Newspaper of Evening Star, July 10, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 10, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY Jaly 10, 1S60. ftptrtt ( the Nwaiai Prin. The Constitution publish** and comment* approvingly jpon Mr Breckinridge's letter of acceptance The InuUiftnrtT descants at length upon the Richmond Convention, giving tbe view* of Povthern journal! on its action, 4c. WASHINGTON NEWS AND 809HP. Thi B??c?!vridoi asd Lass Cause.?The Breckinridge end Lane meeting that came off in thla city last uigbt was tbe largest public gatherlag known to tbe history of tbe Federal Metro poll*, nnleas It may be the memorable meeting that came off In Washington to ratlfv the nomination of Henry Clay for tbe Presidency, many years ago. Oar account of Its proceedings Is an admirable one, and from it tbe distant reader can draw just conclusions between the status of the Nation*! Democracy here, and that of the Douglasites. as exemplified In cur equally truthful purtrait of the Douglas ratification meeting that carne off here last week. The features of last night's occasions were decidedly the patriotic, abl^, and effective speeches of the President, Secretary Cobb, Senator Davis, and our fellow-citizen James M. Carlisle, Esq., which, with tboae of sll the other gentlemen participating actively In the afffclr, we commend to tbe public as embracing a plain exposition of the grounds upon which the National Democracy appeal to tbe public in be nair or Breckinridge and Lane. Thi Potomac Aqckduct.?/??, In a recent letter to the Baltimore Sun, says : 44 The appropriation for the aqueduct was given by the House on tbc eipreaa condition that It should be guarded agalnat the danger of political application (luring the coming can ynaa by the proviso above quoted." This was distinctly avowe<J, and Mr Toombs and other Senators distinctly stated to the Senate that the proviso was consti'utional, and that without it the appropriation could not have been obtained from the House of Representatives. Thirty-one Senators voted for it, only thirteen voting against the report of the committee of conference for all reasons The President, in his special message, distinctly states that the proviso is constitutional. Had it not oeen so. bis plain duty was to veto the bill But be 4'approved" it. In answer to surmises that the President will not cause the work to be executed according to the letter of the law, we have to sav that we scout the imputation upon hi of involved in the idea It is impossible that any Administration formally accepting money from Congress upon conditions approved by the President's signature, and still more distinctly by a formal special message, can spend the money thus obtained in violation of either of the conditions expressly stipulate d; bt~ cause such bad faith in its transactions with Congress would be ruinous to it* reputation. The law is plain, and no doubt it will be executed. The President is too kindlv to. ward* this District, too regardful of hi? obligation to extent* >11 law* passed by Congress and himself, for any of his true friends to doubt the result for a moment Thk Votag* of the Niagara.?Editor of the Star: Will you be kind enough to inform your readers, how In the name of common sense and reason, any one expects the 4,Niagara" to reach Japan in seventy days? Even under the most favorable circumstance*, one hundred days would be an extraordinary passage, rts Cape of Good Hope; and if the ship went rut Cape Horn, it c 5uld not be done under one hundred and twenty days at this season of the year. 1 very much doubt whether any clflcer of the "Niagara" ever maae t&e statement referred to in your edition of this afternoon. Navt. Washisgtos, July 9, 1*30. Tiaxifki or a Clkbk.? We understand that John F. Callan, Esq , clerk to the Military Com. mlttee of the U. 8. Senate, has been transferred to a clerkship in the War Department, in place of Mr. John George Law, deceased. * m?m Th* Louisiana Dkmocbatic Club?We are pleased to learn that the Louiaianians resident In Washington, who are favorable to the elevation the national nominee* (the Hon. John C. Breckinridge and Gen Joseph Lane) to the Presidency, met at the National Democratic Committee Rooms, No. 28, Four-and-a-half street, oiy Friday evening last, and reorganized the abovenamed Club, electing Mr S F ,i?> , 9 ? -- - v*vmu a. IC?1UCHb and Mr. Wm. R. Nixon Secretary and Treasurer Senator* John Slidell and J. P. Benjamin, and Hona G Davidson and John M Landrum were elected bororary members of tbe Aaaociation. The Club will meet again tbla (Tuesday) evening, at 5 o'clock, p m., aa will be aeen by advertisement in another column, to make a more perfect organization toaaaiatln carrying on tbe campaign in the gallant little State of Louisiana and all Louialanlana favorable to Messrs. Bre? kinridge and Lane, were, by resolution, unanimously Invited to meet and join with them in aiding in tbe aucceaa of the nominees of the true democracy on the Ides of November. The resident* in NVaahlneton from the varimia ??*?? tbe Union should'-go and do likewise." These 6UU Clubs, under a proper organization, are of great service to a party In a political contest. * ffTA meeting of old Soldiers at Philadelphia on tbe Fourth of July, passed resolutions condemnatory of tbe Homestead bill, (as tending to render land warrants worthless.) and thanking tbe President for bis veto They think that If Congress passes such a law tbey ought to provide for tbe redemption of land warrants in money, by tbe Government. m ]?7" It Is reported that a disease has broken out among tbe cattle at Shabbona Grove, De Kalb county, III., wblcb is causing some alarm in that region. It Is said that tbe malady Is of the same type as tbe Massac husetts disease, and originated among cattle brought from New England The Chicago Tribune does not give full credence to the report rv-y^BANK OF WASHINGTON, Jul* 3 13?>llsjf The trustees of thin Bank have 'foc.areil a dmdent of thrive per cent, out oi the profits of the last MX months, payable to Stockholder* on do inand. JAMES AD*MS. jy 9 St Cashier. rv^-LOUlSlANIANS, ATT KM T ON!.-At a IJo? meeting of the Louisiana Democratic C'ub, l>jr resolution uoaniuiousljr adui t xi, the L,oui*iitnians favorable to Messrs. Breckinridge A Lane, are cordially invited to meet and join with us in promoting tneir election to the Pre*ide< cjr. An adjourned meeting of the Club will take place ?t tn* National Democatio Coinnnt'ee Koom?, No. vn. street, on TUESDAY, July loth, at hve o'clock p. m., all are respectfully invited to attend. S. F. GLENN. Pre. s?t a* ?