Newspaper of Evening Star, July 9, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 9, 1860 Page 1
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I A * ? V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C., MONDAY. JULY 9. 1860. N?. 2.305. THE EVENING STAR ta PUBLISHED EVRRYAFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR Bl'ILDHIGS, C nrner o) Pennsylvania avenue and HM af., IT W. D. WALL AC II. Papers Mrved in paoka?ea bj camera at 04 a y?*r, or 37 oeoti p?r raoatii. To mail sahsoribera the pnoe is a year, m tuiranct; $2 for six month*; $1 for three month*; and for leas than three month* at the rate of 12 oenta a week. Single oof in, ojii ia wrapper*, two cuits. fOT AovruTMUMHTsaitoald beaent to the offoe ltelore 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until t>e next day. >rap*IU?B AtrK.tln in Airily. In * letter to the Times, the Key. G. W. Bri Igea. incumbent of Banehly, Uloucesterahire, confirms, from personal observations. #<>ine statements which have already appeared respecting the atrocities committed by the police of Palermo, in 1848, when the 8ieilians made their last unsuccessful attempt to free themselves from the tyranny of the Bourbons. Mr. Bridges says: On the morning of the 17th February in that J ear I was among the foremost, and the only ngli*hman present, when the rush was made into the disclosed region of death which you refer to. The facts are these; About forty of the rhirri had been captured by the revolutionists. treated by them with kindness, and placed in security until they could be sent to Naples?a friendly precaution to prevent their being murdered by the indignant mob, which then broke into the polioe palace, and cast the K.^v. i r ? *' ' >uu miijiiuic imm me windows. A portion of jhe epacioua building appeared, bowever, to be inaccessible; windows and loopholes there were in it, bnt no opening to one entire wing of the dark prison-house. I Presently, on removing one of the hnge bookcases, some fresh plastered wall appeared concealed behind it; a passage was quickly broken through it, and the senses were almost overpowered by the steaming effluvia which issued from seven dark chambers communicating with each other, where, upon clearing the loopholes, a secreted scene of horror was before us, such as wants the beat testimony to be believed There lay human bodies, and the mutilated remains of sueh in everv of death and decay; bundles of rotten rags mingled with bones and limbs, and filth, filled the corners of the smaller rooms; chains hung riveted to the walls above, whence some of the^e remains bad dropped as they died?some still holding in their iron grasp the arms or ankles of their famished victims. Skeletons almost fleshles*. on stone shelves which bad served as their beds while living ; naked bodies, black and pulpy, were hidden beneath others more recently dead, yet alive with maggots; and. greater horror still, two human bodies in writhing attitudes were hanging crucified upon the wall of the largest chamber, the reeking.blo?d-stained stones of which held rusty spikes corresponding to the outstretched hands and feet of others which had been so suspended, and still retaining the stringy re mains or muscles torn to shreds, from which the heavier portions had dropped and lay in heaps of putridity beneath. Shrieks of indignant horror arose from the infuriated crowd, a portion of which rushed back to the prison where the captured xbirri I were seoured, and brought them out and shot them down on the instant. Others remained, raking and searching among the bones and bodies, examining minutely the putrid remnants of those they fancied might hare been their fathers, brothers or kindred, who had l<>ng been missing, but whose fate they knew not. One of the sbirri, whose life I tried in vain to save, endeavored to persuade me that the suspended bodies were not crucified while AlivA kilt nail a/4 A u ~ 4 ? ?* tuui? IV o UEUiCU I 1116 tortures of the living prisoners. Farther details I could give, from iny intimacy with Fitily and its people during those stirring times; this, indeed, was a scene never to be forgotten? enough to sieken the thought that dwells on it, and to attest, were it needed, the usual and very accurate truthfulness of jour assertions Attachments and Coirtisg.?The followin? excellent little story was extensively published in the newspapers about sixteen years ago It is good enough to be brought forward n^ain. We do not Know who wrote it, nor what paper furnished the facts described : We have heard a good story, of which an Alabama Sheriff was the feero. Court was in session, and amid the multiplicity of business ??I v.:? _? - ? liivu v?v/nu ou upuu lit LL1 at ICI ill LI Lilt?, lie stopped at the door of a beautiful widow, on the suddj side of thirty, who, by the way. had often bestowed melting glances upon the aforesaid sheriff, lie was admitted, and the widow appeared; the confusion and fright which the arrival of her visitor occasioned set off to greater advantage than usual the captivating, chirms of the widow >1. Her cheeks bore the beautiful blended tints of the apple blossoms; her lips resembled the rose buds upon which the morning dew yet lingered, and her eyes were like quivers of Cupids, and glances of love and tenderness with which they were filled, resembled arrows that only invited a f/eau (pardon the pun) to do full execution. After a few common place remarks : " Madam," said the matter-of-fact Sheriff, ' I have an attachment for you." A deeper blush than usual mantled the cheek* of the fair widow; the downcast eyes, whoM pierces were centered upon her beautiful foot, which half concealed by her flowing drapery, partly patted the floor, tihe with equal candor, refilled: ' Sir, the attachment is reciprocal." For sotne time the sheriff maintained an astonished silence?at length he said : "Madam, will you proceed to court?" '* Proceed to court ?" replied the lady with _ t ft. . A 1 _1 *_ _ ? ? * ii nitrrj isugu, man naaaing ner neau sne said : "No sir' though this is Imp year, I will not take advantage of the license therein granted f?r my sex; and, therefore, I greatly prefer that you should proceed to court " But, madam, the justice is waiting." '* Let him wait; I am not disposed to hurry matter* in so unbecoming a manner; and, besides, sir, when the ceremonv is performed, I wish you to understand that I greatly prefer a minister to a justice of the peace." A light dawned upon the sheriff"s brain ' Madam,'' said he, rising from his chair with ttolemn dignity, "there is a great mistake here, my laaguage has been misunderstood. The attachment of which I speak has issued from the office of