/in itn f AtK *?wi ia?w Th* CilQornia maii *r? loa?e New York on h? ?th fttwf ? th of month. BOHN'8 LIBRARY SERIFS, INCLUDING tl.e Standard, ClMaitM. Antiqianao. llluatra(mI. Hoiwtifia, rhi'nlogical, Ecolaaiantioal and Uiit'?ti ria?M? Lih'anea. a itim of Standard Works aoo urate It printed a>l at L>w prusaa New works are added to the aer +% erer* myrth a:<> volume inav he had aeparat-l?, ani hack volume oao ba alvat* (applied. Tfc complete .<erie? kept -oiia'antlT ng hv> 1 by PH1LP k SOLOMON, Metros*! itaa Book *t ore. J3a P? air.tW. 9ttaod NHh ?ta. je 3D Sola aceuta for l-aurepoe't Stationery. Baltimore like insurance co.-i* roKFoitATVD isan ?John 1. Doxaldsom, Prea. M. CoCLT**. *" BUVf Deeenptiva pamphlets mar ba obtained at the Companf's Ak?:iot for the Dm'.ot of Coltmhia. o>c<* Lewie Johnson A Co., Bankers, loth str-et "S PKSJN n JJfc3.A?'LV.?s& A CHEAP MUSIC. LARGE t^ot of Muaio, Poreigaaad Amerioao, Joreale at half prioe for one weak only, at the Mans Store of ; ?S W. 6. MBTZIROTT. li j MISCELLANEOUS. Bf No. ?4T.l Y THB PRESIDENT OK THE UNITED STATES. In pnrsuanoe of law, I, J ajsxs Bpchajiaj*, President of the Unit? j States of ner-by deoiare and n ake knovn that puhlio sale* will be held at the undermentioned land offices, in the Stats of Michigan, at the periods hereinafter desiccated, to wit: At tb? Land Olfioe at Maxqvxttx, commencing on Monday, the 16th day of Juij next, for the disposal of the vacant lands in the tvtn-numbertd set tto+s and parts tf sections, within the undermentioned townships, which remaia to the United States within six mil*k on each side of the railroads, "from Little Bay de Noquet to Marquette, and thenoeto Ontonaron, and Irom the two lastnamed piaces to the Wisconsin State line," snhjeot as required by law. to a minimum of turo dollars rtmrf fxt'tu rrnt t m*r nrrt r' North of tke bast time and irtit of tkt principal ?*"rid tan. Township 42, of rang* 23 Townships 42 and 43 of range 23 Town*tups 42,41, 44, 43, dud 46, of range 24 Townships 42, 43, 44,45. 46,47.48 sn^ 49, of range 25 Townships 43 44 . 45 , 46,47,?. and 49. of range 26 Township* 45,46, ft, 48, an4 49, of range 27 Townships 46,47, and 48, of range 28 Townahips 44, 45. 46. 47. and 48. of range 29 Townships 43,44,45. 46,47. and 48, of ranee 30 Townships 42, 43.44. 45,46.47,48, and 49, of range 31 Townships 42,43,44,45.47, 48, aud 49, of range 33 Township* 42. 43. 44, <7, 4*, 49, and SO, of range 3J Townships 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 48, 49, 5 S 51, and 53, of range 31 Townships <2, 43, 44. 45 , 46, 47, 49, 50, and 51, of range 35 Townships 42, 43, 44, 45. 46,47, 48 , 50, and 51, of - i uwuBDipi +:>,*>, 47,4H, 4 ', y>, ai, anu fi, ui rangect Townships 46. 4?, 48, 49, 5H, 51 and 5?2 of range 38 Townnhips 48, 49, St, 51, and 52, of range 39 Townships 49,50,51, and 52. of range 40. At the Land Offioe at Marquette, commencing on Monday, the3?th day of Jul* next, for the disposal of the public lands heretofore unofrred. with in the lollowing townships and parts of townships, vis yorth tj Ike base line and west of the principal me ridian. Township <9. of range 10 Townships 47. 49, and 50, of ranee 11. Sections 1,2.4,6, 8,10,12. 14, IS, 30 . 22, 24 , 26, 2H, 30. 32,31. and 33, of township 43; townships 4b, 47, una **, 01 'il Section* a, 4,6. 8,10,12. and 14; the E X of the NK '4 of section i8; the N K >?, the IN fci ? of the N W Sf. the N H of the SK >4. anu the SE '* of the SE ^ of b ctiou Motion 4*, 24. and 25; thu N >* the Sr. "4, and the N *4 of the S*\V of Rection 28; section 3?, excspt the S\V X of the ? W *% , section 36, of townsnip 43; section 1. 2, 3, 4, 6, S, 11), II, 12.13, 14, 18, 2<>, and 22. the E X of sec! ion "3: section 24, S5, irti. 28, 30,32, 34, and 36. of township 46; section 1, 2. 3, 4, anl 7, to I8inc usiva: oection 20 to 28inolukive; sections 382 34 S5, and 36. ot township 47, of range S3, The BW '4 o; the N U the SE *4 *nd th? W !4 of section 4; auctions 6 and 8; the \V and the HE ? of section 10; the W of seoti n 14; sections 18, M,i2, 26 28. >*.32, and 34: the W H ol ttio NW V anu the \V \ of the S\V \ of section 38- of towi.ifi'P 44; t'ie 3 V* of seotiou 3:, <1 townsfti? 46, of raiue 26. sections 2, 4 6,8,10.12 14,1?, 10, 2', 24,2K,23.?\ 32, and 34; the \ ot the NE >4, ?nil the N >? of the V! i?? 1 / r -- ? - - " - ?* -4 <>i ?ec l 'n 30, ?i township 49, of range i7. The VV H o<~ the SW ?i <>! toction 6; ^notions 18 and 2i); theSW >4, the Vv X of Che S*K '4, and the i*E \ of th* SE % of sfotion *2; ?. cti >u? 26. 28, i*0, 32, 3t,and 36, of township 4%of iang?3? Sections J. 4, 6, 8, 1", 12. ' 4. <f, 2". i-2, *4, 96, 28. 30, 31, S4, Aid 36 oft'/Wi.ship 48; the W X of the i\E A*', tha vV X of the SE X, Mid tno W S, of section *, section* 4. 6-8 a: d .t; the \V % of tiieNE >4, 'tis VV H of the HE J4. ai.*l 'he VV of section W; sections 18 ?0, 22, tf>. 28, Si, 32, ami S?; ih*? VV X of ?eottonSi. of lowuainp 49, of raiue 35 Tn?' W X of the ?E >4 and \V X of sootion 18; section 3), of town hip 45. of ranxeSti. At the l.a d Office at Traverse City, commencing on Monday, the 23(1 day of July n0*t. for the citposalof the vacant lands in the tven numb'Tfil 'rctirm* mi'l parti of sertions, within th? undermentioned townships, which remain to the United States within six miles on each side of the railoa?l?, "froin Little Bay deNo^uetto Marquette;" "from Amlxiy by Hills ale and l.ansing, and from /-? _ J o : i - ? napiui 10 sum a point oa or r.?r 1 r&veri? Bay " sulijent, as required by law, to a minimum of two dollars and fifty cents per atre, vix : North of the bast lime and west of the principal meridian. Townships 21,22,23,24,25, S6, 27, 28, 29, 80, 31, 32, 33, and 34, of range 3 township* n, 24. 