Newspaper of Evening Star, July 9, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 9, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. w AbHLNGTON CITY: MONDAY ... Jaly 9, 19?0 Spirit of the M?rili| Frew. The Constitution notes a transfer of the proprietorship of that paper from Gen. George W Bowman to William M. Browne. Esq., In ptireuance of arrangetnenta which, It save, have been In progress for some time. It a!so comments in prettv severe terms on the assault of Mr. Schnabet on Gen Bowman, on Saturday. The Initlliq*nttt facetiously tenders its ac knowled^emenln to the "official journal" for keeping op the record of the Bell and Everett demonstrations for it. dT " The cropa In Carroll county, Md ., are said to be very promising. trr Two companies of missionaries recently embarked at Boston for Smyrna. DIP" Very large amount* of counterfeit money on tbe Nawton Bank, of Mata., have been put In circulation In acme of tbe Northern States IO~ It ia e*timat?i that Mr Walton, who was recently murdered in New York, with Mr. Matthews, waa worth half a million of dollars. UT The oration of Kdward Kverett at Boston on tbe Fourth of July, ia characterized as a patriotic and brilliant effort. in* The officers of the Niagara expect to reach Japan Id 70 days, to be absent a year, and to visit Palestine before returning. ID"Tbe Hon. Herschell V. Johnson, candidate for View President on tbe Douglas ticket, recently made a speech in Macon, Georgia, at tbe conclusion of which he was burnt in effigy. lLr Great complaint was made of tbe bad management of the New York excursion boats on the Fourth of July. They were ?o crowded tha* many of the passengers had to stand up during the trip and boy drinking water of the waiters. 07" A civil war ia now raging in Syria. Drr aea and Christiana, numbering hundreds of thouaands, are now engaged in wholesale murder, araon. and pillage, in which fiendish work they are aided by Turks, Moslems, Arabs, and the people as the Metawalies. iXIT" It is said that the whole West, from the Ohio to the Missouri, is one vast grain field It is estimated that the State of Ohio will have thirty million bushels of wheat?five millions more than it has ever produced before, and that i t is of the btst quality. Cl^Prof. Henrv, of the Smithsonian Institution. in an article nn -? ~ .mv Mvugiy rcrominends that lightning rods, in all cases, instead of beiag terminated a few feet in the earth, should be connected with the gas or water pipes of the city on the outside of the building. If/' The "glory'- France gleaued last summer, from the bloodv harvest, of Montebello, Magenta. Solferi no, etc , cost something besides a river of I human blood, as his Majesty's subjects are in a fair way to realize, th?- Government being about to enter the money market for a loan of twenty to thirty million dollars Thus people who dance must sooner or later pay the piper. fry Hicks, the convicted pirate in New York. Is to be executed on the 13th Inst , on Gibbet Island The s>amboats are already advertising * Execution Excursions " One boat is announced to carry people at 50 cent* a head, and the bill promises that 'after the excursion, ih? n??t? ??? ? ? j ?w fut ? J Will be taken down llie bay on a pleasure trip A fine band baa been provided, and goad liquors can be procured on board. ' Tee P*i!?c? Co mi He ?The Persia brings intelligence that the Prince of Wales would leave England on the 11th instant for Canada, in the St. George screw ship, twenty guns, attended bjr the Earl of St Ger mains, the Lord Steward of the Queen's household, and a large retiuue. It is now understood that be will extend his travels far weet, and employ perhaps two months is making the propoaed tour, in this case, he cannot well void American territory, but as yet the United Btitea Government has received no official intimation of an int?iiHM wi?it 037*One of the oldest papers printed In the English language is about to he discontinued? the London Morning Chronicle. It was in the Chronicle that Sir {'billp Francis, or somebody else, under a well-preserved incognito, gave to the world the Junius Letters, the fame of which bas not been confined to those countries where the English language is spoken These letters appeared In the Chronicle during the term of oflice ?f its fi st editor, Woodftll, who introduced into his paper the custom of regularly reporting the debates in Parliament, a new feature in Kuglish journalism at th?? time. Woodfall was considered a recklessly brave person" for having given publicity to the ideas of Junius, Burke. Fox, and Sheridan Tom Moore, Campbell, Goldsmith, Byron, and Dickens may also be numbered In the brilliant array of writers for the journal. The nu ?-t ?* * wanaicie wu esiauusned In 1770, eighteen yean before the Timet, and thus, after a career of ninety yean, it disappearsfrotn the list of British journals. Km Avonu Jokes ?Thia talented actrcss, at lMt accounts, was playing at the Theatre Koyai, in Melbourne, Australia, and was winning golden opinl 011s in her round of characters A critic in the Melbourne Examiner speaking of her as Margaret Elmore, in "Love's Sacrifice.'' says: Her intensity and ber ectire absorption in the character she assumes, are not the least ? *-? -?'vu* un merits She appears to be unconscious of the pretence of her audience and cognizant only of the existence of the persons on the stage Why. being so young and so comparatively inexperienced, she should excel In rhe arduous undertakings she assume*, is explicable on the theory that she deriv'S her inspiration from nature, and makes tlit lessons she has received from art subservient to the guidance of the better test her, ai d Id proportion as her confidence strengthens in this monitor will her power and cac>a< lty as an actress increase Tbc of a Williant future lies before her, and 1 hope it will be fully realized If 1 were askid to name the emotions which she is capable of exhibiting most vividly, I think I should s*lect scorn and tenderness. The Utter she may yet soften with advantage, but the former could scarcely be intensified to a greater degree I was particularly impressed with the admirable delivery of the passage in wbich Margaret denounces the cunning vfilany of Lafont Most actresses lapse Into downright rant at th>s point; M'ss Jones's vehemence never overstepped the modesty of nature.'" Miss Charlotte Cushman has arrived in M - V a iww i or*. Wm. H. Seward, jr.. aon of Senator Seward, haa Just bean married to Mia* Wataon, of Syracuse, N Y. Tai Powaa or Mauicma ovaa Dmkask? We know of oo better lliuatratioo of tbia fact than the wonderful effects of the Oxygenated BltUra. la eradicating from the human system dyspepsia and all functional diseases of the atomacti, and restoring Impaired digestion It la no new remedy. Ten years of trial by the public baa eatab llshed it aa a star tin rd medicine ; and no family la the country should be without it as a safe and a are remedy with both aexes