Squire C and commands me to bring vou instantly before him to answer a contempt of court, in disobeying a subpoena in the case of Smith vs. Jones. ' We drop the curtain. Freb-Lovkrs in Honduras.?The San Francisco Times publishes the following account of the voyage of a number of reformers or freelovers from San Francisco, in March nf a niw* to eoloniie in the Stat* of Honduras. Vhey purchased a schooner and engaged a crew, who, upon their return to San Francisoo, gave these particulars to the reporter of the Times : " The schooner Santiago, which had been purchased and fitted out by the free-lovers, or rather by Mr. Lewelling, the chief man among them, left San Francisco on or about the 5th of October last, baring on board, besides the eaptain and crew, a company of ten men, five women, and six or seven children, who were intended to be the pioneers of a colony of the harmonial brotherhood in the State of Honduras ' The passengers during the voyage had j their separate rooms, but spent much of their time together discussing spiritualism, and an ism which they called harmonious diet.' In these discussions the women played a principal part, particularly one who dressed in the extreme of the Bloomer fashion?Mri T also I>r. T , the At husband of a Bloomer wife "The colonists proceeded to Tiger Island, their general rendezvous in the golf of Fonaaca Thence they mad* excursions to all tha islands ia the neighborhood, for tha purpoeaof finding a place of settlement; hat they did not suit themselves except on th* main land, at a point oa the Como river, about sixty miles in tha interior. They had boaatad that their diet would preserve them from sic knees; but before the veeeel left on her re tarn uearly all had been sick, and there was very great danger of the few who remained being exterminated by thf fever of the country. C7* The anniversary of the promulgation of the c^.'UltuCou of Hu*nee Ayres. Mar 23, waa duly cMabrated la that place by ^.roceaston and tllumi Llteratire and Long Life. We recently compiled some interesting facta from the reports made in the Koyal Statistical Society, by an eminent British physician, "On the Duration of the Lives of Men connected with Literature," and have observed that the article has been widely oopied. The subjeot has attracted mach attention abroad, and the current number of the Westminster Review discusses it with much ability. It is quite difficult to know the exact classes of persons to be included in the enumeration; for, if we take the whole body of men who have gained fame by intellectual pursuits, it will generally be found that they did so under exceptional circumstances; and we must, therefore, re - * ceive witn due caution any deduction* which would establish certain formula* as to the lives of the various classes into which literary men may be distributed. But we can contrast the lives of poets and lawyers?the representatives of the emotional and reasoning powers?so far as they may be considered distinct. Of the last ten British Chancellors, from Lord Thurlow. downwards, the youngest. Lord Cranworth, is about seventy years old. and their average age is at least seventy-six years. Taking ten of the most distinguished British poets, we find that their avern< - D- ?Ois flfty-two. Dr. Guy, choosing eight eminent poets, who in the main were rather in re distinguished by the shortness of their lives than by their poetry, found that the average duration of their lives was forty-three years. The ; London Critic asks How is it that sensitively organised men like poets are undoubtedly shorter lived than reasoners like mathematicians and lawyers? llow, again, is it that in tropical climates where imagination is 83 much more highly developed than reasoning, life is comparatively so short, while exactly the contrary is the case in colder regions ' The inquiry is an interesting one, and has not yet been solved. The literati of the French Aim were long lived; two-thirds of them parsed the age of seventy-six; and ai many attained the age of ninety as died under sixtv. - w K The healthful influences of a literary life are >een in the rases of many of the moat noted females in the annals of English literature who have lived to old age Mrs. Inchbald died at the age of 67 year*. Lady Morgan at TO, Mrs Holland and Jane Porter at 74, Mrs. Ch?j>one at 75, Mrs. Sherwood at 77. Regina Maria Roche at 89, Mrs. Piozzi and Mrs. Barbauld at 82, Mrs. Opie at 85, Hannah More and Miss Barney at 88. Joanna Baillie and Mrs. Carter at 89, Jane West at 93, Harriet Lee at 95, and Caroline L. Herschell at 97.?Evening Tran script. Ctirrid|e. The moment he was called upon to thwart hid inclinations be declined the task, and appeared one of the most helpless and reckless of mortals. There could be no stronger illustration of it than the circumstance wnich immediately followed bis trip to Salt liill. He was engaged to lecture upon Shakspeare at Bristol. Ilia admirers had made grea: efforts to obtain him subscribers, the day was settled, and he was hourly expected, when a gentleman announced that he had traveled part of the way with him from London, and tnj^t he bad gone on to North Wales. The solo cause oi mis strange proceeding was bis discovery that a lady in the coach was the sister of a friend, and he at once resolved to accompany her to her home His engagement to the publie, his responsibility to bis supporters, his pecuniary interests were all flung aside in an instant, and without one word of notice to his expecting audience, he gave himself up to the passing whim. His principal patrons, having accidently learned the truth, hurried round to the ticket-holders and informed them that the lectures were postponed until further notice. When the truant at last appeared a fresh day was fixed. The hour and the subscribers ar i i a. n ? ? - hiai niw, uui i/uienaze was not there. A hue and cry was raised for him, and he was discovered sitting unabashed over a bottle of wine. He 1 was led off to his impatient audience, and his apology to them was that ho h?d 'met with an unavoidable interruption." The unavoidable t interruption, in the first instance, had been the de'tre to prolong a stage-coach flirtation, and, in a second, to prolong the pleasures of i the table. With the excuse of a sick friend; he would only hare been too happy to repeat 1 the experiment of making a second journey to Wales Incidents like these prove that Mr. Leslie is mistaken in his notion that " Coleridge's want of success in all worldly matters may be atf ri Km t*a ~ ?