Newspaper of Evening Star, July 9, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 9, 1860 Page 4
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s-JL THE EVENING STAR. Diath o? J no mi Boiap&kti ?We learn by the Parana of the death of Pri nee Jerome Bonaparte, ex-King of Westphalia, uncle of the Emperor of the French, ana the hut of the brother* ?' th? or>?t Naixileon The neculiar interest proclaimed Mn^ 01 w esTpnaua. Anrr > ?i vicissitudes, in which he has witnessed the ceaseless d iirtuati ona in the career of France, he has died amid the honors and renown achieved by the Napoleonic dynasty, which again sways the deatinies of the Frmcfi empire. H7" There appears W> be a sort of stampede frotn Naples A Paris letter say*: "The Neapolitan Baron Rothaiild, typungert son of the founder of the hou*e.) has just arrived in Pans, bringing away with him all his property. 11 is hard cash preceded him a fortnight to Paris. He Is going to fix nitnself permanently In a chateau ne is building on the Lake of Geneva." fC"A Are at Hannibal, Mo , on the 4th, destroyed property to the value of SSO.tWO. on which there is an insurance of ?10.000. The principal Inaers are J Rlely, wholesale grocer. S2?.0U0; insured for $10,000. G. W CapTinger, carriage repository, #*>.i?>0; Insured for George Pay. druggtat, $3,0Ui; fully insured. tremendous rain and thunder storm paused over Peoria. Ill , on Sunday night, doing much damage to the Valley railroad. Seven bridge# were w.tshed away between Peoria and 1L* ?. ? i 4. ai. . _ a. i ii _ _ n _ ii ?? i?uiii^u?ii. uii ioc liO^niiHpori una r fori a rvaiiroad The lota to tbe farmers in the vicinity is estimated at $5<',000. |H7~The Messrs Hardwicke, charged with the killing of J oseph Button, in the late terrible street l^ht in Lynchburg, Va., have been sent on to a court of examination bv Mayor Branch, acting as j? justice. The case will be heard on tbe 1Mb instant. The Lynchburg papers refrain from publishing the evidence, at the request of the mayor JET"Major Norton, United States consul at Pictou. sends a telegram to the Boston l'ost stating that the excitement is intense attendant upon tbe discovery of gold at about fifty miles from bis resi deuce He says that thousands have already gone to the diggings,' and many more are preparing to start. JLTA hostile meeting in the streets of Charles ton took place betwetu Mr. Robert C. Browne and .Mr W arren Andrews nn TncaHntf shots were flred. wounding Mr. Brown severely Ore of balk accidentally struck and killed a free mulatto. |?7~The steamer for California, from New York on Thursday, carried 110 mail either of letters or papers Mr. Vanderbilt refused to allow a mail to be taken on his ships, and tbe correspondence of the whole country suffers in consequence 017"The Cleveland Democrat says; "From the returns already in, it is feared tint the population of Ohio. Instead of advancing haa slightly decreased within the last ten years, by emigration or otherwise. |?7~The London Daily News defends Senator Sumner from the attack made upon bim by the Times on account of his recent speech in the Senate, and gives a qualified approval of the speech In question. JUT" The Piedmont (Va ) Independent says that the German emigration to the West, over the line of the Baltimore and Oaio railroad, Is very heavy at tbe present time. I ne United States frigate Niagara, with the Japanese on board, was spoken on the 1st instant. when in 1st. 40 14, long. 70. 40. ID* The damage occasioned by the bombardment of Palermo was estimated by the journals of that place at ?10.0>0,000 sterling. A meeti ng^of the Tobacco Planters of South era Maryland will take place in I'pper Marlborough on the 19th inst l?7~Mrs Jane E. Hirks. the wife of Gov Ricks, died at Annapolis oil Tuesday morning. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTKL.-J K Henry and lady. NV; F >t Nelson, La; 1> Bu*ti.<! . .Miss llaskeii, \ k Miss Stafford, do; M is< C ark. do; H B Green we i. Ky; A Furgerson, N V; H G Coward. Md; >ii? l \V Cowa;d,do; Mi-s K Coward, <! >; Miss Lfas, do; J M Poston. La; L)r Daiibar, Md: W B llarr. La. E N Fuiieu, SC; C S Shorter, Ga; J U Pmllip , Pa; W J Pattison, i a; H K Alsob'och and l&u>. do, M Chnrchwell and lady. Ten ; J *?&rdiner, La; u s?-. d u l. i . " ~~ 1 to vfDKinioi mo. j x t!o, nunior? i 1* Nioholaon, Pa; J E Boyle, NV, J A Temple, V?; 8 Bellinger and .fly. SC. Misa M b?lhi.n?*r. Jo; J C Laue,NY;A B Mucker, V?;T McCarthy, La: G W WiU >d, Tenn; F F Pa m?. La. J W Lapp, Va; B F Babin. La; J Cantwell, Texas; 8 M Rush. Va; E Harnaq. A;a; C Rrady. Tenn; A B Jcnes, La; S tt 1'uener and ladr, Va. T W Gilmer, do; Miaa VV Timber ak<), do; F Lainder. Md; C F Stuart, do; J Hamilton, USMC; A Manton, L.a;S Peroey, Md; J C Hrown, do; A J v*ueuoher, do. NATIONAL HOTEL.?R W Johnxon,-; PA Roat, La^ c Hmtz.G Wamwright an-i !>, JBrown H DaiUa, G i*criven,Ga; L J?Uu?oa, D .Norm, A Ktrey ann !y, J Alien, >1 Baan, M Goidaotiuudt, Y; L Whiteley, L vvood, N Berry and fy, VV Dement, U Will ami, Md; J Morton. J M MoCr?e, I 8cheat, A Stuart, O Peratco Va; L W inohaater.P Ha???, Pa; J Sutherland. T Kerral,S? Morgaa, J Smalloy, G Gerihlman, H Myor. NC; J Wat?on M Duncan, Dr Frieeon, E Dui and fy, J Vernon, A Arnot, La; L Saer?rood and fy, ?; T Hsrrau p Her ran. N<?. 1 Mifnho! It l- ? -- _ - , ... V . ? n HUM If IPB Matthews, SC; J Reilley and ly, Mj; K Ho t, C Fallug, Mi"?; O Juum and i>, T Jone?, W Ho|dinc. A Fifetciier, Ala; A Mi' t4.11, O; J H Hott D C, H Maun, Hng; J ?: av, >.1; J Mo- ante), \V H 8<?ruge?, J Oopp, A.a, W ingrain, Ky; D lorawaki Ruikia. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?C M Wiloox, U9A; E Ettinc. NY; B S -mlani and family. Mo; H St >ne, DO: W L Boa.-man, IK; E P Pol ard, do; O Doddridge, do; J Thornton, Ya: J Fackington. Mass; J Wmnson, Va; VV M Burwe ;, do; M L Patterson and daughter, Mo; W I. Thompson, La. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS From thk Uhitkd States. Stinwuri. Leire. For. Days. New York ?N?w York.. Bremen . July 7 Kangaroo New York ..Liverpool Jnty "? Europa.._ Boston Liverpool?Ju.y 11 Adri?Uo New York.. .Havre ..July 14 Jentonta New York Hamburg,... Ju'y 16 ersia .Now York.. .Liverpool ...Jla Etna New Y<>rk Liverpool July 11 Golden Kieeoe. Now S'o.-k .Oa'wav.- July I' Fulton .. New York ..Havre. July 2\ Arabia.., ? .....Boston Liverpool... July 3S Vanderbilt.?^_.New York?. Havre July *8 J. r?