Newspaper of Evening Star, July 7, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 7, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. BM XtCtLLOCH AT BAFT JACINTO. [From the Nacogdoches Ctarealcle J '* At th? batflt of 9an Jielato, I w*? In comnand of one piece, of artillery The fire from it ?penedonthe j?mr about two hundred yard* distent. We idvanced after ewh discharge, keeping it in advance of the infantry, until we were with'n less than two hundred yard* of their breastwork, at which time I had aimed the gun, but waa delayed In firing for a moment by Gen. Houston, who passed across some thirty yards In trout of the gun. and waa at that time nearly that distenc In advance of every inan In that part of the field " Bin NcCuiloch. Brave Ben. why stand with your match in your hand * There are Mexican foes in jour sight; Tne hour lias come when there's hope for the land. And your brethren are Keen lor trie ngm. L*t the "Twin J?ister"* her terrible breath Like the ?imo ?n will withe' their menLet her bev to the f >? a meii<ii;e of doath ; "Remember the Alamo." Ben. Hark ! There'* a sound on the air.?''tu the Alamo cry! A form rushes past to the fight? .... *Tis Houston, who lead* the men willing to die For freedom, for Texa*. and right! ?*n standi at hi* gu-, with hie eyeon the foe. Till the la-t of that band had gone by. Then, cheennc them on. he says, "Now let her go ; Rake them well,and they dastardly fly." The "Twin Bister" spoke 'jyid the rifle's sharp crack. The crashing of swords, and the yell Of men who fight on, but never turn back Till the battle is won, and won well. T^at shot did its work,and furiously then Tne aveng-rs bore down on the foe ; They rail;?they fly ! yonr work is done, Ben. And the rest was done bravely, we know. Hurrah for stout Ben. and hnrrah for the bend Tha* gava freedom to Texan that day ! And hurrah for the sun that so (travel) was mau'd. When the Hero was passing that way. And hurrah for the Hero ! hurrah for the Star? The "lA?ne Star of Texas," that rose From the plains of Jacinto, blood-red with war, To the sky where it peacefully glows.: Let as cherish the Hero, and cherish the Star. And chen?h the sky where it glows : Let the siar in the sky shine on evermore. As bi lght as the day wnen it rose. K. W. C. 'The two cannons used at San Jacinto were presents to Texas by the patriotic people of Cincinnati, and named the "Twin Sisters." Th* Tbi.egraph and thk Press ?An adjourned meeting of the American Telegraph Company was held at the Aitor House, New York, on Friday, to take inta consideration the difficulties existing between it and tbe newspaper press. After a discussion extending over five hoars, it was unanimously resolved that, after the report of the committee appointed some time since to arrange the scale of tolls shall have been made and approved ot. the President shall appoint a committee of three stockholders to conclude, on the nart of the company, a permanent contract with the Associated Press, on the basis of the company's scale of charges The exhibit of expenses and receipts of the company was as follows : Total receipts from November 3, 1859, to February 1, 1*60 *251,636 26 Total receipts from February 1, I860, to May 2, I960.... 233.758 79 Total $485,395 05 >'ett profits for first three months 52,451 71 Nett profits for second three months.. 70,948 87 Total profit for six months $123,400 58 Same estimated for six months 123 400.56 Profit*for year 8246,801 1# Leas interest on bond 11.020.00 Present nett profit 9^35,781.16 A Slight Mistakk, Pbrhaps.?"So. you are going into the country?" querried Mrs Partington, smiling, as her neighbor. Mr. Diggs, looked In at the door "Yea." he replied: "I've engaged rooms, but landlords are uncertain, and I may get loo'd " "I hope to my heart you won't,-' replied he, "for there's too many of 'ein round now, that are not no credit to anybody, and bring scandal onto a neighborhood by the discrepancy of their conduct " "Who do you mean?" said he, interrupting her. "Why, lewd people," she replied; '-and though heaven knows none of us are better than we should be. we alnt any of us as good as we ought to be, and that's scriptur." He assured her that he should be restrained, and left. We hope so too Hoxi ?Our home' What images are brought before us by that one word? The meeting of < ordial tinilea, and the gathering round the evenine hearth, and the Interchange.of thoughts in kindly words, and the glance of eyes to which our hearts lie open as day?There Is the true city of refuge! Where are we to turn when it is shut oat from us or changed' Who ever thought his home conld change" And yet those calm, deep and still delights, over which the world seems to have no breath of power, they, too are like the beautiful summer clouds, tranquil as if tlxed to sleep forever In the pure azure of the skies, yet all the while melting from us, though imperceptibly passing away. Pkihijg a too Fa*.?The (Quebec Chronicle saysAt a recent election Investigation, not one hundred mll?s from Montreal, a celebrated manipulator was examining the witness on his own t>? half. One of tbeae witnesses he was very severe upon, and Insisted on a reply to this question. 'Now. sir, upon your oath?did vou ever hear my opponent say say that I should be in the Penitentiary; or if I had mv due, I would there1'1 "Well, sir, If you insist on it, I must My 1 never did bear yoar opponent say so, but 1 have heard a great many others say it." t?7*Col. C. W Miller, of Marion (s*ys the Charleston Mercury) is nominated for the next ConiTfM. in oppos tion to the return of lien. J MoQueen AKRTVA TJI AT THR unVKTJ* BROWNS' HOTEL.?D Darraih, Md; Hon R W Johnson and family, Ark; H Cook, Md: J I) Edwarda. UC; T H Uriaaweil and fami y, Pa; K M Ta>lar, Va; O Brower, La. F J ??iley, K Fainonr do; C Moore, N V ; C S Cunnintham O; K Swift,do; W .\Ii?k?y, Pa; J MoMlaaton. Md; Mr? J MoAUeaton, do; G E Evard, Va; R F Finch and ltd;, do; J M Crawford and bod. Pa; J P Ho ne, Mi*"; J Coucej and ion Pa, Miaa M Pendleton, Va; C B William*, La; J W Boiling. Va: J Ch'itman and l>; tL W Maro. Tmh; D Bond do; R Badgnr, NC; w Little do; F Hay wool, do; Col p Franklin. Ga; Mii? M Franklin, do; C M?tt and lady, Miaa, Cait K MoLmi and ladr. LtH; Mi?