* 1 * n> >uo in noivi J JWJSBMeil OV6T 111111 DJ bis own wonderful mind " It was not the wonderful part of hit mind whioh mastered him, bat the inferior part of his self-indulgent nature. It was not bis genius, but bis subjection to his appetites and amusements, which led biui to sport with the most solemn obligations, enthralled by a bottle of wine, or by a female passenger in a coach. There is truth, however, in the observation which Mr Leslie subjoins, "that common men as often succeed by the qualities tbey want, as great men fail by those they have." He report* a remark which be heard made by Sir Walter Scott. which points to one of the causes why the ablest persons are not always best adapted to get on in life. "I never," he said, "knew a man of f;enius, and I know maor, who could be reguar in all hit habits, but I have known many a blockhead who could." The Mystery axd Invibcibility of the Ykllow Fever.?Concerniog the yellow fovtr in New Orleans, the Bee of a late date observes: " The yellow fever has broken out in.New Orleans under every conceivable variety of circumstances?when the streets were clean, and when they were filthy?when the river was high, and when it was low ; after a prolonged droath, and in the midst of daily torrents? when the beat was excessive, and when the temperature was spring-like and pleasant? when excavation and disturbances of the soil had been frequent, and when scarcely a pavement had been laid or a building erectea If the disease is endemio and indigenous?a point sail id aispaie?an we can say U, that research, inquiry, and sagacity are baffled in the attempt to trace iU origin and develop its ciunes It comes without warning, and goes we know not whither. Almost the only fixed and undeniable fact connected with the disease is that it* prevalence is simultaneous with the heats of summer, and that froet is its deadly enemy. From these frank acknowledgments it may be understood how exceedingly limited is our knowledge of the subject. Although most deeply interested in it, and although for half a century the most prominent and Teamed physicians have bes owed labor and investigation upon it, they have failed to establish bevond nnntM^fatinn and controversy a tingle fact that would prove of clearly practical utility in guarding against the approach of the destroyer, or in cutting short its ravages. t?J llow an uninvited guest got into the New York Japanese ball is thus told in a paragraph from the Daily News : " A young gentleman who is considerably noted for his daring exploit* and practical joking, a son of the Rothschild of the perk market, upon finding every other neans unavailing, purchased a pair of shilling whit* cotton gloves, and stepPiog into the Carlton House borrowed one of atmo's whitest and oleanest aprons, and placing hi* h*t in oharga of tha clerk made chivalrously for tha Metropolitan, donning his rather strange attire as ha want. Ooing up to A*- - J 1 - * ? * * * idfavonwptr, dc uuerea im magic word*, Waiter, sir,' and the n?xt moment found himself ainid tbe fragrant flowers and gaudy embellishments of the enohanting promenade. Other expedients of a similar character were reaorted to, by many who auppoeed themselves to be the rreme de la rrem? ot our aociely. an I in this manner achieved what their dignity denied them with an onprejudioed aldermanic ooqjmitte#." Yorxo America Wooers.?-Wonder what mama keeps Bridget home from church to work all day, and says it is wicked for me to build my rabbit house on Sunday7 Wonder why our minister bought that pretty cane with the yellow lion'a he >d on the top, and then asked me for my cent to put in the missionary box? Don't 1 want a jewsharp as much as he wanta a cane1 Wonder what makes pa tell such nice stories to visitors about hiding the master's ratan when he went to school, and about his running away from the schoolmistress when she wax ^i.. ?u:_ i-: _ -1 iu nuiu mm, nnu men snuts me up ell day in a dark room because I tried, just once, to be as smart as he was' Wonder why mama tells pa he is cross when he comes home at night and says his tea is weak, and ties a handkerchief over my mouth so that I can neither speak or breathe, because I happen to say she is cross' Wonder what made pa say that wicked word when Bewy upset the ink all over his papers, j and then slapped my ears because I said tho same thing when my kite-string broke? Oh, dear! there are lota of things that I want to know! How I wish I was a man ! Summary of Womb*.?The Boston Courier gives the following spicy summary of Woman, as analyzed by Michelet in his new book : "A pair of rosy lips is chiefly significant as th<k natural ? ? -* ~r 1 ? * " * _ .... U..I.ICI ui o cm ui vuum wqicd are in constant need of the dentist's care; and the husband's kiss must be bestowed with caution, lest perchance some disorder incident to the feeding of very small children may render it unpleasant or painful. A beautiful woman is a bundle of feminine diseases, combined in mysterious complication beneath a fair exterior. Her progress from infancy to maturity is described as a jockey describes the growth of a horse. She is an animal of fine texture, which, though gifted with speech, usually remains silent. uncomplaining. miff?rin<r in ?k? m -presence of that great rough, coarse, tyrannical creature, man, who uses her to abuse her, and then throws her away like a squeezed orange." A!tlKS. WINSLOW, N Experienced Norte and Female Phrsloim. presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYHUF, F#r Children Teething, Wklak fraally facilltataa lb* pracaaa of t??:hnyf, ?? lafua in( tha rami, rada'inf all inf ammatiM?will allay ALL PAin and apaamadic aeuan, and la SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapanii a pen It, m?thara, U will j i?a raat ta yaartalvaa, aod RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa hn? ? p?t ap and aold thia artiela for a?ar tan y aara, and can (at, in coxriDlNcl and truth of it, what *a ha* a na?ar haan akla t*< aay *f any OTHIS Madictna? l*ITBR MRS H*? IT rA!L?D,in A ?II?SL? ?l?- STAflCl TO ?Fr?CT A Cl'l I, WI.1SLUW S whan timaly ?aad Naaar did wa knaw annTHIVa an ioatanea of diaaatiafastion by any ona who aaad it. On tha eofitrara.allara *VH I'P. ?. , -I I ? 111 OPERATIONS, ???