Newspaper of Evening Star, July 7, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 7, 1860 Page 3
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Toe A I, NEWTT." f r thi sta* publiske* tlu Uttl ff I'ttjff reaming t* tk* Wntkiugton- Oitff Pott Offiit *%dtr tkt pro*it*&s of tlu law directing them to t? printed m Tit newspaper having tkt largest e?>i mint ton the delivery of tkt Office Its total tailf ftnni-ittvn is more tknn double that of any ?,4r t**<iy printed in tkt District of Columbia. f?tThough tbi btii u printed on tlu fasttti ttenm press in *.?? south of Baltimore, its edition it so large as to require it to be put to press at an onrlf hour; Afktertisoeeuntt, therefore, should bo tent w before Twelve o'clock, otherwise tktf Mf not appear until tkt next day ^OTICB?iHstrut of Columbus Advertisements te he inserted in tke Baltimore 8ts are received ms ond forwarded frtdk Tbb Stab office, Mkdals ax?PR*mirjis Awakdud?The following is the list of medals and premiums awarded to tlir students of Gonxaga College, at the Smithsonian Institution, on Thursday evening: The class In Rhetoric?Medal awarded to William C Boone; premium to John J Elliot; a? sfterunt, William F. Qulcksall, William F., WHliams. Edward N. Callan. In Poetry?Medal to John M. K. Darts; premium to John W Junes, accessenint, Ralph Jeff-rson. Jobu J Rover, Wm B. Pope, Laurtnee I F Hoban .. . " I'i First Humanities?Medal to John C Wilton; premium to John T. Noyes; acct?fnnt, I K?mnel H Murray. Thomas H Calian, Willis H AVpodley, Joseph A Walsh. In Second Humanities? Medal to Jam*-* B Bowman,' pf*fc!mn to Thomas McCarthy; accesserunt, Edward L. Vomiif, Noble 3 Hoffar, Charles D. Lleberman, Aloysi'is Fennell, George A Donoho In Third Humanities?Medal to H6nry C N Roach; premium to William Starbuck; acrwterunt. Matthew Wilson. William B. Laub, George T.Bates, Friocis J. Kie< kbo?-ffer, Johu Parsons. in Jftr Mnt Class of Mathematics?medal to Jutin J Bill tit; premium to Ralph Jefferson; accesserunt, VVm F. (.{uicksall. Wm H Sweeney, Frederick W. Syuious In the Second Class ? jnedul t? John C. Wilton; premium to John J. Rover; jicresserunt, John W. Jones, William B Fope. Sain"I H. Murray, J M K Darls, William F Williams In Book-keeping?Medal to W 1111s II Woodley; premium to John T Noyes; accesserunt, Tbeodbre F King, Thomas H.Callan, Joseph A. Walsh, George W. Offutt. In the First CLass of Arithmetic?Medal to John C Dyer; premium to Thomas{H CalUn; ac<*saer tit, Joseph A Walsh, Noble S Hoffar, Kdw'd 1, Young. Willli H Woodley, John F Hlckev In th?* Second Class?medal to C has. F. Nalley; premium to lieorge T Keating; accessertint, J Henry Brooks. Jobn Parson* Matthew Wilaou, AK>r*"r* Fennell. In the Third Class? medal to CUarlcs V enable; preminm to John Daly, accesserufti. James Taltavull, Charles D. Lleherman, Wui. Coil!n*. Harry Hall ta the First Class of French?Medal to VVrn. C. Woon*;: premlnni to Ralph Jett'erson: aceewerunt, f. "V Callan, John Elliot, Wm Qulcksill, Wm Wiliiaiu* In tbe Second Class?medal to John C WHn; pretniwim to John W. Jooet. arcesswrunt. John T. Noi-m. John > " 1 A Walsh Thos. H . Callan Ih'th# Third Class? medal t<? C^a* D. Lieberman; premium to Thos M??artby. ac<esserunt, J. Henry Brook*, Noble' S Hoffar, R . Kmmett Cleary,-CLatle? F. NaUey. In the Fourth Cla*?medal to William Collins; premfcjttl to /?m? B Bowman; accessrrnnt. H. C KoSfch" \Vhn starbuck, Warren F. Moore, John Parson*. In the First Class of Knulish Composition? Mcdii U> Wm. F. QuicknUj premium to Wm. C. Boone; wrc?s*eriint. Kd. N Callan, John Ellitft, Wip Wlinains. In the Second Class?medal to John \Y. Jones, premium to Ralph Jefferson, ar< euerunt, John M. K Davis, Samuel C. Flood, Jobri-J Rover, Wm B Pope In the Third CIm?med?I to William H Sweeney; premium to John C. Wilson; acce*seruut, John T. Noye?, Willis H. Wooiley. Joseph A. Walsh, Samuel II. Murray. Thomas H Callan. In the Fourth Ctan?medal to Charles D Lieberman; premium ?? r* 1 L - T- ti' a?? - " r rcumcB n - oymosi; accesserunt. James H Bowtuaa, George A. Donoho, John F. Hlckey, J . Henry Brooks, Thomas Rover. In the Fifth Class?medal to Kdgar 8. Brooke; premium to H m ;*tarboek; accesserunt, Henry C. N. Roach, Oeori<t Keating. Richard C Cox. IntheClassof Rudiment! ? Medal to Harry Hall; prem am to Samuel Cox; accesserunt, Chas Vtn * bie. James H. Kin);. Walter Edwards, James B. King, Henry Howard In the First Claw of Writing?Mednl to Charles F. McNamee; premium to J. Henrv Brooks; u . efsernnt, George Keating. John Parsons. Prank Brooks, \Vm Starburk. In the Second Clissm-dal to William Collins; premium to Ja* Talta till. acce*erunt. ZiAhanr Kinu rim i> ' > *> ? man. <> wrynn Lyell, Scott Towers In the First tians of Christian Doctrine?Medal Jo F. i/ulrksall; premium to Josepa Walsh; acreaserunt, Thomas Rover. John FenBfll, John Rover, Thomas CalLtn, R Krnmett Clrary, Noble Hoflar In the Second Class? medal to Richard Cox; premium to Samut-1 Cox; acreMernat, Andrew Joyce. Henry C X Roach, Francis Neale, George Hates. James Clark Klementary Department ?In the Cias* of Elements?Srst premium to Vinton Goddard; second to James McManu*; aecesaerunt. John Kastman, John Daly, George Kf petti. Dennis Collins, George T rad-r. In the Fourth Class of Arithmetic?ti rat premium to Thomas Jackson; second to Vinton Goddard;] third to {ex aequo) John Kirkwood. John Riley;' a<v-es*ernnt, John F.aatman, George Williamson, Notify Nailor. Albert KirKwood. I _ * 1 ' ? U * 1 i ' 1 ? ?' -'? " in iuc inirutiui 01 ??rnin^?nrsi premium to John Kastmau; second to Joseph S. Murray; auweruut. John Dalv, (iwynn A Lyell, Vinton A - Goddard. Gnorgf Repetti, Julian fioitcau. In the Third Claw of Chriattan Doctrine?first premium to Vinton A. Goddard; second to James SlcMantus acceaserunt, John Dalv; George }VilllamMHi, George Repetti, Richard Neale, Kdward Mgllf. Ttie medal for eloquence vrasawarded to George A. Donohoo, though the audience seemed to think that either J. W Jones or F. XV. Symons was entitled to it, and as regarded the claims of tLe two. they were apparently about equally divided. Gir?YiR<. ?On tbe night of the 3d, a gan? of rough*, of both sexes. left tbe city and went to the farm of tbe Insane Asylum, and ttndini; a suitable t ice lu tbe woods, they erected a canopy of omhes. and over it hoisted a home-made J apanese flag, under which they paaae<l tbe day drinking, gambling, and lighting They even went into tbe itel?*urea and Insulted and abused tbe patients Their coodnct grew to be so outrageous that Dr. !\ichols sent to the city for policemen. Officers Arnold and Harrover, of tbe Fifth Ward, went over, and succeeded in identifying some of then^. who are old acquaintances of tbe police: but there was a numocr *?f a younger aye among the females wbs w?rc not known Being unable to point out tfeMe who assaulted the patients, thr-o<B< (^determined to drive the whole pnrty back to the city They ruade a movement towards the camp, and th#rf> w.n a ut'iu ral nf?mrwi*. Il.u man ? -- ? ? jJ-?-mm ? HV II?