* Har<Wf, J Hand.) and lady, Ala; O Hanaiv and lady, do; Mr ?nd Mrs Marahaf; and lady, La, Miaa Garget, do. NATIONAL HOTEL.?M A Stron*. -: A M Kemii. and lady. Va; J r Ho m-#. La; J Templrton, Eng; T A ZwMi>f*r, NC; 8 b Goodlo?, C Rr*ek*nbro?|h, Ky; F >1 ?> to?, A T Yoauc,Ma>; J B White and family. ML J 8 H?d?e?. D-?; Mr* T 3 Bowie, Miaa Bowie. Md; J T Bey bolt, R W?ed(wood, NY: G H Patohia and lady. Mo; J ? n i . * ' - ? " -tt >? iddodi, mo; i> a linnjnr. Mri A M Tureaort, JWPir?iknd family, La: C h Gouxh, Ml; J H Le Te liei. ?; K C Cave Va; G B belman. Mary )*nd; J R Bar tielt, Rhode laland; Dr A Brook?, Md. K1RKWOOD HOUSE-P B Joom, DC: T J Pace, do. G Phillip*, Pa; Col Wall, do; W Mechlin*. Trxaa; W R Olover, Kr; W A Bronaean and family, La: K D Whitr, do; Mra M Snyder, DC, J feaiaa, K?. R H Key, fe*a?; J Green, NY; A H Jonaa, Pa. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DATS Fkoh the United States. Suamert. Leave. For. Day*. New York. ?.New York.. Bremen July 7 Kangaroo... New York...Liverpool J?!y ? Kuropa Boaton...^. Liverpool.... J my 11 Adriatio .....New York.. Havre July 14 Teatonia New York...Hamfoarr, ...July 16 Peraia?. New York...Liverpool .?J?lv 18 Rtna New ?ork Liverpool July 19 ? > ? ui*..,uo'waj j my 1M Fulton .New York-. Havre... .July 21 rabia. ... Boaton Liverpool... July K anderbill New York-.Havre. July U From Europr Etna Liverpool New York. ..Jane 26 Fulton...._? 8oothfpt?n...New York ..Jane27 Pal * tin* Liverpool ...Oaebeo June27 Arabia Liverpool....Boaton June 30 Aracv South'pton_New York.. .July 4 Bavaria 8oath'ptoo_New Yors ..July ? Jura Liverpool....New York . July 10 The Havaa* mail etpamera leave New York on the M, 'tth. 17th. and 17th of eaoh month, and Cu%ri?aton on the tth and 19th. The California mail ?t*"">?ra leave New York on h? *th and Mh of a**' month. wooiTTnd coal. W~oo~D AND coal Delivered to all parta of the oity, at the loweat fussiuiv rtlfll. " T J ft w. M. OALT, Ofk>? 3%a P?. *y., between 11th and 12th at* . ui? 17-tf north tide. f HK SUBSCRIBE*-BAVINO ON HAND 1 an oiwoiin etoek of FUEL, is prepared to Mil ftt ft Terr low ficere for oftah WO'iU ??w*d and Splitu; us*. Cftl' *nd Mt ft* ,eareel? - W <>o^cSti D^uir, n,* l? _ 8. K. corner of Fourteenth ftnd C ?ta. NtW STYLUS OF BICB JKWFLRY -H.O* Hooil h\a jeet op?nod ft targe atofC, whioh he wiii f ff-r ?t trery iO?r?Ui Therefore thoee thftt ere wishing to aftm, home ftnyUmi 1* hie line ?e ere miU, will do weil to eft 11 ft ad aiawifte hie eUink ftt Si" P*. "YfBftf ie?_ f3S?fKii I_. ___ ?t?<u?? MISCELLANEOUS. THE CHftAlE?SfA1Saa?cI^H%o. "U'.&' * co.'8. OcUon Hull Clothing Rooms Splendid Spring Raglans with Capes, Splendid Spring Overcoats fori few dollars. At WIE8ENFELD & CO.'S Elegant Dreu Suits, at lowest rates. At WIESENFELD k. CO.'S B <autiful Business Suits. at trifling oost. At WIESENFELD * CO.'S. Business Suits fm younj men. Business Suits for middle ages Business *?uits for all axes, At WIESENFELb ft CO.'S. Dress Suits for weddings. Dress Suits for varties, Dress Suits lor best wear. At W1E8ENFELD ft CO.'S. Coats by the thousand, Pants by the thousand. Vests by the thousand, At WIESENFELD ft CO.'S. Boy oiothlng Tor the rounieit, Buy's olothinc for all sizes, Boy's clothing for larrer bora. At WIESENEELD A CO. 3 Cheaper than the cheapest. Finer than the finest. Better than the best. Are t> e garments At W1E8ENFELD A CO.'S. Save your money, as A very few dollars Will give you a splendid outfit fonummer, If you call At wie9enpeld A co.'9, ap 17-TuAStf Cor. Pa. av. and st. Members of congress and others Who are soon to return to their homes, and who would add totheoomlortana beaut; of their houses, are respectfully invited to our warehouse. Pennsylvania avenue. Market Space, No. 4, third door east of Ninth street, where they may find a full and complete assortment of? Elegant Wilton Velvet C&rpetings, fro.n $1.25 to $1.75 per yard, Rich English Brussels do. at from 90 cts. to $1 10, Rich Imperial Three-ply, (2H lbs. to the yard,) at from87)i cents to $1.10, Splendid real imported Double Ingrain do., TO to 80c. Very good do. do. do. at 40 to 60c., Also, all widths twilled a~d plain Venetian do., for hall* and passages, 25 to <5 cents. Also, elegant wid? Oilcloths, for rooms, halls, passages, stepi, &o., which we cut out to order. Also, new style Cocoa and Canton Mattiugs, Rich and extensive variety of Velvet and Brussels Rugs and Druggets, in borders and by the yard. Door Muta in nt vnri#?fv Superior a d very cheap All Linen Sheetings, Real Silicia 1 able Damasks, from 6-4 to 1 i 4 wide, Table Cloths in all sizes,8-4 by 8-4 to U-4 by 24-4, Napkins to match, Also. Towellings, Toilet Quilts, and other Toilet Goods, iu pleasing and great abundance, very cheap. CURTAIN .MATERIALS. Our stock of rich and appropriate materials for Curtains is not to be surpaskod. in point of elegance, varietv, and reasonableness of price, any where. We haveElegant Satin Brocatels, which are nearly 2 yards wide, at from fU cents to Damask and Satin Lain?*, from 50 cents to ?2, Extra noli Embroidered Tapestry, a new article for curtains, richer than brocatels. Reps and Turkey Clo.hs, in embroidered patterns and by the yard, at astonishingly low prices. Also, superb Emb-oidered Lace and Muslin UnderCurtains. at from 12Vi cents to A3 n??r *ard. And all the ?.ornice?, ?*i<le Band* lieautifiilly representing flowers and fruits, with rich Centre and Side Cords, and Tassels and Gimps t<> match In consequence of the advanced sta^e of the season. we have determined to run off any of th<- above goods at iust about the first cost, and at pr'c?s warranted to be less than the saui<> can bj had elsewhere. All goods sold to go to a distance will be carefully packed for transportation and sent off free of extra cost. jel8-10teo CLA6ETT A DODSON. I No. 659 1 BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES In pursuance of law, I. James Hern asan, President of the United States of America, do hereby declare and make known that public ?ales will he held at the under-mentioned (.and Offices in the Territory ofKansasatthe periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the Land Office at Junction Citt commencing on Mm day, Ute6th day of August next, for the disposal of the public land* within the following townships, viz; Sovtk of the bast line ajid east oj the sixth principal meridian. The parts of township 1 outside of the Indian reservation, and townships 2 3, 4. and 5, of ranee 8 The parts of township 1 outside of tne Indian reservation, and townships 2, 3,4, and *, of range}? The parts of township 1 outside of the Indian reservation, and townships 2, 3, 4, and 5. of ranee 6 The parts of township 1 out'ide of the Indian re servation. and townships 2, 3,4. and 5, of range 5 The parts of township I outside of the reservation. and townships 2,3, 4, and .