Newspaper of Evening Star, July 9, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 9, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL N E WS. irr Tkfgk Th i u printed on 'he fastest "? * ffiu ? mi touik of Baltimore, its fditurn is i? lAff* (J to require tt to be put to proa* at an tar if knur; Advertisements, therefore, should be tent m b if art Twtln o'clock, m.; otherwise tktf *?t ? < appemr mntti 'he nezt daf. None*.?District of Columbia Advertisements to ho ?nserted in the Baltimokb art received t and for*oard*d from Th* Pta* office. ReuGior* ? Yesterday the congregations of the Washington churches were generally large. the weather greatly favoring the attendance at religious worship during the entire day. The Sibnath was very generally respected, and wehesr of )>ut one or twocafs of Improper conduct, and those were cases in which boys of a thoughtless as;e were Implicated. There are comparatively few strangers in Washington, and the congregations yesterday were almost entirely composed of the resident population Foundry Chapel?M eleven o'clock, a. m , Dr. < a ?_ Ji* _ * ? *? - - r,Qwirai ramea a larije audience wiih a discourse founded on the word of God as recorded in Revelations. 14 B.7, 8?" And I saw another angel H v In the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel t? preach," kc. He remarked in the outset that, the angel (tying in the niIdst of heaven, 1h a prophetic symbol announcing to the prophet, and through him to the church, that the time will < note when the gospel menage shall be born everywhere throughout the universe with succass; and that the notes which pealed from the lips of the angel who immediately succeeded, crying " Babylon is fallen," signified the fulfilment of what the first angel had predicted. He said the lesson taught by the test is this, vix : T hat it is by means of the ministry of truth that Christianity Wlm Itl tHnmnha tl * ? ? ... itc pntcrwcu M? arj^ur ?ui" from the following consideration*: Firtt, this wag the only means instituted by Christ for the conqurst or his enemies, as he ignored all the forres to which men would have directed him, and commanded his disciples to go into all the world and preach the cuspel. And this brief command embraces all that God ever required his ministers to do, for the spread of the gospel, from the time when Constantine painted the cross on the Roman standard down to the present struggle in behalf of religious liberty In Italy. Sttondly, preaching the gospel Is the only means In harmony with, and allowed by, the spirit of Christianity; for everything else, as artiflce. force, &c., is a violation of its fundamental law of personal responsibility. The speaker having enlarged upon tnls point, passed to nls tkirH argument, viz That from the nature of the conquest to be made, the preaching of the gospel is the only instrument which can successfully be employed for the purpose. In the latter part of the alsronrse Dr K. contrasted the gospe'l method for propagating Christianity with those employed by IsUmlsm, and other false systems of religion; the former appealing to love. to truth, and to reason, principles harmonizing with the noblest traits of the mind and heart, while the latter resorted to artifice, f?rce. terror, or coercion, as well as the love of power and pleasure, and other sensuous principles, degrading, alike to truth, to eonscicnce. and to man's noblest faculties. l*astlv, he said that this method (appealing to truth, conscience, arid to re?s >n,) is of itself a sere guarantee of the future ?i? cess of Christianity. She has had her dark seasons?dangers have threatened her from every quarter; clouds have settled densely over her for a season, the noblest moral heroes whose lives have ever glided the annals of the world, have perished * _ _ _ UV- 1 -X J -* ?L ?- V ? - t*n lur 9 auuiu ana si me fsice in ner aeience? until at last she has merged from the midn'ght blackness with an effulgence surpisssng tha of the noon-day sun. The speaker cio#?d by a brief alluri >11 to tbf advantages which we have received from Christianity. Methoiiift ProteftiHt ChurrA, A'inch Street ? The services of tbo day were conduc ted by tbe pastor. Rev. P L Wilson, who preached an effective discourse in the morning from the text of Luke 16 ,t>?' For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light " At night a verv interest)n ' sermon upon the " Christian's trust/' from 2d Timothy, 1.12? 'For I know whom I have believed, and am Eer&uaded that He is able to keep that which 1 *ve committed unto Him against that day." M E Ckurrk South.?In the morning the service wm conducted by the Rev C K. Marshall. D D , of Mississippi, who preached an eloquent discourse from the text in Mathew 25 '2*?"Take, therefore, tbe talent from him. and give it unto him which hath ten talents." At night, the Rev J C Granbery. late pastor, preached from Proverbs i.'AJ?"Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are tne issues of life " Asftmbly'i Ckurrk.? Rev. A. G. Carothers, pastor, preached in the morning from John, & 36 ? i. !f |k. -V.-1I ?-- * a* ?UV ovil tuuciuic luaii uiiir yuu irrt?, yf hall be free indeed." The union prayer meeting was held at 4 o'clock. At night, Rev A. D. Moore preached from John, 11 3?' Lord, he whom thou lovest is sick." Ka>t Washington M E Ckmrek.?Rev W.T. I'umm. pastor, preached from Proverbs 11.31? ' There is that scattcreth and yet increaseth, and there is that withboldeth more than is meet, but It undeth to poverty." At nisjbt from Kphesians 4>. 10?" Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might " ?Rev H. C \V est wood, pastor cf I'nioii Chappel. preached from the text, ' Let us kear the conclusion of the whole matter, fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man " Tracts were distributed by the committee of Young Men's Christian Associ ation Whkkb the Cold Comes Feom?The Smithsonian Institution, by mean* of itsex tended?v>te?i of meteorological observations, baa been enabled to mdke some very curious Investigations respecting tbe three memorable co'.d days of January, 185!). It was found tbat the cold ot tbe three Aays above mentioned swept progressively over the country like a wave, coining down from the Arctic regions, and tlr;>t entering tbe territory of the Cnited States at the extreme Northwest', among the Rocky Mountains. It was experienced at I tab some three dav? before it reached the banks of the northern Mississippi, and was heralded by telegraph at Minnesota some two days before it l 1 o.. a * :* icn uru cuuiu^hiii. n fc ouuaiu, IV WM SOT116 bours In advance of Boston, and was Mt last on the Atlantic O'-ean. where it appears to bave vanished This cold wave also swept !?outh in a mrst remarkable manner, and progressively appeared tn Florida and other southern States, and Mexico; and the laat pulsations, as it died away in this direction, were experienced in Central America, and among tbe \\ est India islands Taken all in all. it w;js one of the moat remarkable meteorological phenomena ever noticed, and the facts collectea seem to prove that the originating impulse came f;om tbe extreme northwest* rn portions of the American continent Tm Fv.tktiL of Mr Rezin Beck took plice yesterday afternoon, and waa