%H VVHI^ HJC loest mUvc. not to tbe boat* first. and tije wonim, supposing tbat they were to be left, followed out into tbe water They were a hard looking crowd Some of tbem were half naked, their clothe* ta*vfn?j been torn off In their sk:rmi*he*; and the sua hsviug full power upou their skins, the/were peeled witb tb^hcat Tbe officers report that one was so trad I v peeled that she kept in the shade of the woods, and had her mate by her, who einployd himself with a branch of a tree in keeping tb? (lie* from her. Tbe officers design presenting tUa whole party to the grand Jury. -TitBrrv or Rbkfsct ?At the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustee* of tbe Public Sefcooli, held on Tuesday, July 3d, Dr F 9 Walsh, froiu the Third DlatrUX, announced la suitable terms the death of Mrs Margaret Freemw, l*t# teacher in tbe public school*, and sub.^tss.J 1 ? *' - * iiuiu-u lur lunuwin^ resolution, wdicd was pawa unanimously: Rfiojrretl, That this Board ha* heard with r(jtfet of the decease of Mrs Mar-a ret Freeman, for the last nine year* an efficient teacher In the Third IM strict; that while we bow with aubmlsatoti to the will of Divine Providence. we deplore her loes to our public schools. and heartily sympathise with her bereaved family and friends Acquittal or Ma. J. B Brows ih AlixahDaia ? The County Court in Alexandria, on Thursday, took up the c** of the Ce*?iio > wealtt vs J B Brown, charged with brtjtglag into th< State Incendiary document* for dissemination C K Stuart appeared for the eominonwealth, and Chilton A Magruder, of Washingtoiiyaad Uror^c W. Brent, of Alexandria, fop the dneifci. Aftei a full investigation, the cotrt discharged th? prisoner A -4 Testh Casal Bitpc i ?I/riiJr Jttar Will vo l have the kindness to call the attentloi of the city authorities to tbe bad condition ii which th* Tenth street canal bridge is at present A young 1 tdy walk in* over tbe bridge last even iug came ftear being seriously injured by stepping In a large hole hi tbe bridge. A Sitbscbibse. Washing ton, July 8, I860. ????? Uiie Cb e*apea1e4xd Ohio Casal hasbeen re stareA to complete order every where< and tjavl cation i? unobstructed throughout the line i ur^s fleet of bo its Uden with Cumberland coa have come down within a day or two Tbe ship m*nt of coal ie?ward from Georgetown is a Is. v< Tractive. Adobes* bt a Washington Miiisteb.?Oi Monday afternoon next tbe Rev Charles H Hal] r? rt*r of tbei'hutob of the Eplpban?, In thisrity ) irt d'-ifvrr aa 'Adr*m twfoft "lb* Iriring Societ; otiar College <rf 5L Ju>M, at Hagerttown, Md. * ?. . # Ptn.icr ? B?fmrt Itfstmt ChirkT ' fvo v*4j tm)0?4?fwring profanely Sir Wm ft >ed #? aud *1 IS cooto, and la. drfaul of pavoMat thereof went ?vn to Ute CorporaUoi > uafdiam foe* apooa of > ?' "VtnM t ? . ?'1 [>ru' ? I '? *? ? t j?ti ? t | eaiaimirCuctT ?YcatcrJay, Wra frsrfcemTi County constable, wtuj wm on trial on a charge ol ?d vising and indhnitg Elizabeth Hoftey. vrho r lummonrd as a w tness before a magi Urate, not to appear, when our report, closed wm convicted by the jury The court sentenced Parham to three week* in tha coua?y j?il,ai>d a fine of flC and costs. Daniel Hickeywas charged with violently asnuitiitf Wm Donaldson with a hickory stick, and submitted hia case, to the court, who fined him #10 and costs. Adjourned! Tf-daf.?Tobias B>oWh wag arratghed on an indictment charging him with stealing t?p pounds of butter and a can PK-a, m* gartty. Charles McVeigh was arraigned as an accomplice in the above larceny; same plea Brown was then placed on trial for the above cLargcmnd convicted by the jury. The District Attorney stated that the case of the United States agt Edmund French was set for trial to day, but he had heard that the defendant was deceased this morning. Mr. Bradley, counsel for Mr. French, stated to the court that he had been requested bv th?* rnt??. sti with whom he is associated in that case to stats that when the case was called up two days ago, they had fully expected to go on with it today. But the sickness under which the defendant was then laboring had terminated fatally. Major French died about 1# o'clock this morning. The physician who attended him and was present when be died (Dr. Thomas Miller) was In court, and would state to the court the cause of bis death. .Mr R said that he announced the death of Major French with great regret knd pain, not only on atconnf of hfs many friends ana relatiYes, but he was requested to say by bis associates and in theix behalf, on their account also, for upon a full lnIvi-stlgation of the charges against him. himself ar.d associate in the cause were fully prepared to try it, with everv rnnflil?nf? *-4 _ - r-, J Vi U1B ?l_({UilUl. Major French was a gentleman of middle age, anil tind tilled many high and important and responsible situations with honor and integrity* and until within the past year without a stain upon bis character. His counsel bad. with the consent of the District Attorney, taken the depositions of several gentlemen well known to the country, and of the highest booor, as to the high estimation In which th" deceased was held by them, and he begged to request the Court that these depositions may be plsaed on the tiles of the court, and that exoneration be entered a? to his bail. Mr Stanton flid that, as one of the counsel of Mr Freaeb: hecbacurred with his colleague in deep regret that by the dispensation of Providencs Mr French had het?n df-rlvoA ?- ?1 * , ?r . . , ?u uppwrmmvy of v odicatiae bit lorn c nee, Jn a public trial before a j'ify of hia country. That. after careful eiimlmt on oft ifcv, the counsel of the accused believed that upon such trial he would have been acquitted by the impartial verdict of a Jury. sanctioned bv the deliberate judgment of this Court. l)r Miller stated to the Court that Maj. French had been affected several time* with attacks sim, lbrtotbeone of which he died. He h*d subacute in (lama lion, with congestion of the mucus membrane of the stomach and intestines and lfver. There was an accumulation of dark fluid (jcoffee grounds) In his stomach, which he was vomiting when 1 first visited him. He was very much jaundiced, as the effect of the disease of the digestive organs The fluid waa absorbed t*tq the circulation, affected the brain, produced corns. * - * ? % irom woicn ne never recovered "He died comatose I visited liftn on Thursday morning about I o'clock 1 understood that be bad been sick several davs. H?s-deatb from natural causes J was present at his death, which occurred about 1 ^"a. in. to-day. The Court ordered the clerk to record the honorable aiquittal of Mr French by death, but refused to permfl the depositions above alluded to to be placed on file, holding that the court could not consistently tifct anysu ?'o?i or mate** any order tending to any expression of opinion with regard to the cborges again* tb? deewsed Cbarle* McVeigh was then placedon trial on a charge of 'complicity \fcith ToVias Brown in the stealing^ t?u poi^qd* biUt?tr siid a tin can The case was pending when our report closed AlkxasdUYA Matter* ? A la>ge and entbu sltstie Douglas meeting wu held at Liberty Hall, Alexandria. on ThlirMav evening, wfcteh was addre4snd t*r Mr. Bthnnbie. ! The advocates of Breckinridge and Lane in Alexandria propone boldi?g a tints meeting at Liberty Hall on Tuesday evening next. Several eminent speakers are expected to be present The Letcher Guards, of Alexandria, will give a yrand cotillon party at their armorv 011 Tuesday evening next Esputa's band !? to fnrhishthe music. By reference to the advertisement in another column of to-day's Star, It will be seen that the .Mount Vernon Guards, of Alexandria, will hold a grand tournament and ball at Columbla^pri ng* on Monday, July 16th, the proceeds to be applied tr> tliK Alexandria MaW* Orphan Asylum Twenty knights have already signified their intention to be presett.ynd, p$5?peV> for tl? i*>*Qrn,niid from pr?