% of ranee 4 Townships 1,2,3,4, and 5, of ranee 3. Townships 1,2, 3, 4, and 5, of range 2 Townships 1, 2,3 4, and 5, of range 1. At the Land Offioe at Juxotiow City, ooinmen 01 ng on Mondayjtheaoth rta> of August next, for the disposal oi the publio lands witnin the following townships. viz: South 0/ the bast line and east Qf the sixth principal meridian. Townships 6, l\ 16. and 17, of range 4 Townships 6, 7,15. Ifi. and 17, of range 3 Townshipsti, 7,8,9, 10, 11,12,13, 14,15,16, and 17 of range 2 i uvnimpi D,7,o l", 11, 1^, 13, 14, 15 16, and 17, of sange 1. At the Land Office at Junction City, oommenoing on MondaT, the 1'?th of September next, for he disposal of the public lands within the following towthips, vu: South of tkt bast Iinr and to*t af tkt sirtk prmripnl meridian. The p\rta of townahip 18 outside of the Indian reservation, and townahip* 9, 20, 21 and 22, of range 8. Townshipi IS. 19, 21, 21 and 22, of rang* Township* <8,19, 20,21 aud U, of range fi. Towuships 18,19. 20, 21 and 22, of tange 5, Townahip* 1?, 19. 20, 2' and 22, of range 4. Township* 18, "Jand 20, of range3 Townahi p* 18.19 ai d 20, of range 2. Township* 18, 19 and *>. of ranee 1. At the (.anil Offioe at Fort Scott, commencing on Monday. the 13th daj of August next, for the dirp >sal of the pubiio lands within the following townships, viz: South of th* ba.u lin' and eant of the sixth principal mti tan The parts of township 23 outside of the Indian reservation, "f ranges *, lo, 11. 2, 3,14,15,16,17,18, 19,20,21 and 22. The parts ' f townships 23,24 and 25 outside of the Irdian reservation, of ranges. Townships 21,24 and 26. of range 7. townships 23 , 24 and 2l, of ranges. o wnships 23, ?4 and 25, of range 5 Lands appropriated br law for the nse of schools, military. Indian, and other purposes, will be ex olad*d from the sales The ottering of the abovelands will beoommenoed on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which th?*> are Advertised until the whole shall have been offered and the sales thus cl<>? >d; but no sale shall b* kept op^n longer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be per nutted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under mr hand, at the city of Washington, this twentieth day of April, Anno Domini one \ thousand eight hundred and sixty. UML'ti ut*nu * w * ki I sr*?4*?auo uwnailaili By the President: Jos 8. Wilson, Commisiioner of the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre emption to any or the lands within the townships or parts of townships aU>ve enumerated in r quired to establi?h the sarin to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the proper Laud Office, and <^ake pay ment theefor as soon as practicable a fW seeing tt I < notice, and before the day apeoiii*ed f >r the ooinmeuoement of the public ?a!eor the lands embrsoiac 'he tract claimed-; otheiwise, such claim wiil be forfeit?d. JOS. S. * ILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. Not^?Under the regulations of the department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment can be made for advertising proclamations except to such publishers as are iptcialli mutkorittd to publish h* Ui? coinmiaaioner or the General I J?nd Offioe. wl.iw NINo. 66'i 1 OTIC* OF THE KtMOVAI, OP THE i ANP OFFICE FROM CAMBHIDGE TO "SUNRISE CITY," IN THE ?TA I E OF MINN ESOTA. In ?co?>rd?no? with the provision* of the act of Conftreae entitled ' An *ot authorizing ohancea in tt 0 location of Land Ofioe*," approved Maroh 3d, 1MB, it ia hereby deolared and mut known that the office for the aale of publio lamia at Cambriihik, in th? State of Misniaota will be removed togoiiai*s citt, in aaid Stats, at n? early ? period at prarti'able. F urth?r nntiiu ' ? ~ ...v r. kiiuvui uiumiK inv office at Cambridge preparatory to it* removal, and of ita opening r >r bu?ine?? at Sunriae Oity, will he ?iven by the Kagiatet and Receiver of the L.atd Diatriot. Given under my hand, at the oity of Washington, thia 3f>th (1 ?y of Mav, A. D. 1W?. By order ?i the President: JOS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Ofiioe. Je 2 m6w N O WILLIAM BRADLEY BKGS TO I > inform the public and his friend* that he ha* on hand a large stock of Marble Mantels.quite a new *t> le. Al*o Monument Head atone*. Table Top* Ac., which he ha* to di*poae of at price* to nail the times. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. Plumbers' work prompt]* attended to. inn. k hmiui P? ? iirfk?j io.l ..... . a ... mmw% irvv. lOkll mill I711I IWfi. OHN'8 LIBRARY 8KRIK8, INCLUDING the Staadard.ClaMica! Antiquarian. Illustrated, Hoiertifio. Philological, Kocleaiaetieal and British Claseio Librarian. A e?rie> of Standard Works accurately p'inted and at low prieea. New work* a e added to the ariaa twri month Any volume may he had separately, anl beck volumes ean be always applied. The oomplete eerie* kept oonstentJy on hand by PH1LP * SOLOMON, Metropolitan Book?t"re. 339 Pa. ay., W. 9th and 10th eta. ]e an 8?le agents for l.asrow?e'? "Utioe-rT. UALTIMORE LIFE IN8U1LANCK CO.-Is D co*pomAT?i> 1MB? JOH* I. Donaldsox, Pre*. ?? w. 0. METZKROTT. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. DAI.TIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. O WASHINGTON BKAXCH. Change or Houhs. ON AND AFTER WKDNb^CAY, Juneisth, I860, train* will ruo aa follows: Leave Washington at 6 in and T.40 a. m. Lear? Washington at 3J" and 53> p. m. On Sunday at 3 at p. ni. Leave Baltimore at 4J25 and 8 W a. in. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4-2B p. m. On bunday at 4 25 a. in. Paaaengers for the Ea?t will take train* at 6J0 and 7.40 a. m ana 3 20 p m. For the West at 7.?i a. m. and S-20 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.