largely attended Tbe Odd Fellowa. accompanied by Witheis1 La id. wre represented by the Grand Encampment, Celumbian Encampment No. I. and Cen tral l.odee No 1. From tbe late residence of the deceased the corpse waa conveyed to Wesley Chapel, were the religious aervlcea were conducted by the Rev Messrs Edwards and Macauley, the latter preaching a suitable sermon. The corteue then pro*,eed"dtc< the Congressional Cemetery, where, after the "last sad rites" of the Odd Fellows, conducted by Chaplain R. VV Middle ton, tue b xiy was deposited' In the family vaul'. Tbe deceased was an o.d and highly respected citizen of Washington, and his services as an instructor of the young have directed the feet of many in the path that led to honor and wealth His scholars will retain him in grateful remembrance. Thi Potomac Wat?b.?For the benefit of the manv of our thousands of readers In tbe city who never see any of the papers of limited circulation In which th? municipal powers that be see fit, In their patriotic wisdom, to do the Corporation advertising, we publish the following advertisement gratis: Watik Re?i?tkar's Office, I July 6, ls60. $ All water rents are now due and payable at thil cftof If not paid during tbls month, the law requires that tbe water be cut off Kandolpm Coylk. Water Registrar The Chkapkaii a*d Ohio Canal during the month of June obtained an income from tolls o( wr><zuu. uoring tae ween commencing the 1st of July the return* from tolls for ascfending articits were fl.Sfi; for coal, grain, snd other artlclei descending the tolls were S4 971; In all. So.407 Ttis was paid by 167 boats, of which about I (it were freighted with coal. A Call Acciptkd.?The call recently extended unanimously by the congregation of the Ats^inbl"'s Church to the Rev John C Smith. D. D . Ito l?e their co-pastor. ha*, we learn, b?*en accepted by him. with the generous condition that be will receive no other reward than that which the pur p?ise and love of edifying the l>ody of Christ se cures Is^ckst ?Yesterday, an Inquest was held In Fighting Alley, In the Seventh Ward, over th? bndv of s Mrs Hsrrington, who died suddenly Front all tbe evldencelt appeared that death re raited from tbe neglect or ignorant e of tbe mid wife called to attend ber while giving birth k an infant; and tbe jury returned a verdict accord No Pvblic School Examination* will tak< pU< e to-day, but we underataud that to morrow M|Willhtan examination of Miss Mlllbarn'i arbool, Iu tbe Fourth DiatriCt, (Ieland ) On tbi fol owlug day the Fourth Ulatriet arbool. tindei Mr J K Thompson. will be examined Raviaw ?The municipal police aaaein b ?d this mornln<; at tbe City Hall to be revlrwec oy tbe Mayor The men looked well; many o ti'Oit Laving been recently proofed with a new oaiflt They were viewed by amy ciUieaa wb< Were present Criminal Couit ?After our report closed er Saturday, tbe inry in tbe case of the UnikKi Statei agt Chas McVetgh, accused of steeling twelr? pounds of butter and a tin can, th* property ol Wm (iuntoa, returned a verdict of guilty, and tbe defendant was sentenced to one year in jail. I.ucinda Baily was tried on a charge of keeping a disorderly and bawdy bouse. A number ol witnesses were examined, who testified to tbe bad character of tbe defendant and of tbe bouse kepi by her. The jury returned a rerdict of guilty at indicted, and Lucinda was sentenced to one yeai in jail Tobias Brown, convicted as an accomplice ol McVeigh in stealing butWr. etc , from Wm (junton, was sentenced to one year in the county jail. Wm Fugltt, alias General Fugitt, was placed on trial nn a rhum? < ' - ' 1 ?? oKaiiUg n UUI Bf fOIUCU Ol S?5, from J . B. (irinnell. on the Island. about two years ago, since which time be bat been a fugitive. The case wn pending when Court adjourned. To-day.?The case of Fugitt was continued,agd concluded The jury returned a verdict of guilty as i ndicted. The court then took up the case of the United States vs. Wm Cullom, in which the defendant was accused of extortion. Mr Chilton desired to ask the attention of the court to an irregularity in the indictment, which made it doubtful whether the defence were about to so into a case which would be conclusive The b 11 was found at th* May term, l?th of May, 1859, and Mr. Cullom came into court and gave bail at the next term of the court; this rase appears to have been taken from the flies and upon that, another grand jury bad found a new indictment. It was a new proceeding, and one the counsel did not understand They wished to know upon which of these findings they were to no to trial. Mr. Ould, for the United States, stated that there was no question as to that. The last finding of tbe grand jury wn the one of course which wai before us now Tbe Court thought the Indictment was good. A question then arose as to whether Mr. Cullom should be arraigned or not; which was finally settled by the Court ordering the defendant to be arraignv'd This point settled, the arraignment of the defendant followed At the close of the arraignment, the defendant pleaded not guilty. The jury was then called and sworn, after which the Court adjourned until to morrow morning at 11 o'clock. The Smithsoxias Institctiox.? The tottl amount of the bequest, as received into the treasuary, was 9515.169; interest on the same to July 1st, devot?d to the erection of the building, JMt'2,1'29 In addition to these, $135,600 of unexpended income has been vested in State bonds, ro tnat the prrsent income of the Institution u - :<-26 14. The principal expenditures are. for salaries. about HW.(AM); for publications of all kinds, *y,UOO; for meteorological observations, ?2,500; for lectures, #l,(J00; for the library, #3.50U; for museum. S-J.OUO. There are some incidental matters Involving expenditure, and about B5.000 is set apart from the income to make a certain financial change for the sake of economy The collections of various kinds which bad accumulated at Washington, have now be<*n concentrated at the Institution. Congress agreeing to make an appropriation of ft,MX) annually to keep them up. They are such as the collection of the Exploring Expedition, under Captain Wilkes, in South America and the South Seas; that of Lieutenant Ilerudon's exploration of the Amazon; Capt Stansbury's exploration of the Great Salt Lakp; Capt. Perry's J*pan Collections, Ac.. Ac. This museum is *tat*>d to be now superior to any other in the country a* a general collection, though in the specialities of exotic birds, shells, fossils, and minerals, it is said to )>e surpassed by the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences. We are vl?<t B t > see that the Secretary wbo has charge of this department looks forward to the object of having a public museum, illustrating as fully as possible the natural history of the world, and taking rank with those of London, Paris, Berlin, and Vienna " The design of Mr. Downing, for the improvement of the public grounds which lie between the Capitol and the Potomac, proposed to connect in one common plan a succession of enclosed parks The plan of Capt. Meigs, for supplying the city with water. Includes a series of fountains for ornamenting the public reservations The Patent Office, in conjunction with the Smithsonian institution, now propose to supply the public grounds with a compile series of American trees. For this purpose they have issurd a Asai " g ior iefai or every species of onr forest tret* and shrubs that will thrive in the climate of Washington. These are to be sent by mail to the Commissioner of I'atents Ah Octarooh Casb is Alexandria?The (iazette says: At the re e..t session of the County Court, two men of mixed blood a ppear?