*' l.p?.h m tariaa ( bifhatt corumandation ef iu magieal ificu and madical vrnaaa. Wa epauk in .hit matter what w> oo now," aftartan yaera' axparianca, A*D PLCDUIOVR DirVTATion t OK THI rVLFILMIKT OK WHAT WB H I P B DBCLAR B. In almoat a?ary inatanea whin tna infant n acffar InK from pain and aihaaation, raiiaf will be foand in If'.eau r twenty iniuutee after tha e? r u r it admioietarad. Tl.ii ealaabla praf-iraticn la tha praecf iptiou of ana af tha meat bipbribwcbd and iiilrcl l?t'rib? in Na* Ki,r laod, aodhaa baan aaad vilb * it kx-failihc iuccBii ia thovsayns of cases. It nat aoly rallaeaa tha child fram pain, bat ineifarttea tha atamaeh and bowele, corracta acidity, and fitsa i an a and etierjjr to tha wbaia eyateiu. It will aliroat ioauall; rilitrt Gkipino in thi Bowili a5d Wind Colic, tadaTarcoma convalaiona, which, if not apaartily ramadiad nd in daath. Wl belte?eitthe hit AlfDIUBBITBBM- FUR ID* in tha WOBLD ID all caaaa of DM- CHILDREN Mtiii and diab RMOEa l!? cmil- teething &* *> whether h iriaaa fram teething . or from an* athar caaaa. Wa would a* j to a?ery mothar who h*e a coild eafFerinf from any of the foreifait,t eoinpUmte?DO i?ot lbt TOl'R prbjl'dicbs, !?or THI prbji dicu or othiii. land bttwttn ypariafltrinf child and tht r u?f that will bt KUIll?J**, ABSOLUTELY SURA?< follow til* Dl? of lb icadicint, if tiirtly sttd. Full dirtctioii f ir ustog will a Itrafani aach battlt. N<x>i rn.gliii snlttt tbt fae-titnilt ^(JRTIB A PKRKIN8,Ntw York, it an tht aataidt wrappt Old bj Dmrrtt-.i throughout tht world. Principal Offlc*. No. 11 Ctdar Strati, N. T. Priea anl* 15 Clnu r?r Battit. ? 11-dAwlT GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS FOR HARPKR'f* Fl-RRY .-CHASOE OP DA YS.?On and Utar July 2,18fi<>, the nt-amer ANTELOPE, <"aPt. J. WELL?.c?rryin(t the United StAtws^^iW??"^ mail, will leave Georgetown EVKRY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m.. and return every Tnowiay, Tint rwlay anil Saturda\. N. B?The Antelope will run as before until the above ilate. je 5-2m* I tn JUST RECEIVED, laMI BBI.S. WHISKY, < assorted.? \Ut\ At* IlL'DUfVfi j a f tSnr?trr?e. 25 do. k?fiNED SUGARS, idhhd*. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbl*. < Bayfeld) WHITE FI-H, 25 boxws prime Ea?toru CH EKSE. For sale low by JOHN J. HOGUE, je 8 G?*org?town, P C. Agency for Fairbanks scales in GEORGETOWN. The nndprgi?n?*d have been appointed Agents for the *ale of the al?ove celebrated and wen known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu.'. supply constantly on hand and for sale at lowest rates. HAY and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the Distrint oY adjoining counties. All Soaleg are warranted durable, aeon rate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY ft BARVARD. Dealers in Agricultural Implements, je8 2m Budge street 2 doors west of Huh. Crandkll, OPTICIAN, No. 129 Brutg$ St., Gtorttttn, Has constantly on nand a large assortment of French Near signtoda penscojiOi Pol- ? ? oroa, ana ar. omer prKUTACUES, the best qua-itj. in cold, silver, steel.and German liver frame*. N. ft. Old F'ames Repaired and new t usei get in th? to order. no t?-tv JOtf! F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Brtdg? and Jtffmon jtj., Georgttow*. Having given mj personal attention Io this bianoh of mr business, I am prepared to/ a attend to all oalla with pr> inptness Persons from a distance oan besupplied at a *ew minute*' notice, aa 1 have a large aaaortment of COFFINS always on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d? ad from the old to the new burial grounds. Hearaee awd Horses for hire. ap W-fim MA88EY.COLMN8 4. CO.'S PH1LADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALK.-We are oon.tantly reoeiving fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite all persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to rive it a trial. ARNY & SHINN, Agents, 9m *" ** ? ?( r? i iwn nr., ?<V>rfT?T^Vfl, EDUCATIONAL. Commercial college, No. 476 Skvknth st., Oppotititke Otnerai Post OJHee, Washington City. Armonan Sy?tem of Penmanship, Boockeeping, Mercantile Forma and Calculations. Business Correspondence, Bills of Exohaut*, Current Bills, Commission Sales, Gran.mar and Arithmetics. n~^ A Preparatory Class for Boys. Inr Ladies will be instructed in (in* penmanKA>ora? open from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. For terma apply at the Rooms. mtt ?4-3m WM. W VOrNO ft CO. Washington female institute.The ne*t Ap?^?inm V??r ?.11 ? ? ??- -??i-?..w i wi win uviuiiicuuo ua THURSDAY. September 13th. Parent* int~ndin? to ?nd their daugntera are requested to enter their name* in July, a* thoae registered at that tim* will b? more certain to necure ueaka Circulara may lie obtained at the Institute. n". 2'23 G atreet' or b* addressing Mra. ELIZA \V. SMiTH, Principal, Box TO*i AVaahinaton. D. C. je 1ft?-o2? * The union female academy. New Akkanrkmkxt. Thia veil-known and popular Seminary, whioh haa been ao aucoe??ful under the entire care of Mra Z. Rioharda (or more than ten yetra, will be opened on the firat Monday in September next. under the united anperviaion and instruction of Mr. and Mm. Z. RICHARDS, in the well arrant-d and delightmlly located Union Academy Building. For r*"ioulara. aee oirculara at all the Bookatorea. itulB tf !V? MRS. McCOR I?I*S. McCORMlCK daulM "lo iXm u TO'aytacasggaaiigg S^^iKK5jiuoarj!(iiS * "* 5- k"?H? ?rr%Q(finenta for Um Moommodfttioa tod dM owe of pipits h*T? b?en oonndenU j moreM^d *nd otkcrviM lmprorwd. Those l? Wimhinc'on dMtnni MrtiMlM ioform?Uonwith rtf'rMM to bur gchool m*y ftfpfr to WT D. Walltoh, Editor !H^?.'aswK2sfws^?r I Irtr-tf AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoUUlRE * CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE 1 Real Kstate on thi rotxn or ivhth and e stkxits.?By virtue ol a decree of tin t'.ireuit Con t of the District of Coluin ia, puitd in two oaasea in ?hioh Stainam. Smithsoa ft Co.,tr.d Austin Sherman. re*pecnvely, aj* oowplainants, and John F. Car. an and otners are defendants, tbe undersigned wi'i sell at psblio auction. to the hubeat bidder, on THURSDAY, the 12th da* of July, 188a, at 6 o'olo-- k p. ma pen th premises, Lot N o. 8. in Square No. 456, in the oity of Washington. D. C.. fronting 5R fdet 11 inohea on E street north, an4?5 feet <>n Seventh street west. lvia well known property is situated on the noifheaat oorner of K and Seventh streets, opposite thajMaueral Post office, an* ta one of the ve y best bu4ness location* in the city of Washington. The imp. overa( ate consist of tnree three story houies on E street, inclading tbe drug store on the corner oi seventh, and a two itorj building on )*t ath street. Tli* property wi I be ?ld in sepaiate par e?ls, aooordtng to the improvements. Term* of sale: One third of the purchase m->ney to Im paid in cash, and the residue in two equM instalments, in six and tweive months from the day of sae; the deferred payment* to bear interest, and to be secured by the notes or bonds of the purcha ser or purchasers, with a surety or sureties to be appro*d Oy the Trustees Should the terms of sale not he oomplied with within six days aft. r the day of sale, the Trustees reserves the right to re sell the