*0 a in- and A*) p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4" a. m. On Saturday evening the3.30 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS. Acent. NEW ORLEANS I3M TBLR.EE DAT0 WITH TH* CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. Si ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphia by Rail.thenoe by Fust olass Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail.thenoe to Mobile by Firstclass Packets. Mohiie to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TR A INS? Sunday* IifCLri>*D, Leave WaihiD|tin at 6 a m and 6 p m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot of Seventh street at 6X a. m. aad GSi P m. and oonnect* at Alexandria with the Oiamre and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwe?t. Offioe?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. , BAGGAGE CHECKED THP.OCQH TO NEW ORLEANS. Lrnohburg .9S Memphis >31 00 Bristol.^-. ..isfl- Atlanta. nri UnnTviMw ,.8O0-> Macon. 28 00 Chattanooga 24 00 t'olumbus 31 So Dalton. .......?..24 on Montfomerv 3^ <*i Runt grille - woo J via Memphis.42 .So Grand Junction.?-3u on N.O.> viair. Juno .42 50 Nashville 25 801 \ via Mobile.. 46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is aoo MILES SHORTER, and *24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l ine?the Lynchburg Extension being now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST ASD MOST PLEASAXT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First class Sleeping Cars! !To New Orleans Hours. Memphis.. ? .34 do, Montgomery >13 do. Nashville . 46 do. JCTThe U.8 MAIL*and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets can be obtained at the Kouth Western Office, corner orSixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following poiuts: Lynchburg, ' Bristol, Knoxvilln, At'anta, Chattanooga. Huntsvilie, Grand Junction, Macon, Nashville, Dalton, Columbus, Montgomery. iMobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. ITT" THROUGH TIFHKTS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. flyOmnibuses and l!arga*e Wagons leave the office at 6 a. in, and 6 p. in. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Agent, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth sr. and Pa. av. THE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of February, laan. Will leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY' and^ ^" FRI DA Y, at 6 o'olock a.m..and ALEXANDRIA athalf-past6 o'olock. for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landing*. On her return trips, she ill leave CUllRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5o'olook a. m. LUCTAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. __ NATH'L BOUGH. A*'t, Alexandria. feso_ PFQR NEW YDRK. ASSAGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM, f 7.40. The New York and Virginia Soraw Steamship Company's new and elegant steamship riw MOCNT VERNON. Capt.T.C. Smith, will leave the Company's Depot. tern Wharves, at lt'o'olock a. m. ever* WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at S o'clock p. m. aame daj. Passengers from Washington and 6eorc?towm can take the coachea connecting with Alexandria ateamt>oata or railroad, which leave the oorner ol Tth sti'eet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they oan leavs on the ateamer from the W eatern Wharvea at 1] 'oiock ?. m. State roomi oan be engaged on application U Meaara. Morgan A Rhinehart, Weatern Wharrea Freight will be raoeived ap to the houra of depar lure. Il /* Insurance will be effected on all goods by thisline at the oftoe of the Company at K per oent premium. The accommodations for passengers by this lins are in every respect first-c asa, and every effort wil be made to render thia communication with New York an agreeable ar.d healthful one. f or ireirht or p&*H&ce apply to FOWLE A CO., Agent*, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL * CO., aeS-ly 86 West at., onrner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY^ MteetiT LOOM IS, M. D., the in renter and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at M ^ tend* personally at his office in this city. nmmBt Many persons ean wear these teeth oannot wear others, and no person oan wear other* who oannot wear tneae. Persons c&llinc at my office oan be aoooiomodated with any style and pnoe of Teeth they mar deaire; bat to those who are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that axt oan prodnoe, the MINERAL PLATE will b? more fully warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 336 Pa. avenne, between Vtn and 10th sta. Also, 90T Arch street, Philadel shia. oc Mt D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after apractioa! test of two yeara, feels that he can with oonfidenoe reoom mend the Cheoalastio Prooess for insertinzla^^^S artificial tooth It has the advantage* or"1, " ttrwinth, baauty, ol?anlin?M, and cheapness. Fall wrsrtsinaartadfor 93*. Partial in proportion Offlo# 306 Pa. avenue. hi fREEMAH | SmPSflll'J IM Ali NOLI ft I MAG NOLI W ^VHISKE^i^VHISKETO We offer for aale the above atandard brand of ftne Copper Dratilled Matter Rre Whisky, in bar rela and half-barreia Aa it is of our ovn diatilla tion. and highly improved hr ace, we oocfrJently reoommertd itaa the fcebst and beat Whiaky that oan poaaibly be diatilled. We alto offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISK BY, and other branda. from the largeat atook of Fine Whiskiea in the United Statea FRRKMAN A SIMPSON, Phoenix Diatil ery, on the Sohuyikill river, Phila Offloea?96 Wall atreet. New York ; and 109 80 Jth Front atreet, Philadelphia. mar TMy I OOK OU T F OK PA I N T~ No. 41 a 8EV EN'r H STR EET, Four Doors Soutk of Odd Frllotet' Hall. H. W. HAMILTON l*a opened a PAINT SHOP and PAIN fSTOREonthe New York, where can alwavs be found PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, BRUSHES, *c., Ac.,at wholesale and retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE, A*n Hcckkts with But ?hk? to Loam ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to House, J*i<n, Ornamental Painting and Graining. Ptainnd and Enamelled Glaus of all kinds alwayi. on hand, or furnished at short notice. He warrants satisfaction in ail wo'k entrusted to his care, and is confident that he can do work a? ch*ap, if not cheaper, than any other