-d before the court, and having proved themselves to be <K-taroons, or possessing but on?-el<;htb of negro blood, asked the Court to certify that they were ro' negroes. The Court, having heard tne evidence. granted the certificate a? ked for. The object of this process is to release the parties applyi. g fioin the obligations and p- nalties attached to irie negroes by the laws of thisCommonw< altb. The application was foun-ied upon the following sec i i on of the Code of Virginia : "The court of any couuty or corporation, upon satisfactory proof, by a white p-rson, of the fact, may grant to any free person of mixed blood resident therein, a certificate that he is not a negrr; which c/rtifl ate shall prot-ct such person against the penalties and disabilities to which free negroes are subiect as such '? Th'? is. we believe, the first application for the bent llt of this provision of the State l iw ever ma?e la this county. ffrther IIraKI.NO in the Casr of Mr Schnable Postponed. ? Eleven o'clock this morning was set by Justice Clarke for a further hearing in the ciae of the alleged assault upon Gen Bowman by Mr Schnable.on last Saturaay, the circumstance* connected witn which we publ shed in our Issue of that day. Mr. Schnablc was present with his witnesses ind counsel, but word being ret eived from the physician of Mr Bowman that his condition was such as to reader it inadvisable for hiin to leave the house to-day, the case was further postponed until to morrow at 10 o'clock. Cruelty at the Markets. ? Mr Editor Please let the Star speak in behalf of those animali wai can i speaa lor themselves There are acme two-legged animals that pretend to belong to the human apectea?and aome of them to he Chris tiana?that tie calves and sheep in a knot, Joli them in a wagon lor mile*, and then throw them out in the hot sun on the hard pavement at tlit market-house, to lay for many hours without the power to change a single mux le. What must be the principle? of the police who permit such cruelty? Humanity. July 7; 1*60. Accident on thk Washington Branch Railroad.?A few days since Witi. Spurrier, a lireman on locomotive No '21,0a the Washington branch road, in attempting to get on the pilot ol the locomotive at the Annapolis Junction. whll? in motion, slipped and was dragged a short distance, his foot coming In contact with a piece ol wood attached to the rail, which broke his leg jist above the ankle. Mr William Plummer. the s iprinU ndent on the road, who happened to bt p<eient, had every attention gl veu to him that wai possible. olac?i htm in a r?? ?nil .' nnveyed'hlm to Baltimore, where hU parents re ide. Thb Grand Dkmockatic Rally to-night. tf ratify the nomination of Meaara Brc klnrla^' and i.ane, is expected to be one of the moat brilliant affalra of the kind that has ever taken plac< in the national metropolis It is arranged for th< procesalon to call on President Buchanan, from whom it is hoped to elicit a speech. The meet lug at the City Hall la to be addressed by several distinguished speakers, among them the Hon Daniel 9. Dickinson and the Hon. Henry A Wise. DkspkkATI ArrHAV ?Saturday night offlcei Chipley arrested a woman named Mary Weaver alias Mary Moore, for a dasperate assault and bat tery on another woman, In D st south, betweer Pith and 13th streets The attack was made witt i an axe, which the prisoner used freely, Inflicting two ugly and severe flesh wounds, one on etc! ide of the head of her opponent, with the shar; edne of the axe. t*he was taken before Justice Cooper, who committed her to jail for court, i . i Scmday Cases ?Yesterday two boys were ar I ri-su-d for following a funeral procesaion anc throwing stones A very dangerous practice in i dulled in by boys, aince th?v not only endange tueir own lives and limbs. but also the safety o > pHMMWi, both pedestrians and others The boy were taken before justice Doun, who fined one & and costs, and the other ftt and costs. 1 A man named dhaffer was arrested for abusioj his wife. He was fined S5 and costs. i The AknciL Comkkmkmk.nt of Georgetowi ' Coiler e will take place tomorrow, the exercise commencing at 9 o'clock a. in. The public d<* f-wce-of Thesrs in Morai Philosophy, by th< gr iduatinjj class, will be held to-day at 4 % o'c loci i. m Chris C. Callan, one of the editors of th ' Tarboro' (V C.) Mercury, and a graduate, wil deliver the annual address before the students. ABiivKD a? warier wnan (iooi 01 i mrieen and a-half street) schooner Olive, Trader, fron ' Philadelphia, with a cargo of coal for Gustavu Water*, a Lao, achooner Adaline, Hamby, fron Harre-ae-Urace, with a cargo of coal for Georg s Bogui ' A tocunambnt. and ball is announce 1 t > come off at Columbia Pprlng* on Monday * July 10, under tbe auspice* or the Mount Verno r Guards, and for tbe benettt of tbe Aleiandri Mdlr Orphan Asylun.. !Vf programme in ai Mtar column. 1 Charge of ?Saturday nlgbt Kdwar f M?K*t vt*a arretted by Lieut Henry upon a chars r of Urcruy of goods from Finley's cigar and G ? bacco store on sereuth street. He was taken t* fore Justice Donn snd held to ball for court. i Ts* Promemadb CoRCtlT MtJSIC ?Mr. Editor ? Permit me. sir, to reply to Mr Pro Bono Publico # s letter, if you are not tired of this music*! business, f Mr Pro Bono has an idea that the promenade I concerta are given for the f?ople That is our impreaalon too; but we know if they make the best possible uae of the privilege they will nay r attention to what is rendered, and by ao doing i improve tbeir powers of appreciating any kind of t music?for we may regard these concerts not only i as an amusement, but also as a school and whec we make all kinds of objections to the style cf the music, we become very mtich like little chil' dren at a country achool that try to teach their teachers Aa far as Crockett is concerned, if he > had anything to do with politlca and never heard but one speech he could understand, we have an idea that Crockett must have been green to accept a seat in Congress, aud the lazleat kind of a man i to not uae every ellbrt to becomc competent to understand what he heard when he went there Mr. Pro Bonocua informs us that he would sooner stand on the street and bear the organgrinders pealing simple airs than to hear l'ood musicians doiny I don't know what be calls It We are glad, though, to%ee Mr. Pro so well d sposed, for young America, who fought, bled, and won bta country's freedom while idle and faint-hearted men were groaning under the yoke of tyranny, haa a ati 11 greater puuiabmeut (n store for the old acbool. Operatic music la not the most difficult classical, acleutillc, or fantastic, for there are works of some of the most celebrated authors that Europe baa ever boasted of that has never been introduced into any opera, and belong to the concert room, and the only reason they are not beard all over the country la that there are ao very few performers who can execute them: but young America has set hims< If to work and it will not be long now ere tbs noble deed is done, even if he has to accomplish it smld the ringing of all the cow bells on the continent, i m. be will not only have the best music, but he will Lave all your parlors, balls, gardens, and parks ornamented with sculpture and paintings tint will be second only to nature, and if Aminadab Sleek continues to clasp bis bands and cry "graclous heavens!" about it, he will be transported to Crocket land. Kver since the landing at Jamestown, men that labored day and night for the welfare of others have had to battle ageinsi ibc old school, for they profess to know every thing as soon as they see or bear It, and whether they do or not you will never see them take the trouble to learn anything. Now whether studying to improve In what "we pretend to be fond of puts anything In our pocsei* or not, it will give us this advantage?txfore we commence to study arp 11 nloarnp/1 m*\A I n " -"4"J -+?