*sent appearances we venture the assertion that this tournament will prove on?* of the best, If not the best thing, of the kind which has taken place for some tim* In thi? Rows on F.xqlish Hilt,?Yesterday, Messrs. pughand Hill, two of the city contractors, wpff Wnlkin;; in the neighborhood of H at north, and were attacked by a party of men who atoned them, and they were obliged to make their escape as they best could. Officer Allen went to their relief, but they could not identify the parties. At a later hour a flsjht occurred :n that region, which called for the interference of Lt McHenry. The party resisted the offlrer and threw stones at him, and Guardsman Sutton came to his assistance The result was, that two of the lighters were very freely bled, and the officers had their clothes torn and soiled in the lls;bt Two of them iThomas and Patrick O'bonnell) were taken beore Justice Donn and held to bail for court. cxntd ir m iiiit tl.. ?>u -1 ... ?. . m uv ittui ptarr was very niunrrotinly attended this morning, sud the business tnna-irted appeared to be op to the average of the season. The demand Is not so heavy as a month since, owing to the number of residents who have left for more pleasant quarters in the oountry. us well as the departure of strangers who were sojourning here for their homes The country dealer* appeared in their places this morning, and offered a very fair supply of provisions produced on the farms and gardens of Maryland and Virginia. The licensed dealers also exhibited tte products of distant farms The gangways were not crowded, but well filled with purchaser* <. t . " - ; Rkopksisg ot th* Rivk* ahd Bat Root* ? minareci* II not thousand! of the Star's readers will gladly learn, from an advertisement In another column, that Commodore Mattlngly has again placed one of the tine steamer* of bis line on the Potomac river and Chesapeake bay route, >>etween this city and Norfolk , the vessel to stop, both going and returning, at every bUbinsi and watering place and frequented landing upon the whole route. The commodious steamer Baltimore Is the vepel selected Her accommodations are all the journeying public can desire, and her officers most agreeable and accommodating gentlemen . BrsiNBss.?The bur'ness localities presented a lively appearance again this morning. The auctioneers were busy from an early hour In disposing of miscellaneous goods to the groups of Wd rters who thronged the streets in the vicinity of the salesrooms. Other merchant* appeared to have their ahare of (be trade Wagons. carriages, carts, and horses were atanding 011 the streets near the market spares, evidently belonging to resV dents of the surrounding country, who have visited the city for the purpose of laying in atorea for use at thetr farms. Public Schools.?An adjourned meeting of the Hoard of Trustees of the Public Schools was held yesterday afternoon to consider a resolution passed by the Board of Common Council, making Inqnirv as to "the approslmate number of children excluded from tbe public schoolsfor the want of suitable accommodations and aufflclent number of teat here. and the cost of providing for the same " The subject was discussed at some length and tlnally referred to a special committee with instructions to report at convenience. Pulicz Casks ?Last nieht Guardsman liufkp? *_ - " * - iioiu* on icavcu r rfl uci? r Harrison Tor disorderly conduct and profanity In tbe street; line and rflstf, #4 15 Win Kean wai arretted by Officer panning, for being drunk and disorderly; fine and coats. fiV Isaiah Bateman was arrested by Officer Uinnlty, for being profane and disorderly; lined , fit 15. The above cases were all disposed of by , Justice Dunn. At th* Imfirmary ?Friday week, a ttttie son of Omuls Barrett, a laboring man residing in tbe 1 Fifth Ward, went out upou tbe commons, and - for sport undertook to drive a borse about the r field W hlle following close to the horse's heels, tbe animal kicked the child on tha bead and fractured tbe skull It was taken to the Infirmary, woere u nas since been lying In a very critical ] condition. The child la only aovaa year* old. Thb Gcaku hocsk Casks were all heard be * fore Justice l>onn tbis morning, at hisofltce Jobi . Maloy, charged witfi stealing, was retained for t heari ng. Of the Corporation rases, three were fci unlawful assembly, a?d two for being drunk an( disorderly; they were required to pay tbe usua fine and costs In each case ?,? (>.' , j , Axotheb of tbe popular prise exhibitions a \ Odd Kellow*' Hall, It will be seen by advertise . ment in another column, will take place tbi P (9atbr<fay) evening. Who will fall to invest i quarter for the. chance of a gold watch or some thing else almost as valuable? a 111 an aruvir rnauiiK iu au iui , projrenient in the Star yesterday we inadvertfentl v ?ut^d (but It wm Uie house recently occupied b H . Coii.-n, (hoe dealer. It ahoald nave been tb bouse occupied by F. Harvey A Co Mr. C< - b?n faatlll occupying his well known store t C4MiaBspoaoKiiT?.or the Star, if ttaty expect 1 a mo ifeelr communications in prist, muat wrll Ugibly, grammatically, con*naif ,m?*d i?<Arp?ia ft .1 . ? t t U>>iu>W % rf- -Awaxvir or* -Mi Mi CiwTWs. ' fiox ?Between eleven and twelve o'clock to-day, Mr. K Schnable, wboee partleMpaney in the political meetlnga in this cltv on the Douglas side Baa been noticed In the Wa?Mlisten papeia, ei^ b-red the office Of Gen Bowman, in the Constitui tion building, where that gentleman waa sitting iti company with hia clerk, who waa at the time nnna^rd In writing, and, after the u?ual salutatUn,Inquired of Mr Bnwinan why a certain attack had been mule upon him in the column* of hia (Mr Bowman's) paper Mr U dealrcd to know the attack to which be refr-rre<M| Mr Schnable , mentioned the article, and inquired t> e author. Mr. Bowman *a)d be supposed it must have been prepared by Mr Brown Mr. Scbnable then wished to know if Mr Bowman was responatble for what appeared in the paper. Mr B. seeming to intimate that be wan, Mr S seized a loaded cine lying beside Mr. B., (ind belonging to that gentleman) and atrurk <?lr. Bowman a blow o/er the fo-ebead. inflicting a very unpleasant and painful, though not a srrloua wound. As I. J ? - *" iuj? tmiru, mc uen, who was ax id? time engaged in writing, instantly left bis d?