establishment in this city. Give liini a call. Don't forget the nunilter? it la ftt'J Seventh street. Pl'TTV i? nnww WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. T" D Strf t, ttttirtm fMA and IO*A Street*. We have iua? finiahed a Miiat)?r of firit oImi carriages, aueh m Li?a/ IrnfMii, Park Pkeatons. Family Car wjgjjftr nam, a?rf Buttt't, which we will aeli itWr B? aver amal! profit. Being pract eal m*chatiioa in diflarent branohea of the DDcinrva, we flatttr oii'aelvea that we know Se atyiea and qnali'y of work that ?i'l give aatiaetion, combining lightneaa, oomfort and darabiiity. Repairing promptly and oarefulty attended to at s .k?.u EftSf rtttinRT Br Coaehmakera, sooeamra to Wm. 1\ Hoo'k. ap 77-dly _ r?HICKERING * HONS' WOR'D WIDE \y fan,* PIANOS, for Mir only at JOHN F. EL LIft'S, S0? Pa. tvnae. between Bth and 10th tU A Uo. Pianoa for hire by the day. week, or month, upon rtay trrmi. Great bartaina in aaoond hand Piano t. je 35 # MEDICINES. W PURIFY THE BLOOD. 1TH Corrupt, disordered or vitiattd b.ood, yoa must b? sick all over. It may burst oat in pimples or lorN, or in ioim active dnwii, or it mat mereIv keep yi?u listless, oppressed and good for nothing. But yoa cannot havft good health while your blood impure. AVER'S S*RSaPAKILl.A purge* >ot these mpurities and stimulates the organs of life into vigorous action, restoring the health and expe'lins clisfase.^ience it rapidly cares a variety ot vhlli are oaused by imparity of the blood; su hai Scrofula tor Kings r.vil.1 Tumors, L'loers. scores. Eruptions. Pimples. B othea, Biles. 8t Anthony's Fire, Rose or E-yupeias. Tetter or Salt Kheuin, Soalo HeaU, Ringworm. Canoer or Canoerous Tumors, Sore Eyes. Female Diseases, suoh as Retention, Irregularity, Suppression, Whites. Sterility, Syphilisor Venereal |J seases. kiver Complaint ai.d Heart Diseaaea. Tty AYR'S SARSAPAR ILL.A. and see fur youraeif the aurarisinc antifitv with whicb it ol?&naes the blood and cure* the disorders. AYhR'8 CHERRY PECTORAL is soyniversally known to snrpass every other remedy for Ue oure of Conch*. Cold*. Inttuersa. Hot/wnMi, C oup, Bronchitis, Incipient Conaumption, ud for the relief of Ooniumpti?e Patients in advanced stages of the distave. that it is useless here to re count the evidence of it* virtue. The world know* them. ~ AVER'S CATHARTIC PlLLS-for Costiveness, Dys?ep?ia, Indigestion, Dysestery, Foul Stomach, Jaundioe. Headaolie, Heartburn, Pile*. Rheumatism, Dropay, Worms, audio short for all the purposes of a purgative medicine. Prepared by J. C. A VKR A CO., Lowell. Mass , and sold by all Druggists everywhere, je 21-eolm XJa Oa Ha db "JL'm Ak a HUIVIVEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lang Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNKWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through all cases wh?r? Oyiin was ever used to that of |)*Iiriuin Tremens, and the oommon chief came of IMeease LOSS OF SLEEP. The Tola Anodyne, though containing not a par tioieof Opium, produce* all the requirement* of, and may he used in all oases wherever Opium waa used without pro'Juoing anything but Care*, and l?aving the patient in a perfectly natural *-ate. The Universal Cough Remedy, (freed from all Hhe oommon obiection of ?'ough Remedies, which Rroduoe nausea or prostration,) may be considered is common enemy to ail Throat and Lung Complaints. and used with perfect impunity. Asking all to court from proprietor* or friends the moil severe investigation of both Remedies, and reading of our DMnDh'et* to hetouiul with all dealers, and more particularly to purchase only of those who can be depended upon, we w&it in oocAdenc? the decisions of Patients and Physicians. "Prioes within reach of a<l " gknkkal aoknts. J. W. Htssswill A Co., 7 and 8. Commercial W harf. Boston, Gko, Huxsiwkll, 143 Water at., New York, Under the speoial supervision of JOHN L. Hl/NNEWELL,Chemist and Pharmaoentist. Boston, Mass., whose signature overs the co ks of the genuine only, ana to whom address all oommunioationi. Soid by all respectable dealers everywhere, and all the Druggists in Washington and Georgetown, mar 26 eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specific Remedy For Diseases or the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL SWKLLI!S6S. This Medicine increases the power of Digestion, and excites the ABSORBKNTS into healthy action, by which the WATERY OR CALCEROIS depositions, and all ITNNaTIIR al KNI.A HCK. MKNTS arf> reduoed , aa weTl aa PAIN and INFLAMMATION. andtla food fur MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HKL.VIHOLD'S EXTRACT RUCHU, For Weakneasea Ariaing from Exoeaaea, Habita of Diaaipation, Early Indiscretion or Abuse, Attended with the following Symptom t ? Iniliapoaition to Exertien, Loaa of Power, Loaa of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nervea, Trembling, Horror of Diaeaee, Wakefulneaa, Dimneaa of Vision. Pain in the Baok, Univeraai Laeaitudeof the Muacuiar S*atem, Hot Handa, Flashing of the Body. Dryneaa of the Skin, Kruptiona on the Faoe, PALLID COUNTENANCE. Theae aymptoma, if allowed to go on, which this medioin* invariably remove, anon fo!'.?w? IMPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In O.nk or Which the Pattkstmay Eipikk. Who can aa> that they are not frequently followed by tho** "DIREFUL DISEASES" "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the cause oi tneir suffering, BUT_NONE WILL CONFESS, ' POISON" dm, bj; the gu of"powK*ruL a?tkin??bnt?." hwu dried up in the ajrttem, to break out in an a*eravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Wei.mbold's Extkact Bucko for ail affections and dieoaae- of the URINARY ORGANS. Whether exiatinjt in MAi E OR FEMALE. From whatever cau e origina'ing and no matter of HOW LONG SI'A>DJNG Diteaaee i'fth*?eorran? r?>quireth?ai' <>'a Dmriti 11KLM B" 'LP'S KXTKACT HUCHL' IS THK bREAT Dfl RETIC. And in regain to have the desired effe. t in all Di?ewei KOR WHICH IT IS R KCOMMt- N DFD. Eridtnr> of tkt most rrliabU and respomtbU charter will accompai r the mwUci^es CERTIFICATES I F lU RES. bran 8 to 2f> ytart' standinr. With Name* mows to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price SI 00 per bottle, tr tlx fer 00 Delivered to an; Addreu, securely packed ft J o'htvmiod. dk?