+ - .. v ? v unu iit on UMCUIW vatcu suite, after we have applied ourselves and accomplished our ends, we know wbat our Ideas were wben we were In that state, and we know what they are after being cultivated The learned man then bas some possible cbance of knowing what an unlearned man's ideas are, and is therefore capable of advising and dictating for him, but It is not within the compass of |>ossibiltty for an unlearned man to have any conception of a learned man's idvas But there is one consolation for Young America: he knows his dear old Uncle Sam is not building large ships, casting huge cannon, and building magnificent editices unsurpassed In the world, for the gratification of people that are opposed to science and art. There are many that think science and art only useful wben they furnish food for the stomach or clothing for the body; but this will not do for Young America. And as to Europeans not being fond of classical music, somebody must be mistaken; for we have beard laboring men from Europe laugh at the ideas of some of our professors of great pretensions Mr Editor, we would not expect you to give place to this in your columns, but we know that .Jii * - euiiors are not generally opposed to mental improvement. \Ve know, too, that were It not for the many battles fought by the press in favor of genius, science, art, and merit, we would be to this day laboring under the lame di?adva?ta^?8 that the people of the Middle Ages lived under. It is to inv interest as well as that of theirs, not to ee a profession, which I have wrought hard and earnestly to obtain a knowledge of, run down by one that confesses that he is no judge of what he criticises. An Admikkk of Good Music. The Steamer Phkxix, it will be seen by an ; dvertisement in another column, has changed her wharf from the foot of 11th street to Van Reswick's wharf, at the foot of 6th street She goes n a moonlight excursion to Olyiriont to-morrow. The Pic-sic of the Howard Association, at Arlington Springs on Thursday next, promises to be a very pleasant, as well as commendable aflfclr See advertisement in another column. The Revenue Bill providing for a tax of fifty" five cents on the hundred dollars for general pur' poses and ten cents for public schools, was ap A w.. 4 U _ *1 ? o * piuvcu uy iuc .uayor on ^iiliiraay. Norfolk and Potomac traveler! should read a notice addressed to thtin in another column by the Potomac Steamboat Company. Evrry Summer the demand for Ilontet'er's Cele brated stomach Bitter* increase. It is found to be tlie only certain preservation of Ixxtily strength during a period wn?n the atmosphere is <-alculaed to induce a leelinf of lassitude and indigestion. The worst cases ol Disrrha-a and Dysortery give way to its potent influence. Innumerable person*, who are now alive and w?ll, must thank the discoverer of this preparation that tne> ha -e not l>een swept away in tier harvest of death The Bitt rs is reo< nimended by the ber<t physicians in the tail'1. This is the best evidenoe of its real value, because, as a genera! thing, they will notepeak a word in favor o< a verti<ed preparations. They have been complied to acknowledge the claims of i this Bitters upon the community. So!d by all d insists. jy S-coSt Wild Chkrry Balsam. The following is worthy the attent.on ol all who are interested for themselves or friends : I.afaykttr, Ind , July 31,1854. DttT Sir : 1 was attacked, about five months ago, with a severe co!d. which set led on my lungs, and ' linotne U / tKfl t nnot I, I ? ** ? ? - -J *L-* u \ <n uiuov ivcprvmi'ioui Vlim UI vJ ' BA1U IHAb I had inflammation or consum; tion of the lungs, anil, after exhausting their skill without relief to , me. pronounod m\ case incurable. i romnicnoul taking Itr. lVi??ar'.< Knlsnm of Wtl4 Ch'rry about ! six w^ek* ago, and 111 four days I wa< aide to walk all over the house, ami am now ft well man. Your* respectfully, iiKOR(?K Hoover. Above I hand you a plain statement from George Hoover, of this city, who is well known, having live<l here some twenty years. The doctors attended ; him soine three months, a ud gave hmi up to die; hut Wisiar's Balsam cured him. D. R. W. Wilstaok, Druggist, Lalayette, Ind. None genuine unless signed I. Butts on the wrapi per. Prepared by H. W. Fowle A. Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giiman.S. C. Ford, jr..S. B Wait*. G. Stott. John Sohwarze. Nairn A Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. je 27-!w,r S?ooim*? and Braci*g.?There is no prepara tion in existence which has such a soothing effect in cases of nervous excitement as Homelier'* Stomach Bitter*. Although the fam? of this renowned invigo<ant rests mainly on 1 s astonishing cures of Dyspepsia, I.lver Complaint, and intestinal diso-ders, it is equally efficacious in nervou complaint. Thousands of ladies resort to it as a remedy for hysteria, fluttering ol the heart, nervous headache, vertigo general debility and all peculiar dutu bances and derangement* to which, a* a sex, they , are subject. It cheer* and light n* the depressed r mental powers aa well a* strengthen the body, and , its use i never followed (as is the case wh re ordinarv Ionics are administered, by anv unpleasant reaction. f For sale by Druggists and dealers generally eve rj where. je25 eo3t i The besom or destruction is the fatality among , our young and middle-aged to indulge, in exoeasana , debasing habits. Those who are >earning for some influence to dispel the growing evil, should read "Human t\ailty,or Physioloxual Rf,*?n.rehesV It delineates in vivid colors (for it is beautifully illus trated) the cause* and effects of local and vital disi ease and decay, pointing out the only sure >nfity i valve?read the advertisement of "Trutttnar, in another oolunin. Sold bv Dr. Barrow, tfV4 Bleecher , street, N. Y. Prioe 25 oents. Sent free everywhere. f Sold alto by 8. Calvert Ford, jr., Washington, ' D. C. ma7-lm [ Barry's Trtcophirocs ia the best and oheapest artiole for Dreaainf, Beautifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladiea, try it Sold by all Drug> . gists and Parfumera. mar 12-6m > HOMEOPATHIC KKMKDIKS AH of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s specific HoI meopnthic Remedies put up expressly for family I use, in boxes, at 25 and 5" cents each. Also, r in cases, containing 20 vials, from %4 to fifS I each, with book of full directions. For sale By Z. I). Gilman. 