* ? " * " ? vyju. K. niAUn, 5*ec'y. j'y 9 2t* pATAWBA BRANDY ?imI Win?SOct?,? botV tie. equal to the imported, either an a leverage or for nedicinal purp'aea. J Or*. W DAVIS, | It* Corner Ninth and E utreets^ WARRINfeR WATCH MAKES. No. 34 Pour-and Hai.f St., Will eloae hia Watch Repairing Kstabliahment on the 23d instant, and reopen lu October. . if w*: D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM IS Has closed hia office for the seaeon. and will be absent, *? usual, during the sum ruer month* ; will r?aum? practice ab>ut thf 1st of Oct. ber, of which further notice will be given ii iQ-tf DOu MUZZLES! DOG MUZZLES! Juat in time to save your dog. Call and get one before it ia too late. For aale by JOS. L SAVAGE, Sign of Gilt Saw, jy 10-3: Fa. av.. between loth and llthata. Dr . ROBERT dl'N iER.ov Niw Von. pa*. ikum jo* and Operator on all Aftatonc of tkt Prtal Lung' and Heart. HUNTKR vi 11 meet hi* patients and those desiring to eonsult him in Washington at tfOO Pa. avenue on Tburaday *nd Friday. 12th and 13th loatant. As his stay will be absolutely limited to thoee t o day , he requests hi? pauenU and thos desi iac to beoome ?uoh to oall upon him at the ?< I last period of his visit. jy !?-? v\ry oooi>s Cheap 3J FOR the MILLION! Gall art* and get bargains. We ounnieiioA to <fay selling oC all Fanoi l^ess Bilks, O'gandy Rofc-e, Barege Hubri, r^noh Uwd?,?im1 Organdy Mueiins. t?y the yard. Figaied aid Pjain Ha rnw. at greatly reduced srieee, many at half prioe, to redaoe stock this month. Aleo, hi store a rati ?UMk of ftrat c an Mf wd Domestic G<??ds. to the f eaerat wants of families all of m? jw ? VcolleV*"S(K )j 10-W >93 tmbtli ?l, ftbore Pa. ?t. 1 ? Mr. BrKklarld|f'i Letter ?f Aceffttw*. Washirgtos, inly ?, 1**?0 Dkar 3i*: I have your letter of the '?i& ultimo, by which I am officially informed of my nomina- I tion for the oAce of President of the I'nlted States by the Democratic National Convention lately astern bled at Baltimore The circumstances of this notn1?ation will Jnstifv me in referring to ita personal aspect. I have not sought nor deal red to be placed before the country for the office of Preaident. When my name was presented to the Convention at Charleston, It was withdrawn by a friend in obedience to my expressed wishes My views had uptchanged when the Convention reassembled at Baltimore; and when 1 heard of the differences which occurred there, my indisposition to be connected prominently with the canvass was confirmed, and expressed to many friends. Without discussing the occurrences which preceded the nomination, and which are or soon will be understood by the country. I have only to say that I aoDroved. as iust and necessary to the nrr servation of the national organization and the ncred right of representation, tbe action of the Convention over which vo:> continued to preside; and thua approving It, and having resolved to auatain it, 1 feel that it doea not become me to aelect the position I shall occupy, nor to abrink from the reaponai bilitlea of the post to which 1 have been aaatgned Accordingly I accept the nomination from a aenae of public duty, and, aa I think, uninfluenced in any degree by the allurements of ambition. I avail myself of thla occaalon to aay that the confidence in my personal and public character Implied by the action of the Convention will alwaya be gratefully remembered; and It is but just also to my own feelings to expreaa my gratification at the aasociation of my name with that of iny friend, General I,ane, a patriot and aoldler. whose great services in the Held and in council entitle nlm to tbe gratitude and confidence of bis countrymen. Tbe resolutions adopted by tbe Convention have my cordial approval. They are just to all parts of the Union?to all citizena. native and naturalized, and they form a noble policy for any Administration. The questions touching the rights of persons and property, which have of late been much discussed, Una in these resolutions a constitutional solution. Ourl'nionis a confederacy of equal, sovereign States. for the purposes enumerated in the Federal Constitution Whatever the common Government holds in trust for all the States must be enjoyed equally by each. It controls the Territories* In trust for all the Stat?*s Nothing less than sovereignty can destroy or impair the right* of persons or property. The Ten itorial Governments are subordinate and temporary, and not sovereign; hence they cannot destroy or Impair the rignts of persons or property While they continue to be Territories they are under the control of Congress, but the Constitution nowhere confers on any branch of the Federal Government toe power w ait riminaif against Hie rights of the States to t he property of their citizens in the Territories It follows that the citizens of all the States may cuter the Territories of the Union with their property, of whatever kind, and enjoy It during the Territorial condition, without iet or hindrance either by Congress or by the subordinate Territorial Governments. These principles flow directly from the absence of sovereignty in the Territorial Governments and from the equality of the States Indeed they are essential to that equality which Is and ever has been the vital prluciple of our constitutional Union. They have been settled legislatively, settled judiciously, and are sustained by right reason Tbev rest on the rock of the Constitution: they will preserve the Constitution; they will preserve the Union. It is idle to attempt to smother these great Issues. or to misrepresent them by the use of partisan pbrues which are misleading and delusive. m. % _ il ? * -?? ne pie win 1001 orneam sucn expresaions a* ' Intervention," "Congressional Slave Code," and the like, and will {>eiietrate to the real que* tions involved. The friends of Constitutional equality do not and never did deninnd a "Congressional slave code," nor any other "code," in regard to property in the Territories They hold the doctrine of non-intervention by Congress or a Territorial Legislature either to abolish or prohibit slavery; but they assert (fortified by the highest judicial tribunal in the Lnion) the plain duty of the Federal Government, in all its departments, to secure, when necessary, to the citizens of all the States, the enjoyment of their property in the common Territories, as every where else within its jurisdiction. The only logical answer to this would seem to be to claim sovereign power for the Territories, or to deny that the Constitution recognises property in the services of negro slaves, or to deny that such DroDertv can exist Inexorable logic, which work* 1U steady