(-k1d> stmptom* in all com m0nic4tio** Care* (iaartntrrd! Advice Orttii!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, an Alderman of theeity ofPht adelphia.H. T Helm bold, who being duly sworn, doth say. hia preparai long oo tain no narootie. no mercury, or o'her injurious urur*, bat arc purely variable. H. T. Hr'LMBOLD. Sworn and subscribed before me, this ad day of November, 18M WM P. HIBKKRD, A derma*. Ninth street. above Race, Phila. Address ietter* f?r info'inat'on in confidence to H T H ELM BOLD, Chemist, Depot, 104 South Tenth st. bet Chesnut. Phila. BKWARK OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endea or to dispone 'or THliaowx" and "other" arllcle* o.t thi reputation attained it HelmUtld's Genuine PreparaUona, " " Extract Huchu, Saraaparilla. M " Improved Rose Wash. Sold by !*. B. Wait*. 4HS Seventh street, and 8. C Ford, J a . corner Penn. avenue and Eleventh street, ASb ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELM HOLD'S. TARE NO otHER. Cut ort the advertisement and send tor it. AND AVOID IMPOSITION ANDEXPOSUHK ap4 eolT WASHINGTON ? i FIR K i INSURANCE COMPANY. A> t*ut and Ttntk Strut. J.~tT MVHiUlRK, President. 6 D HANSON. S?nr?tor?. iml-Mtr HOWK'SIMPROVED W EI8HING SCALES These Scales are offered u> the ?ut.:.o as the moet simple, durable, and reliable eoalee ever ant la u?e. Fust class premiums harebeen awarded ti*M| by the United State* Fair and Virginia Agricultural Society; Virginia State Axrieuitur^ Fair; PraaJdia Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York Mate Fain Vermont State Fair, Jfco., Ac. In every oaae where exhibited they nave reoeired first olaee premiums Eor ea e at tf Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller's hilled Iron Safea. de IS-lv R* C. PATTIBON. Agent. \f F.MBKRB OF CONGRKK8 AND OTHERS lfl about Imtidk the city ahuuld oall ei?m>i>s our great atook of Piano* from|MMI Chiolnnng A 4ona'great (aotory, a* alaofff 1? 1 a nomh*r of jor-d aeoond-hand, n?tnTMV Piano*, Melodeona, Guitar*, F'litea, Violins, Banjo*,TamborinM, Aooordeum, Mnwo, ^ut>? Hook?,^o^,A?. je SI __ 306 Pa. nr., bet. and lgth aia._ WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS. nr. K hUllKDMIK I'HK l>SA>hA!?VLlM8 And the M'lnnrhoty Deaths by Bear ampi* witness to the truth of the assertion, THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid of medicine to strengthen And Invigorate the *yatom. Which Hklmbold'? EXTH ACT BL'CHU tmrariablyioe*. A TRIAL WILL CONVXCK TBI MOST ?II?TICAL. FEMALES?FEMALES?FEMALES, OLD OR YOVNH. SI SOLE, MA R HI & D, ON CONTEMPLATING MARRlAOE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Buehu ia unequalled bj any other remedy, as in Chloroais or Retention Ureguia-tty, Pan.fulness. or Suppression ofCua tomary Evacuations, Uloerated or Scirrhous state of tho Uterus, Leiioorrhtea or Whites, Sterilhtjr, and for a I oompiainis incident to the x whether arising from Indiscretion, Habita of Diaaipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANUE OF LIFE. 8KB SYMPTOM* ABOVE. NO/AM1LY SHOUUDjIfc WITHOUT IT ? r?v rfivig iUCTf *Ty4 If? K7I p.ra 'IJlt MtAirtn' for nnp.*nsanr and Damgerout instant. HELMBOL1TS EXTRACT BUC11U SECRET^* LEASES In all their 8ta?:e?. At little expenae; Little or no ohangein Diet; No moonvenienoe; * And no Exposure. It<*auses a frequent ileaire an i givee utrength to Urinate, thereoy Removing ubatructiona, Preventing, an'! curing Stnoturea of the Urethra. Allaying Pain and Inll vmn.atJon, <> frequent n the oias< of diseaae* and expelling all foiionou* IHteas'd, and tform out Matter. THOUSAXDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVK BEEM THE VICTIMS OF QCACK*. and who hav - pain kutvyftt* to he oure<i in a short time, have found th y were deoei ved. and that the MISCELLANEOUS. / i*" *??*o,rr \ (^ ? dispatch: ^ ^ \ \^TSt?e the Pieces! AI mttxd'nti will iftppr*. #r?n M wU r?f?J?lW < ia very deeirtble to h?v? i?af oti?M and oonremect w?y for reptinnf Farmtare, Toys. Crockery, &?. , SPALDING'S PREPARED OLH moeta ail tueh etn*rg?t>ej??. aud io honaekold e*c Mora 10 oe wiini>m iu n is !*? "wjj ? up to the atiekmg point. Therein Do loacer a oeoaaaitr for limpiBg ehaire.aplintered reneera, h?<ly? dona, and broken omtiN. It ia iiat U* a'Oole tor oone. aheU. acd other ornament*, work, ao p<>palar With ladiea of refinement and l&ate. Thia admirable preparation ia meed oold. betng chemical!* held in eotition, and poeeeeeinc al! U?e valuable quaiitiee of the beat cabinet makera* tlaa. It may be uaed in the piaoe of ordinary nmoila?a, being raat. t mora ad heal re. " USEFUL I If EVERY HOUSE." Priet, 25 oenta. N. B.-A Brnah aooornpamee each bottle D?rri. No. 49 Cedar atreet, New York. Addreea HKNKY cTflPALDINe A CO.. Box No. 3.600. New York. Pat np for Dealer* in Cun containing Fo?r, Eicht,and Tweve Dogen?* beantifal Luhofrapti <o Show Card aoootnpany int each paokage. fnr A kingle bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED GLVE will wive tec time* iU oo*t an finally to every ho**ehold.-/"n Sold by all ntcmir.ent stationer*. Druggiat*. Hardware and Fartutara Dealer*, Grocer*, and Kancy 5*lore*. Country merchant* ahoald make * not*of SPAL DING'S PREPARED GLUE, wnen making ap th??r list It will Utan* *"? cliro?te. fe 10- 1T I / ATirr^ ! I 'A ifi f # H kttken ti w*+n*rmrim***i * ?/' I y fWf /?f *m k (^ />Mf?^Vr ? Vjr > c- r * f1 S^ r*Bf ft* *??# *-?.)/?? I? / y P*?M nfy boa ? Mk g jj. liiluWtf lb RaUn mJm. /I ? ? jV >">{?_ <Tg TnmnM ( ? li? /' ? /~iwni nt uV J ' pp? ^ lit rmi? I' ill JTmIvimJ J^ * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULO 8E CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAL1EY WHISKEY TG SEE THAT IT IS nnnfn uiiru tut eiphatudc r?r tv 11 n int. siunniuntwt on the lxbel^utothe^^are an imitation and a counterfeit of the above whiskey. WM.&DALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. FOR SALE IS WASHISGTOS BY ma 23 6w BARBOUR * 8KMMK8. V inuftail^io i i/i umai at<-< ' manufacturingCARRIAGE A LIGlkT^^S^E WAGONS of aJl kind* oannotbe turyMMd,u4 from h:* long experienoe in the business. he hope* to g:ive general satisfaction. All kinds of Carnages and Light Wigou ttM*> iulh<2 . All REPAlRSneaty dene, and alierderi prenpt It attended to. SeotM-hABd Camtges taken it exchange for m in. ANDREW 1. JO\CE, 4 II H ???14th &mI K pip Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thin ds\. eml?acini a.hqun . Him tie* and six?