340 Pa. avenue, wboWalf and ' retail agent: W. A. Fitzgerald, 343 north F stieet: ' also by F. B. Winter, north corner oi K street ana Vermont avenue. Also, Pond'* Extract nf WxtrK Hnxtl, for internal and external inflammation* of . all kind*.' Sold an above. ma 3 ly I To COMAUIIFTIVBS. . Quint's Cod Lirtr Oil Jtlly. T This great specific for Consumption is fast anpsi oedmg all other* in its ourative effects upon those * afflicted with tufeeronlar diseases. Prepared upon i hieh.y scientific prinoiples of the pure oij, and robbed of the nausoous taste of the |Hain artiole. it j is received into the sUimaoh in ita 'jellified form, without mastication, and is gradually dissolved and digested, passing into tlir small intestines drop r?y iirup. supplying ine wuiea 01 me body Dy iu nutricious properties, an<l thua assisting and sus taming nature in overcoming the disease Appro red by the New York Aoademy ol Medioine, g and recommended by the fkculty everywhere, this k preparation is confidently offered aa a remedy for . Consumption and ail Sornfulous affections. Sold by Charlet 8tott, Washington, and by all reJ spectable druggists. Price 91 per bottle Pinfold, Pa?u k. Mown. No. 14 Beekman street, New York, i- mar 16 3m Wholesale Agenta. ri HniTiTTn'a Hrnuiru Rimiii?Tk? Jn?W u with which an oft deceived community 11 apt to e look upon all medical preparation*, haa long ?i?.ce b en completely vanquished by the triumphant, universal and invariable aueoes* of Hint titer'* j Stomach Bittern. Their effect in all di?or<1er? of the digestive organ* are not miraeultu, because tiier are the neeeaaary reault of certain medical n properties never heretofore combined in one pre pa ? ratios, but they are nevertheleaa aatoiiuhmf. Aged I- persona who deemed themaelves .oast Help from mediuine, declare < to use tbe worn* of a correspondent) that the Bittera ae ma to hafv given them d a new lea?? of life. Unqueationably the majority . of dangeroua disease a are the off-aprmc of dyapep ' sia and for thia complaint, ae well aa the maladies out of it, teere is nothing in the world like Ho?ut'' lav's St math Bitter?, whieh is now sold by all druggists throughout the world. jy 2-co3t # Mti. Wmuo?,uur?fi?aoMairN?iii1l?Ml? phywoian, has a S+otktnt ,'iyrap fot CktMtm Ttlk ???. whion graatW faoilitaut* the prooee* of teething by softening mm*, roduotnt a.l inflan-matioa? will allay all pain, and r* surf* to recu'ate the bowei?. Depend upon it, it will give reel to yoamelrM. and relief and health to your tufan^ Perfectly ??e in all oaeee. 8ee adTwItMment is another oolumn. oo li ly Lto5'? Maomtic 1 >*1tct Powon Exterminate* Bed Biica. Roadie*. Tick*. AnU, Garden Inaects, A c. It contains no Potion Ltok'i Mabwktic Pill* Are Certain Death to Rat* and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap 3 3m miaacrlors vumik puthumi. A>i nn.i i i<ri.? /viso.agea lo, wno writes a| fair hand and i* acquainted with figures, would he dad of employment in a store, or as apprentice to any mechanical occupation. Aline to " W'.*' left at this office, will be attended ti. jv 9-3t* WANTED TO RENT?On west Seventh street' betwen II and N streets, a small Dweliinj or part of a Dwelling and Store swtal.le for a Grocery nd Urv Good* Store, 'i'lie rent mint be low. A pply till Thursday noon, at fh? Plant* ' Hotel, No .? ?<> opposite Centro Market. jy'J-iw* WANTED?A GIRL.ioolired preferred, i at the Washington House, Room No. 1. jv 7-2t* W'ANTED TO RENT-A neatly furuuhed HOUSE, witlun a few minutes' walk of the Capitol. Address B. X., Box '249, National Hotel. in-*' WANTED-A SITUATION, l?v a young woman, as mime or chambermaid, or to travel with a ady. Address "S. J. R ," Star Office. iy 7-st WANTED-A WHITE GIRL t< do general housework ; must understand cooking, washing and ironing. Also, a Yourg Girl, as nurs*. 319 Thirteenth st, between M and N. jy 7-2t* WANTED-To nave every tvody know that they can find a Fine and W ell selected Stock of | CLOTHING and FURNiSHING GOODS at the ! PEOPLE'S CLOTHING S I ORE, No. 460 Seventh at-, opposite Post Office Department. ap6-3ffi WANTED-Every one to know that SMITH, Seventh at., chargea fair prices for hia Gooda. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh at., to get yonr HATS and CAPS. ap 6-Sm F" I R E, FIRE. POTOMAC WATER. 1 am atill eneared in the Hi.K \i HI N'u *nrt <: *? FITTING BL'^INESS at my old stand in Philharmonic Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful supply of water wu readily observed at the 6re o' yesterday, as 1 an well tatr fiftl I should have been burned out but lor t le bountiful supply upor my premise* and th*t of iny neighbor* All order* for the introduction of Water and Gu will be prompt!* attended to. Term* as reaeona ble a* any plumber in the city, jy 3 C. 9NVPBR W nectar cream sirup, ith Other choice sik ups, with pure, cool and sparkling soda WaTEK, can be nad at MOORE'S j?30 2w West F.nd Drug Store. WG ALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICE 2*2 Pa. A v., Bktw. 11th and if th Stk., North side. Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth *t., ? f I? _! tt? I* A A im n-ki iwiii* ?- ?r iTrsrimvni. HOWE'S ORIENTAL B A I.SAM, \ CVKI for BALDNESS AND HEADACHE. This ik-w discovory has produced a?t<>nuhinR re*ult* tn curing baldness and st">ppiiig th? hair from falling off. It removes dandruff and all eruptions of the *kin ; a certain cure for headaohc, and a do liglitful wash and perfume Pricoiflc nts. For sale by *tessr?. Nairn A Palmer. Chas Stott. L. >1 Smith. J Schwartze, and Kidwell A Laurence. je 30 2w* Nkw st\ lew ok rich jewelry-h.77? HOOL) has just opened a large stock, which he willeff *rat ve?-y iow lates Therefore those that are wishing to oarr* home anything in bit line as prevents, *i l do well to oali and examine hit stock at Pa. avenue je 22 BARGAINS IN PIANOS-that have been ha little used. Pianos for hire, at 25 oens to 98 per month. JOHN F. ELLIS, je Sftfi Pa. av?n?*. ^jJRAND TOURNAMENT AND BALL COLUMBIA SPRINGS, To be heiil on MONDAY, JULY 16, 1&60. Under the autpices of the MOUNT VERNON GUARDS! Tke receipts to be appropriated to tke Alexandria Malt Orpkan Afyluyri, of Alexandria. twenty~knights. Embracing gentlemen from Maryland, Virginia, and toe District, will enter and compete lor the honor*. A full Bras* and String Band will be in attendance during the day, and a latge and efficient police force will preserve the strictest order and decorum in and ari.und the grounds. The following PROGRAMME has been arranged for tne occasion: The Proe >s*ion of Knights, J udges, and Citizens, preceded by a band of inusic, will leave the City Hotel (Alexandria) at 8 o'clock a. in , and, alter parxding through Koine of the principal streets of Alexandria, will proceed to the Uepot of the Washington and Alexandiia Railroad, wheretr-.ins will be in waiting to convey persona to the Spnngs. lmmedivtely upon the arrival at the Spring*, the *paaioiis Pavilion will be thrown open a::d the dancing commenced and continued uv til 2 o'clock p. in , when the Tournament will be opened, undtr the foil jwing REGULATIONS: The Mayors of Alexandria, Washington, and Georgetown have been invited to act a* judges in connection with other gentlemen Win. D. Ma**ey, Esq., ha* been invited to deliver the charge to the Knights, at the conclusion of whi> h the riding will cominenoe, each Knight being attired mi an appropriate costume, and th whole under the diugMim of Col. H. C. Dorsey, M aj. W F. Padgett 4Kpt II. K. B.a.lshaw and C M.