>? 1 AiUHVI'B Etna .Liverpool New Vork ..June K Fbiton. South ptnn. New Vork ...lune/7 Palestine. .Liverpool . Qurbe-j J one 27 Arabia Liverpool boston June an Ar\to S*oatrt'pton . New \ ork .Ju'y 4 Bavaria. South'pton New Yorn Jal? 4 Jura Liverpool New Vork.. Joijr in The Havana mail nHhamert leave New Y ork on the 2d, !2th, I7tti, aud 27th of each month, and C mrleston on Uie 4tn aud 19th. The California mail r?"r? leave New Vork on he 5th and i-th of e*V month. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD ? AND COAL Delivered to all pa-ta of the cit>. at the lowest possible rates. T J A W. M. GALT, OCM 2hQ P* ?w ? _ .. trvrwcvu II 111 OIIU IMn RH . ma 17 tf north Fide. THfc SI- Bf*OK IBK.R HAVING ON H*ND in eitcuiTe ?tuok of Pl.'KL, is prepared to e:I at a very low future for caen WOOD ?awed and Split any size. Call aad tee for yourself. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dea!er, ma 1ft 9. K. corner of Fourteenth and C sta. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the K?>ya Havana Lot tary, oouduoted by the Spanish Government, uodei the mpervuion of the Captain General of Caba will tax* place at Havana on TUESDAY, July 17. I860. 80RTK0 yUMEKO 6? OUDIXARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. J pmeof _..fl?M?m an prixee oC ?1."* 1 do 50,**. 00 do ?<i 1 do ?,ono laa do *>4 1 do an,<?u aoapprux. 1 do in,noo IN ALL '2S* PRIZES. Whole Tiobete, ?i0- Halve*, ft10-Quarter*, S?. Pr<xe* oaahed at *ight at f> per oent. discount. HUla on %li mlrttni Hank* taken at par. which attaches to the deotused in America arises from his marriage with Miss Elizabeth Patterson of Baltimore, in l>*R, when on a visit to this ?ountrv, who survive* him and still resides in that city. The marriage was repudisted bv the Em^ror Napoleon, ana the young wife refused admt?sion into France. She bore a son to her husband.the present Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, a gentleman of Baltimore But her husband, unable to overcome the objections of Napoleon to his marriage, although the Pope refused to annul 1t in lP?r\ entered inio a matrimonial union with th* Princss FredeHca Catherina. daugfct-r of the King of WurU?mburg. and he was soon afterward u >ia?iu? wbi miimniso m soon u ma rMiii become* known. K:. otdara lor sohemM or ticketa to be addreaaad to DON ROURIGUhZ. i?y tr Otr? of City P?*t UbarltufaiD. b. C. |MFOKTANT TO HOUSEKEEPlMa. K. R. DURKEE h CO/8 OHUBOT SPIOB8. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat ciound /mm frean bpio??, aeiaoted and iLeaiiM by u? -xp e?siy for the purpose without relaieaoe to o >?t. Tlmj are h*Minni!ly packed in tinfoil, llinad aritn pap^r.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are full weight, wtula the ordinary grouad Ppieee are almost Invariably abort, we wvruH tbam, in pop.t of strenctfe and riahMu nt BKYGM) AlL COMPARISON, * * ? ? <{- trt?i will ifiunUA'iliy pr<>v?. Mluufc'tureU onlf L? w.? Mriawn&tei. P?A\<?H. - If F: *T tfAftOAINB-"i>? R0,#i. k t.'iti run", til o'dc lur t7i_?k. r " ?SST T.Mofi'' j MISCELLANEOUS. MoDONNKLL'8 CATAWBA GINGER WINE! MoDONNELL'8 CATAWBA 6INGER WINK! MoDONNELL'8 CATAWBA GINGER WINE! Tki* Delicious Summer En-trot*, The HMithful and Tonic Propenaitiea Of which are now well known and Universally Admitted Throughout the Union, la Now For Sale in Washington by Jos. W. Davis, 8th and E sta. J. V. Coburn, lath and H sta. Jas. E. O'Brien,9th and 1 sta. Win. A. Brown, 13th aud F ata. W. S. Jonea, Maaraohusettaav. and 3d at. Peter Monaghan, New Jersey av. and G at. T PA... DM nA 0?*U .* Jn*. Bligh, 11th at. F. M Orme, Pa. avenue. E. E. White & Co., Pa. avenue. Henry C. Purdy, Pa. avenue. B. Hayes, 4th and H sts. George W. Orme. Georgetown, P. C. H. L. Offutt, Georgetown, D. C. J AS. MoDONNELL, iy 5 foim General Agent, Baltimore. UARGAINS*I BARGAIN? !I MJ GREAT BARGAINS !J! Seventh street, acknowledged to be the ch< apest nnd l>e?t place to buy Clothing. Furnishing Hoods, Hats and rap*. Owing to the scarcity of money, SMITH, No. 460 Seventh ft., opposite the Tost Office, tia* determined to sell hit goods 15 per cent, less than any other house in town. Drop in and sen our new supply of Spring and Summer Goods, at astonishing low prices N. H. Just received 50 dozen of 10 cent NECK Tit*. fly If yon wish to keep cool, drop in and buy one of our thin Summer Coats, or Uie Patent Ke ver?ible Summer Coat, at SMI No. 460 Seventh St., opposite Post Office. US' A large lot of fine Gents' Shirts and Collars at very low prices, at No. 460 Seventh st., opposite Post Office. , IH7" The Ribbon Tie, Vale Tie, Aurora Tie.and alfsorts of Neck Ties, at one-half the usual prices, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh st. je 14-lm J^AVY BEEF AND PORK FOR 1861. navy department. ) Bureau of Provisions and Clothtnf,\ June 25, in*/' \ Sealed Proposals, endorsed "Proposals ior Beef." and "Proposals for Pork," as the case may be, will be received at this offiue until !?o'clock a. m , on Wednesday, the 1st day of August next, for furnishing and delivering, free of all cost and risk to the Uuited States, at tueioilowing Navr Yard*: dhttis nee/, narreis fork. At Charlestown, Ma?s At Brooklyn. N. Y 2.1MI At Gosport, Va I SO" l,i*n 5 AH) 5 o?o One-half of said Be?f and Pork must be delivered at eaoh of the above named yard*, respectively, by .the lit day of April, 1861; and the remaining half t>y the 1st day of June, 1861, uniess earlier deliveries shou d be required b? th? chief of toia bureau. Payment to be mads within thirty days utter delivery. Bidders must specify their prices separately ai <1 distinctly in separate <.tT?rs for the Heel and for the Pork, and for eaoh of ttie places of deli ver>. ooverinje all expenses and all charges. The Beef must be Irom well-fattened cattle, slaughtered between the lstdvof October 186<>. and the 1st day af January 1861, and weighinx_i>ot lessman six nunarea pounds, net weight,each The legs and leg randsot the hind quartern,and the shins and shoulder clods, the shoulders ot mutton and of sticking pieces, and at least twelve pom.ds from the nt'ca end of eash lore quarter,orTlir* parts marked Nos. 1,2. 