* of Sole leather, l.adie*'KjV%fR Or pas and Packing Trunks. Our trunk^"4*" sales room exhibits at this time the sr*atest variety of traveling requiFites at moderate prieos. U? be found this side of New Vork- Also, everr deecnp bon of LADIES' HAT BOXES. VALICES. CARPET BAG*. SATCHELS. Ao. 117" Old Trunks repaired or taken m exchange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. Trunk Sa'es Room, mar SLtf aaa p>. avenue. PC. SNYDER, LUMBER AND GAS FITTER, PHILHABMO!?ir H ALL, South ltd? of Pa. nr., wtsl of EUvtntk it . Will introduoe Water and Gas npon the favorable terms. || f |L m J a . . .?* iiqto ?>u ii?uu m iv* ui VylMJIiinif STOVES, and a* 1 desire to oloee them out, will aell them at <wst for ca?h. ma 7 SmLKCTRO-PHYiMOLOGV AND EI.ECTROThe rapeation, nhowinc the beet method* (or medical uaea of Electricity, by Alfred C tiarratt, M. D , 1 vol. Svo ; price f 4 .The South Hide View of slavery, by Nehemiah Adams, 1). D , 1 vol?noe 75 oeoU. Lucille, by Owen Meredith, 1 vol., blue and (old ; pnoe 78 oento. Part 6 of Tom Brown at Oxford; pnoe 12 oents. For aale by BLANCHARDi MOHUN, je 15 Corner of Uth at., ai d Pena. ava. MIH RS. SCHOOLCRAFT'!* NKW NOVELThe B auk (iauutlett, a Tale of Plaatatioa Life in South Carolina, br Mn. Her ry R Aohooloraft, wife of the Indian Historian- Pnoe #1^V Juat published and for tale at PHI LP * SOLOMON.8 Matropolitau Bookatore, S39 Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth ata. Sole A tents lor Laurence'a Celebrated Fqrttfn ilMiani. )alf I.?. C. LAMA*. . .MOT*. (.kilttli ? - L"*"MO,T * . moixtbraim, mihu . will la tk? Hich Onvrt of Krrora u4 Ar *&y JACOB REED. Ninrtcmn of MILITARY CLOTHIH8, Bovtiiait Combe 8bcokb add Srivci 8t?., PHILADELPHIA. MILITAEV ClX>Tm? FOR 8AL.K 12,000 Htimtsmtvv. ttg 1 teuntion of the jntue to o?r lirie tad wall m iMtod stock of CilUlWM ud CnW) Apple Cider, wt ICU we pVMtMto m HN Jiko?, tad will bft ?oid on raaeon&ble tar ma in onW to roea lor onr ipnni atook. Give ui a cjOI at tb? ?. ?? ?SfisB?Ki?i l>i?ww.<? trrwn ? -*?? AKEffo' BUTTE* IN BALTIMORE.?W? tu at all MMom of th? jm* ?ub?1 j jom wito erwry grade of Bitter, rwy ohoio*. w? fc*r? cifeir '-? I lun . Liuniiii.iv I i LIGHTNING!!! In T:m? or Pzack, Prkpakr foe Was! F. LaHARRK, Soutkweit comtr of 1 i*tk and C ft*., MANcrArrmKH or PLATINA TlPPKD LIGHTNING RODH, Re?pe<stfully announces to the public of Washing ; ton and vioimtf that be i? prepared to eieoate all : order* for ereotin* l.uhtmnc Conductor* on the 1 moat approved aojeutifcc principle*. e<-r*traoted ol the very lieat of materia:!, on very moderate terma. Ail P.atina tipp d Point* which are ni&oofcotured by me will be stamped with my name. Weather Vane* of any deaicn made to order. mar 29 3ro PARAFFINS OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWS' \V> ?re now rwivmi Paiaifine Oil direct from the work* in w?*t-rn Virginia. Thom ili .?fi? oainrlUxt . -??A hni lant and'if>autifu light, more pleaaant to th? nm than km tight. This Oil ia fte* from a^n'terat'.on, and ver? much more eoonoiuioal than many of the Coal Oil* uaed i at this time. \rr It ia io no way exploaiTe. Wo ke*p aiao a tupplj of the moat approved atylea of Lam pa, Ac.., for burning tbia Oil. KING k BI RCH ELL, Agenta for it* aale for the Diatiust of Columbia, Corner h:fteonth at. and Vermout ar. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company ma 11 IT CARR1A0KS. HK Satacnber having made adfiioona to ki factory. making it now one ofth* largeat IB thlt Ihatnnt. ?h?? Ki? f. I. + MEDICINES. D* 9 LOCK HOIPITAL, M?u IHttmmtd Ik* mo?i Cma<? SMiiy mm iaJf JI/KImJ Hrmtilf M r4< VrU. FOB ALL DCSKAPK* OF IMVRl DKNCK LET NO FALSE DYLlCACY FHEYENT, APPLY 1MMF.D ATKH A cm* irjKHj^rK/?. o* jvo chahi.k, IN FHOM ONE TO TWO VAYS VuhMiifitilitl lirtam U< B<*<U?r. in'* ?r.i*ry l>ntMnn *r?4 Ovki.iif OirTMM Hi. I>??f*rV u C"*' p<nw, 0??f?|?|. ?< PklpHauaa .(UnlHfi Tiii?<. i.Tr?Hi.n, D ?t >M W I gi > ijifd. ?m. lh??? ' Tkraat. m Stm. At* Ll-g*. ? ? ? ' * ? ? ftaliutt labiu at UMl it?tnir? , ? ? _ Dra.afa u4 PNtntiiM ?kK? nt dar Mtrrwfi npackli, >< daatra* hat* Bad? u4 M*< riicm. MM hftMili *ha h**a kKMMiM Am Mar; lfc?i <>Mlhl ut da?izatu?a kaku wkicl aa?aa< I ttiifi > aa aautnal* (n?a iki af Tnk| IUk af 1m Ma. ? tkt< liMiiii >od brillaai imtlMc . ?ha <!< athar a <m ha NDmiiU IMmii.| Iimcm tilt ttlim' a<ii> iiM> h y? iMtU; t*a Iff*, ?? Mil ?ith fa aaa* ^ SS AltUM mum riuoai,a? tnmMm Ma? ittritf pfcaaidal txU?M,Mft*i? dahllHa, MMMiM. t( . ?| t?di T carad *ka f.xti himaalf <!ai lb* af l*? J an nlwiaaaiy mi k? banar > a faaUaaaaa ud i?U??i)y ri , ?|i hi* afeili phfaK'U urriCK Ma. t ovti riii'tnt'i trtiir I aft hand atda fataf fram k^atra atraa. ha ?? fMa tba t?>ir Fail oat taahaar** Mat aad itatai fc*iHN Mat ? ftM u4 taauia a ataap da jobmtom, Mmktn aftha k*f>l CaU?(t af?haadaa. fwOia fian aaa af tha m?i aaiaaai CaKafaa la dta Sauad Kum, aad tha fvaatar pan af ?r Ufa hat* apaai la IM ha* la af Uafan, r*ra, tad aiMaUra. haa adfaciad aama af tba maa: aata- .antog caraa '.ha' vara aaa* laaau, aan? traai ?d ?itb ri' fi j ta I:r.a ha?f aad aaia WMI limp Ptr^w? mmIi, mMnm wuh fr+qwmi Mwlu^, utrd?4 ? ? Mm viU 4ir>n|in? i mf muid. vara c?ri< i i<fcnn T A IB PABTICVkAA HOTICE. T i Mai Ui4 Mktn ?ii?ua?a kf Mrxaiu prttlKi .ridd gtC is ?(. ? iMM-t kakit fra lly inroad fr?n> a?il omptuwii*, ? ai mbo?,, tha alaata f wkkb irt nifbdf (ill ?t<i. if on tin<. raodara m^rriAj. in.f>.?aiaia, ?< daaira?t ??ik mi?d u4 * ??, ahoaid ipflt immediately TSm? an of to* aad and vytala?rK#tf a|a?M faodaaad kf My katra W >hi> : Waili.Ha ?f ha K*ck a?d U??>a. Pain* w (ha Maad, Dim aaa of lif: Leaa af Miaatkl P?W?r, PaipiKUM ?J Iba Ma ?ft, Daapapay . Nartaaa IrtiWkW" ? -? ? *' I I ?_ if, ucri' f ?n>?ni ot im 1 r\f mm " * r w^uw?, w?nr?t mviniy, fmptooi* if IViiiJii*, Ac. MKICTALLT -Tr.? htrfil iIkum .k? uii tn ? ?? ? kt 1r*|d*4-L?M of Miiumi, CWwn. of Mkak. I>?winm f *?'! A*ini?a*fa?ci*t?. ??if l>*n?v leMsf IK .IN Mni ' Iti ?*ito p>? Iwi4. MUTOBI DdlktT -r>? ?<? ??? M* |>4fl *lu to th? cm* ?f ibkir 4?7lminf kiiiU, IwiMtliii IMi?