< a*tleman. E?<|., marshals. J. T. Johnso i Esq. He aid At the <-onriuiiion of the riding, the ?ucce*?lul Knight wi I t>e announced from the judges' stand, a'd the Queen of Love and Brauty, with her Maids of Honor wil l>e crownml in the Pavilion in the fresence of t>i<-whole assemblage Attheclo>eof hi* ceremony the QUEEN S BALL will open a d fill <4 A uni ?> <* nrtnl > nil a until 11 m ? fcil- Mianvin^ VHIIHHun Ulikll 11 W O*'' K ft. III. The Committee pledge th?maelvea that nothing on t eir part shall be wanting to in&ke thu Tournament one of nnalloy?>d pleasure to all ?ho may fivor them with tin ir presence The track and ground* have l>een put in the mont comp ete order and the proprietor. Mr. Fahey, will Fpare no pains in adding to the pif-aiure of the company. CoJIVKYAMfK TO THE SPKIXGS. Omniliuxe* wil: leave the corner of Seventh and Pen . avenuest So'ciook.and each aneoetaive hour therealter. until 5 o'clock p.m., to convey persons to the Springx. Tioketa of admission to the Spring?, 5<i cent*,* omnibus fare 15 cents. To Ite hau at the following place* in Washington \V D. Sheph>*rd'? B<*ok Store, corner 7th and U; Ellis's Miwic Stor?, Penn. av , bet 10th ?nd Ulh; Bla chard & Mohun'a Book Store, corner Uth and Penn. av,; and at th* Sr%r Office. i? eotd PUKE SODA WATER. CALL AND TRY TUB BEST IN THE CITY, AT J. R. Major's Drug; Mvre, JJ S ?o6t* 7 th * H8t*. W*NTI4i??wo<?KS, ??U> DOOtMKXTt PAPERS, COL\S, AltTO(iRAPHS-?Afoi an autograph letter uf Uen. Tavlor. 3?. 5th *?th . ";r,f .\ivuro?ou w?s iu nor oom ypftr. ?nf wns & gri*at sufferer?having been mck for inany long month*. But she did not murmur; she bore her trials with patienee, until aha ?w called homo, to live forever. She was a kind and dutiful daughter, and leaves a mother and sister to mourn her loss? which never will replaced. Thy sutfe-ings are al> ended ; thy care* are all o'er; I'm sure thy joys will be great on that bright, happy shore. Where kind one* have been waiting, with their songs of love. To greet >ou in the New Jerusalem above. Farewell forever, from this thine earthly home'. In that sunny clime may thy happy spint roam Where the good and the blessed forever dwellIn that heavenly land. Sister, farewell! ?ur loss is her eternal gain ; Oi, we would not ask for her to remain ! >he has leltthis world of sin and eare, And gone to dwell where th* holy angels are. Washington oit*. D. C.- Jnl? 3 1?M> WANTS. WANTED-A good loaf bread BAKKR. Inquire of THOMAS* HAVtt.VNKR. No. :il7 C street, between 4)% and 6th sts. It* WAN PKD? By a steady, industrious man, a SITUATION as collector. Best of recommendations can lie given. Address M. C., Star Office. lt_ A DOD L'VTIf C * ?- ? - i . - . iii? uii mm r?m?Hl> known lor externunat ins Rita and Mio?, Cock roach en, Bug*. Ants. Muaqmtoea. Fleas. Moths,Grain \\ ornis and Gar dag InaecU. fir* Principal Depot, 612 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all DrugKiaU evwjwhere. ma lk 3m P*i?i?ib?.?Persona deeinng Penciea will a'wa?? kn?t th?m frtr mnKkiif* at the S(*r OHm orvanUtt MARRIED On the 2d instant. I>t the Rev. \Ym. T Dnmm. THOMAS? H GHEfcN,ofS*va inah.Ga . toMiaa KM MA fil.IZABETH C*<>*S. of this eit?. a ..I daughter of the late Alexander Croea. K?q. OlIO. A* AT 1- * ? ' ~ * n.* iirwmiren, in. i.,on me morning oi the 7?h in?t . mm, EDWARD a. pollard. aged an year*, daughter of George W. Rarry. of this city. The friends of the family are in vite.1 to attend the funeral from the Church of the Epiphanv. Tuesdar morning, at 10 o'clock. _ On the 9th inst., SAM'L ASBUR Y. infant son of Joseph and Amelia Mansfield, aged 15 month*. His funeral will take place from the residence of his parents. No 494 E .street ?outh, between 6th and 7th sts oast,on tomorrow<Tuenday > afternoon, at 5 o'clock On the7th instant. JOSEPH PARKER NOR RIS. infant son of Dr. P. J. and Caroline N. Horwita. " On Saturday. tha 7th instant, HENRY L.. infant on of Jas. and Eltan Thornton. Lint* written on'the riea'k af mug mary eliza bkth vvatsow. \V ho departed this life on the 3^tli daj of June. GEORGETOWN. CmrttfmUmet / 1%4 Swr. &Beft*CTOW!t. Julv 9. ! *? The preaeut week I* an Interesting one for the friends of education In onr community the flrat three days bring filled with examinatlona and exhibitions of tue numerous ?durat1on?l instttu tiona in our city. Thla afternoon the annual termination of the course of moral philosophy at Georgetown College la announced. and the exerciaea will, as usual, be of a meal Interesting char .? ?i i ai> anrrnoon, um, ibr senior female department of Georgetown School vill be examined To-morrow lscominencetnentdsy atGeorgetown College, the exercises commencing at o'clock a. m . and on the day sfter the annual distribution of premium* at tbeConvtnt of the ViatUlion take* pi ire Aa both these liiaUt itimi* are among the first of the kind In our rouutrv. and the annual exercise* are generally attended by an immense throng of citizen* and stranger* it will be well fur lovers of < omfort to attend early On Wednralay morning, alao. the annual exhibition of Trinity Chur< h Benevolent S h ?Oi takes place, and in the afternoon of that day the annual distribution of premiums to the pup;la of the Georgetown School. We are requested to call the attention of the friend* of Breckinridge and I<ane. in otir citv, to the advertisement in another column it will be aeen that tbe procession from here will join the First Ward delegation of Washington at Stott's Hall, about ?>j p m It is expected that tbe meeting will be a most interesting one GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Fm piker Oforgrtow* ndrtrttstumentf *<? Jlr*t ff r^GKORGETOWN DEMOCRATIC AS Jjf SOCIATION. ATTENTION !-Yon are requested to meet at rour tial! THIS i Monday ) EV ENING, o'clock. wh?' co th? A??"cia' will procwed 10 St >tt'? Hall, t First Ward. Wiwh- I initon.' and join the First Ward Democratic As??>- I ciation, to attend tue National Democratic meet I ing at the City Hall J OWENS BERRY. Sec'v. ESAU PICK RE IX, Pw. It PLEASE CALL A N f> EXAMINE NKW STYLE CORK WATER COOLER*, and WILLOUGHBV'S PATENT AIR 1 ItiHT SCREW CANSithe la-litu' favorite Can for Pre serving Fresh Fruit* and Ve?et*ltie?. Alao, M ASSERS PATENT FIVE MINI TE K \ IM I> FREEZER, the tj??t 10 o*<>?operation ntnp e ; re ultcertAiu. T. A. LAZE* HV. jy 9-3t No. 1 '24 Bridge *t , Georgetown. Nfish fish * EW ST. JOHN ? ALEWIVES AND LAB RADOR HKKRING. iflO barrels prune new St John's Alewirea, 100 do. do. Labrador Herring, Daiiy exp-cted per nchoooer J. P. Wethenll. I ai?o. in store? Mils. new No. | R.jn.d H"i ring, B<>st inspection !"0 do. do. do. HklifM <lo. S?t do. ?lo flo. M?:da>nedo. And a few ?f. John's Alewive*, last year's insp*!' lion, (nil warranted prints. Ail ol which we will sell on pleasing term*. Appl* to HAHTLKY A BRO.. jy 3 lw 99 and 101 Wa'er si., Georgetown. FOR NKW VORK. Tke Ticket Mhoonera Aiotic and Hamilton, will oomineroo -ck loading for the alnn-e port on MOVDAY<^^^ next, 9th uist. For fieignt apply t<> McCOfeB * DODGE, jy 6 63 Water rirett. Ci CLOCK REPAIRING. 