property,at the risk and expense of the de faulting purchaser, a ter five dayNs notice. All I convey anoos at the cost of the purchaser. C. f Trustees A.AUSTIN 9MITIM rru,tMIB je 11 etaw&da J. C. MoSUIRK A CO , Auos. MARSHALS SA L.E?In virtue of a writ of fieM facias, issued from the Clerk's office of rh* Ci ouit Court of the District of Columbia, for the oom ty of Washington, and to rae directed. I will expo -e to public sa'e. loreash, in front of the con it liou>-?door of *ai-l county, on SATURDAY, the 28th day of July next, 186". at 2 o'cloon m.thefol1 win* property, to wit: All defundant's light, title, cam, ana mtere?t in and to a certai-i dwellirg houseereoted on Lote>ght(8)andt>ie?oiith nineteen (19 f?et four <4) inches <w Lot nin", <9> la S^tar<? numbered thr^e hundred and seventy-seven. (3771 in the cit? of Washington D. C , *e:r?d and levied upon a* the prop' rt? of Juius V iedt, and wil' be hdlil t/1 Uf ia<c I nHi/MaU ^ ? oaA 4 * * ....j ? v.vnofd. J - u kjt' VJ vLwuor leim 1857, in favor of Jonathan T. Walker J. D. HOOVER. Late U. S Marshal for Distriot Columbia. je28-dU MARSHAL'S SALE?In virtus of a writ of fieri faoiM, issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Co?rt of the District of Columbia, for the cocnty of Washington, and to me dtrect?*U I will expose to public sale, for oasb, id f ont of fbe court tiouae do,?r of said county, <>n SATU Rl'AV, the 2Bt da* of J ulj next, 186<>, at 12 o'clock m., the followinf property, to wit: All d??fenua t's ruht, title,c ai'n, and interest, in and to a o^r'ain buililinK erected on Lot No 6ix <6> in Squa<e No nine hundreltud forty nine <343)ai laid down initio ptat o| tliecit?r.f Washington- seized and levied epon as the oroperty of Abel (jrigg*. and w.llbe sold t<? satisfy Judicial* No. 2S6, to October term 1856 in favor of John Furdy. J. D HOOVER. Lat<? U.S Marshal for the District ol Columbia. i A - H t? By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRI STEE'S SALE OF A FRAME HOUSE and Lot at Auction oj? Nijsth St. west.? By virtue of a deed of trust from lieo H. (JatfC and wife, duly recorded to the subscriber, I wi! se.l, n MONDAY,th-* lith dav of Joiy nex', tSHn, at <5 o'clock p m , part of Lots, in ?-qiia-eX?7,being and lying la tbeeity of Washmgton. commencing lor the ?ame at the southwest ooruer of Lot No. a. aloreeaid. ard running north on the liue of Ninth str? et went 25 feet, thenoe east 99 feet 4 inches, thence south ZS leet, thenoe west 9>? f??t 4 inches to the place of beginning being said part of Lot frontlnk oa the ea*t side oT said N<nth street, and lying between P and streets north, with the improvements thereon, oocsistiug of a two story Frame House with back building. Te-jr.s: <?n*-third oa*h; b* in 6 and 12 months, purchaser to give notes bearing interest from the day of sale, a deed given and a dewd of trust taken. Ail oonveyauoing at the oost of the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied within three days from the day of sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property on five da> s' public not ?<* in the Evening !*tar, at the risk and oost of the defaulting purchaser JAMES VV. COOM BJ*. Trustee. je22 eota A. liKChM. Anct By J. C. McGlilKK A CO , Auctioneers CHANCKRY SM.K OF VALUABLF. IM pbovkd *5d Unimproved Heal Estate ?By virtue of a decree of ths C'rcuit Court of the Dia trict of Columbia, p'.secd in the c?u*e where.n Frederick W.Selhauseniscomp aidant and Charles Madesant) otners. executors and neirs at iaw and devisees of Bonar?-ntiira Schad. deceased, are defendant*. the subscriber will seil, a; public sa.e, the following valuable real estate In Washington cit> : Lots Nos 9.10. 11 ind 12, in square No 785, on the oorne<- of north B and Third streets < ast, fronting 1^7 feet 2>$ inches on north B street and 125 feet "+X on Third street fa-t. Lot No. H, in ?nuare No. 642, fronti g 119 feet on ha'e-ri'a-.'Ar,.... r%a C ? ?/v 1 i/ui? m <?i^> wiviiuv, uj ok) iDOk IV iIlUIir'tk ilil IwUill U street. The whole of square north of squam No. 64?, fronting 2<18 feet 8 inches on Virginia avenue,2i7 let ton south F iitreet, 91 fset 5 incites on Dnlnware avenue, and 19 feet 6 incite* on Half street west. I.ota Nob. 1. 2, 3, 4. 5, G, 7, ?, 9, 10. 11. 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, in square No. KM, comprising the whole square and fronting 248 feet 2 inches i.n nort' D street, 24# feet 2 inches on north C street, 35" feet on Kighth street east, and 35" feet onSaventh strett east. And Lo's Nog. 8,9, and 10, in square No. 584, fronting 30 feet ea.h on south F street, bstwe- a First and Seoond streets west, by !?o feet deep, with the imp'ovements, winch o insist of four well built two-story frame dwelling houses Th? sale of the lot* in square No. 785 will take pi ace on iur,3u*t.Uie litn day ol Ju>, infill; o| the lot in square No. 642 on THrRSDAV, the 12th day of Juiy. I860; of square north ol nquare No. 642 *n FRIDAY, the lath day of July, 1a6h; of 1<>t? in square No. ?4. on VON DAY, the 16th day of July, '960; of the lot# in square 564, with the improvements, on TUK81)A Y, the 17th day ol July. 1860. The sates will ooii mecoe atfi o'olock p.m.,on the days above specified, on the resptrctive premises, and the property will be so.d in suoh parcels or lot< as may suit purchasers. T?rms of sale: On6-third cash ; and the balanoe in 6, 12 and 18 months, scoured br the purchaser's not.'s, bearing interest from the da? of sale, wi'h security to be approved by the trustee and if not ooinphed with in five days after the sa of property, tne t*rms of whioh are not oomplied with, will be resold, upon one week's notioe, at the n?k and expense of the defaulting purohaaer. Upon the full payment of the purchase money and interest, and not before, the trustee will oonvey the property to the respective purchasers in fee simple. All oonveyaiioiu* M the expense of the purchasers. CHA8 S. WALLACH, Tmstw. J. C. McGUIRE &. CO., a acta. jellStawtJuly 17 jgy THE ONLY PLACE diflra IT I T T HTV. TiMi'a HARVEY'S Fi?h ud Oyeter Express. arriving daily from the North and souta with the VaI^MON; CODFISH, mack" r el, sheei'hbad, halibut, srsrah&ih spots ?ka bass. hog fl?">h, ?ror?, black pi-h, tailors, fish. lobsters HARD anil SOFT CRAB^ CLAMS. Ac. And a constant supply of I* londa Hwf GRKKIM TIIRTLK. Ami tho?A fin* \ I vnnh?..?n SPICF/B rtyhtergf "a 11 persona'irilTfind it to their ad vantage to give me a call before gowii t<> market, a* I have every facility to sell lover than can be Had in the city. All orders thankfully received and promptly delivered to any part of the city free of cnarze. Depot?361 C street, between loth and 11th. je 15 lm T. M. HARVEY, Agent. NOTICE^ BGULAR STEAM PACKET LINE BBTWEKN BALTiMORK AND WA8HINOTU N.