way through clouds and passion compels the country to meft the issue. There it no evasive middle ground. Already the signs multiply or a fanatical and growing party which denies that under the Constitution, or by any other law, alave property can exist, and ultimately the struggle must come between this party and the .National Democracy. sustained by all the other conservative elements in the Union 1 think It will be impossible for a candid inlnd 10 discover hostility to be Union or a tiint of sectionalism In the resolutions adopted by the Convention The Constitution ana the Lnion repose on the equality of the States, which lies like a broad foundation underneath our whole political structure As I construe them, there solutions siinplv assert this equality. Tbev demand nothing for any State or section that is not cheerfully conceded to all the rest It Is well to remember that the chief disorders which have afflicted our country have grown out of the violation of State equality, and that as long as this A _ _ I _ 1 ?_ ? ? m great principle ua? oeen rts^iected we Lave be?n blessed with harmony and peace. Nor will it he easy to persuade the country tbat resolutions are sectional which command the support of a majority of tbe States, and are approved by tbe bone and body of the old Democracy, and by a vast mass of the conservative opinion every where, without regard to party. It has been necessary more than once in our history to pause and solemnly as?ert the true character of this Government. A memorable instance occurred in the struggle which ended in the civil revolution of 1SOO. The Republicans of thatday, like tbe Democracy of this, were stigmatized as disunionists, but they nobly conducted the contest under tbe Constitution and saved our political system By a like constitutional struggle It Is intended now to assert and establish the equality of tbe States aa the only basis of Union and peace When this object, so national, so constitutional. I so j .nt. (ball be accomplished, the last cloud wilt disappear from tbe American sky, and, with common bands and bearts, tbe States and tbe people will ignite to d^volop the resources of the whole country, to bind it together with the bond'* of Intercourse and brotherhood, and to impel it onward in ill greatwefr. The Constitution and hquality of the States! These are aymitols of everlasting Union. Let these be the rallying crlss of the people. I trust that this canvass will be coaducted without rancor, and that temperate arguments will tike plare of hot words and passionate accusation* Above all, 1 venture humbly to hope that Divine Providence, to whom we owe our origin, onr growth, and all our prosperity, will continue to protect our beloved country against all danger, foreign and domestic ?u, ?iiu grrai respect, your rrfind, John C. Breckinridge Ho.v C. Ct'SH'NO, Preaidt nt Democratic National Convention I1GHTN1N6f ~ a LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! In Time or Pbace, Prepareroa War! F. LaBARRE, Southwest eorntr of 101* mwi C tit., Manofactcker or P LATIN A-TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS. Respectfully announoes to th? public of Washing ton and vicinity that he is prepared to execute all orders Tor erecting l,mhtnmn Conductors on the most improved eojentifio principle*, constructed of the very beat of materials, on very moderate terms. All Platina tipped Point* which are manufactured by me will be stamped with my name. Weather-Vanee of any deeifn made to order, jy 3 1m SPECIAL NOTICE. HE attention of capitalist* and other* i* called hiuw virtue 01 a decree ol the Circuit Court of the Di?t'-ici of Columbia, to take place on the pr mises. THURSDAY. July 12th, at6 o'clock, of that VALUABLE PROPERTY situated at the corner of Seventh and E street, opposite the General font Otfio'*. This is without doubt one of tho best buMhess locations in the citjr of Washington, and will be soli separately according to the improvements v z: two three story Brick Dweling Houses on E street a d thre'-story Hn.*k Buildin< at theoorne ofSev nrh streets, with a tine Store Room, - coupied many years a.<atir*t class Dru? Store, and a two story Building on Seventh street, occupied as a Book and I'erodical Store and Office ro >m* above. It is believed tha*. this sale offers the finest opp >rtunity for go<*l investments of any that hat been made in this city for some time. jy 9-d J. C. McGUIRE CO . Aucts. F"OR SALE?Twoyoting and valuable HORSES (6 and 7 *oars old. sold lor no fajlt?noffv, further use for them, V)> change of business. The horses may lie seen, an<l information had. In applying to R. B. CLARK, 337 Konr-anda half >t. >> 6 lw* TIBHE SAND HILLS OP JUTLAND. By Hans hrisuan Anderson; pnoe 75 oents. Autobiographieal Reoollrotions. by the lata Charles Robert Leslie, R. A , edited with a prefatory essay on Lori* as an artist, and selections from his oorres^ondenoe, by lorn lay lor, Esq., with portrait: pnoe ft VS. J a at pu I ?hed >n'i for &!? At ' PHiLP Sl SOI.OMON'S Metropolitan Bonkktora, S34 Pmn ?v., 11 6 _ txitwa atn and loth iU. K_| ARPKK'8 MAGAZIN K, ift CE*TS,)5o?nU. ft A. 15 MDU. IS MDti 16 MoU, 1ft oenta, 15 offnta, IS oeut?, ISpayable in adtanoe Ca 1 ud pay for August Dumber. i * a GEORGETOWN. Cmr?tpm4mf / Tkt Sfr Gioeoitowh, July II, 1**W. The public defense of Theses in Moral Philosophy by the graduating class of Georgetown College, held In the College Hall yesterday afternoon, was listened to with satisfaction by an intelligent and appreciative audience. Among those present we noticed Bishop McGill, of Richmond, Judge Merrick and Philip R. Fendall, Esq., of Washington, and other distinguished gentlemen. Dissertations on the following subjects were delivered : " I-ogical Principles," by Augustine W. Nrale, of Md ; "Ontological view of God and the World," by Robt. Y. Brown, of Miss.; "Spiritual and Corporeal Substances," by Alphonse Rost. of La ; "Moral Law," by Michael A Strong, of Pa ; "Divine Providence." by Jas. II Dooley, of Va. Where all acquitted themselvei so creditably It would be invidious to discriminate?it is enough to say that the treatises were well and carefully written, and delivered with considerable oratorical ability. At the close of each dissertation questions on the subject, both in I*atin and English, were proposed by the audience, which the students readily answered. a a *i 1 ?m 11 i m.t ^ At iur nuif ui iur?c cierciifi, id; memoers or the Greek Academy, attached to the institution, took seata on tbe platform, when the following young gentlemen received diplomaa from tbe hand* of Rev. Father Early. President of the College: John P. Marshall. A. B , Md ; Clement G. Lancaster. A. B , Penn: Paul Bossier. La ; PI*. Bossier, La; R. Y. Brown, Miss; Louis A. Buard, La ; Henry W. Clagett, Md.: James H. Dooley, Va.; John'W. Kidwell, D C ; Anatuie A. Landry, La ; James F Mclaughlin, Va ; A. W. Neale. Md ; G H Piizini, Va.; Alphonse Ro?t, La ; P. W. Seinmes. O C ; M. H Strong. Penn : Augustus Wilson, Md. The two flrstnamed gentlemen graduated last year The valedictory, by Mr. John W. Kidwell, son of our esteemed fellow-citizen, Dr. John L. Kidwell, cloaed tbe exercises. It was a classical and polished production, replete with beautiful thoughts elegantly expressed. It was delivered in a forcible but graceful manner, and doe* great credit to the youtbful orator We heard It ?pok?n of in warm terms of commendation by several persons competent to judge We learn that Count Mercier, the French Minister, has engaged for a residence that beautiful place on the Height*, formerly the property of Col. John Carter, deceased, and known a* "Carolina Place." It wa? successively the residence of Mr. Crampton, the British Minister, and of Count de Sartiges, late Minister from France. The examination of the senior female depart ment of the Georgetown School, (Mrs. Farquhar. teacher.) yesterday afternoon, was an occasion of much interest The young ladies were examined thoroughly as to their proficiency in mental and written arithmetic, history, geography, philoso phy. orthography, \ c , aim gave general satisfaction It Is enough for teacher and scholars, to say that this department was fully up to the others There was only one thing in which they fell behind their fellow-pupils, and that was in not speaking out loud enough for all to hear. This is h;?rdlya fault in young ladies, however, and their future husbands will have cause to rejoice if they never raise their voices to a higher pitch when they attain to the dignity of matrons Among those present were Messrs Beall, Magee, and Deeble. of the Board of Guardians, Dr. Ironsides, of Washington, and many of our most respectable citizens At the close of the exercises, Mr Deeble arlHrpaioH tho vnnncr 1a/)4a? in ? .MW J ?????*? a at! U AV T* n UI UO UI advice and encouragement, and complimented tbem on tbeir proficiency in tbe studies they bad pursued during tbe year. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For otker Georgetown advertisements see first page YW* BKIjIJ AND EVER ETT ASS< )C I ATI ON. 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FOR RENT?The STORE ROOM and Cellars <>f the house No. 3S east side Market Spac?, adjoining the sto'eof Mr. J. J Bogue. The rooin is al>oiit ill by So feet; titled up with bins, counter and helving, and ha? been u?e<I many years as aeroeerv. The cellars dry arid extend n* the whole depth of the store For terms inqnire on the premise*, jy 5-eo3t Mm. maR V BOGI e. PERSONAL. THIS IS TO CERTIFY TO THE I'l'BI.IC that I, JOHN WEST mil not tie responsible for goods or chatties, or any manner of debt contracted!)} Jlarseillas or Huruett West. jy in-3t* The thanks of the franklin fire Company are hereby tendered to Mr. Jacob Aigler for the Ixiuntiful col'a ion prepared for them last evMiiinj, at Mr. Emrich's European Ho'el. jy IQ-lt* NOTICE.?I hereby caution ail persons from giving credit to any oil" on iny account as I will p*y no debia contracted in my name slier this date except btr myself jy in-st BENJAMIN BI'RNS. 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Tat lor. 31, 5th 2*th, 31st, 34th, 36th Volume* of Nile's Recister wanted ALFRED HUNTER, jeS9-eolin* L'nder Will^rds'. WANTED ?To have everybody know that they oan find a Fine and Well selected 8100k of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING 91 ORE, No. 460 Seventh >t-. opposite Post Office Department. ap6-3m ANTED.?Every one> to know that SMITH, 1" Seventh st., oharges fair pnoes for his Goods. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh St., to |?t your HATS and CAPS. ap 6-3m BOARDING. MI^HRS. ROBBINS HAVING TAKEN THE large and commodious house on 1 hird rtrrct west, c?> ner of Mistouri aveuue, directly opposite the Capitol grounds, formerly known as the Vernon House, where she is uow prepared to accommodate tantieme#with Fl RNISHV.D ROOMS, either with or without BOARD, eombiued with many I 00mforts, such as gas.bath, Ac A healthy location, a I'faun fill prospect, and a delightful summer residence, on immediate Application, Terms reatonaWa, Iva-?w # AMUSEMENTS. Schmidt s simmkr gardev.-od sixth street. I>et ween O and Louisiana av..A . ? A may he found at all times one of the most popular, serial, urhane, and intelligentUaBX Restaurant Keeperi. who l?cks up hi* reputation with,LAGER BKKR from theCiTT or BrothibLy 1-oti, Plnladr phia; with BRA.NDI Kf'< Irom th? choicest vineyard* of France ; with WINES unexcelled on the hilia of the Rhine; and with an aitide of WHISKY Wlnoh smacks strongly of the true flavor of the Mononsahela and B uriwn Palatable a? ither of tlieae may be nidi visually, he ha* sought to make them still more so bw the erertion the rear grounds fff hia favorite establishment of a spaciou* Arbor, where his guests by day may enjoy the eool breeze and be free froin Sol ? too arnsrit rays; and, at "the witching hour of night." quart his ice-cool Lager without fear of having their enjoyment dampened b? the falling dew. Such inaucemeiits will, doubtless, cause many of our readers to drop in and take a note (if nothing else.) and, most likely, many of those who go Will goagain, Iii lulrtilinn trt ft.ll thii hf? hfti thfl Pros P'Vi brothers and their associate* to discourse their cbnioest pieces of itiuMo Every Wednesday and Pnturday evening. jy l?