8, 4, aud 5. on the drawing or delineation of the fore and hind quarters of an ox, whiciiwill t>e attach-d to and for-n a part of the contract, must be wholly excluded frvtm ?aeh barrel; ail the other pieoes are to be packed, and instead of bung cut ieith a clraver. tnuft hi rut through with a snip and kn iff., to give the mrat a squam, ntat, and smooth appearance, in pieces of not less than eight pounds, nor more than tie el re pounds, each. 1 ue Pork must be packed from corn fed wel'fattened hogs,slaughtered between the first day of Decjmb -r, 1361. and the first day of January, 1861, and weighing not lex* than two hundred pounds each, excluding ths heads, joles, n cks. sti<>uld*rs, hams, legs, feet, butts, rumps, lard, and all refuse places ; and must be culfincA a saw and knife, in pieoes weighing not less than six pounds, nor more than twelve pounds,each. Hoth the Beef and Pork must be malted with at least one statute bushel of Turk's lalaid, Isle of May, Key West solar, Onondaga solar, or St. bp's salt; and the beef must have live ounces of fine pulverized saltpetre to each barrel, exolusiveof pickle, to be made from fresh water as strong ax *alt will make It, and must be perfectly bright and clear. ^ _ r,w;u imrroi muai contain (Ull ??' pounds net weight of beef cr pork, and no excess of weight in either article will be paid for. The barrels rau?t be entirely new, and be made of the bent reasoned heart of whit*1 oak staves and heading*; the staves to be not less than five-eighths of an inch thick, an 1 the headings not l^ss than three-fourth* of an inoh thick; they must be threefourths hooped over, iiio'udiiiA the iron hoops, with the best whits oak or hickory hoops, and ea;h t.arrel must have on it four iron hoops, viz: one of one aiid a half inoh in widtn on each bilge, and one <1 one and an eighth inch in width on each chillis, and eaoh to be one-aixteeuth of an inch thick. Kach barrel must be ot the internal capacity of thirtytwo gallon*,and the iron hoops mu?i t>e w?ll paintod with red lead. Kachbarrel inust be branded by burning on its head "'Navy liwf," or "iMavy i'ork," as the case may bd, with the contractor's name and the y^ar h^n packed, and weuht, and shall also be branded on the Dung btave with the letter B. or P., as the case i nay be. The Bee! and P<>rk wnl, unlets otherwise directed by the Chief of this Buroau, b* in?peete<l hv the iu?p ofng < (ficer? at the respective Navy V'ards &n>rr6%tu. and i.j I'jiuo "twum inspector of Halted provisions," who wih be selected by the re?p?otive qominsD'ttnc officers; but their charges fur such inspection must be paid ojr tae resprotivecon'raetors. who must ulcewii- have the barrels put in <mo<1 ?h>ppi?ic order, to the satisfaction of tlie oommaudast* of the respective Nav? Yarda aforesaid, after inspection and at their own expenre Two or more approved sureties in a sum equal to one half the estimated amount of the cntraot will bj rrquirrd, and tw?nti per oeritum in addition will be withheld from th? amount of each payment to be made, as oollater*1 seou ity for the due and faithful performance of the reap-ctive coutraot*. wnioh will on no account b-< paid un'il th* o Mitraots are oompli d with in alt respect*; and is to be forfeit d to the (J nitetl States in the event of failure to com rlete the deliveries within the presoribed period. * case of failure on the part of the rontractor to I daliwar ?11 a* 1 J ?- -L - * ?viito> ?> on; "1 nit? IFT7T-1 r%nu purs JIDOVfl 111*11 tioned, of the quality and at the tun* aud placs above provided, the oontrao'or wili forfeit and pa; to the l.nited States as !iq uida'^d damages.a sniu of money equal 10 twice the amount of the contract prio* to be paid in oase of the actual delivery lh"rso.; which liquidated damages m*y bo recover-d Irom tun* to tune as they aoo.ue. t'aynient will be made by the United Statrs at the periodn *bo\e pi o fied, (excepting the twenty per ocntum to be withheld un'it the completion of the contract an before stated.! after the i>aid beef and pork sha I hav? been inspected and received, and bulk fo the santesh*'! ha<-e "eeu pr-eented to the Navy Agents, ret festively, dai? approved by tM oommmaii-'anta o. the respective Navy Yards, according to the j terms of the oontract The part! of birf to bet r eluded ic? I br partU ularly <it> it net d mlkt to bt attack-d to tht ion tract. Per'cm> inter, tit J > in obtain tktm en a, p't cation to tki? bidder* who?.-? proposal* shall be accepted (and none others) will iw forthwith notified..-! nd a* esriy at practical a co itra- t will bstia.-iHinittiMl to them fo. exeouiijn, wluoh contract must be retti lied to t le i meiu witiiin ten <! ?ys exclusive of (he time reqnir<*i for the regUiar tr?n?iuiasioii of the mail. A reoord or duplicate of the letter informing a ma or 01 in? acceptance of h's proposal, will !>.i denied a notification thereof. within the me&ni g u< th ' act of 18.6, and in* bid wilt be ?i ade and ac cept d in conformity with this understand n*. t,very offer nia-le must be a<-nompanied (\a dl[ reeled in the sixth "ctiou of the act of Congresa n?kin<c %ppr?>p. latiuiic for the na< al service for iK46-'47. approved l?th of A ucu-t, l??i) by a written fiarai tev, signed by one or iiioi ? respon>ible persons, to the eif*ot that he or they undertake that tne I idder or bidders wilt, if his or their bid b? ao 1 cpteJ. enter into an ob'igation within ten day", with food and sufficient auieties, to furnish the artie e proposed. This guarantee must be aocompanied by the certificate of the United Mat?? District Judge, I'mled Bta es District Attorney, nrNwi Agent, that the guarantors are able to make good their suaranten. No proposal will be oonaidered unless accompanied by such guarantee. The bidder's name and reaideno*. and th? name o' each member of the firm, where a company offers. wi'h the Chistian names written in full, mu t be distinctly stated. Under th? joint resolution of Congress, approved 2Tth March, 1R54, * all bids for supp i-s ot previsions, eloth ng.and small f to res for the use of the >avy,may be reject d at the option ef the department, it mad* by one not known as a manufartu'rr f or regular d?al?>r in, the artio pr<po?ed to t;e furnished, whi h fact, or the revf r*o. must be distinotU ?tet?'1 in the bids o(P<r?d." i? gfi Iaw4w |\J I* WILLIAM BRA III.KV ?KflB Trt 1 M-9? inform the public and hi* frieads that he ha? on hand a large stock of Marble Mantel*, unite a new ktyle. AUo Monument Head Stones. I able Top*. A<*., winch be ha* to dispose of at prices to uit the times. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to. na 22-3irieo Pa. av., bet. isth and 19th st*. Bioh.n's IIBKAKY 8kr1kh,"INCLUDING the Standard. OlaatMal. Antiq-iariao. Illustrated, t*oientifi'). Philological, fcooleeiaatical and British Classic Libraries. A ne* of Standard Work* aoo urate It printed and at low prioes New work* a-e allied to the eerie* every Any rolnme may be had separately, a in back vo'um"* oa? be al way* mppiiM. The oouiplete tenet keetoonelaatly on.hand by I HILP * SOLOMON, Metropolitan Bookstore, 33'3 Pa av., W. *ih and 10th eta. je 30 Sole agenU for l.anr*rce'w stationery. Bi^Baltimokk likk insurance co.?In t okpotatmi *< ?John I. Ih>n*t.u?om, Pre*.: M ( VlTTI Tl* ?BUY? L)',m,r.pfive paniplii^ts hi*t b? obtained at (he SEa&?n^r?E&s^ TOBBEk d. TRAVELERS' D1RE0T0KT. B^mNWjmmMt"* Chasok or Hocas. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, I860, train* vi!l run m follows: Leave Washington at 6 in and 7.40 a. m. Lea re Waahincton at 3.20 and 5 JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. tpdve Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. eave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4~3> p. m. On Snndar at 4 25 a. m. Paaaengera for the tut will take traina at WO and 7.40 a. m aud 3 p m. For the Weat at 7.40 a. m. and &30 p. m. For Annapoha at a ra and 3.20 p. in. For Norfolk at 7 4" a. m. On Satnrdaj evening the 3^0 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PA RHONE, Acewt. NEW ORLEANS IN TJbLKBB DAY? with the CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. S?8BSB3P??illHR ALL RAIL ROUTK, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad rnr* t vkinn ni'nn . UJ I1UII l.'UI ? ) 17' iUnui|iiiia ...... )J_II ?? Bristol,. 15 ?' Atlanta 2R 00 Kcoxvi'le ?.SO0o Macon 28 On Chattanooga 24 00 Columbus 31 50 Bilton 2<on Montgomery 31 oo untsville .27(JO ) via Memphis.^ 50 Grand Junotion..?30 <io N.O.> via?. Juno 42 50 Nashville 601 \ via Mobile. 4? oo TH13 ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is .100 MILES SHOKTEK.and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I ine?the Lynehbtirs Extension being now completed, an also the Mississippi Centra!, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First class Sleeping Cars! )To New Orleans.??. 7a Hours. Memphis . f>4 do, Montgomery .63 do. Nashville ? ? ? .48 do. ID^The B.S MAIL and ADAMS' EX TRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets <?an be obtained at the South Western Oftioe, cornej ofSixth street and Penusjivania av ei,ue, to the loilo* hik pomix: Lynohhurj:, Biiotol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntgville, Grand J unction, Maoon, Nashville, Daiton, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. ITT" THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS V1HUIMA SFHIXUS. * "*Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the office at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Agent, in* 23-tr Corner Sixth ?t. and Pa. ?t. The STEAMER j AS. GUY Will resume tier trips on TUESDAY, 21st of JT*" k February. I860. Will leave WASH CV > r INGTON every TUESDAY and"*"""" FRIDAY", at6 o'olock a. m., and ALEXANDRIA at half-past 6 o'clock. for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Lar>dinge. On her return trips, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY asd SATURDAY .at5o'clock a. m. LUCIA N 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ag't. Alexandria. fls? PFOR NKW YORK. ASSA6K, INCLUDING MKAL8 AND STATEROOM. 07.40. The New York and Virginia 8cr?w St?amshi? Company's new and elerant steamship r r*? MOUNT VERNON, CaptT.C. Smith, will leave the Company's Dwpot, We? tern Wharves, at lWciook a. m every WEDNESDAY, and th? Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. rn. Ran\j day. Passengers from Waanington and Georgetown ean tate the coaches connecting with Alexandria stearohoatB or railroad, which leave the oorn?T of Tth sti'aet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can leav? on the steamer from the Weatern Wnarve# at 1] 'clock a. m. State rooms oen he engaged on application t? Messrs. Morgan <fc Rhmehart, Western Wharvea Fraight will bo received up to the hours of depar YcT" Insurance will be effected on all gooda by thianne at tho oftoe cf the Company at X per oent MpWk Th? acoommodationa for paasengera by thia lina are in every rospect first-c ass, and every effort wil be made to render thia oommcn:oation with Net York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE CO., Agents, Alexandria. n. B.CROMWELL A. CO., ae t-ly S6 West at..oorcer Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. Mteeth. LOOMIS.M. D., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his njfioe in this oity. Mtw Many persons can wear these teeth who^"*137 cannot wear others, and no person oan wear othera who cannot wear those. peraona calling at my office oan be aooommodated with any style and pnoe of Teeth they mar desire ; but to those who are partmnlarand wish the pureat, oleaneat, strongest, and most perfeot denture that art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in thia oitv?No. 336 Pa avenoe, I-etwees ?th ana loth uta. Alao, 907 Aroh street, Philadel phia^ _ oe 1 -lv D DENTISTRY. R. HI LI.8, after apraotina! test of two yeara, feela that lie can with o<>?ahd*noe reoom m<*nd the Cheoplaatio Prooons for insertingMmb artificial teetli It has the advantage op*11' ^ strength, beauty, cleanliness. end cheapness. Fa! nr?er set* inserted for ftilft. Partial in Brn?ortinf> Ofto# 30ft Pa. avenue.' ?t [PUN k SIMPSO^ ^hacnouhmachoI.IAS t.sKK^HjwmsBTOfi We offer for sale th? above standard brand of fine Copper-Diatilled Malta" Rj? Whiakj.jnbar rela ana half-barrel*. Aaitiaofour uwn diatiUa tion.and highly improved bv ate, we ooufrie?.tlj reeommend it aa tUj? rra*sr ana beat Whisk j ttat oan poaaihiy be distilled. We alao offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other branda. from the largeat stuck of Fine Whiakiea in the United Statea FREEMAN * SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Sohnyikill river, Phila 96 Wall street. New York ; and 109 Sooth Front street, Philadelphia. inar 29 It J^OOK OUT FOR PA I N T ~ No. 312 SEVENTH STREET, Four Doors South of Odd Ftliovas' Hall. H. W. HAMILTON"lias opened a PAINT SHOPand PAINTSTOREon the New York plan, where can alwavs lie found PAINTS, OILS. GLASS, BRL'MHES, Ac., Ac.,at wholesale ana ** ' MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE. And Buckets witb Brushes to Loam ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to Houite, Sign. Ornamental Painting and Graining. Stained and Enamelled G la** of all kinds always on hand, or furnished at short notioe. He warrants satisfaction in all work entrusted to his care, and is oon?d*nt that he can do work as cheap, if not oheaper, than ikliv nthflr t*KIl?Krnan? ?r? ^ ? 