*k and seizing hold of Mr. 8., struck him a blow with his fist in the face, causing Mr. 3 to fall over a chair t> the floor, together with this gentleman. They scuffled together for a few moments, each giving and receiving blows, until two friends of Mr 8 . who had accompanied him to the ufflt-e. came in and took him to his carriage, when thev started off Though the police were on the alert, we had not heard of Lis arre?t as we went to press. P. 9-.? Since writing the above, we learn that Mr. Scbnable has beenarrested and held to bail for Court by Justice Clark, in tfie sum of $.500 Death of a* Esti'mabLk CiftzKs ?Mr Rezin Beck,.otw? of nor oldest and most respectable citizens. died at hisrtsidem e in tht? ritv v*at?r>t?ir morning. Hi* funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon, and wilt be attended by the Order of Odd Fellows, with which fraternity he had long been connected wi learn that the North American Insurance Company of Philadelphia have promptly settled the insurance on the three brick houses or Mr. J. W. Reed, on Kleventh street, which were recently destroyed by tire. Hostkttrr's Stomach Bitt*rs.?The doulrt with which an oil deceived community is apt to look upon all medical preparation*, has long ?icoe I) "u completely vanquished l>v the triuin ">hant, universal and invariable success of Hosifttet't Stomach Bittrrx. i'heir effr'ct in all disorder* of the digestive organs are not miraculous, because they are the necessary result of oertam medical properties never heretofore combined in one preparation, but they are nevertheless astonixhine. Aged persons who deemed themselves past help from inodioine, declare i to use the worrfs of a correspondent) that the Bitters seems to have riven them a new lease of life. Unquestionably the majority i?f dangerous diseases are the oti'-spring of dyspepsia and fur this complaint, a* well an the maladies out of it, tnere is nothing in the world like Hostetter's Stomach Bitter*, whiah is now sold by all druggist* throughout the world. jy 2-to3t Wild Cherry Balsam. The following is worthy the attention ol all who j are interested for themselvea orfriends : IjAFaykttr, Ind , July 31,1R54. Dear Sit: I was attacked, about five months ago, with a severe cold, which settled on my longs, and doctors (the most respectable in thiacity I said that I had inflammation or consumption of the lungs, and, after exhausting their skill without relief to mo, pronounced my case incurable. 1 commenced taking Or. Wiitar s Halsam of Wild Cherry about I six weeks ago, and in four days 1 wa? able to walk all over the house, and am now a well man. Yoiirs rosprtitliiiry, "Grorg? Iloovlfc'.' Above I hand you a plain statement from George I (t - f .x ' * ... nuovr, 01 nits oicy , wlto IB well known, having lived here some twenty yearn. The doctors attend?*) him some three months, and gave him up to die; but Wisiar's Balsam cured hiiH. D. R. \V. Wilstack. Druggist, Lafayette, Ind. None genuine unless signed I. Butt* on the wrapper. Prepared by H. \V. Fowle 4; Co,, Boston, and for sale by 7.. D. Giiman.H. C. Ford. jr.,S. B. Wait?, G. Stott. John Schwarae, Nairn 4 Palmer, Wash I in&tou; and by dealers everywhere. je27-lw,r - .Soothing and Bracing.?There is no prepa'ation in existence which has t>uch a soothing effect I in oases of nervous excitement as Hostetttr't Stomach Bitt'r*. Although the fame of this renowned mvigo ant rests mainly on i s astonishing cures of Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, and intestinal diso ders, it is equally efficacious in nervou- complaint. Thout-andn of ladies resort to it as a remedy for hysteria, fluttering of the heart, nervou* hea-laohe, vertigo, general debility and all peculiar distu fiances and derangement* to which, as a sex, they are subject. It cheers and light ns the depressed mental powers a* well as strengthen the btKly. and its use i never followed (as is the ca*e wh're ordinary tonic*are administered,by any unpleasant reaction. For sale by Druggists and dealers generally eve riwlinro -J ? ?JV *j-rwv Thk bksom of dk*trcction is the fatality among our young and middle-aged to indulge, in excess and debasing habits. Those who are yearniirg for some influence to dupel the growing evil, should read " Human Frailty, or Physiolottcal Rexr/trck**.'" It delineates in vivid colon (for it is beautifully illustrated ?the uausea and efTed* of local and vital disease and di>?cay, puiuting out the only sure safity valve?read the aiivertisp-iiient of " Trvtstmar' in another column. Sold by Dr. Barrow. 194 Hleecher street, N. Y. Prioe 25 cents. Sent free everywhere. Sold also by S. Calvert Ford, jr., Washington, D. C. ma7-lln Barry's Tricophrrobs I. ksrf -I,-. ? ?. r\ : r? in kiiu I/VOI miu vnv?pUB? ai nuio IUI X/IOSBlIIgi DTSU tifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladie*, try it. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. mar 12-6m . - Homeopathic Rkmrthk* All of Dr. Humphrey* A Co.'i specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly fori'amily use, in boxes, at 25 and ,V? cents each. Also, in cases, containing 2<> vials, from 34 to .*S each, with U?ok of full direction*. For sale uy Z. L). Gilman, 380 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: W. A Fitzgerald, 353 north F street: also by F. B. Winter, north corner of K street aiin Vermont avonue. Also, Pan/#'* J?riract of Witch Hiz'l, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. maDly TO CON.ICMFTlVKg. Quern's Cod Liver Oil Jelly. This great apeoifio for Consumption i* fast superceding all other* in it* curative effect* upon those afflicted with tuheroular diseases. Prepared upon lneh'y scientifio prinoiple* of the pure oil, and ronhed of the naoseou* taste of the plain article, it l* received into the stomaoh In it* jellified form, without mastioation, and is gradually diuolved and digested, passing into thr small intestine* drop by drop, siiDDlrinc the waste* of the bod* h* its nutritious properties, and thu? assisting and sustaining nature in overcoming the disease Approved by the New York Academy ol Medicine, and reoommended by the faculty everywhere, this preparation in confidently offered as a remedy for Consumption and ail Scrofulous affections Sold by Charles Stott, Washington, and by all respectable druggi?ts. Price? I per bottle 1'xnroLD, Parkkr & Mown, No. 15 lieekinan street, New York, mar 16 3m Wholesale Agent*. Mis. wi(if low, an experienced nursoand lemale physioian, has a Sootkmt Syrup for Childen Ttetktnt, whieh greatly facilitates the prooess of teething by softening the gums, reduoing all inflammation? will allay ail pain, and ts sure to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to your iniWnts. Perfectly sale in ail oases. See advertisement in another oolumn. oc tl-ly Ltos'# Magnkuc I*kxct Powdkr Exterminates Bed Hiich, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, Ac. It contains no Poison Ltok'i Magxxtic Pill* Are Certain Death to Rats and Mioe. !*old everywhere. ap 9 3m Meyer's Miraculous Vermin Destroyer, the oldest and hest remedy known for exturiiiuiating Rats and Mio?, Cook roaches, Kuzs, Ants, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Moths,Giain-W onus ami Garden Insects. fTT" Principal Depot, 612 Broadway, N. Y? Hold by all Druggists everywhere. ma lR-3m Priiiiies,?Persons desiring Pennies will always Cod then for axohaoce at the 8tar Oflne noenter. MARRIED At tli* Marsonage of the Methodist Protectant Church, East Washington, D. C? on the 5th in->t by Rev. Wm.T. Oumm. Mr. ISAAO W. Rl DD, to Miss KMMA JaKE SCHWARTS, l?oth of Alexandria, Va * On the 28th ultimo, l?> the Rev. W. Hamilton, Mr. JOHN J. BRADLEY to Miss AMANDA E. s' *T /> i mmtrtiirn i . ?i > ? ? - r,,inuriDniuni , win 01 inn cuy. ( Baltimore and Richmond papers copy.) DIED, On the6th instant, Mr?. CHRI8TANNA TAYLOR, ia the 54th year of her age. The friends of the family are invited to at'end the funeral, from he. late residence, on Fifth Ktreet, nea G, Navy Yard, on PaM>&th aftcrnooa, tae 8th instant, at 4 o'clock. (Balto. Sun copy ) At his residence, near this city, at half-pant one o'clock, on the morning of the 7th insta t, after an illnena of several day s, Maj. EDM I) N L> FRENCH > lormerly ol Troy, N. Y. On Wednesday, the 4th instant. RICH ARD. in' fant son of James and Elizabeth M. Cole^ate.agcd 3 months. (^IilBg* HAIR AND PERFUMERY STORE I. Pen*. Avenue,between \2th and 13M Hit. ! LADIES' WIGS, HALf WIGS, BRAIDS ant , CUR l>8 always on haad.or mad* to order in ih< ; best style#. Also, Hair Work repaired or taken n | exonaage. jy ?