-1m ATODDFF.LI.OWy H ALL. Chance of scenes, New View*, New Figures. TUhDAY fc\ ENING. July 10, first night of tke beautifuJ scene of Plymouth Sou>id. with a view of Break-Waters, Drake'* Island, to. This place is noted a? tha starting point for t?e laving of the Atlantic Telegraph Cable. After which the beautiful representation of Napoleon crossing the Alps wi'h his Army of 3<>,noo men. Also. Rome, the Automaton Rop>j Vaulter,Storm at Sea, Ac Immediately at close ? f exhibition, 25 magnificent and eostlv Prest nts will be given to the patrons of the far-famed Thiodon's .Museum of Arts. Among the gifts are Gold and Si ver Watches, Silver-plated Cake and"Card Basket,beautiful castor cut Cru* ts,G?ld Broochee, Bracelet*. Bijoute ie,4.o. Ticket* 25 cts., for sale at Sein ken's, 3j> Pa. avM where the presents may he seen. jy 9 PR KE CONCERTS ! liRNST LOKKFLER, Nrir York arenmt, b*ticftn 1.?f and 2d strtets, would respeotfuilT ML state to the public that A CONCERT oftfV SKLECT MUSIC will l>e given everv MON DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS dariucthe season, at his Pavilion, eommenoing at 3 o'olook and ending at W> p. m. Previous to the Concert, tne Saloon is open to those desiring to while .... - r?? k,...... .? *k. m... n>t' ikwaj a iow nuuie m vno ma* j uaiin?. iv/Ei CRRAM WATKR l6K9,?nd every description of CONFECTIONERY alwaya ready at city prifies. J Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nio pur poses, are requested to five a day or two notioe. je 18 3m forIsaxb and rent! [For other ltFor Sale and Rent" advtrtisewuntt, see Jirst page ] tT'OR RENT-With or without the Furniture, a 1 tli ee story BRICK HOI SE, No. 3*6 H ?t., l-'twi'ni 15th *t. and Vermont Hv?nue. Arp<* to M r. DUVA l>, corner of 2f>th and I *tn. jy in 3t* LMiR RENT-A neatly furnished BrTcK r HOI SK, containing 1? roo-n?, iitnated on H, between 17th a-d 13th st eets, supplied with pa* and wat^r and aM requisite appendaeeb. Apply to L. I., LOVING,4th Auditor's Office. jj 10 3t FM?R RKNT-A STORK and CELLAR , on the corner of Fourteenth and I streets? a good stand or any kind of InminegK. Inquire within. \ j y !>~3t_ FOR RENT-A three story BRICK DWELLING HOI'SK. on H st betw?en 12th and 13 h 8t*..No 404 Applv to J KIRKWOOD, 476 12th street jy 9 tf IT OK KKNT?A desirable three-story BRICK r HOUSK,with two story back building. *ide lot, fine cellar, bath room, gas, water. and other conveniences neoessary to make hcus^keoDinis easy. An excellent pump of water uear the door. Situat 'd on D street north. I?etw<?en 1st and 2d cts. west?No. Now occupied by Mr. 0. Brumidi. Possession given aiiout the 16th inst Apply 'o Z. W. Capitol. Office Supennt-ndent Pnbl'c Printing. jy9fit_ I/<>R SAI,K OK RKNT-A HRICK DWKI.Lr ING H<M'SK, containing 8 rooin? an l a kitch en. on Sixth street west, between M and Apply next door north. jy 7 Iw* IjV >R K KAT-A comfortable two-story-an.l-attic T MRICK I)W KLI.INli, situated?in the First Ward?on O. I>etwfen 2<>th and 21st streets Applv to Mrs. KLI/ABKTH KDWARUS. No. 171 kd St.. between I and Pa- avenue! or to BKIIBCK ! ' Kl DWKI.Ii, corner E an.I I4^i sts. jy 7 3t* hfOR RENT?That desirable DWELLING on Twentieth st., between M and N sts west,containing fi rooms. Rflit 5"** P'*r '"f Apply on th? promises. or to WM. RI'THERFORD. at his Nlarbl* Wo.ks, E st .between 12th and 13th stJ. jv tWw* fr?OR 5AI.KOR RKNT?The two story KRICK lIOl'SK, No. 17'2 Four-and-a-half street l>e twopn Virginia aveniie *nd south K str ft Pos session siven immediately. App y to McCOBH 4. D *DGK, t>3 VV ater st., Georgetown. jy 5 6'* F7<>R RENT-Th? fine FRAME HOUSE known as " Fn-nch Evans' House," situated on M at. north, lx?tween !)th and l"th streets, No. 3'J0, one of the most desirable private re*idenoes In Washington. This Ivuse is surrounded by fruit trees and great numbers of currant bushes of various kinds, and fine thade trees, with KjOOO feet of r ound wallMl in Annl* to I PA/?v c*;?ktk ? -- ? - ? ? -rrw ? vt vwi* iji^iivii t. between D and E. jy5 Iw* roK RENT?HOUSE Xo. 47.5 Massachusetts * avenue, between 11th and 12th si*., containing six rooms, and provided with ?a? and water. Inquir? nrxt door, or of c. F. RICHARDSON, at tlte Northcrn or Center Markets. jy 6 3teo Ij'OR R F. N T?The three-story brown front 1 HOliSE.No. S67 New York avenue, between 10th and 11th streets, nbrth fide, containing fifteen room?. This house is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, etc.; is lighted by gas and in every way suitable for a boarding house Ret t moderate. Apply next door or to A.G FOWl,ER,No. *?> \\ indt-r's Building. J) S-lw WTORF. ROOM FOR RENT-On the aoutheaat corner of Penn. avenue and Tenth atreet, heretofore used as a grocery Apply at the room or of J At*. F. HAL1 DAY. City Hall. jeSO-tf A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE in Print* George'a cunty, situated about 1 mile from Biad aaburg. 1% from the Ajncuitu'al College, anl 6 from Washington, containing Sfi acre*. 9 acres in Pine and Oak Timber. It is under a good leuce, and is m a huh state of cultivation. A or-nard of Peaches, Apples, and a vanity of other kinds of fruit; Ptrawlierries ar.d A*para*ue m abundance. It is on the ?ant side ?*f the Baltimore an" Washington Railroad,ou the Abington road, adjoining Co!. Carter and Lawyer Stevens It hai on it a small House oont&ininc four rooms. Spring aid Spring House, and outbuildinra Peraons desiring to purohase will please oall on the premises, or at stand No. 270 Center Market. je 2i)-2w* MRS. MdRTIMKR. VA LI * Bl.K FARM, STOCK. CR??P8, IM PLEMENT9. 4c. Ac. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR IMPROVED CITV PROP ERTV.?'The subscriber in oonsequecoe of hi* in abiii'y to give that persoral attention U> hi* Farm wh O.i it requires, oners it, together with his stock (it hu* hr?M?d Msres. Colts Cows, Hogs, growing crop*, implements, &o . now ?n the premises, either for sale or exchange for imomved l/it> property. The Farm contains one hund ed and SITU' w V ?? M ? ^ * ? ?ia ?a f", in i' -VyOVCi in i?I VJ ?l V* ?MIICI J VQIllJt Maryland, distant ten tniles f. om Washington, on the Hrix.kvi! e Turnpike, *he l*st read leading out of Washington. It it deemed unnecessary tn enter into a ininine description of the Farm, as it la pre aumed no one won H purchase without fimt. visiting the premises. Any information will, however, cheorfully be given upon apphoat on to WILLIAM F<. STUBBS. 322 K street, between 19th and 14th, Washington City. W. II. Wftllaon Editor of the Star, knows the Kami well and will aooord full information oon o?rnint itloam maimer. j*? eotf CHOI'M K V RESIDENCE FOR HALK.-Thr?e and a half a rec ol Laud situated at Bailey'* X r .ads at the intersection of the Co' and L<<e<burg turnpikes, six miles from Washington and 5 I <>m Alexandria. The improvements oonsut of a houne. containing 16 rooms, 1*mi. oorn house, she <s, A e. The yard is well shaded with trees and has i * i# en * ?/*j 1?? * ???" "? *? ? * *?>' If 'fc WON ?/? Wi?K!l . r VI I U I ill r particulars apply cm the premises to WM. HAYlMK, or t > J NO. J)o\VLING. fcM..or A. G. Marshall's auction loonm. Waahingto i, D C. Tli? above doHcrthfd property will he aold low for CMtu jy 6-eo2w* SEVERAL DFSIRAHLE ROOMS to RENT, on Thirteenth street?No. i5\i?between E and F, on moderate tarma. jy 7-eo3t* FfOlt RFNT-Two h?autiful mw BRICK HOI'H- S,o# Kightli it ?et went, between M will N .?treets no'th, west *ule. Apply to MARY C. HAISLIP. No. a*?I Nuitu street west, or D*. KF IHBfcY, No. 332 Pa. avenue, between 9th and l?th streets. je 12-Aw* SELLING OFF ! SELLING OFF! To-?lav we shall cotumsnce running off our entire stock of? I ? a ...I j ? i n< r m?co ctiiowifl auu DUiiiUUli tiltu-k Lace and Plain Silk Mmtillaa, (irav Cloth and Baregn Mantillas. All At greatly reduced prices, many at the actual cost of importation. J. W. COLLEY k CO . jy 9-it 5-23 ^oventh St., above Pa. av. PURE SODA WATEE,. CALL AND TRY THE BEST IN THE CITY, A T J. R. Major'* Drug Store, jy 5 eo6t* CottMKR 7th t H 8ts. SELLING OFF TO CLOSE BUSINESS^ JOHN R. MORGAN would respect-^^te fully inform his customers. aud thecomma-HHI nity ?