25, 26, 27, >28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35. ai:d 36. of rang* 4 Townships 31,32. and 3!), of rar.g^S Townships 27.18,29, 30. jl,32. ancnB.of range6 Townships 25, 26, 27, 28 , 29.30 31,32. and 33, of range 7 Townships 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 77.28, 23, 90, 31, and 32. of range 8 Townships 21,22,2S, 24,25, 26, ard 71, of range 9 Townships 21,22 23,24,25, and 26,of range 10 Townships 21. 22 and k3. of range 11 Townships 40, and 41 of range 21 T'rwnshipg 3B, 40, and 41, of rangea 22 and 23 Township* V\ and 41, of rang* 24 Townships 41, of raqge 25. At the Land O (fie at Travkrsk Citt, commencing on Monday, the 13th day of August next, for the disposal of the publio lands heretofore unoffertd, within the following townships, viz: North of the base l\ne and west of ike ?* ?! > ritiian Townships 28.29, and 30, of ranee 10 At the La&d Offioe at Ionia, "ommsncing on Monday, the 3>th dar of July next, for disposal of iho vaoant lands is the even numbered iMttMi and parti of stftions, within th* undermentioned townships, whion reo.ain to thellmted States within six mi:es on each side of the ra Iroads, "from Arnbov, by Hillsdale and Lans-nc, and from <>ra?d Kapias to some point on or near Traverse Ba?: also from uraud Haven and Pere Marquette to Flint, and thenoeto Port Huron," subject, as required, by law. to a minimum ot tieo dollars ami fifty ccnts ptr ttre, viz : Monk of tht base line ami irest of the principal miriduM. Townships 3,4, i. 6.7, and fi, of ranee 1 Townships 1. *, 3, 4,5,6,7, and 8. of range 2 Townships 1,2,3,4, S, 6,7,8, and 17, of range 3 Townships ',2, 3,6. 7, 8, 17. and 18, of range 4 Townships 6,7, 8,17. and 18, of ranges 5 and 6 Townships 5,6, t, 8.15,16. and 17, of range 7 rownampa5 h 7.15,16 and 17, of range 8 Townships 5, 6.7, 10, 11,12,13, 14,15,16, 17,18,19, and a-S of range 9 Townships 5. 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18, 1? and 2*1, of range 10 Townships 6, 7. 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19, and 2<>, of range 11 Townships 6,7, 8.9,10,15,16, and 17. of rar ge 12 Townships 6,7, 8,9,15,16,17, and 1R, of range 13 Townships 7,8,9,16, 17,18, and 19, of ranges 14 and 15 Townships 7,8.9, and 19, ot range 16 Townships 17, lA, and 19, of ranges 17 and 18. South of th* base line nn4 u>tst of the printipal me redian, Town*hips 1, 2, S, and 4, of ranee 4 Tn??ki.. 1 1 ? ' t > " ?iu a. u1 range a At the Land Office at Detroit, commencing on Monday, the 13th uay of August n^xt. for the disposal of ttie vacant lard* in tne eren numbered see tions and part.* of sections, within the undermentioned townships. whioii remain to the Utiiied ^ta'cs wittau six miies on oac'i eide of tiie rail roads, "from Amboy, by Hillsdale and Lansing, to ome point <>n or near Traverse Bay ; a;?o from (irand Hav*n ?nd Here Marquefts to Fiu:t, and theno* to Fort Haron." ??iq?et, *s r quired by law, in a minimum cf riro dollars ant fifty cents per arte, vi*: South of the bast line and west of the principal me rvlian. Townshipa 6,7, 8, and 'J,of ram;* 1 Township. 1,5,6. 7,8, and 9, of range 2 Towu*hipa 1,2. S, 4.5, 6 7, 8, and 9, ot range 3 Township* 5,8, and 7, of range 4 Nortk of the base lin-. an I '<i*t of the principal m-.i ridtan. TownshiD* 4 and 5. of range 1 Towr.ahipa 6,7. and ?. of rawces 12, IS, aii<M4 Townships 5 6.7, ai d a, of range 15 Tow ui hi pa 5. 6. and 7, of ranges 16 and 17. North of th* base lin' and west of the principal me ridtan. Townships 29 30, 31, *2 31. 34, and 35. of range 2. At th4 Land Offioe at Fast Saoisaw, ooirmeno in* on vfoiKiaT, the 2<'t)i d&jr of Auguat ne*t, for the (Imp >a oi the vacant ;ai"Ja in Uie tven numbered wcleai, withm the undermentioned townships, wluch reir-ainto the United Stati a within six miles on each ai<Je of the raitroida, '"from A in boy, by Hil ?dae?nd l.anainc. to eome point on or near ' MVdrae Bay ; alao from Gr*nd Hav-n a d Pere Marqu?tte to P:int, and thenoe t-> fort Huron." nnbie<?t. as 'oqm-eft by law, to a nammuin of two dollar.? aiuIAfty cents per acre, viz: North of the base line and east of the principal median. Townsht;a 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20, ami 21, ol range I Township* 6, 7, R, 9,10,11.12,13,14, ai.u z <, 01 tange a Towueh'ps V, 7, 8, 9,10, It, 12, 13, 14,13, and 16, of range 3 Township* 6, 7, 8, 10, li, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, of range 4 ToWushipfc 6, 7, 8,9, 10,11, 13, 13,14, and 15, of rang* 5 Townships 6,7, 8,9,10,11, and 12. of range 6 TowuoMj** 6 7, 8.9. and to of range? T?w:ihi?! p* 6,7, si?d 8, of range*, 8,9,10, ard 11. yortk of (He base line atui tees! cf the principal meridian. Townships 14,15, 16, Is, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23, of '*1 ownships 14,15,16,17,19,20, 21, 22, 23 24,25,16, 27, and?8, oi rang* 2. an'l? appropriated by law for the use of schools, military anJ other purposes, together with the 4 swaiup and overflowed" lands, will be exoluded fr?ra the sales. 1 ne tracts ainng the lines of the railroads will be sold, Bubj-ot to the right ?