'I.OCKS Carefully cleaned and epaired. *>>d the -triking pa't pr. prt i adiust^d l>v J A.WATSON", 59 Hrulc?? at, Georgetown, D. A .artte f>to<-k ef Clocka always on Ml - al ? mo I orate charge to the l>uyer jy 6 3t* SIR \ Y KD AWAY, a1 "in t if mid < of Jn^e la*t a small red ?,0 A" ,wifh wid lio. r mjf I<| short. ne< k : a wlnte l^air, with amall te.% vand no other white mark.- al o-t tu-r AnyMimJmm one returning h r to tlie sut?wcril>er. or giving a y information hy winch she ma? l*< found, will I" suitably rewarded. lilKAM GRAY, jy 6 A Corner Montgomery acd Olive ft '. INOTK K. _j!0HN?KS.- All dtbodi whose Licenses from the Co rf oration of (Vo getown expire on th?- J'th inst., art' hereby Lot i tied promptly to renew the ?aine. otherwise th?y will subject themaelv**s to a fine, ami the law is ooinptilso \ upon the proper officer* ol the Corpo.&tiou to enfo.ce s\id fine ruanut il Malino je a 3tAwtj> 10 M^LA|R D, Clerk L8EWING machines A DIES Are r*que?ted to call at the a^ero* Mr?. J'RVIU'S TKIMMING i*TORT , 101 Hridce ?tr?-t, Geor*etown, and examine the test family HEWING MACHINE!4 in u?e, viz: Ladd, Webster A Co.'s Improved Tuht-Stitch *la chine, and Harris'* Boudon Sewing Machine. Price 54" to $7<). je h eol m OF(?R HARPER'S KERRY. N And afW Jul* 3d. 1--H0, the steamer L. J. IJrencle, Captain VV. ll. Ritter, will ^ leave Georgetown EVERS" Tl'ES Ilw? j DAY. TH 1'RSOA V. and SATL'R DAY. at 7 o'clock a hi.. and return every alternate day, at ? o'clock a. m. On the Saturday trip from i.tVirgetowii the tn>at will run through to Slie.pherdstown. je 21 3m PERSONAL. i\|ADAMh MORRICE, tiikgkkat Astkolo1*1 gut and Doctbkss, j*\t from Eyropt.?This huhl) rilVd and intelligent lady caa be consulted on th? I'Mt Pratant r A f * . 1 umir CfTOliU. V/Ai 1 ill No. viO."? Twenty -second street, l>etween H and I, Washington. jel9 an" BOARDING. |\1KS. ROBHINS HAVING TAKEN THE 1*1 large and commodious house on I hird street west, corner of Missouri avenue, directly opposite the Capitol grounds, formerly known as the \ ernon Hou*e, where she is now prepared to accommodate gentlemen with H'R.NISllEl) ROOMS, either with or without BOARI>. combined with many comfort*, such as tan. hath. A c A h? a!th> location, a Ix-autif'tl prospect, and a delightful summer residence, on immediate application. Terms reasonable. jy 2-2w I. M. SINGER & CO. OHIiAT RKDITCTION h Prick* or SEWING MACHINES! The Machines are acknowledged the best in use, for family sewing and manufacturing purposes. FHIiUj Machine ? Letter A (for family or light manufacturing purposes) *v? Sinner No. 1 <E'W Singer No. 2 fiwt Twist, Needle*, Cotton, Oil, Ac. WM. H. GLOTER, No. 3^9 PlNKITLViKIt av.. je JVlm _____ l^ider National Hotel. J^AUQUIER WHITE SULPIILR SPRINGS. These Spi tng??in nu.'es veit of Washington?is now op*n for the reoeption ol visitors. A . . A The subscriber, having become the par fcMV chaser, will make ever; effort, with com patent assistants, to regain their former reputation Rats#?50 cents per meal, R1.50 per day; #9 per w?elc,83? P*r calendar month; $50 for i montbr; ohildren over 2 and under 12 years and colored ?er vants half pnoe; white servants three fourths, horses 50 oents per dar Direct Warreuton Springs jy 5 lit WOB'T HUDGIN. THK PHILOSOPHY ??F by George H?nr? Lewe'. author of Life o' Gontue. * o., A?.. 2 volumes, pric<a92. The second just ready ai d sold separately. The Mount Vernon Papers, by Kdward Everett; 1 voiunie; prioe $1 i5. t-or tale by ULANCHARDA MOHl'N, jy 6 corner Eleventh st and Pa. ar. Engineer's office. Albxasdbia. June 26, I860. * MANASSAS GAP KAlLROAD a , v f I I t ai r\ (i ? v ?a a ? at * > ? - - ? o .v uuiiiinr.u <?ir.i> WA^TKUoo the in? of this road from ML Jackson to Harrisonburg Wiri ?1 a day; b. ard fin per month For infor nation. ?o., inquire of \V M. S. FEWELL, Company's Office, Alexandria. jei!fi dtJT20.l?twAU|t41?twS'p. W A. BATCHELOR'S INIMITABLE HAIR DYE. For 8alk at Gibus s Hair ^tobk, Pip h. Arrnur, between 12(4 ami '3:h St*. W here l.adie* uaa el?o have it app iM it d*?ir^d. A full as ortmentof TOILET AR PlCLRS gec raliy. jy > ly / MHBS' HAIR AND PKRPUMERY STORK, " 1 Pet%n. Ai um, hfttrrm 12'k ami IS/A Sl?. LADIES' WIGS. HALF WIGS, BRAID* and CL K i-S alwajfi on hand, or in ad a to urder in he beat stylni. Aim, Hair Work repat:*d or taken in it A-ly FL1BS. FMES! MOSQUITOES, MOSQUITOES' Pressure ?om# Fit Paper at MOORK'S \Ve?t End Drug Store. Each sfteet will ca'oh 3 re* It contains uo poiso.i, nor does it draw them tiki muit prrpaiations of the kind. It catches Mosquitoes al -o. hUACHKS, ANTS AND MOTHS, Ac. Use Moore's Insect Exterminator. It is war ranted, if us?d aocording to directions, to olear your premises ol any ins?ot that ciawls. Pnoe an, 90 anu SB cents. Try these articles, and you will be convinced Sold only at MOORK'S _jy 2 (1 We?t Knd Drug Store, 113 Pa. ?v._ ?E?.l.IN? OFF TO CLOSE BUSINESS. 9 JOHN K. MuRGAN would rm^ct-^j^a fully inform his customers. au<1 the commu- I nity cerntrally. that he has concluded tof II clo e his business, and in order to do so as* ,1 ? on as po.sibie will offer his entire stock < f .'hi own make BuOTS and SHOES at cost for cash, and his other goods at almost any price. To thost in ? ant of reliable goods for wear. I would aay, giv? me a call and yna will not i<e disappointed. As I am about to cloae my business, all a^counti on my books will be rendered on or before the bto MjriLrs^ris11 * r#,rDdnd 10 >" p< j, mi 1 may meet with promilnett tk# oKIi/a Unna due by me. , - No. .103 ??uth ?irt? of T'a. ar., ? bt Stt M,| Kith lU. Vi'OOD! " WOOD?! : rSgg^'S' o^a u. _ T-J- A W. N. GALT, *17 l? ^ ' *?*? nu, tad ifth It^. ra*n"v norm ?*,??, THE LATEST MEWS TELEOKAl'HIC. Oar Day Later Irmm fcarape. Qiuk , July 9 -Tb? ?t?aiijaulp Varaaa. from Llwp??l on tbe ZTtt, r?a Londonderry oa tha >lb. bra arrived ber*. Her adviraa arc unlat po riant Tbe reported rr? ^nat o* af the Naanolitant Ministry Uw traaaptred, u4 emmmmmtm laiaatU bad been r?lN upoa to join tbe n?w mm. a try Of? Oanbaldl bad Imh?4 proclamation, r 11 lot; upou the fkriV in Irraadtiit r?v 'lut na IU bad ? nrvll^d :t6 IWU voinntnsa. and a> o ber expedition of 4 um> was prrpanug to I?