*n?rally, that he ha? concluded tofll clo^e his business, and in order to do so as* s on as possible will offer his entire stock of his own make BuOTS and SHOE3 at cost for cash, and his other toads at almost any price. To those in sant of reliable fronds for wear, f would aay, fir# me a call and you will uot he disappointed. As I am about to close my busmen, all accounts on my books will be rendered on or before the 1st of July, when I hope they will hero-p nded to promptly, that I may meet with promptness the oblifa tioiiS doe by me. J. R. MORGAN, No. 303 south side of Pa. av.. Je 14 bet. 9th and 10th sta. W ? ? - . GA^X?' _ . . w w w v II "oFPICP V> U A li 303 Pi.. A v., Bktw. 11th ajid Urn 8t?., North ?ide. Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth ?t., ma 17-tf Balov War Pepartmant. S2JBB8' HAIR AND P* RFUMKHY STORK, II Femn. Aitntie, bt'.wttn 12tk and ISfA Sit. LADIES' WIGS, HALF WIGS, BRAIDS and *on*of . jj My JULY M BELLING O] HAVING ON HAND AT THIS TIME 1 GOODS, from tfcus date, lu order to mak? room f< olftr mr enUrr atnek of DIKS1 GOODS at coat, si FANCY SILK. BERAGK and LAWN RoBI BLR AGES and LAWNS b r the yard. EnctU CHALLIES, SEKAGE DELAINS. MOI'SLI A lar^e and au peri or Mtortment of Gooda aalta Atao. about 100 LACK SHAWLS and MANT All of which will ntoat positively be aold at C< jy s 5t W< W< B( RDE1 KYnfTRSrONS PIC VICS. Ac. N PIC NIC. ATIONAL GUARD BATTALION.?Tlw National Guard Batt\ii?n reepect- jgTWY+^1^ . fully (noouno* to their fiend* ^ patron* that the? purpose giving ? y liiuiil Pic Nio ?' AK1.1NGTON SHKl.N'tis, <? MONDAY, the ad of JbIjt. Particular* in future advert! ?ement. jy 10 4t C:RA\D ANNUAL EXCURSION or the Union Engine Company, Ho. 2, To GLYMOST PAVILION, MONDAY. Jolt I?. The Company, having mad* every arrangement for the Pleasure, ooinfort and amaHmerit of their |uMU, ra???ctfuI.T noauce that t ier Annual Kxcursion^^^M^M* will come <>fl as above mentioned, and pledge them ?elve* that an exertion on their part will l*> spared to make it a peasant and agreeable day. Pio*peri w K furnish music for the necuion. Meal* and refreshments will be furnished hj the gentlemanly proprietors, Messrs. Jonn and Miller. The steamer I'himi will leave liPoi(?town at ~S ; Stone House B; Sixth street 8* ; Blacdent w harf, Navy Yard, 9 a. m. Afternoon-Stone House 1H ; Mxth street 2 o'clock ; returning at a seasonable hour during the night Omnibuses wi 1 leave tlie corner of Perenth and I jt? ?? O nVtn^lr tn a ml t L n m Tickets One Dollar, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Com m ittreWm. F. Martin, i'haa. Davu, Johr Vessey, M.H. Kulin*. John Hill. jj H?-3l U O W A K D ASSOCIATION! The members of the WASHINGTON HOWARD ASSOCIATION Beg leave to announce to their fnenta And the public A Special Family Pic Hie, At ARLINGTON SPR1XG. OnTHl'RSDAY, July 12. Wither*' full Brass and String Band has !w?en engaced. Refreshment*, Dinner. Ac., furnished by the Pro pnetor. Tickets Fift* Cents; Ladi?s, Children. and Ser vautfl free. l-'aniiliAM <>an IijivA oniniliiirf#. t?i ?*rtH m.t tlioir rt*n idenee? at any hour ol the day ( > leavinc word with Mr. Porte . the aee..t. at rt?innrti ? hat t?tore. 7th wt., near Louisiana av. Oin- ibimos will Irtve Iiou'It the ? ?? ne' of 7 h *t and Pa av fur the SpriPE*; al*??,?he hfame ???o. W. RltC* will ply Itetweeg llth nt atreet bride*, on the Ca' al, awl the S^prinit. The gteMner Fiyin? Cloud will inn hourly l>etwe?Mi ?ioor^ot<?wi. and the Grounds. H? order of th* ?7 4t COM. OK ArtRANGEMENTH. JVJOTICE TO~ NORFO K AND POTOMAC 1? TRAVELERS' P1NEY POINT, POINT L' OE-OUT. OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND POtLTSMOCTH. The ooinm"dioti* *?1 ?wift iteamrr HAI.TI MORE, hating l?een thoroughly fe. overhauled and lefilted with boilers and machinery. A c . will I* p ased on the above r< ute MONDAY, the *Kh of I July, fti.fl continue during the t?athing tMiim, n akin* neiiii w??k!? trip*. lenvitu Washington MONDAYS Mid THI' at !< ? cliKjk ? m. Re turning will leave Noifnlk on TIJESOAYS and FRIDAYS at3o*c'ockp m., n aking all the nvtr landings going and retnrnirc. Fart to Marl ur?V fl.itfi Pope's Creek $2 on Sandy Poin? 1.5 BlackiatoneV .. 2??* (juantioo 15 : Bluff P- int S.nn Liveraool Point... 1 5 ? Marsha I'a Pav.lion 2J*i Boyd's Hote. 2 *>' Piney Point 2.HI Matthiv Point? 2.?? i Po nt Look ojt 2.?* To Old Point and Norfolk )5, inc udiug m?as. Round trip ticket* to Norfolk and Old Point, good for the sea?on. $R Children under leu *ears, and aervaiiti.tialffa e. Freeoo ored persona i 4 Freights at usual iates and must be pre- aid. The steamer Baltimore heme the fastest boat on the Potomac, will convey p&ssengeis to Point Look ont in * hours, making the trip down Una beautiful river *>y daylight For tiokets and further information apply on board toCapt. ( Has. e. MITCHELL, or at the Cow p&ny's otfioe, corner Peun avenue an 1 Sixth street, under the National Hotel GEO. E. MATTINGLY, Central Ticket Agent it h n (Int.) Potomae Steamboat ComfMiv. jflOO N L I (i H T K X C I RSI O N G LY MO N T*P A V I L I O N, TUESDAY1, July 10. The (steamer Phk*ix Jim l>een chartered toconve> an excurmon par r to Glytuont JIT * ^ on Tueada*. July l"tn, nnder th?*J^^^2^K? management of the undersigned ecutiveC mmitt?e. A limited numlier of tickets for tale, which may tw had on application to am member of the Committee. Schroeder ? I and has been engaged OinmbuK"* will leave the Northern I iliertie*' Market an<l 7th st and Pa. avenue at a qua ter !> *lore 5 o'clock, to connect with the boat. which will leave the wharf at the foot of llth ft at 5 o'clock p. in. Ticketa $ I, admitting a g?ntlemau and ladies. CvmnutUe. o. Boaweil. H 8. DonaHaon, R. H. Graham, Joa L. Pear*on, J a* K. Jolinaon. jy 5 5t AP 1 C NIC ro> THE BKNEFIT OF THF. POOR Will be given by the Society of St Vincent of Paul, At Aa\ALOSTAX island. On MONDAY, July lb. Pr<?f?