>f way, granted by aot of 4th August 1852. for raid railroads, and the particular tracks cut b* the routes will be sold as containing the quantities respectively shown on the official p ats, without d?duo<ions. The ?fieri ug of the above landa will be oom uoiHivu uu m" uuti ?ppoin?a, ana will proceed in theord*r in which th*y are adve tised until the whole shall have been (iff trad, and the saiee ihua closed; hut no sale shall be kept open lo?cer than t?" w?cki, and no private ettry of an* of the landa wi'l he admitted until after the rxpiiation of the tw > week*. Given under m* hand,at theOity of Waahirgton. thia aixhdav of April, annu Domini on? tnousand eight nuudred and sixty JAMES BUCHANAN. By the Pre?id*nt: Jos. 9. Wilson. Commissioner of the Gensral Land Office. NOTICE TO PREEMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every pxraon entitled to the right of pre-emption t > any oithe lands within the townships above onn?nerat?<l is required to establish tlio same to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the proper land ofta?, ana make payment therefor at toem as practicable after feeing thit notite, and before the day appointed for tne commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed: otherwise such claim will be forfaited. J??S 8. WIL ON Commissioner of the General Land Offioe Note? Under the reflations of the Department, ai heretofore and aow exi?tm*. no payment can be made for advertising aroclamat ous except to such mu-f.ijw ^ ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. WltiuS^$8tWM?UokdChangb or Hotnta. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Junel*h, 1880, trains will run a?follows: Leave Waahington at 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. Leave Washington at 33u and 530 p. m. On Snnday at 3 20 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 435 and 8.40 a m. L^are Hultimore at 3.15 and 430 p. m. On bandar at 4 35 a m. PaiMnpri for the East will take traina at 630 and7.4"am and3SO? m. for the Weet at T 40 a m. and 33 "> p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m and 330 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. ra. On Saturday evening the330 p. m. train goee to Philadelphia only. i? 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. iffir vjTivans tifftim J TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTsTROUTE: Memphis by Rati, thence bjr First oIms Paoketa to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rait.thenoe to Mobile br First olass Packets. Mo^ue to Now Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SPSDAYS Included, Leave Wa?hinj;Un at 6 a m and 6 p. m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leav?* herwhart foot of Seventh str?x>t at 6\ a. m. and p m. and eonueot* at Alexandria witu the Orange ai.d Alexandria Trains for the Southwest. Offioe? Fennsjlvauia avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH TO HEW ORLEANS Lynchburg $8 V>| Memphis ?__..931 flo unctoi ian.' quanta.. ^ Knnxville . ?~.i00? Macon .28 Cw? Chattanooga ...24 00 Columbus ? 31 50 Daton ..^.MOO Montgomery 3-i (* Huntsville .27 00 ) vfa Memphis.<2 So Grand Junction 9' W N.O.? via??. Juno. .42 50 Nashville _*?.25 8?>i SviaMobiie. 46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is aoo MILES SHORTER, and 'J4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.iae?the l.ywhburr Extension being now oompleted, a* also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First olass Sleeping Cars! (To New Orleans??. 1U Hours. Memphis.- ? - .54 do. Montgomery 53 do. Nashville ??. ...46 do. fTTThe U.S MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets oan be obtained at the South Western Oftico, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points: Lmchburg, Bristol, Knoxvill", Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsville, Grand Junction, Maoou, Nashvilie, Dalton, Cotumbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and Nfew ORLEANS. ITT- THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS V IRQ IS IA SPRINGS. T^Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the office at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket Agent, ma 83-tr Corner Sixth st.and Pa. *. . THE STEAMER JAS. GUY WU1 r??nme her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of JT? k February, 1860. Will ieave W ASH INGTON ever? TUESDAY and"*""^?* FRIDAY, at6 o'clock a.m.. and ALEXANDRIA _ l. I 1 e 4 / _ ? _ l _ _ 1_ t _ n I * ti r> < a k.i _ a >l _ ai nan-past n o ciocx, ior uinniuJiAfl ana me intermediate Landings. On her return trips. she will leave CL'RRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. At't, Alexand ria. fe Jj PFOR NEW YORK. ASSAGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. #7.40. The New York and Virginia Screw Steamship Company's new and elegant steamship f T^r MOUNT VERNON,Capt.T.C.Smith. will leave the Company's Depot. We? torn Wharves, at I ^o'clock a. m every WEDNESDAY, and the Company'! Depot, at Alexandria, at So'olook p. m. name dav. Passengers from Washington and Georgetowi oan tnke the coaches conn?otin* vitb A!?sn4rit teamboats or railroad, which leave the corner ol Tth str'eet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can leave on the etearner from the Western Wharves at 1] 'clock a. m. State rooms can be engage! on application t? Messrs. Morgan ft Rhinehart, Western Wharves Freight will be received up to the hours of depar Inecranoe will be effeoted on *11 goods by thiaune at the offioe of the Company at H per oent premium. The accommodations for passengers by this lint are in every respect first-o ass, and every effort wil be mads to render this communication with Ne* York an agreeable *nd healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE A CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B. CROMWELL A CO., et-ly 06 West St., oorner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee of tbe MINERAL PLATE TEETH. a?