-Leave Com-J^^^ meroe st. wha-f, Baltimore, as fol ows: Diamond Stats, every WEDNESDAY, at 6 p m. Columbia,every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m. i.eave hil^y'n Wharf, at the foot of 11th street Washinst n, as fol ow7! Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at 6. Diamond Statk, every FRIDAY, abontlim. For freight, at o., apply to THOS. W. RII.EY, Agent, Riley's Wharf,at ihefoot of m 16-TATfim 11th st . Washington |\I ICW YOK K A N D W A3 HI N8TON H STEAMSHIP LINK. . The Steamer MOUNT VKRNON wi\l leave Alexandria and Washington for New Yorl EVERY WEDNESDAY, at o'clock p. in., and New York for Wwb 1 at ton erery Saturday, at 3 o'clock p. m. ^ PHHum can join us ship at AlexanSria ataay urae before the hoor of the steamer's departare. I N. B.?In the eveat of the uteamera luabiiity to oroea the bar in oonseqnrnoeof low water, all foods will be eromptly t<rhUred to and frem the steamer by the Adereigned. For fretfht or fMsace apply to 275 ALkEN 275 JACKSON, -s- PLASTERERS , Pucka. Arnvi, B?twe?n l"th ami ll'h ?trw?t?. j?-18 50 OH?->T8^?ANDJP*D^L\c^tka H?*? b?eci r?-o-iT?w. Thie t?* i? f r oe an o*-ota m-p imd liy ok??t or otu?r vim. We fo?r oar mjU lot will oast ua no re i???nrr I KINO k BUKCHELL. I rntkH oor. FiitooaUi *u w?d Vermes!??. SUMMER REPORTS. CARLISLE I Tbe f??orito rMurt for WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, Xouotmn Air. Iiivi|or?Cl'M BERLAN D CO . Vv*l ^MblJ^ HooliL Frnnsylva?ia. (lomt SociPty and a Good Tabi?. Accoxmoxatioii? ro? Por paruou art efnd 300 5?r Circular. _ ? WKNr*. OI.ENDEN TEKMS LOW. IN A V!8?*CHKR, ia ^ lit.- ? - - " - 1*7 . ivo i ? gri?n .irfTiH'. rn. WASHINGTON CITY G A R I> K N . KRN?r LOKFFl.K*. Proctor. A't? York ai'Mut, btrtcten I?l ??>/ iA sU. In nallinr the attention of the public to tmrrounda I would "Lite that ever j ha> I . . A be?n nvl* U> mate liin "Retreat" moreYiTJfcy attractive every day. Morrfeya the 6%r dena *re open to the pubiio lree of charge?a concert riven b? a aelec' ba td. Th<>ae dear in* to enjoy the danoe and walti ?i I find the aaloon in complete order to render plea?u -e to all. On olb?r .laya the proprietor will cheerfully grant th? u*e of the cntonda for ichool or other Pic Nio Paitiea with oat charge. tor the amuaement of children he ha* introduced a nuinher of lit'le ramea. never before Been in tin a oitf, and calculated at the name time to amuse the "oid folks." N. B.?Attached ia my Bottling Katabliahm-nt, and families oan be supplied aritii any quantitj at their reaiaecoe. of tnat h? drink. LA(?t K BKF.fl, upon anort n tioe. i? 15 Jm A N A LOST AN RETRKaT. On Asaiostan Island, Oppotitt Grortttoir? and K'kiiiicim The subscriber* having eased for a term of years this beautiful and romantic spot. "iwn'ilA . . it for tli* accommodation of the iiihlio onTl.TR the Slat clay of May, 18K0. For beauty >)jjlj93ai scenery, delightful promensiea. hxhinc. ao . si<1es i'.a auperior water, it la uuturpaased in the Union. The House i* larceand oomtiodiova, harms b?en entirely renovated Ithaaa lar?e Dancirg Saloon attached to the h >u*e, bee d?s Dunn* au ' i>re?"tn* Room* for botk la-M"* an<i gentlem-n In iMtioa aplendid Arbor* detac ed front the buildincs. Parties, Families and lud vidua a will find it a most desrabte p ace to pass the sultry daya of aumm?r, aa every attention will be guarantied t>y the proprietor. The ktuctest police arrangements will be enforced, aud p<?i:ti a! ditcustioLS vill be prohibited The Larder will be found to oontain ail the delicacies of the season at all times. The ?'ar will be furnished with the choicest L iq uors and in?? and the finest Solars. Societies, Honda? Schools. Club< and Military Comranies wiil find this the most desiiatie res rt near the. met.opous for spending ? p.ea?r nt and or drrlvda*. Hj*C1llMr?n unaccompanied br thnr ps-er.tsor gu&nitaus, wiil be exclude' from the groun Is. <j'Milling and dogs prohibited ftjr" Bo?t? will leave the toot of High street, Georgetown, and O st ?*et, Washington, hour y, from 8 o o.ock a. m. ti I U' p. m , daily. Pesors prefer ins a pleasant wa k can reach the Island via the Aqueduct. We solicit the puf'ini to judge for themse.ves. ai.d fe<?! assured of giving satisfaction. je 9 eotf J A' OB W. POWKR- ? CO. . MKBIDIAN HILL, lnt*r*(?tion of JSovnilri Fourteenth Sit. H&virr fnr t Urm n( *?x?i K^utif.. . - ? ? >v . W *--< Ml vi J - I i . I O T?U I .111 and romantc sp-t,1 will <>p*i. it for thf A ... e 4 oconpnodation of the puh'io on the day "f Juur, IWi. Forlxaatyof I de.ig tlr.l pro n< nvles, he , it ia unfliirpa?i>eo i.y any m thia vicinity. The h?ufi? la t" an1 eojnn O iloua, havid* two 'arc? dai ant room*, I dimng aud dr?-?'in< room* (or botu l*dira an t f n tl?-in?-n. In adrii ion I have erected a large pavi ion for Pio Nis I'artifa. Par'ioe, } amines and Individual* ti!1 fird it a most deurahle place to paft the aultrv . ay# of iiTimer. particu aiy an th? strict at order ai:d .'e oornrn wil t.? enforced and every attention will be t,u<raatu d by the prooriotora. rtif i nrdT w.H be rt > oont&in a!l the delicacies of the season at alt tim??. The Bar will be furniatird with the cboioeat Liquor* and WiDea and the fin"st Se*ara. Soci-tiea, Sunday Schools, Clubs and Mi'itary Cumrames will find Una t*"? mo?t desirable reaort for sp?n 'int a picas ?nt and orderly day. i*JB ttaw2? IIK.NRY \VK! D*N. WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, '? Gkkkxbrier coc3tt. V*. Thia long established watering plaoe ua? op?sed for the reception of vuitor* on the 15th A !V^*ny new and important ar-a.rremen>?T* h*re been mai'e aince ast rnacoo in this tab!i?hin-i?t. and no efforts will be spared to make tb? Kuehta oomfortable. Peraona can r??eh these ^pnnra by t he Oraree fLI.d A hT* nil ria Q i ??-> /! f -V. * L- - .... i.a.iit vu i VIII ? am iii^irn; u* \ nr Virginia Central Rai road from Richmond; or the Virginia a-d Tennessee Railroad irr?m the Scuth and Southvost via Lynchbur* and Char lotlesvilla, with on'v S' iti ft *iaf travel. JKK EM1AH MORTON. Preaident. J. HUMPHREY:*. ??en<ual superintendent. j? 12-dtJuly 15 M8AL.T WATKR BATH!NG. ARSHALL'S PAVIUO.\. (Moon's Landicg > wi 1 be open for the rec'ption of vist A , A tor* on the 13th of June. This rtehglitfu YJtTM; resort for those seeking health and pirns 1!"" 