In all ages In our large cltlea it haa been much uaed by the regular phyair lana. and la indoraed bv some of the strongest certificate* from well-known Individuals. For aale by all the druggists.? Weekly Noctlletu. Gix. Btkvm ix a CowHiDiKo Arr*i? ?Gen J G Rynum. who created such a sensation In New York, a few weeks ago, by eloping with a young lady, a student in Spingler Institute, lately cow bided a Mr. Leala at Atlanta, Ga. I enia mentioned Rjnum'a name In connection with a YOUDff lfiHv pJ * - _ , ..y, 111 an improper manner, whereupon toe General waited upon him with a ptaiol and cowhide, and beat him so badly that Ac b;d to go to bed. 07* The Uwwtlle Courier aaya:?"Our dta tluti.lahed fdlow-citixen, Hon. Wm. Preatoii. Miniater to Spa la. haa been In Louisville the pnst few day*, and will aoou atart for Waablngton on bto way to Madrid We are glad to know that, like tbe gallant, true, and loyal Kentuckian be to, Col Preston ardently and earnestly favor* the election of tbe atandard-bearers of the true national democracy. Breckinridge and l<ane " Try The wreck of tbe United States steamer W alker baa been found off Atlantic City. Kff >rta will be made to rails ber. fTTOn tbe 43d ult. queen Victoria reviewed 90,iw rolantoera In Hyde Par|. WASHINGTON NEWS AND BOISIP, Bkakding tbi GovsmnxiNT, as well as ths Pcblic?The New York journals are In a stew over Mr. Cornelius Vanderbllt's sturdy refusal to carry their issues on bis California steamers. They may fret and fume over V.'t treatment of them to their heart's content; for as they are evidently without any remedy at law for the dilemma Into which he has cast their bnsineM, Injuring them (and the newspaper dealers) as it already dot*, to the extent of between S25.0UU and $30,UU0 per fortnight He Is no loafer a mail carrier, and disputes the right of freighters to call on him to transport newspapers, alleging that they are, lawfully, mall matter. That he is clearly wrong, mougb well known to all lawyers, doe* not help their cute, u no publisher or newspaper dealer will venture to measure purses with him in the courts. The trouble, we regret to have to state, originated in the policy of the Post Office Department and the Government in unwittingly having shaped their policy with reference to the reopening of the Nicaragua route, wholly to the end of advancing his schemes to monopolize the business of transporting passengers, ocean-wise, between our Atlantic and Pacific coasts. There was a time, as all know, when boldness and emphasis in dealing with Nicaragua on the one hand, and the selfish schemes of Vanderbilt on the other, would have secured the reopening of the Nicaragua transit route under auspices rendering it certain bevond reradventure that th?? cnnnirv . ? T would be secured in the existence of competition in the transportation of passengers and freight between New York and the Pacific coast; a con summation beyond measure desirable. Those who saw behind the curtain were well aware that influences in Governmentemploymentsympathizing deeply with Vanderbilt's interests, proved powerful enough to defeat every proposition that bade fair to interfere with those interests The President and Cabinet unfortunately could not t>e made to comprehend that V.'s object was simply to rivet the yoke of his grinding and gouging monopoly more surely upon the neck of the public, and that the law gave them the right to interpose the Government's power to prevent the consummation of his wishes. The recent refusal of Congress and the Post Office Department to yield to his demands for carrying the California | malls, haYing, for the time being, defeated h scheme to force the Government to submit to his exactions as the people are forced to submit to them through the Government's failure to secure competition as explained above, he has ilmnlu ? ?r"' I ' put on tbe screws" to obtain revenge; tf not to rompcl tbe Department to succumb to bis demands He is thus making tbe people squeal because, just now, su< h music is pleasant In bis vengeful ear, and because he Indulges the hope that tbe unpleasant noise may so frighten the au- | thorities here as that they will eventually accede W his wishes to get rid of its din. P 8.?Since writing the above, we learn that an arrangement has been concluded with Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt for the transportation of the mails between New York and San Francisco, by way of the Isthmus of ranama. under the provisions of tbe act of 15th of June, which restricts tbe compensation to tbe postages 011 the mails conveyed, with tbe undf*rKbinfliA(T *> - n * J ? * ?"* , ..?a? >uc i irnl'ieill Will reconiiuciid to Congress the allowance of such an additional sum as may be deemed equitable and just for the service. The mails will go forward from New York by the steamer leaving that port on the 11th inst , arid tri-mouthly service will be regularly maintained thereafter until the ith of March, 1861, the steamers leaving New York on | the 1st, 11th, and -1st of each month. Tbe reason that the malls were not taken on the steamer that sailed from New York 011 the *Jd Inst , Mr. V. says in his letter to the Department, was tha' the proposition of the Government did not reach him in time. Army Medical Staff ?A Board of Medical Otticers will assemble at Baltimore, Md , on the *2i)th day of September next, or aa soon thereafter as practicable, for the examination of As* s*ant Surgeons for promotion, and of such candidates for appointment to the Medical Staff of the Army as may be invited to present themselves to the Board Applicant* must be between twenty-one and twenty-Ave years of age. Applications must be addresaed to the Secretary of War; must state the residence of the applicant, and the date and place of his birth. They must also be accompanied (reference.? itill recurt nn attention) by respectable testimonials of his possessing the moral and physical qualifications requisite f<*r nuing creaitaoiy the responsible station, and for performing ably the arduous and Bctlve duties of an officer of the Medical Staff There are at this time three vacancies in the grade of Assistant { Surgeon. j Mr. Breckinridge's Letter, formally acceptin ; the Baltimore nomination, we understand, will be published to-morrow ? The Beacon-Lioht at Set-Off Point, Newark Bay, N.J, will be discontinued on and after the 1st of August next Wk understand that a weekly Bell and Kverett organ la to be started here next week n iv - v.? i ? _. .. . ...naiaaa i?h ikth rei: ngnued Dy the President a* vice consul of Hanover at New York. . ? ? . - ^ 0 m " Opposition to Hoopj.? A new invention.railed the " Shirt B< s >tn Kxpander," la recommended for general adoption, not only as a matter of fashion, hut one of necessity. The article, is manufactured of nicelycovered watch-spring steel, and Is intended to keep the shirt front in an expanded position, thereby securing neatness, as the front does not touch the l>odvor became saturated