-ly l^OR SALE-TWO HORSES?one, a Canadian r trot* hit mil? in 3H minute* ; will be t aold low for cash, or would take a light ex Tu3 * prexs or baker's wagon in part trade. " quire at No. *13 Thirteenth ?t, west of M stroe north. jy 6 3t* a ?????????????????????? . K, KL^KS?F1 ulTOE9tMOSQUITOES: .Proura some FI7 Paper at MOORE'S W?? Ead Dru* Suire. Each *i?eet will catch 2 ?no fli?? It contaiu* no poison, nor do?* it draw them lik< y ino*t?prepar?Uoa* of the kind. It catches Mooqui I t?** *DACHE9, ANTS AND MOTHS, Ac. Use Moore'* fneect Exterminator. It it wm ranted, if oatd aooordinx to direction*, to olna your pre 111 im> of any taicct that orawl*. Prioe 21 90 &nu 50 OOQIh, f Try Ujeee article*, and you wiU t*oonTiDae< * ftoldoaly at ^ ? ? MOORE'S h: tjy 9r?t Weat Bad Drug Store, i 13 Pa. av. j?*1. ^C'.' i : *w i u m ' ? 0 p Liat or Lium ? Henuuning iia the p<*t o?oe. wuhimtor / . ?' .'City, II. Cj. JnJy .1, ?. it,i . {Ordered to be inserted id the Kti<ii^ Star, it heme the aewipapar ha^ia* the largest oireaiatien of an; duly paper published ih Wa*hlnft&n.l , (I7^ttr*M?aMlriM.fc>r tetter*latheJMlo*iB6n?trwnf>leMe?^thif*wasvs?#i*?B. - v LADIES' LIST. AtkfriV, Mrt R H Edfltii, Mn Aftiet PleLtod. Mr* Wrw A.I r>n. Amu G Foley, M*ry McLHrnti, R?>i? And ertou,Mitt E'n Feme, Mrs E M Nittn, Breut,)r.Mr?ThoiY Mh# F OwtM, Mr? H B B?ll, Mn Jnlit Grott, Mr? Sirtli U??r|in, Mn R B* ?n.Mie? Rebecca Oinkf. Heiiruui Oseui, Mitt Mujr Bhwh, Mim Rota tiateiy, Mr? W A O'Brien, M?? Ka<e Br.?wn, MniC?r eR Graham, Mr* Reb'a Oiivff. Ann C1u? Brnvii, Mitt Alice Gordon, MittHeleu ro??A, Mim Wlfu Brote, MriC^U'e Haddnck.Mrt EH PoHfr, Mitt KitiHb Booth e, Mim Ehz'h Howard ,M re AuimJ Peltier, Mitt Reity Bnnkv Mrt Cath'e Hotchisoo?MrtJane Plwinnfri, Mrt F Br iiiiiNi.MriKiBfij Hafferty, Mrt Pendleton, Mrt A K BaS JwintMittM AU Henderton, Mitt M Powti. Mrt Mue't Berinr n.Mri Fen't Har*?.r,Mr? So^nia Uuifley.MiMlLiy Brytn. Mr* Endori Hubert,M reMar yC R4ii(UtI. Mite J Bantu, MimLIi:1)! Johttoo, Mitt Aua Ridje'y, Mrs ltbev Bailer. Mftt Lucy Johuton, Letticia Reynolat, Mrs He y Brannou,Mi??Elltt Jt^nt in,MrtPi\t'aL Ryer.Mre Henry Cre*rlt, Mim B A Johnt?*n- Mrs C R Smitk- Mn Mar. I* MiaaMaftE Jafcnso#, Mn E ?cou, Mi?? Max* E Carr, Mrs John Jenkins, Mr* Laura 8imn)i, Lome Cord in, Mary Jane Keeftr, Mrs Jm'i Mr? Lottie Conner, Mr* Jos'ue K.ivanaujrh, Mr? >1 8m <liwood. Mim A Croiuiuer^Mr* J L Kelae*, Win L S StillsoOfMrs W J C'hu.u?JliiL L??, Mar; Str^fiiMii.MiM Col!uit,Wi L*n*, Mm Khs'tH &*?*? ? , MiMf oMt., Callahan,MrftMjrjr Ljlea, Mrs Eiit*th Tilliaghaat, Wri l Calhoun,Mrs M'jC L?mt\ Mr* Anna T^?y ior. Misa8?r.ihC Ceadj, Miaa Mary Long, Mr# M E TUvm ? .MisaK ;mir Con way.MissEileu Leb, Mi at C Thoaupsoti, Mrs M G Curun, Bridret Lukttis, MttiLtttie Tamer, Mn M C Cotiim.MriWaltir Le via, Miaa M'y E T??i?an, Mim M'y J Cufie, MiuC Miles, Mm Laura Thomas, Mias Sarah Dam, Miaa Jennie .Mathews, Mitf K A Warp, Mr* J M Donaher, Mary Mitchell, Mrt Ji?o Watia, Writ i ' i Dean, Mn Mary Murdock, Mm M Wear, Mr? J C Dyer, Mr? Elita F Mor^aa, Mn M V VlMtCk( Miss M Eug letrecht.Mrs A GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Alston, Col T P Goldin, W E Price, J E Armor, 8ebastuu Gut, Richard Arthur, J A?i Good, John 1 PluroervJC Anderson. Jno Gibson, J P Peirra, Judjre J R Artnch, F Ct a rrard, Jiptha Princa,M*<H Ari ??,Ker? 1?2 oar I md . Jno Prn.-.i? . T Arbijah, A1 Sip j) uleaton, James ' Porter, PW Alworthy, Chat (iraium.ti W Porter, F J Bancroft, W D Garner, Geo T PattarsoH, F A I Blake, W J Gorth, Fred Pillsbury, E Baiiton, W A Goeuk Lea.Drs?3 Palmer, C I D..^r a u ? ' r? L1 " " '* uiiuiviu, HI urniipjuii, u rannurn, o E. ? i Banks, Cap* Wm T <jorden,C J> Q.ueeu,Thoa Brown, W M Gordeu.C H Quiuliti & Br>a Bailer, XV V Gilllapee, Ctiaa K'vnold#, W A Browmur, W A bloabrcuncr, A J Robertaoo, Wm A Baiter, Thua A?3 Hudaou, Wtn V Rtchardtou. R V Banks, T io? A Ham, Wm Ridlrt.PrRAT Buck, 8 R Heley. Thoa Reid.JnoM? t ii _ - - u n II if ..i u n . a nv?>un, o v> u ncnuer, o iveefl, jain^s Browner. S Hill, Richard Robtnsnn, Jmifi Be ?h, R M Hobbc, J H Riler, I)r Jamei Bovd RB Hall, Ja? H Re*d,JnaT Btocches. P E?2 Hurd, J I) R*dcliff. J B Browne, Ur F P Howe, J B?2 Remington, K H?2 Be uga,Pickins ll 'jfe, J B Rollieon, Chat Be i(?, Mr Hornia, Jno Kuw, C R Blue, M.irtin Hoiuiahetd, J W Roc he fori, A Geo Bryee, Juo W Horner, Jup Roger*. A W Biirch,JuoF Haaiha, Jno Reynolds, Ale*. Bert on, J*s l> Horinaadefe, J?o Htirr, Wesier Brxnsou. Jno A Harrison, J Johnson Shrepe, W H?2 Bradford, J T Hamilton, G H ? 2 Stetson, Wallace Bth-well, Jao H Hoyt, K S Sorreil, W T Baldwin, Jo# Haburn, Chat Ster?u?oii, V R Boj>ert, Joe H Hughes, Alfred?2 SiMgletou, Thos D Bn Jet, James Heath, Albert?1 ttoefctoaiT B W Bowen,jr, James Huaion, A Si^ith, Samuel I' Barker, Jno Hartman, A Street, B%ail H Bohler. Jno Httll, Hon A Riooot, R L Bald win, Harvey In grab* in, D P?<2 Ktmmrs.OJ Bscbeu, Her* Jsley.CbssS SocMeahler, N Baffler, Horace Jcwett, SB Stone, Nithan C Blake, W N Jonee. O T Fleck, I)rM Browuinr, G 1?2 Johnson, Capt L Simla. Mr Barlow, F S Joidon,Levt Sanger, L P Blazer, tMward Jones, jno K Smitii, Janves G Bryan, Col E B Jones. J R? 2 Suith, Jno V Brown, Bertah Johnson, Hon H V Smith, Jos C Beck, August Jarvta & GilmorC Hnntb> J S Clemenia, N H Jenks, DT Kalauion, James? 2 Cooknsan, Wm H Junes, Gen CT Sardy,JuoB Cross, W m Jackson, A M Siler. Isaac C ?-.rawiora, v> jarred. A L.mpan J l? Coffin, Win G Kiaiball, T Snyder, Ju< H Carroll, Col W H Kouu, R H Sye, T W Claik.Tho* Kinney, R I Siewi.t.J Crosby, 8teptene K.;lley 4 Moor# Sibley, Hiram?J Clements, Col H E K route rg, M Kokiuit.C L Counelly, Rbt I Keyes, Jno Schenck, Geo Connelly, Robt Kjee.jessee t>tehl, Geo <?nke, Dr Cliv# Kinf, H V Hintucce, G Gcbo, 31 H Leib, I Heiffvick, G B Cncks, Isiac H Lloyd, Wm, E L Coleman, Iley Levey. W W Smith, I) K Collins, jr, Isaali Leeerett, W I) Stunk, CB Crow ell, J L*nf ley, L G Ste wart. Gen C B Chiianian. J^e 8 Lewie, NP St Clair, C C Crowley, Jno Latter, Mr Siring C H Oroaby, Thos J F Lincoln, M T Kimme, Aaron Curry, J B Love, J Lawreoct Tarhll, WmS Copeiand, Hugh Little, Joseph Talbot, Roht CUdy, (1 M Losby, Joaeph Thompson, R L Champion, F Libby, Joseph Taylor, Jos S Corliss, Geo R Luter, Francis 8 Thompson. Jno J Cnwtord,Gen G N L.psley, J W Taylor, Jau S Client, G Waah'n Lawson. JS ThomMr, Joe r . n u i ........ e iBn ?r j * v>w( \m > #nu i iiubii, j iihiu Chftdboum, Geo Lackheare, Chs? Tansell, J V Oni.UfoS Mitchell, Willi# Thompson, J R CrosweU, Edwin?2 Moore, Willy Thomas, Hiram Chaffer, Dr Malcolm, VV B T*ylor, Gen , Chsse, Chas Murphj.k* TV?ir, Ely Oiark, G?ii Chas Meff<<rgre,SJ Taller, et Chandler B W Meichaul, R B Tbortion A R Chase, Alfred MidJletontR Thonm, Mr D Dial. Dr W H Middlctou, R J Van Sen, Col C Dm.lop, W R Merer, M?