| I, ptn, narraa* i*4 amacra;i4,1 *inf mplw IffMIUd (toll Ito IfM, tNfk W If (I PIMM tl CMMMBftM* dikl?au or imrardkncb W fekn tkt ii ?kf kiikd ad ifrpradati'. imfry ?f piiutn hli k* h*k mbifckd tb? <: < tf u tiNiH. ii in 4U? toppiM itol ? illMm of mhmmrn *r 4r?4 mt Iikxw) dkikrt bin frtn kpplrinf to IkoM w+*. frrm odatktm ul mptcukilnf. cu iMM Mnik4 kw fclto mm A* k?,t* ?f i?i.M?ni ind iaai?!iin* (>r?i?ii(lAri. the mrtMl.a af carina, lick ku ptcnuiy HbMtfti, Inf his isitkaf Mr th arar maa?'h, of aa 101* ? tha aaatallaat fl< car k< at tainad, and dMft r l#u? " tin wlk r ?? <> kaaitk la airt aaar Wu falhnf diaappewiieani; ar by ika Baa af ilat daadl? ftiat*. Martir;. baatai Ik a caa>autatia*ai apmBtaaM af tfeia lamtla diaaaaa, aact aa Af actianaa' ?*>a Maan Tkntt. Maaa. Rin.t(.. ptofrtaaiM witk frtfktfa: rapaditf.tiH daaak pa u par tad la hia draadfa. firinn I) aaadirg baa la tikat aa diaca?ar?d caaotrp fran. ahaMVwm na traaalaf raiaraa mi joamuifaftemrnv r?m <i*??a?ic vkauik AID IMrOTKMCT Bp UK fraat aad iiiiaim taaaoi waaknaaa af tka anua ara apaadi? carad aad fil ?i|a? raaiarad Tkaaaaada r Ua Mat narvaaa and dabilitatad. ?ka kad last ail kafa, MM b?9r imntiuiilv rtiltvtd All impadimaria la Marnafa Pkpaiaal at Haalal Plailall cauana. Laaa af PracraaU'a Pavai, Narfaaa IrmaMlkr TnaMuf and Haalaaaa ai K kaaanaa af tka MaifauM fetal apaaadup carad. ENDouKMurr or rurttM TBI MANY moilANiid tarad aiika ..a. iau?a aiM U>? lui ( nWN tun tui lb* niiMrtw mptnui Hill Ml tftnuMt pMWaM kj Dr. J 4mm. wif??? ky it nper;ira ?f tit* ptp?n u4 Ban; Kh? Mrmm, mmh ?l b??? *0J>?-r?4 i|tin tr.4 iftir Ik* paklit, k* td*i hMiui'On ( * * fktnJkBMji af rmM MlKf, M i iiIcimi (Hiiiin M lk? K<11| t OR. J. BOVEK DODH IMPERIAL WINK HITTERS, Ar* now hmn| sumI from Mkio*t? th? t?re?t Hftit Uk?, an] the iiiromttl verdiot of tl! who mm t em either a* a ?'. </ i?? or *? a 1a that they ar* unaurp*aeu ,n the wor'u IH. l*<da ??e<t them ?u o*Mfullj in hi* practioe for S teara t?efor* we purchased of him the wit if ht to niunliutir* knd preeent them for tt> to the public. Forth* co*e of Incipient Conaumption. Indirection, Dy*pepaia. Pile*, Nervoo* liiM'H. Female Ooai plaint*, and all caaea re<juirin? * tome, they are be yond doubt a moet mvaiuahie reired;. Aaide from their medicinal propertie* the* are a pure, whole tome and deiif htfu. Beverage, producing all the pleaaant exhileratinc effect* of Brandy or Wine without their injuriou* reaiilta. ft all frieeda of hnmanity and aii a^vooatea of i*>mperaaoe aaaiM ua in aebatiteiuc thaae ra utine Vegetable Bitter* for the mtmrrml pmttm* and m4ul:rr*i?4 Liwe with whirli the oountrs ta flrwHleo. ao>1 rtierrhj ef fec' ai-1 in ban alum i>i*eaae and Drankeb*** from the land. CRARLRfl WIDMFIKLD ft CO.. ri<'viivM>ii, #"> %? i* ** itw ? or* J.DOHWAR^K.AiMt, Waahir.fUn, 0. C. PR. J ROVP.C IX>D*' 1MPFKIA1 Of\ FITThKS, Kor Uimmn of th? K '>) . N vdn id I rinary ??rjar?.and erpaoia ? f->r F?-tnn.? 0"atracli"r,? never fai In cure, and hre warja&ted t?> giv* Ml.* tiotlun. I HaRLK* WIDPIFIKl.l) * CO . Pmpnetora, 7" Wi!liainet.. New York. J schwarzk. je7 ly.r A?ent. Washington. D. t*. HieHLY IMPORTANT to ALL: MRS. COX'S INDIA* TEHbTABLK VKCOCTION. It La weii known that tn the Spring people are more apt U> oontraet diMtw than at ant other Kri'K); and it la eqaa y well-knowr u at the way to ward off diaoaae it t > ieep the r .?1 pure. for "all the i!,a that fleet- it lieu t-.." av*e from .mpuf. ty of the biood. the main iprini of our ea tlenoe. It i*. therefore, irt;p >rtart to a 1 that the ayeteai should be thoroughly o ?anaed and purified, and thia oan be ioQg in tbe aiurt effeotsal way by ink mrs m opr? ixdia> rhaetablt irrr cqctlon, the beat remedy liwovwd for the ear* ofdiMMM of Akin. Krji.ptf M, J^cmfu a. K li?un i ti*m, Nervona l?ei?! ity. Fever* erf diBeret t kindt, Dr?pep??. Liver C< i7:p.a: i;t. and aii other diaaaaea anainc from imparity of the bioad. It Km etfeofsl the muit rem*' kaSie otrea, u ou t?e ?huvB by linerojKx-'iiLr^ from persona of tbe hie beat -r?p??olability, and ta rMuminondtd by all who have need it aa the moat inva!??Ke rwaiedia. acect of the day. if^lt la acid by all the Ih-uer'.ata of BaiUawa. atd at the raatdanoe of the ar?pria*or. MftK M. COX, 1?? Eaat Baltimore a treat, between E<1en atreet and Centm. avaaie Nona genuine nnleaa her nana la blown on U? bottle and her aaal oo the cork fO" Prioa 91 par bottle, aix bottlea for R&. Whole teU* Attnt. R. 8 T. C:?a?i.. Dractiat. Georgetown, D. C., W ho aaale Acect for the l)ia tnct. and Wll. a?M the In^a al m? mnmmm rpBK ALL SUFFICIENT Villi TRICSinAR, i,l,*S, ffitetsd hi Kn?i L*ttm r Fmimi of E+rlmmd. mm4 femrtd h> l4i .Si+if ef tk* EfU 4* fWiutM 4* /?M?. aU <4? lmp*r\+l Coiut* af Miiifn. No. 1 m for 9p?i y?liir rhifc. Mid i 1 vhroc*-! diMhilitiM. No. ? ootnpioto!? ertd.oM?> *11 trseee of tbow iiMUM that have b?m hitn?'t< treated h* the dm Mom and porcieioaa ?m of oofavi* and cabcte. No. 9 hM entire, 7 iu?f &ntrt the irjanoa* dm at mercur*. thereby ioeuriBf to the sufferer apaedy relief, distraint all imjBf!?:ei<. and tooHag MttM venom ofdmrMf TKihM-'.MAR.Nne. l.ttand X,are prepared latfc* form of a oxenfe. dev?id of taMTMd erneT. and oar. be carried id the waietooat fokec Bold in be omm. and divided into aeyarale doeee, ae Bdaut.ii tared b? TiImm, La emBnC. K< ux. K cord. Ac. P-.or #3 each, or loir omm for ft whicn aavea Mi 194 Bleeofcer atreet. foar door* below MoDvaiaJ street. New York. I mated lately oa rooeiTiag a ra mittaooe. Dr. Borrow wil for wan; the Tnaaeaar to any Bart of the wc d. aecurely H^ked, and MOreMM acoordir.r to the U.etruotioea of tbe writer. poM alac h* a. CALVKRT FORD. Jr.. Weaklactoa. D. C. dea-dte Cmm SWINDUNf VUACEB. _ _ AWT ION !?Ouacuatheir tfooae, Cerdia-a, bucbB. HoepitBia. InatrameaU at Rinxe?ehai then. a . auc, if diapoeed to profit b? By exMnaaa*. nuforjv private Circaiar on ar&RMATORRll(KA ;-ITB CUKE. With iUn t tx.o mdre*. la pwfbil ooni''." M. TOfrlr??tx3. ? fornix Will n^r FOR STAMPING A PACKET OP PAPER MA AND ENVELOPES NU TO MATCE. ^UARrr utk9 MlMlVlU METROPOLITAN bookstore. r*M * ?kq*2I?*_ lur iiiL^iiOf ? i -p ?? m > Ja ? ~ 279 1@SEri> 206 Bh?! ?? to <*11 u*fttt?nti?a uf bia rn*?e? m U? public j?-nrr? y u. hia N?>W tttore, wudw Wl, l%r<T? Hotfjnat oiiaul, n wutiioi Titk IK old Mt?bU?hn*qt. *h?r? tic ti b* happy U> r*MITK Ul ordara far kMiuT (\>t .tavtloLr of hi* OTI

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