with perspiration It aft'ords an easy and graceful support to the chest, dispensing with wadding, ai.d eff cts a thorough circulation of nlr, thereby imparting coolness to the system Being simple 111 adjustment, lees thin one ounce in weight, and cheap. It is particularly desirable to citizens and military men, aa It secures protection, pleasure, aim Utility Thk Rewiido? Charity ?A youth by the name of John Butterworth, In Bedford count;', Va , a year or two ago, found an old kn?'lisbman, | then living in Roanokecounty. lying by the roadside in an Intoxicated and freeiiny condition. Young Butterworth procured a buggy, carried the old man home, warmed hlin, and nursed him, 1 until restored to health When the young inau I was living tbe house, the old gentleman remarked that he would remember bim. The old fentieman afterward* removed to Texas, invested is funds, and became wealthy. He died a short ! time ago, leaving his whole estate to h's young friend, who thus becomes worth about one hunI dred thousand dollars. i Death or a Miskr ? Gershotn Twltchell, the | last memberof a sini?ul*r fimii? ai-a - ? 0 j y uicu '** Iil?TCi i M??s on the 291b ult . pnMraaed of much wealth, b it living a life of deprivation and abject poverty. After his death stores of gold and silver were found secreted, nicely ad jutted in layers ?f dollars, halves and quarters, and small coins Ills farii',oneof the most beautiful in Milford. sutlVrtd frjiu neglect, and his wife was comjxlled to leave him many years a^o, and recently, for a stipulated sum, gave bonds that'she would mak? no claims upon his property The overseer of the poor took charge of the specie, and deposited it in bauk for safe keeping It is stated that the Falls of 8t Anthony, on toe Upper Mississippi, are rapidly undergoing a change, that at the middl* of the river tbey rec+a*a n?*rl %j a? miaa w *?* * .j w. v|?ivc ??u uuuurea ana any feet during the spring of 1859, and. this spring, it is stated they have gone bark nearly one hundred ?ud fifty feet further The St Anthony Express think* that in a few years they will be destroyed entirely, leaving nothing but a long reach of rolling, tumbling rapida behind. C7" The flrat bale of new cotten of the aeaaon waa rrrelved from T??i at New Orleans on the 3d, and goea to New York. irr A ateam whistle for alarms in foggy weather uaa been placed outside tbe harbor of s*t. John. It can be heard eight miles fry A dWreitxh f*~-? ll??? ' Ir r ? ?r?--- ? aivm vwMi) ii. x .? announce! the arnst of Frederick HotVinan. tb? missing secretary of the Putflc Mail Steamship Company. IT/" The wea<ber U Intensely hot In South Carnlffia and Georgia. Many deatha have occurred, and the cro|? are mattrlallv Injured. |?7*Kephart, the murderer of Mrs. Wlllia and her two children, uear Batavia. la., laat week, waa hung la that piacc on the 4th ioat , by a mob numbering 250 EA man down South haa Invented a lounge i when any one lle? dowa upon It, runa by itaown weight, and keep constantly In motion a fun ?7* Mr. Mara hall. In hit speech at the Baltimore ratlfteatlon meeting, ssla 'be regarded Mr. Douglas as a tender to the Lincoln locomotive; toe, therefore, cat bis connection with him," 4 IiMitlM of Hardra, the New Jersey Wlfs Psisoaer. At half-past one o'clock on Friday last, the Re*. Jacob S Harden, who ha* been fifteen months in prison, was executed la the yard attached to tbe Jail at Behridere, Warren county, N J. The crime for which this matt was doomed to death has occupied so prominent a place In the public journals of late that it Is needless to repeat tbe details of the murder at this time Suffice It to say that after a long and ably conducted trial he was found guilty of having administered to his wife a quantity of arsenic which resulted in her death. He then fled to Virginia, was inspected, sent for and arreated. and on being brought back was placed upon trial to answer for her murder He was found guilty, sentenced to be hung on ihr 2Sth day of J unc From that day he was respited to July 6, and on that day the sentence was duly executed. The scaffold on which Harden was executed was an entirely new one. erected under his own supervision, and in full view of the grated window of hi* cell It occupied the northwest corner of the yard, and took up nearly one-fifth of the pace inrioicQ wiiDin ii>e miwn i?oi Drlrk wall. It consisted of two uprights, the full hight of the wall, with a cross piece at the top. A (light of steps led to a platform erected about midway of the scaffold. A few inches below the platform was placed the fatal drop, be having expressed a preference for that mode of d?ath, the usual custom being to raise the bod? ?uddenly by heavy weights. Supporting this arop wis a swinging arm, so arranged thai the dropping of a fourteen pound weight jerked the aria away, allowing the drop to f<ill aside, thus leaving the body suspended in tue air. This scaffold was erected at Harden'* special request, and its operation fully tested by him previous to his execution. Up to the Ust moment the condemned man preserved a calm and composed exterior, talking freely with all who were permitted to see him. His father took a last farewell of him on Friday, the '2Mb of June, the Interview being represented ? VPPf nffurtl nir I nmt 1 ?? 4 ... ,v.| I uui Ul^Ut WOBIIieni In prayer and religious conversation with the Rev. Mr Kirk, a Presbyterian clergyman, and the Rev Mr Day, of the Methodist persuasion He slept but little till after daylight on Friday morning, and, on awakening, bad another interview with the clergyman. One of his brothers also saw hi hi on Thursday, since which time none of his relatives have seen him. lie has written a small book of admonition to the young, full of useful precepts, and showing the manner in which he was led into crime. Nc twitbstanding theconiideiit assertions of the citizens of Bslvidere that Harden has made a full and detailed conftsilon of bit many crimes, his counsel assert that they know nothing of it, and do not believe in its existence The only confession they know of is that contained in the little pamphlet mentioned. His mother nas not been to see him at all since his trial, in consequence of sickness, nor has either of his sisters visited him It was only within the past two or Mtree days that be realized the enormity of his crime and appreciated his true position more fully. Then he admitted the impartiality of his trial, and the fairness of tbe Judge and'the jury, and said that he felt that bis sentence was a just one . lie thought that he was prepared to die, and that he could walk with firm lid's to the v^lfald, but could not be positive. He admitted also having seduced several young girls, and having had illicit intercourse with married women with whom be became acquainted during bis ministerial career He stated that be had repented of bis sin, and had full fiith iu tbe forgiveness of (jod Harden t liked freely, clearly, and plausibly, and that it was by means of his good conversational powers tteat he was able to prosecute bis villainies so successfully The impression left upoa a person whn runu/ttK *"'r " * 1? .. ? . WM ,,.a u. u n i?u unit ww vo IiC WfH <1 UlOi' fildusihle villain?one who bad been so long a ivinjr lie to all the world that he was now unable to believe himself that be was laboring hard to convince himself that be was penitent and striving to do what was ri^ht, but that, knowing himself ?o well. h?