-^jgfc tends personally at his office in thip city. WMf Many persons can wear these teeth who^rTTT7 oanr.ot wear others, and no person can w?ar others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at ray office can be accommodated with any styleand prioe of Teeth they mar desire; bnt to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture thai art can produoe, the MINERAL PLATL will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 336 Pa. avenue, betweet 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. oc l-l v I "R. HILLS, after a jpraotica! test of two jreara, feels that he c*n with confidence reoom maud the Cbeoplastio Process for insertincmal|M artificial teeth It has the advantages or** strength, beauty, cleanliness, and cheapness. F?1 upper sets inserted for #SS. Partial in proportion. Ofioe 306 Pa. aveune. se 7 f (1EEMAN I SIHPSOH^ ^(iTldS^oldX wMACMni I?f MAr.Nni m ><1"U milVlairifBlVinilllVLIIW -' A|Wil 1SK K>^WH ISK Wi We offer for aale the above ataudard brand of line Copper-Dmtiiiod Malt*' R*? Whisky, in bar rale ana nalf-barrela As it ia of our own distills tion.and highly improved bv ag?, we ooufriei.tly reoommnncTit aa the rcmxsT and beat Whisk j that oan possibly na distilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WFI1SKEY, and other braoda. from the largest at .ok of Fine Whiakiea in the UniUvd Statea FREEMAN A SIMPSON, Phoenix Distiller;, on the Sohuy.kill river, Phiia Oflioes?96 Wall atreet, New York ; and 109 South Front atreet, Philadelphia. rnar 29-lT O K OU T F OR PAIN T No. fl!2 SEVENTH 9TREET, Four Doors South of Odd Fellows' Hull. H. W. HAMILTON-fiaa opened a. PAINT SHOPand PAINT STOREontne New York plan, whprA Pdn ftlwava Ka fnn DilV'Tu (* * ' Q ? - . ? ?. ... (vuim I rtlil A * ' I UP, 01.ASS, BRUSHES, Ac., Ac., at wholesale and retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE, And Buckxtr with Bhcshks to Loan ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to House, Sign. Ornamental Painting a> d (training. ftain?d and Enamelled Glas? of all kind* alwavs on hand, or furnished at short notioe. He variants satisfaction in all work entrusted to his care, and is confident that he can do work as cheap, if not oheaper. than an* other establishment in tins oifcy. Give him a call. Don't forget the number?it is 514 Seventh street. ma 10-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. W WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Street, Bttioten 9(A and lo<A Street*. We have jus* finished a number of first slats CARRIAGES, snob as Litkt Fanry. WiP Waums, Park Pheatrmo. Family far-tff rtatti, and Bunnti, whioh we will sell at w ~ ML. ver- small profit. ?ng praot oai m*chanios in different branches i business, we flatter ourselves that we know the styles ?nd quality of work that will give satis tnP'MVU| UVIUVlUtUf ll(ill>UOD?| (A/Uliurii tllKI UQrftUiU" TRepairtn* promptly and oarefully attended to at Poaohmakers, sucoeasort to Wm.T. Hook. ay S7-diy r*flICKFRINO * SONS' W OR I D WIDE \ - fam? PIANOS, for salr only at JOHN F. EL LI**S, *06 Pa. awue, between ?th and 10th sta A leo. Pianos for hire by the day, veek,or month, upon easy terms. Oreat bartaiM in seaond-hand Pianos. je>5 l ? ? r, ir tHi n # KKDI0INE8. I W PURIFY THE BLOOD., ITH Corrupt, disordered or vitiated blood, jro? matt be tiok ail over. It may burst oat is pus#lea or aorea, or in some active disease, or it May merely keep you listless, oppressed and food for nothing. But yoa cannot have good hea th while roar blood is impure. AYKR'S Sa KSa PAkllua purges out these mparities and stimulates the organs of life into vigorous action, restoring the health and expa line disease Hence it rapidly cures a variety <?t oompiaints whieh are caused by imparity of tee blood; su h as Scrofula (or Kings fcvil.J Tumors, Uloers.Sores, Eruptions, Pimpie*. B.othes, Biles. St Anthony's Fire, Hose or Erysipelas. Tetter or Salt Kheum, Scalu Head, R lag worm. Cancer or Cancerous Tuinort, Sore Eyee, Female Diseases, such as Retention, Irregularity, Suppression. Whites, Sterility, Syphilisor Venereal JUisea?es, Liver complaint and Heart Diseases. Try AYl'b>c a, uci u.dii i a . ?.i ___ r... rih< sr* onncai an uun ? aim iv i j?'u * wu iuv nririuii activity with which ltclmnees the Mood and oure* the di(orders. AYfcR'S CHERRY PECTORALinoinim ally known to aurpaaa every other remedy lor tue cure of Coucha, Coida, Induensa, Hoarseness, C onp. Bronchitis, Incipient Conauinption, and for the relief of Conaumptive Paiienta in advanoed Mages of the diaraae. that it i* useless here to recount the evidence of ita virtue. The world know* them. AVER'S CATHARTIC PlLLS-for Convene**. Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Jaundice. Headache, Heartburn, Piles, Rheumatism, Dropsy, Wormi, and in ehort for ail the purposes of a purgative medicine. Prepared bt J. C. AVfcR fc CO., L-owell, Masa , and aoid by ail Druggiata everywhere, je 21 eolm XT. O. n. dJ T. A. HrMHEWELL'8 UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat anA Lung Complaint*, from Common Cougks to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nerrow* Complaints, From Neuralgia through &:1 caaaa where Opium was ever u?H to that of D?!irtum rremena, and the oomriton chief cause of lhat%a?e LOSS OF SLEEP. The Tolu Anodyne, though containing not a particle of Opium, produoea all the requirements of, and may be ueed in all oaaea wherever Opium waa used without producing anything but Curea, and laavinc the patient in a perfectly natural aifcte. The Universal Cough Remedy, (freed from all the common obieotion of ?"ough Rein-dies, which pruduce nausea or prostration,) may be oonaidered the common ei.ofnytoal Throat and Lung Complaints, and used with perfect impunity Aaking all to oourt from proprietor or friends the moat severe investigation of both Remedies,and ead.: t of our pamphlets to be iounct with all dealera. ana more particularly to purcha*o oniy of those who can be depended upon, we wait in confidence the decisions of Patients ana Physicians. "Prices within reach of a I" general agknts. J. W. HrssKwm A Co., 7 and 8. Commeroi&l Wharf, Boston, Gko. Hcnnewkll, 14.5 Water at.. New York, Under the special supervision of JOHN L. HUNN EWELL, Chemist and Pharmaceutist, Boston, Mass., whose air nature covers the ookaofth* genuine only, and to whom addreaa all oummumcation*. Woidhrall re?pectab!