1'? - ?... . ? ... ~ - yw???MII|V?l? ? ? VIIIO Ul fc J VI I VO II1 111 & call. Don't forget the numb?r? it ia ?14 Seventh atreet. mi Kt-tf PUTTY 18 DOWy. WASHINGTON CARRlAGE FACTOR Y. D Street, Betirttn 9tk and 10*4 Stre?t*. VVe have juat finiahed a number of first olass CARRIAGES, suoh as Light Fancy^ Wagons, Park Pkeatons. Family Car-BBBwr. ris(?i| and Buggttt, which we will s?U at II "Ba vert small profit. Being practical meohanlos in different branohes of the business, we flatter ourselves that we know the stylos and quality of work that will give satisfaction, oombimng lightness, comfort ana dsrabili^fee Airing promptly and oarsfully attended to at I the shortest nctioe aaa most reasonable WALTER, *ARMANN> ?5VfT ^oachmakeri, ?uooee?or? to Win. T. Book. m" Ll*'B. 306 Pa. avenue. between 9th and 1Mb ata. Also, Piano* fur hi re by the day, week, or Month, 'lireat bitr<aim in ?ond-hand Piano*. je S5 IV Li x iiviiotnu* Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, /vVf? Orleans avd Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPIlTs" ROUTE: \f AinnKta Lv R A'l. tliAn/?A hv Pirtt r, naft P^nVot tn liivuifuiw a?w >| ?i?wmwv r " ? *wv#s?vrww ?v/ New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Hail, thence to Mobile by Firstclass i'ackets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SUNDAYS Included, Lrarr WaihiBgttHalfii m and tt |> in The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharl foot of Seventh street at 6V a. m. and 6J? p. m. and connect* at Alexandria with the Oiange and Alexandria Trams for the 3onthwe*t. Offico? Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAQSAOE CHECKER THROUGH TO HEW ORLEANS I .LkM.. tut I \lAmnKia #11 An 0 MKDI0INB8. g *? ni?*tw t?np at nrvn V ITII Corrupt, disordered or vftiaUd Mood, yow most be aiok all over. It im; burst oat in piaplea or aorta, or in aome active diaeaae, or it nar raarelv keep yoa listless, depressed and good for nothing. Rut yon canunt have good health while your blood is impure AYKR'S 8aRSaPAklLLA purges out theae impurities. and stimulates the organs of Ufa into vigorous action, restoring the haaith and expe'ling disease. Hence it rapidly cures a variety of complaint* which are caoaed by impurity of the blood ; au haa Merofula (or Kings fc.vil.l T?m?r?, Ulcers. Mores, Kruptious. Pimples. Blothe*. Biles. 8t Anthony's Fire, Rose or Krympeias. Tetter or Salt Rheuin, Seel a Head. Ringworm, Cauoer or Cancerous Tumors, Sore Eyes. Kemaie Diseases, such as Retention, Irregularity, Suppression, Whites, Sterility, Syphiiisor Venereal Diseases, kiver Complaint and llaart Diaeases. Try \\ K'S? SARSAPAR11.La . and sea for yourself the surprising activity with which Uclranseathe blood and cures the disorders. ? " 'o mi 13 o n nfn-r/in At . _ ... _ _ ; Ai Cjiv c? V/nni\n i rbt iviiAii n ?? uunoiM'ly known to aurptii every other remedy for toe onre of Cough*. Coids, Influensa, H<>arspnea^ C oup. Bronchitis, Inaipient Consumption, and for tne relief of Consumptive Pauents ia a*lvaneed itKW of thedis<aae. that it is useless here to re count the evidence of its virtue. The world knows them. AVER'S CATHARTIC PILLS?for Coetivene?s, I)\sp?p?ia. Indigestion. Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Jaundice. Headache, Heartburn, Pile*. Kheumatism, Dropsy, Worms, and in snort for all the purposes of a purgative medicine Prepared bv J.O.AVtR & Co., Lowell,.Mass , and sold hy ail Druggist* everywhere, je 21 -aolm XT- O. n. d? T. A. . HrXMEWELl/S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED TOIjU anodyne, The Natural and Sure Reme/ly for all Nervouj Complaints, From Neuralgia through all cases where Opium was ev.w used to that of l)?lirium Tremens, and the common chief cause of Disease LOSS OF SLEEP. The Toln Anodyne, though containing not a particle of Opium, produces all the requirements of, an<4 inay l>e used in all case* wherever Opium war aged without producing anything but Cures, and leaving tJi? patient in a perfectly natural s ate. The Universal Cough Remedy, (freed from all the common objection of I'ough Remedies, which Broduce nausea or prostration,) may b>e considered le oommon enemy to ail Throat and Lung Complaint*. and used with perfect impunity. Asking all to oourt from proprietors or friends the most severe investigation or both Remedies, and readme of our pamphlets to be K>und with ali dealers, and more particularly to purchase onlf of those who o*n be depended upon, we wait in confidence the d^oisioriB of Patients and Physioians. "Pricea within reach of all'* GENERAL A'iKNT?. J. W. Hunnewell 4. Co., 7 and 8. Commercial Wharf. Boston, Geo. Hunubwell, 1 IS Water st.,N?w York, Under the special supervision of JOHN L. IllTN NEWELL, Cjiemist and Pharmaceutist. Boston, Mass., whose signature covers the co-ksofthe genuine only, ana to whom address all communications. t*oid br all respectable dealers everrwhere, and all the DrugguU in Washington and Georgetown, mar 26 eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FI.UID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specifto Remedy For |)i8 js?s or the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GB AVEL.and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thit. Medicine increase* the power of Digestion, ami excites the ARSORBKNTS mto health? ao lioil,b> which the WATERY OR CALCEROUS depositions, and all UNNaTI'KAI ENLARGE MENTS are reduced, as weli an FAIN and INFLAM >1ATION. ard?i* good for men, women, ok children. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT RUCHtJ, For Weaknesses Arising from Exoeaaes, Habits of Dissipation, Earl? Indiscretion or Abuse. Alltndtd 1*1 tk tke foltovtmt Symptoms Indisposition to Exertion, Loaa ol Power, Loas cf Memory, of Breathing, Weak Nervea, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulne?s, Dimnesa of Vision, Pain in the Back, Universal Lassitude of the Muscular STstem, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Bodr. Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions on the Face, PALLID COUNTENANCE. These symptoms, if allowed to g<> on, which this medicine invariably removes, so?wi follows impotency, fatuity, epileptic fits. In ortk or Which the Patient mat Kjpiee. W ho oan mijr that they are not fre q uentl y followed by tho?- "DIREFUL IMSEA8ES " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many ar* aware of the cause ol their suffering, BUT If ONE WILL CONFESS. THK RECORDSOF THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Death* by Confurrtw'.ton Bear ample witnen to the truth of the assertion. THK CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid of medicine to strencthen And InviEocate the Systom, Which Hklmbold'b EXTRACT BUCHU ablydots. A trial will co!?v?ci the most skeptical., OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE, MARRIKD, ON CONTEMPLATIXU MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS i'ECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Buchu is un<-qua Iwi by ariT other romAdi.Ai in f!hiorn?i? nr knUntmn Irregularity, Painfulness, or Suppression of Cut tomarv Evacuations, I'loerated v Kcirrhou* state ofthe Uterus, Leuoorrhcea or Whites. Sterillivy, and for a I complaints incident to the s x whether arising from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANUE OF LIFE. <<ek symptom* abovk. NO FAMILY SHOUL.U Bh WITHOUT IT Taki no mon Balsam. Mercury, or unpleasant Mtdfitu for unpleasant and Da-tercus itxstases. HELMIIOLvD'S EXTRACT BUCHU pcxks SECRET DISEASES In all their StAges. At little expense; Little or no ohangein Diet; No; And no Exposure. It ranses a fr*?o<?ntdesire an; gives strength to Urinate, thereby Removing tinstructions^ Preventing and curing Siriotures of the Urethra. Allaying I'm 11 and Inflammation, S'> fr?queut ;n tha c.ass of disease* and expelling all Poisonous Diseased, and room out Matttr. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who havk bkkn tub victims op ydacks, and who hav psid heavy ftis to be cured 111 a snort time, have fbnnd th?y were deoeived. and that the POISON" has, by the use of "row kr pul a?trinsents," been dried up in the system, to i>reak out in an nt crwated form, and PERHAPS AI-TER A1ARRIAHE. Use Met.mbold'r Extract Bfchu for allafleo tions Md dibf <v??? of th* URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MA! K <>R FEMALE. From whatever cat?<e originating and no matter of HOW LONGSTANDING l>isea*n6 ?>f these or?%n* r*<jinreUi?ai t oi a Dturtti HELMB<'LP'S EXTRACT BUCHl' IS THE oREAT DIURETIC. And is certain to have the d^sir^d effect in all Diseases KOK WHICH IT IS RKCOMMK NDF.D. Evidenee of the most reliable and responsible charter will accompany the rmviici' e? CERTIFICATES ' F CURES. From 3 to JO yean standing. With Names i.nowr to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price SI 00 per bottle, ar lit tar ? '< 00 Delivered to an; Address, saourely packed. fra observation.^ lirti (iairanterd! Advice Gratis!! AFFIDAVIT. Ferxonallv app? before me. an Alderman of thecity of fin adelphia.H. T HKi.MBoi.D.irho being Jul) .worn, doth aa?. hi* preparation* oo lain no naroot'o, no mercury, or ? ner injuiious drugs, hut art- purel> v^Retaale. H. T. IIF.I.MBOLD. S?orn and subscribed before me, this ad day of November. 1364 WN P. HiBHKRI), AltUrmoM. Ninth street, above Kaoe, Phila. Address letters for information in oonfidenoe to H. T H KLM BOLD, Cheuust, Depot, 104 South Tenth st. b^t Chesnut. Fhila. BtiWARK OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERSWho endeavor to dispose 'or THIlR own" and "OTHKK" AITH LKI 0> TUK KKrCTATlON ATTAINED T Helml>old*s Genuine Freparations, " " Extract Ruohu, " " " Sarsaparilla, " " Improved Rosa Wasu. Sold by 8. B. \VA.iTK,3iiS Seventh street, and 8. C Foan, Ja, oornar Penn. avenue ud Eleventh street, ASb ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELMBOLD*S. TAKE NO OTHER. Cut ott the advertisement and send tor itANDA VOID IMPOSITION ANDEXPOBURE. ap 4 eolv WASHINGTON yy (fire) INSURANCE COMPANY. Avenue and Tenth Street. J.~c7 ."VfcGUIRE. President G. I>. HANSON. S*or?t*ry. mt l-?otr HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Soalea are offered to the aablio aa the moat aimple. durable, and reliable aoalea ever But is aee. Firatclaea premiums hare been awardul than I hy the United Statoa Fair and Virginia Anca tural Soeiety; Viraima State AKriealtnml Fain Franklin Inatitnte Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair, Vermont State Fair, Ao., Ao. In erery oaae where exhibited thy nave reoeired firat olaaa premiama Shifted''U^?n'al*u* aTsnDe> D?pot of Siller'a d? 1M? R? C. PATT1SON. A cent. MfcMBKKS OK CONGR KSS AND OTHERS about leaving the city shouid wii exam'ne r>nr great stook "( Piauos from|IBHHI Chiokenng k. "om' great factory, as altoHll"' a number of food seo'>ad-haad. nearly aew Pianos, Melodeons, Guitars, Platas. Vumc*. Banjos, Tamboiines, Aooordeons, Music, jh urip Ijooks, jke^, Ac. j? 21 306 Pa. ST., bet. 9th and 10th ?u. W?*?iSIS?,!S:ir. RSSVk at Nqvts U>e time to get SPRING and SUMMER mmmmmmmmrnmmmmmm?? MI80KLLANB0U& /Ts fA q dispatch: % ? \j <\w/*TSife the Pieccs! At meeidmtt mli k*rrrm. ?r*n mi w*ll rtruim4?4 famtlus, it ia Tory doairabie to have eoeie oheap and oonreiueBt way for repairing Farm tar*. Toys. Crockery, A. a. irALOINfl'l PREPARED ?LI B mwu ?il such omergenaiea. and no hoaa^boJd oar afr>rd to bo without it. It u alway? ready and ay X* tii? atiokinr p<ir,t. There ia no longer a nftoea aity for limping chairs, aplmtered renoore, headleea dull*, a?d broken oradiea. It ia iaat the arfloie for oono. shell, and other ornamental work, eo pop alar with ladi?a of roftbament %n<t taate. This admirat?e proparai..>n la aaed oold. boiag ouriuiowij iirm iu pvihuvu, anu w\ aluab e qaahtie* of the bMt oabfnet mafc*rt r!*?. It may be gi?d in Ui? place of ordinary iotU|*i beinc vaetly more adhesive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Prit?. 26 oents. N. B.?A Brush uoomruuM eaob bottle Wkoltf*** Dtrot, No. 4P Cedar street, New York. AddreM HENRY cThPAL.DING A CO.. Bo* No. 3,M0, New Yorfc. Pot ay for Deaier* in Caae* oor.taicinf Foar, Eicht, and Twelve Down?a beantifa! Lithofrapfe<e Show Card nooompacyinc each package. 