1 ure, is unexoelled br an) place of th* kind on th? Potomac rive' It is Bituated ah nt or.e hundred mnes from Washington iwmed'ately on the Potomio.and in lull view "f "ho C h fap ^afce 8?v, and famous for fine Oy *t rt, Soft Crabs, Sheophead, ar. I other Fish, and easily access b e l> t&o steam *>oats pijin* between Washington, H&lU'n re au Norfolk. The undersigned has ma- e addni>r>al improvements in \ is Bath Houses and many < ther improvements to the oomfort and enjoyment of ina guests. The Bathing cannot be surpassed, fp endid AneHng and pent? of Fishing ai.d Sai in* Boats free of charge. He has spared no expense id pro nding a good Cotillon Band or in laying id his stock oi onoice w inea. L.iqnors,S*egar?, 4tr.,anrl f,>r th< *r wtio wish to avoid extreme faihion and to s?ek a retired p ace whare the? nan make th<*mselvex at home, there m not a more p'easaiit p ace in the United State*. The proprietor pieces hims 'If t at nothing tha i he left undone on l>ia part t<* render t' em eo. Terma lor board: $ I ..*? ? p r Jav, for lets than a weak; f or a longer time, $I-Ji per < ay; && per month. Persona wishing to sddrese the rr-> prietor will direot to Leonardtown, St. .Mar>"a oountr. Md. je 8-2ni R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. FR A N C I 8 H A R P E RT H4V1JC6 OPINED A FAMILY GROCERY AND FKED STORE. Comer of .Ww York arnu* and Trmth street, ReKpectfully solicits the patronage oi thoae who ma? I>e in want of any article in the aiiove line. Hi* endeavors shall be to please, and by a atrict attention to the want* of the n?hl.? K? kn t? ? !? - hare of their patronage. His tock connBts of every article usually to t>e found in a farst-class Family Urooery ana Store. ma 17-tf PHl'Kh OLD RVK WHISKY.?On nand sever* brand* of Pare Old Rye Whit ky. Copper Lhsuil'ed. made by the moat reuab e distillers in p?, n flvan'.a, Maryland a id Virginia, warranted pare. Also, imported Kraadies, H*nnee?y, O'-aid. Dapuy Co., Jales Kobini, Ao. A lso, P-Mush a .d Aij ? Brandy, pure Holland Gin, oM Jamaica anaHt. Croix Rum, and Wines of every variety, all ol stanuard branls A choice lot of Clears and Total coo. YUI'NG A K F.PH ^ RT, Acente. apJNMv 3*?** Pa av.. hetw 9th and inth ?U. E^RKNCH LACK MANTLES AND POINTS 17 Para-oU, #un Hhvl**, and !S?n L'mbre1 as, Thread, Valeneiuea,Swis<aud Cambric Kdgings, Boniton. Guypu.e, ana French worked Coiiais, Linen s Cam'Tio. Swiss and Thread Colored Tarltor , Swiss, Cambric Jsoonrtt, Mali, Nansoi k and f *i<1 Nansook Mnshna, H"i?er>, <*!ov?*. Ganntlatta, Black Silk Mitta, Ac. Foraale low by _j<"27 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. AL K ! XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! The inrMt and moat wholesome Ale tu Uiis city la to be oMaiued at Uie WASHINGTON HK K\VERY. This Ale ia made from malt and hoaaoniy, and cannot fail to give entire aaLnfaotion to cob ammera. C. COL1NEAU, Proprietor of the it 4-W WmK'?> Rr#w?'T. V ?rH?Tth ?t| ACON A RAVEN'S AND STKINWAY It SONS' unrivalled PIANO FoKTc!^^ of all atvlea and aisea. Alan, a'reral offl^Ra other rnakoe, for sale at fao^orir prices, at*** * * the sole acencv. M KTZfc'R<?TT<S Moaie Store. Several secondhand Pianoa in best order, eheaa. je23 Ana. 1. UU*B C UU. KE Nov prepared to ex eon te Mr onl?ra witfc which the* ma* be favored iott?e PLUMBING. GAS OR ^STKAM PITTING ICT Store on 9th street, a few doors north of P?. in>nu?, where miibt found a ?o replete assortment of CH\NDKLI F.RSand otter GAS. STEAM and WATEk FIXTURES. Hn ly DUPOST'S GUNPOWDER, For mU? at mannfaetu'era pr:c??. by JOHN J. RfMSIIR- SiiMtMwi n SoU At*net fmr tk* District ifbUmm'iim. ALl?r?< ?"fPW, ainbracin* otbtj vmHj, , a.waT? on h&nd. *m (iniivmrd trM to all parts of tk* Diat l?t. Ordar* oan al*o deleft at ibe 'ftee of Adams' Kltwii. Cnmp+rr. WmU>iwrt"ti. Q. C. >?S l>*lt D NOTICB. K BRBON& D*ahftia? h?.??fcka*pir.f or karinf a sBTiin nf hcuwn .Id mta ow And ready mi* hy flailing at rot KaruiaMa; Store, 49^ TU ilim, baa ?~u. m.r*,v. H. ^W?.".iK!r..T ad ?f own make, that he will ?!! m low * %t,j of Uw Nuftjura W a>e< are nM ?or. as.4 at tWf iwa* tim > wtJJ warrant evei jlkint ( fcn ?tao4?rd >'f ?r. ?*F' 1 _ j? a ^Ml^KIOLIlWi* BOMV MJPKUB PIANOB, l?? !(?M r. BLLU^N* P^?T, THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia sxa*u?nt Faaily tad N?w? Jot?i >iw fttlBinc a irwt*' vanaty of intsraatiac rsadinc t?u can b* foiai ib uy otteac?1? pabtiafcad ?* Saturday aoruac. Tnin-Oi*4. im drmmr^ Sin?l? pw ar.nuM #1 * f IT? Oi pii*a .. . $ T ea oopio* IM TvMUy eopjaa 15 Ft fUliaeribiaf ka slabs raised tnnai astgkbors Vila? ( ta* nunwl?* ot a Knt.m ?n b? y?ro?ivf?t H>r mbL of Tlu Si?> ? aavni. It lavariablv ocntaina Am Nt??" that M? readr T%4 Ecmmi Smt eirMUftU ao ianar?lij throat ItoOl lk?> <x uuUy IDT9?a?ia m^in (in wr%f pars ma ba yroNrai it tne counter, iium diat*.r aftor lite imm of U? H^r Prtoa?THRKfc CRM* (^Poitauttri who aot aa k>dIi will k* aJI<ia d toomaiftioa of Jn oent*. FOR 8ALE AND RENT. \T PKIVATK SAl.K-!>? ? *<# l.mmdt n Mimrtomrrp < 7wa<*. M4 ? I am aullioraad to dispose of at pnv?>e sal*. la lota to auit, a trfcci containing IHi-im (.f (nod laud. ntuaM n tk? C. ? O. t 'anai. ? mum from Cnai?H?l, U C.?4*a entir# lrnatli- ami di\i<i*d by tK* \vaahin?ton Muaduct. It has two lam'mis ; a waralK>uar stora house. ami other buikiius; wall vwuM aad watered ; with a count* ro%d i admg to R>>ok*illa. Alw, a tract containing IU scr*i. wall woo4*d an.! watered. Titia Trrmi liberal A??l* Ui TIKI*. IXlWLiyii, Auetioa aad Oowuniaatoa ??w uwhwpw, )r iff lull I/OR SALE-A em* FARM ofI'mtm, aitaated K at the L.ittif Fmh. b?Tint a ooanrortai.ieqweTl ;iiS- hoy**, oore boaee. etablee, Ac ; wel feuoed ami watered; within (oar eiilee of Waahi n?ton ; lft MrniHdtiratioD, Ike baiaace IB handeoaae woo* land. It i? pe^u'iarly de?ir*t> e a? * country ree? d?n<*e. being perfect!* healthy and mow* roraaataeai Ij aituated ; excellent fcihioc and hantu.t. Inquire (Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge kMf?, Chain Bridge, t.ittle Fn"? d>T fcig |?OR KENT?A two ?turj tSHI<'k r V i?*min vena<*? No. 40. P?in???ii?? given on the let of Jni? next. A pply to I>. A. W *TTBRSTON. No. 4t>4 Keooad atreot eeet. or SHO fcrenth etrwtweeL >e T-eolei* f~'() M FOR T A BI .K ROOMS with or without > Hoard. ran t>? obtained, on nKxl^raU' term*, at 4**fi K *?., let ween Sth ami ?th. TaMe Bovdera ajconnw*lat?i1 with *<m?I Board. je I* im* L'OR KKNT-Thw BRICK HOI !*E*-^ne i Twelfth flr^rt. Hwo?n C and l);one on the corner of Twelfth and II ata. ; and one on H, he twwn I2th and 13th at*. Inquire of iAMKs W. H \ RKi:R. on H atreot. betwtfu 11th and llth. No. 4U. ma an a |?(IR R ENT-A three etory FHAMK HOUSE, a on Klcve >th atreet. bet ween I aaC K Inquire ofM. *N VOKR. at the Plumb nc anJ Gai Fiit'n? Ouh lahmeut of C. Snyder, next door to the ?*r 0?ee ma 34 tf _ . I/OK SAI. E?Between7and ft acre* ol LAND, tpar' woodt? on the Plank Road. <7 h ?. i about 4 mile* from \Va?hinct??n?? beautiful betiding eit?. or w<>Il located (or a market garden Apply at No. 3 Aron.