*2 Vasburjf, J H?t Donelon, Thos Menke.M Vmirtu, J C Duffey. Peier Moore, J WT Van Kurre, Mr Dowkiiif, Put Middleion, J I Ward. W k. l>Lif?jiMicli Maro, Jno D WilKim, WT Oellou, L C Maft?t,Lt J S Wallace,Tht?a Oaue, Jno Morjui, Ju? Watttrmnn, T Uuub ir, Capi J T Miller, Joseph Wilson, Stephen Dounell, Geo vM<thews, JM Wood, J N D**is,OT Martin, J M Wood. E 8 Dot?s?n,TP Mills, Henry W ilson, N B Dorsey, K H Myers t Son Wolf, Jno F Douglas, Dr Mirye,tfeo T Wilson, Ja? P Dean, A I?t Moycooe, O Waters, J D Elliott, 8 W Mendell, Lt G H Whitsoa,JC E ides, Re A Mackey, Dr Edwd Wilson, J C E *?le, Li R N Mott, E Ji Walker, J S Evsnbert, L B MrPhersoo, R B Winsioo, J B Eddleman, Jrto McCook, Etui?2 Wetherall.J W Eastman, C A McCormack, C H Wedinaysr, J no huuaaa, li JVlcLaiM, Jno ? W ible, J JL Fetterrran, W B McKee, Ja? W W a I? on, Gen Henry Fowler, N H >1 Mc Means, J W ?3 W right, H Fain, Win P McNorrell, H P Wh t?nmre,Gfo Fenderson, W E McDerwou.N White, G-vrland Forney, Dr I?17 McNaiitz, W P Ward, Geo FUliavan, M McfUe, R?c>?d Wheaton, Lt T Fletcher, Win L MrTlrue, Wir Ware. Elijah Fluff, J F Nicholson. Wro Waiver, hdward France. J M D Nelson, Tin* A Wibt, Col Firel, t N#w ell, Stewart Wau,Chaa Fuller, J D Nsrthes, R K?4 Wa?ie,ColCA Flisiran, Jio N? it, James Werte, Oiwwfi Forney, J I) Newcoirb, J W W^ker, A K Fraser, F Needham, Edjar W.tde, H C Fuller, H M O'Leary, J Wells, Alfred Fowle,GeoO Oliver, JaoT W ilcott, A H Fraley, F Owner. J mes Younjf, Wm Fillun, FJH Oakham. Cnas Younjr, Titos M Forney, EM O Reiley, Thos Vsuuf, L Ford, Chas?i Page, Wsi Roftis York, Georje Kreylinjrhuyten. A Peare*,T*oaiptouB Young-f l>??riry <i?rr?t(, Col W H 2 Panatt, R P Younjr. T (lordon, W H Ptnri'lge, L 8 7-ac kiioh, K (ioMm, W K Pool, JdMif* Zier, (iu?uv C firuwold, W C MISCELLANEOUS**Pub of Bittery; Correepondi M Y Tiroet; E D. W ; Editor L'tiiou Guard -*2% Apothecary; fct Franci* Church; Ch. Con Cnioci Com.; Col Typo^ Societyio^ijittir* must in ALL CASKS bk Prkfaid. July 7 WM. JONES. P. M. WANTS. WANTED-A GIRL, I colored preferred,* ?t J,he TT Washington House, Room No. I. jv7-St* WANTKD?A PKRS< ?N, to do fine white ?ewing and assist in the care of jroang children. Inquire a: 365JJ ?t. Jt* WANTKrt TO RKNT?A neatlv furnished HOUSE, within a f?w minutes' walk <>f the Capitol. Addie?? B. X., Box 249, National Hotel. jy 7-** . . WANTKD?A SITUATION, by a yonn* woman, a# nurse o ch?nilwrmaid, or to tratfel with a adj. Address "S J. R ," Star Office. J 3 WANTKD-A WHITE GIRL tc do housework ; must understand cooking, wa*hine and 1 oning. Also, a Young Girl, a? nurise. 319 Thirteenth st, bet*een M and N. jy 7-2t* W ANTEt??A* steady and active COLORED WOMAN, who u a good plaiu cook aid can bring good recommendation". Slave preferred. Apply at 407 Thirteenth street, between U and II. jy 7-lt* ^ETANTED?By a respectatde young woman, a SITU ATI ON ai curae or to travel. Address ' Nurse," Star Office. jy tt ?f \]|7 ANTED? By a young girl a SITUATION a* ?? i>ur?e or Chambermaid. Address Box No !} Star Office. jy 5-3t WANTED?In an apothecary store, a VOl'TH who has had one or two years' experiene in the buitiness Address "Galen," through Pout Office, with name And reference. jy 5 at* \kl ANTED? By a quiet and and respec able ?? young girl, who speak* English,French, and Italian, a SITU aTION a* nurse or chambermaid and seamstress and hair drester. Her p%rticul+r wmn m w (Pi m iuou nom" runcf mill mgn wagrv. Please xt<lre?8 Box No. 9, Star Oflica. j> 5 3t W* NTKI'?"OCKS, HI Q DOCUMENTS1, PAPERS, C-OIN8, AlITOGRAPH8-f5for an autograph letter of Gen. Taflor. 3', 5th 2*th, 3t?t, 34th, 38th Volumes of Nile'* R?niUf wa<.tau ALFRED HUNTER, ( je29-eoltn* Under Wizard**. WANTED ?To have every body know that the; can find a Pine an?l Well selected Block of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING SiORE, No. 460 Sev| enth ?t, oppoeite Poet Oftoe Department. ap6-Vn %A7ANTED.?Every one to know that SMITH, v v Seventh at, ohargee fair prioea for hit G<>od?. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh it, to get roar HATS and CAPS. ap 6 Stn rT,HK PHILOSOPHY OF COMMON LIFE. a ? "J UOU4KU UnU? ? LiOWV1f MUlUf UI lilM Ui Ooeti.e. *o., io.; 2 volume*: prioe 92. The Moond juit r*ady acd ?oM separate!*. The Moont Vernon Paper*, by Edvard Everett; . 1 volume; price #1 25. tor web? 1 BLANCHARD * MOHl'N, j j 1 < corner Eleventh et. and Pt. av. X?NGINBER'? OFFICE. Hi Aliiihdiu. June *, I860. 8 X HUNDRED MEN WANTED on'the lini t of this road from Mt. Jaokaon u> Hariuonburg - ptaj'a Office, Alextadri*. ? je38 dtJy?.>?twAMg*l?t^8>?. WA. BATCHELOR't*INIMITABLEHA1I DYE. >, ' Po* Sale at Oibw s Haik Sto**, -? Pm *. Avenui, bsttree* I2tk mud lik Sis. I. Wh*r? Ladw>a oan alio hare it applied it il Mired. A full aatortroent of TOILET ARTICLES cm rally. If ? ir i??. * >-'.** ? ? i- ' >4*-'.t t i 1" I'. 51! ;'J 1 4. 3 A,V?B J-. r Mk | 1 1 qgoRfrgrowN. C*rt*>rmdmu* ?Ffiu Stir Uioittsrowii, July '^ lH#n The examination of the Junior male deporti ment of the Georgetown aohtool. Mlaa A Jewell tearh?r took place veaterday afte *<#*>. in preaanee ?f a nnrmvr of lxdlra and gentlemen There me ft) pupils m thia division, and IK were present a* the examination The? acquitted ttaenweleea In k moat creditable manner, and elicited the vni commendation of thoae present by their proficl-ncv In rueutal and written arithmetic, 'WthOKrapby, ?ro*rnpt.y and the aanal hranrbio taught in primary arhoou The? read correctly, and with rona d*rable animation. showing that they iave ambition to excel in thai aeeomd'afi meat, for ao It ra* be railed. The ipw mem of ?|rawlng (mapa Ac ,) which we examined in this school. a? well as thoar la M laa i.onrt 'a department, are Terr g?od. *?>d a?me of them wowld do erfdK to oldet heads and more experienced hands Tbe achool will matain a great lorn by the retirement of M!sa Jewell, who, we understand. la about to rnsg* her position Among those rresent yesterday, we noticed, of tbe Board of Guardians, Measrs Beall. Mag#*, and Deeble; Mr. Ten?ey. of Board of Common Council; Dr Ironafcdea. of \\ ashington, Rev Mr Morgan, of the Dumbarton street M K Ctu'cfcj Anthony Hyde. Ksq . and other fMeiuia of education At the cl?a* of tbe exiwinat.on Mr Heall addressed tbe pupils lu terms of commendation for their general prollclency and Introduced to them Dr Ironsides who. In a neat and e#ecuve speech expreaaml his gratilcatlon. and cou'ia* ted the boy* to peraevere in welldolnir. and fliey w'.gtit hereafter gain bli:h pratttsn's Hi- irave instant es of prominent lnd'vidiial in our country who were educated in cou.mon schools, and said they might by industry ; id application asplra to the most elevated station* He compared this school with tbe primaries In Washington very favorably to the former, and said in *4?me Instances tbey excelled At Vbe cone htslon of bis remarks tbe school was dismissed At the meeting of our City Council, lutw^uing. a jr'eat deal of bustnos was disposed of Tbe Board of Aldermen pawed the ordinance In relation to the sinking fund; also. that providing for raising additional revenue by an lnti*a?eof tbe rates paid for licenses, also, resolutions appropriating #25 for firing the salute On the 4tt< of July, in relation to tbe channel; in reUtion to the rausewav; and anthorizing tbe mayor to close the bridge on tbe east side of the market house The Board of Common Council passed resolutions In relation to tbe causeway; In relation to payment of orders by the clerk; iu relation to the bridge on the east side of the market house; in favor of Jos F Birch, and for Improvement of Road street: and laid on the table the resolution provd ingioran arbitration Mwffii Tbos K vans and the Corporation; ais<. t?