* was doubtful of his own thoughts aa well as words. At VJ% o'clock the Sheriff went into Harden's cell and told him that the hour was fast approaching. and that he must prepare for immediate death He requested the Rev Mr. Day to pray with him for the last time, and for full half ah hour they were so occupied. At 1 25 be appeared in the prison yard, bis arms tied behind niin, walking by the side of Sherifl' Sweeney, and followed by the two clergymen who had attended him, his counsel, and a physician They mounted the scaft'old. when Harden glanced around at the crowd beneath hirn He was a good locking young man, having a dear, sharp eye, and a good complexion, wearing dark whiskers lie stood about Ave fret seven inches high, and was very athletic, and weighed about one hundred and flfty pounds. He was dressed in a dark blue coat partly buttoned over bis cheat, black pants, dark velvet vest, white shirt with a turn-over collar, and light summer cravat. Ha appeared like a man who was vain of hia broad shoulders and well-developed frame. Having reached the centre of the platform, be knelt down wun nia mends, and prayed Hi* language was not audible to those on tbe ground, tbe lsst sentence, "l.ord Jesus, have mercy on my soul, and support me in this trying bour," being tbe only word* beard He then stepped upon tbe drop, in company with the Sheritt. at.d gave some directions about the signal, which he desired to give himself He next took leaveof all his friend* near him, shaking them by tbe band, and thanked Sheriff Sweeny fur bis kindness to him. A* tbe black cap was drawn ov?r hi* head, a perceptibleshndder [Kissed over bim and a low groan escaped bis lips He stood up firmly, however The Sheriff' placed a white handerchlef in bis right hand, and then descended to the end of tbe scaffold where the weight was fastened But a moment ehpsed before Harden dropped the handkerchief as the signal that be was ready Instantly the Sheriff cut lift!? rnrH \*r\Ar>k* 4 % * * v,v. ? ? .uv,u uctu % uc VT mill a I 1 til tbe welabt dropped, the drop fell, and Harden whk suspended In the air, having fallen with a sudden jerk about three feet and a half His dying struggle* were very hard and long continued The leg* were frequently drawn up to the body, the hand* and legs twitched convulsively, and his efforts to catch his breath could be beard all over the prison yard. After hanging about ten minutes, the attending physician felt his pulse, and found that the heart w<;s still beating At 1 45 be was pronounced quite dead At the end of half an hour the body was cut down, and after the usual examination and verdict by the Coroner's jury, was placed in a coffin and delivered to bts relatives The coffin was of inihogauy, silver mounted bearing on a silver plate the simple Inscription " Jacobs. Harden.'' Among the crowd who witnessed the execution w re several of tbc witnesses who testified against him at the trial There were also sevtral women naong the spectators hi the prirou yard, while many others were exceedingly i'ldi^nant because they were not admitted The father and brother of Mrs Harden were alto in the crowd, and anxious to see her murde er pay the penalty of his crime. After the execution, many of those who were inside the jail hastene d to pay a visit to t e cell formerly occupied by bitn. The cell had been comfortably arranged, and contained a bed, table, small stand, two or three chairs, etc His table was well supplied with religious hooks, bearing evident march of coustint reading. The walls of his cell were entirely covered with the various illustrated papers, all of which bad been pasted up by h.niffclf His conduct during bis Imprisonment was always gentlemanly and courteous, and he bad won the est*-em of the f*uenB and kee|* r? to that decree that it seemed to tL?in like losing an old friend when they bung him. Very little svm uathv was mnfiiui'il It L-* _ j r .??^ . ?j <?? |t?>|uc v'i tuai vicinity for him, e*-,ei>t by a few of that chtss of females wbo delight'a to ?in^ psalms beneath his windows All about him expressed the great*ct horror of hiscr me, and many, who would be unwilling to see th? execution of another man, offered considerable sum* of money f >r tickets of ndu.iss'on 10 witnefi death The funeral of Harden was to take place at 4 p. m 01. Saturday, from tlie rrs deneeof btsf.ither, near Ulairstown, and conducted as privately as possible. The residents about Blairttown had tuned a petition asking tLat Harden'* remains might not l>e interred in the cemetery of the Bhttrs'own church, as if a murderers dust shared a murderer's guilt, and would contaminate the earth Harden would, therefore, be buried upou ..... t.... -? * ?-*- ?-*? -- * - ....... vwum ?| ma Kuier. naraen'a family have always been reapectcd in the neighborhood, and greatly feel this exclusion After his father had gone on Friday, Harden sent for his brother, and gave him his confession, to take to his father, and who is to do with it as seems h?st to him and his friends It is a long, full aud entire confession It enters into the details of bUenrly life, revealing transactions defiled with Impurltv aud steeped Tn Iniquity. Names are given", ana dates and places specified, so that people now unsuspected of crime or taint, were It published, would find themselves soon the sharers of bis notoriety, as well as of hts passion. His father is a flue, respectable old juatic?of the pea< e, and it ia not probable that be will permit It to co before the public. He has coufrsaed in detail to bis counsel and spiritual advisers, all of whom aa^they will never make it public. tiaraen'K miner is poor What little mean* be bad be freely gave for the benefit of hi* wayward boy, and it fs estimated that he baa spent something like SI 500 since bi* *ou?