>RB<ir K?put*'n Citix?na' Band baa been ??nf seed for the oocMion. Boats will run conatantly du'inc^^^K^K^ the da> from the ?toi,e Houae W . (tool ol < *l., Washington.! and the dock foot of High ?t.. Georgetown. No oharg* for ferriage, gome or returning. ... ('? tickets sn cents; lathes ticket* 2> cent*; children's tickets Weent*. I iokH? can >?e procured at the usual places, aad from member* of Uie Society? Kichard H.? larke.Ktq , t'.S. Jones. Ksq.. Tapt. J 1*. Gsresch", H<?nry Ro<-hat. Esq.. Lieut. J. C. Ives. L Vivan. Ksq.. NicholasCallan. , John J^aul. Ksq., Th<>*. Koran. Esq., Wni. Kelly, Esq.. J.Carroll Breut, Esq., I. H. Knott, hoq , P. C. Howie. Ksq., P Gallant, Esq., Grecory Knnis, f.sq.. Win A. Mrc>? n. Ksq., v\ m. K >an. Kaq.. P Jordan. Km . J. D. Hon* . Ksq., Geo. Harvey, K*q., >i. T McMalion. K?q.. I K Morgan. Esq., R K (PHeirne. Keq.. J'tios. Williams. Esq.. Wni. L. Neaton. Esq , I.. J. Draper. Esq . Kdward IV an, K%q.. John Chapn a .Ksq.. John T. M?er*. Esq.. M. Fitzgerald. Ksq . Thus. Cogan, Esq.. J"?. Reefer. Ksq . I. H. Tnniblet?, Ksq., Victor Becker. Ey., i.. r r> t-? i? i* a viuwiij ?? r lVtpM(ICft? C/W| jy *-td rand to i r n a m f. n t and ball COLUMBIA* SPRINOS, To be held on MONDAY. JULY 16. I**0. I'mler the au?pi-es of the MOUNT VKRNON GlARD8 ' Tki rtffrts to be apPTorniatfd to tkr Alt r+m<lr\n Orphan. ityJon, of Aitxamdrtn twentyInights, Kubraeing gentlemen from Maryland. Vintuiia, and toe Diiitrict, will enter and compete for the houora. A full Bra#* and String Band will he 111 attendance during the day. and a large and efficient police force will preserve the strictest ordrr and decorum in and around the ground*. Tlitt fiilliiivinv * PROGRAM MK hu been arranged for the uoomioii : TheFrocMiion of Kni*ht?, J ud*e?, and Citizena, Keoed*d by a l>an<l of imisic, will leave the Cn? otel (Alexandria) at o'clock a. m , and, after parading through *ome of the prinoipal firfu < f Alexandria, will prooeed to the i>epot of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad, where tr?in? will he in waiting to convey peruana h? the firings. Immediately upon the arrival at the Springa, the >pacioua Pavilion will be thiowa open and the dancinf ootnmenced and oontinueri until 2 o'clock p. at , when the Tournament will he opened. und?r the following REGULATIONS The Ma;ora of Alexandria, Wa?hing?on. and Georgetown have been invited to act at ju<t?ea in connection with other gentlemen. Wm. D. Mattey. Ea<*., ha* been invited to dalivar the charge to the Knights, at the ooncluamn of vkich th? riding will oommenoe, each Knight tie im attired in en appropriate ooitniM, IM th-whole under the direct u.a ofOol. H. C. Doreey. M aj. W F. Padgett rapt H. K. Bradehaw and C M.< a?tleman, Kaq.. marshal*. J- T. Johneon Kaq. He a l At the ?oncloaion of the ridiac. the ?ncce*atu! Knight will ha announced fro? thejudgea'aland, a id the Queen ol Love and Beauty, with her Maida of Honor wil be crowned in the Pavilion in the pretence oft'ie whole asaemtnace At the clo>e of thia ceremony the QUKKN HIH LL will open and the dancing continue until 11 o clock p. m. The Committee pledge themselvea that nothing on tneir part ahall be wanting to make thia Tournament one of miiflvod pl?a?ure to all who may favor them with their presence Tne track aad ground* have been put in the m?et comp cte otder and the proprietor, Mr. Fa hey, will apare no paina in adding to the pleasure of the company. LOSVltAV I TO III SPBIHM. Omnibaeee vil> Imvc the corner of Seventh tad Pen'i. nvenue at lo'elock,and each euooe?aive hour thereafter, until 6 o'clock p. n?., to oonve? person* &?$ p;noe? in Waahmfton W D. Shepherd'. IWok Store, corner Ttk tad U; Klliv'e Mumc Store, Penn. it , bet lotn aad Uth; Bin chard k M?l.un'? B.-.t. St" re, corner llth nod Penn. nv.; aiul at ti?e Oftoe. Jy eo?d W^OOD! WOOD!* w o o u r:' STOVE tad KINDLING WOOD,at Ue low*. |0?B>ble pri<*> . _ ' ii T. J. * W M. 6ALT, m n-t?* Iltt MdSrtfcS^ h, IWO. PF A T COST! "CM) LARUR A f*T<?.'K OF M MMt.R UKV n importations of tbr ?pj>ro?. hiii^ imw. I will ck u r.s. b B F. R \?E "* IMS, FOt'LARD HII.KS. ble for Tr?v? Itnjj 5ult?, ILLA8, tw ctiMprtt food* I havr ever told [>ST. TE, No 3-?l ftrrralk ilrffl, brt I Ik AUCTION SALES. Bj J. C. NoGL'ltlv A CO.. A etioaMr*. IJOVKtNMENT HALF OF ?A_> O*_I?K VJ AM GlnniM -Ol TBI IBDAV AFTKMNOON. J?iy lttk, at ? o'otoak. am Um outk front ol Im miIIimiiim bruttiU, w? Mill? t> !*Uoki of vary iiftrior Hay; to N rwtwi within In dai? from 'M <?) of *)?. T?rn oaah; to earraat fao<1?. ij 10 4 JJC. MOGFIKE A CO. A?<rta Bj C. W. BOTELKR A HON?. AuboiMn. T*L'8THE,!? HALF Of MTKIIOR FU?RiTrn, Gilt ritai Mi?*o?*. Putid Goopr, Ac.. Ac ? B? virtBi" of a 4**d of trail Marine data April ttli. 'UK. ud dai* t?oortf?4 in Libar t i iy ' iLj #?!.?. OL) ?<? K.( I #. A? (?t? l*u. i-Hi |Vi I um msm w* ?ov ?? w ItM raeortl* of Wukinikti Oouatv. I?. C.. I atoll proceed .o aeil. ot> MONDAY. Jaly iftii met.. oo? ni'nrin* at 1? o'clock, ail th? H(>u??ho c ?n<l Kitchen Furniture. contained is Hoaae N<*. 3M, P* ar.. betveen ?S MM ?tfc atraata? 1 Superior Par.or ?ait aph<> *tered la Grwutwl ?>o d B'ootU.l?..'^u.t Aim Chaira, MKt Reception Chair*. t Handmni* Uilt frame Mantal Mirrors. 1 Sa^nor Marble top Center Tahia, D?ataak \N indov Cartaiaa. Shade# ard Coraiee. >upenor Marble top Sideboard villi Mirror Back. Oil faintu g* *nd Kn* ravine*. 1 Pair atout Stone Mantel Piecea. Haadaowe Chanda ie-?, Bracket a. ft e. Wa nut Kxtonaion Table, M faet, ? _ , rv_ . _ * * ? t . v% A HIII I'l M u| VHMri. Chin* Crocker) atd Glut W?r?, P atad Cutori, Md V\nl?r?,l?orf lande Kn:rW, P a led Fork*. T ahle Deaert tnd To* >po<n?. Bed.t**<1a. Bureaus. and \\a*hat?mia Hur *m! tfhuok M*ttre*iie?. Feather Boltt r* aad Pi I Iowa, Velvet, Br iiMfi. ar,d Ingram Ctr^fU, Hall Oil Cloth, Oil Cloth in 1>i?ib( Koom, Superior ?nd UrifCook !*lnv? and K ltirN T. rm?: #50 atd under owhiom .V aoredit of so, MO, and 90 UTi, for approved endorae* notea, h?( ing intereat. WM. LINTON. TrartM ij la-aost c. w. fc hon?. ami*. By A. GREEN, AaotiooMr. C<ALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE ? Bj virtue of the order and deorM of IM Qtpnana' Court of the Diatrirt of Columbia. ba*riM UU Mf Ml U?T VI rfuur. A V.| IWPI. MH1 Q|IV ponS'm?d lw Ui? Circuit Coart of Mid District, ia chancer* *iUm?, I. William Dixon, (untiuM Millard r. and tteorge fc. Lar ner, thai I offer for raie at pnhtio auction, to the hi(h**t bidder. oa THURSDAY, the <Rth day of Jaly, A. D., ! ??. oa th? premie**, at t?S n'u'?o4. p. ?>.. on the tena* ii*rfiot(Ur ktau><t. an the riiht, title, and mu-reet of tn> mud ward*, of, la. and to the fotlowirg real estate, vi?: All that part of l<<>t known apon Wia plan of tli? Oil; of Waahiafton, ia aaid Dietrwt. m Lot numbered twenty seven, (2T.