-iiip-?r.?rilv, the mcwiir from tbe Board of Vldermeu. ttxiug the time for an adjournment sin? du The resolution wiling UMr R t* Coxe the privilege of erecting a sta'l near the mam entrance of the market bouse w; s passed over the Mayor's veto by both boards No detlnlte action was taken upon the police bill, nor upou tbe Mayor's veto of tbe annexation resolution in tbe lower board About lot) boats have arri v? d by >-anal tbt* week, mostly laden with coal, and twelve or ttfteer, ve? sels are taking in cargoes st Ray s dock. all of wuich gives tbe west end an animated and business like appearance, wbicb Is verv ^ratlfyln^ after the a?nson of &}?thy and stagnation we have jnst paved through Numb -r of beef rattle offered at Drovers' Rest vesterdav. 'J'?0 aIh it ?"i?i ? '? ? > - g , i\ at 11 "in J ?? rents per pound, gross. equal to from 6 to *t| cento net. The remainder lav over GEORGETOWN (?HPORUIO\ LAWS A RrsoLctio* in relation to tbe new Road Ketclved by tke Board of Aldermen and Board of Common CounnI of Ikt Corf oration vf (Jeorgricwn. That the sum five hundred dollars he. and tte same is hereby appropriated to drfray tbe ex|wnae of completing tbe repairs on tbe road leading froin Seventh street to th? Stone House, it being the one-half of the amount appropriated by tbe Levy Court en tbe ?th day of this month Resolrei further, That the Clerk be. and be is hereby authorized to pay the above-named sum to the order of the Commissioners appointed by the Levy Court (Or a majority of th~m) and tbe Mayor, on presentation of tne proper vouchers therefor [Approved June M, 1 . A RKsoLrno* providing for the cleaning and repair of the Streett of the Town Rerolrtd by lAe Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Cor/nral ion of (ieorgt.tinen, I Dm me inn or two Hundred dollar* t>*. mid tbe ante Is hereby appropriate. to be paid by the Clerk to tbe order of the Mayor, for cleaning, repairing. and liming the street* of tbe town. Approved June 16, li-flO A Resolution in favor of Gilbert Vanderwerken. Kefolred by the Board of Aldermen and Heard of I'ommon Council of the Corporalt^m of lit ing'town. That tbe Clerk be, and he is hereby directed to release Gilbert Yanderwerkt.n. all except tbe mm of SH'J .H?. of tbe fine* imposed upon nim in tbe ruontlis of March and April, IK59, for failing to Eay licenses npon oninibnr a thesald Vanderweren paying all cost* on the same. Approved June*J3. A KKROLrTiox for the relief of i Hammerslclg Retolt'd by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Cowman Council of the Corporal inn of (ieorgetotnn, That tbe flue imposed on J Hammersleig for carrying a dangerous weapon, is hereby remitted. ana the Clerk of th? Corporation be, and he is hereby directed to ?op the collection of the said line, being ten dollars; provided J. Haminersleig pay all costs A. r\nrrvi'u.i I >'* /* v?vu ?* unc irw. A Rkaolptios givinjr certain authority to the Clerk of this Corporation Kt.solred by th( Board nj Alil-rmrn and Board of Common I'uunil of tk' Corporation of (it.orgetate*. That William Laird, the Clerk of this Corporation, be. and be ia hereby authorized and directed to make application to the Treasury Department of the L'nited States, for the turn of four thousand tlx hundred dollar*, which was app oprlated by an act of Congress entitled "An a^t to reimburse the Cornoration of Georgetown In the District of Columbia a sum of mouey advanced towards the construction of tbe Little Falls Bridge," approvetMune 14. 1*^50, and to give an l>ehalf ut this Corporation ?uch a rerelpt for tke said sum as may be required by said Department Approved June'JO. 1-80 I A R runLnruiv miklno an n?* r?? In*, cleaning, and sweep ng tbe m&rket-hvuse. and for white-washing tbe same Rtrolrtd by the Board of Aldtrmen and Boatd of Common Counril o f the Corporation oj ti- org*:mm. That tbe sum of one hundred dollar* be. and tbe awe la hereby appropriated, to tie paJd b# the Clerk to the order of the Market Matter, for lighting, cleaning, and sweeping the market-bouse for tbe year 1-GO. And be it furtker re.iolred, Tbat tbe sum of thirty dollars, or as mtoch thereof as is necessary. be and is hereby appropriated, for white-washing the market hous- and repairing pavement, on tbe presentation of tbe proper vouchers to the Clerk of tbe Corporation by said Market Master. Approved June 30, 1*H). A Resolution authorizing the construction of an arch He solved by the Boariiof Aldermen and Board of Common Counr iI of the Corporation of Georgetown. Tbat the Surveyor be, and be ia hereby authorized to contract with some suitable person to construct an arrh under High street between Road street %pd M Adler's house, in place of the one now rendered useless, and report tbe cost thereof, and of putting tbe street in good condition, to this Corporation [Approved J.une 3??. Ib60 G EORGETOWN ADVERT MTS For other Georgetown advertisements iee firtt p*?i FOR NEW YORK.?The picket schooners A otic and Hamilton, will commence loading fur the above port on MONDAY^^ next, 9th met. For freight apply to MeCOBB A DODGE, jy 6 63 W ater ?trce?. C CLOCK REPAIRING. LOCKS Carefully cleaned Mid repaired, an<l the striking part proper.) aJiu?t d t> J. A. WATSON, 59 Bridge at , Georgetown. 1). v? A Urge stork of Clocks always on sale at a mod erate charge to the bu?er jy 6 Jt* STRAYKD AWAY, about the middle of Ju'e last a small redcO W.with wide horns, short neck ; a white bag, with mall tea's,pur ami no other white marks abojt her Ahjt^mJim one returning h<*r to the subscriber, or giving a y information by which she may lie found, will be suitably rewarded. HIRAM GRjAY. ^ ol *f a 1 * ? j) o j*. voiutr Muutfunierji ?nu uuve Mr, Ol FOR HARPER'S FERRY. IN And alW July 3d, j^ao, the steamer L, J. Brengfe, Captain W. II. Ritter, will _ . H'k leave G?orifi?*? EVERY TkES DAY.T'HCRSUAY, and SATl'K DAY, at 7 o'clock a m.. and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a m. On tbe Saturday trip frem Georgetown the boat vill run through to Shepherdstown. je 21 3m ; JELLING OFF *?0 CLOSE BUSINESS.o JOHN R. MORGAN would n?p?et-^|M fully inform hi* customers. a?d tkeoommu-BM mty seiterally, that he has ooneinded i?fW| olo?e his buiiMM. and in order to do eo aa on as possible will offer hi* entire stock ? f hi| own mike Hi >< >TS and SHOES at oust for cash and his other foods at almost any prioe. To thust 1 ill w?nt of reliable f (Kids for wear, I would eay, ft vt me a call and you wul not i* disiMoiotet , . v As I am abont to dope my fasTness. alj aneOmit f on my books will be rAidered on or befrre the Ul a July, when I hop* they will be rescinded to prompt ly, that I may meet with promptness tht "bins 1 I> ARGAINS IN PIANOS tkM hav? bo*a ?.? D tittle u *?d. i'i?no? for fcllf*?5 mb'i to | - per month. ,(1 JOHN KkLL* . wJWu kl>? ?;iu ? f-?o * ly -. i?? *>?? >| i TfH5t,ATE??T NEW8"ft L ETi It'A P'H fC *' 1 Arrival ef U? UmUa4 lalikrata M>lt FAT*Tt**n.?.K, Ark , July i ? The telegraph Wire ?M completed Ui tbl* potnt veaterd . v 1 E* Tbe U??fl*iid Mail COM li. With the California mail of the l?tb ult . ha* uat arrived. bringing the Ur^aat maii yet brv.igLi br tbeoverUad rout* Tbeexcitement la Arlsona in regard to Um recent gold dtocoverlr* 'outim.e* Many peraoita "are tm rtmu tot tbe nrnea All Ikf member* of th? Proviai9Ml Government bad none there S?m' {fouounc* the nrn<-? a humbug but onr man bad airgoldloriklMt He wm wv uttfulnf of a rir'h yield aa apon aa wat?r could V bad h?t tb? whole country la a dearrt. upon wbtrb n?lthw man nor brail can ex!