* arrest. To recompense bis father, Harden wrote bis confession, a id ptpced it in his hands A Philadelphia publisher offered 91,600 for the copyright of it, but it is understood that old Mr. Haraen is unwilling to part with the paper. If anything is done with It, names, places, dates, ic., will be stricken out. (pr Accounts from Buenos Ay re* to the 17th of May state that the exploring expedition under Captain Pa>te had nearly fln'shed its work. Lieut*. MrGary and Chandler had obtained 1 ->*? of altsence. and would soon return home. Yellow fever prevailed at all the Brazilian port* (XT' La Mountain made a very succeauful asoensioo is bis balloon, from Troy, on the F >urtb. He was accompanied by an intrepid youag lady, Mis* Moss, of Lansingburgh. U^The store of R. A. Cross, at Toledo, was broken open Thursday night, and t3(',000 worth of Jewelry taken therefrom I Railroads hot to Altkb thki* Time Withoft Notice ?A gentleman in F,n?land baa cued and recovered damage* from a Railway Company, who, regardless of their time-table. withdrew, without previous notice, a certain train advertised to start at a certain time, whereby he suffer* d pecuniary loss. The Cour held that the published times for startlag were a spectra of contract and bad been violated. Lard Campbell also decided that the company were gallty of making faliv> and fraudulent representation! Suicide?The Carroll county (Md ) Democrat *avs that a man naaaed Perry Johason hung himself in Freedom dlatrict last Tuesday two works. He became dissatisfied about a distribution of a legacy between him and his brothers, supposing pirtiality had been shown his younger brother. He bad a key suspended on a belt, tied round his waist, which unlocked a cheat that contained &MMI, which it seemed he was also troubled bow to dispose of. ID* Coal Is said to He a sure deatrrrer of bed K....a A ...Uk Mi.l'l "11*7 I U %41 U A1J Wliu I MIlAil UIU9U VI feather to the place* where thev most do cooffre* Kate The cure i? efiectual and permanent. Gilt frames, chandelier*,Ac., rubbed lightly over with coal oil will not be diaturbed by tliea fs*BANK OF WASHINGTON, Jul; 3 !W.L5 The trustee* of thin Bunk have deu.&red a dmdaiit of thrre per oent. out of the profit* of Die lait nx mouths, payable to Stock hold era on de mind. JAMES ADAMS, jf 9 3t Cashier. nr?"8lXTH WARD IN THE FIKLD Ikf RALLY! RALLY!! RALLY!!!-The fiends of the True National Democ auc nunii.eee, John C. babcki5kimk A Jo*. Ltivr. will a??<?iiihi A i ft frnnt nf Km An am i?t i a L* n?<n? (Jam m a T U I EVENING, at GX o'clock. for the purpose of marchinK in proeemdon to the <*ity Hall to take part in the Grand Ratification Man meeting. Nk tc it th? timi to mw your Color*. It* Yr* I .OUI SI A NIAN !*, ATTENTION!.-At a L < nieetuiK oi the Louisiana Democratic C>ub. hv resolution unanimously adopt**!, the i.oui*ianians favorahie to Br<*ckinrulge A Lane, are cordially invited to meet and join with ilk in promoting their election t<> the Presidency. An adjourned mooting of the Club will take place at iho Naiional Democatio Commit'ee R<?iin<, No, 28 4H street, on TUESDAY. July loth, at five o'clock p. in., all are respectfully invited to attend. S. F. GLENN. Pre*. WM. R. N1XON, Sec'y. jy 9 2t* r??l. O. O. F.?GRAND LODGE-The recu* lar nuarWlr communication of the R. W. Grand Lodge, District of Colnmbta, will l?e held at Odd Fellows' Flail, Seventh *t., on MONDAY EVENING,the 9th instant, at 8 o'clock. J) 7 2t J NO. I. BANGS, Grand Seo'y. Yy?RALLY DEMOCRACY-The friends of I j$ Brkckixhihgk *>n L*.\?, of th?? Seventh Ward, will assemble at I?!and Hall on MONDAY EVENING, the 9th itmt.,at7>* o'clock, to fniin a procession to march to t he grand t'ia-? uieotin: to l>e held on that evening at tfrCitf Hal!, iv 7 it* YV31 RALLY, DEMOCRATS !-The DEMO ' L CR ATS of the Second Ward are icqtie*t??d to meet in frort of Union Squve. on Fa. ivmu*. lietween 13 h and Ulh r-t'?'et?. on MOM) ? V, Jnne 9th, a'. 7 o'clock p. hi., to join in p>>K:o**i<>n a id uia'eh to th? Dem>>o'a i<'iiieeiiaf; a', tlie Ci * Hall. Come ono, comw all. jy 1 it FIRST Ward NOTICK.?Citixeaa -I I 3 this Ward. favo-ahle to the e|c<-ii?n ol Bprckinridsk 4. Link. are respeetfnlh invited to assemble on MONDAY EVENING, th?**Mi inat., at B o'clock, at Stott's Hall, corner of 2"th ?-treet and Penn. av., to participate in the erand Ratifies, tion meeting to lx hold at the Cut Hall. )v 7-?* ^URAND DEMOCRATIC RALLY Black Lace Shawls an?l Burnoua. Blick I-ace ami Plain Silk MnUiilas. Giay Cloth and Hai?(^ Man illas. All at crr-atlv reduced price#, main at the ac'ual cost of importation. J. W. COI.LEY At CO . jy 't-^t .W3 Seventh at., ahove Pa. av. T STEAMBOAT NOTICE. HE STEAMKR PHKMX Ha. move.I her wharf from Eleventh ?treet to Vai _.|L k Reswick'a Wh?rf. foot of Sixth tt.^Ajka. All orders l"fi with Mr. Fenwiek. at^?^ wmari John Van Reawick a office, will l>e attended to. The Phk*;x rurw to Alexandria on the day* the Thom^a Colljer jtoes to Mouiit V?rii->n. C*fTto?i.?Don't lielievB anythir* tli?? acenti. or runner* of the other line u at say ; forth* Phkxix w lla!wa)*l>e on hand f>r Exclusions, Fishing Partieg,Ac. E A. RYTHER. jj> 9 3teo* Captain. ^0 l.NTKRIOR DECORATIONS. Persons needing WINDOW SHADES or PA-I PEKIlANtilNGS will find at No. !?? > Seventh street a toitd assortment ol warranted Gold Hand \viviwivv uii i i'-j /"-u ?-*-??' 1 " ... .v. .. . > u.-'.umu, icivn. fa uomtiii'ii PAPERS. FIRKBOARD PtUN'S. PICTL'NK COR l> AND TASSELS, *HADE HOLLANDS, 4c. Orders for I'aperhaimine or Window >hailes exe'-ut<-d promptly. in city or country. Thankful f 'rtiip lilwrai patronage received, I respectfully solicit a continuance. Remeinlier the number ! J. MARKRITER. No. ?*6 jy a t>teo* Seventh >t... 8 do?i s al>o> e O. F. Hall. 'P SPECIAL NOTICE, i HK a'tontioii of capitalist* and other*. is cal'ed to the hale, by virtue of a decree ot the Circuit Court of the Di*tric? of Oolumbia, to take pla.-e < n the pr mi??a, THURSDAY', Jul* i2th.at6o"c'ork, of thai VALUABLE PROPER TY Mtnat-dat the roru?r of Seventh and E street, opposite the General lost office. This id without doubt une of the Lest business lor ations in the citv of W'asi nuton. andwi'l b?? sold separately according to the iinproveiii 'Uts v z: two three' ator* Bick Dwel'in? Houses on E street a:d Mire^-story Brick Btitldin? at the corn*.- of^ev n-h streets, *ith a fine Store Room, occupied many year* a? a outclass D-u< Store, and a two story Buildi'i* on Seventh street, occupied at- n Book and Perodieal Store and Office 10 >m? above. It is believed tiiat this sal* offora the fine-t opportunity for goe?| investments of any thai lias tn?en made in tills city for some tnne. jy 9hI J. l - UnAITIlP ? m a../* Lightning: LIGHTNING !! lightning::: In Time up Peace, Prefarrfor War! f. laBARRE, Soutkicnt rorntr Qf 10tha*d C sts., Mancfacttrrr or PLATINA TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS, Respeotfu'ly announces to tb? public of Washinjrton and vtoinity that us is prepared to execute all orders fur erectirg lightning Conductors oa the most approvod scientific principles, o^nstraoted of the vo'j t>e?t of materials, on vary moderate terms. All Plaiina tipp d Points vhiohare manufactured by me will be stamped with my name. Weather Vanes of any design mad* to order. jy ? I/OR SA LE?Ar tbe want of one, two spau of r lour minute ntjlifh CARRIAGE u /\ n o i o ?- ? j - * - " * nunjr.i?; litlU B.1IO Rflll i??; can tv> u??sl in single harness. Also. two hoe Saddlw**** Horses. a?i<fe Saddles-fcc. Can be seen lor a few day* only at T. SMITH'S Livery Stables, Nineteenth ?t., near Pa. av. jy7-2t* L'ORSALK-Twojoouc and valuable HORSES (6 and 7 y?ars old. sola lor no tk, jit?no ftv further use for them, by chmeeof business. The hor?e* may be neen, and information-^1-2-1had. bv applying to R. B. CLARK. 