<? dealere everywhere,and all tlie Druggiau in Washington and Georgetown, mar 26 eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound fluid extract buchu, A Positive and Specific Remedy For Diseaaea of th? BLADDER, KIDNEYS, C.RAVKL.and DROPSICAL SP ELLINGS. Thia Medicine mceasea the power of Dictation, and excit*a the ABSOK HhiNTS into healthy action K> \V ATt'PV f\ U .'11 r>V D f WH 1-'UI UI tw IIIV'I kllU Tf A a I Lii\ I VI% Vil UVIjU^'V W deposition*, and all UNNATURAI. ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, as well as PAIN and INFLAMMATION ,and,is good for men, women, or children. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT RI'CHU, For Weaknesses Ariaio; from Excesses, Habits of Dissipation, Early Indiscretion or Abuse, Attended icitk ik* foitovcint Symplom' Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, I /<>ss of Memory, Difficulty of Hreatianc, I Weak Nerve#, Tmnbling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision. Pain in the Back, Universal Lacsitudeof the Musou ar r*?sterc, I Hot Hands, Flashing of the Body, Dryness of the Skin, Fruptions on the Face, PALLID COUNTENANCE. These sTmptoms, if allowed to go on, which this medicine invariably remove, worm f?II?w? impotency, fatuity. fp1lept1c fits, li? Us! or Which thk mat Expisk Who cau say that they are not fr'quenliy followed by thos- DIREFUL DISEASES " "INSANITY. ANO CONSUMPTION." Many ar?? ?wiif? of the c*<is? of thc^r ?ufl>rinic, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDS OF l'HK LNSAN K A8VLI MS And tke Al'lantkoly Death* by Uonfutnption Bear ample witnets to the truth of the a?serfion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFttCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNKW Reqnire& the aid of medicine to strengthen A nd Invieon?t<? th? "-yetcm, Whitk Hklmbole's EXTRACT BUCHU wraciablvdo's. A TRIAL WII-L CO*VKiCK THE MOST SKEPTICAL. FEMALES?FEMALES?FERIA1-E8. OLD OR YOUND, SINGLE, MARRIED, ON VONTEMPLATINU MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS l ECUt-lAR TO FEMALES. the extr&ot Buehu is unequalled tij any other remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention Irregularity, Painfuinets, or SuppresMon ofCus tomarr Evacuations, IJIcernted or Scirrtxms ?tate ?r>u. iI ?u? -- -J-- : - vi it7 vfcvi un, linuuur i m?c? ui tt iiivts, oicriiillj, and for a l oomplainu incident to the a x whfthrr arising from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. sek ?ymptom* aboveNO FAMILY SHOUL.U Bfc WITHOUT IT TnJer ho mart Balsam. Mtrrury, or unpleasant ftltdtc-n'JoT ttnp'tr.xitnt and Ita*tercns inicasts. HELM HOLD'S EXTKACT BUCHU cnn SECRET DISEASES In all their Sta?e?. At little expense; Little or no ohan^e in Diet; No ineoovemenoe; And no Exposure. It rHinea a fr??uent desire am rive* strength to Urinate, there y Removing Obstructions, l'reve> tingand curint Strictures of the Urethra. Aiiayine Fain and InflimriiatioD, so frequent 'n tn < oi4?* of disease#. and expelLng all roisonoui Ditrat'd, and from out Matter THO USAXDS UPON THOUSANDS who havx bbe* the victims of quacks. and who hav paid to he ccred ir. a short time, have found th*y were deoeived. and tha'the POISON" has. by the use of "powKBFri. a?*bi>?K!?ts," been dried up in the system, to break out in an ny[ravated fnrm^and r&ntiara ari an suaimiau e. Use Wklmbold's Fxtkact Brcnrfor all affection* and dnte*se? of the L R1NARV ORGANS. Whether exmMnr in MAi KOR FEMALE. From whatever caa*e orijcina'ir.g a~.<l no matter of HOW LONG SI ANDIVG Di?eai>ea of th??e organ ? requ i re the ai 1 o( a Ihurtti HKLMB"! ]>'? EX I R ACT BUCHf 18 THE fcREAT DIURETIC. And ie certain to have the <l-?ir.:d etf". tmai Diseases K)K WHICH IT IS REDO MM I NUKD. of the mort re'inlU and rtspcnsibU tkarter will acc-jmrai v the ti.-xiicr es CERTIFICATES <<F Cl'RES*. Jram 8 to JD t an itandmt, WlIH N*M?f KNOWS TO MJIENCK AND FAME. Price #1 00 per bottle, ?r six for 85 00 Delivered to any Address, seoureij packed fr ? Observation. Describe Symptom* m all Common:cation( lire* Guaranteed'. Ad vice Gratis!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before, an Alderman of the city of Flu adel^hm.H. T Hki. m hold, who heum duly hwjic. doth say. his prcparn ion* eo tain no aaroot'c, no mercury. or o her injurious drugs, hut an purely vegetable. H. T. HKLMBOLD. S?orn and subscribed before me, this 23d da; of November. 18.S4 WM P. HIBHFRD, Aldtrmmn. Ninth street, above Race, Phila. Address letters for information in confidence to H T BELMBOI.D, cVmi.t, Dep- it, 104 South Tenth ft. bst. Choanut, Piuln. Be.WAHK OF COUNTERFEITS ANO UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endeavor to dispose * or thki* own" and "OTlIUR" AR11CLK4 OH THE REPCTATION ATTA1XKD W Helm hold's Genuine Preparations, ' " Extract Buohu, *? " " Sarsaparilla, " " Improved Rose Wash. Sold by S. B. Wait*. MS Seventh street, and 8. C Ford Jr. aoruer l'enn. avenue and Eleventh street. AND ALL DRUaOISTS EVERYWHERE. AMt FOR HELM HOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. Cut oi t the advertisement and send t?r ItAND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE. ap4 eolT VIT A8HINGTON Y* (FIRE) INSURANCE .,* i* COMPANV. Avenue and Ttntk Street. J.