*t* Adrtcra from I'alffBn ?t?te ttat tbe <? < iel liwUf uad publiab'd proclamation by iim of Geo Bmodrttl. calling upon tbe army to rlee a^clatt tbe Bourbuna Thb Ltrnr I window. June 5S ?Tbe Knfliah fund* wrr? hrarr restordav A new Hard in laa lean waa n pertod to be offered at Tnrta for public aubarr ip tion The Lotidoo Tlmee say* tbe promtard War dlnlan loan romd too lato A meeting of tbr working rlaaaee waa held laai night on t'adH n?tofi tirem to coaalder tbr high pr'oee Tbe reeolntloea denownc* tbe pr?ai at famine prices aa the rtault of monopoly and rlasa legUlatlon. The Par;a M'lf drrltm the pa pel loaa roe trarv to tbe traditions of the rkmrh The Pah-rmo |?prfi uv tbM liiriteldl l?wt upward* of SM) men la the conflicts or the -Tito aad Mk. Pari*. Thursdsf.?Tlx M on i leu r publishes a contention between Prance and Kngiand. r?U tlve to i divtiiva of tfar captures to Cklai. CoHMBBCt&L Livnnxii, June ?Cotton clooed duTI, but lU?dv. 8alr-a for three day* 9U.M0 b?lea read at 11 da wen- quiet, but Mridf Provisions dull. Consols for account t) k . LonsviLLB, Ky . Julf ? ?Ooe of the lirjnt meetiui/s ever lulii !?? - ???? " nomination of Douglu and Jotmaon Hon ire* nlaxed. cannon thundered and enthuaiaam prevailed A Democratic State Convention held at Irnne. rill county, in which thirty-one countlM la tbe State were repreaeuted. unanimoualy adojHed reaolutiona endorsing Breckinridge and Lam. and repudiating Douglas and Johnaon PKTBKanrftG. Va., July 8 ?Hon Mr Pryoc poke for two hour* at Pb<rnlx HaJl laat night, 1'tlninid hia position in regard to tbe Presidency He d^ lared I it preference for Breckinridge and Lmne over all other candidate* The hulldtng w i* rrowded. and there waa threat pplaune f--r Breckinridge and f.ane. Cm t \i i t ?. O . July 5 - I he Bre. k1 ii'lit^eOe* t'al Committee appointed are ?Pre*'dent IV John Dawson; Se? retary, Wm A Neil. urer Ttioa fimrrnw A committee of two from ?Ka< iviivmhi niitriri ti??f if en appoint**) C ipt Morrow and Mr Prciitice are for iL 1* (Pith I district Buffalo, N V . July 7.?Tbe rrpabltcan rat itiration meeting last night win tbe mnatenttu. ?'.asli< |> >l:tical ^atbering hi the rnmpalgo Tbe Wide Awakers" In umform. bearing torcbea, mad> t( ?-!r ttrat t(i|^rtin? in tiie |?r* eaaioa lion Owen Lovejoy. of 111 . waa tbe orator of th? evening Fran Pike'* Peak px Jo<*ph. Mo . Julv to ?ttor Pike'a Peak ?l<rcs? bm arriv. d with #l "> (WO i 11 d ii. and Ileaver < , dat.n to the yth ult I he Indian depre dationa upon atraggl: ng partita and on the ran<-bes bad t?e. <>me ao frequent that a mating of tbe eit nena I fd l>e?n held tocoua.der what meana could t?e taken to prevent tb? m Two Arrapahoe cbieh ?>rr present at tb?- mating a portion of tbe tiiiie rlie outrage* In tbe niain conaiat of tbe Indians taking whatever tber d? re from portiea unable tn p^ltt thpfn t^ari nir <ln?a>n -1 - - ? ?? icii- t??. tuiiiin^ nif it poDln into the Kardriu and distrovln* them, and in some i-jm shooting at tbe whiles. one or two of whom are kiniwn to Lave been ktiled rhecliitft thmiKbt it Lard that tbey should b?* held accountable for tbe l>ad acta of tbeir own aud a few other natives in thisvicinity, but said that w far as tbeir own men were cenc-rned. tbey would hold th?m responsible for any injury doM to tbe whites A n effort was made to pass a res olutiou to drive tbe Indians from tbe country if thev did not leave within three d*vs. but more moderate counsels prevailed, and the troubles wiil no doubt be pe-< *ablv arranged Themn.rg news is unchanged. Business was dull and monev scarce The weather was hot with frequent showers l alimit; at at. J*?epb, Ma ?>n?e Perssas Killed St. Lorts. July 7.?The Democrat publishes tbe intelligence of a *ad calamity at ?l Joseph A new fonr-storv hnilHinu and orpuplM by Xolf. McCord ft Co . wholesale grocri fell at 'J o'clock yesterday afternoon, crusting a frame building adjoining, occupied by three families Nine out of ten of tbe occupant* were instantly killed, viz: Mrs Boyee and thre? children, Mr and Mr* Cogswell and four others win*? name* are unknown The building caught lire Immediately afterward, and the stork of Nove, McCord & Co was consumed Tbe store of Tootles ft Falnligh vr?> also burnt, together with tbeir entire stock of boots and shoes The total loss is estimated at f'Jti.OdU Arrest of tbe Abscoadiag Secretary sf the Pacific *lail bleaasthipla L'tica. X. Y , July 6?Frederick H offman. tbe missing Secretary of the Pacific Mall Steamship Company, ws* to day arrested near Trenton Falls, Oneida fouuty, by officer Hugh Masterson. of the independent <orps of railroad detectives Hoffman is arrested on a charge of forging two checks <>f #! ..X*i each He Is also concerned lp aa over isaue oi sukk oi tbe Pacific Mail Company, to the amount certainly of flSU.UUU, and |>*-rbapa much more <>lh( era have been in pursuit of Hoffman aince May 21 The prtaoner a now in cnatodv. He deniea that be la the man a luvht. although he hat been identified by parf e* here. The Hemeval of lei Nerth. Albam'. July? ?The removal of Col. North. t?;*cial A>>ent of the Poet Office Department, la well foui?dtd Col North's removal is dated 9uth June, immediately after the Baltimore Csaveution. but was not received until >eaterdav. ia couaequenee of bia absence in Vermont, where be was engaged in prosecuting John Whltromb. an iu?emout> mail robber of Canada. Boston and .New York mails Col North has been one of the most efficient officers In the Department aince ISM, having served aeven years l ater Irta the Pacific. Faykttkvillb, Ark, July 9.?The overland mail nf # ^ 1 Lti. *>1* Ka* Tk* a# ? ??? VI *. SVMI Ul? , UH ?*l I I ?W? a UT WWp-VJ war Cyan** mi led on the l?tb for Panama OftiGoK.?Logan has been elected by ISO ma jority for governor Tbe legislature stands? Democrat* favoring Lane and Fuaion Democrat* 21, Republicans. 13. fTbis is according to a Democratic source ] It is, however, believed that tbe election will result In bvor of Baker, (Rep ) and an anti-Lecompton man to the U. 8 Senate Tbe Pony Kxpr<?s was reestablished on tbe tM Tbe steamer John L Stevens sails on tbe 30tb witb fl,4Ui.(NNi in ftpm-le. Dr Hair*' Arrlic k i?<4iU?s Bo#to!i. July 8.?Dr Hayes' Arctic Expedition ailed on Saturday afternoon !*be fired a salute previous to taking tier departure. Tbe name of tbe vcafcrl baa been changed to tbat of tbe "l/nlted States." The Great Eaitrra New York, July 7.?Tbe director* of tbe iWniT Great Eastern have reduced tbe price of adm.asion to 50 cent*, taking effect on Mondav Henry C Jarrett.of Baltimore, ha* been appointed agent of the "Visiting Department." Eiri^ran Arriti 1? N kw VoBK, July W?Tbe steamships Fulton via Cape Rare, and tbe Parana, via fa. Johns have arrived here. Their moat important advlcea have been telegraphed Tkr Priacr ef W iln1 ? lalt U Aanrlrt. B<>?ro*. J til v f ?Private letter* from ottcial xiurt r? m England idle that tbe Prince of WalA will fco a* far eaat aa Portland. and aa far w?*t a* Cincinnati. In tbe L'ntU-d Ptitea. Alexandria VltrkrU. ALUimii. July ?Flour?Family f? 30a t 75; extr* *6 75.i6 12; aoper *5 Z*S 57 W hr* t . ?wbite. fa r to good. SlJSaitl 44, red PI tta 1 34 Corn?white75a78 yellow 7Ua7*e, mixed Winrt/c. Rye 75a?Ue OiU 3?iMc. Corn Meal 75c. per buabel. Seeda?Timothy 9d MnfS St?; Clorrr K 76af<>, Flaxaned 91 3flal 45. Pn-?.iIon* ?Butter, roll, ISrtut : Baron llkillc : Pork S~a7.50; Lard I3a!4e. W bUky <tay?K tttlUnirr ntritu HALTTHOftS, July 9 ?Flour cloned dull and i heavy. Wh at cloaed dull; new and od rd , ?l ?al *>; wbite Si SUal to. Corn elon-<d 4uil and heavy, yellow mLite 7Ua7Sc Pr?vlatei a ' cloaed q a let and wry irnri. Wh aky clonrd ate?d v . at ?isi?ikc. N?w V*r >l? n-t? Niw You July PWIadutt, Sut- *5 *i; State |SiUt5 ?; Ohio S3 75?S Hi; cHilh-ri. > 5 W. \% k??t i? kWf ta b-avy; ' 66c Pork la firm and quH l.?rd la firm ?t H'fca lie. Whlaky 1* dull *t*> j^e. flauaial New York, July 0 -8unki n? ??d btfber. Chicago aud Rock laland 71k; III J>?triS aUrn 66, Mi china fcmitbrr* *%l New York OntnUtO* Rr?fjfhg 4l*i Mo ? #!.

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