337 Four-anda half st. v _ iy 6 lw* HPHE S\ND HILLS OF JUTLAND, By Hans I t'hrirjan Anderson; prioe 75 oenta. Autobiographical Recollections, by the late Charles Robert Leslie, K. A , edited with a prefatory es>ay on Lea ie as an artist, and selections fr im hit correspondent"*, by lorn lay lor, Esq.. I with por'nut: prioe ^1. &. J ust fu. 1 shed an i for sale at PHiLP *l SOT.OMON'S Metropolitan Bookstore, 339 Penn av., jy > betweea 9th and loth sU. Bdr. schenck EOS Leave to inform his patients?and others in Washington who ntar wi?h to ananit Kim > regard to Consumption anil any other, Liver or Stomach Di?e??)?-that hi* u?ual weekly visit, on aooount of urgent en^aioinenU tlMvbtr*. will not take place until Wednesday. July llth, oa winch day he will, a* forpierly, be at hi* rooms, (a few doors from H B. Waite's drag store, corner ol Loun-iana av and 7th at) Dr. 9CHENCI( desire* to state that his advice, as heretofore, ts invariably free of charge, bat for examining the Lungs with his R usruoMmn, his cha ge i* $9, except n oases of persons unable to pa?. Allot pr. ttcbenek's Medicines are for sale at Sam'l P. Waiti's Drug and Preacriptioa Store, as a.<ore sUted. jetl-eotw UAKPKR'SMAGAZ NK,1?CK*TS,UmU. El 15 16 eents 14 sent*, iSo-nU, l ioeuu, is oent , 19 oattti?payable in ad .anoe Ca 1 and pay fur August Lumber. R. F Hibbard's wall-known CIRCASSIAN ~ i I T R V E NATIONAL DEMOCRACY. BRECKINRIDGE AND LANE. " Coine the warei come when u-ivtea Are stranded. *?>me at the wind* come when lore?r?aie fended, Come freemen come when there n * L'uion to t%*e. Come a* true Democrat* with?tmi( hem* and br-i?* ** Tlie friends ..f BRECKINRllMiK and LANE are r?que?led to iliont in G'awl Mm? Mooting in front <>T th?Cit> Hall on .MONDAY EVENINU. J illy 9th. al 8 o cluck. 'I'ti" following distinguished gentiem" 1 ar?? in-, vited ami expected to address the meeting : Hon. Dan'l S. Dickinson. Hon. I. I. - trv-en<>. Hon. llenrv A Wiw. lion. Eanaiiw Hiout, Hon. * Louis liow*. Robert Oula, Em| . Hon .letfers n Pavi*. vN alter Lenox, Km| , lion I.. T. Wigfall, J M. Carlisle, Lsq . Hon. A. B. Meek, M. W.CIuskey. Emj. Hon. H Marshall, Breckinridge a-id Lane Clubs of the difTorent Wf4i will f? u mprocMMM ?-'d nnli t-j the meeting. with (fenneis iKiiik and drums beams. The Deinoc aoy of Georgetown and Alexandria, f lendlv ?o the cause of our men and fli'-a>ures, are cordially invited. The Ladies, whose p-es?nce lend* a charm to every scene, will please at'oud By order of the Committee of Arrangements. jy b 3t "" rr"5=? GFORGETO W N COLLEGE, D. C .July. 'L < Ifco.?Tne Annual Commencement of Georgetown College will lake plaoe on TUESDAY, the 10'h of July, at 9 o'clock a. in The public defense of The?e* in Moral Philosophy, bv the Graduating Cla?ii, will b? held on the preceding dn* at 4Si o'clock p. m. The parent* of the student* and friend* of the InRtitutiou arc invited to attend. jj 5 T.S&MSt JOHN EAR LY. S. J., Proa. SELLING OFF ! SELLING OFF! To-da? we ahall commence running off onr entire stock of? jrLT M SELLING O] HAVING ON BAND AT THlJ* TIMI T GOODS, from tfeia date. In order to make room ft offer my rotlir Mock of DRKSS GOODS at cost, k rANCY SILK. BERATE and LAWN ROBI BKRAGhSaad LAWNS bv the vard. Knglirt CHALLIES, BERAGE DELAlSS. MOI SLI A larire and Mprrtor aworunent of Gooda anlU Alao, about 100 LACE SHA WLS and MANT! All of which will Boat tx<a!tlvrlv be aold at C< jjSM W.W.BIRDET AMUSEMENTS. A r ODD FKlXmvS HALL.C hause of-ceoes. f\ Xew Views. New Kuures. Tl'RSDAY fcVE N ING, Jul* I", nrst night of the heautifal scene ??f Phmouth !v)n?d,with I view of Brrak-Watars. brake's Island. Ac. Tins piaoa is noted as 'he ?Urtin( ^unt fur tM latin| of the Atlan'io Tele graph Cable. After which the heautifuj reprraen'ation of >apoleon rro??inc the Alps wi h Ms Ann* of 30 MB men Also. Rome, the Automaton Rop? Vaulter, Storm at J*ea. *?. Itnmediately at olo?e rxhibi'iua. & maimirent and co#ti j Pr<**?ntwill he cl \ en to the patrous of the far famed Th o Ion's Museum of Art*. Among th<* gifts are Gol l and Silver Watches, Silver-plated Cake and Card Ka?kets.l>eaiiliful caator cut C rut ts.Gold Brooch*', Bracelet*. Buout* ie,Ae. Tickets Sets .for sal. at SenikenV 33"? fa av? where the pre?ent< mav heeeeir I? ? E*"REE CONCERT*! RNST LOKFPLKR. H*e York ?. *f | tier cm 1*1 and id ftrtttn, would ree??ctf?llj' IfiU tate to the sublio that A CONCERT ofjHi 9KLECT MUSIC will he civen every MON DAY ud THURSDAY EVENINGS danac the I MMfto. at hie Pavilion, commencing at 3 o'clock and radir.g at 10 p. in- Previous to the Conoert. tae Saloon le open to thoae deeirinc to while , awa? a few hoar* in the maty dance. ICE CRRAM. WATKR ICES, and every daeonption of CONFECTIONERY alwaya ready at oity prioea. Parties deeinnr the Garde?a for Pio Ni? par poata. are re^ueeted to five a day or two notioe. je 18 Sm EXCURSIONS, PIC N1CS, UOWAROAS8OCI A~T I O N 7 The tn?*inber* of the WASHINGTON HOWARD ASSOCIATION Be* 1< ave to announce to their frienm And the public A Special Family Pic Nic, At ARLISGTON SPRIXG. On THURSDAY, July 12. Wither*' full Bra?? aud String Band ha* Imen en ' ^efraahineiit*, Dinner. Ac., furnished by the Pro prjetor. Tickets Fifty Centa; l?adi?a, Children, and S^r . ..... r?. maunta* t*oint.. *.< roint i,< : k t?.it i.oo To Old Pol it and Norfo'k i|S, inc uditig inea a. Round trip U3k*<ta to N? rfoik and Old Point, good for the notjr.G ?8 Children under ten ?<?ar*.an?t ervanta.halfa e. Fr*eno'ored peraona ?4 Premh s at uaual late* m d inu?t he p-erairf. The oteainer Ba titnore heiug the fastest boat on the Potomac, will oonvey p*e?ent.eia to Point Look ?at in hour* making the trip down thia beautiful river l-y day lit h? For ticket* and further i?f?rm%Uoa apply ou Ixiard to Capt. CHaj*. E MITCHELL, or at?he Com pany'a corner Penn avenuean1 Sixth atre-t, under the National Hotel GLO. E. MATTINGLY. General Ticket Agent ly 6 "t (Int.) Potomac Steamboat Cowpai.y. O 0~N LIGHT EXCURSION O L Y M O N T*P A V J L 1 O S. TUESDAY. July 10. The steamer Phk!?!* haa b?en chart ereJ t^eonvev an excuraion par'v to GUmont _Jl ? . ou Tueaday. July l?th. under the^^^AJj^^J* management of the undersigned Ex**1'"* ecutlveC inmitt>?e. A limited number of ticketa for tale, which may be ha on application to aiiv M>aoi)vA r i?f r1 <-vA* IIVIIIUCI ??' VIIV V * "IIII??I V* v* 1 SrliriKnlcr I'a.'i l tia? been engaged Omnibuses will leave the Northern Liberties" Market and 7tl> st. ami Pa. avenue at a qua ter belore 5 o'clock, to oonneo' witti the l?>at which will leave 'lie wharf at the foot of llth ?>t at 5o\ look p. in. Ticket* $ I. admitting a gentleman and ladies. Com mitt ft. O. Bonwell, B J*. Donaldson, R. II. Graham. Jos L. i'earton. Jaw K. Johnson. jy 5 St AP I C NIC FOB TBI BENEFIT OF THE POOR Will 1* riven b> the Society of St Vincent of Paul, At AXALOSTAS ISLAND. On MONDAY,Ju r 16 Profesaor F.?put!