~cT MoGL'IRE. Preeident G D. HANSON, Seer*tiiry. in* 7-*otr L|OWE'S IMPROVED WE1GHIN6SCALE8 EA. These Scaiee are offered to the public u the moat sipiple. durable, and reliable scales ever eat ia use. First class premiums have been awarded t hea by the United State* Fair and Virginia Ag- ioultural Society; Virginia State Afrievltnral Fain Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New Yark State Fair; Vermont State Fair, Ao , Ao. In every aase where exhibited they aave revived first olaes preminms Fo< seeat IS Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller's ChUled IronSafea. de lj-lr K-C PATTISON. Acwst. Member* of congrrms and otbers about lea?in* the oity should call exanvt.e oar treat itook of Piano t fromgMHR Chiofcering k *on?' great factory, a* aleuTVil a number of rood seoond-nanJ. nearly nav Pianoi, Melodronii, Onitart, PlatM.Vio in*. Banjos, TaaiborinM, Aooordeuaa, Muuo, Muiis Hookt,fee ,Ao. jcidNP ELLIS j? SI 30C Pa. a*., bat. 9th and lftth tt?. washington be winflt rooms. IMttktu.twdtcrt Ntrtk^Tm. Am. mStWV ' *"* ?. O. HOTKV - -I II I _ ?? , - m m J- MlSOELIiANBOUS. '*>v ^VA ioojtokt jpSyw dispatch: ^ ^ Safe lfce_Pieces! it metidmit will k*p?m, ??m m wU-rtgmlmttd it ii wry dMutbl* In kwr* mm eM?r and ooaTwiMt vat for ro^amn* Pimlart, Tor*. Crockery, fto. IPALDI!I6'I PKKPAIKO HLl'K meet* all oh emer^f?oci^e, ud mo hoaaafcetd eaa afford to b? without iL It ia fw.with ready and ay to the atiokini point. There:* no ioncar a aaeaa itj for iimpiot chairs, spanned rmwri,head ees dolls, and broken cradles. It is '0?t the for oone, shell. and other oir.Mntal work, m popular witil ladiee of r?ko?ai?llt anrf taste. Tlu? admirable preparation la utd aoM. Mac obemioally held in eolation. ami youitiini ai! Um valuable qualities of the beat oabmet maker*' i lee. It may be a?ed in th? plaoe of ordinary macilace, batng vastly mors adhesive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Prif4, 35 oanta. N. B.?A Brash aeoomnniM nek bottle. WkoltsaU Depot, No. 49 Oadar atraat, N?v Vot*. Addraaa HLNR Y OSP.ALDING A CO. Bo* No. 3,000, N?* Yort. Pit ay for Dealers in Cum oontaiainc Foar, Kicht. an<i Twr v? Dosen?a t?aaUfal Utkagtiyk 'o Show Card aooompaayinc ta?h paoka?e. GjT A single bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED OLVE will eave ton times ita ooat an nualij to every household. Sold br all aiominect Stationers. Drnsrist*. Hardware and Tiirmtara Dealer*, tirootra, and Kano* Htoree. Country mci ohnnte shn?ld make a note of SPAL DING'S PK Kf A GLUE, whan matin* np th^T 1i?t It w*l %n^ f* 10-1T H'*' tUMIili*'*! ?wt- J > ]i>t??fa/? <u b (Ik bn( n u ^C > /f'j s?'i< ra:;??/?*, *? * ><>*#-?,)/??>, 1 ?7 00 . Jtfk'f*>* <>/ *??,rT"*rf *? <tf!'' * n 1 | m >m ffKm < jam a4M>l , % I 1 trfea tktf ( fJU TaUtf Wkutn. ? . <5r flw ; <?! atill?*4# ft*'# a*/*. /1 ?-. " , '1? ?*> < 4? li< >lr?* /"tfWWM ?\ ' ( ' Ik [MMWIomMMMJ .4 MlJfefl * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS WMRWM WITH THE SIGNATURE OF C//L**^JZy t&\ ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJA1Y, sole: proprietor 19 SOOTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. MJK SALE IX WASHINGTON BY ma 23 6w BARBOUR k. SEMMK.8. | IGHTNING! LIGHTNING!! Li LIGHTNING !!f Is Tikx or Pi?rit, Pitrairot Wn! F. LaBARRK, Southwst conur tj lori ami f >t Mancfacithke or PLATINA-TlPPhl) LIGHTNING ROUS, Respeetfqilj annnaiioet to th* public < ( A'mIiiok ton and viomity th%t b* !? prepnr?*1 to riroute a;. onlrri for erectiri l.irht-inr C..n<lnptor? ?n 1 most approved no.ientili* pnniples, cc?truoted o( the very best of materia ?, on v?ry moderate terms. All Platina tipp d Potato whioh are inamfftCured ! hy me will be g'jvmped witii tr.y name, "Weather Vanes of any aesign made to order. mar SN Sm _ Paraffink on,. THE CHEAPEST I.TOHT KNOWS' We a'enow receiving Paifliiie Oil direct from , the works in w?#t-ru Virginia. i The quality of it is excellent, producing a steady, ! bril lant and beautifu. light, and more pieasant to thM eyes than <m light This Oil i? fre? from adulteration, and very much more eoonormoa? than many of the Coal Oils na?d at this time. IfT" It is in no xray explosive. Wo ke*p aii>o a supply of the most approved styles of Lamp*. Ac.. I t bnrcing tins Oil. KING 4 BURCHKLL, Agents fonts sale for the District of Columbia, Corner Fifteenth st. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma 11 '1^ CARRIAGES. 1 HK Mttacriber f.avmg made additions to ti faotory, making it cow one of the .argest.^MBja lu tLe f>igt:ioU where his ncilitiec loiUHc . iranutActuniif CARR1A6E A LlGHT^* ^ ' WAGONS ot fcl! o&nuotbe e wpaasod, ana from hi? lone cxpervr.oe in th? baatoaoa. ce hope* to fire c*nerai aatirfaeuon. All Linda of OtnitcM an4 Lai tt We*on* try?or hai* PAIKSnetL? &a&e.a&4?ll era era prompt tj Ktowirt ic. - Oil Oxrta* tates '.ft exoi.ijc.te for in ?n A.N,'ihE W J. JOYCK, 4UM w*r*(MI|i?*) Pd( Five hundred traveling trtnks arrived tlii? <JftT. em^'acict qutli aim tie* and aizee of Sola f.eathT, Lmim Kf|jl Drew and I'aokins Tr?dk?. Oar truak^1?" t 6aiea room exhibit* at this time the ?.r?at??t variety j of traveling requiait^a at moderate prices. to be found thia etd?o( New York. Also, every deeorip i tiou of 1. A DIES' HAT BtlXES, VAL1CES, CARPKT BAG*. SATCHELS. Ac. fry-Old Trunk* repaired or taken in exohange for new ones. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Sa'es Room, mar3!