> la i^uar* pumbt red seven hundred and tfcirt* two, (WM fronting twenty iw <is. i feet on Sronn'' *ireet oomntencicir at the itoutuarn lina i f Lot namtr red twenty six, (8b. and running P?'?iih on aa*d Seenno ireet twenty lire (tS> feet; thenc* Weet aeventy? / ?. I tfVo V ...Ik M ? Aa i u ? WMJ / 1^1, inriinr iwniiT u *r IV,' IVI k, and ther e# Kmi to the plane of bejiniag Aim. all that part of Lot numbered tw?nt? eight, (Vt ) in aid Square, numbered eeren Hundred %ndthi't* two,<TU,) eorn^nen-ioc for ?%id part of Lot,a' a point on a public alter, in Mid cquare. at the tS?a keaut corner of taid Lot and runniag tfc?*iioe dae West with the line of wud alley fourteen ( M > feet; thanoedu* .North, fifty-four (Ml feet and fcre<&l inohe?; the> ce dv haat fourteen <141 feet lo the Waat line of said Lot. tw?atj H* % <?T, thenoe due routh, hfty four (M1 feet, and hre i a he*. to the place of i>?firiirw, wi htiempo nent? there B, oonm?ting M a two ?' t? frame nonaa, ?oi tain ma nx r umi. with hack i>uh< ing attached, a* deaunbed tit Mid order aod decree. A d at the me aud pi Mse, by virtue of th? aid ord r and d ?cr?e, I , J oh I*. i.y noh. 6ua'<iim to Char ea <>. I.c ner. i HVr lor ?a. a. at aahua auct on, to tl tii(heet bidder, on the terma h*ram aft??r atai'wt. all Ik* rubt. title. and ir.tereat of mj aid ward of. in. and to the above mentioned and described pr<>p?rU. This property front* on ad street Kwt Metti South H aud >?.uth C atreet*, in the vicinity of llie Capitol Crrounda. It la well .<yiated a-a o#er? cr^at inducement* *o pers <na oe troaaof H ftUr(. Term* of >a ?: One- hid raa i. the residue n two equai instalments, of tuue and eighteen month*, aeeured bt the n< tea of the purebaaer eatiafao'ori W endorsed, and i<earin? intere?t tram the da? of aale. Tit'e <1eed to be returned until the whole of the purohaee aone? ia p?il. All o.?nv ajauoint at the ooat of th?* purcha??r. %. W M DiXON,Guardian JOHN T. LYNCH, (iaardian A. 6KKEN. Aaot. At the aame hour and plaoe. and on the aaa? vol HIS ????> vn?uni I I. III- rt'n'Tr 1 TOI ilPUIIIODWi W?? hall offer for Ml > all thedower, int*re?t tnd e a.m of Mary Ann Garn?', widoeofjohn W H- Ut D?r,i<?iwn<,)of, in, >nd t" t* ?iNiv*<lf*?iikil profit], I'AKRIMJTON * LEVY. Attoriieya for Mar* Ann AaraWjy 10 SUwtdi A GREEN, Aact^ THIS AFTERNOON TO MORROW CALK OF STANDS IN TUK NORTHERN MaMKKI A A LCI ION -On WEDNEP DA\ MORNING next, at i o'c ? ok, wi b* roid on the prelum**. about ten ?li*ible ritea for MARaKf sTANW. AH improremrnti ih*rmpn? l? be at the expenee of the purcha4er, ai.d inject to tne approval of the M*rktt Matter. Term* oaah, m bankab e mon?j. By order of the Comimiaioner* THUS A. BROWN, jy9-Jt Clerk of Northern Market. FUTURE DAYS. Uf J. c. mcgl'ire * co . 4ucUoro?r? Peremptory sale ok cigars and Tok?ccu.-u? Thl KSDAY AKTERNOOf*, Jul* Utl>, *t ?'? n'( look at the Auction Rooms. ? hill **ii tritlinvt rewrvt5 c'jars n( Tarn?u* Biands, 12 Koxea 1 obM< w of wkm s aaa'itie*. T-rma: |2< and under caa ;<vtr that mm a cedit offri a?<l 9 ea?a Tor. >a-i*ttkC.orilf eodorard notes ^taring mtereat. )j 9-4 J. C MoGUIRE A CO.. AweTa Br A. GREEN. Auctioneer. f,"RAVK HOl'SE AND l.<>T AT A' CTION. On THL'R8DAY, July 12th I sha,. sell. lajfroat ot th?> premises, at ( o vlock p in., oart <>| lxH IV?. 9, i in l>qua'eS5l. ha vine a front ,?f if fe?t 4H iimhM on Q ttreei, near the oorner of Third street wnt, eon | lamina 2.12h*4 teet and the improvements. which are a frame house, Ac Terms?Ona half ra?h: haianoe m >, 12. a ad ta mouth*, for notes l> aiinc u.tereat frmn day of %!?. De d Biven and deed <?f tiu?? taken. jj? 9 4t a. GREEN, A vet. 1^1 \KSII A l.'S t* A l,K^?In yirta* of two writs of t*? dt! iwmi, rem ?! ? t wi'i OBN ' I thel'irouit Court"! the District of ColiMhik, I<k tli? oouutjr of Washington, and to me lirMtrd.l wili expo** to pul>no sale. for ?>?sti. n f.?o.t of the court house d?H?r of sa?<1 c<??nt?. on MONDAY, the 9th day of July neit. !(* at l? o'eook a.,tk? foiloww.f property, to wit: All defendant'* riiht, tltls. cla n. and interest n an<1 to I,.>t No. 1, id Square No bll, in theoity o! Washington, D C., together with all and inti'ar the improvements tnereon, ??ize?J and levind upun a* the property of Andrew Rothweil, and w he * >: to satisfy Ju dioia * No* 2*4 and *15. to OoVober tarn in, id favor of Fkeip* A Kintmari. W. 8KLDEN. tl. 9. Marshal for the District of Coiumtia je IS du IT/'THK ABoVt jTALK. 18 POSTPONED u ITl FRIDAY, the 2>*h instant same hour ai d p'ao?. W. "KLDEN, nMU D.8. Marshal LOST AND FOI IN rT~ I ? 1f| REWARD.?Tha above reward will f* V IVI civ?n b* the FrankIm Fir* t'<wpu? for M*ipprclmiioii ?mI coivirtioa of U?e tfnef vie t Itt DuutrrMitjM LikwwM from the Coma* uy'a Hall. fT LOST?On the 9th inataot, between Jawelr* Store and the corner of Seventh aad H at*., a HAIR BREASTPIN. A* it wntMoi tk? U>r of the own?r'? J?ri??wl nutWr. it is very ki||il? prised. The hade' viil be liberall) rewarded by leaving it at thin office. ' fr IftrSt REWA > D -Lot. on Mo?da,. the 9th laatarit. SIXTY DOLLARS. In three *> Bank of Waahinicttn no???, in papain* down Fifteeath at. to Vaa Nwa'a wharf. The hnder will receive the a ore reward bj leaviuf it at A. P. HOOVER'S. 331 jy 1* ** AC R E W A R D?Stra? ed or Mn|?i frost the aab qp*J acn ber a amai white M ARE ; a ?oar gy in the lorehead. No other m?-k< lerte l. The above reward will he paid t< ^vz v an* one returning her to L WILLIAM** Pa ?v? near l-thjtL jy 9 St* f r. R E\V ARD? L?M <>q t l?e m - lit < ! the 4'h/roen fffij h<?u*?' corner 1Mb and D -l- . | \V?? MAN I S'B IPTS- one aQenealof ir?l Hiatory of the name Ohenet. from 1 ,? #, >_and Four Year*' Joa na in v?." aimj, a Nri| Book. belonging to I.. W . Cramar. An> one returning the aauit- to ik? ftar omoe will oonfer ? (real tax or and revive thaakov# reward. jy MI- J tOt*T OR BTOLK>-THRKE PROMI*>*? * R'\ NOTRS.drtwn by Baibonr k. (> "? ? in \ ror of Wm. I- Baila*. Trra?.. <<* t?? I dated Fehruarv 1, lW.tnj Mytb" la ?. ?. aad M month*, with interest, ?*ai<1 o?t-e are a#? endoraml. and thf puMic u cautioned a?ain?t Mprtat'M ^ 'UV? u BAILRY. f OST-A* old-fa.* i<mml ?OLO WATCH .of Li Ench.h make, with a aoW *>*? Ph tached. The kn<1?r will be liberaJh rawarded #TlJ bj leaving it with K. STt" BBS. [>'-partiaentAU| of Maty. Jy * ?>* C REWARD. Strayed or atoian from theauk **.) ?nriher. on t^e V m?tant. a dark brirdl- NKTWo COW ; ?kort UW. wfcito*if Mrk<xl ?ar?. I b?- *l*>ve r*w* < will M f ir?n for ut information that will l?*d to h,r wnv?r, ^V?i. ?R|\ DKR. M ?(. MU. Jj 7 Jt* B?tw. N?w Jwm? ? and I ?l. (Ml f^NGINEEB** OFFICE. 5, of tliia road from Ml Jaeknan to ftftrrtaoahyf TS? stc. <&

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