\"s Citizens' Band lie* I'eon ennar? <1 for the occasion. . Boa's wiil run constant!* du inc the dav from the Stone House W (foot of G *t., Washington.! and thedock foot of High et., Georgetown. No charge for ferriage, gothk or returning. tleiiifu's ticketx 5" cents; ladiea' tickets 2i oeuts ; children'*! Ucket* 1<? c?nt?. Ticket* r?n l?e procured fit the usual place*. ?n<l from ?i?mber? of th? #ocicty ? Richard II. l*rk#.t q , Jone?. Km.. Cnpt. J !'. GtrNcli , Hsrnry Roe^at. Esq.. Lieut. J. C. Ires, L. Vlvan. Efcq.. Nicholas Callan. E?q , Johu Saul. Km , Ti?< ?. Feran, fc>q.. Wi*. Kellv. E?q.. .1. CarroI! Brent, E?q., 1. H. Knott. H?q , P. C. Howie. E*q.. P Gallant. E?q., Gre*?>r? Eunu, r,t.q.. Wm A. Brown. Esq , Wbi. R?an. E?q.. P Jordan Esq , J. 1>. Hoi?n, Esq., Geo. Harvey, Esq., M. T. Mc.Mabon. Esq., I. R Morgan. E?a., R F O'Henn?, Esq., Tho?. WiTfianw, Lnq.. Wm. L. Ne*ton. E?q , l<- J. !><-apfr. E?q , Edward IH?lan, Esq.. J' hn Chap" a . ? tq.. John T. Myers. Esq., M. Fitzg'-rald. Esq , Tho?i. Cotan. Esq., Jos. Ke? fer. F.s?i . 1. H. TuinUet?, E>?q., Victor B-cker. E?q.. J as. F. Ciown, Esq., Ja?. Fitzpatrick. Esq. jy 5-td ?T*HF. STEAMER FLYING CLOUD HAVING JL ucdei gone a thorough exiorna Ik tint bjr th? ?<iv?r maai i s.eot??r, is ^ now t?a<l> for Exoursiout to thi Ureat Fal's or to any pvmte cu the river Dot over an aiM diout She will run to A'tinglco f-om Fiur *911111 ?t eet, or ati? wharf in a*hi'iK?on at *>o. nu for the r.>und trip, or >3 wnti for the #in/tle trip, or fr???? Georgetown, b? vii of tbe ointi, for l&oeuta round ti if, 10 oenU single trip. Exouraions to the Insane Aijlum mrf WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. ?t%run? from George* town at 12 o'clock m . and ?topp r>? at Stone Mill Wharl and other wharv*a in W aahiagton, eo aa to reach the Asylum b> l o'olock. jySeolm JOHN MOOBE, Proprietor. T NOTICE. HK UNION FIRE COMPANY intend civing an EXCURSION TO OLYMONT on MONDAY, Jul* 16. P*rticulars^^?n|K^ in future advertiseiueut. By order of jell.21*eo2w THE COMMITTEE. LOST AND FOUND. O C REWARD.?Strayed or atolen from the sub<3>?J scriber a imall white MARE; a soar rv in the forehead No other mark* re col- ~1? lected. The al>ove re* anl will be paid to-^0an; one returning ber to L. WILLIAMS. Pa. av., near 17th at jy MP Of C REWARD? Loet.on the nuht of the 4' h. from yjOhoune corner 15th and D st?.. TWo MANUSOH IPTS?one a Genealog 10a! Historrofthe name _ # I - * - ? " UI cnrufv, i irom ijwu(? aim four Vnri' Journal in W." Also, a Scrap Book, belonging to L. W. Cra-ner. Any one returning the Mine to the Mar office will oonferagreaAfavor and reeeirethe above reward. jy Mt' LIOST OR STOLEN?THREE PROMI^SQRY NOTES, drawn by Barbour A Scumei in favor of Wm. L Rail*;. Treas., for |IH each, dated Feltruarr 7. IMi, and payable m 4, t, and 12 month*, with interest. !*ai<i nolo* are not endorsed. and the puhlte i? cautioned against negotiating tnem. aa payment haa been (topped. jy 9 ? *M. L. BAILEY. OrtT-A old-fashioned GOLD WATCH, of English make, with a gold chain at- iv taob?d. The finder will lie lilwrall* rewarded by leaving it with E. STUBB8. IV p* t of Mate. _ Jr7i.' f REWARD.- Str?yred or stolen fro in tie sub %p%J eeriher, on the 3d instant, a dark bundle btUTalo COW ; abort tell. whit*S7 face, and inarked Mrs. i In m. wilitie givin for an* information tn&t willTel^To bfriNovtrr Wat. GRINDKR. U t. south. jyT-ai* B?lw. N?w Joraaj av.aod 1 ?t. ea?C CTRAYED OR BTOLKN-La* Friday M?O u>|. from th? UhTvood (Va, oia J or UrM moattia old. auiUt nuir, MkMi, f<MK??4 u?ly. Upon raocipt tk?r?of, or of word wk*r? he oau ba ioumI, a reward will m pa^l. j> 7 Jt* Fainilie* can tmve ommhn??? t<> ml! at tt>eir r??idauc** at an? hour of tli? da? ! > tenv inc word with Mr. Porte . the ae?ut. at rt-iniu-t* hat store, 7th ft., n<?ar l-nui-iana av. Omi iI<iii<kc will I' uvo hoirh thn c? n?r of 1 li at a ?l Pa av for the Spilt ?:?; aluo.'ho atram* \V. Rif(a will ply lx"lw-ou 14th ?t atreet |iim|(?. onth?ra al, a id the Sprint. The Ktraui" I nirif Cl^uil will run hour I* between linrfMown inn the Grounds. B? order <?( tlf jj 7 4t COM OK A* R A M.KM KNT<. iv'otice to n??kko k am) ioiohac i> traVKLER*! PiyEY point, roiNT I.'OK rn r. old point. norfolk AND portsmof th. The commodious an; swift ?t?amer BALTI MOKE, na\inc l?e*u thoroughly jp"* k overhauled anl iefitU>d with new^^/2**^^ Kollan tirl rn?/?hl:<A ?r A #? Will li ^iV d ?"?() on r? ut?* "Hh of July, a'.'l eoBUiau# dvrirg th- bathing ??tnon, n Kk inf wn'i w?-kl* trip*. leavmc Waahinclou MuNDAYS and THL'RhDAYS ?t 1" o clock a rn R* turmr.K wi I Irav* Norfolk Tl'KSOAYS anH FRIDAYS* at3<?'c!oeli p m.. n.&kinc a ! the r!?r*r landinga ?oin* and returun c. Far, to M%rt>nrf $!. ? P'>pe*? Or*ck S*?ndj Pom' 1-5 Blvskieti'n'-'a 2 on Quactioo IS Bluff P> mt l.ivcpool Point I 5 Maraha i a Pav lion i.(*i Bi?yd'? Hole. i "> Pinoy Point 2.on h, I960. PP A T COST! on LARGK A fcTOCK OF W MMKR l>?\ w importation* of the *ppma< hing Mton I Wi.l 1 KbM 4 U BERAGK5* NS. FOCLARDPILKP. hie for Trailing Siitto III AS tM chWPMl KOO<l* I h?Vf f?f f *o d [>J*T TE, > 3*?1 ftfTfBtk k?l I ta4 R AUCTION 8ALl?f*. WALK OF STAND* IN TMK NOITIKR1*! V^iiKhl AlAiCI !?>>.?O* H E t?R Kb DAY NORNI\Q ant, MI oV'o?l. vtii <1 on tfce liFffillM, kh??l t**w ItllW* tllN fr>T M*R HKT >TAM^. A I imyorMtrita tl>er?w ^"?i i?* be at lk? n?n?? of the f nreh*??r, ud nbwt u> 11? ?pp'? val of the M *rk> t Master Term* ouh. ib hMkib'e money. Mr order vt Uie CommiMtonere __ THtm A. BROWN. jy > t? Clerk ot Northern Market By J. C. MoGIIRh ? CO . AeetioiMar* nI EMPTOR Y PA LB OF ClttA** AND oa?ec?.?*?a Tbl'KPOAV Al^ ffeRNOOV Jllr l?u, ?t*^ n\J.?ek at the Anetior. Room*. a a fh*ll i withoat raaerv* ? 'i.M'Cuin of vari<.n? Bond*, IS Hnxe* | of variot * itiea. T*rm?: |/> and ui>d?r ru ; ?? ? (hit *n m a c adit nf<i anri i> <i?< fur, note* '>?anrf interest. yM J C uteGI'l UK A CO.. An*'* Bt A. VRKKN. A??iion**f F^RAMK HOL'ttK AND I.OT AT ? CTION On 7 HI K9UAY. J alt ISth.l iteilMI.M front 01 tb<" preini*e*, at 6 <> ?.iOck ( m.. 'art ?t !<<>t No 9. in Square Ml. I>avia? a front of if f*et ?S inahe* oa I *treet. near tk*Mrnr of Thi?d itrwi *?*t. ?o? lain id/ 2.1jk\ feel and tfce improremenU. whi< *> are a frame bouae. Ac. Tarin*???ce half <*a*h; ha'aroe in *. If. and I? month*, for note* li a ir* intereat froni >lty of aie. Da <1 ci ven aid deed of tru*? taker. f _i?9?t A. liRP.F.N. A net MAK!?H Al.'f HA1.K ?In virtue nt two ?riU of iari lacia*. i**a?<l from the Clark'* oAoe of the Cuouit Coartof the Diet net of Columbia. I"* . th? count* of Waahittf u?n. and U> we directed, I will expoae to pabtie *a e. for aaeh, tn f-ont of ()? ooort h?>?*e d.H.r of *aid oouut*. oa MONDAY, the 9th day of July ne?t. iMn, at U o'cock ia . the following property, to wit: All defendant'* right. tit'e. claim and interact ia aod to L?ot No. f, in Square No Cll, in the city ol \Ya*hinct<?a, 1) C-. together with all and ainco ar the luiprorewant* It. L. Broom. of fthtiyt /" burthen. She n >n oomplfU nrdw, wall need and ready fr>r ivmr d:ate use. term* ca^li. K. G ARNKI - Capt j^5-eoAda (Ba't. Wan.! A. GRKEV Amo?. HT A. GKKKN, AMUodmt. TIl'STKK'i l?AIA OF VAIl'ARLR IM 1 pbovbd p*"rebtv.?