*t J*ak KaA*ci*co, June IS ?Trade i* without anv particular movement A few arc< lea have m. pr?wd a trifle but price* are *U1I greatly within ramuMtativr nt>? A tpecial elect.on would be be Id In Pea I- ran ic?u on tbe Id at J air t* d** Ide w bother M0.4M* In tx'hdi sbail bo las.ied to aid In I'Uildm^ tbe S?u Kranrlaco and San Jo* Railroad A continuous nu< of tela* rapb from S?u Franc ? o to I-oa Aiifc'eloa. 4-" n Tes. w;ll l>o in ?|<erst.on by tb? middle of July l b> jrm'n baroeat bad c*u>men<-od In Call (or iila Tbe a. i omits of ttio crop* afo eitreifteir favorable Tbe virid of wbnt and barley la un e*pe? tedly larjfr aitd a tbird of tbo crop will ro qmrr ovp<>rtliiK for a market Return* from twelve conn ties In Oregon floe tbe 1 kooji<raSW' rand d?u- for Cooyress and tbe Rrpnbll aa randldate l.iKM Tbe uaubtira \ft to Lear from. 1 .at rear gave "* l>em?erstle majority Material cbau^oa botL wava baoe take* place In tbe counties brard from and tiatb parties Were bopefut All accounts agree that a wBrlmt nunilwr of Antl-Lecompton Doinot rata and Republicans have l?ou cbost-u to tbe l^Ulatuee to defeat tbo elei tion of Mmn Laae and Suntb to tbe I nltrd States Senate The Firri|n N*?rs by tbo FalM* St Jomxa. July 6?Tbe ateamsblp Fulton l>a*sed Capo Rare at I '< lot fc this morning. la company with the "rteamer Persia It i? stated tbat tbe King <if Natileo bss a> < ep>d tbe pr<'|Mjsitlona of bis Council for a constitution on a liberal basis. and an alliance with Piedmoat Tbedeatbof Prlnre Jerome Bonaparte Is an iwunuru among it*e item* of new* from Uw C?n< tluent IM- I'atrle stnU* that Uarbaldl be Id * council of war on tbe evening of U?e 2lat, at which It W?? unanimously de< :d?d tbat the !naurrertionaI f army, after Laving < oile. ted all tbe ! ?-< easary forces. should m*r< b on Mm ni Tbe tolttni?ers brought by Col Medici had l>wi rkosen With jrreat <*rf: amnfiy them vmr o#f*r?of enJi leers U w;w brlirtid that th?- msrrb oo Maa Ina would nmmrnrf on the -?ti. inst At Sbangbae considerable apprehension was felt, owing to tbe alarming movemobti of the rebels Tbe volunteer review past-d ofl with tbe great *?t eclat, amid tbe wildest entbuiliaw of tbe Inafwe multiti>d? No accident Is reported Th? Hons* of Lords bad debated the slave trade juration and adopted a resolution in favor of tbe rtipfiotntiiieiit of a Consulate at Mozambique aa a.( berk to tb? slave trade, notwithstanding tbe ^ position of the Government Ohio Democratie itatr CoavaatimColcmbcs. Jolt5 ?Tbe Democratic State Cobwntion organized yesterday, by appointing Ore #' McCook president Tbe foltowing neqtl?men were nominated by at lamuttou for State offi' es For Supreme Judge. ! ' J 8 Smith. Attorney General, Geu I) \\ St nubarb. Super-nUndent >4 Public Works. Abner L Backus K solutions endorsing tbe noimnatlon of Doug i?h ana Johnson were adopted. wben fifty Bretk [ Uiridge and Lane men withdrew from tbe C?avirntlun and met at tbe Neil House Tbe sacoders ajipointM a State Central Committee and a comiliittee to pri pare an addreu to the Ohio demo<r?< y. They alao iiaued a call for a State Convention. to me*-t in August, to nominate State o?eers and electoral ticket News from Pike's Peak. St Jo**m, Mo . Julv 4 ?Tbe Pike'a P6ak Express bring* advices from Denver City to the JKtb ultimo Hadley, the murderer of Card w?s arrested Thursday, tried and found guilty ef murder la the first degree, and se'iten< ed on Saturday to be hung on Monday following Saturday afternoon a petition was circulated, and numerously signed, for s ooincnutation of his sentence Fending which It was found that the prisoner bad escaped, apparently with tbe connivance of tbe officer Complaints are numerous of Indian depreda Cons on the ranrlies Small unarmed nartiea are attacked, robbed of their stork, and often strl pped *f their cMUag. But although threats bave bvtt iiade. there Lave as yet been no lives taken. News from the mines is unchanged and unimportant. _ The fcxecaUsa ( Maiden Hklvioseb, N J . Julyfl?Be? Mr Harden, for the murder of bis wife was executed at half past one o'clock lie made no speech, but after making a prayer bade adieu to tboat on the scaffold. He waa quite rain up U> the last He bung J twelve minutes durlug wLicb bis struggle* were horrifying. During the morning be vlaited the scaffold and examined every part with the utmost composure He made a confession to bis brother, which will probably be published. Fatal 1 elebratioa of tht Ftarlk. NotroLt. July ? ?At the celebration of the Fourth at Pungateague, Acromac county. Va , William Garrison waa killed by the nrematore disrL.trge of a cannon, and Janiea V. Hall, pria ? tf>al of the aemlnarv was terribly Injured and la probably dead Hea?aiiaatt?a of Mas. I S. C?|. Columbi *. JulyS ?The democrats of the Ktorenth District met bere \eatrrday and unairimoualy renominated Hou. 8 9 Cox far Congress Reao lutions wpic adopted in favor of Douglas and Johnson, and denouncing the aeceders Baltimore Markets. Haltihobb, J uly 7 ? Flour closed active. How ard utrert j7. XJulo S5 5<L Wtual closed dull. r?d ?l i.aI ??; vrbite si dOal m Cora cloaed qunt vellow 6>ai?- jrhlta 7?aT5c Provisions cioaea ami; m*-sa por* V?V 25; prime #14, rump 514 Wfaiaky cloaed dull (t9>i*3|e H?w Tart Market* Miw Von July 7.?Flour la flrir, Stole *51*; Ohio r> 75a5 *5 ; .-outki?-m Si 5Ma SO V* b?> it quirt; V\ rat^m red #1 3S. Corn ) qu!<t, mlitd ?vi<J6c. Pork la quiet Lard la arm at 11 )(al2\'? , Whl*ky cK*rd dull at til *c. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPER*. K. R.Dl'RKtE4 CO.T * QtarwiUad not oaly ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from (reab Spio*?, aelaotod and o.aaued K?r ua avatAaala ?ka ? ? $ bwSSiJCllF N*k?d 4aT?K (lined with papnr. i to pr*T?st iijarj by keeping, and are fulTireiiht, while Uie ordinary grouiw! Spioee are annual invariably short. We warraitf 'BOTITKVOSuT&V%^CA?*iw'yU'"> ?-,l, KMC**' hi* I R K, FIRE. POTOMAC WAT BR. . enrarod in tue PLC DHIMU andGAti FITTING Bl?IBIfc*?at my old aland in Philhar monio Hail. The advantage uf having a plentiful eupelf of water ?M ,radii* obaerv. d at the &re 01 m.m I Rm w*Il aafi ?mui I .k^a,\A La?a ? turued out but lor the t.oamfui >upplt uM>r mi pr*im*??and tWufiny n*uh*or( Ail order* for the intfodvoUon of Water and Gu will he prenpt * altered I?. Term* a* r?u?M W?UMj plumber in & c?tp, JZJ C. PNVDKR. HARPKR^MAfiAZNfc,UCK^TW,lAoe.U. IS "?bii 15 cent* 16 eejitc, 16 o* nte. 16 oeota M jent-. 15 e.-1??payable In afl.anoe Ca ! aud p*? for AniUft BBff.W. p?> uai L .Klt>barf" Circassian P *LF UJ* *!" ,* r^rnartaahie <ieaer mi the verM, for ear. S#e btlla. A. UOTlK f\AII.V STAGfci link BETWEEN WAWH 1/ iN<iro?\ 1 Tt^ and ar ***'v. ? hlNOTON Mlf.l.S. ll&rTl with tbe l.oudoun and Hai.p?hir?^^?fe*gK KtiiniM, leave nuniniwg ?' 6S "o'clock* ?i. i Fart>&uenU. -ta?e oftce at M? tin'* Praaklru U?t*l, ooraer of Eight!, aim I* ?t?. jtHa* JOKN H. KPXCHNEt. Prop'r. U7 O O D ! W wood!! WOOD!!! 1 STOVE and KINDLING th? lowe. oaaible price. > ^ T J. A W M. GALT, I Pa. a*., between llth and ISLh sU.. > w?a n-tf . . e?w?J? ?i4?. > 'in ICO V AL HAVANA ..OTTUlt. - 1 HK Neat Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot i ' SORTEO NUMSS.O m OROJNARiO. \ CAPITAL PRlfe. ?1 I | ? iJMgj jK?J?et ??. * . ? rr:: & "'ETjutfia* ran Kb. >- A drav ins vill to forw wrt *?* ? w tM re??ii !. "SnSiS0""-"-vajytg^t^yglT-" I v* *. w * -f e ^

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