-tf Pa. av enue. PC. 9NYDEK. LUMBER AND GAS ilTTKR, Philharmoric Hall. SckM sirlt ef Pa. ?.. reett of Rler. nth St. Will introduce Water and Gas upon the a oat fa voraM" terms. P. S.?1 have on hand a lot of COOKING STOVES, and a* I desire to elo?e them oat, will aell them at ooat for ca?h. ma 7 E~LKC;TRO-PHYSIOLOGY ANDEI.ECTKO The rapeotiea, ahowinc the heat n.ethod* for ' the naedioal naea of Eleotricitr, by Alfred C Gar I ratt, M L) , 1 vol. 8v??; price 84 The South bide View of Slavery, by Nehenaah Adan.?, D. O.I vol , ?rio? 75 ofiiti. Lucille, by Owen rferrdith, 1 vol., blaeaad fold; prioe T.i eenU. Fart 6 of Tom Brown at Oxford; prioe 11 oe*ta. For e&le by BLA.NCHARD4 MOHUN, je 16 Corner pf 11th at., and Pear. ava. MR?. SCHOOLCRAFTS NEW NOVEL.The B'aok Gauntiett. a Tale of Plantation Life in Snath Carolina, bj Mn. Henry R Schoolcraft, wife of the Indian Hutoriau Prioe 91 Jf>. Juft published and for eale at PHILP A SOLOMONS Metropn itau Bookstore, 839 P?. a v., bet. 9th and ink eta. Sole Agents for Laurence's Celebrated Foreign Btrtwawy. ]>u I. *. C. LA3IA&. S. B. MOTT. I. k*mi. I AMAR MOTT ft AUTRYi L arrohrrm ts-at-la w H?ut Brum, Mlfk Will practice in the Hick Court of hrrora and Ap 'l&g* JACOB REKUt MmiAcmn or MILITARY CLOTHING, SOVTBBAST CoBKXB SBCOKD AND SPBTCB S*a., philadelphia MILITARY Cl,OTHt* FOR J?<W.K t? *>*ni dS5WS."3B.%rir 2 3?' - ?^?T?5i5fa*aaL SSBgsSaSis?^ ^Luini^nua rusnteiiinu 6 'OD?. ' SMITH mUb hu Sooda Ckwiw th*a Mr otlMr !>WH?fllU)W1l ?? -*?? DAKRU' BUTTKR IN BALTIMORE.-W? D ?u at all nmoli of tM ymr mmI* job viU BTBry jrvda of rmy oho .op WiMnwM MvulovutnoMti, tad bom that m totkt smaas* ? ?I? ? ^ I """" MEDICINES. I)1 '"""uLriauM LOCI HOIPITAL, JfM tk* MM t>r?4* mmd mUf Kfaetmmi Kmmtdf tm th* WmU. FOE ALL DWEASh* OF lMF&LDENCIt. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMFD ATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OX NO CHAHHP, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS Wwhm KIM ??>. tm? ?MHMM)M ?npi u4 B>aMar, ia??.am?r? I>aek?rf ? . iBiKmr' a*ai?4 Dakiti-.v. Hti Uilfffar, Uh|*r.u? inn'i.Cw hM> W Mm, hlfui'.M TrMiMan Piibnaaa of ar <n4< ->aaa. Diaaaaa af tl>* ? *. Tkeaat, Hm< ar * ?. af i*? L?n ' > lk?i Ttribli ItatrHri uwi | fr*ai ai'.Kry H? af TnU?tkaat :>? ,?fal u< I>aauacu?? ??.* raa4?r MitNt|i tapaaaikla. aa4 4aa.ra> aai* ! <f *?< MM TOUNb MIC* Bap*?>*. ?? kaa??>? ika huim af 'tar? *>M, Ikt. 4r??ifal u? 4atira(ti*? k*kn ??i<: * !'? fvaap* v* a? M-.inxl? |f'?a theeeee.1! # Vaa.if rflii mm Hwu *1.4 knliaal MitUMt. ?K "if m ?Ut?r?iM lot MirauW *<M|H *uk lk< u ufm af m *U>4 i* May ika li'u^ lyt*> ? ? uU *'U fa.. m>I tllll. aaiMt ItftlU riUttm h ' h*| Maa HWiafkuu riua, kan( *? af aa?? aal tMlMa w|u>i AaktUtp, tawnama* *?. , lil* tartd *ka Bitot hiiuaaif ?< 4a? tka tin af l>? J ? ? rali^taaaif cwMi la bia *ai at a ptuaata u< aaaMaailv n;? lf*a bM akilt aa a ^n a ti orrn-K Na t cm rtcu imttT talk ka?4 ai4* aamf fl?a lihiain a-raat. iha <1111 In* Ik* kkrnar I yi aw ta akaarva uaat u4 aavkat. llMiw mat ka yu4 >K aaataia aiutf. I HI JOaPVTVM, MwkMi <(ik< B*f>. Ctiltft ?(aug>Mt, k??? Hm Ml af lb) MM IMII'il < (k* IliHll *!????. m4 |M pan ?f *I?m nh ha* b*M af aa< n IM bM Mala rf lwlw. hia, INiUiaiftla m4 llMfWn, baa a?faciad aaana at tba aw aataniMinf carat tfeai vara tnm, many Iraablad with ' ? ? lt>a baa4 au4 mm vbau aalaap, rri>t nar*Manaaa ka<n( iaraaaad at iiMm II? la baaSN itaaa ?nk friigaaiit I an n.( raadad ataa |M ?rttt ImifMaiit ?f aul, ?ara cmr*i iwai Hanfy. TASK PAfcTl' CkAfc MOTtCK. Ta?( Mai> aaa altiara mbt bata > tarad inaMaiaia ?? a artaaa pracuca u 4a fai in ahai. aia< a -a babai fragaamlf laamad fram. a?il ca?i pr n.aa.a. ar at ItlMl, |h? at acta af vbicb ari f if' i ? (a i a?at wha faaiaa?, ?i?d if ita' tan<. randara m?rrt?fa m pvaaitola, and laaima back auad aad baor ihaiM app a itiii.aiinial* Toaaa ara a?iaa i 110a aad aaj Mlaat'ialf affacM ?radaaa? by an t halxtl af aaatk ?n : Wa?ka>aaa af ill tack atl linba Paiaaa aa tka Maat, Diataaa af Bif<". Laaa af Maacalaa haa-, Palptataai of tka M?an,fk*a|-?ray. Mataaaa >ri"<Mk 17, Ivar*n|? *?*<,. m in* w i^nroiu f Ac. ' MKVTAL.LT ?T fa?'tal ilcuw 'k* misim n.a*k M kl an^ii-Lm of Mtinwt.CM'H of Parraaa n flpiri. K>il I'trM: p, ll'trmiitfi?' ? ?.fi l Lc*? *f S*laia4a. Timi4itf, *tc.,?r* Mm* ?< i?.a *?il* pr* 4eee4 nervosa nnikiri rwuuiMu a**i?<tr* *wi la tk* caaa* af ikair 4?ct>:.iaf ha*Uk. I**i->f (k*tr *>(** k* MBir( ? ? , pal*, tltim >114 atracia<a4, h- ?u ( a )li |l tl to*l tk? MM. CMfk ?fw?.piwiin( XiMUfM PlAk-APk.* or iMPtt l)k.N' I Vk? tka w?|Wl<4 *m* ii >pr?4?i,i '. r? *f fiMMH >*4a k* ka* imkikac 'ti* ?** : W U.I* 4m>h, i< la* #* k*(paia* lk*l aa ill 'iiin*4 **n*? af *iitai <r 4r*? I af daaca**f ? 4*:?ra kttr fratn *|>pl*in( I**? vk*. fr*n Kictim *r>4 raapactabtlitp, ( ilni k*#ri*?4 tin Ha fall* tat* ik* kaada *f ifwsrant an4 4aaifaitaf nr*(*y4*n. who, mn|?lll af ciru.|, tick h<* pacaaiiar? **:i*t*aca, ! *( i.ia iril?| Math aftar aaantfc, or M iu.( a* ik* *aiialla*- f*a caa k* ? |ain*4, *a4 in 4*apair !* ?* ht?r witk ri??4 lM*llli tl Itft ***r ki* fatllnf 4(**rpoii f?*rt; af k; tk* aaa* aftkai <1**41* paaaa* , M*r-ar*. kaataa tka can*'national **nj>ta?-? *' ikl* iambi* 4taa*aa. *acb aa A f arumia n' *>>* Naaru Threat. Baa*, km.Ac., pmrraaama ?ith frtffctfai r?|>i?*iiT, uil 4aatk fau a a*rt*4 la kw araaofU aafa.ii.ri tf aaa4i< f ki* ta Ikai a* dt?c**ar*i eaantr? frart arkaaa kacrna r>* tr***lar r*iaraa Ml JPBKSOHREKMCnv r??* . >y.?* UiKM A WD IKPOTEMCT Bf tkM fraat *d4 iiapaaaa: laatdf aaknaaa af tk* atpaa ata pa*4u? car *4 **J ' * far r*ai*t*4. Tka??o4* *7 tka ?a*. 0*r**a* a4 4*kth?tad, ?ka k*4 laat ait kap* k* * ka*L UBn*4>at*lp r*li?