<<r Block. ccner Seventh and F ?! .. WuS ington. " J? H-lm* I/OR R K \ T-Ti? three ^t"ri-*n<l-h*eemt?iK HRICK HOt'9KaorMr of Six<h re?t wnl and K ilr??t north, onf nviuare from th? l'?t>nl aa<1 Citj Pout ?hem* on? of the 6ne?t and healthiest lor?tion? in the city It id arranrad for a nnl .Iwellin*; naa a bako oven attached. Wi1' suit ft t^ker or conf. ctioner. Pneeweeion eiwen on th?? I It h ir*t. For t*"-?n?. Ac . apply H> <?KO J SKI FFKKLK. at Jack?ou. Brother A Co. JJTI Pa avenna. )? 19-tf l/OK RF.NT?Threa tirat eia*? and reoaatljr I i iuif lit>1 SKS. four htorien high ??eh. hand in^ > h?v <iSa the-rodan ,n>prov? iMtvilj-, ? i- h ii? wftt -r, .* ?, Ac., in one of th? ve't tiaeht . fttioas >n tli*?it??on the crner of Thirfl >t wti'il M - ouri av< :,n?. and op p. kt? t i?a *'a?' toi uroi.n'lii Any ne wi-hir* to r?-n? ft fine rtw? i iic ? ti nd tin* a favosa1' e opportunity. aa I de ?ire to rei.t t:;>-iii immediatel*, an<l will rent them low. Inquire of P. \V BROWM\0._ Ja I-tf IjMtK ML8-A frreat bargMIl, Tour ?cr?? of w*l improved LA \ D, well suited for a ma> k*t gar .1?n. w11ii new rlwc in* dense with four n>"ini and kitchen; well of fine water is the yard; un<1er nr..- ? .. I>e M>i<l ;<iw ?r for oit* l>">pe'-'? . *r; ! <-n rmxVrat* terinn. Th- ifcrnl is at Bali's Cross R<*1?. two and a half imlesfrom Georgetown, and in Alexandria eountj, Ya Apply to V. >' < '< >RUKTT. over bank of \> asi.>ngt<?n. ma 18 tf F|*OK KK.N I ?A iniA. > Tt?R t.. o?ri:er of Ml ?U and P?nn.avenue, under the Clarendon Hotel, u;tal - for a l*r??er'? sa <>on or cigar store For information inqujre a' the Hote: iw > EMJR RENT?The HR?T FLOOR of Ui? b?ild r mr iu.ii.ed iat?iy opposite the west win* of the City Hv .recently oecupied by Cbaa. H. VTaHach as an oftce. the front room in the ssovm tor* ard the third floor of the same t?u.!din*. For terms app.y to RICi'ARD WALI.ACH.nlo. I i .....iZI. . ? " / Lr wioitau* u jm 10 ?? SENATORS, MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.?5 T*u splendid suite* of ROOMS, eiegantiylarniahod, will be rented during the imkic of Cobgrt>se, >n the most deairable loo* tty in tbia oity. being witbiu oca or two a^urn of Brown's MM National Hotel*. Tbooe in pursuit of aaoh Rooms will do well to make ear ? application at No. 379 -ttli street, between D street a^d Pa. av. de fc-Mf F^OK SALE?A nice three story Briok HOUSE, on 2d street, betw?er. L) ar.d fc street*, in lflDbet's Subdivision. The abore property win be sold on ?ia?v term*. Pri<*e made known by ma trim of H. W. HAMILTON A CO., No. ??9 7th <rt-e-1. opposite Centre Market. Titie perfect. fc7tf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOK& 1havy. jusr mccEivRp a kkw fi r p!) of Genu' fine Freceu Caif Skin Dma^fta Bo?ta aid Gaiter*, Patent l.eatue' and HI Cloth Waiter*. Calf Skin. Patent Leather.w^Bj aud i,a<t:">? Shoes A'ao, an ext*nai?e* pv??-\ vi n ? au<i *yin ii pii p, i #iwi lep mniri Bo?t? and Shoes, all of which I am selling at n< low pnoes. J. KKSKNT8AI.. Vjn Seven'h street. m% 15e<> 3 ''non above D gwt >OOTS AND SltOKS TO SUIT Tilt O TIM F.S. VVc ?rf now inncufutiriBi all kinds of BOOTS and SHOKS, and cor?tant!* retiring i.Aj supp j of eaatern mad* work of every df HI acripti.>>-, marie expressly to orde*. a*<d willw bo a*.id at a much 'ow?f prioe than haa l>eee* h*retof. re cliarged in tha oity for much inferior articles. Persona in want of Roota and Shoes of eastern or city made work, will aiwaya find ajfo<>d aaeortmeot in store and at the lowest prices wire la a m GRIFFIN * BRO., t|(-r XI4 Pennsylraria a?ee?e. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, O ?yy tth man, * pfgitlt OH4 Hall Wmkinrtum. D.C. Travrtins will ?tBdj their inter ecu tv euaiuBf my TRUNKS, VAIJCBS 4c , before pu' vni chaotic els-were As I va* none bat tlx JBfnm bo?t material the market affords aad ^naplo? ^ the b?et workmen, 1 oan confidently recommend my work to t>e superior in Strear.* arKl ihrabtiity U> Trucks thai are made m other cities and so id here. 1 keep constantly on havd, and make to order ion one week's ootioet every d*scriptien of SOXE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRFSS a*d WOOD BOX TRCSKS; ASHLAND mmd otker V ALICES :TR AYEL1NO BAVS; HARNESS. SADDLES; WHIPS, 4*.. tc. Trunks, Ac.. Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at abort noUee. Trunk* delivered in any part of the city, Gaorga*?AUo~Ajten?Ifor1*ilowe'a oeiebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. delAl* JAMES ?. TOPHAM in I !!-? ?Dd ,2 4 super Linen Sheetings, I U"i, 10-4 11 4, and 12 4 Cotton Sheetings, KicSard-on A Son*', Dunbar A Dickinson and B*rkiie'? super Fronting and Shirtin* Lineae. Towclings in variety. 1 ab.e Li- er.s and Napkins, l?i pieces superior makes B eached Cottons, inn pieces Lawns at 12K cent* S5 pieces White and Coio-ed F annels. I ad es'and Mimes' White Cotton Hoee, Wbi" Go'ods in vane?y. Camlmo and Swiss Ed incs and I nsartmgs. Roniton. <in piir" and French Worked dollars, t*u:: Umnrei;a",Para3< , jhimi "un shades, Sup *t Silk and Fieneh l,?ce Mant e?, Hooped SMnrta. ?i!k Mita. Ac.. Ac , reeWTad and for file low by j * 13 TAYLOR A HI T^BUMjN. WG A J* FIXTURES. E Hav? in ?tore. ao<i are dailv rawiwif, 0AS F7X7"( KJiS of entirely \ew Patterriaawl D-aiina and Fmiah. superior id ntjle to aorthinc heretofore otf.-red in thi? market. Wf mnte citisena genera ly to call and examine our stock of Oaa and Wslw Fixture*, feeling ft?nfki?nt that we hare the t>Mt elected mnjk in Wan hi acton. All Work in tbe abore une intra eted to Mr Art ?J, i? Frawti, t mar 5-tf >T?D<rwt f>R IM K COJ*T.?Organdie, Jaoonet, B?n?e, Grenadine, and Silk Robes, from two to Ma* floauoe*. at first coat. Wpw'T front tbia day forward offer oar entire etook of the afoo?e rood* at eoat; do more will he - ft, A <A. ... O/a ka. ^ 1.. . ^ a "VT _ ku iui ?u7 vi ! ? ww w iw>v v Mi'" p.p r?' l>re?a aad aMkMldnn mm* ? ' this kind of*oode;*ud w? reepeeifel.T anlioitklliB mil ?f ricH [trfM Goxla, at very !?v fri?M, lo U * &:iiir%t?>n vfour (took. _ _ ) & ?*t TAYLOR A BUTCH'POW. RKSKARCHKft. TRAVKU* AND MIBHIONary ; daniif ?n if hlf b y-*V 'Oido o* in butnt Afnca ac , by Kn. Dr. J.Livk Krart vilh an A?f?THlix re?p*ctinf the ho* C*pr?4 M' ?'tvr??f Etitm Airin tb? SwioM oft' Nit<>, the I antuage tad Lit t?m? of *?> ? ? aid ^aatera Afrofc, *c , b* K J, Ravenatmn, P R G **.. 1 rol e'eii; jri#* ?1 j&'ift? ^sMaoerjom Aykllow pink lvmrer. iOY AM ETcH^.y kjBgS PERPKCT, NEW. R(>fcB*\><jp jWSJttX SOBSTMB WE MAM POK r NT. *-*lf ? ?M|?r to ?? r iro?t?. AUo, ?r?*t i?i|MM la iMWid NR d f 'n< | .yt ' in*** ,0"fgp*1 N?*"* Th* PMjt'Btn-ii^ Ct?'t HF^l# ?6Mmtwi?

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