117* A tingle bottJe of SPAlDIXU'S PRE PARED ULUE will nave ten time# iu ooat an dually to every household. Sold by all arominent Stationery Drnttiete. Hardware and Furniture Dealers, Orooert, and Fancy Stores. Country chonid make a note of SPAL DINU'S PKEPARMt UL VE. when makm< up their lint. It will utanrl ?r.y climate. fe in It IRp* ARO MATI y i fsgamti JL Till H kitkry t? *xci+- jfir J t> " ?ri ? Of I !V " "' '/ c wis fcp (fi# dd'Ut l>v4tUr* V* fWjr </ f A< '?,) /*" JW I ***?f Gm+J*r 0f Atr~T"~+d bw X ^ +lp n i I 5id^ gfl jf">M?^^rtI!? 7v4* \* A ?i*" '*" <**'* r?"'? ?* * "- ?X, '/5?i''* MfHnmUmftit ^?> ??l?. /i i?|l' r^P . ^ ,1 rcmmmf"! ft? fi? /-?< /Ijnum w W ***! 'tfc a< fiwHi? ?. If* JMkumI & ^ rss^.?s*i ' It. 'M * |ssg -1 CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS WITH THE SIGNATURE OF nil i F i a n r ami avi ir n/? tnr UI1 I nc LAD CL. ALL U I flLrtd W1L AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HUALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAM ST NEW YORK. fOfi SALE IN WASHINGTON BY _ y 7_ly HARBOUR k. PEMMEB^ PARAFFINE OIL., THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWN? Wears now reoeivuic Pa'a?o? Oli direct from the works in we?t?rn Vircinia. The quant? of it is excellent, produoinc a tea-**, hnl lant and ( eautil'u. 11 k hi. and more p'eaaant to th- ejea lhan litht. i ni? \jh i? imniftau wrin "ii,Rna ver? mucn more eoonomical than many of the Coal Oil* need at this tune. r~T It is in no way explosive. We k?^p a'*o a supply of the most approved styles of Lantps, 4c., for burning this Oil. KING A Bl'RCHKLL, Agents for its sale for the District of Colombia. Comer Fifteenth st. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma II ______ i HE Snbec-iber baring nui/!e adoiOons to a. facto; y, making it now one of the iargeet~^MBLa i is the District, where his facilities foi tBKjBKZ I ira^ulaoturir?* CARRIAGE A LIGRT^^^?^ WAGON^ofa!, kinds oar.not he rurpaaeeu. a as from hie long id the hasioe*, he hopes to flTf gsr.erv satisfaction. Ail kinda of Ctmages and Light Wagons kept k&ud. Ali REPAlRSneaty tfene.anial' erdrrs prenpt :y attended to. 8ee?nd-k*&4 Cvntr? taken in exeh*ti2?^or m *:> *. ANDREW J. J(T, CE, 4 1ft. H ?-f 14th a*ul K mtm ITlVfc HlNDRtD TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived this <la/. eml>rao;nc &i> quali flnTTB i tio? and cue* of Sole Leather, Ladie*' MVfl Dress and Packing Trunks. Our trunks*41" eal*s room exhibits at this time the greatest variety of travenrg requisites at moderate price*, to he lonnd this tide of New York Also, every rieaoription of LADIES' HAT BOXES. VALICE&, CARPET BAG*. SATCHELS. AC. ir7"Old Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for new onea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Sale* Room. mar 31 tf *'.* * Pa. avar.ue. PC. SNYDER. LUMBER AN1) GAS FITTER. Phti n*a?io!?rc HALL, South >idt of Pa. ?? .. twtl of EUnntk ?t.. Will introduce Water and Gas upon the n oat favorable terms. P. S.?I have on hand a lot of COOKING STOVES, and a* 1 desire to close tn?m out, will sell them at oost for oa?h. __ ina7 ELKOTKO KHYMOLOGV AND ti-ECTRlT I The rapentio*, ?howin* the heat method* for th? medical u?*a of Electriei'y, by Alfred C Gar| ratt, M. ?>. t vol. 8v* ; price ft The ?outh t?ide View of fs.averr, by Nehemiah I Adaraa. l> D-. l vol., pnc ?"5 oriite. Lucille, b? Owen Afer^dilii, 1 vol., blue and (old ; price 7* oenta. Part 6 of Turn Brown at Oxford; priee lfi oenta. Forealeby BLANCHAROl MOHl'N. je IS Corner of 11th at., and Penn. ave. \1RtfT SCHOOLCRAFT 8 NEW NOVKl^ 1*1 The H'ack Gauutiett. a Tale of Plantation Lift in Sooth Carolina, b> Mra. Henry R (Schooler*, ft. wife of the Indian Historian Prioe S1.2S. Jui>t publiahed and for tale at PHI LP A. SOLOMON.8 Metropolitan Bookatore, J.TJ Pa M iMt dk UtL ... Isole Acecta lor" L*orenoeVce ie br*ted"V"irei%n StationeiT- ) If f, |, f. LAMA.*.. a. MOTT. I. I- AVTftt. L4"" ""iWkHreirii. OLIrT 8n.U?*. M'??? Will probe* in the Ilich Coart of Errora aed ArMi!i it Jackacn.the Federal Coert at Poet/toe, IheCourU of tbeSeTroUi Jadieia. Diatnot of Mia?j?gSg? cr ?<J?r JHACOB RfcfcD, MAHTTACTirmn ov MILITARY CLOT HI He, Bovtbxast Corse* Sbcokd awd Braves ?ra., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHS FPU BALK. ta*-*n 12,000 cYi'Bui?kiHcABft!L!Wv ,?S the attention of the poblio to our lar|e aad well m iected atoek of Champa* ne aud Crab A pple Cider, whioh we guarantee to be ears in ice, and will be nold on re^nnable ternja in order to make room for oar apnng atook. Give ui a oa'J at tne 11 ninn RnHli?- Ha. tm ? No. IT fir?wi ?t. B?oft?ClTl I\ON'T FO?GET TO CALL ON SMITH, Lf No. 460 Seventh at., to bay yoarCLO*f H1NU. SMITH'S is the beet ?laoe ;n town to bay your CLOTHING MM) FURNISHING G'KJD*. SMITH aeUe hie Good* Cheaper than any other K/*n ?> tovn \p *-?w ARE**' BUTTKE IN BALTIMORE.?We oanatall eaaeona of the year euppij yoa with vary grade of Bvttar. vary ehoioe. WeMmon now aa low aa ten oenta, and from that ay to the bait, for ??"nd <*k*vl, ,colj h hjKWKS, mtm * aa CiiiKkor* FlkM AiltlmnM ^HE OP?.jjA^HAT, juat arrived, by axpre?e SUM M FR HATS and CAPS ia ahaadanoe, at jrRUNK^7RUNJ^ ^SMITH'S, N 4J0 A I. A Rt?K IaK 5 FwVl*a ?Ad Amtmw, forttl* ktUf K>** lor on* wnk obIjT M tfc? Ma "tiSV*" W H M ^T7.K*?'TT P'AWOB fc>.r^kiyit js,- "o"k' 'awfrttUCTw pv?. MEDICINES. D* ' Sffiaou UKS HOftPITU, Mm Duttmmad i*? umi Cm $mtm Bfmdf.mmd tmJf Knuif m (4? Wmrld, FOR ALL DlSfcASKi* UK iMPfttDBMCB. LST HO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY 1MMKD ATKLV. A COKE WARRANTED, OK SO CHAKVK, IN EJiOM ONE TO TWO DAYS VmHhi af mi lid I Kmwm (ikt IMmk Bitanir, ib^wwi j ? ^ ? . -wy ? PlklUif. HirtfWim. I>?apapa?, 1-""f? 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Una* af Maa aiai Paaar, Paipiiauau af tha Ma*rt,n*ap*p*?, M*r*aa* Irntafcitltf. UaraugaT'iamaftk* lh|Hu?i rauiU?<i. kmarn DafcUuy, eympionn af Coi.iiii| 4c MIlfT K LLT ?Tii* f* rfal *f*--aa?t -Jit mind ara xa?* ta ki <3r*?d*d- Lp?** .f M*ni?r?, C<u.'a*i?n af 14*-a, l'*r r*a* an af Ipirli K'll I'wtadii.p, A r*i*a*fS*cil t Bilf l>i*;ra*i, Lo*a af Soiitada, Timidity, iu.,ua aa>n* *' tha aaita pr? 4arad. RttTOII nntkrrr Tl>Uii d*ua a*a |i<f? Till a tha caaa* of tk* tea .**. ? th*ir ?.g*r. a* ani.uf waak, paia, aarvaa* and *ma*i?i?d . V>?inf ? iinp.ii ipfatrtsca akaat tha **?, caagfc ar ? m p-* ?? *f taoaampuaa (! w A t. 1) / ? O IM DO ftrkfc'M. a. iriDr.nrE.1 ' ? r I ?'i I n v i ' b n ? VIik tha iBiafaidad in4 impradaiii votary af f t> ? fea baa im^'bad tha aaa la of thw punfal diaaaaa, ? tai aftaa k?ppana tha< an ill-ttirad atiaa if abaira ar 4raad ?f 4ia'a>ary dataca hirw from appirirg *a it-^aa ?ha, (row adaca<>ar. ar* ratpictabiln;, can afiwa Patriae* mm. Ma fhila inta Ika bauda af ignorant and iaii|i ir| ^raiaf .'aia. abo, n -ir<t>? af itni.f tlcb liia pacamary aai-atanea. kaap 6m tiitu-f aaanth aftar n<Of< Jl, or ai ! ?, aa tha amallaai faa caa fea a? taisal, and 10 daaptir lavi him auk rainad fca-li* (a ayl a*ar bia raihnf dia?ppmntT>ant. or r? <?