< b1*? aiid >9 virtae of a rtped o| trart. 'rinni dat? the 'Sth da? of No vein ber, A- I> , HH. and du!? *aoo'd d in f.itor J a . ?* . N?>. **?. IoIxm /*<. Ac. <>n" of the iand reoord* of Waaiun* ton connty. t>. C., I iHl ae||, at ibMic auction, on MOM l)AY. Jill S"th. l<#av at 6 v clock a. in ,tii front of th? fr?niiw>?, the eaatern half i-f Lot T, in Win A. H a?M?*'a Bitbd'viai-?a o( Lota? 8, 1" ai.d II. in Square n?nibertd tli >arJ *>Mt I>a f l."t T front* 15 f?e? on Maryland a'?pu*.bft*'?n IS andwh ?tr?rt? and r?n? hack wit* that width tne depth of %)<] lot t? an ?'!? . Terms of atle: One tiird >*-aab; raaidue in r^u* p?? m*tita at ft 9 Bud IS month* fr???ij date of *!*. with interest aecurad by a deed of traat on the If the term* of a&le a"? not comp iad with wtthm 5 da>a, the truitoe reaerve* to lun-eif the right to reae|i at the oo?t an.' rick of th- (i-at purohaeer. upon advertlaius three time* in the National Intel li??Mar. ConvctMcmg at th* ??( t>?>?h%a*r C APIIKiKD Trails. jeM W ASUy ? A. ftRKtN. Awt FORMAL K AND RE NT. (for p'krr "fw Sn '? nni Kami'' nji frti rmmtr, M H**l fngf ] FOR RENT?A VTom..w?l CELLAR . obU.c*>r "*r??f Hi'1 I ? >' '* - * s<m*| |or mo kind ot Ui?nie>>. I>i'l?iir? ? ithia. Jr?-? f??OR BKNT-A thrr* ?t4?rv BRICK DWELLING HOI * ?ii II -l h <1 3 tK.No 404 AppWtoJ KIRK WOOU, ???> L*Th >tr? t ft 9 if L, OR RHNT? A thr???-?tory t Kl< K P with tvi> pUih Iv It ItuiMint ?i<l# W, it* ewli*r. iMk mum. c??. w?t ?r. &>><1 ?>tli*r convenient- n?i?wt'f t-i 11 li iiM'k^'Pins '*ti. An jcll^'t pun p ?>f water n< ar th? 4w. Kitnnt 'Ion II ?tiwl north. Mwwn i?t ?ii>1 }d ?t? *Mt?Mo. 4M. So*?w ipi?1 i'i Mr. t' Brumi'li ro?M>KMon riven ?Ih>uI ti.e Hit'" im>t App!> o /. W. M-KNEW, at Capitol, < ftce ^upe.jit "<l?>ii: Pnhl c- Printing. jt 9 W botSlLRQI KKNT-A BRICK DWELL I1 I Vl' !< t* -^11' - nuniM v coi.'ni' ni t" !!i? villl I h rn.oti Sixth <itr' et w??t, U-twr^o M anil N. Apply n?it<toor north. j> Mw^ 1/OR RENT? A fowtnrUbUtw? it?>) r BRICK DUlilXING.iitMM-d tue Kir?t W*r<l?on G. Iwtwi 2"tli ami /lot atr?*-t? Applv t<> Mr* ELIZABETH KDWA R LMV No. 17 1 t., h'lw??i I ?fn) Pa. ivmii* ; or to GEOR<it F Klt)WKI,l,.wrnw K ml 14'' ? ? <> 7 3f P| l,K\M\i Ri'dMS. v ith HOARD, can ?>? ohtau?d at No. ?Green'a Row, Cat ltd Hill. j? Jr fj*OR RK\T-On" FRAME rftTTi(iK HOF>E. contain ns 6 r <>mon Mwa <?tni???tt? avenn*. Iw*wl?th a d IMh *t? For particular? ?ppl? on the prwmisca. b?il f * r-r month if < jt F~jN>R'RF:\T-Tl.*tl^rahle DWELLING on Twentieth at.. In'ttwr M am! \ at* w?at oon tAioinf 6 ruom*. R?>n? p-r **?r Ap?l; oa th? prfmi>M or to \?"M. KFTII F.R F< >RD. ?t bit MwW' no. k>, E at . betwwii Uth and 19th fct?. J* #-2w" F'OR HALE OK R I'M- I lie t?. rtoM hRI1 K HOF-E, No. 11*2 Poor anditrret *twr-??i, Virpini* a^?nn<> and aouth E *tr*t Fo* eiv*n iinmMhaU-ly. App * to McCoBH A D_?DGE, *3 \\ ?t?t *1 , lirOrirt'lVD. Jylt * FCR RENT-Tli?t n*w ami weli arrant Ml t liro* ?tor> BRICK HOr>E. N?J?J,o?G ?tr?*t. t??t?"?B l*tii uiilJiili at?.. First Wi?il, latelv ooeum?.l I,. VI. U.. I n . - r n<it dmiw, nuK?'mi i,ei:nit'>n. Hon kivii miiiKMlint. ,? luaiiir* of N'. SOl'TH LY S. I'AHKKR nui door ?>>l n?a FrOR RKNT-Tnc Im FRAME HOt SE known *a''French E^ ana'Houae." rltnated on M et. north. I?lw?cn 9th and l?th street*, No. AUO. one of th? mokl desirable private reai4eaoea In Washington. Tlua h no* is *tirrounded tty fruit tree* and *r<?*t numbers of currant bushes of various kino*, and hue ?hade tree*, with Ifi.tfi feet of % ound. walled in Apply to J. C.COOK Ei?hth t. brt??xii I) and E. jj 5 lw"_ FMR RENT?The *TOR K ROOM and Celhus oftiie hou?e No. M?t ui|? Market 8pace. adjomiuc the hto'e of Mr. J. J Bocue. The room ia al>out ii'ln 3' feet; fitted ud with tuna, counter and helviDg,?n<t has t>eec used imii? years a# asrooen Th? cellar* dry and extend'n* the whole depth o( the store For terms inquire on the B<-etiiiee?. j, 5-eo* Mra. MAR Y ROQI E. fM)R RENT-A new FRAME HOU9E. on Pearoe *t.. between New Jereey a*, and Fir?t at north, cnntatnine 6 rooms and oellar. with a ine *ard ; small flower garden in front The rest will t?e made moderate to a i'??! nod unrttm. tenant For DBrtioules inmnr* of \l r MlllV IVKI BORN next door; or to FRANCIS* *. OBOI P, Capitol Hill. iy M.Ail* I^OR RENT? HOl'SK No. 474 MMttekuftu avenue, between Ilth and 12tn at*.. oo..lajtiiu< ix room*, and provided villi im and wat?r. Inquire next door, or of C. F. R 1CH AR I >t*ON. at the Norther?; or Ontor Market*. j? ? *#? IT*OR R E N T?The threo *U?ry brown /root f HOt'!*K,N'o. W7 New York avenue. IkJ;"" 16th add Ilth itraoti, north ude. ooti ai?i * ?(Wn rootn?. Thia house i* convenient u> the P?i?otOffice, Treamirj, etc.; it lighted l?y M'**" ' way a ( oardin* tiiniee _ H*' Apply next door or to A- <5 FOM I.ER.fto. H Winder'. Bui Win, )! ?-l? ^TORF. ROOM FOR RFNT?Or the aootii ^ ?ut oornor of Pona. arena* and Tenth atreet. Mttsrtas?rrwtt,r. - wr A VALUABLE FARM FO* SALE la Friftoa A Swtm'i ? *ab< utMM ?. oat l h.u- !<< B>t4?Hb?r|. IS frim the Acri ?1 Co -.*** ftB<1 6 from Wuhmfnii oonUiom; S* 9 9 Mr*, is CimukI UU Tiaktr. Itu >Ml?r?|Mi4 MM, ftnc la IB ft kiftti itftta of oftiti'fttioa. A or"b4rd u( PfMkM, A?Im. ft Tftrietv of oU?' kind* of frait; Mrftwowiim ftod Aift'iiii* ia M?n lftiic<' It ii oc tba aftat aiAa ?f *k* Bfttu*or? ftv- WftMiinctoa Rfttlroft^.oa U?? Abio?u>? raftd, ftdjotmnt C<?1. Cftrtar fto4 u*;*r >Uhm It kft? oaittiiMi! Hnwr eonitlaiai fair rooaM.9?n*i ft id ftprint Hoaa* ftnd cathsi. .ioca P?nm itairiftf to paroftftaa viii piaaaa oft, a* tfta ?r?m | iftfta, or ftt atftnd N<>. ?JO anUr Mftrt-i MR*. lultTlMAB nKKNT-Two i^ftuliful wi BRICI I )IJ*' P.oft Kijli k?t nt tM, |. tw*ft M E.N tr?ft? Mi tk, wnl r?l*, Aft j l<> AlAMt XAiai^p.No ?rl N.nt, alNM *?a(,u' I)'. ,^.sssr| VUT-IWH, ?n.i i: W%* \ iiv |T| I'^l | xj ??I Andrew Rothwftll, *od wt>i b* ?oi<J to aHUwty Jmdicua Not t'i and 21S, to October term MM. in fivor of Ph?ipa ft. hinimti.. W. HCLDKN. IT. 9. Minht! for the Diatriut <>( Col?mt>it je 13 4U ITTTHK AHOVK HALK. I? POPTPONKD u til FKIDA V. th* ??h |n?t?it '? ? hoar * A pae?. W. -Kl.DfcN. if t dte I' 8. MI THrS AFTKRNtHIN \ Tit MOKKOW M? WALI- * HAlNAKn.A^K'RWi. About iti tons ok h*v at auction Oa M ' ?NDA V *HI:RNoo\,M|i imUi: . ?t?o*c'r>ok, w? I'wl . oi. therr* ivi 101 U un>1? h? l*th. Uth. B ?n?1 Caw* I ttr-rt'. *h?nt itto**? <># qmmHiUm to Mt* U)>! dfli??t 11* ?mii? on w? r'%?i'n?l)W i?rmi Tfrmt: On# hft f ruk . imMuc m J'kndk'dlT*. f?r ?pai?v*1 *n\<" ? 4 n->t?? S?*r;?i? int'r#?t. jjrf Wtl L * BARNAUL'. A FITTURR DAV9 B? A. IIKKhN. Auctino<rr. V A LI'A BLR COASTING ALOOF orAHOIT I J? T?X< truHru, UMUli. I- Hi'U'i, * r? f miLU, at Ai'( tmi>. -Or, WKONt KDAY. I*?h it t2 o'clock in , ! *h? 1 Mil at Mr. T. W R i ??' w lifcrf. tii# na ! ?!? m? ?i><1 la.*? ?It I n? r

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