**4 All wya4wiait ta Marnafa. Pfcpataa! a* Maatal PtaaaaVAaaoan*, Ua*a af Pracraati** Pa?tr. War**** Irrttakultp &iatMm( aa4 * aakaaa* *> ttk>ai. at ' ta* ?**i f*arfM 4 tp**a4iip cara4. ENDOUKMENT OF TIE PR EM TIK MANY TMt>l'IANli(c*ra4 *tta*a i..ati aiiaa *lAh Ikl laat ***?il**n ? *??. an4 tka liar araa* in partai.t Aaraa aal aparaoaata p*(4am.*4 t y l?r Jtlrnia, 11*1?a4 kf M r*p*rt*n af tk* pap*t* ai,a maap atkat iirtaaa, nauaaa af art-.ack h??a app*ar*4 agaia a/,4 ayain taw* tka aaklie, kaai3*i tiMii'i.d nf aa t f a. tUmai'a' c ,araai*taac raaaau' k'ittp, i* r a?4ci*i : f*a: i a * la ik* *Ci*t*4 |aaSlf I \ H . J BUVFR lift?)'** IJ " IMPERIAL WISE BTTTERS, Are i?< >w brine u?"<l from Maine to the G r?H Ml I^ake. aal the imnrni ver.ct <?f Hi who mf t fm ei'her a* a *n*</<ri?* or a* a > < -ron ia thai thr; nrr ucrurpux<l n ti.e wnrla l?r. Ouda ??e<1 th?:n au< oeaafally m t<to pfMUcf for SS > ?*ar? befor* *f purthwod of him tli- vote icht to mauufaotarn and present ih?>m for ?a e to th" puUic. Forth* on'#of Iheipint ConaurnpUiMs, Indi/Mtion, Dy*p*paia. PiIm, Narvona (iim? u. t-emal* Com plairt*. an?1 all oat-?? reqam:ic a ton o. th?? are beyond doubt a mott icva na! .e re? eoy. A?id* from tn?ir medicinal fmpwl f, thej are a pur*, wbo<* mmc and deiigbtfai Beyera** producing all In* pleasant exhiVatr.c rffrct> of Brandy or Win* without their iDjuriou* rMi'i'n. let all fri*nda of humanity and all advocate* of temperance Mtlit tn a:'*titiitnv th*ae valaaolc Vegetate Bittera for the mtmrml p*kmu and mdmhrrmttl Ln?m with which th" ccuMtrj ia flooded, and ttierelii *1 feo'ualy aid in ban ah in* Urneaa* ami Druukeueaa from tb* land. OHaRLFS Wirr>!FIFLD k C<? . Proprietor*, 7"? Wiluam itrwt, N?w York. J. s?chw ARZK Arwt, WuklUfbiB, 1>. C. 1>K J BOVKK DODS* IMPERIAL QIN HITTERS. For Ditea?et cf the Kidney a. H v Jrr ai?i I'riaary Or|Mi, mi?1 etpeei%.ij for OoetmctioD*. ?i*\erfni to rure. and tr? vxniknlMl to five Ml fiction. CHARLF.* WI DM FIELD * CO.. proprietor*, 7?1 WiJuin * .. Ne* Vi>rk, J. SCHW ARZE, je 7 ly ,r a prent. \Vuhifcitnn. d. C. HHHMHLY IMPORTANT TO ALL' I MRS. COXS INDIAN VEGETABLE VKCOCTION. It is well known tSat :n the Sprint peop.e ara nor* apt to oontraer dienae*- tr-M *t an* other Cnud; and it is eqaaLy well-fci>own i hat the way aril off ditaa** It to he' p 'be bi?nd pur*, for "all t!.9 ilit that fieth it heir to," ar .*e from imparity of the blo'xi, the in&:n tpnnr of our etitt?noc. It it, therefore, important to a.t that the *y ?trm thoeki be tt'.-ronrn!* oieaueed and pnrihetf, and that ean be done in lite mort effect; a. way h* lti mrs M. cox'S lyui/y r> a etablE pe C0CT10N,tbt beet remedy di%t*>rered for the our* ofdiMUei of Skin, S?i. u a. Rt.eum* turn, Nerroqt Debility, Fevert of different kind*. r?!7"rJt Lnrer Complaint, and ail other ditoacea , anting fr >m ixpu. My of the b'ood. It t'ai elwH the most remarkable ouret. at oar. he ahown by nnmero^t oerti&cat.xt from per*ou* ol the hi|t>??t respectability, and it reoommeoded by all who have iird it at the moat Lsva.iio.bie remedial agent of the day. frrit it told by all the Drucfiats of Baltimore, RJLH Ri til* rAAWiJhnMA ?n? ?"??? *fc'8rM.c6x, It!* Fm( Baltimore atreet. between E'Ifit atreotaod Centrti kr?oM. Noneg?natoe aii e?* her name la blown on the bqt*> aod hrr ml oh Uie oork. ITT Prioe #1 per bottie, cix bottlea for &. Wkoi'tiit Xfmi. R S T CiaakL. Droqut, Georgetown. D. C., Who m> Agent for Uie lha th?t. Md will ?uppj the trule at n.j price*, mar >7 tr yHK ALL SUFFICIENT TIRES TRIKSKMAJi. 1, ?,U fT0 **t*d bw Koi+i LtiUrt Pmtrm af Emflmmd. ?u frttrtd hf tk* S*c of tlu Ecolt is rUma?M 4* Pari*, and tk* Inrtrwl CoiUt* Mtdumm. nna*. No. 1 ia lnTaloat e for exhaustion, rpin null i rhrciv, and all *hr?ioal diasitiiitiea. No. 8 o<>mp,?*U?i? (nddtM *11 traoaa of tboee dieeaeee that hare been hitbertc trf*a?d br the dm aouaand pernicious ni? of oopaviaacd oababe. No. S hM entire.y supplanted the ipjunoca nee of wrcury, thereby mscriiifr to the eafferer speedy relief, uispers.r.r ai. imparities. a*.c rooting oct the en<nn ofdiseaee. TklKSEMAR.No*. l.Dand 3,are prepared li the form of a loxente. dereid of ta?te and email, aod oar. be oairieo in the waiatowat packet. Sold ip tan oaaes. and divi<nd into separate doses, a* ac.r..n.? tared for Yaipeac. LaUemaod. R*>um. Rioottl, 4a. Price #3 each, or four oaaea for whioh him |v ?.-i m oaaee. whereby mere u a iav u of K o be had. who'.eaaie and retail. of Dr. liAlftOw. 194 Bieecker street, foor door* below McDoafa* street. New York. 1 immediate r op reoaivinc a re mittanoe. Dr. Barrow will forward the T ifarmer to ant part of the world, aaoareir packed, and ad dreaee.f aoc..rdiac to the :netraef.<.n? <>f the writer. ftoid also by ft. CALVERT FORD, Jr.. Waah l as ton. D. C. da Ma P SWINDLJN? QWACKP. i>AmpN!-qaaok?;-?heir Booke. Cardia*. Hsobs, Hospitals. lnetrnmects or Riafs?ehaa thera all.aiKl, lldispoeed toprottbr yeipsrisaai. write for my pr irate Ciroaiar on 84i'KRMA TURR HOC A. -IT? CLRK. With stamp enclosed. address. ip pe*feol eealdenoa. yo?rlnecd, a lormr raffarer, araty a a par " T I fob btaJKplnb a packet of paphb . | and f.nvllopbb NU to match. CHARGE) METROrtHJTA!. boobstobb, _ PH1LP * solomon*. Agaote for L*?r?&o* t*nebr+t?4 I i?? 279 T<SSmSff"' 206 to e?Jl tt?e?tteBtj?r j\ i. a trtamitamt nMn |t*oer*llT U? bit Nnr Store, iMr wllIftriTi Hotei, JB?t IB MIMIIM Wltb kM o.4 ?wb?r? he wui be bM>i U f~ Mitur ordere for atpeno' Corjbctior.? of ku on 1 TboTSl or^r. tor Dibu<t?, fttpperm, Ball#, Mi Private PirtiN, *r ch Will be e*rrM m il fcie 1> VUb the wm > -orcpteeee ud <U? ??M vk;M lu> Wu MIMrin ww n m mmmmt k j

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