>a ata af that daadl* ^aaaoe. Marcary. haatap tha cai<atita<tocial a?mr>tama *f thla tarnbia dtaaaaa, aacb aa lfa"ia in'hit Haart. Tbraai. N?a. kin.Ac.. rr?fT?Mirf with*. rapoii'y, till daatb pal* paria? ta kil draidfki larimin bi aandli f kn VIMIMdkaea*arad caaaitr? fran wbnaa>a?ru? oa tra?alar raiaraa DA JOKNAOH't ACMfCPT K<m <??? -AW1C ? kAlNlf* AltD IMPOTKWCT By thla f ra?t tad imp*m*r raauady ?iiIiiim t4 iba iitm in ipud'i* eared ana ' ?iget raaiarad Tbaaa*a>dt arika Ml nar?o?a?rd dabilit*tad, *? bad last a), bapa aa*a baaa lanmadtata1? ralia*ad All impadimabia la Marr<*ft PkaaUai ar Maoul DtaaaaK aauo< a. Laaa af Pracraau*a f?v?i, Nar*??a 'rrtta Witty Trambin f and Waakuaaaat Etbaaauat. af iba Mat (aarfft. kind apaaaduj carad EN no UfcMEJTT or TIC PA IM THE MANY THi'CHAHItl carad atlkw mau.auaa aiilla lb a iaai aa?ai.;aart tun and iba oa uareaa impar.tai Aaiw aa tpantwna parfarmad by Dr Ja .naaii, vtmaaaad by tra rapanata af iba p?para and man* atfur saraaaa, utucai at ahuli bara appanrad afa:r and aftii bawa ika rtbltt, baaidaa bta ataud nf aa a fcniiameu af cbr.raciaf and raaaauatkiltiy. ta * aaSeian'. ftaraniaa ta iba Siaiad Jar II v DA. J. BOVKK IMPERIAL WISE BITTEKS, Are now h^u.* UB?d from M?> th? GrMt J*Ait iju?, mi luc a 111 vernai reruioi o| Ml vw H? t emwih?M?in ^ ? w a* a r -tut tr?t they are nniu'puMi in tii* wo'U: i?r. u?ed them su eeaafuiy in hi* pra< ic<* i ? ?earf we purr naeed of h to the ff . mhtto maouliaotBr# and preeei.t them t.>r *a e t. tn* [i'h,io f-.>rtne ou-e of Ii.f.piect t'<?i,?ii'nr!i'Ti. I n :>*eM ion. pepma. Pn??. Nf*r\.m* rfii--* ??. |-t*mai? tow plait-, and a'! cmm r?qnir > i.? a t<-mc. t n*-? ar? (x> ?<>nd doubt a m"?t 11 v? iia' e re? ?dy. Au'le f-ow Iheir medicinal pr?>pert ?? ti,-? are a pure. wif? e?>me and de mrtfn B?-ve *. , p'odi.oirf a, ?l?e pleasant eshilcatmc elfeou of Brandy or Wine i witn-'iit th-ir ii.jurn u- rmu '? I < t a f?.ei,?i? of hnmanity *'id ai a?"v->e*te? "f tcmperanea aaaiet u- 11. m *t .tii :ut ?heee vain lie %' ecu t,e Bi tt?ra for the mtm'rfi! fa* +* and ad fU*mir4 L>v*(r with which the c 'Uii''> : flo<>dea, at.>: rbereby eJ feo'u*,Iy ai'1 in l-an *< i LM?ea?e ai- Drar.heneaa from the jkml. cha rle? widdifir.ld * co , Pro^riwtora, 7* Wllijiw atreet. New York. Ji SCHWAR/.K AiMt, Waahii.rton, D. C. DR. J Bo"vK?i IX?DS* IMPERIAL QIX EITTKKS. For l>i eearc? of the Ki'lnc* ?. B a?J?ler arid I'rinar* "riiain. and e?peoia. ? for Female Obetmrti<-i.?. never fail to cure, and are wananted to (i ve aa'ta taction. charlk" winniFiKi.d a co., pTuBllAtiirl. 7 i - Vow " J Vr huakzk, je 7 ly ,r Aeent, Waahiniton. D. C. H16HLV IMPORTANT TO ALL' MHS COX'S INDIAN TKOETABLK L>KC(>CTIOfl. It ia v?li known that in th? Spun* peop.e arc mure apt to oontract ri.s?ar< at acy other enod and it is raw* j x? * ? t 'batti.eway to wart.' i'(T diaeve- i* t<> keAp tii** bi' pure. for "a.; th# ilia t.iat fl?-ah i? fie '."."am* f r.?m impan ty of Ll ? h.o-w', the in*. | I-! (iur it it, tberelpj-r, imp. (ant to a t >tt fie ?yateir> ahouid b? thoroin t ? c t-K. *fs a. i ar..! thia etui be doue 1:1 the most efl-c* i anj'^tiai:* MUS M COX'S :.\DIAS THiETAB. "F PF Ci/* beat ipniK*'' <!!" v?r<-" for'fiecii'e of iJimmm of i<k 1:1. Ki *?:p^ a' R K -kima tiam. Nervotia l>^' .it?. Fev< t of different kind*. Dyap?p*r. L:r?rO< n.p ji .!. an.) a t[i?r dieeaaee ariaing from iii.pu-ity of the 11 :iM efl ?>ot?d the moat renta kai ie oi.rea, a* ean tw? ahuwn t ? numeruu* cruficatea from p?r?< : * . f the ht? neet reapectalu Ti t*. and ia recommitted by all who have ne*d itaathe moet i Me remedia. aceot of the day. jr^-ltla aold by ail the PrauiaU of Baitiaor*, aiidat the reotdenoe of the pr> p'letor. M#tS. M. COX, 1 A? East Ha't'more itraK, between E.1en street ami Centra! avenue None genuine unloaa her nao.e I .own or the bottle and her aeai on tbeoork. IL/~Pno* $1 per hottie. an bottlee (r>r #V Attn'. K. H. T Ci??WL. Drnrcirt, liwijftiiwii, 1). C., At'n' (or tti( Ih? UK<. ?!> ' Will pp? III* t rat> 41 ni V price*. iwr ST tf yHK ALL ?l?FfiCIKN? THREE TBIESK-nAB. 1, ?, * ?, frriei<4 rty Rxyai / ?1 -wl c/f ?*n?n4. mm.4 Bttwrtd k\ Ik* Stn'< ? ?*' At. ? 4i P4ar* /-?? ^ P*rt?. a** '*? Jmpwrtai Coiittt if Vimmm* No 1 is tuvalaallefor Pihan?tior, Ppeiuiatar rhffia, arda!! phip'ial di?*!>. 'tiee. No.# oonipietely erad-eate* a". traee? of thoee diMUM that h%vr heer hitherto treats in tn? naa eo'ii ntil pern"?o?a one of eopavia and cn l>*he No. 3 ha# entirely ?app anted tfce inje'ioes ? cf n&<srr;i;r?, iiirrriof V tt* aiifWer aprd* relie:. aipperau.* all mpvtiue*. and rcotinc out the enorc cfdtaeaae. TRI !->KM A K.N<>?. 1 ./and -t.aro yrw?rMt in tlte furw of a d<*v?io I tvtaoj ?m?. . ail oao be oarned in lh? w?i?Kx<af pocket. Hold c tin eaw>r. and divi<R>d int< ?*par?u> aa admin* tered br Vaipean, Ia tfcl F-.ux, RienrdT4a Pric* aseaoh. or f<>nr cmm f w! wm f V and in tT, oaeee, whereby there i? a aavint or (9. To be tia<i, wh<> <-aa!# a- ' 'ft?. <-( f>> liARHOn. 1*4 B eecler ?tre?H, fo?r doom below McDoacal treeC New York. Immediate'* <>c -poeiria? a re nuttauoe. I>r. Berrow w f> rwa'C ti e Tneeemar to any pert of the w ' .1. mrcur+'i peeked. and dre?eed according to toe -laVocfM.n* of ?be wnt?r. Hold by B. CAi.VhRT FORD. Jr.. Wul mc ton. D. C. de 14a C9 WIND LIN? UVACR8. ACTION i?Oaaek* .?Mien bock*. Oerdia?a. Buohn. H<>?pita.a. Ir.vruinejiie .r Rtrne?ehaa them all.and, If disposes toproftt b* ay eipwimi, lmtefor mi private Cirot ar or 8PKRMATOR H HOiA ;-IT? CI'RK. With Plant enoioeed, add'ees. lb perfeot eenl deo^e. yoarfrtenc.a (t>ru,er Hfferef, ataralp eaper ro, i;niTiW^vc, IHMt. ^3 KOH STAMPING U -j, A PACKET OP PAPBft AND ENVELOPES I NU TO MATCH. (CHARGE METROPOLITAN 1 ^ H< 'OKSTORK, _ PHI LP 4 SOLOMON?, _ A|Mta for LurrtM'i ? ?*(> >ftUd L>m rifiii " Metrofo.KAc MiiI*. Ac.. Ao, )t Hbm 333 P*. If., bet. ftli M ?t? 279 T. POTKNTIM, 206 ft. An., Arm.. #niA<iv ^QNV r rfyr*'1 ** SK.'ar.^ruT".0^: ?&- .*<(!' ^^HiiSZSSSl tfttoil yhmV Iim MtHarta mhnw n* I TO ? ? roar'SPftlNO wU TOM M EK CLOTH INC -Two. 4>>0 >u

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